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Chris and Seerat debate and analyze every angle of the Boston Celtics’ impressive victory over the Golden State Warriors in the first game of the NBA Finals, including Boston’s defensive game plan against the Warriors’ Big Three (14:13), the interesting coaching moves made from both benches (28:23), and the probability of the Celtics continuing their magical fourth-quarter shooting streak through the rest of the series. They end their discussion by speculating on the adjustments Golden State will make and sharing their picks for Game 2 (32:37).

Hosts: Chris Ryan and Seerat Sohi

Producer: Chris Sutton

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one friday morning from parts unknown, we're here to talk about game, one of the n b, a finals. What else could we be talking about syria? Last night? We saw boston win one twenty one away under just a what the fuck is variance amount. I have threes from the celtics We didn't really get a chance to do like a straightforward here's, my prediction for the finals pod Should we pretend like? We always knew that the subjects were get tired, boston up and game one I would say so, but I think my worry warriors pick an end. My subsequent now packing up about warriors pick could be informative. So I think that this is a good place to start, which is boss and obviously usually impressive. Last night, when they so impressive that they changed your mind where they so impressive and so ferocious on defence and was that quarter, so like wondrous. That year, like I have to rethink everything. I thought about golden stay in the series. In a word- yes, yes, I am
two overreacted game, one, but I think that's exactly what I'm gonna be doing today. Maybe it's not so much of an overreaction. Oh you had to sell dixon in six or seven right. Yeah This vote, like I had a bad feeling about this, a veto. It s like a philadelphia, had about feelings about this. By about the insurrection, I had Zizi mark jones, not nobly answer by. I felt like bossy was like giving me o four pistons fumes on defence and even though the miami series felt like it was mocked up a little bit and even though that Milwaukee series was like a complete rock fight in a lot of ways. Even I that was probably my favorite series of the playoffs so far, I just don't like Boston's, defensive intensity and defensive prowess was at a level that maybe golden state had not seen in the playoffs yet and would have a hard time, unlocking long term and also just like the young legs and boston. Just Al Horford accepted really really stood out to me. So what did you see? I think
insisting that the warriors got to something as physical as as boston was probably memphis ray, and I think Dillon brooks yeah dylan brooks for for the the short little bursts in the series where he was actually able to play. But I do like you know, we ve been, we ve been calling Memphis in Boston, basically just each other's mirrors for the entire regular season right. So it actually does follow that a team that doesn't make an make as many myths eggs as Memphis did that had a little bit more experience in the playoffs and also a little more size to would give the warriors fits in and also take away some things that allow the warriors to win watching Boston against the heat, and I think this is maybe a place riding give the he enough. Credit for capitalizing on some of the mistakes that Boston made. I just thought at a number of moments watching them thinking. There's no way you can you against. The warriors like, there's no way to jail and brown can can drive into four guys and there's no way that they can make. These errant passes the perimeter, because the warriors you gonna, punish you
I in transition and like essentially be blocked ike. I also thought that the warriors would be a little bit more intentional about getting out in transition in this game, considering how good the celtics Aff court defences, and we don't really see that, there. But now I'm kind of left in its place after watching is very interesting. First half first, first eighteen minutes really of the celtic figuring out there. In the final, like you get some you get like this jason tatum airborne. You get a jail in brown, airborne, russia and you get to jail and brown. Apples which actually now that I think about it, we're subdued and brown mistakes, but they were dead ball mistakes, which makes a huge difference. We don't really get the interceptions ray and we had we had the tatum miss free throws it in. I think, on his first, we throw attempts like you could tell the celtics
