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William Jamison Part 3: Sliding Down the Backside of the Mountain


Last week, we brought you the first two installments of Bill Jamison’s story. In Part 1, we discussed what occurred the night that Bill disappeared and the initial investigation into his disappearance. In Part 2, we went over all the strange things with Bill’s job and the people connected to his job who may have had a motive to harm Bill. Today, we will take a look at some other aspects of this case and discuss all the different theories that have emerged over the years.

If you have any information about the disappearance of William Jamison, please contact the Roselle Park Police Department at (908) 245-2300 or the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit at (609) 882-2000. 

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He, prime members, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today it will hurt during the whole disappearance of billy affected. It really been talking about it right now. It's got me thinking hello, like maybe I can pick a ride up or going lower the way just to do. That is time I would drive up and back it up back in the diner. I was doing my little investigation for I move. One of my brothers upper when my brother Michael, would go up with it on weekends, leave, Jackie frank and on the go and all the plate. Billy could possibly go
we met, people knew belly. There was a lot of different thought. Processes were typically disappeared as to just what the hell happened to did he take off on his own, or is he on a beach somewhere? Did he get mugged? You get your point where you just want to find out what happened for at the stage now, where, if billy came to my back door today, people have said to me: what would you do I frequently so wide haagen and then, say where the hell have you been, but I really just want to know what happened sweet. We introduce you to the puzzling disappearance of bill Jamieson, who went missing just about a month shy of his thirty fourth birthday bill disappear. after what seemed like a normal night out for him, but something and a bill that night any disappeared without a trace, along with the company car that he was driving. The police.
Didn't seem motivated to look for bell and his case has been all but for and by the media, but bills never forgot about him. His nine siblings came other to do everything they could thing to do to look for him. They knew he do the same for them. But decades. Are they still feel no closer to the truth and of those nine siblings. Only three remain today. Still looking for bill. And that is why they decided that they wanted to share bill story with the world now No one will ever forget bill, amorous, from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and forty six of the vanished part three of bill amazon story.
Academy award nominee carry mole again Emmy nominees a week. Asean story, She said, as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most important stories in a generation, a story That shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited if in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores oscar nominee patricia clarkson emmy winner, Andre brower, Antonio. Jennifer easy with a cat the award nominees samantha Morton, she said, isn't it is now. Last week we were The first two instalments of bills story in part, one we discussed what occurred the night building. peered and the initial investigation into his disappearance in part two. Whenever some strange things that were going on with bills, job and the people connected to his work.
Who may have had a motive to harm bill today, we're going to do a look at some other aspects of this case and discuss all of the different reset that have emerged over the years. Question that is always lingered is whether or not been made at home after leaving the diner on the night, he went missing bills We believe that he didn't make it home. Jim told about one clue that told him that his brother didn't come home. Bill's mail had never made it inside of his apartment, where we saw the melba, so he never made it in his mailbox the day that we he was reported dead. So the cops did a certain investigation. He had a very large income tax return in the mailbox untouched, so that excluding it from you didn't take off anywhere you? How could you take their money where it was very strange? we ve, been working on this assumption that bill never made a home that something must have happened,
to him after he left the diner, whether it was an accident, a fight, a car jacking, something here. and in the middle of the night. But what if this is incorrect? Looking through the fire We saw that there was a neighbor who believed that she may have seen bill at his apartment after its believed that he disappeared and upper Maybe he did make it home. She's that she and bill left home every morning. At the same time, eight forty five, a m bill would be heading to work and she was getting her son off to school. They would often exit their side by side doors. At the same time, mine. She remembers this day because her son was homesick. She heard go home at nine forty five, a m and thought he must be late for work between. Eleven I am and twelve she said Bilbil, into his apartment. Briefly, She noticed tat, he was carrying a folder. She said he had said. Thing over his arm, but she couldn't tell exactly what it was. It may have been dry cleaning. She thought he was wearing a Tanis raincoat
and seemed to be acting normal T. Ninety the family had a meeting with the police and they brought this up. They thought that it needed to be checked out investigators attempted to get school records to see when the neighbors child had been out sick in order to im. If this neighbour really saw him after its believed, he was missing, but unfortunately, of the school records have been destroyed by nineteen ninety. So this question of whether or not bill made at home. That night still lingers today another aspect of case that we wanted to delve into further was bills drinking habits you when heard others discuss in the first two instalments their bills during seem to escalate after the death of his father, many reported they observed bill drinking more heavily in the months that followed his coworkers How did this change and bill katy told us that bill had struggle with this previously and gave up drinking for a period of time, though, I had a drinking proud,
Nineteen. Eighty eight he had given up drinking had did not one drink and then my father piss, where, in early january of nineteen eighty one and it seemed to spiral, he seemed Spiral out of control bills, brother Jim, explain that he knew that bill rank, but he wasn't aware of how much or if it had become a problem. in his life, even whatever you do. Don't run there's much right, but I think he was drinking boobs. You know not beer. We all right rear girl was draken stature without some actual hard core books bills, youngest brother, jerry, spoke to the private investigator back in eighteen. Eighty one jerry has since passed away, remember jerry, was the brother who was living with bill at the time and probably had the most first hand, knowledge of bills, alcohol use jerry the bill was drinking heavily in nineteen, seventy nine, but that he stopped drinking cold turkey to prove that he had control over it.
