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Logan and Raja discuss the first two games of the NBA Finals series between the Warriors and Celtics, including the Warriors' collapse in Game 1 and their blowout win in Game 2.

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Producer: Sasha Ashall

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I dont body. What what? What did you think of the game which gave the first your games in this at the sun? The series of will go from there. I do about the good I'm good thanks for asking can I am to be honest with employee, not in them produces innovative new for anyone. But an first- and I thought I went to sleep- I got it is, was bag and hand like there was just going to be. What did you go to bed at night and I in a battle brine, amidst all the fireworks and the first thing, This time I miss they were up. So I was, I was at my side, like you notice we talked about, I was only weapon notre dame it had been a long day and you know we went down to the lobby. They had a really good restaurant as far as lobby food goes and we I have a couple glasses of wine and that we will not get around to watch and we were children by been watching the game and they went up thirteen I guess the warriors do you know in the third quarter of its leading a third
I just gonna drifted because I was like this was entrusted to process you're like the wires and is in what they do with it. What happened last night, I foresaw happening in the first game. I was like: ok, don't run away with a man. I woke up to sport centrally I don't know four a dot m cuz the tv was still on and I was like what in the hell so I had to dvr. Did I watch it on my phone? in its been entertaining has been what I would have hoped for. First, two games knowledge: has been growing. I was at the first hurdle to chase energy centres rocket brow. This is the first time I have seen chase this blow in the rue. Far from it Sadly, was this day was able to spend ass, they could bark there. Let me ask you a question, because I have attended finals games in and the old building how do they have? Any work was phenomenal was a rickety by like it was it had a vibe. How do they can bear oracle? Thou think there's any comparison to
per se when it comes to like environment, just four hours constructed and where the noise goes off. The concrete and things like that, my arm and also I will say this about chaser grown a really. What really like J center, but its a bit more. It's a bit more. hate or to its wealthier clientele. You know and more of a place where you, but it's more replace where you bring. You know you attack homes and things like that too. But to their credit, though this this is the first, the first few days of the first couple of target like all tat. If they make it this matters they care this. Is he where they're? Here I don't even know if there's any comparison raw, but it was a great environment. They showed up for the final warriors friends. There were some there was, he felt expense,
got up in there to himself extends made the trip. Rather, they were locked into that's one of those place. There are few places where I wouldn't feel super comfortable as an Opposition fan in a bid in, for whatever reason, can speak for chase, but oracle was one of you. there was just there was a grimy place pride. I want to know where I was walking up in there with my son's gear on about with libya that lobby outsiders, though, like this so many there's so much sons, influence in golden say. Right now I saw islands a robust there was there no house and was there spreading all the sun's propaganda. It was this it was there was. There was a lot going on there, how yeah there's a lot since you say that you will find tat. There was some people there who understands gear steve car, who is also a you, know some guy. What you'd have it back
It was interesting and talk about game, one because There was a moment. Then you rightly sleep by this war is one of fifty is when you said I will work at the time I forgot the play. They went up a bit teen on, but the subjects which was really big play as soon as that. The word fetching grows, the ball down. The court and transition to marcus market acquit basket hey, targeting, nose up and took it down a thirteen anytime. A team goes up fifteen at home. The road seen you wanna make sure new counter that instantly. If it's very boring you want to, you wanna mass match it up with a greek warner, unmatched remove one another, and that was so huge because it because it while the warriors were they weren't up too much and fifteen is part of the brain
goldenness mba if they had another three against, probably over for the wires and celtics came right back and then that's gonna run. Starboard went one marcus market that that quick way everything two minutes left. That's when it started young man, this is going to be a long series is going be a very long series. I want to talk about game wanted that we took out through the game was interesting leave because the warriors held out: warfare to two points, riding on it: they're gonna third quarter run whose after day ones reminded said, yeah paraguayan outlook for I'm gonna. Do that again? Basically, under no answer arms are like we're good. We shall find that that was that was when it was they won that got us. We don't feel too bad about that and they played like it, I'm game to roger yet well. This has been boston,
