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25-year-old Shelton Sanders had everything going for him. He was about to graduate from the University of South Carolina in the coming months. Shelton had big career aspirations and the talent to match. At the time, Shelton lived with his family in Rembert, SC, and would make the 45-minute commute back and forth to school and work in Columbia each day. On June 19th, 2001, Shelton left home to attend classes and work his part-time job at the university. After work, Shelton and a friend were looking at hotels for a friend’s upcoming bachelor party. Shelton was supposed to be the best man at the wedding. The two went to three different hotels, and the friend said that Shelton dropped him off at his home and then left to drive back home to Rembert. After that, it was like Shelton and the vehicle he was driving vanished into thin air. By the following day, Shelton’s family was alarmed when they realized he hadn’t made it home. This was not like Shelton. Concerns quickly turned to the possibility of an accident during Shelton’s commute home late at night. But nearly two years later, after discovering the car Shelton was driving, this case took a completely different turn.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Shelton Sanders, please contact the Richland County Sheriff’s Office at (803) 576-3000 or the Shelton Sanders information hotline at (803) 427-4209. There is currently a $25,000 reward being offered.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download. The today the. There's nobody nowhere, and I know there's missing people that come up years and years and years later by air here, then. You know nothing came up because that's the only way. I think that you even Having a shot at solving this case or would happen, is that fine but body, and for twenty years they haven't been able to find anything ashes to be honest. I never really never really noticed how many missing people around world, until it here
those coming back in june of two thousand one. Twenty five year old Shelton sanders had everything going for him, he was I to graduate from the university of south carolina in the coming months. He had big career aspirations and the talent to match at the time, Shelton was living with his family in rembert south carolina and would make the forty five minute commute back and forth to school and work in columbia each day, on june nineteenth two thousand one shelton left home to attend classes and work is part time jobs at the university. He purchased some flowers any plan to give to a woman later, and then To a friends house, the two were going to look at hotels, fur friends, upcoming bachelor party shelton was going to be the best man at the wedding shut plans fell through with his friend, but another mutual friend stepped up to accompany. Shelton
two went to three different hotels and the friends said that Shelton dropped him off at his home and then left to drive back to remember after that it was like Shelton and the vehicle he was driving vanished into thin air, by the next morning, shortens family was alarmed when they realise that he had made at home. Was not like Shelton concerns quickly turned to the possibility of an accident during shortens commute home late at night. But nearly two years later after the discovery of the car that Shelton was driving, this case quickly took a different turn, I'm marisa and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and twenty eight of the vanished Shelton Sanders story the
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he was reliable and thoughtful of others. He was known to phone home throughout the day to let his family no his plans and when they could expect him to be home, he I want them to worry Chopin was the second afford children born to william and Peggy sanders there. Three sons and one daughter will vary we'll very it was just eleven years old when her brother disappeared, but one she grew up. She was determined to find answers for her brother, will vary, told us about her memories of Shelton. Shelton was my middle brother. He was the metal boy. He the father figure to me He always made sure that I learned how to cook he wanted sure that I started again at an early age. I was only eleven years old when he went missing, though he would how to do the lime tree. He wanted to make sure that I was pay for the world as a young lady, he made sure
that I had my study well as the elementary food it. He was my protector he was the provider. the family measure that we ate three mill: the day at our. How could the grass for my bad inside My mom, I can just remember you know a lot of things that my parents needed done around the house. He was always there. If he wasn't. school or working, he was here in the house. Doing things form my other siblings well being his youngest the boeing. My old, brother one year older than Shelton an the brothers five years younger than gentlemen, I'm actually fifteen years younger than shelter. He was just happened indicate, keep me align not too strict, but wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing at all times, so he was the most It's your person in my life, incredible outgoing. Already thought her mouth out go in
Then the family actually mama his friends and family right after he got waited from high school and he went on to pursue his bachelors agree at usc, be graduated from hillcrest high school and then same the he started. You'll see he would love friends and family target. ok and gotten a study that he was the fact the graduate in December, two thousand and one he was of finance cowboy sandalwood dallas fan here. He was just sharing his love, with the family What I remember my brothers is funny carrying loving gentle kind hearted spiritual with church was involved with the community activity. with all its eighty. He were going to school for information technology to give it that was a very bad The I'm website called fan. That com I were here his love for computer and working on computers. His dream was
graduate into doubt. No one with information technology degree have it all successful business get married and have children, he was employed at the system's manager at the university school medicine. So he wanted to continue that pursuit of, continuing to work there and also happens on consulting business with information technology, though he was working there as a student hurry. We I spoke to one of shortens, closest friends, Brian, who told us how they met in a little bit about shelton from a friend's perspective, man and we went to the same high school, how hillcrest school and sumter south carolina as we met shelton through another friend of mine, a prime I throw a great year, so they for in a bad proposal like I wrote it and start hanging out with shelton till we got to get out, though You know we stayed in the same dorm
Can I notice how like a meticulous guy is right, like he brought everything from a whole, not within his room like here brought that took out the window. organ about like some mighty who makes things the wrong. I mean I was pretty much him by those broad. I mean everything from curtains to fly. Rest and, like two rugs, comfortable chair with almost like a recliner, so I you know, I always thought that was pretty pretty cool of self then and how he is brought home to school keys like a cook, when it when I say like his hobbes, when you got my hobby I mean he was wine to coax, are like he'd, always gotta everybody out further cookouts he always be the wine. I was gonna beyond the grill yeah, Why do I hang out having a good time trying to get everybody together? Will you
a bad, maybe goin alike. On day trips are stopped. My bat like use the main more say, may look, let's get together Let's go to myrtle beach out for a concert or something like that: music, he loved music didn't. He always had the newest music, the old school music, also computers to in his heart the computers. I guess, waiter, or like years down the line when the computers really started to ramp, be really started to get into that visa. He loved the computer. Do you know what he's too go back with. You know just doing something in a computer field started, making wet by then in us. A website designs are used to talk about that alone, and his group of friends were at a pivotal time and their young adult hoods. They were finishing school starting careers and families brain we're getting married in the summer of two thousand one and shelter