Didn't drink at all and nineteen eighty. He resumed drinking after their father died in january of eighty one, but jerry didn't leave. The bills drinking had risen to the same problematic level as nineteen seventy nine. During nineteen. Eighty one bill would go out two or three nights each week and would return between two and four thirty I am jerry felt like bill could have been described as a fee. General alcoholic bill separate I told the private investigator that one bill stop drinking in the meeting. Eighty that he was unbearable. She said after started drinking again in nineteen. Eighty one, his temper considerably all of this, thus to wonder if bill was self medicating with alcohol, you heard impart to bills friend coworker Jack Laporte suggested that spill was experiencing post, traumatic, stress, disorder or ptsd. After time serving in the vietnam war ptsd. Been called different names like shell shock before the term was first
blushed and nineteen. Eighty jackal Portman and agent orange, which was a dane, This chemical used by the military during the vietnam war agent orange, has linked to serious health issues, including cancers, severe cycle, google and neurological problems and birth defects, both among vietnamese people and the men and women of the u s military reading through bills files, we ve the note mentioning that unbeknownst to bill his nickname at work was agent orange. That is what the guys at the shop called him, because they thought he was quote. crazy or nuts from something he was exposed to in vietnam. When bill disappeared, Understanding of ptsd was just beginning the veto raided the national centre for ptsd in nineteen eighty nine long after bill disappeared. We ask him if he this was something bill could have been struggling with. This is
he told us his vietnam stories were incredible, the stuff that he saw it was in a gunship helicopter. At one point: and then he was in in rescue that hvac guys with their heads blown away and stuff. Like that, I mean he saw a lot and he also developed the story that he called me about the gunships and he had had many guns on it. They they don't arrest the fact that they just hump. That's how fast the bullets are coming up, edges home I hundred bullets, big bullets in a one foot square area. It lasted thirty seconds or something like that and build up. The tree of life
we're going eighty miles. An hour- and he sees these guys- you just don't see how he just sees red for you. I see your bill and make you feel he goes a tour, so he could describe that too, and that was traumatic. It was all you saw, was bone, fragments and blood. That's all. He saw looking out the front of your helicopter yeah that bothered, but my experiences with bill when he was one. I wasn't see him go all the time, but there was some periods of funds where we were a weekend or something like that. Guy playing right here in the south, we were playing some cards, drink beer, calories and stuff
It was normal. But what was your post vatican and all that and and I to get very good chance that in today's world we find that out all the time, but he exposed himself as the table in ok. He could have been affected very much. What my dad's there very much lady, that whole thing had something to do with the old man's death and then he disappeared because of that or did he drink heavily while he was alone, while jury was gone, a thirty day ivory from Katie and one of my other brothers, his ritual was the same. That was my oldest brother. He would go to this bar he'd have the newspaper where he worked at,
twelve hour day and walking into the same bar every night and not sure if the bard he'd sit in a small but eating area and be the winner is determined to have the newspaper with him and he'd spend two hours. Draken baron haven't there. Of course, if bill was drinking heavily that would increase the chances of an accident significantly, we wanted to look at the accounts, People who last saw or spoke to bill shortly before he disappeared bills friend from Florida, surely spoke to bill. Couple of days before he went missing, she said, conversation was along phone call lasting about two hours bill, told her tat. He was making some decisions but refused to elaborate. He said tell her during their next month's phone call her, did mention that he was thinking of leaving his job at how in getting into the food broker business like his father, had done. He also david, I'm into a couple of other things.
surely also said, the bill mention that stress at work was making him nervous meals improvisers attitude caused him to say. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown a person who had come to know bill and saw him the night that he disappeared was the owner of Stefano restaurant Chris Chris was interviewed by the private investigator the bill came in for lunch daily and for dinner about three times per week. was described bill as a nice guy who was very intelligent, had a dry sense of humour and over all was a fantastic guy bill would come in and read the paper or play games bills meal at seven stefanos. His last dinner we're going missing. Was real world with cheap, he's in prosciutto. Chris notice, tat bill seem depressed any more than what would be normal after losing apparent that, even chris s bill why he was sitting around there and told him should go out and find a nice girl. Chris later
came to regret, making that statement when he learned that bill was missing. He felt like here asked ized him into perhaps doing that when bill left stephanos, he said he going to go home, do some reading and watch a late movie Chris again suggested he go find a girl. We do know that bill didn't go home after leaving the restaurant, as he stated to Chris. Instead, he headed or to the shade lounge as we are taking closer to it I'm at one bill ultimately disappeared. We have another statement made to a private investigator this one from a bargain, at the shade lounge. She said that before bill left, the bar that night, He approached a woman sitting in the corner of the bar and offered to buy her a drink. She refused in this seemed to depress him anymore, about ten minutes later. She bill was not intoxicated when he left he could speak clearly. She gave no thought to his ability to drive safely when bill walked out of the
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I'm sorry, I my eye or text I my eight five hundred to five hundred to try audible for free for thirty days, audible calm. Slash am I I. In part. One katy talked about working with frank bender and richard walter. The tomb Who founded the vidocq society and ninety ninety the group is made up of I went your forensic experts and investigators who, sir Consultants to assist law enforcement in solving difficult cold cases, richard walter The forensic psychologist who has been credited helping to solve several high profile cases in eighteen. Ninety, richard Walter, prepare two reports about bill Jamieson and his disappearance. The first report is bill himself. This is what the report says.
