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Laynee Westbrook disappeared from Anacortes, Washington, on September 10, 2020. She was seen on surveillance video exiting her home shortly after 7 PM that evening. She had her beloved dog, Precious, with her. Laynee got into a white truck with a man, and the two drove off together. Not long after, Laynee was again spotted on video surveillance, this time at a gas station just under 8 miles away. After that, Laynee and her dog, Precious vanished into the night, and more than 16 months later, the search for answers continues.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Laynee Westbrook and her dog, Precious, please contact the Anacortes Police at 360-293-4684 or the APD tip line 360-299-1985.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today. She was a dead person that the bottom line- everybody that we talk to you died from already knowing her ourselves but strangers that we would take to trying to find her would tell us, oh that girl with the beautiful she was always tonight to get a good person heard all their and her brother in law drove up here.
They spend a lot on the ground and the groundwork for knocking on doors packing up fire drug into bush is asking question dealing with law enforcement they were in it from the beginning and they stayed as long as they could, but obviously they have to get back to their life colorado, and that was just heart wrenching for dave to leave, not knowing where his daughter was and from you know our standpoint before walking through the woods looking for his daughter's body with him, and it's hard So what do you mean you? Roll dna westbrook disappeared from an accord. Is washington on September tent two thousand twenty. She seen on surveillance, video exiting her home short after seven p m that evening, Lenny had her beloved dog precious with her. She got into a white. With a man in the two drove off not long after
when was again spotted on video surveillance. This time at. ass station, just under eight miles away from her home after that lenny. and her dog precious vanished into the night more than Sixteen months later, the search for answers continues russia and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and thirty one of the vanished lyonnais westward story, You dont riding elevator for the music or pick an airline for the movies. So when it comes to rio, entertainment. It makes sense to choose audible, it's the home for stories told by biggest stars Let your imagination soar with audiobooks, podcasts and originals. You know what
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had seen her fair share of ups and downs and unhappy endings, but she still had dream For herself, you ve been seeing a couple of different men around this time, one MIKE and another named sean lunatic sure if either of these relationships would work out or be the one, but she was optimistic anecdote Washington is located on the north shore of fidel go island in washington, states, puget sound, it's a coastal community just around seventeen thousand residents linen had been living at the san juan motel and an accord us since July of two thousand twenty. This was a place where she could read a room for herself and her dog precious long term. This location was, good for linney, because she was able to walk to work at a local safeway, grocery store or just anywhere. She may have wanted or needed to go september. Tenth, two thousand twenty start not like any ordinary day for le nay
and no one realise that anything was wrong or that lenny and precious had disappeared until several later, when an employee from the san Juan motel called renee's mom, they told her that la needed to pay her rent or get her stuff out. was certainly strange. It dawned on lenape mother barb that she hadn't heard from her daughter a few days, certainly longer than usual after com acting linear employer, a local grocery store learn that she had not shown up for work by this. time. Linear had miss two days of work, also something that was very out of character for her. when lenape family decided? It was time to report her missing in the days that followed investigators pulled yo surveillance, footage from the san juan motel and they said people in a leaving on the evening of september tenth with her dog precious, a small room,
terrier, hulu, nay adored. She got into a white truck with a man. Then traced her to a gas station several miles away again and again, truck with a man, and then that was it lyonnais impressed were never seen or heard from again. Who was this man and where had he taken them in order to unravel this mystery. We need to go back and take look at lenny, westbrook life, we tunisia sister in law, Emily who told how she met LE as a team. I was seventeen. She was eighteen we were in high school together in the same class I started dating her brother back in high school, we broke in ten years later found each other again fallen, ay- and I got reignited that way- Lenny has always been suggested as super fun, bubbly bright person who enjoyed make another laugh
She had a very classic laugh where, if you hurt you didn't know it was her in a heartbeat than the kind of person where she into a room. You know she's there and it's gonna be a fun. Talking Lenny grew up in washington. With her two brothers, her parents had divorced. she was young and her father relocate two colorado we're here later re married and had more children. Lenny enjoyed her visits to her dad and siblings in colorado, but spent most her time back in washington with her mom and brothers. We also spoke to one the days long time, France Michel, who share some Our own memories of Lyonnais we met in high school, My sophomore year, and actually it was through a friend, a mutual friend of ours, treasure and everything, families just click and so it lands Lenny and I for the longest time- and I mean we graduated together- she loses her room mates together
she's, my maid of honor we've each other, for long long time. Her interests were Lee more about her boyfriend son. in her nails, her hair. Her pick up. You know, regular girls, tat see this kind of wanted to live life to the fourth take every moment, experience from high school or when she never had a plan, really for after school. She lived one day at the time. I guess like she had this way of When everything was going to be okay, all the time she was obviously really closer to her mom because she lived here, but her and her father have had a great relationship and with her stepmother as well and her stepdad
