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Microsoft Q4 earnings, Spotify’s subscribers rise, and Instagram walks back its changes


The Verge's Nilay Patel, David Pierce. and Alex Cranz discuss the quarterly tech earnings from Apple, Microsoft, Spotify, and more. 

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hello and welcome to the verge, asked the flagship, podcast infinite scrolling vertical video, which is happening to you, whether you like it or not, not on tumblr. It's just been the theme of the week. There's like two two social medias that don't do it yet yeah it was twitter, We can't do anything in tumblr which can do anything to least innovative social media platforms have not yet been adopted. Just out there were boring. We have it. You don't look so out here. They're like do you like a slideshow can interest. You in a gallery of images has been for those who make money at that now that's a whole that's a whole can of worms. Pinterest has all the exact same ideas as everybody else, except that they can't make any money off them because they're nice and there's no money in like being nice, and so this is the this is the problem of of pinterest, but they're. Not nice. Pinterest is the worst one hears the story, This has been a test for every social person we've ever hired the verge. Has one point: three million followers on pinterest
Seven million people, look at our pinterest every month, wow and we do nothing like it. Just It is so you can figure out what to do with our pinterest and how to turn it into money. Send me a note sent me a tick. Tock, send me a pinterest pin with your ideas and we'll talk, but I'll tell you for eleven years. We would like what should we do with our pinterest in these poor, poor people who interfere like we? Don't you just move onto them? I and then Pinterest says that's how we feel one hires them, I'm sure. That's that's how it right now. What we're doing what it looks like you can follow. People on pinterest so a pinterest fan. Please call David pierce personally he'll It was on the verge cast segment on people in their pinterest. By the way we haven't introduced ourselves, I'm neil! I'm your friend David Pearce's, here hi, I'm your friend who is just defending you pinterest patents all day and at alec transit here
I am your friend who hates Pinterest the most just like yelling in bars about pinterest, just hate it get off a pinterest. Katie, hey you stop using it. Don't send me your boards, don't want to. I don't care about the furniture. I won't be able to buy it so why you sending it to me, you're just sending me like a link to another link to another link, houses or cursive wink, my yeah, it's the worst. Every time like I would I get some cute, I shadow nope, different google something and then the first result is a pinterest link, and then the pinterest think leads you, like legitimately, back to like a google shopping results and suddenly, like its there's, just like that, that's black hole comes while those who are currently conferences- and we have seven million these month and pinterest team. There was one point: three million living like a like: this experience enough to follow. I dont know why, if you can figure it out like a me. No, because we ve been wondering for awhile we'll take pictures. Will
The pictures on the verge asked here's what you should do with your horrible idea. No, it's a beautiful, really reconsider that, in the middle of it is with the verge cas. Hotline is for eight six eggs verging on one call us and tell us how to fix it, and I will do this there's a lot of news this week met its funding, is the ones they show. Elsie was on to talk about the end of the year, In and instagram in syria train takes and since wednesday we record, this on thursday and on friday, but since Wednesday there's been, finicky, more news about tik tok in instinct like just all of that. Had earnings marks. Work is yelena. We everybody gary from chicago world of pain for gary ogier the its actually earnings week. So microsoft had apple had earnings alphabet, the band formerly known as Google head earnings, comcast broad,
travers are flat, peacock, isn't growing, they still have content problems, which is like very confident thing to say, like the problem with peacock is the content to spotify had so we got to talk about that and we've got some gadgets to talk about. Let's start with the meta in this instagram situation, because we started the week with Alex heath, David pierce feature on mark Zuckerberg, just tell everyone there lazy and they should work harder get out and it was how to vote. So you're like in what direction like if you work in sales, marketing, it matter like not sure what you're supposed to take away from that instruction. They read as a huge humbly. They highlight forty thousand people in the attic. and he's like realistically, some of you shouldn't be, thing he said, and I am reading this. Alex, and I run this staff meeting for the verge for a hundred people every week and like I've ever taken formal, how to run a staff meeting in my class, but I
