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On Thursday, October 11, 2018, Melanie Meleney went out to a nail salon with a girlfriend. Her friend dropped Melanie off, and surveillance cameras at the Chesapeake Glen Apartments in Glen Burnie, Maryland, captured Melanie walking into the building where she shared an apartment with her boyfriend. Melanie was never seen exiting the apartment building. However, the cameras didn’t capture high-quality images, and they couldn’t see people coming and going after dark. Melanie’s friends tried to reach her the following day but were unsuccessful. Melanie failed to show up for work on Friday evening, which was out of character. By Saturday, her friends were alarmed and decided to report Melanie missing. That was just the beginning of this long nightmare for Melanie’s loved ones.

If you have any information about the disappearance and death of Melanie Meleney, please contact the Anne Arundel County Police Department at (410) 222-4731, or you can submit an anonymous tip at (410) 222-4700.

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Hey prime numbers: you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download, the today the. We see her going in and for me now within hours, everybody knew something was wrong just based on us knowing her so well, I don't think he anticipated that He has to do something but dropped drop. The bottle somewhere, but one that unsolvable you push them against, give long wait too long. Looking at the internet and seen all the cases of people who are suffering. Because of the thieves everything. bye. I am thursday October eleventh, two thousand and eighteen.
Forty five year old, Melanie Melanie, went out with a girlfriend twin nails along the friends Melanie off tat evening, and surveillance cameras at the chesapeake Glenn apartments, england Bernie maryland. Sure Melanie walking into the building where she shared an apartment with her boyfriend, Joe Melanie was never seen exiting the building. However, the cameras, didn't capture, high quality images and they weren't able to see people coming and going after dark. The following day, Melanie's friends tried to reach her and were unsuccessful. Melanie failed to show up for work on Friday evening, which was not like her by saturday. Her friends were alarmed and decided to report Melanie missing this was is the beginning of this long nightmare formalities, loved ones, I'm marissa, and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and twenty five of the vanished Melanie Melanie story and
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like Melanie to just disappear in order. a better understand what may have happened to Melanie and why we're going start by taking a look at her life. We ok milanese friend, Melissa, who knew for many many years miller, They told us about how they met I met Melanie. We were going into the summit great. I just moved into the neighborhoods. I met her the sun I eighty then maybe eighty seven, where about starting a middle school, but it was before school, starts I moved to the neighbourhood and then how I met her. We had a part to some straight from my house, probably three houses down and that's where I met her flesh. I so we just started talking
and my sister and I were sort of exploring the neighbourhood, we got the part he was there and the conversation just kind of started. Like I said she very forthcoming, she's very open. It was just from then on. We will together all the time after that, love to dance for where'd, you all the dancers, this kind of hung out. I had a pool at my house till we would spend summers. My melissa and Melanie both heather first children when they were teenagers, this was something that brought them even closer as they grew into their roles as mothers together at a young age. We got, although we both had children, we vote I'd babies young so that sort of We grew up. We had no choice. I was sixteen when I got pregnant with mine and had him at seventeen and just behind me literally, she was probably seventeen
and probably had her son at eighteen. We were back to back with that. They may leave school. She did also leave school. She went to night school, where I just kind of picked up my credit as I went so we didn't, you know, have the whole full school experience just because we both were pregnant and then left. So we both have our first son? We don't have one fund that we both had our children very young. You know we had common for sure we can work out you, boys can grow up together. We could stuff with them together Melissa explained that the relationship between Melanie and her sons, father didn't last but later Melanie met a man named greg, to shared a wonderful relationship that lasted many years. Are her son has thought I didn't actually know him that, well, they didn't say together she's they close with his family. You know, dear her son, she thought of
David you're there after that, and then she met her. Second husband they were married. she had her her second child, her daughter, they were wonderful together. He was a great guy until she married greg. Hu. There was a terrifying. I didn't know great last name for a long time, and then I found out Lastly, was Melanie so that her name was Melanie Melanie fell differently, but that that was the main lesson in her life. customer service phone calls or whatever they ask just her say Melanie. Melanie were cracked me up for so long I got over it eventually, but it was very funny ass. They were just so much alike the into it. The same things: Melanie love and amusement park, roller coaster toward it. I high energy loved the newspaper she would take my son with her son
before they had Elizabeth about kragan Melanie would take the boys to like the media and our great adventure. They both enjoyed and they were so much alike, greatest sister, a very approach friendly, easy going mill his friends liked gregg but as the years passed, the two drifted apart, which often happens in relationships? I think grow apart, but they stayed. They maintained a friendship, the very soon I am believe, The boys they separated the brain. For a long time. And her husband split up. That was just like a shocker to me, I'm so surprise, in only ok, I got it. We also spoke to Melanie and Greg's daughter bath, who told us more about her parents relationship from her perspective for my birthday. It wasn too terrible
