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Logan and Raja are back to discuss the once again above .500 Warriors (02:00), the young and rising Grizzlies (10:00), and the lumbering Miami Heat at this point in the season. Later, the guys give a diagnosis of the Timberwolves going all in with Rudy Gobert before discussing the Hawks and the current state of trash talking (30:00).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah

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An instagram post gets an unexpected boost, a tiktok catches in the algorithm. Sometimes that's all it takes to launch someone into internet fame, but then what this blew up is a new podcast documentary that reveals how social media stardom is made to different kinds of fame. It's not always as glamorous as it looks from spotify and the ringer podcast network, the super as neck. You can listen to this blew up on spotify or wherever you get. Your podcasts responded, whirlwind slogan, monarchy, arousable here, riser tom I knew it was the end of thanksgiving because you had all of the videos of your kids doing great thing, and I just want to know that a grudge
say hello on the group checks before shows, he doesn't does what he does. What raja bell does, it will say, a link for. I just said that a link. Not even cnn lake, right or and then afterwards. He since two videos of his kids Basically, I rather says hello to us, and I this and he showed a video of one of his of his of my fave, my fave bell, tiber, whose just unequivocally my fave of the observatory. and then a man named him just this distinction, a jump shot over the summer. Insist ridiculous he's doing great and they like makes a large numbers jumpers, and then you I'd be a dark in the bar dumping after he somehow like challenges that pops up duncan- and you were like. No, you ain't done nothing in any ducks it in your face. Basically, so that's a review of all of this giving. So I guess it's a roundabout way to say how would you thanksgiving, but how was it may enable-
It was a really good loki things thanksgiving and most people who have kids I have got into this mytishchi life. Understand bro like there are the best things that I've ever done. Browser like it with pride, offer all among young, and you know what I mean like watching them and be on a field that yesterday was cool cause there was a sunday, we don't really have any games stone mean oh mamma, I wasn't shuddered peeped shuttle and people from gained a game. So I got a really. We on the basketball with PTI. I got to spend some time with zan and taken to dixon. You know: does stuff, a measured socks now wouldn't get no socks the socks, and then to be on the football field. Like would deal in time and and shoot it would send so like it. That is just what I do. Bro its lake. You know to be man. I'd like to be out there we're going dinners and we got shit in and now my favorite times are like hanging out with the kids in an idle
they were my wife. So my days give it was great terry augustus, my mouth, but those given was great too, if only because the first time unable to and relax for the first time in a few where I gonna have kids yet, but you know I just go out and see family who, like you and I went up to the stockton area, saw some cousins and stuff and then went did my rounds in oakland shout out to the needs and then a man with snead shallow to mrs snead, because she gave she just like you know, one of those all school, just black women who just fuckin like make the like. The biscuits are made with care You know when you, when you, when you come up to the crib and assist that suits you just She gave a suggestor just the onion best. its, which were phenomenal. The sweet potato pie dude there
I have the highest. Just thinking about it, so that's basically was well. That was what was possible. My thanks, given that was what I was on. That was what I was locked in one of your say and lay two things over thanksgiving. They would for me be descriptive of the perfect things it would be a meal like that at a time like that and then just on some stray chill mode, which is the two things I'm looking for. They give a man a sounds like a good time. I was a good time, man, you know where the good times a role right now I don't do that. do you ever get better. The terms are all now goaded state rather bear eleven and ten, and they're they're on a bit of a bit of a run. I don't have the winning straight in front of me. Right, well guys I don't have. All of that is weird. This is a vibes conversation. Okay, this is this. Is the vibes conversation they're doing really well right now, back above five hundred eleven and ten
it goes back to a previous discussion. I mean you were having a blast. We growl we're talking about the wires and you were like logan. This is this is draws his word logan calm down, relax, It's like ten fifteen data to the season will see how they do twenty or so games to the season and got me thinking about. not only the warriors with the rest of the week and this It's been a weird time. The weird start to the league for number of franchises in terms of record, you know you talk about the utah's in and there back down the form, but also like you know, the cavaliers figured in their stuff out and it got me wonderingly When can I really am stand. What a team is browser like How long do I give? Because we're in this this league, where there's theirs, I feel like teams, are judged by three time right now. we televised game and the big
of the season were honestly tat, terrible barometer ethic around Chris mrs lynne there'd when there also jazz and then right after the all start break is like the three times where you kind to see what a team is. Where do you, Where can we finally see where these teams are going into form and in what can? What can we do? Tat from the warriors start. Well, I've. I have always said that roughly in it about a quarter of the season to a third of the season in is when you really get a clear picture of what you're working with you? No white way what pieces work, what this with the sea. It could be for the team, like you know, like you, you start to get him a much clearer picture. People made their way into shape if they weren't in shape, usually that that Hang over that a team can have after a championship. My would say golden state for one reason or another would fall into that like if you ve had a long stretch of play off runs. I'm people are fits
