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In the early morning hours of August 29, 2014, a call came in about a person seen sitting on the railing of the I-10 bridge that spans the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Police responded and found an abandoned truck belonging to 22-year-old Jake Latiolais. The truck was running, and Jake's phone was inside, but no sign of Jake. The 911 callers remain unknown, or at least, police haven't shared the identity of the people who made the calls, but Jake Latiolais has never been seen again. Jake's story is full of shadowy, unknown characters, circumstances that appear to lead to one outcome, but rumors and motives that suggest something more sinister happened to Jake.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Jake Latiolais, you can call the Baton Rouge Police Department at (225) 239-7832 or the West Baton Rouge Police Department at (225) 343-9234. 

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He, prime members, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today is just everything that night was one big. Why, like I, I know it stopped being Jake the day before, because of your text. Messages Jake talked a certain way and the way the text messages when you were like nowhere, Let's not take one of the main ones was somebody calling for a job. Jake would not be off. It would be worth the money he made. The money go where he wanted. That was all he was worth working to get a place for his daughter, and you know he was trying to start his own business, the orwellian business he went and talked to a bank.
Lay in a play approved I telling what are we need to do. Then it goes missing makes no sense In the early morning, hours of august, twenty ninth, two thousand fourteen a call came in india, in that someone was sitting on the railing of the eye ten bridge in that rouge louisiana. Then another call made two nine one, one about spooky. Looking truck on the bridge with its lights, but no one around and then a third call came in from a truckers saying that he heard on his OECD radio that someone had jumped from the bridge police forces. Did and found the abandoned truck belonging to twenty two year old jake latch allay the truck was still running, but there was no sign of jake. the nine nineteen one collars remain unknown, or at least the police haven't share the identity of the people who made the calls, but Jake delay has never been seen again in his story. full of shadowy, unknown characters. Sir
stances that appear to lead to one outcome. Rumours and motives that suggest something more sinister happened to Jake Recital from wondering this episode, three hundred and fifty eight of the vanished jake, actually story. Academy award nominee carry mole again, Emmy nominees a week as an story. She said as new york times, reporters megan to toohey and jody canter, who, together broken the most important stories in a generation a store. that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited. If in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores, oscar nominee patricia clarkson, Emmy winner, Andre brower and tony winner, Jennifer easily with a cat,
you were not Samantha Morton, she said, isn't theatres now, Every week we bring you the story of a missing person that you probably haven't heard about before many of the families who contact us we're going to get any media attention for their missing loved one at all, while it so I'm seems like the same cases, monopolize the news and are covered over and over There are so many contributing factors to this, but sometimes a case just isn't easy. Cover, and this is one of them, J, glass, lay is no less deserving of being found than any other missing person, but over the years we ve been contact with his mother tina. She is, spress to us that people are fearful of coming forward and talking you usually here from several people in an episode, but when people are afraid to talk that makes covering a story objectively more difficult, but we don't believe that cases or any less worthy of the attention. So well.
Circumstances and particular details may keep a case from being covered in the mainstream media were committed to telling this ways of the missing in giving their fear is a much needed platform, where we will begin jake's story. Jake didn't have a perfect life, but what to the bridge. That night could be explained by a variety of circumstances. Include Events that happened long before he even knew how to drive that truck. That was left behind on the bridge that fateful night that he disappeared. We spoke to jake's mother. You and as true to start from the beginning, so that we could work our way the last moment jake was seen and try to undress. And what he may have been feeling or experiencing. This is what tina told us, that is early life. I have an odour son who is thirty at their came on support. Craig was born, make everything and Jake more than seventy and then have a daughter who was
in July she's twenty three, it's crazy, because it's the same day may seventeenth and in his june seventeen I found out. I was pregnant. I was five months pregnant already and so in four months I had another kid. It was cream. I felt something like flutter like move corner and I wasn't showing I mean it was. I had a flat stomach note was wrong and then I wanted a. Actor and he's like, oh you're pregnant got me way off guard and everybody says: oh, you had to feel it. No, I didn't Craig was just a baby and I was on birth control, doing everything right, but it just didn't work I'll, never forget! I was with a friend and I to the Connie. Something just happen that she says what you mean. A software felt something move and from that point on, it's like when I walk off the doctor's off there. I was showing this crazy tina explained the her children were very close to each other growing up, even though each
had very different indistinct personalities. They were best friends, ana thing at all the same friends? They love the state board jacon it up in. Sponsored by arm ruckus. So I mean but all his choose his pants, his shirts, the truck phrase skateboard I mean everything they have to pay for any of it. and he would go and do check said skateboard ports, ports that were opened so I got a lot of broken bones from him. He had no figure it out. I watch videos now presents of him in it. Like my guy. What was I doing? Why did I he did that vision and corn? I was a thing I'm craig and jake when every word again and they had the same friends. The craig was more like MR popularity and jake was quiet and stay to himself said. Oh, I totally opposite:
he his own interests that he expressed early on in life and wanted to sue ass. He grew older and tina told us, more about him. Specifically, he liked to work on cars and fish and wakeboarding. Those are the three things he did if he wasn't skateboarding. I was fishing. If he wasn't efficient, he was working on a to garage. He had got up a tulsa, think that's how you say it. I don't remember The way he stripped it all the way to the seats out everything out the motor everything and they rebuilt it all through high school, and it actually worked. That was his thing then, as he got older. Was welding, he got in the wording and paying o orders. He was here he drew keep. People would actually harm him to go in their homes and and Meanwhile, on their walls form and in advance,
