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Breaking news: The Timberwolves (Timberwovles?) decided to fire GM Gersson Rosas after we finished recording, so Justin, Rob, and Wos hopped back on for a quick discussion on this developing story (0:45). Then they get into Part 1 of our NBA preseason power rankings with the eight worst teams in the league, starting with the Houston Rockets (8:50) and moving on to the Thunder (19:30), Magic (30:05), Cavaliers (37:50), Pistons (47:45), Kings (54:22), Timberwolves (1:01:00), and Spurs (1:09:35).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre

Associate Producer: Sasha Ashall

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What's up everybody? This is jj johnson steps be the host of new york new york on the ringer podcast network, and this is the show that never sleeps, because new york city is the city that never sleeps when it comes to your team's reaction, no matter the day, it's a big event itself is cooking. We got you covered. You got the best desk in town, we add your voicemails go away interact and get involved with the show we're always bringing a fiery passion to follow us on spotify or mba bucket? This episode is presented by state farm when a team has their best. Or sidelined. It seems like their play. Our chances are in trouble too, but sometimes a couple of key young players turn them into the hottest team. In the second half
even when you assume a series is over a team surprises you with a whole new level of game. It's like people that assume that they can't afford great insurance, but then they discover that state farm has surprisingly great rates like a good neighbor state farm. Is there get a quote today? This episode is brought you by uber think of a job when were you dont have a manager or don't punch o clock where no one tells you what to do or where to commute or went to start and where you can get paid up to five times a day where you can work other jobs at the same time a job or you can build something like your own business is tough to think of this job because not a job. It's a gig and it's a great one. You can make it whatever you wanted to be star driving start earning with goober, go to overdone coms last start driving decide
I know. That's uber dot com, slash start driving the crucial. We have some breaking news, rob the siren that wherever you thank you thank you and we We recorded an episode in which we went through the eight worst teams of the upcoming m b, a season, our first edition of the power rankings, but after we recorded, we got some late breaking news newspaper and all that, the minnesota timberwolves or according to this release, the minnesota timberwolves have fired kirsten rozas it seems that we actually discussed later in this episode. He'd probably had a full discussion later, but wise seems like this
coming out of nowhere. You surprised that our mangroves arose ass, a friend to every mba writer in the nation is gone. So abruptly. Ah, I'm surprised, but at the same time we shouldn't be surprised because this new regime in town right late date, they just bought the team- they pay the a lot of money for it Didn't didn't your rojas or rosa excuse me and so aids. We shouldn't be surprised that you know that, I did that they want to go on their own direction That being said, this is kind of crazy, right like they just hired a new coach in the of last season and usually managed new gm comes in there new coaches. Well, so leg. What like this so two sets off with a domino effect. This kind of crazy- and you know also at the same time Chris high news- a beat rider of for the star tribune,
in minnesota. He treated this out. He said there has been a building discord between rose us and the rest of the foreign office in the organisation that has been going on for months sources said the team decided to take action now before the season begins. Instead it instead of letting their discourse linger. So while this may seem like a surprise, this has been built. Internally with the wolves for a while it's a good sign when a week less than a week starts, you just can't take the discord anymore. The is chat, podcast I'll just say that right now, ones offers you sign it look. It's out when you're star player tweets out w e F in response to major breaking news about your franchise. Not only have, but w e f dot dot dying die that fourth dot. Not tippit we are part of an ellipses. So you know that he put a little bit more thought tat. It was all a bit more. What the hell. You know, I think it's just three dots
You overstated the dots myself is playing tricks on me? Okay, so it's just a typical, oh yeah, there's only so much that he that he is with a buccaneer. No, I mean you could look at this as I do think, there's probably something to what was said about like a new ownership kind in wanna, inserted You guys this is a rod. Just you know, gettin ready everything that is in a shorting product from these clubhouse just like three partners upon the new organisation. On the other hand, this was released by Glenn taylor, minnesota timber roles and links owner is like from the desk of Glenn Taylor. So it could be the case, but why grosses like piss them off much and you just had enough, which I think like is actually was possible outcome for this. That, like there- is just some sort of rancor and you just couldn't get past it and you decide to fire him right before the eve of training camp now. Well, it's just hard extricate this news from the wolves persistent,
waste in the bin, simmons conversation and what that could mean in this and then, as you been talking about just the d want and oftentimes need New ownership group suggests completely change the trajectory of a franchise legal by the stuff. To keep the same. You don't you spend this much money, I keep a team the same. So what is as for Chris finch have to wait and see a meter this isn't a team that is done itself in a lot of favours organizational as far as like being so that nobody's job is unsafe. Thirteen that was going to be facing a lot of pressure this season to improve to be better clearly I've got a head at fault that by just cleaning house up front seems hasty, just roll out of this news, the timing of it very strange entirely and timber wolves in that way Look if you want to spend this in some serve positive. If you're wars fan the knock on, sailor in the past is that he's been kind of an absent, see owner rain, like that, you know the
opposite of a sort of meddling hands on owners that each is basically he let the likes of david com. Do whatever the hell he wanted for years. Kevin mchale do whatever the hell you wanted for years That was the knock in the past, so at least with this regime. You can save yourself if you want to spend it it simply that there and attention they got their eyes on the prize. They want to visit their own people, bring their own thing in a get this thing's rolling in the right direction. So I guess that one way of looking at this as a good thing as she ryan mcdonough getting fired just before training camp or the season started a couple of years ago, terrible time and look at that. One of two ways like the suns were just in the n b, a finals. So perhaps this is the step back to take seven to ten steps forward eventually their hand, I don't think this is a sign of a well run fully functional. Organization and so what
into some of the nitty gritty of the wall. Specifics. What I think still hold sure there's a war on Iraq her questions lot of hydrogen? fit in to a full season. Chris finch type of questions, but I don't know like did this. And start you off on the right. For I don't I just did it. Polly is gonna, be tougher. However, from this, even if they do get everything right. Just the corridor black, who is even in a plan this team. While this is what we get because on the pact, castra about two? Here I would say we bordered on something approaching timber, wolves optimism, and this is what you get when you speak. That kind of nonsense into the world is the wolves, just rolling back same kind, stuff. They always do. Please now yeah, maybe hopefully it's a new day under the new ownership. Maybe their will to get something going out of the ashes of all of this particular front office. Buddy it's as yours
just and tough thing to just like pick up and move on from the start of a season like this will be the dominant story of tumbrils training camp. Every player will be asked about it. It's gonna role into the season, especially if they has it defined a replacement or northern unable to fill that spot right away. Then you're talking about that may be more than any in the lee right now needs to make trades to improve its roster and is in a position to make those trades right now because they don't have a general manager present a basque operations, I think the worry they have just briefly because we didn't touch on this later- is that karl town sees this he actually wants out before they can import anymore help. It seems like the past two years of the rose ass regime, however long that was was built around trying to convince towns that this was a place to stay imported, Jim general russell his friend he's in trade talks have been simmons, reportedly another guy from that basic age range. You know, anthony. Edwards is just seem like everything was designed to maximize towns.
