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Shane Sprenger disappeared from Vida, Oregon, on November 2, 2021. Shane was a contractor, and on that day, he was working at a job site near McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. Around 9:30 am, Shane left the job and returned to his home in Vida. No one ever saw Shane again. In the days following his disappearance, Shane's truck was found abandoned on a logging road near the Blue River Reservoir, about 16 miles away from his home. The area where they found the vehicle was one of Shane's favorite mushroom picking spots. It was suggested by some people close to Shane that maybe he had gone mushroom picking and got lost. However, it was later discovered that Shane planned to return to the job site to meet with a subcontractor. It did not make sense that Shane would have stopped to pick mushrooms because all clues indicated that he was planning to return to work after a quick break. Shane's family in Minnesota had no idea that anything was wrong until they got a phone several days after Shane vanished. They made the trip to Oregon to search for him. They began to hear strange stories about the day Shane disappeared, tales that simply weren't adding up.

If you have any information about Shane Sprenger's disappearance, please contact the Lane County Sheriff's Office at 541-682-4150.

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He prime members, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today the pier was last seen on november, second, but third, tuesday, his wife and friends that had last seen him reported him.
saying she should be authorities on that friday and then his friend, let my mom know on saturday. My mom then sent a text to all of us sisters, letting us know that he was my first thought was. I hope they find him safe before I knew any of the details of what what happened before and in what happened. On that day, I thought maybe he had just taken off on a hiking trip or something. But then later we found out that he was working out
I mean he had all of his tools plugged in at his job site and he went home briefly and then hasn't been seen since so. After learning that I just have a feeling that something terrible happened and it feels like somebody knows something most of the searching took place outdoors. I know the investigative teams of all search and they're pretty small groups with their with the third dog. There was one volunteer group eugene they ve been focusing kind of. In the word, forty seven year, old shane springer disappeared from Vida Oregon anew vampire. Second, two thousand twenty one gene was a contractor, and on that day Jane was working at a job site near the town of mackenzie bridge or again, the real nice thirty eight am she left the job and returned to his home in Vida,
No one ever saw sheen again in the days I followed. She truck was found, abandoned about sixty miles, way from his home on unlocking road near the blue river reservoir. This area, where the truck was located was said to be one of chains, favorite, mushroom, picking, spots, suicide, if by some people, close to shame that maybe he had gone mushroom picking, but it was We discovered that shane had planned to return to the job site on the day that he disappeared, and it did makes sense. He would have stopped at the reservoir to go mushroom picking because he had plans. To meet a subcontractor at the job site, It also left all of his tools plugged in as if he would be returning. Shortly when chains We learned that he was missing. They quickly jumped into action to find him what they discovered was wasted web of stories that didn't seem to add up more than format later they're still trying to untangle those stories in order to discover the truth,
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Hugh shane sister jody. I was the oldest of five machine the only boy he is like right in the middle, as you can imagine it, boy he was quite spoiled by both appearance. Growing up. We grew up on a farm in winter, up, minnesota, and then that we moved to Hutchinson end. He she lived in a hut consent for quite a while another sister misty, told us that she has. Fond memories of growing up with shane back in minnesota. We got a lot of things. We grew up in the country, there. Wasn't any screens, video game. The game you were outside doing things You know you have the floor earlier than their animals in fort thing in the world. Like two years younger high school. There was there.
time where he was like skateboarding. We especially couple We need a high school year because we have a lot of the same thing, prime waiting, some of the same places Jeanne sister stacy explain that she had an especially close relationship with her brother growing up, since they were very Close in age sharon- and I are about a year and a half different- I am older shane and I were really close to other women were kind of. I was kind of like the tomboy and functional, and I went through a lot together outside messing around and yeah. We were pretty close shades of really quiet, gentle soul he's a really sweet person, caring loving. He is a super hard worker. He was
says, but I've been construction working from sun up the sundown all the time in early adulthood, shane left minnesota to start in life out west with his girlfriend. It was perfect place for someone who love the outdoors as much as shane dead after he graduated. He moved organ shortly after so we weren't super close one. He moved out there this because within the whole bunch, but he and he did make it back for in know occasions and family then ends the last time we found he came back further. I got wedding in june of last year, sheen a life for himself in Oregon, doing things he loved most here, the quiet guy
I am very kind and in carrying he was a hard worker. He had under construction company for he's been doing that, but an organ for many years, and he was really good at his job. He loved the outdoors and he initially went to school for forestry. He loved loved out in Oregon, due to the fact that you know those they outdoors, he loved animal health. Had I think, three, three or four dogs. As I mentioned, when she moved out to Oregon, he went out there with a girlfriend jody told us more about shane's relationships in the years that followed, so he moved out to Oregon with his girlfriend and they were dating for quite a while, and she ended up passing away. So he was pretty heartbroken over that because it was a long time girlfriend.
