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Apple’s iPhone 14 event: the biggest announcements and our first impressions


Apple held their annual hardware event on their campus, debuting new iPhones, new Watches, and new AirPods. Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz discuss everything that happened at the "Far Out" event, first impressions of the products, and their expectations for Apple in the next year.

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Today on the verge cast, the whole team does a deep dive in both his new quiet, comfort, ear. Buds too. I'm just gettin we're gonna talk about apple, the whole time, everything that was announced and our first impressions. That's come round right after this with no fees or minimums banking with capital. One is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier than deciding to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no over fees is even a decision. That's banking re! Imagine, what's in your wallet term, supply capital, wonder: com, slash, bank capital, one and a member of tsc. We exuberant be electrifying, be iconic in the all electric lyric order, yours, twenty twenty three, the recorders of thought go to catalog that can complete a preorder for modern year, twenty four to be among the first to order a model year, twenty four when available
Good morning diverge asked the flagship, podcast crash detection, which you need Well, no one will know that a car crash or a plane crash a boat crash o'neill. I am your friend David pearson's here hi, I am in the san francisco office, where I have been since like eleven days ago that I live here now. I don't even complain about happy at my place for a long time outs. Crayons is here. I have not left my house in two months
very jealous yeah. Neither can you just run us through your travel schedule for the last like ninety six hours. I just find it deeply hilarious and I'd like you to tell everybody one thing I don't recommend is being at l a x three times in three days know I was like. I just live at Alex now. This is where I'm at I know all the people. I like said hello to the concession stand. I was great, so I have had five flights in seven days, basically oof, so I flew home to do a panel with the mount pleasant community, Europe, a better mount pleasant about foxconn. That was really fun. It's great to be home. My dad was there nerve wrecking. Then I flew to l a for the first day of the code conference. Then I went to san francisco for apple. Then I flew back to l. A the next and then a day later for him, so it's just been a bride. I was at the point where I left some clothes in a hotel room, because I knew I was going to come back to the hotel room and I was like I just live here now.
If the two simultaneous hotel rooms in today to sign hope that I know what's going on about, but it's great the joke I made to David was like I think people think that's what my job is always like. So I can't complain too much to be like I'm chastened tim cook around the state of california like it's great, it was fun, it was citing code was great. The apple of that was fun. We can talk about all those things really. This is gonna, be an apple themed, fresh chest cause it. Many things happened with apple this last week I found fourteen event. There was the new iphone fourteen, which is really deaf and thirteen iphone fourteen plus the pro models pro max lots of camera stuff, applet series, eight apple watch ultra, I mean there's a lot going on new airpods near ipads pro and then that evening.
We all went on separate planes. I will hasten to add to the code conference where TIM cook spoke on a panel with eyes and laurene powell jobs with the legacy of two jobs to kara swisher, which was incredible in many ways, so just a lot going on in that day, but a ton of news just from the apple event. Let's start there do you wanna start with which started the fence. So let's take a look at the new iphone, so the basic rundown is there's four phones, there's the iphone fourteen which, like you said, is basically the iphone third There's the iphone fourteen plus, which is the exact same thing, is the iphone fourteen, but instead of a six point, one inch screen has six point seven screen and then there's the iphone pro and pro max which have all kinds of interesting stuff. In them the dynamic island. Yes, So now, when you receive an alert for dynamic island expanse to notify you, so I tweeted yesterday there is a saying: the verge gases can be a little late and all You have any questions that you, like anything you want us to talk about on average has, let me know and solidly half of their responses. I got were basically
the tune of like. Are we really gonna? Let them get away with calling it the dynamic island like we're just going to do this. so they they're already running the ads. I watched the bills rams game last night and, like every other ad, was a dynamic island ad. Well, what do what would they call it, though, but if they didn't call it that just a toggle switch anything else, so I think the name is great. I've come around back that, like if your accompany the size of apple apple, has been very conservative recently right like its meaning. huge company global scale, politics, regulators, centres and should like there are concerned they are now just because of who they are their conservatory. Every now and again apples. the only company of that scale. It's like dynamic island. Let's do it. I mean things like a history of really stupid names for a really cool user interfaces. Right like there's the hamburger there's the meatball. You straight up. We call him ass everyone all day. Long is like. Let me get my mouse and would just like that,
I dont know the dynamic. Ireland is gonna, stay here, it'll just be island yeah. I think it's a fun name. They had to call something didn't there is a meeting at apple where somebody was lake. What if we call it the touch bar, that's basic, What did he s right and then, like some recent mac team, just came sprinting into the room, the devil, but you can't do that. It's not alone. I think what will almost certainly and of happening is that diehard mac fans were caught, the dynamic island and then the bill. And upon millions of people who, by the phone, will like emergent behaviour, some other name for it, and that will be the name that everyone calls it in. The end will be our comments. We full of pedantic arguments about bachelor calmly, pedantic actually clients, dynamic, island or not. Trust me like. I live through the o s x wars and like it's going to be bad yesterday, it's not going to be great. The technology of it is super cool, though it's super cool technology. So that's what I'm like of both mines really. So the basic idea
I'd say they moved the notch down to a pill. It's the camera, the truedepth sensor or the proximity sensor. There are actually two different spots, so the screen and above them so there's no more notch and a screen in between them and what the island does. Is it just like blacks out more of that area to put indicators to the left and right of the of the pill shaped notches, cadets scrape, and so that part is interesting right. You gonna take this thing with the screen. It the screens always blacked out national lean into it and black up more of the screen. Yeah cool, like very few companies, will do that very few companies will tell her developers to support such a thing and actually get the developers to it. apple. In that way, you know someone spent hours upon hours, doing the little bounce and emissions in, and they look great, but in use David. He used as well to the right really you're getting is like when you place a music, you get music indicators when you have a timer going yet timer indicators,
The voice was one is really cool, like legitimately that my favorite one of the things you get the little evil somewhere a lot of sandwich. They showed a bunch of other stuff right, lift like if you call a lift it'll. Tell you how long the literally you get your sports scores sports scores, so they're all connected to the the phone's widget system, the kind of like the way I have been thinking about this. These are like minimized, widgets yeah. That's basically right are we gonna call on which its the, which the which it not not, which much which there it is. Caught has been working with you, you say that you say that, like it's a bad thing, that is a good thing for its like how many women Do you want to minimize there in the irish I've been making the list in my head and I actually vanishingly few items. I feel exactly the opposite. I really like there are so many things that my phone knows that. I wish it had quicker ways to tell me right. One of them is like is my alarm set. This is like up spoiler.
