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Introducing Prognosis Daily: Coronavirus


With Covid-19 crippling much of the world, there’s intense uncertainty about what’s next. In the United States, it’s hard to envision when the economy, and our lives, will get back to normal. But it turns out there is a plan to beat the virus, and to get the country back to work. The question is whether the government will follow it. Health reporter Anna Edney spoke to Scott Gottlieb, a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner and current informal adviser to the White House, about what happens in the coming months, and years.

Harnessing Bloomberg's reporting from every continent, Bloomberg's Prognosis Daily: Coronavirus brings the news, data and analysis you need for living in the time of Covid-19. In around ten minutes, the show explains the latest developments in health and science, the impact on individuals, industries and governments and the adaptions they are making in the face of the global pandemic. Come back every weekday afternoon for a short dose of the best information about the novel coronavirus from more than 120 bureaus around the world.

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