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Your Opposition is Your Opportunity

2018-05-13 | 🔗
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Coming out on the ground is tat in an amazing how your life, when you finally pray, pray, pray to sign a did the opportunity you been waiting, all your life to get. If you reach out to take it, there's a threat: risk if you can opposition opportunity. You why the power of the charisma education to intellect the articulation just speak too press
always so wonderful to have the opportunity to be with you right now to share the word with you to have this medium through, which I can communicate with a wider audience, is a privilege from Abbott. The message that I want to share with you today, your opposition is your opportunity. I'm going to say that again, your opposition is your opportunity. This is for somebody. I can feel it take a look at this. So Jesus just did this big thing with the five thousand people feeding them fish, loaves and stuff, and acted with wonder bread and between the teeth and fish bones and between the gums time about menace Emily food is also is great for people start to believe in on him. The more people believe that you are like you or help. You will support you. The more people hate you because it creates an opportunity for envy your.
Success in any level creates an opportunity for envy. The only way to avoid it is to stay down. If you lay dead, even the animals will bite the risk of being bitten, its costs to get up. Do you want to say to you I have to decide. Are you so concerned about being bitten that you're willing to read the rest of your life laying dead or is there something tumbling down inside of you? This is rightly or not, I'm getting up and going to be the best for me and I'll do all I can do, even if it risks You hating me, I'm gone
that's the choice you have to make it became cheese. Us now is aided in judea covey, just fair, these thousands of people and is working miracles and so is not wise to go to judea. Okay is about wise because they hate him in june. Deal now is not the church for candidate because church folk. A grim in your face. This isn't that real, dangerous hates you they wanted to kill again. About me, the barbershop is one day
Chess is a whole different reality. They wanted to kill him that the atmosphere at the one not only movie played on tv will move. We call spartacus set you in that era that the bible is written. They take. No big, could your pay it off? It was dangerous to go to Julia. Here comes a feast of tabernacles. That means everybody is going to do dear and now the one who has the most to say can go deal without risk. People have come from everywhere to speak in judea. Is to bring all over the world.
If he goes to the deal, they are going to kill you It is amazing. life when you finally pray pray, pray to prayed and give the opportune You been waiting all your life to get. If you reach out to take it, there's a threat Does anybody know what I'm talking about arrest? You pray? Let me just give you some scenarios that are practical. You pray. I want this career opportunities, I want this door
and I'm believing you for this position, and, oh god, if you could just give me this position. I am the perfect person for this position and it will be perfect and everything will be wonderful and I can step into that role. But you didn't know, there's something in your family was going to go crazy when it did, and if you take this position, you could mess up everything at the house and soldiers standing there like this anytime. God answers your prayer and the opportunity presents itself. There are always opposing factors that make success, not taste successful.
Success will taste stressful because your opportunities come rats. position you finally got situated where you could go back to school. You got your best. Together, you got together, you got your life together and here's something that hits the back of the head. That says, you don't have time to do this. The selfish. You've. Finally settled okay, I'm going to be single. Okay, I'm cool with that. I'm old enough! Now, I'm Elizabeth! Now I've reached a point. Now I can handle I'm all right. That's good! Lord Jesus get up when I want to get up I'll have to cook. I had to clean nobody's drawers to say nothing to do, I'm good with that, and then you get vote below the
whose is mobile. You notice the advisers say to him. This is very important. The people around you have everything in the world to do with the decisions you meant to have access to the man of God puts him at risk because he is most vulnerable to the people that are close to him, for the people around them said. Look Jesus this. Let me tell you the truth. You doing the right thing in the wrong way. You!
the miracles that the people need to see to believe in you. They don't get to see them because you are always going on behind closed doors. You told the man that you care for to cast the theme of that other than to have gatherings you sent him home. We could have used him you, the last person to heal Tell them not to tell anybody, that's why they don't believe Jesus drivers, not believe it is time for you to face the facts. I feel that one, that what is your blood didn't do nothing with three just gotta bring. We could use her testimony even say about you, keep goin your greatest stuff in private jeez. That's what's wrong with that movement. Oh, yes, you took two recitals: greed for five thousand people, but it without the desert. Where are you
do your stuff on centre stage, so that the while one now that your browser's through problems believe. Jesus says not going to drink. no problem. The world doesn't hey you, they hate me. You advising me into a position where you are not at with galileo, staffs, that's what's happening in this text and Jesus I'm not going.