to play off like. If we reflect back to the milwaukee series, they became almost unbeatable when they would it performances from europe like our horses to the tune of twenty plus point spore you know, payment pritchard was terminated with fourteen or fifteen in or even market smart having a big offensive game that makes them a different tier of team offensively. You know what you're gonna get conduct some degree out of jail and brown adjacent tatum, even though jason didn't have a good game one by one. They get that third or fourth guy score and they come really really hard to be, and so I am. I like the fact that dream on a mountain said that they were going to allow those guys to do that and that's kind your steve currer and the golden state team having been through this process over and over again, I understand that it's going
to the drawing board it's going back to the tape, its tinkering with which you have different lineups, may be different match. Ups are different philosophies offensively to get what you ultimately want to get and once you do that it becomes the celtics to try to match that in it they dont. You found a sweet spot like you're good to go, and if they do, then it's just a constant battle. of that right, we're going back and forth in this game of of choice, and so it's going to be interesting to see what he may windowpane company decide to do, but Certainly, golden state came out and it wasn't just the match up slogan: it wasn't just the pudding clay over there on whore, furred and and your switching dream on assignment, but it was their level of desperation. The warriors I was what was coming through the tv me like that ball was getting kicked, you know. Into a swing, swing situation for boston, shots that were wide open shots and game one and some,
was flying at them again to run and offer the shot making to make another basketball play, and they did that over and over. Over again and noble and turned it over its. While you tell kids, make em make an extra pass, every extra passes and extra opportunity for us to turn you over, and you know all this just had that level about them. Last night it was championship you no type of not crunch time and they stepped up to the point. There have been times in their peers. Signature near take on, and there have been times in the spheres where I've seen from Boston, where they just take hard shots right where, where they work There is at least our main geysers take really hard shots where I see jail in brown, going no megan, but is this hard none the less where data tables doing to fade away year, where
he's in jail and brown is due in another trade, aware he's getting the cubs real bad guys after him, or even mark a smart who just takes contested shots. That's a bit of concern to me where you know at this level you want to get. There these shot, you can, you can get another is easier said than done in the files, but his anger. be able to be seen from this team in as it does that gonna hurt them, went as the series goes along when they are there when they are getting when they are taking those top shots and ended in the corner invade await instead the same thing. Gonna make you laugh and make a cry. You right So, what's the everybody laughed and is making you laugh when our hit knees? Incredibly difficult, content, did shots you're like holy shit. These deeds are cook in. This is something no offense, but that's not sustainable model, the wing games. To answer your question open you, you can make those and
as icing on the cake, but the cake itself has to be good. Orphans. Producing good, looks, especially against really good defined of teams like gold and state, and so you know Working even early in game to jail in brown, was cooking you know I was it was one of those things are in the first part quarter where the crowd is like a like any like. Please do something. Lawyers, please do some right. They will it was really never really nervous start the game to and they should have been the jailer brows cooking that second foul really took steam out of his engine came when he came back on afore. He just didn't have any more, but you want to produce all fence with your ass as much as you can. Let that gets you open books. You know when we were, today in an age where you're gonna get. You know I'll lay up out of your your
set and we're gonna runners. I really like that, but you're running your action to create open, looks you not one always shoe contested, sidestep threes, you know: that's not a sustainable model, so Boston has to do better at that, but you have to give credit to golden state its this constant battle of whether or not you not defensively. I can apply enough pressure and be physical enough to make it hard for you to get in your sets right, like that's mental toughness and physical physical toughness. People often think that toughness you know as a term when coaches are talking about it has to do with your physical. I won't let you push me around I'm gonna knock. That's not what toughness is ultimately toughness is when golden state stepped up their level of pressure and is making the hard for us. Can we continue to execute? Like will will can we have the Mental fortitude to contain you to run our orphans set good screens, make
