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On December 7, 1971, 16-year-old Jamie Grissim left her home in Vancouver, Washington, to catch the bus to school. Jamie attended classes but got out early because she only had two classes scheduled on that particular day. Jamie had told her foster mother that she would walk home and expected to be there around 1 PM. Jamie never made it home and was never seen or heard from again. Jamie’s family was concerned, but local police assumed she was simply a runaway. Months later, in the spring of 1972, some of Jamie’s belongings turned up strewn alongside a country road in rural Clark County, Washington. Then, as the years wore on, more young women began to disappear from the area, and it became apparent that this was much more serious than a teenager who had run away from home.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jamie Grissim or the other unsolved cases we discussed in this episode, please contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 564-397-2211.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today. This was too much after you know she does here hear that star talk to me and said that Jimmy had run away and I was shocked. I had always thought but she had run away and I over the years, had thought about her and wonder: how she was doing in she ran away to hollywood and because she was a really good artists and I thought oh, she must have found work somewhere. I bet she's doing what
you like to do- and that is how I thought of her. The sky has so many times allowing him to my sister. I dont have any doubt. on December. Seventh he seventy one, sixteen Jamie grissom left her home in vancouver washington to head to school. She attend classes that morning, but got out because surely had two classes scheduled on that particular day. Jamie told her foster mother that she would walk home and expected to be a one p m, but Jamie never made it Jamie's, we was concerned, but local people assume she was simply a run away, was jamie unhappy at her foster home and ran away monthly, in the spring of nineteen. Seventy two, some of you
these belongings turned up strewn alongside a country road, more than twenty three miles northeast of jamie's home in vancouver as the years war on more young women began to disappear from the area, and it became quite apparent that this was much more serious than in teenager who had run away from home, amerika and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and thirty three of the vanished jimmy grit story. Before we get started, I wanted to mention that this episode is more graphic, the most of our stories. This episode, contains descriptions of adult subject matter include violence and sexual assault. Pleased
care, while listening by all accounts Jamie grissom was a teenager who seem to have a very promising future. She did well in school and everyone seem to like Jamie. We spoke to me. Ms younger sister star, who told us her memories of Jamie. Well, I remember her tankers. I admired her as my big sister. She could do a lot of things I couldn't like she could draw she beautiful. Well cursive handwriting, and she got it s an penmanship than I flung and she could write poetry. He was an avid horseback writer, which I was terrified of horses. She was fearless that, where she was,
hard worker and she was a good saber. She saved her money and at the time she disappeared, she had eighty two dollars, which was a lot for you know: nineteen, seventy one he was just outgoing. She had a lot of friends and people liked her and- and you know,. Firstly, our past parents. They would favour hurl or me, usually I explained that she was very young when they were removed from their mothers care and placed into the foster care system at our housing air. But I would like three, probably nineteen, fifty nine or nineteen sixty my mother. He had a nervous breakdown and there My sister came in and me and then the two twin. They found us what my mother in a car and she called the police that she'll she would waiting for that. I thank you.
So the f b I because there was a gang after she was suffering from schizophrenia, but back then you know their way of dealing with. It was to just take her kids away and and he ended up. You know Vienna mental hospital for a while. So what happened and my father was in prison. and so we ended up being wards of the court and because of that, my mother still had her right technically to us, and so we weren't eligible for adoption until I was eight and Jamie was fine, but you know by that time it gets harder and harder, and then there were the twins and while they were taken from my mother when they were eighteen months and they lived in the home
they were later adopted by their parents. It was difficult in the sense that you never know when you might have to go I go to a new new school that sort of thing. So you know that kind of made us have a lot of anxiety. I guess you would say until you know, we've been there six months or so, and then you'd feel more comfortable, go to a new home with the parents and it school in bath. But That was just the way it was. Life wasn't always easy for jamie and star. They spent years foster care system. Sometimes they had great foster parents. And other times they were separated or whirring abusive living situations they spent some. I'm living with a family who owned a nursing home. These people put Jamie and are to work in their nursing home long before they were legally allowed to work
spent long hours, laboring at the home, for no pay. Why are there at their home from both by two years, and that was from the time we were all from the time I was ten till. I was twelve issues, eleven thirteen and they were very abusive, physically and mentally. Does he wasn't? She was, then I think the hudson actually was probably afraid of her too. She was just mean a mean person and they had a lot of money, maybe made money, but as it turned out, I think she wanted as their only for free labour because they owned a nursing home and all you would work the windows and then earthen home, my father, slower than do the dishes and we I'm clothes like that was back in the when women had caught dresses
and that was a lotta ironing and of course we didn't get paid for any about right. I was just something she had to do and luckily jamie and I always you don't have a strong work ethic, we didn't mind working, but sometimes we look get really tired and I actually would go hiding from her. I know Jamie ever did, but I would go hide from her and the new part of the nursing home and I could hear her calling me, but I was like no I'm not coming down, but I'm way too tired we also spoke to a friend of Jamie's donna Donna met jamie and star when they were living with the foster family, their own, the nursing, home donna, there's some of her memories of Jamie. From this time, jamie and star came to the great school, but I attend, bad, and they were living close by
the nursing home around the corner and were foster children. The the nursing home and solely be in france, she had a bubbly personality and just a very positive the two. She was always the big sister. She just, commissioner, who did personality. So I wasn't always it. You know in the click group at the school and so neither were they and I usually floated around. I could be in with anyone, but I didn't want to be part of the click. So I guess you could say we were outside I remember her smile and we just we hung out and we had fun. I don't recall her being any
