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Isaac Seidel Part 1: A Simple Life


36-year-old Isaac Seidel disappeared from Blain, Pennsylvania, on September 12, 2021. By the time Isaac's loved ones realized that anything was wrong, Isaac had already missed a few days of work. When they went to his home, where Isaac lived alone, an eerie scene was left behind. Isaac's bicycle, backpack, and phone were missing, but everything else seemed to be there except Isaac. He had left chicken thawing in the sink. It appeared that he had decided to go for a bike ride and planned to be back later to cook chicken for dinner. Isaac's family thought that perhaps Isaac had been in a tragic accident, so they began scouring the roadways near Isaac's house, looking in ditches and ravines. But there was no trace of Isaac anywhere. Nearly nine months later, they are still searching for answers.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Isaac Seidel, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at (717) 567-3110. Missing along with Isaac is his dark green Cannondale bicycle.

You can follow Isaac's case on social media at Find Isaac Seidel

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Hey, prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today. Of all people I ever met, my wife down like, I think, is one of the best clothes if you've ever made, he had like a a huge for life and you wanted to get the most out of it. He just was all for doing neat things to get as much as he could out of life. He can't predict isaac just when you think you'll figure him out like he can That is something new and like what year has hit outlook on life. I mean I'm telling you you can apply to anything and I will just make it better. Thirty six year old eyes, excite del disappeared from plain pennsylvania on september, twelve, two thousand twenty one by the time
six loved ones realise that anything was a mess. I say had already missed a couple of days of work when they went was homeward isaac lived alone, there were erasing left behind. Isaacs bicycle back and phone were missing, but everything else seem to be there except isaac even live chicken thawing in the sink like he had decided to go for. right and would be back later to cook some chicken for dinner, isaacs, family father. Perhaps he had been in a tragic accident, so they began kinda roadways near Isaacs house looking and ditches and ravines, but there was no trace of Isaac anywhere in nearly nine months later, they're still searching for answers I'm marisa and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and forty eight of the vanished part, one of
as accidental story Academy award nominee, carey, mulligan, emmy nominees a week. Asean story she said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most. important stories in a generation, a story That shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited if in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores, oscar nominee, Patricia clarkson Emmy winner, Andre Braugher and tony jennifer easy with a cat, the award nominees samantha Morton, she said isn't
leaders. Now we spoke to many people who knew and loved eyes excite owl, and we learn that he was a unique man with distinct interests and ideals, as it grew up rural central pennsylvania when It went missing. He was living in the small town of blame which has a population just about two hundred and thirty people according to the two thousand twenty? U S, census blaine as part of women's valley, which is nestled between the appalachian mountains. It's a beautiful lush area. That is perfect for farming and hiking. All of the things isaac love to do at the time of Isaacs his appearance he was living alone and working at a local, organic farm that specializes in growing unusual fruits. It wasn't the ordinary for isaac to go a couple of days without talking to his family, but he kept in touch often isaac. reported missing by an ex girlfriend and her sister eyes
family learned that he was missing when the police showed up on their doorstep. I sit brenda was immediately concerned in contact her sister carol. We spoke to Isaacs, carol, and she explained how this all unfolded. It wasn't unusual for him and his mom not to see each other for several days because everybody works. She worked, he work and my brother in law works. It was thursday morning. Brenda calls me first thing in the morning and she said I think, is missing. I said whoa wait a minute why? What do you mean isaac's missing? I was the first person she called because we talk almost every day a couple of times a day. Sometimes we talked- and she said oh Isaac's missing and I'm like really decay. Let's back up, tell me what's going on and it was the night before that the police showed up at her doorstep and said we understand your site's missing and you know, and then apparently this girlfriend or this ex girl
ran purely she and her sister, the one that reported him listening to the police. It was Wednesday september fifteenth, two thousand twenty one. When the police showed up to the side, l household and broke the news to Isaacs parents, they had last seen, isaac the weakened before when he stopped for on sunday, the twelve when looking over its home and property, they know that. Not much was missing. It didn't look like isaac had packed up. A bunch of stuff and gone on vacation without telling anyone only a few things. appeared to be missing, including isaacs, bicycle backpack and phone others. That were left behind made at sea
like. Maybe isaac, went out for a quick bike, ride and plan to come back later and cook dinner. He didn't take any driver's license with him. No idea, nothing. We don't really know what he had on his body at when he left. We just knew he had taken off with his bicycle and that's all we knew and we didn't know what direction he went because it was weird when he left the house. He left chicken following in his think, which Brenda said he always get his chicken Sunday night for the week. Whatever he was making that week, he would make it sunday night and then he would make different things with it during the week. So the chicken was left falling in the I think he left his pig behind in the barn. He only had one pig and he just disappeared. Isaac's younger sister Megan was living in new york when her brother disappeared, but she rushed back home pennsylvania ass, soon, ass. She could when she
that no one could find isaac considering the circumstances with the missing bicycle make. Began, searching every place that she thought he might go out, riding stopping to get looking ditches and down hills. She thought, maybe, was just a tragic accident. The cops gay men- you don't isaac, nowhere to be found. Vehicles there. You have one track and had one motorcycle they're both bear at his house, but his bicycle was gone, and so they like it. So they went over to my parents house in I thought I had no idea. They called me, though I have you spoke to Isaac. I haven't had spoken to him with the friday before so I didn't know anything so. The next day I am, we drove their cause, I'm in brooklyn silly drove the pennsylvania, and I was there for like a week and we just started my aunt had posted on.