was going to be as best man in the wedding june nineteenth two thousand one started out like any other tuesday for Shelton. He The commute from rambert to colombia to attend classes and work at his job at the university Shelton as a systems manager at the department of neuro psychiatry and behavioral science at the medical school One thing that was different about that day was that shelton car was in the shop, so he was driving his brothers nineteen. Eighty eight oldsmobile regency instead of his own car after shelton, was done at school he applied with a friend to go check out some hotel rooms in and around colombia, for the upcoming bachelor party we'll very walked us through which she knows about the day her brother disappeared on. You, like, he left home that morning to attend school, his class parttime class and part time work. He left his job that afternoon
and went directly to his plan was to plan a bachelor party for his best friend that he known since high school. They all went to you he together, along with other free that were out there. Aren't you afraid some other met high school, some of them met shelton, and you seem, though his plan was reserve rooms after he left work. went to one of the mutual friends house, because Surely one of the other guy The group was supposed to call was shouting to read. the rooms he had already told Shelton an event that I'll ride with you to go reserved around well after he got to this mutual friend. Health and colombia, the mutual friend that I can't ride with you shelton, because my girlfriend is coming over change of plans so that he could come well might Richardson had up, maybe thirty, forty five minutes after Shelton arrive at this for in house what ricky someone the french, when he met in college tat, was like while uneven, Do you have to come with me my register?
a volunteer himself to go was shown to reserve the bachelor party rome's so market, You know I'll go with you and he said well. I have to hurry up because I'm driving my brother's car shall dropping his car, that particular damage caused in the shop you even our younger brothers car, which is the one younger than him. He call markka he nuclear hurry up and plan the world. You know reserved a room, so he can get back home to remember whichever toxin reporting so our drive to come back home. He said o K Mart told him I needed. Back home to change my workload? Can you meet me at my house? So shall live said? Ok, I'll lead. which, in other mutual friend how and I'll, come over to your house to pick you up. So they both left that house and shut followed marked to his house. Marking close and based on his statement He said that shuttle role with him well on his way to mark how shelton made a phone call to our house, though
and several calls to our other brother just to let him know hey I'll, be bringing their car home. I just need a start will serve in the room for the best le party in the now bring your car right back in my brother, my the brother actin hello, Are you going to be home within the next two hours and he said yeah? He said just in case. If I need to use my car, how long is it gonna take for you to get back he said I ll- be humped within the next two hours. That was around eight forty that, I talked to my mom and my brother, and he told my mom that he'll be coming home soon, there's going to be late, but he'll be coming home. shovels. Family had no idea at the time This would be the last time they would ever hear from Shelton through this time there was one more call on shortens phone this. The call between shelton and mark brown, ninety seven, which was record ash lastly, I call another seven and I believe that this was prior to them. Arriving at the first hotel had it been egmont riches house before they left. He makes up on how to mark riches
nine or seven p m, and he said that he had Shelton took his phone because he had lost his phone. We know that This point shelton was still alive and well because they were seen at three different hotels to book rooms for the bachelor party. The play was to book a few different rooms check out the hotels and then the group guys would decide which reservation to keep for the party based on which hotel they like the most at night and thirty two. Shall. We made a reservation at widely in amity. clear if Shelton, roadway, mark or mark road was shelton marriages. The saying that not all road with him, but You know later I did it look like martin We shall consult on clear based on the fact that the evident quo arrive all we know for sure, since we had the receipt hotel receipts that Cheltenham mark right arrive at wisely and sweet.
Can we rode in colombia the reserve, a room and at night the wine he made her. Duration at the embassy sweep ungrateful boulevard in colombia. Approximately around ten p m ten forty five year they from want richest a statement We arrived at residents in and then after they left residents in an around. They were on their way back to mount richardson's house to drop him back up at his house. That's what might represent a stating the solana reserved three rooms. He saying shut me and he went back to his files on olympia, avenue in colombia and he's that he had chosen to come inside of his house. Eighteen hang up were a little bit told him that he couldn't than he had hurry up and get back to the home to crop up his brothers car. So he said okay well with him. see you later and he said that Shelton had left his house and approximately around eleven thirty? That was it
mark says that shelton left to return to his home, but two never made it by the following morning. His parents were concerned. It wasn't like shelton to not show up when he said he would you always known to call them and let them know if he had a change of plans we'll very explained how they jumped into action to try to find shelton. My father was a magistrate judge in the center county. At the time he was a magic for eighteen years. My dad on June twentieth woke up. I shall always in here the early that morning before they. My parents went to work. He asked my brother had you have you seen shouting? Have you had the returning your car anything from them and they will like no. The last time we heard from him was last night for my dad. The call to the front accountable, the parliament to see there was any reported accident or anything the hospital registry of Shelly nothing. They told me
They could make a plea for a misinformation report until forty eight hours on june. Twenty. Second, my dad made the official police report official incident report have been missing and my bad pretty much Most of the leg work. I'm in eight of the report but my dad took action on his own telling my brother to start making. that was shot and try to start calling on them to find out. What with a laugh purchasing was shouting and manner that they see him in her. You know I'm his activity on june. Nineteen enimont and started call another hospital jails. My mom, school and his job, the universe is called a medicine. His supper called here to say, shall never miss their work. What's gone on, he's poster report to work so it was unlike him to miss work so that all occurred on june. June twenty first june. Twenty second, my brother started contact, you shot was fired. when Shelton brothers started calling around one person they contacted was Brian, he told
about that day. Forget it was, I would say no, at my my neighbour's house, we just got a bit not by the poorest hanging out. He went missing better use. Data brother call me that friday, you know have you seen selden late last night, You know, and I think your connection couple of days because here we had seen him since tuesday. I okay, well, you know call to one of my other friends out of ghana will to go, and I just gotta hang out whatever that Canada Go hang out are called down there, I say: hey man, you know when's the last time a thing show and he like not shown we go. We get other day. now when we found out that he was without more, which is one of our other friend. They figure they left. You gotta go in qatar. plan a bachelor party for you and so on, I found out. I was through his brother.