Fourthly, I was sixteen review that heading for next week. Is that, like there's just a ton of things that will used to require you it's like. If I want to know if I have one easy example, I always give is like, if you're a person who uses the habit tracker up and you open up the ab everytime, you wanna, like log, the euro, glass of water right, that's too many steps, and so for little things like that. Or like who won the yankee game, like apple, is like slowly pulling that out of apps and into like the front of the phone and with I was sixteen on the locks. Green is pulling audits of even further to the front the phone and like the dynamic island? Is the kind of thing reds just like now, it's even more there and for me, there's like decreased Am I going to want to see these things like twenty four hours a day? I don't know. I want to see a tiny moving waveform all the time I'm listening to music, I also don't know, but there is a lot of like little.
we bits of information that I'd like to have throughout the day that feel like they did their perfectly their super contextual right, because I haven't gotten to play with them. I've only see link yells videos and the videos that apple plate, but their contextual. So it's not like that wave form for the music is always there. Are you still have to like interact to make it happen, no and there's a little bit of a delay. So if you open the music app and stop the music and then go at that island is there and then it shrinks back down to notch island get out what are you doing here? You can't miss so like actually to David's point like one of the things that surprised me about it is it's sort of a user flow of it is more complicated You would expect yes and I think in one particular way backwards, just having I mean we haven't gotten. We all agree the phone right, but so just to get it. You ve gotta, like opening up and do something right click start playing music? He ought to set a time you could do that from like maybe a luxury in which it or something else or from But you know I do something and like
mostly you're, going to do it you're going to open up and do something right. So you close the app and the thing fires into which, if you got two things going at once, there's a cool animation. The island breaks actually into two islands they haven't addressed that naming wise the archipelago. Let's hear it turkey viana do stuff right and then here's the thing she washed as you watch the video. This thing really tricked me up. You would think that if you tap on the island, it opens the witch Jeff right. That is not the case. When you tap on it, it opens the app no and when you, if you want the widget hold them in that to me is totally backwards. I've come around to your side of this when you first new engine that, as we were, are there the hands on like this. Second, you touched it. That was your instincts and
I necessarily agree cause like as it is with widgets. You hit you tap the widget and it opens the app. So, on the one hand, you would think that's expected behavior, but like it does it breaks the exact flow you're talking about which go like islands to widget to app, and instead you have to like long press. I think I think you're totally right and I bet apple changes that day, it just seems it seems totally backwards to me like when I press it. I expect it to have a quick, contextual I think so. I can do my thing without having to wait for the whole animation. I want to pause the music. I would just say that if you have the functional equivalent of a right click in your ads, you should rethink yeah right. Like that's what a long press on the phone is right, yeah right and it's undiscovered well by most people like a year from now someone's going to make a tiktok video that is like top ten features. The iphone you didn't know about I remember that. Did you know he could long press on the camera to open more and it's like they're going to get a million views? That's ideas for We just start making that video the ethics of here and run it in one yeah. This is my book. It
want to avoid burn out your book. Your content now so like that that flow is just messy to me and I'm sure they'll tweak it or maybe they'll, give you a switch and there's a million. So it's not like a deal breaker by any sense, but the earlier part of what we're gonna do something to get it like. David retirement is like theirs bunch of apps on my phone, where I just want them to kind of like flow data to me, yeah or like give me a control for the one thing and control center. Does that for some of those apps doesn't do it for other apps lockscreen widgets, do it for some apps and not for other apps in ages of like ten ways to do that thing in just that, island creates another, but there's no like send this to the island, It's true, there's no like step one island move. You can do you have to like do the stuff and then leave what would be a step one island because, like it makes sense to me that I have to open the music app or the voice memo app. It looks like the the phone call one just pops up when you get a phone call, and that makes sense but like where are those cases you wanted to pop up? Without
racked by things are in caps like I'm not play massive of all. This terribly David is with our staff, which is going to cause a whole mutiny, but generally football happens on sunday, like those ab should just start on sunday afternoon in populate the island and tell you how that's going and like maybe that's too I think that would be a great feature to build. It. Just right now get out the what the ad in the video promises you is like. this I constant animation of activity and at least so far as we have used the yellow like do stuff first yeah well in there, there is like what we just described, is in an interesting way like a low touch notification system, which I could actually kind of get behind its like. What if your dynamic island was like the ticker at the bottom of a news tv show, like I dunno good idea or a terrible idea, but it's like there's a version of this. That turns into something like that, and I think, but isn't it a notification? Well, that's what I mean right but like what, if it didn't like buzz,
your phone or come up over top of what you already doing it just sort of like appears in there that it's like it's one of the just as like touchdown in them. Yeah yeah, there's just about like we have to get it. We have to use it. We have to fill it out. I'm basing this off of forty five frenzied minutes of hands on time and a handful of conversations, but It's rare that there's any distance between apple showing, software in an ad and then what it is. and here the british, but like a lot of distance, actually yeah keep showing you the expanded, widget view in those adds yet and that you actually have to know how to get those right like that me as the first one
It's like you're, going to show people that expanded view. It should be really easy to get those, because that's like the promise of the whole thing is you you kind of get these like that area like minimize widgets, that area populates itself automatically with useful minimized widgets that quickly get you to controls, but right now a tab on each bomb into the app. How excited were people at sieved out the theater about the dynamic, because I at home was very excited. That was the thing people called me were like what phone should I get, and I was like get this one cause you get the I make island and there like why. Why do? What are you talking about Alex I'm hanging up now, but we will excited I've been. There was a roomful of press people in new tumors, like, of course we are all excited. We think this is the thing we have to put a gamer get better things like when you're in that room. Everybody has some feature that they're, like ok, I gotta go check out the camera or, like the year, were slow motion. Camera everybody was like presented. The fight here was the the island in the appalache ultra. Unlike the poor iphone fourteen
the people tasked with like showing off the item. Fourteen right, will you wanna see that's what I'm thirteen ever lie. The new name like this one comes in a slightly different colors. I took one picture I'm gonna ruin on, but I do think there is some to actually blake touching the thing in in a funny wake us. It's like it makes for a great on screen. Denmark has, in the end, like apple immediately, got a bunch of eta from people fur like leaning into the not, and then it gets a sort of funny. That apple is getting credit for that now, because apple has always done that. Like this, when the not first came out apple made all this noise to developers who they were using the full free. screen in their screen. Shots and apple was like absolute. The notch has to be everywhere like lies. The notch was like apples thing for a long time. Apple was really add about pushing lake their own software design was often scared of the notch, rightly like yoda definite drew, and it blurred later
pretended didn't exist, but, like yeah, I think they were really messy with a notch for years, and this is like, I think, the software choice they made here was really smart and good, even if some elements of it like we too long press to open it is really stupid. Yet no illegal trade and to turn it into software was very clever. I think I'd die toward the yet like that. That was like oh wow, apples doing it right. It just feels Fifty like there's something about you just do just press on the thing in ITALY, bubbles around, it feels alive in a very cool way, like you made an instagram video and I kept watching it. While I was working on my dynamic island piece, just the clip of like the island itself, I just think it's just neat like that. Just looks fun, it is, and I think I like? I just love this thing. That apple is doing where it's like what, if your phone wasn't just like a large collection of apps on the homescreen that you do things with so like anything that feels earlier than that makes me very happy, and this is like, like I agree with, neither there's gonna, be a bunch of
visions, developers have to make, and I've talked to a couple of developers in the last few days, who are very confused about what they're going to do in their apps. With this stuff, because there's a lot of things, you can do in like no expected behavior for it. So folks are going to take awhile to figure this out, but I think it's going to be the kind of space people are going to play with. Do you use this in a weather, app and carrot right now? Listen you, a notification. If it's about to rain is that gonna nap? up on me, the dynamic island, the notch. I think the answer is no. I think those are still notifications like again. I think the way to think about this afternoon's minimized, widgets having widgets, are themselves kind of notifications. Right, like like apples, been using notifications as widgets to some extent for a long time, and then they just keep like changing the name of notifications, intriguing the functionality to be like here's. A new fresh type of notification is called widget.
there's a new or fresher type of notification. It's called the dynamic island where this is where like live activities, figures into because it's all there is now this like wild spectrum of rectangles. You can put on your phone and they all do slightly different versions of sort of the same thing. So, as you ve been playing with. I was sixteen that seems like the most important new part of the whole operating system line activities yeah so that the new cap, widget, where, if you are following sports on european, like live populate, the score that to me is like ages ago. Just a policy wrote in apples world. It's always seventy two and sunny, because the weather app wouldn't just tell you the temperature and insight Finally got all the way there right I finally got all the way to apps can actually write to the screen in these things hold lab activity widgets almost all the way there they are still slightly afraid of their developers in that sense, but it's it's it's pretty close and I think it's a huge huge. I mean the thing that you can't interact with widgets.
