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Case Update: Johnathan Hamilton


We first aired Johnathan Hamilton's story in a two-part series in October of 2017. At the time, we left off with Johnathan's case considered suspended. The Bastrop Police Department believed that they had run down all of the leads, and there was nothing else left to investigate. They believed that Johnathan wasn't in Bastrop. Investigators told Angie that Johnathan wanted to leave his life behind, he was capable, and likely getting insulin from charity programs. Johnathan's mother, Angie, persisted and never gave up fighting for her son. Something didn't seem right about this. She didn't think Johnathan would have left for this long without contact, and she didn't have a single shred of proof that he ever left the town of Bastrop. In the end, Angie was right. Jonathan wasn't living on the streets of Austin, he hadn't made it to Mexico, he wasn't getting insulin from a charity. Something did happen to Johnathan Hamilton in Bastrop, Texas. Four years after Johnathan disappeared, a man swimming at a park in Bastrop made a gruesome discovery, which shifted the focus of this case right back to Bastrop, Texas, and that night back in May of 2015 when this all began.

If you have any information regarding the death of Johnathan Hamilton, please contact the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 549-5100. You can follow Angie’s quest for answers on Facebook at Justice for Johnathan Lee Hamilton.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download, the today the. We first brought you Jonathan hamilton story in a two part series in october of two thousand seventeen, fresh, your memory will play the original episodes. First, we have re mastered in condensed these two episodes for time. If you remember this story well, you can fast forward to around the one hour and ten minute mark where the update begins. I dont know what to think. I dont know what to bully. None of it make fan. Too many individual pelon different story, including law enforcement, somebody, what happened job
the matter too. Still matters to us. We love em, weymouth him. This is not right. Polar world with two years later and there's no sign, and generally we can find something Six year old Jonathan hamilton left his home in houston, texas on may second, two thousand and fifteen. Two days later, he showed up in basra taxes, which is. A couple hours away from where he was last seen in Houston. He band his vehicle and best buy parking lot. It had run out of gas. Several people in the town, eternal backdrop, including the police interacted with Jonathan that day, and then simply vanished off the face of the earth in this first, What of Jonathan's story we're going to dig into the days leading up to his disappearance up until the last time he was reportedly seen on may. Fourth, this is one
those cases that leave you wondering guessing coming up with theories. It's true and mystery unresolved ever episode. Ninety five of the vanished part, one of Jonathan hamilton story, the. Audible is the home of storytelling. Let your imagination sore with audio books, podcast and original was audible, has an incredible selection of audio books across every jean raw. As an audible member, you can choose one title a month to keep from their entire catalogue right now, I'm listening to unmask alice by rick emerson, it's fantastic, let audible, hope. You discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members try it free for thirty days visit godaddy com. Slash. Am I a or text? Am I to five hundred to five hundred
audible, dot, com, sash and my eye or text. Am I to five hundred to five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible, dot com? Slash am I a. For we really get into the details surrounding jonathan disappearance there, really important things you should know about him? Jonathan hi, one diabetic and also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you Jonathan was acting strange around the time of his disappearance and these have been contributing factors behind his behavior, This is also why in family strongly believes that his case should have been taken seriously from the start, because it was very dangerous for Jonathan to go without insulin, Jonathan angie tell me more about what Jonathan required on a daily basis, Jonathan or the type one diabetic I'm here diagnosed with diabetes. When I was twelve years old ana september, the sixteenth of two thousand,
had to have influence shots regularly. Several times a day, we were told betty with for independent and he could not live without insulin. The days leading up to his disappearance. Jonathan had been taken to the hospital by biomass twice due to help complications related to his diabetes. Jonathan was carried by ear mayor who, through different hospital hospital suffering from complications of type, one diabetes and the warnings were, if you don't get treatment, market body, part laws, the body function, lots of organ function, part or permanent mental impairment up to and including death. Before Jonathan disappeared, he had been living with this pair and younger sister at their home in houston backing, Two thousand and twelve, he was severely injured in an accident which left him disabled and he was living on. A fixed income may sound
two thousand and fifteen. That's the last time that Jonathan parents and sister ever saw him aunt rachel about that day, we live in Houston and job and one more thing he was here with us in our home. Then he was right then, and on maybe second, two thousand and fifteen. They got up. He was acting, ok was no by. There was no argument he got in the vehicle he went to. Our local grocery store but he's got a bottle, cope a body sister, a starbucks coffee. He came home, they gave come to his dad and end the copy to a sister, anne, Nobody knew, but the car was parked about a house and I have down in the street. He did not even plan the driveway. He went back up the door. When his daddy heard the door open and shut, he went to the door and opened the door and went outside and Jonathan got in the car jonathan.
The family dogs in the car. At that point he let the dog out of the car, told his daddy. You better get the dog before he gets run over and drive and laughed, and we ve never seen him again when johnny left that morning he was driving his dad's two thousand any jimsie envoy When he didn't return that evening, his family became concerned and contact their local police department to report that he was missing. I called the police and made a missing persons report from here, and he said, and I did not report the vehicles stolen. I need Jonathan was sick, but I did ask the officer to. Please include the vehicle in the report because that's what we last saw. Jonathan driving Jonathan was located in bastrop texas. Two days later. This is just couple hours away from his home in Houston. Two days later on may before we got a phone call from backdrop setting back the vehicle was
a parking lot on highway, seventy one at a strip centre and that our sun was there. I think it was maybe ten minutes the most we got in the car and took off the head that I had to put air in my tyres before we left it took about three hours to get there and when we got there the vehicle sure enough within the parking lot in a handicap, Pawkins place. Part, crooked and arson was nowhere to be found. There had been conversation with law enforcement on our way bear. I at one point asked them if they could hold me fine until we got there and they told me no, they could not because he had done nothing wrong. In Jonathan missing persons file. Its noted that the backdrop police department responded to a call about a suspicious mail and vehicle in the parking lot in front of a best, buy and raw store. When they arrived. They ran the plates and found that the vehicle was associated with the missing persons report. They began
king for Jonathan an offer, the fireman pointed them in the direction of papa murphy's. Taken bake pizza shop, where he it seemed a suspicious person, the police. Hope to Jonathan and reported that they didn't observe any kind of medical issues or altered mental state. This is They called Angela. Its note, that she asked them to stay with Jonathan or at least keep him until she could get there, but they had no, What will cause to detain him? one issue that Angie had with this interaction that Jonathan had with the backdrop police department is he told her that they positively identify jonathan asked the officer there came in contact with my phone. How did you make a positive idee on my son, they said boy. He showed me his driver's license or his. I be the problem with them. Is that Jonathan didn't have any identification with him on the day that he laughed drivers. Licence was back at home in Houston and johnny
The file? I see that its noted that they simply asked him for his name and his birthday at this point they cleared his initial missing persons report based on just speaking with him and not confirming any kind of identification while angie husband and daughter were on their way to backdrop they received it. Often from Jonathan my phone called back from a good samaritans, feltham from and without being fed Jonathan had a cell phone oddball Jonathan, a cell phone and job and cell phone has never been recovered job and also reached out from gets americans phone and called his ex girlfriend and man bull and he told her tat. He had been wrong when Jonathan spoke his parents. He let them know that he didn't want them coming out there to get him hold him that he leave the keys in the car, he seemed like something was wrong. He did not tell us that he had been robbed. He did not explain that
was gone when they arrived in backdrop? kinda the envoy were jonathan, had left it in front of the best. Buy them He had not left the keys, like you had stated over the phone, his father worked on the for about four hours to get it started. He had to bypass it. Security system in order to get it to start without a key well Family was in basque drop, they were unable to locate Jonathan. And she was able to file another missing persons report. Now, with the backdrop police department the police department explaining how this happened so We finding and then we take him out of the system. It is an adult they can really want is on his way. They come down to start work on a car that was broken down and the they can't find her son. So it's kind of, but he's not be looked for because he's not longer missing. But mom gets hold of another the night supervisor and
the OECD bar yes and says: hey look. I can't find my son he's diabetic blah blah blah What happened? Was the nice supervisor probably didn't backtrack? Those days reports? Then he added dismissing again because we them said he was missing and will want to err on the side of caution. At that time I looked missing. Maybe a law ports will come across him again and we just that it's just the way the wheel turns it's just over and over and over, because I suspect that if he'd been identified even after second time already agency as it is missing, he wouldn't want to do anything with law enforcement. On that particular day and they'd. Take him out then he'd be in her back end, because your mom calls you can't get hold of him and so. But he was never identified again, so because we're was missing, he's are, he's our investigation after Jonathan encountered the backdrop police that day he showed a bullet.