kind of feeling. The moment. Ok, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly and right at that time, like we ve got espn. Take your talking about how this is the least emit, like that. The biggest dispirited vials difference in exports difference at the final year was one twenty to nothing literally zero, zero finals experience, which is shocking since watching this game really was calm yourself or for not into the finals every single year, but will tooth egress. They basically figured out how to play within those eighteen minutes. We saw so many adjustments and saw everyone really calm down to where it now I'm leg. How do the warriors be a version of Boston? That's not going to beat themselves. I got to hang out last night and watched. Watches came with Kirk goldsboro, who I used to work with the grail and still works e s. P n, obvious and I our watching and eyes like damn dude, like that's, only four points after steps first quarter and he was pretty confident
it was going to be. The third quarter warriors appearance which there was, but I just felt like both time. Immediate looked like it was getting a out of hand in the third quarter, but both times that Boston took the punch as well as you can take it from the warriors, and here we have So when you play off games this policies in that just got out of hand so early, and it felt like the team, like even feel like tat came. Seven bob awesome, I m is perfect example of light. Basa had such a good start in miami was just never able to claw all the way back from that were lit the energy that they had to expand to get it back to a level which meant that there almost tapped out toward the end. Although Boston, obviously nearly crash into a mountain, then that game, I just thought that lake Boston took the punched. The best I've seen a play off team do against the warriors and alone
time and it kind of made me wonder you know you talking about the level of experience disparity. Do you put any stock into this recent history? Success Boston has had, albeit under a different coach, albeit with different players, but we're, like, I think, Steve Kerr's, like seven and nine vs the celtics since he took over golden state it do you describe any relevance to that statistic or to that that fact a waiter? Do you think it's just like these teams verily play one another and they happened to match up while the other night. I think there's something too, especially when you look like that last regular season game and they play the boston one. I think a kind of just goes back to all the things that we know the golden state struggles with they struggle with physicality with size. Boston has not just one on six a score who can barrel into anybody. They have to know an inn in times through that that, through that stretch, they ve had our Orford and they ve always had Marcus more who, despite game one
his game. One performance has been one of the more reliable guys to have have defence deaf curry, so they ve always had some of the ingredients, but I also think there's an elements to where I think you just speaks. Do how talented boston has been this entire time, while also being inconsistent liketh. I think if we went back. You would find a lot of games that were probably on e s. P, n, where you know the the celtics were having like a five hundred season but like they decided to. Get up for the national national tv boston right exactly. I thought it was pretty interesting watching this game last night and seeing these different tendencies, become out, possibly from the coaches, I think in terms of the conservative element of steve curve, or maybe probably that possibly the sentimental part of Steve Kerr playing. It would allah extensively in the fourth quarter or in the second half at least and then this sort of radical things that who togo is trying, like, especially almost like benches smart in the fourth quarter for pitcher,
ended lighting pritchard stay out there and play with Derek weight and throwing this like kind of size guard combo. I know bill and Bob talked about this until spied but like that was obviously for me. The turning point in the game was this strange bench, mob class, that happened in the beginning of the fourth quarter and the whole time. I think everybody is just looking at their watches, are looking at the clock on on the game and being like you can. Every setback what this is the finals. This isn't like a february wednesday gate rate. Maybe that's another reason why I felt like a regular season game to me. I was texting you during the game and I was like your. What is it about this game that just doesn't feel like the nba final is finals. Now that could have been the first quarter, three, that stuff that could have been any number of things. But I think that probably part of it lay curs rotations were definitely interest throughout this game. The with all a dream on minutes together were kind of a disaster and I also think that the in poor otto porter echoed dollar dream
