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In December 2015, 42-year-old Brandon Helms was temporarily living with a friend in Lakeland, Georgia. Brandon and his wife had recently separated, and Brandon was navigating this new territory. Brandon wanted to make his marriage work. He loved his wife and adored their daughters. On December 14th, Brandon’s wife called his parents to ask if they had seen or heard from him, but they had not. Brandon’s friend said Brandon was there when he left the house that day, but when he returned, Brandon was nowhere to be found. Brandon’s truck, phone, cigarettes, and jacket were left behind. Search and rescue responded and searched the area, but they never found any trace of Brandon Helms. The case went cold for several years until law enforcement decided to take a second look. Perhaps things weren’t as simple as they appeared on the surface.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Brandon Helms, please call the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office at (229) 482-3545.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, you can call or text 988 or chat at 988lifeline.org for support.

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Hey prime numbers: you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download the today. The. A would not walk off. He learned to send in a he largest girl bring on bringing by both parents, do but they were his life, I came here with us. He looked at him like I mean anything fixed her hair. He helped her dress and he's just not the person that will welcome. Ladies, and even thank god at him where he kept how he can't get somebody at just dump him any idea. Why just walk out brandon get along with everybody. You never heard anything ugly said about bread. Ever he was just such a Michael,
going got so for him, the gist open disappear. I have my get into a hint ass to whose, behind it, there is no place, In december of two thousand fifteen forty two year old Brandon helms was temporarily living with a friend in legal in georgia Brandon and his wife had recently separated and Brandon was navigating this new territory. He wanted to make his marriage work. He loved his wife and adored their daughters, on december. Fourteenth brandons wife called his parents to ask if they had seen or heard from Brandon, but they had in the past. the brandon was living with said that brandon was there when he left the house that morning, but when returned to check on Brandon. He was nowhere to be found
Brandon strip was there, along with his phone cigarettes and jacket, search and rescue, responded and search the area, but they never found any trace of brandon helms the case when cold for several years until law enforcement decided to take a second look. Perhaps things were as simple as the appeared on the surface on russia and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and sixty six of the vanished brandon homes story. You dont riding elevator for the music or pick an airline for the movies. So when it comes
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was on the horizon, but this Chris, I wouldn't be like other years Brandon wanted to be home with his wife and daughters who were look. Forward to everything the holiday season has to offer had been a tumultuous year for the helms family brandon I've missed. You wanted to separate brandon wanted to make things work, but things always like this and Brandon, so desperately wanted to go back to the good days when they were happy together as a family Brandon homes was born and raised in cordelia, georgia, roger and gale helms had three children, Todd Brandon and Kelly. We first began researching this story back in two thousand nineteen and interviewed roger and jail. For the first time, gale told us about brandons, early life and personality. Brandon was a sweet chow. It was a loving chow we never have any trouble with random, but he can
if a little bit, but he was loving guy magistrates when he was a caring, like us, caring, chow, explained that brandon was a good kid, but always a deeply private person, starting in childhood and throughout his entire life very, very private person, even in childhood, you gotta get out. I repeated what you do know. Son other than that typical boy, but, like I say he very kindly up in private would be inside it. You didn't want to share with data by an eu that were made with him up until more adulthood. The other narrative, we just typical boy doing typical things and I loved to pull jobs and he laughed he locked the joke. AL severe the elder. Kid really got along and always pull pranks on one another and all this stuff. So he had a really relationship with only the nasal curtains and so forth.
by all accounts. Brandons childhood was a happy one. He loved spending is free time fishing and playing with other kids in the neighborhood one of kids was Daniele, who got it? brandon after striking up a friendship with his sister, but they all together Daniel, has fond memories of Brandon, brandon when I was probably seven years old, his sister were quays, and my older brother and brand The older brother were close, so lived on a dirt road and they Donna dirt road, but we had to cross the how way to get to their health. In my brother not would get in trouble for cross in her way and goin to their hearts. You know, there's nothing bad about Brandon. that I can ever remember. He was always play quiet, but he was there. He was
the part about growin up. You know it was tired Then in clayton, my other. I myself, and we had another friend that so hung out with this that lead right on the highway. So we would p m as we await neck her way to go play with the hounds and he was just so. Laid back in may Her caused any problems, very easy to get along. Where am I You never heard of brandon gettin in any trouble, never Speaking with brandons younger sister Kelly, she told us that she remembers her brothers, protective nature and funny personality. I'm forty six and He would be turning fifty in march It was always always protected.
