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The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Alex Heath discuss Facebook's new name. Dan Seifert joins to discuss the reviews for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well as MacBook Pro.

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This we're gonna run fast out, seeth alex grants and dance. Even during the show. We talk what facebooks rebranding to Mehta what zog is doing in the metaphors. Some are faced with new hardware ideas that morocco, the pixel six reviews the mac whirr priorities a little lightning around spoiler. We go That's got up and virtuous decoders share, but how big ideas really work and where they might go wrong, hosted by me, the orbital editor in chief of the virgin mary ceos, policymakers, tech experts and creators about how they make decisions and how this disease affect our shared future for better or worse fast, ups, covered everything from self driving cars to crypto, to social media moderation. It's a thought. Critical conversation about business in technology that you will not here anymore. Follow decoder, reverie, find your podcast new episodes come out every tuesday
bridge ass the flagship, podcast metaphors. If you didn't see that joke coming, I dunno what you ve been doing cosette was, that was a truck that was coming over the bridge, yeah yeah. I know I am your friend. That's do turban, I'm since she had disclosure machine this one's gonna be tough. What forbids it tried to say before introducing videos at the end of our event last week, which was amazing. Thank you to everybody who came incredible. Would you I run stayed weird. taking audience questions after dealers, premier springboard his documentary available on our tv epps. You know someone asked a question in there was about and sir dieter had to say disclosure out loud I needed a said- the word disclosure- that's all I just I said so- disclosure and then
Everyone started clapping as a rule rubbed- and I was just like I needed, The video this till I get a journalism professor, but I did people are cheering transparency in the press like I don't know how we did it, but we did it anyway, it's maize. I was amazing disclosure, I think, than actually people's pretty red alex transitory eminent whenever an emerges canopy in facebook, metaphors move me I'll see is here to Alex is once again hi. I am tired, you better. This way, nancy frontiers, also crew. I guess so tired. If you really want to know some like inside baseball producer regions, helium Various seasons uses me that you can't hear a lot to talk about this week,
our reviews of a macbook pro and pixel six one apple gets those more bet. Facebook has rebranded itself is met, a scoop that Alex had last week sought to mark Zuckerberg, there's an interview with buzz. As new ceo, that's command decoder next week, there's more facebook papers revelations, but we have to start With clearly the most important news alex you wanna, take us through the cloth the clock guys, the clock is going to become a reoccurring. This is your brand, it's my brand, So going to start your haven't. You say that we are when we you coming here. I need the apparently for months for a six months map or meda polishing cloth, it costs nineteen dollars. It is sold out in the
times are about it today, yet adjusted set the stage for what I was going to do, and you know I can't wait to just feel the fibre count. I just I'm gonna write like five thousand words like you thought does occur burg, transcript long way until I spend time with this cloth. There's some drop out. The cloth apple is refusing to disclose the specks in it. attributable statement to the new york times and apple spokesperson said that the cloth was made of non woven micro fibre, but declined to elaborated So we don't know yours. We do not know how many course can I just lays focus other, I will say that it's definitely multi threaded. That's it around. Like the virtues ten, it's been one that run now working to shut down the website, but that's the end of that. I just laser focus on an apple official
an interview based on the commission, the new york times not quote or identified her. It's a cloth, I realize I freaked out when it was like on device. Local photo scanning potentially like they need to be on record. For that, I feel morally convicted of that opinion. Doctors, yourselves to say the cloth this ocean, the official said the cloth was very effective, Don't call me on that. What are we doing paraphrase please? I know why, because I would have found this person said, whereas my claw enough in every by the way, I'm picking apples every tech company plays the games in it drives me bonkers. Personally, you make this stuff just talk. It's fine anyway, onto the I shall news, which is that I have a cloth for you out and make the action
This is the face would reap hint to matter, which I have to say. I think we called last week on the show. We are pretty comments. If that's what it would be a lesson I was an instant was her eyes, I'm very upset her eyes indefinitely sounds like health insurance start up. I, like it as I was right and always will be that you, like a thing with his hands maker, make a sun rising with his hands. Ass can be great desire to work during this ought disconnect. Keynote came very close to making sunrise with its alex there's a keynote any EU tartar designed buzz mercosur. It there was a keynote, the is, I think, especially full of April, where this year it was mostly a bunch of sea gee, I of zags imagining of what the members could be playing games with your virtual avatar. body friends in space station playing with little. You know virtual animals. In a hour,
that run around on the grass. None of it exists. I would say Eighty percent of what we saw in this connect keynote probably will never exist. The form it was shown in, but the name is very real and that logo de logo a stick What's up with a two seas, can I can gradually earlier one of our senior video folks of fear and panic raced out to memo park and took a picture, of them. Changing the sign in front of the face which headquarters to say matter, but they did it, they were and I was heroic that was heroic, so basically a couple hours before the keynote started, they put a giant cloth, not apples of, of course, but a cloth over the like sign by facebooks headquarters in menlo park, then, like all the sudden on twitter, everyone's like trying to get the angle of like the people painting the new logo on drawing on the the sign. What is it it's like?
infinity type thing and Javi race down there. I got some great photos and they really did this like just orchestrated, like everything changed it once, you know, like all the execs on twitter, changing their twitter handles their bios and yeah. It's meta he said you have rights and it is matter in the fact that it is matter. Just on a layer said esben. I talked to mark Zuckerberg about it and we do we covered a bitter ground. He had some things to say about like crypto that I had never heard him talk about and how their excited about kind of blockchain, smart contracts for the met a verse about succession. You know asked him. Are you still gonna be seo chairman in five years, and he said probably, I was really hoping met. The tv show I wanted here as thoughts on closer. That's my only joking section, my further work
for I guess Mehta now so matter. Well, that's a thing! So oculist the oculist name is, is going away and, as part of this is now going to be the meadow quest, the met a portal is such a horrible. It's that guy I can't wait to edit those reviews side. So the reasoning that zack gave you in the transcript is on site. You can read it and then next week will have in her youth Andrews worth the city, a decoder without sets great, but the reasonings I gave you was. This is getting confusing for people face. A product, people don't want to log into their question. The facebook and people really did not want to log into their actual costs with facebook account. There is a lot of backlash that I think this may just kind of surprise people. One of the main reasons that they changed, the brand of the company that has been the same for seventeen years as one of the most recognisable brands in the world is because mark got concerned that people hated logging into quest with their facebook account.
There's. Another solution to that measures are a good like, maybe maybe don't force people the login to facebook like heat. But how does it's not so bad at one or no? No, like you would think that it might be. You know the facebook. Name being dragged in the mud constantly by the media, for all the problems. Other you know, hate speech, misinformation, the toxicity of that brand, no like the first thing he talked about was like logging into quest, and I just I think that an important it is those his frame of mind and like how he is act legitimately obsessed with this stuff and its thinking almost like exclusively about this view This more futuristic like phase of the company and not really at all what people are focused on right now. He's he's thinking about like people's concerns with a product made has ten million headsets in circulation, maybe like definitely facebooks smallest product, besides portal yeah, but here's like that. The good faith push back
I find it by the reason people don't like logging into requests headsets with their facebook accounts is because facebook is associated with toxicity and sharing things. You don't want to share, of course, but my point is that the vector of the light concern for him is the quest. It's not my right blew up, which shows you just how obsessed he s with the stuff. Is this lake the moment that their unifying all of their hardware under like this new name and stuff right cause like the portal? Also, nobody wants, because facebook and they're gonna do these classes and obey munson, because our facebook, in this kind of their way to be like yet our into hardware, fully unified under this new dumb name and also
spooks over their forget about it. It doesn't exist now, so you can't see it. That is, that is definitely part of it and there's gonna be this new unified accounts system and the details are very slim, but it's gonna include instagram facebook what's up which has been separate this whole time. A mega accounts system that you can have the wool span. Everything and you can choose if you want to drop it into an app or the classed or whatever the matter, smart watch, whatever else is coming, that sounds like they haven't ironing out, though he was pretty vague about it, but he said part of this is one psych, a brand that supersedes everything that is not one of the alps and obviously one of the opposite. Has the most toxicity tight. Name, but he used. The word, like I kind of like facebook is the most I conic social media brand with me like three times, which is like his way of saying, like I'm, not totally throwing this team under the purse. yeah it was. It was a very interesting interview. I mean he was pretty blind and I was like look man like
we're going to say you're doing this, just a distance from all the scandals of the past few weeks. The was aware of france's how, in the face, papers that we and others reported on, and he was like that's ridiculous. He was like we started this. Over six months ago. He's out and thinking about this actually for years, formerly kicked off the project six months ago and he was like, if I didn't think we were running toward something verses, running away from something was something this big changing the name then I wouldn't, I wouldn't be doing at which believe that if you want, but it was fascinating, whole riband stories fascinates me. He made employees inside facebook sign separate. India is called the reprint because it was so topsecret and yeah. It was. It's been an interesting every kind of wild me that that is saying he's not running away from it when he like very much admitted by thing like people were horrified to login to facebook other their quest. What why my leg
what's the next step to that like the ship, that's argued here, you are, you are you have admitted you're running away like maybe not from this the papers themselves, the most recent scandal, but like yeah, europe away like dope donor, hide behind the portal and in the quest. What do you say that like Alex I'm running away like that. You that's fine where I spent a lot of time in a ring executives, and sometimes you just have to like cycle Finally, a value it what's happening to you when you talk to them, but they have to be unless it's fine. That thing that gets me is. On the one hand, this might be great for facebook and it set of problems, because a new person will end up in charge of the blue app while mark is dancing in the matters. Fine, on the other hand, that new person could be horrible and do a bit.