Still drives me insane rate like widgets are still functionally like apt short cuts, so that to me The last real thing that I want rhetoric it can to the item, but I can't talk back to it. Without opening the app that's, the one move apple still has not made and dynamic. Island stuff seems like it we have done more of that too, and instead, there just like even they still want you to go to the attic part of me. One How much of this is that, like apple knows, developers want you to open their app, and so apple is petrified of anything that is going to like meaningfully depreciate the amount of time people spend opening apps how interesting yeah I will see like we gotta get the thing again. We're baseness offers vanishingly small amount of time in by what is it. was wild first event in the siege of cedar and three years we are still watching a video which was weird. I think it's time to let that go loves it cause the video streams and travels, and people come up and like it,
we're playing to the internet, it's better, but there's still something lost. It's awesome way harder to lifelong video. It just moves so fast. No one ever takes a breath yeah. They should just put like breaths and applause break in time for people to walk on an often stage back and video, maybe I'll, be happy. It doesn't matter. Weren't there for the hands on were there to talk to people, but it was. It was just that full theatre, the bay crowded russian room. Everyone running around tat part of it was great. Yet we and it was that the energy was super high and we start what is it that deputy BBC too? There is just like again it's a very self selecting group of people who come to these things. So it's like people who are prepared, to be excited about new technology. I would say, but there was still this like first day of school energy again where it's like people are just like promptly, excited to be a little like see things and try them and run around and talk to people and folks were folks are apt to be back doing this concept, photos which is very fun. We ve done my twenty five minutes. I can get it
that feels right, click, the I've only fourteen, it's an iphone the end. Let's talk more about the dynamic whether the dynamic island is connected to the rest of the athens fourteen pro of which the two Other noble features are they always on way which welcomed apple? an old claims that they did a lot of work, but they got the refresh rate down to one birds. They have a new kind of lp p, o o led display that allows lower power they could have done before they are waiting to invent the things I needed to invent new, you can just believe what at will you just take whatever you want out of that in believe what you need to believe to make us epidemic finally shootin and always on display it doesnt. It's strange like it's more widgets Likewise it this way I wasn t sure instruments show. more status information? They do really cool things with it. Here's my favour one. When the display goes us, it's like low power state know in iowa,
I mean, they're, doing their cool thing where the they can cut out, faces and put them over the clock when they go to the low power mode. They reverse it. So the clock fades up over the face and then, when you tap on the screen goes the face comes back in front of it's neat: that's cool they're! Doing all this like in a which management stuff for the wallpapers. So when it goes into that super, damn low power mode, they actually preserve skin tones and colors and in different ways. It's like they're doing a bunch of apple stuff, yeah, but maybe other companies are doing too and just don't talk about as reverently as apple talks about but they're doing, a bunch of apple stuff. But how long has it been since Samsung did an always on display five years, maybe longer like it's they've had android phones have had this forever yeah yeah cause you will. If you have an older display, you can just cut the power and the pixels stay static,
but Apple's doing it with like some amount of color, like I think the very first always on a legislate, actually went to black and white to date. In the time. That's it yeah so apple's doing far more than that, so I think they'd they waited to some extent to just like do far more than that, but really a tap on the thing. The display lights, all the way up, and you get it's interactive again, it's in your pocket or upside down. It goes totally off yeah. They do seem to be really leaning into the idea that if you don't want to look at your phone flip it over that, that is like a an unexpected societal behavior. Now that it's like your phone is, This sort of always be staring at you and if you dont want that put it away, which I very much appreciate like as as a flip. The phone over on the table person, I very much appreciate that it kind of reminds me of tickets, watch, halt and catch fire best show ever made and there's this whole thing where one of them becomes a vc. Whenever she sits down, she has one of those laker jaeger, le qu, tre, watches that, like just flips over and when she flips it.
russia's like, I will listen now, because I'm not paying attention the time. That's like! Oh, ok! Now I care about yeah. It was the best thing in the world and apples like we see this. We love it. You can do this to everyone should have the power, but just now I care about you to my phone over. That's it always on this point. We should have a forty eight megapixel camera, we're fucked, quad pigs, so sensor features our second generation sensor shift. Oh, I s and one hundred percent focus pixels the care is pretty interesting and then in some ways like right, solomon delivery told me a pencil furnace sets of forty eight many of us all censor the pro their pixel binning. It and standard mode see gathered mused for pixels too general one. Can you explain what pixel binning is it's one of those things that I like I'm like thirty five per cent sure I understand what pixel binning is. Can you explain the pixels
yeah, so you ve got forty eight mean. Imagine a great that actually the pixel pattern on this is pride not agreed. They said they have a new pixel pattern centre in adelaide tweak their algorithm. So I don't know what the pattern is, but just for the purposes of this imagine a grid, and so what you could do is use every single pixel as a pixel represented in a photo, and you can do that with in pro, and you generate a fifty in megabyte five per fulfils all the data back out of the thing: that's not useful for most people, especially those file sizes, monsieur bush, an instrument- and I saw it apple and never as with big sensors. Do is actually say we're going to use four of those pixels to collect all the light we can and then sample them down to one pixel. So you've been the pixel and that's how you end up with a twelve megapixel photo out of a forty eight megapixel sensor. So it's not just cropping like
you're using a dsl are well hot, hold on zan, so like rats, the standard wide camera mode right it so You know I've been fourteen, they said they ve made the pixels on the twelve megapixel sensor, slightly bigger to collect more light what you run into the limit of doing that its scale and it's better to just have more individual pixels and sample and combine them to get more light, thrown a cool sites like the standard wide camera. One excellent then the two eczema, their cropping, the censor and they're saying, because a pink the sensor so big that at the crop, it's still a true to act soon, which is a huge quaintness. Yet we buy that I feel, I am trains to think. That's just cropping our video, is severe and is outside, and I heard him like his we'll see where we are
The thing but they're saying that they can do that move to which some other time as do some of their friends. Don't write like we're figuring out what to do with the heat in a huge sensors on these phones. We're not we're not firing out. Ninety six megapixel images to people. Everyone is cropping and bending in different ways. Then. The last thing you can do is the action mode that they've added to the video camera where they use the whole sensor, and then they do that dynamic cropping right. So they like pick an object in the frame they're going to that study and they're going to move the frame around it inside of the sensor area, which again we have to see and that's what they're using to stabilize motion, and I actually think, if that's as good as it looked in that demo, where it was like the
the camera running behind a runner and on the left, it's ultra shaky and on the right it was supercell. If that's that good, that's going to be like a gigantic improvement for a lot of people who make video, because it's the kind of thing that is like everybody, buys these wacky gimbals and does all kinds of crazy stuff, and if that is like an even like, b plus solved problem. Now, that's a really big deal, but it is also the kind of thing that we have seen in the past is really hard to do without all that, like hideous warping and really ugly artifacts, as people move like and that's one thing, I'm very curious to see. If the test result of what looks like a problem, that sony is to write like as they try to do that kind of stuff with video and it always you get that warping motion and it's really hard to do yeah at super hard so also in, and they brought that same roads there from the fourteen, which has a regular twelve megapixels so I will see their even different. because they're still shooting forte video, which is only the same area on the sensor, we should cut it out. Now