We were really close when we were little and then you know, as he started growing up, you know I started going. I mean a week. We were not now its causes. We were when we were little but to deal with her place. He was finding. always had had to combat some the that he said were just hysterical. when it was time for him to be seriously with was serious. He was Daniel city or ethan. Saying that he was the most serious about. Was his kid was his little girls He loved the m When Brandon was a teenager, he got his first part time job at a local paper and simply loved it. He had found his passion. Here's roger again he came home. We had for some time been that each year my job here's. What I wanna due to the rest of my life and much more He tried to eat,
studied law about you. You stated it is bad. Nobody dispatch, starting on the way the waning. side, they move over to a mere georgia and the american discharge report, He was always in charge. Bravery. he absolutely eight slammed the news. Tat was here: are you. It can live happy to see that her son had found a career that he loved and that career led Brandon to meet his future wife. I graduated from high school. He worked went to work at the paper hearing in our local time at sea. Saying that he worked there until he got laid off, which was several years, ago, when I was still started dealer the job of importance way out to oppression. He loved it. It was in it lab doing that what he made his wife.
Brandon misty had met at work, married in june of two thousand three miss he already had a daughter from a previous relationship and they went on to have two more daughters. Together, Brandon was happy. He had, career and family that he always wanted Then the economy took a turn for the worse in local. Newspapers were suffering Brandon was laid off and his family relocated so that he could take another job. he met me stay at the paper lockers and one, but I thought you were dead and I got married. You give them. at that time. Baby about eleven or twelve years. When all this happened Here they seemed happy and we just the same. They would. Okay, I went don quixote, all too common fail to take it. Gunnar with that paper, they are year and a half in I guess I haven't been there that bother home
Jordan. Lay man who, when the can, was bad and led him out there and he what he s head, pressmen barrier, then he would later you mustn't. He went to work for the tallahassee Democrat. That was a paper company. He were therefore, while many get later there there he went, he decided to go to school. He went schoolboy arrogantly. Ding, went to college. about a year and a half or trades go. I'm gonna get laid off at thomas bill. That's when I bring his american public stocking his wife. He wasn't bring them a lot of money. At the time we get laid out. Several lay offs moves and attempting to start over in a new career had taken a toll on brandons marriage. There were financial troubles. The stress was mounting for being all from our book. Sixteen seventeen use it
Don't let it go and that's why you laptop awaited her smile. He went back to school he learned, I tried Eighty have ventilation and air conditioning. They really did whale certainly mechanically entire, so The boy oh, but are you if you get over the fact that he wasn't then you'd be ashamed, or on top of that, the money that day were born in one time. You know that the vanished they would be and take a job, The heat in it at company was an excellent dad. I bet that he that he always took care of the girls made sure that the girl with the school, brandon one and nothing more than to provide as family with a loving home and financial stability, but despite his efforts that always seem just out of his reach. Roger mentioned earlier. That Brandon was a private person he confided in them much about his stressors.
Misty had decided that she wanted to separate from Brandon and roger and gale were in the dark about this. Brandon moved in with a long time friend named monti, Roger gale, found out about this when the girls mentioned it during a visit, in with one of his time frames who had helped him a lot. But he moved them. We did not actually know that to warrant is children. We would all have to me. They thought again a very clear to MR mining. So now what did she say them? Yeah, hey laissez passer to his work. Well, you know, where the parrot we start questioning their bennett, no mamma, we're separate me and this separated. So you that's why? those separate you in my mileage much how long you been with market, but it would be traded. Miles when he went missing player
monday unless they had been plans for a long time to the man who stood by involving their clothes money would come Do they have to stay here? just I've been very close friends. She won't work. Only. Some paper especially when he the old and went to the oldest, he already new money through Brandon. Branded. The money went down with their screens in high school. and in their younger years alone they ran and get married in so but they will best brains, I would invite money to their house quite open I wonder what they were geared: have parties or all whatever We can only speculate on the reasons why Brandon and misty marriage broke down brand. It isn't here for us to ask we did come act misty on multiple occasions, since two thousand nineteen and she never responded to any of our messages we wanted to.