other than supportive, but I do remember her just being a fun personality to be around. She had been placed there in foster care. After you know some other places and I learned from star later, how really horrible it was for them there and it is starting to me I mean I saw little bit of it. I don't know if I want to call it mistreatment, but it definitely was something you expect great schoolers or or middle schoolers to to be doing, and so it was several years later, when I was a prize does the situation that they were, and I I remember their bedroom. It was in the basement, the nursing home. It was kind of an unfinished area, but their bedroom was finished and they had. You know, after that, gone on to other foster homes, the the
when I guess you want to color the owner of a nursing home was terribly popular woman and she was it I mean to them, and she was often mean to me. So it's under stand up all that that they have some bad feelings there. I do have very, very I remember you serve the time that she and her sister Anne, I would spend together now we do talk about it. The animals I had in their little menagerie in the basement, the owner or where they live, had kept a. What did she have? She had chinchillas and an awful lot and oh gosh. I can't even remember what else they have, but they were very interesting animals and it was fun to go there after school. It was hard and I think, one of the hardest places
was at this owners and nursing facility because they were essentially bastard there by their faster mom to be like unpaid labour. They had to work very, very hard so Like I said it wasn't anything that children of that aid should be doing, especially in a place like that. These Mr parents did eventually get into trouble for forcing the girls to work in their nursing home illegally, store told us that after this time. The abuse only got worse, then they got a new case. Worker who remove them from the home state. and Jimmy were separated for about a year and a half before being move together to a foster whom they had lived at years earlier, with a woman named grace, starving attending the local middle school and Jamie was a junior at fort vancouver high school, where she had lots of friends Jamie hedge
turned sixteen years old less than a month before she disappeared. Jamie, normally road, the bus to school. She would catch the bus right at the end of their driveway since the girl we're going to different schools. They left home at different times, with Jamie being the first want to leave in the morning star remembers the morning of december seventh, nineteen, seventy one it was cold jamie outside to wait for the bus, but came back in and told or that it was so cold. She didn't know how much longer she could stand out there in weight jamie checked in honor Foster mother, who was sick and then went back. The door and caught the bus to school start hold us more about that morning. Then the morning before school, to come in the house check on our foster mother- and I shared a bad heart, and she also told me, you know twice be sure and tell grace. I'm walking
home from school. I get out early, they had what they called a modular schedule like college. So some days you might only have two classes, and so she only had two classes that day. So the only way for her to get home was to walk and to said be sure and tell her I'll be home like one one thirty and I'm walking home ass, I said: ok, We know that Jimmy did in fact make it to school that day and she attended the two key says on her sketch wall star winter, all that day too and she was surprised when she got home to find that jamie wasn't there. Well, I got home met like three thirty. junior high and I noted jamie- was there the worst jeremy and her foster months said well, she come home from school yet and said. Well, that's really strange she told me she'd be home like one one thirty says something's not right. She wanted me to be sure and tell you, and so I just knew that
then was wrong and I knew that day because it was very unlike her to just not come home, and that tell anybody cold and quickly getting dark. This wasn't like me too not come home. She cared for her father, your mother, who was sick and wouldn't have one it to worry her, so I called her case worker and she went down to the sheriff's and she wanted them to put out a missing persons report for back. Then, if you were a teenager, they would not do a missing persons report for thirty days, and you know she was like insisting that they did let her fill out a report, but it wasn't a missing persons
well that's kind of how it when I went to school the next day and I called home several times- and you know she wasn't home and how it went day after day and back then you know they didn't tell me anything. They didn't tell me that they suspect The foul play is didn't. Tell me anything. There were a lot of whispers. What my foster mother and then she thought well tell her that Jamie went away and because she thought she was a bad influence saddle make her feel better. Like know about was horrible. You know that was just the worst thing they could have told me. The truth is always better. In my opinion, you know as gently as you can tell somebody that tell them. So this is how things went for a number of years after Jamie disappeared. This was an era when many teens did run away and do things that we See today is extremely risky behaviour like hitchhiking, the police seem to believe that Jamie had run away and
They assume that, since she was in foster care that she was troubled or unhappy but star, there foster mother, caseworker all felt like it been so out of character for J me to just take off it: just like her jamie and star were removed from the foster home with a nursing facility. They kept in contact with their friends. over the phone. They no longer went to the same school. donna was shocked. When star contacted her to tell her that jamie was missing in the police that she had run away. They did keep in touch with both star angie mean via the phone. This was it I think too much after you know she disappeared that started. call me and said that Jimmy had run away and
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school identification card, along with other items belonging to her, were found sky along dull valley, road in rural clark, county more than twice three miles: north east of jamie's home in vancouver this area where Jamie's belongings were found was and still is very rural and undeveloped today, but no one too star about this major discovery, she was left to sit wonder and worry about what happened to her big sister justice mention that this was an era where teens often ran away, and that is cases like Jamie's were often not taken seriously. This was all a time when some serial killers were actively using the state of washington as their hunting grounds. We all know about ted Bundy, whose rain terror stretched from washington to florida and several states in between are roger has somewhat of an obsession with TED Bundy, its belief that here thirty women or more. There have been many books movie.