I have to wonder if these he's continue on into the season like. Is he going to do the process. It is a matter about towns like showing up this. You're becoming superstar, you see just can ask out and decide to do that elsewhere. Will he dropped the fall? dot. Ellipses tweet at some point, as what you're saying are What you will hear now is all your horrid earlier in the day it is our pre season group chat power rankings number thirty two. I believe twenty three well here immediately us talk about other things, including What is new relationship so, as they may be right back and dry, hello and war. Come to group chat. I am justin verrier and today we are celebrating a big event over this weekend and that is of Worse are widely lambro going instagram official adele
one british, commands me includes. We trust he has no are our friend rob is now a married man has a feel all different from this side. You know I'm I'm had and upheld, em in sickness animal health and the whole deal, there's a lot of insurance. A younger me used to great news of my friends being married with congratulations and rest in peace, but I'm there more see me and now realize that love springs eternal and conquers all then a very happy for you. Rob of yours, admit you're hitting me right in the chest, but I know I know this is the version of laws that now cries when he sees beautiful babies. Actually it's a new day different now and he and Adele listen to her latest tracks. Yeah rub what was the? What was your entrance music? Did you go ninety six balls intro song? Oh yeah,
it's just streaking down. We had the full PA announcer the whole bit spotlights you gotta go all out for these things. That was big in the early two thousand, so gotta bring it back alright. So we what for pod casts before. Get some actual nba basketball, twenty twenty one, twenty twenty season, which means we have to feel some time. Which also means that we are going to rank all thirty teams in the nba. I asked These fine gentleman to send me they're ballots. We all cast one third, Enemy average amount intrepid producer, Sasha broke a few ties for us, but we'll get to that later on So we're gonna go from the bottom up and for each team have prepared one existential question, we can get into. So yeah! That's the bed will be doing over the next four part. Gas will still be document news on the web. Shall we begin my runs? Let's do it? Do it so number thirty,
So robin I actually did to pull back the current a little bit had the same team was fortunately ranked the oklahoma city, we're way above us so which brought down or was brought up the average for the thunder, which means we're starting number thirty with the houston rockets at was. Do you want to first many back your claim that the rockets, not the thunder the worst emailing next season. I just think they're actively, trying to be the worst seem right like this sitting, John John wall until they find a trade partner or agreed to a bio lay dead. It's a! U if the movement over there and as we all know the younger you are in the n b, a the more likely you are to suck so You know that it seems like what they are trying to do is lose, and that's why I thought they were did no brainer, as the worst team, the nba enemy, Best players, like at least the thunder, could say you know my best player is
I say, you'll just alexander. I still have our waterford I still have like. Actually they don't have, however, but once it is like even a little door might be Gaza light? Obviously, by say. Gilgit was borderline seem all and be aids. I'd he's projects to be a borderline starts. I lose it is in all world defensive play is often is always coming along shasta haiti and so I just feel like they have better players. A further along in their development than they used to racquets to write the rockets have a couple players, who might be better how much they actually play and how long they last on the rockets is probably the big question there. So here is my big question: for the houston rockets so Benjamin's our friend in the news just a little bit. I especially lately I I question rob and will start with you now, We had what a couple months to really process this see the different like ripple effects from
choice to go with the nets trade over these six trade before trade deadline in order to get james harden. Would you rather there have been simmons right now and whatever picks. In others that they would have thrown in rather than the nets picks. I think we're against two way this is like: do they still get jailing green because they still if they, they'll get jailing green at their stop bad enough to get that pick. I really like what simmons would look like with this. I mean if you have simmons and jalen green and christian wood, and you still make the Kevin porter jr trade I mean they didn't have to give up anything to do that. They have jay Sean taylor that's the injured as an interesting place. To start. I think the problem is, I traded for simmons. He would have won them too many regular season games to to do that and so you'd be looking at. You know, maybe they're drafting, sixth or something instead and just a totally different world. So from that perspective I mean the pics were a decent value, proposition from the start of the pigs they're getting from the nets, their cannon,
banking on that twenty, twenty five to twenty twenty seven range and getting something there I could see. You would do that Personally, I am I'm kind of a simmons guy in this context, and even if you just have christian, would I like the way he women's pairs with a big like that. Yes as down as I've been on Ben simmons here and on other podcasts one k d signs an extension, so the mets are basically going to be relevant and good so long as he's dribbling, the basketball for them and even if you want to reject out to twenty twenty five through, only twenty seven, you gotta, remember, This front office put out competence while they had all their picks away to the Boston celtics right. They have a track record. Of being a baseline level of pretty decent too good, so they had never bottomed out and they they ve already shown. In the past it bill cobble together pieces they'll, find people want to scrap heap till on earth, you know, gems from unstrapped guys
Lee guys late round guys so with this specific is another team ivy, like maybe I think, with this specific front office in the track record and be them on transforming brooklyn into that type. Destination. We're like look if you're the lady, you're really need jab pics all alla time when people are angling, my team. All the time like, I don't need to be as prudent in a smart in my lord. Views when I'm the lakers may the mets think they become a net cyprus we're no matter what you were gonna find. Their way to brooklyn, because they love being when franchise like that. So so yeah think decisions is a better I said in a vacuum than the nets, then that draft package near I mean not just katy, to write because harden up for an extension expected design, one kyrie irving. If he passes the vaccination requirements in order to sign one will probably sign one. I mean me
be far down. The road with border can pick swaps in my twenty twenty seven that one become super valuable. But by that point our region, like most of the entire run foreign office is still gonna. Be there it's a it's a tough one, and I think it probably comes down to two things: whether you want the nets they package over Ben simmons. It's that you want to keep getting more young draft picks like a jalen green in order to some version of the case. Ross hard in thunder. It also seems like there's this big bear on Kevin porter being something because not only did they pass on a bench means, but now they're kind of basically shoeing John walter beside in order to give porter wraps now. May that's just like see what I have maybe that's to him to actively get worse, but I'm curious robbed. Do you have any thoughts on porter junior because it seems like they're excited about that backcourt of him in green, I'm a little bit more mixed yeah. I mean that's kind of,