Big to her directly to hear her side of the story, but unfortunately that didn't happen gale told us that misty had complained to others. That Brandon had started drinking anymore the cope with his feelings of failure and the financial stress that he was under but Brandon, had also said the same about misty. She did tell sister now that he was drinking son. and had also told me that makes you was drinking. A lot show what we thought they were happy Could I get every time the hand from the parent? You know that the pale green body they seemed had it do we found this out. She just said The second is just like him, completely even- and I can understand that clearly, if he was drinking programme should he probably wasn't she felt it was, but will you now when they would come him. The girls had come at the weekend and stay with us, the deaf about three miles when they were separated
he never joined here we don't drink hidden, drink hearing me knew that he grew up in a home, but the drinking, but I saw him drunk here. We never saw him she private, the and truck in drinking. Well, he never did he never. Mountain alcohol. We ve been hurry now ending about his drinking and now here, then, when everything had the ideals, you tell me he's my man, chile, the thing I can't Bulgaria's glad to help pay the half payment which Maybe earned income has failed. Brandon sister Kelly, told us that she could see issues within their relationship from the beginning, but she one of the best for brandon and his girls. She wasn't surprise when she learned of their separation. We always had walk on eggshells when she was around. I was happy provided in a word never heard of
They are given or get mad or not in our presence on the method and ever so any other as far as I know it was still do it like. I was not. around because it did not live near me. Another more time but The thing that I could see was that their affection two billion less and less and less and less where an. would come up here on the weekend with the girls in just so you know he was near them getting out the house where we know that, though I mean haven't travel, but it's bar what they were having trouble with or trouble about. I don't know he was there abbott, and hear anything any rumors or anything or anything and just tail, but way, thanks things were go one that they were. They ve hit a roof spot in their marriage at that
You know then begin separated it was. A shocker to me. He moved and with money, because it was called sure. Do his work from likely to light park, I heard my mama The brandon has moved down there with money in like one because you're to his job are justified and, and she I guess it released. Separated armies, You ve been told my mama that she didn't live brand name or tell me but the law that the last person until they had to hear under the divorce he didn we don't know all the details of what went on between Brandon and misty. We only know what he confided in others we wish to accuse misty of any wrong doing, but these things are important to understanding brandons mental state in the lead up to his disappearance, Brandon
had confided in his parents that he believed that misty was having an affair. We have proof of this. We just know that brandon believed that this was going on and it was just another obstacle in his way while trying to repair his broken marriage. He tell them. That is why he thought his wife, with it the fire Then he knew it was and he does I don't there the kids, anybody anything lies land about. When do you know who did it all? I think that the house will one day Does that make you gender neutral, and I don't care what she does still our answer, but you do think examining gather It's not like I'm not a radius, ask him about it. Have you ever considered divorce he's dead? He said I have my vows say it until death. Do us part- and he said- That's the look at each and I will not alter please. here. What she does
Well, she does with. I still love her and I will honour my batch and I don't want to my children. Nor would I have awoke at all Again, we don't know if there was ever any affair, but the point that Brandon believed that there was something going on. He wanted so badly to have his happy family back, but it all falling apart. He was struggling financially. He thought his wife was having an affair and wood purportedly during to cope with his feelings of failure. In the months leading up to Britain's disappearance. Brandon made sure he visited the girls every single weekend. He would, can bring the girls to say it is parents house in cordelia, on those weekends where they spent much of their time fishing together It was during one of those weaken visits at roger and gales home kelly saw her brother for the last time. It is time that our football brandon,
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Despite his marriage, being on the rocks. Brandon seem to be looking forward to spending the holidays with his girls and making things especial as it possibly could for them, but brand went make it to christmas that year in december. Brandon had the girls for a weekend and called gale to tell her about their day by day. at the point in time. Brandon was working at a home depot distribution center and he had taken the girls to a company picnic and the number to twelve. Saturday I had talked with him about he'd been took his girls to a picnic at home depot where he worked distribution center. They had had a great time. my tat with the girls and thou excited. Viewed it sighed. Didn't he when we hung up, he said ass, a levy Brandon maybe to mom won't sunday deny. How can that all he had terminated don't take the girls back on sunday to me
was coming up. Madam someone. They were gonna go to, while the dangers which is placed in the master sunday. I did not hear from an all gale had no clue that she would never hear from her son again We think seemed fine during their call. Britain returned the girls to misty on sunday and gale didn't hear anything until monday morning, when she received a call from misty. Aren't they The fourteen two thousand and fifteen thing, I'm afraid the evan shifting from misty and she said, have you thought would an acid not since saturday as well, let's go in only she said we can. the planned him he's missing as me, thing gear some. Are we can't binding What do you mean? You can't find him? She said. Well, Aren't you glad home? He was at home
can't he will answer the phone there and she said I had a conversation with them last night about twelve thirty and he said, weren't? You come home for christmas. I say yes to stop that She asked him what he among remain dead. You gonna be how then santa claus comes, and he said you bet I'm going to be spoiled than she was due to tell me that He told him that he could not come home anyway. And so I said well, I haven't talked to him yesterday. She said well, I was going check on him at Monte's house, but monte decided to go check on me. They both worked at the same place now so turned around a car mochi and he said, but this time he was at the house, which is faster than light, how about we found out he was there. He found anywhere we're on our way down by air.