that's, usually worn off in your into your back into the flowing into into the when the things, and so that's it, Fifthly, when it is in that would be, you know, boring obviously any major move, roster move or anything this traffic, injury or combination of the two. They could completely change complexion of your team, but I think I think, a quarter of the way. To a third of the way, and you start to see what a team really is linking who they are and and what they are about, and I think, all State falls into the category logan, they had a lot going on and what, while I told you to chill and relax on them. I also was was was in a pretty frank in my feelings about how the distractions they took place right, for. This reason started could affect a team like that if they got into a fight, making it much harder to get out of something like that, because of I being low in and general kind of, trust in amongst other things, and so I think,
they had a lot to navigate to start the season and so probably closer to that. Maybe third way through the start of the way through the season- we're gonna, do you see him start around in a form they ve been there? They ve done that a great coaches. They got great players, and there is a lot to be said for understanding what it takes two to be a champion. shit level team in and if you know what it takes won't, you might not have it right now, but you can. You can maybe five you're way back to that. How much of it like this? If we're going to say right where there, the there the biggest eminently bare legs, their throw back to life like when you go at the warriors is really like: go with Iraq back right there, have so much attention on that. Whenever you know you're around them, you can just feel propaganda. The the vibes all that, when you're around the warriors, how much like getting any How much are they need to just get into the season right because the first week
which you saw with which remain in Jordan, and then you know beg, goes right in a ring night, which is a huge spotlight on your team and then the couple of weeks after that now there Do you know they're gone on the road there plan like the minnesota's there there the eye the you know the eyes of of the sports consciousness and mean you're. No, this this football right now the end of the college for bosses and end the year but to get to the end of the nfl season, eyes or other places. How much is that help a team whose going through something like that? What the infrastructure that they have? I think it's in. I think it's him orton, and it can be helpful for a teams to just get into doing what you do and forget about all the rest. stuff that that is going on around you before the season starts. There's time in your life for a lot of distraction, now that you seeking distraction, but you have the time to engage. If you wanted to org you, you know,
see pay and even if you don't want it to two beetle, when engage like theirs, its downtime that it's going to creep in its going to come to a crevice, eventually right, there's stretching once once we hidden before road schedules and well and were playing I don't know. Forgive me. It's been a decade since I played an elite, but whatever amount games you get to play in so many days on the road now, whatever that looks like and were travelling from city to city and we're getting in late, sleep in aid and we're having a breakfast meeting in what once you hit that and it becomes a habit like that, becomes what your body is used to doing by then, and you click internet mode. There isn't it time for the distraction, there's a lot I time for the noise, your locked in your just right in that way that you ride every year. So you start to hit your stride. Or to emotionally connect to it and and be what you need at times, to two to really focus you know, and an end, so some teams,
nor teams were that that wasn't necessarily the case, but really good teams teams with stars. Sometimes you need acts like your point there's so much going on around you know like when we wait when I was with the sixers, and I travelled. You know with Allen iverson and he was a rock star. I didn't I mean on the court. I envied allen iverson, because many was doing. The mvp of the league armine did things that no one could do by I was watched, how many people were pulling at him and how many people wanted time. That's not funny actual or anything like that, but just moments of time and there only so many and a day I didn't envy that I thought that be exhausting. I was like wild man, that's a that's a lie or be harder, that and then go out and do what he's doing on the court sometimes just gettin out there on the road and hoping and in being what you're, teammates and stuff can
kind of shield you from it. I wouldn't want to play a game of gonna. Throw teams out right then, and there we're just going to go all vibes. I just want to we're not going to go off. Numbers were not going to do all this. The vibe that you see following the leak was going to throw you some teams and in order to see if the record matches their rapid so want to go. I wanna go with the miami heat right now, who are, conversely, ten of ten and eleven and have had some big ones, but so just not the type of season you when one after the season you had last year in going to the eastern conference finals, what does your vibe come on the miami and, where if they are going to go you're in the miami area, you know what's what's what do you? What do you? What is your vi? What what? What do you? What do you think about what what's what's going on with their team logo, the tough when the heat? So I
I always preface by saying the heater one of those teams that I trust from top to bottom organization figure it out if there should be something wrong and get it thing pointed in the right direction, I am a little worried about them. No, I mean defensively there, they are who they are right. They continue doing their things by. I think there are in an interesting place with that roster in offensively and whose is it? Who is it going to be yeah got young players in tyler, hero in bam, bio does bam. Take next step into stardom offensively. Tyler ceiling as an offensive carrier of the load, where going to get out a kyle lowery who you brought in and hasn't necessarily lived up to it all the way. Yet that's fair and I'm a collar fan where's we're
