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At the beginning of 2021, James Foster Chance disappeared from Grapevine, Texas. No one knows exactly when James was last seen. It's believed he disappeared sometime between January and March. During that time, Texas experienced a record setting winter storm, leaving most of the state without power for days. It was during this storm that it appears that James made a mysterious trip. James' family was alerted by his landlord that something was amiss. That was when they began piecing together his last movements. What they discovered left them with more questions than answers. This is a story that will leave you questioning how much you can really ever know someone. Do people only show you the side of themselves that they want you to see? What could even your closest loved ones be hiding from you?

If you have any information about the disappearance of James Foster Chance, please call the Grapevine Police Department at 817-470-8127 or send them an email at cidmail@grapevinetexas.gov.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today there was a you have said. Wider Evan, tanner and so Evan tanner was like a. He was a Yossi champion at some point and I remember james really liked he was kind of obsessed with the story at some point: Evan tanner, not long after his height, you know of his career. He like jumped on a motorcycle and went out into the desert just to like rough it for awhile just to go completely off the grid in at some point like he never came back in, and so people looking for him and they finally found him in a motorcycle had broken down and he was where he could not have gotten back in. So
this is the kind of story that occurs to me that James had him his brain for a long time and would like routine. Work in them like some kind of Evan tanner job here there, and if somebody told me that James had done that that James was just going to go off grid. That's not a stretch for me to believe at all. At the beginning of this year, James fostered and disappeared from grapevine texas, so time in the sixty days between the end of january and the end of march. During that time, Texas experienced a record setting winter storm leaving most of the state without power for days. This seems The crucial point and james is disappearance, though we don't know the exact day he disappeared, or even the eggs Month his disappear Europe has some strange aspects and lots of unanswered questions, but one thing: we do know is that he hasn't been seen in the last eight months. This story that will leave you questioning how much you can really ever know. Someone duped,
only show you the side of themselves that they want you to see and what could even your closest love ones hiding from you I'm marissa and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and eighteen of the vanished james stir chances story. Audible, is the home of storytelling. Let your imagination, sore with audio books, pod casts and original ass audible has an incredible selection of audio books across every jean raw. As an audible member, you can choose one title a month to keep from their entire catalogue right now, I'm listening to unmask alice by rick emerson, it's fantastic! Let audible help you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained, Members can try it free for thirty days, visit, audible, dot com flash. Am I right or text at my age, five hundred to five hundred, that's audible.
Calm, sash and my eye or text, and my to five hundred to five hundred to try, audible free for thirty days, audible, dot com, slash am I a james MR chance was a marine corps veteran an attack. Ted networking specialists who worked with telecommunications companies. He had worked in little our concern for several years before his company. Located him to the Dallas fort worth. Metro plaques we spoke to James, is aunt terry, for this episode. As she saw James most often since she lives in that area. Some of Jim this family members call him by his middle name foster, so you may or her call him that also, we asked terry start started the beginning and tell us
james or foster as she calls him is. As a tie, I didn't get the opportunity Connie and can always clear away. They live in atlantic, his job transfer and ending ever really live close to lead so polly. So I'm growing up a couple of times a year at the most, and I would say that foster was your typical, youngest child, he was happy. He was funny. His big brother was all jealous. I dream just typical stuff. He was a fun little kid going smart, always inquisitive You know, I think he was always a little different. I dont think he was ever begins or he sold his mother with a big solar and I know that sounds a little strange that he really enjoy doing that and he would make his own patterns and make its own clothes vince.
Oh games and gaming. I'm pretty confident in saying his dad can enjoy doing that and group. You know they grew up doing that together, posture and his brother, and can they walked on cars in the end will involved in school activities or sports activities. I don't really think you were. We also talked to James as parents Connie, and can we ask to give us a better picture of who James is. As per cent he's a good kid. The youngest of three are, we have an elder son and daughter, drawing up was pretty much formal way ahead, moving around because we were in the servants to begin with, awe settled down in colorado springs. We were there for ten years
he attended elementary and junior high removed a phoenix, and he was in high school down here, and that was when he started driving and everything he's good kid he's excellent statement grades, shy of being pretty outgoing when she got to know him. But he he's shy. You know initially and he's real big hearted. I mean he would do anything as soon as he was convinced that you needed help. He'd do it for you, after graduating from high school terry told us that James went straight into the military. He joined the moraine immediately after high school. I mean probably in a month join the marines. I think he went to California forbade training. They now somebody spotted name, they pulled him out and they put him on the silent drill tree, which is a big huge deal. If you,
don't know anything about it and that's what I get for the next, maybe forward here so from the time he was eighteen and maybe twenty He served on the line, for I think two years in it Well the team, and then he was actually the drill master sergeant or whatever you know they have one person that you know is the leader. I don't know what the ranking. Why is that bad for a couple of years foster? Did that and it was the second year. He did it. It was kind of a really unheard of thing. I don't think they. Usually let people do that two years in a row. You know he lived at eight, then I heard them as part traveled. All over the country did presentations in front of foreign dignitaries and presidents and accompanied the president. It was a big deal after his military career, James relocated to whereas parents lived phoenix, arizona and that's when he. Involved in the telecom industry
What is mom Conny told us about that period of his life restating, for a while and went to school and work. Then he moved back. Phoenix was here for a couple of years: got married, got divorced, pretty quick and he was married for, like two years, maybe go on tree. They had a good time. She she's really smart, lady and fast to love our feet to keep up with him. He doesn't have a lot of patience with people it. He can perceive this flow or being able to keep up with record hey which he enjoys and he wants it fast snappy I mean they were a good match. She had a troubled path and she was out here and from back east somewhere pennsylvania. I think land hershey and they they lived here. We had grown