and documentary series made detailing ted bundy crimes, but this episode isn't ted Bundy around the time. TED Bundy was just getting started with his killing spree in nineteen. Seventy four there was, else who had already been methodically targeting women in washington state, and it's likely that you haven't heard of this killer. his name is worn. Forest is believed. The jamie Some might just be his first victim during our research into jamie's disappearance, we received thousands pages of documents from the clark county sheriff's office about jamie and also other young women who are thought to be or confirm to be victims of war and forest. By taking on get some of forests, known crimes can learn more about how he operated, and that might give us some clue about what happened to jamie silver fir it's going to start with how forest got caught and work our way back, in time. Just
investigators did when they realise that they had a serial killer on their hands. Tina. Seventy four two women were abducted by forest in separate incidents and escaped the fur. it was on July. Seventeenth releasing the name of the survivor in this case because she spoken to the media extensively about her abduction, fifteen year old Norma countryman was enjoy, a warm summer evening when she was approached by forest in his light blue. nineteen. Seventy three ford economy line van. We obtained an audio recording from nineteen seventy four of norma. counting what happened next to be jane. He was very conducted interrogation of norman king countryman
it's legit, you concerning a ledge of direction. It took place near you. Reach feel washington on July, seventeenth nineteenth suddenly for approximately thirty p m as its president present or myself, things blows were far kurdish yours, the problem, not the towns in the rich, feel pleased former braxton unity was taking place. The clark carry courthouse Who watch into the debate today is dry teams. Nineteen, seventy four and time is about nine twenty year can honour. This is, will be questioning their question. You regard so while everything to be saying will be on tape, engagement centres
Instead of having you write, this will be taken down this machine. Can you see the thing is on I'd like you to start from the beginning and tell us everything that occurred from the start until I started talking with with you this morning, okay, about five o'clock. I went up to the road leading into richfield from the junction and I was sitting against a white post. Certainly if the main road stay, five orwell was sitting against a white post fight path, leading down to gee creek and in the city park. I'd sat there about fifteen twenty minutes and then a blue Van pulled up light. Blue Van and the guy asked me what I was doing and I told him I was just sitting there watching people go by
and he said screw. Is it a hobby and as a sort of illicit strange hobby? He asked me if I want to go for a ride in I said no, I don't usually go provides with strange people and besides I had to get home. He then part van and came out said on the road. Next me, sir, talking about anything, and I told him that I had to go home pretty soon and he asked me if I was doing anything the day after tomorrow should be friday, and I said not that I can think of, and he asked me if I'd like to go on a picnic with him, I stood there be fine. There'd have to be another couple I come home and mom and dad just kind of look climb. Then I told him I had to go and I picked up my cigarettes and I went to the path when normal spoke with police. She described. Forest as friendly and engaging, but she was hesitant to go. and decided to head back things quickly took a frightening
turn for norma, and I got about half way down to g craig when he come up behind me and put his arm around my throat and life against my throat in tow medical back. Standing get in the bath. When I gotten van Ah, he d endeavour that in atomic turnover, my stomach- and I wouldn't do it so he took my glasses off turnover. Understanding you got A long road and tie hands together and they looked down to my feet and tied my ankles together, so that my ankles and my wrists were kind of connected, and then he had back in the driver's seat closed the door in the back of the driver's seat. and started driving again. I don't very we're. A little while after turban he stopped again, He came back and tight pretty whereby in the mouth- and I wouldn't let you- and so he turned about about two inches in diameter. Louis, you know classical Israel
Flexible- and I would let him put it my mouth so he took some paper that he had in the back of the platinum, came from a hamburger stand and he wanted to put some black electricians tape around it and put that mouth many around the tate, my mouth all the way around the back of my neck about seven eight times and the paper started to choke me and I started gagging. He cut it off and asked me who's. Choking invested, he asked himself. Then he pulled my shirt up and cut my bra and wanted tied it up and put that in my mouth and put some tape over it. Then he put, he didn't, put a tape, he just put it around my mouth. Then he took off his t, shirt and put it over my head and told me: I better not make any noise or
He was gone. He was just going to jump me along side. The broth simmer and leave me answer a little while, after that I passed out and I came to when he stopped the van and took me out and took me into the sport I opened my eyes and I noticed there was a brown building rolling down somewhere. Carried me in words, set me up against a tree. and then he went back to the van and You got a long road tied mcbride her second, my mouth imported round the tree and tied it. So I couldn't Then he went back to the van again, wrong threaded. It between he's in the rock was connecting my ankles and breathe
any tied it around. Another tree hold tight. I could hardly a great many. He hit new gerhard swear. Almost black out me told me that he was going to wait out there and how long he was going away and if I made any fuss that he come back from what he just gave me with a sample that was being mild compared to what I would get nearly took off norma knew that this was her chance to at least try to get away. She the choose in extreme danger. This man might kill her if she didn't get away. I started biting on the road kind of break it and it finally broke, and I sat up- and I knew that he came back and found me later and tell him what he do so I started to read: threads were connecting my ankles my feet, they finally broke and I couldn't get the the rope off my ankles or my wrist, so I just stood at started hopping down the road, the opposite way that he brought me in
I finally came to buy a fancy, light, definitely a rolling method and then came to another one. I wrote into that one I was out in the pasture and I hopped clear down the pasture past the back of the brown buildings cause. I could just barely sit back and I went to another beware of him and I want only that one- there was two more kind of separating two fields that I wouldn't leave, one as hot part of the way and roll part of the way back up the hill to where the brown building was. I stood up against maguire and he was just getting dusky out and I tried to hit the woke up my wrist by pulling it against the barbed wire they hurt, you that it could at my risk. While I stopped and I laid down a solid rod underneath the barbed wire,
and it was there by. Then it was getting real dark and my parents had stuck in the barbed wire, as I had to free that and then I rolled over and I fell asleep just before dawn. Norma had successfully escaped, but she was in the middle of nowhere and needed help. She didn't If this man was out looking for her, it wouldn't be, and before someone else found norma and brought her to safety, while walker was bullying him, so I got up no hot and the secretary came against the other side of the long brown building after tat and up to the front and lifting the window, the door. It was six thirty
