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Steph Curry Is Cementing His Legacy in the NBA Finals. Plus, Game 5 Preview | Real Ones


Logan and Raja get together before Game 5 of the NBA Finals to talk about Steph Curry’s incredible performance in Game 4 and what adjustments the Celtics need to make in Game 5 in order to take control of the series.

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Producer: Sasha Ashall

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most of the twenty twenty two n b, a finals, damn good getting oak and raja. I wanted to talk to because I I listened back to the old pod, the pod from last, We can thus very doom and gloom almost very like I don't know of the. U reluctantly picked the warriors because I pick the celtics, because I thought that the other subjects we're just gonna take control the series and well. We were as a bit of a in the moment pod you know stuff. Like that happens, I mean, could have a ab ab and I I think I mean listen I would listeners can make their own determination by we talk but what was happening that serious- and I told you but I'm gonna stay
it's going to have a chance to win that game late. They were going to be right there and it was whether or not they had the legs or not said. I look at the tax on. I should look at the text because you texted me during this during game. Four, let me see I like, and I told you so yes, this is. Where is what I get it friday? Eight fourteen p m roger right where I told you they'd be, but let's see if they have the gas, they look a little bit fresher than boston right now. This is like going into the fourth quarter the wise that that's kind of what I thought, but that yes, Boston, manhandled, aiming game three and you know a team like golden state was gonna bounced back like they have just high costs victor championship proven food and coaches. The question was going to be whether or not they could stay fresh up down the streets, because that was the difference in game. Three four four boston is they had. Their mojo was up. Stuff was tired and just
for one reason or another can get over the hop, and so they were right there. I mean it was probably when I text you that a tie game or they were up one. I mean it was a really close game and then it was just about whether they could close it or not. It was funny cause game. Four was one of those games where It's the game that we wanted to use were allowed to rethink of the staff and things like and steps performance and what it means to go back. Come back at a barrier to to more than anything. It was a game that the wars have all historically one throughout the policies and just we're just around. You know we're gonna stay.
Stick around for most of the game and our best player is going to pull us through. That's pretty much. What happened? I mean other than steph klay thompson got going. He made some big shots down the stretch, but during the game he had to kind of find his shot. Andrew wiggins was huge and that game is great. He was phenomenal, but I really think raj in game. Four was the best game of Steph's career, just gonna put it out there. I think it was the best one. It gets even hyperbole or a stretcher anything exactly the best game. I've ever seen from him, but I definitely think it was there when you bring the totality of it down to one, but we just where the team is the warriors, it's not that it's not the warriors of three four years ago, where, in all this performance, She would just be like, oh well, he has, or steph has Kevin durant on his team. He has this this sea, as he has.
how about you guys, you can go to a fish out, isn't right! If he's scores, thirty three, they lose the game right. Yet this was one of those games where I was talking to some folks and I really big it. It reminded me a lot of the la braun game, leubronn against the celtics, I'm an eighteen when he just put the team on his back and it what it wasn't. The most perfect game It was a great it wasn't. It wasn't the most perfect game from the lawyers, but from a say, miller star to conduct take them over the hop it was. It was a beautiful thing, a watch out you're going to stay fan that had to be beautiful. The watch I felt like a few times where I asked. Where I say. May I wish I was working more like I would I want to work more, but I wanted to pardon nay, because I wanted to be quick to the punch. I thought that while I was watching it when I was tweeted it and I was like you know it's going to look like it's so late in the game.
