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Justin starts by giving his instant reaction to Jerami Grant being traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, which happened after we initially recorded the show. Then Justin, Rob, and Wos are joined by J. Kyle Mann to discuss teams 4 through 11 in the draft and whether they should keep their picks or trade for a vet (9:53). They wrap up with the latest on Kyrie Irving and whether he will stay in Brooklyn (1:04:15).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre

Guest: J. Kyle Mann

Associate Producer: Isaiah Blakely

Additional Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz

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through some. The lottery teams determining whether or not those team should trade, the pick that they have, or what plan you should choose if they do so. in the draft sly by it. Just so happens that two of those team swung a trade later the day on ones. They after rio accorded the detroit pistons sending jeremy grant to the portland tray blazers for a protected twenty twenty five draft big first round pick. There are some sec round picks and mixed there, but that's the base of the trade here. So let's talk about the trailblazers. First, setting is more interesting for them because pretty much handled all family business at last year's trade deadline jettison pretty much every player from the new oshea era, except Damien lowered and you would think based on that they would take kind of a slower, trojan, maybe like build, drew the draft ever number seven overall pick in this the draft. They keep that pig industry, which is pretty important, but they deal a twenty twenty five picture
got from new orleans that is now coming from a walkie in the trade. Foresee jamie column and so in a roundabout way, they pretty much traded seizure Maccallum for grant an bunch of other staff, including Josh heart, will see if he ends up with the team. He has not guaranteed contract coming up here so rich. What you have with the trailblazers is damien willard. You have Many simons is restricted. Free asian expect him to come back. You have Josh heart, as mention jeremy grant, probably at the forum will see what they do with the five with use of mercury in. Oh, I think they're, probably gonna be around the same team that they were before. I dont know if their appreciably better than the team that they gave up and now we'll see what they do, number seven overall pick. You could hear talk about that later on here, but I don't know The demon willard I'm looking at this time- and I am saying, is this going to be enough in order to carry me? my prime years he's thirty one going on thirty two yeah yeah the injury
season, but he still one of the best players in the nba and has received in the past a lot of guys in his She would probably ask how you gonna take deem probably signing a very very very lucrative extension and breathing a role as portland darkness risky, essentially in order to really ride? So I, like Jeremy, grant as a player. This is trade that as economic, to them since last trade deadline. I think there defensively, but I don't know I don't. I don't really see them as an appreciably better team and they were indeed in sea J era, actually might be more interesting now for the detroit pistons because they take are they said Jeremy, grant visa trade exception. So they're, not sleep, taking any money back here and will soon It's happening with the twenty twenty first round pick its A sure of the milwaukee box and mother box will have yon is for
foreseeable. Presumably you never know there because they have kind of short sighted, some of you, Core around yon is obviously didn't pay pay. Fiji Tucker, less off season was like Bobby borders will be heading for free and see, and they gave up don t even turns out at last. Your straight deadline, so the sporting cast around Janius might not be as such and, as we think, biogas, as long as chris male than is their dromedaries they're they're gonna be pretty, gets we'll see about that. One biting gets more interesting because they open up god and gods of cap space. It looks like, according You keep Psmith mba veteran cap. Biologists was just call him the pistons if they renounce all their their free agents. They have as much as fifty six million dollars dissolve season that is almost double the amount of the second, wasting here, orlando at twenty seven point: nine indian s. Twenty point, five points sent on your nineteen point. Three you might be thinking will what
How is the tree a market that really has drawn in years past gonna? Do all that gap space? I think they could be very, very. interesting innovation to free age, market, yonder e in his guy. We talk about on the pod gas, although maybe it isn't end up in the final cut, but the andrey eight and could be a very interesting fit they're, giving a pickerell partner with Kate cunningham theirs. the german brunson, parliamentary guy, you could play alongside cade, although we'll see if he has eyes for new york maybe a mild bridges, a guy in charlotte who is expect, to get pay a lot and charlotte yardage during rumblings about, maybe they won't be able have enough money to pay him, but then actually brings us to. Our next point is: maybe Detroit just becomes the most interesting dumping ground or a lot of teams with a lot of money on their book. Speaking of charlotte, they ve been rumoured to be sure being gordon Heyward, along with a draft dick? I think they have the thirteenth in the fifteenth over I'll pick
in this year's draft and so Could Detroit theoretically jump off? A team like orlando and take Heyward to their space and add another lottery pick in this draft or maybe even more, maybe future draft assets could be there. So the charges very, very interesting. I really like, with short, is done they ve changed the regime there in the front office which, wherever taking over, if taken a lot of smart bats at that marvin bagley, was an interest in trade target. They got last year. The deadline, basically seeing there's something left in him and he did play reasonable well always enough to where you can consider bringing him back on a middle to your contract over this off he's in and maybe rehab Is valued get something out of a player who many really light going into the draft where he was unfortunately drafted overlook it. I just don't think I'll ever get back, but, like known another spry, big man with some stress tomb, deafening can herself towards can be
interesting. Portland could still be very active, will see if they, if they take player with this number seven overall pick or they even trade- that one in getting more veteran help out be interesting, before I go. I should mention that Jemmy grant do a pretty lucrative extension, his his own self, by mark pegs him as being here the sign of four hundred and twelve million dollar extension six months after that trade is finally, so you assume if the trailblazers are giving up a first round packing steel? They intend to sign him for long term so that the trade coming up you'll hear us talk, round some of these team, you might have imagined jurymen grant inside of these other scenarios, but for the most part, hopefully this holds up without further ado. Here's group jet.
hello, I'm very join him. He is always rob bologna, big wise and we got a special gas. Please come family here on. The group chair, I kind of like to think of him is like, like the mailbox. and lose clues he's like one of the extended members of the shower so J kyle man. How are you man? That's very sweet. I'm glad that you, feel that way about me. I wanted they like say. I wanted to show this from where my animal kingdom hell yeah signature pity here I meant that, where this term just mock, rob but yeah its excellent to be here, then, why did you here to show that off on an audio podcast, we could talk about an oblong. Actually, what is there to actually do know? That is you The show them.
I guess drama tee and what I look they know right over there. What's his name message me in there we like we're so glad you ve been a part of the conversation I was like you, you didn't read my tweets. Is I've just been making fun of the fact that I don't take? The show actually exists because no one has ever talk about one benito. I gotta go to hurry out of it, but I believe it will. Thank you for verb, dropping that product placement and you can go to Hell. Yes gets. Now kyle is here because it is drafting this. Is your weak man, you're you're, one of the bird internets foremost draft aficionados islands We are here to blend you into our existing line up because we know nothing about the m hatred. Sheets lettish. Let's call it what it is, which is kyle baling us out from knowing nothing about draft prospects. Will you guys, every year, new, Players in the league and teams get ordered based on how they do and they pick these player.