Shovels family didn't know that he had been with mark richardson on the night of his disappearance, but that but they began hearing from all of shelters, France being there I was part of the same friend group, a shelton. The family figured that he would be eager to help them search or at least give them more information about what transpired that night, where they go did Shelton seem ok. Where was he heading when they went their separate ways shout Father was shocked by marks tone during their first interaction. They all said, What would you say was the last person thing was shouting so ban They gave my had a brother. What would you say? I'll phone number. My dad instructed the brother devise revenge ever instructed him to contact mont. Reducing immortal. I we went to gophers our bachelor party rooms, and I haven't seen him since he, after that he dropped me back off at my house, or we came back
hausa, he told me he had come back home. The drive your car up. That's what he told me how the brain mainly on june twenty fifth, my dad instructed my brother to make contact with me. as he said, that he was the last person thing within my dad. Called an act mark. You know my name I'm talking to say: hey, we just don't wanna, be Are you sure you know interrupt anything? We just want to find out what happened is shown. We were told that you were the last person scene with him and he immediately got nasty with my dad and he said I have to tell you. I got damn thing about shelly And he told my dad you're, you are a fucking judge. I don't have to tell you. Nothing if all know accorded by the law, and got in involved put a I'm recording device on our house phone to record any calls coming in just in case somebody may have called for information about your whereabouts, so it
my dad out. On june twenty fifth told my dad. He had to tell him a goddamn thing and my dad out of fear for him hanging up on him. He just said well. Can we talk to you another time where you he said you don't have the watch me in that type of marriages, shovels, parents and civilised. concern about it whereabout then we just highly for you to help us and he said that he, he wasn't gonna say anything are helpless financial. his attitude was an immediate red flag for shelton's. Father still seem like normal behaviour for a friend. mark seem too quickly have a change of heart in the days that followed by dagger I would have on june. Twenty first reading still havent heard anything. It's gone on for days, nothing from shown for my dad instructed the next day on doing so six. My dad acts, my boy their given to reach out somewhat reduced and again that morning, to see we can try it again to see if you gotta fill. You knock yourself out. My dad
also inform law enforcement that he had made with Margaret you said he was the last person single shovel. He would me from assistance because of the way, the manner that might read you. Some were talking to my dad on you, when he feared he said I mainly law enforcement assistance, because then they went ashore, how going to react well on june. Twenty six will my day off the mark richardson. He said We just want to find shelton. We really need your help and he said sure Mr Santer, but this onto another place- she had a change of behaviour. My dad said he hurt him out or I think he said shaking his head. I can help you find shouting or in a cooperate with you. My dad can you help me over the events that took place? If I can do better than that, his wrath income, with your house and my dad. that will do you know where we live, and he said I ve been to your house for several times Oh yes, I will highlight how, but how long would it take for you to get our how they set about thirty minutes feldman?
for my dad, made contact with law enforcement again to say: hey now, Margaret assembled, had come our house king. I wanna you're deputy, come out to assist us here and then fell Would you say maybe arrived been thirty forty five minutes later to our house He came in the house and told my parents, you know he just won over. again he saw him are shouting reserve rooms after he got up work Shovelled and came back to his house on olympia avenue. I shall tell him that he had to go home go back home. return, his brothers car and that's all he would say and he said that's all. I know so that when a deputy law enforcement came over to the house, they had a private com. station and our liberal and he told the law enforcement officer and the deputy that came to our house. He told my till the law enforcement look at which shone has looked at this house He live in felton always give thing that he wants. So that's what he said for law enforcement,
The time he said wherever the car. Wherever shuttle carry this, where the body is this, by mark strange behaviour. There was also a lot of concern early on that shelton had gotten into some sort of accident driving home from colombia since he had left a late in the evening of the nineteenth, and it would have been dark sure market last person to see him, but if Shelton plan to drive home something as simple as an accident could have occurred during his drive, the vehicle shelton was driving was also missing. Brian told us that this is what he thought. It happened when he heard that Shelton was missing ya they start Chopin was on the side of the road somewhere. Only because I knew had the way skydrive, ok, it's. When we first found out, he was nothing I may never. We did like. We drove we buy a sound on the part of the road. I mean it's like you all, the brightest grown up. Is the miller that summer time
he's on the road side of the road. We won't be anything and get out of the treaty and all of that that we rode. I mean we rode his rau several times really looking and clinging word. We thought where he could have possibly went off on the part of the road, so with time and never thought anything out, and I think that a lot of people say it was a nice. Somewhere coming home, I'm not the one stretch of a highway that he has to take to come home and if he goes the back way, it's a lotta country, roads and stuff back there. So that was always my thinking. Brian. Wasn't the only person who considered this outcome a strong possibility authority? and challenge. Family also searched along shouts, possible routes, home thea, ground and aerial searches, but they turn up any trace of shelton or the white oldsmobile that he was driving authority
also considered the possibility that shortens disappearance could be linked. Was fathers work as a local magistrate of the measure some county and our own local jurisdiction emma? He did like not civil actual, like sweden tickets, that by that I think we re small claims core over some five thousand dollars. You wasn't no big criminal law of january, that that was the latter's rover, allowed a rover in the beginning, This led went nowhere in their didn't seem to be any reason for shortens family to believe that he was involved in any high risk activities or that anyone had a reason to harm him. nothing out of the ordinary we ve been in kind I put the witnesses and his point that he's been friends were since high school, and they do. You know all say that There was nothing there. Chopin was involved then or lesson that Shelton was worried about that will cause any harm to him or com.