really he has did one for him to the world that are growing up. We would find these books that would show you how to draw certain things, and so we keep we kept getting. Those books are an he just cancer is one of the aspects of jake's origin story that really stuck with us was what his mom told us about the of her relationship with her children's father, george, we didn't talk to george, so only have teens recollection of events, but from what we, from her. It sounded like young jake was left with a lot of trauma to bear. This is what tina told us we stay together for thirteen years when Chelsea was a year old. We split up. He was a nice guy, georgia's real abuse, I would have to fight with them for them to even go there. when he was fourteen and fifteen
I came forward age. The boy had said they wanted to go and stay with their dad. They want to know what it was like to be with their dead, so I'm a or on a piece of paper. That said, if they don't like it, they can come right back. well, I didn't get a nerd arise so for years at ford and four and for trying to get them. Other household and he hunted with judge free, so judge for years. Every time I was in contempt or something and finally jake just couldn't, take it no more. He tried to kill himself, so they put him in a hospital in hattiesburg and suppose, we man, george both had to finding out for him to get out georgian it, give me my anyway and taking back to his house and they need it and put emails on any medication, are anything to that sort. They just said from getting. He was we'll they tried running away and then they would get in trouble. They tried calling
me to come, get them and try talking to the police, we actually went in front of the police, showed them the bruises all over jake. They took pictures the cop point, a pull him out the bed right and beat the heck out of george, like he did the kid, and when I got to court the judge on it, which whores of course said: oh, no, that's just the father correcting his son. So again the law failed him. The system failed at this point, tina was trying to obtain custody of children and the battle turned contentious. She told us about some of the things she remembers happening in court jargon give me my anyway and took him back to his house were dregs. When will you want me to be here? I watched this and he threatened it again to the sunday sent to new orleans. Woe george made a mistake of talking to them which take
I address and pretty much had me sound, like always some conall pastor, to enjoy chaotic and There was a meeting I wasn't asked to go to. They called me: Why wasn't there? Everybody was on speaker and after I explained to her, I didn't get the message, and so she asked if she could speak to me- and I was like sure- and she asked me what I did. I said: well, I'm a propulsion tech I worked at for Lockheed martin at nasa. She said really have you ever been arrested for drugs and I'm like? Oh no ma'am, you literally signed a paper giving your life to him because if you get in trouble outside of work, fired anything. I had to be taught clearance because of the programmes I worked on, some of them being. You know the navy air force's stuff, so they literally went back to my child.
Whenever the lady got me on the phone and asked me how long I'd been lucky, I remember it was six or seven years. She goes. Oh, my god, you just see it sat here and made this woman sound like she was a drug, addict, prostitute and she says she's. None of that she has a good job. She's. Taking care of kids gorge to the chair across the room and to jake I'm no longer your father and he walked out the lady called lady to me. You can come get your son, and that was the end of that at age of fifteen George said he no longer had taken the sun. He was no longer it's on it, so Jane had to go back after returning to live with his mother Jake. and several years struggling and like many teens dealing with undiagnosed trauma and mental health concerns he started. Seeing substance says he wasn't diagnosed anything he wasn't put on any gonna medication
marijuana that would get it in the way or whatever. But I have no wish to do that and alcohol. It wasn't an everyday thing: it was kids being killed. He had a one time. It was a deal I so he had to go to court and Then there was another time somebody was riding with him. Cop pull them over. And they found my one in the car takes says it was in his. It was we the other guys, and we were going through that when he went missing there were in the process of gold the court, like I remember he came to the house, asked me for money, so he for his arm, lawyer, Annie sat and talked to me for a while. They they never sentenced him. He had to go by the court another day and a day you I they happen usual for a minute, was still working on clearing up his court case when he vanished. Jake appeared to be making
that, if changes to his life, he went for well then, and he started off a guess, a pipe killer. I believe, and then he worked his way up to welding. He worked very fine job. One was for excise, the other with for a fat shop and then another one for a guy that did casino they make you take a test to see that the past I test. In order to be aware, Jake finally seem to be getting it together in life. He had gotten a skilled job wanted to say, His own business newborn daughter that he was hoping to get custody of once is paternity testing proved. He was the child's father. The Charles mother is a woman named fallon. Do you may hear tina prince throughout her interview. We will come back to this part of his story later in the episode, but this is where,
Jake, was in life in late august of two thousand and fourteen when he disappeared shortly before Jake went missing, he had broken his right foot and right thumb. His thumb was in a cast his foot in a boot and he needed crutches. to get around. Jake was due to have surgery on his foot, so for the time being, where the boot at all times except wellbeing being or showering, tina says that Jake could drive but needed help with some daily tasks such as cooking or care. In things, and it wasn't always easy maneuvering on the crutches, with a cast on his hand. This is important dickens. as we move through Jake's story at this time jake was living with a friend named Jeff in a trailer park. Import Alan Jake had previously lived with Jeff and he had only been there a couple of months, but this was only supposed to a temporary living situation, while Jake worked and save
in place of his own, that he could move to with his young daughter. But before that could happen, tina got a phone call that turned her life upside down and in port Allen trial apart as he was working at x time, it was about six thirty that morning my phone rang and it was his dad and he told me that Jake jumped off a bridge and I was like you're not funny and he says no, I'm serious and I screamed and passed out. Then I talked to the police, the detective cook, and he told me that that some somebody call from a payphone and told them that they saw Jake
well, and then I went to the places that I would think would have a payphone and there wasn't any so I called him and I even went in the store and asked the lady. Did anybody use your phone that night and they said no phone call to detective back, and so there is no payphones. What are you talking about, and he said well, what happened was wine truck driver radioed, another truck driver and they called it in it may not fit. What truck driver doesn't have a cell phone? The first I am not gonna lie. They had to bring me to the hospital because, although he passed out, they had to help me that very same day, I'm not going to mention no names and I got a phone call that night telling me she was glad. Jake was gone, so rough one dropped and again I just lost it, but that night I sat, and I thought I was like there's no way, there's just no way he had too much going on. So I took a ride to baton rouge cause. I was in slideshow