Based upon the circumstances surrounding the suspicious disappearance of the reference subject, the above and authority requested an opinion on the psychological and cry indicates in the case since the disappearing, is in question as to why it was affected by voluntary, involuntary means questioned issue is whether the subject psychological profile management style and behave Indicates suggest a pattern. Development consistent with established fact and information case materials police agency communications investigative reports, photos and related an information background information predicated upon a brief, biographical history, famine ties coworker observations and social relationships there does it to be some insight, information relevant to his long term and short term character and personality behaviors, that is by
during the various oblique angles of the subjects. Behavioral history, it becomes possible to reconstruct a pattern, development and indications for predictive behaviour consequence, when looking at the issue of the instant disappearance, a review of the past, can significantly influence the understanding of the present by history, the subjects early development appears to have been influenced by a power flicked between his actual self and expectations of an ideal self that is pretty good, upon a desire for adequacy, competency and personal acceptance, it appears that he attempted to fulfil the expectations of the ideal self at the price, His own internal needs as a consequence. himself and mashed into a conflict between role expectations genuine needs on one hand his drive for acceptance and competence. placed him within a setting of manufactured maturity b,
His years. On the other hand, although attempted to discard his own internal needs. They persistently pressed for expression here this jack found himself in conflict between image and reality. Eventually, when face with the inherent dilemma who he was and we wanted to be, the resultant conflict precipitated a b I europe and emotional teeter totter within himself, that is to say he felt caught in a web of self imposed expectations. denial of self and many unsettled questions about identity. Finally, beside attempting to manage these internal conflicts by over control and dividing life into different boxes. He sought released through the eight escapism of alcohol abuse here, although the alcohol did not resolve any of the problems It did offer him a temporary sense of relief by satisfying whatever emergency needs. He had at that particular time based upon above them now sketch their emerges, a pig
of the subject who deals with life on two different planes on the one hand he presents strong person, who is structurally principled, loyal and responsible on the other and his interpersonal life, is fraught with conflict immaturity and unmet yearnings to these two different management styles. His history of success and failures can be seen within context, for instance, while he can be fun to be a hero under fire on the battlefield. He had a great deal of difficulty in accepting or give unconditional love in the our case, although he desperately, to be loved his rigid defend. system was threatened by the inherent vulnerability. Therefore, he tried to work love respect system, which was conditional too good works. Efforts dissatisfied have being needed by others made him feel valuable, although
subject was unable to resolve the hiatus within himself of interpersonal needs versus image demands. He did indicate a signature pattern of concern it's interest and values. He had a very I regard for authority and family consistent too. image expectations for the mature man. He sought fifty and solace through acts of honor loyalty and responsibility, this is where report shifts away from bill himself to his disappearance, following a normal workday on march, twenty six nineteen eighty one this subject as was his habit spent the hours at a restaurant and later at a bar after leaving the bar he again went to a restaurant and was positively identified and approximately on thirty a m on march twenty seven. teen eighty one consistent with the disappearance of the subject, his find company. Car has not been located from that time. Although subsequent
vesta, have indicated numerous alleged sightings of the subject and or the vehicle the authenticity credibility of these reports are highly questionable and suspect the police. Rested bills family early on that they thought he chose to leave his life behind and because of that, they did do much to look for him. Richer, Roger gave his opinion on whether or not this was likely to be a voluntary disappearance based upon a review. of the accumulated material. It appears that the of the initial investigation, pandered to the belief that the subject voluntarily left the area again prompted by personal beliefs, hopes, and red herring misinformation. The case of them is, person became exhausted without any significant lead, There does not exist to clear motive for the subject to voluntarily disappear, despite the fact that one could create a vague motive. through associating various bits and pieces of information, there does not exist at this time. Any clue,
and identifiable reason to escape from the past, predicated upon early comments regarding his personality, there does not exist reasonable Evidence necessary to offset commitments to family issues of any loyalty and rigidity. Finally, although it here's that one or more persons attempted to mislead the investigation through malicious and non malicious information. A clearing of this thicket revealed no appreciable indication that the subject voluntarily disappeared. In regard to the mode of suicide. The key questions concern motive, means opportunity and the body of the deceased The suicide theory is confounded by his expressed plans for the immediate and intermediate future. He had made ants to write a letter on friday. The twenty seventh visit with his other jack on the evening of the twenty eightth and considering apposite change and jobs the question remains that, if he worse hell bent for committing suicide. How and why
would you go to such lengths to hide his body and remains actually, when you think about it. This but the evidence simply does not add up to suicide homicide based upon a review Case materials, it is the appeal of the undersigned that the subject suffered. involuntarily at the hands of another. The comfort level of this opinion is it now percent richard. What you wrote a second report after a meeting with police and the jamieson family in April of ninety ninety, this report focuses we're on the various theories that have been tossed around about what may have happened to bill. Following a meeting with selected members of the damage family and police officials, a request was made by police officials for a summary of matters discussed at that time. The purpose of this writing is to comply with that request. after discussing the likelihood in probabilities of the subject, committing suicide or becoming a voluntary missing person. The focus