I mean I know they had their fight in their argument. There's no time uniting argument, between them in front of me, but enjoyed, have my mom and dad Gathercole. They were so much fun. They separated, probably yeah well and around christmas time It was three ross. We know that it really understand. Why You know my mom ended up happened like a falling out women. In a bench leah did come back in a week kindle that relationship with her before you know she did disappear. She's us that fire strong person- she doesn't really take no crap. Nobody, you can't swaying her in any way very stubborn, but she's loveable on the inside she's very, very sweet. very social boy. My eyes, I'm very introverted myself, though, from my perspective, she's very wary extroverted. We would all go out to parties when I was young
Think oh two miles per friends. Have they a mile and a party? tired and hang out with all other friends allowed growing up in she always It seemed like the life of a party We also had the opportunity to speak with another of melodies friends Amy, who was the first that Melanie had gone to a nail salon with shortly before she disappeared, melissa are sisters and both had long lasting friendships with Melanie since childhood, Amy too. more about Melanie or my sister, you're right, high school and to the door when they look at my sister. We get to know each other and we became great very clearly point. Like matter of fact, person she would tell you like. It is whether you like it or not- and I went not just our friends but family and work in every one, very blunt it was also very between very loving loved her children, love
friends should do anything for you if it was within You know her power, thank you is that rock of her family, herman, Am I want your grandparents past she felt like it fell on her she became that person her mom and her said when she was my his friend? I don't call her ever showing any special interest. As far as a career. I know she wanted to be married. I know she wanted to be a mom, but as far as work it was just do it. You have the euro area We spoke to express that Melanie was never focused on any particular career. She was pretty keep hide with her family and being a mom socially, various jobs throughout the years from green printing tee shirts working as a dispatcher another friend we spoke to willa, Melanie in adulthood and the two became very close
but mainly because her brother was a drummer and my arm sons, fathers ban. I met her brother and her bomb brother, girlfriend at the time she was just fine, outspoken while jealous scared me and she was tiny, but she was a sweetheart you will know. Is I just had the arab outer, like don't mess of because they mean actually worth a few jobs together when we first met within cleaning together cause. She worked that mary maze of me and then we worked it another office contractor. They claim they time off his cleaning. She was it you. For me to work for a lot of places, Her main things he did for a while after a cleaning was on screen printing she could do teachers and stuff, but yes good, mostly manual labor type job, by were of two thousand and eighteen, Melanie was working in an amazon facility with her friend Amy. She was living at the chesapeake, learn apartments. England Bernie maryland with her boyfriend of about a year, Joe on
Tuesday october, eleventh two thousand eight eighteen mill spent much of the day with her friend Aimee the two, in time and a neo salon together. Afterward Melanie went back to her apartment for the evening in survey. videos captured her walking inside Amy and Melanie were very close he told us about her last communication with Melanie on the eleventh and a strange message she received from melodies phone on the morning of the twelve we take every day, all day. Go into bed good night so that was probably are less, are less tech we're saying good night, the day together the day before, and that morning I got up early in the day before we talked about the weather and how it was changing.
So when I got up early that morning, I wrote a comment about the weather and I didn't think anything when she didn't write back right away because it was so early. I figure should not appear, but The day went on. Then there were some that I got around nine was an emerging. She does Tax. That way she would then just an emerging as a response to that text. Throughout the day I kept in calling and I was getting nothing something just didn't, seem right to Amy. She close with Melanie and she knew her habits this out of character. Amy couldn't let it go. She had last seen Melanie on thursday evening with still no word from Melanie by saturday morning, she knew she had to do something the neck. warning. I was gone I began to his house, and I said I need to stop something's not right, and I called her mother, her mother, having heard from her
me and her mother didn't hear from her, I knew something from them was up If neither one of us could reach when I went by her how her apartment and no one answered, but her car was there, so I was confused Melanie sunrise and lived in the same apartment complex as Melanie and Joe just in. Different building amy decided to head over to ryan's apartment deceive he knew anything or had seen Melanie. though I went over to ryan, which was the building in the team apartment. Complex ryan was her son, and I said your mother's not answer and in their cars here, something's not right, so he went over and he banged on the door and when on the neighbors door, and they said they hadn t heard her, though, I told ryan. We need to call the police the police and they came least awaken. Beggar missing persons report, but it has to be from him from her son.