scoring cards and let and trust what we do offensively continue to carry us through this right and that's why you up at that level oppressor defensively, because Boston was unable to stick with it. They kind of right out and started to wonder one on one dance and that's your plan right in a golden states hands at that time- and I would also add, in fairness to the Boston faint, body were letting golden state beat. The shit out of boston must now eagerly out a boss day world that work. Beating that it was this the damn thing and we're not gonna get you far into this, but was. I got a feeling. I know we're just gonna build their physical gay boss, he's gonna be called for all the bad
I gave you leave it at that, but it was a year. It was a barrier to the game and going to the toughest early were one of the weak hannity jp to day the second there was there was a part and the game well, but there was some talk before the game. You know, what's a were in the immediate aim between the two up, the two games and know this man, deeply was not taken a shot. wasn't taken a shot in the open period, like as you know, were fares, are very loose bonds, rapid shootin competition that they were just there were children very plain was literally doing a thing with where he tries to quit the ball into the basketball into the basket? Was the basketball
holder when isn't a reasonable around no the ball right there. We go that Egypt, that literally it with his right hand, was drawn up with the ball. Is in the ball right? That's all he was doing. The whole time, bright had a while? Everyone is doing shooting drought, so they gave me pause right. Any minister car said that that mean p was willing. We wouldn't be we'll cover plans you gaming one. And then came to you, MRS disbursed to free browser. Unlike I'll be, his arm is, there's this guy Then he goes into a corner arena. Might all ok, big big topless from say anything on the wives went there, but I beg you to shout he shot out. I think you know if you're you're, just a fan of of the nba you like to see stuff like that, I mean you liked. You guys who gonna go Robin robbed? opportunity for one reason or another be able to have another shot. So I was happy to see you back. I think those those first to free
I was a little nervous too, but clearly, though it was just nor, I think it was nerves when his part re like he is so big stage he had played and while any knocked the rostov, some I'm fourteen, even a guy, jp who, when you talk about the warrior probably isn't the fourth or maybe even name, it you mention just get guy back. It does the job that he often does is a big boost, big shot in the arm. I have just seen a guy back in the fox or with you, and so you know that That was cool all the way around on your boston, and I don't mean to like just bounce all over place. But as I watched them last night, you, I think they let that physicality bye, bye golden state caught up. Just take their legs out offensively, but it had an effect on the defensive I saw them blow assignments that I hope there blown assignments, because I don't know why you would be in a coverage that you were in multiple times on staff. You know I mean like so I
it assume they were blown coverages if they weren't forgive me, but it just look like they let there, inability to score or get calls on the orphans event affect their ability to do their job on the defensive and at times I need a to put your was alone in your in your visor in your and your oakley shadrack quick, tragic You feeling game one. When you saw Marta smart run guarding step, but somehow run into the pain away from staff and giving stafford wide open frequent chop yeah. That's it. I mean that's at that guy, I'm guessing you talking about oh, no, no, no! No! No, but I mean there were multiple times that staff was left open or unaccounted for. Or in transition or you know, go to state. They did a good job yesterday of color scrapping just little bit of their action at times when they had certain lineups on the floor and just seeking and destroying is what I call economy like Boston.
like when get out Orford on him put out for this Well, I wouldn't will take our chances and I felt like boss, and did it again. I'm hoping the coverage on staff is in drop coverage like to run effective drop coverage. Your guard has to get up, really get ended at the guard. With the boy get over that screen, so if cause there's, no protect, on the other side, that big is dropped back around the free throw line. So if you can't climb up and get over the scream he's going to be able to, stop on a diamond pause, the best shooter ever so you know I would never even risk that I would be, and just taking that shit away, make someone else beat us, but if you're in that- and maybe I should go the state a little credit for maybe change in the angle of the screen. Making him climb over and just giving but believe you should be in that so either a was a bad call. You know from from the bench or be and which I hope, it that you just blew those assignments. Let you are connected to your man in income.
were you can't blow them assignments been able, tell you this, but I told you this again before game. One step is no impression I wasn't bakery brow. Did you see him again, like the first two games, things going forward and is playing like whoever said that any market, we are or pritchard or anyone garden is just cap is sadly this field at the pilot boat. This respect does I thought of you were in the first half again, like I almost tax, could assume the bird alarmist extra. Do I wasn't sixty eyes, so they had they ve got a bad at the basis of its bad, a few guys guards their victims had time autumn. Smart downtime!