job and be less accountable, because congress will still want mark Zuckerberg to show up and he will have even less interest in what is going on facebook, and say even less interesting in it. Like there's just a problem here where I casey, reticent in platform or the other, he is like the reaction to a lot of this is really boomer wishes very funny he's like so binkie barges. Assuming that smartphones or the end of time- and there won't be a next thing and no one's gonna- build it in there No company should invest a building which only solve the problems of Saint Francis, somewhat opinion. There are a lot of problems. We don't know how to solve them right, but I dont have a plan for social media moderation scale. No one does like if you go and talk to the experts, are like no. This is an intractable, impossible problem that we're just gonna be saddled with until
We shot him down or agree that the problem looks like this and just solid everyday Zuckerberg not pay attention to that then trying to build a virtual world where that problem is pretty thing where you live in a digital world. Everything around he was content, moderation, you just it's the matrix of content, moderation like what what gets to be there who gets to decide if it's there. Blockchain system transfers ownership from the roadblocks not averse to facebook. have the same rules like the all. That is a content, moderation problem. The technology is very complicated and worth investing in, but the sperience is someone we in charge of reality, and I just like an eighty hadn't clegg regulate they traded gesture at it, but it just weird like running away from the blue, app moderation problem.
to the matter, verses like what, if I just up the difficulty level on this, the matrix movies turned out to actually be really helpful because it the matrix. Be controlled by a hyper intelligent, a I that wants to destroy humanity, but at least it's like consistent in their rules, and you know it can happen there. Unlike the metaphor yeah and if you ve, ever asked them they'd put unit.
Room with a little man, and you just put your sleep. I think this fan is evil, but I dont care to understand inside and outside of the fourth millions die talked about that actually to us with bars on decoder about how to get some interesting data centers. Can we really next week I doing it's gonna, be a little different, I'm not sure we're gonna get the wonder many kind of instantly broadcasts. Anyone can see public comments, type environment in what their building like we haven't duty facebook. It is more a kind of people centred and that's like we're more kept coming back to us that he wants this to be centred around people are not apps like you wanted people to be the focus of control and, like maybe blockchain, somehow helps that. But I don't really know, but you know it's a huge open question. It's like to be trusted company that obviously can't moderated car platform. They told me he was like we just managed to piss off everyone with how we ve run.
spoke today to cite haven't applied, and that is like we're doing the best we can, if, like we piss off both sides, so they did have nick clegg is that of policy, and it was very funny rates or markets like in his virtual world only looks at what is now a mega portal. This conversation with nick clegg and their flag is on their side by talking to a portal on a tv, so mark is like safely home like neck is at a year at workmen codes that then he is like net, carry and keep the metaphor safe, and it was like we're going to think about it from the beginning right that went on for, while what did you buy, it would
You think of this presentation. I asked like bosnia question too in dakota like so, if I'm using horizon, which has facebooks makeovers software robots meets minecraft, am I just want to be able to interact with my friends or friends or friends or is like a stranger gonna, be able to just like come up to me? Envy are maybe aided by an algorithm? Unlike start doing? Who knows what to me because, like my very few interactions, I've had envy? Aren't I've done a couple actual horizon demos, unlike Davis venues thing, which, a concerts. India are the interactions, have not been great lake like one time a guy came up to me was like where the chicks man like one of my first times racking with a stranger, and we are
loudly righted? That's gonna be great times. Yeah like it's gonna, be a problem like I don't know if they can totally foresee how much of a problem this is gonna be, but they are. You know boss talks about the principles of like you know, don't surprise people, and then they surprise people by linking the facebook account to the class in passing a run off right so thick the trackers now great. I will therefore acknowledge that I think they do too, but they have gun spanked quite over the last five years, and I think that is in forming a bed of how they are approaching. This. I have a question for their written. Real fast is, though, term met averse gonna be over now because, like facebook is effectively branded, a lake
our other companies going to continue to use it to describe this matrix viii, our space, where they have to switch something else, because they went up pull away from the facebook branding whose terms we need angrily, tweeted because he would lose his word to yeah this morning. Snow crash, like this word, is predates, like always, people, and it's like a disturbing siphoned off from the nineties and our mark. Did you ever think that you are using a word about like people escaping a crumbling society? to tell you about my company and he was like the music yeah. It's a con. This is good elon musk, who said he was a big fan of parasite. A concentrated So amid all of this in the naming and branding in the way they did announced some. There are? Some things are going to do. They ve got a new high end are, we are headset, which is twenty?
so they are never innocuous pro and that was technically true cause it's. There using the oculist brand anymore. It s, always a lawyer to their way through that one congratulate its mixed, ray body, so have full color highrise. Pass through an face body, I tracking for realistic, avatar expression, and but will I still look like a memo. Gi like will I still look like the wind, nintendo wii me, aesthetic from fifteen years ago, yes. How real are we getting here? The higher rise versions of that, but the first versions do like nintendo into nose like so oppression and design, but there also working on these kodak avatars and they showed a dam of this, and it was just one of their researchers standing and he's talking to harmonise like by the way, I'm not real.
What I did it I made, and then they do the green screen pull back and like he's of avatar, and he looks like skin real. So that's gonna be turnout. Uncanny valley, via the first version, is gonna, be these kind of memo g we tie avatars a tremendous moment during the keynote by the way was softwares like. Let me address my avatar inequality. and then he was like an astronaut. He is really spooky holding effort and then he picked the exact same outfit. Here's where it has like irreligion. Is there a wealth of identity of young ones? It was but Cambria interesting. We based on what I know about what apples working on his very similar the first kind headset we're gonna get from apple, which is a high and mixed reality.
So, instead of like forty yards, showing you a video of the real world through the cameras it can mix, graphics by cheating live just using the video feed, so it's gonna be pretty interests. I think we're gonna start to get some new experiences. Arizona be expensive. Probably you know that I guess element. That's next year they also tease but didn't really show the air glasses they're. Calling them Nazareth. There's no timing on those, but their working on some. U I stuff they! They did some more vaporware presentation. Making attacks is like, the underlying ermine there's like a taxi all about it and like all these demos, why are they still people playing board games on table No, it has been doing areas for forty five years now sixty jobs is born here, as I got a vision and it's it's chess, but the chessboard isn't there.