his barbs remarried now to a different man named wreck and will work was always in the picture. Since I have known one a so he's, been her stepdad for quite some time and then the same with jennifer, her dad's wife and I know Jennifer treated her just like a daughter in one he was very close with all of them. I know she's never really focused much on just one career, her mingle. She wanted to have the beautiful house, the husband that went to work and she was the homemaker raise the baby. Is she wanted? The american average american dream? Lenny had a goal in life to settle down with someone special and just have a happy life, nothing too complicated, but she struggled to fight that right person to make a life with he was really
long term relationship paper girl, even in high school, her first long term boyfriend with wooden shoes. I wanna safe working fifteen years old and she thought she would marry him he who, with their they talked about marriage, that young of an age and then, after that relationships we got involved Another man named Joe who was older brother Tom, was one of his very good friends, and they did it maybe six year ended up moving together after high school and their relationship. You know ten fizzled out at the end, but he was a good guy. The one thing that lyonnais so desperately wanted out of life always seem just outside of her reach. Here's Emily Again. He did not have the best luck where relationships were confirmed. Her aspirations words,
we have the average american dream of a white, picket fence and happily, ever after she probably had three long term committed relationships where things were kind of rocky but at least stable, and I think, when her last relationship ended the last stable one that she had that last serious boyfriend that she had. He had passed away. That's when things kind of seem to spiral fur lenny, she started dating a lot of older men and maybe not the type that could or would provide the white, picket fence kind of lifestyle, It was difficult for one aid to see those close to her fine love and get married in over the years. The disappointment seem to whereon her lyonnaise close friends.
family could see that she was struggling le name like I said after that relationship things, kindness barreled for her and to our knowledge she didn't ever really have a drug problem. She might have used recreational stuff on occasion, but she definitely drank quite a bit and it seemed like the more things fell apart in her life, the more she turned to that and it got to a point where, when living with her parents, they couldn't take it anymore and said you know you ve gotta, go you gotta you're forty years old. You ve got a steady job, but you can't be living as in doing that anymore, so in july of twenty twenty? She did move out into the san juan motel please move to the san Juan motel seem like a fresh start for her on her own with her little dog precious. She was to save, to get a nice place for herself. But this was
start. Emily told in the lead up to linear disappearance. She had been dating two men MIKE and sean prior to her, going missing. Lyonnais was dating two men, one name might shoulder, and and one named Sean Murdoch and to our knowledge. She was kind of going back and forth between mike and shit. On waiting to see what went on in a sense will rescue her, whichever one got their shit together. First excuse me probably who she was gonna go with when I, I met her in high school. You know she was like, I said, just beautiful a larger than life and everybody loved her and, as we all grew, and went our separate ways. I think she she had some things happen that kind of took her on a different path and in the most recent years things weren't real stable for her, but she was she was trying she wanted it. She just didn't know how to get
Despite lenape struggles, she was always reliable. Those close to her I knew they would hear from her every couple of days and she never missed work. She would go through a very responsible day to day she always went to work, took care of her. Her dog touch base with her mom almost every day, if not at least every couple. For a long time, she worked at the when amish casino, as the keno attendant. I can't member how many years she was there, but definitely quite a few, and then she also worked macy's in burlington, for a number of years she had been working at safeway. Most recently, I think for about the last two years to my knowledge: she's never really been career bound, but with the jobs that she's had she's, like, I said, been very responsible about going to work, showing up and sticking with them fur
around a time. This is why Lyonnaise mother barb was so shocked when she got a call from the san juan motel in mid september, of two thousand and twenty equally saying that linear hadn't paid her rent and it was time to pay up or move on our subsequent was to linear employer reveal that she had been a no call, no show at work. This was not. Like nay Emily and in further detail how this all unfolded weed not learn that she was even missing until three days later, which was on a sunday september thirteenth, at which point Lenny mom, had called an accord, is police department. Once we realise she had missed to work Yes, she didn't show up to work friday or saturday. That was a big red flag cause like I said she always went to work and the motel where she was staying at had called Lenny mom.
On sunday saying Lenny hasn't been here. We haven't seen her since thursday. She needs to either pay her rent or somebody needs to come clean out her room, oh between the motel manager calling and then finding out, she had missed work. We got pretty concerned pretty quickly and likes that barb. Her mom reported her missing too iniquitous police department that very same evening and then to my knowledge, antiquated police department spent the next three days doing what they call a welfare check and trying to track her down with no luck. She had not been seen or heard from sense. She haven't used her debit card cell phone, nothing have you heard of circle, yet spelled see. I ok, you! Well! It's over!
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all five flavors for yourself bill. You gotta, try this go to build dot, com and order. Yours now surveillance, footage from the motel and a nearby gas station showed lyonnais with a man in a white truck suspect. And immediately turned to the two men that Lyonnais had been dating around this time, because in stories like this, it seems it's almost always the boyfriend or the husband, Michel exe,. in that the more they learned about these men and lenape life them. Concerned they became listening, tell the story is that we now finding out. She was involved with these men, and none of us knew she was hanging with these people.
