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In early December of 2006, 32-year-old Andrew Chapman disappeared from the Hilltop area of Columbus, Ohio. At the time, Andrew lived with a couple of roommates on Whitethorne Avenue. Andrew called his mom and told her that he needed her to come by his place because he had something to give her. He seemed to be in a bit of a panic. Andrew's mom, Judy, was very ill at the time and couldn't make the trip to see Andrew that day. In the days that followed, Judy was on the mend and stopped by Andrew's apartment to see what he needed. Judy was shocked to find that Andrew's apartment had been completely cleaned out. Andrew and his roommates were gone. Phone calls to Andrew went unanswered, and no one had any clue where he could be. Andrew's case quickly went cold, and maybe he wanted some time away from family? As the years went by, more perplexing clues began to surface as Andy's sister started digging into the case herself. Today, many questions remain unanswered, but Andrew's family is determined to find out what happened to him.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Andrew Chapman, please contact the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4545.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today. There is a lot in this case, and so many questions that will never get a absurd and so many leads that we just unfortunately lost with time and just excited to get it much exposure out there that we possibly can cause. Nobody does not without some by known then in that kind of the hope that we hold onto right now the detective first of all the time I have not done one tip or ending and with a face like that as recognizable as that that shocking that they have not done one to one
there is the many missed opportunity: Domini dropped ball weeks. They might we go so far. Hopeful for a lot of new leads and they just fall by the wayside, but just keep running into walls. We just think a god No you're gonna have to lead the way you're gonna bring have to bring someone to us. in early december of two thousand and six to your old andrew chapman disappeared from the hill top area of columbus ohio at the time answer. been living with a couple of roommates ends. Called his mom and told her tat. He needed her to come by his place. He had some there. He needed to give her. He said, To be in a bit of a panic but andrea, mom Judy was very ill at the time and couldn't make the trip to see her son in the days that far Judy was on the meant and stop by Andrews apartment to see what he had need it
Judy was shocked to find the Andrews apartment had been completely cleaned out. Phone calls to andrew went I answered and no one had any lou where he had gone. Injuries case quickly went cold. Maybe he wanted some time away from family. But as the years went by more perplexing, clues began to surface today, Many questions remain unanswered, but Andrews really is determined to find the truth aside from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and thirty nine of the vanished andrew chapman story, academy, award nominee carry mall again
Emmy nominees, a week, asean story She said, as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most orton stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited. If in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores oscar nominee patricia clarkson, emmy winner, Andre Braugher and tony they're jennifer freely, with a cat, the award nominees samantha Morton, she said, isn't it now life and always easy for andrew chapman or Andy, as most people called him. but during his early childhood, caused his family to splinter and things didn't improve after his parents, divorced some would say they only got worse for Andy these sperience a shape to Andy, became in adulthood and the things that you
when it most out of life, and he wanted to become a family man enduring building, that idyllic lifers own family, that he never had growing up. And Andy seem to just barely get a grasp on those things. When his life hit, another series of bombs in the road bomb set lead was eventual disappearance which were made. unsolved nearly sixteen years later, as with just about every case. It isn't simply what happened on the days. Someone went missing. That is important to understanding what may have happened to them. We have to go back, Look at Andy's life in order to get a grasp on who he was and what may have happened to him andy's. their duty had three children with her first husband, Matthew answer and Amy, tragically matthew, past way. When Andy was just an infant Amy was even born. We spoke to
Andy's mom judy and she told us about Andy's childhood he's the second oldest I out of five. His personality was kind of a. He was a shy. Kid didn't have a lot of friends. He got made fun of in school. as instead was a teacher. He was only nine months old when my first said matthew. His brother died o his staff, and I am divorced because of what we went through a remarried second person was. Very nice to the andy and my daughter Amy. We also had the opportunity, to speak to Andy sister Amy. She was to give us her perspective on this time period in their lives. So our childhood with a little bit,
Andy and I were ornery kids. My dad was a teacher at the school we went to so we got. We got bullied quite a bit because of that because he was a teacher, he was, he was a mean teacher, so we got we got picked on quite a bit because of the add. Being a teacher and Andy, ah, you know was the an awkward teenager. You know with big ears, and you know the nineteen eighties aviator glasses, and so he got picked on quite a bit. For that. You know when the divorce happened. I think I was eight and Andy was ten and that's really when you know I hate to say that, because I sound so cliche, but that's that's just really when things kind of went to shit due to the split household my mom got pregnant there shortly after my stepdad was abusive, my mom she just shrunk herself. She didn't know how to stand up,
itself says she didn't know how to stand up for us. Kids. Then she had two babies at the age of forty either shit or hands full. I see that now as a forty five year old. You know that my mom, just she had her hands full Andy was unhappy in the home with a step farther in the decision. was made. The Andy would go live with his father and Amy woods. with their mother and stepfather, there was a lot of distance between Andy and amy during this time. How do you want to go stay with my dad? What our dad. Because of some of the abuse and then mom and my step tat lived just an hour away from where we grew up, and then I bet They saw my daughter, my brother, after the third, my high school years, because they were an hour away, but I know that anti struggled in his high school year when I moved. I was an eighth grade, though I never got to go to the high school. My dad was a teacher. Andy was kind of him
of it. So when I moved an hour away, that would be ended, I'm getting a pact on for my dad being a teacher and my dad did need another one. and got married and she are had a daughter that was about These age and pat watch with my dad's wife was not friendly to us children. Then I never lived in that home. So just from the time that I will govern visit, you know and the coldness that I would feel for my stepmom mom and my sister, can't even imagine living that ever when will day like air they had to, though you know, my dad house eleven Mary got my dad and my stepmom and that's the story that that situation he comes up in bed. Thus you know with my mom and then my step down.