I mean I've been doing these demos forever. They do not have a killer app. There's one killer, app re our and it is seeing people's names and faces, is obviously like uniquely suited to delete that up to people in that's fine, but like apart from that. It's it's a measure and stuff is button couches, where they shouldn't be like playing with coordinated action. Ass stated no, else, has any other ideas for the term internal discussions on decent work for building building like a car or something being guided by someone else. to tighten some pilots? The enterprise and unsatisfactory, but this was buried in or another there is their working, would be him w and they didn't say really what it was for. This is part of
the nazareth, our glasses they're gonna, have, in any case a artist way to turn spent several just even pontiac ass tech again great. If you could just like walk the streets in every harlot, sick speaking of grand theft, auto coming dvr, that's band! That's no crap! You, where you go on snow, don't do So here is my question: is on a technical level, but these headsets, we, u report, when you read the information apples now he's got the facebook one writes a full color. passer she's, got analyses rayner, no, less reason for any of us, and then you got a camera should not in the world the camera. Is businesses look at the world for you, it's going to pass through some compute Some computers do something tat image and then it's not display it on that screen. That's all just latency me that is me, just walk you, those bump in
and here's my body is moving faster than what I can see in. Like I don't know, it's really talked about it yet, but this interim solution of full color. Through video is like wherever one's going, and the first thing I like you. Do a pastor any actual question right now. There is a delay in if you perceive Do I look like I? This is super cool, but I dont know where my hands are exact that's really weird. It's fine for like picking up your water bottle right, it's, but it's it's! You can't put your hand for growth but you re not to shut it. You shouldn't you're gonna, look like you're from snow grouch walking the lanes eating is going to be solved and I think it would be surprised if this heads is pretty impressive in terms of that and they didn't like they're gonna. Have I tracking, unlike that, helps with like the graphics being more focused.
my late and see where you're looking so the I'm excited to try this thing. I told you understand the reservations of facebook. Having body I face tracking matter. Excuse me I caught were. This is gonna, be like the next month, my life as reading the transcript of europe as an area and there's a point where he called facebook in you correct him that this is a very good matter? just like cruises, through his fat and happened, it's going to be very confusing. I do think, probably in which type of facebook papers quickly, because that happened also. Remember those d, You think this is gonna distract or otherwise divert attention from the
in normal series of weeks when faced with internal operations and a descent within that company. I think it already has ike in Yerevan. Remember the facebook papers that was literally like tuesday, this Monday Monday right, yeah noise and get it has for this week. I think we may return to it by I can't say that that wasn't part of the plan right because, like the consortium which we were part of said the embargo for this week, not knowing at the time but would be happening this week, I reported the weak right before that those around was coming. now. Everyone's like conspiracy, theory like facebook is changing its name till I changed the google search results from the fiddler papers to this because now it's matter just based on my only pursue anecdote, I get way more normal people, like you, don't follow, attack asking me about the name, then anything I've heard from the papers. You know so earnest,
stock looks like a you right now. It is like an shot straight up within us. Mehta lake was governor, yes army. I'm sorry, I think we're going to see more of it but yeah. I think they think this is gonna, help them move away from it and it definitely gives like everyone morale boost of like over. You know where this cool ryan, a company. That's like focused on the future and ass mark. I was like workers is about recruiting and he was like, took a b and was like that's a good question This is what I mean about. Psychology is in areas like that laws is the answer and then there's whenever they say so. No, it's definitely not that, as well as about morality is about recruited, Look if you're like evaluating and offer between apples like mixed reality, team and facebooks and then you're like well. Now I can tell people I work at mehta, maybe he'll take the job. I don't know. Maybe routine,
mine, maybe not, but always anyway, they will have to answer. Questions. Are the capital riots, my top? He bore exonerated. Look I work at matter, but yeah. We did report on the papers and it connects to this because the story I did was about how their freaking out about losing younger people the very next day mark Zuckerberg comes out on earnings and says I'm telling all my product teams to focus exclusively on young people and the all these metric, showing that team, like, not passing on instagram as much there definitely not losing the blew up like this is probably the first time an entire generation, just like skips getting on facebook, which is like a while to think of a so unite, have ass before just sort of that yeah sure I can see at the thing that can you found me? Is it young people routinely turn into old people cannot stay away from facebook like they're, just there's a switch in your life for us it was. We had a kid and then all the parent groups in school group
You know where that trick or treating events by all. That's on facebook, you're, not gonna, talk. You want to find a plumber. It's like fate. You gotta fate, like all that stuff. That makes you called the just makes you understand any proper responsibility fence crashing you run. Deface editor resolve razor disutility for all people. Why it s also utility for extremely disturbs people. Tissue per head but there is an enormous amount of just like a doll utility that is baked into that act. That is unavoidable and vainly attic screw this young people. I mean, I think, they're saying we got that, so we need to do else, like other daddy's like over thirty, were fine were growing, so you well. I growth coming from its coming from people turning third way
see what you're saying, but it's not just its not that people are joining and then getting older. That has been happening for seventeen years. What is the first for the first time happening in the last few years is like people are not joining so like young people are just not using this. service and uninstall ran their using less for the average time, and so they're going our population is, is going I am also believed in recent years that between thirty, like like well, scheduling a trigger treat run from my four year old and dead, now, allied I gotta say a huge gap between thirty and dying. I now that I'm over thirty, I agree before I was thirty, but really is you're dead and wounded When you I thought it was twenty two I'll be. I will admit that my twenty fiveth birthday party, whose ridiculous, because like it's over tomorrow when the field's medal, my god deep color,
the three of you are gonna, get that and I gotta pull over and really think that equalising abolished the I just that Even the young people that are using it today are gonna, get older and need that saddam utilities they will age interface workers. What I'm saying- and I just an hour- they don't think so because what's happening is a lot of like new platforms are taking the time away from them in a way they ve never seen before, and what they, don't research and have shown that instagram, like teens, honest around they influence what their household does they tell their youngest. ones what is cool, so the younger siblings they never get on. They tell her parents what is cool and yeah. You can't get facebook as you're doing your job. Retreating, london play stuff on there. The like If your team is costly, tell you hey. This thing is where I'm on this is cool, like all the old people got on facebook. I remember because younger people, college students were on there, and then all the old paper like how do you do kids mentioned and it was the worst day ever. This is
phenomenon, like is hard to understand, like the young people, tell everyone else. What is cool and they're losing young people for road blocks for a fortnight, and so hence pivot to matter? I cannot wait to schedule. Plead aids in for just that happened a fortnight. I honestly don't know of any date, anxious ear and are afoot. Area new, but it also feels like a living nightmare that that's me like I, just they ve gotta prohibit any other company in our I understand we are saying- and I even think its prey accurate- that if you don't, using facebook. When you get
Why do you need a utility like facebook? You might choose something else, next door right. So that's like a competitive facebook, but weirder like yeah, there's all right. But to me the core of this is: if you just open the blue app it's not well designed. It is just like chocolate. Stuff. It is hard to use they try to make it into a super. App like we chat is in china, like in that strategy kind of backfired and all the problems landed in their lap, so go in that direction. So new things said that area. I just like what he's so here's our plan, we ve got some olds. They stuck with us, we're gonna, just try to like make them live their lives in this ep, but young people, our products benefits, are really thinking about. You
I've versus something there that isn't coherent to me now and the presentations that we put in the story. Facebook, sauce generation you can find it on the virginal com are so cringe and there's ones a dinner then include that are like brains, scans of like a young person's brain and like bullet points going like. teams are susceptible to social pressure. Unlike how do we increase engagement with like their design, You know it's a site, its total cringe. It sounds like a robot wrote it and what their, what they realises that for facebook. They need to be linked in four like twenty to thirty, and so facebook is going to literally start looking like down there. Let you push tourism resume, find jobs and they causes they. to define causes whatever that means anywhere. You, mental health psych. All my guide, like is yeah that'll exits. It's done That was that was the big face. Remember sorry that I would say we
we were not consortium alex, headed to look through all the stuff. Lots of stories came out from it. We did a round up. Canada, big themes. We saw more to come here to congress payments that are you gonna write like a poem about the disbanding change Who do I think that a limerick on twitter, like I don't we contribute. I you know, when I see him? But what does that mean that those limits are are part of the meadow Second, we just the man man's like I've, made its technical satellite visiting life for the past fifteen years, since I've been working on this job, let's go, but I just called the other sort of your end with with casey glycerine popular emotionless. Faced with consummate sure, that's their business, whether they like it or not? They rank countries by amount of resources they put into content, moderation and so
in the united states and india tier zero, all the attention and there's a lot of countries it to your three, which has no attention unless something bad happens. That's not good and you can you can either eyes. I have to tell you you can already guess what countries are more, what part the ones are they make money jump at the top of the list in poor countries are at the bottom of it. It's just like what are we doing guys? It's almost like a for profit corporation running international discourse. Is that so I get they parted Metaphor thing for me is like a man these countries dealing with actual countryside. What, if I just make my own world, am I hear you're and you dont alexandria, lack train into we're done no countries here, just as up your verbs world, but there is more to come from the papers. It is not it is. It is still the story,
They want to do that if you, like, the congress still thinks it's. I don't think congress cares as much about the better verse as the alliant Amy closure is not out here, be like you, you got she's like this is my hat too busy sending me a daily email. Let's just because you said that's the smithsonian eyes now in many ways, I wonder if the reaction from them is my grades easier breaker. Faced with now, there? You read this: holding company at three absent edward is taken away from its system brand, its
easier did they're all the same tat, the same people, all the founders, the people who actually had a different view of the world have laughed like better that there's nothing to strip apart. If you took like instagram out of matter its literally just a bunch of facebook, product managers like those that have all like been getting paid and facebook, and I met a stock like it it. The tec is the same. I just don't buy, it does to brand edison s face, but if you take him out the back now it can do we really want and they like, they brought the presentation, like teens dancing, discloses recanted, really change the stock ticker to better really then present was f b. I should like pretty good now has already m s army. Now your Matthew ball has matter for his motto: unity of your good for have good for his ass. You know my god!
