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Case Continued: Teresa Kennedy and Bethany Tiner - Hiding in Plain Sight


Two months ago, we brought you the story of three missing people from Chickasha, Oklahoma, Teresa Kennedy, Bethany Tiner, and Rachel Lewis. One month later, on April 29, 2022, Teresa Kennedy was taken into custody. All three missing people were found alive and safe. At a moment’s notice, not only their lives, but those of so many others were turned upside down, possibly forever. 

You can donate to Teresa’s legal defense fund at findbethandmom.com/donate.

If you have any information about the charges against Joe Cecil Tiner, Jr. believe you are a victim or a witness, we encourage you to contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 405-848-6724. You may also reach out to federal authorities with the US Marshals Service in the Western District of Oklahoma at 405-231-4206. Alternatively, you can contact the Department of Homeland Security, Dallas Field Office at (214) 424-7800.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Tommy Adler, a licensed criminal defense attorney in the state of Oklahoma for generously granting an interview and working with such dedication and compassion for Teresa’s pending criminal case. Tommy Adler is a criminal defense attorney licensed in Oklahoma. He can be reached at the firm Adler, Markoff & Associates at 405-267-8242. 

We would also like to thank Amber Ayers for reaching out to us to provide legal assistance initially in the Marialice Clark case but for her extraordinary efforts to go above and beyond to find the best attorney equipped to take on Teresa’s case in Oklahoma. Amber Ayres is a criminal defense and family law attorney in Omaha, Nebraska. She is also licensed in Utah and Texas. She can be reached at Morris Law, LLC at 402-403-7549

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