you worse, jimmy butler jimmy butler sneakily, older than people, think they come. If that does he have left and so on, think they're trying to figure all of those things out I am concerned for them, but I ultimately would would say I think they get it right. I think it's it's fix. I dont really meant to be a championship level team this year, but I do believe them. At the end of the day, the probably be a better than the average user covered seemed I'll, be fine. So when I see, the miami and again this is thousand miles away and on television and watching you know, I think that it's just like the the miami heed our race against time, right because at no matter what? you're doing this season. If they go to the playoffs, we already know what's gonna happen, there's going to be its path pressure on jimmy butler. You know provided he's healthy, immense pressure. him to get the scoring done for them, because what happens in the policies- and you after you you. You need a primary ball handling a primary score and
jimmy butlers, the only one on that roster. So I just feel like every How am I just see them? It's like they. It seems like though, in the worse place you can be an mba which is the middle. You know, they're gonna, be teams. They're gonna lose some curious games. They're gonna be good to you because I play harm, but at what point today, and I know, pass and are going to do this. The ma. Am he just don't do this? But at what point did they do say we're gonna? We gotta figure this out another way and we're we kind of reach the end of the of the road with this group, and I don't they're gonna, move the convicts too. Is I don't know more about I'm not over there. Just seeing some it's a single that change at some point is going to have to be made or our not or shake up. Some sort of shake up is going to be needed on their roster for to be championship level. I would agree, I would agree with you some of what you do. As the heat organization,
some of the most of what you do is a reflection of paralleling his competitiveness and their expulsion, competitiveness. I think tat? You can also as a franchise fields, also of your city and what they respect and, and move accordingly and You know miami has this sneaky. ability to have affection for teams like philly. Does it's weird? Where do where no, I mean there are other places that have a two talk like this. To like you, ain't gonna win the championship necessarily was long, your porn it out, and we can see the blood like on the jersey at the end of the day and were soon happen and we over achieve latterly degree haters like tat my wants to warm time time. I am for all its glitzy glamour and the whole like le braun in de weighed and shack and all in all a that's great too. We have that ability that my me night, staple mamie vice feel, but they were
You do connected to like this, the heating, in a way that that's it I because I do believe you to be right. They need a I've said this. More time, I jimmy butler is fantastic. and any almost got you to the to the final last year and in the bubble they were in the fine was by, I think, you're good. come up a little short, and I dont know that that's absolutely fair to jimmy butler, because when I remember Jimmy plan the jimmy, wants to have to do that. You do not like I think I don't that's, that's a lot that load of just being consistent, offensively twenty six to forty. He, if the playoff grind, when a team is scouting, you and you got to see him every other night, like that's real work and you're and you're a full time defender. I don't know the the jimmy loves that, and so now you know Bam. Is it about roughly twenty tyler euros in ascending prairies it about eighteen, a game Jimmy's at twenty point nine, but don't know what the ceiling is on bands off it's. I don't know that
the torch and becomes that that guy tyler hero seems more likely from skills perspective, if that makes sense, just as he can do more with the ball, but I dont know if he's insistent enough to to take that next step into your. What I'm saying not not like, really really good and be a player, but you know what I'm talking about logan like a lie, got elite elite and that's the difference there a This is a different you know cause is the sound like don't get me wrong. I am, I am, is a good thing, but I just feel like they have allowed really really really good pieces, but you need need more than really really really good pieces to its like the chicago oh bullshit syndrome. We talk about this in previous years right. A team don't give your heart out. Might when fifty throughout the regular season, but that's a totally different ballgame game and in the policies and- and I just see just I guess that's this around about way of san. I see that, for they click add to see that for that
I don't know it's. An aim is an interesting comparison, but of the book yeah, except that they, you know the heat or more, have more savage culture, neighbour coach, you so you're hired you have a slightly higher ceiling yeah. Let's talk about one another team that I want to talk about is the Memphis grizzlies and who I like. We both love, jama, rant and love what they got going and they're twelve and eight. At the moment,. and I just- I guess, my expectations for them now you go through which you went through last season. I was expect something along the lines of just like- I gotta say eighteen and to start I was. I was expecting something along the lines that, after this memphis grizzlies team- and there are really good team in steel products- are could in are going to end up with a supposed to be there. Still a western conference finals contender it's early, but should I've been expecting that fermenting distant
just that bet blazing hot start to just like hell, I'm here, after especially after what they went through last year, talkin about how young man we deserve to be at this, but with if, if if jordan pool doesn't, doesn't our guys me. However, unfair. That is, we should be up in the makes right right do use. Do you think the bay- am I over it might do they did they still have growing pains to have, or did I really just have to have expectations at this point I think it's a combination- maybe maybe expectations were little high, but I think you know what they over the last couple of seasons. It was semi warranted like that. You would have expected them if their trajectory stayed the same to take off. but maybe a little high, and I think there, one of those cases of maybe just one slightly had a schedule, so expectations are just maybe a little more than than than they're ready.