it was weird. They ask us to ride, have some park that was close and do it there, but I don't skip that while we were there with them, Joe came home and asked him where, where is she? And he said I dunno, I thought she wanted to get her nails done, which that was a load of crap, because she had got your nose and they're not open that early in the morning the police walked out with just to walk through the apartment and they came down and said: no she's, not she's, not up they're, the ones. that was a female officer even made the comment and her, Cases are still there take out to me to a couple days later now, and he doesn't have suitcases now only put everything in a ban. Better still moving her whenever she does not use a suitcase? So then we went to the park and I was doing all the questions this comment about the suitcases in mind as well circle back to it later in the episode things
war, adding up Melanie. my friend Joe, was saying that he thought Melanie had gone to get her nails done on friday morning, which did makes sense to Amy. She had just at the nail salon with Melanie on thursday, also These car was left behind at her apartment, how which You ve gotten their one thing that melodies loved ones expressed ass was that Melanie had debilitating back and neck issues which left her walking with a limp. She wasn't known to walk places due to the pain she struggled with on a daily basis. Joe also mention that Melanie took her phone with her and her house key, but now The rest of her keys, Joe claim that he attested Melanie on friday and asked her to pick up some items from the store for him after she finished getting her nails done after that Joe says that he fell asleep watching tv and when he will later, Melanie still wasn't there any issue,
that she had come home while he was sleeping and gone on to work the night shift at her job. He said text at her again and is messages kept showing up as undelivered, but he never gonna response from Melanie and assume that perhaps there was something wrong with his phone. We, that Melanie never showed up for work on Friday night, but then we're Joe believe that Melanie was he think it was strange that our car was left behind at the apartment, because Melanie needed to replace to tyres that were nearly bald and the. plan to go. Have the tyres are placed on the sunday after Melanie disappeared? However, Fires were aware, Jordan. four up an explanation for how Melanie would have gotten to work on Friday night without her car melanie, His friend melissa told us how she found out that her friend had disappeared. my daughter ashley. She called me because a facebook- but I don't know
she said what's going on with Melanie or she all she calls her aunt Melanie and I'm like I dunno. What do you mean? What's going on? I don't know and she's reading can on facebook that it sounds like she's missing me. No one can find her. So am I What do you mean no Finally, it doesn't make sense and nothing she would say was making says I got off the phone with her I knew that no money and my sister had gone out and they were gay man occurs. had a curse. Molly agreed with her sister Amy. Does it? extra milanese phone with a single emergency was out of character for Melanie, because we know no her so well, I know Melanie. My sister knows Melanie so well. My sister text her good morning, and about the weather, because it had been warm and anti. and something of a house so cold, and it was
The moment like they're laughing a movie with appear No like the laughing hard emerging and myself that lets weird, and could she doesn't do that She never dissent that emerges you attacked back or call. Never I mean really that was that strange. prior to all of this, Melissa had moved out of the area to delaware, and by monday she couldn't just sit at home and wait for news any longer melissa. The trip to maryland help search for Melanie. Thing Monday, I drove to maryland once my sister, I picked her up and then we went to her mom south. No one could find her. very fast, because again, it's just we always answer cell phone or she gets right back to the island, through my history of messages, whip with her text message wise and never has responded with an emergency sure
A question were his nothing like that: their heart every now and then at the end of a text, but another job an emerging in that was so odd and I, I totally understood my sister her concern. I know that called and text her constantly. After my daughter reach out to me on Sunday, and it was just literally going to voice now it was off or or dead, and I never ever got her voice now, Unless you know it rang out, it'll be at work and then it would ring ring ring until voicemail and I've tried. I've tried to think I ever cod and just literally guy. The voice now without her right there is now an colony right back. We're was beginning to spread on social media. That Melanie was missing cause panic within milanese group of girlfriends, just Melissa will
to learn about Melanie's disappearance. When one of her children saw post on facebook by fun came and told me that her her son had posted on facebook. That man was missing. Please anybody can Somebody you know, help find your mom and she was already missing like you days by the time I heard about it. Could I found out one day she was lacking. Thursday night. I knew there and then someone right I mean I, I felt it. when milanese daughter, Beth, learn the her mother was missing. She rushed over to the apartment, the data that we filed in this report My brother's girlfriend had been calling me and I don't really get calls from her. So I answered and she was like one was well probably talked to your mom and I said Wednesday. I said I didn't Maybe talk to issues contacted me and we know that one thing she was Finally, we think she's missing thousands of so I hung up the phone and
from where I was the apartments that she was that were not even to three minutes away so I got my car and I started you have over there when I got there, it was just I barely remember, which is the craziest part, but I got and the police were there and they were asked nobody questions you know who was You were happy like. Where was she last two days? is when Beth noticed a shift in the tone that the police were taking when talking about her mom. The police officer asked questions about it. the english involved. Many drug didn't pay me but you can't take anything. That's not prescribed! You know the dosage skit do anything like that or to be kicked out and we need that broke her back a new word, what she's, probably on a drug bench? That's like completely out of the question, and I felt very insulted, though, after that I gotta just got really philosophers.