discussion move towards the issues of possible homicide? The review of evidence set forth The possible scenarios. Murder motives, one, the business connection predicated upon the return of the principal seventy percent, stockholder business. The three minor thirty percent, stockholders and administrators were accused of for business practices and a slide and profits there significant issues of personality clashes. Accusations of sport, deceit, policy, differences and the threat of a takeover bid. Could result in their removal. It appears that the subject, unlike the other principles was held in regard by the principal owner. As a consequence, the subject could have presented a threat to the management team with the subject out of the way the poor beast: his practices could be blamed on him without a defence. It was also record is that the subject had been frustrated with the overall picture of the business and express some interest and leaving company. With that in mind, the quest
arose as to whether the management team acted to replenish the business coffers and placate the principal owner, thereby at the sacrifice of the subject they could EL. Following the explanation of the above scenario, James Sullivan, gave an informant explanation of the organizational structure of the business and disposition of the subjects, assets and liabilities. He was able to dispel some of these of mentioned assumptions, perceptions and conclusions as a consequence, the business as explained, became weaker within new information. However, as an alternate to the original scenario. It was explained that the business structure did the means by which one or more persons could have perpetrated a fraud. Theoretically, if that were the case, there too every and threat of exposure by the subject could have her. I did in a motive to silence him for gain and protection. It
is that the second scenario is the most consistent and logical one. Next, the report goes. To discuss the relationship between bill and jack, laporte bills, friend and coworker that you heard from impart to bill and Jack often went out for drinks together after work to jealousy and greed, following several years of an alleged friendship between the subject and management supervisor. It appeared their relationship cool to a status quo of boss employ in reference to this, objects disappearance. It appears that the supervisor had an inordinate an extraordinary attitude regarding same for instance, while making income he's on one hand he allegedly Dennis hated him by calling the subject a homosexual in another and since he may claims that he hoped it, objects, disappearance would result in him receiving a job promotion. In addition to the tactless comments in riga, to the investigation, this person
seem to have an inordinate interest in the direction of the focus. For instance, he seemed to interjected red herrings. While reading the various private investigator reports, this person seem to be always available for insertions or twists of information. To straight his ability to twist on a dime, it is noted that he did not believe the subject would voluntarily leave without notifying his mother. However, when asked whether he thought the subject would take the company car he said Why not and rationalize that, since the subject felt a part of the business that he might consider it going away present, he indicated that he thought the subject would take the car further. He reported that this get used to pay for meals with the company american express card. When these matters were checked with the sub sister katy they were found. And true based upon the per since former relationship with the subject jealousy of power desire for advancement at the loss of the subject possible involvement in a business scam. It is built.
that a summary of these factors provide sufficient motivational strength to justify, aside under the spaces of avarice greed and jealousy. Moving on from jack laporte richard walter it the employee who claimed he was poisoned and then it was built fault three revenge price. To the disappearance of the subject. Align worker had accused him of negligent behaviour. resulting in the work are being poisoned as a consequence. The work claimed bitterness and hatred towards the subject he claimed bs. Suit against the company it was later dropped when interviewed The subjects disappearance he reported that the earlier mentioned supervisor had already told him. When asked His feelings were guarding same. He reiterated dislike for the subject but denied killing him. upon further elaboration, he told the private the gator that if he had killed him, the police would have come in already arrested him. Quite frankly, when this report,
read the revenge, motivate lays open on the surface for anyone to see summary opinions. One Although it is recognised that there are differing points of view on the subject, it is the appeal the undersigned that the indicators for missing person and suicide or like lawn blades of grass, ass, which are disconnected short leading nowhere, however, on the other hand, if one chooses to examine the same evidence with one or more of the above thumbnail sketches, the emergent pattern. can reveal interconnections personal These opportunities and salient investigative leads to. Although, I recognise that the attending law enforcement personnel disagree with the above opinion and continue to support the notion of missing persons and or suicide. It is noted some irony that their collective opinion may a strong correlation with the lack of success, in this case three. Finally, despite differing views, believe that contingent tour view of the complete evidence at hand that the weight of argument
ass at a ninety percent competence level, that the subject died, and of another, hopefully success or failure of this opinion will be tested by a complete and proper police agency investigation richard her ended his report with the hope that law enforcement would investigate these leads forever, but it doesn't appear that long for meant did much. Unfortunately, these These would be much harder to look into today, because many of us we'll have since passed away. Memories, faded and records destroy we also notice that richard walter's report doesn't mentioned mention the possible mob angle, member The damage family told us that it wasn't until many years later that they began making those connections and that's likely, why that was an included. While this report seems focus mostly on the theory surrounding bills. Job. There are other theories There are two one thing that we heard from you: Lee everyone we spoke to was that bill like to argue or
with people when he was out at the bar and, as we learned in part one there, Some kind of argument that night, at the shame, latch witnesses report that it was over bill taking a sip from the wrong trenck. Could bill have made the wrong person mad on the night of his disappearance and they followed. After. He left the bar that night bills brother while James told us about this aspect of bill's personality irritant needler. He liked to tease he liked to get under your skin. You know he made up a nickname for me. That was a typical teasing, nickname yeah. He called me sherman, which I had all the joy of. How much can I make fun of your kind of a thing? It was a laughing tease, and you know he was typically sarcastic like a lot of us and he liked to get under your skin a little bit. I think at a bar he could he was very happy to start an argument with whoever was willing to get involved. I don't think billy
