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Sabreena Merchant of SB Nation joins Wos to wrap a bow on the NBA season, with the two friends discussing how the Celtics fell apart in the NBA Finals, if Jayson Tatum is the type of guy you can build a championship team around, and why we should start thinking of the Warriors like the Duncan-Parker-Ginobili Spurs. Plus, an NBA draft preview (23:00), and the offseason storylines Sabreena and Wos are looking forward to (27:34).

Host: Wosny Lambre

Producer: Troy Farkas

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the sign up. That's over dark arms last start driving. Welcome these gentlemen to weekends me host big lies a k, a wasn't break, I'm joined by sabrina merchant of the great as we may soon. She covers w and be able with their arms. She is one of goats in mba media, I'm basketball, media excuse me and our episode, where we bury the lakers, I'm telling you. I got the greatest feedback of any short the season from doing in and I was like well, we buried the lakers reminds will bury the twenty twenty one. Twenty two season together, sabrina welcome back to the show,
I'm so excited that you brought me back to dance on the celtics grave to do that and that's what we're going to do, and so you know when, when you working to take industry, I think it's important to own up to your mistakes. Right and I very foolishly pick the celtics to beat the warriors in Six games are really thought they would overwhelmed them with athleticism and talent. I know that the celtics were completely stupid three rounds of the players, but also, what's the big deal, they learn from the mistakes you're, going to be so good in the finals. You know the war use a little bit older
in the long run, the tooth like they're, a step slower than they once were. When they first started, this run this young, really vibrant team is going to get it done and the exact opposite happened and they were just as stupid and boneheaded as they were for the previous three rounds, the warriors words: yes, tougher like in. I don't mean, like twelve legal poke. Algae chess, like just focus wise, like taken, execute consistently on possession by possession basis. It would execute four or five things: every possession right like they wouldn't make just a first or second rotation. They wouldn't help on the right got. They would do everything right on every possession and as the series wore on Boston, just didn't have it
them to do so, and we were texan every now and again during the siri sabrina and you like these gases, do it to themselves what what did you mean by that when you talked about boss hinges, and we don't we're? Not gonna take it. We ve got to stay outta talk about our great they work, but bursting with slight puts ii, similarly stupid at times as much as I wanted just cloud on the topics as much as possible because it looks like they didn't know what they were doing. I really think it was more a function of the gold and safety events, which is why Boston looked like this. I mean we can point to lake game. Five in slovakia and game six against miami as examples of the self. It's just not knowing what they were doing but like this, this golden, say, defence just suffocated. Every team throughout the process like that's what they ve done throughout the entirety of the eight steve careers and even the last two of the mark. Jackson era, like they ve, been a dominant defensive team and the
that they have o the greatest shooting backward of all time and south korea, wherever you want to put him on the pantheon of greatest players like That's almost even really of addressing called me now as this one, here, for why did I just with the thought out: there were good sort of it. It's really interesting because we watched, whereas calves all those years and even war, is against the raptors, like the where's would play when the first punch and because they play so differently from every team in the nba tyler has famously said that, like ninety five percent of week was one way and then you have to game plan for golden state like it always takes. The eastern convert seem a couple games to figure them out and you saw the celtics. Convincingly game wine. Have a nice win in game three and you're thinking like will. If this is them figuring, out the warriors than what's gonna happen, and I mean I guess, the first time that the warriors played a team that was just less experienced them. You know that didn't have the the human I can later, if o Brien james on quietly, I didn't have nick nurse and his wacky
Billions on the other end like they were the ones who are figuring things out, and it was just such a perfect combination of them. Just send a message to every major star of the younger generation like Nicole yoke. Ich genre look dungeon! jason tatum, everyone who's trying to become the next faced, the nba and the warriors who we thought were done. Years ago urged like now now, maybe one It is good, as we were three years ago, but still better than anybody else out there. Listen in the Easy thing is in I'm, so heavy brought up defence because, because I expected boston to be able to guard golden state- and basically they did like like were were moments where golden guys, guys individual individual moments of brilliance right, I think about wiggans again five from on staffing game for like tat, individual moments of brilliance, but as a team often we used a golden state kind of Jes. All this
shit, your high school coach told you was important about offensive basketball, setting hard screens, cutting when they overplay and all of the like. All of these things golden state does to the max and they did that and they got decent looks, but they weren't some dominant offensive force out there. I thought the celtics acquitted themselves. I won't leave us even if there were moments when you know our horror, Freddy's guarding the staff, curry picking rose from the free line and unlike what the fuck,