Property that has just under two miles away from where he abandoned the envoy. This is where he encountered the man the andrew refers to as the good samaritan, and this is so where things start adding up when Jonathan had caught his family from the good samaritan phone they all report still daylight out in one it. The backdrop they still have, couple hours of daylight while they worked on the car. The people property that Jonathan later appeared on claim that he showed up after dark that night. So it doesn't quite up the jonathan caught his parents from the good samaritan phone, while still light up, if you, encounter the good samaritan until after dark They give you a little background on this property. It's up to you the dead in road it skated and backs up to the colorado river, the It's didn't live here here. The owners daughter and purchased an old cheap from them. He was working. Restoring this cheap well still on their property. There homes on this property that are occupied by various family members.
If you were to enter this property from the driveway you'd past large garage or born area that how's, the jeep and other vehicles before reaching the two houses, the people who live there, we are aware that the good samaritan was air working on the cheap that night and they receive iceman Jonathan knocked on their door, the bastard. Is firm release a body. Can video to me video one of the men who lives on this property explained how Jonathan showed up at his door in this club heat. About someone ingestion? This is and you referred to as the good samaritan. Regarding a curtain on america What was that see out like my guy an hour watching tv and she came out behind this year. I didn't say that story started not make hocker. That's all I want to hear the stands. I lodge ideal situation, Al Qaeda
the flashlights appear heroes. Are you telling me I want to buy my house, I mean I pretty much told him that he was acting really weird yeah. It can be nervous yeah, but I wanted to Now the fact that here and there I saw a flashlight at their side made with me away by my truck part there can I called Does it dawned on me that it might be just inside called out hey just as far as I can here. I need your help them in it, not one iota what Jonathan allegedly told them was the heaping the colorado river in a canoe and had lost his oars law enforcement looked into this canoe story and they find it to be very unlikely for several reasons. First of all Looked into it and no one in area had reported a canoe stone around the time that Jonathan went missing more than that in order to try
well from the area where he abandoned the envoy to this property. He would have had to travel upstream against the current, the water their move steadily and is very deep. Port detail is that Jonathan couldn't swim. The people encountered him on that property have different thoughts on whether Jonathan was wet like he had come out of the river in the police report, justin or the good samaritan claims he was wet and they He gave him new closed where here's a clip of the people their discussing this detail I have to use the word very stew. Dredge remit What were building has she said, yeah. I was upset because he was saying he came from the river that I fell by his appearance. Master story, hers danes eyes, you wiser, for some reason
above all, there is just as last lie about around the shop and I I also want to strangers me on. My worry is that Yes, it is working so yeah We want the be here yeah sometimes do and go out there and do smaller, guy, okay, okay, so I really I ran the flashlights and you're okay and that kind of concerns me cause I he was lying to me for some reason, and I didn't know he had partners or whatever and would yeah yeah.
As certain as the guy down in the store where he was asking for help and everything haha cause. I need adjusting to go in case. He didn't have friends or whatever on to stay here, to protect my wife and my sister yeah. You call my just following followed him a little bit in the town remember. I remember staying here that maybe I did the get back out wearing only the best when you shop at threat up an online If and consignment store fear causing your wallet and, of course, the planet, thrifting, closing circulation and out of landfills, plus with access to over thirty five thousand brands. Up to ninety percent off you can do a fool that transformation without nearly breaking the bank.
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nothing been on the river in a canoe. He wouldn't have able to see that there was a house there there also isn't a shore line that would be easy to walk along there's just above into deep water. Here's a bit more from the body can footage whether discussing the mystery of how Jonathan showed up that night it was more like eating from the worst kind of rose, because he couldn't come on. Just like that, directly to your point c. I guess my thought processes is I'm on a new course. It's locked, I will get crazy. We all the time and people there right, from the emperor here
the is quenched is and so by hand you coming down the dry boy, that's a murder! I pay it back. All of those thousands are up, thereby down the road or others are clearly the hall? He goes down the road here. How did he can't see it read the hadith and that's why he had a fan just the first of the cr appeal. I just showed up after that ghazi I could bake and brew cause. I don't. Ever just in being there before that. When you I love, you know I was at all, though and I did Tell you sized something here that about the motorcycle. He asked the data that major had become pasture cosette.
We're all that, but you wouldn't have walked l and stop right there s abroad will be a lot about her place. Like saying things about, you Eighteen all over this, partly there now is what was really bothering acres every time he used to tell me his story and then take a pause. I would ask him a question to try to understand something a little better and he would kind of change his story. Then he said he couldn't give me a straight story, nervous about that sure and that's my because he was lying ahead because half decayed it alone I don't think he was in. I don't believe he was his heart and I don't necessarily need like from alcohol and linux the lady Fani king or maybe with low on all levels or whatever something like that. He his appearance, didn,
concern me, like you, seem like a clean, her normal dude about my age, a little younger whatever, but still seem like. He was well put together, set for it, some reason that night is having some kind of an episode and he likes I feel like he didn't, want to really tell me what was really going in his life. He said he wanted to tell me a story that seem believable so that I would be willing to help it and I hi would come after about wonder if you're not from here, you might none other rivers here right. That kind of me off, as you might say, on the highway patrol Oh no, it runs here. I made myself I'm from here. I'm kind have the to visualize. Swaying, and he didn't want to be seen on the way he did not work. Into a enforcement, but maybe he got this far, which is prohibited I'm out, we just don't know it's a good
a mile cross year after year, even where he's got up and down on both sister was primarily stick to one area that no had recognize it back Why you're you're going to require an urgent guy upper? Never somebody here right off! I don't see why we said still I don't u yours, but issues if they combined the ok after this encounter justin or the good samaritan took Jonathan back into town Angie.
Spoken to justin and here a story that he gave her. The power of fiddly jonathan came up on that private property, where the good samaritan was working on a vehicle, and they said he was acting funny. Supposedly, the good samaritan took my son to the walmart and bought a bushel of banana and gave him a gift card, and he even said he bought Jonathan a pack of cigarettes. He told us that he dropped Jonathan off in the parking lot that he had to go back and pick his tools there and that he was going to go back and made up with johnny, and that he had helped homeless people and transient, and he referred to my son as a transient. He had took him to where he lived, and I tried to help people out and some of the
were bad people and they robbed him and stuff anyway. He said, then he went back to that parking lot were chosen, was supposed to meet him and said tarzan who shall he told me that he drove around for a little bit and that he drove a jeep and that he wept in his dream and that target lot waiting, aren't jonathan to come back. These did not release any interview, footage of just into me, I'm just too taught angie that he is only spoken to the police over the phone. Did, however, gimme a synopsis of the story that he told them when he counter Jonathan that night here to give them a ride back into town. They went the envoy had been parked and found that it was gone by this point time, diamonds, parents must have gotten your running again. They then over to a warmer repurchase. Twenty dollar visa gift card bananas.