You know when all the things that have you any really never had a safe place. He really never had both places of both parents were bad for him. So I heard a lot of research that meant to Andy I was younger because you know my dad took him and left me to deal with all of that, so I I did hold a lot of resentment for him because I feel like he he got freed from all of it, but then, when I found the, everything that he was going through with my step mom and my step sister, I kind of realized. No, he he really, he really didn't get free from all of it. Those high school years were tough for Andy since they are for many teenagers, Amy told Andy found himself in some trouble, but turning around and work towards his goals. They got caught. Smokin part a couple of time. Being a b, an ordinary, and he got in trouble for cell and plot to like an undercover cop spend some time in rehab after that
and then really just turn himself around got a really good job. With the city with worker in in Amy had spent many years living apart, but it was during this time that andy and amy reconnected- andy to help support his sister through college. He had let me move in with him. I had moved back to columbus to go to college. and so he and he was living down there as an apartment, and he said well, you know, come stay with me. I won't charge you to rent and go to college. So once I graduated from high school, our relationship to blossom because we were closer either we weren't an hour away I got to know Andy a little bit better, not living so far away from each other. So I stayed with him for close to a year while I was going to college and he'd still continued to smoke pot and that wasn't that big of a deal you know he was still working and taking
The responsibility is Amy, has great memories of this time period in Andy's life. They got us and a lot of time together, as I meant, previously. Andy's dream in life was to settle down and have a family. This was and Andy, made his future wife rochelle amy too, us more were a huge family man and he was working at a really good job for the city and he had that job for close to ten years spent a lot of time with his friends and family. He loved to go fishing. He loved to go camping, love to go to concerts, we as a family that things together. He took my young, my two younger brothers. They loved the detroit lion, so early in my one, the youngest brother loved the detroit lawyer my other brother loved the green bay packers, so they were playing at something a bit the cleveland stadium for my brother,
both of my younger brother editor, both of the younger brothers church. In that event, we just for always together Andy and I were living together lambeth, but the time that he met his wife later date in so I was need big their impressed. For you to watch and that that relationship blue men and they were in love They were in love, they were very spent with each other rochelle. She had a son and he was very involved m. Indian rochelle were a great match. They decided the relationship to the next level and move in together. They were both hard workers with good jobs.
It seemed to be building that life that Andy had always dreamed of, though about a year into their relationship they moved in together. Then I I took over the apartment, so I got to move out of my little my little curtain corner bedroom. I just remember andy talking about her and just he would grab her by her face and just squeeze her cheeks and he would just be like you're just so beautiful. I love you so much and he just was very affectionate and loving with her. Since we all lived in Columbus, we did quite a bit of things together and they got married and bought a house and They both had very good jobs and decided to start a family enough on she. She became pregnant with true, and it was just a very, very, very happy time that was the first grandchild. So it was very, very excited. My first time to be an aunt he was born in october and a month later
I found out. I was pregnant with actually thanksgiving. I was, I just felt something took it I started on my way over to thanksgiving dinner at Andy and rochelle's house, and walked and ensure that news is pretty exciting. We're, gonna have to grandchildren, so person age. When we talk about the opium weight, stomach. We often hear stories of everyday people, just like you and I who had ever, thing going for them that wasn't Something happened me it was an injury, maybe a surgery, one consistent theme that here is that the person went to their doctor or hospital and left with a prescription for a highly addictive opium pain medication. This was no different for Andy would see. like a minor correction and left him in pain and the prescription had occasion he was given completely change that directory of Andy's life. It was short,
after his son was born, he was in a fender bender. rear end accident. I don't remember exactly when it was, but it was from the talks a bit back. Then it was pretty minor was just you know, and you got your ended. They were gone that fast. If it was, you know, honour a thirty five miles an hour. Road and Andy got real ended to the family that might well better, better everything's fine to current and that's when It is hard to have pain in his back and started to see a doctor for that pain. and that is when the opioid addiction started in hindsight, We can see how this all unfolded, but at the time didn't know she was seeing the warning signs.
She didn't see them until things had gotten really bad those first two years when we were together with a good time, I didn't see any other than just we both had newborns and of her trying to tackle sleep, deprivation and job that all the steps. I really wasn't aware, and well. It was a problem and that's when his ex wife came to the family and talked to us about it and they both were very hard workers and he worked two jobs. She worked two jobs they just they were workers that just really is is the best way to describe them, and so, when we started she started talking about the money issues and that was very shocking per where they were at. She was talking about him, go into the different doctors and just how he would be nodding off at home. She asked him to leave the home. He came and stayed with me.
and then I got to see the addiction. You know first hand what was going on. So I didn't really see it until it was brought to my attention when we were together with him. It didn't I didn't see it, I guess, and then, when he moved in with me, I saw that you know right from the get go like the nodding off, and it was a couple weeks after you stayed with me we got him into rehab at o issue. Andy's addiction progressed his wife, rochelle made. The decision to file for divorce in
could see that he was losing everything he had ever wanted in life. Basically, within a year, divorce lost his family lost his job of victor from the apartment car repose like within a year. Everything just went down hill. He still did by the patient with his son. He made sure to be their forbids. The patient, with the thought that that was the light of his life was a little boy. I think that one, the divorce happened it smiled and even more because that's all he ever really wanted in life was to be married to have a family and be dad in one that was taken away from him. I think that it is spoil him even farther into the addiction, because he locked everything and Egypt in late, two thousand and six in two thousand
if he had been living with Amy for a period of time, but then Amy moved away and after that they didn't communicate much The last time Amy saw her brother was in the summer of two thousand six. When he made the trip, tend her sons birthday party. He went to bring her in got out a rehash. I moved from Columbus back, not burden, originally from an that's kind of one to him, and I kind of we didn't really see each other that much my last communication with them with that summer of two thousand and six, the last time I talked to him was July of that summer. He had come to my son's birthday party and he was already his mine, and I tried of tough loved them. Like Andy, you know, got you gotta get
we gotta get it together. You know, I have a child, you have a child and the whole family was mad at him because he didn't bring his son, my nephew. So barely anybody talked to him at the birthday party. He was just kind of shunned after the birthday party during the summer of two thousand six amy didn't speak two andy. She was frustrate an angry with him. However, their mother judy did keep in touch with him She was also the person who facilitated supervised visits for Andy and his son. He did at odd when he would get drew on it have become. The health costs here has to have supervised deserts withdrew, and so
It's me when I came the house and- and I found him the one night just standing on the corner. He had this huge pool filled a bowl of cereal and milk and stuff all over the floor and, like I said he was just standing in the corner, just staring up the corner, and I didn't know what to do so. My daughter amy says well the next time it comes up. You know you need to go through his bag. Let's see you know, the first I plan there their, which would in meda mad andy, was in a really bad place, but he kept trying to get sober. His family could see that he was trying, but it was a. You'll struggle for him. They could see glimpses