family lives in our family. Christmas is everything with wonderful. His brother had small children at the time and they all got famously. He gave a very brief stand with your brother in construction support, residential construct, support kind thing they did. They did a holiday that did not work out that the two boys Try tried really hard, but there is still see add on things that things of that eventually was just dissolved. Anyway, back to all down from their own. It was the computers and telecommunication. I think he is Jennifer just ended up now. Being able to help one. Another plaster seemed a bit the that that that is relationship is going south and he cannot pull away from the family so as not to expose personal problems to the rest of us for whatever reason and they sold their house- she left town
yeah, I never saw her again after that, which is too bad cause. I miss her to greatly and then he moved to arkansas. He was working for. I think it was all hell at the time here in phoenix and he transferred to little rock arkansas and a just city and really well there. There were some, I guess, gregarious fellow, Without it there like I mean he got to be a little more outgoing and he was doing things in having experiences here. I had growing like stock car rate using southerly Fishing think lacking that he was not even cod. I can see him very much during that period he had a cousin living up there. You know like one township or whatever over, but they did not socialize. He had a childhood dummy like across the street neighbor friend, who was stationed at the air force base. There
and they had no contact. He was just a kind of alone or other than when I give what's. He got to know because there were fishing trips theirs. Directions to a cabin somewhere or another notes about buying a particular type of fishing rod, which are things he never did hear. He was really gassed about the stock car races, because that was never anything we exposed If he had not long after his divorce, James took a job in little rock arkansas. Were you able to have a bit of a fresh start. And when he went to little rock he didn't are telling us we kind of had to chase him down that time. But we did- and you know it's been great since- and I'm back and forth with a visit, he didn't give us a reason for having just left phoenix. Other. Then I found out. I don't like you wanted to anybody to know what was going on
in his lap I think that the divorce fail on his part. You know he felt like it was a veil on his part we didn't want to have to explain himself to anybody which were wrong. I guess he didn't their problems were pre eminent and that much explanation necessary that you of agreed they were not going to be in contact and my knowledge. They never were again. Very little rock and had a really good time Very bought a house they represent, we have do they started decorating. The house in all this stuff was active, the other guys in his unit. He was in little walk for a couple years and transferred to in the dallas area. He worked at the southlake office that was in two thousand and nine that was verizon. It was for their the network repair unit that he did the the call and tech work for the public sector.
My cops in hospitals in emergencies and things like that. It wasn't gesture every day I found that work and what do I need to do? And you do a hard reset your debate. He worked with agencies that had to have their communication. You know functional and all plans, smart, kid real smart guy, and while he was in Dallas where laughingly is from that area, he spent a fair amount of time socializing with I younger sister and her children who are about to are about twelve to fifteen years younger than he is, but he had lots of stuff. They went to concerts which shows get out of town things go into the casino for a show. You know that somebody just wanted to see or whatever anyway, he was real involved with them. He would go out and spend weekends at my sister's house,
which, without in limbo, Texas. We were also able to speak with one of james as friends and former coworkers dog, and he gave us a different per active on who James was somewhat come on that james, immediately. The the first thing that impresses you then it's use, is very intense. I mean in I've got friends that, are you know marine corps in the past and and they're they're. Similarly, intense james had maybe a little bit more on just his intensity. He he walked with a with an extreme, upright posture. He he had kind of a like a low bearing in his brows
would look at your when he was listening to you, especially if he was listening to something pretty intensely. He have you know the big guy, and so he he had kind of a physical prowess about him as well. He talked very deliberately, but was just a just, an extremely intelligent guy, so his sense of humor was really kind of where you picked up on how smart he was just that of the quick. I belt that comment from and things like that after he could make, and then you don't get the liquor or working around him to sleep. It really really seem mortar complexities, there, James were actually assigned to the same networking team at a telecommunications provider called also wireless back around two thousand by then. He and I we both or you know reasonably similarly inclined and the things we were interested in and we spent obviously a lot of time together, troubleshooting pretty complex stuff at work and I, james always had a really yoke
a dry a little bit physical filled the pure, and he and I share that cotton emphatic we're the catalogue of the same laughed again then pretty immediately get it off and he was the justinus extremely extremely intelligent man, just immediately impressed you with his ability to cover decode complicated issues you he was certainly or technical than our, so he always I will hand me in an inventory me on a problem or more complicated than I was equipped answer don t that after many years of close friendship dug and his I moved to northwest arkansas and james. Arkansas entirely for dallas, so the didn't see each other as frequently in life took them in separate directions, a job of a couple of years by don't actually dated my wife. He she dated her best friend for a pretty pretty long period of time or a more than year. So
and while we were really tat woven together for a while, he was even in my wedding. You know back in two thousand and nine so we we had a really really close relationships. Then a lot of time together, but a move to jealous around two thousand and eleven and james would come up here's times and honestly, it was about the time that we started having kids, then you know kind of all. Your focus goes into that yet either have lost spare time and, and so james- and I had just kind of drifted apart during those years, and then it was further distance by his re. Location down to dallas, which they did with most of the technical resources that Tom you know that were a little rocket deported down to dallas, will win when bought out alltel. So you here, we refer separated by seven hours between us with better just two