and I went to his house and when I got there, I was like all my guide surrounding it once the window in our stuff was gone. His tv he's gone his game system, the boot that was opposed to beyond his for it because its foot was broken within his room. The crutches were gone and I was like what would happen here so then I was like he didn't drop off her words no way some of us who have bought it investigating Do you order from door dash but wish you didn't have to pay delivery fees? Will dreams do come true During the summer of dash pass. You can if money and enjoy new members only offers every week on top of it. Ro delivery fees all year round, say
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Dot com slash, vanished, zogg, dot, dot, com, slash vanished, tina sprang into action immediately after hearing from jake's dad, but by that time his truck. already been removed from the bridge and as it turns shortly after jake, vanished within a matter of ours. Jake's truck was gone and tina, What does she was surprised to find out who had it? There was a need, then, six hours later, george, those and picks up the top, and unlike how did you get possession of jake's truck, is an jake's name. George did in order that you could get it. So how did you get it and then Jake's ready
Inspiration had my address on it. Now, that's the only thing they had in that truck. How did they know to go to georgia? If the truck was found on the bridge? There was a boat in the back of it and the boat was an ice chest full of fish. Oddly, there was a trolling motor with no battery and there were no efficient polls. How did he catch the fish? So when I got to his house that next day on the counter was this thing of crickets? He they never was used his
it was filled with gas. He had three packs of cigarettes on the seat. I mean it made absolutely no sense, and I mean why would they? Let george call me knowing that our history- and they not call me you know- I mean in west baton rouge, it's all over. He beat the crap out of me: cray jake, his wife. That was William that that time I mean they never did anything because judge free gave him a free pass on everything and, as they'll get. That part must have dad decided that they're gonna get in a boat and they're gonna go to he called to guide and said if somebody was to jump off the bridge, usually Finally, my bible. Please try this place and they were
So you went to waterways so much that it's like I'm I'm gone and he asks george. You want to come with me and Joyce's jace dead and he's like huh. What are you saying so he went the first day and then he refused to go out that when jake disappeared, it was assumed by law enforcement that he had jumped from the bridge, since that was where his truck was found and calls had come in that night The truck and someone sitting on the bridge we wanted to dabbling when someone had last seen. Jake Tina told us that he had dinner with his mother and grandmother, and then Father last saw him around eight p m on the twenty eighth. When he stopped to borrow a trolling motor that was about six hours before the calls started coming in from the bridge. What happened between eight p, and two a m is a mystery to this very day. Jigsaw phone in cigarettes were in the truck, but strangely no one could find his crutches.
Which he needed to get around tina later found the boot first foot back at shakes home according to tina Jake in such severe pain that he could not walk without that boot. Going off assumption that Jake had jumped off the I ten bridge into the mississippi river searches were conducted water below, but no trace of jake or, as crutches ever surfaced. tina zone family went out on the water to search for themselves, but still nothing with a truck already taken. In rummaged through by others. Tina focused her efforts on meeting of significance within the nine one one cause that came in the night. That jake disappeared, for we share what she told us about them. We wanted to play the calls for you too.
hear yourself just note here that these calls can be a little bit difficult to understand at times in a whirlwind, while all out of me, he had laid out in kabul and all they got all my rig up. Drug company are breeding bail out o connell beyond the golden, no blinkered on no one, no barrier in bad, the drum Bobby. You know, I am a day were let alone right now
Do you want I'll win now, not dropped, it did not breathe. It reads all your went by and I mean no bleaker the late nolan lowly about an old widow with all birds the battery fire elaborate again to pull it out. No, no, no you they dont than rebounded like way by the boy. He did a blog about whether brenda like black bullet in the middle of the breed and I got a guy lay the banners going are you can run on the motion? Will Who here next is the other nine when one call exactly as it was sent to us,
one where's, your marriage and they're gonna, laid down by the bridge by radio good job over the on going on the duty drawback in view of our job over the bridge when I came by when I came up on a bridge by nine abandoned check it out. If you will do, what time understanding that call the man saying that he was a trucker and heard another trucker say over the sea, be radio that someone had jumped over the bridge, but that he was several trucks I didn't see any one jump himself tina
who told us that another call was made before these to the first collar contacted the louis, Deanna state police and said they had seen someone sitting on the railing of the thy ten bridge. However, we do not have a copy of that. First call tina obtained the copies these cars and has been generous and sharing them in the hope that someone will come forward with more information when we spoke to her, she us what she knows about these cars. When I got the report number one cause. I noticed that the same both both called from the same
I remember, and I asked him whenever all this was going on us that can you trace it? He said, though it's not traceable. I got the number one cause. I got the phone number. I traced it and found a hoover's, for I gave it a call and asked him if he drove big truck and he said yeah. I said: okay, do you remember I'm calling in and talking about a boy jumping off a bridge? He says I don't know what you're talking about and he hung up on me. Never pretty. I mumbled there was in cars, and they were from the same phone number, the treaty for voices, and then there was another report of a second vehicle being with jake's truck tina, told us more and theirs, so, I'm in an hour one call thing mark fergus: he works for a state trooper he called in, and he said that there was another car on the bridge by jake's truck. He called it a grey car