Coffee for Jonathan Jonathan allegedly asked if just in thought the pharmacy would still be open, but it wasn't. Jonathan stated. I think I'll be ok after that, I took him to talk about worry, ordered, plain chicken, soft tacos, just in report that Jonathan began to settle down and abnormal as he the tacos at this time. Just it offered to drive Jonathan asked him, but stated that to go back to the property that they had come from to pick up his tools. He promised back at eleven thirty pm and meet up in front of a restaurant called taco cabana This is the last time that anyone has reported seen jonathan when just came back at the time that they had agreed upon Jonathan and there he waited ten minutes and then draw around backdrop looking for him, but never found him. He then, we gave up and returned to his home in Austin. There's one meter discrepancies between what just until the police and what china,
his family remembers that has been driving me crazy just in time the police at jonathan, called his man from his phone late at night and base We said so that said, scrooge me, her Angela replied. No, it's not. What are you doing? Let us come get you just until the point he's the exact same wording that Angela told me, the major difference is it just in claims is called happened the evening of the fourth and jonathan parents. Remember receiving this call the following morning on the fifth between and eleven a m That's a major time discrepancy, if you go by since story. This would have. Have been before eleven thirty p m on the fourth annual has written to retell telephone company requesting these records. She sent the letter return receipt, so she knows a company received her letter, but they never sent her the records or responded in any way. Johnny his phone was also honour account. So she'd hoped that the phone records would hold some clues as well. She requested that the bastard
Police department obtain these records, but in six hundred page file they sent me. I could find no record of any such requests one thing that would answer so many questions in this case would be the surveillance videos from all of the different businesses that Jonathan supposedly went to that day and evening. This is what the bastrop police Parliament has told angie about those tapes. They did not get any of this violence tight that a baleful at that time, because the reason is there's no evidence that anything criminal happens, but those type could tell this away of what happened, because here we are over two years later and there's no Jonathan, we tell the police. There has never been more than two days ever that Jonathan and his dad had not seen each other or talk
the fun, never hears bastrop police explaining the issue with surveillance, tapes the time lapse between when he was actually reported missing and then to take into consideration that, because there's no criminal foul play into it, it wasn't something that we will generally request. Video on have somebody here, come up, hurt or you know, kidnapped, criminal activity to it. Generally, we pretty much on the first thing we do is ask if the beliefs, surveillance- and in this case none of that was apparent, so it's too late now yet, and so what we did do is by the time everything started rolling and getting into play, is we actually went back and works with war and try to popularly just based on and receives in history? will buy bananas and twenty dollar gift cards back when it was just Walmart basically said now. We don't have any information to help you with at this point, and my walmart has wonderful cameras and dvd surveillance and they're very
what's coming what they provide us, but at that time, like I said, there's just no indication that a crime occurred and usually we we all requested a video on high, not so much missing person. So that's why we have had it for men and they don't keep their video very long. Just a hard rising, and actually, since that time, they changed overcame the system at least twice in the past. You use that were aware of so, I mean ultimately, the main. The main thing at that point is he was an adult and he freely left on his own. Now will retire. Things may have changed or straight from the get go. Is it michelson different than what we've received, but when somebody says the content we're looking at them? There's no sound mind. It's kind of hard for us to articulate the crime, occurred, the system so the system, That's too bad
that wouldn't just saw horse weird I have been been great greater to have that because I just be a lot easier, articulate exactly half an hour, the problem of that, even if we did, that is he was actually missing after point. Before leaving backdrop to head back to Houston Jonathan family stopped at a local mcdonald's. While they were there, they encountered some officers from the backdrop police department. Angela went over to introduce herself, so we stopped at the mcdonald. There were three law enforcement officers vehicle the parking lot when I walked in. There were three law enforcement officers standing at the counter I introduce myself started tell a man about my son and the car, the one off your said to me: we needed to go home and take her burma
a child, and he also told us that it wasn't on duty, he would tell us the story and to this day I do wonder what that story was but that wasn't bad enough because then he followed us out the door. And he wanted our driver's license numbers and when a check on our car tags and gave us a business card with a case member on the back. Not at any point did anybody say: let's go see if we can find jobs, then or let's go see. If we can help you find your son, they didn't want. Is there one but I have wandered from the start. Is why Jonathan left so abruptly that morning and the truth is I don't know, but I have always wondered if Jonathan didn't get a call, our message from somebody and that's why you took off like idiots The other thing I can't stop wondering about is why he ended up in bastrop
angie if he knew anyone there or had any connection whatsoever. The only thing that makes sense to me it's no, he may have dropped through their to go too often we draw through their when he was a child to go, see his great grandmother. But you know There are or something like that, no, the only logical thing that comes to mind Is the car ran out of gas and that's why he was there there's a major piece of this story that law enforcement doesnt seem to want to look at. Where was Jonathan. Between the time that he left on the second and the time poland to the best buy parking lot on the fourth enforcement has looked at it like they made contact with among the foreign, so there are only looking forward from that time, but that was a long time be gone only to me get just a couple hours from where he started. What? If something he did in that time frame or someone he met is holding the clue that could I saw this case this woman,
the cases that leads you two more questions than answers itself. Straining to realise how phone records and surveillance video footage could possibly clear up. So many of these questions those records. What, after a lot of question as well as the surveillance pay, and and when I say this, I know it's gonna sound negative, some of this stuff that I'm asking should have been done long ago. What is the proper procedure? A protocol when someone goes missing, I've been told, he's an adult. He has a right to go missing. Jonathan conditions are no fault of his own, so that makes him even more vulnerable. Fear that my son needed help job and matter to us still matters to us. We love em way miss him. This is not right. At law enforcement to take their,
she's off their law enforcement she's off for ten minutes and at their apparent put their cell in the position and bank how they would feel if their child was gone. There would be more sincerity there would be more caring and there would be more result because if one of their kids goes missing, dont bank, that they're gonna block and a search for me done they're going to leave, no stone tyrant. That brings us to the end part. One of this story in part, two explore some these changing stories. Further an awesome and introduce you to someone who once claim to have seen Jonathan that night that he disappeared, but he said change the story? this means story was so believable at first that he even accurately described the clothes justin had given to Jonathan that night join me time for a deeper dive into the detail surrounding Jonathan Hamilton's disappearance,
for listening, there's a great all over our country for help, define missing. People I never knew so many people were missing until Jonathan went missing because you don't see it on the tv got. Every guy can't happen to you, because I'm living proof that it can. My son is missing never in a million years what I think that I'm here miserable with no answer from someone, I was raised that and taught to respect and to ask for help, never discouraging and its disheartening but I have all the people trying to tell me to hang on to hope. Hope can only get you so far yeah he's an adult. I mean you know he can go where he wants to go. He can do what he wants to do and just didn't boy look form all that much right at the beginning,
beyond just the basic steps. I have a wait and I will always believe that people lie to either hide a cover things up. People, adults and walk away quite often end just disappear off the face of the earth at mental illnesses, read that people, people with mental illnesses disappear for years. Sometimes there never save again, sometimes it several years daily. The somebody sees. Twenty six year old Jonathan hamilton left his home in houston, texas on may. Second, two thousand and fifteen two days later he made contact with the bastard police after the vehicle he was driving, ran out of gas in the best buy parking lot.