only remember wall was on the core anymore, but is basically jordan, pool auto porter and a lot of guys who just don't shoot the ball. Their way m, which was just not really a good line up those weird, because sometimes east configurations, if they do work out well for the warriors, which is why I never. I never liked to do too much monday morning, quarterbacking with Kerr. I think he gets a little too much of it, but I also think that, especially in the finals like These items that you're gonna play you have to balance you're, shooting with like your kind of fine play, making guys it gets kind of, what's always allowed the warriors to be the team that they are in a loud guys. Like you, ecuador and dream on to thrive, Did you didn't have a balance this summer I think it was almost like a year after after the game. I think somebody on press row was like well, you played it with all a big minutes and it would only only in he said: well,
people pigment? I it went from zero to twelve. They were twelve big out minutes agree I was I was noting. I didn't think it necessarily that he was gonna, throw coming moody out there. I was wondering if Peyton would get out there just because I mean he was. He was available and indeed serve like an incredible purpose for them defensively, and I thought maybe on some of those boston runs. He would have been like a good guy to have out there. I think TAT they Could I just wanted to get the ecuador experience over with early in the series to see what he had in the tank, and I think it was like really mixed results. It felt like he made a couple. Things happen out there, but also gave the ball away a couple of times out of the bigger problem is just who he played with than anything else
and I do think we need to see more peyton. The warriors just didn't really get anything in transition. This game, which was which was a big problem, I think the biggest stuff that came for them, was in the third quarter, where they had that huge run. But aside from that, like they got ten percent of their points in the fast break and that's actually been pretty consistent with them through the playoffs without payment, so I think just getting him back in their get their number back up to lake. I think it's around thirteen fourteen percent range when, when he's on the floor, especially when he shares a floor with a good all we want to play with all- I think- maybe that's better configuration like those you guys can. And in passing lanes then maybe jail in jail and brown coughing it up again. Re read like that's that get that could be the thing that return to serious a little bit for them would fix a bigger deal the probably not very likely to reoccur Al Horford, marcus, smart, derrick white, all lighting it up from three on the same day: or jayson tatum mirroring no shooting goby. That's that's what the man
our ban was about value, is going to take on the phoenix sons games, seven zones, game, seven go we know of indecent data, but he became like a remarkably effective play maker, which is something boston, often really needs somebody to kind of orchestrate orphans, and he was- he was like splitting doubles in you is passing out of doubling. He's doing like a really good job, like keeping now orphans afloat, even if you wasn't scoring after the game of couple warriors or at least specifically dream. I was like well, I'm ok with with losing a game with Orford way and smart shooting the way they did leg, let's if they can do that again. But it's like okay, but are you going to a unit and a twenty more points from tatum game though, and what happens then? So I think if they don't switch up their coverages at all tatum's going to have a better night. There's no question about that, like you can take out that early air ball
Well, you can take out some of I think they got him out of rhythm by the end of the game like there were a couple of drives where it felt like he was like going to go to the rim, then he decided to pass out, or vice versa, that I think you'd probably like to have back that. You know he probably will adjust but aside from there, I think if you do stick to the same coverage. Tatum not gonna, have a high scoring series and he's gonna have to be display maker. I think that sustainable, I think we ve seen him, make their improvement pretty much throughout the regular season throughout the play, often in and have probably one of his most impressive play, making games, if not his most impressive way making games in ever in that like that, was that there was a second half adjustment. I think it was in the postman press conference where you know ye may talk to him in and had it like. The coatings. I've talked to him and you know, look over some of the place that he was making and hit those corners after lengthy they boss to the war.
