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Jarrod Green Part 2: Above the Law


Last week, we brought you the first installment in Jarrod Green's story. 20-year-old Jarrod Green disappeared from Searcy, Arkansas, in September of 1994. Jarrod seemed to be in a panic and concerned about his safety. He was emotional on a call with his girlfriend but wouldn't go into details. Jarrod also retrieved a gun from a friend. His family knew he had plans to meet someone, and then he vanished. Jarrod's car turned up in Searcy at a store several days later. Today, we will explore the people in Jarrod's circle in the lead-up to his disappearance and what role they may have had in his disappearance.

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If you have any information regarding Jarrod Green's disappearance, please call the Searcy Police Department at (501) 268-3531.

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Hey prime numbers: you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today Firstly, at the time there were few fishing, it really was, but the poor, so they were quite really investigation. On he just kind of laugh yep. We know this and you're working on it. told nothing will be done about it. My area that these kids you could they were kid they, as somebody who helped him, lay a help. Them those of shared and that the part that actually really is the most terrifying is what It was somebody you actually knew what they were doing made heartily. To find the mine. It's just that reed and random plot of land Because you gotta know where to look all these people
I didn't do their job deliberately. In my opinion, under the carpet. They don't matter they're gonna get what they have come to them, but it still comes back, There was a twenty year old kid was murdered. Lord back, to tell someone, can to harm him, even if they didn't intend to kill him, they intended to punish him, make a an example out of him and they did and they've gotten away with it for twenty eight years. That's what and people know- and I still believe there are enough people who are good Don't want to let these people who win and that's what they did. Her silent allowed them to continue to win and be comfortable want to be comfortable anymore. They don't get to be.
Timber thirtieth nineteen. Ninety four twenty year old Jared green, disappeared from searcy arkansas jude seem to be in a panic and concerned about his safety. He was emotional on a car with his girlfriend, but wouldn't go into details Jared also retrieved a gun from a friend. His family knew he was going to meet some one and then he simply vanished jurists. Our turned up insurgency at a store several days later, but it wasn't left in a way that Jared normally would have left it there. It was unlocked the windows were down in the keys were on the floor. It almost seemed like it was planted there today we're going to explore the people who were in Jared circle in the lead up to his disappearance. What role they may have played in what happened to him amerika, and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and seventy of the vanished part, two of jared green story above the law and and
the the. Officially one hour until your favorite show premiers time to get some snacks delivered through. Instead, cart, ok, let's get some popcorn, salt, sir chocolate covered almonds and wheat? Did they really? The whole season better card some ice cream for the two part finale when your day, could be ending, but a new season is starting. The world is your cart visit instead cart dot or download the app and get free delivery on your first order offer veil. For a limited time, minimum order ten dollars additional terms apply. This week we brought you the first instalment of Jared green story, and we gus the strange circumstances surrounding his disappearance and his spiral into the drug world. and right before he vanished
jared seem to go from dappling with drugs to being in way over his head in just a few months time. His french and told us that everything was great around the end of her senior year that may, when they went to prom together but as the summer was coming to a close jared was changing. She could see it in his thin face and he also stopped showing up all of the time when he said he would, but she didn't know everything he kept away from her She certainly didn't expect him to disappear forever from the very beginning there were certain names that kept being brought up, people who were allegedly involved in share disappearance when this. the police- were finally willing to take a missing report on Jared on october. Fifth, his had mentioned to them that nineteen year old, Brandon wheeler an eighteen year old robert web had been plying Jared with methamphetamine thieves.
skaters notes go on to say that they found that wheeler and web had fronted Jared a large amount of math and gave him a week to pay them back. the time of his disappearance. Jared still owe them money. Durance a friend at the time shannon told us that she remembers brandon, wheeler and rob web from school, but there always something about their presence. I made her uneasy. I know that had dealings with brandon and rob, but I had asked to be around them. I didn't like either one of them made me feel very uncomfortable, but I didn't know the daps. I just didn't I understand it. I don't know either, it. I went to school at Brandon. they had brain was jared age. I can't remember brandon graduated high school Jared graduated, but I dont remember. If Brandon did, he was a very quiet person. He did it
Much personality ages was really creepy and I can explain bad that he gave off it's very uncomfortable. He he's kind of one of those people that he would just stare at you. You know he not. He may not say a word to you, but he you know will there at you until the innovation uncomfortable at an I very strange personality, I eventually I stared I like, if they're here I don't be here- I don't be around around them ever. I didn't trust them As far as I know, they're didn't hang around with him very long. You know remained thy, they didn't run the same circle, either so I mean Brandon was kind of one of those guys that you know he just stuck to himself. He didn't have just all a lot of friends, because he was just strange now I only have one memory really of robin high school and because he had gotten into a fight with a girl at school
as the only memory that I have from him and hospital they were very sinister. Brandon was extremely sinister. And I felt like wall, but maybe not as a sinister like my he was more of a follower, but randomly Definitely that leader personality- and he was very senator- you know they are- say you don't worry about it. On that barks. They say you eleven when it got embark. That's him. Jared's mom sharing, told us at brandon was no stranger to their family. They had met him years earlier when Jared was a middle school. Brandon one by one boys. They were it's in the eighth grade, Joe did not before I knew there on each of the berlin wall and could play baseball, thereby really didn't hanging out together, but then when they got in bulgaria the high school, then I don't know exactly when, but that's when you ve got a gun
I could quite it and I don't know how it went down either could like I said jerry would never tunnels in anything, that's why it was so difficult and why we Things are really doing thing. We waited injustice day home until everything up right now without a bright boy. I believe the house, but then ah me that everything is ok and then before you know it. He just it here its family didn't seem to know Brandon well and didn't really know of rob web at all. There was a pair It is time that europe had an apartment with a friend before moving back home. Sister. Shannon has a memory of going to the apartment, to visit Jarrett in seeing brandon and rob and Jared acting in a strange manner, rob he woke from thirsty. He came let them I think, maybe in the ninth grade or something like that, I think are only ever saw him one time and that was across the party. What he had moved into an apartment.
Interrupted across the hall or something from them but I remember, and it was it was not for very long they got evicted from. The apartment they were living in two and I remember going to see her at after he moved out of our parents house. I remember seeing the light ass. The partner guarantee like did not want it. When we get the car. When I got whenever there. I think I made like an an an and derek the parking lot or something and he was like, don't get out the car command, don't come over here the time? I remember thinking? Well, that's where you know that that that's not like job because of god- I've learned tat. They were kids, though I knew it. I knew, those kids, but these guys, I did not know and I just remember that weird interaction and interest- the atmosphere was wrong with their and our we're thinking it at the time that wasn't right, but knowing even though we knew that jerry was, but he was
taking drugs. I don't think we knew at the time that he was doing anything else. shannon. Also recalls the time after Jarrett had moved back to the family home. She ended had left the house in return sooner than expected jared, startled and feared that the person who had just come through the door was some one that was after him. I come home from church one day and had left behind. I was driving myself church and I had run my home and I was like me, and the dry ended up going back into the house to change more pantyhose ran in Iraq. and into the house jared- was standing at the top of our staircase with his back, against me how his gun in his hand- and he was scared- and I remember thinking what is going on and he was I just get out of the house. I thought you were somebody else cause. I had scared, because idea come squealed into the the dry wages thrown the door.