roger and gale immediately jumped into action to make the drive to lakelet, where Brandon had been staying with his friend money before they got their money called to. Let them know that he had reported bread and missing. Things seem to be escalating quickly, so we get dressed. I started damnable before we got down there, which the drive is about an hour and fifteen twenty minutes, something like that before we got to lakeland Marty call me. He said I can't and him anywhere in the house looks like he's. Had a shower and left. we're on the way he should have already called contacted the chest. And down the way out here with the dogs, I will only get there: the dogs were there, the utmost, ere, you know they will look. You may be aware monument into the house and when I got into the bedroom is look the shit the shower What is the way it s about? What did he do? taking whizzing she's out. Yet again, I say anything down: well
Well, I mean money went outside looking in that we start back into the house as a huge brandon reds and wider? Why didn't you take it mason he's at will we diana deities, liver digits. Why you every dummy smoke at all, and he took it with him. I don't know find out. He hid. I can only his wallet key not with no clothes that enables a coal Amy day vanity. harry co, hatred, when we got down there. The shares department air with dogs. Everything been looking searching, couldn't find anything his true when trot was their path loaded with gas, the shape. Fascinating looking around. We let the late at night was writing and old. Brandon was ever out in the cold war, even in the summertime the hours had on, because he is very cold night person. They could not find any footprints where you live,
The dolls could not even twice him he might have walked off or someone come pick him up. That cannot retraced that in we came. How am I he was gonna, give up his search thing for the next morning, and that's that's all that happened. That was it, What happened with them. We just get, contact with the shared one. One thing that struck gale and roger right away with people were acting like they knew Brandon wouldn't be back. His friend money said the brandon was asleep in his home when he left for work that morning and it up the he had recently showered when he returned home to check on Brandon. Why would anyone assume that Brandon wouldn't be back what if he had simply gone for a walk, One example of this was when roger and gale meda, two montes home. He seemed to give them some of brandons possessions that he thought they should have, including a gun. He brought out Brandon
pistol and his grandmother had given him and gave it to my husband, sit tight this without planned as well at that time we were shocked. We didn't know anything and thank him. Why don't we? but the girl in the car money tell death Thirty dollars was it then he Ghana, random within the bedroom sleeping. Looking than he said now good at me. I thought he was sleeping. Well, the next time. Aren't you told us Brandon was on the couch sleeping We don't away was sleeping at it, said by had been drinking and you want to go out and you just go on sunday and pieces about They went out and shot the guns. Supposedly wicked fan You shot his little pistol, but When we came to our senses we get the pistol which was about three days later. We gave the pistol too Here's to parliament enlighten blending. had not been shot
Clinging there in time. things were happening so quickly. The day that Brandon disappeared, his pair could hardly their minds around everything as it was unfolding. once he had time to process everything roger the thought to look at brandons gun and turn it over to the police. I we know them. Brandon was drinking we grant that day the longest shady wall, yeah. He said he wanted to go out and she is not brandon thirty a cowboy pistol that will give the game tat my mother, he if at his house, their money, he's a little brenner girl. I knew my only the avant garde vacant clear, that meeting up with both sides months after the fact bastone picnic found. So I took the girl I couldn't in my car and I brought back to back home.
did you say: did they went out and shot their bones so, on the same report, he said Where did he had one too? gun that I gave me the thirty eight cow, but the plan here asked to get them. Stop me. I've got it out of the door and out of the bag it allocates. She had not the fire, nor has it been three because it so you He wants to read, you could still smile cleaning bleeding oh and they wouldn't need to go to the syllabus and not go to the dirty we'd have done then, flour, but I your head in their airports that gun I will go sanely doubtful for wage now that you have four intergovernmental overworked gates. Another item that money wanted to give to gale and roger on that day was bottle of pills gale
plain that prior to brandons disappearance, he had suffered an injury and she gave him some of her medication gap. pen ten, which is an anti convulsive that is shown to be helpful with nerve pain. Gale knows that she should have done this, since it was a prescription, medication, been honest with the police about it. we can. When Brandon health well gave him. I guess which was it. You may feel his bed setting a move that he had fallen simum much before that and herds well when he left to go home, I said by non, would you like to take some become with you and he said, frankly. That is really not my bad at the box. He gave us the gun he brought out the bottom appeals, which was fool he's a deal on take these home with you in asking now leave em here. If it comes back, he's been made them market That bottle appeals which was
not everything in the when he gave it to the shares department. The shared department coming in you didn't like when an acid, yes it give him some people. I gave him a bottle of gamma ten and had a few pills in it. When they showed me the bible, it was empty bottle. Was everyone mark and showed it to me? He said no mighty city, wash them down the toilet. I cannot understand why he would do that, Yes, I did give em to him. I said there's narcotic after that I did given to him, but it was for, when my tried to get back to me, a way of encouraging bretton woods to come back home, because least he said Sometimes he browser so he'll probably be bad. They called the shared commitment. There even anybody by your probably just ride back the one they were known him, be global falling by bad, but he didn't drive out, and it was raining raining hard that turkey has december day