an iphone audio. As far as we are aware, the existence of the great car has never been confirmed and who you ve been driving, it remains unknown. Tina has been frustrated by the rules answer to her sons, disappearance compared to other similar cases still wrestles, with many questions about what occurred on the bridge. That night, I don't know if you're, not a story about corey go CHE. Higher situation is the same her car was found on a bridge supposedly somebody hit it and got caught police and all call, but they said she jumped. They stayed on the case until she was found and she went national, and so I'm thinking, oh, my god, Jake, never made news. I mean there was nothing jake, jump off a bridge and he's dead, and then I did
work. I've been doing this for seven years, trying to figure out put pieces together and one was to drive on that bridge and see don't thirty miles. An hour cannot hell? That's the thing our meal. Would I be able to tell at three o clock in the morning to thirty in the morning if there was a male or female and there was no way you would have been stopped today able to tell the difference. So how did they determine? It was a male and the traffic is non. Stop, no matter what comedy it is, but only to know one calls came in that's ridiculous, there's all that can only mean one or two things: one. There was another corner bridge with it too. The police were already on the scene. That's the only two ways that people wouldn't have been colin the night. It did seem strange to us that more people wouldn't call nine one one they saw someone sitting on a busy bridge in the dark of night, but we also know from pre
is episodes with similar circumstances that what is in psychology, as the bystander effect is a very real and present phenomenon. If you haven't heard this term before psychology, today describes it in this way. The bystander effect occurs when the presence of discourages in individual from intervening in an emergency situation, again, a bully or during an assault or other crime, the greater now of bystanders, the less likely it is for any one of them to provide help to a person in distress, people or more please, to take action in a crisis when there are few or no other witnesses present. So maybe that's what happened the night that Jake vanished, tina told us that when she obtained the nine one one calls it did come in, she also got some. Other audio that she believes is jake in the background and what they didn't realize. They gave me the number one cause the gaming messages. From the day before
and the day after and I lifted one of them, you could hear we had to do like a filter out everything to get to hear what was actually being said and it sounded like jake and he said, get off me. They never responded back to that nine one one call it was ignored. It was like it didn't exist, then after that was the normal one. Calls then had had the dispatches talking to each other, and then one caught san eyeing f and go into that house if it was in fact jake in audio that tina heard She told us and it would be a difficult struggle for someone to gain control over him. Gave box. It was not a soul, Alberta could beating, and I'm not saying I do he's my son, I mean they set up a boxing thing at my house.
everybody who commanded his box inachus things, and so I figured even jake being injured. Somebody had a catch him off or because they would have been able to taking and being his boot the office foot, I'm wondering if he was in the bag a shower whatever, because you couldn't get a jay he wasn't gonna go quietly. I promise you tina mentioned earlier that she went to jake's home after learning that he was missing. Not only did she, find his boot there, but she also found broken window and some of jake's people belongings were gone, including his tv guy. And gaming system. Thinking roommate must have some idea of what happened. She TIM, what he knew the claims that he's what through it all, there's no way you could sleep with that idea, go back
question him a second time and his words to me. His exact words were miss tina. Please have a family. Now the native jake's disappearance seem like a puzzle with peace scattered everywhere and no one wanted to talk, but there One more important place to look for clues since ex phone was left behind. Tina was able to access, is call and text log from august, twenty, seventh, twenty eight and twenty ninth and there was quite a bit of activity, we told you earlier that Jake had been in a relationship with a woman named fallen and the two had a daughter. Together named naomi jake and found clearly had a rocky relationship. In fact, at this time they were even supposed to be in contact with one another. The beginning of the texts. Log starts out with jake and fallen arguing. we going to read all of the messages because there are so many of them, but what went to share some so that you can get a sense of what their relationship was like fallon, texted jake. I hope
she can give you the love and happiness. I couldn't I'm sorry good night, I hope you're. Finally happy now, Jake responded, no I know you are you reach europe of shoving me away for no apparent reason: fallon wrote back no jake That was never my goal, but there's no point now you said everything you need to say and you moved on. I just hope we can be good parents and not fight jake wrote back good, bye and then found said. Ok, I'm sorry, we ruined your life, then Jake responded, he's become your mom and you don't even know it started. A huge fight with me for going to church with my dad, who does that Your insecurities entrust issues have become too much fallen and said blog my number, so I won't be able to call you so I can fix my broken heart so can increase the memories, so you can be happy. I won't call or tax, do any more this text exchange ten years on, and they keep going back and forth about their relationship on the morning
the twenty eightth. There are several calls from foul into Jake. She text and jake replies that his fishing with a body found tells jake wants to meet up with him, but its unclear. If they ever did each other that day between them Fifty a m and one twenty p m. There are several miss calls from jake's boss and a text from Jake's boss, asking Jake to meet a guy to weld at one. Thirty Jake did not respond to his boss until close to were p m. He said that he was fishing and didn't get the text until that time, tina If this was out of character for jake, he was very just on work and would have jumped on that job right away later. afternoon, J called fallon, and then he called his father a couple of times fast forward to about eight p m. There was another call to us father. This is also around the time that tina says it. Jake picked up a trolling motor from his dad. Then Jake was texting with one Balanced friends named ramona and she tells you
That found was not with her then found begins. Texting, Jake and the tone is completely different from the night before Fallon says I miss you. I wanted to hold you tonight. Jake replies me too. Jake's phone then shows outgoing calls to foulon and her friend, remoteness, phones. After ten p m felony, text, shake asking why he called her friend. That is, followed by a series of outgoing calls to foulon then, at eleven forty six p m. There is an incoming call from someone named Landon who was not less did in jake's contacts. Tina, in over land and wise she later learned that he was an acquaintance of her two sons she No, why he was in contact with jake on the night he disappeared, but lynn. and has since passed away after that call from landing. There were two hours calls to other numbers. Tina has not confirmed who those cause were made to now we're up to midnight. Just a couple of hours before Jake's truck ended up on the bridge. There