Open and rushed in the house without. Like I remember thinking, this is the real, but it was jared in that position. Holding a gun and scared. I remember so. Those are the things that I play over and over my head. Think about it, and I would like that and I think what what but I have done in that man. What could I have done is in there it mattered things. I think why didn't you? Why didn't you just? Could I ask do I'm out We clearly remember in the we hours of the morning being in his room, and he- and I were talking crying upset. Scared- and I was like you please, just let's move to taxes with moved in dallas I will work and you can just get clean, do not worry about anything and nobody will know where we are. We can leave. You know we can leave tomorrow. We can leave and a couple of days and he just cried and shook his head and wouldn't do it wouldn't say why wouldn't go
wouldn't do it and I regret so much that we can try to force them into doing it, I think if only he had done it only he had trusted enough tat. He was willing to let us help it that may be trusted with the right word, but maybe it's just maybe he was trying to protect them because he knew what he was involved in and we didn't have any clue. Those are the now. Hardly until the day I got that's where the water well tell you in this, because you can Think about all those those times when it, if you had just tilted the fate or whatever in one direction. It could have changed the trajectory of everything, The thing in our life would have been different it would have been here. He piloted amerika. We had hoped he was gonna migration and huntsmen and They kept her kids, it could have been done for all of us brain his friends, gregg and bo had more knowledge of what was really going on with brandon rob and Jarrett sincere
had been involved with drugs at one point in time, as well great told, what he knew of Brandon. the truck driver who brought drugs from the west coast, and he would say form, canada. The character, never really cared much for being around him, but he was the dope man. I guess you, him and rob where they were. They work together with iraq. They work. other in their oil enterprise. Rob Kay out from California. I think he was a year younger than me, didn't, remember him. Oh one school, that people tell me what school others they were. Always together. They haven't. We one of the little rock I went to the time were to towards nanny burned him wheelers dad was bringing it in on trucks. It was coming by the cure. I mean ridiculous amounts
It was clear from the west coast when we would go up to Brandon wheelers houses were there was a light. There is large we were what I mean. It wasn't a stir. It I mean there's several. people involved Is that one bringing all the doping So I got a job. Is the onward the fact He was told me that he wasn't wasn't gonna pay before disappeared forbid. Telling Jared story means admitting two things a he did in the past two things, can be embarrassing to admit today, but it's port into him to tell the truth for jared both that, from the very beginning, he and several of his friends cooperating fully with the police in order to try to get them to understand why they believed Brandon and rob were responsible for growth. me bring in a mild pass, nothing that did but its people We were young, stupid, kids, everybody makes a mistake. He don't worry
from the mistakes that when it becomes an issue well, we made some serious mistakes. We learn from serious stuff back in again found bad when he said tat, I learned how far, but it is what I did it and I that main thing just getting shared Long overdue, leave it all happened. I believe it really will, I believe, will really close where a camp I will tell the police everything you know the dead. Random. Dad will bring a libyan honour truck, I didn't do anything for years down the road they. Finally, in the kitchen, the dad told exactly where we call them bringing the job clear non tracking? So it it's frustrating, but time for this to get close to mean that we have not yet it. the closure centre. records. We know that in the months before jerry disappeared brand, and rob moved from the surface area to north little rock.
They seem to be living it up. They rented a home and hired a housekeeper to pack up after them. They also made significant reservations to the home that cost a lot of money they had put fell of dollars down on furniture at a local store. It appears that they had a lot of cash for eighteen and nineteen year old man, the house, People was interviewed and said that she had seen multiple weapons around the home when they moved in. They had no clothes and just went out and purchased. Everything knew they would leave. her cash to pay the bills. Cleaning and late september. She found a driver's license and social security card with the name. Lance wells the picture on the licence was rob web. A few days later, she noticed these items were gone. Also near the end of september. Another young man began staying there. She knew him as Felix. She saw the few. Ex patched several bullet holes in the walls of the home. She was shown a photo of Jared and said she did recognize him and knew him as chair it.
She said she had seen him at the house on a few occasions. The house were said the last time she heard from Brandon rob was on october. First Brandon called her and asked her to check on the pets. He told her. He would be back in a week, but she never saw him again and everything, worth little. Rock home was also interviewed. The neighbour new Brandon rob and this person she and the housekeeper new as Felix she Brandon and rob had offered to buy her two hundred dollars worth of new clothing to her. They seem to have a lot of money. Two had seen many weapons at the house and she said she had not seen the two of them since early october. Their land told officers at the two had large amounts of cash in their possession They made significant improvements to the home, including two thousand dollars and repairs to the pool and attack two hundred dollars satellite system, when the pair moved in they claim that they were lost students at the university of arkansas and little rock. They said
that they were from California and their parents would be paying their rent and other bills but the landlord was uncomfortable with the amount of cash that they had and overtime became suspicious about their backs stories. He demanded to no more and speak to their parents and october we first nineteen. Ninety four robert I contacted the landlord and stated that they had moved out and we're going back to california, clear from reading the police records in interviews that these teenagers had a lot of money and guns, and they were also untruthful about their backgrounds. This up with what we had heard about their alleged involvement in drug trafficking greg had known about the debt jared owed to Brandon and rob he immediately suspected that this is why Jared was missing after you learn that share it had disappeared. He drove out the north little rock house himself to see it you talk to them or if Jared was there with them
so I actually drove the letter I see if he was there like what was going on another We came to the door at their house, honest wearing things are roma, the branding we were and rob were border. The two responsible that would actually line up with what he was telling me cause. I remember we had that conversation. I was like jered as probably not a good idea. You know not paying them for ever how much it was. I mean I dunno. If probably at least announce that, done. Mother, Kosovo, he tried to pay him back they wouldn't take it like everything we Diabetes is complete ignorance on all of our ports, but not to that level and in the family, Would you kill someone over? yeah I know I talked to the organs of state police and, I heard them right then, and ninety ninety four brenner wheeler. She guy you should really go talk to him. Like I mean I don't the day ever even interviewer, until twenty
two years later, whenever there is no other. but I told him that do it wasn't just one Persons in this is your guy. Like seriously, I think it Maybe he thought he had something worked out with them or why else would he go meet them? Are they some sort of repayment. What are because, apparently they weren't want, we pay em like there's mad or whatever and might know you're not gonna, get out of this type of thing, but yeah the boy. They told him like a boy up and down or even bothered. Haven't you don't leave this state and then come. I can get medium. And changes briefly mentioned a fire earlier in this episode in active vigilante justice or perhaps revenge both went to the north little rock house and started a fire, This wasn't something that he told police from the start, but he eventually came clean about it, while speaking with police years later, we are
compiling on the house that they lived in little rock or renting. Everybody would like this. It's not that finally, I ended up till the police, but I'll get so I don't know what's going to happen to me, but I said that house on fire I poor, gasolene on it in lead it in. I said: that's not the house, because when it lit run in the driveway. With such an incline asked what the law- and behold the police were like. Will we have a final report? That is the house now like holy cow? Kids, I will tell him I win in the back, probably ten, indifferent hope that night Then we are young and stupid, but buddy is what it is and I was looking for my part plant brandon and robbed stole from it was about a foot and a half high that's, how I found the house because it was, that night I had a friend, I've me up there been drinking and by smoking, and so I found the pot point in that region.
when I knew for sure it was their house poured, the on with it crazy that found for sure didn't find that house one hundred percent because they found arson report in that our report. It still had the they found it. Plan on the back, dick was, will your candid nice to know. I know it sounds crazy, because he's been thirty years now. How did look? but without a doubt it if the house brightly in it they worked out in the things like I'm never mean years. I think we'd be termed the place. Everything that will know me what we did at the time. We just let me, a white burn in the house for me now all the chaotic. Dad had been thirty day with grapes, in a we were on the dad house. It was just a big man. The losers in, like a tell the police ass to how stupid we worse, I feel better brandon. After the fact down to
point where he told them in the report. It my life come, I think they're didn't rob With that little rock to meet him. He was going get her out for me. the boy was three three or four thousand dollars and they said, they'd be right back to three hours later. Nobody shows how I had from the gain more sit. Not parking lot will. Finally, day through the phone. Basically, they told me was they were going to keep the money for goods that apply tortured in that the last that we thought so called the police. that in which they said it. That's the only. I guess the only time, many things have been said that were employed towards jeered debt, and that was the last action of brandy and rob you know at first reading. We have kid.