I'm telling me he would not have walked out a couple I'm a jacket, his jacket for their accurate eyewash, his clothes minium, watches closed when he was here That's what he may again go to watch him he's, were lying there. His bed, others was down. Only on. His beard was a stated sheet. Now. Was the cover paid it was Sunday. I am, of course, then the That would check embedded even those that, on the one hand, to tell them that the arrow there was no come on his bed. Kelly, told us that when she heard that Brandon was messing, she thought that I just needed some time. She knew that he had a lot on his plate, but she really thought that he would turn up I was at work my phone rang and it was my mom said that there were leaving and go on down to lake lynn bracken? Brandon is missing,
kate funding so. I found out that day. Mommy about was. He just went where the clear say head. I didn't really think anything other than, The last I wanted a clear head, but women I that he only took his wallet and his key, but he didn t his truck. Then I got think thinking: whoa whoa: where did he go see we're, but he had guessed in his trunk and he was of a smoker. He was a giant marguerite wanting let the cigarette he wouldn't. Let it found me, will you I heard so many different story for money. I started kisses something about two weeks after he went missing I mentioned earlier that when MR called to tell her that Brandon was missing, she told gale that the two had exchanged text messages about christmas. Brandon had said things to misty. That concerned her welcome
Add to this again later on, but Brandon left his phone behind and Monte had it when gayle and roger arrived, they told us that mani deleted pictures off of brandon's phone before handing it over to the police. This is them concerned about communications that came from brandons phone. where they really from brandon, and why we're pictures deleted We previously mentioned we attempted to contact misty several times over the years and Monti as well. We wanted to hear their sides of the story. We know that roger and gale are desperate for any clue as to what happened to their son, and we don't know if monti and misty felt accused early on but communication between monti and misty and brandons family quickly broke down. They live in monti and they turn a blind eye to the future of new. And from what we were wasn't very good
it's get to test and he killed them, but from now he would you his lawyer. They would while you're, not here anymore. He galloped on facebook and may emerge going vanden with the gotta. He bought me for maybe day my what he had said. Why has he turned to defend himself, so you have fought. We haven't, accused him They only- and I didn t want she has lot. old any, nor should the chicken feed they having thing found anything this man, so my forever meeting on top a family? What does it all there's some everything on facebook from farm girls with cancer children, who are you to come here every summer and stay with us. We could get them have the bay they give someone keep them did the summer two or three months and weeks there come on, come back and stay with us.
killing and freer checks. We're not catch the checks at the birthday. I don't know if I had in vain. They would I'm not saying by it but spotless. Its drawing? She did a lot worse about the non taking children the grandchildren away from most she told her she'd never do that, but she did to call you that we ve done too soon. The way we did and parson take their christmas crash to a one time and ask me about it rolling accept anything. we see it. I've tried every way we can the content, the girl, she's bloggers from everything we ve said every in the world contact them ass send gives us an closed. Closed came back you I just finally quit my content dollar one day. That's her eldest out does not grant discharge they. Love, like you see, is a screech. Could you please Please tell me how the girls are an idea.
What we cannot do that the data called at work and she said Ok, the ask about our every day by this. In three years ago that this happened as a whole. Could you please tell them, we love them and I'm going to send them set. Then she said well for now just seemed to my house and I'll be sure that they get it. So I did valentine COD Money in it after the market, back in the way talk your mom and tell her that I would like to speak with her in such is the case I back away in a week's time. She a totally different tone, she said, do not. call me at my work. I am busy and I can't lose my job and I wonder what is and she said I dont having information, have you got for me? My mom told me a lot, and so we decided we. Just go to thomas they're. The same can see the girls, so we do I lived babble called
give turn when getting one of their health back in the yard, mischievous in outside sad car and she said, get off my property I will have you arrested? Well, I couldn't hear because we're in a handicap conveying will live- and I said I'm sorry I didn't hear you she said Again, on the same the same thing, she said the first I gotta get in here. the third time I tell my husband cut the diana. I you what she say in it. She said ass, say: get your ass off. My property I will call the cops so we just drive out. I don't if I've done something, I don't know what I have done or what I didn't want to lose bland and I lost my grandchildren too. losing a child. Is every parents worst nightmare, but the home have also lost their relationship with brandons children in their hearts. broken over- that too, Kelly hasn't seen her nieces in years and it's been hard on her
Kelly was in a terrible accident several years ago and spent time recovering in a rehash facility in florida, Kelly told us a her parents came to visit along with her son and stuff. By to see the girls along the way This was the time that roger mentioned that they had been allowed to bring the girls christmas present. Several years ago, Kelly's son was happy to see his cousins, but ups by how he was treated. I guess to a car accident. Like me, pair laws from the date dale- and I had to to a rehab place for three months in florida, mom at my son. They came back the day after christmas, while they had christmas present for the girl, four brightness girl, the winning and they took him to him For my son, winnie in these do stop even we'll get real hateful, don't you say happen to them about Your daddy, like, like myself, I was gonna, bring that up. He was seventy
years old at the time he's not gonna. better. We don't know misty side of things, but cutting off contact with brandons family has raised some suspicions within the community Misty may have just wanted to move forward with her life and fell people were accusing her We can't know how we would act in a similar situation, but ever when does grieved differently. brandons friend the explain how some members of the community have interpreted misdeeds behaviour never met her but friend beginning. When this happened again, it was. First posted and I started reading the wars over the edge. immediately had a gut feeling who is behind it. I don't know why I have that failing, but no. What she hasn't done, I can honestly say, If my husband, even if we were set raided even
