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Detective novels. Personal memoirs. Patient notes. Marty spent hundreds of hours typing and re-typing them all, until he finally had enough.

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Who the bullet tour into Salvatore Mottoes right arm in the meat of his vices. A gun, was a small twenty two caliber. This is the final scene of unpublished, murder. Mystery called some like a big if being read by an actor, but the author is, I cursed, COS a second bullet or into the older man groin Chris Amato had apparently been aiming for his genitalia. He was a bleeding profusely. He finally seem to realise that his son fully intended to kill him The novels here is a brilliant but misunderstood psychiatrist, Dr Jamie, Why did you kill him? Chris? I didn't kill Jamie. You did the police are going to find this gun in your hand, many writers I borrowed,
who own life in his vixen like Ike? We grew up in New York and was valedictorian of his med school class and he's gonna thriving practice. I Manhattans side, but Jamie uses his powers of psychiatry free to solve crimes. What made you finally realize it was me The first rule of psychiatry is that everything has a reason had to be a reason that the door was deliberately left open after the murder. The only reason could be that the murderer wanted the body discovered sooner rather than later, unlike the nor. Why The murderer want that so that he wouldn't have to discover the body himself. Jamie has twin daughters, just like I, and the books also includes familiar names. Jamie's wife is Cobb Becky in this saga, the murderer prize to console Jamie while holding him at gunpoint by promising to take care of Jamie's family after he shoots him
my father's estate is worth about ten million dollars. My The share of that is half I'll, give Becky one million dollars as soon as the estate is settled all set up US Separate million dollar trust fund each for Deborah Ann Judy. They'll never want for anything. There's a Marty character to others. Doesn't have much in common with Marty markets. Martin Packer is a porter weaken cop, whose both Jamie's best friend and Sidekick Marty also carries a gun which often comes in handy dropped, the guy Chris, don't make me, kill you Chris. His face turned ashen at the sound of Marty's deep voice. Chris appeared paralyzed with his guns, pointing a Jamie Chris, it's over please drop the if you try anything, he really will kill you
Chris slowly cocked his trigger, as he carefully aimed at Jamie's forehead. Marty's bullet finds the bad guy just in time. Jamie solves the case and lives. To see another day. I'll here Then was an amazing. A to right thing whose things- and nobody is right. I quote his books and long hand Marty, the real Marty type them up. Thousands upon thousands of pages. He would say to the books specially the murder mystery. What sort of right themselves! This is what we'll. Tell me, Marty gently touched his friends neck. You, ok,
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Even though he had very difficulty getting any of the twelve book, steady road published seven of those books were part of a murder mystery series, some like a big some, like it modest sum like it rich. You get the idea Marty showed me some of the old manuscripts he still has in his office. Some like it rich. There is from start to finish and it's a spiral notebook viral no book where he's written in printed, basically prince, he Prince such pencil. Ike also wrote Nonfiction self help, books about marriage and parenting, along with a book about the challenges facing celebrities, he even self published one of his manuscripts hello darkness. My old friend embracing anger to heal your life
any word, a memoir on the heels of his father's death in nineteen. Ninety six, it talks about as complicated relationship with his father and how we endured a difficult childhood growing up with parents who were both holocaust survivor the most important event of my life occurred before I was born. I was ten years old before I realise that my parents had survived the Holocaust. I had sooner. I believe that they have engaged in sexual intercourse to conceive me it's not like. There was a dearth of clues. They both had concentration camp numbers, prominently branded on their forms, both obvious immigrants. Speaking in Writing- English with difficulty, I didn't have any grandparents had one aunt and uncle, and my wedding. My extended family numbered seven miles equivalent numbered one hundred and forty and those with just the books. I also wrote it
occasional columns for the New York jewish weak and countless letters to the editor They had an extremely high hit rate on the letters rode to the editor, I would say, we're seventy. Seventy five percent of the letters he wrote to the editor were published between the letters, the books and various lecturers, turned out a lot of handwritten pages. And as a result, much of Morty's freetime became consumed with typing those handwritten pages. I was the only one who did it with did secretarial work for him, his wife didn't do it his kids didn't do it for him is the one who used to remember how you started. Doing that like did you offered it? Do I don't have a If your recollection, I gotta, believe he it we just for a float into that, because we started. I started typing his letters to the editor and certain other introductory speeches than he would give at various