yeah they're they're, using the forty eight megapixel centre on a pro, unlike several different ways, like there are modes that it goes into. One is the like: pixel binned, it's actually just a gigantic twelve megapixel censor. The other is the cropped we caught it down and were using twelve mega pixels out of a middle, the other ways as like action mode, and in that you can search I prefer I'm just like you use it as a forty, eight megapixel sensor, which will generate gigantic images, of which we will have to like look at and see if you lose anything by not pixelated, so they're really like these are all I mean I don't know about phones as much, but these are all methodologies like sony has been using for years and it's dslr is to like oh there's, this end samsung like everybody, like apple, is two years three years behind the let's put extensor and use it in funky ways trend and certainly the you know. It's like the s phones have had this for awhile, huawei phones
on this royal. Like like the trend, is you can only make the pixel so big or pack them so densely before you start introducing errors or bad pixels, so you're you're, better move is to pack in more pixels and then and then been them. It's what we've been seeing across the industry samples are coming to it. We have to see what sensor they're using read. They have traditionally use any sensors. We don't know if they're still using us like theirs. things you gotta figure out, but it's funny has it's like now known what I know what's ago, review at against and how to review it, because there late, but it seems like they are doing at least a couple more interesting things. I I'm going to ask you a question as that I get from my mom every year. She's asked me this question every year for the last seven years and I hate it, and so I want to pass on the pain to someone else, which will be better for her to take photos, this phone or her digital camera from two thousand and three fact that the answers. What are you talking about that that answers like fought in the five years of date? I just
this this. So I can send it to her to maybe finally get her to stop using that digital camera. She recording under, like many view, Jesse's no she's got lady she's gonna, see f card at it and it's a crappy like it's like a cannon pointing shoot from too. thousand three right. Nothing has like a bigger posted out. Even As I a quarter inch sensor, yeah and as a slow ends, and she presumes with the slow ends and makes even slower right. It's like throw that go to her house and like throw it away and just like leave an iphone twelve in it's place and the iphone twelve a massively superior to this thing know I have to. I have to give her this. This audio clip yeah. What's your mom's name, I can address her directly Phyllis Phyllis. Let me talk to you settlement. Throw away your camera and by any modern cellphone it'll be faster and better for you and you able to more easily share photos with utter. Thank you. There's like little postage stamps
doesn't loathing, apple did actually is put in faster aperture lenses into. I think all four of the funds are reacting, wrong yeah, I'm pretty sure every lens is faster and that's another one of those things. That is like the kind of thing most people don't notice, but just like instantly makes all of your photos slightly better. I'm very excited about that, and then they added hang. They did this just to troll me. I gotta be honest with you, I'm pretty sure they did this the troll me they're, like rubber diffusion and a literally showed a picture of a person wearing sweater. Yes, there's just offer you sweater spiderman water. We do things and they like. We ve moved fusion earlier in the process of taking the further pressure, and now we are calling the photonics engine short like sure here's. This thing that no one understood anyway, you remember when their diffusion is here world it out like what does it do? Sweaters bitterly perceptibly does very
Maybe it's. Maybe it's doing a lot and it's generating like a five percent change and that's very apple, to make a big hype about it. But you know, but like this like they music earlier process, and then the claim is that all these cameras will perform better and the light, because deep fusion is really the process. so, it's up to two x better on the front camera in low light against what, by the way unspecified jobs are too expensive and the front camera, the telephoto and the main camera. And apparently it's up to three x better on the ultra light up to three experts. Are not its annexes, airily, three, it's just but against what last phone? The first iphone who knows dealing their comparing into Phyllis is digital camera yeah. Phyllis is just out there. Soon. We have canada else, sd four hundred, and it's up to three x better than that, both by it a canada with four hundred that camera cameron.
me through a lot of nights at the bar. That's actually why you bought this camera. Like one day, someone will spill a beer fully on this it'll be fine, yep yeah, and then they added some video features right. So the cinematic mode can eddie Forte thirty and forty twenty four tried to test this out. I will tell you that cinematic mode does not like being in a room with hundreds of face, think just lost its mind like again true tremendously, unfair right. Yet it was like hoo hoo hoo should be blurry. I dont know I'm freaking out, so I tried again major firms because it just focuses like on one face. It's like face together. a similar lots of managers. I couldn't decide who I cared about. You know I guess which of these people should be in focus, so is it like the visual representation of smart homes having decide who flew to listen to any? They just no fit the temperature finches edges and the poor person in a demos like it's like an watch
I don't even try I mean look. I I think the pro is great. I'm excited to review it, except like orders right now, I'm sure people are gonna. Regardless of whether you says I The thing to me, though, is I'm I'm just watching our gift that we crept out of the video. It's like. They show the big widget a lot yeah yeah in it's actually, not the it's, not the user flow that you would expect in using it, and that's the cool part right. you ve got the airplane up boy. Do I have thought about airplane app design, airlines listening leg. I've been on a lot of different airlines and airports, but it is, all of them are bad. You got feelings, but like the coup and right, we ve you got your flight coming and you like it opens, and it shows you the plane flying over. The thing is estimated to like that. Stuff is amazing. It's not actually what happens like you tap on it. It's going to kick you into an app, so I think that's the flow it's to figured out. You want the dynamic island to just show your plane flying from one end of the island to the other. Why just its?
Need that. That's what they're show yeah! That's the cool part about it, as you know, these little minimise, widgets and tat for me at the big which work really cool right. Am I there's a reason they're, showing it they're, not showing you bouncing into the air, Eric and airlines app, which is, still on the board, experiences you can have as a human being, though, like now here's a cool animation. That shows you what you need right away and, like, I think, the I think they'll get there or they'll give you they'll, give nice recuperating coop everything right. One reason was debating this somebody the lamb kazi, as do you think. People know like the average iphone user that you even long press on stuff to find more information because, like the edit message, thing is coming in in messages and that's underneath a long pressing like apples and singly doing more and more of these features and putting them on our long presses, and my stance is basically they give us
as you do that you assume ninety five percent of your users are never going to find it, but I've talked to people who are like no people. No, no. They had three d. I remember that pressure, sensitive screens and they were useless and the firmware yeah. This is the company still will not ship a multi button mouse and bright because they at their core believe that everything should be on the surface of the interface and in the phone is like. It clicks for days like all the all the scissors right, clicking yeah right, like at a very basic level, they've added right, clicks to the phone and it's cool. If you're, like my masses, ten buttons like I love an alternative click, but most people like will never find yeah. I think that's right. I think a lot of the the dynamic they should have called it the dynamic notch. I think they wanted to get away and the word notch. So here we are the island. I think all of the island's stuff is right, clicks in like they. They they just need for better, and we haven't talked about this other photo. We should take a break and talk about the ocean.