The secondary question right, you hit the existential one. This is kind of what their life is. Gonna look like for the next season is kept junior and actual full time point guard, or is that just The lottery experiment is that just the thing you put a guy through to develop him to check him out to new, kicked the tyres on his game. I don't think that's right. Who he is, and you know if you, if you're thinking about like who can run a play off level, often is kevin, Porter jr, ultimately going to be that kind of player. I don't think so. I think he's probably more of a secondary ball handler type and frankly, We just need to see a more competitive settings even have an idea, if he's gonna be that at a high level. So, within the confines what they have now. It makes all the since, in the world to kind of put wall donwell in his corner and check out the young prosper because fundamentally, they have a lot of interesting. Screen talent on this team. The question is whether any of it fits at all we do. Is we just don't? Oh, how any of these pieces are going to cobble together into an actual basketball team? Yet near I mean the
through a timeline. Wise is actually pretty interesting. Is let's say that with simmons and they could just easily sat him just like they sat wall. You Simmons, let's say they put wall to the side, regardless it simmons Green Eric Gordon christian wood and then fell. The blank john data. However, that's like a pretty fun like play in team mike. How good is that team? Had they gone in that direction you hated on the head, probably probably said the seed fighting for the eleventh seek is at this point in error. Gordon's career, you know not just for auction wise. We just staying on the floor. It is obvious that has been pretty tough for him. The last few seasons and much as I like Christian would in all these other guys, they probably with all these young kids- they probably not going to be very good, but benson is proving to be a quality. Regular seizing got like these should seem very hood
regular season, so yeah, probably on a fringe ten eleven see, but definitely not firmly entrenched in the playoff picture at all, because again it. Gordon injury away. Christian would injury away from being judges, pure lottery drink. You know, so I take that they did. They would have updates, Aids is of not vying for good ping pong balls by that much budgets having been simmonds on his team. It bodes well, though, that even the teams that are going to be at the bottom of our ranking here, the rockets included are gonna. Be holdings to watch like there's a lot of interesting young players where things are getting a problem. More dispiriting is just above that teams with you know stars who are languishing on bad teams teams? I can't quite crack the plane bracket, but this third twenty seven arrange that we have workin here. You know the rockets at that That line I'm I'm really curious to wash them and to see what they look like. Glad you said that, because the
steam on our list is definitely going to challenge that premise, and that is no twenty nine, the oklahoma city thunder, who are interesting I'm not sure I didn't really name half of his roster. There are definitely going to be starters, who I'll be on this point, we didn't watch more than five minutes of last year as air roby takes anyone please just like jumpin here Jeremiah robin an earl, don't know that guy is like seems, like you know, poker. Plus Josh giddy is like the start of a really low rated see w kommeni here is my question for the thunder rob You seem to have high on these armies, lower rate teams. Is this a more egregious tank job? Then the process
well. First of all, I mean just to reveal the depths of my depravity. I remember I remember during last season texting our our guy jay Kyle man asked me if he had any Isaiah roby takes cause. I was kind of starting to get a little bullish on Robie. I think I even hit the limits of how invested kyle can be, in a fringe nba prospect, as we What does it gets round law? I mean look, I just like the mobile Woody Allen like before masquerading as a centre type exhibit speaks to me, as as to your actual question it depends on how long this goes on, because the what distinguished the process was not that they lost a lot once it was that they lost a lot for a long time and they left a void in the process in terms of the messaging. There was then filled by pearl clay king and concern trolling and outright discussed in all this stuff, like the thundered, is getting started with this stuff. So I have to see what their next. Two and three years look like, but I mean it is what
been in philly or even what's happening here in ok, see that much more offence. However, that much worse than what's goin down in like Many are minnesota sacramento over last couple decades, this that this is just a team retooling in the way that they think they should yet. But the but the thing is they the process sixes never had any body is good. Is shea oil their right in the ok? Was doing some shenanigans, with wit, hoffered, in shape at down the stretches of the year this is where it begins to get a little ugly words like what are we actually doing here. I get that you want to play the percentages in your pink round balls polite. How do we On the one hand, you know some of here in the media save what ben is doing is sort of beyond the pale and nasty daddy's holding out because he wants to go to another team, but then, when ok sieges keeps their best player out of games.
For the chance to maybe draft the next draft was, is lay We know it's weird to me right, so we become, it starts to become a little clumsy, especially you know when we get to where we get. March and early April is like wolf. What is the shenanigans that we start that we start to see, think they'll be pretty bad on their own, Oh it's very early blood. I saw Josh giddy in person in some of the outside. How do you know about this one because it cleans were flop? we'll see we'll see, What will we do here when we do it I urge the duchess means we get twenty shots, a game for alexey book, a chef ski. So we all win in the end I'm really ugly after the author Breaker, ok, see because they were doing way too well, like it wasn't just
or for it it wasn't just ass J who are sitting down whose, like Theo Maldon, had like a really good game, and then he all the sun had a hang mail for ten games, or so I don't know up so just a right and contacts here process. Nineteen wins the first year predicted bad than eighteen in ten and twenty eight ok see what we need to sort like kind of in the range there, but they did do a little bit better first year. Net rating for the process, however, was a minus. Ten. Ok see minus ten point six, so I think it's been a bow as bad and I think the key ok see getting to the west, All of the process is, like, I think, they're good. Be worse than last year, because there are still cycling through vets. Who, like at the very least they were trying to re, have their value like corps for didn't play LA I don't know. George help, placing game there, but but they mean
still had a lot of guys there. I think they're gonna be turning the keys over more to the pope, goose and to the Josh giddies the play through them and, as is rob said, young people really nothing to contribute to society, I think it could be worse this year, yet another We really bad in terms of win loss. There's there's no question, there's not really a potential for them to click in some kind of synergy. You know synergistic way where all of a sudden they're going to golf a huge run like Shea is really good. Every else. There just glaring holes, even within individual, even their more reliable contributors, have huge holes in their games, the lou doors and the pope coups and you're the dearest these least they are our eastern, decent, interesting and be players. But I am not The stitched all those pieces together into a winning team right now won't stay. My question is actually a good one, because he's probably the difference if we were talking about with the process like they didn't a shea during
we process era until joel and bead came back from qatar. Basically, like our Ben simmons came back from moore, was at a foot at that point and so how could it shea is, I think, might my question here: is he a guy you're building the team around was are alike? Is he intimately destined to be the number two number three guy on a very good team, It's me. I've always kind of fell like he was at best two more likely a number three guy, but admittedly, lower shade and a lot of people a lot of people pencil him in his like he's in star obvious all star kind of guy as a ball dominate Emily guy who can punish you wanna one right. His shot has to his credit bay legally gotten way better. Every single season that been in the league, he's gotten better at play, making he's gotten better at slash into the rim, John a little cardiac. I would love.