thought of himself as a fighter. Nothing malicious about it, just like the teeth when it good jack explained that he is considered this theory himself. not at all the other angles. I was in the bars up there and you in thinking they could have got into it. Fight. He was gonna were low guy and he won't take those Anybody, but you know some people might not a cab to too lightly, because the other captain sardonic a type of personality, The disagreement that bill had in the bar that night appeared to be settled based on sound, ro witness accounts, would if bill wasn't targeted, because of his love of debating, but perhaps was the of a random crime when he left the diner. Could someone have seen an opportunity to rob him under the cover of darkness when the streets had mostly com out for the night, if that were the case
random assailant go to the great length of hiding both a body and a car. Another sherry that, come to mind, is what, if bill was headed somewhere else, that night and not home, we don't have any proof of this or no anywhere he would have gone or a person. He would have been going to me, but much of bills. Purse The life remains a mystery. James told us at the front psychologist, richard walter brought, this aspect up to the family bill was private didn't open up to anyone about intimate relationships. He may have had this part of bills. Life is still, big question mark. There would be one of the offer him. But I guess I would offer in this discussion and there's a fair man about a met. You don't know- and I don't think any of us had any clue that Billy had a girlfriend or where he where he would go to find a woman
I guess Richard walter's expressed it a year later, whenever we ran into him- and I agree with him that if you dont know that there is a fair amount that you don't know and of course I would agree that in that regard, as a fair amount to be done now and if maybe there's something down that off ramp, that could have led the two were his demise. But we We wouldn't even know where to look in that regard this meeting think about something we saw in the files that connected with something katy had said. There's a note the files about a conversation that one of bills brothers had with the union county sheriff's office its. a few days after bill went missing. Steve solomon brought him to bills apartment. And Steve immediately went over to bills. Bed raised the matter and showed him copies of playboy and other magazines. The report says he said: look at this
stating it in such a way to show that bill was a little funny the brother I want to say that the way Sullivan went straight to the bed made him think that he had been there before Has he knew where the magazines were probably wondering why this is important, well, If he told us about something that she found in bills. Phone records that link back to the magazines, then I must ask for his phone at one time as well, because I have his phone records and Jimmy said that we have the former It's because when Richard walter's made that statement, we look. We correlate a number or two with numbers of prostitution services in one of those maggie. that we found under a mattress. So if building contacting sex workers through adds. He found in these magazines. Could have done the same on the night that he disappeared? Remember this was the era of pay funds? Could he have left the diner?
and called someone to meet up or went looking for a sex worker and something went terribly wrong again. We have no proof of this, but it's their theory to consider and what about the theory of a possible accident? We have discussed a previous episodes, but it's remains an option, despite the lack of an obvious place to search, we found it in our view, that a private investigator conducted with bills, dear friend, surely who lived in florida. She meant that bill never drink at her home, but that there were times that he became pretty intoxicated at ports is she mentioned that she had knowledge of two accidents that occurred. Remember this would have years earlier, when he was living in florida, but it still might be relevant one time after a party surely said, bill drove into a canal He said I was driving up the street and the next thing I knew I was in a canal at another party. He reportedly drawing heavily and fell on the bathroom and cut his head. While
we're chatting with Jim, he told us in some accidents that he became aware of later he's made mistakes like that before I'd ever done, he was drunk and hit five cars that were parked. That was damn sure they all kept secret. I didn't know about it for years. I didn't know that, and that can be with strength and the fact that billion would compete in today's world. He was probably depressed and he had a couple like I said,
screw ups, I was when governor hoping the pocono mountains he's in his new old company. Car was a mercedes benz that was given to somebody and then given a pill, so it wasn't brand new, but it was nice and we're flying dallas pennsylvania, turnpike towards philly from the mountain and my mother and my father with in the backseat and my pregnant wife is with it and all of a sudden that the front hood flies open. Now, here's the helicopter pilot the pill talking head down looking at little crap and get over to the side of the boat. He was in a panic, I dunno bill. He was great, but he he was, he had oxide made the fast assists. The family has considered the serie a possibility from the beginning and they did their best,
search, various waterways on their own, and we all got up there and we're looking at embodies a water. So my oldest brother lot I want to do a project, is one river, where there's this bridge up in north jersey that hasn't been completed in years. So we go up there because we can last week that that this was many years ago, when we all get hotel rooms. Have we walk along the edge of the water for a couple mildly direction. we'll get large. Then we infer about me you'll talk the different people that we saw all round at the way up. Jack recalled one time when he went out searching the water with his oldest brother Lonnie, my biology at lahti- and I want a board some type of fishing fish pondered depth, fonder device,
and we went up. There arose a park and back were all those refineries are along the turnpike. I know some waterways little waterways and we we tried, throwing her this depth finder and the see if we could say a car on the bottom, where it was possible that he could drive off the road accidentally or being drunk driving off the road go into the water. We were also told that in the early two thousands one of bills- brothers pay have a waterway drain to look for bill, but that was a dead, in two, while we were working producing this series adventures with per has found a man from the philadelphia area who had been missing since two thousand three, their diet we found the man inside of his car submerged in a waterway jack soldiers laurie unfolding on our local news and he gave of renewed sense of hope
recently in philadelphia areas. This couple out, then finding people who have been missing without a clue these people go on. They they get them from it, yea I saw it on the guy, is probably in his car underwater nothing's ever met them, and I've been success bill sister in law. Cathy got very involved in the search efforts over the years she so many letters attempting to reach any one who would lessen reading through them all it was clear dedicated. She has been to help find bill ever that tremendous them I've done a family. It was an absolute obsession a national years when I say fashion. I mean obsession I'm morning noon and night. That's all we did that's all