more than sixteen calls from fallon and her friend ramona, some of those Laws were missed, that take to one forty, seven a m at one fifth, the nine one. One call comes in that tina believes as jake saying get your hands off me minutes later. At one fifty eight in two or three a m to cause. from ramona's phone, each lasting three to four minutes at to twenty two to twenty four and to twenty seven, a m three calls were made ex phone from a restricted number. These cause range from under a minute to up to three minutes from the twenty eight to thirty one. A m for calls came in This person named landing. This acquaintance, who had called earlier No one knows why he was calling jake in the middle of the night at two forty you am ramona called jake again. This was Another missed call a minute. Later, a two forty three and office was despatched to the bridge after call about an abandoned truck found,
friend ramona called three more times from two forty three to forty four jake didn't answer Ramona then sent attacks? Saying where are you fallon really needs you she's losing a lot of blood same moment, the nine one one call was made by the trucker who saw the truck and described it as spooky over there. Two minutes Ramona cod, five more times no answer and another nine. When one call was made about the truck remote called more than a dozen more times from just before three I am until five am but Jake had disappeared, there was so much activity on Jake's phone that night. clearly someone he spoke to that evening must know something. Even if it was how he sounded or what he said. He was doing the text from Burma, the two jake about fallon bleeding certainly seemed strange, but this may be one big clue about what could have happened that night tina, believes that something happened at jake's place that evening and that, following a cut on that broken
I sat. Tina saw the next day. Phelan has made. Statements to tina and others about that night. But the statements have been conflicting, there's no clear evidence that she was directly involved and jake's disappearance, but something clearly happened that night there was a flurry of texts and calls Jake has been missing ever since tina explained the police of interviewed foulon and she claims She went to jake's at night. There was an argument. She broke window to get inside, cutting her arm and then Jake laughed, but story has changed a few times as far as team, is aware: ramona has never been. Question Also never spoken to tina. Ramona has since moved out of state jake's roommate Jeff was also never questioned, but well tina. He slept through whatever happened with all the conflicting worries and silence from those who saw or spoke to jake the night. He went missing tina. To wonder what really happened, that night was jake's,
despondent after an argument with fallon that he took off for the bridge and ended his own. Or is there more to what happened that fateful night and a reason why people have been I learned about it. We did attempt to contact foulon. Your phone and social media to hear her side of the story. But we were uneasy. to reach her resources the occasions that she may be incarcerated, but none that we were able to verify fallon admit it to punch in the window in gapes trailer. She climbed jake, wouldn't open a door for sheep on window in her arm all cut up, and so she got there in the courts. So those workers the show that he actually had the cuts from the window. She told one person that tape. To the hospital, because after she cut her so well, that would have been impossible. If you look at the phone calls, midnight or wine. It says: ramona fan
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Well. Tina strongly believes that the people who saw and spoke to jake on the night of his disappearance hold the answers that hasn't stopped. Her from she's him down of red tape and lead that she gets even if they sound far fetched the one kid that I got that we close the thing. I could say that we know that we too must bury first one within that worry twenty fourteen think that's what I was coming. Twenty came from, I told me to go to this area and that they had so Jake there. Well, I wanted a park where the mobile home port, where they said so, but she told me that people stay in their trailers, they'll break in like staying in there to guess the get out the weather. So she says you might look like, of course, so he took me in one. There was actually some say two and a half from turkey.
It's some shoes, but they have cigarette packs. So I took the cigarette tax and put it in my pocket, so I could try and see if we can get fingerprints whoa when I was leaving out this guy was out there and he asked me who you're looking from and as tolling. I showed him the picture and he says: oh, that guy was here last night was like to work. architecture? My now so I went, ok come on. Let's go in tell me where to go and I'm driving down the road and he's a stop. Stop that, unlike why he says they make a mess and like ok, I'm not understanding, as he says. No, you don't. prosperity, sound! Like a lie to you. I feel marijuana. They still met, we don't cross, he said will go back later were try later, so we would- the second time in a different vehicle and white them was still there. They told me that it was safe for me
stay there that I needed to get a hotel room and they'll call me if they seem and all this stuff. But I didn't listen. So I went down the road I went all the way to the end. It was dead and I turned around one hour passed back and point the place in a boy in the door and he was like waving his hands like stop. An ad Three Wanna got to the tree line and I stopped and unlike wait a minute, I can either keep going wonder the rest of my life. If that was Jake our backup, so I backed up and three people came at me. Wine was on crutches one had a bracelet ankle bracelet for police, I guess and a girl, and they were walking up to my car and was screaming
oh cue, your jaw kill you. Would you want around here I'll, kill you and I'm like whoa? What I said? I'm not looking for trouble, I'm looking for my son and he says you need to get the f out of here and screaming at me, so they threatened me and literally one girl put her head in my car and I'm, like you, got two seconds to get your head out my car and then finally, I said it's not I believe I gotta go tina, go walk on the police when I left and they told me stay off that road. They wouldn't even look. They call me to save the world, so I waited till that monday and I went to the chief and told him a situation and what had happened, and so he sent two cops with me to go back to their residence. Well, they coming to stay at the top of the world. A thing amy, they'll call. Okay. So what
his second fight asked where this is all we can't find. It am like us, the only greater along this road. What do you mean? You can't find it so they made legal first, and the two cop course followed behind me well day. When they knock on the door, knock on the door. Nobody answered, nobody came. They came back to my corn, so well Try again later, nobody fear, I may talk It makes a little while next thing. You know. I called him, Mr T, because he had his go change of arsenic and he kept like taunting me like so he comes running out. He said, did not tell you, kill you, you pick any screamin at me and I'm goin, I'm looking at the cop fight. What are you waiting for so long?