it's amazing alex. Thank you. I hear you ve had a along weak. I suspect it's only the more complicated from here I just want to say your officially are met ever speak reporter. That's inside I apologize to relinquish christian senior class reported. I'm going to find out who go, spend, gets the cloth, skips map, and even this out What frank here in the dirty real world, we need clots. Here's! What I'm gonna do. I'm in here dr and our south along beach and I'm gonna go look in the containers. Emily, Fine and class dinghy world has run out. Where are they Thank you so much earlier and accurate,
ok, we're back! It's enough virtual stuff! Everybody take your glasses off our back here and physical reality because new hardware to talk about reality. thanks, you can touch and others like, and I think we should get for talk about real things that actually existed. Art mediated by computers like the pixels photography, o away no boy what is the photo? An average never dared The pixels talk till I do tell us how you feel other great. They are very good executions of Google smartphones, which we ve been waiting for for long time, and my only real knock against them is not a surprise that they are just huge couldn't settle like if you dont want big phones, not the phone for you. If you do like big phones and you're, probably like like how bank I haven't seen one yet.
These. Are there within, like millimetres of the thirteen programme, so like the six pro, is effectively larger than the thirteen pro max and that regular sixes like a millimeter too shy or whatever so like. They are big phone stay dwarf a thirteen product warfare pixel five. They dwarf the like pixel. Three or pixel for if he had those in the past, like there's no small option here, it is no fit in, and you have a big one or a bigger one. You haven't, I mean here two years I feel at this. I do wish that there was a small version. been making the smaller versions of andred fronts for a while. They still have the ace of even the age of forty, Are democrats more andrade funds, a really big news that eleven, like a kind of feel like google's? I'd everything they might as well. Just tracing scurrilous may giant phones, I think it makes sense like just because someone pig less for a phone like they might be with the pixel six, which has a great price, great value. It doesn't mean they want a smaller screen. Very often they want a bigger screen. I was at
vocal best by the other night, and they had the pixels on display among, like a whole row of android, unlocked phones, they hadn't, one pluses and there is more or less and there was samsung someone in and apart from them all looking identical. Think like they like really similar they're all have big streets, because that's what people are buying and like it makes sense I think you know Google's prevent many years, can actually sell pixels sailor. I want to push back on the idea that this is what people are buying, because I think it's what their buying, because it's the only thing per I d, like you, wanna highlands little well, if you wanna hyacinth a higher, because nobody bought the small high in pixels in the past, the pixel three with smoke. You got things than others so if you're gonna sell pixels go after the market, the buys I mean, I really hate to say it, but like companies have been making smaller phones from time to time, and then they
stop and they don't stop because they aren't. They stop because note that I there how I want that to be true. I want to be true that there will be lots of small phones out there, but like capitalism, work than credit has said signals, and they just don't so as well, and so small phones are like doomed forever to be intermitted the he made an available and interesting, but deeds news standard is like six inches there are already sorry tangible benefits to having the bigger phone death of them have big screens and people are big sweets, both of them a big bang. he's in my dressing. I know: there's been a lot of different testing results out there from differ reviewers, but in an hour testing, which was not just made of a lot of staff contributed and help to it. We got excellent. Better life were, there was like whether you over the pixel sixes six pro the big batteries make big battery so like they lasted all they easily end of the day. You didn't have to worry about it when you played in the charter
your wireless charger. What have you can have thirty five forty percent left like these are the things that people matter to people is like battery life, screens, eyes and camera, and so like it makes sense to me they're doing. This is that we can. I just say the econ word, for this is expressed preference like people. Why? all the time, but then they, money actually tells the truth, in iron law of the tech industry is like people will tell you anything, but if you put a gigantic cheap screen in front of them now that one is keep right, misery up here like constantly from people. I want small phones, so there I'll just slake liar
yeah next time, someone says that you just call them a liar to their face and see how that goes. Like my new, that's why you away? It is calling on the line that I heard things up and walk away, sixty four ways on the borderline, agreeing to beg my eye like big phones and like big hands and, like all my pretty big and the really slippery this the glass backs on these is like it's almost feels like it's. These slick, I've had them fall off of wireless chargers fall off my desk, I put it on that the arm of my cell phone slides, offered ass, like flying off your desk right now did net. Like you looked at it They are literally. I hasn't widens georgia back. My desk, I put it down there like twenty minutes. It slid off the back of my desk like hit the floor like this. This happened even one put a case on these things: there big their slippery google's cases. Think. I recommend checking a third parties. I dont have any recommendations other than they can't be worse than Google's.
so put a case on any and you're, probably happier okay, so big I also know that the build quality is like not super ultra samson quality premium. We talked about this a bit me. I did what we did, that this special edition votes cast, for we have an interview with reconsideration. Listen to that, but the thing we couldn't talk about the thing we could talk about now is camera results so like where, where we landing on camera, because this is the big question yeah so its advantages- it because, like that, Big story here this year. Is that Google finally upgraded the camera hardware, that's gonna nuisance new ones is had been using the same hardware for like four years and pixels. These new sensors are the main sensor which is in both phones and the altar. Wide sensor which is in both phones are much bigger. And they were in the past, bigger Sensor means more light, better image, quality, that's kind of just like a known axiom and they ve got. You know ghouls advancements in computational. Argovie. I will see right away. They are very good. The main sensor takes excellent photos and
When we compare them head to head with the thirteen pro it's often atossa, sometimes the iphone with better, sometimes the pixel, it's better. I put this in the review. It really personal preference, which is like kind of what we ve been saying for years at this wiping out excellent for even saying it for years, but the last two to three years we have been saying that everybody else caught up and in some ways have surpassed the pixel within in extreme educate. they had surpass. I would say that you know Those edge cases are much smaller now and if there are any, it's like what they could go one way or the other. the thing that was most remarkable to me, though, with the special particularly the main sensor. Is you hear about these big hardware advances and you expect a big noticeable leap forward. Oversight what pixel five produced, but unlike everyday situations, often times the pixel five and the pixel six pretty
very similar results there, not especially more detailed they're, not especially sharper. Part of that reason is because Google's using a fifty megapixel sensor and it's been inward- or shrinking the resolution down to twelve and a half megapixel, which is effectively the same as a twelve megapixel on the pixel five. So that you're not like getting a great leap in detail There are some areas where, like in extremely light, it will be better thanks, a that bigger sensor. Theirs. Better dynamic range, but you really have to be looking for these and an honest if you're looking for a huge upgrade going from pixel five to pixel six, you might not see it, but the one area that I do think is a big upgrade and is frustrating because it's only on the pixel six pro is in the telephoto camera yeah telephoto camera is like the first telephoto camera a phone and I've actually enjoy using all of the other ones. I've used where there is the iphone, even the thirteen prose, Insects, altruism, we're whenever there like fun gimmicks,
but their noticeably bad things like bad images, and so when I first started using the six prose camera. I would just like wow. This is a test. that, I can actually use it. Does the things I want from a telephone gets me closer to the subject. Like does better what we call compression so You are using a longer lens, it makes life means straighter and cunningly compresses your subjects in a very flattering wade, actually vertical photos of people, and it does actual like separation, between the subject in the background. Yet we ve had a software tricks for so many years and now we're finally giving the hardware that could do it and it just me, it looks so much by thy father tell Rosalie reacts. This is for ex, but it's also like this like the higher quality so with the rifle turkey programme like this telephoto is good, but we loved for portraits. We took some amazing portrait photos the the pixel six pro it's like
It's really good for portraits, also, but also its like actually useful, for zoom and they're super resume, when you get to, I think that lets you gotta twenty access, still yellow get out again way better than what samson does when it starts to throw off right right in, like even I did some side by side with the tenets zoo, that's an actual optical tax, on this as twenty one ultra, and because that isn't good money or the tenants. Digital zoom from Google's good for ex optical camera produces somebody's better. Yet more pleasing, rs So that's why I say when, like it's, the first one actually want to use. It is reaching that level. Equality where it lets me do things with camera that I haven't been able to do in the past right and like that is and advancement to me and its frustrating. That's only visible in the six pro and not on the six. But so that's that's. Where we're going to come back to six progress of sex, I we have before we leave camera
we gotta talk but video. It's been year, the entire life of the or, like amazed, sits pixel to anyway, it's been like the camera, oh my god than that slow! find out back, but is but too bad about the video. That's a bummer. day behind on that this year, promise that they fixed it that they have applied all day. hd arnett algorithms, to free by free with a video and that its cool nowadays they caught up everybody. It sits in nigeria. Ah you too bad about the video. You don't improvement, it's it's definitely better than prior pixels, but that was as as data kind of alluded to a pretty low by its very interesting how the video is seemingly treated differently The pixel verses still photos it processes colors differently in video, yet it does instil photos
if you have a lot of saturated colors like reds or oranges. Greens, it like ants up the saturation of those in almost turns them like day, glowed me in a video in the same exact, seen that you take a photo still photo with the pixel and it will produce a more muted natural high contrast, but not nearly as extreme. kind of look, and it was just like fascinating to see that in action color weirdness somewhere there somewhere- and I, like you, know, people complain of unless what samsung video just do that. It's like we're saves, like did still photos forty years ago, like sampson's, you know come a long way, but this is like that's what it reminded me of and then there's like other weird things. There's therefore different image legalization modes supposedly for, like you know, different activities or whatever None of them are particularly great they're not as stable as what you get on the iphone and they produce a lot of weird artifact ing and there's Jim.