to accomplish arm. I think that their team from a age and experience perspective They are so similar across the roster. Do you know they're there How do I want to say this man? I don't know how to our typically articulate this. They don't know that, brought in pieces and stuff, but they don't have a ton of guys. That would help the young. bigger players expedite there there there trajectory yet arc of of of experience right like it. You haven't been in this situation yet, but I have so little sit down over his meal, and let's talk this out here, is how this works like. So it doesn't slack when the face when it when it comes around the block. Like your check it out, I was there in euro twenty
you're, sixteen and eighteen and twenty nineteen, and so here's what that looks like in your people take that for granted, but that that type us It means a lot of always reference. My vets when, when I talk my career in what they meant to me and in terms of being approach and not in any of those. Guys or prose. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, I think, because they're so a line in this window of time that there just learning together there just gonna write and together or no one's kind of poland em up out of and pulling amended it did to the to the type of stratosphere did think think should be be right now and I would have won that for them, someone someone like that and so what happens, is that they came back this year and they just you know they forget about defending hmm not very straight up. They just forgot about fuckin day from you know. You start to put the cart before the horse. You forget about what what was really important and what we're all guilty of a basketball, it's one of my biggest grapes, I've I'd! I go off
agents about it all the time. What sells tickets? What at what I see, the members grizzlies on sports, inner, no serious locks, John Maria, going up and going under two people and scope and on the other side I see labs, you know, that's all I see I don't think I'm sensing a you rent from raja coming right, so this is going to be an a you ran, is going to be a priority rent, and so what you forget, about in the mix in the midst of being this really really good team at the world kind of falls in love with cause they're. All these highlights is what got you to be: the good team, the people, We turn on the tv to watch to see the highlights and where it was. Was your fucking defects? You know it's. You brought up something when you were talking in terms of like having the middle way it's right like say, like the thirty to thirty one year old vet who can still play like when as soon as you said that I had to start a bar drilgo dollar like
not right now, but like andrea, go dollar. Seventy years ago fly like that right for, but every time I think I think about this memphis team. I think about the oklahoma city than it's like the the back in the day. Right who are in my mind. Obviously they had three future hall of famers on the team right then totally different in their way, but but more of what, The same line of is when the the oklahoma city thunder probably had as perfect of around you can have right twenty ten. What do they do? They are there in a seed posted eventual champion lakers so that bring great go to six games that twenty I've and season. What do they do they go to the wall? in conference finals. think they lose. They lose at a dallas maverick, said next year, a gradual transition. What do they do the next year after that they go
All the way to the comfort they go go go all the way to the final say, loser miami here, but that is the gradual thing that you want to see. But what did they have? And this is something that you brought roger they had the middle type of vessel. You speak about data. This, that's! Why they traded Jeff green for kindred parkins. was it because of dislike talent burst how it is because you needed a guy in the locker umpteen europe. Your eyes like, all these guys and two men to steer the next level, and is that what you mean when you talk about like? Maybe that day we there's a trade for the the memphis grizzlies at some point right like there's something that they need to do. Maybe trade away, a guy that you might think on paper. this is kind of odd, but you bring in another guy that can kind of just like a guy sit down. I'm the leader right here. I must show you guys how to do this. One hundred said augustine atoms, you don't helps with that right. I don't mean to discount how important he is, but one
Look at the russia roster it's it's kind of a duplication of itself. In terms of experience and in an age and so yeah. You do need that, and I thank you, no on the head, logan and audit I've been reluctant to say it, but I do think there are trade away from something and you might have to give up you? Don't wanna one up, one of the pieces, the obvious their certain pieces. You don't want to move by you're going to need. That's that's stability, man like think about why see J Mcmullen did when he got to new orleans. Go you know you had a sending John moran, as an ascending star, soon enough he's going to be a grizzled ray armed, Brandon, ingram was turning into that right before our eyes, by bringing in someone like see, J just helps him they that much quicker, and so I think that it's it's it's been discounted,
in the ross reconstruction process. At times I don't know if that's a by product of the analytic wave of general managers like eyes. They they came up now, certainly on the court. They came up video rooms and through learning the game from the other side of it, and there's nothing wrong with that at all, but I'm just spit bawling, maybe maybe there's you know what some guys tell you. They go off a feel and the animal crowd says it's not about feel it's about the analytics. Well, it's really a combination of the two. So maybe it's this counted because they don't have the feel of hey man. I say used to sit at dinner. What to convey my tumble here, the kid game to me over a meal in atlanta or late. You know. finally, the autonomy by suits and talk to me about you know his time and Jim gym timber over an engine the plain and what their summers look like, and so I could go home, a model that you know.