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Two edged screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favour, games and shows visit samson. Come to learn more about galaxy fold, ford Our back we passed ivf and forty us, which is a very minor improvement over the thirteen I found. Fourteen also has an updated internal design that improves thermo performance, which is great for staying in the act. longer processor, from last year's pro, the a fitting bionic cool, minor upgrades, the cameras, cool, faster ones, is messy the photonic engine extra sweater mode, super sweater, mode, yeah super swatter mode? And oh, we we didn't talk for this product. It's got the satellite thing yet, which is a subscription right. Well, they get it's free for two years and then you have to pay for it, and then you have to pay for it or buy a new phone I am referring to for forefront community sorry about this, because I have been trying to decide. Since this event,
whether or not this is actually cool, because it's one of those things that, like one of the themes of the apple event, was the apocalypse he's coming slash here. You are going to get lost in the woods very soon. You're gonna be in a car crash, and a computer should know about the. It looks like it's coming. It's like it's next week, you're going to get in a car crash apple can't tell you how it knows, but it knows to connect just can we whether one weirdest piece of staging at this whole event chart utterly bizarre system. First, all lots of car crashes, the apple that so every product introduction was accompanied by a video of a car crash straight up, and then they would say something we hope you never have to use this feature, and it's like shit me too well yeah and then you started running around asking executives how many cars they crashed and nobody would answer your question. Okay, but here's the weirdest one in the apple watch that one she'll talk about. They were like, There's a bunch of letters that people have written a tim cook, but how the apple watch like savior
I place my apple watch on his wrist and I couldn't believe my eyes an april. Fibrillation notification popped up holy cow and they got the actual people to read the letters like recreate voters. It was a very moving ripe. for like soft, that you would expect my heart started. Racing friends, heart started racing went to the doktor. They are like think I here there is also guy who had a bear in this house. Just There is a wide spectrum of things like, familiar in the scheme of the apple watch, a my life, except maybe for the bear. Then there's a woman who is like. I was in a plane crash and I came to, unlike though I pushed a button, I watch and we hope and like, but the because it was. creation they had our sitting in a crashed plain: did you take a plane crash survivor emulate sit in? We built a crashed plain for you to sit in for our act like it was just bizarre
That's too much or the guy who is like animals got crushed by the trash compact garbage truck standing there reading it into his garbage truck. It's like it's like that. Lane said because the garbage truck was like functional the humble fare he was like back at work at his with his truck. This was like they had to make a plane crash. Well there's two choices here: someone built a plane crash and add a physical plane crash that, or you know the crack apple tv action company has accepted the screens green when I can tell you what happens and they mad it in a plane crash either way. It's like Someone had to make a plane crash for them wanna say we're far away from satellite icily edged it jumped out to me so immediately. Yeah, like you, took a plane crash or writer like I need to sit in this plane crash and told me I'd watched it really. I can't even imagine what that day of shooting What's the software that, for us, this very traumatic for a person? I will she sinha units. So this
the theme is ever saw him right. The washing is actually car crash. The phone can detect a car crash If you're out lost somewhere, you can hold up your phone and connect everything we ve learned. It companies globe, star, oh interesting, in our preview episode. We're saying that there is a there's, a big spectrum of ways a phone can connect to a satellite one is cell towers in space, full connectivity. There is much companies doing that like in others and others star link, which is basically salt hours in space, with duality mobile, a different way and then all way down. The line is very low data, transmission emergencies and apple with very low data transmission in emergencies. You can only send text messages in an emergency. that's it and you can only really send text messages. I understand it to emergency services right. It's It is it's the equivalent of like the thing when you don't have any service, but you can call on one one. It's like that's, that's, essentially what it's just sort of expanding out
There was a line in it when he was basically like, we ve done a bunch of work too. frank, the size of a message down to a third of his normal size, which is already like a hilarious thing because of text message is like not a large thing and he was like, so you can send a message in as little as fifteen seconds it's like when you're and you need perfect line of sight to the satellite. So starlink eat your heart out, This isn't a tree might be in the way it's the phone puts up you. I that's like here's, a satellite point. Your phone directly at the satellite holding it up in the air and then effectively wise a quickie for emergencies. That feels like not super productive and I give to tax some Rights are the idea. So when I say it's clipping for emergencies there, like we ve, built this system of common messages and restore plies you might want to send, which I think is
we're doing some of the compression right there like they. They have known messages and they can yeah send codes and suddenly the messages says I even an accident. Why do you need help? Anyone push one and would go in and if the emergency service provider It's near. You doesn't accept text messages, they have relay stations where people receive your text messages and call the emergency services for you, okay, cause that was apparent, like generally speaking, when you don't have connectivity, it's because you're in a more rural place where emergency services probably are not as often technical, technologically advanced, so the likelihood of like them having the ability. it is receive your text messages and abilene texas small. Yet so we don't know so. I've seen a lot of reports apples partner with lodestar for this, even so fourchan how much they ve paid globe start to do this right, like we gotta, confirm others details of how it works but like who sits in the relay centres. It open question, I think, is
this apple staff, a bunch of really scenarios gloves, are than a contract. Maceda upham like lots, details there, but the end mentally. It's you're in an accident. You don't have connectivity in the middle of nowhere. If you can point your phone at the right spot in the sky, you can have a sort of scripted conversation that gets you help. Does it only activate if you're in an accident like if the there is in your house. How do you, I don't think, there's any situation when you buy an iphone fourteen just in case in you're off the great house: bear enters, and then you pointed at the sky to text
emergency service bear here, I was just like how do you activate? How do you activate that emergency thing? The use case you're talking about is somebody's in a crash and apple talked a lot about like well. We can detect crashes now, but wouldn't they since situations where you aren't in a crash, but you do need emergency services hold on the button on your phone. Just like now, the I believe it's as it's not connected to the light crash detection and stuff that it is a separate thing. Okay, so it's just like an individual thing and you can be like help yeah so like when you you know right now. If you like, hold the two buttons on your phone, you can like go to emergency mode. I learned two things about my phone everyday on the verge caf. Here are your choices. When you want to turn your phone off, you hold the the volume and the the power button down and you can turn the phone off. You can get your medical id or you can do an sms. in like picking the wrong one at the wrong time seems very fraught, which is also how're. Babies likes to call nine one one by pressing other buttons on your phone and then seeing without
the thing that interesting to me that this is like investing in all the satellites up for, like the watch ultra, which we're going to talk about, makes a lot of sense to me because it's it is like a group of people who need this stuff and know that they needed are likely to buy these devices right. This is the kind of thing that I would assume the earth shattering, already of iphone. Users will never once experience in the entire time that they have done so surprising to me that this was like a thing that not only did apple build into the phone and and all all of them also thought right but like snow, a lot of time telling us about in launching the fund and so that the like galaxy brain version of this is like. Ok, what is this the lake point one version of, and it's like. Ok is apple eventually going to do Second, to somebody who was like their big theory,
eventually, apple is gonna like obviate the carriers by doing its own fully satellite based infrastructure apple loves the carriers down the carrier like that is a lucrative relationship. We had a carriers pay for all the ads, for I funds it simply fixed up, but then, if it's not that, though, then what is the five year plan here. That makes this relevant to more than this teeny tiny fraction of iphone users, or does there does not need to be with you? I don't think there was one. I think this was just like this is a cool feature there is not a lot going on with the iphone fourteen. This is a way to differentiate it from their from thirty and yet they said the big technical achieving here as they got the antenna to switch to the satellite bans, so they d have to add a bulky, possibly like There is obviously a lot of technical work here that has been done, but the future is sought. Our the riot. Actually you on god bless you treated like. Of course, I've talked to the iphone team, a very smart, and it's like a traitor. Who knows what you ve done so
Driving taxis will be roaming, the streets of america tomorrow two years ago, a sure, but he is like turning a startling satellite into a cell tyrants faces not the end goal, and that word that's. The state of the art right now is now as a assault in space. So I think, there's by a lot of work to be done here, but right now we ve got is like clipping for emergencies, which is fine and it does be true. That apple is leaning harder into this thing that it is like the apple watch can save your life like. I did a clear that that, like means something to apple- and there like not only is this like a hell of a marketing scheme, but they seemed actually by this theory that this is meaningful to people. In that way, Yeah Nicole, read about it on a site like a lot of the message here is like and supported by research fear. Longer yes, but dressed up right, like the apple watch him on air temperature, but they can't make medical claims that it's not cleared by the FDA. Slowness
apple watch and monitor your blood oxygen, but it's not cleared by the FDA. So, who knows like a lot of the heart detection stuff that they've done study and twenty twenty found led to nothing but caused a burden and interpreted in additional testing a healthcare system that is not discussion, the fact that people have had their lives saved by the appalache, but they're they're, leaning into it in a way that they have to connect it to reality at the end lifesaving at scale is a very different thing: as we sharpened watches, we have not had won the item. Fourteen plus, should we talk about it now that you're right we just just that moment. We talked about the iphone fourteen plus x as much as we should. I I do think a lot of people are gonna buy the iphone fourteen player. This is the new patel big chief screen theory right like it's poorer than the other big one and its big, and it's the exact same phones there from forty like great, very convenient that they're putting it out and they're not doing a many this year.