And this is our work, so these players are not yet know much about them, but they could be good. So that's kind of what the NBA draft is, in a nutshell, just to catch you guys up so we'll certain that the mechanism. Forced labour is in some very american now I can't believe these guys are no, let him think where they were to hold a discussion. Rewarding rich people fail, zack is exactly how america works. I believe anyone, I suppose a stick for today is we're. Gonna go through some of the teams, no lottery and a term Whether or not those team should trade out of the pic therein and get veteran help or they should keep the pic and karl can probably help us determine. Who would be the best fit. There is basically the way things are shaping up is the top three in the draft are pretty much sense I've, been share, o j grin or jabbar mental go one two three and
you hear all the time that the draft starts at four, so we will start at four, because that is when it gets more interesting. A lot of these teams seem like they're in a weird spot and starting, we could probably just go to a before were the sacramento kings where do they? really need another young player or better off adding a veteran to their makes a special he might the kings, who always wants to make the playoffs, despite what it means future. So wise, I ask you first and foremost, if you're the kings, are you thinking? Let me after guy like Jane? Ninety who is who is the pic in our partners ringer mock draft at four, or would you be trying to trade for a veteran in trade? Out of his back? I mean If I were in charge of the king's, I wouldn't do. Seventy five percent.
they found in the last two years a boy I would just make the drafting that's what I would do they not anywhere close to being like. Ok, this is a damn good team. Absolute plate bona fide play our team, particularly in a stacked west. I would just make the pic right out more romantic would be jade an ivy, another garden catch. You on the case that that seems like a redundancy that doesn't need to be replicated but I would make the piglet it seems like the kings. If you are of the mindset of All we want to make the players we want to be a seed. We wanna, you know, get our butts kicked by memphis, potentially in the first round of next year's play off, then they should traded forgot. I can contribute next year ah and maybe that's what they'll do, but yet
I would just make the pig, probably pit the canadian kid high upside guy I'll, never happen. Hammock turkey, like I'm sure, that'll command sharp a year in it. for thirty some day. What I would do I get the kid with the highest upside rolled, the dice and see what happens well not to invalidate the premise from literally the first team, but can the king do both like again that dating there in a position where, if they're not sold on J navy in a lot of the reporting round, the kings right now is basically who were the other. teams who had won ivy and working backwards from there? And if you start with that premise than you cease outcomes that led them to trade down to us, store two hundred and seventy two move down in the draft in a way where they could still get a high upside guy, maybe even jaden Sharpe still in that range and get somebody else who could he
more immediately, maybe maybe serving both masters at once. In that regard, I think, like once you trade for domestic bonus, your your bed is kind of made in terms of what kind of team gonna be enters the fact that you're playing for at least trying to make the playoffs side. I think, their motivations are certainly there, at least in term ellis lilies relative to drafting some kind of bug. Longer term project type player will kyle. What do you think about ivy? Is he earth sticking at four and making the pic or, if you're, the kings? Could you trade down a couple spots? They'll get a good plan and pick up a veteran. Also. The EU explains why everybody so convinced that he's the fourth die. to us because it seems like everybody's again inside the obviously, He has some really alluring like superstar, like as that it kind of qualities like do his game, a for people who don't don't know much about him play to produce,
six foot for very lean muscular like trying to think of a player like if you think about that, like the smoothness lucidity and explosive ness I mean he's an elite athlete. He gets down hill on people he gets under you easy. He is like we talk about shin angle. He just gets really low to the ground and accelerates, and he did that in a really clogged purdue off in the past year. Had some just crazy highlight place. The question is: every draft is different if we didn't have, if we had more kind of high quality town at the top, or would we be like for sure he's number four, yes m caviar, I mean it was nailed it. The distance between the idea of him and fox and davy on together makes me like ceased. Second, like I'm like ya like, but it's it's a conversation. But it's a conversation where, if we're talking like what are the kings, gonna do a that's. A tough position did just put yourself in to begin with
I feel like n n n, but rob was right date. They kind of have revealed what they want to do. They couldn't, and I think this kind of started with the halliburton thing where, ideally, you keep halliburton cause. You can build around him better, because each of these are really got. It spreads the wealth people want to play them, but I think that fox gonna drove his value down in them in the way that he wants to play, and they probably saw ok, we can get more for halliburton, so they did that so are here we are in the short term. He doesn't fit with them. In my opinion, I think that they do makes sense as a trade partner. I was I had one that I wanted to kind of proposed. You guys chirped either, ready to say I do. I think they would be an interesting trade partner with the pelicans. I dont know that the pelicans would do this.