He somehow made it to a property a little over a mile away where he made contact with several people. One of these peoples we gave Jonathan a ride back into the town of backdrop and after that Jonathan vanished and has never been seen again. I spend which time trying to make sense of these stories so that their easy for you to follow along with, but this one none of it it's up You believe, when stories are conflicting and constantly changing, time clouded people's memories or zero reason for them to be hiding the truth. The mode important question here is: where is Jonathan America, and this is episode. Ninety six of the vanished two of Jonathan hamilton story, And the the
we'd like to briefly recap: the timeline, since I know that may have been a few days since you ve heard part one in the week up to Jonathan disappearance. He was taken to the hospital twice by eu mess due to complications of his diabetes there. On the second he left home and went to the store where he got a coke for his dad and a starbucks coffee for his little sister. When you turned from the store he took off. This is the last time that his family ever saw him. Then, on the fourth heap up a couple hours away in backdrop, texas, he pulled into Parking spot in front of a best buy parking card In a handicap spot someone, the police to report a suspicious person in the parking lot and that's when the backdrop police made contact with the person that they believe was jonathan. Although they only asked his birthday inane to confirm this due to them looking statements. We can't really nail down a time, but at some point after Jonathan's interaction with law enforcement. He showed up at a property
that's about one point, eight miles away from where he left the vehicle. He spoke to seven, People, while he was there an election he told them tat. He had travelled up the colorado river on a canoe but had lost or worse, This is what a man justin, who had been there. Working on a jeep offered to give Jonathan right back into town. He supposedly Jonathan to a walmart where a person the twenty dollar visa gift card, bananas and coffee. Then he too, to attack a bow and bought him some food. He said listen started, acting normal again after eating some tacos, just had to go back to the property that they had come from to get tools, so the two agreed to meet up again at eleven thirty p m that night in front of taco cabana certain has said that when he came back at eleven thirty p m Jonathan, wasn't there he ten minutes and then proceeded to drive around backdrop. Looking for him, he has told Jonathan mom angie that he slept in his vehicle waiting for jonathan come back when Johnny
it was with justin. He called his ex girlfriend from justin's phone and claim that he'd been robbed. She too, two text. The number back but received a response in spanish. Like the person couldn't understand english Jonathan, called his parents twice from just in stone One of the major discrepancies in this story are the times adjusting. Remember these calls happening and the times that Jonathan family remembers receiving calls the phone call his parents remember receiving on their way to bash while it was still light out, but just in, and people who encounter Jonathan at the property claim they didn't encounter him until after dark. How could Jonathan of called his parents while it was daylight from justin's phone if he hadn't yet met just in the second, call in question just in has said that Jonathan caught his parents at night before they parted ways but Jonathan, parents. Remember that call coming in the following morning, on the fifth between nine and eleven, a m
a lot of you who have listened apart. One have contacted me or comment that you think the way these people handle jonathan showing up was odd. That you wouldn't be so quick to get into a car with a guy who just showed up at your door, the human You been more likely to notify the police and your neighbors now we all he no situations differently, but I too find it odd in part, you heard a clip of a police interview with the people who live in that property in that clip the detect. Ass, the one man if he had followed just in jonathan into town that night, as said to the guy down in the store where he was asking for help and everything cause. I need adjusting to go in case. He didn't have friends or whatever I wanted to stay here, to protect my wife and my sister yeah. Did you call me just a little bit in the town Dont, remember remember, saying here that maybe I did
I was reviewing jonathan file. I came across a statement that was given to the police by the sister of the man. You just heard that clip she was there that night too stated that she never personally spoke to Jonathan, because her father didn't want a strange man, knowing that there was a woman on the property, she remembered that just in did give Jonathan ride back into town and they brother, followed behind in his car at a distance to make sure but just then was ok. She said. Justin and her brother returned to the property around nine p m, but she wasn't so sure about the time only sure that it was after dark. You would think that you were concerned enough to follow someone that you would remember following them, but maybe I'm wrong. There another version of the story to keep in mind. Now like to introduce you to another person who, at one time claim to have seen Jonathan that night, but as changed his story. This person is, one of jonathan extended family members.
And you told me about this family member and her interactions with him that have made her question his story. Theirs a family member involved and like a dummy, I reached out family member, because while please come to our house is called the Al Qaeda pics cars. He showed that without A warning or notice just any time for the past over thirty years, and so the last that we heard why's that the family member lived near backdrop, and so I reached out. And called the family member after the police told me They could not hold Jonathan, and I asked him He could go there and say what Jonathan until we got there any said. Yes, what I did it. No law enforcement claims that they made content with a family member and had made arrangements with family life.
For him to come and jonathan up there, Emily member didn't say anything about any call from any police. He told us then, he went with Jonathan across the house, way to the day were and ass the family members my dad would like a ford truck or dodge truck. Mind you now job, doesn't have any money. Jonathan has been disabled since, before he was twenty, two yourself Jonathan never had any employment and job. And has never lived by himself. Taking care of himself does he's been born after Jonathan went missing. We had several communications with family member. At one point he asked me
Jonathan have dementia was Jonathan suffering from some type of infection in his blood, and I said what any said. Yes, my wife, something like that, and it cannot make some a little cookie, and I said no, and then he wanted to know if Jonathan was suffering from malnutrition- and I said no and today the family member. He says he never saw our sun when came back home and we had both few conversations with your family, many more, he never once called to say hey. Did you hear from Jonathan the job and get back home, ok when law enforcement. Spoke to this man, he suddenly you broke into Jonathan that night and had agreed to come pick em up. But when he arrived, Jonathan was gone, he said, with Jonathan a second time from justin's phone and jobs allegedly told him, the story about wandering onto this property, and
Justin helped him out by getting him some food when they spoke there. Second time, Jonathan also told him that just and would be driving him asked him and he would meet up with this family member there following day just in case family member, and let him know that when he went back to get Jonathan, he was gone the thing that really stands out a strange and conflicting and it's even, by the backdrop police in jonathan file as being I'm was that family member was able to describe what Jonathan was wearing the shirt had been given to him that night by justin, yet he now- claims that he never saw him. There is enough The thing that possibly ties as family members to join in that night Angie told That's some strange item she later found in the envoy. We found it looked like some kind of garbage star in the back of the vehicle, one of em a vinyl cardholder later I found out the postman that belong
They went up in it to them in the mail I contacted them. I told them that it was in, I dont know how it got there that I would like to return it to them. And so the person gave me their address and I'll send it back to them earlier and she mentioned this story- that the family member had told about being at the car dealership jonathan when he what kind of truck he thought his dabbled one! Well, there a cardiologist right across the street from the best by its called covert chevrolet on may force, which is day. The Jonathan was last seen a backdrop co. Whichever lay reported a burglary of a vehicle that was parked on their lot, some per items were taken from this vehicle. These are to be the strange items that Angie later found like the business cardholder. That was, itself is odd. Why would you break into a card to steal a business cardholder, but nothing of monetary value, His family member placed himself at the cargo ship in the parking lot with jonathan, but lay
change the story, then from a car that was broken into at that dealership end up in the envoy. It's really stew Isn't it when Johnny His parents were in bastrop for four hours, trying to get the envoy running this family member state with them for all of those hours is behaving in a way that now in hindsight, Angie fines to be quite strange. They drove off period actually we don't know where he went to or for what reason. But it was more more often than you would thank for a restaurant break this family member left that evening. He was involved in an auto accident Andy. As always worried about this and and I was told about the accident. I called law enforcement, and I crying, and I told them I said he'd better, not have run over my phone or killed my son. I dont know what to think. I dont know what to believe. None of this makes sense.
Even though we can see major inconsistencies in this family members story long for It doesn't believe that he needs to be looked into any further It was variations in little stories, try and sober as usual. There there's variations, but there is nothing flat out play in that. We're basically indicate any kind of foul play from what he told cousin the interview and kind of consider the consistency with. Ah, what justin's told us and the other people that we interviewed from the property and and from what you're saying. They also don't believe that justin story needs to be examined further either I was hoping for at least there to know Possibly this just a fella could Then, a good samaritan, it takes all the doubt that I have in my hand out look when what is really worth to this day. He has no really has no history of mental health issues,
I told them he has no history. There have been arrests me tell ya. I called him and then communicated with him about this. Yeah another registered air force of his statement. Nothin a red fly with me and others in thing happened Jonathan. Its handsome blood, an envoy that he had been driving the wind archer Our home and cut it out before he laughed, he told us that it would take time for the results to come back and about em. A month later, when we went to the meeting I think they notified me by email before the meeting, but they call me that they came back. There was animal blood there without being said nobody and in the family, caught or anything that the tests that was wrong. There's two different kind
the test in my memory is really bad, but there's one type, a test that is not one hundred percent. I believe that that is a test that was run on Evan they got out of the car, there is another test that cost a lot of money. We were told that they did not have the funds, the police department. They did not have the funds for that kind of testing. Even though jonathan family can't think of any reason that there may have been animal blood in the car, the backdrop His department has come up with some ideas, it's crazy to me. It's totally craig. Think about the animal blood. The detective to me. Animal sacrifice, occult devil, she also mentioned suicide and, if I was not upset. During that meeting, I would have said: okay, worse his body, the rain
said he didn't know why she said those things. One question it keeps coming up, is whether or not Jonathan could be living among the homeless. Now any is possible, but there are some things that make me question that we know that nothing was having major health issues. He had just been hospitalized and many people who had encountered him on that last day described. As being in an altered. Mental state now weed of. This was due to blood sugar issues or bipolar disorder, or even both in the two have here since he's been missing, possible that he's been able to take care of himself well enough, but he hasn't popped up somewhere, We know that Jonathan didn't leave with a significant amount of money on him and told me that insulin is very expensive. I will tell you that if one is not shape, You go and buy the ones you can buy over the counter without a prescription. You're still talking about sixty dollars for the two insulin, that's not counting the threat.