What we need now is gonna. Look like a goblin peeps tweets in shit, so I'd put like a bunch of cold faces because he was called I too, felt like it was one of the best performance is that had seen out of stuff. You know the gravity the situation is certainly that that the the timeliness of the buckets and how we're just- keeping them around or or putting them up or just extending it to a point where your boston wasn't gonna, be able to call back into an end, not just the offensive performance but huge boards and in a situation where to its earlier. You gotta gon pummelled on the glass. I think that the total body of his game. I think he defended better than you didn't game three. He rebounded and provided them with ten big boards in a game where you know austin was gonna, try to double down on the physicality and obviously the offensive foremans. I thought it was, if not his bed
game ever cause. I honestly shortly scored forty over and over and over again, but definitely one of his best Pharmacies, and certainly it is far too let us wait, it ranks up there. I also thought, like you, you talked about Andrew wiggans like Andrew wiggans- was huge seventeen and sixteen tina offensive rebounds. Your cover loony. Although lily had six points eleven big boards, You had guys who else odd dream. I was and we'll talk about dream on, but nine words right, like I don't think he's plan. Well, I think he would It is not playing well, but from a team perspective, they were focused on that point. They could not get dummy, don't eyeglass again, they could not get big boys in boston again for and I think they took the challenge and that, obviously, After what he did offensively got to get em over the heart. When it came to steps game, we are
got a recognise the gravity of the moment when he does it now that you brought that up as to why it was such a great performance and I've never seen him that emotional, before just after just Do you know why he was get? There was some place where he would just shoot didn't he would fall in his ass, a gulag yo, what the fuck what's going on? What is what an easy yelling at, whose young people stands. I have never seen have due to lose malice. you hate it was, it was wonderful. Stars regime was still within his composure? If that makes sense, you know schwab I had never seen him just outwardly express himself. In that way? What is that due to galvanise this team, because there was a point, You know after game dory, were you now Maybe I was caught up in the moment, will like okay, what's going to happen, the rest of the series? What kind of calming does that type of performance put on a team going? especially going back home where you have home court again what we talked
this before number one, I think Steph was close to cross. The line of being at a control as I've ever really seen him right, but still then control right because you get right up to that. Why you're still under control and then you're in this grey area, where you're either one or the other, and then you cross the line and you're out of control stuff what s called that is I seen him right, but think it was calculated. and I'll get away it so important for the team, but I think it was calculated because usually that comes from from dream on dray mine is an immense I shouldn't say, isn't himself, but he is certainly not playing up to the standard that that they are used to. Having can play to write I myself right now, he's not he's not so one reason or another- I don't know, but I'm authorities shape, but in his absence in their rural someone's gotta pick that's lacquer and if you watch the post step said like I wanted to. Tom with our team, like I needed, Let them know that how import This was to me and we had to be. You know, pray.
and ready from the beginning is so that's why he was so emotional so to why it is so important for your team and I've reference this before for the in poor who could be sketchy a little bit emissaries right, like just its. this is new. This is new for him missus, it's not it's nice! that is what it is right he's maturing into their role for, for you know, It's that our rapporteur has been they go to shadow really well in the series by yeah. I don't know how many of these situations he's been in Andrew wiggins. This is new. Four guys were poured kind of. First, second time around the block in this situation, and that normally their cues from dream, on staff and clay, historically in the mix hasn't been himself right for the rest, the guys that are taken cues from the to the leaders of that team, you need to know right you need to know that they are here. They are about that shit and and they are going to do their job, and you could still
have guys be good in their rules without staff. Doing that, but it certainly helps when staff comes out and puts his stamp on the game. Early his emotional he's talking shit to defence than ever. body on a bench looks around in there like oh yeah, we're here we're here for that, if there was any doubt not saying there was, but there was any doubt there is. None now This is what steps are so now world wordless go now. I was it felt like one those reminder games. You I wanted my had to you again when you correct. Me in saying that stuff is here for the Finally, envy be- and it means something to him- you are correct. I think it's to some degree out of necessity, this team of what they there just he's- gotta do it. But that was one of Games when you say was a statement, a reminder, type, a game that, with that was one of those games.