It got harder and harder to see one another. He knows, and communications can get further and further apart. To be honest, if it had been a few years since I've talked to it and not that I didn't feel close to him and are still consider him a really good friend that just you know kind of one of those one of those relationship with, a aged over by early two thousand twenty one, James forty eight years old and living alone in an apartment in great fine texas, he owned two- vehicles that he kept parked at his apartment. A dodge, pickup truck and attack oda spider. Family was under the impression that he was still working for verizon. Will of more on that later, James's disappearance wasn't reported to the police for somewhere between thirty and ninety days. We don't know eggs. How long will explain as we go through the timeline, no one knew anything was amiss or that there may be trouble until early April. When can gotta call for
James is landlord that shocked him. We got a call The landlord was on April twelfth. I was listed as a contact her something on his lease. The rent was late and it it had never been waiting there for, like eight or nine ten years and never paid his rent late in the day had gone over. There are knocked on the door and nobody was there and they posted things me. It couldn't hold him, so they called us here actually paid in late january he paid two months, rent he paid February and he paid march, and so it was April before we discovered anything was was wrong. He had, I think Connie mentioned he'd kind of a kind of hunkered down kept saying it was because of covert any told. Everybody knows that he was just wasn't going out. It wasn't see anybody. He hadn't seen the relatives at christmas, the cousins and there they are
air whoever and he hadn't been particularly communicative, although, like I say he didn't, then call very often we call when you talk to him. He tuck your leg off, but We call very often in waiting had bothered here but at any rate we discovered that he hadn't paid his rent and We finally ended up calling as they they said, they'd been in it, then in the apartment in there was there was like in other words a couple of fans on and those alight. On an end, we reported to the great by police department, who sent an officer of there to do a welfare check, how in the apartment. You know with the landlord and reported that indeed, there was a couple of fans on and what not, but that there was no sign of
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on giving visit better help. Dont come to see if therapy is for you, that's better hd, LP, dot com, james is family. Didn't know what to think when they got that call from his landlord began trying to trace james is movements, january nineteenth two thousand twenty one was James as fortieth birthday he received happy, but they text messages that he responded to suicide we believes he was alive and well then, Nearly a month later in mid february, it appears a jew seems made a trip. According to Conny James drove from grapevine text, about thirty miles north to debt in texas and checked into a hotel. That's not odd, except that the days he was possibly there were the days at the time
The storm was coming out of its worst with many roads on drivable and many highways closed after the february. Eleven one hundred and thirty three car pile up on a major free way, not far off where James lived, that killed six people and injured dozens that accident before the worst of the winter weather hit the state, so officials had time to treat close the dangerously icy roads by every seventeenth, the worst, storm was gone, but damage left mill and without electricity. Many roads were still. Closed or unsafe and the entire region was in a very cold standstill, but it's on this state according to conny that strove his very small sports car, a toilet, and marched spider. Thirty miles from grapevine to denton to a hotel for reasons unknown. He made a trip to denton texas,
in the middle of February. We have that on his bank records only and we had contacted bet, he stayed a motel fix and we have contacted them and they were going to check their video to see. We would like compliment who is it worth him, the date that he paid were seven in eighteen, ninety three february and that the market but motel confirmed that can call them and they confirmed that he lives registered there for those days, the bills were true, I think it, nineteen, twenty and twenty one or something like that, because it was, it was per night, James's father. And told us that he tried to confirm further vs surveillance, video that it was in fact james at the hotel someone using his credit card and I d, but they were unable to get any video footage. I actually talk to
the manager at the motel six. He was going to check their video and I've never heard from him, and it was quite late. He said I don't think we have anything. He did confirm that that he checked in or is my wife wait out some one with his name and drivers licence and address checked in for those three days. Nobody seems to have known anything about him. Having friends and demi this, ripped the motel. Six is a major question mark in the timeline of events, as can said James have any known friends in that area was simple, looking to get away, perhaps me someone no one has found it each one lot. This part of the mystery James was known to keep us, two vehicles parked at his apartment when they, cover that he was missing in April, one of the vehicle, was also gone. Cunt explain how they were able to find a date when the car was still known to be at the apartment, where emergency contact
the power of attorney in everyday, the apartment, complex, called us in order to locate him because he is really was overdue and in ten years that's never happened before so she was concerned, but they did awareness check for me on the twelfth that was when the apartment, complex, called me, there was no one home, no one answered the door, she opened the door and left the notice inside the door and then went back and called us to see if we had another contact on the twelfth the thirteenth that I contacted the police. The second time talked to a second officer, and the report was filed on the fifteenth for the missing person's name was assigned to a detected at that time. The first of the
Well, that went out there. So nothing was amiss to it. The apartment was orderly and you know nope no sign of any trauma or anything, so he was pretty much willing to let that go. The second officer that was involved read me his report the next day, and we found out from the second patrol officer. I guess the first news off anyway, that they had impacted the tow company for the apartment complex, and they had apparently february servant. They still had. They had check them out four for abandons or whatever on just a routine routine draft through an confirm both vehicles for their. My and her partner went to the apartment on the twenty third of April. To see if there was anything like it find out. So we know that on february seventh, two thousand twenty one price-
the winter storm, both of james as vehicles, the sports. And his truck were passed in their usual spots at his apartment, complex. That would be it starting point to say february. Seventh was prior to his disappearance. However, name is less james, a state of disappearance as january nineteenth, two thousand twenty one with no public details even about why that date is the date listed. However, we, The james is birthday, is january, nineteenth, so passed Lee he saw or spoke with someone on this day. We know that exchange, some happy birthday text messages on the nineteenth. We try to ask great line police department about this, but we are told The detective assigned to the case could speak about it and were unable to connect with her, but were this episode was produced after february seventh sweep of vehicles by the towing company.