But I was wondering what, if the kings traded the fort well, what if the the pelicans got, the fourth pick machine homes and then the kings got the eighth pick and jackson, haze and gear temple with that work. On paper you get like you get a player that kind of works for the pelicans. I think that the kings get somebody in the short term that could help them. That, which is one idea, I don't know, do you have your heart in the other reality that blown away by the jackson, hey variants, lies men because he came one at the end of the year playing some some four people like ok he's. Obviously not a centre is gonna. Do forty, please basically been horrible areas, the point of his career right. I don't know. I don't think Jackson would be enough for me to move now they have to the aid
they say it makes more sense for them with what they have. They obviously need to do is take the best player available because, as my thing is like, if you suck don't talk, fit to me. That's always in my thing and then they are not going to be able to evolve. There's a bunch of teams like this in this draft that are like. Ok, we're gonna, we're going to add to our courts. Will you your core sucks not good, so if you want to, if you want to put some tape on a box, that's already you know not doing and not doing the job going to do that, but I think the kings need to find a way to just like gather assets, gap gather talent, much as they can. You know kind of be where I would go. I I think they're committed to fox sir bonus at this point, you don't know how burn, if you don't believe in those two is pillars. the franchise. As far as those guys can take you confuse how deviant mitchell has worked his way into core territory like z, shown enough at this point to suggest that, like he's be starting. Why they take him too big
with that in understand that he was like twenty three years old in any like under six. We talk to stone at the president for those place exceeding added. I was dislike about nodding in agreement on these shows denigrate the talents of a full core fit happens. My real going places awry a man who, during these worries, graze buttered novices you god's right about that, though you, especially when it we're lottery team. You already have two guards school need the rock and is due to like undersized, not even like he can play next to them in size, up right, leg. Words like Oh I can draw him. One three got three maids like no he's six foot tall is, basically guarding new ones and move in all his life, where I didn't see the logic,
that at first you know like his game? You know just the guy, gets afterward on defence and has shown so much improvement at different stages. Drastic improvements. Different stages in his career. It never made sense but let us do that again: ruggedo maggie was you know, birds on the job. That's you build Eurostat. For the last day, the season, like the last possible game that you play and imagine a player of that type with those questions playing in like a finals. What are the teams gonna do. They're gonna pick on I'm going to try to get even convincingly finals, though I don't understand, that's how I think about trying to avoid the avoid the caveat in the conditions and he's heavy in that area yeah. I actually don't think a fox, a bonus like foundation? Is all that bad? I didn't need to play a specific way. I think you need to play more like an album entry team to get up and down and prioritize your offices, but I don't know like deviant mitchell
probably wouldn't like make decisions base, offer that, but one guys who has been talked about as potential trade partner as someone came to is John collins, like I wonder if something to work. If your the hawks, I could you send collins for four plus stuff rob. What do you think about the idea of collins answer bonus in indifferent court together? I dont mind fit, I just wonder: is is John collins worth like a top for pick even eat, a draft like this. Even with all the questions we have raised, like John Collins's go comes with a lot of questions himself in terms of how he fits into line ups in terms of what is best position is, I think he is a bonus could work. pretty well together offensively. But what do you do and I d like he can he can ring protecting a waste, a bonus can't, which is now at least a little bit
but I would worry long term about that kind of foundation, if that, if those are the guys you're connecting were building around fox and supposing collins words that get you in the west in the amazon collins, I love John collars alot august is- is theoretical. versatility right arm, ass, being a guy who placed before but can switch out, want to win players credibly we could be a room. Runner east is definitely got that part where he could be A vertical spacing type of guy he's shown some decent pick. Impalpability he saw like a physicality against molly guys when he s it take upset like he shown all of it in spurts, however, the hall defence last year, while he was a part of it is just an indictment of all of those john counts as potential ex wines. You got specifically as equality defender acting to take.
on what the hawks dealer and you know, there's a myriad of things that go into what the hawks risks why the hawks was so horrible, on that and last year, but Joe Collins was there and he was a part of just an embarrassing defensive unit. Not like average, not all they should go says of being really good. They were embarrassing, less you! So it's hard to talk yourself to be alive. I I have to place a bonus at centre any socks and he doesn't? He saw lags defence. I mean you're, not gonna defence. That's what I'm saying goodbye, seem as glee at least be good. Not u dont, say great, like theoretically ass to be good. Men are those who say jousts good, a distance they. Somebody did last year kyle. I guess that the other option
can go to if they wanted. Somebody in the front corps was the gis draft kagan murray, like what do you think about Murray specifically murray it for now, way? I mean I kind of like that's that's one that I'm not with people on the Keegan murray thing in terms of its there's a difference between him. When I, when I like talk about how I feel about players, it it all, is very much through the prism of where their taken and what is expected from them. When I talk about davy on, if you're talking about taken him in the top ten and in employing him in your starting line at full time my some problems with that, if you're talking about taking him later in the first round and him being in euro taken sure Jose Alvarado smaller guy, he was a minister in the play, I mean that may come to a head at some point, it's all about where they are, where their taken so we're talkin value as opposed to player jigging in the top. For too many problems to many different from germany developmental things for him he doesn't really dribbled basque
but all of you guys know much about keeping marry. You owe me that you mean elder fidgety roma, who was then download us the bio blast here, late, bloomer, six foot, eight! You know sort of a medium definition player for talk about online to kay not like a writ guide, but he's player Now it is up to me yoda like robin ride, like that more rips thing lets it rip. No keegan, though really clever kind of charts and compare them did like the weighty day war and was really clever about like accumulating buckets without being downhill. Like creator he's really smart about like attacking
quick posts, mismatches and things like that. But if you're, depending on m d like durable, the basketball dont, do it, he can shoot, though he somebody, if in an existing, often with flow, he would score if he's playing with a clever move. I'm not taking a guy for though, because I guess he's also older is twenty: two years old suffer the kings. I don't think so. I think they need spacing if they can get it and there are some shooters in the top ten here. That would work on that front, but collins. Like a fort like I was kind of four point: five who can allison unique? It shoot threes, basically from the beginning, amby allowed threat. There is nobody else really in this draft that, from day, one is going to do that. So I mean I'd ever drafts different for this one. I think that, for he would maybe be worth honestly got, but what we're getting into the heart of it for the kings, which is this a team? Were it's tough to locate precisely what they need to get into a play off level right.
like we know they, probably they need more shooting clearly, but where do you put it later, how better wing players. Are you gonna get who are from day one better than harrison, barnes just in holiday, or these guys really prove an mba veterans were fine players. They need next level talent I dont know how they get that in this spot, if they're like unless, really sold on ivy, in which case we very tight about the problems with the fit. Potentially with that it is hard to conceive of an outcome where they find that this season, in a way that also going to get them into the plants- and they don't even have the cat potential to like you know- throws something crazy at a younger guy right light, I was struck the guy in disbelief. This is through an insane concept in front of our camp johnson and believe you know What's up nothing like they, they can't even do that kind of stuff, because the way that the cap work suicide aren't you know.