pressure that Taiwan, who would you put on him already? Would you would you just this? from a variety of different coverage, is how you guard step through the self exceeding the subjects of a lot of guys, better great defenders, a lot of great defenders, Who would you would you would you do by committee, or would you please put one guy probably do product by committee? That would be my game plan. Unless the first person I started on him was haven't really good success rate. I would be cycling through people until I found something they gave him problem, then I am in a market smarts goodies physical doesn't have the same length as jailing. You know, so I be fine. I actually feel ok with a high switch of AL orford on him. You know if its timely in ottawa him up there would twelve seconds on a switch without so, but what I would ever do logan is give him an opportunity to come off of a pick and roll into a pocket. So if I switched
I would switch weigh up high. Have him to have to take a retreat dribble and then try to alight and whoever he got the switch but I'm never going to let him come off into a clean pocket. So there would never be a time where I would have someone not attached to their man who was screening for staff whether were switching it aggressively, taking something away or we're trapping it, which I would definitely employ on him to some degree. Death is not going to be the one using that screen and papa mina face over and over again, he's going to have to like get off that ball and the others are gonna. Have to beat me I can take care of it now. Establishes that good that night and that brilliantly like effective offensively, then so, be it but I'm gonna design my defence to try to take away some of the easy ones now talking about words, one of the others that have not incline lyman allergies
really great player but is not well relax, net clay thompson he's trying too hard on you you can see it like he's pressing. He wanted so bad and in its human nature, and I'm not goin shade, like I'm, I'm tellin him. I feel that, like I've been that situation, not clearly not the player that he was, but I know what that feels like and everything he does looks rushed I'm thinkin about kobe bryant, dame seven. Surely can finals and always think about this, like just as from alike perspective, number, twenty two files helping offers spit ring and if you go back regarding what six twenty four he's press. the whole bags just suppressing, shooting every banking shooting down It's just not a great officer display and then you juxtapose there with run our test blue,
gang was is free to say there is not even care and let it go right. There are many times at you I say this, but at tat moment you'd rather be run our test in copyright. We create jobs and it is be run or does it is butterfly slutty hell. It's fine you know, he's chasing that these chasing that bad game, six clay or that date back like these chasing man, the games I known, for yeah yeah now clearly and what we need to do. If, if, if, if we're warrior fans is we need him to just clear his head and hoop and when I say likes, it sounds like out no shit what he he's, not just hoping right now, he's he's out there then you correct he's in pursuit of a level of play. Then that may not be there
this year he's coming off some catastrophic injuries right and so just being there you are it's. This is this is a beautiful thing. So, let's just relax. You know, let's stop searching for the for the big home, run balls or the ten three and a quarter, and let's just provide you golden state, with solid, consistent minutes, and if that shit, and because we ve relaxed and now you know we ve got Do a great rhythm great, but I believe in a bag gods when I was in a slot bogan, mrs? This was across my whole career and it was crazy because it happened over and over and over again and every time I got into another one eye remember this, and so it would take me to three games. And this. What I'm saying is this would be as long as you trying to hit the shot shit. I'm gonna make among our medallion than we can and will form the shit. Don't going you nobody goes. When you forget about an inch is hope
about my rebounding plan grady since when make some good passes and getting the rhythm and then lo and behold you get away up or lower easy bucket and other lids off, and you ve got it but as long as you pressed for the big three to go down a generally doesn't he's just gotta, relax and hope it will come to an end. Two second half, because it look like you in thinking came to look like you decided he was going, try to get to the rim. He wasn't just settle for too long J. Every time it touched his hands, and I think That will be beneficial for him, but make no mistake if he doesn't play better movement for we're going to Boston, gonna states up against it broke yeah yeah. He is going to have to play by the freedom to win a series, now you're talking about him just trying to force it like look at new, looking at the form and stuff like that, and you never make it our member I'm on my way. Back in my day when I play for burma policies to save me, the wanted a lake like lead married now,
parkes round like merit at how it treats right, you just throw a doleful bought the trees. and the goal was to like me, five trees in a row and what I really really wanted to do it. I would pick up my arm and just like throwing light. Your limit is like trying to aiming at exactly this aim in it and you will never make it and it was the most frustrating thing of all time, but when you're just let it when I was led it. Why is let me go by phone? I think that's what likely, if you vetoes, looked back it has all been from one. He was right when I need you laugh, you gotta get twenty sixteen western conference files and he goes looks at that. They were so far He was just like that. was laid out the bucket by this now he's just like the one where he shoots it. Energy crisis, his legs, like you're gonna, go in and it's like come on, come on more in place
my. He had got into such a level offensively fence in the bar that why He was playing super fast and he was like come off the screens and seemingly within a fraction of a second reason up and knocking down that three lake. While he was past like that, may look really fast it. His mental process was really slow right, like so up top really slow for him. Things were moving in slow motion to our it look like he was going to thousand miles an hour into shooting the skin off at a ball crazy. How in your in your process as the we are doing that. Everything slows down for you but what's happening to him now, is His head is moving really fast and its bodies moving really fast and it looks like he's. Rushing it right, so we really good or followed potential right. Now yeah you're, just I wanted so bad, I'm going like this. Is it? Is it and it it's just you got lax about. Let that mental, slow back down you gotta just get your vibe.