His own pretty easily because of his play, making hit the corner three that they had a corner. Threes, that's usually lake! I mean they hit the hit a lot of them like they have. They got what they got. Twelve attempts, which is ripe like around, where they are in the play off when they win games and they get far less when they lose so that to me sustainable re like that, the plays it tatum is me, guinea is sustainable. The other one is just tough because look like if you regular season dream Andre rape. But we're now going into lake. Derek way has just decided to begin this. Guy now rightly, is like this. The carry over heat. This is not an outlier game. Obviously, regression is gonna hit at some point, but leg I d reminds me that that of like, in the long run, this change, but in the long run world dead, so it matter
If you already lost one game, and now you have a must win game to Boston. Just used to have this happen for three more games exactly exactly, and they can do that. We've seen them do that, like that's how they won the heat series, they had a couple of games like in in the book series too. I think that's why they've had like they're. The variance has been crazy, and we should probably expect that for for this series too, considering how many threes the warriors get up and that's another part of this too. The warriors hit. Nineteen threes, like we can talk all day about the celtics hitting twenty one threes. It's the warriors match them where he has match them, and I also think that they kind of played into in into into Boston's hands. The finals are here, and so is your chance to score big on fanduel sportsbook. Throughout the n b, a finals fanduel is giving your customers two hundred dollars in free bets guaranteed. When you place your first five dollar bet The money line, point spreads player, props and so much more plus, you can remember and your beds for an even bigger payday with
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you dream on threes that wound up just being like the like the boston, seemed to start the defensive possession by being like this is gonna end with a dream on three just gets no food and that's what happened or this is in the end, with just like an awkward somebody's. He's lying and now has to hit a guy in a corner. It think can hammer player or whatever it was, but it was just basically like these completely shattered glass plays because Boston makes you take the worst possible shot that you have I'm so used to watching defenses, where they can kind of like focus in for a possession or two at a time, but to have that kind of sustained intense eddie and sustained they get so many stops. It just feels it was so unrelenting that I was this might be the number one quality of any team in the series of Boston defence might just be so good I know that there are one two in defensive rating for the season. I'm not saying the warriors are good at defense, but I don't feel like they're that good at defense. No, I think I think that the gap between one and two is pretty
on between them, especially when you consider that boston stats are also brought down by the first young onto the season. Like the lawyers event has been a lot more slippery than I think their numbers indicate indicate to they. Ve had a lot ninety three. They just haven't haven't had it and they just like they're, not really matching Boston's physicality like it was funny. There is this play that happened like right when the cameras were were on Steve Kerr. In the time oh and he's talking about hey like we're not really playing with no physicality, they made a run, but we just got to get it. A stop in a score and will be in great shape and re, as happens our orford. He intercept surpass yes right in front of his face, which doesn't It happened to dream on very often which actually would have turned into. I think it was gonna, be a combined loony dont like there's somebody sleeping on a week's eyed, and if a corporate and interceptor yeah like theirs very good chance that it does go exactly that way and we are when we're looking at a very different result, like I thought that was a very key play cause and they go down. I love watching Horford dribble in transit
should I I think I just love everything about Al Horford. After today, it's his birthday, happy birthday. I think you know it's. Gotta, gotta be a good one. Today, it's hard to remember a late period. Renaissance, like this it's incredible. All you have to do is go to oklahoma city for for a few months, not basketball and getting the lake and just get like a new lease on what. If it's like, it's like the chris Paul thing all over again we're looking at his contract, we, like yo lake, that back end, is going. We really bad, then he goes to phoenix and gets extended, because right now what I'm thinking is like once althoff are getting paid. Next, you know monaco like their defense, just like it yeah it put it put the put the clamps on and they got running in in transition and they hit all these threes and I'm just really impressed with the adjustments like. First of all, like you have this game plan,
I think the celtics were kind of confused by what they are supposed to execute because, like there's no way in the world who are dropping on stuff right so before the game, Marcus smart said something along the lines of like they want to make sure that they keep the warriors out of the pay because, like they know, obviously everybody knows issued a lot of threes currents talked about this too. I think the threes is as much as they are like that's what the warriors do.