I'm telling you ever you can wine, all you want. Did they just trying to like feed. Your theory were Alison, moved back me up on this that she's on the show again they just there. There feeding your theory that people love big phones, but that's because you don't offer about this same time, though I see what you mean: no, they offered both at the same time in people still got the big ones. image. They got rid of the little apple famous for putting out products that people don't want just to spite lie. That would say that that happens, but yeah I was. We got the or unlike a lot of people, there had listened to her episode because they want a tv yeah. I'm just telling you the big, cheap screens, always when the difference in price between the little pro and the big plus is one hundred bucks. And like in any rational universe. You would upgrade and get the dynamic island and the better camera and the oldest and everyone's going to buy the plus instead get without without which one are you guys gonna buy the pro max. I already got the prow bigger little
little. We say we want to talk about the possibly a curious. We start with a watch as this is the new apple watch series aim if features a big brilliant, always on display with narrow borders to push the screen right to the edge. So big if the screens apple watch ate a huge screen, people are gonna, upgrade just to get the big screen and yeah that have a temperature sensor. That can you, I called tracking, which is really interesting, a lot of apps have done this over time. They can. They can only retroactively. Tell you inoculation. Is that predicted wishes just another one of those like apples can claim is right at the limit of the claims that can make an yeah, but they can't go farther, which is interesting, odyssey crash detection. God only knows if you're in a car crash in a computer doesn't know about it, was mad at you, but they have also fundamentally invented on star, like when two code- and I saw gm executors, alligators intervention on start and we had all hands like they just invented on
The eight looks you're having a lot of you are interpreted game basic shipwright like not allow of additional features. Age speaks ring. I think that that the pit the period and aviation tracking is kind of a big deal for them, because they ve been notoriously super far behind there for years and years and years and years, and this is like one of the biggest like places in wearable space. Will the interesting thing, though, to you know just looking at how they talked about it? You have to wear it while you're asleep. If which is and they they're just gonna, have to initiate a new user behavior, also temperate tracking, a risk kind of like dicey. Another piece, then again our culture of straight so we'll see if it's good, that he did it it's cool. I think a lot of people find it useful, I'm just saying, as a person had a baby, you
if you're trying to make a baby email ahead of time, yeah. No, I think I think I think I think that's like I don't think this is necessarily like gonna, be useful to cigarettes like interesting. That apple is finally doing it in doing this. Catch up- and I was just like the scimitar sensors- are not just going to be used for this cause. There's been some space talk in the wearable space of using temperature sensors to predict illness and the fda will be like. You absolutely cannot say that right now, and so I think that's like series nine or something. Rather, they are oceans of pure I reviewed studies away from making the claims they want to make which again they're making the claims they can, which is one of the weird things like where we're used to these companies, like massively over promising all the stuff that they can do and with a lot of this stuff, it's a totally different dance. Where there's like there's this a further from a lot a wearable companies where they like. We see things. We can't tell you what they hocker, but regret forget about them, but we can't legally say
a certain set of words in a row about what things actually do, but if you buy one and its useful to you for that reason, terrific anyway, now that conversation munich. What government regulation working as intended cause it's keeping these companies from over promising because otherwise, like apple, would be like we can predict when the baby is coming and you'd, be like what one hundred percent yeah we're going to save it's for sure, the apple once again and the fact you have to wear it overnight, like I am not the right person to review this product. But now I think again, this is like a reveal like people are going to get it. Here's what we know they're going to sell millions of them, we're going to very quickly learn how accurate the thing is, because we were going to talk about it since the eight. I think people just for those reasons, big screen big big chief train that separate errands into it. This he's really boring the they decided color to the back from areas I would the elder. This is apple watch all true, a completely new design re imagine with extraordinary new capabilities that expand the ways
in use apple watch. I wanna bite alter its eight hundred dollars climate your honor, I like them extreme sport, I do as I throw max in the pool for divine, was like he called me and he's like I'm buying the ultra he's like a watch guy and as a gear watch guy. Why? Why do you want the ultra? It is like the tooling on it as like. I'm hanging up on you right now, yeah, that's right! buttons are great. The digital crown is finally knurled. Ultimately the whole thing to make their way to this rather design and thing in the world. there is another word I was, the opposite to break out of this. This thing is enormous. Like do not get a twisted, it is enormous to the point where, like you can see, you could see across the room which apple You have had an ultra on verses, a different appalache like unbelievably noticeable. at the start of the event. There are worrying wearing the regular apple watches suffering was announced. They are put on the back because it was done.