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we're been, and its interesting with young team brightening go either way and then saying that it says repeating, but now it's they got that they got the split they got what they wanted. What do you think I could have been done? They gonna be too. I don't know how to look at this time. What are they gonna be in Boston? I dont know because you know that just then there's a very unpredictable basketball. There will be a muffin boss, brother trust that might tell you again. Those doors were there last night to take two. They came out. They were, they were there to take to what they need is one of those two jailing or jason to be cooking in the first quarter, right because both of em can score to a degree were that carries them. You know to a first quarter led then what typical? happens is the other one. Hops ain't right and you know Different- Simply there really really tough when their locked in they weren't last night. What got to them last night was the rafts I'm telling you I watched it
logan. I wash it unless I'm not getting into which it I'm not getting any that, but the ten of the game, the physicality, that that was game to affected Boston. It affected them in a way that they weren't able to kind of recalibrate on the fly and get into it. I think that a team who, at least on paper for me, I pick to be the more physical of the two teams that being boston. you're standing that hey. This is what we're doing now. Ok, let's, let's be ready for gain three. I think they're going to be just fine, they gotta be aware of golden states, ability to muddy the game, luck and that's what they did. That's we're gonna stay gave the game to they didn't play, will start at by any means, but they probably allows this does also have no direct
but they married tat, rascal first quarter so much now they were down a big seven and just was I augur. Word is gonna. Kick your ass for the net, six minutes and we're just gonna. We care membership board and this figure it out and we're gonna we're gonna do best. They can adjust claude back into the game and, I think, the only way the wires are going to be successful in Boston. I don't have the money of the game and make it a nine these tonight, you guys are from a different perspective, win win an end and the call in the final find a quarter. I think golden state is going to have to be flexible enough and good enough to win. multitude ways in the series, because I'm telling you now if they lead to become a gutter street fight on taken boston, taking and take boston, I mean you line em up across the board and you tell me in a fit
I'm gonna, let you grab hold and kick ass type. A game who would you take and roster suggests to me that I'm gonna take boston. I think golden state hit them what a punch that they didn't see coming from simpler and yet yet, when they picked up their level golden state, they pick their level up it's their championship level team like that's what they do, they just came, and said: hey what we're doing isn't enough. Let's take another step in terms of our defensive tenacity, are physicality are challenging of loose balls, are running people a jump shots and to your point, we're gonna this shit up with our effort, I don't think Boston, maybe that change the flight of our very well, but I think, golden state. While they, yes, Doha, They have the ability to do that. They're gonna, all we have to have the ability to run good clean offence and knocked down a bunch of three railway, they're, not gonna, win and less like just in a defensive battle. They're gonna have to be able to.