They want to get looks at the rim before they get threes threes and you know, have it turn into like a coupon looney slip or like a dream on short roll and hit somebody else for a lob or or whatever it is or like or klay thompson. Like seems like he's going to, you know, use a floppy, and then he just cuts backdoor, and he has a layup like they way prefer those to actually getting the three pointer. They know that the threat of the three pointer is what allows them to get those easy buckets, and I think the celtics game plan was to try to prevent those easy buckets. First quarter that didn't work either way like they were giving up a lot in the paint. Add a lot on the perimeter and along the perimeter right on, but I went back and kind of looked at the things these, like the moments where they seem the most confused. Obviously there was like the staff coverage and the drops of, especially with Robert Williams, but there were also moments like. I think there was a derrick white, marcus smart switch where there is a slip and they both went through the slip and that's how
stuff got another three, and that kind of got me thinking like ok there they just kind of over committed to their coverage a little bit, and then I I think they re adjusted in the second half this which way more. In the second half williams came up on those drops, and Williams really did guard stemming concern the factories dragging one leg around they're, pretty obviously, like he's really spry, when it's on one end of the floor or another, and he had a couple, a really good transition please to but I like, when he just coming up formal parsons getting into their have court set Williams was often lagging a little bit like his leg was dragging little bit, which is problematic because tatum was usually also lagging. Does he was still complaining to the reps, like? I think that it's like taves, obviously having a really good policies in and he is not the dude through spent too much time. Bitching wraps, but they're gonna get like in a two point game or something like he needs till. I get out of his feelings for short and get back up
of the four khazars almost guaranteed. If he takes a shot, doesn't go in, he throws both are. Up any spends like two three seconds looking at the rough and it's like tat is gonna, that's going to really caused them yeah, especially against oars. Also, giotto grant williams picked up his first foul, didn't say a damn thing. I don't think I've ever seen that I don't think I've ever seen. Grant Williams. Doktor. Wherever did you see the one we're dream? I tried to get her to challenge in the fourth quarter and John oysters. Yeah. The warriors blared development go german little who was in the rather with raptors before you just like does like that. No he did thumbs it's not that I got the Jonah leg throw. No, I was was definitely like. Glass creator. It was just like that comes out and This is harsh brother like that it has. I think that the get me the challenge is coming a little like. And vanish yeah. It's like it's a deduce
you know what I suppose her had not did. I would tend to lose by challenging, but he was just like was that is I ve had a shirt. I think everybody was like yeah you grabbed his shirt and and that dude was just like thumbs down. I thought that was an incredible. It was awesome also like really the debate on how this works. I do they see the play that quickly there. I bet. I think now have like. Basically, a staff watching videos feeds constantly now behind them to give them like real time analysis, but also to check those calls and stuff like that used to not be allowed back. Were kids, just larry brown due in the eye tests, you don't really. Just a few years ago I wrote the rafters you still. I have these guys running back and forth between the locker room and an end like the and the bench because they were allowed to actually do it in a locker room, any yeah yeah vhf is my favorite thing is in is inside,
or when a manager gets like sent off from the touchline because he's being too aggressive and he goes up into like the stand somewhere and then he's like talking on his bluetooth. It has like you know, he's basically like walkie talking to the coaches down on the field. I wish maybe like Steve Kerr, should try a power move like that. Go up to like lake of box and and just like bluetooth down air yeah. Next time you get dejected, I feel like a coating. Ejection could happen in the serious by its I'm game. Five rules around. Yes, I didn't think anyone if you were actually had wanted like out, I would see that happening on the road. Actually yeah. Maybe a game for a big loss. Leg worries tired, and go and stay go back. Maybe they win game. Three big blown out and shameful ray the rapid, like just aren't, given them anything. You want out of this town, most a little bit more emotionally about these teams, or at least like their personalities, because I think that you and I were both kind of like confused as to what we are supposed to feel