I would be into the job hounds thing because, like I said, I, like John holmes, would again at the same time the part of the problem women Atlanta was that he wasn't getting touches, unlike is using it touches when the often says to revolve around fox and supply it asked to it gonna make them the focal points. I got you gonna be an ancillary parts. You like is even in this way. Happy about moving too northern california, like he's gonna, be so happy that he plays to the best of his abilities. You know But again, I, like John cause, I loved what he did and the playoffs last year to show what he could do defensively as a versatile guy boy. You know this: did the king situation. This does it feel like one? That is unlocks somebody's potential in future,
Will you think of any situation? Did it would be atlanta, but it's just that there are so many. the variables you know there's some the variables without team worksheet. While was your document him defensively, stinking it's amazing. How different definitively a team can look when there accountability and continuity. Just like flips switch on the cell to exert a great example of that, if it the player in that's like it, it's almost dislike and interpersonal thing that you can evaluate gagging totally different and is in a situation with great culture. Andrew wiggans, incredible example: you go somewhere. The accountability is at this level. He comes in. He lives up to it. I don't know, that's could be the case all all that said, I that's gimme the case. The sacramento yeah yeah. Let's move long haired detroit pistons at number, five rob it doesn't seem like they're gonna, get that Even so, would you prioritized scenario? War are usually now for a bed, so kay
so good already, I would love to see them, add some better and help, but I think there at that point where that formula would run them into a war I think they still need one more guy, maybe I'd feel differently of civic bay, had shone like more star kind of potential or, as a stool, living, killing, eight or chilean haze had shown us a little bit more, but none of those things have really happened or pan out as we might have liked, and so I don't want to get too far ahead of things too quickly. I won't get caught cunningham's, like a real running made. We always city, they, obviously a part of it whichever other young guys can keep up, can our more that by more than happy to have them come along, but they need to make this pick or or if they're not gonna make they need to be in the market for a young player. Not when I look for more jeremy grants on this team. Yeah thing is, it seems obvious that they need to make this pig, and I think that meant this model is instructive. One. You have your suit
star, already take young guys. They can develop next to him and just wait for him to have his job season, a moment you had your young pieces and you'll be: that young exciting team. I don't see the point in jumping the gun here, like I'm. I'm a big big, big believer in Cade cunningham and his just watching the playoffs like capability we improvisational and be a guy that plays often feel and imagination and creativity. We're teams hinges game plan against to Allah. You know maybe jason's able they're like he's this creative arm an enzyme rare to why these created sourdough. You know just the way they see and feel the game is different, and so once he gets even better at you know that this
nipping at the ends like getting those cheap frites rose in giving those, though beautiful aid, aids and transition, a kitten of easy baskets to add to what he can already do in the half call. You gotta be some crazy, so slight this came off is rookie year. obviously the future, the team. I don't know why you would try to sacrifice that their future just to do something for the now can who do you think would fit if you're gonna make the back. I agree with you guys, I think, in terms of the short term. The thing that k that so great is that, like the it every year. I think more. It's just like his role, malleability his ability to go on and off the ball. I think if he continues to make it. leap like in terms of his middle game, his foul drawing, like you said, was his pull up three points shooting, is it three level score the pistons become
team, with a lot of options, because he is somebody that you can- that is just malleable- to play with a lot of people and that's what you want You wanna be flexible in the short term, though I think, if you want to, with the rim runner thing, which I think would make his life a lot easier like a serious lob threat, a serious defensive anchor jail enduring is eighteen old? I am with the actually turn nineteen. Yet I have that in front of me. He's very young he's like a super super younger by talking about duke dukes, big guy mark Williams during is like an adonis. You guess it see. This duty is like just rippling like bam, otto bio type, explosive athlete, seven foot, six wingspan. He does insane stuff like on the defensive in,
If you want to go that route, I think that he would be a good bit for them at five with the upside, because we saw what the value was like a fly around switchboard three level, defensive god, like rob Williams, was in the playoffs any wasn't even healthy. So you think then, that we want to go with the spacer hard to do. Worse are hard to do better than eighty Griffin, eighty griffin was like a crazy at volume. Shooter six would five seven foot wingspan has at some injury history. If he's gonna be, you, but I mean those are two guys just off up my head. They would that would be good for the short term and you don't have to kind of go, make a big swing for a veteran. I think those two guys would would be fun in the short let's go to india. Now at six rob you you're, MR pacer, what are you doing here? the pace, there's probably more than than any other ministers may talk about the that's what they call me in view of the heartland.
Reggie miller, I think about in terms of america's heartland, either we have kyle in the pot or they might be grows geographically to MR pacer than I am dear Do you know how serious of a vote and insult that is to call it kentucky person hoosier, my god yet didn't. You know that, while we're living around today's but yeah right. So the passers. By now, you care in the midst of a rebuild- but it doesn't seem We know which way. They're gonna gathers the veterans like miles turner, Malcolm Brockden, both of whom and literally every trade rumour- you can look up at this point, but they also have this young core building behind. then diaries helper in crystal our day, etc, etc? So, like, what are you doing? Are you staying at six year, eu continue with rebuild removing back eternal move up. What would you think is the player yet I not know which direction there going. I feel given a new trade domain as trade bonus for tyres haliburton, your head
which has to go on record, insisting that he's not gonna quit because the team is now rebuilding. I think we can confidently say the rebuilding, while the. I have a lot of older young guys to cause halliburton is what, like twenty one at this point like to work days. What thirty five at this point, that buddy yield is literally twenty nine I like this before it is. I can never get his age ripe, so it's not like. They have said that they have to have a long runway seems like they could kind of turn is over forty quickly, As you know like in a market like india, you actually don't wanna, be rebuilding for multiple use and on what they are eating and considering the ownership there. I think that part is true. Just in just forms of how that team has operated. Historically, it's not really the way they they'd run things, but this is a crucial pick. They need to nail a selection here, whether its at six, whether it's moving up, I would be reluctant to move down that like similar to some other teams. You talked about like Detroit. I feel like this,
You'll need more difference, making young talent before they want to start turning the paid and bring in veterans or bring an older guise of any kind, and it's interesting to hear about whose who might be available there that that there is already some rumours backers Duarte. There is obviously a lot of rumours about Malcolm Brockden, who it sounds like from wages. Reporting is all, but on essentially there just like waiting to re waiting to re home him with somebody? I would age in miles turner. His rural there's gonna be tenuous if he's not traded in short order, it's gonna be interesting, but I think I think they are on out like a rat the tivoli longer run away by pacer standards, right that that seems like where we're headed, where they feel like that they feel like heartland, sacramento kings, which is kind of funny, because they made the big trade with each other, with It's like enough said this before I don't know whether they're coming and going because