of the anti they knew before this all began, I remember when he was trying to get sober right before he went missing. One of the things he asked my mom to do was to drive him to the different doctors to apologize for taken advantage of them for writing prescriptions for his addiction. I want to tell you that, because it just shows you what kind of person Andy was the little stories about him. It's like He was aware of his addiction. He tried to battle with addiction heap. He went to re, have further direction. He destroyed him inside and out, and so far that, an addict to say something like that, like you felt guilty that you know that he was going to these doctors and he wanted to apologize to them. Andy's birthday is at the end of november, and the last Judy saw her son was when she
Look I'm out to celebrate his thirty second birthday. She had no way of knowing that this would be the last time she would ever see him and that just days later, Andy would disappear seemingly forever. I went to her how on earth way, to get them to take them out to celebrate his birthday, and that was the last time I saw him like a son on his birthday fifteen years ago. He just seemed very anxious. I don't know if he was. He was on something that, if, price I was there. I mean just was constantly looking around him when we were at the restaurant does not acting like himself. You dont riding elevator for the music or pick an airline for the movies. So when a car to audio entertainment. It makes sense to choose audible, it's the home
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you gotta try this go to build dot, com and order. Yours now I am missing. Date is listed in databases as december eighth, two thousand six, but that is really just a guess. No knows exactly when Andy disappeared, but it was around. Them date when Judy received a strange phone call from Andy. He wanted to come by his apartment. For some reason, but judy is very sick and couldn't make it on that day, Amy told us about this call, or he went missing peak, hold her and said that he had something to give her because mom worked right down the road from here that he lived in the west, columbus neighbourhood and then mom worked at the bureau of motor vehicles, which was literally at the end of Andy street, but sheet
I lived an hour away, so he called her and said that he, you know it's the heat he needed her to come over, but she was at home and was very, very sad and you know told him any I'm home, I'm an hour away, I'm not at work. What's going on. She doesn't really remember a lot of what he said, but then, when she, finally, better, which I believe was a monday, whereas when she went over to the apartment and that's when it was all clean out, so she talks about that call a lot about how she wishes that she went down there that day she wishes. She wasn't sick wishes that she would ask them more questions like those types of aid with the end- and I think that that really hold you know a lot of guilt that she wasn't there a particular time and what I can all her is that you were there for every single other thing, even thrill to the law time you know we know this was going be the time prior to his disappear.
Andy had been living with a couple of roommates and will just some in greater detail later on. In this story, Andy's, We didn't know much about these roommates in two thousand sex when you- went to see andy after she felt better. She was surprised to see that the apartment was empty and they were gone Judy. To call Andy cell phone, but her calls went unanswered. Intervention the phone line was shot off. Once leading up to this point andy I moved around a bit and they didn't we know where he was staying. Judy was hopeful he had just moved and would contact her soon, but the swore on with no word from Andy and that's when would he decided it was time to report her son missing Bernie I didn't hear for am. I can get hold of him. I guess I didn't go to the police for a couple months, because I thought you don't think
I just thought you know, or maybe they moved somewhere else, and I hear from soon that type of thing, so it was like four months before I went report them missing Amy explained that she wasn't initially concern that something terrible had happened to her brother. By this point she had become accustomed to Andy cycling through addiction. Things would get worse than he would seek help, and This would improve for awhile before taking a turn for the worse again, Amy thought that perhaps he was using heavily again and didn't want his family to know when he first went missing. Really nobody in the family believed that he was missing. We all just believed that he was using that he was off somewhere using and he would come back a contact us. He would. You know reappear though, for the first maybe two years. We really didn't believe that he was missing, waited believed that there was any foul play with
believe anything was gone army disbelieved that he was being selfish and he without being high in an so then my uncle died today. In the lake. An Andy and uncle max were very close. This was my dad's brother, where they were very very close, so we thought for sure, when max passed away, that andy would would come out of the woodwork that he you know he would hear about it and you'd. You know, come the something one mass passed away in two thousand and eight, and we still hear anything from Andy, that's kind of when the family on the distance the women in the family. were all like. Ok, some someone on this isn't like him, the men, the family still were on that he's jesse He doesn't want to be found, leave him alone. How come back that type of thing, for many many years the family couldn't even talk about it. We couldn't even communicate about it and then every
and we did talk about it- you know mom would be in tears, and so it would just too painful- and even fifteen years later, it's painful to talk about it's painful, to disgust. It's painful! It's like that! That original pain is still there. It was over this period of years the andes family assume that the police were trying to find him there reported missing after all those fifteen years ago, there behind him in person to ever knew anybody who has a loved one missing. I guess we all thought that the police were doing something and then to come. I doubt this guy retired and close the case and then again open and there and then the next guy close the case, and we don't even think that you know the contact them to see what was going on. We just assume something was being diner, they would get in touch with us, and so we lost a lot of precious time. He had gotten into trouble in two thousand five and amiably
But this is the reason his case was closed early on in two thousand and five andy pulled over a parking arise down on the o campus and he was found where I believe the opium voyage was issued a ticket for that he had a four day week. This court- it was in two thousand and six, but it was the arrest for possession of drugs, is what the charge was. When I was April two thousand and five, I know that when she filed a report that they said that he was probably not missing, he was fleeing fallen since he missed his court date and then I sent the case was closed shortly after it was opened by a fleeing felon and then the the missing persons case was opened up again shortly after that in two thousand and seven
judy, told us at any had this warrant because he was still using his ex wife's address and didn't we, if the notice from the court in time to appear but judy no too much more so they And a letter to my shell, Andy's ex wife, saying that he is have to appear in court at a certain date, but they didn't have andy's address where he was women, so she got that she gave it to me and I think the time has come to my bout it the day at the time had passed so and, and he was like- I'm not going to jail, I mean he was just very upset when I told them about that. So then he a warrant out for his arrest. So that was before he just before. He went nothing now after the family realise at the columbus police department, has done much to find Andy and had actually call just missing persons case more than once Amy D,
did that it was time for her to take the reins and start looking for her brother on her own. This is She began to piece together who was in Andy's life when he went missing and what was happy in the lead up to his disappearance. We didn't know the people Andy had been living with or how he came to be acquainted with them. Only knew that they were living together in an apartment on white thorn avenue in Columbus s judy, I met them once, but she didn't know much more about them. He was living with to a man and a woman in a bad area of town come to find out. They were drug users that family were were drug users. I met them just once briefly for a few minutes, because I went to his house on his birthday. they get him to take him out to celebrate his birthday later after that, then I went back. I was told by the neighbour that they had moved out.