a ceremonial events that he was the M c. I never objected to him in the early years of the relationship. Marty felt honoured that I trusted him with this work This was another way that Marty's days were taken up, filling Ike's needs add typing to the long list of chores. Alongside photographing, I get parties, maintaining the Hamptons property organizing summer functions. And all the rest of it. One of the ways Ike exerted control over my life was so basically create a structure everything that is happening in my life and an important aspect of that was keeping me very very busy, especially on the weekends, where I might have had time to think through things where might have had time to Flounder little bit of all of Marty's tasks typing the box became the most time consuming, all of which I typed and re type and
we typed and retired, for him ass. He may continue. Revision. I love being the company writer the often name, drop the more high profile once and there was one place that had more writers than anywhere else. The pen Foundation Galen it's the club who's the liberal world gets the Oscars night. An elaborate dinner with every literary star in attendance. I good results an entire table every year. Hate or by the European Foundation the charity he'd set up with Marty. The pen gale was a chance for us to make connections in the policy modesty has dozens of old letters that I could write after the event. Letters were. I could reach out to the people, he'd met and ask them to take a look at his manuscripts, like this letter to a book editor, Dear Mr Isaacson. Close a summary of my books as well as a biography per your suggestion,
to refresh your memory I had done. With Louis from cos record did Nay insisted that eye contact. You forget and better explained in person. These books have not been. Previously offered for publication. Although one of them, coupled sold for a movie option since expired years ago. They have been read and generously lauded by such diverse friends as I refer cow, ARI Goldman, yet very time consuming, and it was demanding any wise want work. Sometimes I go out to go out. Southampton has been the entire weaken just typing away. Don't really a friend Norman Mailer complimented the anger book, as quote his biography and come back and give him the revision of whatever the chapters were in any way work on it again and give me more revisions to do and etc, etc, but the ice frustration, no one in publishing, seemed interested as the years passed
I continue to struggle with his literary aspirations. Marty began to resent how much of his life was being consumed. Re typing books that he suspected would never see the light of day. I was very mixed. Feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand, I was helping someone that I greatly admired. And, on the other hand, boy because I'm consists guys consuming all my time and I'm paying him, I'm paying him all this money right and that bothered me. It didn't help that I can creasing Lee seemed to take Marty for granted that we go up to his office and sit there and say don't speak, just sit there and he'd write out some Private correspondence and then give it to me and say when we get downtown type it up. Downtown was shorthand from Marty's office and I could sometimes give Marty something else to type
letters related to the diagnosis and treatment of his patience. Only in a few cases that I type of diagnoses and other correspond with patience was not irregular event. Ok, but he would file in here, but he would file. A lot of the material here of anything I typed I have on my computer, it's hard, know who I was sending these letters to copies on Marty's hard drive dont have addresses. But what is clear is that these are patient that money should not have had access to like this. One All the things, found in your office over the years Marty. This is the one that shocks me. The mouse it's a fax six hand, written pages hastily scribbled says, is that two thousand three November, twelve, two thousand three facts to Doktor Isaac Curse cough
From Courtney, love, Courtney, love was a long time, patient of eggs and the facts was full of highly personal details, the kind you would only share with your therapist. I did not have a fax in his office, and so he suggested that she is my office facts which she did. We asked Ike about this document for the story he didn't respond, but back in two thousand twelve, he suggested that Marty had stolen the facts. You received a fax? How do you told you hey, I'm going to have a patient? Who just remember you said to me: I've instructed my patient. The Courtney love is going to be sending you a of facts- it's important that you get it to me. Action to read it, I did. I wound up with the letter that if I had it turned it over to where the national enquire cut it on retired early more
