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26-year-old Felicia Cochran disappeared from Pell City, Alabama, on June 11, 1992. Felicia's mother spoke to her about her plans and saw her leave home around 6 PM. Then, Felicia was seen arguing with someone in the parking lot of a local hair salon. The people at the salon knew Felicia and were concerned enough to call 911. When the police got there, Felicia was gone, and she was never seen or heard from again. Hours later, a passerby found Felicia's car burning on a rural road in Talladega County, Alabama. Felicia's family felt like they knew who was responsible for her disappearance. However, nearly 30 years later, Felicia is still missing, and many questions remain.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Felicia Cochran, please contact the Pell City Police Department at (205) 884-3334.

You can find more information about the Black and Missing Foundation's Hope Without Boundaries 5k at https://hwb5k.org.

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He, prime members, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today. The latest personal call her book quiet, might've heard they were fighting in her parking lot because she owned a hair salon. Place they were putting in her parking lot and she called the police and the police didn't get there in time to hit pulled out till they know exactly luther to LISA. Last and I heard her scream, somebody reported they heard a lady scream and help in a bishop. The cape is still a cold computer cold case impulsivity, and no couple of different police officers have taken a look at the file, but it
if the body is very hard to make an arrest and make it they can get a conviction. So that has been the challenge. That's just what my family has dealt with for the past thirty years, not having closure in this situation. When you six year old, felicia cochrane, disappeared from Helsinki alabama on june, eleventh ninety. Ninety two felicia left around six p m then Felicia was seen at a local hair salon, arguing with some one in the parking lot. The what the salon new felicia and were concerned enough about her safety to call the police we longed for officers got their felicia. gone, and she was. Ever seen or heard from again. Hours later, Felicia's gray, nineteen. Eighty seven nissan censurer was found and on a rural road intelligentsia, county alabama felicia's and we believe that they knew who was responsible for her disappearance but near
Thirty years later, felicia still missing and many quest and remain unanswered, amerika and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and thirty, eight of the vanished felicia. Green story academy award nominee carry mall again Emmy nominees a week as an story, She said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most orton stories in a generation a store
that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault. In hollywood and ignited If in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores oscar nominee patricia clarkson Emmy winner, Andre brower, Antonio, jennifer easy with a cat. the award nominees samantha Morton, she said, isn't leaders now one felicia disappeared. She was the mother of three young children two daughters and sun felicia, The oldest child. Brandy was just ten years. when her mom disappeared and she contacted back in two thousand twenty one about covering her moms case brandy, told us She could remember about her mom near Thirty years after she last saw her so my mom, her name is felicia Martin cockburn. That was her name when she went missing, but to me believe me he was from what I can remember, because it was so long,
thirty years this year, now ten when she went missing, but she was very soon I'm very loving, very soft spoken. We also spoke to fully cousin Juliana, the two grow together and were very close into adulthood. Juliana was able to give us a good picture of who felicia was as a person pleasurable we kind hearted person. She would do anything for anybody. She was sick light up a robot. beautiful smile to the a cheerleader bit cheered people to lie. Basically we go up together. You stay with a thumb.
Well, my parents and all what have karma worked a lot and two of course you know she has three beautiful kids. They have a spirit like hers, and you know really outgoing and pleasant. Just a friendly type person, a friend it a person would love to have. She was a hard worker, dedicated worker. She was the person who low rated people. You know what I mean talk bad about of, or anything like that. If you were going through something to sympathize with you as well as always giving your olive branch, okay, extending her help out to you. That will does her. In a nutshell, I guess, like I said she was the cheerleader in high school and, and you know in some ways- maybe she kept to herself.
She was always there too. She was a supervisor at a at a fast food place here and she had a lot of work as the thunder and they adored her to learn more about felicia's disappearance. We have to take a look back at her life what led felicia to where she was at the time she went missing. We also spoke to she's. My mary who told us felicia school years. She looks leader in school, but grown up we get that out of the kitchen with with a book reading the book she was failing, you know, but she she and your people, but she had Brandon and then that was her senior in high school. She she was frightened. She had the baby. If you want the warm cars college, lebrun alone,
My grandmother kids get brandy her. She could go to college, which you want to call it. She made him on envy. Well, bred. Rumour had the courage, then these you want her to come. The text for the sun was her, so they went to texas. Well, she came back for a second year at indian, album. The union said she found that she was pregnant if they did two weeks. If she bought that important she wanted. She says she was on her own her own business one day, the third okay enough to like said the year that she went to college. She was willing to major in business later, but she got pregnant again and so she dropped out of out of college and she started working at a fast food. You like that. Embodies atmosphere began. The share felicia had her two daughters when she was young and she ended up having.
drop out of college in order to support her family. As a single mother, felicia worked at a fast food restaurant. where she worked away up to a supervisor position, but Mary told us at her daughter, had big aims for herself. She wanted an airline stewardess told labor as limited as he get literally get a little older. The airline stewardess as ago no telling where you going be made it is again on with with aunt liza she won't get on with as soon as the ice and heat but you gotta wait till I welcome are in school. We can't afford date here now: That was one of her and ambitions in a after shooting in car. She won't be be an airline stewardess, unfortunately, before felicia could achieve. cause. She met a man named Travis while she was at work. Mary told us more They haven't seen it. She met trevor.