there's and there's like beard exposure shifts it doesnt handle that's moving. So like yes, it's a better video, you can shoot for k sixty frames per second, as long as you want. The phone will not heat up or overheat, at least, which was a problem with the pixel five ay bites, you should just getting around its its work care very much about video. You should get an iphone and, like you can talk any number of youtube, others who are like very into android ecosystem and they have my iphone in their back pocket for bureau like it's, the only thing they use it for because the video is actually very good, unusable and on the other, so Google still gonna ways to go there. I dont know if its processing tweaks, I don't have to each yard algorithms, just like mesh. What would the or whatever, but it would have been nice to see more improvement on that front. Yum there at last camera thing is another color science exercise. Our video google talked a lot more than we expected about having better photos for darker skin tones. How that
It seems like some of that is not just bluster there actually doing stuff, but it's not like sorry perfectly everybody. It goes back to a lot of that personal preferences, what we saw in or testing what we saw from other folks test results was that it does do a better job of lightning darker skin tones, so that they're, not in a shade or shadow rushlight back what it's like. It's it's, it's more like just nine darker skin tones is a thing that lots of cameras to have done and that's like actually incorrect. What they're doing is their exposing it more correctly there having like more correct, color and in some cases their allowing the skin tend to be more accurately darker, but not have it just be like completely card to see and inconsistent dynamic frames using improved its little bit a dynamic range, but it's also color. One of the things I talk. A lot about was make sure the can tones didn't look ashy, especially when there's things like side lighter back late. That happens when you just like turn up the exposure right. That's one of the things I can happen,
done a good job solving for that, but there's still pixel photos, which means which means they are high contrast. They tend to be a bit over exposed and they are extremely detailed. So I recommend Nicole win over a dubious jaded are really great article where she took photos of a bunch of people with different darker skin toning complexions and she used of new pixel the iphone thirteen pro end, the s twenty one, and she asked what did what they felt about it and you see what universally they said that the pixel was more accurate, but also universally they liked the results from the samson better. It was softer it was nice or for portraits, it wasn't highlighting skin blemishes and other things that maybe we don't want to have when we are seeking a picture vessels below two percent or by cells. I mean this is like the heart of the I mean yeah that is right, and it is here we offers more accurate, but you like the samsung better. What's also,
But what are you right? If you you have a person with darker skin, like I am familiar with a history of camera technology that is bad. It my skin red and so like that familiarity actually plays a role in all. This is better, but I like the thing that I am familiar with, that I like we can devise a photo for another five hours right yeah. What is here, procession of yourself is mediated by another person's imaging this issue. That's it? That's hardly restart the work that has been part of it, I think, is particularly with the pixel photos is how sharp and detailed they are and when we worked with some of our staff, who have darker soon and had then look at the photos and compare that was their reaction. They said it's too detailed. I don't want it to be as sharp when I'm taking a photo of myself or imposing a portrait
That is something that also goes back for a long time with photography photographers years ago, used to slap vaseline in front of lenses to hide blemishes because they couldn't do it digitally now. You know, there's a different level of processing, and I think that the fact that pixel can capture so much details, really impressive and really cool, but it doesnt work for every situation. It doesn't work necessarily as well for portraits, and I think the iphone or samson phones do a good job of presenting the right amount of detail without over doing it and without it showing too many blemishes, and things like that that the people, don't necessarily one, is not longer. Google made a big loud blog posts about how they are turning off all their face with by default and the rest of the camera industry should follow because its causing guenaud issues of self image to have like aggressive face willing on by default so yeah. This is a complicated such its it absolutely complicated. Subject
not a new problem, televised point. The film industry has been biased towards lighter skin tones for decades in the beginning, like there's yet since the beginning film was developed to expose lighters, can tones that cared right on through digital cameras and cares right on through to the funds at raising. Today I applaud google for approaching it and talking about it, starting. You figure out ways to to address it in, and hopefully we see more and better improvement going forward across the board. Now, not just so two things left wish tat rushed through, but you have argued that these are the best andred funds available today and I also curious, but there's two of them, which one do you prefer so one, let's backup, let's talk about best android phone, that's that's it
Yeah, it's a clean and a lot of the is because, when you look at the entire package and including price and price, is a big factor here, especially with the pixel sex, but even with the pixel six pro as well, they are under cutting the competition by a significant margin and still offering this level of performance. This level of features is level of bill quality and then you need for google this level of support that you don't necessarily it's like one lesser back in the day right, yeah a lot of one plus, and in fact to underline one plus back in the day you have because like when I was thinking These are like. I don't know why anyone would buy one plus phone at this point. If you're looking at a premium phone, one plus, is now their phones, if they dont disco them or put them on sale there, a thousand dollars or their eight hundred dollars. They are fully up there and now
is offering its experience with pixels, which is very similar, and software better support, better cameras in arguably different, maybe better designs. If your personal taste there for less money, and so why would you? What is what in point four one plus against samsung. It's a little bit different of a conversation. I think that samson definitely make produces better hardware. Sampson's fit in finnish is top notch like the S. Twenty one ultra is is a gourd. Peace, a device that seems a perfect. The design is ice. The way that the rail blends into the camera hump is clever and like it feels like jewelry almost, which often is used to describe either. I phones in its very up it's right up there with the simple google's not there yet like it's not hard to find sharp edges with these. It is not hard to find gaps between the glass and the metal frame if you're looking for it. So if your extremely you're about build quality specifically samson definitely has an editor. Samson also has an edge screens because it produces all this.