Spoke and kill people started thing in all possible sightings. You know anybody on a bike. Pretty people would call a third message from this book and we would like rush there and look for this person, but it never turned out to be. I think, of course, but we were, then you got any of us. already calling any family. You know any family in engine running out on any possible fighting is what we did so we were thinking what if he went out on a quick bike ride and something happened like he had an accident. You know something like that. So we decided to look there's a steep forest right by his house that he spends a lot of time in so we thought. Let's talk, there looked through a search of the whole park, and so I posted it on facebook and I posted it the day before and the next day we had fifty or sixty people
show up to search for him. It was pretty amazing and the dcnr was there to help us and they like organized, and they said we searched every single trail of the park. They were very confident that we we hit every trail. Then we thought okay well, what if he was out biking and got hit by a car or fell off the edge of the road or something like that. So then, the following saturday, we had another search and we people who walk along the edge of the road, so we did think every road and the whole within twenty mile radius, the town or I think with more in it a big market we had summit, it will show up a you got you like waves of being hopeful and then thinking, ok, something come out for then. I think after that we like ok, something's gonna, come we're just gonna. Wait. Megan was sure they would find some trace of isaac during one of these searches, or perhaps someone would forward, who remembered seeing him out biting the day he disappeared and would narrow their search area down further, but that didn't happen to this day.
Isaacs bicycles still hasn't been located a dark. can entail bike by all accounts, It wasn't known to have any enemies while some may have grab him as quirky or different. He was well liked by coworkers and france. None of the family search its were paying off, leaving as ex loved ones. Unsure of where to begin. Looking, so we're going to go back To the beginning and start by at isaac's life and who he was. As a person megan told us bout growing up with her brother. I fear the happy childhood like we would play outside and in my mama is cooks, greener and makes cookie. Then you know it's pretty pretty good childhood, I would say we go up and war Pennsylvania go out in the country playing in the world in our playing in the stream, I'm that kind of stuff
We always got along. We get along still. You know to this day that I, after high school, I moved to new york, where I'm still in now I live in brooklyn now, so I've been away for the last fifteen years. Obviously we still talk. We still tax not every day but everytime. I go colleagues, a good relationship. Isaacson carol explained to us that she is nothing but fond memories of her nephews childhood. He loved to explore a thing. Take things the part he was just a good our own good kid I mean he he played with my young. My kids in him grew up together because we're close and my sister and I lived close together, so we were together all the time. He was a smart kid. I mean he excelled in anything he did
it love making things then ass he got older. He became a mechanical engineer and unread box. He had gotten so many books and read and just to learn as much as he could about things, and I mean he could do anything. He pick up a book and read it or things together and build things in Egypt Amazing, the tower that he had megan told us that isaac always seem to march to the beat of his own drum. He wasn't away, into the same things that other people his age were into, and that was just fine by Isaac. He was a very interesting person, though he doesn't watch tv. He doesn't have the internet. All he has is like his phone, which he has an edit on. It's gone of course, but not like a computer he's not on social media even on his phone. It's not like. He sits there on his phone,
never unanimous about him. He like extremely outdoor, these always hiking in kayaking in by giving you a bike. He loves the lake contradict which is something that I had never heard of before. It's like square damping, mixed good mind, dancing, who usually did much older than him at his confidence. It is actually really fun but anyway he goes and he you know he loves you all the people and he loved dancing and he likes. Oh, he taught himself to play the guitar and he taught himself to play the piano. well. He spends his time reading and, and he then took gardening like he has a big garden orchard fruit trees and he spends all his time outdoors or you know doing productive things like he doesn't like to waste a lot of time watching tv you know sitting on his fallen like to him, that's like a waste of time and he also doesn't drink. So I think because of that you know he has friends
but it's not like. I think it's hard for him to connect to people and that kind of way you know cause most people. Our age sit around watch tv. You know I do the same thing. I sit around and watch netflix and listen to podcasts. You know he's very into help and he stopped drinking coffee for a while, because he's like I don't want to be dependent on coffee in highschool does actually I mean he had friends, but he wasn't into sports. He wasn't into there are a lot of things and then later he really became like a social butterfly. You could go and literally talk to anybody anywhere and he's just so interested in talking to people like at my wedding two years ago. Now he was the officiant. He did an awesome job. He went around like before the wedding he was talking to everybody introduced themselves to everybody. I dunno what happened and he just be very outgoing, very social. You, like their moral person. This is thought that he lived by its all about the utopian society where lake everybody to one another, and you don't have to lock the door