Eighteen nineteen year old, who still kids, we told all the police, thirty police, everything we said no story, his change. Nothing has changed in later on. I read the dead. Finally, for doing so, we told them. They were drawn brand. The wheelers dad tried to be no act like billy bad very mean aggressive where the water was scared when officers, responded to the fire, they found items in the home that linked brandon and robbed narcotics trafficking, including notes phone bills and fake ideas, The investigator from little rock expressed interest in working with our contacts officers. Insurgency to compare notes and work on compiling information for a case on these two individuals. it seemed as though the evidence was mounting against some. if they didn't have enough evidence to prove they harm jared therein. Involvement in the drug trade appeared to be becoming crystal clear, however,
they were never charged with any drug offences. One frustration that Jared sister hat was well? Everyone was pointing to these two individuals and seeing brandon and rob around sir see Please never managed to catch up to them and speak with them phobia, best gaiters at multiple times they located the house or brain in Iraq, were living in in load aurora. My dad gave him the address to where they were buddy. I mean he would Thirdly, for a long time after gera disappeared along time, many years he's still lived. There are in that area. So the fact that the cops I mean they could never get a hold of one was just like. Why are you talking about? He just drove by and there's actually in this report, you'll hear that I my dad that the shannon and I were driving somewhere on the highway. I guess going too little rock and waste. Brandon and rob in rob he had a highlander passes beside a highway. We call my dammit, I call the police and of course we couldn't find couldn't a him scenery to what are you doing. Like you got it address, go there not.
time. Will you see? Even other names are mentioned multiple time, not one time in this report or brain in Europe ever talk to it by the police, not what we were too over and over again, I will find thereon wrong. They block the state, we all know where they are like. That's not true. We could. We saw them in turn. We saw the one report that shannon mentioned when her father called the police and said that she and I had seen brandon and rob on the interstate heading into sir see an investigator was contacted working on an undercover investigation involving brandon and rob and said he would notify the other officer. If contact was made Fortunately, it states that no contact with brandon and rob was ever made will speak. with bow. He mentions something that we thought was an interesting tat bit of information. Somebody called poised.
Said mergers dad they didn't want to investigate and that they will get any investigation are not true, we asked shannon if she knew more about this call to the police. Someone pretending to be her father She didn't even know about this phone call until much much later, she told about this strange call and another similar one that was made to share its girlfriend one of the things that We didn't know about- or I didn't know about until- As for additional information came to light. Was that someone called the police and left a message for the investigator at the time he was at. The time was sergeant. Table tim web left him. For him claiming to be my father and asking them not to move the investigation forward, that my dad was gonna. Look for him on his own, which was a crock, and Why- is shocking to me about. That is number one. Someone had the call to do that, but in the infirmary
that. I have heard Jared's girlfriend at the time She got a call the day before from unknown person wasn't jared. telling her that jerry was ok. Those data recorded a day apart the fact that some, why, went to the trouble of contacting channel contacting the police. In claiming that shows that they know that gerrit zalm coming home. They were trying to discourage and investigation. So that's one thing that point The fact that somebody was deliberately trying to keep the investigation off track by making this call it seems as though some one in the background was pulling strings so that the investigation would go the way they wanted it to. After learning about this, shannon couldn't help, but wonder if it was the same person who had phone Jared and got
to come back the saucy by telling him that everything was ok, prompting him to return. The other thing is there I had left home. He was scared. He was scared of brandon you? He was scared of all people that were involved, drug trade. The time he told us that he needs to get out of town until we helped him get out here. Gone, I think, maybe two weeks and he got phone call from someone told Jared. Oh your phone I mean everything's, ok, Brandon and robert upset. Oh, it's fine. You can come back to when jerry came home he came home, we didn't know was coming home. We were sure and he was like our things. Fine, we were so relieved before so stupid, so relieved by or so glad to have him how we ve been thinking about it. The word back home. Somebody wanted him to pay bad enough that they lie term god,
to come home, and and once he was home and they had killed them. To derail rather investigation and to me that is one of the things that is wrong with this picture. If this were any the case today. People would look at this information and goes that this is not right here. I want people to understand that this is not just jared appeared. He was murdered and he was lured back to surface of somebody could do it, and that makes this a case. In my mind that malice, right, malice or for thought. There was no accident here. This was planned, someone wanted to do this together. It there was an interview with another friend of Jared in the police records. We reviewed this, for stated that chair it had come to him earlier on the day of his disappearance and said that he would be going too little rock, but would be back german, hold him. He owed brandon and rob money they
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fucking twist of events, robert web disappeared from sir see just months after Jarrett had mysteriously vanished. Gregg too, what he knows about robs disappearance burdens. Ordinary crime. The same thing that's what I am I know that circumstantial stands on now, but I don't think the coincidence, the rob when this in either I'm pretty sure that's all tied together. It's just a matter of bourbon, I would like to know what happened rob as well, but, I'm ninety nine percent sure I know what happened to. Oh, I know about him as he came from california thinking, from our point, but I'm not percent sure about that, in our school for a little bit before he dropped out. He was always with Brandon they work together. They I always in their pathfinder together. Apparently, they lived together while they deadline the other not apparently and I don't know much about him how he ended up and thirsty.
and then I know he disappeared, not long after chaired by the scars talking german one night, he was a quiet person, he wouldn't say much, it was always Brandon. Do the talking. Brandon is responsible. Then rob had been right there with them, so he went missing joy. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety five, endured. What message does not enforce it? mercury thirtieth, so nine months after jeered, this guy goes missing. And he was still Scare knowledge was burned. Any other partners knows when there are together constantly, to render are intertwined. It would be a huge coincidence. Its disappearance had nothing to do with shared. I mean I guess it good it may be that following now over money or something but I mean- you're talking about less than a year. I there were stories of them Putting a gun and one about foreign smiles and If only unsavory characters. I guess you would say.
it's rare to see something like this happen to young men who were in the same circle disappearing under similar circumstances just about ten months apart, but splain to us that he didn't think this was a coincidence rob with the other individual. That is missing, but it's just like I've told the boy. You gotta dad assertion in what I called on the outsider. While will you do something? Is bigger there. You gonna trust your blood, or but you ve, only known for a couple years. One should get tough, you know, so my thinking is. That la about his well again. My opinion, but it makes perfectly good sense to do that. They don't have to worry about, get read it on. I didn't even know rob it went missing, after I got back from the military in two thousand and three in it. He was he could be with his picture injured picture in the newspaper together.