Inside of reserves, own phone, so like you know, you can see a difference between the pixels pro screen in the us, twenty one alters me. The question is at what point does that difference become worth three to four hundred dollars? And I don't think it's that big of a different set out its work three to four hundred dollars. I went with the pixel sex, not the pro oxide, and think that the proposed features were quite worth three bucks, a really sad telephoto, but I feel like the pixel six irregular one is like more honest that appropriate price to like the way it looks, it feels neil. I do you had feelings about the screen. You did. I feel ass if the best andrew had found her hair was at its best. Your phone available, because you cannot buy a samsung phone. That was your damn. It me with it. As a guy, you got me like secondly, those islands, I clarify that
indeed, I think we will always have been basically out of stock or year there their hard to give him carriers. Carriers. That seems like are putting a lot of push behind the pixels. Working in Google favour because aser that's available, so there there's that bay. I would just say it like the pixel six great phone you get. What you pay for from the price more than you pay for yet more, as you say, for sex india tensor features it's faster than you did all this stuff is there. The pro is like I just don't like holding it, and that is- I guess it's already been the reason I ve been quiet insult. I was like that's what I have to contribute to these countries. and I just think you might see dickie once you hit like close to a thousand dollars, it's gotta, be you gotta. Holding it in a dance like no one ever and put them cases in the cases Google sent us or
I hear that it's like they classic Joanna stern, I'm like four two hundred dollars more behind the get for tuna us, where you can get a backward airports too amazing procured and other authorities, they get an s twenty one ultra with one you ifor or whatever. The number you can find it I would add but rather have google software. I'd rather have Google's camera for the most part, and so it's like it's not. If we do, we do not live in a perfect world where you can have it everything you cannot have like like the best android phone is like saves. I heard her with pixel software in the
They started with those exactly as we did when a time years ago, here in a huge areas at this, the team that made these phones is hd sea, like it's easy to forget, but google gap bought each theses phone division for billions of dollars. This is maybe that the second set of real funds- they re The five eight was their first yeah blue five, the file, the actual, notably the fora anyway, was before it was before dinner for us. So this is their first shot that each tc team for shot at a function phone, it's weird. Then it's a less nice than their flagship phones from like twenty fifteen that hd sea, like one right? The aims you saw me while I was always forever. You bet I gotta tell you and kill it. Oh go find needs to see why,
and then pull it out. I could do was look at it and look at the seed like, oh my god, she's doing it and she's walking off I still have my google play issue- one yes, but he seized the error. This is good radio right here, you can have But that's what he's got over? There was the big. What did it was at that time that hydrogen you got the hd see tablet forgot. What are you gonna see? Why had sitting an unsolved? Yet now it's flyers, got a big one and the next thing it does indeed concisely. Batteries are easily see what was incredible. But if you just, if you pick up and look at it, you, like others, there's more there's like more plastic here and the rails, and I thought it was like a pretty big. For the time. It was amazing, but that's that's a deal with the pixel. Six pro is like this would have been top of the line, build quality or calling jewel, amazed by it and like twenty seventeen twenty eighteen this year,
like oh yeah, Samsung, an apple happened, refining their ability to like make glass flow into metal for ten years and their way better. Then you are so this lesions lined. Yeah I mean this is like we're. Sensing was with the essay, and so with this At the same time as the usa, we would be saying they're just as good a subject, but probably in screen quality end in build quality. But yes, it was, I don't know for five years ago now so the deepest buoyant there's been a lot. I find it there s a lot of tweaks in a lot of adjustment and screen on better here's a guy's got, but here's where I landed, the pixel sixty four of their first generation and we'll google continue to push. Will it continue to invest? Will they sell enough? Can can they make enough? Apparently there, like there Don't waste lists! Now you know they want to sell. Seven million, I think, is like the the number that's been floating around, which is like one per cent market share which for the pixel would be amazing. So if they have a second
duration, there's a hearty rumours about the tents are to process earth there like out their night. If I googled got it, you know if they continue to work and they dont do a google does just like we try really hard just kidding no or not. This has the potential and, like the fur, first jen thing it's good, but it's not it's not all. The hopes and dreams realized pixel sentiment, that said you are in the market for an android phone. This fall. You are going to have hard time getting something better than the pixels hungry, Literally, you have a hard time. Literally, you will have a hard time finding anything. It's not bite, including the pixel sick. but even if everything was in stock- and you know, prices aren't discounted, weirdly or whatever the pit six is an excellent phone. I no hesitation recommending it to anyone with the only caviar being you have to deal with a big phone. get big literally answer. Yes, it earlier only by
next year. Maybe the pixel. Seven, though, put the telephoto camera in the seven and not the some appropriate policy at stopping this just get the sex like just. Do you get off the failure? and don't worry about the proud. Even though you like the top o, how sorry there's one last thing: the fingerprint censorious low and dumb and bad, and oh my god, I know it's the best answer. If you can get, it only andred phone you can vote of censure is definitely a step backwards. Outdated slower than the rear mounted, wants its less coming into use. You know We always say never buy something with the hope that it gets better through suffer updates, but it is something that maybe they can tweak would suffer updates and maybe they can improvement, but is it is in terms of like this? There was a big concern about the tensor chips, having hauser performance going to be in
data day, everyday things, everything that idea with a phone. The performance is right up there with a snap, dragging tripoli performance of the fingerprint scanners, not up there. It is noticeably delayed, it does take a few seconds or maybe a few tries to two red. Sometimes so Google's got some work to do there, a break. We combat macbooks suckle solely in a lightning around to immigrate loretta we're back, we did it, but we up so here's what I don't recommend, don't throw yourself. The gigantic party Yeah and then have to publish the two gigantic reviews, while publishing the facebook files and then cruising ensue facebook rename self like and having one of your editors like out of commission cause he got hit by a car. That's bad to that! Don't what are they just don't get? If I get dora common agenda under saying, if you can
move the news away from your party. You will not. You you'll, be happier, that's what I'm so we you might have noticed this on the side we didn't hit. The review dates that everyone else it for the pixel. We wanna take some extra time and we certainly did not had rivulets from aquifers. I have never been happier to have MR while you're at it, because, we really wanted to know about these machines was how much cheaper you do. You need help. How will the battery life actually be com to that end, one air, the emblem pro that we test here because of our spectacular computer, any extra time let us actually figure it out, and you know we recently get reviewers monarch, an excellent reviewer, iced given all the evil that I don't know, would assist out the battery details brightly it if we had rushed,
it takes two takes a while to do intense workloads and using it, takes a while to do like data day using it, and there are multiple versions of the computer and the the hence in the day to day stuff in particular, and one pro verses and one max turned out to be really fascinating. Like what happened. There said the thing I didn't realize going through apples frozen like early that there there is reason are held on one ships there just when collections, the same bits and bob's and right max yourself, set all the course, the same ology be accorded the same whenever you like a mere. Let's talk about, and tom humming how much she's you want. You want, as I said earlier, the talk about ships on the only it's, not you. It's not like great c b it's the best talk of l enemies. So the thing I didn't realize
was that carrying around all the extra gps there still on they don't turn all the way off right in use like computers, I got this european commission undue stuff with him in that has an impact on battery life. So it feels like we gave herself the next week with the talks not to take it easy, but to do more, and I took a lot of our own batter well, especially when the battery sixteen hours, that's like, there's only one way to repeat that result its to do it and kept it in another, so actually do unclear as they were using these pretty hard at higher extra time. We talk like a like. There was no slackened on an autistic. The sixteen hours was the sixteen inch and one pro results you get. whiteley less over that, like eleven for the one max serve e m, one
for a substantial progress. Sixth ran for sixteen hours, monocles using it for our work, to which looks a lot like mine, chrome, dislike zoom calls itobad solving, the sixteenth and one problem. We had sixteen jp horse. Sixteen hours, nice, Eighty seven member said colonel neurology, this scream, an end one max. Thirty. Two jp course same hundred what our battery ten hours and that right and life isn't variances Eric we're we're not we're just using the computers. We think that is the most realistic thing. You can do your leg, maybe I had more chrome tabs but like we ran them several times, and they did not answer when you had an external monitor plugged into them, one max- I was like a lot of you will ask you this: what is it like with monitoring battery better? They fell to seven hours because you had a right even more gps,
in the fourteen inches and one per that we had was about ten and a half hours which more or less matches the thirteen inch macbook pro and pretty much but it has a bigger batter it. So when you hear these hours numbers you might be tempted to like just compare them to ours, numbers at you hear from actual companies, but when we talk about our work like we consistently get no more than Thirdly, what accompany claims and they claimed battery life in like our workday stuff. So when we say, Sixteen hours and ten hours were like whoa. This is good when apple or del whoever says sixteen hours or even ten hours were like ok, we'll see, and it ends up being like eighty six or whatever those those sixteen or ten hours. If someone was using the computer sitting in front of it, interacting with it doing their work eminently ways you we don't let the display turn off. they're not like streaming video, just letting the computer do that low power for twenty five hour, yet
was test is sacred, echoes its twenty one hours of ten eighty p apple tv play. My red, I mean that's what I'm doing this weekend, who doesn't by forty three hundred dollar computer watch any previous a day that was just like them. fascinating to me is: I walked away from this being like unless you know, unless you already know you're listening to this, and in your mind, you ve already identified a hard core multi threaded jp workload that you should bind him on press. Does the software ecosystem around these machines is not were still in the transition, so you still end up running a bunch of soft and also we're so much transition, apple ships and apples. Apple historically has weird ideas, reggie views and ever and also like, not now a threat,
So that is a big turn. A whole industry estimated light up all these extradite YE court when it happens, final cut pro is like ten minutes faster to export. Nea them from here also. This is why I want to say is like you, you may have heard him talk about. Software needs a catch up the apples, weird ideas before like a specifically with like the mac pro. You know when we last review that big hocker, but here we're saying it, but we're saying it at a different level, because the performance here, even with a lot of the sovereign out the optimized, is legit great right. Yeah, like their day to day performance is amazing. The thing that really depends on is the in your work. Are you limited by cp you in memory or you limited by the gpa? yeah and if you, which does chrome use every chrome, is steam empowered. This fire up, though, Chrome is, actually
I am one where these battery left numbers on chrome to not on safari, so that's pretty good I never heard of agenda. Google meet meeting offended turn on and rely dying lights. We had an idea for a battery test where we have an entire machine and one of the emperor machine. Do it for me to try and see when I was about we're like we. This is just a huge waste, its we know please get better the entire machine caught on fire. Let us, but the performance disparity with gps is real, but most software isn't going to address that is very and another already we see it the most like I know interview. You have after effects got updated, and we saw and any got updated, it still technically not arm optimized, running and rosetta, but it got updated to use all those extra jp course.