everybody borders and stuff. He is so unusual for this day and age. I think that maybe I'm just guessing. He never said this to me, but I'm just guessing that maybe it was like hard for him not made for this world? I almost feel it is a little bit of sadness. There is not more people like him, whether or not there are more activities for him to do like that. people you know like minded wave after graduating from college isaac was to secure a good job working for the government. While he might go to college. He went to mit and graduated there the jury and mechanical engineering, and then he worked for the governments and they funding. All over the world he's been to Japan has been to russia. I mean he d jobs over them all over the world. They would send them. It was
this job isaac met, some guys would become lifelong friends. We were able to connect with a couple of these france. Here's Josh one of isaacs, work, friends that he was particularly close. till I met Isaac summer of now the nine men working at the navy based mechanics bird and was actually a welding student- They had me do a couple of projects in the machine shop, which is a shop that isaac worked and he helped me it set up, was doing allowing project then with pretty much been friends ever since isaac. Definitely This amazing desk for life. He had very unique way of taking any sexual asian like no matter what it was and he was able to find the most positivity in that situation, He was always were to go off on a whim or on an adventure, provided that hit the schedule here,
a unique way of looking at problems and personal life like. I could always come up to him to her isaac. I got this financial thing going on or a isaac my girlfriend dont me or whatever, and he would always have such a unique perspective. For me to look in too hard times. I came up with this question that I would ask myself what would I like to end with bring me peace or bring me to learn illusion. Anything like that. Most people get anxious about it. Didn't seem phase Isaac in Definitely, but I admire most about him in his willingness, of course, to go out and help people in pretty much expect nothing in return. He was definitely extrovert and that he liked to go out and do things that people like we would go home, together I mean we went, can together happily to amuse accessible and he was governance.
certain other ways, because he would be very recluse about his inner most feelings, especially about how he felt like girls, you never really open up a lot about his personal leg, deep feelings about certain things put that in a context like I guess like how he feels about certain individuals he had a dislike. He wouldn't really let you know much about that kind of thing, but I I say when he came over to my house and got to know my wife, whatever the barn was between those two He was able to open up to her and like unload, always thing showers, pretty surprise I would only like show that part of himself under special circumstances are special people. We also today I am who told us that he can There's isaac to be his best friend. Do you and Isaac also met at work isaac.
India and spend a lot of time together over the years, both on the job and outside of work. I think what a local workers I have known. I think that one disease worked at the navy debt by her, since we first started at geneva. Gap are probably thirteen years ago worked right beside isaac, so I'm a machinist than he was a machinist. We worked in the shop together and we became friends. I will probably have to say for myself he's probably my best friend we got to the point where I began. I could talk just about anything where there was
wasn't much that we didn't talk about, and it was always nice because he had. The, I think has the personality that you know he was open to discussion. We would talk about just about anything and always liked to see his side of it. Isaac's thirty, some I'm fifty four, so there's an age difference, but I looked at him as a I guess, as a best friend, but also as a almost like an older son. You know he's got that nature. Let nature thing he loves plant growing plants and that kind of neat stuff, those always need to see him enjoy growing things. You know, and an eye always told me that he always looking for. girlfriend you now looking for a girl. Any Ali said that their either way too young or they old enough to be his grandmother was always
I'm a golden that aspect. Anyhow, I normally has the one that they had. She had had that personality that I don't know it's just it was to me it was really need because he looked at things. Simply it was simple. What will he didn't? Make things wasn't all about stuff? You know I didn't have to think tat. He had done everything any. He always thought differ only than most people bill, wade late and most people sell. It was always encouraging. It was interesting to me to try and understand how he thought. Now I thought- and I think is the type of person you know he didn't coffee didn't swear. He didn't need to use those words. Very respectable and honoured in that. You know honour him him in that because he didn't you know to. it hung out. We all hung out with it with clean, clean, Levin and funny didn't need to.