he thought about that in our work on the phone constantly, it was indeed an obsession. Am I guess at a certain point, it became a frustration and we just had to step away from an end which we did. We stepped back. Some medicine that we have to move forward. But let me tell you every article in the paper that barrier skeletal remained dimas, I'm a phone and my heart beat with that particular care. May I share of fathers, police department etc, and I very and very involved with letter writing this state the John doe used for the different states that trust and I'm his dry involved with Donna. Fine canna new jersey states ran thick anthropologists, who retired I'm gonna say about four years ago, and I find tat. I get a remarkably good job
making sure that Billy's information was accurate and that everything that needed to be in the anti ip was there so that is skeletal remains were found. He would be identified. I with my have gone up. New jersey state has meeting of missing persons, and that occurs when a year, and we have gone for that. So we keep our faces in front of their nature. The state police missing persons personnel, we try to be active in man and I have communicated fairly frequently not recently, but with new jersey, state police, nothing person and they do.
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get some measure of peace about the situation, but we weren't actively two three four five years looking before we had to buy, it all had to tone it down. In fact, my second oldest brother Charlie, he had a priest, come in from the vatican to do a prayer service for my brother on a beach on airfare. So that's when we put it all to sleep, you know who will drive ourselves crazy, looking for billy, but literally never stop, particularly with katie sometimes with jack once in a while, take a ride up there just look around, but they were never able to fully move on from this tragedy in their lives bills. Mother, passed, way in two thousand to with ever knowing what happened to her son and then bills. Things began to pass away as well, starting with the
guess: sibling jerry in two thousand nine here's katy again, my mother was still alive when, on my brother, here it. I really done a house apparent you deal with it. I mean she dealt with it, but there's a lot of what I would describe just raw sadness. I have just two siblings two brothers set are alive. I lost three several twenty twenty and nineteen eighteen I lost to others, and bill is missing, my brother, jerry, passed away a long time ago, so I only have two remaining siblings alive. I had two brothers with on the indices called a wagon. Those granular mitosis both are persuaded that Michael services appeared. So what his body needed to fight against covert. There was
therefore him couldn't help. Our experience has taught us a lot The oldest jamieson sibling, lawn started. Blog several years ago, before he passed away, you heard one of his posts in part, one when he recalled the last time he spoke with his brother while lawn was on vacation the thirty year anniversary of bills. Disappearance was approaching in two thousand eleven laundry. the following march, twenty three two thousand eleven, this once and this week are family will mark the thirtieth anniversary of our brother bills, disappearance on march twenty six through twenty seven nineteen. Eighty one, it's not one of happy anniversaries. It's sad and frustrating some of us with a sense of guilt or failure, or both and many emotions and feelings, there's a concern.
still longing to know where bill is. Is he dead nor alive, there is a car still gnawing at your heart as to where you loved one has gone. The unseen de the unknowing them acuity, the law of love philosophy brother is with you through the busy days and in quiet solitude of night with death. There's finality. There's certainty. There's a funeral, a grave site to this, or other ways to commemorate the loss of those you love and you come to terms eventually for the family, if those missing in america and else where, in this world there, stanley uncertainty. Each member of our family has dealt with this disappearance in. Own way and care on it's not easy.
Our remembrances of our brother are based on Thirty year old recollections, thirty year old photos, he would now be in his sixties, a different person one we no longer know we have no good eve to visit now pay to send flowers march. Twenty sixth and twenty seventh nineteen. Eighty one was for our family, the daily out of love and happiness disappeared from our lives. We need help to find our brother thank for taking the time to visit this blog and allow ass to share him with you. Three years later lawn route, another anniversary post about bill who had now been missing for thirty three years by this point in time,
bill had been missing from the lives of his family for the same number of years that they got to spend with him before he disappeared. Thirty three, years later bill here, it is march, twenty seven twenty fourteen through three long years ago that you disappeared without trace from us Our memories of you are all fixed as if he were the same looking these three year old that we remember, but if he were alive, of course, you are not Your sixty six years old, we keep hoping in power. saying that you are in fact alive that you found happiness and love and perhaps have a wife and children. Nothing make us all happier especially since we are sliding down the backside of the mountain awfully fast. Then see, you walk through the door with that corky, ricky smile and run
being a can of miller's light puffin on it. Marlborough. Shutting out that Capelli and dragging along your entourage. Perhaps that is never to be perhaps that night or early morning in new jersey, you met fate and the and of your life, but that is what we do not know, and for thirty three years we have not known it is, the not knowing that is so unbearable so gnawing to think of the thousands and thousands of parents and siblings of missing children and adults, and all those missing in action in all the wars and the millions of families who never find closure is heartbreaking and we are in that group. I never got the chance to get those answers. He was so desperately yearning for before his death. Jim told us at its very
important to him to keep telling bill story. Jim knows he too is getting older and once the world's remember his brother, the discharge Well, all thought it'd be great to find out what up to it really would have to pass it on. As brothers and sisters we've had a tough couple of years, everybody seems to be fine or I'm not too well myself. I just had an operation for a aortic aneurysm, I would suggest that jack any siblings have experienced a lot of loss over the years and he explain how the loss of bill and the not knowing is different like a like and death animals more horrifying. I guess because you think of all the terrible ways for person to leave us life, and that is neither violently or through some mistake.