Everything healed in basket inches just an arabic to me at nus of arab arrogant person for reasons I didn't add in cheer for hill and a careful the fan, because I knew the family, his song with a drug dealer and absolutely over the moon. He knows she shouldn't do go with him, but at the time that she met him, The gap is she had dated in encourage men in college and had dated they had found one another game, they historic date and while the boyfriend, their father, shut him one day in there, and so she was still reeling from land where she met Travis tonight. Is it a big day war not to go with you one day I came home. She hit me on that
He had a temple. He was working for a construction company wouldn't want to be issued, sure should come within alabama, got into a fight on on the job and he either got laid off or they fired him but no were either within an avowed julian explain that she had met travis when the two began dating to her his
I'm like a nice guy. At the start, I remember, like I told her, she was a manager at a fast food place and she heads being this guy cause. I worked there with her as well at the time and she was telling me she says I think I found somebody he has been coming through and I talked to him thumb and he's a really nice guy and I'm like okay and we would meet with each other and go out. She had kids, I had kids we'd be, and he come along with it. Then we did we eat together. You know captain d's like so the kids could enjoy each other
We live in the same county at the time, odin thank where she would entail a bigger. They won't beethoven tallow they and we ve been in here, come along and we just out of top blacker group and they come up with a plan for the help, and we look at movies a thing like that. He was a nice thing. You don t unity evil to later. While they were daily, he was good like a baby was they were married? but that he became more progressive. Maybe it was mothers intuition, but Mary didn't live travis from the very beginning, she told Felicia that bad news, but felicia can too you to pursue a relationship with Travis. Despite her mothers. Helps to intervene, get big come out, when one day a word she called me ass. She say we got married today,
What a great day you to marry. My dad tells you to come home and I'm now worried as to a friend and have no fajitas too close to the town, but the shifts change at the plant, all worried at all. it made it and I live work and I were dead. The tramp lie, the tribal eight were re, read the red light and then, as it will be there by the key amount, it won't be the last and I went to bed a grand in and I came back towards bringing the two we did they would be. I did it, I will answer about it and they seem to linguistic germany in it, You know that you should have at one time the heats over level. I will treat tribute bed is my baby treated my mom, The aim in the latter to come and see me if she knew that there, the heavenly there without a town of doing something, one lunch out where she would. She would come from work.
My job in enter with me. No Josephine need didn't, learn to be around me if she d it. It would be advisable to her I'd rather keep peace in a house for her to be here. They'd, be him the fight just go. She came to see me This won't they will you get from that, an eternal up isolated from from it? legally. You'd need less brand. Was old enough to have memories of this time? It was a tumultuous We had in her early childhood that she's never forgotten, she's, in love with a man after she had my sister in law. And she moved in with them and their relationship just turn very volatile. He was very abusive and unnoticed. it out. I remember you know, hearing her cry,
and praying at night about getting out of this relationship, but I guess it was very challenging. She ended up getting pregnant and having his child. He never abusers physically, but just watching her mother go to that was very emotionally and psychologically. Abuses. and I mean we would wake up some night to him. Beating her in a move would have no understanding of what was going on. And the only thing I knew at the time looked to call his parents to come, get him, and so that's what I would do growing up his call. His parents become get him they would. They will get up and come over and make him or we would get up and go over to their health and day and they were put his arms were my mom would stay with his mom so they had not been married long. They were only married a year or two. They were together much longer than that, but then
only been married a year or two. Then she realized what a mistake that was and tried to leave. Mary remembers, Felicia's attempts to leave Travis and also his attempts to get her to come back. It had all the hallmarks of the six equals of abuse. Now what she knew it was. She moved back home in his surgery and fair wary of ninety two in due time. She can move back home in march, and so I asked her. Why does she decidedly and she said- yet for a guy. Never he told her tat, she would kill the foe, bear the children, one of the use of the children in the east, the boy ass. She had brought him to the church, but those who want to church and pale and she had brought them to
Person where she came by the house and laid on on the floor made her with this talky. They finish early, and so they had called for her to come and pick her up, and but she went at home, but Travis would come to pick them up and so issues ooh. She said, let me get over to the church and get the children after them. So she got a patient layer and mean that no one there thank you, forget to choose but saying time, but you get the children put them in
the car, with her and on the way to talladega. He was ram in her and back to class, and she she extorted back to the house, and he saw remnant with the car from the back. So then was she dead in a car. She didn't want me to see that, though she turned around and went on back to the caldera FAO found this out later after she had moved back and I felt a dent in the car, and I asked her about it and even at the all, she moved back home We are surely you know what I will say: shiny, shiny, tell them trying to give her to come back. Even her mother in law was trying to get information about. among the law even by chicken, but didn't the butcher a dead man and she knew how would he tried to go with a base freer and these she known better. Take it as a brake on the go see a good man. Is heard,
like a well. I wouldn't do that. You know the shambolic wanted her to come, come back, they want the taos issue. I spent the night during the night he again and put something in her taped. It miss the promoter, though she got up to comfortable work, that more account wouldn't windstorm associate the call nor in love It will at least add enough money to buy her a motor and motor car, and but we should get out she kept going back in she kept the promises. Lay he gonna take em. In the florida nicole at bay? I love to eat and take take yo all at the plot at the medium nib. Take you to floor then, what I'd bet they'd dangle the trinket, Juliana told us that felicia caught Travis speaking to other women, and she We wanted to end the relationship. Felicia was done
I am ready to move on. He would show up places. I always wanted to know where she was going one time at their marriage and things start getting markey in Chicago. She start withdrawn and coming back she started staying with her mom after she had her baby boy. I guess he was possibly a year or two old and she start coming back this way to amount back and ST claire, where we were. I stayed. He started following her wanting to know what she was going, but at the time he didn't realize that she had hurt him telephone talking to other women. She confided in league with that and she says you get tired of it. He didn't have gone away, but he would go in place after fully the left travis for the final time. His behaviour didn't stop. It only escalated
It became more and more frightening for felicia loved ones. Brandy told us more and then when she finally left him, that's when he began stopping her, but he was a very I thing insecurity. I don't know he had his own personal issue that you were doing with all his very insecure and the relationship, and I remember thompson, He would try to leave. He would keep guns out on earth and say he was shoot up her ah or whatever, I'm just to get her stay, but he was just obsessed with my mother. I guess it was a thing. If I can't have you no one else, will he was stalker, then he went under my group of this house and made a makeshift tat for
the one where he hooked the phone lines up to a tape recorder and he would come and change up the the tape. So he could come. Listen to her phone conversations. He would be sitting outside her job waiting on her when she got off work and because my sister and I still attended school down the street from where he his mom was he would follow at home after she would pick us up from school and on one particular day he attempted to run us off the road and hit the. Back of her car with all three of her children in the car. With her some particular light, he had actually been broken in some of them of this house, and I just heard my grandmother's screaming at him was able to tell us more about the day she discovered a recording device at her home. One day I get beneath make they came over at about as a there. they relate. I can even be a job
the thing I would it looks in the run up to this, though it gives them. What's the story came back. Look at the live in a mobile home in vain, and then I m told him observer status saying again the olympic up. It was more than I do about it. Should be, it was moving in vienna realise and looked upon there and are there was a tape report. Oh added added a copy, the asset, I think yeah. That's I want to work at chapter. One chronicle and the police have learned one out printful's on the police force and he came down and he said: did you check it out yeah? She just thought I could do to stop her answer, but he
intergovernmental police. The boy do you know where they were guilty and worker on my phone and will report any irritate me, wanted to press charges against Travis, but felicia begged her not to marry, listen, felicia a decision she later came to regret and they brought him in and proportionate, and the baby got me at work as she bathed in that press charges against him, and I talked to him on the phone. I've known jason as I read them, that person charges the issue as east coast, the police don't say she don't want me to press charges against you as a unique neat stuff ends of this thread: the man he pays leave when he saw the police car day. He turned around and came back after what he did you for it. he is a man who now before you showed their shorter gave here. He preconceived ideas that legal, due from from wars.