Noticeable they didn't you wouldn't run around and with an iphone fourteen and no one's going to notice, because it's just an iphone great like, but the ultra is it's a big boy, but it is the light. I will say like I'm putting it on. I expected it to just like my behalf too, just like go down and make a dent in the floor. how big it is, but it's actually like it felt pretty wearable in it still bigger than I want on my rest and bigger than I think a lot of people in one of their rest, but like if your still wearing the like dump I have a garmin watch on your wrist, like this will actually feel probably better on your wrist and a lot of those who didn't, I guess well, and I did they get like hits that chart of people who are like the garmin folks and then also the knee lives, and my friends folks, who, like just want a big watch rate like big watches, have always been a thing they're very like fashionable for for most guys. I think it's like yeah. I want to have a forty, nine millimeter, totally behemoth
in my wrists, whereas I'm crying over here, saying no, like the thing you that you bring up the thing, I've been wondering about like you're right, it's it's enormous but you're that point about like apple is trying to go after. Here, I think is, is exactly right and is going to be very complicated. And you comfort, I wrote a really good story for us about this, about whether apple can do to garment what it wants did. Nokia it is basically just like generated out of existence, and What's interesting now is that the ultra basically seems to be from a sort of like hey adventurer athlete perspective like a mile wide and an inch deep right leg. It has a lot of things, but if you're I'll do scuba staff, but if you like really seriously scuba, it won't do enough. It it'll do a lot of lake mountaineering stew. but if you're really serious mountaineer mountain nearer one who mountain In short, it won't be enough, and so I think, trying to get there
overlap of like how do you can it do enough other stuff to make up for this sort of ultra specific stuff? It doesn't do. Seems to be the pitch apple and try to make on this one end seems very complicated because in our view of those little tiny niches. Are people willing to spend an awful lot of money, but who have a really high bar for the features that they want and these? Our team is reading about this for weeks. That like to try to be, things are people in this sense is borderline impossible, yet it's the only customization watch is what band you get it with like theirs. It a mountaineering band and a scuba band, and it's like that's does are your choices. telling the bans are totally interchangeable. The existing bans I might have horrified some people wish they clipping on like amazon. Well, that was a rumor beforehand. Is that it wasn't going to work with the the old band? That's how they worked. It was the first thing I did, and everyone was like stop that, and I was like no I'm still doing this, but to
the soothing apple, is making an operator going out. Take a dive computer company and they are letting them make. The ep wishes crazy right, like apple, that's, usually, I think, apple, just like Sherlock's away, but they're like we actually need the credibility with this audience that the trusted name is going to build this app for this watch. They did not do that with mountaineering or ultra marathons, so soft and in fact the watch when you use it is basically the same rights big square display. It looks like it has a really big lip around. The display, basically does not the know it, actually you almost wanted to have more cause you you just you're it sort of uses your fingers or slides off the edge of it in a way that like, if I'm just running and wanted to deal with, I actually want to sort of trap edges and just like the things in me out in the world like you assume, the face is going to scratch, but doesn't have more of a lip, but to like it
it looks different in person and it plays different in person than it does on the videos. But the button, the big orange clicky button is great right, and it's customizable, which is a big first for apple, can drop you into whatever the thing where you roll the crown, and it turns the display red me, too I'm sold and on a binding thing like I saw that nose like do. I need a now. Do I want it now it s too,
night mode, but other than that, like the app model is the same right like it hasn't gotten more powerful. You can't do more things, there's a new face. That's the there's. New watch faces complicated new face, there's so much stuff on that. What fits it's nuts does it like? Look feel more expensive than regular watch. One hundred percent like cause- I wonder if like maybe that they aren't going after that garmin crowd, but they are going after those people who buy expensive, watches and want to look like have nice, expensive, watches on their wrists and most of them also get like. Generally speaking, when you're getting a really expensive watch, it's got a diving computer on it or it's got like your flight computer because secretly you're a pilot and nineteen forty two like it. It's got all of that stuff and I wonder if that's actually the crowd it's going after, instead of people who run a lot in the wilderness
yeah? I mean it looks real fancy and I love it. Yes, it's for me. It's yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna pay too much money for this thing and use one tenth of its. You know what I mean: userform user for two factor codes extreme to factor codes and management generated by any risk computer in the world's climate. Mountain bike yes, login and my gmail and no one else- is people apple watch Ultra all. I could think an event was how excited you must be that there are now but more speakers, so that you can, be running around walkie talking with backyard on there as decibels siren do anything so yeah. So we have people on our staff that are going to review this thing appropriately, thomas workers, one of them these and other. So what will push I that front but like the astonishing thing to me, is that apple has not just across the board here right
they didn't show anything else. You could do with a phone. Dear, a watch like the sir all, basically the same, there are I am in is fun, but its widgets, the key whereas our improve, but there is still the same cameras like There was not a lot of here are useful features, the way that you know four years. Every aspect of it added like meaningful, daily interaction, features to people, and so The ultra I'm sure they're, like I said, I'm by one, I'm not I'm the sucker, but it looks really cool, and I'm sure people who are actually also marathon or explorers apple of using the word explorers which, as I was exploring. but is there something? On the one hand there satellites everywhere and we can see anything on the other hand explores like magellan is one is one, but it just like. I'm sure we are interested in the features, but there in a market where there are much more fully future products,
it just like. I am still waiting on the turn for the watch where it becomes a risk computer. Instead of can ever larger. The more complicated piece of hormone is same and we ve Emily socks about this, on the show do that I think, like with more screen more battery and essentially like more duff you can do on it as a result, there is more you could do there and I wonder why well, it's not necessarily pushing on some of that stuff. I feel it's the battery and lakes straight up. It's the batter it like. Until battery tech changes, they can only fit so much better in this thing, in which case late, you have two then have a processor that doesn't suck enough like destroy the battery yeah. I will say the screen is now so big that you can open the keyboard and my kind type with two thumbs. The sweeping tabling a kind of where you can you can save tat public, the writing typing. I do that all the time on mine I mean it's like
sentences? I've guy? That's all syria for me, and and no one knows what I'm trying to say to them. And now with. I was sixteen and I think, probably on watch what you can dictate emerges so now, you can be running up a mountain yelling heart emoji thumbs up emoji dead, emoji, until I check, which is just the life, unfair and ready for, and it's gonna be like dancing, lady emerging dancing, lady a murky player, promoting bear emerging. How some crack there's a ban on cloning, but yeah, there's so far ahead of everybody else leg sooner, but I was code on say during affects a large, an unannounced excellent you there. wait and I was so mad. I was in there like for years he worked with wipe, and so people notice it right and I was like well. The the old school blogger me like runs to get a zoom lens and is like yeah, stalking him backstage and, like all the reporters are like. It like mark german caught it to his credit, but that the gadget in me, like the old school engaged in me, is like I'm in the hallway
I've got a two hundred. Millimeter lines indoors, not leaving your insight about a photo that takes a lot, but, like you know we could you can see what it is. It's a circular watch that you can have a bunch of fitbit features in it and they're there. They are competing with the apple watch series. Five yeah like at the fundamental level. They are three generations behind or apple, is an apple so like it's, these complaints are minor on the edges. Right like I wish they would make it more powerful like that. It's is more powerful than anything. But it's just weird that, like you know, the theme It's like you're, going to be in a car crash, not look at all of the things you can do with your phone, like it's apple is just like starting to assume those things and what, if we also saved your life right, they're, going to places where they're adding features where they are. They are themselves even saying we hope you never use these features will in its just like apple. also sort of simultaneously on this lake reed,
set your relationship with technology and let's talk about screen time and focus modes and like let's hope you disconnect and not feel so reliant on our screens. And it's like you know what would help is make the interactions easier on the watch, so I don't even have to get my phone out at all. I can do is likely that flip down on the table- and that's just like some it is already in there and you can do it if you want, but either apple doesn't think it's an interesting selling point four people- or it just doesn't- have any new ideas about how this up its best work. We need a reg. Yes, we do. I will quickly sears Aveline toward the airports pro They are largely the same evidence I knew driver. They ate shoe chip, they're still running bluetooth and they do not to isis, and I have a little loop in the case for linear, but they they do two times the noise cancelling. What that, whatever that means. Well, I think that one is the previous generation. I think that one you can safely assume- I will say I could try I spent like five minutes wearing a pair and in their hands on and then
his canceling is like good, but not great, like all noise, cancelling like it does the job, but it's not incredible, but the the through continues to amaze me like how good it is at passing through I've used a lot of these headphones now and, like that's the one place where it's just like leaps and bounds above everybody that, by the the setup for the hands on they had people with boxes of airports pro. Some people are try them on and you like, put him away and like a fresh one, we delivered to its wild, like a lots of people with lots of This is a very broad. So what you are saying is: there's gonna be a really good opportunity to buy refurbished. Its practice just go to the apple, storing campus. If you are the areas that have been in marquez brownies ears, that is a thing probably accomplish solemn as an end of tea was due added that the irish eight regular, this episode is brought to you by seamen,
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I was really gotta, get all the stuff we gotta review. We gotta more, you have to experience the the Their thing that happened on the same day was TIM cook came to code. Allow with Johnny Ivan laurene powell jobs. I will just tell you this brief story about what it's like being in the room versus what it's like watching on a stream, and you could have paid to watch a stream code at virtual tickets, so onstage, very notably johnny. I've sat on one chair with one ouch, a sentimental and tim cook set another chair, rent and tripp mickle just had his book after steve about the differences between those two is supported that his contract with his new from love rum, is not renewed apple in the room they all have they both.