they went in there walked to the door, walked back out, said: oh he's not in there, and I will till I said: look into clauses. Look under the bed, look in the shower look anywhere and they just wouldn't Jake was never found, then a queen, but they moved him to the place by this old hospital. I went there and then there was the third one, oh by lsg, across tax basis community, and then we need to start a two tier. How easy it was easy to find all these places because of the way they describe it and sure enough. Another met house and never closed down. I certainly in unexpected lead with many twist, no one could have seen coming it ultimately dry up with no sign of jake. Bettina told us about a different tip. She guy what broadest anne was a story that a poi told me about cake- and he talked about this.
The girl is guarded by two hammers and the guy that, once this whole drug operation is attached to order and he drives a car, like you mean It can't be missed so when I was leaving out that subdivision that time was when I went, and I wasn't supposed to there are people outside. So I figured I would ask them if they ever seen him and I said we don't know if that's your son or not, he says, but every day at five o'clock, this car rides back here and they they described it and it sure was the tattooed guy and um. He says, and some boy leaves with him
and I'm like okay and they said we're trying to move. He says this is nothing but drug territory. I said gotcha so I'll hit the two and two together. Even the strip club thing. I did go in there and ask if they knew jake I showed him a picture and they say tell me no and I went to turn around and I ve seen on the water was a pitcher. I was jake's, it meant the bore with the girl that was right. There like hold white they threw me out, so I don't even have a picture of it, but The only reason I would say that that could have been him that day it looked like him in an elegant, but if that's him, why couldn't call another of the possible sightings tina got came from jake's own father, george, Around the same time, a local crime stopper segment aired on Jake. This one was particularly unexplored
Tina sent us the recorded audio of this call and we're going to play it for you as we received it. We don't know if it was edited or if there the peace of the conversation missing, but we wanted you to hear george and tina interact for yourself so better understand the family dynamics. If you have any difficulty under standing george on this call. He was driving at the time, but we will discuss it further after we play the call, hey. Yeah. I can bailey Where we going
hey, you call me and me, you got you think you're gonna die. Why do you get off the one on anymore director then why did you ever go back and everyday work again He went back a day, though. If you go back and look
I wonder why he saw a man goodbye gave line. I remain calm. Stop us, I've seen him chance, then, and in how oh, detail about town she county about ireland.
I think I'll try, Does he touchy about china? Help pay for Nowadays, how much after and they skirt and his colleagues. What do you mean? Take that money and gonna comrades, you idiot?
This is how hoddan she's, going to school right now: she's gonna school, that's money used for school! For now, I'm talkin about after she finishes high school, You know what it costs to be. A failure Why was he finishes gotta curly scholarship, but that doesn't pay for everything so you're. Not gonna help you
Oh my poor people live I spoke with tina. This is what this is, what she told us and the coup phone call from your unique. I think I just saw Jake, I'm like oh, my da where and he sent off a scenic highway, and I was like okay and I'm waiting for the rest of the story and he was like whoa whoa. Did you stop? I mean he said well, I was low on decent starting to get dark, so I didn't stop now your son's missing. For a year and you're, not gonna, stop. Who does that? So I knew no one would believe me. So I called back and had him repeated and are recorded,
I mean how could you know no one's going to believe that Emily who either tell somebody and we're like yeah right, so I had to get it on tape, so they know that the ACA prove it was said. I mean no one does that I would have had everybody stocked with me. Chastening there's nowhere in the world I would have kept going. So I that did In asia, its just the little details will keep goin and gone and gone, and the cot for doing absolutely nothing. We ve had very little luck. Obtaining cooperation or information from law enforcement in louisiana over the years in this case was no exception. In fact, we weren't even shore who to call because many agencies have claimed and then rejected authority over Jake's case throughout the years.
and we saw so many names and police departments listed in various news pieces in the years since he vanished. We asked tina about that and also about her experiences with law enforcement working on Jake's case. What happened was shakes. Tough in the bridge, and so it was on the line to where it could be east baton. Rouge west baton rouge was crazy, so east baton rouge said it was theirs. They got on crimestoppers, stuff and five years way they set out no matter what the my case that lisbon ridge, I'll call, the tactic of his name is made I do said I email him constantly. I call I can't get a response out of him. All he does is tell me this, and this happened, and I asked him what makes these people so much more important than my son. That's what I want to know he doesn't. He has no response
but seriously. If I call and every time I call you you tell me, you workin such second such happen. Ok and so did Jake Jake was a person. He was a brother, dad he was literally a person. Why are you ignore him he's missing? He deserves justice game with a very good person. He would give you a shirt off is back, but no matter what tina said, two detectives or try to convey about how Jake, wouldn't just leave and didn't give any indication that he intended to end his life tina fell as others least ignored her or pointed her in a different direction. At every turn, I'm gonna take He told me that that was in his case, and that I mean they did absolutely nothing for five years.