I sat down by the door and about thirteen minutes later the name blue, MR blue drove draven, and he came at me, said hi and he started crying, and he asked me this matter and I showed him my reason. He opened the door for his lunch. Pail out. He tried to start a title that hurt so bad. He finally got a knife and cut it up, cut it off. He cut the ones off my wrists coming to my ankles and then helped me into the office. I sat down as pretty well shakeup, currently answers questions with how the police told him what had happened. The time he drove up how he found me. What I'd said from the cdp, the tariff said that they'd be there soon, as they could so little bit later, obstacles very killed when he started asking questions and he took me out to the world almost desperate chris picked you up in a tune. The band did he say anything
I'll, tell you what he was going to do to you or give you any hint thought plans he had for you. He told me that he needed some money in there. I was going to be the nt I was going to party at escaping entertainment. More then, he was going to get to the dollar spot the later after he stopped again. He told me that he decided that he didn't He wasn't going to take me to the party that he wanted go to texas and he was going to take me with him, and he told me if I figure that he take me to texas and make it my home. Then later he told me he's going to take me to a farm where the guy sled and put me in a pump house, and then I better be quiet, because there was a bunch people around there and he didn't know what they do to founding southern later. He told me to
after he took me out in the woods. He said that he found out. He found out I'd made any fancy to take me up to this ranch house where they lived to just let him go. I don't know how you'd explain it me. He was okay, while the stock by the side of the road after he got me in and tied me up, he'd have to explain every little detail of what was going on. Like an old lady who told the kid he shouldn't. These showed your life very first
need to get into the end. Did you described that fosters? He is eighteen inches long and six inches and the handle was white with black lines to penicuik was riches pilot greatest lackluster, and it was in that he put it back into a kind of case where you put the blade in a little handle stays out just snap, something over it. So doesn't fall out like a hunting knife. For your look in the woodshed kid mass deletion. Newborn she do her any cart taker for any car. Come back until you talk to a worker boy, not that I can remember, but I remember once when I was in the field
in almost all the other ants it sounded like somebody was going the words really quietly looking for something trying to hide something normal went on to describes a man who had abducted her in great detail. She was a do tell them many details about the vehicle. Would it look like inside and out and items that were in the back like fishing poles and tackle boxes. Unfortunately, this currently them to a suspect and months later in october, nineteen. Seventy four he abducted another woman this survivor has not spoken out about what happened to her. So we will refer. her as Jane doe. Jane doe was a nineteen year old student at portland state university in Portland Oregon. She had just finished. Of her classes and was walking to do some volunteer work when she was approached by forest who was on foot, carrying a camera, as norma had said, jane
but the man was friendly and engaging. He claimed that he was up hunger for student who was out taking photos of a nearby fountain in complimenting. Her on her looks asking Jane had ever modeled. He went on, explain that he was wrapping up a project near by and offered to pay her if she helped him for an hour or two jane reed and walked with him to his light. Blue Van farce, then drove to us polluted area into jane that he had to get into the back of his van. He was getting his camera equipment ready Jane, was sitting up front, brushing her hair when he attacked her behind king, her until she passed out when Jane later awoke. She was lying face down in the back of the van, she was tired up in a manner very similar to what norma had described to the police. She was bound with twine hog tied with her feet, and ankles tied together and joint arrests behind her back forest wished
being into a heavily wooded area. He venture stopped and pull jane out of the van untied her and removed her clothing then tied her up again. The following his graphic, but there are some important details that help us tie some of these other cases together for jane and the chest with several feather tailed darts from a ceo two gun he brutally raped her and forced her to walk into the woods while he held on to the end of the twine that was tight around her neck. He had stopped down tree and sit on the ground, even choked her with it wine until she was unconscious. He stabbed her The chest several times then placed her in a shallow grave, covering her body with in debris, clearly, forest believe that had killed jane. He left taking all of her clothing. identification. Remnants of the twin that he used and other evidence then drove sixteen miles back to his residence, but some
no jane survived. She lay. Regained consciousness and was able to crawl her way to a road, whereupon your by rescued her and called the police Jane transported to a local hospital to treat her injuries ones. Jane, had seen during the abduction, was at forest. had a key that allowed him to unlock a gate at a park. This was an important clue at the time forest was working for the clark county parks, men as a member of their maintenance crew. Investigator started, looking for who had keys to the park gates and from those people who match the description of the man and had a van like norma and Jane had described. This is what led them to forest: rested on october. Second, nineteen, seventy four: they items, insiders home, which consistent with james account of the attack cleaning the ceo two gun, feather tailed darts knife and twine
forest was charged with first degree assault, rape and robbery the attack on Jane a trial it is claimed that he was not guilty by reason of insanity. The defence had to mental health experts who claim that forest the criminally insane at the time of the abduction without input from state forensic mental health experts The prosecution stipulated for forests acquittal by reason of insanity, a new trends, to the custody of western state hospital. In July, nineteen. Seventy six, while forest is committed to the mental health facility mushroom pickers stumbled upon a shoe protruding from the ground at the car county me this facility inside of a park they pull. This you out of the ground and saw that there was a human foot inside when they knew they had to call the police investing is found more human remains in a shallow grave. They discover that these
means were of a woman who disappeared two years prior on July, eleventh, nineteen, seventy four twenty year old, Christa k, blake Mr was known to hitchhike and on the day four disappearance. She was trying to find a ride vancouver to her friends house in portland, since boyfriend saw her get into a van. He didn't reckon as the driver and wasn't sure if it was someone that christian new or not christus case when cold until two years later, when those mushroom hackers stumbled upon her shoe around the same time my four agencies were looking for a man named ted who was connected several murders and attempted abductions and the seattle area. This ted later. We identified as ted Bundy newspaper goes from the time, speculated that this ted could have been response, well for the murder of christa blake they later learned that there was no connection and charged worn forest with her murder. There are a couple signal
Can things about the location where Chris does remains were found? It was. three miles from where forest lived in nineteen, seventy four, when this occurred and the grave It was only about one hundred and fifty feet from where forest had taken norma when he abducted her forest abducted Burma just six days after he murdered christa blake on the day, but Norma escaped. She had no idea that just one hundred m defeat away: Another young woman was buried in a shallow grave when they exe aided the shallow grave, where forest had buried christa, they just go that she was clothed wearing what she was reported to have had on. When the missing persons report was filed. She was hot tide. just like norma and Jane had described, and there was another similarity. Remember that he had shot jane in the chest with darts. They determine that call the shirt had been penetrated in the chest area several times with a sharp object, possibly darts. This was