This kind of less than didn't, talk to him any more than he felt like he wasn't being helpful and I just started asking everybody clash. like what brought everybody. The conclusion that I found Then she went to get her nailed done with my any thought they might. my aunt amy- dropped her off and she went to the apartment. The lack of any bizarre gin show up the work. on friday and everybody was very concerned He showed up for all the time that power brain you'd out like she's, not in the apartment situation from car, without what they say, the weird stuff bow took her life. Then how about he often very lanyard and left everything out It was very strange like that's not my mother. My mother is people that have those big dangly key chains and you can't ever hear anything but the key chaining and she doesn't just take stuff off or take one thing that about while it leave her while it- and it was very odd so that everybody
it s in your question, then he added you didn't even our promise he would show up to the other, by the building and we all born get. current I've way it will in to me Well, Melanie was known to party in her younger years. She currently in a pain management programme for her chronic pain stemming from the back issues. She struggled with for so many years its common for doctors to drug test patients who are in pain management programmes in order to ensure that the patient is using the medications as prescribed taking substances that aren't prescribed to them? Where was it Information coming from about Melanie Melanie friend. Will I told us more about this and why he thinks that this derailed the investigation early on Joe is basically in mouthing Melanie is making her sound like a druggie runaway seemed like a cop and kinda on his side. At that point Take anything seriously. Whose Melanie them didn't do that, like all disappear
everybody agrees her even when she would go off and just do some on her own. She stayed in contact with certainty she like, never one operated, just you don't know where she was that they never happen. She was close to their man here I talked to her no matter what and chose I, like her train, is woman who around the wage organic enemy like I lake am, I really Beth in that sense Melanie disappeared. Joe has since himself from Melanie the woman he once claim to have loved this all seem strange to her, though you ve been very vague and let us ask about sheep had no clue. She was an? U linda. the worry towards her taste in my mouth Like the on facebook, thanks, than by my mother said he never proposed to her all these thing, though it was prepared. me because I remembered the christmas, the boy she weapon
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Melanie was last seen going into her apartment building, but never seen, leaving and Joe had made statements. The police at shifted their focus of the investigation from looking for Melanie to assuming that she was off on a drug bench, melodies. And family had other reasons to be suspicious of Joe too will told us that something seemed off with Joe from the very first time that she met him first on an item was actually she brought into my thing getting at a low thanksgiving thing for my friend and he just said air required. He was real quiet now and he told me before before. I Madame she like. Do he's really nice. If you treat me like My dad did beacon of her grandfather. That's pretty hairy. she compared as grandfather. Could I mean he must have really been planned that party at first? You know what he did, across the weird and dark and quiet on the chatter I was still try back there anyway. You said something like
I'm sorry, I'm just kind of a quiet first now talk that much, but if they haven't guitar, Asian, whether really to do just that there was no thought I just nowadays in honouring she like them. I buy ok, whatever does not follow sunlight. for sure, not for a late night full of brightness in the dark. In a word, I person. Melissa got a similar vibe from Joe from the one, and only time that she ever encountered him. It was only with him or just over a year. It could be a little longer, but I don't think so. I only ever met him the one one time I didn't get it I can understand, I didn't know, you had the opportunity to ask just briefly he was here at my house with my sister and I talk to her. Just a little bit about him because I didn't understand it and really it was kind of like yeah, I know
we are living in an apartment together, which is actually where the last place she was, and at that point it had been a few months. Then I talked to her specifically, like literally you know very civilly asking what is it I don't get it we need. pack barrel with my sister, it sort of half way talk, but not so much about our personal, like just richest, beaten, talk and hang out further. While said your lot about him. I've learned a lot about him since, but prior to that Now I know that she met him on dating what I urge dating online site and which that was my support. when I learned that I dont have facebook, so I dont connect to friends that way she did meet him on plenty of fish. I'm pretty sure cause I'd, never heard of it before and they didn't say she didn't say plenty of fish use like the acronym p, o, F or whatever
and I dont know what it was like you know. Why are you kidding me? Why would you leave me somebody that way, tissues, beautiful and he's funny and she's fine, and I just didn't understand it- at him, and I try. I try really hard not to judge immediately, but I kind of do in my head, like a kind of due to myself, I can read the things very, not unapproachable, but he was he didn't interested in more than just However, there are you what kind of conversation, and I thought that was odd just the way he was not talking older than us. I know her mom had dislike of him almost immediately. I can't say I didn't I dislike him. I didn't divide that he was interested in sharing more than just like the general not even information, he was very just not interest. in talking at all, and it was very short again. I
I learned very little about in and the one and only turned I met him, and he was so do so now. Like her, she is. There is if it's a sealed, odd that they were together you know as a couple, no one there. I had known Melanie where was like this guy. It was for me. But again I only want I'm the one time as I didn't have em astronomy, they found the way he looked away at it. Just seem like I'm that to me based on her history of dating or you didn't like Mary Aigner, whatever the distant seem like her Everyone seemed confused about why Melanie was dating Joe, as Melissa mentioned, data It seemed like a good match and Joe wasn't, like the other men that Melanie had been in relationships with previously
also had a weird feeling about Joe when she met him, but she was trying to give him a chance because she wanted her mom to be happy in relationship with this guy joe Would they order not thing for about a year? What I say We know too much. I let him go the time. I was a weird about him. I never cared about creep out, but they would what my mother wanted vie with me. You know. Longer. She was happy and that really the first relationship she had then click my parents I did, and I like that I really did not like I should give him a shot, but then with the way everything ended up going. It was very regret I felt very guilty about not speaking my feelings about things and being honest be Joe, was just quiet and reserved per epps misunderstood, but throughout
course of their relationship. Melanie had occasionally confided in her friends about some of jos behaviors that seem to be red flags to them. Will at all about a disturbing events that occurred on new year's eve prior to melodies disappearance. She was in a previous love. complaining about it. Not so much to me she was other people, because like why? Don't you get rid of that guy he's a douche bag. You know what I mean like I didn't like an hour after she started saying like some of the things doing like they broke. one time, because he did embarrassing in front of her your mom at our knees and when she animal river new year's eve, she left them and forgot to take her cat ass her cat had just passed away and he said video of him company ashes on the floor where you stand on him and he will kind of hers these sunlight. That and now is because the reason, the first time that you, the very jealous that she had them all