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Internet next stratosphere player work, particularly in this game game five monday evening in San francisco, jane. One of those two guys are going to have to have the signature game on the road. Neither jail and brown or jason tatum will see what happens, but this is where, You become a star. This is where you do it on the road. I speak. This man no one's expecting her. Maybe we'll people in bosnia, but no one over here on this site is expecting boss and go up in and when that jason lacking say expecting so you are correct. I will limit your expecting. by acting I. What is it possible? Absolutely I like to see the line on that I see the line on it. I dont, fanned or ignored, fanned over check out the line. I think they're gonna be allowed. Things going in, and golden states favor by me
boston is one of those persons, one of those teams logan like ass. It is tough, positive, tough spent, a great siri sulphur nightmare creatures, but you know what I'm looking forward to element to cut you off me. I said this. as part, and I will continue You to save life said. I might add that these two parts to go- and I keep saying I can't figure out- well. I can figure it out now. These aren't mistakes in picking role coverage. Remember I said I can't figure out whether was the call from the bench in terms of pick and coverage on steph, curry, yeah or if it were, it was blown assignments and then saw email, Donna read his lips two games ago and he was asking someone why they weren't up on the screen. So little Ok, maybe they're just mistakes, and then continue to watch right and, unlike now, this is their philosophy. Does now they're gonna This is how they ve said: they're gonna play this job coverage is too much of a sample size. Now we're for games in so now can't figure out if it's just us,
Britain is an unwillingness to change your coverage. Disease, cooking, yo, ass in net right. Zuzu? Didn't I tell you why the fuck as marcus margo and under every school I want those that you did those blown assignments rate like the drop coverage, is supposed to go over and the big is supposed to be in a soft position, maybe six feet off of His man, who is the screener any supposed to just be run a corral staff, curry into some sort of mid range, Joam shot. Theoretically right, you run him off of the three you, don't let him get the lay up, and you put him in this pocket worries gonna shoot this pull up jam shot, but that's been, that's not been good for them, and so you know what sums some coaches coach pop- and he is from the coach pop, treat his full buffy when he played us as the sun, in our six or seven or eight, was to basically do what they're doing allow Steve NASH and whoever was. the pick em all would Steve NASH at that time to score the boy
and he was gonna stay home ass best he could on all of the shooters, and people would be like our EL, the annual are both roger bell and whoever the third shooter they don't. They dont they're, not gonna score. Forty five to beat you and your right. We rarely scored forty five to beat. You but if we all had seventeen or eighteen and instead we'll got his and Steve still got his. We were gonna beach and so be he's employ in that strategy were like listen, we're gonna, just continue to roll the dice that staff over seven doesn't have the juice to beat us with forties. You know it mid fortys and high thirties every night or just really really stubborn and his leg, not change, but in either case you know, you're playing with fire would stuff there I would give him a variety of looks. I think any any mba player bits that good offensively If you give them the same, look that many times in a row, they're going to figure
You gotta keep em guessing. What do you think of their decision, my decision to just hours is gonna. Lemonade. Dream on from this situation is an amazing decision to say we're. Gonna eliminate him because I do drop cover. Dried were made They don't allow dry, to live on epic enroll, we're like now give it a job or you can go at the top of the key, and we don't care about you shouldn't jumpers, we really do not care. What do you think his decision just like we're gonna lemonade, drawing out from the series and see what happens after that had it. How do you feel that they ve done what is adequately that's a conscious decision, or do you think that this is during my plane playing bad, no clearly they have no respect for dream, went ability, I mean that's. You can see that in their game right there, not honouring anything that he does out on the perimeter of the floor now you know we're going to states, usually good, countering that how you, how you counter that would be you know it