what what are you keep miles turn around? Why do you keep malcolm bragging around, especially at the at the money bragton is making on seeing this not gonna do anything as far as contending for play off stuff like that, so until they get rid of their good players there but clearly, not great and again. This is a milestone, a pod the bodies that are great player right, like until they figure out what they want to do with their good guys. I dont understand with phoenix is doing I mean excuse me with the pace is doing here. They it feels like there, you know sort of. running in place, I dont understand what phoenix is doing now is just like every thought: we'd, like you mustn't instigation still pending, yes, mother is everyone about a year now hear their thorough yeah listen
interviewing people before times like along foreigner article tile. What what? What do you think about the basis used as well when you dont know if you're coming here Knowing you don't know, what's nailed down you're, probably in the position, we're okay, we're not thinking about fit here at all, so you just going to kind of maybe, if you're going to keep it and you're going to go for the best available, you're talkin about the guys with the highest upside, you would think. Offensively. That would be shade sharp, but I don't know you guys saw the same sharp interview with the paces. It was dislike, unbelievably bad. We heard a zoo in a view, came out or something like that. What what happened on the citizens with a book on sharp and a lot of people You know you're. While there was some some insight on what happened with him in Kentucky and what the book is I'll I'll rattle this off quickly and if you wanted more details, I made like a thirteen may
video about they wanted every jane, sharp video I watched it all I suffered for you, you out there anyway dad view since nothing. I sharp is six point: five and a half super explosive. Like he's built like he's built like a prototypical scoring wing, he gets crazy elevation on his jumped shot. He's a good. peter sheets, a good percentage, even on top shots. The problem is he's kind of a sleep, personality, he is rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and in ways that aren't entirely his fault. There's a lot of documentation on this one of my buddies for the athletic road about this extensively. The people who have kind of run his draft candidacy pissed off a lot of people, they've, basically put them to not play kentucky, so he reclassified and he's just a guy who very often himself and that that's what you want from your stars, but I think even you're gonna draft in
You kind of just wondering what it. What are you going to get he's going to get a guy, that's going to fit into your culture, or is it going to be a guy who's going to be strongly wanting to do his thing, but he's as like a shot creator like a face up shot creator he's the most talented, shot creator, this draft and he's a guy who, like you know forty five inch vertical he's, got like a six eleven wingspan. I mean he has the makings of a star. It's just willie. B1 lot of people are skeptical Kevin porter right where it's like wow. What a personality you know like is: evil that level or is it just a lot of miscommunication or whatever type of things, that's kind of what I've tried to be the detective and figure out, because he said quiet, he's a canadian guy. He chain schools like three times in like a bird,
short amount of time during the pandemic, and you think about if you get get uprooted and brought it that my working when I was trying to taught myself into it, I was like ok. Imagine you're, like very laid back shy, introverted person. You go from candidate at some high school, you dont know anybody doesn't go super. Well, you change schools again and then The pandemic- and it's like you can imagine where maybe there would be some room for air there were. We would misinterpret what happened and he gets in a good situation. We sing ass do this before and slip mitchell robinson weird tape didn't play The traditional places came in good player, Anthony simons didn't play college basque. Came like it was a weird situation, sharp similar. In that way, I think that he's his values gonna make more sense in, like that nine ten, eleven, maybe even twelve. I know tyler parkers, hoping desperately he false. Twelve. That's gonna happen, but that's a thank you. He makes the most sense, but I don't like guinea and is going to take him they're, probably in it
something like that, something really safe. We will happen with the the painters zoom interview with zoom yeah I did so I saw an interview where a a pacers reporter was asking him like white. If you let cuz, he just was saying. I love that he's basically really robotically. Just saying I love to play. I love to play. This is like dude, you didn't intentionally for like two year, like that or longer gives even the table. was evaluating, I was like okay, this is kind of who he is, and I was looking at the dates on there. I was like this step was over a year ago, I'm judge who he was over a year ago. Anyone you know, nineteen years old, he's a tough is call one of the toughest like players. I've ever had the like make a judgement, call on honestly really really tough. Yeah, so anything else in the papers. Here I mean I agree with what I was saying I think whatever one's gonna saying like they see like they need more young blood in here and if you have enough com
but in sea, as this franchises shown over the past ten twenty thirty years does seem like it's gonna, be tough to get back up to even six over the next couple years. I would probably just take the town. If anything, I wonder if they should try to be trading up like there anyway, you can get miles. Turner plus the six day, go up to four and maybe Take a jew navy, take the most talented guy on your board and then just sticking with albert. HU, as we said, like Albert basically play with every one, which is like the advantage that the pace is now have it. The kings probably should have had you. I think that's the question raised How did they get someone who has a little bit more creative pop were halliburton playing a role being a flow guy can be exactly what you need from him maybe maybe ivy? Is that answer like made? Maybe that really is the solution here in that that's a question like? Is it really worth it to them to give up duarte
and or brockden utterly only no owed and taste the kings at this point, in terms of moving down from four to six but like is, is ivy that good of a conceptual fit along. I'd halliburton worth something that could make sense We didn't like yeah deficits near will. You said it mean halberds a lot like cade they they have like that malleability. That's why all the nerds get really excited when those two guys played on the? U nineteen team together a few years ago, but moved up make since I could see those
together, but if they stay robbie near that, like the creative path is what you're? Looking for here in this, just isn't one of those drafts, like some people, are betting on the creative pop of like math or in I'm way softer on that. I don't see that you need it and you two guys at your leaning on into our day in halbert, nor both skinny dues and defensively. I think they need somebody that can really switch up or down in the lineup. That might be so hand that germany's, if so hand from bail or six point nine really really versus defender can often of the challenge, but he fits them. if you can't find the creative pop he makes sense on that front for them. Gosh I saw was pivot now to the portland trailblazers wise. Where are you blazers right now, because they have the seven pick and they mean lowered and every simons and then a measure what else yeah the blazers you ve, heard them they're in on the theology
and watch as well, who, I think, which is work wonders next day willard, I'm I'm a big big big, Anthony son, his friend he came in here. He came the staples like two years ago. I was just looking Paul Joe Echo biologist argued for the rest of the year then. Finally, last year he kind of put it together and showed my wildest guys like. really dynamic guy, but the ball in his hands. So we think seizure, Maccallum, yes does rouses others say, is mozilla homies, like pretty small guy, is still small defensive back court in safer, things are really good either really good wing defenders. Next to him a dame or really just really, great basket, protecting big arm