Juliana was also there the day that they found the recording device, and she couldn't believe that this was happening for reference. You hear juliet Talk about someone named Geneva, that's fully, his mom Mary, who also goes by her middle name Geneva. One day we pulled up at her mom fell in a notice, a cord hanging from a mom to porch, and so it was a telephone call when we looked under there and it was a tape recorder and it was attached to the tail of both mine, and it was discovered that when you pick up the telephone that it was, the tape recorder will start a play and was recording everything. Anybody
if anybody used the phone inside her bomb. So it will record your conversation and what he was actually doing was coming in in the middle of the night trading out tape, to hear what will say it only telephone call. She was wondering why he would know what she had said to somebody on the line and this what it was once we discovered it. My aunt called the police. The police came out in may they gathered the the recordings and they took the equipment with whale from from the house, and they questioned him about it, but the craziest thing was: they gave the stuff back to him. Her mom, which geneva kept telling her. You really need to press charges against them because, as you notice, a little too upset- and she said especially with him- falling into different places where you go in and everything, but you know with her kind heart she just she just didn't, pursue it and er. She found out later that they had given like
say the equipment back to Travis in everything and the police. Didn't they didn't do not enough because it and power for even after felicia had left Travis. She still had to communicate with him because they shared custody of their son. Quit areas in Travis would off and watch him while Felicia worked. Felicia confided in Juliana about a frightening incidents that occurred when she went to pick up the baby from Travis. She d go get her phone It has one day in a toll felicia that her son was open. The trailer with his day and felicia went over there to pick up her phone at the trailer and when she got in there she was called him and when she got inside and she was going through the baby, he came home, he had a gun and he pointed that gun at her and told her that he would kill her and she talks him out some way. She'd get a baby when she left, because she did tell me that part as well then
expert than her. Well, why don't you press charges? Felicia's family, wanted her to report. All of these things to the police. Felicia seem too scared. Perhaps she was afraid that the police wouldn't help her in reporting Travis would only cause to escalate further juliet. explained that the families ties to the drug world back then were likely a me Your concern for felicia their drop billing Ben. I put it like that at the november. It intolerable know that too, because his awful was one of the king pains and tell a bigger and he went to prison. It was robert who was run in that bees, not the wife but the daddy. He was not working robber babble, tuesday. He array of business from the out bad. They never report to georgia, not was the manga.
it was the manga he will do when the door I mean, like people were scared. If you went over there- and you say, the cargo and people were of bright big day, arse feel they are afraid of the cockle. They are afraid of the Kok window and tallow dig. You just mentioned their name. She knew they were selling drugs in anything, but she herself was into the doubles. Travis is in his debt thing when her mother heard about them selling drugs over there. She totally should have never let them use our car. You know, because that would go back on her and see she didn't know at the time, because Travis was working with brazzaville and gore when she met him at Hardee's like a construction place out of birmingham, and so she never put and that they were selling drugs. She didn't find out that until they were married, they didn't live in a fancy house and up it. They lived in a second ha
the pan, mobile home. It seem like everywhere, felicia when Travis was lurking near by and nothing else, said or did could change it. Please. You came up with the girls. We will all little movies together and Dog start barking around the house. What MAO was his neighbor's dog stop barking around the house and somebody hit been out in the yard and they had followed us in Phoebe told my bed. She said that's travers and he keeps following me. My dad went to he and he did tell him if he didn't leave people alone, that you know he would take medicine his hand. But yes, my dad didn't confront him. He didn't stop. He didn't come back over an hour late anymore, the you dont riding elevator for the music or pick an airline for the movies. So when it
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you gotta, try this go to build dot, com and order. Yours now If you search online for information regarding felicia's disappearance You'll see a variety of different dates listed most static. This last july, eleventh as the day felicia went missing somewhere wholesale July, first and others July. Ninth, while research felicia's case. We went back through newspaper. cops in an attempt to pin down the most accurate date we could find but felicia's family had also told us that she disappeared in june. We an article in the innocent star dated friday june nineteenth nineteen. Ninety two, it states the following. a dagger county deputies. Impel city authorities are continuing their search today, impel city
For a woman who has been missing for a week, Felicia e cochrane twins six of martin street impel city was last seen, leaving her home around six p m a week ago, thursday. So that would felicia's missing date as june eleventh instead July brandy too, what she can recall about the last time she saw her mom and how she learned her mom was missing. She were heading out to go somewhere my sister and I were at my step- fathers, mothers, health. At the time we had spent the night there and she came back to come, get me and asked You know I wanted to go attire and at the time of the no, I was still playing with my cousins in everything and though she loved- and that was the last time I saw her and the next harm. Anyone came to get me with my grandmother, and my cousin
and they were asking how to treat her and they were asking him had he seen her and he said no until we left- and that was when I realized that something bad had happened. Something was wrong, and so my grandmother filed a police report with the pill. The police department mary, had seen felicia on the evening of her disappearance, and she told which she knew of felicia's plans that night the day she disappeared, that incoming hole. She had gotten paid that day as she had taken the children ship to parachute, as though the poll all wrong, and she, though, if it from me at edward ear and knew who was interviewed with Jeffrey the gas, you probably should get rid of him later after his folded.