That was a very new thing felony. She didn't hang around with people like that she was. She had always been a drinker, but she's never been in the drugs, and these people are all in the drugs. I wouldn't say that was probably in a decline from each relationship that she ended, I would say, probably got a little heavier into the drinking. That's when she started making the choices of the bad man linear, family and friends, didn't know much about this man she was seeing mike, but what they found out concerning the thing about when I need a person anywhere if the sky had been in line for a pack of smokes at the store or she could in fact that's how she met. My colon was at diamond, restore. She went in to buy a beer in a pack of smoke them very well
invited her to go to a barbecue for she went from what I understand. There was one time she called the police on him and when I called them, because MIKE actually hit Mike had left the area the very same day that lenape disappeared, this jumped out as a huge red flag immediately, though, in what they guinean, we were very focused on. This makes online, okay, so my soul, and actually he went to alaska on September tenth the day, the last daily. With thing he left for alaska, when he laughed you posted on his face book. He changed his profile picture to a picture of him in one eye, and it said
no woman, no cry, and then he was gone. He he he was vanished. We couldn't get a hold of him. We couldn't find him, and this was on the same day when they went missing. It wasn't until about four days later that we found out. He was in alaska and had been since you know, and they proved it through plane, tickets and all that stuff, and so, with his boat captain in alaska, the police did and the the captain handed the phone to MIKE. He was obviously in alaska. So in the beginning, things were really fuzzy and unclear. It took us a little bit to figure out what happened, because of that. My shawl and comment that was very strange and weird to all of us, because none of us knew who MIKE was. She was ashamed of MIKE too, and she never introduced to her family. Well, MIKE's chirped to alaska may have seemed suspicious on the surface. They were able to confirm that he had left the state of washington.
when we know that lenny was still alive and well that left this other boyfriend sean michelle, explain that, while Sean had issues of his own, they all thought he was harmless. I now son had everything. I've known him he's been lit that life drinking and dragging party than he was what a violent person he was, never a bad person. He always had heart of gold. Give you the shirt off of his back. You know nice guy just made bad life choices, it turned out that sean had an air tight alibi on the night that Lenny disappeared. He was locked up in the county, jail. John murder, the one that was in jail and he was missing- I mean at the thought with alibi and he was in jail, nobody knew she was struggling as hard as she was and that put herself in that situation to the point where even you know, let her own family, her aunt she's. Very.
Was with her aunt here and I'm her aunt had stopped in it or work just days before she went missing to see if she needed any money or she needed her to put any money on Shaun's books in jail, because when I was telling her that her and Sean were both very committed to being sober where she was going to quit. Drinking and he was going to quit everything and they wanted to move on with their life together. As soon as he got out of jail, they were going to get a place together and get a house and take the next step from what she was telling everybody and sean and everybody else was she wanted to get out of that motel. She wanted a home with. I guess, whichever boyfriend could provide that for her and she wanted to start a life over. She wanted a new beginning. She wanted to get away from that life. She was
and I mean she'd just taken the money, all of her spare casino, the stimulus checks were blown out and she took that money to her mom to put in a safe for her. So she you know for down we must all help the chief plan, Non battering herself, she level you plan on just disappearing or something you're, not gonna. Take off Their money to your mom to high gonna, say you're gonna, keep that with your two main suspects ruled out. They had to go back to Where one and try to find some evidence of where Lyonnais may have gone. We but le nay, was seen on surveillance videos on the evening of her disappearance with a man in a white truck. No one was immediately aware of who this man was and what his connect Until then, I could have been in the days that followed things began to come into focus, The man driving the white truck was named Jeff and when they had come, meet this man threw her boyfriend Sean Emily. told us more about what they learned prior to her going.