says he never really considered selling the letter to the national enquire. I would consider betrayal and I am, and I valued our relationship and the confidential nature of our relationship, which is why I spilled my guts out to him about every aspect of my life. It's funny. You talk about confidentiality because, given the I you were writing. You were typing letters about other patients, What made you think that your stuff would be held in Cairo? That's Joe! That's a great question I don't have an answer for that and we will just like buddy bodies all the time, but sometime even your buddy bodies will disappoint. You Marty thought I was his best friend that they were a dynamic, do I'll, just like Martin Pack, for Brandeis. And maybe they were for a while, but all that
was about to change. Hey, I'm Stephen Johnson Post of wondering, show american innovations. We go deep into the stories of the scientists and engineers and ordinary people behind the greatest discoveries of the past century. Did you know that file Farnsworth dreamed up the modern television while he was plowing field when he was just fourteen years old this week we started to two episode series about his journey to create electronic television and the corporate struggle that robbed him of his place in history. To listen to this, great series subscribe now to american innovations from wandering by the MID two. Thousands Marty's life had been intertwined with Ike's for almost a quarter century is universe had gotten even smaller. If that was
possible Marty didn't see Ike's daughters once they became teenagers merely saw Becky either accept on the days of the summer parties. His world was now Ike and Ike alone. Marty accepted this, but he was finding it harder and harder to accept a price tag, it was one month. I paid him something like any other fourteen thousand dollars something for the month and that's rage, some of my I've looked at the records Marty kept his Holly for nineteen. Ninety four, for instance, was more than a hunch. In forty nine thousand dollars- and he was starting to feel like it was getting nothing in return or worse paying for the privilege of doing things. For what about when you were typing his correspondence. Was he charging for that? You betcha you betcha. I told me
I never took a penny more than my hourly fee. In fact, in the last decade, in what M M referred to as the bargain of the century, I charge significantly less, but Marty was start To feel used, it always bothered me that I was sometimes who is today an extra. Forty five minutes or now, while he did some private our the writing of condolence letter or doing this or that it whatever and I was getting build that for hundreds of dollars, because state over Marty has a degree in accounting so he's off. Always running a tally in his head, and the fees for, I want the only thing that origin Associated Fabrics was index There was a long term, Slow bleed if you get the yearly numbers, they don't go down dramatically. Sam Samson, Ike's, childhood friend had become a have seized director of operations.
Could see it just like everyone else. I had instituted some pilot is about pricing that I think a lot. Our customers did not like, but again the hall Industry pitting was tanking, but by far the biggest grain the company. Was the Manhattan rank you little to figure it out you have to be any great credit. Mind. It was simple. Bruce no sera watch the company's struggles with increasing alarm. Uniform x amount of dollars a year. If you only bringing in why methodology The warehouse was on twenty fifth street why in the middle of Manhattan and the rent Manhattan high twenty five five thousand dollars a month. It hadn't been a problem during the boom years, but now I should like we can't afford this since just gonna suck way too much money out of the company over quarter million dollars a year and he said: okay go find another space. So
that time we found the wonderful space on the West side seem myself Marty all went together one afternoon if the work we walk through an it was. It was really a good deal less. Where footage half they were gonna charges on is twice history. The one person who didn't like the space was Ike, Mr Isaacs demons. Somebody and I sat down. We talk about this in that MRS want to speak to Mr Stevenson. Because it was explained to him we even wider tell him what the hell's going on with the money in this company. Nobody will give a bush, we could break the company, but when Marty came back the Bruce he had bad NEWS Make up he's right. That's what you mean you didn't you spoke to me says: no, that's no good presently went through this litany. Bruce knew the situation was desperate, so he decided to go talk to Ike himself.
As it is a bad situation. I said we can save a lot of money. I listen to Bruce and then I can explain the real problem with the new space. Was the neighbourhood Bruce says I listed off all the problems with the neighbourhood, a regular clientele of programmes People should not been smoking into all kinds of things you had just malcontents in general. On the block, I confirmed to me that he had concerns about safety concerns. Ike says that Marty but Bruce only remembers, Ike's concerns like all them. I told them. I look. I think you're gonna bankrupt the company, I said you gonna win the company at a business at which when he told me we're not moving- and he said very definitively would not moving I don't want to hear anymore and if you keep bringing it up, you can of course do your job Bruce got the message. I didn't respond to any of our specific questions about this Congress.