say instinctively. I know one thing: You should not say is real actually some of you shouldn't have definitely had ceo. say that companies are worked at there's like some of you. You know you should just quit. It'll be, is here for you and you're like whoa. It's not a it's! Not a good thing to hear from your boss, especially when your bosses mark Zuckerberg god emperor face, not good, but I was it. We talked a bunch about in the run up to the story, and the story after it got published, got exactly the reaction we were hoping for, which is that a lot of people like the vast majority of people are like that is ridiculous. Facebook is a bad product those bad company marks are correct. Is bad guy everybody's, very mad at everybody, and then there are a bunch of people who read this stuff where mark is like frustrated at how sort of soft the company has gotten and he's mad that he can't get people to have meetings, and there are a lot of people who read the southerner like yeah, I kind of get where mark's coming from
and it was just like there's just enough of that. Like yeah, he might not be totally wrong here, like I don't think you say that on a staff meeting with your seventy seven thousand and please carry right. So the median of the stories is opening anecdote that Alex had, which I feel bad for gary cause. The questions It says accurate gives its entire speech. Errands needs work, harder, focus up. somebody's gotta get outta here, we're tightening the performance reviews and then the first pre recorded question is gary from Chicago and his question is: are we going to have extra vacation days next year cause we had extra vacation as a pandemic and zach is like you can probably guess how this is going yeah like that's what he says. He says you can assume from my tone how this is going to go and he canceled the extra kitchen is. I just feel bad forget, like you didn't know, If someone had told him before he prerecorded his question, but then the people who like played the prerecorded question, also could have picked a different one,
yeah gary from Chicago got kind of hung out tat right now, gary affairs, you gotta, have them enemies. I've known gary's from Chicago I used. I know a lot of gear, I get it. I get that is not about you know when you everyone talks about work all the time? That's the experience. Everybody has sneered at you, move from anywhere else in the country you in new york and then suddenly ever and all the talk about his work as the heartbeat of this Chicago is mostly about finding a friend with a boat, so you can hang out in the play pen on lake michigan in the summer, like that's most What are we going to what the drinks like a bar. Do you have a friend with about? I live there for a long time. There was. The That was the circle of my social life, be out on the boat. using his meta days. Having a good time. I never actually ended up front, maybe I was so aggressive about wanting a friend with you started. A balance, personality wise, like you're, the friend with the bank
It's really the it's like a job. You had in your circle of friends. Everybody was like which one of us needs to get a boat. They were all like. It's definitely Nila and you just like never got one chicago things change so mark. Is this big speech at the all hands again shape up? We in the story. I think that's very good. David I'll credit, MIKE Isaac ran a story the times of a memo that was like tightening our culture same kind of deal inside facebook, zach stirring up the heat the next day his earnings met as earnings were going down, remarkable stat in our story and just in general apple. Turning on app tracking transparency, the ask app to track button cost facebook, ten billion dollars woof, which is the exact amount of money that mark
I spent on facebook reality labs the metaverse division so, like literally the thing zero he was like. I got an extra ten bill, I'm gonna spend it on vr and build the next platform and apple's like what, if you didn't, have that money so, like you know enormous pressure on facebook to survive the current moment, so they can execute on the big pivot to the metaverse. The results are down. Tiktok looms right, people are switching from instagram. I spoke to tick tock and zach says in the earnings call we're going to put even more algorithmic content in the feet. We're going to right now, it's fifteen percent. It's going up to thirty and then the kardashian chaos. That was a two case. the takes place finally jenner says: making ceramic insomnia wishes a mean. That's floating around came rushing retweeted are reposted, and then add emissary has to make a video where he explains to
in the exact tone of voice, I used to tell my four year old that it's time for bed that it's not going away and then today, right before he came on air, actually watched it all back. Missouri sat down for an interview with our friend casey newton, which was published on the verge and they're they're, walking it all back for a minute and then they're going to do it again. I love it yeah. The clear thing here is like the direction has not changed right. There's the thing where in the walked it back in. It seemed for a minute like it was like. Oh if kylie jenner doesn't like what you're doing on your platform, you change. we're doing on your platform, which is, thoroughly non crazy way to run places if you make college and are happy like odds, are you're going to make an awful lot of money over time, but they're very much in on this idea. That, like reels, is everything full screen, video, it's the future. It's the whole thing. This area was basically just like the way we built. This was bad and everybody hated it and the usage data, and that was the crucial thing he said like this company is very good at weathering criticism right.