The thing I had no idea who he was Sean murdoch worked for. Jeff Jeff owns his own moving company, where you know he's got box trucks and people call him and he goes to their house and helps them move. That's what he does for a living, but sean had to spend a couple of weeks in county jail. how do you do a drug court violation, I believe, an while sean within jail? He had asked his boss Jeff to keep an eye on his girl, which, with one eye so wow Sean was in jail. Lenny was bent, time with Jeff and to our knowledge that, How many came to know Jeff they made friends pretty quickly ands, had hung out several times in the timing. I was in jail to our knowledge. She only had known only knew him for about a month because, prior to sean, going to jail for a few weeks,
when I didn't really have a lot to do with Jeff I wanna say: Sean went to jail on august, twenty fourth, maybe twenty seventh and he was released september. Seventy so just that small window to our knowledge is the time but when I knew knew him, we know that all may tenth, lenny and Jeff made plans a dinner together and hang out at Jeff's place at this time. Jeff was living at a camp ground in an hour v, the last time we You know anything about her dog. She had her dog the night she went missing. She was seen on surveillance. I'm leaving the hotel with the dog. We learned that not about six forty five p m Jeff Heine pulled up to them, tell went up to her room and not about seven fifteen. seen on camera, walking out of the room with the dog and let me also had like a bag with her and
over her arm. So their thing going down there Air is getting into his truck and man. About twelve minutes later there seen on the three gnomish chevron gas station video, where they both walk into the gas station by a few things and leave according said Jeff, of course, he's the last person known to be with her. He said that they went from the gas station over to his campsite, be thousands in the corner. They went there to have dinner in drinks, investigators and lenape loved ones had spoken to other residents and guests at the camp. Ground and they learn some chilling details about the night that Lyonnais disappeared. We assume, done time line, they would have gotten they're, probably about seven, forty, five and We learned that numerous campers heard allowed argument coming from the
maria of his campsite between a man and a woman, but the woman sounded very upset and possibly inebriated yelling out for her missing dog, saying precious precious. Where are you and because the way she was yelling that man's voice, we assume Jeff got up fat and started yelling at her shut? The effort shut, the fuck up and a camper reported to us that he heard the man muffled a woman's voice into his chest and say shut the f up or I think very you, and after that I got pretty quiet We also learned that the campers few reported hearing loud argument. They were reporting it to an employee of thousand trails, and when these security employee went around to the campsite to check on things, he reports
that things seemed to have calmed down, quieted down that he could see figures being in the army, but they weren't being loud, so he didn't knock on the door. He just drove by and always good. So he kept going Jeff claims that he dropped lyonnais off in the early morning. Hours of September eleventh, but unlike where's earlier his truck wasn't spotted on video surveillance at the san juan motel, however Jeff explanation. For that yes claim to have dropped, lenny off back in an accord us at about three a m he said, He took one day and the dog to a place called causeless park, which is two blocks away from the motel or she would staying someone motel. and from there it's all a mystery. The park will just
claims to have dropped lyonnais and her dog at is only a couple of blocks from the motel lyonnais was staying at present sweeney had asked to be led out there to walk precious before retiring for the night or perhaps a happen at all. No one ever report seeing or hearing from Lyonnais. After this and her little dog, precious was never seen again either precious didn't up anywhere running loose and no one. And her into any local shelters or the police. No one is one honey percent certain about the nature and extent of the relationship between lyonnais and Jeff. But, as I began looking. people at his past. They became concerned about what may have happened that fateful september night in terms of Jeff, specifically, I dont think Jeff with somebody. She was interested in that way or you could even
They say they were in a relationship. I think they were hanging out enjoying each other's company. Wow Sean was in jail, and I have heard that Jeff can be very charming, very alluring to women. You know because sean was away and Jeff was there to give her attention and hang out. It was kind of like a a mutual. I don't want to stay friends with benefits, but I think we believe that's what it turned into in getting to know Jeff over this past. Fourteen almost fifteen months he's very smooth with his words. He pursues women that he wants. Things from. He doesn't seem to have a a
I've women, but the minute they don't respond to him. The way he wants his immediately blowin them blown up their phone making them feel like it's their fault and only say this, because there has been a lot of people come I work with this story or that story in and people who have shared text message conversations that they had with him and I can read it for myself and see how it plays out and the way that he writes. You know he's he's intelligent, but he tends to canada twist twist words and make people feel as though it's their fault. Whatever the situation it's going wrong and he is very good at moving things over appearing to be the good guy, MR nice guy, he seemed very practised in skilled in getting people to say or do what he wants. Jeff
and a lot of time at the casinos bends a fair amount of money. There he's dealers, dealer, area has a very violent criminal history, but we we ve learned that he's just Jeff is not a good guy. He's got it like us at a terrible criminal past. I dont know how many felonies eight for sure. The last I knew. I know a lot of his felonies are either drug related, ord domestic violence. One of them was an altercation with anna quarters police department. Where there's, misinformation, whether Jeff actually shot one of their officers or just pointed a gun at one of the officers he's no longer with his ex wife, because he's tried to kill her on numerous occasions and she has a lifetime restraining order against him. There was an incident in two thousand and thirteen where Jeff was arrested and convicted of