Produce. Clays gonna have to figure out how to china. with a decent enough amount, appoints jordan pool well last night is going to be well, but also quite well. A lady needs that used to get up released it yeah quite well in the bird, but when I first started was timid, he wasn't lying. At the start we got, he has to get good early, might write off, especially on the rope on what the committee last night. I thought they gandhi emerge. Action did a good job and anna now to my man. I shudder to mark margins, the large margins as from the great men, but anyway I thought they did. A good job jordan pool approached it away. I think we should approach, which was, and maybe you saw something I didn't I didn't see, him is necessarily be intimidates much it. I saw him not pressing for the bucket he was coming often getting other people buckets. Can you drive and it hard come and offer that pickin rocket mean drop in it? The looney like he was making who plays that got him in a good rhythm and then
sure in their rhythm. Now we bombed often comes back a little bit, so hopefully he carries it over in the game. Three cause they're gonna need him. They're gonna bought go state is going to need their scoring implementation around staff to be in place and defend well to get these want to get the winning boston or multiple winds in Boston to which our dream. Of course, you do it mixed emotions, right love what he does. love what it s like. I thought the pointer to the show by what you are no doubt. I thought that He was dialed and locked into the role that he had to play. They character then, he had to be last night to settle tone for four golden forgotten, as a team and as as a reminder to Boston. Now get this twisted. I thought all that was perfectly done and also feel he should have kicked out again, Are you talking about under the ground? Let you know I've been like, like I don't know,
and a b for like I'm, not I'm not send your telling you like, but those days were we, I was the next around maloney group chair and we were, we body was gonna get You should read it to you, dwayne to me why, when you're gonna get a lot of who done it necessary by double technical on any other type of black any other type of play under any other. Dame that's a double check. If you didn't know jack, it's all so and I listened to Steve jobs right, steve job. He said on the air when I go to her or rusty jabbing his relics deep, but his explanation was a rough takes into account the situation, the player, that it is in all of that and- and my argument is if this purely for entertainment and we're trying to sell these ends a games and seeds, and I understand that right here, but now. You're categorizing, mrs something different, because it too
This is purely sport and we're trying to crown a champion within the rules that are in place. You ve just put in a very subjective place. rather have the ability and the autonomy to do it to whoever too, for they were. Do it dependent on the situation and that some shady shit and I don't love that I'm dumb keeping at a bar Much is I'm chairman for dream on in a game, And- and I love I'm watching, like I think, in Roger S, world, Keep that shit consistent if its, if its attack in the first quarter. Of the seventy second game of the nba season than pocket its attack, and you fucked up cause. You shouldn't be in that situation. With one talk I read for the writer, you will get a jacket buzek, seventy second game in the regulatory and would have it would have been over, but you got the feeling that it was because it would then be files and withdrew my green ironically, that he didn't. You know because they said everything that there was an argument meant
he put his buying way all online space leg. Was this: the wagon there was too much when you go back to watch dad I'm not a rest, but I'm not a lot of family members and arrest. Like if it had just in the feed on him, not attack, not attack. If, if it had just ben, maybe not the feed on about the smack away of the whatever not attack right. I can look. There were three acts in there. do you understand what I'm saying, I guess I just start with a double checked at least have of course it's a double tech, logan images of it's. It's a double tech. Ninety nine point, nine percent of the time, mrs no brainer they throw those out all the time. all, I'm saying is either don't throw em out or time where you gotta, throw it on applin yeah. Now that I agree with the angry with you, this episode has brought you buy buffalo, allowing further exclusive news.
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but I like golden state and where they're at right cuz they had control of both games, but I can make the argument for the celtics to like. Like so I dont have a grey feel as I him home my way through this. I think that Boston wins game three at home localities. All jokes aside, Do you know what boston as a franchise is doing to the league right now we talk about this. All the time. Do you know what type of a type of, rules are going into. The league office is right now about about what transpired physically, oh yeah, oh yeah, every change! by the way everything does it and so you'll get better whistle at home, refts or human right. They'll be energy in building and I think you ll be part in a tea garden. Popping and boston price feels like they got bully and I think they ll come out with that love. I think they winding through our citizens. Also emmy donor. A growing coach, I just want to say,
this black dog. All I know is born it's your heartstrings. Every time he is like. I was once onwards everyone. When they go talk to him made him. It was not happened. When I look at you gotta you cool story, may dhaka myself, Luke wharton, we all started or coaches Together it was at the nba top one hundred programme. We were in where a universe virginia brendan sore, used to run a coaching clinic along with their camp for the kids, where we would coach would do classroom sessions and all our shared, and then we go coached the kids and that's where we started. We were all mba players at the time and we started their worked out better for those two. I coach ice do you know about them, be a coach spite prickles story, he's really good. You don't like to travel now, but you can sell, though you could tell, even in those even in those like ass from sessions and in dealing with those.