Like what? Even at that point, like you, those two thousand and twenty two years ago, my fine job find rob that's what I believe what happened to robert web is just another twist in this mysterious case, shin contacted his family to see if they could work together to try to find both of them, but they didn't seem interested If you scour the internet, you won't find much about roberts case name states that he was last seen by his mother on July. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety five, One interesting thing about rob web is eddie. By a bunch of aliases which seem strange for someone as young as eighteen years old woman. people assume that rob and Jared were both murdered. We know the housekeeper reported seeing an idea and social security card for rob with an alias on it. Could he be Are there somewhere alive living under a new identity? Shit told us what she knows. Broadway went got cabral aliases, I think way,
Twas Wanna complained that he went by the housekeeper. That works for him and rob the in the hope that they had in little rock she claimed that she thought she also work for according to think she passed away a girl That is illegal, so Webs aliases were wrong bert wells glance, well lance how Robert, how and Robert e lee weber, junior and brow. Web went missing ten months after Gary did. He was best friends, brand everybody in the city, no two years and his family I'd. They reported a missing, but they will not. I have repeatedly appeal his family on the facebook page. I know he had something to do with Jared death. I know he did, but I would still help them try to find room remains because I know that rob went missing because of jared
because of what he did to Jared, even if you want to give brendan the better the and say what was probably his dad. He was bringing was tracking the drug then who went to prison for that offence and it was his an action that killed Jared. Even you give him that much of the benefit of the doubt rob web was still involved, There are numerous witnesses who have come from numerous, even in the documentation that I have seen the fairy them. bounce around as they that rob was running. His now he's got some in California. They're gonna make it choices, but they won't talk to the police. They won't have anything to do with us made an appeal to try to get them to do that. They have to join forces with that worth abode with that. I gave you. Phone housekeeper saw those fake idea than his house that's how we know and the police actually had them. He could easily. Maybe that's why a great cooper wood is so reluctant to. She had said to the police
if my brother still out there you hit, he went missing the same circumstances. His car was founded a grocery store a few days later after he went missing, Brandon was like sort of dating his sister and the day he went Missing was the last day that she ever talk to that guy brand. has no idea what happened to him and he just cut off all ties with his family. That makes no sense. Even if you're trying to hide something right, you you would you would at least make it look good. Oh I'm! So sorry about your Oh your lot, I can imagine what could have happened to him and then you get paid out. You don't just cut off tied if he'd, if he's not dead, If he is hiding, he went to a lot of trouble to make it look like his disappearance was the famous jarrett because it well the copycat or he's trying to point the finger at some money. Where are you some major look over here and say this is the person. This is why I am leaving, but according to
sister? Yes, she had no contact with them, although she does claim to know what happened there, but she always would dangle that care it over the police. And would never share any information. She has said what, if I, You know something what I need a lawyer, but I get in double. What, if my brothers there somewhere I don't want him to get arrested for this. I don't want him to go to jail for this. remember earlier. We mention that brandon and robs housekeeper a neighbour, remember another young man living at their north little rock residence for a period of time, They knew him as Felix well name, wasn't really felix and he's some else that we need to discuss in this case, his name was Actually baron stafford and he was just sixteen years old at the time of year. Its disappearance investing there's were able to obtain phone records from the north little rock house, and the stafford home in sir see those
occurred showed calls between the two houses around the time that Jared went missing. calls from the stafford home insurgency to the north. Little rock house ended on October fourth, nineteen. Ninety four The next day branded in raw began getting cause from nashville placed with credit card calls were also being made from the national number to the stafford home insurgency. Investigators began trying to find baron stafford to see what he may know about Jared and why he left town so quickly after Jared went missing in november of ninety. Ninety four, the investigator under its case, had an officer who was friendly with stafford family call and inquire about baron. He was in full the baron had left town with his mother and would not be returning to sir see they refuse to give up barons location. The sir police department, reach out to law enforcement in nashville and ask them to help verifies location, but they didn't want them to take him off at the saucy police were looking for him
they did find baron an investigator and sir. She said he would try to get permission to travel to nashville. He wanted to interview baron in person We didn't see any notes in the records that we were able to review that detail any trips to nashville or interviews with baron. However, the go police in nashville did stake out the home that baron was believed to have been staying out at sea like they were more efforts put forth to find bearing than brandon and rob investigators didn't know it at the time, but their window to interview baron stafford would be closing sooner than expected. Here's grech, bearing bird actually killed himself and most people think that in a new what happened a jerk he was friends with gerard after I've gone jones girl. I didn't really know where I know there. Rumor has it. I can't say I know what you mean. This is what I've heard that he can ass to his preach
which is like his uncle or something and then killed himself raw words bragging. and then he turns up nothing and burn was saying that he knew about. I guess vote on and another john himself- and feels as though baron is a key piece of this puzzle. she thinks he must have known something about what happened to her brother. He was so young at the time and was under the influence of brandon and rob the whose family removed him from sir percy so soon after Jared, disappeared as a red flag to shannon after during this debate- his long moved him out of the state they went, after bear I like it, he went to nashville, they contacted the the police and had the national police basically stake him out, but never approach or talk to him now. Why? But never once went act as a sixteen year old kid they never went after brandon and never once there were two
when witnesses like baron stafford, for example, who was, it was only sixteen. when Jared went missing and he killed himself and because investigator at here at the time, put in a request to to go interview, baron and was denied. This should now just call somebody out there in the interview they can ever be, but you don't know the case. You don't know what questions to ask any death is question. The headlong took him out of the state, took him to nashville didn't tell anybody like wouldn't than Tom, where he was going, because she was trying to get him away from Brandon IRAN, because Baron had told her something now she died and she would not say a word she would. Talk to my mom. We asked her. I cried capture you're disappeared. I try to talk to baron. They were oh god, one interesting piece of information that we noticed in court documents about barons alleged confession before his death was this:
some thirty first, two thousand another close friend and roommate of brandon wheeler. Who was all Oh good friends with Jared green during the time of jared greens, disappearance coming suicide price to committing suicide. This subject, the disclosure of two separate murders to his cousin, who was also his pastor, if one murder was share it you have to wonder who the other one was key. bearing in mind as we move through this story, because, come back to him and his family's property. Later on. In this episode, there's been some speculation in this case the involvement that some local officials may have had with the drug trade at the time Jared went missing. Did you its case go unsolved, because in order to solve it, it would have exposed what was going on insurgency Jared, his girlfriend shannon spend a lot of time together and she witnessed some weird interactions with the police that were never fully explained,
Remember Jared would let me borrow your car and that the lot, because I didn't have a car and he would go to work. believe me, his car, what I had gone to pick him up at work, and we were on our way back to my house and I remember: where were right in the middle of a road I mean it was kind of a baby road to live how way- and I remember he thought the pull over like we're, gonna pull off into the day. It and I'm like you know, I'm looking around like wait. What do we do and and I'll look behind us and there's a police officer? No lights, no sirens. nothing just doesn't say a word. Ok, he gets out in a car- and he goes- and he called this police officer- Okay and I'm like what we are we're not even pulled over into a parking lot or into a safe place. It was so weird and then he comes back the car and he gets then an outline. What was that
said in oh did you get a ticket and you thought now know it? Not only bunch don't worry about it in an hour in member think again, not normal, but I didn't know- at the time, I had no idea just just were thinking that so not nor more. That won't know it just happened there. You know, but I just kind of dismissed it and though we went on her and I never thought about it again. What then one eye we were parking? water slide and it was abandoned water fund. Nobody in with an open anymore for people ego going to know it at the time somebody they fought method without, though jerry Out of this long road and not harm. He gets out of the car, and here in france they seem like, and what are you doing? What they are fighting bewildered like I don't even know. What's going on, I'm not sure if someone called hot or what was going on. You wouldn't have cell phones early back then, but this cop come
and I remember nothing really sad except you walk that any he hello the green- and I remember thinking how do you know his name. The compliment be heard. We have where and so I remember thinking yet again- and he doesn't know my name- how does he know yours and I guess, I think that very strange it carried report. The incidents I hide is a green only the report they seaboard, Even now he called the cops or a word. I really could be I don't know why those people follow where they came from, I don't know what they were there, but I went to school with to the girl and asked them monday. What are you doing? Any she's deliberately give an answer, but the most thing about it with that that police officer new dared with least turning a blind eye to the drug dealing going on in sir see we're playing an active role in it.