My daughter's father was to go missing I want to report it. I would be outlook it, but that's not the case as like silence and I'm going red flag. Some not right you know. Surely the wife is gone jumper? and do a Party print buyers, you know somethin, and I just kept saying kelly and Hamas and went to her page, which we we not friends, but I dig Her page and like there is. You know if some please miss sunday, you dearly and you won't the word out Even if you don't love him dearly, is your your baby, daddy mathieu concerned about them and save. and their whereabouts for your kid. You're gonna make it public for everyone to see
the word out to locate this person that was not case to me. It appears that he's just went on about her life, like nothing happened and just to have him declared dead. Daniel mention that misty had brendan declared dead this True, when we we spoke to roger and gale in twenty nineteen. They literally just learned about this in a roundabout way when Kelly searched for a phone number on mine found about yesterday. I was gonna call middle of the night, but will ask that one o clock in some thomas veil. She got on the white paper has started working by the same up. It missed his neighbour should you try to find the number in atlanta was decided found countless county court. Have, She told me that, yes, that my misty had had him declared the freeze on their way to fifty eight two thousand and eight,
We were not aware of this that shares department that aware this. After all, sure he was declared dead on that the mom said: yes, we can. The damage today become a moment was aware that this had happened. I said I ask, got that could happen. She will be either had ever been taught Bobby. I should then have no evidence and better nobody I'll be down there tomorrow to get copies of the report. This was a shock to brandons family. Then I've been notified and this was against their wishes. Missy attempted to have him declared deceased previously and they knew about at that time. Roger told us about that get down the first time a lamb? She tried the brain and declared do you. we shoulda down there. Only about all over with, How old is went to her to talk to her
and the letters helping me the dogs? And she went and ended in rural didn't have any or little you shouldn't have jackets now this I'm getting. I not back to the channel. We want to build in bought. One hundred down was flows box tomorrow, they sat there in the post office per annum. alone. She never now you they will even there. When someone goes missing. Things can be very complicated in the aftermath. if you have ever had a loved one pass away and you were responsible for handling their affairs. You know that you need copies of a death certificate to close out accounts and high up all of the loose ends. When someone is missing, everyone is left in limbo. There is death certificates, so the next of kin can manage their affairs in britain
in case he also left children behind a misty couldn't access social security funds to help support the girls until Brandon was declared deceased. Brennan's family wanted to help support the girls financially, but misty didn't seem like she wanted them involved for roger and gale. They were shocked to learn that this had been done behind their backs. They I you to be notified of any court proceedings. We risk records from the thomas county courts, Brandon was missing for just over two years. When misty petition the court. in their ruling based on evidence, misty provided it stay. The overwhelming weight of the evidence demonstrates a brand and is in fact deceased. The evidence included that Brandon had been struggling with alcohol abuse and depression. Miss He provided text messages to the court from brandons phone. Saying that he was going to take the cowards way out,
burdens. Family has concerns about these text messages, because Monti had access to brandons foam and allegedly deleted some pictures. they aren't shore, they can trust that any messages from brandons phone really were from him. The ruling goes on to state that Brandon had discuss suicide with others in the past, including misty, decide being separated. Misty do not dispute the fact that he loved his children and wood let them every weekend and that Brandon was a devoted. Father found it highly unlikely that Brandon could have departed the area without his truck cellphone computer and other personal valuable items branded has never accessed any financial accounts or used to social security. Number based evidence that MR presented the coup granted her request to have brandon declared dad,
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our aro dot, the. This december, it will be seven years since brandon went missing. His family is spent all these years going over and over the bits of information that they do have roger told us that he has noticed some inconsistencies in the stories about what happened in the lead up to brandons disappearance there so many inconsistent. stories that monotone. Misty, though, are the inconsistent. It's for money with the number of gold that you go about, brandon whereabouts, he was sitting in a fair, asleep. Second, with sleep on the couch. Thirty he was asleep, is bad, but your master
Did you go and check on him? You shit? No. I just look down to the door was closed. We were so the men, he gets out. We understood that the attention between Brandon immensity worship. Thirdly, had been done prior to may be, read day before but I had been done. Some guy back show you share. Well Hey, do you about national around, but you found my money had actions were ended. Phone no money is a computer voice, if he had accessed when its powers that are certainly found those mentioned earlier, then Somebody know that, you didn t for when you know deleting some papers, you never would say what those pictures were other languages selected for. Why
and you know what he'd do that and the bomb did question him about that. But I don't they will be encouraged, why you did so my reaction brand and finally, the wide open questions. You know. Ok, one day after the electricity, they show up the mess those dead sea planned but believe and maybe he did kill, observed butter barney, headaches: shoes, phone people, How do you know of monday? Didn't I put us in the mischief my boy out of paying very well, I a gun a data showed but did not release your daddy. Cause he would really really smoke with their money went down why money at one about very smooth and maintained. But he's a real smart eric. Any brags about high. He talks to law enforcement people.