And come back you you could tell, because we know Why exercises like where you would have mr de rossa? We regret you wouldn't offered the brooklyn s job like he wasn't the guy. He could be well. You see, I'm not sure, but I think it's cool, because you could tell him you have royal ivy was in there and that group with us. Forgive me for getting a lot of people, but would do sessions in the classroom where your peers in the class would be the team and they put a chair and fry and everyone would be sitting down and they start the clock. and be like hey you. This is a time out here. Situation. We need you to come We addressed this group about what's going to happen and they would just let you go right and a film it for you and you can so who had the presence and the ability? be calm in the moment, really articulate the strategy, the play, how you were gonna. Doc, yourselves coming at a time out, and it was really easy to see the dude like email and lucan, a royal like they. They were gonna, be able to do that if they wanted to do that,
Then I got my emails. I really old school and installing a former player thing below he's wonderful guy. That said, I think, will mark a smart called the Duma earlier to see that he was like economies. Arms like me, but to do that you today you don't do that we'll do that! Then you got apology. Mayors. There's no and I dont know leg is missing We understand it, but I dont know if a lotta Coaches- and I know it seems simple and always out of a lot of coaches- could do that wine. Is it it's too, Alright, you hit the nail on the head as a player right having that experience in knowing that that's not gonna, but also on the heat was raised under some of the best coaches. You know in gregg pop of age and and and the people there were around that organization. So he and therefore backs
your point rights so like that's what he was raised in a cab myself into this running down the river. can be able to flow man is, can be addressed him and, while I was, ago, I'm gonna go to state. The switching of ass it does not I'm worried. I think I think they come back in a barrier to two dennis. I think for game fibre. Think that's what's gonna happen. There is, as you know, during the finals, it's just a different environment, distant way, different, like so many different people that you would you can expect christopher was at the game last night was what's gonna cool dame one now two things that happen again, so I m, showing you didn't, go will the sportsman amino acid turn of the shop our children, lying in the dim. You haven't been sooner, but this is long tunnel. Well
cross from the road just outside of the selfish lack from the long tunnel like we're like were like here you now famous I garage car can be the biggest part by the tv. Try this, Most places were telling all went to different people, like shacks coming through all these people so meet me in a minor children and add a note, where like slightly cubs, slightly crumbs like in dressed in all. Why am I don't know like me, I mean that it knows my own thing than he knows frankly: boat, Meanwhile, ass it goes shapes. Our hannah goes brothers, brothers, brothers, brothers, brothers, right, try right hit the bed, he goes and he started the security wouldn't goes any stops. I gotta go talk to such a child and I don't know who such research is ripe and he stocks, and then he goes.
may you dog is was walking towards the outset towards the court and spike season. A man he goes up who says like some sort of like us, and you keep killin, understand and made good may, whose locked in you know, I'm here, has always locked in at all times locked inputs, a handout ass, so greater role, spike. We gave the hardest smack two maids hand. I've ever seen it, but just ass shit, don't like those rights even amy was I gotta ask my dog shit Finally, I always like to do that way. Right, I'd, there's no other person in the world he gives he gives interviews like that's it s, not surprising a bit like a year. That is seems to be on a thousand years ago and I am also gather.
new understands, but you James we're back back on budget terms on for this one Zizi was a game, one and saw me, I'm going out to the court has jazzy is walking back. to me on that. To his card, which do not private jets taking wherever he got like and so on. White. Ok, like I'm walking towards daisy, am I don't know what I'm gonna say, but southern gonna come out of my mouth. I have no idea like I'm gonna sell a volume, one might change by. Why am I going to say that reasonable bowed is the best them? But what am I going to say in the two minutes, the oie? comes out is was sgi my god oh god, I'm the best, our apparel. Those days like what There is an immense admit. We returned the baby, it gives like a particles, peace, gotta use has been blocked.