I'm a storm good night at the tabard. Where are you going she's, I'm going to birmingham to see a jeffrey and asset okay at the base thunderstorms at night and as if it was too too bad? You just need the they're still down there. Don't try try to make it back in his fall. He she said yes ma'am. Well, I'm back at the house who wants she may not know and that he was active when she left out the dram that no one day he was out there and, if so you're, so merry explained that by this point in time, felicia had been seeing a man named Jeffrey who lived about thirty minutes in Birmingham. Felicia tell her mom much about this, because Mary had encouraged her to wait to begin dating until after her too worse from Travis was finalized, but before she left, felicia did oh mary, that she was going to birmingham to see Jeffrey that night and mary concerned about bad storms that were supposed to pass through the area Mary told fully.
so that she should stay the night in birmingham just to be safe, tat of driving late at night during a storm so and felicia. come home that night mary thought she would be back in the morning, just as they are discussed, which realized was that felicia never made it to birmingham in the weeks leading up june, eleventh felicia, her cousin. That Travis was stalking, her inflation was borrowing cars from friends and family in an attempt to throw em off, but he We seem to know what car she was in foolish was so concerned about her safety, as she asked Juliana to accompany her to Birmingham in Juliana agreed, but things
We go as planned. He was following her and she called and told me that he had tried to run. Hopped wrote her and her friend off the road and she came, and she was telling me this. She was reported in moody alabama who they were in and how they had tried to run them off the road. So she said well, I want to go out again a mix wiki and that Alyssa sure she said, but I dunno what if he has something on my car. So I said I'll tell you what I said. If you want to go out as you come and get by car and leave your car at my house, and so she did do you do the next day he called my house. Well, he said why would you let felicia use your car, so he had followed her to see that she used one car and everything I told felicia about it. She still did you know, proceed with anything and a week or two later she said. Listen. She says I'm gonna go to Birmingham, I don't want
about myself. She said because he keeps following me. She said: would you like to go with me? I told you shall I go is awesome, but now you know that I'm gonna go. I go to bible study. That said that, though, if you don't pick me up at a certain time, then what I'm gonna do this? I'm just gonna go ahead and go to bible study. She didn't show up. So I said okay, we'll says she didn't show up the bank. She said she wouldn't know, though, and I call them on wish. He would stop so I said okay so hung around a little longer, so she does show up. So I just went on to AL to church and anything that goes about it. One thing that we know about felicia was that she was very dependable employee. She. I never missed work. Her job was important to her needed that to support her three children. So when fully she didn't make it to work the following morning, Mary knew something was wrong. Well, when she didn't show up a work that morning, she may come home to go to work and be
Maybe she live where you live by many. Maybe she went on to work, and so maybe a your local bit where you will find it harder, or maybe she had a uniform in the car. But one thing that I woke up that morning to clock, united and undisturbed. If something had happened that morning, forgetting she didn't show up for work, there's one that's called me and she said felicia and I are at work. She says she's sick. I said no. I she went to birmingham last night after, but I thousand want to storm and as I to was storming knack to try to make it is, she said: that's not correct and so we back and poured out all morning, Felicia's children had been staying with her in laws that night so merry called over
there to see if they had seen her grow, a lawyer and editor looked creepy there and she said no, and so when I tried to call back again a I got. Amazingly irritable, I tried to comb through, like a repeating each one is getting be. Merry also knew that brandy had been attending a summer programme for kids and Mary knew her. esther was working there, so she, want him to see if felicia had dropped brandy off that morning. So I called my parents, and I said what you see if brandy is the napoleon the day, and he said I came from happy hippo. He said: okay, what he called me back, he said: motion see that in the den is it ok. Shall I call my niece as I gotta go pankey it though so when went over there to get them,
when Mary call Juliana to see if she knew where felicia was. Juliana, was immediately worried about her cousin. The whole reason that felicia had asked her to go to Birmingham was jude or concerns about Travis, and now no one could find felicia. My aunt for me is call me or the police to spend a night with you. We call the pp as the no ma'am of it
show up to pick me up or anything. So we didn't go anywhere and she said well, she left here and she said that as soon it'll pick you up. So she said she called a job and they said she had showed up. I went to work, but I was so disturbed at work. I couldn't concentrate so during my lunch break I told my boss, I said cape found my cousin, so I think to pick up and just go into the pods are well researched. It mistakes. We couldn't find anything. We can plant a car. I've talked to my other friend awesome. Looking for my cousin, I can't find her and she said. Listen. She said report her missing, so we went to the police department. Well, personally went up to tribes, his mother's house, his mother and father's house, and we accept they seen him. They of course,
at the time we got over that sitting on the porch like they were just basically waiting on us to show up. We said we couldn't find him and he'll come out and eagles start hugging to me, like adults do and in air they acted as if he was described, but he had a black eye. So I you know it just felt eerie and he was trying to put his face like oh my shoulder and everything like he was crying and I know he was crying and, like I said it just didn't, feel right. Your bill erie and we got the girls and we left. We went to the police department said it had been twenty four hours, but we waited and then I would only took the report and they told us that it would be awhile. They had to put it in the ncr the paulsen report. They came like wasted. The obey, though he had a black eye in the industry, star article that we found it goes on say that felicia's charred nineteen, eighty seven nissan sankara was found the day following her disappearance around four o clock on turner's mill, rode off of speedway boulevard.
the tallow data. Speedway member of the rescue squad and other authorities searched a one mile area around the card, but found no clues brandy What is what she knows about the car her car would later found on like the back row. This kind of like country road will all of your country, but extra country road anyone had been burnt up so that you can readily admit What car he card was and though they didn't find any like dna evidence or anything in the car and she was deemed missing. We explained that she was told that she couldn't report felicia missing for twenty four hours. By that time, felicia car had already been recovered by another law enforcement agency, but they weren't making connection. That was tell Mary started calling around on her own. They buried them made the report that you know apt after this one
hours were duly Monday's, had girlfriends there and she kept telling Julius Caesar tell her to come out. Tell dinner. He said the girl filter It won't do anything because she s so
nearly went on a calm shallow, dear and soul. The dispatcher no good named billy. She called back and said they had the car if his pork on that morning, after I had the morning, said that a man of an owner's widow worked in the car was on fire and he called the sheriff boy and they came out with fire out and pulled the korean. So when I get gate report at the all, LISA bought me that that evening, the officer that was one of the duties he has. This fetch was there around the foot put in the car description in error, and she said yes, but she didn't put put it in Billy called the dispatch and talladega call the dispatch in vale and asked what was the median number
I own the car and she gave her the pin number and it was felicia's car and he said hey. It is a car to forget that morgan should add the car brand that morning at four o'clock, but I can report her missing until six o'clock bet for an evening. Juliet wanted to see felicia's car for herself, so she made a trip.