Many china endanger led to any one else. I'm shelton was It is really about and with his fine thing out this morning on the weekend, then family kid that was it. He wasn't any any type of illegal activity or was around anybody that he thought that was behind him- and so parents are not aware of any thing with us in limbo? Softer eliza pointed to my parents are good, course. I will only eleven years ago but, to my mind, He never said that thing to them back. concerned of anyone, carbon him any harm. You know he was living a very happy life. You can't, my parents two or three times a day, hey I made at the school and made to work I'm on the way home shelton was full of life happy in no reason why we was suspect any bad things. to him on june. Nineteen. They turned to Shelton's financial records to see if they would yield any clues
had shelton used his cards after the time he had. Reportedly left marks home on the evening of the nineteenth one of us, Let's having on him guards with atrium machine gun were around Shapiro. He wished. forty dollars monday at enforce acres. He also to the people the glee. What role will drive in colombia, and made a transaction local people illegally logged forces, were they. To retreat that he also bought the flowers but useful skip to a girl that day so the last transactions that he had, though the transactions that actually were approved that he purchases, so there were a hold affected. Behold I want to say at fifty dollars in there another one like a hundred dollars at the three hotels. Those were just hold because they were gonna too which hotel was best hosting
that, together for he was holding the reservations about, were also transactions that were pending the hotels they the whole. Because I get you know, actual law enforcement went there and home that virtually listen. They cancel the reservation Unfortunately, all the transactions were from before the time that Shelton disappeared. However, They do give us a picture of children's day. He was doing regular things, making small purchases at a grocery store, buying flowers for someone he was interested in and then those reservations for the hotel rooms for the bachelor party, Shelton father kept up with a search efforts to find a sun day, or He was doing everything he could possibly think of to uncover anew led for my dad did, but jordi of the search and efforts He would go out to kill every by one and two clock in the morning and searching everywhere in colombia. My dad,
Oh, my god, my dad was in colombia every single day searching I all day I was out my there will be the house five, the clock in the morning see my dad told by the next day. Out in the woods feel come about for our military, so he had military men. They were dressed into their military, uniform searching ground, and that cannot be Of doors act in that they feel you know with pictures there my dad and really burnt out, because my daddy therefore, like five six we're the beginning for my bag, my dad did majority of the searching on his own that'll be lakes. River helicopter. They did helicopters medea roll on health happened. Lookin the water they use the dealer Santayana dna data, the dream Hungary, river vote virtues My dad was in ditches,
in this case, seem to go cold. The lad, if the person he was with had acted a little shady, but there was no evidence that anything sinister had occurred. That night, maybe Shelton had just driven off the road on the way home from columbia, but then the two years later there was a major break in the case they found. The car and it wasn't crashed along shortens route home. It was simply abandoned in an apartment parking lot in colombia inside they found sharon's book bag. With his schoolbooks, a newspaper data jus nineteenth two thousand and one and two flowers a he had purchased to give to a young woman, it was almost like they discovered a time capsule from that fateful day that Shelton disappeared. As Errant no two days are ever the same end
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calm today. The. Suddenly finding shelter car nearly two years after he had gone missing and all other search efforts had turned up. Nothing was a shock to everyone. we'll very told us more about how shows car was eventually found in what they discovered inside, years later, shelters, com was found at the party complex and sparkling road? They didn't find it until until a dispatch was setting The were county of sheriff department for noise, disturbance at the green briar apartment, when they are called in the life, is to take great number one. Car wasted in air. They never was. It was linked to a missing persons report for the past two years, so when they found the car two thousand and three
the things that were in the car, like a bag set of flowers that he was supposed to take a young lady, that's particular day, and the eight newspaper was in mere dated june nineteen, and that was that was the only thing that was in the car they wanted, Can the trunk nothing within the trunk? Nothing believes that everything that was in their belonged to my other brother, which was his car, but for Shelton the wily that he must have had because he was wearing a day. All of that was on his person, the keys, the cell phone. It was all on his person question that everyone was asking was how long had the carbon at this apartment. Complex investigators said that it appeared to have been there a long time, perhaps the whole time that Shelton had been missing. The condition of the car tyres that tire port in the scene it, but the girl blackfriars more the oil had leaked out of the car. It was just sitting there. Nobody had
with bitter. Anyway, it was just sitting so they disappeared it with their two years, though, the car was part towards the back of the apartment, like hell? You go in airports from it's kind of weird, like gold, a big hole circle and the marriage by political alleyway were second another section of it. It was factor near him way where there is a lot of trees, and so, of course, equally hidden. Could it's not my fault or indeed partly complex? Were we into a you see everything I know open this apartment complex more with circular template. You first come in you, you can go, laugh or even go right. If we go along you can go around in a circle. We go right. Go around and half of the circle, take another turn and then go to rest of the apartment complex. So it's kind of like a little twist, turn up in there. They could
then they went back. Google search may sit out their different dispatches to go out to search indifferent the complex and how'd you develop in that they missed. It is back in a port, they could see life it blended. In with the rest, the cars the man less than one that parliament said that he reported the car that it was sitting there because they had changed their managements like three or four times during that period. It was ignored nobody did anything about it. Is that their then so annoyed? The service was called on April, twenty two thousand three thanks guys drinking outside and play allow music. I believe they were sitting on my brother's car. Brian had originally believed that Shelton had been in some sort of accident and was never found. He told us of the discovery of the car was a complete shocked to him. The car and the green prior apartment complex, which was baffling to me