and spent five years ago he married a girl crystal. The whole family went out, therefore their wedding, so yeah that was five years ago sheen and his wife crystal had settled in the Mackenzie river valley area of Oregon, which is a assured, the community, is along the mackenzie river between the cascade mountains and you jeanne in early september of two thousand and twenty Tragedy struck the area when a wild fire destroyed more than one hundred and seventy three thousand acres of land. The whole community was devastated. Sheen lost everything in the fire but she was resilient and plan to rebuild after the fire was temporarily living out of a camper until he was able build. A new home on a property invited or again jody told us more hits home was was part of that
the holiday farm fire, and so he basically lost everything was really Wendy a day and they had expected that fire they barely got out of. Out of their alive. It sounded like a very scary situation where they left without lake proper clothes. It didn't take, really anything with them and my dad had passed away and left shane with several of his prized possessions. One of them was a sixty eight camaro convertible that was demolished, so it was a sad sad day, but He was safe, he didn't have insurance, and my mom recently gave him some I need to buy some other property and he had a fema trailer and he was the day after he went missing. He was going to start groundbreaking on his on his new property. He bought a a diff
property. So yet he actually had two pieces of land. One land was pretty much just wiped out right from the fire. He ended up, buying a difference, different different land. My mom helped him with the money to do that until he sold the other property embodied in have accounts, they put it up for sale when he went missing. That who area was look like it was demolish. There's a lot of rebuilding that's happening right now. The thing that I looked up to It was very resilient when I checked in with them. After that, he's just like you know, could be worse. I'm you know I'm making the best of it at this age. It's sad that I'm having to rebuild my life, but you know I'm willing to do it and then the the thing to retain, as he was a minimalist. She didn't need a lot of
much of anything really which was really a cool thing right, so he made the best of everything is my point. I had told them of one point, but I thought it was found that the all of the stuff that my dad had given us. As you know, we lost a lot of it great and he's like. Well, it's true, but you know my dad's price possession was us and we ve got each other. She had purchased this new property where he could rebuild his dream home, his old property right along the highway anyway need a more private spot for his new home. This new property, still in the same area, but more secluded, despite such it. restating loss not
we to shane but to the entire community misty remembers that he always had such a positive outlook about the future perplexed that I got from hen shortly after I was rereading through texts and it said holy shit. Everything is gone. I can't imagine it here. You know, I think what what really got him is out by the time he knew he had no time to grab anything he left with crystal and the dogs. I think he felt fortunate to have made it through the irony and I think he felt bad for her It is bad for everybody who everybody else who lost their staff and know that he was concerned about a couple of people that hadn't and accounted for yet early on, but he was superstore about the new new property to read.
Are there to finally do something for himself to build its own home after working everybody else's homes and projects for so many years. She was, process of rebuilding his life after the fire here living in a trailer on the property in Vida, we're here finishing up plans for the new house november, so it started out, like any ordinary tuesday for shane his day began, work, site near mackenzie, bridge or again about twenty three miles. East of us home in Vida. Then he left job around nine thirty, a m and returned home at about ten, that's when things get a little murky with the timeline of events, no one ever seen change since this time in his truck turned up abandoned a couple of days. Later, shame disappeared on a tuesday, and it wasn't until friday that someone reported him missing with his family back in minnesota, more than eighteen.