yeah? They said the boy and Jesus leverage dress animal sneak up there, but I'm goin to you. Do I'm goin, I'm going! You know it's feast, everybody a meter at the fees we're running out of time, whatever I'm going to do, I got to go ahead and do it now and when you are running out of time, you have to understand that you have to take risk because you can afford to sit around sir. raw, what movie well to see. so I
notice, how they were taken out when you eighty ain't? Nobody, so you get now cause it ain't face or arts or whatever will be, will be you got to it'll happen or it's not gonna happen. You've got to get up off your ad bars bust to move or nothing is going to happen and you're right, the sloppy babies. They take a risk, These genes are put bonus, sandals, you know, and it gets it's strong and it comes him. Seventy brushes by just a little bit says: ok, I'm going mama go up at night and I will go through the rocks and I'm a climb over the creek bed, and nobody even knows I'm there. Sometimes you have to sneak up on the success. You've got to sneak up on it. Never let them see you coming, you ease it up to you.
Is it enough to say you talk too much about your success and you will delay your success. You'll need to shut it down. Your mouth is too big for where you're trying to go. If your whole, your peace, it will speak for itself, but because you announce everything that everybody you further jeopardize the opportunity that the lord is supporting. You have another cup of coffee. I got something else. ladys, I'm so excited to have this opportunity to tell you about the one about loose master place if you're a woman this accordingly,
opel in corporate amerika in the church and the kingdom of god, or your opening a business you finding himself with new levels of stress pressure and demands now want to give you a master class opportunity for you, the best of the best from actually agree to come into one space. Just to train. You sharing their story, help you to evolve into the one you were created to be seats are limited. It would not be overwhelmingly huge, I'm gonna have it right here at the potter's asked what about of rome about a rule, but if you, Women are missing, We need to be monitored and we need to see a model of what's, let's, whether entertainment business in entrepreneurial pursuit, where this event realistically past all the first lady on the nautilus master class, and it's got your name on It- do not miss this limited opportunities,
that is masterful at stuff. We talk about god, exposure to uv exposure trip, so he spoke peace be still the wizard waves later he exposed the ghost. Those trees are bred miracle we talked about, and exposing trump will never tell you that, god, god had god stuff, oh my god, he could have better than my mother. My mother had stopped the f b. I couldn't find it.
well, I have had the golden rule and you have to go in a deep meditation. You'd have to more yourself down her height at the door. Aerial stand around. The room com is masterful at having to take back to the book of exodus when to say what the bureau, how strong the ferreira was, gentle, how powerful to favour was it a favourable says, You did what the fable said, the famous pope to women kill We male hebrew child born argue with the pharoah it. What are you going to jail don't say what will cut your head off feed your kids, liver to you down your throat. The pharaoh was the man, absolute total monarchy, incomplete control, and yet these two women decided now and so that they lack go go.
They allowed a little bit. They said the hebrew. Women are lively and when they get bored by the time we know anything, the baby just jump out is just the jobs that just don't know. oh, don't say rodya power, but nevertheless it is a good moment about women. They didn't know how to ok stupid. So he says: watches he's is every mail child poor popped out, kill him before you two years I'll kill every last one of them, and god let moses pop out and hid him in the house. Now now don't take your house, because you got too many
This is a hebrew slave out. Where do you had a baby and she grew slave house? Most of you have see what african americans slave how's it look like this is here well slave house thousands of years ago, where you put the baby. God is masterful at hiding stuff. They searched the tent. They couldn't find it. The baby was hidden in the house. Then he takes it from one hiding and hats it in an arc and puts it in an arc. An arc of a mud covered wood framed artifact that was made to put things in. That would float and put it in.