for nearly her knee and her mother he was being and ass all. Basically because they were there I then maladies mother, woke up to here. Clinking noise, it out a living room and she walked out and he's pulling off too late the bulbs and nothing after christmas tree and just letting him drafted a floor one by one and weird She said that they argued on. I am merely what the bag she, then you would Eddie border near happened when finally, with the bad with an eastern area, whether about how they are being flouted, consonant an issue town that part of the land where mother there another type of thing, down normal to me after that, sitting on new year's eve Melanie and Joe broke up Melanie Amy some of what had occurred, but she kept. Are things from Amy as well. In hindsight, Amy realises today that she didn't have a clear picture of what was going on behind closed doors. Hidden,
to be a very social person. I don't think I would like the normal nervous that meeting someone knew he was this year's sarcastic. and the way they look to each other You know she had told me some, but she didn't tell me all because with a hard decision for her and whether or not she would give them a chance again and what she told me I thought maybe he deserved a second chance, but she didn't tell me all- or I would have absolutely no way sneak that part to herself because I had. She told me that I would have absolutely no way think she would probably in there so tell me that no one was a quieter call me that I absolutely discouraged Melanie decided to give Joe another chance after he promised to seek help and change. But we
told us at things continue to escalate in the months prior to melodies disappearance. He would appear to come back. You gotta therapy blah bottle blah he's going better and that's why how he can get her to come back and she left in at least three times and then finally, from what I from Melanie. She told me that they had to move out. Could they were living above, his brother's wife company in encourages bay baltimore. I get his brothers. Why wanted internally? because they are bringing the police their good. They would argue and the place had gates work and he would lack Melanie in their. So she couldn't leave like big gate that When my drag, you are not, then be the deck The couple guy that Melanie told me she comment The time she's not tell me that that she did tell you a few things is only one time. He tried the joker to that. because they gonna argument because she hung her brow over and aside dry and because the house, They were living. It was over tab of a machine shocking. Company? They
pair old track Natasha anyway, he would user, a hanger brought out for the guy in the shop, the fear then they gonna fight each other joker out. I think she ended up having like keep him in the ball. You get him they're after time Melanie and Joe moved the apartment that Melanie ultimately disappeared from me It's believes that in the lead up to Melanie going missing the shoe ready to move on and was just waiting for the right opportunity to leave Joe. September before she went missing she's just there. They were living together for rent it always cheap. he was gonna, wait it out until she had two months ago. That was They were super happy or just kind of tolerating the situation until she could get somewhere else. Just wait. It out. Melodies, family and friends all seem to dislike Joe, but they
no the full story before she went missing Melanie. Had told different friends and family members bits of stories about jos actions, but it will. until Melanie was gone, though they began to compare notes and a clear picture started to emerge, a picture that may them fear for what may have happened to Melanie after returned home on the evening of october. Eleventh two thousand and eighteen the. scammers our best known for living the high life glow. trotting on private jets, dining at five star restaurants and driving six figure sports cars. That is until their house of cards collapses and are forced to traded all in her hand, puffs and an orange jumpsuit scams,
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ebay, but me. I'm just getting started and there's so much. I still want to do so. I decided I want Hi kettles, I'm proud, Do you for the baby? This is keep calm, pocket simply on amazon me, I'm putting our friends family and some of the darkness experts in the hot seat to ask them questions been burning in mamma, while a formal, I'll. Stop me if they want acted lab in the gulf is only by Only bad. I want- and I thought ass, my mama, but these are the questions that give me up at night, but I'm here in these questions out of my head and I'm bringing them to you, because on baby this is geeky. Brahma no topic is off limits hey prime members, listen to the amazon music exclusive podcast baby. This is keep him in the amazon music get download have today ten days after Melanie disappeared someone
looking their dog found a human leg along the banks of morally creek several miles away from melodies apartment media. It's only stated that partial human remains were found and in Stu gaiters did go out to the area where they conducted both land and water searches to find more human remains low. Attempts were unsuccessful, mill, his loved ones were mostly in the dark about this for a period of several months Melanie had tattoos on both legs and they assume that investigators would have told them if they thought that this was milanese leg based on matching her tattoos, however, lester gaiters, waited on dna confirmation and at work In fact, milanese leg had been recover just days after she disappeared model. They told us about the day that they learn this devastating news. After her leg, once I was found, I was confirmed,
as hers, but and really none of us anything of it. Really. We just knew that that something was found, and there was a mixer candlelight vigil. Very shortly after her going missing, I went back to her mom's house stay there for a little while and go to the visual again. She very short, I kind of keeps yourself private, I told her I be over after I went over. I was in therefore I don't know. Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes before she said police came by why you're the vigil whatever and they took dna from her and I What I mean exactly I like, I can't feared I knew, but he said just you know the author within no what they had found. We just knew it was a body. we didn't know what or anything like that, but she was really upset about that
That was probably november. She went missing in october and january come on turkey, purple heart, which not only large and shop a couple and butterflies how'd you get here. the heart and he said raw. Remember how much you guys like the snow I thought that was you know. What is she talking and it was snowing and you need to know is a first now. Will you figure flooding at the park? and our neighborhood and both get super excited when it snowed before. I even got a chance to text her back. My sister called me and said: have you talked to is bridget said? No, I just got a text and she sat yeah. I got a text too, but they confirmed that the Body part is melodies, so it took that long for their dna to match our burned to match it. Ok, so that makes sense. I should call me I called her and
I have to say it out loud. I amy already told me and I have to say it again: it's a like different level, the thinking now my taking life. Ok, that's one thing and then helping it up or dismembering is a whole other level of ethics But then that is, I don't know. For Melanie's friend Amy. She was disturbed by jos lack of interest in looking for Melanie even After learning, the herd leg had been found, didn't, seem interested when they found in europe the per lamb marley craig, I can tell you Joe, he didn't ask about her. He didn't offer up information. He didn't volunteer to help find her. Nothing absolutely nothing we had, can I bedroom and again nothing with him? There was a slight break through messenger between me and him. I even though I suspected him I tried to keep it called.