Drink alcohol, or to do that. Stop to have funder, enjoy himself isaac in his group of bodies from work. Had a great relationship unexplained that they were always there for one another. When someone needed help or advice may have him in a book. I there's a couple of us at work. We just did things together. Like one guy needed a roof wonders how so we all got together and we went to his house and we made a project on it. We all fixed the guy's happen. Nobody, you, Did money or anything in return? We were just helping each other out, so he would actually let me come there with health and me my boys, and come over and hunt. It's the only thing was, as we could come hunt, but we needed to come for a day and work at his house. So you know we would go to his house and me and my three sons and we go over there and helping for the whole day. You know cut firewood or whatever he needed, and then he would let the boys hunt there for, for the season was really neat that you can
with a great opportunity for the boys to to do that I've lived there as long as I'm knowing he lifted that residents residents and blame on a farm. Am I think I remember the first time I got there when I came to his form, it was all grown up and he was putting brush down in Moldova stuff, so he could clear the area cause. He said he couldn't even see the house. That was a tad thick. You know he was just a great hardworking guy. You know he loves to work and the outside either it goes on be boxes left his front door unlock when he went to work. He left his keys, the need in the car, We would pick on him in the ball cause he would go to the movie theater and I'd see his car in a parking lot. When we knew he was going to the movies and we'd go to his car and mess with his car cause. He was he leave his keys in the car and with unlock
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at z, o c d, o c dot. Com, slash vanished one more time: zocdoc dot com, slash vanished while Isaac enjoyed his time working alongside us, close friends Dan told us that isaac their goals to when he worked at the depot. He couldn't wait till it farm was paid off, so he could just quit not have to go to go to the work he didn't like. The the idea of the politics that went on was workin for the government he was there. I think its hopes and dreams were when he got a farm paid off. He was gonna, get told me and my friend Paul he was gonna leave, before Paul retired, and daddy, ended up quentin resign and before balkan maidens retirement age,
He was heard goal oriented. I think he was right when he said things he would set goals in his life, his own personal evolve, and he would he would strive to to do that. He would do things just to see if he could do without it and no at one point he decided to get rid of things just approved to himself. He told me that he proved himself He didn't need that thing that that thing wasn't he had more power over it than it had over him. You know he went to classes in california. He wanted to be a self sustaining farm, so he wanted to be able to live off of its own farm and isaac decided that he was going to do You know I've come those health and he was cutting the brush down any with power up. He was making compost isaac and also invited in Josh about his plans to drop as ninety five job. This was something he worked hard to do so that he can If the life he always dreamed of our job. Were you work for the government and its different from
being on the outside of the government, and basically he wanted to feel free and what isaac did was when he bought his house. He was able to live so below his means that he had that house paid off. And like ten years are less and he worked a lot over time and I think there was like thirty three acres there once he guy has paid off. He did not want to work with us in the government anymore because he wanted to be. Odin quote free man, if that makes sense, and so on, you do. Is you and pick up side jobs? He would work with his cousin. Sometimes during carpentry he would volunteer with the red cross occasionally and he did have a part time job at a small farm right around carlisle, and that was pretty much his latest engagement up until he had gone missing a constant
job any did house voting as a hobby to make it that's how isaac explained leaving his job to her there things he valued more in life. The money he felt like you know, time more valuable than money and in all he was just during his farming and doing odd jobs and going where he wanted to go. He volunteered for the red cross and. To spend his time doing what he wanted to do? I mean I think he would, in my eyes, kind of living it he has his own place. Did you know it's completely like, he called it on one. How does it mailboxes with fine occurs? What did we call? It white pines ecosphere, his valiant lake, sustaining well farming, and what is it perma, culture all just like vegetables and like flowers, he has bees and it's just very unique person. I would say, though, in my eyes he was living it.