the best of my ability went crazy gaming, getting just like five minutes from just like you, they're, not they're, just they're, just spit balling, maybe in of rant or vent session, or something I just spit ball. And then you just get like tonnes again: you're getting gems man, while Williams nick than actual air marquis like dudes. They were just real talk, would you look out for a young, but they don't even know what their men, and so I I just think it gets discounted in the ross reconstruction process at times in Memphis. It's a grey cod, probably a trade for peace. way out, you know who's a great name and either he's J crowd? Yes, yes, Yes, there is a risk that kind of like I say this with all the affection in the world: just nasty kind of unita. What would get our grimy skilled bay mare I was also going to have shower bag of jag. Is the newest garbage all relax? You hang onto folk em up teammate like that, like he's going to want to so the
extent of that is. When do you make such move, because you reference new orleans making move and they made at that move procedure. Midseason right and it's a different scenario for that that pelicans team, because they more fully they didn't, have therefore squad, and it was kind of one of those things where words rating see J for next season, which is to say we're currently in our waiting to come back when for all these pieces to come back for a team memphis? Who is a lot more eyes on it than pelicans in ever up? Which means a lot more moves are going to be scrutinised. When do you make them Do you make that moving off season? We make them moved at this season to figure it out that way. What are you? What are you do, or I mean what what those into a tray like that it was the timing. Timing, awesome, the answer for that. Necessarily. I think it's a feel within your organization, its feel that, the general manager and his his group of trusted people get from the interaction
that the team is having with the coaches? You know your watch and everything is the message still getting across. Is there still buy in Iraq? I'd still high like? Where were we are process, because I also talk about it being really hard to sustain and not necessarily get over that hope, it's hard to sustain anything by it knowledge, member who talked about coincide with the jazz I think coincide is a fantastic coach. But I also said that message is old, like that. You know that style of play they haven't got. They have gone over the hop and you can see now that it's old. So I watching all those things. If I'm, if I'm around that memphis team- and I dont have the answer- whether it has to be now or in the off season or at the trade deadline. There they should know when the time is right- and I would just. today's nba. Is they don't seem scared to pull deals and make trades and try to take a big swing? So I wouldn't
Be afraid to do it, I do think I do think that you know if something good were to happen. In this next you tradable window here I think that would be interesting. You know I would I wouldn't be afraid to do. I think be really interesting for us and I think I'm a ranch ready, but I do think he needs a little a little help. I mean the campaign is but he's great fantastic, but I mean he's less experienced in job here, Well, you know, I think you, I think you, I think you need to give them some help. In that regard, let's say a quick break and wearing socks are another team that is taken. A big swing as looking like a big miss I roger so I watched one day yesterday was highlight.
One game yesterday and it was the timber- was vs of lawyers. We are talking about the war side of it. Let's talk about the timberwolves side of this situation, so rouser in out the terminals are currently ten ten, and this is a team that traded, a boat load of pigs for one really go bare and then told does this was the dough This is their title window. Which was news to everyone in the league, because we don't know they had a window and in general right now, but they said this is the we're gonna give up. all these pigs and all these players to get rudy gobert bear renewal, alongside Carl anthony towns and put alongside this this group- and this is going to give us a championship right and on the surface it looked like this. Was a team
just got got bought by Alex Rodriguez and his group, and it it had all the the to me of a new group just trying to make a splash in any way they can never gonna make a new deal. They're gonna go first deal do it came at seeing promising they were going to take it. I don't care how they spin it. It just has not worked out and the the minnesota terminals are winning a championship, they're not going anywhere close to it? They just don't have the infrastructure. Why do use, What is there friend here with new ownership or whizzer? What do you see why they would make a move like this, and now there were a few months in. Do you think that there is any. And it's any chance that the distance Rules can write this ship.