river, which makes your baby now picture your baby you're newborn three month old baby is floating boundaries, but with alligators in the tempestuous rivers of the mouth, and god hid that baby that opportunity with that but opposition god. Let it flow through stuff that should have feel the pain. Is everybody here that has floated through some stuff that should have feel you got to tap You didn't make it to where you made it, because this swam with friends visitants can
different some backing kentucky. No, you must women with people. Tat was waiting to take a bite out. Are you and totally destroy? You had yet got ahead? You they didn't perceive you correctly. They didn't know that you knew what she knew all could do what you do. What Why does add up as right as totally is way surrounded by water? Could surely my propose? What is marriage moment can't be sure
It could happen at any time and yet he'll. Let you just slide right to the point three in the Moses story of all places to hide Moses god. Now hats, moses in pharaoh's house, the. I hope you follow what I'm saying who is trying to kill Moses god uses his house to bless moses, the guy who is searching everywhere, prime were Moses bobo here the macro mama Send him your daughter is
the bill his master. These are what I got ready to come into. The realm hid myself. myself up in flesh movement, The palace the house of a carpenter. I was born of a virgin mary I couldn't go to facility. I gave birth to myself in a barn. I wrap myself in swaddling clothes. I lay with goats and chicken and horse manure. They will look at and refer for me. They couldn't find me. I walked amongst them. They did not recognize me. I feel that one of the I'm gonna buy hidden treasure about thought about hidden
press this masterful at can I cannot. you wanna go. It may come on. Let's go, he hid his wealth, his wisdom, his inheritance took it and put it why nobody would ever expect to find it he hit. You will play. I understand they might be right. There I know what is others calling What is this riches. we have other sites have said. A great deal of money is available.
C mere. I have that until one of the things that God had prepared for them, This pledge vessels that were accepted by the very the cure for cancer. Is hidden in somebody's house. There is a cure, for aids is hidden in somebody's house There is a solution for your problem. Is
hidden in your own spirit. There is an answer: how to raise a child is hidden in your spirit that wisdom you seek outside a view is somewhere down inside of you. God has put the answer to your question in your own sphere: that's why they It makes you upset all the time so that you don't have a calm spirit so that you could search that house. But you ought to do like the woman who lost the coin and swept the floor and sweep the house until you find what you lost somewhere down inside of you and you're halfway when they know anything, Jesus stan and also pay standing on the stage in
yeah and the place where all these people gathered around him would love the book and starts to think, and they wouldn't look good for him and he walked right past. Like Joseph walking in the midst of his brothers, he walk right past. They were looking for him and he walked right past him because god hit him and he sees the opportunity because he no longer saw it as an opposition and the closest tex Jesus is now standing on the stage of his haters
The eu, if we had time for another cup of coffee, I could tell you the time after time after time after time, god led me and moves me, and certainly this way and that way, when I looked around, I was standing on the very stage that they said it never have you stand at all because it before you more than the world kids. Do you hear what I'm telling you the day movie? God now stand on this? to all the people of the world who have gathered around him and if you don't mind, swim into a few gaiters too Where you try trying go, You could swim your way right into the palace. You could do.
it moses it'd be educated like an egyptian child, though you are hebrew and come out speaking in all kinds of languages with all kinds of authority, and government and leadership steals that your people never got because god let you swim through the snakes We were afraid to swim too. You could stay that opposition, a power that should ever studio before you can see opposition as an opportunity. You. The power, the charisma education. To let the articulation just speak, two kings and prejudice. because I would have failed to give way to save your comments, but not to the house had brought you up here
says. You stand a prize where your grandmama never talk to get your mama, never thought you did your first job. I get that ex wife heights, it's been a joy to share the word of god with you today with every opportunity that god gives you there is a risk that you will have to take in order to possess it, You got the job now you have to produce. You got the husband now you to be a good wife, some people are so risk averse. They won't
even make a move and never find out what they were truly capable of achieving. If you been stuck in place of bread of opposition, I want to encourage you to get moving. You will be attack, but god has hidden grace and hidden power to assist you along the way. Just keep going cops best for you is yet to come. Speaking of opportunities, I'd like to invite you to join me by becoming a global partner because of the support of gps partners, we are able to broadcast the gospel and condemn missions around the world to join, simply text the letters, gps and any giving amount.
So the numbers two, eight nine five zero. You can also visit us at t v de partners, dot org! Thank you, and god bless you. God will use your position to accomplish his purpose, because your time is now real battleground is indian It's never in your circumstance is always in your head.
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do the sunny ball stuff that just gives me by foreign little. While I bet I gotta go back and do it was about the value of that same all. That stuff no want of whether we want to find out about god is called meda
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