on where to get the ball and lets say blogging, your guarding dream on, and your aid feed off of, unlike in the middle of the paint right, my dream I wait, wait dream on shooting I shot either necessarily, betray my men could do is take a ball. and quickly into some sort of trouble, hand off and adapt you're not attached to him. So there is no help for whoever miserable handing off to or if he right was it to the opposite side and sprints into a ball screen again no help personally screening for right, so you I think they fallen out of balance. But of rhythm with that gordon state that is clearly boss and is not honouring his his ability to score the basel. I like that, but the pic enroll I'm talking about the one that step curry and they continue to find a kind of Allah Boston seeking destroy their fine, now or for it over and over again and are putting him this pick unroll situation and look an mba head coach, email, dockers,
plants got him to chew right now. I'm going back like this is this: is Bad spot to be and you'd like to be a free one sure not abides by being so I could say to second guess it all the time. I just know this clays been inconsistent, dream on Cain'T score Andrew wiggins ceiling is probably about twenty four twenty five points right. archway people wanted otto porter. Come on. Loony ceiling is probably fourteen points, and gordon pool has yet to really put They want series if the only person scorn. Forty points. A game is step curry I wanna make him give up the ball. Thanks to its role as a while lowlands bore days like. Could you pay a picture, how you are watching this day, please, how are you watching this game? Just with that in mind after you know, This whole series, well, as I've, been on your mind throughout the whole series, been angry about a necessarily, but I certainly as
appreciating staff and the and the performance had the other night. I couldn't help ask myself like as that fender. That was tasked with guarding him like how you guys, gonna. Let me get screen and allow pull up right on the other side of the screen. What are you getting anyhow looks? He was really really good. Looks like I like it was one day they were not bake in a tough one is not at all. So. You'll have said this before part of part of what I would do as a defender, given the opportunity, was make your life really really difficult. I wouldn't have the luxury of denying staff, because he's got into his hands coming across half court a lot of times right, so I dont have the lead, we are doing that. But if there would be any way, I could get it out of your hands. What one of the best parts of my life arsenal was trying to keep it out of your hands again, so just mean in, like full denial and making you either workshop clock go to spots on the floor. You didn't want to go to get the ball back and then I like,
chances, but if I'm gonna, let you keep exactly where you want to go all the time you never give it up, so I can never keep it out of your hands like that's it. That's a lie. and were, and we do not worsen two to. I would just mix it. I mean I'd mix it up on him. So without with briefly about dry monolith, to him again was your reaction. Went on wednesday of car took him out of the gathering was six minutes he brought elect to be fair. He brought them back into the game down the stretch and there was a made a couple of dry made. A couple of good passes down the stretch, but he did not play you took over the whole totality the game you play like shit, but there's no other way to put it. What did you think when he took him out? Despite loon in four at the steward steeps a dream on out and put loom back in, he was desperate, is desperate. Back was against the wall. They were down. You could tell us, then she didn't want to necessarily do by or he would have done it. You know before, but
he had nowhere else to turn and at the the day he owes it to his team is franchise, his owners to give himself debate. Chance to win, and that was it at that time, and so he pulled the trigger on it. But that's what I thought I was like: oh shit. He actually did it You know like I answer your like: yeah yeah, hey, shut, your yes, yes, I was for him. You should a got his ass Alice enact. Amy should have been our earlier. You know what I mean by, but I applauded steve car for series where people are saying he was gonna coached, and you know this in that. I What did some of those moves and- and that's not that's, not not a big move if that today that's good, that's not a bit move. People is done, thing, and in russia and others who played an early yet and liked to kay you could take em out in the second quarter and never play dorimont again. They need when the game right, but we dealing with players, emotions dream and is a cornerstone of that franchise. It's a difficult balance.