about these teams. I don't necessarily think everybody goes into sporting events needing a rooting. Interest are having their there like heart, be in it. Like I kind of like find myself always slipping into like us bon purer there. I wouldn't say that I was a cheering for boston lesson. I would never do that, but I was deeply amused and kind of like intrigued. By what happened? I was kind like I'm glad this is happening. This is gonna, be a really Bon series there's no way golden states, just gonna get walked on so we're gonna get like a nice long, competitive, interesting series. Did you find yourself of lake enamoured with Boston at all, at all or or or why? Yes, so I went into the series. Knowing I'd be confused, I can always for the warriors, especially in offs, but there's things about this boston team that I just love and then, like you, gettin in once, we started getting into fourth quarter alcor for it. I think I was converted
I really want it for this guy. I really really want it for him and I think he really really want it for himself filling all all about. I should talk about new podcast too. About is outwardly. Really, you know, is he better than dream on green? I'm not really quite right, to go there, but I think in the spirit of that discussion, it is absolutely shocking to me that this is his and nba finals, like this he's just kind of a guy that should be here every single time. I oppose more specific question for you is our for better than draymond green since he started his podcast like look you drink, Jake, dream on numbers in the proposal? guess urges it's your precisely because it is a very good question. It's a great question. It happens to all of us. Say that I'm not as good as players since I started by casting adding intact,
yup my game a little bit. I gotta think about things a little bit more now why? I think it's I I mean just if you brought an alien down to earth, and we're like watch these two guys play in this post season, who's better. I think you would definitely say oh yeah in this post season. Yes, who did Kirk say was the was the most person he wouldn't budge on that he's very close, what about spurs spurs. Lord, I mean obviously like both teams have spurs lineage and pop tree lineage. I thought that was an interesting question. You asked me this last name when we were watching the game and you were like these. Two teams both have such spurs, like our british spurrier Derek white was a spy. Tatum was this spur that was promised like he was the spur that they always needed, probably use coy yeah jalen brown. I could definitely see being a spur for sure, absolutely like off the court to just put political involvement but the generally very smart guy probably loves drinking wine. I mean, like all these guys bobby drink wine re, unlike exclusively ethic paden pritchard legs like it appears that checks
well yeah, but like seriously like with with a with the emotional engagement with this, with a series like, I guess, the question was really more like as Boston climbed back into it and as it was like this is happening, and then they go up in the fourth. Did you find your racing strictly for our ordered. You just be it where you like this boston, deemed Despite myself is pretty fun to watch. I don't share the same sort of like hatred and history with Boston, I a quite like them so that wasn't that didn't really figure it into a too much? But I think for me I was just shell shocked watching the warriors like that was probably outside of really feeling for Horford. That was probably the strongest emotion I had, it's kind of rare to watch them have a game where this wasn't? It I turn over game for them where they just really beat themselves yeah. I guess
it was. It was very weird to watch a team just kind of consistently execute their orphans against them, and I think that that five hours, They thought they found something with at five outline of not playing will Williams and, moreover, it together than having orford at the five just shooting all these trees I dont think the warriors were necessarily prepared for that. I think they wanted to pack the pain a little bit and the They punish him on that, so that becomes kind of a decision that you have to make a kind of goes back to toward dream on said yet I was probably the biggest thing. What about you the idea of boston, not beating themselves, is interesting because, like since january, I just consider them kind of workmen like in the way that they moved through their season and even in challenging moments in the post season. I feel like they ve. Never really. They ve, never really gonna till like they ve had games where it's been lake, while the markers experiences now playing it. Woodstock like we are definitely like in the throes of madness right now.
I kind of wonder whether or not there is a little bit of that's why he wasn't put out there in the fourth quarter, like they were riding pritchard for a little while it maybe you don't go is like a this, is working with pressure and white, but be let's like bring marcus back. With like five minutes left rather than eat, or what I don't even know what the bay substitution powder would have been for him, but it definitely seemed like they were holding him back out on the on the bench and let him that that that quark go for a little while longer tat. It was almost like dislike fire insurance against marcus coming in with a kind of gas yeah. I also think that there is something you can take advantage of with the warriors way that they play that you're not going to see a guy like peyton pritchard out on the floor and change our entire go on, so that can it gives boss the advantage of being able to play him, and if I was to her I would. I would ruminate very deeply on that, because you ve got stuff and clay on our austere, specially clay. I think they could. They could get clay going and ice livin in similar situations. Yes, yes, he's back he's.