everybody who works at meta has spent the better part of twenty years, like listening to people, talk about how awful the product is and just sort of laughing hysterically all the way the bank, but what happened this time as it sounds like people hated the changes, they were making and thus stopped using the product, and that is the thing that is going to immediately make instagram and facebook like turn on a dime and do something as Missouri said, the Kc people are frustrated and the usage data isn't great. It's very much on the like the foods, horrible and the portions are small like yeah, it's nothing about. This is good. You don't like it, so we're turning it off. but even in the same interview he said to casey hey. This is still where we're going, we're gonna figure it out and we're gonna come back again with another shot. Any framed it again, Adam Adams and undergo to atoms right. We know Adam his tone. Will one
a lot of this stuff is like. You need a time out, it's fine! I understand you're upset, I'm listening. I hear you, but we're still going to run the whole app in a video and that that's because I'm your dad and like this is very direct casey asks. Is there a vision for instagram Missouri was like yeah. We still you to make the most, engaging social media app it's to make money like that. That's just as I dunno I keep thinking about all the algorithms that they're pushing out here now right late, like part of the the hatred for this was yes, it was the full video and everybody hated the video, but it was also they were using algorithms to like thrust this in front of people's faces. When people were like, I just wanna look at pics of my friends and they're, ignoring the fact that repeatedly people are like hey, you know I don't want a bunch of garbage. I don't want to watch the people like pour paint on something and then say now: it's glass like, like all all the crap that we saw on facebook all these years,
they went and they started doing it on instagram and then were shocked that everybody was upset and it's like yes, because you've already done. This ruin the blue app that way and now, you're going to just again, you are not learning from any of your respects, the core thing and I'm curious how you to let us his thesis is the way people communicate is changing, and now it's all video, and even if we did nothing. This is like his quote from his video. Even if we did nothing, we see the video is rising there and that's people's near format. And it's like maybe but like also you're in charge of the app. So if you start nudging people in the video you're going to goose the slider on video in a way that you cannot like account for or control We're- and I just I don't know that it is true that suddenly a bunch of people who built their businesses on instagram, like kylie, jenner and Kim kardashian, woke up one day and, like you know what videos my native format they built businesses on this platform.
This is true of youtube. If you just like zoom out and look at youtube, I will say this: youtube. Creator eventually makes a video about how bad they are youtube because the sands of youtube shift beneath your feet, and you have to go for making prank videos to like making kid content to doing like, six hour lives to becoming a? U fighter like what you like change with the algorithm in a way that is not sustainable or does not reward passion, and it feels like that moment for instruments here, but instead of the algorithm is going to, war different subjects, different things there, like actually built a photo sharing business, and now it's tik tok, and I just don't think he's ready for it. I think that's right and it's it's why it's a bigger chance cuz like to your point, everybody gets mad on youtube, but youtube is like feels solve baltic creators in a way that its ache there is that great.