ok, In other words, the guard doing over here in an apartment, Cobb than apparently had been sitting there for a long time I found out, I mean like anybody out there, like ok, was what what is it makes sense for the car just be in the apartment, complex. this discovery shifted the focus of the investigation away from any kind of possible accident investigators went back to the very beginning to take a fresh look at the case. There started work perfunctory county police department in two thousand and one you know did their investigation. viewed, allow witnesses for statements and stuff and the case white cold for two years. The car was found when it was found two thousand and three the ritual encounter sheriff apartment requested for the case to be transferred over to them in colombia from two county wanted to keep it They took out an entire year within to transfer the case over, so they didn't get the case until
technically, two thousand and four which three years later at the shop goes missing. Then they start their investigation obey the columbia. Please parliament's lead, written cottagers department, sumpter county, we're all working ever unit. thousand one was shouting first went missing, but the case needed to be transferred who are risking county to do the re, investigate now the case, because the car was the council that new evident, though they parted interview it that weren't interviewed before in two thousand and wine collect them evidence when where the yom cellphone record four shelton earmark they do a search warrant on mark, Richardson's, house and found. If our caliber thirty eight caliber guy, Try to you see if that was the murder weapon they confiscated at nice. nice. It was in this house and I watched stolen and other auxiliaries related to the case.
During this new investigation into what happened to shorten the focus shifted back to the last known person to see Shelton alive. Mark Richardson While they were looking into mark. They began to hear things about him that were concerning. It appears that, in the lead up to shout disappearance ma quit struggling with his mental health. My move mindset, the I'm and the witnesses of marked and shall instead that Martin richardson behaviour started, changing and ninety ninety nine, when he was a boy with ie, the oil line company. They thought a floor, that's when his personality started to change and he started here. Voices in his head accusing them of way to kill him. Then he said that the then there is talk was to this at the time he said that he would have voiced, trap family would enter into view his mom and dad said that he was having mental faculties issue.
they keep them out of the house and they told him not to combat the buried and said that he suffers from that that people's mental condition, when he was marked age felt that mark was heavy. The same lack of faith phase and that he will grow out of it. Obviously, his family was wearing him. Having those issue, He mentioned the other friends that he wanted to kill them. He would hear voices in his head, but he knew to kill one of his fine, so that only thing wasn't around this particular guy. Every day they were friends as night Ninety three, ninety, ninety four, when they started that you see but This guy must adjust just snapped and decided it was the day that he would want to do something brian new mark back when this off happened and was well to give us a little bit more information about how they met mark kind of relationship he and Shelton had with mark.
we parliament more prior round. Ninety three, ninety four: when we both went to school more lives. of cap as we all lived on campus and I think he had a class with one about other friends. Maybe man sophomore year or something like that and that's just gonna. How we all met me most. started hanging out and you know, came out a room or something, and we just started hanging out from there mark was all the cool guy with that we never had no issues Whittemore before in. All of this is going on a main markers, isn't it of guy, that You know, eat always be hanging around hanging around with you. Funny guy I mean he used. You know things like that. gaining and then ass time went on. Everybody can start I guess ass, we get older, everybody kind of starts going around by people I get married. People are starting to work. hanging out as much yeah, then he can't. I just started to change a little bit and it was more like a little bit. More standoff is sir
I dunno like I'd just thought. A lot of people were just get em with more I think we kind of knew that a lot man. This is more. This is how he's going to be so like we never had any issues with that at all I'm a comrade, and even if you would be kind of paranoid, but there was nothing to us because they were kind how he was, and we just got all accepted it in the years that followed, shelton disappearance, Brian told us that he ran into mark only one time. This is what he remembers from the conversation women's thing. I'd at that point I got married, ok, go live there go out for me- think I ran the mark, maybe one time this is prior to then finding his car. I was out at lunch with some coworkers of my ran in the mark. He was having lunch with somebody. There we spoke before met it like it was enough
like it wasn't a in a whole. They conversation was like a faint I guess you know itself there met there go had found a car males pretty much. Those like, when I say brief, is all maybe when one or two minutes or so Andrea had spoken to him, said lily we are told us earlier what mark said transpired on the evening of shortens disappearance. He claimed that the two parted ways at marks house after they visited three hotels we wanted to learn more about what mark said happened after that time, where was mark after he claimed to have last seen, Shelton Volvo you told us more about marks story of what happened that night, which included a strange story about doing laundry and spending time with a sex worker, though after shut left at eleven thirty march riches and fading he went to the laundromat togo, wash your clothes, twelve midnight, and that's what
He said he met up with a prostitute name, written in colombia area that he met in the mill. What neighbourhood policy that when he met read it, he said that he asked her to drop his car back off and did laundry back off and that he will go to ride with her to have sexual relations after reading, allegedly he dropped him back off at his house. He rode with her. They got it the argument on not road, I seventy seven and said that she dropped him off, kicked him out of her car and so get out and that he said he made a phone call to his brother and sister to pick him up approximately around twelve forty nine, a m on june twenty of the morning of june twentieth, which is our fifteen minutes after he claimed that shut left his house at eleven thirty pierre. So with babby said when they did this, pino in his cell phone records in two thousand and one they ask them why? Why is your cell phone being paid out? this tower and at the alibi a gay, but years later Shelton's car,
Was found at the partner complex too away from where he made that cell phone call, but unfortunately, It was two years later when they found the card marks phone had gone quiet after the call from shortens phone at nine, o seven p m It didn't start making calls again until after midnight mark had made cause to his sister and brother, not to after he said that shalt left to drive home his sister declined to pick mark up, but will vary a told us what she knows about where mark was picked up by his brother. He called it for his sister to complete them up this is the told him. Now You will gonna pick them up and then he said Cobb his brother, brother about twelve it before Brother ended up picking them up the of the Earl and thirty in the morning. So far,