When I say quit his job, his lifestyle shifted is living on his own terms and doing the things he wanted to do. Here's carol again. He was doing odd jobs and thing and that's kind of where his life changed. His lifestyle became very simple and he was very frugal. He built an orchard. He bought all these trees and put an orchard in, and then he learned how to to do work with bees and he learned he had pigs. He bought this special breed of pigs and he would breed these pigs and actually I helped them burst some pigs. One time it was so much fun. I was very interested in farming and sustainable living here need to do more with his own large property in the lane. He thought the best way to learn how to do this would be to get a job working on a farm. So in the summer of two thousand twenty one, that's exactly
What isaac did he applied for working at an organic fruit farm called threefold farm. In mechanics bird pennsylvania, we spoke to Isaacs boss, ten, who spent lot of time with isaac that summer in those three months before he ultimately disappeared. He applied to our farm here and he were here from june twenty one. through just the beginning of september. We no m for those kind of two and a half three months, He did go to the same high school as I did growing up use a couple years behind me and he is from that county that I'm originally for men in pennsylvania here so were about two hours west of philadelphia We are a certified organic. arm that specializes on in unusual fruits. We have really great soils around here.
And so we also live close to a really huge apple. and peach growing area, may be one of the top five in the nation. In that case, south of us, that's the county that holds getting org, and so we knew we couldn't compete with no hundred plus acre farms. So We differentiate ourselves by growing unusual fruits and we are certified organic as well and in its somewhat rare, to find a certified organic orchard in pennsylvania. I think he was interested and some the fruits that we grew by cause there's some few fruity can grow in this area. Without the use of synthetic pesticides were organic, so we can't you stuff. So he was interested in that he was, I think, interested somewhat, in our scale, my understanding here maybe similarly size property. I think maybe a little bit bigger and so here
trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to do there. And so I think he was just trying to gain experience anywhere. He could well sort of like minded people of the same sort of philosophy around food production and that you seem to be one of his interests and sir so he reached out to us in the spring when we posted the job and we hired him on. I forget exactly when he started I think june, but is such a good worker that really one of the best that we had it's great to have people that are kind of passionate about the work too, and that's what we noticed about isaac was you know he he had all the dreams was kind of starting his own farm. He is getting ready to clear his land and wasn't sure at the plant and what kind of mix of things to do, and So it was a really great fit for the time that we we had him here,
explained what a typical work day looked like four isaac at the farm. We allow our folks to be somewhat fuck spawned summer, because a portion of the job is harvests, in the summer, maybe about half fish of of your day, sir. gonna get started early and beat the heat. If it still gets warm here and it's humid so yeah we allow them to our workers to get started condoms surely as they want and the more and he was always like right, five minutes to seven attempts to seven really every day and so just reliable. Had a good attitude didn't complain about the now the work, it's hot, its thankless of that kind of some days. You now you just can, can get a little bit monotonous, but I mean we try to make as fund as you know as we can, but it is what it is I'm sorry. I and we had a really pretty warm summer for us, but yeah, was. He was out at every day, very friendly. We always do
daily check in with our employees whenever ones here for the day and ask everyone. Canada rate themselves on a scale from one to ten hand, He was pretty reliably. Seventy eight some days, nine, nine you're having a really good, eight was kind of par for the course. Some people say that isaac had at all had gotten himself to a place in life where he was financially secure and could do whatever he wanted to do, but there was One aspect of isaac's life where he struggled, and that was finding a partner and told us more for you to always told me that his weakness with where many never had a very good relationship with women. He always that was one of the hardest thing. These strived din and life work to make work to succeed and was a relationship with the weather female companion, I heard the idea what he wanted
A person in it always seem like the most of the people that he met. Weren't, like that, I mean they just didn't, have those personality than he wasn't interested in settling for less, It was during the late spring or early summer of two thousand twenty one. The eyes let someone special and he told dan, all about her. I was in the summer I became over. He cut fury. Help me cut from trees. and now he helped me what my son in law and he was very excited about. He had a date with a girl emily and now he was the static about got one and he had to be done at two o clock. Does he we had a deal whether yeah he was this crazy about her and told me at unity with this mile for from ear to ear isaac was super happier, Emily, and then I think may was women. Where he told me they were dating or come. The cut help me cut trees in know
about er ito millionaire, she ran, and he showed me pictures. I said to him. I said show me a picture of this girl and he showed me a picture and you were building homemade wooden canoe and his parents are basement, and she was there, you don't help him do their jobs should act, they bumped into isaac and Emily. While he was out on a hike with a friend, Josh was through to see how happy isaac was told me. Little bit about arthur text, but the one I'm a friend- and I mean this is actually the last time I saw him. We went up on ikea, learn from isaac and Emily was there and she seemed like a nice person. I don't know a lot about her, because I met her one time and just know that isaac was always, we're settle down with a girl, and I think she seemed to be the girl. It matched his dreams. If you will