I don't want you to think I'm leaving him in any way it was. That much longer I wanna stay a week. If that he knew that he was being blamed. The he suspected and complain about the growing her mother for slander that but he answered a boy he basically call my blood, not in so many words directly at me, but we in the group of her friends and family Melanie starter Beth was frustrated by the amount of time that it took to identify her mothers leg. They had plied investigators with photos of milanese tattoos, with the hope that they, its speed up the process. There on the news, he remembered idea already doing what they did. Bunches of eggs. Bound and marley creek as it was, then one way to earn something they finally idead. It could be my mother which had a crap because she's gotta about over like another.
Instead said there was weather damage and stuff, but for awhile? That was messing me up because I was like you found it ten days after, and then it took three months after that to figure out who it was outlets. The biggest break we've had in the case the whole time and really happen, but that was, everything that has happened in the texts ever said that happen. I mean try to search the same. Creek was the diver after but face they haven't found anything one reason that this has been such a large source of frustration delayed searches of Melanie in Jos apartment for months will attend more Where is your neighbours that lived out there's romam melanie and Joe? They didn't third, the apartment for france. Until they figured out the legal maladies in january- and I was away at the back with somebody else- lived there corner answered questions, one of my friends when she called was there in about the part that they found. It said that it was sought off it was it was removed, it still missing person
but their training in the homicide. Will it It is more about the area where milanese leg was found in her own searches in that vicinity, because Melanie had the day before she went missing one with a girl anyone else on an elephant. like really close to the area and another The thing I want to add is that, since childhood neighbor, and you lived there. All his life is the lake I wanna get like two thousand twelve or something so he knows the ins and outs of that place. It's like a little peninsula in Glen, Burnie called point pleasant, when they found the body part we want a melians girlfriend is that we will have to try to work as much as a waterway with good kind of hard users, lake pussy below is growing and a bunch of grassy. He thought the you know what I mean saw marcy, so we couldn't like walk way around just keep walking, yet see bladder property. It always walk on people's property in public but we were looking at. We came across these people who were living. It was like a cluster of houses
parking lot and imagine there's a whole bunch out with all around the bargain that, and they are that's, not open. No more and it's got like appear often there and it has a boat launch off that we were walk around an area and these people ass. They had seen anything suspicious with two weeks. After happily, we met you people, I ask that they had been anything suspicious and they said they had aroused really and they were like yeah, but they saw a vehicle matching Joe's and then it I didn't, give him any ideas. The edges poem is only with visa, but they described legal to me that satellite Jos and then another vehicle like a bigger one, can t pick up. that was light back up to the boat launch and there mad because people for some reason, because they're down the people living there, all the other half of our abandon or word like being worked on a people, just due to that little area to like go smoke, joints or half ears or whatever. You know what I mean just hang out in the parking lot, and it would their mag like there where they live. They thought
that will then started search for whoever owns vehicle than they could never find anybody, so they went to bed and when they but the next morning those people were gone and to me whose family living area, but we want to live there, would like what, like maybe five back down the road from there the same body of water and as well they found the body partly right around the whole area length all together. You know I mean we can improve with him, but it was right there at the right time, and believe me, the cops search that area too. By the way he call me for square mile, the water they search atwater three times extensively tat. I have no idea what I'm thinking I believe this purposely put the power or were appointed for somebody would find it let it would look like suspicious knowing it he's gotta nailed done very close to the same area. Maybe make it out to be. She did something around and they applauded, as that was her demise right. There, maybe the other side through get there with a car. I walk through the woods
What they were like it would be of her replace the leaves somebody could there's nobody back there, but it's over We big area of would really like untouched by regular people. earlier Amy mention that on the day that they reported Melanie missing, that the officers went up to the apartment and came back down and reported that Melanie wasn't up there. One of the officers made a remark about her suitcases being left behind later Amy. To thinking about it, and it was odd because Melanie never travelled with suitcases but Joe own one amy and through her phone and found a video that she had recorded from inside milanese apartment before he disappeared and body to large suit case. That is now missing, will told us more about this Melanie owned in those cases where she travelled she puts out together. She would use platitudes ever wish. You go camp in our supper. The thought she didn't you.
You kids really, but he had all the suitcases and now but amy I a video of being over mouth house granddaughter anything background in a video. This big used to came up against the couch from what we heard from police that he's with that. There anymore and the police that one of them the apartment when they made them in persons report came down, There was a suitcase lay scattered around me here, got little few cases. I have a big case that you view the thing from there the apartment, because she was seen leaving her apartment. They saw on video there's, a security old. Crappy video camera facing towards the park like I'm a building found or go in, but the police that they could never tells you back out because it may sound, there's no night vision, it kind of greening, but it didn't Carl either No, she didn't leave that apartment on few feet.