Hundred miles away from shame. They had no clue that any thing was a mess were that there was reason, for them to worry about shane safety and well being misty told us that she was just what about her normal saturday errands when she got a phone call about shame. I regret a store in town and got a call from my mom saying that she had just gotten a call. This was saturday ground. If I'm one of change, brown flash ex employ an just kind of kind of this whole good in the middle of the store or lost. My sight if there were not to the car and then just kind of waiting for more information. The initial thought, I guess was that we were kind of pissed, because it's saturday- and he was last seen on tuesday and this is the first time that anybody bothered to let my mom now and at that
there are already search dogs and things out it would have been. Nice could be notified sooner. They meet the missing person reported on fire. day and then our ma am was uncontacted until saturday. After shields family learned that he was missing. They knew there wasn't much. They could do to help find him from Minnesota, so they made the long term. Organ to help with the search efforts. Once they got there, they were used by the way chains. Wife crystal was acting. The family is quite disappointed in some of her actions,
he's been gone one he he was last seen on november, second, which was a tuesday and they found his truck on the thursday, but they didn't report him missing until friday. They first called my mom to tell her on the saturday, so there was quite a few days there that nothing really happened and since then I don't think crystal went looking for them at all. Throughout the whole time, when we were out there, we organize to some search parties. She did not participate in that. So some of some of that is just I dunno fishy concern with crystalline all they were experiencing some problems. She had some some drug issues and they had split, and I think they had talked about divorce shit
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That chain was missing, stories, they were hearing were weird sheen sisters were trying to piece together all of the clues. Figure out what was going on on the day that he disappeared. They went to the jobs. That chain was working out and spoke to the other people who were working there and other within the neighborhood. They were able to fill in some of the gaps about chains plans on tuesday november second, the day that went missing, but we heard is seen, went to work on the second. And he was working on a house and he had all of us tools and everything still plugin We want to go, look at it and all others like big tools and everything or, worse still, outside, like a week later, all plugged in and we had talked to the neighbour there and the they had said that
there was a sub contractor that was waiting for him to come back, for you had an appointment with shame to say, never showed up, and what we heard is that he went home at around nine thirty ten o clock and nobody's seen him since then This is where things get kind of fuzzy, with stories about shane stay what happened after jane, got home jody expire in that there are some shady characters in this story? Who may not be the most reliable storytellers. While there was four people that last seen shane from the stories that we heard, so he had I'll just give you some context here. So there's four people cristo as one of his best friends. If another person name is justin he worked for shame. He lived on change, property and another trailer that chain owned shane head.
basically fired him like a couple of days before he went missing or because of a drug issue and not showing up for work, for you know at least a month, and then there was two other characters which I don't have the background, but circumstantially we did hear that one of them was like some sort of drug dealer to crystalline and just in the stories that we hear from these four people are a kind of conflicting, but just then said that he seen chain at lunch crystal now as saying that she didn't, but there are some witnesses that said that shit that go home that morning. So there are four people who were allegedly chains property when he returned home on the day he went missing, although stories have changed and been inconsistent about that. We know. One of these people was his wife crystal and another his long time friend. Just it misty told us what she knew
about the other two ray All I really know about him is that he he was a homeless guy. He lived on shane's old property like up on the hill when shane bought the property in paris had got along. I didn't hear anything. The french changes trying to help him out net re that ray when we went out for the wedding not that he was at the wedding, but just when we change property and then again when we were out there in november. Madame briefly, it was at a time that I was pretty frustrated, so I couldn't background to listen to him a lot. I laugh. the that's all I know about re Eric had never met. I know nothing about
other than just in saying that the dashing came home for land at ten o clock, that Eric was their sleeping on the floor and that shameless pissed about that. That's the first time I've ever heard Eric same suggestion says Eric. Is there? However, Eric is saying? No, he wasn't. There were really not sure on that one, just an aunt, rachel that he was there, but there's inconsistency is as far as who get there first and then, who leaves first sheen's on friend, just in lived on chains property in a different trailer, but just in case struggling with drugs and chain had him in the days prior to his disappearance, because just in drug use was interfering with his work, in a roundabout way, it was just
it had been the one who got the word about chain being missing back to his family justin's mom, it's friend with my mom, though they both livin hutchinson and our good friends, and that's how chain and just became friends but doesn't mom and called my mom to tell her on Saturday. So my mom told us I couldn't believe it. I thought all warm you know. Maybe he should There really tell anybody where he's going and but you needed a break and they would find em, but from my mama's prospective she would talk to him almost like on a daily basis and she was trying to get a hold of on was unable to get a hold of amr she's like ok, something's, not right is suspected it like right right away. I guess I was more hopeful and I don't talk to him as much a sheet of so I don't know I was hoping it was just gonna blow over. He has on a key. And from what we hear he he has taken off like a day or two.