this guy doing to be fair. He was never guarding him from the free throw line. He was always a way high up. It just was not high enough on soccer. Okay, I'm just saying it was just like bro, co and they're, like you, gotta, be in this guy's shirt and they had those moments but again for the most part they got it touches on orphans. You know, I think Jalen brown had his times where he was able to get going and find some creases and tatum really never really got going. I thought marcus smart had some good moments against Steph Jordan, Poole put like other than that they never found their way offensively and the way golden state would you know when they would time their helps, who what they would help on and not help on exist. Confuse these guys, the freak in turn overs way there is obviously
you might as well just hand the ball off to go to the state like it's emmitt smith, right like it's football here, just take the ball and run with it. Acting like that was, I haven't seen in like a fine rules in a while. It's been a minute since you felt like while legislative, outsmarting outsourcing this team. I think it was really easy and a sort of think of boston. Path to the final very similar leads Milwaukee last year. Yes, because they had that, you know second round series. It felt like the conference finals, the pino nba finals. They had that, Secondly, competitive sweeping round wanting I'm a walk against miami last year and then boston brooklyn the year ago and like they There are so many times that thought they were finally getting over the hump bit me isn t it, I'm not gonna satirical but, like I think, That's like the major take away. I had from the series, which seems obvious man. I would
you to a Milwaukee golden state finals, but jason data, I think, was eighteen fifty one in the paint during the series which is an astounding figure for a guy who is supposed to be your best, often supplier, something that europe would never never do we all of those kind of enough or they gave him a fifty one that they just didn't, have any waves where baskets right, like even when they had transition opportunities, one of the worst transition I've ever seen honestly despots and six groups credits golden safety viands, I'm pain that dream on green is probably the best transition defender we ve seen like ever, especially on those who, on one situations, he always knows exactly where to put his hands the incredible stuff but like just couldn't get any easy shots right, it was like are the three is going and maybe we can win the game if they're not going and then what's gonna happen its I I want to the golden state, like a substantial amount of credit, for you, know getting through this path. It like coming back to the finals after two years. Often it was obviously very unfair.
When considering they were down to one end in that situation and game for, but I'm just not impressed with us ethics as an eastern conference stamp like it and is healthy organ donation right now I realise that you really men here and just dedicate our time to demographic celtics, but they looked that bad. The last few games There were times where, unlike is jane, tatum. Better because so just a slowdown, I've been adjacent, tatum, sort of truth. Ever since he came into the right. I think he had a great looking. Pain, oh dont, charlie brown and is working policies and yes- and he had you know they gotta converts finals in you know, he's getting busy against jordan clark, syn and it's all why, god, this night,
senior year old kid and how the hell is he doing it in the playoffs and I'm like guys like that. The people who are guarding him were like not at all very good. Those cavs teams were not known for their defense and whatever, whatever but everybody's sort of rambling. And the last thing about jason tatum. That opposition is, like men know about this guy's one he's not the quickest guy, meaning he doesn't get in front of people right offered civilly like he doesn't, is not a quick first step guy immediately on top of the room, which is the kind of guy that you think of as dominate wing got, and then it felt like four while his breast move was I'm kobe bryant, I'm gonna take a terrible turn around twenty two footer with a guide draped all over me and when it goes in it looks incredible
like he looks like one of the best coopers that ever lived, but you can't subsist on that type of orphans. All day, every day saw was always skeptical of tatum. For that point, doesn't a by people his best move is a hard shot and hard shot. Making is important, especially in the players, but like em like this is not how consistent could often is generating whatever he makes himself into a way better play maker, the governing their television stuff defensively. He is all, mba defence kind of guy way. Better than work is smart, who somehow one fucking defence of play of the year from like a straight like he rented differences. The oscars campaign Amelia anyone that but he's a way better defended the mark is smart. In my men like its heart because, like the gun or types of always gonna have blake,
A bias against what he turned himself into a guy who could find people and a great defensive player, both team and audible. My men come round to this tatum thing: it's it's like tatum, it's it's! It's happened, and then this series happen where their wits, housework, Havana we got switched on him and I'm just like look. If you're supposed to be one of the ten best players in the league, all star, sly, superstar type of guy, you gotta beat coven looney when they single you up on him and said no help, and this man could not dick of an loony. He couldn't beat steph curry. He could. Not beat be elites, tat was enough. It was a rough possessions, feel its exists.