To see him get a little bit stronger over the use and maybe he's added that maybe he'll be those one of those ten the muscle guys when we get to china can't next year but I mean I know next month, but we'll see I don't I don't I dunno to me yeah to me he is a third sex guy. I don't ever see in being a number one. I don't ever. I don't see. In the way I saw devon booker before his bro break out, like that seem obvious to me that that was going to happen. I don't feel that way about shape it. I could be wrong also about shade, not necessarily a swell guy, but a guy loves, not wearing a shirt, the vote on this summer was in wearing, like all other jacket, without assure underneath them, and I have to say, like you- have to have rights, but in order to pull that off, but I Certainly a choice: Is that what you wore for for your engagement party was going
give the entire do it I mean yes, now seem to be really taken with. And now I wish to begin they didn't. Do manufacturers now regard Were you shoulda rob I'm similar was, I think, in terms of secondary may be tertiary guy in a alongside some other. Really good stars is probably his ultimate destiny, but he's one of those players does inspire a wide range of opinion. I mean we. There is some spirit debate and ringer slack, as do you know, chaise ultimate destiny recently, and we wish we should get sharks on the parts and to talk about him too. I think he is an interesting opinion on shape, but for me, it just about like? Where can you keep his game comfortable without over stretching it, and I think we're starting to bump up against some of the limits of that from play, making standpoint, as was saying, he's taken steps in its great in you at this point it is career. You want a stretch it as far as you can go to see what he can be, but is he ultimately be a guy who's, a massive possession user on a really good team. I don't think that's best for his skills
but he's really good, really good, really flexible, some like shaken juice, to his game? That not a lot of people have re in anything. Stands lies in a bow guys like she is like our ideas about six six, six seven, he shown an aptitude for boy and unlike big about age wiggans in his hand, was just never been at the level of what she is right. Now what that would have did for his game, but acting edge wiggins had a different level of just roy lettuces men, explosive news that she doesn't possess rattling would, is enticing about. Shame is all of these tools, his size, his length. He shown boy, anyone his shooting as improved. Is shown inability would blow by ability of first step ability but I don't know that never shown himself to be a leader at any of those things right. It sees a jack of all trades sort of got nothing call him a master of saying. I don't know
these ever been a lead at all that as things that he's flash, which is, it gets everybody sided like when you a basketball not like us, they hold on this guy one in one body. He can do all of these different things. He can even give you a little play making now, but again yesterday, the level of any of those things in my opinion, yet the flip side of that How is that he could be the tap a guy who will fit well with whoever they drag less right. Why give the thunder? Look into a better traffic, maybe next year, and they get that pete. Dave Sin kevin doran care, but everyone seems really high on our home, like they would fit together, particularly well. We want an email. I have no clover you're talking holden's united. We saw that television is way it's part of whom is pete like I'm like? Is he black or is he a comedian like? I was trying to figure out was very hard on this guy gang is we're looking like it
This is the worst scouting report. I've ever look him up and tell me that you won't see that this is basketball. Know you're you're right, though, that he's kind of the perfect star for a team like the thunder, because he I don't even know what a player would look like that he wouldn't fit next to and that's that's an exciting place to start from right, alright, Let's move on to a team that has a much bigger tat I had a them trying to fit players together, because somehow they keep just adding centres to this roster we're talking number twenty, eight, the orlando magic, my question: which centre will win the camp, memorial, big men off, which is say, who more finally play centre. For the orlando magic year, contestants rob maloney one window, carter, junior mobile, but he was his draft classmate robin lopez signed this off season in order to do hook, shots intercourse that their engines
an isaac who I honestly forgot when I was putting this was together until like thirty, in into this exercise, who is your runaway favorite ammunition, Emily rude jonathan isaac, but it's been a while, if you like, carter. Junior is the only answer. Right I mean there is still some bomba hope. I guess I know it's eternal. I know me almost barbers he's only twenty three years old minutes in his role. They ve been in a pretty inconsistent over his time in the nba, but all of the but since we have so far to me, suggests he might be just a guy and look the faster we settle in with that, the better off we're all gonna be, but I don't have the window. Carter juniors any great shakes It's really hard to take his time in orlando. So far, brief, as it was at face, value because the magic were so bad and so irrelevant by the time he got there, but of the options that feels like the one, Yeah,
I want to be, and I want to be positive about lumber, because you know use new york city guy and in new york city, basketballs, basically dying on the vine here, but look there been no proof of concept with him. None they What has he done in the nba? That would debt should ass, excited about what he could possibly be in the future is shown us nothing, but there's nothing to point out does not like oh, you did. I was tragedies we made a budget shouts while you did showed like some room. Protect inability. Well, you did nothing there's been nothing to write home so it's hard. Me to say that he's gonna emerge the centre option here and lopez to me seems like the safest bet. Does that he's always play? and even last year, when he played he gave. The word
some modicum of rim, protection and reliability and consistency at their position, but to me to be Jonathan isaac, I feel like, if he's gonna be optimized in, e shown, specifically defensively as a switch ability, type of guy somebody mighty but a challenge feeble vertically. When they do get to the cup. He asked the place That's was going to make him the best version of events. And you gotta let improve that. He can do that even come enough votes of aid yeah injury. So to me it is Jonathan isaac yeah, robin lopez, is probably the pic for the steve. Her magic, but for the jamal mostly magic, I think it's it's window or its. You know a hopefully healthy jonathan isaac, who I mean that's the question with eyes like what is his best position and I think it aren't, etc. Yeah! Okay, then. So, if you, if you knowing, where, like one optimize, our most talented players. Do you just put
met centre, even though you're so loaded there. It is really a question of like development. Verses like trying it makes sense of the roster. Why think it IRAN's com? or to do his health situation like that it, it would be incredibly strenuous on his body just like it is on all undersized bigs to ask them to just like roll in and play a five full time, and so to do that off injury. That might be a lot for him out of the gate. I would ask you guys know about more bomb was specifically what was the idea? him when he got drafted. He like what was a good mo bamba supposed to look like a three the five right you're supposed to protect the rim and have enough stretch in order to play on the perimeter. Unfortunately, I don't think he's been able to do much besides be tall and like grab the balls Is it comes off the rim of the tough one I think we are a little high on Chris steps fumes at that point, gray, pelagic yeah, and we were talking a lot about such fives as a thing in order to optimize some of these four, as you didn't want to play five, I will say David
and hasn't had a lot of success here by year. Told me that bomba before the draft is going to be about a boss, cause he so long and not I filled out an oven because his his frame is going to be so taught to fill out that he wouldn't have the core strength in order to play center. So one of the The victory is one of the best years for David Griffin and for some there's not going to do him much good unless bamba gets released or something, and he still remains the pelicans gm and here's. Here's a the you in this. Always though I was cruising, the athletics Avellino magic section and there was a pause most recently written with the title, has argued hampton gotten taller if so Does that mean for his future so be a dark horse here? This is what we have to do with the magic, literally every single season since, The white: how word, has
from the team is just been misery for that franchise, and you know and some people say well has been mismanage, whatever acted, orlando magic are why I can't excited about assets, assets draft to extract the expects lottery. It is I'm like bro, they are picked in the lottery every single damn year. They have all right, sort of gaza, bluechip ted agrees and backgrounds as far as where they were drafted with right in high school, etc. Cetera, and it's done nothing for them right you know I it's hard. This one's offered me to get excited by with press he's got going on in all cases, I draft a bunch of mobile numbers in the nomes. Won't get excited about it. You or even a jonathan isaac was a nice. He's like nobody's things like this guy's gonna change your it shows, is life. You know, because of him. Aging is peak potential
It's just is tough to watchman and we haven't mentioned markel fultz like right. That's actually the case for Ben simmons over the nets picks as well like just here Ben simmons, in the hand, is better than like wrong the die. Hope you mention here I end up with a more barbara window, carter a bird in the hand, is worth three in the bushes fucking love those birds, I think some of the exceptions to this is is jail and suggs way, I'm pretty excited to slay him in his fit, and I think him coy anthony just seem like good vibes, all stars to me. I think those guys are going to make the magic a lot more fun. I think it's gonna be a lot more fun to play on that team with guards like that. Who are tenacious, who just have kind of a of to their. Game. So I'm really curious to see how all that works out, but there no, should this team as a long long way to go a long way to develop a lot of these guys and they're gonna need to make moves and trades to consolidate and figure out their talent based, but there still
something interesting going on. There wasn't there previously and between faults, and he got orgy hampton, and here there s a lot going on my vassiki. I, like it thanks the boy s magic yeah, so that they do so. More interesting to roger their point. Some is worse. Teams are our moderately interest, neva guys, you know calling at any other guys so we'll see. Our twenty seven, the cleveland, cavaliers was question here who's more likely to be traded, Kevin, love or John. I think you gotta go ajar wall in the sense that one as well, We paid as he is still has an easily identifiable m b, a sc skillset. He still, I think, have started level and be a point guard and, of course, depending on fit depending on team.