Oh no, you know I mean in portland another team that can go in the direction like they have this pick they have a couple of guys that they could swing in China. Give some veteran help near and again, maybe they could be an unknown assigning trade for or restrict the free agent like the audrey, eight in the phoenix so chooses so. But I think that we should make the pic benchmarking and unless you get somebody who is obviously a difference, making play off type of performer, you should just make the package get the best possible causes not like did you sit there just dripping with tightening up and down the roster. I will just make them unless again, like a guy was shown in the polls season, that he can be an impact player in a solid you compare and legs dame willard I'll see. The point in that taking here, I feel like making. The pig is probably the right team building desist
for where dame is and where the blazers are making. The pic is the right decision, but my question is which of the options on the table benefits portland? pretty tenuous ownership situation, I think that's what they're gonna do and its Jody ion is in charge of the blazers right now. She is legally obligated to sell the team at some point in the near future. because a pile and trust- and so the question becomes to me, which is better for the bottom line of that sale price. Is it a young rebuilding team? With this pick and other young players, Is it a team that more expensive would demon, lillard and veterans on longer term and bigger contracts? Is it somewhere in the middle? I think it's probably the team with dame on it, and maybe some veteran guys in some. That is because, if you look at the recent sales would be franchises, we just there's no precedent for
sure rebuilding team being sold right now, everyone is a little further. Along than were portland would be if they really pull the plug on this, and that leads me to believe that they're gonna be ill. Moving, if not moving. This pick for an expensive, veteran, elise moving it for some kind of composite help, some group of roll players, something that could make sense for them to be more competitive, if only so that they can eventually see those like sell this thing. I also wonder what is dame one, I think like an addition to ownership. I disdain he himself as the durban of its key of this franchise and, if so, as you can, be more willing to accept a younger I who need to three years are from your have a guy like sharp, whose like super young, like maybe even longer, in order to be ethic, about where they can make the place alongside each other, or is he saying give me help now? I take advantage of my ears, or is he
in saying, like I dont see, either of those being a viable option. Get me out of here like personally. If I was him, I think that last option is what I would ultimately get too, because I dont see how at thirty one coming off a major injury you can get anything to where I'm like back competing for the western conference finals again but like I do think this is like whatever he. Whatever influence implies. Year is probably going to take the outcome of this, like probably the future of his career. What you would say that, because, historically you hate the city Ireland, as we all know, I'm like I was beer man, I love for ireland, but also lets let's corrected on days like thirty one years old, but basically thirty. Two at this point, What is the time one on waiting for rookie guy coming into finally clicking year, three as a six to guard gonna be thirty, two years old, the season
and you know, maybe dame is it look as it feels like dame is doing a good soldier, like you, said, doktor vince, keating, he's involved with a tv show to work out he's doing all kinds of things the show on mister guy- I'm mr franchise guy and maybe he's just like look- you know you guys gimme that fat deal. around and do whatever you want No, why? gimme that big old contract I'll play ball in numerous amana ways, and so I think, he's look married life if you can make a swing, for god was actually going to matter here. then we should absolutely be doin that they will want to compete at the highest level. If you don't like simons, you know we can bring. Other young guy, while like in that of the good they're gonna completely socks along
they lose not injured. So I you know. I think that the opportunity to do both things are there for them tile. Do any of the text that we talked about? or maybe some we haven't, talked about or any of the guys. We talked about his former trade target jeremy grant John Collins. Any of those guys like do any of those get you excited. As of Each are running me for Damien alert. No, no! I mean the detroit it. It's really find it think about detroit. Having five and seven that's very fun, for me is the gist of hyper, loving lover of hypothetical, but young basque bottoms I would just kind of my whole brand. I think honestly, but I see the portland I've written thousands of words about less know. The portland thing is like I was asking kayla see this the other day I was like. Let's say they made the best possible move that they could make like we're. Just saying that they make it a thousand times they make a move. We pick the one that the doctor strange, the one that is the perfect bullseye one,
Where do they go? It's nowhere, significant! I just there in this there in a position where the roster doesn't make enough sets an end, rob talkin about like selling the team. It's like. Ok, we're not gonna get to point in your ear, hopefully selling the team on the basis of like as good a vibe as possible? I guess so the short term. Is that jimmy grant? No, I mean if they let's say they at the best available young, guided sharp, like my james, a meal of sharps game. I like laughed out loud when I saw that there was just like okay. The three of them together is like the like talk about dissonance. That's the most just doesn't port portland should probably just draft the best young player like go to the team building route in my opinion, but
those things are so conflicting, it doesn't seem like you're, always saying it doesn't seem like they're going to do that me personally. I would just try to build the best team possible in and just draft the best player available, just a zoom out completely. What do we think the odds are the ireland makes the playoffs next year, because I've been looking for you. I mean look at this for the kings for all these teams, ITALY. Obviously the lakers are going to try to improve. Do we think that there are playing kind of team? Do we did they even had that I wouldn't be shocked if they were just out of the play an entirely next season, given what they have unless unless they hit the doktor strange level, calm, and even that might just give them the seventh place? You know ye I've ever team that tries is in technically in the plan, which is unfortunate, ripple effect of how the plane works, but you're right. You like, I think, barring injury, you wouldn't expect them to be in the next there, especially with like seemed like the spurs or the pelicans I'll acres in
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Let me now discover their journey, always talks about opportune. What is this? Is it based on the true story of a family who risk everything gets you all send back home rise together, we'll disney rise, ready, bt, parental garden suggested streaming friday, disney plus? I Weary talked about the pelicans briefly, and we're gonna skip the spurs and the wizard just for time here in order to get a number eleven. The new york knickerbockers was duenna report from the streets of The bronx here the next and the next on you know
there there again in some type of purgatory. I think people applauded the plan of like I. Can you guys? Can we just get to respectability and have teams and have potential new players there. want to come in, look at this situation is safe a was an end Cruel and steve, stout and and who are you know that their competent and there the type of management that you can trust the stairs ship and at the thin, mostly done that. But you know that this is always a drawback to any planet. You go. We write a drawback quoting quote respectability. They pick an eleventh in his draft floor team that had no chance, doing anything of any significance. Last year, right and so you wonder how much they can even improve the roster for real from the eleven taken it. Have you go? Look at the history of eleven pigs is not some.