and all you gotta, stop you down there one time he said I talked with the police officer, don't even say with another girl, undercover. somebody might then I get they saw him go and come in here and I am able to run over overwork show that person In fact, the sheriff's department can find that they need to know his name, though so after ignite goes about three houses down from now on, he told her. He said She d go again, come again all hours of the night the early morning. She said you don't don't worry about that. He said I'm right here. Working on the cover for all and for her. Why would he tailed their thoughts? to my mind, why? Why would you say that you see. We go on all our night, but see me something happened between him and in their nation.
Stuff like that is so guardian consist. you know that makes you wonder whose current want Roger also mentioned that he has been told that brandon and Monti may not have really liked one another which strange to him, because they had been long time. France. He tried to ask about this, but again the answers he received didn't clear this up for him. There's one that they don't care really another one. Another bullet managed million is much time is spent over the random new out We really and truly, no really know what we can only speculate. And I'm koshy d until list of money garden a random eliminate week, and then, when we questioned monday about that, oh no, no, no, that's not true so we don't know who to believe frankly I may be wrong. I believe they know more than what they're saying now
no stranger things have happened. You know, and that's one theory Do not let the levers come from to financing from there but They didn't relieve the doubts that you have in your mind, only I spoke to gale and roger and twenty nineteen there. Point where they were extremely frustrated, with the lack of action in their sons case They were realistic with their understanding that small jurisdictions have limited resources when it comes to investigating cases like brandons, but they were hopeful that law enforcement would seek out the assistance of larger agencies like the gb, I you can't you, the very small gang had very small chirped one and stay in the day, but limited resource to know it's almost at that, I can do, but I do not handle staying where professionally from where in russia free and that retired and gb I hate told me that they really much to say no man on the moon
were you at all as a potential crime scene, easy the call, the evidence, They are that they will be able tomorrow, it moved on good chance. I trembled all through the house- just got at our wits in living things to happen it stand that may not have a they can go on when we have just finally got them to bring in the gbr. I think they ve done that women patsy much worse, they might Brian. retired is so, our job there was to look for missing persons. He got the co location. stuff like that and look through that And you dare invaded you know those that may be involved and climbed the missing in all this constant, better. until after the gm have reminded that wood from the EU would do come cases failed state. I found a day or so it's just been a miss lawson.
With gale and twenty twenty two. She still had her frustrations but told us about some movement in the case where we ve been through. Like six. The changes Some of them had coded one on which an accident last week had wandered really could die. to a real good, now one, should not bear any more that really really get into it. I mean she even went to the house abandoned live, staying there in the dust on the house. I mean really deep investigation but nothing, but I haven't heard she had the before. We got all the reports back and we never have got report of anything that Karl there s owner heavy time, gps they had their happiness with that monies have is the one that investigate ahead. I searched his house and that was up. We had three or four years later, we have big
and begged and begged maternal juba. They would not do it. One then vasquez good one. She asked him. They won't. Do it a balance. how the sheriff and ask him to do it as a praise? She have not please just turned out the gb out. We ve been through some in this case the somebody this, probably hungry dissolves landed and you should know they wouldn't he's not gonna. Do it the dam He didn't get involved with his investigations. The investigators cases the He said. No, I don't get involved with investigators cases. I don't won't have to the court as to what well, and can you his mouth, entire life and georgia as well, Did you know that he said We never saw any buzzards. I went on the fire tat. We never saw any buzzer's. We in investigators on brandons case several times over the years to request an interview but unfortunately they never respond it. However,
earlier this year, We'll CBS affiliate, w c tv ran an in depth story on Brandon. Porter katy kaplan interviewed the investigator that gale mentioned being one who was helpful, her name. as Bobby Joe slaughter back when Brandon disappeared? They searched the area surrounding the home. He was staying at looking any trace of brandon there. through the house, but no forensic testing was done. When this investigator began taking a fresh look at the case. A new search was conducted. in the w c tv piece on Brandon. The investigator said that they wouldn't comment on what was found, but there were Things of concern, simple, were collected and sent to the gb I crime lab, but they were still waiting to get all the results back. She also mentioned that money and Brandon had been shooting guns day before his disappearance and the The two had some sort of argument, though she, disclose what the two had fought about that day.