word to the junkyard that it had been towed to and a strange thing happened where it coded into the dockyard. I may have thought that they would have pulled it out in order to further the method right, but they didn't. They took it to a record yard, oh in talladega. Well, we went over to look at the car. I went over there and it was the man and he pulled. He was in a truck and he told me he said you look at the ladies, carla smith and, and I told her yeah and he said we're up until you this. He said that dangerous to look at he was a letter to the white man is as dangerous to look at and he told me he say it. But if I were you, I just wouldn't trust it so anyway, he said. But now what I do is emma
but you go before me because you don't go get an attack number to put me in any way, and I thought I was we're, so I went back to my kind. I live in item returned back over there because I would look at all the way it had been burnt and everything it had a fair trial in it, but maybe you spare tyre within her arms yard is, though, that that one must bear tat. It will go into her. I reported all stop and they never do anything really, basically to us, work on this earlier. Harry mention someone waiting for felicia outside on the evening of her disappearance. She explained She came to learn this and believe that it was Travis out there watching and waiting, but one get there for our part. We saw this. They were connected to to hear them. Bobby little red new here. What's a level pal
Hey I've already relate to a lot, don't take they like bright rather to reflect, and then they knew peeping relation and a new tribes. Listening and then they say it then, and in the back of the restaurant door, Drat wanted her trance, who, who won't be talking to that connection, that we knew that it was traveling through travers and her together in vietnam and then another girl, as she goes with the old one, the beauty shop that look right at street from us and they had stopped Elvira on the way gifts they will fight. This girl came out to take out the garbage baby. She read backing and killed over if he came out the signal that movement the fact that no one can get there that they go. They may do so felicia at the salon seems to be the last time anyone ever saw. Her brandy was able to.
tell us more about what the salon employees witnessed. They have talked to him. Then puppet family. They ve interviewed a number of people who saw the last person to say that they had seen my mom was a owner of a beauty, the laws and she said she saw them arguing in front of her salon, and here my mom got in my mother's car together and drove off and she called the police and they came and they looked inside his car and they seemed like a rope and duct tape and things in the back of his car. But then, the next day his car somebody had come and got his car. So the car was not there any more. The next day After felicia disappeared witnesses came forward and reported to marry that in the lead up to felicia's disappearance, they had written. Travis outside of their home, watching from the woods
perhaps that could have been what occurred on the day. Felicia went missing that she moved back people that lit live on the main may now we were asking for observers. People would see here people on the one hand, but we will not know better without the cooking park. His car somewhere and walk to the house tried to see who was in the have added to our list. Until that she had disappeared, they will see him with poorly built a boat over there. It was just a wooded area, Growth is great from me. They would see him at the behind tree watching it was in the house Vienna was questioned by the police early on shit than what she knew. in July and I hope that they would do something they would call an ex me to come in. They ask me questions about it in it that less than maybe like two or three weeks- and that will be that's all big- do they would do acting questions what, and they will tell me if I heard from trial before a family, to the call them worth it.
I said I went out there and his mom was sitting out that she had a yellow, cadillac I'll. Never forget, I come out of the police department and she will be sitting right outside the police department and it was like she knew that I was there, but I didn't care because my loved one was missing, not hers. They never did follow up on anything that I know of that. Notwithstanding after I gave them all the information that I had there will be prompts and say: oh, we could open up the case and we're going to look into it here. I refer you to heed revenue. Even before felicia had disappeared, it seem like travel was always protected by his family, and that seems continue on throughout the years earlier. Travis was questioned, but then his family intervened. They do tell us at the police department, they beat brain Travis S, question and he almost broke, but his data came in there with a lawyer and they suffer in bilbao, lay who travelled bunker. They didn't have enough evidence, but they said they were bought a break. Him
and in vietnam said the boy you came in for felicia's family. They felt like there was one person they needed to be looking at and that was travis witnesses. reported seeing Travis with felicia, and then she was gone forever. However, they felt like the police for looking at them they knew where felicia was or perhaps put not some sort of missing persons hoax. I remember blowing up going to school and like getting off the school bus and the police were out that of our house, washing our house, because I guess the feeling was that we were lying or my mom just ran away as she'll be back. They were not watching him and his action, they were paying more attention to us and what we were doing. I just remember things attacked us sitting outside the store across the street member of this house, and they were just watches every day, the at the time of ours, of less than twelve thirteen and
the town and I would also traumatize child, because I have grown up in an environment where the man was beating. My mother winter mary cell Travis in the store with another woman and confronted him in the days that followed, Travis. Mom went to the police to give them a tip the boat for everyone in IRAN. From yet warming liquid that he noted for him to get madman, and I asked him answer good. baby, don't whitman daughter- and I told me in a girl- turned around and look at it. Do the same thing with you. There were two days later At least I don't need the the may hit militants and the apa David that she had been to the house npp with that felicia was there and bet we'd sit there laugh and talk, and I told her not to feel the police that she,
were there and as a you out, leave them in there that didn't input on the patient. She, no one is trying to cover for her thung after what it would have lasted we ve been and, as I again at my hand, he envelopes in I asked were getting down with mercia and until the girl retail done the same thing to you, one of the police force. We one day and told me there, a beacon of my church. It said it He had been by the house and saw Alicia with blood and met with the police chief and inept police officer, and then my parents went with me. The other policeman told me the reason they did there was to see what that long loop were of philip felicia was that they hit me, but to be, as it were, the urban neighbour for two weeks ago and the region But there s a because the one thing do
the boy were now church and audacious tool got me: one guy ended up in the back and a half dozen woot in the back back of the house said they had set up. Then it was watching the house one day. Instead, they stayed at one weekend. I guess They had it set up all day and then the night came, then it really warm about it at home. Wasn't about it and then, if my car went in I really am eliza you didn't hear the adaptation go. Where would you been? The battle in the house. You stay at a minimum amount of about air conditioning sun tan no stood to stop the date. They d, you know in an essay felicia's family was free. Treated, it felt like no one was doing anything to find felicia. It seem like their family was the focus of the investigation.
and there was this feeling within the community that people were afraid of Travis and his father Robert it yeah. They all walked through the fail to get gideon car. He knew would happen and they had a rarity among ogres georgia, and they would don't dismiss your charges on him if he, so what happened was that he was involved in it and they told him all they'd make it it put him in tourism. There lot lobby could kill him and he would not pop in later years, an investigator was looking at the case and went to go speak to this person to see if they would give any more information about. Felicia will want quick it when he went to his dear when they were enacted. Laptop
that is real increase it now you get, life is adaptable to third appear and he got lie and after you didn t about that, but I give you a youtube you. You can't somebody to put their life on the land for, for you a chow, because even though he won't get written law and prudence alive, he would still be alive but, like you said, if he chose robert with him, so he keeps life and is an open day of which I guess in a dream about poverty and the intimidation didn't stop their marriage that when she went to look at felicia's car, even years later. It was like they were being followed or watched, one idea go through the current like two year about that. Much. The bar Let me go, let me see the aid in asia, the erika I and Erika ii. We go look at their car, she say either. robin roberts Larry is opaque. Faced man, I support she their job.