The only sign of james is through the financial transactions at the hotel in denton. There was an article published by go CBS, affiliate stating James was last seen by neighbour cleaning some water damage after the storm we haven't shore Hu, this neighbour is, and we are able to come that. This information is true. The next point in the town line that we were able to establish was february twenty eightth, two thousand twenty one when James vehicle was captured by a license plate reader headed eastbound toward arkansas can told us what he know. About this time. We found from bank records that he had spent a couple of nights at a motel six. Indeed, then. I think we finally decided it was the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth of february during all the cold weather the detective speculated that they might not a had power
or are we check with the landlord and they had power during that time? There was some indication there might have been some some water damage in his apartment. There was a couple of box fans running and they there was some cardboard taped around the fans like they were trying to dry out the carpet or something the doors were open under the sink which somebody pointed out was in the things people do to keep their pipes from freezing. There was thing from the police- and I haven't one of the neighbors- said the last time they saw him. It was kind of cleaning up water damage, allow his apartment doesn't seem to have any water damage, but yeah you eat spent those his knights and we have a like very charge some gas and he went to look restored. That was kind yet it where some of the last charges before his disappearance on it as far as well,
he disappeared on the twenty eighth, the police have him on some kind of a freeway camera in them, east of dallas, rock rock wally highway. Thirty yeah wall, and then they are in the car was discovered at the at the rest up and tax arcane, Jim, his parents, wouldn't know for nearly two more months that the car had been left welcome, centre on the arkansas side of tax, our cannot, but when they find out. The news came from the detective signed to James is case after he was reported missing in April we got a call from the detective saying that they had located his car at the welcome center outside of texarkana and it apparently, I was actually toad on march twenty seconds. I believe his body had been there according to the manager of the property there who actually works for the department transportation
when they have cars. Abandoned they'll, leave them for several weeks because they figure somebody might have broken down and they're gonna come get it that had been. Therefore, he estimated about three weeks, which would put it in the right time frame and it was toad. Ironically, they sent him a letter but The until his name made the missing persons list. I didn't trigger anything, so it was. It was towards the end of April before anybody contacted us about it. There was being held at this toe yard and their charging fifty dollars a day. So I array Again with the power of attorney, we arrange to get it out of the total yard. The the trooper markets on state trooper had looked at. It said there wasn't anything untoward about intact. It look really clean, which it was. We couldn't find anything in the cards It has a little trunk advisable, storage compartment that they in the glove compartment. There was this phone, was also. He used to carry around
these little note books. They were like to buy three that vintner back pocket or your shirt pocket aid, make notes. If somebody say in us, the movie the other day, make a notary make grocery lists and so forth and There was one of those in their, although there, what did not seem to be any recent entries grocery list, you can't tell that some of the other stuff it looks like it. He was even related to look like the started and twenty fifteen and is never stop known his apartment. We found several more you know each occupied about a year or so why would say those? I don't know, but anyway, given that the car was pretty clean, although he kept, he kept his course fairly clean. The pick up was at the apartment and it was fairly clear, was adding our near out a gas, but it was pretty clean inside. It was very dusty outside aside from the note books which, seemed more random than anything else. There was one other thing.
Found in James is vehicle, and it led to a big clue that february twenty eighth, Two thousand twenty one is most likely. The actual date of james is disappearance. Hears can again, we got it out. We got it to a dealership to have it we achieved, because I went to the keys in it, but they didn't look at it. Carefully because we did eventually once we got it, we we found that phone. We found her, a phone in the year in the car when we picked it up and turned it over to work to the detective and sheep. They have some kind of equipment that download stuff, and she said it had been factory reset at three p m on February twenty eight they were gonna try to get some sleep was any other information they could get off of it, but I didn't I haven't heard from her she was trying to get a subpoena further cell phone records, but according to her, the district attorney
down on that, and so we're kind of trying to use our our a power of attorney to see. If we could, we could get any more cell phone records James, mom Conny, told us that, while the family was waiting on law enforcement to complete a search of the area around the welcome centre with dogs shortly after they ve the abandoned car. She was surprised to find the phone inside the vehicle when their cadaver guard search was schedule, we went to the welcome centre because we wanted to be on hand should jenny thing from a myth there, and we also picked up the car from the data ship. It had been at the tow yard and can have it taken to the dealership, so it could be checked out mechanically and re keyed. So we were there on thursday and when we went to the dealership to get the car
went through the car at the highway patrol and told us that there was the only thing in the car was that he didn't. You know he muttered shrunken and the glove compartment to think and the only thing He found in the car was one of the small notebooks. It was the last note, but that he's carried you know- and that was all he saw so I'm sitting in the car that morning and I'm going through the glove compartment and lo and behold, there's his cell phone and the charge record. The phone was dead. There was there was no data left on it. Detective perry told us if that phone had had a hard reset at three pm on Sunday. The twenty eighth of February James is fine. Doug didn't know. James was missing until he got a call from can completely out of the blue, she hadn't connected with James in several years. He told us about the
well, he received from James's dad it'll be all about. I just talked to him on the phone at one pound, though he just walked a couple of email to Havana. They called me in the weird thing is when I, when it popped up, the number was not saved in my phone, because I lost a ton of my contacts a couple of years ago and I left my company. They were all tied to their servers, but when the number came up I said that's james, dad and outside of this- is very odd that things we have generally distressed about it, The only reference I even knew of his dad was the fact that James, while I was friends with him, never talked to him ever so yeah. I was definitely have a very odd things can be honest. That was news to me and I reached out to some old contacts. You know that that were kind of in Dallas. It would work for them too. There was one aspect of james is disappearance that we found particularly unique, an intriguing his parents too,
they had obtained a power of attorney in order to sell a house at james, owned and little rock here. Forgotten around to selling the house before he moved to Dallas. So, as parents stepped into help, here's Connie he actually held onto that house and he was in gallus. Like say he started the job in two thousand and ten, and I think it was twenty thirteen or twenty forty that I went to little rock after I retired I told him I'd go out the house, he just didn't want to go deal with it, and so he didn't. He just continued to make house payments and apartment payments, and he was ok with that. I finally convinced him that I would go out after I retired and sell at house, and I did that, which is how we can have power of attorney form, which has been real helpful since he's not around, because we couldn't. You know I mean like turning off automatic Let's see, let bake things the cable bill, one netflix and that sort of thing, if I didn't have that
of authority. I would be very that stress that turned out to be lucky thing that worked out force, we saw that he felt he had whatever the proceeds from that fail were james is aunt terry told us that she found it strange that James opted to have his mom sell the house. Instead of taking of himself and she's sure what the reason was that he made that decision, but he didn't sell it and he might have tried to sell it before he moved here. He might have had to move to quit bad. I know that that kind of drug out for a couple of years. He could, lisa, because it was on a vein out and they have some kind of thing where you can't do that, and so I know that, ultimately, his mother, or can I went out there and felt that house, I said roger