Asian, but he did broadly dismiss Bruce's recollection. I will say this at that point here: Lady was enjoy Jenny was he in charge until the money ran out. My feeling was maybe the business the better These things will improve, but they didn't they Worse and worse and worse until I felt like I was being choked by two thousand, Seven FC was down to just for full time employees who are keeping the ship afloat. Finally, something snapped I had to take charge of my life. That's why, when I presented the idea that we can afford to stamina anymore, I been presented as a question. I presented it as a statement. We cannot for it to stay any longer, not even a month longer in four or five months were bankrupt. Marty took charge, he said
it's in real terms and visiting warehouses, and eventually he found the right place without Ike, not in Manhattan. But in New Jersey I knew right away in my bones. I felt that this was the right thing to do. I the construction company. I did all of that sum. Somebody get my mojo back. It was an old warehouse in fair, New Jersey that had been owned by Liam parents, the Worcestershire sauce company. There was plenty of space and best of all Marty. Bought it outright. He wouldn't have to pay. Rent anymore Marty says that when I made the trip to New Jersey, he immediately found things to criticise one thing in particular the thing that really and under his craw was the fact that I was gonna put up at a television set out a flat screen tv in my office. I'd denies this
but the other employees. Remember him fixated on that flat screen tv every time I looked in the door, the first thing he seized tv still up and what he would say will you take it down yet I didn't get to it even told me, my daughters, the twin strive are laughing at you. For that seriously he told me that the twins were laughing, that they thought it was such a stupid. Idea Ike says he was never angry about the tv. He just felt that displaying a luxury item. In front of employees wasn't a good look. He actually made me swear promise that I will take the tv down I'd know intention of taking the tv down, but all that was doing was on the micro and getting me pissed off the tv stayed, and in a way I started to recede as
force in my life at first, I could venture out to New Jersey once a week and those that's very expensive, because I had to have a limousine pick him up at his office at whatever time twelve o clock, the clock starts. Taking mice session clock starts taking in coming out here, and he stayed here for no more than men. One hour to do. What to ask Bruce is everything? Ok, yeah, Mr S, everything is ok to ask SAM's everything: ok, yeah everything is ok and then we will drive home. I says the limousine was just a car with a d and then he only took it to New Jersey because he always caught a ride back sometimes when I couldn't make it to you, see. Here, Marty would have a phone session. There was so annoying because every session did you take the team
down yet even though Marty felt more and more annoyed, Bruce and SAM. Saw a positive change in their boss. They both believed it stem from the new office and the diminished press. Of Ike Marty became a different guise because heat he had to take responsibility for the decisions in the past. It was always Ike who made the decision to everything is wonderful. Breath of fresh air. We were to openly, if I said something to be paid attention can't you do the business again in some way was a pain in my s, because I got it the working without and only but you could see he he became warlike want more. I knew prior eggs in his advice, which Marty had once valued now seemed worthless to him, It was like a marriage with a couple knows that the relationship is gone called, but they can't yet bring themselves to end
that's exactly. What was I mean? I was basically married to this guy. He my life, my all in all three times a week. I would dear old sit basically his knee and and ask him for directions and wants to what to do and what the and what to do with my he was my life. He was my world. Europe's Right was like breaking of a marriage, Ike's relation Shepherd Marty was on thin ice and it was only a matter of time before the ice. Finally, broke in twenty nine seen Adam Newman thought he was on the brink of making history his company we work was valued at Fort seven billion dollars Adam made. People believed that together would change the world. So how did it all crash down in less than forty
is he would be forced to resign as ceo and preside over the largest destruction in shareholder value. Since Enron, I'm David Brown host a business wars and from wondering comes, we crashed a thrilling story of hubris in excess powered by group. Think a cult of personality and the desperate desire to crown the next tech unicorn subscribe to. We crashed and apple podcast. Now. The last straw was a small thing in September. Of two thousand ten Marty had the operation. It was an outpatient procedure, nothing major. I preferred Marty to a surgeon and help them plan is time away from the office. Marty listed as is emergency contact. I drove thereby myself. I would through the procedure I-
one euro recovered after the surgery and- and I had a car service drive me back to my apartment. Marty spent the next few days in bed recovering I had purchased food and stock, my apartment would so what do we do? for me Marty, Sir I was on a Thursday. I didn't call on Friday as the day went on, and the Sabbath began Marty realized he wasn't going to hear from Ike until Sunday. It's very painful recovery for the least first day or two and I remember being a bit in anguish and agony and I'm waiting for a phone call to say you do on from Sunday. Turn to Monday Marty, Move from the bed to his couch still nothing from hike. When do you realize you wasn't gonna com?