We go badly as it were legitimate gomberg on pay, it back she's somebody's com. im telling them that we're at a car. So when I did found the Madrigal go lately as well, just take me to see the car, and so they took in talladega to the place and saw the car It's you know. Why will you stand there? Diego Robert S, man he's You need the letter you somebody's colony, The air can become a peanut feeders car, compare after felicia disappear. Her children were split up, Mary took the girls and she went take what areas too, but Travis was father and he was charged with any crimes in relation to felicia's disappearance. She able to gain custody of Felicia son. Quick areas was is mostly by his paternal grandmother. To this day, brandy has mixed feelings about Travis S, mother. She has some
that of memories of her from childhood, but finds it difficult to reconcile the that she believes that his mother likely new more about felicia's disappearance. He is my brother, father and my brother was reared by his side and his grandmother, so our relationship did not begin until my brother was a little older and able to come around us on his own because we didn't live too far. His grandmother would occasionally bring him to see us, and sometimes I have family members that would take us over there unbeknownst to my grandmother so that we could see my brother growing up. So I would see him every year, maybe once or twice every year growing up, because we spent a lot of time there. They they just live down the street and she she didn't treat us as if we were her her own grandkids, and I don't doubt that
She had some type of care concerned affection for us, but the love that she has for her own flesh and blood outweighed anything she ever felt for us. He grew up thinking that she loved him until he was a teenager when he got his car at sixteen. He would just drop and come see us himself and come spend time with us. to do something like that to somebody and to know that another mother and your very own grandchild because she raised my brother so to look at my brother every day and not feel some type of remorse for what his mother's not around, and to make up stories about how my mother just moved to Texas and just lifted, and so he grew up Will you not really understanding what really going on? Why is my mom thought of the family, saying
One thing, and then you guys are telling me that my mom just left me and she just moved, and I remember what brother was about fifteen or sixteen. He told me one day that our mom called the how and also deal with greed on the phone and those like me who told you you like they said it was mom like your mother, would not call just you. She would call everybody if she were. And so it was a very light signalling to think that they would have somebody calling the house pretending to be her to give him some type of hope that she was alive and out there in thinking about you, so his family was telling him one story that she just looked
I didn't come back for it, but once he got to school, kids can be kind of cruel, and you know that parents talk about things in the home as well, so it wasn't until he started going to school. That people would pick with him and say that's why your dad killed your mom and so basswood started his wheels. Turning at him asking different questions for me to heart conversation with one of my brothers started, going up and calling or coming around and asking questions and wanting to know different things, because I felt like I didn't want to operate with him out of my hurt ingrid my resentment for his father, but I also knew that that was his dad and he was going to go back and question that which he had every right to do, but I felt like they should have been honest with them. So I felt like that was part of the reason. His dad's side of the family kept him from us as well, so that we wouldn't until him little things, but as he got older,
He wanted to know. So I just had to be honest with him about what I was pulling in. What I thought happen, piazza relationship with his dad. He struggled whether there is a slight internal crisis from travelling reconcile living. There figure out. What's real and was not and dealing with not having your mom around presents one set of problems, especially when your toes she left you could that create abandoned issue who have asked to speak is that your father could have been the reason or is the reason that your mother's no longer in your life and the betrayal of having them had not only him doing that, but I am also line. Can your faith about it for years and giving you fall stories and false hope? That's a lot for anybody to
to deal with Mary, told us that she was heartbroken by the fact that she couldn't get custody of court areas and new happened. Couldn't hurt girl, The attitude like that, my member, so stay, the canaries, because it, but the more you told me that I would Let me give you a bad, because we ve gotta, be then press charges against is trying to fit. My writing a baby girl it before I didn't know that want to let his mother up to darius and try to get visitation rights. Data may refuse everything's a robber visitation rights. where I can see him in at MC number winner, his can bro who dares open the troops and see me one day and will he get out the car he walked to the back of the trail. Because he do that with our slave within eight historic taken. There.
We have the opportunity to speak with Felicia son quit areas and he told us what life was like for him growing up. I was scared or two or three layer, and she couldn't come back because if so there she were good afraid of taking a pill I do not think it makes a year and then I was hotter. Seventeen eighty lay in and get my driving license stone drive. I started this little more of an associate and they still give me detail to the issues she went missing. She was murdered the day he died growing up like I was her hospital. play basketball he can lie to. He was there. Buddy was, but it wasn't there had. It makes things as I got older, what are you doing his last the mai. What I like it and the rotating
Think about it. I just skip it some missouri law she couldn't make it to rio. I still was lost at the time like I really did cause. I kept hearing to sire to store, like With their origins lie now, I know are up a member we and I was like, now you at play baseball and my grandma. She she was taunted, certainly to awaken alabama and she says, she's seen my mall on the highway and run down to the river bank will cripple fishing and fishing gear to go to an overcrowded and oh shit, dude that they will do too. So I mean, I kind of believe, A lot growing about. I agree with no wrong. well there. He was bro. I like I may sound like. I was ok still. How may I the thing about it a lot now, but I I kind of like heat it Do people buy just a year and the situations to lower ceremony? Germany
don't get a life in albania, I am by they don't than those door behind it. When I was to college like lights, I was almost a shepherd light. There was kind of strict dumbing down mammogram. Now my grandma My dad was launched no reason alone could ever I wasn t but when I go to college, like that, I still his gaze addition here. Light burning there is one just made me not here in trouble why they end up going to jail. I was granted youth december and just probation for two years, but I got off probation and I got a clean record. Their color woke me up a lie. I gotta get a second chance my police fast. Now life was an easy for. Leashes children, after losing their mother when they were so young, but brandy told us the whole. Family rally behind them, I'm from others to do its share of everybody liked. It was your mother.