When someone goes missing, it becomes increasingly more difficult to piece together information, as more we're time continues to pass He found herself in a really difficult position. Years after Andy was last seen, trying to put together a little bit and pieces of information that she could find in order to get a clear reply, of what was going on back in two thousand six amy turn social media with the hope tat. Some one would know something this when a man named jeremy contact at her and gave her information journeys, The anti had lived with him in two thousand six for a short period of time. He was able
give Amy the names of the people he believed and he went to live with doug and Jan I created a facebook page, I want to say two thousand and twelve, and so he reached out to me on facebook, and that was the first time I had any contact with him and Jeremy has been interviewed by the police by our detective. He used to work with Andy at the courthouse and based on what Jeremy sent me was that and he needed a place to stay so Jeremy offered his home, and it says here this message from Jeremy because of my kids and the troubles Andy was having. He was going to leave the home and stay with other friends, and he had an addiction and imprint
he said but wanted to do the right thing for empathy and that's why I asked him to move because of my kids. I can't say for sure he was staying with dozen jan, but I assumed after that day I never heard from Andy. He believes that he was collected. The dog and jan through a mutual friend is Jamie bullock, and so we have not had any contact with jamie balk at this time. I dont know if the private investigator had talked to jamie it. We also gave the detective her information as well to see how how they got connected but we believe it's er jamie bullock, because she's cousins with jeremy who you are- and he was staying with the summer of one sex or jamie Bulloch with somebody else that we never had heard of until Jeremy said something with the assistance of a prize
Investigator Amy learn more about dug and jan. We had a private investigator and lily paisley swore she's, just pro bono, so dugan down too he was living like. I never got to meet them, but Jan as now divorced from down. she's moved on with her. You know she didn't do other things while lily actually called jen and said: hey, there's the three thousand dollar reward. Do you remember anything so she's kind of used that reward to kind of reach out to these people that were connected and say: hey we've got this money if anything kind of I you and so that, with my hopes that if we could maybe get the more money together, it might got some more memories from these people. I don't know I dead, he was released from jail and was crossing the street the delete, jail or whatever and was hit em with on the highway. So he is no longer with us,
jen really Jen was his wife at that time, but let them with Andy and then dogs, brother Paul, another one. That was around that time as well. One avenue the amy tried to pursue was to get in contact with the owner of the hurt that andy was living out with jug and jan. She wanted to if she had any information about them, just any little clue that lead Amy in a new direction. The lady that owned that home we ve tried to get into contact with her. The thing eat it if she had any information about them and where they went and what their relationship was, and the only thing that we found out. We have her name oliver information, but we found out, was it the house is getting foreclosed on.
though the homeowner had the home made from may two thousand and five and in january, for two thousand and seven the home was bought by wells. Fargo, though I believe that it was probably in the process of for closer when they left mom does not remember him, saying anything about them, happen a move or be affected, or if you like that- and yes, I find that very strange. Oh, we wanted to ask this, lady, recount who own the home. What was your relationship with them?
staying there, where they just renters, where they squatting. Are you a family friend that said hey? You can stay here until it forecloses on. We want to know, you know. Does she know when they moved out? You know to book, so we can get details from her and she has been completely unreachable. We've even had a private, investigator or private investigator try to contact her or try to contact her husband and she is just has not returned any letters. Phone calls email. nothing that we even told the detective about it. At our last meeting we gave him all the information we have on her that they live in it Where did they leave affording address, and we just can't get anything farmer, though I dont know if he has been able to make contact with her the lion appeared to be another dead end in an attempt to find, more information about Andy, his family opened
the state in his name and were able to get their hands on some documents that have been helpful. We weren't aware that we could do this. We openness and Andy's name a couple years ago, and then that gave us the sword to be able to get all these documents. Though we had, we had bits and pieces of the case, the the way that we were able to pull that information was to to open that estate, and this is really something that I'm kind I'm going to go off and I'm going to come back. This is something that I want to work on is a missing person guideline things that missing persons. Families can do because we didn't know half of this stuff until it was too late. So when we open and stay in his name, we were able to pool these documents we ever so bomb majority. The documents have been destroyed. Seven Eight years nine years till we best out a lot of information because of this, but all the documents that we were able to gauge.
None of them were the white thorn address. He used his old address at his ex wife house and he used the address of the apartment that he there was two apartments that he was effected from in two thousand and six and he used those two addresses suggest the three addresses, but none of them have the white born address. That was really. The frustrating part will mean that when we open the estate because we was like, we don't even know the wicked open- an estate and pulleys workers ourselves with japan and the police, did you find that did you did you find this? Did you think about that? I have an email from one of the columbus detectives. It says I have this subpoena in my bag. Right now, I've been carrying it around for a month. I just needed to get it to the judge that when we finally found that we could open in the state and get this documents on ourselves, we were so excited, and then it was just like ugh, though for destroying these documents, never lead Amy to a new address. The Andy may have moved to it's important to note that
he was still using his ex wife's addressed for many things when he disappeared. He was like by doing this, because it was a stable place and he had me. around so much that year. This we'll be mentioned later, but russia I have received documents in the mail for Andy and turn items over to the police early on one thing: that we found while looking through the document she was able to obtain was that a few months four and he disappeared in September two thousand six he had written a bad check had a pebble from one thousand one hundred and six dollars this scheme, like a lot of money, especially we considering that andy didn't have a car at that time. Car Andy had before this had been repossessed. He had a car in two thousand and five and that car was re possessed and when he was living with me, he did not have a car at that time
That is why that check is very suspicious because he had no automobile at that time. So why would he be writing a check to pep boys auto? Then I contacted pet boys to see if they would be able to find out what was purchased. Then they contacted me to the accounting department. Then they said that I needed a cost center g check services, so I contacted them. That number was disconnected, so I was not able to pull any information off of this check. The one thing that I did find out that the merchant pet boys number two thirty six is the pep boys that was located on hamilton road in columbus ohio, so they were able to give me which of the at location. It was, but they didn't do anything, but we do know that he did not have a car at that time. We will come back to this pep boys check and what it could possibly mean later on. For now we're going to