And they never even went to his house now at west baton. Rouge east baton rouge is like downtown baton, rouge where's. That nerd is like on the other side of the river. I just can't get over the cops. They have no interest in it and everytime I get a cup of that. I think, is going to actually do. Something is like some I put the brakes on any goes away at all than that. Early on in the investigation tina, that more would have been done, that Jake's truck would have been searched and his trailer too which tina says was in disarray with items missing, but tina has been told that none of that was done. It feels like precious time has been lost and unfortunately we cannot turn back time. I caught I actually five years. I finally got an interview
got to get sit in front of him and one that man tell me, and he finally admitted to my face that scene, never went to the house, he said it was in his jurisdiction. I said: wait a minute said: ok, let me get it right. So if I borrow your car and go jump off the bridge, they don't think issue and I can do anything about and he can't get mad at me cause I wouldn't go any further. I wanted an answer and he didn't have a older. He had no information nothin and I'm gone. Five years of this and I wasted it. I wasted it, there's no get no back, they burn the trailer down so that when there is no burn report, we cannot find a burn report anywhere like the truck should guide the debt. The cook, or did you check the truck was something wrong with it. You know, get a dry, you know what was the deal and he said no, we differ.
back to tow truck. I might wake. You know what with egg there was a strange twist twisting jake story that color attention, because it just seems so blatant and outlandish that someone would attempt to use, jake's identity years after he had disappeared, but a call tina. That's exactly what happened. Jake missing long before the covert nineteen pandemic broke out. So tina. Learn that stimulus checks had been issued to jake social security number by the IRA ass. She was more than surprised truly. She wanted to believe that this was an indication that jake was alive and well but down. She knew that it was fraud and sheep Did you know where it came from a jake social security number were used to collect, altruism, emulous checks and I follow your trial when I sent a letter saying that his to check this amount will be in the past.
It is an account I want to address on the paper and when I got there the house was empty and so police, and please tell me who owned it. I've analysis, malta, by nobel roddy and I went to the ladys house. She looked at her book. And it was in the felons grandparents house, fallon was staying with them, at one time for a man, a fish with them innovation in mississippi she's been in jail in an hour. now for the last seven years, so that put her with tat rests with the czech and recently. I got a hold of some information and was able to connect her to the account that the money was put in. I know for a fact that was her. I told you that the boat was found in his room, but his crutches were never found for five years.
I put it on facebook such need, any body that would listen the crutches or mason. I don't know whether at all no he would happen use them the walk because it the boot, wasn't he couldn't put pressure on foot? I never seen it Why would a few times in my life, and that was one of them, and so he would have to have crutches to get to the bridge to job Bobby later I get a message saying that his daughter. She was told my daughter, a you, tell your mom. I know what a crush is already in the shade and I'm like huh. So I told the detective and a detective did go and question her and then she gave the story where the doctor released him, so it was in there. I told the detective. I said this is the name of the orthopedic. This is the address. This is the phone number call and verify her story. I guarantee you, you will find out she's lyon he's yet to do it and he left the crutches there. I don't get the
like the first carry thing right now I get so aggravated because a watch on tv they gotta get to defraud. You know a day there and what not they claim they can't do anything that needs to be looked at We turned it into the iris, you know trot or social security trying to show them. How can you miss this, but whether something gets done about it? Who knows? That's just strange To me, it's worth noting that, while we are not able to access government records beyond, Anyone can request visa freedom of information laws. Tina did this photos of a federal stimulus check issued by the depart. Of the treasury in jake's name and endorsed with two signatures, one jake's name and one bearing valets. The woman had been in a relationship with prior to his disappearance. We don't have any kind the information from the courts or law enforcement about felons involvement in the stimulus check or the other
allegations made against her naomi. is the name of jake's daughter who was only an infant, when he disappeared. She is gone. not knowing her father, bettina, told us that it first Naomi's mother wasn't sure. If jake was the father of the child, There was an ongoing custody case at the time of jukes disappearance in ache he ashen grandmother and mom. I actually got to hear this year for the first time in seven years, When I see her it was her eyes, that's what it would. It took me a few times a thing in her and talk and tour, and then one day she made in it russian and when she did it. Oh, my god, I just got a crime scene, his eyes on her We heard some disturbing information from tina about injuries that naomi had suffered and that this was
reason she ended up in the custody of the state, but that jake was working on trying to obtain custody when he disappeared. We were able to independently verify any of this information and corporate things involving child protective services and family court cases where child custody is in question. almost always sealed so we are sharing with you, which he told us, It's all we know about Jake's child little girls, mom call stringing thomas and broke seven ribs and a three month old baby dated that very hard
A hidden cried every day seemed like I told you, the baby had three game: atonements and salmon broken room where the mom was found guilty, but they still took the baby. She was put in a system, Jake had to finish certain courses so that he could go off the custody of the little girl two weeks it would have been to weeks after what missing, watches court day to get custody. We only have what tina told us to share with you, so we don't What others would share with us about these events? Tina told said she went to the court proceedings in jake's absence, but ultimately cost we have naomi was given to one of her mother's relatives. So when we went to court for naomi, the judge said: oh oj much the day that he committed suicide and I stood up and asked it's like. Oh no, you can't say that
I said for my son did not do this, he would not hurt a child. I said there is no body. How can you say this in an open court and he told me shut up and sit down? I tell him no How can blame boiling foma sign and he kicked me out the court one? Well, I try to get the jacket and because it was a juvenile and he had to go to a special place I got the lady that was looking up the cases per need. It and look at it? None of what was said to me Are you my responses on it? And problem was charged with it but was given and it does three hematoma, seven broken really. She was given its obvious probation, cavallo, already emotional, wrecking I remembered Jacob. went missing, and here we are in a court room and so on. Rollercoaster after J disappeared everything seemed to come crashing down for tina and her two other children