When I think all you need to know about jason tatum is finals. Was he had one dunk in six games right he's just not putting enough? room is not socrates enough shots for himself. I mean he mentioned middle, earlier, but like his this game. This reminds you like the pall, George middleton, second guy kind of game, where you need somebody else to be absorbing the majority of russian. That's not a bad player. That's a really really good player. That's an all star! That's occasionally first team, all nb, a guy like Paul George, has been first team. All mba. I think tatum was first thing this year, a really good player. It's just not! I think the final seventy compensation is- every block, but like it was so obvious that staff curry was the best player in the series of win or lose no matter. What, like you, need a guy that level to win an mba championship, and I do something else. Has that right now I mean he stole twenty four tatum right, like guys go through these. You know bumps right he always got the hour ball games everybody's got there first time and perhaps words
and go that well, but the fact that the ethics have been like at this stage for five years now for years now and this was his big coming out party and it went like this. It's just not great a great look, and I know boss was beat up. No market might look like one side of his body. Just wasn't working albert Williams. I pray as not from any damage to his knee because he was awesome like the only centre and eastern conference, and I get paid off before by I just fine aware that we talked about the celtics having more talent. The warriors when the warriors have stuff currie and they have dream on green poor generational at what they do and somehow we thought that, like with some good wings. You know better than what why I think that I need This is turning into like this certain conference exceptionalism here? What do you mean?
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am sam spend a yari in Md Liu. They were the first people to point this out to me, of course, they're warriors fans and homers, but they were like yo. Maybe we need to start thinking about steph, klay and dray. The way we thought about timmy Manu and tony parker, like they're, just a special group and they're going to adapt they're going to figure stuff out they're going to be hard as hell to beat pretty much under any scenario and how's a goddamn, and that's that's an apt description right down to steph curry to me being a model superstar all in awaits him Duncan was just like, doesn't complain, takes all the blame, makes no excuses comes out and is fucking. Just great man like at my I've already I kind of ours is somebody didn't need to be sold on corn quotes,
legacy blah blah blah blah blah like I was already there with stuff, but like I've, somehow gained a new level of affinity and respect for what the guy does, and these guys blew me away. There were times like goes states officers just nowhere, clay would come off a screen and you really see that's who point come off the screen catching shoot. A clay would do that. I'm doing a curl, we need a bucket. I got a little bit of space boom. He would do a two times arose like either orphans. It feels like it's opening up now cause now the defense has to respect that action and other things that you know are opening up and, like all these times, like clay, doesn't look like himself Jay mods, not making a layup they just I. I dunno what to say like they really. They blew me away with this playoff run man
yeah, I think the stuff duncan comparison is is just it's perfect right because of the launch of any with one franchise and the fact that they seem to be equal is superstars right, like TIM duncan just letting tony parker when finals, mvp and not saying a you know, steph letting them trade away andrey with dollars, so they could bring in no danger russell for this big grand plan and you know them advocate. To keep avery bradley instead of gary payton two and the front office. Just like no we're not going to do that. Like I don't care how much you want to keep avery bradley we're to keep Gary payton and like can you imagine lebron like not having that kind of influence on those decisions like it's just complete antithesis of the type of superstars are instead allowing everybody to do their own jobs. While he is just incredibly incredibly good at what he does just makes him the model setters for this era, the NBA clia
