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Introducing Blood River, from Bloomberg


The people who killed award winning environmentalist Berta Caceres had every reason to believe they’d get away with murder. More than 100 other environmental activists in Honduras had been killed in the previous five years, yet almost no one had been punished for the crimes. This time would be different.

Bloomberg’s Blood River follows a four-year quest to find her killers – a twisting trail that leads into the country’s circles of power. Blood River is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen.

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Hi, it's Jonah, Sarah hosted the shrink next door, I'm dropping into your feed to tell you about a new podcast from Bloomberg Green blood river. The killers of Burdick Serious had every reason to believe they get away with murder. Her work as an environmental activists wonder the admiration of celebrities in California, politicians in Washington and the indigenous communities she worked alongside in Honduras, but it also earned her powerful Miss blood river follows a four year quest to find burners killers when Berta was shot dead in her home in twenty sixteen, the hunt for her killer seemed doomed. Now, four years later, the family of the victim, the investigators and the accused masterminds of the murder all find themselves locked in a high stakes battle for justice and its playing out on an international stage. Today, I'm giving you a spy
sneak peak of the first episode of blood river joint journalist Monti, real as he untangled false, leads and mishandled evidence. Taking you deep into a sector of international development, that's marked by high level, corruption and rampant violence. The first episode The blood river are available on July, twenty seventh, an apple pie, CAS Spotify, wherever you get your partners, Congratulations to the winners of the two thousand fifteen Goldman prize. The biggest prize in environmental activists can get in this the award ceremony, thousands of people are packed into San Francisco's grand opera house. And in the middle of the front row tonight,
big winner, is waiting for her name to be called there, Council ranged from Honduras April. Twenty fifteen and bear to cancerous is being honoured for her fight against a proposed hydro, electric dam in western Honduras. Foreign investors, the honduran government some of the wealthiest business leaders in the country have backed the project berytus with a native community, known as the link to oppose it: They filed legal complaints, arguing the damn will destroy their way of life, logs and stones on roads, walking construction equipment from reaching the word site Bear tat has been credited with driving the world's largest hydro electric contract. China see no hydro corporation to pull out of the project. Its
a grisly battle protesters and security guards have clashed couple, people have been killed. Few more have been wounded and scarred bear to herself says: she's been constantly harassed, threatening text messages have popped up on her phone. Strangers who followed her Serious vehicles have tried to drive her off the road, but on this night, and she walks onto the Opera house stage. None of that, seems to rattle her. She unfolds your speech at the podium. An adjustment. That is when just look familiar online Closest friends have never seen her like this said Today, Nowheres genes and T shirts tonight, she's wearing a sparkling pale rose gowns, but her son. All the same smile is something her friends and colleagues have always talked about
the smile has a way of making people feel comfortable. And how, as soon as that happens there to switch, is things tries to make those same people feel a little uncomfortable agitation. Disruption, provocations, women's that's what she's going for this, but it This brought them also, though John Dimple That boy says yes, it's a call to action. She says the world needs to wake up its running out of time. She says greed, racism is an old. Patriarchal systems are destroying us. By selling other previous. You copy tallies that you'd, better go Europe has been delivering that message in different ways for decades. Did she tag along with her mom to protests she cofounded huh?
own Human Rights Organization, when she was just twenty two now at forty four years old she's reach the pinnacle of her career. They require the perennial at eleven p s. I mean my wedding I will no Rio Blanco. Alcove being she closed, the speech by dedicating your to all the rebels out there to her mother So the lingua indigenous community and lastly, to all the martyrs who lost their lives, defending natural resources which addresses in a lot of stories. This would be the end. A grass roots Its environmental activists achieves international acclaim. After years of struggling for her costs, Isn't one of those stories. Knights Award puts a spotlight on Barrett
Anger in resentment, she's inspired over the years, intensified Its glare bear TAT, will go back to Honduras. Continue to speak out against the down. But in less than a year, she'll be silenced Providence environmental rights activists was shot dead in Honduras. On Thursday she was killed more than one hundred other activists in two thousand and ten and what's become with deadliest country in the world for environment. My name is Monti, real investigative journalist, four billion mercury. This is blood river it's the story of a murder, a murder in a place where murderers, or about ninety seven percent of all killing relief, unsolved and unpunished.
Where environmental activists have become resistant, tart The homicide investigation was full of surprises from day one now more than four years on it, revealing new twists. We think it's possible that there is more to this. Crime then has been exposed. So far I always thought that the government will dare to touch her. I always felt that she would frightened and should be defamed, and they try sundered a to prison, but I never actually thought that the government would dare kill her
We'll dive into those accusations will follow. Strands of evidence on zigzagging path that will lead towards some of the most powerful institutions in Honduras. Before long foreign governments in international investors will have to confront the same question who, in the end is really responsible for the death of bare to castle and is more people. Get drawn into that mystery. More blood will be shed. It's not a good situation. People can literally get away with murder convicting people previously thought to be untouchable, serious crimes and pay. The consequences are concerned. A very, very important. This is s case, and this is so important.
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