Take him. I am also, if he's on really fucking good writer. All those things you can't just take him out and made in in the second quarter and just keep him out You have to get. He is on the right to have that chance to figure it out. Was looking at him during the outcome when Steve took him. and the fourth I was looking at his body language. I was looking to see like jealousy gonna slap five. What is teammates is he gonna. Is he when to clap. When something happens or is he going to be, is he good or is he going to be out of the game? He did a good job. I think he was a he. I know he was pissed. but it is considering the circumstances I agree with He was a consummate pro because what they tell you like from when you were little, is be ready when your numbers called? Don't be over their sulkin because you can get what you want like we might need you. You never know is so you better be ready, and so what happened was took him out and then they threw him back in and if you over there sulking at all, Logan UK come in and be
Given those minutes, so they were going off for defence, often for defence and then on one of those defensive. You know, shifts wasn't another dead, balsam now he's in office again and now is able to make a call what those players that you're talking about where he made some good passes rate. So I thought he was fantastic in in the situation. Obviously you this man that bet? That's That would hurt anyone feelings You also someone like him who lives for this shit. He lie that she is now you I mean you know what this you know. What the situation is. You know what the stakes you know what stakes are on the line. You know you know that those are big boy minutes and but I would also say he also probably knows deep down whether he would admit it or not. I don't know that I play unwell and had gone. No substitutions spark them in a way that allowed them to get over the hop. So you know challenge for mine is to find a way to
the impact, the series more than he's doing so far as a really honest person, which is, I think why people he's been both endeared and also kind of just pisses, a lot of people off IRA during this postseason, like I forgot, which one it was, I think it was after a dallas game or something If that I were walking to the press conference room and we see draymond fully that full uniform, it's slides on a smoothie and he goes mad. I play like shit today yeah I was like he did now. The cool thing about n b, a basketball is that it's not one and done so that performance in the anti tournament or an nfl play off in your team. Does it when the game there's no opportunity for redemption? There you're out dover all. You gotta do dream and I knew I bought
tv and was already all morning in his name's on everybody's lips, rightly is everybody there. I saw that they are an answer is a lot of parental stuff, too, it is a miracle fright, but I don't know dream I well. I like dream about. You know like he comes out so you're you become a target. You notice, unlike any hasn't, played well, why you ve got to games, maybe three, two to steal it rays from dublin. Dahmer totally really yourself. So just go back to drawing board and come out of figure out a way to make it pack, on the series episode is brought to you by Ebay. There's nothing quite like the thrill of owning something rare, something valuable something everybody wants. By keeping it safe can be stressed now ebay launching a new way to protect what you collect: the Ebay vol, a thirty one thousand square foot state of the art facility and digital market place for trade
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or an mba stored, dotcom, slash, amex, thirty, two terms applying what do you want? was that we're talking heavy on the wires this this part, woody, what to see from the celtics. So I thought boston was in a really good spot in their game. Considering jason tatum, was eight for twenty three, which six turnovers and our orford in only had a points you know like I've without, though, that there are some things that we ve talked about over the course of the players. in regard to boston and when they become this team that you're not gonna, beat you know, and that is when they are getting solid per or from work really good promises from jail in brown and jason tatum or one of them goes all the way off. If you will they're getting something from market smart who wasn't bad and an hour orford or swore grant Williams like
someone else has to be doin it, and so I thought in the absence of light- brilliant performance and jayson tatum playing great and Al Horford. giving you much. I thought where they were right where they wanted to be. I think they just need to continue in game situations to move the ball and play together. I think that its reared its head on their multiple times, where you know they just bogged down a little. bit and the quality of shots slips marginally, and that's the difference in that. Action of a percentage is shooting percentage enough to swing a game. in favour the other. So I would challenge them and implore them to continue to move the bark to you to run your office once get your opportunity stay on top of a room like I'd like when their headed downhill, but when we're going downhill and we've drawn two or three people