he felt ass though she was very alone the only one for her missing son. We have spoken with many families who have experienced the feeling that there alone in the search for their missing loved one. This is what They told us about her loss, I think mark it would be impossible to look at something Everything reminds you of Jake, I mean, like you, see a boy's game, warden and not of which you are watching the show on tv fatima period should they budget and we know it. everything that would just set you off and when you are dealing with you know when you deal with people why you're mine has to be in it. You can't put jeopardize people because you can't concentrate- and I know for a fact was rotten happen. We have one satellite that crashed in russia and they came and put it on the table where our files and was then who stand what you don't want to be responsible for any of us, and
we're working on the new shuttle. I was in that hard. That was my baby, so I definitely didn't want to mess that up. I lost jake, I lost my house lost my job. I lost my husband, everything went away, and so we had to start on the bottom chelsea with jason. Like nitrate, a thing I had to find a way to make it to get us a place to live, to be able to eat and I was really really rough for a little while my oldest son moved in and some of his friends, but I couldn't keep the house. It was just way too much money and it was impossible Like I said, I'm the only one looking in georgia these days and everybody else, just my whole family. It was like they act like he didn't exist and I'm just going hello. He was here
but nobody s question. I asked if I got anywhere on the case, What's going on nodded as his has never asked me once craig peel call me from time to time and ask me for her anything and shellfish. If she stays with me her and her daughter, so she knows. Pudding urge was gone on most of it. Anyway, I learned way. I know friend, because my best friend I've been filled with forever spend christmas with him he's my friend. They both turn their backs and it was a muffin. I must high interest, why why would they you that's me when I needed them the most and they she said, because it hits too close to home it can happen to you and it can happen to them and I made sense, but I went to each of them personally and asked them or my friend
He says you have gone through a and she couldn't do it master and wish I it kinda, but I wasn't. I was just trying to talk it out and Katie says she just didn't know what to say to me. So I was like okay. Well, I got my answer. then put all my energy into this, but everybody says you can feel you fill your charlie. I promise you. Thursday and I'll, say it every day and less and does not want to feel it jake. Nevertheless, no other here really still out there somewhere. I have no idea I'll never gave up. Daddy is so what happened? They lack chalais late in the evening of twenty eighth early morning hours of august, twenty ninth, two thousand fourteen was he the person supposedly seen on the bridge. That night was Jake so despondent after an argument with fallon that he drove to the bridge took his own life or was his truck planted there to make it look that way
someone harm Jake. If someone did hurt Jake that night, why we feel like an jake's case, there are huge, of missing time and information people who may know something have seen something or heard something, but don't want to come forward. To recap what we have learned. We're talking with tina and our own research. We know the jake's truck was so did in the early morning, hours of august, twenty ninth two thousand fourteen on the bridge in batten route, but there's no physical proof that it was actually jake on the bridge that night, only certain Daniel evidence, because his truck was found abandon their jake's, bone and cigarettes were left behind in Jake's phone, he'll did some of the most important clues there were dozens of cause and tax to from Jake's phone in the middle of the night. Some of the call still remain unknown to this day, but this text about fallon bleeding
he'll that there had been some sort of late night, altercation and phelan allegedly confessed in the window at cheeks home what happened after that remains unclear. Why were so many people calling and texting Jake late there? night and why have they never come forward? Also jake a text that he had been fish earlier that day with a body, but no one has ever come forward, say that they had been with him fishing that day. All of this, inlet surrounding this case has left tina to wonder. We think that there's more Jake story than has ever been made public or shared with by law enforcement, and while you can a truly know, someone state of mind. It does seem that Jake had passed things going on in his life makes little sense by he would choose to end it view or someone you love is struggling with thoughts of self harm. Please come the national suicide prevention lifeline by calling acting nine eight eight at the time of his disappearance,
Jake latch allay was twenty. Two years old, he had brown hair. and brown eyes. He was approximately five footnote just type in wait around one hundred and forty five pounds view of, information about the disappearance of Jake latch lay? You can call. That enrich police department at two to five to three nine, seven, eight, three, two or the west, baton rouge police department at two two, five, three, four, three, nine two, three four. Agencies are listed as investigating agencies on national databases. I guess you can make the stuff but saying the seems like a more you find out the more you just shake your head and just say how they get away with this one. Honestly, I believe that his ex girlfriend she got somebody to beat jump Jake, whether it was on purpose or not. I think something happened to him
They staged the truck, getting anyone to admit anything they're not going to enlist the bring him in there and turn one against the other. No one will talk about it because they scared that outbreak, but I want them to talk about it. I want them to because right now it's like he never existed and to me that hurts more than he lived. He lived for twenty two years. He was an amazing person and they just act like he never me and I tried to advocated, I went to every missing said I could possibly think of I handed out flyer them, went to different places, I will get really anxious. I couldn't get any help. No one would help me the pr that I did try to just rip me off.
The to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifty eight I'd like to thank tina speaking with us for this story? If you ever missing not one that you'd like to have featured on the shelf. There's a case submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help worth a shot. There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to support the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes, another way to Where the show is by contributing unpatriotic, where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a case from Oregon, thanks for listening
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