continuing along the trail of Andy's finances before india, freefall into addiction. He had a great job he was putting money away for his future retirement, amy learn that shortly before Andy disappeared, he took out his. Time money and received a cheque for more than thirty nine thousand dollars, and she worked for the government. He had a pretty big pension, build up, Andy took out his retirement money and the summer of two thousand and six he filed to have that money given back to him for hardships. So right about the time that he got the money is when he went missing. When we opened the estate, we were able to pool information about how much money he got where the chest went. It's too long to find
where the czech was cast too long. The polar bear the bank records to see where he deposited that money. So we have no idea where he deposit that money. I was able to pull the records the Ohio public employees retirement system and it states that MR chapman's o purse traditional pension plan account to him was issued a refund on november, twenty nine two thousand and six, the gross amount was fifty four thousand. They kept ten thousand for taxes. They kept three thousand for child support. And they issued him a check and the net amount of thirty nine thousand nine hundred and thirty four dollars that check from oh purse was mail to that high street address at the end of november. and he had been moved out about apartment for two months. How did he get that check at the first question now? Then? He got that check. Somehow cash,
debt and then went and bought the ford explorer. So those documents we tried to pull. We tried to get how he paid for the car he bought the car reichert auto. We contacted them and asked what the vin number and said: how did he pay for the car? Did he paid for cash? Did he write a check? It was so long ago. They don't have record of it so boom that we couldn't figure out how he got that we can after the apartment, complex to where the check was mailed to and he moved out. They verified that and he moved out of that apartment at the beginning of october, hopers that mailed the check verified that they mailed that check at the end of november. To that address, we are unable to pull any bank records because it was too long ago, which means we can't track where Andy, cash that check, we have not been able to recover any of that money. We are not able. We have not been able to track any of that money and that's the thing a pipe. We only even want the money
We only reason we want to know about the money. Could we want to track it? We want to know where did you deposit that check? Did you take all that money out at once, where using that money months later we used in a debit card. You know that would be a huge to figure out. What happened to him is a big rock where that money, what and how it was used and there's just no records of it anymore, nothing and so no in the people that he was Around and Andy was not private. He was telling everybody he was getting this month, so Andy purchased afford explorer for about. Twelve thousand dollars. If you subtract that from there general? Thirty, nine thousand that would have left Andy with roughly twenty seven thousand dollars in. of Amy searches for information and pulling records. She's never a covered information about: a bank account containing that amount of money or anything even close to it, but Amy believes that the fort explore the andy
Just in the money that is unaccounted for may be important pieces of the puzzle, so he bought that car a week before he went missing that cars pretty pivotal to this case. That money is the reason. Andy is missing where that money, so basically Andy got this choice. got thirty, some thousand dollars. Somehow he cast it bought the car which left him with twenty, somehow dollars called my mom in a panic. I have to give you something you have to come down here right now. I have to give you something: mom was unable to go down there because she was sicker than a dog. Then she showed up at the apartment to three days later, when she went back to work. The apartment was completely empty and that was the last time we heard saw talk, dandy, Annie, Doug, jan all, gone apartment, cleaned out. We have no records of the
We can't track the money. The bank records are too old so that twenty thousand dollars andy is missing. and is the only one missing out of the three of them unfortunately dug his decease, so we ve done all the information out of him, the rabble chill. So we can talk to him. Jen lived arm of her life, Paul, which is doug's brother, has moved on. With his life. Some letters Amy discovered that Andy had gotten audio insurance for the explorer that led her to a account, but not Andy's money if you'd, thereby ensuring that car from say, bordeaux, we were able to find out from say. Other than it was an auto draft through a key bank accounts. and also the pet boys check was on the key bank account. The only words we were able to get
he bank were two thousand and six and the detective was able to pull that is designed to was pleased that there was nothing but a value on that account. I was a couple of and, as that charges that she wasn't able to trace, andy's money has never been recovered or traced, but the records of the vehicle continued to give amy Some strange leads and she's not quite or what to make of it. The explorer was right stirred the month following Andy's disappearance. Could this in the andy was alive and well in january of two thousand and seven, it mean that he sent a registration for men in december and it wasn't processed until Early january amy has been trying to
answers about this for years, though, and he purchased the safe, auto policy, he purchased the auto application policy and the policy was effective on december. Second, two thousand and six at two fifteen p m. Now, if you look at the title to the vehicle, it says issue date, twelve fourteen two thousand and six, and it was mailed to his ex wife's home so from the second to the fourteenth. So we were trying to find out from heard, did he by the car on the second day drive off the lie on the second and then the car was processed in the title, with male to him on twelve fourteen,
and they were able to confirm that because of the record. So our belief is that he bought the car on twelve too, because that's when he turned the policy on now the registration registered par january. Since two thousand and seven I ask that we need to obtain a registration. Are we wanted to find out with a thirty day tat? He left the dealer shook where, in July of twenty nineteen, we had a different detective that detectives last name was bogan schwartz. She said we don't have all information regarding andrew, registering the vehicle at that on january, twenty seventeen, but then I said another email december: twenty nineteen to arm another new detective detective tucker to see if she can get any information on the registration for twelve of two thousand and six or january two thousand and seven nowhere,
hans from her and then are new detective detective headdresses. I asked him again about this. When we met with him last year- and he said he was working on it, so I dont think that they can Well, the registration back that far to even prove that andy registered that car. Unless you can show me a signature that he was there and signed that piece of paper, then you are dealing with shady people and then you know, the other thing was: is that actually just the day that somebody finally push the paperwork through was that car registrations just the thirty day tag finally being processed If the title was sent out december for tee here, that's right around the holidays, so people don't get that people work filed until the beginning of january, the explore the anti had purchased a week before he disappeared, went missing along with him and remain missing for many years, but the event We found andy's vehicle and the people who had
in their possession, we're family members of the couple. He was living with when he disappeared. Now they still have his car, so Doug and his brother Paul still have Andy's car. So we were able to pull the transfer of the the records of how they got the car, so in two thousand and six andy bought the car went missing in two thousand and seven paul. The brother of Doug, who was living with Andy, went to the court system and said Andy left the car with them to get fixed and never came back and he they were able to get a title in their name claiming because, as he left the car now these are records that were still trying to find out we're trying to find out. How did they prove they had that car? For that long? When you go in- and you say, I've had this for six months, you have to be able to prove the start date right. How did they show the court that they had this car for that long to be able to convince the courts to put that car in their name and his car?