jason tatum, like a game, one man, you had a ton of assist on on great drives. Dont like you, don't have to try to be yo yo when in finishing overdose, due to all the time. So like one getting downhill. Let's continue to move that ball, but get out now in a sling swing situation, someone should have a wide open shot. Could there still now I mean Andrew wiggins is doing a good job, but they're still getting into the creases Oh yeah move the ball a little bit. The last thing I would say to you: Logan is I've heart. Don't like. I don't I don't know how I can be any more clear on this. You cannot show good nba, offensive players. The same look for seventy five. Eighty eighty five percent of the game, You are talking about the best shooter of all time, an all time great. If you give, the same look over and over and over and over and over again and the debts not a recipe for success, he's going to be cooking and and then
just just a matter whether or not he can cook enough to win the game for them yeah. They also need it stopped on the body of a team. I think that would help to. I think that would help to turnovers are killers for everybody for sure, but specifically the celtic and this policy, and I think that that colors allow their policies and around the world in my mind, that the celtics gonna run through the policies right, if pages, if they just a gay and series I can one in five- that they kind of pushed aside or you know in a lot of that, has to do with mistakes, as do with youth and I've seen that in this in the series as well, you know where they can wear championship. Teams win that game for got to do it. You have to do it and sometimes I just feel like we do. Sometimes it feel like they're, your away rock. Sometimes I feel that way. So
I mean in the I think it's in front of them for sure whether or not they are ready to take it. Right now or not I mean we're going to find that out relatively pretty quickly here. So there are few things like the turnovers specific We, when you're playing golden state are terrible because your golden state that that's that's we're clear has been living. You know like in those His favorite shows like shot in this series as a standstill. Spot up, like he's, had good moves, he's a good moves and stuff like that, but we, I feel really good like I get that fuzzy feeling, when he's just told a lie, not one he's running and catching and shooting at three, but when he's just telling the wine hands ready and it comes to him- I know those are like you, a high percentage on those. So those happened, like in transition and so a team that is potent offensively, shoots it as well for fort for boss and continue to turn it over and give them. You know
secondary, break or fast break situations that that's really tough when you're playing an offence like state, but having said that, the internal margin was it wasn't crazy, like last game, but it was one or two turnover game. Threes were a huge discrepancy. Freight rolls were huge. Huge discrepancy. Golden state did to boston what boston did to them in game. Three might look different, but they bullied em. Like they beat the shit out of ammonia on the glass they out offensive, and they out rebounded them. They they just beat. and so I hate to do this, like I know people it's over, simplify in it and when I say it to kids, they look at me like that. Can't be the answer all the time and I might well the time it is, the tougher more physical team is starting at a place of advantage, not a lot of things have to go right for that seem to win the game right, but if you're gonna be tougher more physical when you're gonna win that part of the game you are added,
I wish to start who has a play more desperate and going far too great question going to state for the state. I think because Boston is going to want to win, gave five and there be pressure associated with that, but you can always say in a back your mind, I'm going home for game six and we'll take care of it there to extend to seven. If golden loses in at home. They are not going back to boss and even in that series up, I can't see them winning two times in a row in Boston. If, if you- and I want to say it like going again for an income and beat him in game six like I don't see that happen, and so I think golden stay ass to be more desperate day. They have to win this guy that they'll have to, but
If you understand what I'm saying it would behoove them to have a they need to win this. Damn game iron man, let's go on a quick predictions right now think we said we gotta, we gotta save for this. The sir this game, I'm going to go with the golden state warriors to win. It's a center game, five, who you got raw ah. tough on the serious has been really interesting. Want to say that gold and stay wins at home. yeah. I'm gonna say that sort of innocent. I don't I. What do you think? I don't know where you were there have about the serious in general, the others part of me that thinks that the Austin is going to come in there. and hit him in the mouth, but I think that you're gonna get jordan pool play a lot better. I think dream on can't play much worse, can play a lot I think you're gonna see people play for going to states. I'd taken golden stated that and then I think, will be I'll. Be picked.