Above all you know, will dictate is level of effectiveness, brother John, what is obviously still probably be a star. Was Kevin? Love like what does he do? for me right What yeah he's, probably a five and a horrible one, damn right. Leg is horrible david's. Yes, yes stretching in You know he used to be an elite rebounder. He ate that no more. Don't know what the hell Kevin love. That's for me on a real t, write presume we have your training, for him is because you want to be like better, you want to upgrade your talent. I don't know that should never really doing that with him. Right, I think camels would actually make sense on the window magic next to Jonathan isaac, or somebody like that right, gee. He allows them to offer its play where they need to lay in a defence. You could just kind of pray for
Look what makes way more money but John, while still obviously an mba player but the problem is, is what Kevin love does on this team is stand in the way of other young as getting minutes and touches and wraps, and I think they avs, just have more incentive to move him than the rockets do with wall. You know the rockets and wall clearly have whatever arrangement they have. Where he's just not going to show up and play love, it seems, It's gonna be a part of this. Until they find some trade former by out for him, maybe there's a innovation in that too, to move from a long sooner than later, eyeing. The biggest difference is that love has been the bigger dick like he's actively been pretty, I and ass all about a lot of things for several years, and I do think there's something to someone wearing on an organisation for years on end as oppose the war. Who's been there during a pandemic in arabic.
To an agreement in air quotes need just can. I can I hang out. I I Having love loom over this entire thing say that he's not gonna have a bio, my actually forced the calves here and a little bit It speaks to my wedding brain that when you started that sentence love is that you're gonna get to some profound point and in we just gotta Kevin love is kind of a dick love is in a bigger deck. Yeah, that's true, The kids can do this in themselves. To I still don't totally understand the lorry marketing deal was wait, hold home on before the lorry Margaret dear rosa kevlar extension. That was said at the time right, that's one of them you contracts that I love where it is: never a good contract law. Another example of this trying to think westbrook was still like, We offer them vp soon, so that one was fine. Gilbert arenas, classic example, of a contract. That was never good bye
lead only to your sixty million on a love deal which makes it the math work. A little bit easier if you're trying to strike a trade vs wall who has two years, nineteen point, one seven million. So it is a little bit more flexible, but to get back to the lori thing. I don't know it just seemed like compounding the problem that already existed with having Evan globally. Being this future centre, who is allowed to thin to play center, but you put you a hundred million degenerate alan, and so it seems like they have now for for food I have types- and I don't know if lot of them put together, make up combination like if you're trying to win- I guess Lauren Alan would be, This combination, I guess, if to develop florian mobile, would be. Best combination, I don't know robbed you see like up a path for their when they gave up
during his junior to do that he'll. So they gave up the iranians junior to paler remark in. I think it's sixty seven million over three years forth. Fine way I mean you could do. You could do worse for a team in the calves position, but giving up a player as good as nance. Why things just better than market, then I don't know that and send the position it puts. The men, especially, is your saying, be cv. Finding minutes for all these young guys like market in, is a less versatile player in terms of the positions on the floor he can occupy. So he really puts you in a bind with that stuff Obviously there hoping long term that mobile and alan can be a thing. The question that is. Is there a path civil defence anywhere in this combination of players that they currently have, because that was the really big issue. The really big question of in the garland sexton back court is. Can you survive defensively with these guys? So
The answer is: no, they were really bad defensive team last year, mostly, would be ill, ostensibly a gesture at trying to improve that over the long term will see Isaac a quarrel with an attempt to fill that need here. At thrown into the fire, just a murderer's row of defensive assignments last season. I think he really competed. He tried hard, but is just in over his head, so like how this team finds a way to manage a cohesive team defense. That's the big question with bags and collective. Can those guys be your backbone in that way? I don't know yet see your question is the deal. My question is the often scourge I think about team that made something similar to this work and the atlanta hawks drink at home, torment, the hawks, again bright light so capella sickly is that classic five dude and John violence is used swiss army knife type of four five. I can
regard certain threesome stretching my game out a little bit, I'm in on basically a very versatile in how I can be used, but the person was orchestrating that is Trae young who's, probably at the best vision and understanding of mba orphans like as good as any body in the whole week, whereas cleveland you asking sex town to get this dull dig so late in unto you talking about guys who knew no, we tell them, Kevin love being a dick. The whole damn kevin love is being best your balls at the head of sexton, a garland, because these do pass. So how are you supposing navigate office with that big, rotation when you're guards are those cyber plays? That's what I'm really worried like Hell Manufacturing quality looks with that type of big men rotation. The difference between
the power, and Alan too, is something I think its loss on a lot of people warenne compel it to me god, it's very easy to take for granted in that kind of roll man, thyssen chandler type role and analyses the ball great rebounded, like knows exactly who he should be. Islands, like most of those things, but not quite all the way and if you're not all the way you're wrong India is kind of tenuous leg. You may not be able to play in some match. You just might not be the kind of guy that clint capela is for the hawks without can get to that kind of level. That would be huge for them, but yeah there's no question their guard. Needs to improve in terms of just how it runs the offence. I think this could be a kind of a cool. Your darius garland in that way. I last season, I would say I kind of tilted on the access of am I more of a sexton or more of a garland guy to the accepted Axis access exists to more the garland side. I just think as a playmaker like some of the stuff that he sees and does he small, but I like the angles he reads ass over time.
Like the attributes, the could prop up the cavs as a winning team somewhere down the line I like that, it makes no more sense to me, as opposed to the ten, city of the way that sextants course the mia, this question. Does this starting unit? make more sense if collin sexton plays a backup role just becomes your second unit, jason, terry type of guy, so you allow garland to run the orphans, a coral slides up to two, which is more of his natural position. You hope he shoots a little bit better and then You just saw the three with Cedi there's a pretty clear. Half way to lorry market and being stretched as the three like pretty cool, we have one games- and it gets really ugly really quickly but like you could primmest put there as a placeholder why they got rid of Larry nance. You could have actively filled that like to Three four relied I now, but It makes a little bit more sense. Overall, Big larry maids just never develop debts hyper web reputation with exact
these food every. Sadly, the dog's like us, love, Larry nance, in what he brings uses. Positional versatility, his ability to like guard people, You know, I'm saying I just don't think teams c in the way. We see him in the sense that he next, as so many types of players, man and if, when you try to win- and basically winning at the highest level, is all about match. Ups and dick aiding, where you mismatches, are in eliminating holes, opposition, ITALY. This guy seems like very valuable piece, but the problem is the calves is so nowhere close that that's putting right did just trying to figure out. Do we good players at all. On his roster ray, and so you know look darwin lorry market mean at the wall in hope. Many sticks at the three mean like what are we doing here.
What is going on here? What's beat through some other teams, Erica's regatta, coupled to get through twenty six, the detroit pistons a team that, like framework add teams were excited to see em, I mildly optimistic about watching a pistons game which I couldn't say for the past five. Ten years, maybe it's been a very long time by cutting. I was really interesting, as some really I'm excited to see what he could do with some of these city. Bade Jeremy grant typewriter but the question of course, rob course is: should queuing haze, the number seven pic, I believe from the previous draft star or come off. The bench duty trying to move everyone to the bench right now: you're demoting everybody who would help a lot of people most people need to take a c I'll to say that in life a question to you would be. Why, like you, get it
possessions dish in an mba game. Is there really not room for two young guys to eat on a team that doesn't have an entry star who just gonna, take up all the space. So, honestly, comes more of an existential or philosophical question, because it's do you want you kid cunningham the ball, which is probably what are you gonna do full time and partly what is best that or do you want to spend some time give him some different looks play em off. Ball hope develops that end of things and then you can see what you have more with killing is. I think that is the answer, but I also think that's just as easy as saying like now just give capable right, because there are a lot of sessions. Yes, but there sat like those are the only two They have now also have young guys you they're, gonna wanna get into them frank jackson, saving me those type a guys and while like they dont rise, the priority of all haze or cunningham like you need to play.