This is gonna be a short time. It was a dumb of africa epoch We all know that area is a stupid soup move like that. You didn't, I don't have a great answer as to why they did it You have always told Steve kurds said to me once came in told me about having a small window of opportunity to kind of effect change when you take over something. If you that so maybe we're thinking along those lines. I don't know how you Rudy go bear was necessarily be the answer. I I don't know I don't know they. Ve got a couple pieces. That they have to figure out. Did they have to figure out how to make work together? super high level and there are already on their way they're on their way home. It was nice little story last year and nothing currently
as numbers are a little bit down by him. edward slightly up and so they're fine like we have to figure that out and then and then there's just work, nurses work to do a means. they're just not area. So I guess I guess what what try to sell you one was that the problem. Was there trying to sell you on them being closer to something than they are? I'm not saying it's a tragedy or anything like that. You just anywhere, you said you were going to be like that's not that moved. get you as close to a championship as you, as well as a franchise trying to sell us on. I just felt like We know this. I just felt They were lying to us, but no or more importantly, though it felt like the terminals reliant themselves by ever. Just blue only just to start like a line to cause it was this. very clear that this was not going that going to happen. What and it just seemed like it was a pattern Oh right, because you know you already how Carl anthony towns is really good player. I don't know if he is out on all these
We, but I think, is a really good player right. Then you try, for the Angelo Russell forty, as are also trade andrew against, for that peace right and then just do it he's Carl Anthony townsend in you. You draft anthony Edwards, who, with the day you trapped here, yeah. We're wanted to bessie still called right and it just seemed like the terminals as lack patience, and I know that in this lead you can't have much patience. You know you, you got ever deals in front that you feel. Like he's, gonna happen. These deals don't come around the lot. You know you have to make a move, but how much patience is needed in today's nba when you try to build a team. Come. yeah I mean a lot of patience is needed. Logan, you're gonna, in order that the balance between the pay
Since in trying to win is, is the sweet spot like that's what you're trying to figure out, because you have to have some level of patients to let things mature let's see I like you know. I, like other things like I like Britain forbes, then I like Kyle Anderson, like I liked pieces like that for four for them. I didn't I didn't like giving up everything. rudy go bare by, I mean what I guess what I'm saying is. I wasn't aside from the rude eagle, bear and independent of the rude eagle bear. I wasn't. I wasn't all we manage what they were doing like I wasn't there, wasn't it couldn't see what they were trying to do? It's just not. Not producing in the way you would have hoped if you were them, and so you to be patient with that, because that doesn't mean that that mean that something right around corner might not unlock the potential I dont know what it is I mean, but you can't
just be knee jerk all over the place right and just keep putting you no good. after bad and now you're digging deeper and deeper. Whole at some point you sit back and say I. This is what it looks like left, much watch it for awhile. What's, let's take the long approach to this right and let's really figure out a good, solid plan. Instead, it just I'm trying to slap tape on every little hole that springs up. You know, let's repair it, and so now what we're talking about stability or franchise. Now- and I have often talked about this one starting from the top and when I talk about that there You franchises in the nba better at the tip of my tongue. Historically, administration has been one of them, and I just I
It'd be really interesting to see after that move you made last summer for rudy gobert. What ownership does the summer coming up like? What do you guys do around the trade deadline where you can do the summer coming up raj, I got news for you. You just got hired got a stupid bag from the minnesota. Timberwolves just got hired as their their vp of basketball, Corrections know somehow they let you stay in miami and does work you know you are you are you are you have now just been hired? What does your first move? Yeah, that's a fair man because, like I dont know what there I don't know anything about their cat what's wrong go back, I'm trying to look at rudy eagle deal right now, the keys. I don't, do don't do that to me. That's tough me! I don't write right now. I don't have any move. The melee rubies locked up so basically like I'm coloma stay in miami is was we are of course more than just some unites. I think, though,.
but the one thing you're gonna have to take a look at, if, I'm being honest, is wrong. is what parliament any towns could command out there like one What does he look like a market I will cite, as there has been like a lot of talk around league just about then I don't take. I I was going to happen, but it is more a dislike observers in the not necessarily minnesota in general observers in the layered at their multiple people, just be like young man, just trade area one and build around at this dislike start new and its fine just figured out from their because I think that that rules- are caught between like two areas. Right now in Karl towns has been therefore minute. It really done much she's gun like a couple of play off appearances, but there has
it's been talk around the league of just like, oh man, why don't you start over, like you guys, have a new, a new yeah, this guy who's, clearly good in and anthony edwards, and has this this talent I'll just do that yeah, but I mean I could see that, and I mean I get by You had the perfect opportunity. You were brand new. Now you really didn't they put you between a rock and a hard place because they want to play off last year, so you can come in as new ownership and say, hey guess what guys we're staying in it. studs, though, why we were just we're in a play us, so you were kind stop. You made the move, your fleeced by damned any age again, another dammit. In an age out there the nation. We also wanted posters out there somewhere. We sign no, but- not now you are where you know I mean in a vacuum. I dont want rude eagle bear I died already eagle bear
I again like only having spent when you're in the foreign office and not knowing that the contractual details, the stuff I dont know. How would you I don't You move that own of watchword eagle, bear at the price that european private, ask in Gaza, which had to give up to get him? Can you know what I'm saying here so that would have but but then yeah I mean I'm looking at what I'm not saying. have to move karla they tunnels, but I'm looking to see what that looks. Like I mean he's still a really good player to your point, maybe not elite by you know? Andrew wiggins was supposed to be elite when they, when they drafted him, he didn't wind up being elite, but he was a integral part to a champ ship run on a very reticent, linda rate. That doesn't look great where your team somebody you trade away! This flourishes in the way that wiggans is worse, It adds that sense, an indictment on a good bit so good that you almost forget that he was a terminal fright. Lackeys he's clearly established in another organization and if we all like, oh yes, dear play for several years before this robot for cat cat might be able to do that too.