And you mentioned the offense, like the defense, just picked up so much over the last three games too. I mean I never expected him to be a you know, an excellent defender, post, hcl post achilles when he was fan stick again stolen brown in those last couple gazing along with means taking a match up right and look out. You know clay takes a ridiculous shouts and no person should have rejecting cecily times it's over. It's gonna shoot thirty, six years from the serious like that's. Ok, because the shots at nags are just so frequent, moralising and, like you said they just get the warriors back on track when you need a bucket because he's a tough maker and again, when that's your number two score. That's fine. Just your number one guy and then Not I mean like how much his mom climbed on him for crying out loud his mom. It's like, I don't know it's out of it and then he comes up and makes like multiple three point as in the close our game like the start of game five, where he was taking the baltic, basket like on those fake handouts which he just haven't been doing was allergic to shooting for the first war games. That's me with so indicative of the tone changing like
him realising what he had to do, just to be respected even a little bit as a score, just cause There is also smart. They know exactly what they have to do. I mean them getting as a serious one along because there were just the more experience team they had been in all of these situations. A further twenty two and two in placer series under steeper absurd twenty two into I like that, even if the game, eighty years with it, it doesn't matter if Katie has been a lot of places they'd ever on twenty two june. Six fares as fair's fair is fair, is fair that they just know exactly how to win games over and over again- and I just thought it was so beautiful, way to watch them just show. All of his younger player is like now. This is not how it's too, and this is how this is and in the clay thompson stuff made. I had J king on last week. We saw them
while some of those jalen brown defensive possessions like in crunch time and he's just like honestly, that's just like championship just like just toughness like nah man, I'm not going to. Let you beat me right now, like I'm a diminished version of myself, but I'm not letting it happen, and they just had that in spades, and I'm the kind of person who kind of roles. My eyes or used to anyway, I think I'm getting older and more washed in change my mind, I'm becoming get off my long guy, but I used to definite the roma eyes it heart of which
european blah blah blah championship, metal blood mikey got bad players, you get the best shot. You play the best events you gonna want to damages blah blah men go restate, show me d, the other side of that these guys adjust champions. Men just change, just tough. This just fight these guys fight in its admirable. And we're going to miss these guys when they're no longer around, so I'm I'm really grateful that we, when are they going to no longer be around otherwise this and yeah. I look as as great as golden state is, I don't think they're like appreciably better than everybody else in the mba, and you know, especially when you consider what they were when Katie was over there like they're, a great team they're going to have a say in the championship next year, but I don't see why they couldn't lose. You know what I mean and and maybe
I need to learn, stop doubt knees. Cats cause. I did big. I picked against them against doubtless adjectives alley. Abject, doubtless kool aid looked is My face these people. A memo me do you feel stupid. Yet, yes, I do I'm sorry state, I'm happy for you guys. I just thought that was just an all time for, steph curry in that group and like that series, is going to go on all day of reels when it comes to like when it's all said and done about their career tackles from Kerr to staff to dream on to clay even iggy. I did. This series is going to be the one where people be like yo. This is how we knew this was a thing. Bunch of players I'm. So this is what I love about. The NBA sabrina like the season ends and we go right into mba draft right into mba free agency, like the season
is not over case sickly. Things are still left to be settled. I want to get you a little bit of draft takes you like me actually watch describes in college saw do one get your sense of who your favorite guys are armenian. I do want to spend it. To the off season just a little bit on before. Let you go because I'll bring you guys around a curtain. I was late today are completely fucked up. I'm sorry against arena Who are your favorite guys in the draft? Is? Is paolo number one? Would your big board dookie homer that you are, I mean I hate be a cliche, but he is absolutely number one would talk about its out somewhere. I just the tournament that he had where he showed that he could basically score anytime. You want to no matter the match up you put on him, I mean they put the ball in his hands against any kind of defensive they are facing. He's got really good size. I mean defensively,