for the era of dna, but they did find some physical prudence connecting forest, Christus, murder, the rope or twice in, that he used to type christa and Norma was the same type in may have even come from the same spool. This type of rope was in forests. Foot locker when he was arrested for his attack on Jane doe, christus friends wrapped her as a fighter coworkers of and forest reported that he had scratches and cuts on his face when he returned to work after the murder. On the days that Chris dont, norma and jane were abducted warrant forest had the day off or left work early harrison. Is found inside forest van also linked him back to crystal blake. First, had used his keys from work to open locks in the parks he took. The women to taking two areas that were not accessible to the public, worn forest, the only parks, employee who owned a blue van in each of the cases
survivors and witnesses all described that blue van after being chow with the murder of Christa blake forest entered, a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, just ass. He had done previously, he was required to purchase in mental evaluations by prosecution experts. The three experts It's a psychologist two nationally recognised forensic psychiatrist. They believed that forest was not criminally insane, but instead suffered from apart. In reality, disorder characterized. sexual psychopathy prior trial, the defence withdrew its insanity plea the prosecution for the MR blake homicide included testimony of norma and Jane doe, based on similarities of time place and am now between their abductions and crystals murder. Forest was convict of crystal murder in nineteen. Seventy nine and set to life in prison, and he remains in costs,
today whether its were certainly safer. With Warren forest behind bars. They were just beginning to he's together all of his crimes and have spent decades attempting to see if he could be responsible for other disappearances and murders in the area. This leads us the cases that help us bring Jamie's disappearance into clearer focus on august. Second, nineteen. Seventy four eighteen europe carol. Phones, willa, disappeared, carol, in a small town in south eastern clark, county carol, was the mother of two young twin daughters, and on that day she had gone to vancouver. to visit the washington state welfare office. They told carol to return at one p m to check on available benefits, but she knew came back carol also known to hitchhike. A couple months later. On october, twelve of that same year, hunters stuff
upon carols skeletal remains in wooded area near rock creek bridge, just of dull valley, road tolls We rode probably sounds familiar to you. This is the Oh road, were jamie. Grissom belongings were found months after she disappeared, carols by had been placed next to a large tree trunk. There were no clothes or identification found with her. However, they did for some twine during a search of the area as processing, the scene they discovered this Two remains of a second person about one hundred feet from Harold remains. They didn't find anything thing identification or anything. That would assist them in identifying this woman. It would be an forty one years before she got her name back before we get to how they eventually identified her story.
Told us how investigators came knocking on our door when they were trying to identify this woman. I did not find out until I was nineteen. A detective came to see me about a girl to remain, but they had found this girl and nineteen seventy or upon my sister's belonging had been found to stop the road in may of seventy two. So at that point they lent my sister to the same killer and believed that tell was his first set them and when I heard that when I was nineteen, I knew she was never coming back. I just know it, and I knew that at that point that she was dead. I still try to find out what happened to her. You know I I would go around to different places and show her picture and stuff, but you know, as for knowing she come back alive, I didn't have that hope
that just to find her and you don't bring her home and get justice, and then they still didn't tell me everything they suspected. You know they didn't tell me that there was a serial killer out there, I suspected serial killer in tell me that These remains didn't end up being jamie, but this was the first that star had this thing really big was going on, but police, Didn't share much with her and still continued to push the runaway narrative when she made contact with them for the reasons that I mentioned, TED Bundy earlier in this story was at three research into all of these cases that have been linked to warn forest or a believed to be linked to him. Heads name kept coming up. There was appear. Of overlap between forest and Bundy, its believe that ted Bundy First began killing women in early nineteen, seventy four and more in forest,
wasn't arrested until october of seventy four. There was a lot of talk an old newspapers about some of forests, victims being possible, bundy victims, eighteen. Seventy six after Christa blake's body was found. They thought that she can linked to what they called the ted killings. Their results speculation for many many years that care oh balance, willa and the identified. Woman found near her we're all bundy victims. It will take more than four dec, aids for forensic testing to bring the truth into focus. In two thousand fifteen remains found near carols body were identified as seventeen year old, Martha Morrison, Martha had been living in phoenix arizona and moved to the an area with a man who is relocating to the area for work in september of eighteen. Seventy four martha visited with we members in Oregon, ten days later, the man she had moved with contacted more
family to ask if any one had seen her and they told him that they had seen Martha Martha's I believe that their father reported her missing and nineteen seventy four, but there have been some sort of miss communication between the family and the police at that time years later, two thousand ten, when family realised that there was no open case for Martha. They were courted or missing again in two thousand fifteen, they compare dna from the remains found in nineteen. Seventy four to samples guided by marthas family, and it was a match. We'll go. over evidence. They had gathered from morn forest, they decided it s, a dark on that they had found when they arrested him in nineteen. Seventy four after is attack Jane doe. If you remember here, Is that going to shoot Jane doe with darts they wanted to? see if there was any dna on this gun and they did develop a dna profile,
came back as a match to Martha morrison's dna, giving them a clear forensic link but in the women found on dull valley, road and Warren forest in two thousand twenty warrant arrest was charged with the nineteen. Seventy four murder of Martha morrison he is currently waiting trial. So you have all he's different things, tying various cases together between dna shooting women with darts the way here, the map stab wounds to the chest in places that he took them Norma was taken to the same area as christa blake and Martha incur. most bodies were found together. Also The area where Jamie's belongings were found years earlier, other women that investigators believe are likely victims of war and forests. Two months after it, me, vanished in december of nineteen seventy one eighteen year old,
RO dear also disappeared from vancouver in february of nineteen. Seventy two barber was the process of getting her g d at clark, county community college. Barber was hitchhike and she does some time between February twenty first in february, twenty third, she had told her mate that she was planning to go visit her family in her home town of golden dale, washington, she was last seen: hitchhiking eastbound on route fourteen barbara his body was found a little over a month later, at the bottom of a cistern in the hills of northern clark county, her cause of death was determined, I have been a stab wound to the chest: weren't for It is considered a person of interest in yet another missing persons case from vancouver in may. Of nineteen seventy for fourteen years, Diane gilchrist, was living at home. With her father step, brother and younger sister things work at home, and I am an argument with her father. She told her lips.