thought against still young lady. He kidnapped her kept her a motel room for two days raping her invading hurrying, strangling her holding her at gunpoint and when he fell sleep. She finally got away reported. It and when they arrested him, they found the victims, broken cell phone and her blood at his house, and he also suffers from mom couple personality Torture is one of them being intermittent explosive disorder. Where basically get so angry that you black out and just do whatever kind of rage, your his feeling, there's been a lot of people trying to help unless an one female in particular got pretty close to him. And was able to ask more questions but she's the one that found He then has this disorder. I guess it was diagnosed after that incident where he was arrested and convicted, but received you know
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I, the nice friend Michel learned about Jeff's violent history. She began to believe that he had to hold the key to all of this So she decided to contact Jeff herself and see if he would meet with her. So I had finally reached out him and said you know. I want to hear your side of the story and so he agreed, and we met at his rv behind the casino enormous casino aware that, lastly last place that anybody ever saw her on video without that gas station. I was definitely nervous, but we just kind the little plan of what we were going to do and my husband's pretty observant. So I was like you know: you keep your eyes watch around the trailer see if anything's like broken or look for signs of a struggle that sort of stuff, and so I think I would have been extremely nervous had I not had my husband there, but knowing he was right,
with me made that a lot a lot, smoother transition. I guess, but we met him in his rv and just kind of started from the beginning. I said you know tell me your story, and he was really nervous. He he was stuttering a lot and kind of repeating his words and he was very nervous and he had spick and span cleaned every inch of that trailer. He was very open, very willing to share anything In fact he let me read all of the messages between him and monet. That went all the way back from the beginning, and so I could see that yeah they had they want in a relationship they happen the friendship and maybe a little tit for tat thing, going Can you help me? I help you. I don't feel like. There was any romantic. feelings involved, except I feel maybe Jes was starting to get feelings for linux,
because home in another woman had just that he was interested in. She had turned him down rejected him, for he was put in all his energy I went to la ne, and maybe one agent rejected him that night and he lost his cool. I dunno, but he claims and the text messages back everything up that he said they were supposed to make taco that night have some drinks. The whole reason they stopped at the casino gas station. Was he needed one more thing for the tacos that he could get there? We got what they needed, headed to the trailer for even they needed a flashlight to go out and hook everything up, even though it was only a quarter to the aid in september. Emily mentioned earlier. What other campers had reported hearing that night, though there had been quite the commotion, sir, much so that some of them reported it to camp ground staff. Jeff had an explanation for that and what occurred after support
We? They were not arguing. She was yelling at the other campers. She thought that somebody stole her dog, so he claims he was not arguing with her, but he was trying to shush her because that's where he lives and he didn't want, you know the commotion and he wanted I keep her quiet because he didn't want to get in trouble, but then, when he finally calmed her down enough and got her in the trailer precious came out from under a blanket on the bed and she had been there. The whole time
so they moved on, and I mean I can see it happening precious, it's a very tiny, little rat terrier. I don't know if that's really what happened. This is just what he claims and then they stayed in the trailer for the rest of the night but somehow ran out of time to make the tacos they never ate. He says that she drink probably- and I don't know if he was probably exaggerating- you know but he's like she probably drink, a half gallon of my rom and then she wanted to go home. So I took her home and he showed me a text message. She says in fact he goes. I can tell you at the time I dropped her off the phone up and get this message out. He goes because, right after I left her at the park, he does. We sat at a park for like ten minutes, saying goodbye and then he said as soon as he got down to
avenue he looked over and realise that she had left precious to stop treats in his truck. So he sent her message. Hey you left, passes the streets in my car and that message was sent at three forty six, but he had just dropped off. The positive way to me is this argument in, according to campers who reported the argument. The argument happen somewhere around eight thirty forty five, So how do you run out of time to make tacos? What what were you doing? for that amount of time where you didn't actually make the tacos and then for some odd reason, the gist of the night and getting dropped off in town at a rake in reasonable hour. She decides she's going to go home, three thirty in the morning and for him to just leave her at the park. What really going on here
I mean I told Emily. I was like you know. If I didn't know better, I would have walked out of that trailer believe in every freaking word. He said he sat with pure confidence. He believes his story. He was nervous at first and I do believe it's because my husband is a large man as soon as he calmed down with us and we were very civil because of course we wanted to keep him talking. So we didn't, you know her his station doing anything like that. We sat in play that, like we were really there just to hear his side of the story. Jeff also plain to Michel and her husband why he claims he dropped lenny off at the park around the corner from the motel. He said that he was trying to. Avoid linear boyfriend mike, but we know that might left the morning before Lenny disappeared, he had got an honor lane to alaska its unclear of Jeff knew that the time or not, but he didn't
concerned about a run in with mike when he picked lyonnais up at the motel earlier that evening, Jeff pulled into the san Juan motel parking lot and walked right up to her room clear as day when we asked. Why did you take her to the park? Why did you take a drunk woman to a park at three p m? Instead of straight to her doorstep? and his response was that with our routine and when he was asked further. What do you mean he said? Well, I would usually drop her off it caused when park, because I didn't want crazy to see me referring to limit other boyfriend, my shoulder and who was staying in the motel.