the car was found at green briar partners. What you don't park lane road and he was picked up on two natural- was the intersection light out there, like a black, Green briar partners is like for a minute, walk from the columbia em. All he was kicked that radio the columbia em there was another important witness that investigators had spoken to shortly after Shelton disappeared. witness had an interesting story to tell story that now seemed more important after Shelton car had been found this way his claim to have heard something on the night that Shelton disappeared. That could potentially be very damning evidence. The guy shots were heard happen next door neighbor the regulated olympia avenue. The gunshot were heard at between eleven and alive, thirty p m. at the same time that you say- and I shall love to power or was at his house so the gunshot three gunshots that they heard
and then the neighbour coming outside of the door he sang. that noise and margaret you can tell him his neighbour. That was just luck that firing death just right between his house where he was where we they heard the gunshot and the caribbean park at the green briar apartment, which is up. Only twenty I'll say twenty- in its awake from where market lived, something very suspicious about that. Toper of two thousand five investigators believed they had enough evidence to charge. Mark Richardson was shortens murder. Mark to being the last person to see Shelton a neighbour reported hearing gunshots, that night theorize that mark had shot shelton at his home and leader abandoned his car at the green briar apartments. Since marks phone placed him in that area in the hours after shelton disappeared, they didn't give
register an arrest warrant until october six, two thousand and five, but technically two and a half Years after they found the car, that's when they did the arrest on my richardson when they brought him for the irish, he actually made a statement to the law enforcement officers. He said. Can I ask you a hypothetical question: not really it's an accent daily, detective sharma gales. He said if there are such things then I'll daphne top carolina, and he said You explain the accidental death and then they invest The gator said mister and missus. Sanders just would like to bring this case, could cause and find their sign helpless, find him, and he said, but I've already went to his people. Many shelton you'd already went to people's health and told him that I wanted to help them find shelter and Should that be other law enforcement officers walks into the interrogation through an garlanded detectors, debating him what him
What richest everyone discussing almost a confession and then, when he tries to see what the conversation were, not richardson marriages and refused to say anything else. he acted as if he never said it. After x, two thousand five arrest judge set his bail at one hundred thousand dollars and market required to posts ten percent or ten thousand dollars, which he did. This was upsetting to the sanders. Family they felt like mark was a danger to others, even possibly to other members of their family It would be nearly three more years before this case made it to trial. The.
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billions of eyes are about to fall upon. Thirty, two nations battling it out for sarka supremacy in many places. Podcast will once again bring you every incredible gul every moment of human triumph and every ill judged neck tat. Do not forget our very level headed and not hyperbolic at all tactical analysis of every? U s men's national team game, a trademark roads or your trademark follow many places. Wherever you get your podcast, you can listen ad free on the amazon, music or wondering amp go. well, go usa,. The. The trial for mark richardson began in April of two thousand eight doctors had built a circumstantial case against mark. There was no smoking gun to this day, Shelton's remains, have never been recovered.
All of their searches for physical evidence at marks, home in his car and in shelters car all came up empty. They rely upon marks on statements about that night and phone pings to make their case on the other side. The defence argued that there was no proof that a crime was committed. There was a single trace of physical evidence to support the states theory they are there wasn't even any proof that Shelton was dead. The end of the trial. The jury was unable to come to a verdict, and the judge declared a mistrial today, more richardson is still a free man, however, could be tried again in the future, will be you told us her thoughts on what went wrong at the trial, this lawyer shut everything down there? Was quiet day. He was saying the prosecution didn't have enough evidence. I ve been
farming murder weapon. Although lawyer was like firm, none of the prosecution, finding emile mark dna. Nothing. tell him down, but a murder. Our guide, the amino acid, is filled with tears, set the prosecution, though only real the prosecution they came. They had all these things like ITALY bore all week, He ate them alive. They know their metaphysical body. Present too, say, was the motor. What was that matter of death that type of be closed and that's what he said. The lawyer Boy he was he made that a topic of discussion every day of the tree there is nobody. There is no like that was just closing argument. Just Repeat that overt over. Do we think that we're gonna be convicted year. We did then let led investigator. He saw optimistic, yeah
gotta, be a big date. We got this autumn. We got that, although we got that all of you the lawyer to shut down. We made the prosecution why they were prepared failure. thought you were a big effect. It good seven jury said I you, guilty here. Five were decided. My parents, fair they were down, I believe my mom pass out after we went back to the back of the room where the new supporters were trying to get our statement. I write after that? I think she was the blade out or something and fell back. They ve done a lot of crimes? why, over the years that I've seen additionally the reaction in the bag. You barely heart, probably drafted historic, devastated One question that stood out to us about the lack of physical evidence in this case was when exactly remarks home and vehicle searched. We know that shelton car was found for a couple of years, but was
really looked at that closely before the car was recovered, or did of those things happen after this. what will vary a told us about the searches lab worse than claimed that they search it house? I want to say this lightly desirable, but rather that the claim that they did, they searches house the week after my brother, what measures they claim that somebody They saw barkley about his house the day after my brother. What listen this is allowed. story, the rule that was said. They said it globally with regard to throw blue card They they knew the movement all they knew very well tat. They did I search it. Was it's like they arrested him into I would have five. They found the car two thousand and three so I want to say that a move at all had been completed somewhere in two thousand and four. So that was I years later married. I search ground search of his property.