It is now a real estate agent and I'll call you in and get it so old, and we now know if it was just laziness. Lack of insurance store the thing too crazy, clinging at the time to make a mortgage payment and sit on it. But then, when Conny retired you know it, it seemed crazy to them that he was women that too, and I guess she offered to go out there and have whatever work at wise. You know they felt like the house needed down on and then she went out there the ban fell it I dont know I dont know if it was like no sir, I don't know if it was too busy at work. I dont know if it was lack of motivation. I dont know I dont really can be. It seems like a pretty silly thing to do, but I did security. Add enough money that it didn't matter. Joy and you know I couldn t pay our partner randomly. Get on my salary. When I was that age, probably so it seemed we are to me, but I guess it was ok with him
since dad, can told us about what he and Conny were able to obtain using the power of attorney they James I had signed to sell the house in little rock were in the process of trying to get some bake rapper records because of that property sale. There was a a power of attorney that he signed in favor of of Connie. It was pretty pretty much a blanket power of attorney it pretty much list everything which come in handy. It was drawn up by my ex brother, allows an attorney and it was just kind of a standard form in it. I think they wanted to be broad rather the narrow, just to make sure that it got its purpose and that was never revoked or anything he never had reason to end. I've been trying to use that to to get some. Information and we're trying to get bank record so far. We ve gotten since last year and a half
and he had quite a bit of money in his account, but there wasn't any other deposits heed it spent it down. Basically, I related that to the year to the detective I didn't send her. The we ve been trying to get more complete records and I never sent those to her, but I mean other than the fact that no kind of the gates to them that he was planning something or something having purposeful. I guess I D, which call we found out tat. There was a couple of checks in his apartment that had arrived late that were never I think they were like a pay off. I you paid off a car alone and there was some remaining balance and they sent a check and they never did anything with. It is kind of odd because he always seem to be busy always had lodged going on, but then we come to find out that the everyday things he just didn't seem to pay attention to from James is banned crackers. They could,
see that james pages rent monthly, but everything else was paid via scheduled automatic pay me. They also noticed something rather strange. There was no from being deposited into his bank account for quite some time we will delving. This further in a bid. One thing that we found surprising was a different elections of James. That we were hearing from those we spoke to on one hand, was willing to sign a blanket power of attorney for his family to sell us home. Well, the other hand other were under the impression that James was estranged from his family after outline james for a little while you know, one thing became apparent that I didn't really know anything about background prior to him near being. Then, the little robber girl come on our technical de pretty quickly. I picked up on their own baby,
imho a little more of a curtain between him and his past than that or that you know he he certainly had a family, but but I don't think that the the lines of communications were were probably as open as they they could have been. I mean James is the he's, a black and white processor kind of a binary input and output sort of guy in so I think, it's kind of like you know, he's either communicating with the family or is not in for a long time. He was not picked up on the fact that he he felt particularly estranged from his dad. I had never met his dad up until What is that found me by working through his phone contacts that he had recently secured? I just in a million years cannot imagine how it got there, because I felt the passion and love and the you know, distress that his dad was was expressed in the knee immediately and you know as a father, and
I just can't I can't even get my head around what how it got there or what he must have been feeling. So James is a really strong personality. I won't say he had a problem with authority, but he didn't always see eye to eye with. With a you know, people who were highly authoritative acting normally because he was smarter than lower any kind of war. That sometimes thought I could see where. Maybe you know there can be dust ups, that his personalities were conflicting. I mean I am almost certain that he had a brother that with him he was very strange friend if I'm not mistaken, look, I think there was like are usually like really bad blood there. I thought it least from what and gathered from james around near him not talking to his family. There was a lotta resentment there I can imagine.
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There was something else at bothered us about. The details of james is disappearance too, and that was the that there was no indication that he had worked in several years after a law. Seemingly successful career working for telecommunications companies, here's can again being transferred to Dallas. We found out about that. He had come come home. I was actually having some surgery and he came home to visit in. We found out, there was going to Dallas and I think Conny told she has a lot of family around. Doubtless he was little reluctant to get in touch with the family, but he did at some point then seemed to have a lot of alive. Marietta
a lot of interaction with them. Connie sister has has four kids: they all live in the in the dallas area and he went to concerts and went out to eat and so forth. Those one of the cousins that wasn't is also single and for a while they were getting together quite a bit and he may have moved moved away. He would he was in the dallas area for a while and him and foster Why, together, he and his aunt did things together then seem to be doing pretty yet. This is canada is sometimes a shock better. I dont know precisely where he was working. First, we knew he was still working for verizon. They have an office in south lake and that's where he went to work. And the times we went to see him. That's where he swirling from what we ve been able to gather from various sources. He hasn't work there, since probably twenty seventeen,
So I don't really know whether he was working in our off the books and important for cash, doing something or white better. He wasn't working there, and I don't know where he was working, but well, there's no indication that he was employed, his aunt territory, was that whenever she saw or spoke to James, he talked about work as Everything was normal, so she was surprised to find a box from verizon in his apartment, with what seemed all of his belongings from work in the box, had been mailed in two thousand seventeen several months ago. A compliment, go on labour over there. Looking for staff that I notice that box and notice that an obvious conclusion was hey. Something happened back there, but up until the last text messages-
from him all through the pandemic. Are you working from home? You know yeah. We always had the capability to work from home and we're just working from home. Are you going back to work any he talk of going back to the office? No, they haven't talked about it. Yet I had no clue- and I have no idea why he wouldn't have told me where he Please let us to believe that work with normal. I was the same, didn't really likes. You draw the bad, it was well pay, then the thing to be looking for another job, a couple of times. I get encourage him to go to that. You know it. You really don't like. I go do something now. I think he was comfortable there. I believe I can show you text messages and conversations that we had, because that is when we bought the how and when you started now and then and I he knowing it
oh I haven't per day weekend or I can take off work friday or yeah. I have vacation time. I had no idea who was no one. He knew in his apartment. Always a box. And when I opened the box and looked through the box, he was his office. Death does but an inventory ended and it was said to him crumble. I think, on some time in April, two thousand and seventeen- and I guess the canadian here and have verified that I dont know what it is simple rising earth is through his ankle occurred. You know that that's when the income stopped, I dont know if they actually talk to the rising or not, but I know that they have verified it from his bank records? You may be wondering how James was supporting himself from two thousand seventeen to two thousand twenty one when he ultimately disappeared. According to his parents,
he started out with a substantial amount of money between the pros. It's from the sale of the little rock house in it. Peers that he received several lump sum payments over a period of months, KEN and conny believe that lump sum payments or some sort of retirement planned by out, however, by early two in twenty one. It appears that James was be. Turning to run out of money can later Thus vs ie mail about the family search of james is apartment? He said that it didn't that James was planning to leave and that nothing stood out to him immediately. There was left over pizza, The refrigerator dishes the trainer and dirty clothes in the hamper they didn't find any bags pact for travel, An absence of a large amount of clothing, though we aren't or the james as parents, or any one knew the scope of his belongings in great detail. Can did say that he was surprised to find that belongings for more than ten years prior wednesday.