Well, until it didn't happen, nineteen years, Marty had had bypass surgery at the end. Why you, medical center? By coincidence, Becky, was giving birth to Ike's youngest daughter at the same time she was born also at the Embryo medical center, I went to see his new daughter and visit his wife and then came to pay a visit to me alone in his apartment. He said At the mall over that previous hospital visit Mardi began to wonder if I hadn't been visiting his family in the same hospital, would hear bother. To visit. Marty at all will never know the answer to that, but I do know but he never contacted me too, as we how I'm doing there was like, sticking a knife into my stomach and twisting it is almost person. I years I've been with him for almost seven years at that time, and he D making a rough phone call.
We. How I'm doing for the first time Marty wasn't just annoy aid or irritated or secretly was sent for. He was her. I knew that he knew tat. He was here for in my life in a way is like expressing angle by not making a cool it's a His saying you know screw you are you, what you have no right. He I was totally expecting to call and I'm sure, He knew that I was told expecting him to call because there was nobody else and therefore for him not to make that phone call the way I see it is an expression of anger, for years. Marty had suffered in silence, but at this moment as Marty sat and stewed his Feelings really shifted all
these frustrations all of these issues, all of the anger sort of bursting. Out of me. And I realized he doesn't give a rat's ass about me. He doesn't care about me period. I decided to break with him, so I wrote that letter more composed a very careful, very polite letter. I had taught me along the way. You want to be very careful about burning Burgess, you dont burn bridges. If you don't have to also when you write a letter. You have total control of the four corners of the letter. You can troll the conversation cuz. I knew I could never do this in a Mercedes with him that he would basically twist my words and convince me that everything I'm doing was wrong and I knew what I was doing was right. Marty decided, the framers D as a matter of business, nothing personal dear. I am happy to report always well. There was only one problem that I'm trying
to get my hands around, and that is the amount of time I feel I can afford to spend with you for years Marty had paid. I out of his companies account he wrote that the expense wasn't something he could keep up any longer Marty continued as much as I love spending time with you. I feel that we need to adjust our time together in a serious way, and it seems too that now is the right time to do this, as I am in a good place in my life. Here is what I am proposing I'd like to take a few months off and we evaluate the situation in January. My current thinking is that an. Hour and a half per month in your office are over. Lunch will be sufficient for a minimal level of care, of course, want to cry this occurs, as I'm sure it will. I would then request additional time and hopeful You will be able to accommodate me. However, I under
then that you may not be able to see me and that will be a price that I will have to pay. Please know that this has been a very difficult letter from me to write. I respect and love both you and your family. I am deeply appreciative for what you and I have accomplished together over the years. We both where I would be without your guidance and assistance, the truth that I carry you with me wherever I go, and I literally hear your voice guiding me, I'm hoping that I have your understanding and that what I am doing works out. I know that only time will tell Marty drop a letter in the mail and waited Ike's handwritten Barnes arrived and Marty's mailbox a few days later. He didn't like this better, this was his style, basically to write in hand a letter to me telling me why are making the biggest mistake of my life-
The only positive aspect of my not seeing you has been a timely increase in our income. Since I no longer deeply discounting my feet, the most negative aspect- is how much I miss you as understand better than anyone. The reason the demand for my time exceeds the supply is that I am direct with my analysis. Instead of polite I owe you know less at this critical time Marty. I fear that Europe and approach is a recipe for disaster. He are you that my employees were passiveaggressive and that they would sabotage the company and a heartbeat, neither Bruce nor SAM, have either the power or stomach to argue with, they will, press there resentment passively possibly become less invested with a MIKE. Thank you. New Jersey, once a month will cost FC fifty. Thousand eight hundred and forty dollars annually. My absence will cost more Ike seemed
believe that he and Marty with just one conversation away from sobbing Marty's complaints. I am glad that this, degree we cleared the backing, and I will both becoming resentful of being blamed for the message you created financially metaphorically and literally I know that when we sit down together will be able to work things out. We ve been able to. For thirty years now it means too much to all of us not to allow forward to seeing you again until then you have our gratitude, our best wishes and will always our love Ike PM You never sent the fifty five hundred dollar August check the August Party picks and the two montage boards. Thanks Marty didn't take debate. I know I did ride back after the first letter. Does he taught me that you don't get