Sister that she was running away and then climb of the house through a window diane it to the home of her boyfriend and later I've saying she was going to a nearby store for cigarettes, Diane was never seen or heard from again nineteen year old gloria canoes and was about to graduate from high school in june of nineteen. Seventy four and Did you spend the evening of may thirty first celebrating with friends Gloria Two girlfriends went to the red caboose in Vancouver Gloria brought. Her a canadian I d with her to get an several witnesses described Gloria as intoxicated two friends dropped glory at home and her father, that she seemed to be waiting for someone about. our later gloria left on foot another friend who also lived in vancouver reporting at Gloria showed up at his residence around three am asking for a ride. Glorious
add to this friend that she had almost been raped while walking home this friend. said that he was out of gas, but Gloria was welcome to stay. The night Gloria expressed she really needed to get home and left on foot. She was ever seen again, for you later glorious body was found, adjacent lack of miss lake in a forested area Her remains were uncovered when the area was logged in nineteen. Seventy eight lack a missile is the same area where Jane doe was taken and escaped after being brutally attacked by Warren forest gloria is found in the closed that she had on when she disappeared and that faith can aid and I d was with her after Gloria. Does here in may of nineteen. Seventy four crystal lake was up. Did and murdered, not long after in July of seventy four normal was up did and escaped less than a week later, a couple of weeks after that carol, values will disappeared in early august, the
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Finally, when I get my forties, I said, are you I mean I'm gonna find out, and I knew they had her belongings and that really aid at me and I'll, because I knew that was the last thing she had with her and it really bother me they have him so like around two thousand, I called called the clark county sheriff cause. At that point I had found out that it was actually the hart county sheriffs that I was supposed to talk to because of where her belongings were found. So call that I asked to speak to the head of homicide, which is now major crimes, and I talk to him. the sergeant tremble and he was very forthcoming and he we know what happened to me and he said and we know who did it, he said ass names enforced and there's a whole crimes synopsis on him. He said I can send you a copy of it like animals I'll, send you everything we have in the fire
and I said yeah I would like that, and so he sent me that and it starts out with Jamie's disappearance, They mention hers his first and I was all allege cause he's never been chart. They list changes its first, the men and I go on to talk about five or six others. There were two girls. They were found near her belongings. One had never been identified you're from when they found her and nineteen seventy four, and so until it was twenty fifth came Finally, I do that in and of itself a huge story, because the killer came up for proper, he was convicted of crystal plagues manner and he was sentenced to death
six years up to life and then in twenty eleven? That was a thirty six years for he became eligible for a pole hearing, and so at that point- and I was talking to the detective on the case of the time his name was wrecked, butner and I had mentioned. Martha's remains, we didn't know who she was I, so why doesn't somebody to dna testing Well, you know, we know it isn't jamie because in other damsels didn't match- and I said ok, but I think we should do dna thing to confirm that right and he was kind of a basic I was really bothered by this. She understood that this unidentified woman wasn't her sister because they have ruled her out with it. Your comparison, but star couldn't help but feel a connection to this woman store had been
looking for her sister for decades and she knew that another family was looking for this young woman for nearly as long so she kept pushing and ended. A play a pivotal role in the identification of Martha Morrison. I e mailed the detective several times that it he then went on. I finally left him up a voice mail and tell them in all my friends that we should start a petition for you dig up those remain so that she can be identified and- and I was gonna do back as I was not getting any response for. He calls me back and is the star. He says we can't dig up the remains of the issue never buried in the remained for lost. I thought he had kicked me in the stomach. I truly believe, so. What do you mean?
what do you mean? They're lost? I mean I just couldn't even comprehend it and he said well. They were lost years ago and he said I've gone through all of the evidence in the evidence, room and she's, not there, I've, hadn't and colleges come with me france again to policies, and we can't find- I said, ok, so he said as far as we know, we gave it to the medical examiner. So then I contact the medical examiner and she was not very nice. She was like down it rude to me, and she told me how it was none of my business anyway, and it wasn't my sister, of course, that really infuriated me- and I said she isn't my business. She was found not far from where my sister's belongings were found and the same killer killed her that killed my son,
I sure hope yeah. It is my business and I know that her family is suffering and wants to know what happened to her so yeah. It is my business and I hung up. I was mad and I called I called the the current prosecutor at the time. I believe it was scott jackson cause danny hundred just retired. Danny was the one that convicted form and scott Jackson said I'll. Take care of that star. You know, I told him, how has she acted and the next time I called she was totally different. She was like sweetest birds and then the reporter that we're honest always worked with me again to planet channel. Six he said was startled I'll I'll. Do some digging. Let me see what I can find out, so he gets back to me and he said: okay, the medical examiner saying that they sent this girl's remains to a doctor, clyde snow back east.