like I'm, like next sold on my palace good of you at the next level in these very clearly for not any other position. What you'd you'd want to guide. It has long been warmly utility in that way, but I'm it's sold on the home, grin experience. Yet you know the the body just scares me. Oliver is going to be very disappointed in you, sabrina our buddy big, over shouts the ambition of the washington post in Jabari smith? I just don't think he does enough. Have we like you occasionally get shooter, but I dont know what else is providing to you on that, and so I think palos I was skilled offensively and he can do so. Many things in the playmaking that we saw from him, especially as the season wore on, was really impressive, and I like his fit in orlando, so much because they are I have enough offensively minded players on the magic and put him therewith, well, these other, like long range, you guys who can cover form defensively. I I like the fit. I don't think they're going to pick him. Fortunately like for him to have to go to ok, see when he has like this space needle tattooed on his arm. I have to go to
Houston, where lord knows what's happening with the rockets right now, but I would like him on the magic he sees my favorite guy on board the sidebar yeah, so Paolo is actually the only person that I've watched it has to be right. Just because of you, you forced me to watch duke and- and you like, all you should be rooting against. Have fun players and went home cards. Is, is mortals things we, like your friends, can talk. You do things that you generally would not go for, but ok I did it and I watched him the thing about power to me. I'm, like I, don't know what I'm missing with this kid he's fucking here He is huge, like he's going to be able to switch out on five he's going to. He is a no brainer for a man like he is a big ass kid and he's very skilled, like you, says, unlike our nba size, ridiculous level,
of skill at his age, I'm supposed to care about these other kids. I don't even understand like to me like when you can walk commodities size with his passing ability. You know like he can make that obvious pass with this town's wheezy guys, like passing them open like this neat level stuff is handled with tight for his size and his position like he has a leak handle for power forward period. Elite passing for power forward is a good shooter he's, not good he's, not jabari with the liking right, exactly the the lights out touch, but he's a good shooter to me. He's the best guy in the draft or little be stupid. The best mob look on, I actually about being a homer on Paolo. But like our explanation, I really dont know who regularly clumsy about duke and our works lags number one on him all years, then better
endless in another thing, I want to see check go to Oklahoma because I just think the great white hope potential in that town for what I do for work nah. I, u care you couldn't script, a better outcome. The nets are really really would like to see. Check, ok, see in Jabbar. He lied to me, like you, don't put the ball in the ground like he aegis. The little bit that I watched him he's just like a one trick pony- and I hate talking about young guys like that but like like you, got to show me something and the defensive part know you wonder, is like
Is he gonna be bent simmons, or is it going to be like every other guy who's dog? This would teach Betsy never did anything in the immediate, like you never really know like. Is you ever going to have that want to, or defence began, which you I'm a big paolo, I'm really really just to see. Where goes. I think this draft is actually going to be really fun to see what teams and of doing this, good things going to offseason and I'm really keep my eye on. The seems like Zach Lavine is going to get his fifth year is going to get his money hashtag and clutch. We trust I'm really watching, though the 8in thing to me. That's the most interesting story of the offseason cuz. Obviously they have the right to bring him back, no matter what deal he goes out there and signs, but he's clearly been wounded by them. Clearly it affected his play and
he's an impact player. I he's gonna make a difference, fourteen that he place war, what's your red on the whole phoenix eight in situation. Yet that's like. I talk to us but I'm looking at this hour season is what happens with the andrea eight and because you cannot let him go. You cannot be a team that claims to be a championship. Contender and what a guy who is Mozilla twenty twenty three years old, who you look? Freddie, what he's too sure sure, but he like dominated in the two thousand when he won policies in news truly excellent. He spent a year kicking him at every way, past Alright, they don't offer them extension. They just tout how great jovial woogie has been all year and, like all my god bids back miasma, we saved him. You know, like those are not the things you do when you already have a franchise centre. There monti obviously had those comments like at the end of the dallas. Areas where he benjamin and said it was internal and our maybe covered related to food, how best, but the fact that they just have