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Oh, I am k box, dot, com, slash vanished, that's my box doc. Slash vanished. eyes it felt like he had met his dream girl. She was every He had been looking for for so long, but unfortunate the relationship didn't last. The breakup was amicable and Emily exe in the things were just moving too fast for her. The way I understand it is. More or less told Emily his than our friend that I guess wanna to settle down with her and I know personally isaac does he can fire me on settle down with a girl and he wanted to have a family of his own. He never never happen gonna gonna but I know deep down. It meant a lot to him. I guess more or less
he said. I I want to like settled now as you and you have a family you some day. That's my impression and laughter I don't know that you no word for word, but Emily told me that she was pretty much like woes like that. Little fast for me, from speaking a different people who knew isaac, not every, had the same impression of the break up and how isaac what about it. His sister megan said that she could see was clearly upside We didn't know anything like that. They had broken up until september. Fourth, when I saw him right before his birthday on September fifth, and that's when he told us that they had broken up in that, yet she wasn't like talking to them or anything and that he was he was extremely upset about. I guess they broke up sometime mid august. She broke up with him. He doesn't
I find that many people in and girls, especially women, officially that share his interests like that one of the outside hiking in campaigning- and you know it she variant, ripley, painting and making crab from playing music and for the pursuit she had a lot of the thing and truth, though, to him, it was like a jack but then it was very upsetting. He had come out of a marriage like last year like a ten year, marriage, and then she said that it was just happening too fast. I think and that she knew the time to proper thing. Figure is how she put it to us. I dunno what she told him exactly. It seemed like he was very confused. It seemed like he thought he could win her back. He seemed like he wasn't sure why exactly she said it had to stop. You know it seemed like something was unclear, but I dunno how it could be
and quicker. It seems clear to me, but I don't know what happened between them. You know jewish said that he could tell from isaacs messages. City seemed pretty broken up about his relationship with Emily coming to an end. The only thing I can say, is through a text message, because I wanted to do something with isaac. We him and I were into leg, antique tractors once in a while we go to a tractor, show a local tractor shell. failing other antiques, an tractor, an he. He the joy of being around that I was gonna take em to show down in maryland september. Neither is typically the kind of guy that sometimes it takes you back and sometimes the kind of wouldn't If you are waiting for a definitive answer, isaac usually accuser, would narrowly hang, but he kind of the answer to that question. Sort of vague. And before I had asked him about joint
to go to this tractor show. I had asked him how his girlfriend was doing, going from memory. He goes well enough, not so good. We broke up. Got out of a ten year relationship. any good. Maybe we'll get back together. Maybe we never know, I don't really know, but it it sucks. It really saki said and for talk like me, It is like that, like I could tell she broke his heart, but, like I said I don't, I did not know at a time like this. Commissioner. The relationship consisted of I didn't know what did. I know they both like hiking and stuff like tat, but that was, I only knew from the surface, because I wasn't working with him daily and talking to him daily at the time not long before isaac disappeared, he spent time with dan and his wife.
They were painting together and isaac, told dan about the break up Dan could the either isaac was bothered, but he seemed for the enemy would come round if he gave her the time and space she needed. You know when we were peyton. He had told me that they had broke up. I didn't think anything of. I think he told me that you know they broke up in it. He was gonna, give her some time and he was gonna wait and hopefully they could work things out. Could I talked it over more we'll times with my wife that I didn't think he was like overly destroyed about his relationship from his girlfriend that that was something that was a made major issues, I mean not that it wasn't a major issue. It was a major issue, I think his life, but it was, I don't know something that would cause them to go way off the grid. Eyes exposed him had mentioned- that he asks- is employees to rate heather feeling each day on a scale from
to ten as way to keep track of how one is doing. It was around the time of the brain. that tim noticed a slight change in isaac. There is one day that I remember that he came to work and No wonder tat. I think he re around like a four or something like that, and he didn't talk about the break up directly. We didn't pry into Why are you in particular? He was a for that day of a figure it if it would, you know, even probably eventually come out of it. Continued to stay. You know that at that level- and I am we would we would sk and stuff, but after that he was kind of back at as normal kind of as normal self. Nothing stands out in terms of his behaviour for after I'm, there weren't really any indications that it was something that it was weighing heavily. But you don't know people's minds. You know you don't know what their profits