And he's he's quite famous he's. He was considered the father of forensic anthropology renown worldwide and he said I've talked to him he's in his early eighties. He was very articulate. He just recently retired and you know give him a call. So I called him and he me said star, I didn't know I mailed her remains back. I specifically remember this girl because they wanted me to reconstruct her face and I couldn't because she was missing or lower jaw, He said. Oh, I keep meticulous records. He said give me a week. I will find a copy, the fedex letter that I sent with
and by golly a week later, he emailed me a copy of the letter. So I emailed it to the medical examiner and I knew when she opened my email program, told me and then I called her and she said ok star. She said this proves that we have the remains here somewhere. She said, give me a couple months, I'll find them. So you know two months later camp came and she called me- and she said I found them in the other girl's evidence box for the other girl that was found like one hundred yards from this girl. They had put her remains in her paw as a human, and now it seems like you would just be so careful with that. Okay, then, in two thousand and fifteen, she was finally identified with dna dna, and that was great. You know I was really
Be that as she was finally identify them in all those years I held out o that it might be my sister even though you know the fed now the dentals, but my sister never had like x rays or anything. It was just like a note and file about her number. Fifth, to say that all maybe they can be wrong with a lot of times. They are wrong jamie. And stars friend Donna had been told it. Jamie ran away back in nineteen, seventy one and she believed that be true for a long time, but she never forgot. About jamie like star- Donna got older. She wanted to find answers to your nuclear. I had always thought that she'd run away, and I over the years had thought about her and wondered how she was weighing in
She ran away to hollywood in because she was a really good artist and I thought oh, she must have found work somewhere. I bet she's doing what to do, and that is how I thought of her- and it was an entire years later. I think. Somewhere around two thousand and three, for there was an article a local reporter in the newspaper who had talked to star, and was should the story about how many years star had been looking for her sister and ass I was reading the article. You know she was using married name. But I remembered all the details and It was her first name and her former last name and her sisters name- and I thought, oh, my goodness and listed the city where star with
and so I found her in the phone book and called her up- we had lost touch and it had been many years. I think the last time I had seen her was at my persuading back in seventy seven. I firmly believe that the person that day You know incarcerated, they think Jenny was his first victim and I totally believe that that would happen in a cause. It definitely wasn't like jamie to off, like that. I dont believe should ever done. It before but you know the shock to me after I read the article as to what happened. I felt so bad because We know my believing through the years that that she had run away and I wished I been there to offer some support to star. You know it must
must have been very very hard for her to carry that burden and she's been amazing. What she's done so yeah. I'm surprised that has taken so long in. It hasn't happened yet because I think it should have happened she's been too long and too many other instances in the same area. You know for her not to have been found, and I know stars tried by know. She's tried she's, tried everything she said go Since law enforcement knows the areas where worn forest was known to dispose of his victims, bodies and one as areas where Jamie's belongings were found, they ve gone back out that area and searched. However, the area, is vast and would it it's like trying to.
Find a needle in a haystack. Wasn't that long ago, within twenty fifteen, that the clark county sheriff's did a search in all the various locations where they had found victims, and there was a one hundred and fifty lobbed law enforcement people there and twelve search dogs from Four different search dog agency done, who told us about one of these searches when she thought that, just maybe they were about to find Jamie one. Time there was a news that when it is to me out where I think it was where one other search dogs had found a cent and so we went out there. It didn't really produce anything I really thought they were on the something I really did. I thought we were gonna bring jamie home. It just happened, happened yet, and thank god for star
keeping this alive and I pray for a resolution good outcome. As far as being able to bring her home. I know it does now happen happened. We can pray for that. Will they've made progress finding other people, I mean they did make some progress on other people, but they just have made any progress on on Jamie and that's worth a little disheartening, and we were really hoping that there be a turnaround after this aspect was once again. Charging not a cave. You know that remains to be seen. We can only hope, I believe they actively work. It may be noted. much right now, because they have made a little bit of progress against the suspect, just not in her case. When we started researching jamie's case. We knew that
Stu gaiters believe that Jimmy grissom was worn. Forests first victim, but we received files from clark county and began digging a little deeper. We started to build if that perhaps Jimmy was just his first victim in the state of washington. Looking closed at forests background. We learned that he enlisted in the army in nineteen sixty seven over the net. several years forest was stationed at several different bases across the country he transferred from active duty to the reserves on september, twenty eightth nineteen, seventy one, just seventy days before Jamie grissom disappeared. So in a sense that Jamie is likely his first victim in the state of washington but could warrant must have started killing young women before this time. Here's what we know when forest was convicted of crystal blake's murder. He was sentenced to life in prison. He has since come up for parole in order to be granted parole far.
tend to participate in a series of programmes and hearings in order to detect and if he would be considered, parole able each time the parole board has determined that he was not suitable for parole in two thousand and fourteen Their decision stated that warrant forest should be considered one of the most dangerous offenders under their jurisdiction, the probe, in hearings that were part of this process give us clues that weren't forest probably started committing crimes years before Jamie grissom disappeared. During Psychological evaluation in two thousand fourteen forests ass, numerous victims in four states, including washington, Oregon, texas and north carolina. Most of the vote comes, and survivors we know about our from Washington, except in dough who was abducted from portland Oregon, the doktor, they prepared the cycle Logical evaluation noted that It very serious concerns about forests being paroled. He said mister fogg,
psychological interview results as well as collateral findings revealed the profile, extremely dangerous man who was other as well managed by d, o c psychological things do not find support for any effective treatment for the kind of sudan dick murderous, behaviors and obsessive cognition manifested by Mr Forrest, nor are any evidence to support that. He is capable of necessary, significant change required. him to safely exist in the community as part of the pre parole process for also participated in a group and individual therapy programme for sex offenders. He provided. with a rough time line which contained his account of one murder, one attempted murder eleven sexual assaults and to acts of voyeurism the time begins when he was twenty years old warring forest turn. twenty on june, twenty ninth nineteen sixty nine were
two years before Jamie grissom disappeared, he recalled that he picked up a hitchhiker and four into the desert where he raped her. He then went on to describe several other rapes and one murder. Three of these victims match up cases we know about. He does the murder of crystal lake in the abduction. Of norma and Jane doe, if what scribes is true. This would the number of cases in washington that he was tied to an extent back and I too was military service. Well, discussing is offending cycle and treatment. It states that Mr Forrest was constantly preoccupied with funding Decision to offend was related to his ability to find a victim whom he could isolate. He explained but the shortest period of time between offending was probably five days and could have been sooner if he had found a victim to offend in a shorter period of time. Mr Forrest,