boston and game six and will be doing this again for games ebbed, so you know for sure I will know russia for the there's. Don't wait a minute wait! A minute wait! A minute hold on. I just got a text you're, as you were, asking for restaurant in boston: oh two it let's get so we're quick, roquat geiss before before we get out of here. Logo the beantown, so I will see you guys game six. guys in our room just additionally factually perfect that you reference yourself, slow because he says this this, my body matthew, jelly very hondo. He says that monica voluntary torrent and and pay. He said he pay, but there are two conditions he stopped calling you rorschach why
That's right! I guess why this is happening, gives our well wait. Representatives music at the game, six so arose to dig rope, our damn, well, town pluralism. got some things for you would unnatural, oyster bar C4, lawson myers and chang asian fusion bunni, really good, sushi, strega, traditional, in the and copper in the south. may pass. Islam is like dot prosciutto in what it is at you're set up me at the list, mattyb b, So anyway, raw excited at very excited fervour this with his boss. Insurance should be found me. I'm gonna Then she because they go into the garden- should be don't listen to me. If you get a chance, not saying I don't know what your schedule looks like, and this isn't going to be like
the government has a lot to it's gonna. Take it take a trip I'll catch it yeah, I'll catch. The green line now boston university and one of my fate, people in the world, I think they I just saw tee anthony's, it's a pizza place right at the top of babcock street and com have difficulty at the knees row, were. She was like my mom away from home and whatever capacity sheep she could be. I was a knucklehead S. continued all run around Boston, but she took a like it's a mere needs carmelo our carmelo company opportunities. If you get a shot, Logan run out the slices or banging really good pancakes for breakfast and oh yeah, dog again on my liking and brom will probably gonna logging. Before I come back, okay, Lou. Alright man will boston, I'm looking forward to it. Let's, let's, let's get it man, let's, let's, let's, let's see what we can do The roxbury we lit at around
very where the likud? Ok, let's rightly, we will go anyone such on any other borrows I mean not only the column borrows any other neighborhoods like one hour words, you be a man yeah. I think good. I'm in the southwest selfie probable me I'll, be rope, so when we talk about this off part, for in a lot of the avenue, was departed just an elite the part of sodium logs of his was aided sections without a mouse, sure, if real or not that is made I need to. I need to ask my boss and folks how real that is for southeast side. Before I go, I take it, you know and go get the costly square. Like those last of you, gonna bossy to park, man like lot What are you know all about it? I'm ahead a big part. It see if you can just show me that discarded big tour with big park, they you got up. You know I feel, like I'm, be safer. Big park, be good,
I think as the upside of boston it so you know, If you guys see me in tat, man, just you now say was sad but may not be around. Just does walking aimlessly around downtown citizen. I City Deprive doesn't get enough late, national love for like the summer's, but I I martin boss, in a couple years, make as I had to, because I was not doing my best academically but really cool summer via main boss in something like surveys out there I was like it. I like baked temperatures are, ok, are now here. Aren't you. And if I see our bosses come say was up on my was out there on my roxbury ruins live so but see thursday, no raja, we don't even know it might be a solo show you don't even know I will be out in the lone star state baby, we hidden where you want to an m aggies and they were allowed to them the horns. Baby. We got you t or thursday.
You know what I really like. I've come around on the university, a texas I used to hate the university texas without big usc faint, you, U s events still like I am there arose about it. It was really really hurtful really here. Yeah yeah, beggar lungs out a bit about was events that was brow, vince vince venture tomorrow, poured out like this took my whole heart. I was so juice for the troll. If go where you are now you're undefeated in that season. To now was one of the member that e s that beer did like they had. segment every day of how you will see what match up with the greatest cicalas football teams of all times like every year and they and usc one every match up against the fact when, at last the kids, it's so the rules, but that was hard. It was so hard for me to go back to school. After all, the shit that I talked about, you not the united states
and we'll see just talk shit in assists ridiculous, and I don't you know, and then, when I my wraps are not to be believed in it. It's really hurtful and then we got a little bit of revenge when taj gibson went in became the in and sweet sixteen later this year. I was that of a year later, that was cool, but it wasn't. There wasn't a saint, but all the same, like Texas seems coordinate colored near we gonna be shot, we don't be thrown off. The horse would be doin all at the shop won't set out to do you shut up so that you know how my all on my little homies over in the in the bell household, already know so. Anyway, we will see, I will see you. I stars they, but in the meantime, and between time actually go check out, are bringer slate pod cas. That is the answer but seared. So he, Chris ryan is weakens of laws. That is the mismatch. That is the void thought given oconnor.
An ego makes you got check out somewhere. The sub makes you a check out the ringer music show charles homes acts to question. The kids are clear, more flop, half relax and make sure you go check out sixty that define the nineties mentioned our anger, verse. Without me, van late in front of the show and charles home Joe me end, men make sure you and we will keep the propaganda. Goin lecture check out blacker us on that. Ross bell town. in the home, promise, Daniel Psmith, fear and boston fan. Daniel Psmith churches The subjects are putting her through the ringer sure you check out It's you took up artistic brazzaville, belay alleging the crests icloud cc. Sebastian caravan
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