Can I be able to be a peace that a team is, is they're just salivating, you know and looking if charged in an opportunity to get because he pairs great with something they got and then boom you're you're moving? So I mean that's probably what I do that's it. I don't like to talk about minnesota rome I know it's fun. I wanna I wanna. I got a little a little a little tiff real, quick that I gotta get off my chest before we get outta here you're a fan of atlanta right yeah. You love atlanta. How about this? Let's go down atlanta, real, quick, let's go! Kick it go to hartfield was gonna hearts, hartsfield airport? Let's go you know little low delta pass but home. So I'm watching a game. The hawks game actually amounts his game carm sends me this clip, because karma is the greatest and he sends me this clip basically have just like how the giant a married and like the hawks, are up. Ten on on the rockets who I just love the rockets of the bad team they're one of my favorite bat. I love watching them play
But the charter murray, like hi side near up ten? throws. It does the pass to a to Trae young. They hit a three they're doing they're up sixteen there there there are talk of big shit like they've done, something you know and all of a sudden Kevin up order in jail. Then green all get into it with tray indigent. I who just look arrogant as ever does look very just like your word were the kings in this regard. It is low little homies, you know you guys are now y'all, don't know none about this league right area, literally all small weed. S? Team? We don't want encloses out, except the rockets, want to run and beat The atlanta hawks right- and I just I just so- annoyed with the hawk, sometimes because I just feel like they,
they have someone's talent and they just get in their own way with their arrogance, and I dont. Why didn't like what I saw their roger? I dont like I don't like what I see out of atlanta pro like I feel like they could be so much and they are but they're just so much choice either in five our weirdness, going on, I assisted team, and I just I just get constantly disappointed it. Ok, what am I Why are you telling me something like I would, as I mean I've I've always. I haven't necessarily felt like that about the hawks, but they have always been a team from me that it's just. a solid nba team, nothing, nothing more, nothing less! I think Your frustration is that what you're saying what you're saying is like, if you gotta be bettered and that if you will have done much attitude and shit talking on your team, but we live in day and age, where, like it's all shit, talking and attitude, why do everyone? Ok?
you're out you're, all you're in this is not even a hawks thing but you're like you're out here in these in these au streets in these in the mouse and allow me allow me I pilot okay, okay, I'll carry limit. Allow me, I have a young high school basketball team. Yes, you do they're, young and very young my best, there wasn't here this week, and so my young basketball team went into their first game thinking. They were lot better than they were we when we lost that we can expect anything that we worked on and off whole preseason, and now I should not like nothing absolutely nothing. We look like we never play basketball before by some of that is your young right, and so hopefully, when I get you back in practice, the next day can we can realise, hey, hey, we were with our well better than we were. Let's put our nose back down and let's get back to work, but no, no, no, not a suite. We were in Eric to use a logo term cannot like arm just act like we
with these world bitter. So what I did was said: hey, listen guys. I have a really good, a! U team! You note there in a great I'll, bring them in a scrimmages. Ah you right Are you not do that now? You guys, like so yeah, brought him in on Saturday highest refs got after it. We beat our if our eighth grade beta. So these are some rest already. That's ok, go hey. Everyone knows we get in my ear. Minority did nothing, but I've been all we ve worked with him. For a long time a lot of them a body and soul was good, a good thing. So after the game, I am talking my son tie and he's like hey dad, those kids, We're talking so much shit and I said what I like tat: you, the team that you just be like the kid. They were talking shit to you, the entire house, a dead. They like any more few kids. I wants any names, but this is to do so. For what you're saying in the midst of being beaten, by a young squad.