Four Melissa. She swears that she had also seen this large suit case inside the apartment masses. was there and her son? there, when they did the water, they will let them in an joe. Was there they all come on in guys that which I thought was weird one of the things My sister told me, the officer and all her too these are still here and you for sale Melanie. What's your cases, Was one of the pet kids I had with her anywhere? We went and her moving or vacation. Everything was servant. back. She didn't have any suitcases. She do. I really anything, but I don't know what her thing. What is due to drive me crazy? That's all. I ask what her few cases are. Still there like what I didn't understand what that meant. I remember apartment and action. You call you the same thing and most people do it's like out the russian doll right suitcases and they sort of, although in
I remember, and thankfully months later we found my sister has a video found of the suit case was a huge. case bigger than mine, and I have some pretty big. and russian dolls situation free bag is bigger than is. It was huge this is a little apartment. So it's not like you know you, you couldn't see it wasn't noticeable. I know I saw it and it's gone you never had it whatever, and now it's never been found He says he never had it month. my sister, has video of her granddaughter. My sister play and now in his apartment. They had been about one another big just remember. My sister was using her. And video video. kelly playing and I'm watching and there's the fucking suitcase right there it's right next to the couch and I'm like breaking out about it. Having a rewind it positive there it's right there, and I was so just besides
cell phone. I saw it and I knew that I I knew it. I knew and it's in the same spot that I thought I was only in there, for I would say twenty and maybe even along, is a sort of very small apartment with a very brief kind of tor. Not, even though I knew that I remember it's your father's things at the stuck out my head, because it was so big and then flashing back to my sister saying when they did a welfare check. Her suitcases are still there well in order to get that you have to get all the other cases out of it right. He never left never see leaving her car was there, and I think the only thing over time that we saw are found maybe lifting her found her husky or her movement or he, her keys were there, but that he was gone. Her backpack it was a backpack. I mean everything. Was there just those couple of things warrant and it doesn't make sense? She was also at the time
and probably for who knows how long before that, but just recently like just recently, had been seen chiropractor a doctor because of her her back, and I thank her had she been suffering under forever and just Idea of her in anywhere just things. It's not preposterous to think that she would walk somewhere, but why would she her cars right there? Where would you want to leave and walks anywhere when their cars right there and she is having back pain? She literally she the ongoing in never come out, We were also remembers that right before Melanie disappeared, she saw her one last time and she was cleaning about her back and a procedure she had just gotten don willoughby, We think that Melanie would have just walked away from her apartment on her own, the last ever star. She came by my house to drop off a cop this
borrowed from me. He would sit on the board were dogging. She had just in some kind of shot putting her back. So I don't remember what kind of shot it was like to make the pain like to kill the pain off. She said I'd rather have the pain in my back. She said that shot was awful I'll. Never do it again Melanie had kind of a limp, camellia but back get invited procedures done on it like recently, Another thing that milanese loved ones thought was odd was that about a month after Melanie, disappeared Joe moved out of the apartment at the two shared at that time? He asked melodies mom to come pick up her things. Wasn't missing formalities belonging, seem strange to her around I d come pick up stop when he moved out a move that it back. Like almost done actually a month later and left all her stuff rallying man to get in none of our huge or anything was missing, either so you're telling me in october, when at that time it was kind of cold out that she went walking around and left her a place with no shoes. She said that the police said
Everything was there except for her on her ideal. Asian card and our house key Melanie. Like her daughter, told you before she had a big she's one of those people that have like a lanyard and always millions of brittany. keys and they were loud and clear common like she didn't separated She would never take your house key off and leave the rest of the house, but does the totally out of character for her the police better, her, the last I'll power, her fomenting was an error apartment. If movement walked out of her apartment to go somewhere the night she disappeared. The only things missing are her phone, a single key and her I d where would Melanie have gone barefoot on that october evening and how did her leg end up in a creek several miles away to those who knew Melanie best theirs? bishop of the fact that she was seen entering her apartment, but not leaving. However, we have to point out that, while Melanie isn't seen exiting her apartment, the video quality is poor at night,
possible that she could have exited during the night time hours and not been singing. We also, have to acknowledge that, as far as we are aware, Joe, Is it seen exiting with a large suit case either? However, there are, Other exit points from the apartment. Building that aren't on camera amy mention that Joe never seemed interested and looking for Melanie and militia told us that he seemed to discourage them from spreading the word throughout the neighbourhood that she was missing. Only then nothing personal fires and on his street. When the detective called and said that, do that and legal, how do you know it was me he said while because we gotta call and over a bunch on history and a pit im off to the point where he called there we were harassing him and anyway the sunday was civil police. They just don't just don't. You again. I understand a bar.