and my sister, not in the house, but we had a village. We had our aunts and uncles or cousins. Everybody kinda rallied around my grandmother and tried to you know, give her assistance when needed or just be there to make sure we had a demand for more childhood. I guess you can say as much as possible. I'm also go to therapy because I ought to have like not having my mother, but then my father also abandoning me so that things that I have to work through and you know being reared by someone who lost their child in that way. Presenting emotional challenges because she couldn't she didn't feel like she could deal with her emotions, because she now has to raise her two grandkids and she has to be strong in nineteen. Ninety seven mary made the difficult decision to have her daughter declared deceased through the court system. She told us
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began advocating for her mom. I was younger the time I was ten. They never once like interview the children to see what the whole night was like with him. They didn't talk to us, not one time lop. First, some ever talking to a police officer was with my twenty is, I believe, and memories are fading for tom, so it had just been too far gone for some things that they were asking me but yeah. They had um that evidence in the car and some eye witness statements, and-
did they treat it with any real urgency? In my opinion- and I don't think much of the thoughts was doesn't like me like driving around looking the road that she was her car was founded, but I dont think real third upper happened. I do remember the family, putting up flyers everywhere and felt to be empowered to good, but I don't recall the police doing much and even to this day, like I think, they're working on the case, but without a body I know that the dossier is not going to try to bring forth any charges because of the double jeopardy, and even that filling like he has, but not to go on to to get a conviction that the dilemma there's no weapon, no crime, they nobody fill out.
They have the the car that was set on fire and someone can easily say she did that and ran away. Like I remember one time, I went to look at the case file just out of my own curiosity, and there was a witness statement in there that said that he had offered. What a hundred thousand dollars to kill. My mother, for that you personally for looked to be there because when I'm like, where do you get one hundred thousand dollars from who? I was just like? If you had the the tweet had these different witness statements, knowing that you know he wanted my mother to be harmed, why not put more emphasis on you know, making sure that you could try him her disappearance and subsequent debt, but I'm not law, of course, but I don't know how things work in that world. So Travis has never been charged in connection with felicia's disappearance, but brandy strongly that he was somehow involved when you add up. everything we know about their relationship the stocks.
And the last citing a felicia on the day. She disappeared it's difficult Imagine an alternative is delivering at the beginning of charge and he's living. life and he's gone all about his life as if nothing has happened and he maintained He did not do anything to our mother pray. He does not sleep at night. I pray every time he closes as he sees my mother's faith. I made it a point not to see him, especially like in my teenage and early twenties, because of the the anger and rage that I felt like it just would not have been beneficial for me. to see him when I have seen him he's, not able to look me in my face is not able to like even speak to me, because I look so much like my mom. I guess I remind him of his thin. I truly believe that
You know whatever happened. His dad was definitely the person he called to come help him cover his tracks. I truly believe that to know that he had stuff in a car like that. Make me think that he set out with the intention to like if she wasn't trying to to come with me. I was going to make her come with me by any means necessary, but I don't think that it was premeditated so to speak, even though, like he, he had the intent to to go, get her or whatever. I don't think he went with the intent to physically harm her or to kill her, and that was done out of rage, passion. They were probably fighting and something happened. I think that's what happened and he had to cover it up. I mean: what's helped the way that he was he was always he would follow up after school. He would be at her job sitting in the parking lot tapping our phone breaking into my grandmother's house. He was
it is a good person. He doesn't have that protection anymore of his father of his mother. He doesn't have that same support system to help him covered his track. What you want do he's remarried for some reason she just reached out to me on facebook. I remember things something like how can you be with a man who killed his? Why and you know that he abused hard, because I know that he is abusing you and she made some type of big for him. They were with some one in that with their backs. I definitely could not maintain a relationship, let alone mary and have kids with that person. You heard brandy mentioned earlier, that she did have a relationship with Travis mom when she was young. She was a grandma figure in her life before trial? his mother passed away. Brandy felt like there were times when she wanted to tell her what she knew for her to come forward and to tell the truth. I felt like at times that
she wanted to do that before she passed. But she also did you know. I guess betray her side, because every time she wouldn t go into the hospital. I felt like something great was happening to her. She would call someone and ask us to come to the hospital to wanted to talk to something with weighing on heard that you need to get off my chest, but she never would say anything or sometimes when we got there, her husband would be there or someone else in the ban will be there and she wouldn't feel comfortable talking. She passed a couple years ago. His mom and dad are both the thief. Juliana, also had a similar experience when Travis mom was battling cancer, but it seemed like
was always someone else there listening, I want to say: maybe BP will benefit. Maybe six or seven years later and Travis's mom did try to contact me. She had breast cancer and she asked me to come up to the hospital and I told her I would, but I told them by pastor, I said: listen. I said that his mom with many come all because I told her what had happened and she said. Well, you can't go by yourself, so I took a friend with me. She stayed downstairs while I went upstairs to his mom and his sister tribes of sister, I was there roslyn to anime was his mom's name. She tried to get rosalyn to leave the room and she said now she said we'll go. Give me a coke. She I want a coke go, go, get my coke or sprite and she's a mom. You can drink this drink right here that I got me she kept on trying to get a lie. Was she call her daddy and her brother Travis?