Moved from phoenix too little rock were still pact. Some item, which were imperfectly. Good condition like a blunder had been packed in a bar any new one purchased? Instead, checks were left on cached for months and there was a tv on james- is bad though can the James sometimes struggled with sleeping and may have preferred the couch. They found a laptop that didn't proved to be useful. It seemed old, and they believe that he must have had a much new or one, but if he did have a new or laptop. That's never been located does told us that James was always very routine and structured as a person, but that may be isolation of being stuck in home during the pandemic affected james more than any one new and that possibly
some of its more ritual listing tendencies, turn into obsessive behaviour, because a meagre promoting core drafting the silent dropping a challenging to you. Two lines were silent. Girl paying these girls do like the other or night sort of I really like where they're you know, they're spending their dollars and they're firing shots and they're doing formations and you think pocket my opinion. You'd have to be a very obsessive person to perfect that titled art. To me. That is a real insight into who James was in his personality. James would obsessed with things you know. He was kind of endearing and funny and and hilarious when he would get obsessed about something that he was making fun of right, but hindsight, being twenty twenty and me being a lot older and more mature. Now it was not normal and I don't need to say not normal in, like I didn't think James is normal. He was a
really great friend of mine, but if you ever went to James as hell, it was always super clean, like obsessively clean akin. He had a really hard time through kovac is what his dad told me, but I can see where you know. If James became you know kind of overwhelmingly obsessed with cleanliness and staying away from people and kind of obsessing about that with with all the free time in the world, and then I could see where it potentially become a problem. If, over the years of being kept down at work and and and then eventually terminated against his will. And then you know being sort of feeling victimized by a covert what that meant, and you kick and apples really highly obsessive processes into the mix with a good batch of depression. You know it's not a huge stretch to hear to think about something else happening, but the thing about james of light. I think he would have created something
for himself, I mean unless he was just so mentally broken or that he just didn't didn't feel like there was any other direction to go wildly successful people in wildly driven people are sometimes really close to the edge of you know, greying into mental illness, and to me that that makes a lot more sense here than you know some kind of dark nefarious activities, and I don't want to say that suicide makes sense that so on. I am, and I can't I can't make heads or tails of any of it, but I would even think of james didn't kill themselves. He wouldn't leave left a note. Terry said that the pandemic definitely left its mark on James and the heat in his habits very rigidly. First, we ask Could you tell us how frequently she had been seeing or hearing from James prior to the start of the covert nineteen pandemic once or twice a man
way to go to dinner. We'd go to show, so we would go do stuff that once we moved out here, our house has a little guest house to it Well, your house is just a bedroom and a bathroom. You know in a low sitting area the voucher would come out here and spend the weekends with it or come out here and spend you know a couple of days during the week he's always been like super private. He will come out and I would say he came out at least every couple of months: and sometimes turn the summer. Every man you know he would come out for holidays for thanksgiving, listen, not so much christmas, but he would come for fourteen july and he would come for thanksgiving in it when all my kids would be here and he's real close. Everyone will close at one time. I went to my boy. Terry explained how things changed in early two thousand twenty after the beginning,
the pandemic. I think he took the pandemic. Way more seriously than reporting euro, that within grit hell, I I knew love most of my kids were all well. They were all kind of like a man, its reporting, george, you know, and so they just had to shrug off and you go in future which really annoyed about the pandemic, and he was very concerned about its contracting covert. You know he would send very detailed advice about going to the grocery stores and wearing mask and don't do this and don't get out in and he would say that he's not. Now for doing anything but go into the grocery store and you know I'd be eichel, fuck, you you got it. You gotta see some people, you gotta talk to somebody else I the weekend with us, we haven't been wearing out anybody. The kids haven't been here. We haven't seen any Are you too weak and he gets wooden badge
well, we were researching this story. It seem like no really knew what was going on in james as life leading up to his disappearance. He wasn't in frequent contact with family members. While he had seen his aunt and some cousins more often prior to the pandemic. This stopped, but even before this when seem to realise that james wasn't working any longer for what appears to be applied, it of years he had made com to family members and implied that he was still working, but his family has found no records of any income in the past several years we work to try to find peace, who knew james around this time or had contact with him, even if it was just over the phone or on social media, and we simply couldn't find anyone We know that when he lived in arkansas he had friendships are the he maintained and spent time his friends and co workers doing various activities outside of work territory,
such aims seem to become very isolated after his move, too great pine, and sometimes even made jokes about it. What's he lived too great fine, his standard line that. He didn't have a new friend. You know he said, that's why he had a great big moving, dolly and a truck. You know I used to tease him about keeping two vehicles and he said well, you know how many friends you have to have a truck, because you don't have anybody Borrowing tram, I do not think he was essentially close to anybody, and if he was it was not, something is, I, like I said to the contrary. He would make jokes about not having not especially liking people and carriage the young person there really like, and I just kind of put up with all those other people because of you. I never heard him talk about social rights. Anybody in great by. I think a lot of time, keyword back it up by saying, but its eye, but iron ore
and because I'm perfectly anti social- and I don't really like people anyway, Nuno he would make those jokes did James. Have a group of friends grapevine area that he simply never talked about with family. What he doing with all of his time if he wasn't working these quite since were nagging at us and his family to could he have been, working somewhere under the table. If he was, he wasn't it. Visiting anything into his bank account was there's something that James wanted to keep a secret. If so, why? James is family has been digging through the records that they ve been able to get their hands on and they have asked. To some of his cell phone records dating back to early twenty twenty. They can see his outgoing calls somebody was making two or fewer calls most months, his parents trace the, that James made in two thousand twenty, and they were firstly to his landlord, a pizza shop and attire dealer. Nothing to indicate