sing internally in hindsight, Isaacson carol sees this break up as a turning point in his life and since happen not long before he went missing. She wondered if We'd have something to do with his disappearance. I mean she a very nice girl. I had been around her and I mean they just seemed to really hit it off and she broke it off and then that's when things started to go downhill for him. I mean she had not been out of her marriage that long and she was married for ten years. I had a child, so she was busy with her own life and with that she with her child and five he was you know, maybe wanting to further that relationship and she wasn't ready. Then I can understand that I really feel that he fell in love
her and she wasn't ready for any further commitment. That's when he started pulling away a little bit more and not being involved as much and you know even with family. I mean he was very secretive as far as even saying, if he's going on a date or anything very secretive, because oh he stopped in here one day and that's when I knew he was dating someone because he had a vase of flowers in his truck and I said: oh aren't those flowers pretty. I said who are they for, and he said, oh I'm going on a date which I was surprised. You even told me that, because he doesn't reveal too much study what he does, but I mean he he seemed very excited, but that was early in their relationship. You know, I didn't see him a whole lot either because he worked and everything so yeah. Well, if I saw him, it was up at brendan
as most of the time, I would run into him up there and I mean that he always seemed happy. That's what really strange but deep down inside we don't know what was what was. no one other than you knew that he was upset over the relationship breaking up, but he had broken off. A relationship so I wasn't like he didn't know how about fell because the girl- but he was with prior to that, keep rocard. during our research into this case. We did establish contact with Emily. However, she ultimately declined in our view for this story after the break up with Billy Isaac, had seen and spoken to several family members and friends. Dna asked isaac. If you wanted to come help them pain again the weekend he went missing. I called him up
saturday and ask him about coming back and helping us finish, because there was more painting to do than what we expected and he said he would. He had things he had to do so. He couldn't you know sorry Dan didn't think anything of this conversation that was till he received a call from isaacs mom days later, mother called me and said: have you seen Isaac and I was like I just talked to him saturday- I'm not sure why is missing and I didn't expect I think, to be missing at all, but I kind of like to do things on its own and would go do things Well if he went on a bike ride, you didn't talk to him for a couple of days. It wouldn't be something uncommon, but usually he I I assumed that he told other people where he went so whenever it was a couple of days, then it was getting to be difficult. I guess I started to get worried about where he was or what was going on
I wasn't sure you know what was up. It was actually Emily and her twin sister, who reported isaac missing megan told What she knows about how this all unfolded, the ex girlfriend, who she the one who called the cops to do a wellness check on him, though his ex girlfriend has a twin sister and the twin sister is very good friend of isaac before he then started dating the ex girlfriend. Apparently either had texted the sister Sunday night, the night of the twelfth, but she said she didn't respond that night and she responded the next day on Monday and he didn't respond, and then I guess he didn't respond tuesday or wednesday, and that's when I started to get worried. So she called the cops and asked him to well this check and when they showed up he's not there, they didn't t anything until they came to my parents house like whereby big he's a grown man, they let you doesn't talk to my parents every single day
You know can go a couple days without talking. I would see of every week, but not every single day. So that's how we found out. My parents had seen him on the twelve that one day and then for that, with, like three days later, that she called the police in athens one is jack, but even before isaac was reported missing his employees. notice that something wasn't right. We know isaacs. Here and saw him on sunday and he was due to work at the farm first thing Monday morning, eyes exposed him was eyes when he didn't show up for work. That day. That's certainly wasn't like isaac. We are expecting him on a monday. He didn't show up and saw talk with my farm manager. Sarah, and you know he was so reliable that we we're like well, maybe maybe we just had a miscommunication, maybe he had talked
going on. Some kind of nothing was like a canoeing type trip or water, something trip and sheep thought. Maybe she got the dates wrong, but because he had been so reliable, we just talk shocked, chalked it to miscommunication, but then tuesday and wednesday he didn't show up. We had called him the first day, but his phone went straight to voice mail, but that wasn't again, they ino in rhetoric fact. You know you wish you had thought more into a, but again and so reliable that we then really think much of it. He wasn't like but he else haze addicted to his phone seemingly. So it was an unusual for him to either leave. I think I think, they left his phone in the truck or you would leave off while he was here because just wasn't something he was seem to be attached to
I mean it was curious at the time and in retrospect we're gonna be if we think all about- and we are looking into it further, but I guess we mistakenly explained it explained it away and thought me now. Oh he's he's a reliable guy he's away: a on a on a boat somewhere doesn't have his phone on because he wants to just get away and have his vacation time, and maybe we messed up. so it wasn't until wednesday, then that my wife received a text or a call from his ex girlfriend. Believe I think that was who first reached out saying: hey. I haven't heard from Isaac and a few days just to see if he has come into work. Could you please let me know and then that's what everything starts to click in the place, and you know get that the horrible feeling kind of in the petty your stomach clegg? Oh no substance, something's up by I gotta go