Around the anniversary of one his the friend Rebecca died, but it He would never like leave a job in the middle of the day to do that. it was usually like on a weekend or you know when he didn't have work lined up for that part of it is just out of character. for him. You already know that change truck was found abandoned near a reservoir. In the days I followed his disappearance, jody told us What about that and also some of the strange things that these four people were doing during the time period after shane was last seen and before you reported missing. There is another thing to that: just kind of trousers off a little bit, and that was the fact that his, truck was found on a logging road near blue river reservoir.
There's an old bugging road, so his truck was up there in the first story that we heard, which I think came from crystal, was that he would want mushroom hunting. that, we knew right off the bat that that was the case just cause. would he leave the middle of that work, data, mushroom hunting, but and then there's lots of searches that have happened near his truck by can rescue and they haven't found anything they did find there was one cell phone ping from his phone near his truck that they were able to track on, though that wednesday- and there was some communication that was going back and forth between spain and that these four characters on Wednesday and then his phone was turned off and on thursday we think it just died, but the four people were making true
up to that truck a couple. Different trips took place. One time they loved the map. Thinking shame was lost, which is weird, because he knew that area really well. He went for walks up there with the dogs all the time, because it was kind of right behind his old property and he didn't ask for a map which is also weird why they would just leave them out. They also went back to the truck to take out the tools that were in the back for some reason, so it was just really fishy that they found his truck there. They involve and interviewed. They have also downloaded some data from there from there some of their fallen to. I don't know if they did it on all of their phones, so they were able to do that interview. Yes, they also are finding some inconsistencies between some of the stories. One I mean Chris
justin stories, don't necessarily a line and with with just a historic changes, all the time I'll tell you one thing one week a minute: changes the next week. We don't necessarily trust what he says, but we don't we dont we hear a lot of the the detail from law enforcement about like exactly what what they found him. In our view, is other than just just general comments. They ball talked on. I think there is one person that refuse to let them download everything from his phone, but they ve all been pretty cooperative. That was initially now it's like their finding that there the four people are being less cooperative. A few of them are wanting to get attorneys before they say anything more so, law enforcement finding that they have to be alone the careful
point cause right now: they're trying to get as much information as they can willingly and there's a couple too. are actually agreeing to do a polygraph cash. That hasn't happened yet and were not quite sure what the result If we were able to get anything from their results, I dont know we can't necessarily use any of that court. So that is something that law enforcement has told us that there are going to do. I know crystal and just in both great do that if she got lost in the woods and couldn't find his truck, how leaving a map at the truck help him get back to it. There was a stir. ray floating around, initially that she I had gone mushroom hunting, but it just didn't seem to fit with what we know the day he disappeared and chains habits the motion.
Hunting story seem to fit more with the narrative surrounding the discovery of the truck and the stories stole and others were telling. Did she go out to that area on his own and got lost or was struck left location by someone else trying to make it look that way: shades Mr Stacy pointed out some aspects of these stories that don't set right with her. While he did work until about nine thirty or ten o clock this morning, and that spain confirm he laughed all of his tools plugged, then he had lumber and whatever else all lying around, he also had intended to meet a subcontractor. So here
when he left to go home all that stuff was still there, which is really odd for him, but he would be back. There is no way he would leave his job site for any aside from a small break. He would be back to work, he fused really dedicated and a hard worker. So it's just a that. He never came back. The truck was added all the little logging road of an area that was really familiar to both crystal and shane attacks came from his phone on Wednesday morning saying that he had lost the keys to the truck crystals response was ok, we'll come get your wolf book for you, she went looked and came back and couldn't find them and said you know, and thanks for wasting my time, I can't find you then another one
Adam went out and was going to bring food to him, which was really strange because you know cause it would have been a five minute drive back home, jody and stacey both mentioned communications between shane's phone and crystal after the time he last seen at his home around ten a m on tuesday. The second we
need to learn more about this because it seems like a could be important. This is what misty had to add, though, apparently by train or six a m on Wednesday, there's a phone call and a couple of tax between spain and crystal by- and this too is a little bit debatable. In my opinion, who is in control of the phone, I would have to believe that there is a way to say that that actual you know he called her first at like or a clock or something and says I lost the keys I'm no creek, where we picked mushrooms and saw the bear the need. That seems like a pretty specific area and then that followed by a couple of tax, saying from crystal thing. She