My brother with this. It is because he was the last person see with my brother, but as well the low banal and all that fell down the years later, which he had left that how a couple of weeks after rubber this. They did do a search of his house for where he was arrested, which differ. How they found a glass I want to say, glock. Thirty eight got boy far back in two thousand away. Why she said I fail to water, the group prince. He try to That needs to get rid of it. They don't by re he fry the seller to so you don't have any need for anymore we'll very explained that the case when cold for many years after the trial was over Then she got older and took an interest in pressing for answers herself now the new cold case unit, looking at the case and will very, is confident in the work that they're doing now
They ve been very helpful. The coal case unit that I'm working with now they're very helpful and there are starting to collect new evidence, Edward S, who was working on right now, the lead, some day you worked on the case. in two thousand and three up until we went to trial in two thousand and eight cause, we did go to trial and it was a hung jury, so The work on the case then, but then, after that it became in the cold you he didn't do anything on the case we took new coal case a textbook case after I spoke to the show gravelling contact with the attorney turning general about a meeting with him, and I have also met with a sharp and I ve, been very helpful, fell right now, work in the midst of collecting new evidence so that we can go back to trial at the trial. The states theory was that mark had acted alone. The he had me statements over the years about wanting to kill one of his friends, but today we'll various questions. If he would have been able to pull something like this off on his own that he acted alone. I feel because
My brother is much bigger than him and taller than he had to have held, but it hard to get other law where's my officers to believe that the storyline I want to leave the technologies. It is hard to tell mark was fires were could have no that would have helped him get rid of. The body or help cover it up the mystery in is hesitant to say that he thinks that mark killed shelton. but he admits it. He thinks mark knows something about it. Ever thought- even know I can't, I knew how mark was working, this, then you know it's a little bit, but what never thought in my mind initially that ok, even though markers, alas, my with him always thought that he was the fat other road somewhere that we and find them till they found a car. everything right now is circumstantial.
But when you look at the circumstances, when, on that particular day, you know going from you know, listen into the trial was in a police report phone records. Where they found the car. It all point. back to me dad If more, then do this He knows something. More than what he said there's nothing else when I think of the case to say no, maybe he went in this weather, Did it or not? I don't know, but I think he knows more, why the car in drinking by appointment like I've written at that time. We personally I don't know anybody at that. who, with lemon at that apartment, complex later on, we do find our throughout various research,
somebody else their mark new, with live in canada in those same apartment complexes cheaper I'm a complex and a lot of people. People in colleges live up there with her are being where it was found that other circumstance, then a case would link mark to that guy in that bang cell phone record on famed. I put in a minute senator where the car was hell. And that was we'd like we did find that out onto till later on in the investigation. Brian just mention that mark new someone who lived at the green briar apartment complex? This was something that was ever brought up at trial will very explained how she recently discovered. This information did mark anyone know anybody grew brighter, partly as well What do you think you know out they like this? Yes, we know so
No, we didn't know that they knew everybody bear up until lacking literally law enforcement, idea. Did he kill shell? his house and dump, he somewhere and dropped his car when at green grave- and I tell mom where's. It there's no way. This is what was said the trout with it every word up until here. This is what it was. Their martin randomly chose that apart the public eye wandered through the case. Now they found out there was before, and I will leave it at that apartment outlet, for they will renew it for you, They did know somebody out there now that I recently discovered that myself, how long forcemeat skipped over baker him tell you, they dropped the ball. The car with part right in front of him. There utah offerings out partly complex, it being that favour. Building number two. They had a witness statements on this,
like while, but how could you do that? Is it right in my face in our faces a towel mark randomly pick that location. They believe it do a full search. clay the day they backbone apart. You complex build its doors acted in a war that they do show that they do bar led by that time to them three. The personal worrying are the only light It therefore, like a year to save her my brother. What visit he? You live there and let me I'll bet. You. One thing that will vary a wonders about is motive and we, the two are researching this story during the trial. The states argument was that mark had some sort of mental health condition and wanted to kill a friend this based off of statements that he had made to others. We can tell you whether or not mark ever received any official diagnosis from a mental health professional. We Please don't know We'll very wonders if mark did do this,
there's something more to this- that no one has ever uncovered policing the motorway because mark was mentally ill the phrase were saying their mark that he wanted to kill one on his right boy in actuality, no one in the neighborhood, what the actual motorway did. Some I do, I see you, are you upset business revenge? Nothing, no count that type of motor virile. now what the police were able to together with the because he was I'm from a mental illness aegis decided that day there, in my brother's, like that The days of her brother could have been around told that day is on sorry. I really dont really to the day. Tell you one. Person who took his like to say that my brother's best rain and
without offering bookmark nodded. It really taught the mark, I was told the boy year they weren't really close close all of them, but they were out school work and doing their things. You know free are tight at some point and then big their land get pretty busy can I dont think other much, but as far as light not yet along now Not one person tell me that my brother didn't have any. He didn't have any enemies. It wasn't that he didn't get along with anybody. So what is the motive? What what truly happened Well, we'll verrier is confident that the new investigators and the cold case unit are looking into this and attempting to uncover new leads there. Still things I have never been done in all of these years that bother her people who were never talk to earlier. We mention that part of mark story about the night that Shelton disappeared, was that