from the state police after that, when Isaacs mom Brenda caught her sister carol to tell her that isaac was missing carol jumped into action and started looking for her nephew. Brenda call me and she was in tears as she said, Isaac's blessing one. I had to get her calmed down to be able to talk. I mean I took off in my car and drove the roads everywhere. I thought he could be and drove and looked for him for hours every day, and you know I got my other sister to look and we got other people and then we started putting it out on the spoke that isaacs missing to get the word out as the days passed with no word from Isaac, infirmity began to spread through his friend group that he was missing and no one was make sure what to make of it. Was he just off on a trip, is this something more serious? Josh was sure what to think of the information that he was hearing. Well,
I got a phone call from another very close friend of mine book again I work with work alongside Dan call me, and he said, hey on review, anything from Isaac and I said no sound of guy concerning us, avoid what's wrong goes well. His mom thinks he's missing and I haven't heard from an cheese, might call you and then at this point, that's why I found out. I think this was could have been the week he went missing or the week after you went missing whenever I found out, I thought I had I like it dad got feeling but Isaacs, also the kind of guy that, like you just. lastly places and not tell anyone and then, like you know, or two later you would just show back up and you wouldn't have known, he was even got eyes expense TIM turned to social media to find out more information about the search for isaac. He wondered:
if they had uncovered any clues at some point. We started searching face look to see if there is any information from his family. We didn't really know his family ridden amity contact information wasn't until started reading some posts on facebook at that I think his feet your sister and put out there, that we heard different pieces of the puzzle which ended still puzzling to me. So it's only like conjecture, really that I can make about might have happened or what's likely to have happened like it sounded like so he he left work friday. You know, I remember looking back and I still me how the video save him like leaving work just to see like it was anything we here about him, pulling out her or something like that. But didn't seem like it was. It was a beautiful day, my dear, that has lasted work. Our kids were happen to be home from We are getting over covered talent
they are outside? He was outside and he thought work that day with he often got woodchips from us. We would get which, from the tree service companies that we would use fur composting purposes and he he asked if he could loads him up and he would take a couple of words every week for his own farm. Then he left with the full load. Woodchips so wasn't like. He didn't have plans for the weekend, now he's making these making work for himself when he got home. so it didn't make sense to me that he would just like skippin and leave. You know I think, from what I've heard there is chicken found following in sync. Whenever they went over and use reported missing, found chicken thawing in sync sink Conover homesteader ii type guy, and so he had preserved a bunch of tomatoes or tomato sauce just recently so the marks of someone who like wanted to disappear.
and my mind isaacson, disappearance puzzled, everyone who knew him I assume that this was an accident at the beginning. Isaac out riding his bike and something happened. Could he have fallen or have been hit by a car, but those types of sir efforts, weren't uncovering any clues people. And I wonder if perhaps Isaac had planned to disappear? They went back over those final days before isaac went missing and began. Comparing notes they went back farm and noticed a few strange things and wondered what it could all mean tomorrow. We're going to take a look at all of those aspects of this case and discuss what happened in the months have passed since isaac was I seen if you have information about the disappearance of eyes, excite out, please contact the pencil Many state police at seven one, seven, five, six, seven Three one one: zero missing law.
With isaac is dark, green can entail bite. He then had a debit card it with lange and on the desk. He then take a driver's license. So that's what made you think I'll he now he just went for, right. You know what for by cried and was plain on coming home. He buys you planning on coming home and he changed his mind. Or was he did he leave them behind because he didn't want to have any We know that the lesson we don't know what he plant, we don't know you could have been planned to go and just didn't say anything than anybody. That's what it's so crazy that we don't know why within his reign at that time, the. Why would you go into a chicken in your saying if you were planning to take off?
a decoy. I'd look of the type of person could leave and go somewhere and people he could make friends somewhere. You work at a farm for two days and move on and take the cash that they gave me men just keep going and he's he's a guy that could survive anywhere. I think. That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and forty eight I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story.
If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's the case: submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page, a discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram If you enjoy the shell subscribe now, five serve you an apple pie, cas spotify, river listening right now do and helps Well, the show there are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing on patriot, where you can get early and athlete episodes be sure to tune in tomorrow for part two of isaac story. Thanks for listening the
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