she can't get beyond the logging crew. That was there and she had to turn around and go home as far as that logging through we, of course in them, and they said that, yes, they saw the so called they were three people and that vehicle they pay crystal and chain out of a line up that like for a clock at this time, his own is supposed to be near the truck making this phone call. At the same time, the waters parties really confusing the waters, pick shane out of this line up, there's a third person in the car, but they can't make out who it is. Unfortunately,
they had video, but the time has lapsed. So I think the police aren't going on that because without the video it's only the loggers, eight minutes. Okay, so she she goes home. Then, after seeing the logging crew, she thinks she was by herself or whether she was by herself or there were others in the car. We don't know for sure. But then she sends a text saying because she couldn't get there she's going to send ray and get to the main road he's bringing food and water which that text seems super crazy to me, because why can't they find the truck fell thursday? He gave them a pretty specific location. where he is and then when they find the track, they remove the tools from there now, if your best friend is potentially in trouble, why would you care about those tools? They need. Another trip to the track.
leave a map in case last- and this is super odd because she put their twenty years- he he would not have made it a man, didn't find his way home and then, as far as like the filing the report, they do. This friday just insert told us that he made the report. However, we've recently learned that a guy a jeremy made the report because crystal and justin didn't want to. I tried to get the report because we want to find out who filed the report. The shifting stories about the day that shane went missing have muddy the waters in terms of figuring out exact, what happened and why misty tone set, while crystal has claimed that she didn't see. Shane come home on the day that he disappeared. Other clues suggests she did you,
An video from the jobs might be there until, like nine thirty fish, they have like him in his truck on the video. So justly said he came home and initially he said that he was in the trail. With crystal when change at home on for a while and probably still crystal statement, says that she did not see chain come home. However, recently crystal stepmother, the umbrella looks back through her tears and found a text from crystal on the second damage and thirteen. I think chain is home. I have to go. my Onek is disrupting the women's footwear space by uniting comfort in style. I've struggled with it.
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the season of giving and the season was stressing shop. I was on this holiday for decompressing, save on silk road, the top of the refreshing, your parents and in laws just the kid brother, both pasta, stressing the dry. Turkey gets way too distressing. The pressing sounds holiday deals are depressing: I'm fine we wanted to take a closer look at the relationship between spain and his wife. Crystal jody. Exe what she knows about their relationship in the lead up to his disappearance
surgery on the prior winter. He went down the texas to wear my mom. I guess what it would you call those that winter stay vacation thing, I'm the snow bird and seemed to go down there for about a month. or so, and they went to new mexico to get some of work done. My mom thing first hand be the struggle said he was having with crystal and drugs. There is a lot the different instances that I occurred on down there that were quite troubling, mostly just with their with his relationship with crystal she was just. She did some things that were troubling. She would go down to mexico to get pills and drugs are two different things since genes family lives so far away in minnesota. They didn't really no more about a relationship that shane had with his wife only bits
information that he told them over the years or would they observe, during their visits with shame. This is what He told us she knew about their marriage, deny that night sure how they met by day They were married the we went out for the wedding actually of sufferers and I've been out or again and then Actually we at couldn't really see her much cause. She came back with shame for our dad's funeral for our grandpa's funeral, maybe a couple of times in between them I personally don't can't really say that I know crystal all that. Well, on a personal level, I think overall, as the family, including myself, just that she was maybe a little bit spacey a bit crazy,
the only because I've I've only been in her presence. Probably you know a handful of times I fixed time and never just me and her enough. There was always other people around having conversations, probably mostly with our mom. I can,
that I've ever really chatted one to one with her. The only thing I can say is she felt the government was after her and she was big into like healing properties of of different plants and things but yeah. As far as the government theory she'd office, they were going to take wary identity and that the whole coven thing I thought was she felt by like either getting tested or vaccinated from somehow the governmental will get her identity would be bad. She bizarre conspiracy theories and, I think, probably at first she was you know real loving and she like out outdoorsy. Seen last girlfriends prior to crystal, and I believe he probably enjoyed the companionship and just having somebody around like you.