Perhaps they were attempting to combat it? Could jerry You been a confidential and format, we dont know the answers to these questions, but shannon has another memory of a strange occurrence with Jared. Are they remember one time it could have been after? I graduated his thank god working at walmart distribution and he had come over one, and he said I think I'm gonna get indicted in and you know what I know admit that some stupid I didn't- have any family that was ever nobody got arrested. Nobody went the praise and abstained understand all of that terminology and I'll get pudding walking about and he's like. I think I'm going to get indicted. He was like I want you know on to fake my own death. I said why are you Talking like I was like you're crazy, stop talking like that, but then that, like that there again I'll look back now and I think what I mean. Why would he say that wallet You say that he was gonna get indicted and I wish I was had the knowledge that I
now or even shortly. After all, these people are coming to me in there saying live, I'm hearing everything and overwhelming you know, but then you start being able to put all of these pieces together, but still not quite be unable to the tight. They sought to make more sense for the boy thought the point is over- and the road in him finally getting indicted, you all makes then that I still have all the scenario that play in my mind she was interviewed by the police after Jared vanished, and she explained that she was always uncomfortable when she went down to the station that bind us prefer that walk up there That not said hello, MR green. It was like- made himself known almost every single combat interviewed at the thirty police department, and it was the same police officer and I always felt like he was trying to intimidate the sounds crazy,
You know think that the law would be in border. The law knew what was going on. It sounds crazy, but there have been summoned Bangladesh case that all the summit was correct, is extremely corrupt. I remain the very first time that I went to interview they had called me to the third people. Is the and I remember, berrigan very, not even I- was born in there. You know about going, tell him this is god. Brandon. Gonna tell him in again there and that door and I check in and there's a long hallway and it kind of shaped like an l shape, so you go down, one belongs them, and then you, you gotta turn right and I promise you there wasn't an officer and every single one of the door that those offices standing there look at a main mind. You I'm eighteen years old. I have not I the lot of glass, Don't have that much experience with a lot of things, but I remember thinking that bees
people, and I can't I can't even remember who interviewed. May I remember his face and I remember them telling me that I couldn't find Brandon less their thinking. They are, They say they want to know more, I know then what about what happened to it was like they wanted to see where I stood they wanted to know what our new dared was involved in, but I just fell, but what they were trying to intimidate. I'm not saying it was very very strange the day and I would have no one ever thought that law enforcement whatever be involved, the Millions of americans experience thinning hair, it's more than common its normal, but it's not
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all powerful people accountable wiki the work we do see your office twice to get our hands on these documents is. My name is martine powers. I close with the shell. Take the trusted reporting of the washington post wherever you go, follow and listen supposed reports the cannon and her family had been frustrated with the lack of investigation into chair its case for so long. But several years ago newer investigators took the case on and actually started to, work. It shannon was shocked when they called her out of the blue one day, garrets case of never would never got any traction until it took all of those are most those people that were in charge either moving on retiring dying and really us not knowing
to do to help to bring justice for him in it. Was it until twenty seven tear I guess it was late. Twenty sixteen when we got a call out of the blue from the police and searched him, and they they never contacted us. Grandparents lived in in searcy. first, seventeen years they have for years. They lived there after dared it with nobody, nobody card nobody region now nobody giving update about it and we would ask- and they were just they won't open. We talk to people that kind of thing. That was never. It was no urgency in it. It was an stereo relationship and tell it was marked killer thousand embed detective. And adam sex. You took over the case, then they call does they called me. May I saw them. Turkey number come up on. My phone, I'm like a y, know if there's gotta be about jared because nobody's colony or else from starting and there hey we're looking for your mother and I'm like what are you talking about? What made me sick to my stomach?
like where we're at her, and we can't get a hold of around like what do you mean? our. Where came to see her ass, it was ok, so I called and get her and tell her? There? The fear and there like out. We have through information about your brother's case. We really want you to tell you guys them. and all this, and unlike what the heck, as happened in our like a big found him what's goin on and essentially be found his remains, but they had enough evidence that the time they to make the arrest them What kind of our introduction are to Adam and mark I wouldn't, even though they were investigating, I too was surprised when he got a call from the new investigators on the case and they actually seemed interested in hearing what he had to say. He told us it was like a breath of fresh air I was in california at that time, found governors and they re open an investigation. I don't know some. I told him that we were friends are actually took. My statement
ninety four and gathered them out and thought they did anything. They called me If I would man rightness a has like yeah I'll, tell you what everyone knows. then Haydn anything from anyone, nothing to me like no matter how stupid her bad things? I good doesn't matter when it comes to somebody, amisom kurt since nineteen. Ninety four. One puzzling revelation that came out once this case was looked at again. More recently was that year, gun he had been found in two thousand and six. The family had been told at the time, and this was a complete shock, their fear, where you've never been like this right, there's all the mastered, surrounded, Gerrard's initial disappearance from the cluster of the investigation. That happened, I mean things like we found out in twenty. Sixteen, they told us that the gun, like I told you Jared, had
to guide very with them are one one of his guard was found in oregon and nobody well, that gun showed up in oregon in two thousand and six, so they never given a gun back. It was registered My dad it belonged to him and we don't that guy we don't have. They didn't give it back to us, but these two guys that they arrested with the weapons they are in but they have our Some issues such as security numbers, but them Were these people connected lonely. At the gun was found in Oregon. Only added to the mystery in the police report. The portland police bureau people who had it claim they simply found it. the arresting officer press them, saying you don't just fine guns on the street like that, but they forgave, further information as to how they ended up with the gun, a guy I belong to a man who disappeared twelve years earlier.
just as the greens hadn't heard about dear gone being found, they also hadn't heard about other evidence, evidence that help lead to a breakthrough. In the case, an alleged fashion by baron, stafford baron stafford that kid he was sixteen killed himself. He confessed to his uncle told his uncle, but he had killed there, it essentially and his uncle after bearing killed them. came forward to the police in thirsty and said: hey. He wrote a letter to him, saying: hey here's what my dear nephew set. You might eaten this here's, where the body is located in that's why they were searching on the land they were looking on, and nobody told me about that energy or that letter, and so that will like in so baron died so that what about two thousand? That kind of stuff is stuff. We did not get from the old guard. after investigators reopened the case in two thousand. Sixteen they searched.
property that was owned by the family of bearing stafford. Remember He was a younger teenager who was hanging around brandon and rob in the lead up to share its disappearance and was quickly moved out of state by his family in the aftermath bo explained He was told about the search where the Dog'S- I guess you didn't dogs, went through on this, but this backwards land two separate occasions didn't find anything that I will take the kid after shared with hanging enough after the military and cut my locked get a pretty much, but I would take He kids out there, and we will do so when I found out that they were digging up. that farm with a thick, and clearly knowing I, I've, probably been out there, but it's just like, I fear, not wasted it's already for closure and nothing- For me. They know they. Just we just gotta find the body.