He also had a pretty good game. Yesterday too, he look. I I think talk of his demise is just getting a little bit dramatic, like I'm not trying to denigrate him. I'm just wondering I for one thing: it feels like he's little but of a black hole when it comes to giving the ball, but that's it. We're he's always been now. He's always been that way, but I guess maybe it felt different before the injuries, but second of all, it just feels like the possibility of him getting to the rim is zero. So whether or not that means lake, his game fills a gap, less dimensions or is a little bit more of a like. Oh a niece player. Now I don't know, but it definitely fell like look pool socks and last night I mean pull just sky overwhelmed by. I wonder whether or not having a more dynamic player out there, and
perimeter would help. You know, like I b, I I think, he's going to ride or die with klay, draymond and stuff this time, but I do wonder whether or not like there is like an element to letting pool like be like a primary like getting like primary threat of getting to the root yeah. Well, that makes sense. Obviously, just like pool is much better at getting to the rim. Then clay is but clay only had fourteen shots yesterday and
it's not like he had like he didn't, have too bad of a game. No, he didn't throw the game away or anything like that. No I mean he had a couple of mysteries a you can usually expect him to make, and I think that's maybe something we ought to get used to. As part of the tom's experience right now, he had a reverse that almost went in against Robert Williams. That felt like old clay, at least in terms of the drive, and I thought he had a great first half defensively against jalen, obviously that that switched- and I think, like that, also had to do. I think, with the celtics switching their game plan a little bit as well, like I, I think, he's almost there and he's not all the way there, but he's almost there, and maybe that's something that flips next season, but I'd say like yeah, get him going a little bit more. One thing that was really really interesting to me was like the drama and lack of dribble offs like the amount of those turned into layups. I'm never that comfortable a dream on shooting, like you know anything like past six like when he's like. When he's got like
Water dribbles in him like right, like. I prefer that to go to somebody else, but there's this play in the third quarter, where he faked a handoff with clay and jalen was jalen was on clay, but I think he could have gone that one through and then I think he wanted to go to curry and and tatum is just like. No, you are not getting steph curry and I think the the the need of just not going dream on at all and then relying on your ball denial to not to to have those to have that not final to to curry and klay. The way that the warriors usually do to punish teams for not guarding dre is a pretty interesting strategy and I'll be curious to see how it works, but for for the rest of the series, this episode is brought to you by
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on travel is an expedient member. You can travel even more so nice out there, so less guy expedient made it apple terms, apply, see site for details from this game, I mean- I don't know if you wanted to talk more about the coaches, I think we talked a little bit about steve, girt kerr, galaxy breeding some of those lineups with AG we talked about, he may go with pritchard. I thought that his defensive adjustments, or maybe the players that defensive adjustments like we said we're really notable. But what do you think? What what's what's game to? Look like the last thing on an email say is like so Jackie mac. Had this great feature on him that dropped a couple of days ago, and chris haynes today reported that going into the forest fourth quarter. You may basically told the team that they were playing like
punks and like is this really how you want to go out and just reading that future and seeing that and just watching him all year? I just feel like the celtics turnaround is like brought to you by immigrant slash first generation. Values or would you be ruthlessly honest not going to care about your feelings, because the facts are the facts, and why would we lie about them and, like don't take it personally, even if you do take it personally and we get like, I personally, don't get why you take it so it is gonna keep doing things the way that we're doing them, and hopefully you get with the programme leg I personally a huge fan of this approach is somebody who's experience it for my entire life, but at the same time like as a get older, get over it. I'm like I'm kind of down for this to win the nba. It may be. That is like a of family planning technique like when I was seventeen. I would have hated him now MIKE. You know what I get it. I get it maybe these guys been together just long enough to receive that measures. You don't I mean like maybe