I think it a tailor and story, but all the creators who started making videos about the amber her johnny depp trial and just make it they were like I'm just gonna pay it back to the thing that I'm doing, but this is im I'm going to get a lot of use, I'm going to get it in the partner program. It's like it is a to be solved in a game to be one, and it can be very frustrating in that sense. But it's at least like you sort of understood the field that you're playing on and like instagram and faced I have just like changed the sport that you're playing every three as for its entire existence, and it gets at that just gotta be exhausting and it's like. Ok, there is a certain like kind of photo and then it was like all the everybody likes the galleries, and then it was the stories and then it was like a now it's reels and like it'll, be something else eventually and it just like. I can't imagine just constantly having the rug pulled out from you like that, over and over and over again as a person trying to figure out how to like build a business on this platform like the underlying story of the crater economy. It's like
on the one hand, it is very frustrating. On the other hand, lots of people will figure out how to make a lot of money, doing it so yeah. So it goes, but fundamentally it's every so in the platform that you think is the most stable platform in your life becomes the least stable. So you actually every creator that I've ever talked to is like I need to be diversified, indian audience and all the platforms because of youtube, go sideways I'll, have instagram and when instagram go sideways off tick, tock, tick that go sideways I believe that even like that sounds exhausting- and I understand all of you for now- yeah, that's the game. Most areas set a thing that if I was really interesting, they are talking about the friends and family thing and he said basically that all of the friends and family people talking to people. They know. Activity on instagram has shifted to dams and group chats and he was saying, like More photos and videos are shared indiennes in a day than our shared into stories and more photos and videos are shared into stories in a day than our share to feed, which is wild. So it's actually like the pub the thing we think of is instagram like the the public
you know, nine squares on the screen. Instagram is actually like the least important instagram at this point. For most people, that's fast, to be on a bunch of levels and also then it's like okay. If nobody cares about the feed any more or less just turn the feed into like a money, pile for everyone involved and its hake, cynical as all hell, but it's sort of makes sense and the other side he's like well, we we don't have any control over how people use the app, and that just always makes me think of like there was this story about her media. I have no idea if it's true, but it feels true aside. I have always thought of it ever since, where they didn't exe, from where they would change the size of the text box and see how long people would write based on how big the textbox was on the page when you're reading, something that cms and and they found that there was like a measurable difference that like, if you give people a tiny text box, they will write less and if you give them a big one, they will write more to fill the text box and it's just like that he'll. Try all idea as sure as I feel steiner, leader but, like I said, I heard it from people who are
worthy the enough that I like believe it enough to buy into it, and it's like that's the kind of thing that, if you're making a product like instagram you make one hundred and fifty thousand decisions like that every single day, and so the idea that they have no control over how people use instagram is just a ACA shit and people always say it, and it kind of makes me angry. It is true I will post. History is a once in a while and in like putting something on the grid, for me is like ooh, that's gonna! Last for for euro big, close friends, user. I've noticed that recently yeah. I try to keep my it's an honor to be, and in the group, here's. What I hear is here's my social universe. Eyes like twitter is like all spiky bracelet mad at you break him. Instagram public instagram, you now just one
the little human want to cultivate some people who recognize I'm not a monster all the time and close friends is like total shmoop ball like and then and then my linkedin is just like ice cold business linkedin if there is interest me, I dunno what happens there. Linkedin is where you tell made up inspirational stories about people who hired who went onto massive success. Yeah, that's a that's a lie. I knew David is an intern. he has skills my web design, poop Some other amenities we actually should talk about. very relevant to its, like verged off more so than the behaviour of innovations of the instrument. Xbox, The metaverse seems like it's in a weird zone, so the medic quest to which I always say this, because I think it's important to give credit where credit is due. The meta quest two is a great product, guess complete. I have one hanging behind me a lot of wonderful. It's like a finished product with an actual app ecosystem.