Some tat. Maybe they ve got enough nation in it all goes back to what we said. The land stafford out there were evolved, came up stafford boy committed suicide. He, I guess he admitted to a couple fangs ultimately got brandon arrested in two thousand seventy or that stafford that his property What's your mom and dad property in ways that three hundred makers. Well, who is took place. The parrot had the land locked up for me ninety nine years? Nobody, build them. the thing on it can't sell it and they ship came off. Baron staffer. Then ultimately have to burn, I'm am with whatever he knew about the jerry green incident. He killed them from the highway he met in turn, what brought everything back to life but that land out there. You know it
you don't do that unless you're hiding from khazars granted We always talk about building up their living up there. In the ring We can do in the land of hope. The land were two different dog when a few different time said the same spot. There was a body buried, but it had been moved he was almost dared mom and dad. money. He wanted to feed and fell back the talk amended doing whatever his parents had money and I'm assuming that he probably come clean with his parents. What took place while the lamb do since then locked down, and he was shipped off to get out of here. his parents, recurrent productive. Probably what most periods would do you did that also, you can look a little farther spectrum. You got your green patch. There are wondering or baby said enough enough its people. Nowadays, they get there come out and talk about it. Now we know
port records. A cadaver dog was brought out to the property in december of two thousand. Sixteen and the dog. It on an area near an old, dear stand, The dear stand was an area that a confidential informant had told the police about an area where they said that Jared had been buried. Several days later to other dogs were brought out to the same property and indicated in the same area. They can do you'd searching the property even draining a pond, but they found no trace of jeer it in. Indicators were building a case against Brandon wheeler. They found an interview from september of nineteen. Ninety five, nearly a year after Jarrett had vanished, An informant name, Charles langley told an investigator that brandon, wheeler and jason web came to his house to sell some methamphetamine. We can assume that the name jason web was either a mistake or an alias at rob. Web was going by land,
claim that they asked him if he wanted to help get rid of jared green because he owed the money and they wanted get rid of them. Langley went on to say that they came back to his place in december and said that europe was no longer a problem. He had been taken out of the picture and that It grabbed him at a walmart into care of him langley interviewed again in two thousand, and he said the following. I knew the reason for detective perry coming and it was jared green, the boy that came up missing and ninety ninety four here me, if I could tell him about people, I was dealing with around that time and why I said that I could shed some light on Jared. Being missing told detective perry that I was on my way to prison at the time that I made the statement and most of what I told him was stuff that was being spread around the drug community plain that I didn't even know the guy's meaning Brandon wheeler and robert web The time that Jared came up missing. I had made
first dealings with wheeler and web either in late. Ninety, ninety four or early ninety, ninety five, the two we're carrying guns. The statement that I made in nineteen. Ninety five was an attempt to shorten my stay or possibly even keep me from going to prison, but most of which was a lie. after reopening the case in two thousand? Sixteen in gaiters went to speak with langley again this time he again recanted his ninety ninety five statement: land He also submitted to a computerized voice, stress analysis anymore. State of notes state that arkansas state police assess a clerk determine langley to be telling the truth, though, we cited slight deception on one question: are you holding information from law enforcement. difficult to know if the informant langley was telling the truth back and ninety ninety five or if he was just trying to trade information for a lighter sentence, Gregg told us at langley wasn't someone he knew to hang out. In their circles,
was the one who later recanted he was in jail. Were heard. The case I dont know him. I've never met a modest, his never heard of him, what a guy the noble cause, affidavit that was submitted to the court to request an arrest warrant for brandon wheeler compiled much of the information that we have already discussed, including what share its father had told the police about. leaving home to meet brandon wheeler and how is car was found at walmart witnesses who were interviewed agreed that there was a conflict between Brandon, wheeler and Jared green, which concerned a debt owed to wheeler by green they have a david listed, the information about langleys original statement to police from ninety ninety five, but not the there too, when he recanted there are fifty it went on to discuss jared leaving town and returning a week or two before his disappearance. After he received a call saying everything was ok, then
Witness mentioned is Jared girlfriend who detailed her call with Jared on the ninety disappeared. Then, listed witness is gregg and they included his statement about Jared coming by about a week or two before he went missing and during their conversation, Jared said that Brandon wheeler had fronted him. Some drugs and jared old gregg that he didn't have any intention of paying Brandon wheeler back because he had ripped off by Brandon many times before It goes on to say that, approximately ten months later after the disappearance of Jared green Brandon, wheelers roommate and best friend was reported as a missing person by his mother, an investigator reported during this time that rob where was bragging about his part in the disappearance of Jared green? Just before he went missing the sweetness discussed is baron stafford and his alleged confession and finally, it says it. On December nineteenth two thousand sixteen assert
It was signed by a judge for property of interest in connection with the case in rural white, canny arkansas, the uninhabited property was search due to evidence found confirming information obtained from various sources. information indicated jarrod greens body was disposed of at this location. Certified cadaver dogs were used successfully in locating the evidence and arrest for four brandon wheeler was issued in one Fifty thousand seventeen brandon wheeler was arrested and charged with capital, murder and abuse of a corpse nearly twice. three years after Jared green had mysteriously vanished from sir see in that went, jurists loved ones felt a sense of relief. They had been eating for this moment. For so long, unfortunately, justice wasn't in the carts, charlie were later dropped. However, they can be re filed in the future. If more evidence is found, they
feel as though they had a strong enough case against Brandon wheeler. told us that he believes they were confident that they would find Jarrett on the stafford property and when that fell through there case fell apart. They didn't get conduct they dropped the charges, They can bring it back, but I think some reason day. They thought they were gonna. Find burden then it didn't happen and they didn't like they were gonna miss one. She and told us that she was frustrated with how things unfolded after brandons arrest, that the prosecutor took the death penalty on the table. They didn't have that for leverage at all. we were told by the police that she had already remote taken that off and was to get him to talk right, but they wanted to give them immunity if he would tell where gerrard's body was an it for the murder. I honestly don't think that
a prosecutor, or the judge really thought that this was gonna actually happen, given what happened after the case because we were in the preliminary hearings and the judge threw out the video of wind, He was arrested when the cops will talk into so at the end, initial interview, the judge throughout after his arrest, Brandon wheeler, later filed suit against the city and several detectives for violating his rights, because hope, because affidavit had with his attorney described as to glaring omissions. It left. that langley recanted his ninety ninety five statement, Could cadaver dogs did not uncover human remains or evidence connected to share it brandon wheelers lawsuit was settled out of court just These setbacks. Shannon told us that she's confident in the detectives handling the case today and believes that her brothers case is in good hands,
case seems to have start out after what seemed to be promising developments in two thousand seventeen as any older case, many people who were around at that time are no longer here to come forward with what they know. Shannon is hopeful that there are still people within the community that can help for us. Our problem is that, where were down to one brain There were three people rob web brandon Baron bearing killed himself rob web went missing can after jarrett in exact same circumstances, it would also here working Brandon and then two other call cases in turkey of people related like at least loosely related to this case through the people that they like the drug practice. There, too maybe three and thirty in the same timeframe, that also disappeared, and so that's my can a charter right now, I'm trying to get those other families to join forces, because it
can compare notes which there's like common suspects or common people connected. It might be what uncover more because for eyes, bread wheelers daddy's dead. He went to jail, he had cancer, he died. He's he's out of the picture, branwell Uncle also dead, the jail he died brain is long. Absolutely not talking right. Barons bomb died, she'd. She knew something dive barons. Why? O d, in the parking lot. Oh grocery store in turkey within the last year. There is all These connections, all these people, but our list of people we can talk to. You knew something it's getting shorter and shorter and shorter. That's why time is so important right now she has been digging through police files that she was able to obtain and she's found some possible connections to other missing persons and murder cases. There is mention of one murder, victim name, shane, makin turf, who was from sir see but murdered in Oklahoma in early november of ninety. Ninety four
An investigator from the regional drug task force said that an informant was claiming that someone who matched rob webs description was bragging about killing shane we. dear its friends mention shane. They had gone to school together and she was involved in methamphetamine distribution, shannon hold us more. It's even weirder is there was another guy named shane makin turks who was murdered in Oklahoma, homeland, Edmund Oklahoma, believe and the cops from Edmund words. pain, mac and was murdered, contacted the thirsty police yes and said: hey, we ve been told that brandon, wheeler and rob web might be involved in this murder and they were told, the police, their part cover investigation, so do not contact them, do not attempt to make contact and idle Honestly, I don't think anything happened, because the guy that was the head of that task force the one that was in charge of japan.