murders roads of great value. Is this not- and you know, you hear about the things that that makes it the roma to be trying to do which is like we're in, If he's available, If we really want dollars and Mitchell You don't know how that those moves in enough themselves make the knicks this great situation, really dig outsider archie, barrett, there's nothin ms roster, that you did you sound like. While we can probably get something really great, we wanted to move off of it and a brain some some great players, instead of whatever this guy's potential, was in the future so I think they're in purgatory they gotta pray for something like an eighty type of guy. Basically forcing is over there and then getting a bona fide superstar, but this space and that's the only thing that they can hope for right now. Do you know basically
kill. A guy who tag is the obese, the quick lease of what's a future furs for I was dying to get here and we will do that and then We move off of money to bring the guy, but just space- and I see. I don't know, I thought you guys out old z, these avenues in meat, we presented themselves and so year, the next there in purgatory there now hold holding pattern right now, when the eleventh take is the perfect holding out like this, really late lottery, obviously not in the twenties like a player, but really late louder me with the team that didn't really have the makings of the bones of a border finally obscene last year about this space just quickly, no pun intended. I just I'd love, how everyone, I think, including us, including me, said how brilliant
were for signing these, like short term middle cheer contracts and just adding veterans, because they could then try those contracts for guys, if they to swing, Damien miller trade or wanted that aggravate the money in order to get the next disgruntled star, and now here we are basically saying like Can the next get off of heaven for in order to open up enough cap space in order to sign, another bad contract or overpay jimmy. brunson Andrews where there's a well there's no way right. We are the world's way. The I'm sure say, impress you would love to have thirty cakes and so We could probably figure out how to trade some of their guys. It's a baby, oklahoma cities, calves face and would have to come off of future assets to do so. But if they were motivated enough, they could do it. It's just you know Who's the guy who, in this europe that the thinking is also contingent
and then being good enough that a guy like will there would want to join them in the first place, and so there like, they lost all of their batch. They ve hedged alive and they ve lost all other. It's really kind of incredible. Isn't it? I e those plans being predicated on being good enough. That hasn't worked out. They have in develop their young guys, I think, maybe bear it accepted bear it has done. I think I'm really I'm really bullish where he is as a player, but somebody Aren't you going got real quick, just went on there, it apparently bear if he sighs and extension, this off season would be the first. Nix first rounder to sign an extension since charlie ward, imaginative. are you now I thought I read it so has mature, must be charles job. Then what will see on any of these other young guys if they're gonna be in the next future? Not because that's kind of the question with do use this
you're, not is even if you have, even if the best scouting department in the world, even if you're completely sold on one specific guy, you're gonna get him in your building. We'll tom tiptoe play him, or will he put him in what is known as the emmanuel quickly zone in which you're gonna like is he gonna play Alec burke's over my guy, you know, whoever it is, that is my guy in it sucks the knicks or in that place where also not a very good team, because you would you really would hope one or the other would be true either the young players would be fully invested in by now or your team would be good. Nope Kyle, where you on the next these days and you think, there's any binding the draft that like makes obvious sense for them, it's just that It's just a series of sequences where we just repeat ourselves, you know in the micro we ve talked about the all these teams. Like that the period
or of the sba, is so difficult to get out of in the in the strategies to get out of the purgatory look differently, obviously, for the painters, the knicks in Sacramento, it's just like it can be it such a desolate set of problems to look at and try to solve, and then you compounded with, but the fact that the knicks are kind of like the pay sirs coaching situation. Where like tebbs. Just doesn't have much tolerance for throwing guys out there with a lot of run way to get the wood I described on. Our show is like the x men danger room reps, though I, like you kind of like live with a guy like that. That no consequence, like oldest, live with that, so you get better type thing which has guided the quickly zone. I just imagine like a deal's a deal, a thing like that yet We're in It- and this is the other way were repeating ourselves- the knicks knee play- making in creation they they tried to play both last year when they drafted quitting grimes, whose like a two way guy who could run smoothly,
enroll, ok, that sort of a bell, a band aid to solve the problem. They need to lean on somebody who's, creative that maybe needs to come along defensively. The problem is this draft, as a really have guys even like tie the guy from Kentucky. But are you draft quickly, clown, who is gonna, be in the same kind of situation? He has some upside their johnny Davis is a guy that people believe As a two way guy, who could become a creator, dyson Daniels, I dont think that he'll be there. The australian guy. Six would eight. I don't know man, I really just jaden hardy is a swing that they could take, but that'd be too high for him. I don't know if you guys know much about jaden hardy was guy played jeezy ignite, big time erratic score
it had a rough year. His is his value when now me, it sounds like you're gonna need some kind of trade or a couple years. Yeah me brunson is the guy is a guide economy since for them, but it it just feels like it feels like a swing it, something that won't ultimately even solve their problems are really for me. So I think same thing same thing again here, since the creators not really there might as well. This draft somebody with often upside malaga. Brain might be a guy that good work for them, a durable pull up. Shooter yeah! That's that's gonna, where I am with them It's just interesting that a lot of teams over the past couple years have shown that, like you, dont need to fully bottom out and ordered, successfully execute a rebuild like only team? It really do. So in an going the extreme rout these days is Oklahoma city. I just and plenty of like the clippers prime example of a team that just like, took what they could further chris all trade in turn that into something successful by, as were seeing with the key.
Things. The papers in the next, like maybe it's actually little bit more difficult if you're not gonna like put the hard work into like mining, guys from the end of the draft for the middle, the draftsman, like striking gold. That way, although I will say like it, should be easier for the next, because they have every advantage possible their born under base cetera bends. That's wise problem, more disappointing for them! That's the difference that you just named. You name teams that have desirable cultures and for sent like that that the pacer is the kings and and the knicks have that common. Where it says Well, we got to get guy guys aren't going to come there. It's just not going to happen and, what's weird is like you were talking about threading a needle the way OKC has it's crazy. How many reports are coming out of that? These guys, like we like OKC, we want to go to OKC and it's like the culture and things like that. It seems like it's a huge difference if you're trying to get out of it out of the middle guys like playing there cuz they develop, and that's that's kind of the minds that the okc takes
of young players, wall, ok, see the way they handle their young players is lied to me my toddlers is ignore. Will do everything presidency? You will show you from our home, whereas media we just made everything as courtesy and powerfully and hosanna kiss your ass is possible, but that's it that's appealing to players. You know like that. Smart depressed that of advantage when you know you're in the fridge in prayer and like it smart to me your organization like no, we make your life as a player as quickly as possible with the outside stuff in you, of course, play a development which is important to get people paid on this that can deal but like year, the stuff tat they do when it comes to light. No, we protect our place. We treat our players like you know like the princes, it's it's a nice seltzer, two young guys. I before we go here
on a talk briefly way way way. Can we really circle back to do like out like a one sentence hit on these teams that you just unceremoniously glossed over the summer time? Here I got a tweet it. Just it will kill. Can we please answer the question like the pelicans? Should they use their pick, a number eight, or should they traded? They should take the pic because I didn't like them training down last year, although as him do be fine, ultimately, ok and so for this, hers. I think them trading. The pic also makes sense there, probably unlike the market for one of those bit like middle aged twenty four the twenty eight year old, nba players, someone along john timorous time on a little more, so you can get some kind of core get out. Unaware goes distract the guy tat. These are the dunes. Finally rebuild your team. This this whole leg, doggie paddling, no, basically keeping yourself
low in the middle of a friggin ocean with no lifeguard, inside of you later eventually. I just knew just gonna have meant that it's not going to happen for you this way. this like all we want to just be competent, do whatever it is, Just be even even if it's only slightly carpeted like how will you just gotta, keep doing this they're gonna keep in great part of which is their head coach until he decides not to be, and then maybe the loosening different now with last one wizards Kiley wanted was it would the wizards are super in flux? Obviously, like a big. If they could have major upheaval, they could have young guys come in based on a traitor, so we ve heard say they did a deal with the sixers say that it did a deal with the heat they just need to take the best player available. It's the same thing. I think that they need to take a guy who could fit into a logical, cannot team rebuild situate,
and whether or not that I don't I would. I would lean towards a big. I would lean towards it like a room protecting big there. If it's there at ten mark williams is a guy who's. There yeah, I mean or or so hand if, if he still available there to get better defensively to get because the guys that are coming in that I've heard about our kind of often upside guys. I just drafty fence power. If I were the wizard Thank you. I buy think you were indulging me I'm here for the people you know I say when we put the times damson just put in like rob satisfies the heart, and this last five minutes wash lobbies viral on our land. I was not going to watch I will limit. Dyson makes a lot of sense for the public
Like I re, I relate the if they can get hold of him, because he seems like a guy who could bolster their off answer that they're, not so I so dependent. That's it. I'm pitching him to you very right. Dyson Daniels is a guy that I really think work, yeah, assyrian usage, really good. I like it. Before we go here. I did want to touch on the curving situation, just because I don't know if all of us have given- opinions and lord knows the world It's more cairo irving opinions himself, but I do actually want to hear why it has to say about this like actually look forward to hearing what in certain topics, and this is definitely one of them, and so was. sure everyone knows the basic details at this point. So once you just stay away and gives will give us your take here, and this is this is more like in. logical world. The nets would not know team with offer, carry irving more than two years guaranteed
on a deal for dude who refused to give that the needed, because you these voodoo medicine? the year before that was second tito's. This left and right one is birthday or January sag so late or on other times is yo yo shouted trade me outwards value, when he wanted to leave cleanly yo, you trot movements toward seen in our life I'll get a need surgery right this is the dude we're dealing with so in a World caesar, belie yo r? U two plus one! If you want it, take it and I'll bring you win or if we have you on a contract is longer than that is going be tired and it's a game play because you have proven to be unreliable.