but he didn't want those posters their watch out. Didn't we were put him on his story and I was asking neighbours about cameras. You know his back yard at all visible, and this is again probably within the first couple of regions, with very few I would give my number even just call me if you know you're, watching from pass camera footage. I mean I have cameras here at my house, and I can look at certain times and if they can, this is the time we're thinking. I could say anything that you think astray. Are worth mentioning Joe, had a huge problem with it after Melanie, disappeared, Joe seem to move on rather quickly to a new relationship and those two Melanie worried for this new woman in his life milanese, daughter, Beth, told us how she and a friend tried to intervene their work. Time period, I think it will remain
walker, she disappeared. He got a new fiance two months. And immediately me and my friend alexia, who actually knew my mother when we were buried very young men homer, stir immediately or trying to warn her like hey no good. Now You guys are already all day and she was it without often took up the wrong way, and what time is it You're gonna ruin her family and all kinds of eventually the cop made it up there. And to talk to the carbon explain to her. What have been going on with him in who is involved in from other thing, then my mom K and she message: the bag then she was sorry in all that time is up. Explained to us that she and others have done some of their own digging into jos life and passed, and they found some things that alarm them preview.
asia. Before Melanie, they were married for one year, and now she had the peace order against them, and I hired a private detective when all this first started and private, detective interviewed her and she was terrified to even talk to the lady that called her. She was that he was a horrible person and she had nothing to do with it. She found it pretty scared. Well, we got you there, but the big guy are terrified Melanie. Sadly, the girl, these women a path and be more uneven, a new one that he was waiting to see me we're path of people. It you see me he likes pan women Melanie might have appeared like that at some point, but she is not like that. If he made her mad, she was gonna. Get rules biting off. She told her mom that she was looking into looking at his background and stuff too. That's another thing that was going on before she disappeared and I'm one She knew something about him, for she's very frustrated at this point in the investigation into what happened to her friend Melanie.
Case, still classified as a missing persons case. Does the fact that her leg was found just ten days after she disappeared Melanie. Friends and family feel like there should have been more done to find answers from the very beginning? Ask me that nothing, nothing else has been found. Nothing and she saw considered missing. It's not considered a homicide because they haven't down the rest of her and you hear. Occasions begin one without having a body I truly believe one of the detective really made some mistakes. I believe it was the second detective that was on it now brought in for questioning. Does the couple days after reported her too. I guess they wanted the more details which, with buying. Everything that I could. I showed him all the messages I let them make copies of the messages. Nothing it's been more than three years since Melanie disappeared and her
friends and family members continue to struggle with her absence and lack of answers as to what happened to her. They, Well that identifying her leg would have been the starting point for some movement in her case, but that has proven to be true Do you know about milanese disappearance is that she was last spotted walking into her apartment building on the evening, of thursday october eleventh the fallen Day her friend amy was texting and calling, but she only received an emerging as a response which was out of character for Melanie by then stay. Amy was really concerned and went to melodies apartment, but got no response when she knocked at the door, and she noticed that milanese car was still parked outside. She went over to Melanie sons apartment in the two reported melanie missing together, Melanie we friend Joe his claim the he believed that melloni left to get her nails done on friday morning, the twelve he said.
Texted, her after that time in the messages showed that they were not delivered. He said that he fell asleep and later awoke and assume that Melanie had gone to work that evening, but we know that Melanie never made it to her workplace and her vehicle was left behind at the apartment. Most of melodies belongings were also left behind at the apartment, including her back textile purse, her keys, except for one key that was removed from the ring and her shoes her ideal. Phone and apartment key have never been found. Melanie was seen on surveillance entering her apartment, but never leaving. However,
the video quality after dark was not good enough to see if she could have left. During the night time hours. Investigators told melodies family that her phone last paint in the area of her apartment, milanese friends, also notice that there was a large suitcase missing the had belonged to her boyfriend. He claimed that it didn't exist, but amy later found a video with the suit case. In the background, according to those close to melloni, that suit case has also never been recovered.
It remains unclear if Melanie left and was never captured on video or if something else happened inside her apartment. Ten days after Melanie disappeared, her leg was found in a creek several miles away. It would be several more months before the partial remains were identified after the identification investigators searched the apartment, but Joe had since moved away and new tenants had moved in. We don't know if they found any evidence within the apartment. We contacted the anne Arundel county police department to request an interview and records. However, we never received any response. We know that many searches were conducted in the area where Melanie's like was found, but they never found any other traces of her suspicions have focused mostly on Melanie's boyfriend, Joe since the very beginning there were many red flags throughout their relationship prior to her disappearance, and his behavior afterwards has only deepened those suspicions. But as far as anyone is aware, there is no solid physical proof that Joe was responsible for what happened to Melanie today. Melanie's family is left with the same list of questions they had in two thousand and eighteen and the
feel like they ve gotten the answers that they so desperately need in the justice Melanie deserves. If you have any information about the disappearance and death of Melanie Melanie, please contact that Anna Rundle county police department at for one zero to two to four seven, three, one or You can leave and anonymous tipp at for one zero to two to forty seven hundred. They seemed like georgia was right through their fingers. Levity was watching carefully his leg, weird by lorry, which will basically, he was sleeping through everything needed, though, if you, how many are going it feels like the three million like is not important. For a while now here dublin in Babylon with reasoning, though what could be- and I really You don't have the feeling about Joe how I feel about it. I, like you just kind of creepy and I feel like those things that are being dead
women behind the curtain. I may I steal go up, there was it, but I have no fat. I don't have any evidence. Public day we get together. We house three, three birthdays, that's gloomy tenor catch up there on what, if anything, new and ethics time nothing. nothing new and and I, the.
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