Thirdly, that undercover investigation. He was involved in the directory and, I can't say, Maybe they're gonna wanna get somebody in trouble because he still, and thirdly, but he definitely was involved in and so the fact what I saw his name come up on this report. I would like oh well there's the answer. Every other police officer that was it protected or investigated in some small way is listed in this, that's together report note, except for investigator in Edmund Oklahoma is just listed as an investigator. You can't leave got a double murder. Recent double murder that is connected to these guy. It was enough of a lead that that got that detective in oklahoma. Tight was worth making the call, You tell them don't power so so much to this shit Makin turf and his girlfriend carry slacker were brutally murdered in their apartment back in november of ninety four, despite
inform claiming that someone matching robert webs description was bragging about this murder and also jared some one else was convicted of this crime. store neighbour, named eugene, died. According to a ninety. Ninety six article in the opel in the case based completely on circumstantial evidence. The alleged motive was, at the killer, had written checks to shame for drugs and didn't one is wife to find out the plan. The commission presented a witness who claim that Dodd admitted to the murder well incarcerated, but witness was labeled a geo. How snatch? Because also testified for the prosecution in three other death penalty cases dawn was they did and receive to death sentences, but his death sentence was later thrown out. There are other cases that shannon suspects could be connected like douglas jean Kirk, who disappeared from white county less than a year after jarrett, and he also
had ties to the drug world in the area and another man from sir see William earnest green junior, known to most by his nickname, pee wee. He disappeared in two thousand and three call was found years later. We have no way of knowing if there are any connections between these cases. Besides those links to the drug world but chin hoping to connect with the other families in these cases, so They can work together, its father passed away many years ago now, but reading from the police records that we were able to obtain, we can see that he was the driving force behind the search for jared from the start. She you told us that she recently uncovered the notes that she and her father made back then in a special folder, a folder that she thought was lost long ago. There was a red flag.
Folder that my dad and I put together when Jared went missing, have like all the receipts that were in his car phone records that we had for his cell phone at the time. It was a bag, and we didn't have it and we thought that we given it to the police. The gorilla we're trying to track this down. And my dad and I had made a timeline. came to everybody that we could think of the phone numbers finding out information as much as we could to try to track him down, and I had asked do you know where that file is and they're like? We didn't see anything like that in the in the case file forever. We thought that that was gone like that had just been They had deliberately got rid of it, but I guess when my parents left thirsty ass, they to ohio. When they were. Certainly, I guess before we left my. I guess my dad, to the police station and got it. But we didn't I'm a moment. I guess when they moved back to, arkansas didn't didn't realize that that we had it and we found it, and so
then going through it, and I've got all the that my dad took of the people that he talked to like near. We ve been comparing those notes with what the police have to make sure we ve got the names. I've got that cell phone bill numbers on it that are connected to people. Lots of connection there being revealed through these, like the numbers that dare I'd, call because back in the day, they they only recorded incoming they just at incoming on the farm bill. They didn't show who would who actually dialed in, but they showed you He died so we have connections to people that I have come forward. With information or people that are connected in It's really interesting to see that there are so many things we could then, on. So many of these avenues of like what didn't get done by the police, who was involved, why they didn't talk to to Brandon and him and robert a time why this or that
The duh in this person said that, because there's just so many crazy things we can spend on, but we need on Jared and the fact that we know- and that's where we have to start from that's what we ve been trying to do is just go back to that, but the first earliest, a worded information we have so that we can start air and try to sweep away any of these other its information that is keeping us. Seen where he is today. shannon is looking to connect with the people who were close to jared when he disappeared, and also those close to the other players in this story. Many If friends have stayed in touch like bow and gregg, but others have not, including the friend that gerrard went to see the night that he disappeared to get his gun from shame, told us that this friend was named jason and she read us what her fathers note say about him. Jason Hearst,
here. At eight ten gerald leaves the house eight thirty occurring jason hurstwood, who also somebody that we would like to talk to date. that Jared met with him was gonna meet him at the country club to discuss a six hundred dollar alone, but dared had gotten from here and jerry leaves his wallet as security takes the smith over to offer as peace, offering tells jason is going to north little rock to get money, from brando you're Jared got that gun supposedly front jason hearst They belong to my dad. He I guess he had given to jason the frightened for that debt was supposed to six hundred dollar that that J think I been collected from my parents not days after Jared, went missing. We also find that very suspicious, so why would jason? Why would he go because he came to my parents' house at night telling us here's jared's wallet. a few days after dared disappeared, and here he owes money, and so my parents,
like all cable pay, you the six hundred dollars because we're sorry you have meal and the sheer audacity year. I assembly Do that at that time at the time. I would think you what is happening right. You do. Your brain is thinking right, we're all discuss corner, you don't know what to do and you still there was an actual physical, the shirt on my heart and all my brain during those first few months of Jared was gone because she just we couldn't make sense of it at the. It was like what, if I don't understand, what's happening and when I guy came over, I remember thinking what what is going on here anyway, so had here to boldly Jared. He had that gun and he gave it back to jared That gun showed up in oregon shannon has turned to social media to push for answers for her brother. She started Facebook group called justice for Jared she's, already gotten new tips and leads coming in and handed them over to the police. She wants
the public and those out there who may know something to realise that she's not going to stop she's, never going to give up. We just want Jared back and we want has remained and I'm not gonna stop. Looking, I'm never going to start, and I keep saying that on my facebook page, because I want people to understand, they are done being comfortable, they ve had twenty eight years of comfort and jerry. has not and he deserves he deserved it. He deserves. to have a burial we serve to be able to say goodbye to him and give him He does turkey with a twenty year old kid. What well, he was involved in. He was twenty years old and I I ask everybody to think what were you? What were you like at twenty? How smart were you that's the point of trying to get in investigation going again for their head. It is to bring bring him home.