If the guy isn't so? I do think like it's going to be a little bit of a choice, at least at some point like if they get into crunch time situations like what do you do to blame together, for instance, There definitely could be games where you know killing Hayes is not on the court in crunch time. That's a that's a pretty easy thing to imagine, but I think the appeal of his game is that he can do stuff with the ball and he can defend He can potentially being facilitated. Do some of this other stuff to his shot needs to come around if he's going to be up an off ball player next to a katie cunningham, but I think both of them are flexible If you really want to see what you ve got and see, if this is a real back court, verses in o k kind, him and his sidekick. Yeah, it's one of those things where somebody it tells you like. No, I really really want this thing and you'd know it's not going to work out for them, but you just do it anyway, so that they could see it for themselves. Sometimes you know you just have to do the thing so that it's on tape forever but you see like look see, we tried it and it's not going to work there.
I think the killing and aids as ball handler possession soaker bigger role in this yater that illegal work, you're, alluding to the de andrei Jordan, Steve NASH, disguised rna during your anger tat, I am situate exactly exactly the same exacting because I don't know, I don't know what proof we have again of chilean ays shown himself to be this. Ball, handily savant he's just not shown that at all, but at the same time, what's the point of not we need to seize it? This is good. Would be another developmental season, so you know given ball, let's see what he as we did with the secrets I produce yes, but at this each time. You know I think, there's something to develop. Of a culture around it team and you can only gives so many minutes to a guy in a position he doesn't deserve before it becomes. What are we doing here right? What
set the ball on the court light or we're just gonna. Let gases be bad at what we vast and to do so continue to give the minutes and opportunities. I think that's a delicate balance for young team when it comes to development, and ella being good acts were bits and good accepted practices. As far as I This is where earns you minutes. This is what we deem the be success on this team, success being like actual production rights, the nice tightrope that they gotta do. But you know beginning, let julia s duty. Does I just don't see it for him in that capacity? No more up. Honestly. This, then, if they feel like a pretty simple team in terms of their outlook with their roster, looks like a good players. But do we really need to debate what jeremy, and should be in the context of this team. At this point, like I think you did since anyone needs a shout out on this rostrum, whose probably a little under loved under served. I say
stewart is a good and be a player. I think people are gonna start to see that, as you know, with a passer like cade as in hazy came, hopefully improve, seem even just playing with a galley corey Joseph is a good dependable. Veteran table setter. Those guys are all gonna make as a stewart? Look even better my question with the persons mean just briefly: could they be better than a bottom five teams, because they do have a lot of intriguing guys like getting past the Hayes cunningham situation Sleep base of is a pretty good three indeed, wing type german grant isn't stab wished. My twenty point: two games gore forever, that's worth. Who will be better with someone like cake setting him up and Stuart, other guy. They like they have stuff. Here. And I could see them both. Pass a low projection? I tell you winning a guy who played really whether the rockets for whatever that's worth like five stuff. I think
argument against. Is that even if you just look at the east, so many of the bottom teams in the east or the teams, they were not great, have all gonna taken a step, word for one reason or another, and so they just get caught in that glut, where we'll get into these next team that we have ranked ahead of them? But all those team just have like a couple more reliable veterans, or you know top level coach They have something to speak for them in a way that link the peasants. Are sheltering figure out who they are still trying to figure out how all this is gonna work and so, unless you, if Kate, has a luka doncic like rookie season, then maybe we can revisit that we can table until then, but otherwise I think they're going to be pretty bad and they're going to be fine with that wait, wait Bobby said, Kate. You said Kate, other user pays a coordinated policy. I know you. I always get what you get. You might be snow, talk like that
well speaking of a team doing with the wreckage that look at dawn this had wrought the sacramento kings number. Twenty five, a team that is perpetually trying to get into the planned game from sadly, has not been able to do so or even get into the mix, For the past couple years before the play, tournament was the question for the kings, who last longer this season in Sacramento body healed. Marvin bagley, proudly marvin bagley, simply because or this might be. It should question they might be a package deal at this point, but simple, because he's been terrible. Like you just been terrible he's been one of the worst defensive bigs end entirely. Basically, since he's gotten drafted, there's been no market improvement at that point. At the
to that end. Excuse me as so he's stakes. Buddy hield. You can say what have you wanna bottom Lee is starting level, shooting god in the nba he's an elite shooter. He has a verse itself. We have given you shots of whether be office screens. He can make it off the dribble in picking role like this guy has an easily identifiable, lead, mba, skill, Martin bag. She's been out now blast, there's no two ways: like doesn't project as a sure fire his starter at his position, he's obviously a perennial all start like one who could dodge he has shown. You know what, we saw in the play also may in where's side. Donors is a way above which guide his position. Many, like oh he's. Definitely one of the thirty best centres in italy now he's like in the top fifteen right now right back, we ain't done any of that
right, so yeah he's more likely to give move because again he's the worse player I mean he's less likely. Excuse me Three with was on the merits, but let me galaxy brain this first, second, who, if they live, if bag these market is so bad. Could the kings incentivize to move on, like the first remotely non long, lawford ending in verses with bloody healed. If there's it, you know he's an attractive player, there could be more of a market that they can play until the deadline. Right and while I think this king, are definitely going to have to deal with our guard glut at like probably soon, if not just like the season. At some point, it does make the ross russia is a little bit more sense. If you do so, sort of three guard line up and just move harrison barnes than before to soak up those back women's, like that's, probably their ideal configuration and based on this roster as it is constructed and so like yeah, I could see where you just say, like body here
actually plays basketball. Well, so it's like, let's just like stick with him for a little while, but on the other hand like I do think the guard gli is, is That probably has to be addressed like nano. India albania fox you have here, for as long as he is going to be there now, you have David Mitchell I do see like an easy solution there is it just like your trade here, because he's the old is most expensive guy, there hung out most expensive- I guess foxes most sounds, but most expensive among the guy's you'd want to get rid of there is not an easy solution mean there's a reason why we talk about this team and think about them. First and foremost, as a trade candidate, whether its healed or bagley, or harrison barnes. Whenever it is this, The team? This too has so much to resolve and they're out of place and western conference pecking order, where I would I like to see them have a way to get into the play and race, and it just seems like they're, going to get boxed out of it just by the sheer number of teams that are ahead of them. I'd love to see deer and fox. The chance to have John moran kind of showcase cause he's really good
fox is really good. He just doesn't have the infrastructure around him succeed right now, and so you know job plays on eighteen top ten defence fox was on the worst friends of team in the nba last season, if you give him what kind of that kind of model a team that doesn't even have elite elite, defensive potential or personnel, but just like, has a lot of guys who are well coached and play hard and know their roles. Maybe the kings. Can good at some point. I just don't see how they get there. To move scale does still seems like a longer term project to me in. I think there's something about the the psyche toll of this, so love rudderless team right when you think about okay, see when they stink it up this year, nobody's actually going to be down about it cause it's like this was kind of, The plan right light, so there's no reason be down about it, but when you're supposed to be playing for the play game is rob said and you
continue to be a bottom feeder in the Lee. I just think that takes a psychic toll on these young guys re enter. It becomes a little bit more toxic than it would in other places where losing is expected and is part of a long term plan That's gonna, get you in a direction, hopefully of contention menace so excuse Minnesota sacramento. I just don't: I don't like what they doing the direction it going out. Unlike other pieces, fit stuff stuff. I would see this in defence of Sacramento that it does seem like they're trying to target guys who guinness abolish culture, guys you, a dont worry as soon as humanly possible envy who play some defence, and I think they had at the very least, some success with that going fox, Halliburton Mitchell, roster might not be an easy fit, but at the very least it seems like they ve targeted. The type of guys who could