Gale, doesn't know what to think about what could have happened to her son. She knows that if you were out there somewhere alive, he would gone this long without contacting them or seeing his girls. I don't believe you stayed, but I believe you stay that believe someone hurting I dont know how are we and why, I don't know Believe because I know in my heart that haiti I have tried to contact someone. there is no doubt in my mind, I the ladys dead, but I have to that he may be, and I don't know was killed. I dont mocking, walked out. Cutty, walk of unclear use death. If you can't you bought, it can't be fine good. He walked in he's in one year? Can they search for miles and miles and miles? Would they had doubts pennsylvania, come down here and check nothing
roger feels as though the whole narrative of brandons disappearance is off. Maybe there is some truth to the story of shooting guns and an argument, but rob you're doesn't believe Brandon disappeared on the monday. They were called. He thinks something happened the day prior He and my good for you may not know about this thing I believe abandoned today. I really believe they're on their sunday afternoon, Well now you know if he were drinking impact of gotten into an argument, matched it the homes. Family remains hopeful that law enforcement will make progress with the case and that the forensic tests will come back with a tangible lead. They aren't give a pope were you protocol about every two weeks down and out to take and those Well, we kind of gave me a little bit of time now. Nowhere to think we do go and we will see they go. The circus belong.
The sheriff is adamant, though, down there, the heat dot in that camp that had a special election and the? U He went there and my niece called him and talk for about forty five minutes and that's when I guess so. I've gotta classified as a whole, but sad, slash speaking purse. four kelly. It's been a long six, almost seven years without her brother, she told us that she thinks about him at every family, milestone and holiday. She thinks about what they have missed out on without him here, but also what he is missing as well, the mister. So much you know he missed out on his girls, of course than there you know their growth, missed out on my nieces waiting. He missed out.
iceland's waiting. He missed out on Monday that got married. They had a baby and he would have been tackled about their baby. She still key. You now remember after eight went missing when christmas here, Why we always do man, my my family, It was so we're not have him here and it still does not feel the same We have our friendly christmases It's hard for me to they are a. I can't grasp than their data cannot grasp it there, I it hit three and the gut with like he is gone this serious. This is bad dismiss him in his girl, so bad at the abbe. I really do not just which we could see the girls good. He now, unfortunately, We can cause, she won't, let it so
happened. A brandon helms on December fourteenth two thousand fifteen. We Brandon had been in a rough patch in his life, Brandon wanted to keep his family intact. He loved his wife and daughters. his wife, seem frustrated after years of financial stress to delay, offset she says led Brandon to drink. His brain and so despondent that he walked away from mani's home with the intention to harm himself and simply hasn't been found. we did something else happened, Brandon and it was set up to look that way. Investigator seem to be acknowledging that they have potentially found something during their more recent search of monies home, but they haven't told the public or the family what that evidence is or what it can mean for the case, when tragic aspect of this story is a complete breakdown of the relationship between brandons family and his wife misty.
they haven't been able to have a relationship with brandons daughters. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear mr side of things, but is clear from court documents that she believes or told the court that she believes that brandon took his own life back on that fateful day. Perhaps misty wants to move on and put that chapter in her life behind her. We simply don't know but, along with missing brandon, the helms family misses the girls to. They remain hopeful that by telling Brandon story that perhaps they might just reach some one who knows something and can help them fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle in this tragic case, if you have any information regarding the disappearance of brandon helps, please call the linear county sheriff's office at two to nine for eight two, three, five, four five. If you or someone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, you can call or text nine eight, eight or ten
at nine eight eight lifeline dot org for support. I think that he was killed on a sunday night and I believe that whoever done it moved his body from land that they know nobody with dirt or send me a different scenario that had called mama on my worst start: Why why would Brandon disappear? What what would patient to that limit? I'm going? He loves his girls. He would never leave that girl, no matter what I know he went through a time where he was drinking a lot, but hey with two way back in their early happy for, even when I heard that he had been youth and alcohol. I was kind of shock. At dinner. Light will well, I for separated it
I tend to the pain temporarily. I get back my heart break for branded for his girl. for his family. His agree work with all level and it just doesn't make sense that he would disappear My heart, you hurt further at him Somebody knows well know anything, nothing whatsoever. We have no clues. No answer and you shall lead and you go to bay and you don't have to think about being more and then you wake up. Merit is horrible. Horrible sailing, a nightmare the
That brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and sixty six I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page discussion group on facebook on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review, follow the vanished on amazon, music or wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen ad free by joining one to a class on apple podcasts or the wondering app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them. You help us offer the show for free. Another way you can support. The show is by filling out a survey at wondering, dot com, slash survey. You can also support the show by contributing on Patreon, where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a case from florida. Thanks for listening, the.
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