So he claimed that because he didn't want to get caught by Lenny's other boyfriend, yet he drove up there that day. That evening, like I said plain as day to pick her up, so when people called bullshit on that story, then he said it was because when they needed to walk her dog before she got, her room for the knights of the dog could party, while her motel manager said when they never did that her dog potty great here on this grass right outside this office door. Now, I dont believe that he ever took her to combine park, let alone back to Anna quarters and most people feel the same. one key piece of evidence in modern day missing persons cases is always the cell phone, the anna quarters police department has not released all of the information they gathered from Lenny cell phone records. phone has never been found, but Emily told us
she's learn from one. These Google account they know where herself on last ping. They won't tell us where I did not know a lot about all the whole backside of cell phones and good and things that could be tracked and mapped and everything under the sun, while somebody gave me a little lesson and because I had access to renee's gmail account. I was able to look at her. Google history and timeline activity, and all that kind of stuff and her google timeline and activity was deleted from her account nine days after she missing, but, alas thing she did on her cell phone that I could see from her. Google account was at about nine forty five p m. She accessed her camera role. Now I don't know she was trying to take a picture,
or just open the camera and didn't take a picture. We have asked numerous times if they what that information was, and they don't know yet, but that was at nine forty five p m her boyfriend might show and who was fishing in alaska tried to call numerous times, and it rang and rang and rang, and when he tried to call her the next morning at went straight to voicemail. Well, Google also shows that herself phone quit thinking to google at eight thirty three, a m on September eleventh and has never you sense? Emily also explained that there are other items at le, nay, is believed to have had with her on the night of her disappearance that have never been recovered. See appeared to have taken like an overnight bag is what we believe because, according to her mom, there were things missing when her
and was cleaned out such as hairspray make up shampoos things. He would use to get ready to go somewhere kind of thing, as well as her dog food bulls and heard dogs sleeping blanqui bed whatever. As far as wallet and things like that she carried a purse, but when, she left that night. She she left the purse behind in the motel room and only took out her wallet, though her wallets missing and those personal care items are missing and some of her dogs items are missing. Never to be found that motel manager had asked for le nature to be cleaned out or for rent to be paid or both. So that was on sunday evening
by monday morning, when we realized something was wrong. Barb monies mom asked Michel and her other son richard to go over to the motel room and clean it out before Michel and richard did that the police were there is unclear whether they took photos or not, but they definitely he did look around the room before Michel and richard were allowed to take everything out of there. Emily told us that the investigation into what happened to Lyonnais had seemed to get off to us start at the very beginning and she's worried what crucial evidence. May
been lost during that time we did not know she was missing until three days after and once we learn she was missing. She was reported right away. We understood that there was like a three day: welfare check to try and find her, but the detectives who were assigned to an eighth case did not actually get on the case until ten days into her disappearance. Ten days later, they are getting caught up to speed. Meanwhile, within those ten days, my husband, which is her brother Tom. He had already scoured every street every camera. Every angle you could think of to try and find
surveillance, footage. He was chopping down, blackberry, bushes and carbon based on what turned out to be a false we'd, but he had the support of island county sheriff out there with him with volunteers, search teams and search dogs. We ve often wondered what what did happen in the first ten days to try and find What exactly was done for this welfare check? I mean I say they weren't on the case. Until ten days later, we were already holding third parties and they were barely getting caught up to speed. They had been pretty good to work with through this, but we are still very curious about the first ten days. Why did nobody ever put eyes on Jeff fine during that suppose it three
welfare check. Why didn't anyone go to his army and just knock on the door and they hey? We know you're the last person seen the third. Can we ask you some questions? None of that was begun and Whenever we ask why we get, we don't have evidence of a crime. So legally we can't. By the time they finally put eyes on him. I want to say: nineteen days had gone by and that's more than enough time for superficial wounds to heal and disappear. Yet somebody very close to him told us he had bruised rhin on son three days after Lenny went missing now he blamed it on a work related job which could be true. Could not be, I didn't, will never know cause nobody put eyes on him, but I want to say four or five days afterwards. Meda offhand comment to a friend of here when they were talking about lenape disappearance. That a pity could come. Searches are, I bet if they did it would.
If they spread luminal, it would light up like a christmas tree by her arm understanding the profit Kyoto will not allow his army to be searched because there is not evidence of a crime There were also strange things that have occurred with Jeff's truck and our v in the aftermath of lenape disappearance, Michel too. Us more in the way. Beginning, I want to say about hand. these days into this investigation. On our part, somebody had win out because by this house I knew about Jeff. We knew he was the last person to see her. We knew all of that, and so somebody had went out to that thousand trails and they screw those cement blocks. Big brick blocks through his windshield of his rv and his truck, and he did not report it to the police. The park did thousand trails reports of it and the police
now he didn't want to press charges are file. Anything I in fact he wouldn't even take a vehicle to a professional to have the window changed out. He did it himself. He took it to his brother in law shop and he did it himself. We were also told in the beginning that just showed up at the brother in law- and this is the fourth window for smashed and all that in the days right after winning, went missing just for some reason, pull this truck into the shop in detail, which he's never that, like his jacket, like quaintness, always trashed, and he detailed the heck out of his track and the reason that they wouldn't get couldn't get the warrant. Efforts is truck or trailer with a they had nothing specific to be looking
war and be they knew they find her dna and hair and everything in both his truck enters our view, because it basically she had been in boats so without knowing specifically what they were searching for it is. They have put specific work, just as we do with ever case we requested records about the investigation into lenape disappearance. That request was denied due to being in open and active investigation. We had heard their Jeff has an extensive criminal background, so we put in a record request, was scotch accounting for records Jeff. We were shocked to receive two hundred and eighty three pages of records about his criminal history is clear. What emily and Michel have already shared that Jeff has allowed. Violent history, but we They just share a few things that stood out to us from his file. You already her about his conviction for violently assaulting a woman which included translation its noted.