That's not counting a commoner or blood stripped diabetes, is a very, very expensive disease to have but unless somebody has money, I don't see how anyone could disappear off the face of the earth. I takes a stranger attended the meeting that we had and he told me he it looks like Jonathan walked away, but then turned around and says you. I know that somethin bad didn't happen. Now I do not I was told about, is a home? The community has quite a set up or people then go and not give their name and get free insulin and supply. That's what I was told. One of the things I looked into pretty heavily as I was trying to track him through his house somebody that is in need of insulin and try to tracking down
and you can't you can't you can't, but then the one thing that I came across was the amount of services or programs that offer free insulin to individuals and all they have to do is walk in and ask for it, and was kind of the one thing what I'm looking at it think him well the opportunity for his recover medical. The earth medical aid, its there. If he doesn't want to be on the grid, it's not like he's completely cut off. My hope is that this is what's going. But in reality was Jonathan. The place mentally and physically that he would have the resources to find these charities. Another issue that I have a jonathan being homeless How has managed to avoid law enforcement for so long just the day that he was last seen alone. He pulled into a best parking lot and immediately someone called and reported him as suspicious. I guess I'm trying to say here is how consumer people notice that someone is acting strange or suspicious and then proof they're gone. One thing:
have considered is that? May people were noticing him because he was in a small town, but what if he's a bigger city now, where the homeless go unnoticed. Here is a club of the strong police, discussing how often the homeless, in austin get identified by the police we think that eventually within two and a half years that can be identified now, I want to ask any other day not just I gave a homeless guy. Five dollars is hey man. Can we talk for a second? I said: how often is a pd identify you and he said about once every two years and that's because he was camping on the omni hotel off of thirty five, which is a pretty nice hotel, so they calling. But it sounds to me that they kind of stay under the bridges and they panhandle the ape. He doesn't mess with your panel just doesn't happen. You know they don't have time to do in two years
very close to an accurate account of how many homeless people yeah that's correct, yeah. So that's that's kind of where the battle is. We don't know where Jonathan is at and we just don't know we'd love. If we could find out where he was at, we would just say we're we're done. You know he doesn't want to be around you or he doesn't want to do this or something like that, but we haven't been able to close it because we just can't find out where he's at and the other thing is. As far as from a police department perspective, we have to mean we can't listen to me. I mean ultimately relocate here legally still have to she's. Still a victim considered the monitor somebody. Who's listened to still have up and hopefully find her or her side, or at least assist her in finding her son. Hence family has made trips to ask them to look for jonathan breaking up harmless a week before went to the meeting with law enforcement by finally decided, to put it
wire out o my son and its labelled attempt to locate and underneath my son's pitcher may be living homeless and often, and So when we went to that meeting a week later, I was helpful. I thought why that they had some type of lead that would make them put that out there for the public, and when I asked about it I was told it was put out there because often is the nearest big coun. Best drop. There were no late, we have got, couple of lead fighting that. Well then often- and will tell you that we have loaded up in the car and we
gone down. There I was in shell shock. There is a huge homeless community down there and I have walked the streets with posters. With my cell phone with pictures, I have approached homeless people, I've gone in soup kitchens, I've gone in church serve breakfast the homeless. On saturday I have gone to service sinners for homeless. I had gone to mental health facilities. I had gone to often state hospital and filled out paperwork inquiring as too. If my son could be there- and we ve done this several times- nobody claims that they have well Jonathan evans out there alive he's, probably in worse shape than I can even imagine- and god knows what, kind of emotional state he could be in they know who he is, and I called the hospitals for weeks after he went missing
I called morgue I called met, examiners asking about john doe. Whose are unidentified and nobody Ever ever said, Somebody's here. That amount and both submitted our dna and it's been completed and has been entered into the system, walls it a possibility, and he doesn't believe that Jonathan would have gone this long without making some kind of contact with his family. I can't say much child labour and I'm going to live homework on the street. Jonathan dad has said that he believes its possible. But I am a member may have promised Jonathan some great somethin and Jonathan took off there. The truth is we don't know, but my husband, have a family member has done other people. I think my son without version. Where and had his mind and had decided to go with this life to just walk away.
I think that he would have contacted us some why any hasn't jonathan love is little sister. I'd like to dig a little deeper into what jonathan mental state may have been leading up to his disappearance. The bastard department, believes that most likely walked away to live within the homeless community they ve come to this, conclusion based on some jonathan actions, but if some of these actions were signs are Jonathan was desperately in need of help about a month before he disappeared. Started, making some bizarre comments on facebook. Some of these key and went unnoticed for quite some time, because he hadn't account that no one knew about some of he wrote, seemed relatively normal for twenty six year old guy, but things seemed more like religious ramblings, here's one posters April night, two thousand and fifteen, where for art, thou emmanuel, I believe he's up above he looks like blue cheese. You may know
he by Jesus, I miss my half brother won't. He save me. He promised me, I hope, by art forsaken, for what I have did He has the same love for me as I do he. I was prosper in my lowest of laws and highest of highs, and all between he's, my back and my feet. My way. So, I shall had east or west until I'm home. I do I belong here I went back to the king I shall die on my travel before I sit still and burn in hell a k a here. He had better, be my shield and protect me from all evil. I need him. For anything. That's of a challenge to me. Thing is much of a challenge to me. J, J age, three peace Other post that he made have led law enforcement to believe that he wanted to fall off the grid opposed from April. Two thousand and fifteen says lost, phone ain't, even worried about it, see me in person or don't see me at all on me-
second, which is the day they initially went missing, but before he robin vast rob he put. The picture of what looks like someone cooking, a pot full of food, and it says hobo johnny loves fish now for a homeless guy. So we Jonathan did have a desire to leave his life behind for one reason or another. But was this a well thought out plan or part of a delusion The jonathan was in need of help. Then maybe his mental health was deteriorating. The poles such jonathan had made referencing religion may tie in with something that he reportedly said to two of the witnesses and vast on the fourth. The overview of the chinese are exhausted. All these data. It I tell you there are some thought he was Jesus. I'm not the that he might have some little project, but I'll just say it was a comic content. He was just display was not display easier to deal end. It did They thought he was a danger of use, a danger to herself for anybody else.
In stating that he was Jesus and the facebook posts have let alone foresman and his family to wonder if he could have left to join some religious group or cult. I don't know he ate it to say. If he was, infused or maybe was even sergeant for his sale. I wonder if he decided, Take on some new religion. You know that that, maybe were not aware of. I've wondered all kinds of crazy step but those crazy things could very well be true, and I mean I've wondered most of the same things when I've looked at the case, I wondered about, if he's become any kind of converted to any kind of different religions. I mean just from indications of him saying that he was Jesus, and you know things like that and I can only imagine what you would you have wondered. So what, the people who Jonathan encountered a vast rob has told on four: Meant that Jonathan told him that he just wanted to get away.