What was that he was trigger to offend when he observed a woman who was alone or saw female hitchhiker. The tree in summary, also indicates that Mr Forrest discuss that he offended seventeen different female victims. During sixteen for an incidence. Mister, forest mentioned his victims range between the ages of about fifteen to thirty years of age. He just go a variety of activities include voyeurism by peeping into a woman's restroom and watching her change one time he disclosed during first year at western state. He engaged enjoy your ism about five times. As he secretly observed female patients bathing his therapists test, by that more in forest would not fully disclose on what vice. May- have occurred on energy decayed of victims and the other problems ordered from him not fully discussing violence in other victims and exploring his homicidal behaviors what they are saying here,
well worn forest was emitting to voyeurism and rape in many other cases. Here, views to admit anything further than that and if he murmured any of those women could want. First, be responsible for other unsolved murders and missing persons cases across EU ass, he did admit to committing I'm a north carolina, texas, oregon and washington, and these we've been linked to crimes in washington and one abduction in Oregon. So far, this but we know about the time period before he returned to washington, from nineteen six seven to nineteen seventy one. He spent time at four louis in washington, fort bliss EL paso, texas, homestead air, or space in miami dade county florida for banning, which is, on the georgia alabama border in fort bragg north carolina, from what we can tell from the files. We received its not clear how
has been done to search for other possible victims of war in forest in those areas as during the time frames he was stationed there, there's one other murder case that we would like to mention one forest is considered a person of interest. In this case it was previously. mention that forest admitted to secretly observing female patients at western state hospital, where you committed after being found not guilty by reason of insanity for the violent abduction and rape of Jane doe It also mentioned that he harboured sadistic sexual fantasies about female staff members. We a very brief mention of a woman who disappeared from western state hospital shortly after forest was transferred their on February third, nineteen. Seventy five! Karen It was a patient at western state and she was there on voluntary commitment. Karen worked the kitchen that served sex offenders fifteen days after Warren forest was transferred to this facility Karen whilst disappeared. Several days,
later, her partially clothes body was found in a title flat and south tacoma investing there's, consider worn forest. A person of interest in this case due to its proximity to erin and her manner of death, which was get your strangulation by twine. We don't know how freedom, Warren forest tat well at this hospital and if it's possible that he could have committed there, crime unnoticed, but it's certainly something to consider, we can't say for sure that warrant forest is responsible for many of the unsolved murder and missing persons, cases that is considered. a person of interest in today or other crimes. he's hinted at in other states, but still has no doubt in her mind that he is responsible for Jamie's disappearance. She just hopes that here give up some answers before he passes away. This guy has so many connections that link him to my sister
are you in burma, be anyone some reserve afterwards and he would working that previous burma down at the vancouver barracks- that's where she got her money for there would that connection they could have I ran into each other there and also at lacma lake. He was known to go out to lack of lake. We were out at lacma flake, practically all summer, I mean, and she could have known him there not to mention his childhood home was like less than two miles from us. We used to walk by it all the time, the kids he was about five years older, so he was out by then. By the time she disappeared, but he had a reason to be in the neighborhood. Cannot parents to live there and not
in manhattan, where her belongings were found were found outside the battleground, which is where he did. You know, there's all these connection and then her her belongings are found up from where these girls were found and there's even more connection with him and these girls, you know and- and he was lifting work the day- that something happened to them. That kind of thing, so I don't have any doubt and the biggest thing is if he goes to try. Well I mean he will go to trial as long as he's still alive. They have a bargaining tool with him. Now tell us the truth about these. Other girl, so and his his privileges are very important to him like living close to his relatives. That's why he wanted to be in a different present, even though it was a more secure prison. You still want to be there because, as it was closer fell, there's a bargaining tool there
so what happened? Jamie grissom on that chile december after noon and nineteen seventy one when she planned to walk home from school. Did she run away as investigator, suggested for many years or is Jamie? The first a victim of Warren forest or perhaps his first. Damn in washington. It still how'd to ignore the fact that Jamie's belongings were found along the same road where two of his asthma victims were later discovered, one who was linked to warn forest via dna decades later Two thousand seventeen We also know that weren't far seem to have patterns he took his victim to the same areas. If you too much of a coincidence that Jamie's belongings were found right down the road from to murder victims today, worm hours remains incarcerated for the murder of crystal blake he's been denied parole repeatedly. he is currently awaiting trial for the nineteen. Seventy four murder of Martha morrison learn
First, is in his seventies. Now in the families of the suspected victims book that sunday he will come clean and give them answers. They so desperately need. of any information regarding the disappearance of jamie grissom or the unsolved cases we discussed today. Please contact clark county sheriff's office at five six for three nine seven, two to one one. Well, I had an experience my several years back, eighty five I lost a husband them. He was lost at sea and I had nightmares I can imagine star went through, but they eventually, we eventually did recover him. Three months later. They they found him just awaiting when it produces, is bettered
modulation of what it must have been like or they'll come back it's just what that produces in your mind is agonized, and I know she's gonna do that, but I add closure in theirs triggers after that. That will take you back to that and I'm so then you'll. Never you never lose it in. ever no windows triggers will happen. It will be there continuously. You can just hope it. You know with some closure that it's not as pronounced and you can dream better dreams. I guess star need clear. I'm there to support her. If there's anything, I can do I'm there to support her
share her on and she's my hero for doing everything she has, but she's just kept going and kept the actor and I think she's even been successful at getting other remains identified. You know, she's been that involved in the missing person community now she's she's phenomenal,
That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and thirty, three I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for the story. If you of the missing loved one that you'd like to have reached on the shelf, there's the key submission form at the vanished had cast stock com. If you like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pad and also on instagram, if you enjoy the shop subscribe now and then five serve you and had cast spot apply or whether we are listening right now. Do you want to help support the shop there? A couple things you can do one way
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golly, you don't have to see a thin eater or a barber surgeon now, but you'll find out what it's like to get surgery with a shave. Wonder is new podcast. This job is, history is hosted by christmas. Now, from Saturday night live and written morey steeped in factual history, this brilliantly funny podcast delved into quirky an absurd jobs from the path with hilarious interviews that our infused with fascinating we true easter eggs, come get with us each week as improv comedians from groundlings, and you see be act out, their old fashioned gig from another time. You'll be glad your guidance. Counselor didn't recommend any of these jobs, clock in and low. This job is history. Wherever you got your broadcasts, you can listen ad free on the amazon, music or wondering app.
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