had like entourages and they did not sit near each other. They didn't talk to each other, allow I notice that, and so, like I'm watching trip mikel like clock, this cause he's there and was just like a really that part of that dynamic like they didn't really talk to each other. They talked about Steve. They were there to talk about steve, and that was very touching and like I believe that the value Steven stolen apple are still present at apple, just the way that all three of them talked about it and talked about him and their effect on it and steve was the first guest. It was uncalled all things d with walt and kara and so carrot. This is kara. Swisher has final code, the last session and she teared up at the end, which is remarkable for kara swisher and to all that was very poignant. Then we got to the questions, so I asked a question
I, which you know you kind of know, you're, not gonna answer sometimes, but I was like look you guys all said steve would have hated social media and the viciousness they call these apps all run on your phone. What are you going to do? People buy the phones to run instagram and tiktok But if you dont haven't ceramic I've found like you, people have a hundred pounds a year. You know we are screen time before he was busy, his answer, didn't he say: I'm not a tick. Tock expert. Wasn't that right. So then, I ask because the theme of code was everyone down. The line being like tiktok is dangerous. Like scholars like we should ban it, mafia stopped our who's. The ceo of axel springer, a huge media company that owns political things like it, should be banned in every democracy. It's just chinese influence he's the netflix effect might be. There might be some other motive there having speakers on say, drive before he was like we are to compete. Them, but they are under serious review and, like the ice is gonna get like this whole thing and then TIM is like I'm, not a tick, tock exe
in casey newton- is there and he's like apple? Has perfect data about tiktok yup, it's the most popular app on their phone. They can see every purchase that is made in the app they get a cut of all those purchases like. Actually, he is definitely a tick. Tock expert like this is the thing that people are using their phones for apples, but they don't want to talk about it so whatever, but ask the question great, then: the kwan hunt, who is on the revenue side of fox media, straight up ass to what our she s, not me love it right. I was like a joking when alexander, like I just when she s going out of the union for the question right yeah, so try to ask with earthy her question the current asked, a question like you now apples about connecting people, equality on stuff like, Don't you swore Darcy s, mind refunds are green bubbles in said any heed that he icy yeah. He said I don't hear our customers english blood,
energy into it, which is hilarious, because no customers ask them put energy into the dynamic island, no customers like yours, ship, bad keyboards for five years. The innocent sitting at her great an insular counts as well, There's videos I want some I'm on that can get, and he was a buyer mother. I thought that was like ice cold. was very funny. The room laughed really hard, but it was funny he was always a challenge, but it's where apple is right in, like I'll tell you the story we read about that is next in line with the iphone him all right, let the interest in green bubbles and movables is experienced by lots of people and so appleby like no one wants. This is actually an accurate.
as people are experiencing. The reality of some of my friends are green bubbles, and some of my friends are blue bubbles, and some of these videos are at lower resolution. So there's a lot of pretending that this is an important to people by apple by tech. People RCS is not important. What is important is communicating with people. What is important is encrypted end to end encrypted messaging. By default on your phone in light, if you're just going to exclude a huge portion of phones from that by default, like you, I think you should account for it. Well, then, I guess I'm of two minds about this, because on the one hand, I think, if your team cook, you can accurately say, you're more supportive of open messaging than pretty much any other messaging app like what's up, doesn't fall back to us and ass. He urges hosed if you're not using what's up. Like that just yet. This is what it is. There is no system. There is no open system inside of what's up so even the fact that apple, like does a crappy
of supporting an open system is like one order of magnitude better than most other messaging apps. On that level great, I do think it seems impossible to me that this is not something user have expressed for exactly that reason describing I think they like green bubble, verses blue, the thing is like as its own thing, totally overblown like actual. They got matters that much at all. It's the thing where my they just don't reliably go through and I try to send my wife a picture. It comes through as is teeny tiny little thumbnail sized thing that looks like crap, and it's like I don't care about, there, it's our cs or as apple just like does a better job of so Emma s, like the underneath part of it not nearly as interesting as the fact that, like the only I can share a photo with my wife is uploaded to Google photos and you should actually, if you're apple well, but you could use signal or what's out by other means There is an argument for sure, but this is what this is
point like she doesn't use those things like she uses text messaging and- and this should work like we have a standard through which this works and if apple is going to support it at all, it should at least do the bare minimum to make it work. Functionally tim cook was being like pretty honest that, like when he said by your mom and app an apple phone ray, he has zero incentive to to want to put rcs. Why should he make that interconnectivity easier for anyone like? Why should he he shouldn't if, if you're running a business, there's no reason to do that and we know from various lawsuits and discovery that they have thought about, putting our message and entered and they didn't because he answers than people by their kids, sheep andred funds, instead of giving them their own funds and operating, which is exactly just cause It is their main lock in engine like it really really is in the united states, will qualify in the united states has definitely been lacking and they know that teenagers bully each other into buying iphones because they have green bubbles, is a real thing
and so yeah it's it was a. It was a moment like the whole steve jobs, saying laurene powell, jobs and the steve jobs archive which go to it's going to share much emails and videos of steve that you maybe haven't seen before or like that moment, was great and ended with by IRAN an iphone which again, it was sharp so. A joke, but I think it was a very revealing, chuck yeats. It was hard to come out of that thinking. This will ever happen. He was my say like we're, not gonna fuckin do our. She asked he was, but he was pretty clearly like we're not doing this late. This is a bad light of questions, but, above all, gaming closures, floating around the wings like your shoes ere. She she talked about so code we have lots of coverage of the excited for reviews. I think the Anime island will reveal itself to us in due time through usage or side of this camera. So that's all coming up at we gotta run we've gone way over here. As you, people have demanded
by the way, thanks for the info, who sent nice nets to Liam, I really appreciate it. Does very nice of you. Please keep doing that. Also, if you have apple questions, call diverge, has hotline at eight six x version one and ask us all your apple questions. I think in two wednesdays we're going to do a bunch of q and a about apple stuff. So if you have burning questions comment, alright, that's it as for as you can tweet I met redbus Alex's outreach. David is at pierce love hearing Calvin number rightist notes, only nice nets to william sinks.
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