and they came to the hospital. So she said I'll talk to you later. You know cause they showed up, and she said if you just give me your telephone number I'll, be able to call you, and I gave my telephone number and roslyn intercepted and took my telephone number away, and so she never called me, and that was the end. I would never That's just talk to each other. She lay our own bad, for she took the thick with her to her grave. But what if you want to tell me. Considering what brandy knows about Travis, she has a theory on where her moms body might be hidden. He came from a bag. Where his father was dumb. Although I did not see it, I believe his father was
The networking learned it from he was abusive to his mother and his father also sold drugs. Because of that connection in the community, I believe the police were also very afraid to go after them because of different things that have that has happened over time and His father was so his body was a drug dealer and he was a guest powerful in the community. I didn't see that thought of gm crops grown up. the gets around the children. He presented. One way everyone all peoples in a different way, and it was until I was older, that I realized that that's what he was doing on the side to maintain his lifestyle and he also was an excavator. So he used to dig in in place septic tank, and so it is my thinking that, whatever he did to my mother, he and his father then went and buried her
somewhere because they had the equipment to do so and they possibly were having to bury a septic tank at that time and so she's, probably somewhere under someone's septic tank after growing up coming a police officer himself. Could areas has become more trusted and pursuing justice for his mom. Though still has mixed feelings about what happened to her. I will get wall justice for mama apply to the to the police, but I do get lonely growing up there. Her body, baird any better time another girl in danny- I don't know if it's true or not, but they say it all. I dunno: what agency did it but Instead, they went around digging up, hire people to a big upset, the tank at the ground, seeking to find that body and end up the fat one. I don't know how to shoot at or just want no tricks outer space. She was murdered because, just as stores
I also told me, like they say mother, thought that I'm all the? U turn try to run about the role we. What I was in a car were hat the phone lines settled on me. So please use mother, I can't say my dad did it. We did contact the pal city police, parliament to request records and an interview about felicia's disappearance. We went to get more information about the work that they have done to find felicia, but unfortunate They declined are requests, one struggle for his family has been that they were forever tied to Travis and his family, Felicia Travis had a son together Juliet explained that the intimidation didn't stop when felicia disappeared and they ve always I to be involved in inquired areas, life as much as possible, but that
lead to some uncomfortable experiences with travis Travis. If he tries to intimidate even as to the day some time, he'll I'll see him steal, I'm not afraid of him at go over there and he'd be like I'd, be at a gas station that seen him and he would think of going to bed after beckett and then he could eat the door. He'd leave. He never said anything. I didn't even allow him to speak to me. He just had a felicia burn that had that state with them. They had a daughter, I guess she's, possibly five. Now they gave a baby shower for his phones girlfriend and I went to the baby shower because I'm close to the sun, of course, as whale people sweetheart,
but I thought about the baby, a shower in trade within his. Why they looked at me like I was going to be afraid of him. I look back you dont there right back out of him. They turned the hay. It become like a pair of I'm, not afraid of Travis. He trod intimidate people, that's what best. What his family, though this, will they be it in a felt like fifi? She was like, maybe threatened by william and she wouldn't say anything. I don't know what they possibly say to her we have a lot of really wanna go. Tell dig, he's bow wow. You think he is getting away with something He really you he don't you think you have has and my days they want them. emma s door and she did was to him. Then she told him to know you killed. jordan from everybody, but now you don't get round her across you, she'll tell a brandy hold us about. One thing: she does to support the missing persons: community, shiva tears for the blackened missing foundation, a non profit,
innovation founded by derga Natalie Wilson, for a lot of the work that I do have been behind the scenes with fund raising sponsorship community engagement, because for me it very hard to re live each family situation because it takes me back to my own. Men had been removed my own, but one thing, though, with delicate natalie going around and try to help them find their missing. Love One is a disparity in guinea media attention. It very hard to get our stores put on on the news and a very show, because without doing sensational and when it comes to law enforcement, expressly with it
during their doomed runaway and it's sometimes hard to get to the amber alert that they are needed and then with adults that always that well not always, but sometimes that maybe they just needed a break. Maybe they just needed to get away? It's not that big of a deal, but when your family knows you will know, operate knows your data day. They know one fund and wrong when you not answering the phone or you're not doing your normal daily thing, though it urgent to your family. So it should be urgent to law enforcement, but in some municipalities not that way, some are doing better than others and in making sure that they treat every case as an emergency and start the effort, search and rescue efforts immediately. But some are too slow to
and it's very frustrating for the families who are going through trying to find their loved ones. I know that for a fact, you want people to to feel that this is as urgent to them and as it is to you, and sometimes it's not seem that way and there's not a missing person of color, that is like a household four brandy. The most important thing she needs to assist her on her path to healing is for her to find her mother's remains and put her to rest. Hopefully, one day I want my mother's remained, and I want to be able to lay her a pie later read rip peacefully location lead
not one that you just threw her somewhere to cover your tracks. I would like to bury her properly. I definitely would like that would love that for her. For me, that would be a huge step to my healing. I think, because I don't even know how I feel if he went to jail- and I didn't have my mom's remains yeah. You went to jail, but I still don't have my mother and that's what I want the most to have her remain and my grandmother having her daughter back my sister having her mother, my brother, having the closure that he needs to and my uncle. I think that would be. That would start the healing process for us all. We would still have questions like we can't change the past. What happened in everything, but I just if I could have a remains and bury her respectfully. That would mean a lot to me. Mary has similar feelings about what she would like to see happen today. She just wants to
and her daughter. I would ask him why he do, tell me what my child is a beard or what he deal with with my child. So I could give her a proper mary and that's all I want from him. He has had to come to be, who featured in etiquette easier, but the pain is still there. He can change the goal which ally is not likely to get jail. I came to grips with the community. Would it leave the towel of talent nigger with skater robert and as a hack and a whole town be scared of one may and their rights but is dead and gone, and nobody is talking my daughter. What happened? so what happened to felicia cochrane on june eleventh ninety? Ninety two, we know that model.
Witnesses reported seeing her with Travis after she left home that evening. The men who worked for the local power company were working in the area in spotted him outside the home when felicia laughed, then they were seen in the hair salon parking lot arguing. Please new, felicia and worse. were concerned that they called nine one. One police arrived felicia and Travis were gone along with felicia's car Travis car was left behind at the salon. Felicia never seen again and again. trace of her that has ever been recovered was herbert car. It seems the real mystery here is. My more wasn't done to solve this case. This is a case fool. red flags and violent behaviors things that full his family knew about and witnessed with their own eyes. Today just family remains hopeful that someone will come forward with answers if you have information about the disappearance of felicia cochrane, please cod.
the positive city police department at two zero. Five, eight for three three: three: four: we to follow and brandy footsteps sore giving back in felicia's honour by sponsoring the blackened missing foundations, hope without boundaries, five kay It will be held on may twenty first, two thousand twenty two at the national or in maryland. Please. If the show notes for a link if you're interested in attending in person or virtually there will be prompted to say. Oh, we go open advocate and we don't look into double time. Then they go they going to look into the case. They even built up branding hope did they we go, we do it in being in bed and do nothing just given false hope anytime, a political thing that comes around here like boat. God like there will always bring back up, come and say: hey will open a tooth case again at the end, after the bogan home with you,
want to come here like one time they told them. Oh, we, somebody and we need to add dunno how many times literally didn't even a delay test. Anything We need to get your dna, because what I found will remain billina hope are built up in all this. No all not who level You never know who you down here who who that person might have been related to go. You I'll do stay in that you need to be updated to peek somebody's entered the hague. What happens when you know you're, not gonna, dawning thing got telling all budget but the one you know you're, not she will on the swedish people, you for me a true jewel in our class, our class guards when everybody knew her and everybody would tell you she was one sits with people tat. You could ever me a call work. Even people that I worked with court have, they will act,
It would hurt anything they accidents every year than Travis and till she ran out. Would somebody diagnoses and one off nobody. That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and thirty, eight I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for the story.
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