In times when you're not injured, when you're not physically, must stop and can't play right. Like you, proving to be a guy who doesn't show up? So we it's always incentives to it. However,. as is the nba because of the way they structure they always should basically has made so that these deals a stretch it it doesn't make sense. To do anything but bring carry back on a five year of five. You do It is basically worry about. Getting rid of them were doing something else whenever that time comes because, like not signing in And letting him go for, nothing is suicide, It is not like they could all we have forty five million dollars to play with and just bringing people for forty five million- that's not out there. Tat situation is structured, so they can do. That is still. The only demand makes sense like us see them played chicken.
A public workers, xbox, ambrose, amazonian and the nets saw much like we want gaza gonna play like everybody's talking, tough but fair, each other's best options and carry does, and another thing is carried, does have other options like I think the mixed. My actually do. I go well. the way to make the room to burn you win and be completely happy about it. Wisely have all the avenues to get a deal, that is why, more than just to use, guaranteed, so you go about their like. They do in this whole song and dance hey this is man is basically a rabbi over there and you ve kept herself gives you the nets? What legal? What are we doing with this public posturing- and I will say this after this vote. Soliloquy we basically ten years of the stupid rumours speculation, news break bullshit. We know
we know what would pull some is he's. Precarious show marks water, so I too, working years now. That's all He does so. You know abode fulsome related to the net is coming from you know what songs does it come from, but the players can korean. Then we know the angles when they return to court what view does role? They are slightly noticed. Bullshit this would observatory like day of COD said what we, like what beleaguered in oh, my god, william chemical. Why in this and now we knows just tat- is bs and he's going back to brooklyn he's going baggies or get his money, because there's no The better option for anybody, then all nora, was long. Winded would like this. It is ridiculous. Now, man, it's just is I just wanted to carry irving bit started with the phrase in a logic a world dad, dad died were rejected from. But what was it?
You take carry on a two plus one to join our podcast. Oh, of course, of course, just just so you colleagues to us why he wore white with two games were walking. Sticks like that one. Season. What happened? Is he still doing? I can say about so many questions for me with any and again folklore feels interview, I will say this I will say this. That would be incredible by the way, like a lot of people who have worked with tyrese seem to really love him. You know like multiple people, that I've talked to. by directly to add to what we want to day to day basis on the team side. Will I do not love him, but he does a fuck whatever. Body, but when he does he's a credible, you know so you know there's that part of it.
The weird thing that's happening now is how this is becoming warped, so the nets are the sympathetic figure in all of this is ridiculous. Yeah like, on the one hand, I dont think anyone saw this coming for Tiree like to that extent, where he's just like a part time player, making gobs of money and just like showing up when he wants to On the other hand, the nets consciously sacrificed all work they put into and all those interviews in all those stories and all his other bullshit until building their goal there, the nets going away in a second, because had carrying gaiety on the table of any other. Twenty nine franchise is going to do anything different ways. I'm not saying the nets are morally bankrupt or anything like that. But, like you, I just don't feels sad them because they made the decision to throw that away and put everything into the katy carry basket.
And so like, if he's like, going off the reserves and leaving you with all these bad options, like I'm sorry but that's like kind of the bargain that you made, there would be nick bitten kind of charm to him saying he's gotta stay with. Celtics and leaving him had making this big show after the seas and about how Never gonna leave his man, seven hanging in brooklyn, and then he just get the hell out of their basically first operate. Eddie, I'm not gonna lie. I will. I would enjoy just watching it from afar. A little bit it took about putting the culture for four stars can remind me of that thing in wet hot american summer, where he has I can't chemistry with that girl in these again, where love right and she's like no paul reds, character's, really hot. She disliked haunts of that decision. It's like bees and doesn't makes you wonder like Kai rees. What was there was really interesting about him on a day to day, like you do in one thing, within your actions in a broader sense,
Answer like tell me another thing, and it's like the commonality between the teams have been lasting in the playoffs lately. You know well last year, the nets almost did it with this. With this formation, I don't know it simple, You got it. I think about the like. What what do we owe to each other kind of its kind of a mentality in within a franchise and people gave you know, staff alot of credit for being selfish self, but self list I don't know- is it's kyrie's thing going to hit a point where it's like our guys really going to go all out for him? Is it really? Is he really going to be like a positive culture presents on a good team? Ever again, that's got it. That's kind of where my head is what I'm looking at this and this coming here. I don't know hard to predict. Tyree, though I mean you know, all that I do. Carry comes back in place but say seventy five percent in the games and every play off games, and they just like have enough that in order to put out a competent line up, I stole my pick them
These are all very rates. Coming from the guy who pasted everyone, hygiene, a guy like a dog on the culture in all its other stuff, like man by get tower, wins out. Every single time like this is about I'm business, and I still think that naturally fucking good, they are staying. We win but up with any of this, if he wasn't one of the most talented players like skilled basque, always ever he's he's unbelievable yeah, it's gonna be clippers nets. Finally, all all look back on the dislike touting culture above all is lay just complete. Bullshit burglary man, our I beg you kyle. Thank you, lose clues mailbox, fairford, jumping and yet again here it's such an honour to be here, as we are the ones who are on it?. Thank you too kyle thing adviser blankly on production, I believe, will be back next week on Wednesday in them will be flipping to free agency were alike.
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