Now we didn't even know about this car until eight nine years later, eight nine years after we filed the first missing persons report, we did know about this car. That tells you how long this case that doormat there we finally got with art or detective was like hey. We found anything. More or less Andy's car life. So over the course of fifteen years, this cook family has transferred this car back and forth between members of the family. They ve transfer it to the more they ve transported back. They trend He had a rough sal about who we were able to get the bnp record. Now the car is still in dugan, Paul's, moms name Deanna then run
him and finally, two years ago our detective was finally able to take the car in for evidence, so they showed up at the house, took it in to to do dna and stuff searched it that all their stuff, they weren't able to find anything just to see if there was any blood or anything. the car and so that it turned the car back to vienna? Diana was interviewed at that time. She said I have I do indeed chapman, as you know, that my kids of giving it I made a car, so the mom in a really does any idea, so those are part of the records that were still trying to pool that's where we ve hit roadblocks on this case every time which we would like to find out something the windows a during her research into old records, trying to figure out how this family was able to obtain ownership of Andy's car Amy, received record from the dmv that showed something strange about Andy's explorer
Andy only had it for a very brief period of time before he disappeared in the cook. Family, clean that it sat abandoned on their property until they got the title trance. into their names in that time frame? A lot of miles were put on the explore. More miles and when Amy beliefs, Andy, would have driven in that amount of time. If you gotta be in vain and put the ban and you can get all this information, but on September twenty second, two thousand and seven the title was put into it was the abandonment title and first it was put in to brandy Putin's name brandy.
It was the wife or girlfriend to pour it now, here's another little, but on that they claim that the car was abandoned and it just sat there is what they're they're claiming that's what they said now, if you look at the mileage on this car when Andy got the court based on the envy record december, two thousand and six that car had seventy one thousand three hundred and forty seven miles on it september, twenty second, two thousand and seven when they went in when they paw and went in for the abandoned title that car had eighty three thousand and thirty nine miles on it. The you're telling me that it abandoned car that sat there for six months, wrapped up well thousand miles and six month, gives me from this amber september, so that actually nine month, but they said they got there.
Are in january, so yeah perched upper nine miles over eleven thousand miles was put on that car. Eleven thousand six hundred eighty seven miles put on that car and nine months. That's why they're trying to find out all this information about the court, how they were able to prove this abandonment title how they were the registration, so yeah yeah We are all basically like some eleven thousand miles. I don't even have that many miles on my lease for a year so it was two thousand nineteen when investigator seized andy's vehicle and searched it, but they had known about the explore for a few years at that point, back in two thousand sixteen an investigator went out to speak with the people who had the vehicle? Amy told us investigators. Notes have to say about this: two thousand sixteen interview. We don't know about the car until two thousand and fifth
jean is when we finally found out about the car and the detective at that time was trying to make contact with the people who had the car at that time. She said, since she worked the night shift, that it was hard for her to get in contact with them, and then she finally did she said that interviewing them and she wouldn't tell us exactly this year, an abuse, but she said that when she interviewed the people that had the car at that time, it was by talking to the outside world that they were all dragged out. She couldn't get that much formation about em. So really
for close to nine years. We had no idea that that car even existed now rochelle the ex wife she knew about the car because she had the title and everything and she gave all of that to the detective. But for the family we didn't know first time that the police contacted then was ok on may twenty, seventh, two thousand and sixteen our detective detective perry found and it'd be helpful and she left a business.
At the address she stated her belief is that the registered owner isn't the driver and does it lived there normally then, on june, two thousand and sixteen detective perry stated that she spoke with the guys that have Andy's car. She stated that they said they left call are with them to get fix. Andy was with a blonde female. They left the car with Paul Doug's brother Andy stated he was going to florida. Real
quick and we'll be back to pick it up, and he talked about running a car. He stated Andy was living in his vehicle and he would crash at different home early, moved on to cook kane drove his people rough and needed to get it speaks. I asked LISA at these guys been suspicious. She stated they were hard to talk too. Like talking to the oslo accord. Detective perry stated she asked them. What they do when someone? Oh these, they freaked out and said that was hard core. That's not anything! They had then the turkish perry stated these guys said that they moved way way way out of town to get clean and out of the drugs. Seen then detective perry stated to me as a question: did they move? So no one would come knocking at our door asking about someone missing and then I asked LISA. She thought that these guys,
had anything to do with Andy messing and she said no lisa periods, the detective, I asked LISA if she was going to be able to talk to those guys again that have and his car detective perry said they are drug people. They are not going to talk at all and she has no leads. So we wanted to hire a pr an investigator. She also stated Andy has a recognisable faith and it's hard to believe that no one called on him to the natural. We got the private investigator at that time this led us to wonder. If Andy had any connection to florida, did he travel there in the past? Did he have friends there Have they ever found any trace of andy going to florida, Amy told what she learned about Andy's possible connections to florida. The majority is travel with ohio, and that was the veto festival in concert but not did not have a history that we know of travelling to florida now, another little corp and all of this
that layer mord lady, I was telling you about their own home rico. We found her in florida, she eleven of florida. I believe she's back and ohio now, but when we finally found out about her tat her face per product profiles he was in florida. I so we thought, maybe you know had he had some connection with her now she's african americans that doesn't match up with eddie going down there with them, one check, I mean those will in no way for us to connect the lady with Andy weed. I think that we could find out some information if we were able to what's to her the woman, their own home, and that, with some of the questionable to find out, you know what what's your relationship with jug agenda at that time? Was she just the landlord and two thousand and eighteen? She had an address in florida, and so that's kind of another thing that tripled interest about this woman on the home was that dog
well said that italy was born to florida. You know with a blonde girl, so that also kind of piqued our interest of what was their relationship and again we can't get in contact with her to to get those questions answered and my mom actually a snowbird. She has bending time in florida, the winners and she had a private investigator pull a record on ebay when she was living down in florida. Florida certified investigator answer report a report and there is no addresses knowing nothing to any in florida whatsoever. This story about florida is what these people told the police back in two thousand sixteen, when they were initially interviewed. However, when the car seized and later returned to the cooks in two thousand nineteen. They request
and and gave a completely different story for the detective. When the car was returned to the cook family, Diana cook watches, the mom of the two boys was entered wouldn t she said she never met. Andy then sure what all this was about. At this interview in two thousand and nineteen, the they also had new information, whereas before they said that- and it just took off to florida with some girl now
their story in two thousand, and nineteen is that when they were all evicted from that home that they all went on a three week vacation in the cabin, because that's what you do when you get evicted is you go rent a cabin at hocking hills for three weeks now, Diana cook, the mother said that doug told the mother that doug and Jan rented a cabin in the woods for about three weeks when they left white thorn, so that would have been December two thousand and six. Then our detective had said in July of two thousand and nineteen that they spoke with doug cook. He said that Andy. He as and doug cook, said that Andy
paid for them to stay at a cabin in the wood when they left white born, and it was only dog, jan and andy- that stayed in the cabin for a week or two detective headdress also told us that he had spoke with jam. Jan first denied the vacation. when questioned about it and then later did say that the three of them did dr to a cabin and they took the ford explore and then nothing else was done with the car. After that show when detective perry with the converse, please first interviewed the cook family back in two thousand, in sixteen. There was no camping story, there was no, we went to a cab and there was no nothing back. They said that any was limited.