gone out of their way, not to say anything nice about him makes me think that they're not bringing him back. But again, how can you claim to be playing for an idea championship when you were willing to let a player of that caliber go because he will be worth his next contract like another max contract. Is like a ridiculous amount of money but he's only a fourth year guy right like this is this is the type of money he should be getting paid. Twenty five percent of the salary cap. He he does things that, like a lot of centers, cannot do he can punish switch. Is the important thing about under the biggest thing we're centre can punish switches, so I mean he's got obviously gripping role chemist ruth Chris Paul when you are building a team in future beyond Chris Paul, you want book, you want a new operators like that court together and to think that you can build a future in munich without him is asinine to me and all of the teams that are interested in getting him. What they're, just gonna put him in another losing situation again like it's the pistons who want him. I I just understand why he would one
going where else, one, if you like, is actually committed to we're not getting a ring at some point and why phoenix is playing the stands at him like they're, not gonna, get a discount, and it's just not putting someone is going to sign into a max contract someone's gonna. Do it right? he's getting his money here elsewhere, or do you want to keep him for as long as possible? Or do you want to make this is awkward as possible? to get another year where he's like pouting the whole way through, because we ve seen the on rains. Mood affect its pluck like. That is an absolute thing he's not a guy who is motivated every single night out on the court when he was wipers extension He played really hard when that money didn't come. It wasn't great, so I think you need to make him feel valued and they haven't done that. So these way to fix that is just an opium. Is money and let's see what happens next year, but it's it's, so we are to me to think that they would just let him go a number one pick that they took over LUCA and there too
like not now we don't need him, because we have bismarck miata, who complain rather she's. Only that doesn't make any sense to me for john bull, the winning team. I am at a loss for wiping. Let's do this then again like robert sovereigns this team, and will you on the team by the time next season starts. Who knows it's just that the whole thing are you said top shoe was was the other thing that ensure you? I think I'm gonna do something they ve got all this salary tied up in like tyler hero and Duncan robinson. I know they dont have like a ton of pigs are taken they all seem to manage to get things done. You know just by the very fact one come to miami like if its mission as valuable of beale wants to move. I just think that they need another guy who can actually score and you can hide people who don't play the events in miami because one, I think spoken coach, a little bit out I duncan robinson, is better defender than people can credit. Forty just obviously is not just like you just wait thought is happening because he's Y yeah, it's a supper,
but they just need somebody who can score the ball next to doing weller so that you didn't have to do everything. So I think we're going to make some sort of move to get like a nice high profile score out there, and I hope it happens because we need better teams coming out of the east was my guide eastern conference slander on evil. We I'm so happy. I let you get your celtics hey. Off! You were very gleeful in doing so submission Thank you for coming on the show. Obviously, you know the type of love and respect their guide for the work that you do. You're my favorite person to talk to about basketball so the people where they could find you and your excellent work tone bout boot year, w b a coverage from yeah most my work and the w m b, a is at sb nation, and I also host a show on youtube called the step through about the w m yet
that was our show in how you know. I love sabrina embryo Brussels westbrook one time today, That's our show. We're gonna be switching up the ringer nba feed its off season. Things are gonna, be just a little bit, but don't worry, there's gonna be plenty a contact. Excuse me, there's gotta be plenty of content, but I will be its organs. You guys soon. Look awful who chat real ones, all the difference, the aid, sir, all the different stuff we ve gotten on ring I'd be a few hours. You guys next time piece out the.
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