As for my wife reported that he had strangled her in the past as well during an inner with a six year old child that he shared with his former wife, the child reported that Jeff. sat them down and said. When mommy is gone, we will have a better life. The child not to say that daddy said she's going by by and pointed to, the sky, the report states asked if she knew what that men and she said daddy, said he's going to kill her. The former wife had caught the law enforcement about this, because she was concerned that he was planning to kill her There was also another violent assault, detailed extensively in the records we received. This occurred when Jeff and the victim were incarcerated at the scotch county jail together, we be naming this victim in order to protect their privacy. The report states the following the vote. said he was in cell, be one and laying down on the floor when he was assaulted. Here That is so make Jeffrey Heine said that he needs
to use the bathroom and asked him to go outside. He said that responded that he was sleepy and that they were on lockdown and then covered his head with a blanket. He said that he heard a crunch and felt pain on his face. It didn't know what was going on. It may have been knocked out at one point he said. He heard another crunch and moved his blanket off of his face, which was covered in blood. He said that jeff standing over him and said, I asked you nicely, he believed Jeff was getting ready. Stop on his face when he asked him to please stop. He said he grabbed a towel and went downstairs in a lot of pain, couldn't focus and could barely stand. until being assisted by jail staff. The other cellmate advised that he walked up to the cell and Saul Jeff in the air for landing knee first on the victims, facial region, which was covered with a blanket. He thought that the victim was trying to sleep. He said that Jeff continued to attack the victim and punched him about three.
Four times, while the victim was on the ground. The victim in this case stated that here not had issues with Jeff prior to this assault but believed his intent was to kill him. When we put in our request for these rights birds. They also sent us an audio recording of one of the witnesses detailing what had occurred that it. May I call you came down. into the day when the door to get some medicines and got your meds went back up the stairs to go up the stairs and, as I got to the top stair over the top stairs. I saw just coming through the air together, a run at ourselves by With his knee first into his face that was covered up I seen him land completely on it. The union can punch
couple times in any doubt that he told me to get the fuck out It sets out Rushing out of his mouth yet now all that was said. He laughed with. Stairs. I don't know where you get downstairs. I sat down and then his eye with horror, jesse, You just said you see anything, and I said no, I just cause. I want nothing now remain Do you have any idea what the extent of his injuries are I've heard his job was broken. He was taken our real and knees seriously hurt and so tat s. Why I wanna do is because I'd gone I dont believe that should happen to him.
from what I saw. He Jeff had only been in the room for a couple of seconds, so he couldn't have had much words to make him mad. Like the guy, you know I've even just snap for no reason earlier at the man. He was in front of me. I was behind at least The steps news knew he step backwards after taking his meds like he was drunk or something, and he back in me- and he turned around to don't stand so close to me say nothing because, but he had taken a step backwards. I knew he was. There was a normal that morning he was having a bad day, okay and sell
He got his men. Did you see where he went from there? He went straight observers, vows right behind him and mobilise all. He had only been up there. How not even a minute before I got my nas so the time period, you're saying our short from the time Jeff took his men's, had stairs than you took your medicine as up the stairs. I guess from? What I hear Jeff was trying to take a poo and he wanted to be alone to poop in the minute you're done mass you're supposed to lock how personally, MR review lock down and how did Where did you hear that he wanted to go to the bathroom? No, he just said before the guards came and took them out, okay, and so
We talk about lockdown, so that means if you're in your cell and they open the doors for you to come down to get your meds and when we go back up the door shut back at you, concerns. Obviously, about speaking with me, back to Jeff and currently he's seen, pot or locked down in europe be pod. I told you that I would speak with sergeant trader who on duty today and ask that you can be kept apart. the report goes on to say that medical staff at the emergency room advised that the victim had multiple facial fractures to the left side of his face and would needs surgery the victims left side of it face was swollen and black and blue. His eye was bare really able to open due to swelling laid
They made a full list of injuries. This man had sustained, including tripod facial fracture, broken pellet in two places, broken jaw in three play sets crushed. Orbital socket in two places has a permanent titanium plate in his left cheek his jaw is wired, shut, he's been on a liquid diet for weeks and has lost fifty. Since he has numbness from his lip to cheek and does not know if sensation will ever be restored. He is significant in every day, since the assault he will need, additional operations, the way the other inmate talked about the assault that Jeff just snapped It makes you wonder what may have happened the night that renee and her little dog precious disappeared with injuries, this man sustained he easily could have done if the other inmate didn't come in and interrupt the violent attack, It makes you wonder what Jeff is capable of