it's just a good product. It is also two years old, and they're raising a price by one hundred dollars, which is not the cycle of things like we're. At the we give them a a part of the cycle while mean you are. Unless you lose ten billion dollars to your primary metaverse competitor and then the product in the market, they're scared of This is when you flooded the market with festival, release is theirs evidence I mean when I mean that presidency is ice cold. I think, especially on hardware he's not like at all. You listen to the speech realistically alex. I don't think he will. I don't I told you to leave the matter. I am not prepared to be there, but yet now I think it makes sense where they that it. It's still really really stupid. If you do truly believe in the metaverse, but also, I think the metaverse is kind of stupid. So like
I think we are so far away from his big dreams of that that ecosystem and that, like way of interacting with the internet that, like yeah gathers, like in a different way like some adverse never got our eyes and worlds, and if you install like forty five helper absently laptop, you can take a meeting in vienna with your strange. Add to a fake front of the nintendo me character is very good. I will say that it is not it's so complicated that it's not worth doing with any regular but installing all that, if you have a quest to installing all the various apps and laptops your screen gets shared in horizon things are reverence, hauled and then you're sitting in front of your real laptop, but you re a headset. You see a virtual laptop that you then typing on you like with there's like there's something here and I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but this is this- is one the dumbest silliest technology hacks that I've ever participated in and if you're listening to the show. I think that appeals to you yeah, so I
command doing it at least once in just been like. This is the like the amount of, if the virtual dangles that are required to look at your laptop in vr right now, it's like out of control and if you have an intel macbook, which is when I did it, the fans are just like I'm mad at you. if you're, not in a virtual reality, listen to me and real people just assume you're on a very bad to put all that aside right, it's a game, console yeah. What but people do nerves they play games in their app purchases and, like it's the same thing like it's an xbox yeah, xbox thousand expensive at first thing at cheaper over time and They sell every unit at a loss and they make the money on the games. Yeah, but it seems weird that they haven't cracked, maybe they're not making enough money. The problem is that they're, not thinking of it as a game console. I think I think they they are thinking of it as this big window into the metaverse, and they want people to adopt it because they want the metaverse to be created so that the
in one the metaverse and are not thinking of it as the way like my nephew plays it. I came over to their house. I hadn't seen him in four years or something I walk in and there's just this little kid in the corner, with a with his headset on just going pew pew pew and I'm like that's great terrifying and great, and like that's what it is, it's it's little kids playing it's. It's me doing supernatural your life doing supernatural like it's. It's people using it as a game. Console meta, doesn't understand that and then they continue to forget how game consoles. game consoles work where you release a cheaper version with like less cool stuff on it, and it said they're like yeah we're going to do the next version. It's going to be even more cool, and it's like. No, you you forget your life cycle like This is now a lasting what sixteen years there very are the two years and their lifecycle. This is when they should be really thinking that releasing a cheaper one.
and it said like okay, what you would do now is you would put out the project Cambria, which is the next generation one that would take over year old, high price points and he would still sell the quest two for one hundred dollars. Less. That to me is the thing that really jumps out about this is is the only reason you wouldn't do. That is, if you couldn't do that, and there's no way for me to look at this announcement and not think there. Is not a next move that is ready or even remotely close. the red trying right. Sakharov areas has posted pictures of suffering wearing prototypes, there's hot many times. I mean they're Keith build working on a lot of stuff. There's prototypes. Four days rate, but I think there's plenty of next moves, but I'm just saying like to your point like this is now the moment where you release a thing that is five hundred dollars and you either to the apple move and keep selling the two. It is price or like drop it by a hundred bucks and try to juice it option that way. But