It seemed like a really good example of like if you use after effects, that's one of those things where it's like having a tree. Help. You in a tarmac pro got a lot faster in after effects to the same almost by the same delta. Right. So until base mac pro with Andy gps got way faster because of this one update from adobe are seen ocean director grayson, we literally said I thought I would be dead before adobe mathematical, I never expected this to happen and, like the computers get faster, but they're not didn't get faster because of apple silicon they fashion, because adobe was like, we have released this product in an hour. Intel machines got faster to buy the exacting amount. So there's a lot at play here. The thing that was surprising to me is you you don't think like.
ring around this, like heavy extra jp you, but you often and like saying, unless you absolutely no, what it's going to be used for, like its autonomy, is worth. I just love that, like I think for years now, either with max which a terrible it gaming most people, regular people not prose use the gps for gaming and stuff, and in this case lane I haven't, heard a single person. Anybody talk about it like this really is for pros. This is not my so this is a kind of its modest thought. Rosier marriage for praise in people, savage abuse, the game benchmark should not there yet, but he's got an optimal software and like apples, we, u ideas and develop, there's nothing like that, like the game, industry has like long gazed upon them right now
nope right now. It's not as easy to run boot camp know anymore, like that all the tricks are easy to use and intel max to run games on them which never Andrade anyways art like now harder with the m one and with apple silicon. So we did couple of benchmarks. The two raider in particular runs native on mackerel, gave him how he had one max. No doubt it is, Eighteen we did. We did the newer one, but if you have the m one max, you can get eighty five, eighty seven, that twelve hundred p resolution phrase per second, which is very pliable great result for that game. We did see probably the is delta between the pro and the max in that task. Pro got something like forty two, forty four, so that is where those extra gps course are being our two different models is you can buy two zephyrs machines? and get a better shadow. The tomb writer benchmark yeah. Yes, you now and ideas for game and in the whip play other deeds way easier. That's what's wrong,
the planned a mac fortnight Veronica actually looks directly the camera and, as I do not by these to play, games and thirty like a lover. So that was like a big question. I think you're cracked, like we are really focused on works. for these machines, because that other universe like even if they were great games there are many other hurdles yeah to get good games on a mac. There are prevented its six out part of the deal. I just love that, like they like no written redone here, so ok, you got a lotta words about this, isn't a lotta a lot, a macbook prose, but it- say, but but at the end of you or don't you didn't, give him tense. So, let's hear about this I would like very close to giving the sixteen in german proton that
fortune in german pro great machine. I think ten hours about like it's written. She has a lot of performance, but when Alex actually edited battery about us for four hours right so, like I just bids great at its a great machine, it feels like a nine point: five, because, even though performance addressing the car, for a better life is we got us close to attend the air. The sixty lynch law in ukraine is actually what they're like performance price battery like all those
other than that in it and fourteen as expensive as not pure at it, and if you want to get enough ram, you have spent four hundred dollars. That's a prophetic! It's really! Twenty five hundred there's a little is located within the sixteen inch and one for sixteen hours about it. I've facets, reformers you ever seen beautiful display great keyboard. Although monica disagrees with me, she prefers more clicking keywords: forts, like all, suffer its. I get here's this thing. This is what am I complaining about me anyway? You found things a complaint about, but we were like very close to us is just a ten and then you start looking like its thirty one hundred dollars. The poor actually not the top speck ports, which just seems like an apple, makes a lot of margin. I get it but issue mighty. One week like if you wanna play a variable refresher display to match the laptops own variable refresh rate display
yep. You can't use each airport, you need a dongle apple, doesn't support chasing. They support this other standard called adapted its html. to go, where is to point out just for extra, was one to put one of their its it has cost you and I find it all tv with its age. To you. My two point- one port, so out of dutch, is weird to me ram situation where the base models only six index around which for computers is expensive, that you might use from one time. Work importantly, my for work. You are adding a four hundred are ram tax. The price of oil and I would say I would say that the eu, the fact that its unified memory across chief view people would ever is like a concern there, but let's turn out to not be a problem today, three pretty great, but that is inadequate, namely that people are saying, justifies the cost of these. You are actually adding rammed yeah ricard wishes story more.