Now the one thing that he didn't relay, I guess what we interviewed. One of the people is, as he was trying to get away from his life. And that was one of the things he said his life from his life, Did he basically wanted to get away? He was running away, trying to leave behind his life, now I don't know how it meant, how events it some of the speakers, these people didn't know they just during the interview said that that's what he relates to them so it could have been his life hers. Larry a family life. We just don't know and that's kind of why you know it was important for you to kind of come in as well and in a labourer move it for us We don't know, we don't know what I was trying to get away from. But there are some way. He hung around as it was influence and he fell. I've always wanted to get away from this person's body's completely leaving. That can be tracked, but now now that at least who in the hell was it. Yet another worry that Jonathan family has struggled with is even a few
actually took off with his physical mental state? What does he want? into the woods or into the river. There has never been any organise searches of the area law enforcement What conduct any searches and andrews try to get places. I texas echo search involved, but she hasn't had any luck. I've been told that myself, is not in their town. My husband has been told that my son is, not in the colorado river. How do they know these things? And shortly Jonathan White missing at area had severe flooding too. The rivers were coming up on the peoples, property and roads were what a land was flooded for an excessive amount of time. I dont understand how big it there, Jonathan, not in the river, I dont know how they can say: Jonathan, not in backdrop. During a meeting with law enforcement. Andrey asked a favor
Jonathan could be in the river You know we had all those floods You know he doesn't sound like he's an incapable person ever Emily. He just doesn't sound like he's very capable of doing what he wanted to do on his own terms, speculating where he could be already. I couldn't. I can tell you I can tell you use and you still aston in colorado in florida. Georgia can tell you that, but as far as his capable nurse, he seems like he was happy about it. We could take care of himself. He might be mexico but, but I take the necessary steps have been taken. Your job have given dna. That way. If, for some reason you know his remains were found in if he is dead, which which I personally don't thought about Becky years at, I think his intent was a fall off the grid. In lives, lived by several people. I know reserves, but if, for some reason he you know, he didn't wander off somewhere and die of low blood sugar or something like that,
if it remains were found. Then your dna juggle taken the necessary steps to submit the dealer unity because that's that's what steps will the council remains will go over to? coordinate how that is. The albanian database it'll be ran against that. They'll be imagined, but Seen from here, like a said, you will have your job is to point we're all was done the absolute ever. They can do to locate a body Imagine just eagerly more that it takes steps of giza dna to help out for them, we want the future economic necessity. Yeah, I mean at the heart easier than hearts. I totally understand that cause I'm a bump up. Here, I understood weapons and to me we have missing persons cases from the eighties that we still had never found these people and their people it'll never ever be found I think. As long courtney, we have to do everything we can to try. Look at this person. I felt like in this case review the case of the best rpg has done
It was in the kitchen, I mean they were knocked down two times in the last week to assist him. You know we we've checked employment records of the worst scifi machine wagers anywhere. Penal law, mental institutions around the state to establish what about questions but because of astern state hospital way down the road could somebody had he appeared to alter their to stay and taken it put it there and we felt the same thing in thy subpoenaed their medical records position, as do those about your visions refuses to do all we can do is a main we know, but if he's a whole new activity with the women are, though, there's just no way of tracking him down unless he accesses a bank account that he disconnected to his name or some type of benefit, if he's receiving. That is the only way you'd ever find So, if he's a sense of other data, it is no way for law enforcement. I totally perceive that lie cause. We don't we don't have. We don't have there's no telling what they need. He can be used at this point. He disappeared. This is almost killed me.
I made literally it's probably a. I mean you're doing exactly what any parent would do. I mean you concede. I know you guys have the flu to the internet. Are we making you're making you sick I'll? Tell you that the the the database that we answered jonathan into the missing person one about six months ago, I recovered a person that was missing and it had been sixteen years all because of that database sixteen years is a long time that was in the nineties and that the information was nowhere near as kind of sophisticated as today, but it does eventually work at some point as far as trying to locate somebody, even if, jonathan- is out there living among the homeless or if he perished in the river or in the woods it doesnt explain all conflicting stories that have been told This is what I mean when I say. Nothing quite adds up completely in this case. Maybe people just remembering things wrong or maybe not. What do you
I think happened Jonathan, I honestly don't know, but I we argue that when he left he wasn't enough. Go or mental state to properly care for himself or make rational decisions. Sometimes, when we look at cases like this, we try to make sense of things rationally, but when the poor, and is an acting rationally. It's very hard to wrap our brains around what they may have been thinking or doing point in time. Jonathan case has been suspended, doesn't mean that is closed. They just believe they ve run down all the leaves and there's nothing left to investigate. He said considered missing and is listed in all the appropriate databases having his. Suspended, has left Jonathan hamley wondering how they will ever find him if no one is actively looking for him law enforcement, What angie that her best bet is that he'll get picked up by law enforcement somewhere. So honestly, your best bet is that he is picked up and he's arrested. Then he's held Well, that's all I've ever gonna know if he's alive right. That's probably
the way that if he doesn't want to be found by you are located relative to repair the economy, he's not going to he's not going to pop open, oven diversity was disappear from geology, that's not biggest was It was just leave, and go live on his own. That's what they used to do was look it that this case that the gap is this going to be a cave required to be arrested. I figure for literal to be walking down. The love was enforcement, a in contact with him They really nasty if he gives the same name hopefully, The photos of he's got under another name. Suppose homage also closer to it. It doesn't further research, but but I think, like she said, muslim law enforcement contacts, most likely he's going to be he's going to be fan. Well since disappearance has taken a huge toll on his entire family, the guests. And the wondering is like torture. That thought our endless, and I thought
I'm wondering what happened have about drove me crazy. And caravan has a much younger sister, we'll be turning fifteen very shortly and she does not top very much about LEO But she asked me she good mom. Do you think Jonathan could be alive and I'm gonna? Try you that as a mom, it's much. No matter how, I feel, are what I think or issues that come up or happened that she knows nothing about. It's my job to try to protect my child and by doing that I have said Johnny came across a good person, he could be alive, but the truth is, I don't know
That brings us to the end of episode. Ninety six in part, two of jonathan story. Basically wanted to get away, he was running away, trying to leave behind his life speculating where he could be our really. I couldn't. I can tell you I can tell you if he was in Houston aston in colorado in florida. Georgia can tell you that, but as far as is capable ness, he seems like he was happy about. You take care of himself you might be basically isn t it was a far off the grid, It lived his life by serving the people that know where he's at so honestly, your best bet is that he is picked up and he's arrested and is held.
I hope that my son is not in their town. My husband then told that my son is not colorado, river. How do they know big bang, never missing They had all along. We first air jonathan hamilton story into two parts series in october of two thousand seventeen at the time we left off with Jonathan case being considered suspended the backdrop department believed that they had run down all of their leads, and there is nothing left to investigate. You heard an audio recordings that we obtained from the police department. Believe that Jonathan wasn't in bastards. They told angie that Jonathan wanted to leave as life behind. He was capable unlikely, getting insulin from charity programmes.