Sir accident, were you can't save yourself, and we all think about that Back this daily turns out was an unfortunate, so I came to her bed ending. I just don't know how or. Why and believe me, you know we we've talked about billy over and over throughout the years, all of us and we died one by one. I think bully's dead one way or the other I mean there is an outside chance that he's missing an alive somewhere. That would be remote in my mind so yeah? Let's say: Billy died in nineteen, eighty one and the jury he died about eleven years ago and then eleven years, all the rest on one except katy, Jimmy and myself.
the germans and family is large and they all have their own thoughts and opinions on what happened to bill but growing up in such large family, the altar to listen and respect each other's opinions. We everyone. We spoke to tell us their own personal thoughts on bills case and this what team had to say. I think will suffer from some of the pressure for what I dont know, what kicked it off? Who knows, but I think he was in part, but nothing. that, would make him drive their car into a river or something like that. I think he might have granted to the wrong person in that bar that he was in or the last place he was in what we even died and we definitely had philly
that night feeling a little bit drunk and engaging with this waitress, and she knew he always came in and got to two eggs and a cup of coffee or something like that every thursday night. So that was still his night out and where did billy go after that we'd go home till he go up to new york to pick up some chicks or something like that. It's gotta be just a random attack and they atlanta or he drove into a river. He was drunk and naturally nora. That's my take on this. He was a great guy, a hero. He was a vietnam era, man and a good guy, something mysterious and weird it'll, be great to find out what happened and get some just still got. You know if he got screwed up face. Creeks jack has tried to remain open, minded and view each theory objectively,
Forty one years later, he still isn't sure what happened to his brother after thinking about it, though he wouldn't disappear on his own. Even though some of my brothers and sisters disagree with it two things either drove into the water accidentally on purpose, but I wouldn't think on purpose ever so. If who is a shit, T he could have made a water, reason. The water or the mob or the union took him out. and the reason that I think it might have been. An official type of action is because there has been no clue, no no trace
if any social security activity no sightings per se. There are a couple of a week citing said there. I think we check them out, then they didn't really prove to be him. I'm almost convinced Billy was a victim of random, mugging or foul play. I don't think he was in any love triangle and got caught up and was murdered. I think he either was what is one of these cases where he disappeared into a body of water and through no fault of his own, just work you and that's the mum, brother wife theory, and I thought I put food on four years, my god, I can't believe it. but now I believe it. I think it now. I think that's a possibility. I don't necessarily, We believe in hard, but everything is
whenever a little affiliation he had with the scarecrow and the union trying to get in there? If the union had a tough guy and ah they wanted to make a guy disappear because Billy's disappeared no trace. I went through every scenario. Different people may feel differently than I do my brothers and sisters there, their ten kids Billy being one of them, and there was a lot of difference of opinion as to what the hell may have happened about it. Initially, I suspected anybody and everybody. I tried to keep an open mind, but I tried to think who the hell would get them. I've almost convinced myself that I told Katie we ain't gonna, find billy
it will find us, and by that I mean somebody, will find him in the woods or someplace or are in the water bill. Sister in law. Kathy has a different take on bill's disappearance, my honor. Well, that is nothing because it chose today. There is nothing that has come forward. That would prove a reason for murder. I always tell tee chose to do nothing I never looked at. It is putting the family try anything. It was his mode of survival. I think, give us an extraordinarily frustrated but those circumstances and at every turn at that point in time, and I always felt because there were no crews, the kind of easy they disappear. If you choose to ensure smart enough,
I know that it has done. Did I ever suspect anyone at his work? We all had questions about certain people, but suspect really suspect them. No, no, and in retrospect no there there's something to that, but enough to be a cause for death. I personally have never believed that there is something to the fact that, as jack told you, we had heard that he had worn a wire and he was involved with a urn, helping him out, etc, etc, but was involved to the point where somebody would wipe a map. I never believe so Cavies husband, James, leans, more heavily on the mob fairy, but he still can sure at first, when bill disappeared, I gave zero credence to the thought
He might have done it voluntarily. I dont think you would have ever done that I assumed he came. He came in the foul play and being being that it was at a bar. You know in the early morning. Hours in a neighborhood you wouldn't want to have your children there. I assumed that I just ran into the wrong couple of guys on the wrong night, but then, when they can disappear, the car that's a whole new level, so you kind of left to speculate that it was more than just a barber all right. We had never had any clue as to where to look for that foul play. So to me it was a mystery and then in the first couple of weeks I thought well, it's foul play and we're going to
in something out, but then after a month or two when you don't find anything out, and you don't find anything out about the car, you know I just thought to myself. Well, it was foul play by somebody that more than just a you know, an angry guy in a bar. This is this is foul play from somebody that can disappear a car and a body you're. Frankly, in a area of north jersey, where that wouldn't be the first time that happened. If I absolutely had only one that to make of the ten different things that might happen germ if I'm only able to pick one, I would guess that there's some can action between the mob in new york and war. Hearn and Billy's conversation with water. Union go room and somehow they were trying to show water. We can get to you too, and what I do