There was a little bit of an air in january, where I wonder if the message was like. If this doesn't work, it's not me who's going right, you know, and it we we ve kind of like invested in this idea of jail and jason and marcus being the score. We got word for it in they make this trade for Derek, wait there already winning when they traded for doing quite, but then it was like. I ate. It obviously was of really good pick up in terms of like giving them a really meaningful, sensitive gap that a guy who is able to play with the stars or second year, but I wonder whether or not there was essentially like a tacit understanding that it's like it's not emails. Getting fired in this first season is coach of the celtics. It's probably one of us. It's getting traded. I think that's what it was like. Wasn't there a moment where it was that was kind of communicated,
the locker room like oh you don't like this guy cool, I mean they. There were so many players only meeting with and meet closed door meetings that who knows what was discussed. It could have been book club for all I know but like and if it was book club, I would love to know what books they were reading cause. They they definitely like changed their season. Yeah yeah, maybe like some growth months. Books or something or maybe just like some cormac Mccarthy. They really does it out. We have to play If the road is a metaphor yeah, since we didn't get to do a game, one prediction: do you want to do a game to production? Yeah sure I think the worries of when I think of when I think I think they'll adjust some things. We might see Gary pain come out of the box, it it'll be more aggressive in transition. I think I'll be more intentional about getting points in a pay they only had like twenty four percent of their points came from the pain which it just like. That's not what they like. I think the Dallas here is like the forty percent more than most games, I loved z, waiting the pain, yet I think he had like political council poster attempts, like, I think, he's all law like high and the fumes of that don't guns,
judge- and I think I wonder whether or not these lake every time get some daylight, I'm going for like a dunk from the free throw line, but I would love to see some more bread and butter boring, post stuff from him cause. I think he can be really effective. If you know it's actually funny cause like now. I'm thinking like what would the worse like long term outcome that would be a short term gain, would be like an andrew wiggins game winning three. You didn't know, I would have liked and export earnings endeavour driving again, I will go Also with a warriors win. I do think it's going to be a little bit more of a defensive affair, though I think it's there. I think one twenty is going to be a real outlier score yeah. Then get like the number one defence playing the number to defence game. Yes, this time around, we got like the two best three point: shooting teams playing each other game, so I think the that'll be that'll be different. Philip living site or tighter rotations. Yes, well I mean, or were I wonder whether or not there is it? If I wonder how quickly curs like will act, didn't work You know what I mean like if he's like. Okay, so now it's true
commissioner, in the third quarter, or something like or whoever like. I wonder if he's gonna rotate ten minutes, the big guy Will it go to pain? Will they go to? Commissioner? Will you see moody cameo, like? Are you gonna, get any different kinds of guys and whether or not grant Williams loses some time out there, because pritchard was obviously a pretty effective player in the second half yeah yeah, absolutely well, it'll be it'll, be interesting, it'd be it'd, better, be it's the mba, I mean it hasn't been a requisite thing for, like most of the playoffs, for the games to be interesting, so fingers crossed. I will say, though this is like a pre interleague play world series for me like I I do feel like this is a legit. You never get to see these tombs Sparely play with with when Cleveland golden state were locked up together, it felt like they were always playing yeah, they would play these epochs here in the final as they would usually play like on christmas or something like that it felt like they were. Who is bound to be playing one another there's a little bit of like I believe the warriors and the subjects are in the final, even though a lot of statistic
well educators that say like they should be, but I I am kind of like thrilled by like the newness of this matchup me too, there's a lot of novelty. There's a lot of novelty like there's these moments. There's a lot. There were a lot of feel out moments in this game: rape, the early come on looney, getting challenged by jalen brown and jayson tatum and chaos. He had a great stat that in the second half that only happened seven times yeah, so they don't really know each other either and that that will probably be the most exciting thing about this series is both. These teams are like excellent readers of film and have each other's tendencies like you've, got marcus, smart and Al Horford, and and in draymond, green and equal dollar, and like both coaching staffs that are getting there.
Like by the gate by game six of the series. I think both sides are going to have figured out each other in ways that are going to be pretty fascinating yeah. I could also see them getting overly familiar with one another and getting kind of chippy out there between smart and williams and draymond, and those guys I'm here for that yeah me too. We were produced today by Chris Sutton. Thank you, sir I'll talk to you next week enjoy the files. Until then,
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