upturn. This around, like I, do think bad teams are the type of teams that talk about changing the culture and oftentimes. At what you actually need our good players, but I too sacramento, considering what a waste dump it's been for decades now, one of the worst teams in sports. For decades think that matters a little bit more there, and so perhaps that's one going in the right direction for them we're inrush on homes as part of that too, like a great love him off off the bargain, been kind of fined for them, who I mean, really the only thing standing between them and just total defensive ability and a lot of the time last season. Alex when would be pencilled in as the starter for this team lie to you ago, when the lahti airline, they would be hoping they were paid him a lot of money and they had been hoping he would come through and be the saviour of, even though they already have like farther centres on the roster they still have met. His hindered has on its rots, their bags. Land is at least pencilled and as the back up at the third stringer, so there I guess silver lining presentiment workings their yellow
positive biogas number twenty four. This is not a positive quest unfortunately for the minnesota timberwolves and is it time karlsefni towns to finally play up to the level has been done that for a while. So he is now entering year, seven of his career, which, like let's pause for a second, your seven of call anthony towns, which I could not believe it devil. It's gone through a lot of tough stuff personally over the past year and done we feel for him in that regard by if over all that stuff. I do feel like this is probably approve at year hip for him, just for and texts some year, seven recent guys who he was actually comped, with as can we, as matter no less here two years ago, Anthony davison, it's easier. Seven was his last season with pelicans he'd been to six all started means three all mba teams and to play off births Janius your seven is actually the season for last. He wanted second envy p nickel yoke yogurt.
Entering his your seven visa and BP, these are all guys we thought were peers. Unfortunately, towns nor close That's a wise! The question is a time for towns we play like one of these guys. I think A big towns is been an excellent player for basic his whole career. I think it's not that it's time for him to stop playing like those do so much is is tat for minnesota that face the reality. That is not one of those do in the sense that one Hell, you train for the actual russell to make that doodad who's never done anything for you, he's never produced at the level of yon is or yoke each or a deed. Rightly he's. Never taking you to the second round. Will you throttled a port? in the first round, when you didn't expect to write, but for the fact that eighty was just other word like he's never produced at that level,
did you some mighty that still worth keeping around right like if, if we're going to pretend that say: you'll just Alexander's, some bike untouchable, amazing peace for the ok, see thunder. We can talk about costs. Sounds like you see some guy that we know more. Need to have around, but I would say that the thunder would never dictate their organizational structure and planning around. As d like you said, be doin. Effort at bedtime. Player in, I think call it. How does shown itself should not be the type of god that you need to be. Town we too, and you know basically just sucking off every chance right, lay loser. Woman says so himself to not be there, but I'm still still relic really bullish, all called townsend type, a of guy that he is. I just can't accept somebody who's as smart as he is as a player with that You that he as an pretty damn good at
Racism is size has to be this bad agree, difference. I just refuse to accept that as a fact and he's an elite offensive player. That goes without saying, and I think he fits what the lead guards need from a big man of his type offensively perfectly to allow What they do actually kind of bullshit minnesota come in to the season, mainly because I think Anthony Words is a monster. I really truly do think he's a special talent special type of player, not they called towns, is gonna. Help on assent. To that level because You know? Sometimes you play with guys that are mismatches right, like he's not playing with a god, is going to clog up the lane, which is where we want at the edwards to do most of his damage this season, and so I'm I'm, I'm pretty sight to see what they can do when they finally get there and the core?
Three is doing a lot of work here. When you talk about the age little russell, but to finally get those guys healthy, get a china can bid let's see what they god. I think people should be excited about what they do in minnesota, anywhere near the bottom up is that when towns and Russell were on the court together, they won those minutes they. Didn't get nearly enough of those minutes and that's a multi year problem with both of those guys missing lots and lots of games over recent season. So maybe this is Here we get an honest look at what this team actually is cause they missed. Many games at this point, it's hard to know how good or bad this team even really is, and if Edwards can take a jump in addition to those guys being healthy. There could really be something here, I think, just in you your point about comparing him to the offices and yogurt in particular cause yoke. It was a guy who yo tat, since early in their career. When they started getting mentioned in the same sentences, he will. I think he was a little bit did. I think he was a little bit offended and took those match its really personally, whenever he would play denver and
are not in the same category anymore? So if they, if he can, close that gap at all to getting. You know not to an mvp level, but to getting to more of an all in be a consistent. You know a guy who, you can rely on in multiple play off series. You can be a great crunch time. Performer thou go a long way, but Otherwise, this team doesn't have a lot of options. I mean they might have the weakest power ford rotation in the league. They have a lot of questions. They have a lot of ill fitting pieces, but g and So in Edwards they gotta do they're gonna through a lot yeah. I mean to robs point: towns probably has had the worst supporting cast of any other guy. I mentioned eddie. And there's definitely been fluctuation in my coups around him. Do it seems like yours, and roses in minnesota is just like playing Like you theo recent treatment pack and record for every season I get to the point where, like the roster, still isn't really settle, where they don't really have a for the kind of banking and jeered vendor.
Now and then like magic belt. He is coming into there's a lot of their keep pretending like or in the benjamin sweeps. Englishman is not the answer now, but no, I guess not believe how much they keep trying to pretend like they have a shot at Ben simmons and how they keep like just putting things out air and saying that they put like trade actors together in calls in order to make it seem like a like. On the one hand, it documents, but on the other hand, this is exactly what darrow more deserves, because you do the shit all the times analogy like lieutenant is doing the same thing to him, but post all star break the robs point Chris Finch gets in their insolvent, actual orphans tries to make sense of some of these guys. Eleventh s orphans molly, that's pretty good the problem of course, third, worse deal weak, and I think that's where I come back to long winded, way of saying with with towns is like it would be nice
if he wasn't justice like incredible skilled, big man, often supplier, who could shoot the lights out futures curry centre type yadda yadda like he needs a fucking. Let's go, the pay and do some dirty work. I sound like a master robertson. Some of these old guard badge right timetable, but, like he needs alike, show a little bit more on that and might like be A monster go agile ambi, don't get just get stomped by some of these bigger guys. I think that will have a trickle down effect because it's rosters actually situated to the point where they need more of that from him, because they actually don't have like out for they're gonna, probably lean more orphans and he's, can be asked to be due to mourn, deviant and probably ever before I mean it back to our you, a guy who produces or are you guy who is supporting and carrying a team? now that we know which side of that divide towns is on. Yet I think he has the skill set to be as much of a guy who's. Propping up a great offence in carrying a franchises. Anyone knows how to deliver on that,
and again we're not asking this to be rude, eagle, bear on defence, re or joe well, on defence put like men. Can we just get? Can we display decent defence? while you're killing people off his leg just decent, not dominate decent defence right like can we get your defence be at the level of what regular season rudi go bears. Offenses rightly, can we just get that I would be amazing right where it's like he does enough to wear defensive as vast typically regular season ones that they have to plan around with this guy does, but they after respected right, like we have to get it to a point where guy office, their eyes, you saw start, don't start lighting up as soon as they see that you play the fire like that. Just gets that please, let's get to the last him on our list. For today, which is number twenty three, because I think there are really interesting.