I don't care, I nosey ceasing. Aids is not enough for a pro machine, and so every price are quoting automatically beforehand or penalty for their interests. Like dumb stuff, like stuff, I told apple rather pregnant issue. An update to monterrey infects like I was trying to watch the facebook presentation yesterday over the each do my part of my tv sent the audio out arranged. He might the tv just did weird stuff video started working on certain repeating itself, and this is even more. opium than it was before. When marks railroad. Was that education happen through our computer, so interests? All that's left to me is like became real close You bring a lot of stuff down to the air or a smaller, proud, cheaper, proud, like We're gonna end up having this conversation again, I'm sure by that time issue. My two point: two will be out an apple ship. A two way want mostly instantiated, but I just think that the prey
in some of the little rough edges pushed me out of sadness at ten, but then buried alive and performance made it like we had. We talked about it. A lot. anything else. If these things are displayed on the blooming is better. Oh, you said you prefer looking at this and you do apples thousand dollar protest. Black sea are adjusted faith. That is a cradle now I can we spent a long time. We went his way. People path that display right, like yeah, it's in, reality now and what are they doing? Our view is like here's I feel like reality gets hold of it matter, hoboes right. So we go that's. Why not a great score? If you will remain
and our head of production marilla in the studio works only before us who worked on the collar shouted game its currency like took one look at that thing is like the light falls. Often the edges vignettes. That's there's colors like bad in at once. You hear the sea it, so that is very true, and other people have noticed that there's a shadowing on the edges that display yeah, that's always been a problem for me. The other thing is that this way is also fuller. Eight local dimming mortality is the whole deal. As fewer zones than this display. Ah so it blooms more on black rain. It's a huge this way so, and I am saying it blooms warm black and, like it, blooms alongside you like you, are watching videos. The controls come up the letter box, the whole bottom of the display transcribe, you see it is impossible to nazi and how much is display fact has now reached ass. One thousand dollars- and we actually becker- has had it for quite a while since, like a real pandemic victory, if a patient,
nods was ever but she's had it in which we brought it back to the office to shoot this video as asking around she's like this color thing, real when I collar on this display. I wrote my chair over to where the coloring window is some head with. It was even a slight angle of being in the middle of this. By not at all the macbook pro display is like perfectly even it is beautiful to hiv. Our stuff is the technology behind how they're doing each jars and credible right the color managing through doing what the display that the fact that, again, run the backlit hotter and just like some quadrants in their doing it in real time high refresh rates you move each year window around the display. You do see any transition. The cottages bright, wherever goes at the sight of it,
the impact by brussels, has can't see it right. I'd like showed a people, and this is what is happening in kind enough to interest like that is all very good. There's like a tiny bit of blooming, but we showed its people because they asked us about it in a perfectly dark room with a bright and all right I could not show genuine normal, so like come with me, into my layer. It just sat there in area if you're off access here, maybe washing movie perfectly night- you'll see it but like whatever. Then it goes well, you can't you see that would like every tv, that's not an overlap, let blooming it's! It's a very familiar look for a fuller local dimming, but it means at the black levels are perfectly block. It means that if you hate the not she can block out the national perfectly black and adapt to me as the right trade off
on this kind of machine like I'll, take a little blinkers I've. I now have a laptop with perfect black levels and I'm not running over, despite which has another set of different countries, read write our anything else. You what you are talking about sleigh profiles, or do you want to not have regiments castle, where I really that time is running out and see how land the availing essays apples, apples marketing in these machines is it's a lot of relative specks It's a lot of saying things that are maybe we'd expect it's it's a weird right to the battery life. Is all relative fall relative to some baseline that you don't know it is. The performance is all relative. It's twice as much performance of the computer, you don't own,
five hours more than a computer. You don't like. Ok, the display line is the same. It's up to sixteen hundred nets, a thousand sustained brennus. You hear a thousand, it's a saint brightness you're like I can turn this computer up, two thousand nets: breasting the brightness absolute nature in turn. The computer up to five hundred nets. Does everybody knows about from now? Usually that's the match, rainest anything! You get a thousand, that's when you're watching hd our continent as a whole thing brightened up and in the context of the the brightest part of each year, can hit sixteen hundred. Ok. So, in order to get hd are you need to like turned on hd video make the window almost full scream and I go into full screen mode and then put it behind and now it's only the continent's very common fur for close I got to look at it. You take your computer stuff, you put,
into a video that's alive, streaming fat and then you access that said so in camps can turn romeo your gasping. Actually, software called a common and you get common and you do like a little white box and then you do black any set it to HIV. Are you can sometimes get it to pop all the way up to whenever the peak brightness of society do like? That's all you have to testy bees to speakers thing is the same, so you can't technically do it have to spend three thousand dollars on software. You're gonna have another thirty thousand the color amateur, but you'll give us a goodly these metals browser so awkward. Yet what process right am I going through without coordination? Regular it, and there are lots of acts already support. Eighty are which censor stream, dynamic range? Everyone not ask the irish, that's like whatever man so yeah. If microsoft wants a ship aversion
sell. The tells the system strategy requires serious the ugly they could do a soft. I don't like this. Lay longevity empty and whatever, but yet the sis miss designed to run and the thing that certain foreign tv is the display. I see the only has to mount ray hours now, there's no seamless brightness. Switching on a tv really. This thing when you, run it in the mode in the hdr, but the computer is like truly smart in this way is extremely advanced, so it is indistinguishable. Color tat, like the whole thing, is an essential from the regular mode and you right up the easter content and enjoy that part of the island are and, as I have just its super cool, because unless a huge display, an artist standing next to you being like look at how cool this is you would never that's dough In addition, you see, there's a there's, a phone. In our view. We try to download as best we could in the videos. Well, why
You can see the youtube window which has played The issue are, content is much brighter the surrounding you, I or whatever that is also being shown on the screen, and that was not like photo better than you or anything like that. That's where we have a new iphone that its very familiar right. You don't take a picture. You have any open further so that its rider it's that, but without any transition which is super cool, well, I mean a great going ongoing long, ecstasies thing where we want. We need to stop anderson we went near by josie. I think this trip transition is an unqualified success rabble. Yet the thing that is not an unqualified success is convincing their ecosystem software developers that their ideas, what ships are right in worth the development time to specialise as opposed to running, suffer the works and all the chips, and I dont know how that some of them, but like apple, might like their their ideas, are very good
we don't have time to talk about a ton of this, but I guess intel announced torture and other lake and it seems like there the chips we ve been waiting for a sort of mental like we see em, but the one they ve been promising fur. Those on missing for sure here. We had a very funny moment their view where it we're taking photos Looking to vote, as I say, I really like a shadow, but the entire headline is on the front of the screen. the family diversion animals want wound her, because I am sceptical tried try. Today we have different like up These are the new society nanometer chips. Finally, that are also called like something else, because they can't decide on names their naming ya'll all wrong now and did it's their whole transition to a different philosophy. Instead of just like going crazy like the last
Should they made a punch, this architecture stuff? They tried to like back, put it to the larger nanometer process that it was kind of a mess, but like these are the things that entails and working towards for quite a while they're, not the same architecture of the dinner, the m one ships it still that still the whole separate thing so, like you might well, I could and one style like improvements, but in terms of waiting for intel, sir, like do the things that they have been promised. In the days of the Chinese, I'm really sorry to see these are not seven nanometer their intel levin, and tell him nanometer, I was doing the same thing. Hundreds somewhere haim is losing. I can give you already. We could just sense Sorry, I can tell you that it has been said. That's what I mean is something I want you to accept its.
there's a do. Their residue paperweight came out, amazon killer gopher way, and if, if all you cared about was use, BC grants if you wanna like on wireless churlishly, one like buttons, a proper bessel to hold onto while you're reading any about you, you're you're out of luck. But incorrectness is perfect: it has become a different culture. sure for the screen. It has the vessel on the bottom, which, having used an oasis of the past two years, is better than the vessel the vessel on the side, this this is perfect time. I'm brought it over to me. He's a clock luck last week. It is all right, just like disappointment through my entire body. My wife is a gigantic kindle reader so bought her this is to replace her old paperweight via the nicest one and she would We should like I hate. This thing is: unless it's a battery its. If this is so dumb, if you're reading in bed, you have to hold it up, you can't like rested, unlike the covers, because the vessels to small and about
so I want to buy this because I now too, like repent, forget what I said Finally, I would like to welcome you. You have to charge this with a different plug thing: That's how you doing wireless toss it on your phone chargers you got something we often go ahead. Take it away! charging the new new airports criswell tribute em. They got back safe. She want em, they seem great. Maybe if I were to spend much unlike the basic airports but like they do stuff, they treaty tv I mean, excuse you spatial, I don't really get like. I would maybe prefer these over the products that are actually use and see them. I was so excited about the mac safe, because I forgot phone mac safe exists and in my head it was just the little the little ploy It's now on the mac pro, and why did they do that so dumb? But I love it. Just completely forgot
look there's a couple interesting notes with the new airports is obviously they got any shape. That is more similar to the pro. So Chris is a very interesting test case, because the original airports do not fit in his ears. These fit much better and was able to keep them in his years longer than fall out, and things of that, however, for people that the original here puts did fit well, they might have ya. Experience, nicole over the dubious j, she said the opposite reactionary. They fell out of her ears, so one size fits all. Your I wish you all of the airline companies would make little dummy ones that willing five dollars, so you can just see the river there. That's free free thing: let's, let's do it please! We found it where point of going over, which is our produce furthest spell things I don't think that's what happened,
you are, some say: spatial, audio wisdom and I'll be the under the show. If so, thank you really footing everyone. Also, I associate has a new specialised audio button which, if you're in old head is like you might as well put that thing in stadium mode like what are you doing, man I'm telling you it's a scam and telling someone's nephew figured out like an accounting gimmick at a record company, and that's why special audio exists if you're that nephew call me suffer in front of you, that's a shop where ending up with, if you're, that nephew call me fireplace too We might just like you, take a break. The verges over now. It's been a long week, we'll be back next week we got balls on decoder russian run on a monday, Darby cool. Didn't you ve got to use episode of recast do stay tune of inciting the secret anymore.
next week the show I also once again it was great to see everybody. He came to event like irishman, I'm still write that high, even though we ve It made it a lot easier to get through this week as people people share like that was great. Thank you. So social people came thinking. People treated us phasing watched eaters documentary springboard, the secret history, the first smart from now apple tv, we figure out the captions issue in our work. Go. Odometer are apt, watch videos, it's great! You can treated us. I met reckless leaders at Babylon. Ounces alex each grants. The other Alex Alex Keith. Please tell him he's the new senior motivation quarter. If thou be grateful me dad is deasey seaford, that's it. We are analysing, that's reach us get a shot
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