These cats was run in their mouths. I couldn't for the life of me get over. It haunted me all night, but I drink multiple births thinking about that shit like they were really out there. That's how much work I have to do as a coach are clearly failed them, but when you're out there talking shit in the process of getting be roger edges, Andrews I'm a little younger than you are a lot younger than you, but I just thought there were rules to the game roger. I just thought that there were just rules to be follow. You know like not necessarily. As you know, the unwritten rules on tar and about you know what I mean codes are a thing of the past. I thought there was cut. Goldsboro brow like a year. What team and hasn't done anything before you, you care we talk shit like that. You know and if you do talks to a young team like you're, not here, yet least when the game, but when
ass, I subscribe to just where I'm at this is where I have just set up baby: I'm getting old sovereignty, get old and loss, which is fair. We do this, we know- and you know, but I just feel like their wages. There's this. You know what our rules out here is endless. Share, let's go. Let's do it do not Happens in every jim walk into like a believer braggin, so angry why are you I'll you're throwing trees to your dome after you hit a three and your down? Twenty seven bra therefore, I am doing likewise No, you know what are we the we? It goes back to your old point. Bro. We only we don't however, show highlights that. Are charges anymore, brow weed ever show highlights of man. I don't winning winning please no have to blame are growing. Please should be highlighted air. We saw it
dont, but we also saw like what we saw was a tv we started. Don't you have also. We saw. You, like three or four backdoor cuts in a row. I'm sorry, I'm just now I know we do not necessarily pay out is really pissed off about this curve. Algae com had. This is like the top of the show right like it was like talking about this, and I didn't know if I wanted to get into it just yet right, because I just didn't want to unlock this outrageous nov we're getting into the holiday season holiday, cheer, but fuck that band. Let me let it all out, go: go, go, go, I'm gonna go get it because it's the cell for, like I'm down twenty seven and celebrating this this meaning jump shot lake! the most individual of what you know pressure there s the most individual f, my team, I'm selfish type, a move ever, but everyone does it. The this talking when, when you're losing, insists consistently getting roasted and you're still running your mouth like I don't touch it. anybody like I had
couple moments were like I would like if I was into it with you I'm Nobody knows what you read my mouth, but I wasn't an incessant jews. All this logical thing, our and this is what you are raising. This is based on close that I've seen uses ready at all times for the smoke it wasn't. It wasn't argumentative like somebody at me I'm I dunno who it was shut out to you for sending this to me and putting this in my mentions of raj. at twenty ten, twenty eleven game against kobe and, like his literally just knows that it's kobe, and he literally says you know the fuck. I am I've, seen him act as that closure and go around twitter right and like I'm, the butt of a lot of jokes, because kobe gave me kobe didn't know who I was, but what people don't know about that is that the night before and I the game was. I added the night before hoping I had talked, and you know when we to the game a day we we had talked a lot like we were shares with stories, we were having a good time, and
when we got into that game shit when sideways pretty quick, so it wasn't like you know, at that point. We will help you. You just got sideways real, quick. You know what I mean, so there was a little more to that story, but let me tell you that asked- and yes, I was so- I plead with an underdog spirit, all times it was the only way I could survive right so like I had to always be on edge feeling disrespected feeling like. I other people didn't think. I was good enough. It's what fuelled me so that's kind of the way you. You see me in every clip you ever see with me play basketball, because that's the way I learned how to survive out there by the other thing that really bothers me about young basketball players I've got a my young sons in whose on a fifth grade team and no, I don't have anything to do with their team other than sitting in the stands and watching right, and so I can have my opinions and you know I sit there and cheer. Form and so on and so forth,
and then I'm around these little jokers like an hour later there, either in my car or their over the house or whatever, and it's like, if, if my dad or short to the house or one of my home is comes overnight. Ask him how to gave us all. I had eighteen heather fuck, do you know what you are? Eighteen how'd? You know? yeah. How do you know that you? You should know that if you're really hoping you should know that like and I hate the score, you check the box score in like in the pros or or in orange light, college, maybe high school, a check in a box. or in a raggedy s. Fifth grade a you gain. That means you ran over to the scores table after today, that shows what your priorities are right like that's. What on your mind as the game wise down. I gotta get over there and get a look at how many, but because I got or worse You ve been countenance shoots. The whole game I that's the most selfish thing. I think I could every time you can tell me how many points they got real talk. I think a shitty
and all my teens, I don't know, I don't give a damn BP awards. I don't on all tournament and tournament directors ever come to me over to it seven years at tell you, I don't do any of that shit cause all it does is promote individuality and anti team lake. Feelings and I'm not ended. I like, I think that she should be this. Your team should be your focus. keep your head down. Unless who sought to listen And that is the story of this monday rules whereby this fuckin hope man, I will see you guys does it another dish of my real ones are arrived at another desert of Monday railways or back twice a week, You guys on thursday keep lack ban. Actually jack is out us isn't there. They will see you guys later in the week, man power.
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