after shot left to drive home, he went to a laundromat to wash his clothes and then time with a sex worker, when we first heard this, we wonder this woman even existed, or if this story was completely. Fabricated will vary a told us that she is in fact a real person, but she's never been interviewed by law enforcement. This lady has ever been taught to she was never interview. The boy had to EU law enforcement did even want to believe his story. I never if we brought law enforcement, they believe certain things that the killer say and they don't believe nah nah. It's not true. Oh he made that story up, but he did you even go to verify. I can't even give me air why they never even talked to her. They never try Look her nothing, they lie there. They couldn't find. in actuality. What I was able to review so say it was going there shot her pitcher every
It was in there. So I guess it mystery or why certain thing wonder, but as far as giving a statement from her or two came to her or investigating her. Regarding this case, never I still haven't. Then there yet seen in colombia As you see, we have based their graves now that the whole case will take us are on the case of action to reach out to her there waiting What happens. after Shelton disappeared. Brian went on to get married without Shelton by his side as planned, Losing one of his closest friends in this ambiguous way has influenced how Brian has raised his own children may of a or quicker. I always bring up people going missing in how easy it can happen to make it's on. Whenever growing, you know, they're old he needs is now, but just one day whenever younger
and a look, I got a friend whose missing so you can't do this this me. You can't just go we knew about. Let me know where you're going to be the only change Do you about children and his cave and now he went missing an things can happen just one and as you can. hey? Look I'm on my way and never make it without technology. Now you have to, let me know something as the case stands today margaret its and could be retried at any time. One of the last things we asked will vary a was if this case went to trial again today, if she thought the outcome would be the same or different if we were to go by. Child day carefully what the same outcome, but this is the fear that in two thousand eight, they claim that she ran away on his own. Would you say, or would it be, did everything we could avoid walk away?
about twenty years later, Maybe we have a better outcome at this point If we go back, the trout will have to have a lot more against him to get a better outcome. now. There was a lot of things that one permitted in the courtroom back then, but he had book for how to get rid of their bodies. commit murder, but, like I said the judge, what allowed the everything the covered the court room What the Sanders family once today, more than justice is answers. Opportunity to find shelton and put him to rest will very has made attempts to connect with mark richardson and some People in his close circle. Well, I sent him a letter last year. I have a plan, investigators and have him a letter on video kate he read the letter com called law enforcement and told her that those private investigators were harassed, live with them, cable. They want to deliver a letter law enforcement. I'll, be they called me
they offer. The number that I put in the letter was a tip. My They said they must register with calling about harassment complete. They were busy. Some part of letter. The sunday. In a case, then I say here and I told them the story they were like. Well we're going to tell Mr Richardson there that we can do about it and that he's going to have to respond directly to you never better to parent- is the boy I wrote letters. and I have heard anything, the metal. So what happened to shorten sanders on the evening of june nineteenth two thousand one
We know that Shelton had a lot to look forward to the bachelor party. His friends wedding is graduation and starting his career shelton had his whole life ahead of him. She was last seen by mark richardson after the two had gone around two three hotels: to make reservations for the bachelor party, claimed that shelton left to drive back home that night, but Shelton there's never seen or heard from again. Investigators believed that they had enough evidence to convict mark for shelton murder, but the jury in two thousand and eight seem to want more. Is this a case of the cs? I effect where people have come to expect a substantial amount of physical evidence in order to convict due to years of watching fictional crime dramas on television, or was the states case just to shaky from the start. Oarsmen,
the truly innocent and something else happened to Shelton Shelton's, family and law enforcement. Believe that mark holds the key to bringing answers to Shelton's family and more can be tried again in the future they're hoping to uncover some physical evidence in order to give a future jury that smoking gun that the first jury didn't get. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Shelton sanders, please contact the richland county sheriff's office at eight zero, three five, seven six, three thousand or the Shelton Sanders information hotline at eight zero. Three, four, two: seven, four: two: zero nine there's. Currently a twenty five thousand dollar reward being offered based on
it's a credit card to you and have cell phone record you june. Nineteen was the last time shaken has been heard from or seen no activity, no cell phone usage, no credit car, you, social security, number, nothing! No one has seen him. Nobody heard from him the person that blasting with the suspect he actually admitted that he was elected. the thing was shouting. You know we need closer at this point. We are offering a calf reward of twenty five thousand, we played something happen I don't know what happened. Adam disgraceful herself, like this, you know, along with any other of that media attention that keeps kate kind of moving forward closure. For the pair closure fro, while very closer for every by monday. They got no very rarely. It has a lot of time the point it how frustrated great heat,
You got the bilateral. He doesn't express yourself about it. Very, very, very fast in heart, broken in getting older now, so I did my parents. China rely on me The.
That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and twenty eight I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way we'd help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing unpatriotic where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week we'll be sharing a news story from washington. Thanks for listening, the.
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