My god. Everyday work near that that's a good I have a daisy story to it. Doesn't I mean, I don't even know I said by, I barely mustard something better than mad. I promise you, but he was always. This was his door. I was on a road trip with the calves, acting in the general manager capacity, David Griffin didn't travel, so I was there in his stead and we, the bows of the arena like- and it was him beyond say, and so our it wasn't just J I'd like that, if it were just J, I would have been better, but was J m bay and I was bad so who is going to your mind, affords you're going to run a thousand like real fast. It was all going through my mind as this was happening as the gap clothes between us. The shit got past, or at best rightly claim was just like swimming and then
When that moment came, I don't, but I think, just said my name or something and put my hand out. I dont know lake. It was Are you sure he knew who you were thus where I had the comfort of that, but it didn't like ease my anxiety about it now know so I just colleagues said my name, hoping lake. put the hand out and he shook it. I don't think we went in for like little shoulder or anything it was real awkward if it was those moments where like on the bus, when we left an hour later, I was reply you're a fucking idiot like what does that mean with those knows requirement on the right or wrong for such? What's up was nobody? Was I ll? Actually, because you know you gondola uganda resolve will succeed I am also sorry to balance the security. Will there. Neither like J security is not due to aggressive negative I'm gonna shake as I am that this was I I had another
I would say at the outset story to some remedy, my his wife. Now you might as well when we're here to arrive. So this was, I think it was like. There was, twenty agreement at the first four hours of plan d? Pelicans again, looking out as are walking in an unlike demonstrating a bizarre sinners, crazy. If so, What you got There are three areas though buckler bears, and I would like. First of all, I see beyond saying Well, I'm lucky that she's looking through my fucking soul, like Why do you not think that? I am nothing about point. I am nothing right and all day and all these things is gm, be outside that's comedy. it's like girl, what am I going to say like say like poor, is minimal
maybe it was of all time, but also jaycees right here in my black alibis great. You know that what I say: where do I go? So I didn't That is, I share your offered. Who brought here. I don't want to be always like this. currently allowed. We get what out plans. That's a basin wicked, but why Our group diego's knows sounds good though they were better. It was better, but I would still like what is wrong with you. I guess mister loves company because in some reared way that made me feel better about my my experience with him. Like I wear That makes me feel better. I'm sorry, are you guys about goodness he's diameter debating? It arose, gonna come here. I don't know
just don't over think it unites like Hell. You think you're going to have this book adversaries it with his parts. In an amendment I gotta have thoughts paralyzing man, it is like, don't think about it. Just skull disco quickly, do, let's bring a full circle. That's what clay needs to do you like that mean that don't clearly that I think about it. Just go man just go: what's, let's get it, let's do it that's the monster her? That's the mars refer forgave about each scalps bucket banking to scout. do it adds a solitary and, to some degree logan we talk about this autumn, back in game three and will have a better feel, it's kind of how it works out loud thinking in dreams. One boma adjustments in game to everyone's trying to like the box and managerial engaged in Ghana. Let's get it we're gonna get in a biomass abides by two billion of getting into the vibes new scandalous, weak yeah. Now we were coming back on thursday awry, we're not playing around with y'all we not playing around with have a great game
for your tabs, so yeah other additional monday ruins makes you check out everything in our inner sleigh. I forget this time that is group chair with his loss. That is the answer, everything on the rigorously You also check out. The mismatch like that is the mismatch. Would chaos Chris Vernon, then, is the boy. ok I'll see. You know its weight to bear, games roger so you know the rumbling in Israel the good thing about blank or a song, but with whom rouser bath town legend miss Daniel Psmith using various here three check our aren't. You see, to wit, who were out of it. another legend of the vallejo, the vote, oh variety, that's the question. Clowns cc Sebastian
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