Counter to our saying about the balls in the kings to a certain extent, and that is the san antonio spurs. I was the question for the spurs. If you had pick one of their young players, which one has the best chance can all star game so with the walls You could easily say towns with kings. You can easily say fox. Is there clear number one guy, even like on the off chance, There is a true holidays, six or a situation where there are enough injuries in this guy square. Into an all star game. Dumont. With lore style, like What is like the number one guy analysts. It has to be Derek way, basically because teams people make all star games on tee on on offence. And he is clearly the offensive high level threat, potentially The only one on this team at the desire to murder projects as
crazy elite defender. I remember one time watching him just like. Lou Williams in a straitjacket like in a way that, like had never seen before louis, was given the ball. A bed have court because of what did you say, Mary was due we german staples senate at one night? I'm so you know, I think I think debts. What he's gonna do a lead, but that doesn't get you to all stargazing, especially not at the guard position in the west right. So I guess it's derek. Why put like due to ask them play, and I don't know no, no spurs. I don't get what they are doing this Collins thing was strange, although, like you know,. I'll say was obsessed with Zack collins unduly just couldn't justified anymore, because you just never fucking played right. Little really happened,
every young player and you all she has ever had suffered aim learns each macabre way lay. He was this obsessed with the dude, so maybe he shows some of that stuff that people want. When was so high on, if you actually gets on the court and because what I don't even think the best Zack collins is some border and all star type do right at this late hour he can see. At its centre- and it's not embarrassment on an mba team? I just don't see it for any body on his team. Did you run? guess it is- is dug mcdermott make a number of weeks if for all start, be the fourth or cords and thieves, and they may I don't see it I don't see it allow an intuitive derek white is our best prospect. Warfare dirk is twenty seven years old he's in the prime of his career. Already around pick two I just don't see it about, but I have a question for you too. How did this happen?
How did we get to the spurs over the wolves because I did not put them now. I need you to defend yourselves. Oh I've. I've slowly become convinced of this, You're gonna, be a good regulars. Isn t like the timber wolves have a much higher ceiling, obviously just because of the offence of talent they have their, but two things in the spurs favour. One defence they act they play defence and if anything, they are super deep with just guys you are bull defenders, if not plus, defenders like Murray purnell, like diy all of these guys- and I do think like that a rack up wins in to their super deep with just capable all players. They actually go too deep, you guys, you could be in rotation for any team. In a week and more like you I like, and what was whose and upon the answer, the question by the way is candle johnson. We can get back to that, but, like I think,
Is this the type of team that will get overlooked and end up like right back where they were last year like ten eleven, while the wolves are like what happened, we have D'Angelo Russell and he could score thirty points again. Actually he has like thirty turnovers game. To me, like I had the spurs our kind of Mister Merrick examines the make Fatima with a raptors like this was just obviously just a blatant mistake, but the reason why I should like both they're gone you play hard, every single, regular, seizing gain their goal the de well coach trade- and this is not like just you know this we rockets level tally like they have competent mba level rotational guys all up and down the rosters is just business, here, there's no sizzle anywhere like you can identify any sizzle here so light. Unless you know the various about things,
Why kindle Johnson his Kelly calgene excuse me killed in Johnson is about to take over the worthy bro Bryn forbes back up in there. What do we do I think it's a pretty little sign if pop is literally baby burning him, a team usa spot and like a career by like jazz, empowering them to be guy, not only on team usa, but on the spurs and like listen, there's there's the opportunity is there. I thought he d did reasoning. Well last year, trying to fill the gaps in between denmark depart arose in etc. But, like you know, he's gonna have a chance to be the guy, and I think he does that. Recent here's the, but just briefly they came from Spurs is also like they dont need just one guy to be in all star if all these young guys just take a half step forward. That of like overall progress is probably enough to live round at a pretty good team. That's all they need to be. I get it and You don't need a piss me on the Kelvin johnson hive, I'm already here.
I said: there's you know the spurs were reasonably successful, not awful. Last season for two reasons: justin you hit one of 'em, their defense was was pretty okay. They played a really conservative defense. Yaakov purnell was a big part of that. He was actually really good. Just kind of defending the rim. The other They didn't turn the ball over, basically at all and out to me was the de arose in effect, and that's where I get a little bit nervous, because you're dumber has a long time record of his seems point better when he's not on the court, but the one thing he does the EU is he in so it's your lesser creators from having to do too much and all of a sudden john. Murray, Derek light when he's healthy, Lonnie walker- these guys. Gonna have a laudable handling to do. Patty mills is gone too. Have a lotta responsibility in a way they didn't? And I think this often could get pretty sloppy pretty quickly if, if they're not just totally on top of it, yeah. I know there's just a lot here and it would seem rise. Me of his team was just a complete abject failure, like daddy is young. Just hang it now, on the second, right now and
like? Maybe they treat him and get something for him, but on the other hand, like maybe his rounds, our but pretty interesting, small, both, and I think I think, rob if the dark- the timeline happens, like you lay it out, then they have like a colossal failure in hand. You have to restart everything. I think it's probably more likely that some of them are okay at some of that stuff and then that's enough, I think so too, and I think the Italy's last year's next team, where its way you know a bunch of guys playing their asses off every single night, as Julius Randle deserved the all star didn't deserve all that Mvp talk. People were doing where he deserved his all star break and john birth is just you know, that's good enough for home court advantage in the east. That's true That's gonna, get you playing a game at best out. Where's the seas in soul. Like I don't know, it's tough, but you you heard it
you heard is your first Kelvin johnson is the new julius randal place your bats, let's go or if you hadn't just rank the three teams we talked about just right now Furs, tumbrils kings, how'd, you rank them as I'm out with the kings. Of these teams, I think the wharves have more promised than the spurs I just I'm. Looking at roster, I'm not see in the break out or the competent or really alive, going on a veneer you're saying just like dad? They could treat daddy young at some point and maybe there's a trade to be made in these ranks like the wolves, would be a great thaddeus young teenage timber, wolf legend thaddeus young, getting back in minutes, but other than that, a midseason trade opportunities. I just don't see a lot going on here. What's, let's rapid there for our first edition of the power and in part one that would part you next week, but also its
law where we're campaigns shares you guys is how we will be talking about these teams lot disreputable season. To be honest, there won't be a lotta kelvin Johnson stand We going on over here the season and ato put, did you say now, but where are we back next week for you to social ash, all are marked tatum for breaking ties and sword. Yesterday's exercise.
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