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ship, separate offers starts November t than ends november. Twenty eightth cannot be combined with other offers, see additional terms at one palatine dot com, Oh you. In episode, we mentioned a puzzling bank transaction that no one has been able to figure out. It was a check. Their Andy wrote the pet boys location and the czech bounced, the czech was written in september two thousand six after Andy's old vehicle had been repossessed and before he purchased the x, nor in december. I thought a lot about this and tossed around some theories with investigators, but we were like. Why is he writing a check to that? So we found out that Paul cook is an auto mechanic repair and he told the detective that,
at Andy left the car with him in january, the cook the car with acting up. So that leaves me back to the pathways check if aided and have a car at that time was that of fraudulent check in exchange for something for Paul. This is what the detective told us is that lets say, for instance, Andy's needed something, but didn't have money so he went wrote that check to buy parts for the cook family in exchange for cash money. So that's what they thought that this check was that you know that it was right in this check in exchange for something like he was fine parts for poland and paul might have been giving in cash, but I was on a
want to track that and his father and I'm trying to find a document. I called every single creditor that I could trace because it has been bought and sold that debt had been bought and sold, I thought button thought earlier. We mention the andy did have a cell phone and then his mom trying to reach him with no luck and the phone was about Julie, disconnected likely due to non payment. Amy told us that investigators did not retrieve andy's phone records back in two thousand seven, for he was initially reported missing. and their unsure if they would be able to get them today he did have a cell phone. I asked mom if she remembers when it was shut off when she remit you'd have to remember that at a time when,
called- and you know it wasn't on- she doesn't remember. We have given all that information to the police and at the last meeting last year told ever get a look at it as records, but now it might be too late in his family, they keep going back to this missing money. Could that have been a motor, to make Andy disappear. They were told for years by a previous detective, She didn't believe there was any connection between these people and andy's disappearance, but things have to shift in that direction. More recently, at the beginning, detective perry from the cornerstone please you know. I have an email from her saying that no she doesn't believe that they- had anything to do with thick with the areas disappearance now, our newest detective? I get the feeling that he does he's the one that pulled the car and from
he's the one that's re interviewed. The people that are within the case has been the one it's kind of really taken abide by by the horns. The past two years- and I was very blunt with them when we met we met with in october of two thousand and twenty one last year, mom- and I did- and you know it was very bought with them- I mean our gut feeling is that andy was very trusting. He would. I think that he was boisterous, my head money, and I think that these to the family that two, rather than there lives or whatever so an opportunity to take advantage of somebody and took that money in and even brought up. It attracted the attention you know is there anything that we can track back and that first year, a case of two thousand and seven and when these people would have had he and his money, but I believe they would have had any money can be tracked any big purchases in their name. Is there any way to see what they were fed
what they were buying in two thousand and seven this to see if that they were blow in want of trash. During that time, that would be a trigger, and so he set about with you know, you're not sure about someone they could do, but you ever something today they would look in jail. So that really are our gut. That is the term happen that they took the money in and that happen to him. Is it possible that andy left us life behind to start over fresh somewhere new, could wanted to leave all of his troubles behind and left with that cushion of Money from his retirement in and ears a man who knew Andy came forward and said he I'm seeing Andy back in two thousand a year two years after he had disappeared, though Alan boil on Andy's facebook page Alan sent me a message stating that he went to high school with indian reynolds burg. It was working for a taxicab company in Europe,
was picking up andy down on us, you campus and then taking him you somewhere down in the arena district. What is about three or four miles south of the camp hysteria and colombia? Here is exactly what Alan said. He said I'm telling you when I drove acme taxi, I picked andy up on hampers he had two guys with him and I dropped him off in the arena district that was to
isn't an eight right before I went to get my c d l. He never said anything about not being wanted to be found, don't know if it really helps, since he was just in and out of my cab. He said I picked him up on campus. They flagged me down around fifteenth avenue and high street and I dropped them off at the arena. District him and two other dudes. I asked for another information. He said no Alan said no. They were just talking back forth. He said catch you later and that was it a Allan said. I didn't know anything about this situation. in sight headed the information over to the detective they caught detective from Columbus. Please contact it now, and so there was nothing a value that they were able to really get information or appointee records. From that alan had told me that his father disappeared for fifteen years and that he wished us all the luck in finding Andy Could this have really been andy, or was this
of mistaken identity. What a former classmate get that wrong he doesn't know what to make of the sighting, but she We believe that andy is out there alive and well. Today they are poor. The background checks are detected. Her There has been no tax records file, there's been no drive. License renewal like there's been no activity. nothing and- and I even talked to child support because there's there were the case, for you know his son and they get alerts. You know if somebody has the reports, employment, you know so they can collect and there has been nothing nah, there's nothing, absolutely nothing! No I haven't, while logic tells Amy that Anti probably is an out they're alive she's. hang onto that glimmer of hope that she's wrong that we had a missing persons of at last
in cleveland so mom, and I went up to that and we got to meet one of the girls that was that was rescued and that escaped that Brian, the cases and, just speaking with her and just it gave use so much fear it and hope that these three little. Girls can go through all the horrific saying that they went through and camera the other side, and you know how to turn this into a positive thing. I just I remember her telling me that every here on the anniversary of her birthday, this she would be watching tv and she would see her parents on the tv talkin about her miss saying that there still king and I remember her saying that it gave her so much hope, and so I just feel like with Andy's case that you know if there is that there is a chance that he is out there, that he did make a choice, that you know that to leave her either to start new or something like that. You know that that he's one day you will see that were were left
and that we want him. We want to see him. Amy has been, keen on finding answers. For years now, she's been fighting defined. any bit of information. She can get our hands on and continues to push the police parliament to look down new avenues looking everything she's found out up to this point. She told us what she thinks happened to Andy. I think he does appeared on the day that he called my mom and that again as a day and question the exact date that he called my mom saw Andy for his birthday, which was never twenty four then about to a week, or so later she called her and said. Mom you need to get down you needed
and did they apartment. I gotta give you something. I gotta give you something and then, when she finally was able to go, that's when the apartment was cleaned out. Now we we tried so hard mom, couldn't remember the exact date that andy called her she's. Seventy four try to remember back that far in so we went so far to try to find the date that he called her while mom was sick from work. So we knew that she had to have taken the p t, o she's been retired. For fifteen years we contacted her old employer and asked if they would be able to pull her p t o records from two thousand and six to see what exact day wait a sec at how hard we tried to pin down the date that he called her, because we believe that our hearts of heart, that that is the night, that something down all the people that I've talked to he was hanging around at that time. He was waiting on that money. He was telling everybody that he said that night when he called my mom in a panic. You have to come down here