my mom when they were in taxes that the voice was imminent because of crystal usage, and he said add to her, I'm not losing another one. On my time, this trip to Texas that both jody a misty mentioned stacy had gone too it with her mom. While she was there with his wife, she told what she saw first hand. Last march, I took my kids down to my to see my mom who's who lives in taxes over the winter and shame was there. He went down for two or three months with crystal they're gonna get teeth work done at the dentist there, that my mom knows them, and it was a pretty murphy situation. Has a wife was on a lot of drugs and frequently went to across the border to mexico to get this
up on drugs, and it's really crazy things and we are there, so he just had had enough. We would have loved to have crystal side of this story. Perhaps it could have helped us to buy understand what occurred when shane disappeared. However, Chris dollars chosen not to speak to the media about her husband's disappearance site. That she still morning his loss Other relationships in this story that seem important to there was this friend. Justin Jane had done a lot for over the years and was alive We him to stay on his property, but the friendships. to have soured in the lead up to sheen's disappearance. Here's misty oh just and grew up and hutchinson where I live and he moved out there.
Mom and our man have been friends for many years suggests. I moved out to live with. Shame and chain basically carries him by providing him work and a place to stay in the past, a role, conversations that my modest had wishing recent conversation that she had chain would tell her just things about just ass. He was getting the congested and if I could just an appealing to all he would fire gesture and tommy get the hell out the property adjust them. Was a lazy ass? I personally it remember just as it you know a young kid. I haven't seen him many many years My mom and I went out there the yet we were out there, she annice or days with him listening to his story and inconsistency in what
and, and then we became uncomfortable with his involvement, anton waste and the remainder of the time at a hotel. But that's not what I know about justin It seems like these people in chains, life who were allegedly at his home around the time he disappeared, were deeply entangled with drugs. We wondered if shades disappearance could be drug related. We heard from ever When that we spoke to that spain was known to smoke marijuana recreational ii, which is legal, in Oregon, but that he wasn't into or stuff he seemed comes. And about helping to get those around him off of drugs like his wife and just justin, and maybe it's possible that drugs played some indirect role in his day appearance with these relationships crumbling around him right before he disappeared. Due to the abuse of others, the search four shane have mostly focused on the area where change truck was found, but jody wonders if the truck was plea
There is some sort of diversion amber ab. Shane was never even there. Yeah we're just hoping that between these four that that there might be some sort of conflict where one goes to the police and is able to share a guess, a bit more information than what they've shared or somebody find them I kind of feel like he's in one of the reservoirs that that's near those areas like blue ribbon, The boy were cougar reservoir is another one that just and was going to every day. Every day he said he was searching for shame. Even his truck wasn't even in that area said that can it brings me to some suspicion He was searching that area search and rescue search mostly around his
property and his truck and they used drones and they had could diver dogs out there as well, but I dont know that they need the thoroughly and search those reservoir areas. And that would that's one thing that I was hoping that they could do. I mean there's if you do it as a google search on the amount of people that are missing out of line county is astounding and they only have like a couple law enforcement, so they're just really busy, so they ve kind of lost focus. I think unchanged cases could they ve got such a large workload and we have asked whether they can link drag the reservoirs. Just find any sort of evidence not only of shane, but even just some of these other missing people. Because of those places are quite quite massive. I mean he could really be anywhere, yeah, they're, all good people. I just I just feel like they don't have the right resources.