that more than a fifteen percent probability, I don't know how I could, but everything else I have is like a five percent probability. So you know, I just don't know to lose a body and a car that efficiently sounds to me, like somebody that does this for a living. Take that because gully struck up a argument in a bar in london, I think it's some mouse Haiti has spent a lot of time trying to piece together the bits of clues they ve pulled together over the years she acknowledged that bill had a lot of stressors in his life around the time he went missing, but she doesn't think that bill have just decided to leave his family behind and start life over somewhere else. If bill was happy with his job. He could have just gotten a new one. He wouldn't have now to disappear to make that happen, I've always thought that
there was under a little stress as a result of my father passing away. I've always wondered if that was a trigger, but forty years later I don't and that was the trigger. I don't think he would have done that. He wasn't that type of person and that's what I saved with the police at the very beginning. It's always been troubling to me that there's been no trace. Nothing like the police say to me, but when I would badger them, they said: there's no crime, Katie, we've, there's no crime to try to solve he's disappeared person. My brother Lonnie, his efforts were amazing. Every organization you could become a part of that related to nothing people. He became a part of every ah locality. He had all fifty states attorney general's office addresses some phone numbers. Now we're gone back years and all fifty states sheriff's office,
and all of the county? He had numerous. there are still numerous or if a body was found somewhere where he reached out and wrote, giving the information in case they hadn filed it with the computer. I mean it was just amazing as I go through it, what he's done trying to locate them just on they all chance said he he surface somewhere. This is my most sensitive feeling about. I feel like somebody knows something and if we shake it loose from somewhere now, that's probably not going happen. If I really think that is a market, as we come to the end of this series, we still have no concrete answers as to what happened to build Jamieson, but I think we have a clear picture of who bill was in all of the things that he was struggling with in the lead up to his disappearance. He was still reading the sudden and unexpected loss of his father
following a surgery. The bill had encouraged his father to have things at work were clear on bills mind a coworker reported that here talked about wanting to go away his friend and floor reported that he was thinking of leaving his job and finding in another industry back home in the philadelphia area bill seem too, struggle with relationships and personal life apart or from the chez lounge saw woman reject bill minutes before he left the bar did bill to the diner and decide that this would be the night he would disappear forever. Did you drive off and start a new life. Did he decides his own life, in a manner that concealed his remains and the car for forty one years was this: an accident. There has never been found something more sinister happened to bill. Jamieson could I ve been randomly targeted late at night, a crime of opportunity. Many people mentioned that bill like to debate when he was out of the bars good
If angered the wrong person, we, that there was a little tiff at the bar when drank from the wrong drink, but that's minor and bill purchased. Around of drinks to make things right or could bill have been targeted with someone following him that night with all of us, things going on at work from disgruntled Please, who found bill to be a difficult supervisor to the eu dealings and even the mob did someone there have the motive to take today there is physical evidence to support any of these theories over the others. Unfortunately, the case was not thoroughly investigated at the beginning, he was brushed off by the look police as someone who was free to walk away, if you wanted to end uses were made to avoid looking for him never know what evidence was lost with the passage of time, The germans are hopeful that someone out there know something remember something: maybe they can uncover
Humor pieces of this puzzle, their complete them. right direction. Any information about the disappearance of William Jamieson. Please contact the rose, l park police, department at nine zero, wait, two four five to three: zero zero or the new jersey state police missing persons unit so nine eight to two thousand I don't know what I'm on the right track now, but my feeling about I've thought about over the years why the police action the way they did and for the longest time I comforted myself with this whole idea?
Finding a missing person has just it's an oddity for them. They have nothing to go on. They don't have a they don't have a person, they don't have a crime, so to speak, they don't have a person, they don't have a car, they have nothing, they have absolutely nothing, and so what are they supposed to hang their tools on and for the longest time that comfort? It may because I thought well, you know that there really wasn't anything to go on, but then I thought about all the What I call roadblocks put roadblocks up in my way trying to find him and then they would get angry at me when I would meet with these people who were trying to shake me down, I had people trying to shake a staff, because we put a reward up right away. They came out of the woodwork right away, they get your and I say what
You know, of course, you're going to get angry at me, but I have to go down the route if you're not going to do it for me, god, it's not fair! That of your and bill's gone the.
The brings us to the end of episode three hundred and forty six in our series on bill jameson I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this series: special thanks to rob, consult for voicing launch amazon's blog posts for us, and also special thanks to Erin from generation Y for voice in the forensic psychologist reports about this case. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the shell? There are a couple: things that you can do one way.
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