I think this is moment where you release a cheaper shitty, your version. They tried that, though, and nobody wanted it. It was the oculus go and it was junk I that was too shitty. However, a calibrate the shooting of tender, how many innovations of the dns did we see the three d s there is like. I think I have like seven that happen. Ok- like two years, are each other. You already bought all seven million choices. I have way too many for that much. What is my but I think, there's like pride, two things one, I think you're right that they don't want to just be a game council. You wanted to be a computer right. Division is to replace a laptop or somehow can at last. Four dongle sear exist in extremely unhappy until night work, but they know it's a game. Also. Does he Brian game companies like they get its methods, are coming measures everything so they have to know the most report gaining on the same one there, including beat sabre with it. Now, if you buy it like that's it, that's a pretty strong indication that, day
what you're doing when you turn on your head said the other, but that's a throne is already box of beet sabre yeah pretty much, you're gonna have to buy that. Imagine dragons like dear again a game which is only truly fun. If you buy the deal, see music, they actually there there, like we're gonna make up that money back but I will say they're blaming it on supply chain issues and they probably can't subsidize this thing the way they were because their revenues went down right then the next piece of vr news is that we're just as expensive, actual irrational, the best non game app on the quest to its work out up to really fun boxing. It's basically beads able, Peloton peloton beat saber great, perfect, precisely correct A couple of months ago, several months ago, went to go. Buy within which is going make supernatural
One in four hundred million dollars thing is reported number all cash deal great for supernatural and what strike it is to see over there and Chris milk had been on decoder and he's like fitness is a killer app for vr. My user base is like fifty fifty men and women and they're mostly over forty, and that's, not vr gamers yeah right. That's people so like what initiates you to buy a quest if you're, not a gamer, you're, not a kid. It's this fitness game, serious medical spot in the ftc. Today sued to block that deal. Saying Mehta was rolling up all the vr game studios and what they should do. If they were, Leaving competitive is turn beat. Saber into a fitness for which is I saw one turn to many like that: What you should do is steal the good idea of the company or by you want to buy an iron allowed to happen. We are, there are basically like they should compete right, especially
If you just look, if you think apple is coming and we think apple is coming to the product, if you're supernatural, you should be now you're in the capital right you're like this is the product that makes me why the hour had said cut us a deal like who's going to give us better terms, who's going to grow our thing if you're apple, your extra will just do apple fitness plus vr, which is prototype yup, and if you're, facebook, very worrisome and I think we have to seize argument- is there just buying their monopoly position? We screwed it up by letting them by instagram. We're not going to repeat that list. because ass, you see really this version that she really believes they screwed up by letting facebook classroom instagram in the summer with that time was like a tie. It was like for people that couldn't keep the lights on. They should have known better. So it's but there's all these documents from that acquisition where Zuckerberg is like this the next year mechanic. We need to honour mechanic, we're in a bite and squeeze it here and I think we'll see what
I will just say matters response to this lawsuit very funny there, like looked into making our own fitness app and decided. We were not in a position to do so. It's you Think you can make the whole metaverse verse you couldn't make a workout game. I mean apple, can't make a workout app well. Well, it can. I love apple fitness, it's there, made one yeah, that's true. They have gone, but you can make a thing yeah tell it honours, as we have discovered one of the worst run. Companies and networking happens issues I create like that. that whole dynamic of trouble. They need to pivot, to whatever the users, don't want them to have it and now might not even be able to acquire their way out of the mess. Just a hard mix. I mean I just
I really am enjoying how much medicine the hot seat right now. It's it's not quite to the same levels of hubris as what elon has been doing the tesla, but there is like a certain level of hubris. There is a certain level of like you grew too fast. You thought you could control too much of the world and now you're getting slapped by like reality yeah and yeah, and there was there- was the thing where they met as belief was always like our audience is enormous. Network effects network affects network effects were just going to buy the next thing at whatever price it costs and we will win because we're bigger and every single piece of that theory is like rapidly being tested, they don't have the money to do it anymore. They don't have the like commanding lee in user base. They once did it's just like the invincible force field that made faced successful. No matter what I tried to do is take rapidly is starting to disappear. All that said, the revenues only known one percent- they, MR him, with gas and sound one percent