First stacy she's frustrated by the conflicting and constantly changing stories about the day her brother disappeared. It feels like these people. must no more and if they were telling the truth. There's no reason for the stories to keep changing. She thinks that they need if searched shane's property, where he was last seen. But unfortunately that hasn't happened crystal was home and she had two friends over. So it was before them. His good friend justin, the two friends, a man crystal the wife. They all have kind of differing stories of what happened when he got home at one point they say he left happy. One says he is mad when he love nobody tells the same story of what happened. They have been interviewed by police. They don't have any concrete evidence of any foul play at this
I know they want to do from further talking to them at this point. It's all voluntary, so they ve all kind of shut down and are refusing. Our hope is that they would get to be able to talk to them and find out more information and cannot just dig deeper up to this plants been pretty casual conversation. We did hear from his way who still in communication on my mom, that she have higher than that an attorney, and this is pretty recent than the last couple days. They need to get third words to do any more any searching on the property, and they need to have some kind of evidence to do that. I which they said they dont have at this point, for they have not searches property. No clear motive has emerged to explain why someone would want to harm shane stacy thought a lot about what is known about what was going on shortly before shane disappeared, his marriage was falling apart and he had discussed of forcing
crystal with his family, her drug use and pushing to his limits and he didn't know what else he could do at the same time. His friend. Justin was also slipping further into addiction. Shane had supported justin, giving him a job, a place to live, but shane seem fed up with the situation fire justin and gave him a deadline to leave stacy ones. If she went back home that morning angry about everything that have been going on in an altercation broke out. I do know that he would very frequently be work
in all day. You know, son at sundown, and these three people may be more. Maybe less sometimes would all be like sitting around home just hanging out in open and got pretty irritating for him that he would be working and nobody would be. Nobody else would be doing anything. He'd know, one thing that we as a family have talked about is the friend just in whose story there really inconsistent they change daily, but he worked for my brother as well lived on his property in his trailer. He was not a very hard worker. Her I mean he did minimal worked for for my brother, who got pretty frustrated with that and then pay rent in a lot of other reasons, and though she had fired here,
that saturday before from the job and asked him to move, to leave the property and said he had two days to leave. That could be a reason why he went home at that time in the morning, just to make sure that he was gone off the property. At one point we we ran a theory that maybe he was hurt on the property. We don't know it's all speculation at this point, but were just trying to figure out going through all kinds of scenarios trying to figure out what happened happens if possible that he was harmed and there, his truck was planted on that logging road, we're not sure so what happened to shane springer after he left his work site on november. Second, two thousand twenty one. This is a tough case to piece together because there are people who were allegedly at his home the morning that he disappeared and they have given incomes.
stories about what occurred sheen disappeared on Tuesday, in his family back in minnesota, weren't alerted until Saturday genes and sisters made the trip to Oregon to look for him in it seem like they were left to piece together who's on their own. Those four people were now Overly helpful in their story, weren't. Adding up about the morning, shane was last seen they report finding shane struck near the reservoir on thursday, but they didn't for him missing until friday, there either inconsistent stories about who reported jane missing. She family has tried to obtain that information about his initial missing persons report from the lane county sheriff's office, but they had any luck. We too contacted laying county to request records and an interview, but declined or request, citing in open and active investigation,
It was initially suggested that shane had gone mushroom, picking and got lost, but this an area that she knew, like the back of his hand, You do know some information about what cell phone data can tell us about the story. There were text message is between shane and crystals phones in the early morning, hours of november third, these such a scheme to support this idea. That chain was lost and they were trying to find him. Was it sheen sending messages from his phone or someone else? There so. These reports from people who were logging in that area, where she's truck was found to pay gene and crystal and photos and they also said someone else was in the car. Look at this all add up to mean we do. The chain had plans on the day that he went missing. He was signed to meet a contractor back at the job site, but he never showed up the way he left. Things where he was working look like he had just left for a break and would be back shortly,
really know why she decided to go home that early in the morning did he forget something was going to come, justin and make sure he left the property. did some sort of altercation occur when she got home or could change on home and left on his own. That day in disappeared, the wilderness for some unknown reason we We don't know the answers to these questions any reason that these people would want to harm shame, but the lifting and changing stories do add a level of suspicion to those who were there at this time. No one been charged in connection with chains disappearance Family is hoping that someone will come forward with answers of any information about chains disappearance, please contact them, county sheriff's office at five for one six, eight too, for one five, zero. I
We think somebody's somebody's lying, and in that you know fussing up, and I I do believe that whatever happened, that was probably an accident. Don't know I hate to think people are that cruel. But now now we've got this whole cover up thing. Potentially happening and it some breaking my mom heart or everybody rarely but she's going pretty my mom and my sisters, one to oregon they right after he was missing mayor the out there.
about a week when they came home they thought there was no no hope of him being found alive. At that point I wasn't one hundred percent convinced I was you know, wanted some kind of proof before I can had any conclusion to my head about it. But now, since it's been three months, I am not hopeful that he is alive, know the
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