Over the years. We have gotten many comments from listeners who believe that, since the backdrop, police department was so adamant about jonathan being alive and wanting to leave his life behind that they must have more evidence to support this and that it must be true, the comments were kind to Jonathan smother angie saying she was overbearing and he must have wanted to get away. These types of comments were hurtful, but an persisted and never gave up fighting for her son thing just didn't seem right about this and you didn't That Jonathan would have left for this long without contact. And she didn't have a single shred of proof that he ever left the town of bass drop. Perhaps It was mothers intuition because in the end, Angie right It wasn't living on the streets of asked him here. Made it to mexico and he wasn't getting insulin from a charity, so did happen to Jonathan hamilton and backdrop texas. For years
after Jonathan had disappeared. A man swimming at a park in bass drop made a gruesome discovery which shift the focus of this case right back to bastrop, texas, and that night back in may of two thousand and fifteen. When this began on the result. In from wondering this episode, three hundred and seventeen of the vanished and up on Jonathan hamerton story I the the. In July of two thousand nineteen a man swimming in the colorado river and bass texas near bob bryant park. He found what looked to be a human jawbone he's was sitting on top of a sand bar in the middle of the river for reference this,
It is about one and a half miles downstream from the property that Jonathan had shown up on on the day. He disappeared. It's also about a one and a half mile walk in a different direction. Coming from the shopping centre with the walmart and togo bell that just claimed he left Jonathan and plan to return and meet up with him later due to the activity of where the bone was found in the area we're Jonathan was last said to be people immediately began to speculate at this jawbone that was discovered could be Jonathan. It's the at sleuthing community was making side by side photos to compare the shape of the jaw bone to Jonathan's, face and chin. We're always hesitant to jump into this kind of speculation, because our often remains found in areas near where someone we covered disappeared and its mercosur of emotion for the families they answers, but this answer, and often it turns out to be someone else's remains or an animal bone. However,
and she was watching this speculation on mine and couldn't help but think that this could be Jonathan, I'm guilty as well. I don't know how to explain it to you, I'm no professional anything, but there's something about that turn. In that job I would commend to say I don't know if you would say this thing to do, but I told myself but when I saw it in march, the picture that was jonathan strongbow and my husband me, he thought I was greatly Since the bone that was found happened to be a jawbone or mandible, they were. Well to do a dental comparison to Jonathan Stanton records for several weeks of waiting and speculating, they were able to make a positive identification, the phone is a clip from a press conference that was held at the time. Are you nor taxes so, for human remains. Has it
The third, the jawbone out of hamilton. Has been missing from backdrop since two thousand feasting and he should original even work, but basque police department. They were during his name endangered miss him. Ocean fight back to them, They think there was a lot of news interest. Fourth, it disappears. Chief ogled here is here with the city as requested regard their investigation to appoint the choose or not choose to go into by detail, because it still allow ongoing investigation. It is a always The question will there, but he didn't determined death, is what it is. This point today completed, an area and extensive areas, search we here only a stream, they searched
in that today we had the four different change here from the text: search and rescue. They state after the big report day used eight, it ever dolls to search the area and so the area where we found that the founding found located has been extensively search and at this point I'll just turn it over chief algal. Since he can answer some of your questions and so forth. In the name of one of my My name is James all go on the direct or public safety and cheap a place for the basque published arm. I want to say: is that the backdrop police department extends its heartfelt sorrow for the hamilton family, as I learned today that the job on that was recovered report July, the colorado river as being the remains of their missing son on may for you that in fifteen the backdrop least apart- had counter encounter Mr Hamilton,
Why was it the browsing crossing shopping center? We may come with them found that it was not suffering from a mental health crisis. It was not a danger to himself or others. The child is mental faculties he chose to go on about his business as needed to do so and was allowed to do so before the appropriate. I may serve his mother. Reported missing, endanger occurs Jonathan was a diabetic and do not have access to medication there were worried about his concern as welfare bastard The farmers in that today investigation, amazon, over a thousand man hours having to locate Mr Hamilton. Following a bomb leaves and we ve got it. Mr get his like you outside agencies to make sure that we didn't know something and then standard everything possible to try to help locate Jonathan Hamilton. Fortunately, we were not able to locate him and as a shared, told ya remains at or the job on that was located.
What way than a five by friends or golden belong. The Jonathan hamilton at this why the missing endangered investigation conducted about about our police department has come to a close last week, sheriff's office is conducting an investigation into the undetermined tat, death and the region. The job and Hamilton as a sheriff explained Once again, I want to express our answers and our prayers health and family as they deal with this very difficult time? And there was the sheriff? Was if they found any other bones in their search of the area in this, what he said, no Certainly not, However, in the other bombs, but you can imagine well. I've been in the cholera wherever there's two thousand fifteen, that will be somewhat unusual, so we don't know how about that there. We all know whether it travelled into the river, because all the flooding that we had any flooded the bank and so forth
the one thing were certain isabel found in in colorado river and its own sandbar when it said and so we surgery we didn't find, remains weak and it sport. Our investigation will continue to learning developing information of this afghanistan may develop far. She never know when people college and say I ve noticed well and we our committee believes that might develop out there. It is you ve got into sampson. You know the rest remains could give us clues how the body suffered death and so forth, we don't I maybe we'll find that at some point ass reason we were there looking today so extensively and so forth. But we don't have that at this point, so we have to considered and undetermined death. At this question, I dont know that we have enough evidence to suggest foul play the chief- they probably better,
into that? But at this point we treat all definite allegations like yes, it around the term and there is a possibility. I would like to say that the thirty absolutely living as with the limited evidence that we have, we don't know if it was a medical condition if it was an accident or foul play, is ours. Possibilities, as you heard at this point jonathan case, was transferred from the backdrop police department to the best county sheriff's office. It was no longer a missing persons investigation but now after investigation Angelo. Hoping that this change of hands would be the positive turn an offence that she had been waiting on. Four years were known to all The first time to our house to notify those were my belong to our sign, the investigator and one of the investigators from the police department boat came to our house and
we didn't have the nasty attitude or demeanor that we had dealt with with the police department, he was totally opposite. He even had a kinds look to his face, and so I had hopes hey this guy. This guy's gonna do something this guy's going to get to the bottom of it and boy. I have been proved wrong over and over and over again I was asked: is it okay? If we contact you with, I have any question you know or need to know something that you may now, and my answer was absolutely call me in day or night, and I had received even call asking any question, nothing. And she was hopeful that there would be a renewed effort to find out what happened to Jonathan now they knew he wasn't alive and simply living a new life. Not wanting to be found
Fortunately, things have gone as angie had wished or hoped and her occasions with the sheriff's office have rarely been met with any response at all. I have an email. I received no response in its way so as to why there are required at the I can't be sure to partner could offer our we urge to try to get people to come forward with information on pay, and I got no response at all the sheriff department. I maybe a report or more portion of the record from the police department, it was about fourteen months after the partial remains was found dead in. The data informed me, then even when say the entire far from the police department. At that point, I reached out to the text is right:
who had been present at the meeting in bath drop at the police department, and I he was telling me we were told that you take the ranger, contacted backdrop, voice department and was told the brussels would be immediately prior to the sheriffs department listens. Fourteen months after the job on the sound, the investigator we'll not confirm that he will pave the way, or had all the records, but I do believe that those records were transferred. In all honesty, I believe that the text was ranger by a thing to help us get those records transferred was the only one, but it would have been done. Everything in this case has seem like an uphill battle for angie. At this point, She has some answers. She knew jonathan isn't out their alive? She doesn't have
keep searching throughout the homeless communities for her son, however- She still has no clue what happened. Jonathan back in may of two thousand fifteen. She is alive, questions about what is known about the day he disappeared and how his jawbone was found. When officers made the trip to the hamilton residents to tell them the news they explained, after the jawbone was found. They did it. Of the area on land, but they didn't search the water for more remains. There searches, its came up empty and more than two years later, the only true of jonathan that has ever been found is jawbone. The man who found the bone posted about it on facebook and explain he found it on a sandbar in the middle of the river angie explained why this perplexes her my believe in it. From anybody exploiting it for me is that the water had gone down and all the burden sudden the bone
on top of a piece of land where the water has gone down. It's not attached to anything. It's not funny up on anything, it's just sitting there The problem that I have with their is what common sense that I do have. Why is it just sitting? There were I have been those waters washed down? The river one, ongoing frustration for angie and her family has been the lack of searching law enforcement. Didn't search for jonathan when he was missing. Angie. Try get outside search organizations in to search the area, but the best a police department declined their assistance. Today, beyond the one day of searching thereof, in more efforts put forth to find more of jonathan remains, as you heard in the this conference, finding more remains, could help them discover more clues as to how Jonathan died I reached out to their search and rescue
give me the kind of services to help people anything I tried to do was shut down for the reason that They had no area to search the police not allow any of em. To go in and do any kind of boats. They kept try. To tell me and even really while they let Jonathan good patent why they living homeless and often, but the truth was Jonathan never made it out of that alive. I dont believe enough effort was put on this the fund anymore? One may I have the investigator if they could invite search and rescue in texas that was search. They have the ability.
To go in and search the waters, and I will say no more about that. One person who is a part I dont tell me he reached out to the investigation should go and pouch and he was waiting on others. And I dont know that he ever got one, but I would assume that he did me because there was no sitting here for an open wound, no one has expressed that they would like to get answers for no one, as it were better the family that we deserve it's almost like nobody cares. What is it What about other children or their sister or their mother. I dont think for one minute A bill would be acceptable.