He was communicating with someone like a friend or significant other on a regular basis. Is it possible that Jane could have had another phone or perhaps I was using some kind of app to communicate with people james his family, his learned that in february of two thousand twenty one just shortly before James disappeared, he had made several calls to various motel six locations why james, calling these motels, and why did he go stay at one? We don't know the answer to these questions, but we feel like. Maybe this could be an important clue maybe there's something going on that's yet to be uncovered ken mentioned earlier. They had initially that James had possibly lost power during the winter storm and was looking a warm place to stay they learn that his apartment, complex, never lost power. So there must been some other reason for him to stay at the motel, beyond James is phone calls they can see that there were text messages, but they can't
who they were sent to or the content of those messages still james, this tax messages were few and far between James had nineteen text suggests in january and three in february. We were working on this story. We couldn't help but feel like. His life was just as much of a mystery as its disappearance was jane the person who had done the factory reset on his phone on february, twenty eightth or could I ve been someone else territory, that's why she thinks James may have done this. I'm not surprised that in turn is wiped baker. Is he wears leading had found what you get autumnal light and destroy it? You know take it with him, or I mean I guess she knew people. Could he worked at verizon, I'm pretty sure he knew how to destroy it. So I don't understand why he did that. I think he probably thought
If you just the way, I did everything. I think that his mother or a stag picked up his phone. There. Probably would have been things on. It then it wouldn't necessarily have wanted them to see, and I'm just talking about text messages things that he had said things that he done and acquittal is intensely private. So if he purely laughed. It does not surprise me, then he wiped his shown Connie was that of all the factors that may have played a role in james's disappearance. There's one that she, certain of and that such I was not misusing substances or alcohol. I have a family history of self medicating. Drunks, here's brighter have bipolar. Maybe some other things that are sprinkled in there. That is his brother refuses to taking education. I have power- and I would I you're not a day- goes by that I don't medication, because I dont like sealing the way.
Do as I doubt that foster had never exhibited any of that safari swings or anything like that. He drinks you know, but I don't think it's too there are a lot of is social. He loves to play around with you know like making the best margarita and good heavens, he will go by two hundred dollars worth of ingredients? come home and make three batches of marguerite s for a group of people and the assassination is in doing it the best way like finding the best possible, not a threat to the deep snow. We asked when we talk to what they think happened to James and with so many unknown. The possibilities are nearly endless. Doug told us this about james thinking about James? But I've got to kind of keep reminding myself. I knew James really well in a completely different dominant life and but I just think
How many things would have to go wrong? I mean like elixir a period you know, lost a job and and had a really hard time kind of getting back to to Nina started a business, and that was a very hard the thing that took way longer than I anticipated, but it's like sometimes I mean to some people that program just kind of runs. All the time like you know that suicide is always an option but like in my head, it never is has or probably will be. You know, and I kind of feel like he was probably programmed that way, but also who would James have mixed it up with that wanted him to disappear. That James was just going to go off grid. That's not a stretch for me to believe at all now what significantly harder for me to believe that he would have left, every reasonable necessity, phones, tar and in just gonna build and not let anybody know where and how I think is a marine james out of them. Responsible to the mission than that, but
James gillen, to live in a hut out in the wilderness, or something like that would wouldn't come as a massive shock to me. I don't think I think it's possible, especially depending on what his mental state was around. You know around cobit and and being away from people. He was not a real impulsive kind of person and he was obsessive sure but impulsive not as much he's pretty calculated the whole driving off to texarkana and this in the car, and I actually had to drive to texarkana a few weeks ago or a couple of weeks ago, and I just stopped through that rest stop and just kind of looked around and you think like or where the hell would you have gone from here I mean I intentionally stopped there just because I was arrogance you know about what what could have possibly drawn him there. What? Why was that? Where the car was, you know I mean it doesn't even begin to make any sense why you would have picked they're thinking about Jane's, potentially getting messy
than anything italy, yours to be extremely far fetched, at least there in the arab that I was really close with him enough, not to say that things can change with him. He just he didn't particularly assimilate too, like the darker side of life the hickey James's. Dad KEN also gave us his perspective on what may have happened. But of course this goes around your mind day in and day out. I I just really I don't know I personally: am he paid his rent two months, the advance he has everything on automatic payment he had had just about. Run out of money from his bank records and he was down to a couple. Thousand was in dollars and given all of that I'd, think whatever it was, he planned it and I don't know
You know he was not the kind of person that you would think of it would, you know, go join a culture or something like that. It was actually dismissive of people like that. But it's hard for me to imagine him wanting to disappear into the wild. And if so, why don't you have any cash within that that bothers me On the other hand, I have a hard time seeing him as a victim, crime. I suppose something's possible, but I dont know you know what would have happened. We speculated yet if he got out of his car at the at the welcome centre in oh somebody could have done something, but I mean is like six one and you know early fairly yeah stout individual, and I would think he'd be a bad person to pick on a few for trying to commit a crime, but none of us are our immune from there.
So I I don't know I just. I really think it was planned, but I can't think of what there's there's like one cash withdraw now there was somebody pointed this out decker. You know when you buy things, you can get cash back like at walmart. I guess- you got a hundred dollars. I dont generally do that. I go to atm but yeah. As far as I know, you didn't have a credit card. It was just this debit card, so he could have been getting cash. That web is still not a bunch of cash and he had It was like twenty nine thousand dollars in the bank at the end of those twenty three nineteen that the bank shows the. Payments are all coming out of that the insurance payments are all coming out of that the cars were paid off at that time. There wasn't too much spending mode you via a walmart grocery store liquor store, but he did like good quality liquor. I think he was drinking scotch at the time
somebody pointed out that seventy dollars wouldn't be wouldn't be a lot of money to spend for good bottle of scotch so, but that was about it. Was until lot a lot of other spending, but it was enough to bring that there was nothing but withdrawals or spending no, no income in the air yup now if he was, if he had another account, we don't know about it. If you know if he was accumulating cash at some fashion, I don't know about that either. Once you find out your kids', kid has quit. Two years ago and telling it still working and what not it's hard to rules anything, but he's never ever shown. Any end thing like that or any inclination like that in there has always been, brutally honest and gets mad at people who aren't honest. Now he was doing something support on the side for cash. I dont know you gonna have to promote stuff like that, need dozens, like. He was getting out and doing things was not one to ask for help.