Emily and michel are frustrated with where lyonnais case stands today. They feel like a dangerous man on the streets who likely harmful, nay and could do the same to some one else, but the case seems too at a standstill, for we know that they spoke to him on the phone because just call them and spoke with him on the phone. And then, when he went and turning his cell phones to them, so they could get the data or whatever they needed off of it. I know they spoke with him, then as well
but they never sat him down in like the interrogate. You know into the interrogation room or you know whatever they never did a formal interview with him so that into this day, we still don't understand. Why, again, I'm not law enforcement and we're just we're frustrated, and but we have come to understand that when they bring charges against him, they wanted to stick that they don't want him to walk back out that door again. They want it to be work, they can put them. Wait in two costs straight into jail. To give him no time to flee, because I mean he did pull a weapon on one of their own. They want him just as bad as we do and they wanted to pick the one that could be enough where a jury is going to convict
because we don't want to go through all there this and then have him get off a lot of people say what does it bother you that he's out free and in the beginning, for a long time, it did bob bothered me a lot, but you know watching what this is done to him and his life and where he is now in his state of mind that he's in right now he's not a free man he's a very tortured sole right now he may be out free, but he has lost his ability to stay a thousand trail. He can't stay at the casino, in fact becoming a goat, because you know anymore, he's banned from the casino his family, suspicious of em, all of town as the fishes of them. People are falling bricks through his window. He so paranoid that kid booby trapped
Are we that he'd now living across the mcdonald in growing than on the side of the road lenny, was at a tough point in her life she was clearly struggling, but one to make a better life for herself, Emily but that lineage case hasn't been given the same level of attention as other cases where the victim was perceived, as leading a perfect life hate to say it out loud, but its very possible because of the kind of lifestyle she led. She didn't lindh, the white picket fence and average american dream. She was living in a motel dating two men and hanging out with it one on the side. She'd had multiple run in with a pity for just stupid stuff. In one of the sit down conversations michel and I had with the detective- we just got the impression like she wasn't that important to them and I feel like in the beginning. So
You people just thought: oh, she disappeared on purpose or she's on a bender somewhere or she'll, show up in colorado cause that's where her biological dad site of the family as but it never happened and, like I said because of her lifestyle and couple a run ends with a pity. I feel like that, played a big part in why it took them ten days to even show up and get caught up to speed it's hard to verbal eyes early. How I feel about it, because I'm in hand. I want to build they're, doing everything they can and I feel like probably are now but had they from the very beginning, we may not even be here right now, so wish up until then, a westbrook and her dog precious on the evening of september tenth, two thousand and twenty from everything
and about the timeline. That night, when I was with Jeff at his campsite, other people at the camp ground reported a d events just story is that when couldn't find precious, but they ended up, the dog inside the ivy under a blanket. He claims that it rob lyonnais off at a park not far from motel in the early morning, hours of september, eleventh, no one ever Where did seeing lyonnais or precious after they were with Jeff at the camp ground, and we don't know what for ping data may show for lyonnais or jeff that night, because on smith has not release that information due to the case being open and active. I can only hope that there may be digital footprints left behind that could help resolve this case. Has never been charged or convicted of any crimes related to the disappearance of Lyn westbrook, but her friends, and family strongly believe that he is responsible, taking a look into s, history, we
that he has a violent past. We know that he was convicted fourth degree assault in two thousand and fourteen for violently. kicking punching and strangling a woman. His ex wife reported that he was abusive, her as well in its strangled her in the past. She can't, law enforcement out of fear. After her six year old, told her that Jeff said he was going to kill her also two thousand fourteen Jeff violently assaulted, another inmate causing severe Your injuries to the man's head yet required multiple surgeries in the years that followed in this was just A small sample of Jeff's criminal history, lenny family has been left to wonder why this man was walking free in two thousand and twenty when Lyonnais disappear, in why he still walking free today, We, the jeff, could harm someone else at any moment. If you have any for me, regarding the disappearance of when they westbrook and her dog precious. Please contact
in accordance police at three six: zero to nine three, four, six, eight for or the a p d tippit. at three six: zero to nine nine one. Nine eight five part of the reason. I really want to keep lenape story out there because I mean how many felony do you need before your locked up for life? How many people do you have to hurt or even kill before your locked up for life? That's been very trembling and all of them he hurt women since when they win in the beginning. We definitely that somebody new something as we got to know and his personality, and things like that. It could be possible that if something happened, he hasn't told a full after being convicted. Serving time and having
Through the rodeo, once I'm sure, he'd be smart enough not to go again, he should still be in perfect. He should not be out walking free, he got out five years early and I believe he had a whole a nine year sentence and for some reason he got out five years early. He shouldn't even be on the street if he was stoned person she might still be here. The
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