to a pissing match with somebody that you want to break off from three decades with Ike had taught Marty a thing or two and he was finally using it to stand up for himself after he had read. It Marty showed Ike's letter to Bruce and sand. That's when, when Marty opened up the Bruce and me he was just incredibly good at keeping it radar remain, Even after almost thirty years brew had no idea that the Isaac Stevens he knew was a fake name for Isaac. Hirsch COS I told him to a tall man with you are too good at which it did I did it us. You were too damn good at it. Should I never had a hint at half the garbage that went on with him alike, Sam, listen to Marty story about his last three decades with Ike
was the same. Ike SAM had grown up with until now heat no clue about. I can Marty's true relationship I was embarrassed that was Ike. He was an ethical guy who writes. Letters to the New York Times about. Our people have, to date be good to each other and kind to each other. Harry Scrutiny, Skype or for what is a twenty five thirty years, twenty years awful when you think about what he could have walked away with heavy pleaded college right beside the cash. Three pieces of valuable ass property enough that you don't have to go back to work any more so ready to punch this guy. Out of that gave me a great sense of satisfaction truthfully annexed convinced me that I'm doing the right thing,
five months later. Marty was having a casket. Cell phone, they had never responded, dykes letter early, That mine he sent back. Closing the hearse costs had left in the Hamptons he had followed up with a list of additional items she wanted back, including Ike's, unpublished books, Marty had ignored her, and I answer cell phone and its Becky on the phone, and a very friendly way Oh, you know my daughter's would like the books. She has specifically for the books to Marty that sounded like a bold face he knew the person who really wanted those books was Ike here's where the anger comes out. I had spent as you can well imagine I tabled not only that,
of drafts, but the redress and the redress and the redress and the corrections and the redress not you not getting this back. This is the one thing you want, but I have a new one of more than anything and you not getting this back. This is the one thing you want that I have and you want more than anything, give me might we seven years back and I'll, give evokes back That's really the feeling that I had this was this was a big vindictive but I felt very comfortable with that Marty cut. Becky short, I came up with this. Following sentence, which I remember word for word what you're here. When did to me was evil on an existential basis and I will not speak to him again in this world and hung up the phone. What your husband did to me was evil
I could later tell me that monies refusal to return the things he in Becky had left in the hamptons amounted to theft, But in the immediate aftermath of Becky's phone call, he took a different tack he's Marty one last letter to it Ok, I am March Twenty seventh, two thousand eleven dear Marty. Whether you respond to my letter or not, I need to write it. Becky inform. Of her conversation with you She was so shocked and disturbed by it. She tried to record your words as soon as she was done, according to her notes, you said what your husband did to me was profoundly evil. Needless add, I was even more shocked and for more upset I confess that I haven't stop thinking about it ever since I also confess I am utterly confused in our asked meeting. You suggest
that. We only meet in the city to reduce the expense. In retrospect I should have agreed. Unsuccessfully argued that I instead come to F C with diminished frequency when we parted we changed loving sentiments I have to zoom at that time, you did not consider me EVIL sub, Currently we exchanged letters on the issue and while we, he'll didn't agree. We both signed them lovingly in retrospect, My letter was more direct and therefore harsh than was prudent, for which I apologise, but I can, it by talking about our three decades of working together and how important it was to both of us once and I failed to convince you, but you were kind enough to enclose a check. Though you believed you had already paid me again. You not have been generous. If you considered me, evil Marty it bothers me more than you can imagine that you feel this way. We hitched
wagon together for thirty years and accomplished so much professionally philanthropic early and personally, I sense that our relationship was ending, but I never thought it would be in this manner. I have two questions. Both are simple. The first is how and when did you come to conclude that I was evil the second it what did I do to you? Marty ignored ice letter, but now Marty was completely alone after almost thirty years after losing his sister, his nieces, his nephew, his friends. He wouldn't to find out who, from his old life would take him back
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