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From the Kennedys to the Kardashians and the Murdochs to the Royals, Even the Rich chronicles the dramatic rise of the world’s most notorious families. Each week we take you inside the workings of the world’s most powerful families to explore how these dynasties are built, and sometimes broken. It’s a world where the stakes are high and rules don’t apply. 

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Walking red carpets flying on private planes and sitting court side at the Lakers game, the glamorous life of the rich and famous well at least that's what they want. You to think from the royal to the car dashings and the Murdoch's to the Kennedys. Every single family has their secrets from wondering the team that brought you dying for sex and dirty John. Even the rich gives you the real insight scoop on the drama that keeps these families in the spotlight every week on. Even the rich brook energy should give you a hilarious behind the scenes, look into how these dynasties are built, sometimes broken, and the links there willing to go to protect the family name. The show is part, history part comedy part, gossip and all fascinating a world where the stakes are high and the rules don't apply here about the year preview of even the rich and while you're listening be sure to subscribe on Apple podcast Spotify. A reverie listening right now
from wondering I'm broke their friends and I am Arica Skidmore William, and there is even the rich. We bring you absolutely true and absolutely shocking stories about the greatest family dynasties the world has ever seen. It's a show about power, how you get it, how you keep it and what happens when it goes to your head is also about how rich people are just like us, because even the rich love and cry. And dream and hope and get frustrated when they watched the bachelor yeah that'll, should we say how we met yeah gopher it ok, so eight years ago,
I hopped up the plain at allay acts with my dream and a card again. Alright, miley it's getting idea of here and I I found out dreams, don't pay the rent, so I got a job doing valet parking how we mad. I was a valley to we part cars for the rich and famous, which pretty much makes us the perfect. Able to bring you these stories, because once you ve pair part two Maserati, you pretty much know what it's like to be rich and famous plan, We live in the shadow of the Hollywood hills, so we see celebs in their natural habitats. Like the time we saw just, Ok, are we allowed to name names? Go for light, I ok so we may or may not have one scene Jessica Alba in Cash Warren Gonna fight, leaving Chelsea Handlers House, he was so derailed. And she was a very mad, but you know that's if if we saw that miles did actually see mobilise hiking once he smiled at me, how can grant he was really impressed with high? While I was hiking in fact,.
Like. Can I learn from you how to high yeah you're? It is our conversation via very So what we are saying is basically we're rich adjacent gap and we're kicking things off with one of richest families in the world and definitely one of most dysfunctional, the british Royals, the House of Windsor, the crown the firm. Do they seriously call themselves the firm? Oh, they do Barely Prince Philip came up with it. The ideas that the royals aren't family there, a firm like a business conglomerate or a crime syndicate sounds just like the mafia. I wonder if they make people offers, they can't refuse yeah, but it's always t take it so over. The next for episodes we're going to focus on two members of the firm, in particular Diana. Answer and Megan Markel, both beautiful and brilliant women who went from commoner to royalty, Did they modernize the monarchy, or did they would
scandals that damage the crown and what they wear along the way. I'm calling it an item again from to royalty like it- and this is episode one, Megalomania and Papa Popcorn and pour the team. I want you to picture something September six. Ninety ninety seven and a sixteen year old girl with freckles, is sitting on the couch, in LOS Angeles, completely transfixed, by what she seeing on tv, a group of men, lack suits emerge from Saint James Church, Charles William Harry and Earl Spencer. Their preparing to join the solemn procession of making its way through the streets of London, Princess Diana Earl, you guessed it as the cat which approaches Westminster the camera zoom in on the casket, the shots kind. Wobbly, but then something comes into focus: a card
single word printed on the front. Mummy Prince Harry wrote that card his last letter to Diana Harry was just twelve years old and when that six you're old girl watching in LOS Angeles, sees it. She breakdown in tears, Megan Mortal Megan was one of the two and a half billion people. Watching Diana funeral. I dont know if you member- but this was one of the biggest moments ever remember seeing sounds to me, like she lived her alive like a candle in the wind and how cry again here there are now well after it was over Maggie couldn't get it out of her mind. You might have say she became obsessed with princess die like she got a hold of it the age ass of Diana wedding and watched it over and over so does this mean her falling in love with Harry? Was like fate or was it stalking hardest?
a firm again it was like one of those kindred spirits connections except Megan, was just a kid in California and Diana was the most famous woman in the world, it's kind of crazy because they seem so different like Diana was. This crust. English, lady and magazines, pretty soon the middle class I grew up in a one hundred thousand square foot Mention Megan, grew in an apartment. Ok, what's happening here, I'll tell you what happened here, it's called theater and you have a front row seat. Lucky you. But here's the thing you might not see on the service. They actually do have a lot in common, like they both have complicated families and they both know what it's like to people, see your beauty and miss your brains and they both have loads of charisma. I think mega connected tall that so she went all in
Her friend said she wanted to be Diana to point out. I mean who has it wanted to be someone's to point out at some point? That's a good points. I always wanted to be Kristen Bow and in a lot of ways. I think I am okay. Well, that's where we Zachary. Ok, you always wanted, or, as the best friendly you gotta be ok, how they get I'm just speculating here, but when Megan goes after college northwestern, I think she's still thing about Diana saw Diana as a star someone who is a natural in front of the camera, so maggots but he's theater and she wants to make a difference in the world like Diana Social, ages and international relations international relations and is hard enough, balancing, regular relations in I can imagine the international part of that. It's gotta be so hard, oh yeah, which is probably why her senior Euro college. She take a break from theater and gets an end
ship at the? U S embassy in Buenos Aires, of course, her colleagues a door her. She smart, enthusiastic poised she's got everything going for her, so she decides to take the foreign service exam. You need to pass it to become a diplomat and its notorious so hard like men so hard. But Megan is super smart, not smart enough. Apparently she fails shit though she retake it. Now she has a better. I here. She decides the world already has enough diplomats what it really needs. Another move star there are not nearly enough movie stars in this world and to make surprise, it's not easy to make it as an actress in Hollywood. What's up her career stalls, honestly, it's not even the car hastily start before it can install and hers hasn't even done that plus she's broke her. Only source of income is as a calligraphy her. She bent Le Pen's wedding invitations, I loved
Alan Warcraft, she's, half human half org. You know she had where prosthetic under things patterns, really hot and we ve seen her in real life and she has just as hard. I know I look like her I'm just gonna say that about anything to bring that divided. Calligraphy does not pay the bill. You know maggot actually needs.
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