For my mom. For my my other brother, kindle from myself or jared himself, we want him home all the other stuff just gets in the way of that. all the other corruption. And the mass in the lie that people tell in there all that remains silent and don't speak up because They are afraid, or they don't they're. You know they are afraid of being uncomfortable or it might risk something that they have well too. Bad is what I say to them: forward because you will never have peace. I will never stop. I will never stop. It waves. I will never stop them people are looking at it, the better, because then someone is come forward in that from my little facebook page that I expected, you know He uncle people to actually pay attention to. We ve been able to beyond the local news. We do have for new location, We just need a little bit more information to help us
picture together and to give us a location, because we ve got we'd better for potential sighed. She added can't tell the public everything she knows about these four search sites, but she told us what she could about. One of these areas are hoping to search in the near future. There were a guy who was the cook. The mess cook he had out close to the staff reply and I believe, he had some property out there, and that was. Also, a location where he might you know Jared might be just because they they hung out, like all the people that were in that, like when they're out there partying or whatever they go out on that land. The people actually own. It now contacted me. They follow the case on the facebook page and they found a tooth This is years ago, of course, a tooth and a gold cross with diamonds in it then report it to the police, and I think at some point they did talk to them back
in that light, twenty sixteen timeframe to talk to them didn't wanna they can advertise on early and but because they had more evidence really pointing towards the stafford property that they cited the date. They had limited resources too. They said, let's go out here in search. Instead of there, but the fact that they found this too and they found the skull cross out their current anything, but the tooth. Of course they don't have any more They still have the necklace, and that could be wrong didn't wear anything like that. Jared was actually wearing if he had only a goal. Necklace. had it tasmanian devil charm, on that shannon had given him because he had a tattoo the tasmanian devil on his shoulder and and we called him he was because of his hyper miss. We call them The council has with one of his nicknames because he was, oh, like the tasmanian devil, always always whirlwind. so he was wearing. He may have been wearing that charm. It's been two
the long years for everyone who knew and love jarrett. Despite the disappoint, they felt when the charges against brandon were dropped. they remain confident that their closer today than ever before, jurists often shannon, was devastated by his loss and the loss of the dreams they shared for their future together shin and told us that she has shrug old for a really long time warrant. nothing, I completely lost myself and it seemed like years of my life but it literally was from october or november until february, at the next year, you know in it literally thing like lived years. a wife in just a few months. It definitely any more I definitely am, and I went into like this depression, but my mother did not understand you know the gravity of what had happened to me
if she thought you know. Well, you know she's she's, only you know. Eighteen, she doesn't know what love is. She doesn't know she kind of just like you, know, he's gonna get over it. Basically, the early. Have anyone understood you know what I was going through and I felt very alone when I knew that shannon and share in here will go into it. Same thing worse because it was Her brother and intervention, fine but an idea I know, I've been in contact with them, but as far as someone, I don't know, no one in my family really understood how it affected. You know my last. It was that J, horrible horrible time in my life, that was my lowest point actually, but I have you know, wonderful, wonderful memory shared a flat with his. oh until it disintegrated. I had his pillow and
with it and get my husband, I mean he's been extremely supportive. I mean I've had dreamed. I never stop putting me in my hands had been very, very supportive. In only knows you listen to me I don't know how many times with just what had happened. There's no closure can't say: okay. Well, you lose your family members and and your loved ones, and you think, okay, where they were sick or they died in a car crash, or you watched them this way you don't you don't get that One always says that losing a child is the worst thing and Sharon has struggled to she want to fall to pieces, but knew that she also had to other children. She needed to remain strong for sharing hopes at someone listening who knows something will here grief and feel compelled to come forward here. How turkey, then you have to do that. I can hardly stand and look at their teachers
That's a lot but I had always hard the time another her, but to living through a murderer. they just talk to me why it takes time. It is hard to sort or take one day at the time and get through That day had been today book home and you get through that the hardest thing fortunately I had to advocate for it. I they'll be grateful for that, because I had the gun alone. I have brought you here a daughter, that's your one don't do it strongly much younger than the title, told you help by stress that at all I could never dwell on it and everything what about it without feeling, It might not is missing the boy
college. Getting there happened. Children does having a normal lie. Tat your wife, such a good boy. Only finding out what happened to him. be a great relief but never gonna take away the time, but you do get where you can cope with the pay this never, evil day, you're like that, you don't think, one might be enacted, What's your name. You can hear the strength and Jared sisters voice when she speaks she, the driving force behind the search efforts today. Does her strength on the surface still been a struggle for her too, and she always have the strength to push for answers like she does today. Some people act like, The memory is not for us like for my mom it's fresh every day, there's a
very clear, at least for me, there's a very clear like disk. inaction that you have to make in your brain to be able to go forward because If you let your staff who live in the world- and I did for five years after dared disappeared. I within a very dark place, because I could I couldn't get out of that world? They, let me in my mind I couldn't get past the grief and the pain and anger and It took five years a therapy for me to come true that income be able to talk about it without just collapsed. under the weight of it. ready and that's one of the reasons why I waited so, What to do anything on social media because I was like I dont- have a strength. Dont have the strength to tie. about it every day, taking their internal. We live in and try to remember the things that I have worked really hard her. If,
not to dwell on every day, but not to have it so that they wake me up at night, because if the nightmares, nobody talks about that kind of stuff like it's, the people focus on the greek, but it's great. Manifests itself in so many ways and for me it was horrible nightmares about jared about all this is being one day away, from there were here. asked, was or being an hour from missing him or seen him at a distance and calling out not being able to talk to him. If those are the things that they live with any you risk stirring every single time we talk about it and what I ve come. Understand over the years is that you know you just you compartmentalize that you have to say, I have to action in the world have to make the living. I need health into her money to pay. for my dog to have food deal. You have to continue living because you still a and so for those boats that are going.
Through this, and they are in that place there showing them that alright, there's no shame in having to make that decision to continue to live, because you cannot fight for somebody that was how come you if you are you're not around to do it? If you don't have the street, I did too many years. Just accepting that we weren't gonna, get any answers and I'm not doing and any more I'm not good at four jared. I'm not could do it for my family because he deserved it He deserves to be brought home during disappearance and the investigation that followed has been like a roller coaster for his family. It would seem like they were so close to justice, but in the end that didn't work out Jim story- is a complicated one, with a lot of different characters connected to the case it is. from the very beginning that everything pointed to Brandon and rob, but the circumstantial evidence. They had wasn't enough.
and there were other aspects of this case that could be seen as reasonable doubt in a nobody murder case. Jared, mentioning faking his own death, a shannon mentioned earlier This is the case with an overwhelming amount of information, but yet not enough what you're in love ones are seeking today is any information that could lead them to finding jerry or any other information that could help the investigation. If you will, like to get involved. Please join shamans group justice for jared on facebook. If you have any information regarding jared greens disappearance, please call the saucy police department at five zero one to six, eight three, five, three one what I'm hoping to see some somebody comes board and we find them. I guess yo, With an injured she's been working on the indian and out there it's really started to spread The community want more
we're talking so something's gonna come up, it's just the water. the key people dad you don't die, as you have like you, don't you want to you- want to real hard. You wanna die a lot and, He can't because here did you keep on breathe it? How do you do tat to get through? However? You can talk alone, I hope for all those people that still have hoped that they find their person that they find their love one another: peace and go on because whatever whatever it takes, Is that what they have to do? the and
and- hmm, the.
The brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and seventy I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for the story. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case, submission form as the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page of discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review, follow the banished on amazon, music or wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen to ad free by joining wonder e plus on apple podcasts or the wondering app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them. You help us offer the show for free. Another way you can support. The show is by filling out a survey at wonder, ea, dot, com, slash survey. You can also support the show by contributing unpatriotic we can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a case from texas. Thanks for listening, the.
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