Co signed a long for him when he was in the marines to buy a car and he made all these payments on time in everything, and that was the last time the night ever provided Any financial support army was living here for a few months, but math I didn't really routine and had actually in the past year or so we saw in summer of nineteen, I think- and I did some taxing back and forth they did so. Halls and I dont know that there was a routine and actually you know we're probably didn't talk to him that much in the last couple of years, looking back, you kind of regret stuff like that. He always seemed to me. Busy and now with invited him out a few times and he's right now. I don't think so. So texted back and forth salmon talked occasionally but nothing on a regular basis. Cancer that he doesn't believe suicide as part of the outcome in james a story because of things
He had said about suicide in the past that he was. He was gonna call. Located guy and exceeds very clever, we have thought about. You know. Maybe he looked a clue in one of those books or something, but so far, nothing. It wouldn't be, unlike him, to figure out something You know order plan out something, but on the other hand, I dont allemande wkrishwit sought about suicide, but it's the body and- and he always is always was dead set against. I mean we had discussions where he had discussions with his mom about how to her in other people around and so forth, and I would never do that item. What high detective said you know. Suicides generally, don't worry about. Their car looks like her anything like that. They just gonna go. Do what they will do all I can say it's kind of conquering down, but as far as anybody new and whenever they by talk to him, it was just like in a covert I'm gonna go out. I do have some other had known some other
people. That kind of reacted like that, so everybody was always very fond of her- is very fond of foster and all the cousins or her I'm worried and end he's one of those people that is, you know I have our time figure. Yeah I'll return em, he might have done this and he might have done that and he might have. He might have connived something and there's so many possibilities that I guess we just kind of keep odin along and hope. Something comes up and up it's good news, not bad. Four james's terry. She asked looks at james paying two months of rent ahead of his disappearance as a sign of something exactly what He isn't shore, They pay in your aunt for two lines whose pining on doing something different
but I have no idea what happened. You know whether he parked his car at their truck, stop and got a ride. We've we've been told from several people that at that and it's not a truck stop, but that rest stop and there was a big carrying truck, stop there in and we ve been told you know about a highway people, an ark and by the maintenance people there. You know that there were a truck drivers that would give you live for thirty bucks. So just the company or big big part of me that doesn't think that he glared just without telling me, even if he just told me he was leaving just going to go, do something different for a while and he returned touch with me, but obviously he has and and I don't
well and it had an entirely different life that I didn't know anything about. Irish restrict only went to his apartment, his suitcase when he comes out here doc care that he carried when he comes out. He knew this all that stuff is there and it's what he always brought out here. It's a shelving kit. He always brought out here it's the clothes that he always brought out here. The boots the shoes he wore. All of that isn't the apartment, everything I know about him other than his laptop and his kindle are still in that apartment, and it just seems like if you were gonna, go off and have a different behind you now. If you were going to go to alaska on a bolder, go whatever tat he would have sold his aunt said he you Mary had to vehicles or completely paid for he had a time of day. Equipment and musical equipment that was worth money. He was such a private person. There boggles my mind
There. You walk out on leave that knowing, but somebody was gonna have to deal with. You know that it's gonna, be going good solution. Happened. A James foster chance between his birthday on January nineteenth in the date this phone was wiped out? The texts are canna welcome, centre on February twenty eightth. Why did he trap through dangerous winter weather, to get to women? tell when the apartment management told his peers said they never lost power. Why travelled to that motel with honey of them near by in the area surrounding the d w airport, and what was he doing after he had quit or lost his job? What did he do with all of its time was James, really a loner. We heard mixed accounts of his personality. Some said he was outgoing and social and others character, I saw him as someone who almost had a fear of leaving home. Why did he purpose we, or so it seems, wipe his phone? Was he at that?
held the week before planning to disappear. Was this all part of a law term plan? james, like so many feeling the effects of a year of covert no end in sight and losing hope for his life. James took his own life. Why hasn't had been found So many questions that seem as though the answer is just out of reach, and yet we couldn't quite grasp left with more questions, and we can even begin to ask and it seems as though any outcome is a realistic possibility in this case. At the time of this, appearance. James foster chance was forty, eight years old. He was approximately six feet Paul and wait around one hundred and seventy five pounds is ready. In blue green eyes, any information about the disappearance of James foster, chance your ass to call the grapevine policed
Hartman ate one, seven, four, seven zero ate one to seven. My impression was talking with is detective it If they were kind of on shaky ground, they fell from a standpoint of there's no indication of a crime that kind of limited what they felt they could do. He's always been pretty upbeat and outgoing, I say outgoing his despite a person- but if you get him in a group he tends to were tends to be. The outgoing is very smart kind of intolerant of people who aren't like say, is not really socially like eating out but kind of with a select group of people. I guess that's that's about her, how I, describe. If you met him, especially in a group we will deal with, this seems very friendly and going in private life was pretty private, so
we would have had enemies. I don't know that I know about it, but I would it would surprise me: it's kind of a low keys are going to die most of the time I have any any notion, nor does anybody that I've talked to have any notion that somebody would want to bring harm to him. It's a total mystery, and I I don't I I think, of different scenarios, but nothing, nothing gels. We went over there last week magnanimity pretty dramatic and hard on them. I don't think he can get into the far because he doesn't have a password, the code, the police, try doing. I know they're they tried to subpoena and record and evidently either the grand jury or the district attorney, wouldn't do that. Even though there's a lot of ordinary there's, not I mean, there's exigent circumstances, I guess they call it, but there's never we'll find the foul play again, and maybe there
Have a right to go into heads? I dont know the answer to that seems like a real balancing act. The brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and eighteen I'd like to thank everyone who spoke of us for this story. If you were missing loved one that you might have each around the shop there's a key submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you like,
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