I believe something was going down that night. They got all that money is missing and is missing. You know my gut tells me that these two genin and doug and possibly Doug's brother Paul, knew that he was getting this money, seize this opportunity to take the money sixteen years into it. That is what my DA is Judy, explain that today, all she's looking for is answers. She needs to know what up into her son just were whenever give up, hope, I'm sure everybody says latest they want. closure here. They want to be able to I don't even know how to explain that without getting up about it the goal of life it is, it must be stressed enough. I'm a bare of warm and technical. That always wonder and not always hoping that oil
been in an always upset and crying, and you know we were just want that. I guess it's almost sounds selfish, isn't telling you that that we we we need this as a family. in these cases been passed along through the hands of many different investigators, judy toe that she's been impressed with the current investigator. They have on the case now, and she has hope that she didn't have before they have a lot of cases with one hour, no guys got through to catch it work around, but he he know everything in Andy's case he didn't have to even look anything up. You knew everything that was going on and we were just floored. We just sat there with her mouth up, I'm like wow. This guy is really interested, he's really going to do something hope we don't lose him, go we had five or six other windsor we went in there hopeless. They said we everything We thought we then have answers to the time frame at path When we came out there, we had hope again when Amy looks on her brothers life. She can't
but feel like he's been defined by the worst period of his lifetime, because was when he disappeared. Ending had a chance to redeem himself, amy sure something with us that she is not shared publicly before in the mud. Before Andy disappeared. He left a note on Amy's car. It was it only inside of a carton of french rise from a fast food restaurant. This, what andy sad dear amy, I hope The time you read this, you will know that your stupid, older brother makes really stupid decisions, I've continue to do so, and it has put risk that I may not see my son and lose my family It is also ruined my relationship with you and mom dad and the rest of my family. I realize now what I have done has been selfish, really jeopardize my life please try to understand the nine You to help me and my struggle with this yesterday
eggs and call system professionals, they can start to help me get my life back. I'm ready to get back to reality. Please help me tomorrow or as soon as you read this, as I have been living in my car for the past four nights, it has not been a on time at all. If you get before seven a m. Please wake me up. I want to get better of your brother Andrew p s eyes, both of all my drugs and such thrown away Amy field. This note says so much about who her brother was. This is the last correspondence that I had with Andy, and this was the summer of two thousand and six, he left this note on my when shield of my car and personal and I dont have posted anywhere. But I want you to understand
and my brother is not the kind hearted genuine, loving brother, that got sucked up by this hope, you're dead. And it just destroyed everything that he ever wanted. All he wanted was a family and in the end and the sun, and just when you see this, show understand how hard fought with this addiction. He knew what he was doing was wrong. You he struggled to get clean. I feel that, with the way that he was that he was robbed of that chance to get clean with what happened to be a part of our family father in and yes, he did make those choices and- and I'm not- I don't hold anybody.
You are you're the master of your domain. You are only responsible for euro decisions and you know every time that was his habit, his decision, but I feel that if he had been given the opportunity, if, if this has not happened, that he would have been able to I have overcome this addiction Judy also shared something very personal with us that she wrote about her experience. Having a missing child b, I wrote some stuff down. Okay, I wrote the grief you experience for having The child is likely to lives. One is where you were a kid everything is ok and the others. When your heart, silently screams in pain, it's like a death, you feel angry and guilty, because you cannot do anything to change it because you didn't, maybe you didn't do enough rather too much you're, also feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, because years go by without any closer. There are no answers. I wondered when the unkind trouble tears with stuff willing to the point that I can
our libraries. I just want to give Andy one were her again to say how much I love him. So what happened? Andy chapman in december of two thousand six. We know that anti had others mom and wanted her to come over, but Judy, to seek that day when she was able to make it to his apartment. It had been cleaned out and she had no clue where her son may have gone. India reported missing, but his case was closed. They thought he was just fleeing. It andy want that day when he called his mom years later, Andy sister Amy decided she was going to start looking into the case herself and push the police to do more. That was when started to uncover bits and pieces of information about her brother. His finance in the vehicle he purchased days before he disappeared, the vehicle was also missing, but was found in the possession of family members of the people, Andy had been living with was certainly strange. They can
Andy left it with them and never returned after you stated he was going to florida with a blonde woman and would be back soon. Later story changed and they said, Annie when camping with these people for a couple of weeks. If that's true what happened after a while we work to build timelines intractable clues. She was never able to find the large sum of money that Anti had received right before he disappeared. His family believes the money might be. The reason that andy is missing you ve been telling people that he was waiting on this money, the man and Andy's fate remain a mystery to this very day, but jude and Amy hope someone listening can provide them with more pieces of the puzzle. If you of information about the disappearance of andrew chapman. Please contact the columbus. Please department at six one for sick for five four five, four five. We are if he the car back, and they said that we can better
I wanted it. You know, that's not worth any value and we asked them for years to be able to get to pull it in and get you know, friend, dixon and stuff, because you know then happened in you know they use the car and when they I finally got it in it was a bit. It was a big relief that they'd finally pulled it in. It was a big let down when we got the results back, it was up and down crime stoppers of central ohio. Add a three thousand dollar reward for any information about any and we are in the process of starting a fundraiser to collect money for private reward. We have an interview with complying with a lawyer next week to talk about whether ready to open up a trust or an escrow account. So that really is kind of our next step as a family that we really have kind of done. Everything thus far that we can, as far as pulling paperwork and tracing documents and
So now we're hoping that if we can get some reward money together that maybe it'll help some people remember some stuff, but yeah. I'm excited about that. The
brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and thirty nine I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story: special thanks to mark hoover from the catch my counterpart cast. That was his voice that you heard reading Andy's letter. If you haven't missing, left one that you might have featured on the show, there is a case of mission form at the vanished pot, castoff com. If you like to join in on the discussion, there's a page discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished, hard and also uninstall. If you and joy the shelves subscribe now in the five star view on apple pod casts spotify or where we are listening right now. Do you want to help support the show a couple things that you can do. One way
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