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that doesn't make their people have asked me, do I think that the job on was placed there they found. The truth is I don't know why they follow them. Goodbye goodbye logic, is it because that is the only way they could identify Jonathan something that was out by somebody who knows so much about death investigation Energy has been running a social media page for Jonathan from the very beginning to this day She still gets new tips and leads coming in through that page and told us about one of these tips. I came in in early two thousand twenty one. Regional man that came forward is scared by his life. He's scared for his My boy, and he came about this information, The information that we heard was enough for him to contact me.
Specifically has the hamilton case. They thought who do. I talked to with specific detail, On the murder of Jonathan, I think that lines were given. To the investigator by this person and you believe that Nato has up and talk to those people. When I couldn't get any answer over the telephone what about email me in that the garriga I reached out and I'll call the tapers ranger that, in part of me, across the type, at a meeting in backdrop. The man said to me the embers I was not able to go and find the man they killed your time because of the I see whether and road condition that we have that free here, everybody lost their power and and people by that point
He didn't know nobody told us anything other than the messages that, worse than to me, that they have any information on the person that modern jonathan ok, I'll Jonathan harbours and want a word it, and I still have received no information at all that information that was put out there for us that we, had march when currently made aware of, and we don't even know if he realized tat, he gave us the impact or that we were supposed to know somehow months later, Angie is still in the dark about what is going on with this lead or who this person implicated. However, she It get one response from the investigator about this. He Finally, one about giving compromise That neither state that I sent you here
and we from sydney me. And then he was going to talk to some other people, the person who sent this tipp to Angie seemed concerned for their safety and concern that the sheriff's office wasn't investigating this after they had decided to come forward despite their? Safety concerns everybody me that they had the information a short time later, he wanted to know when the boy we're gonna do something. What have they done? Something I'm like, I don't know and they Tell me the name of a new station and told me contact the new station. Is like they were in a panic because they were afraid They were going to be found out for picking up wanted? Whoever this was kpmg oh, are locked up where they couldn't caused them. Harm and you can
used to get strangely, it set are vague and she's unsure of what to make of them. Are they people who know something or are they we'll trying to lead her down the wrong path. And what happened why my phone number is listed on the page, that I haven't. I thought for Jonathan and some one message to that by member states. Love well immediately. I knew it was from someone did not know the area code Why, too is for the often backdrop area and before our greek bonds? I says that phone number to be in bed the data as then, if he could place shackles about from a plea, I gave you the way spot the and the response was that that was a phone number out backdrop tell county that had been in active to doubt.
And eighteen. I responded back to that text. Message, hello and it took whoever this is. I'm gonna die a day to respond bad ones, italy with a love one of jonathan era, the postern. It's really strange. They tell me that the current, is bothering them and, as they say, Jonathan billboard daily when they go. Work, and they go on to say that I overheard the conversation in a bar and die understand, while somebody He would talk about some of these things. They were involved in his murder or if they work involved. Some kind of way, then the conversation was really strange. Like our. If something that you're not telling me again Do you know who killed Jonathan no, no they don't
Then they go on to talk about the police, Hell, they're right? There thereby add in those years, thereby out. They believe that the boy are protecting the person who feel jonathan. Just stop talking and I had not reached out any further I'll tell you that our reached out to the first person who had the specific detail and ethics If they had a text message, because at that When I was wondering if there was the time posting and others talk now that they had a text message in my work, buddy boy up their conscience. If I just overheard a conversation, at any public. Why those with a lot of praying that I guess, raise red lights for me
you ve, heard so many families on the show talk about the not knowing and all tips and unanswered questions about what happened to Jonathan a thin continued, a hunt, Angie you in the audio clips from the press conference that they consider Jonathan's cause of death to be undetermined. Since only have partial, remains it's impossible to come to a conclusion about his cause of death. They are well to rule out foul play the current Stu gator has told angie that he believes that this was all a tragic accident which has always a possibility, however energy. Those confused by the mixed messages. She's been receiving on one hand, they told her But this must have been a tragic accident. On the other hand, when we submitted a record request, while putting this update together, it was denied adding the following: the sheriff
office has made a good faith determination that the information you requested deals with the detection, investigation or prosecution of a crime and the really of records would interfere with the detection, investigation or prosecution of an open or pending criminal matter we also asked the sheriff's office to do an interview for this update, but they declined with me mixed signals in the lack of communication from the sheriff's office, Angie and her family are left in limbo, not knowing. If the two are being investigated or of John, this case file is sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust due to the nature of this case and the small amount of remains recovered, their may never the answers as to what happened, a jonathan back in may of two thousand fifteen and acknowledges this, but she can't on the search for answers from the beginning, I told everybody that I talk to that somebody did something to Jonathan
in view of the m. I did not to believe it, but I knew that something bad happened. He pay all these. Later We know it better job. I would say I have periods where I get down and I have bought em one wondering or trying to figure something out in my head Why do I can tell you that it doesn't stop, because there is no closure I dont know that there were ever be any kind of closure after the way that this is all been able, and yet here tied behind my back, and there is not one single thing that I can do and if they call the complete quite at the inn,
Why a situation where the deserve to everybody, no, what I may lead the rest, my life and not ghettos, a church. I hope they become. I didn't try. The truth is, I don't even know if I can handle what those real answers are, but there's something in me that they now it may never have a burial. I think of it. Did that part of it, which is a large that job out little shared department, as evident in the mail. What mine do. Q b m has not been solved and my brain and my mind those that my phone never coming back from I don't know how to put it to you, drive down the road or anything bailing out with a phone like a google com people lead the way, then about boy.
But my baby not there. But I was a boy because, if a so happened- Jonathan hamilton in may of two thousand fifteen was Joe. Within the victim of foul play. Did some kind of accidents occur or person a medical event. We know that he made it to bash where the police were called, because he was reported as suspicious is, already reported him missing at this point, because it the family home under strange circumstances two days earlier, asia? the police and bass drop to hold Jonathan until she could get there. She If he was in need of medical attention, Fortunately, the officer saw no reason to detain him or take him for medical treatment, and instead let him go there. The conflicting stories about what happened after this time and when Jonathan showed up on a rural property that is adjacent to the colorado river? The people who
at the property have said that one person justin gave Jonathan afresh that set of clothes and then drove him back into town according to just in he bought Jonathan some items at walmart in food. A talk about. He said that, of Jonathan there and promise to return later to pick him up when he returned, he said couldn't find Jonathan anywhere. No, claims to have seen Jonathan hamilton after this time, Angie has spent years examining the various timelines and inconsistency in this story, just trying to figure out what the truth was in all of this. Meanwhile, the backdrop police department was telling her that they believe that jonathan left intentionally and was living amongst the homeless somewhere During the summer of two thousand and eighteen, the discovery of Jonathan jawbone changed everything. It was found, in the colorado river about one and a half miles down stream from that property. He was seen as they now know that he never left backdrop and was.
Equally deceased. This whole time. Energy still has her suspicions about the people who last saw Jonathan and she still gets tips about her sons, death, but unsure of there being looked into of any information regarding the death of Jonathan Hamilton. Please call the backdrop: canny sheriff's office, five, one to five four nine five one. Zero zero You can follow Andrews quest for answers on facebook, at justice for Jonathan the hamilton, because They were not really, even looking at something bad happened. Well can we have battled for years because of their function? If somebody had been allowed to go in there and coach, we have been home and read that when somebody goes in there to search and are given us
the location with a gay with echo, the ad lib. That poverty that they know about it. Mile radius remain, they would have been. I am an outsider, and you know what Jonathan with an outsider kid and look where his is gone people may move on you, gotta get packet. Gotta, let it go if it was The child, could you let it pass Let it go. I think, we will all affected differently. I think that people deal with things differently. Had been doesn't want to talk about it at all. That's how he had to deal with it to get my area, while my daughter, bigger dumping gotta her little mile, that almost me too. My me more why didn't Jonathan call me at all,
that boy, I believe, but he would have called you be only could the I the.
That brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and seventeen I'd like to thank angie for coming back to speak with us for this update. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you enjoyed this, show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing on patriot, where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a new case from texas. Thanks for listening, the.
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