they saw me, though twenty six I mean it's like when they lost users. It's like we went from. all the users in the world to all the users in the world, except for sex, and it's like well. Okay, let's see, I will say that the whenever I rant and rave about antitrust someone pops up and is like you know, big companies just fail in their own right. You can just wait, and it's like oh, is this that moment or is it but Zuckerberg can't be replaced? No one can fire him. yeah. I'm fine people cells on every horror. Every time they have a shareholder vote. The shareholders are faced with put forth the proposal to limit Zuckerberg power, and he just about against it. Wonder who's going like an accident later the right button, Facebook is a break at see bank. We know you. Ve got a lot of choices when it comes to banking, so we'll make it
see for you now through august thirty first pensee bank will give you up to four hundred dollars when you open and use a select new virtual, while I product simply establish a qualifying direct deposit to learn more visit, a branch or pansy dot com slashed checking, offer get started today with virtual while it from paean, see bank offers available and illegal markets only virtual while it is a registered market, the plc financial services grouping, plc, bank, national cessation member after I see, let me tell you tube fruits of life I know bad bruno mars songs and there are no bad katy perry, songs, they don't exist. These are extremely tenuous. and that is what I do. There are phenomenal katy perry. Songs would also say there are terrible place. The worst katy perry, though you're wrong, yeah, I'm SAM sanders and I'm hosting a new culture podcast. It's called into it from vulture. New york magazine, eat, sweets on the show will get into the
culture that we just can't stop. Thinking about like the chains motor saw, that became a prototype anthem on Tik tok or why comedy specials gas, so serious? or honestly, not explain this one. Does his poop also time travel? What about his saliva into it? The weekly culture passed from vulture with new episodes every thursday subscribe. Wherever you get your podcast the surroundings. It's raining season, of course, with apple apple did fine. They made money good I mean yes and no, like apple, continue to make a lot of money. Funny when all these happened in the days together, where you're like oh facebook's, a big business and then apple just shows up and is like what's up? Oh youth, youth, our facebook
the cool business slap check this out. We we we made eight facebook's in, like twelve minutes like what's up the apple album on money. Profits are fine. They made twenty three billion dollars in operating cash flow like they're going to be just fine, but the interesting thing is the iphone. Revenue is up a little bit. Mac revenue was down. Ten percent ish I've had revenues down a bit. Where will revenues down a bit and service revenue is way up, and evidently the thing apple is blaming is is like all the same, like foreign exchange rates that that other companies and talking about like when the euro goes down
We lose money in ways that I confess to just really not totally understanding at all, but currencies are a thing and also that the supply chain has been a thing which we've been tracking for months rate, like that, a new apple product goes on sale and like instantly. You can't buy it for like weeks and weeks and weeks, and this is It- it is apparently starting to hit pretty hard yeah. So the maxwell drop is interesting. Rhythms new macbook air, so you would assume they announced it were in that weird window between quarters announce the thing you'd expect macbook air, so so drop added the new one. Yet she didn't come out until just now into this quarter, so that makes sense. But a friend, steve,
Imagine CNBC tweeted. He just got off the phone tim cook. He says the ten percent drop in mac sales is supply constraints and foreign exchange was. You can still sort of pegged the macbook air because it's hard to get a bright sold out like right away. It's a new design, it's just not out yet but overall, that that supply chain issue is starting to catch up to apple on the mac side to yeah and apple has been more immune to this sort of the last couple of years than most and like we've, given up a lot of credit. For being the one in charge of its supply chain in such a way that when everybody else got squeezed apple, just like giggled and kept making iphones, and yet you get the sense it it has. they cover everybody. Steve also says cook told him. The impact of the supply chain was less than forty eight billion they one last quarter, but even so much of course it when they know numbers anywhere in this. Never ambiguous financial document He also said the deliberate and hiring women caught a slowdown to apples, feeling it yeah
What's it yesterday, services are up right, they're, getting better milking every iphone customer for more money, love that title ass. What I will say it like we're expecting all the stuff in such we're right. New watches, new iphones new airpods, all the all the lines that are down are like some combination of supply chain. The end of the cycle, a new one gets kind of like the end of long cycles of year, has been out for awhile wright like the watch. The basic design of the watch has been the same since the beginning like where we're expecting big changes in that said, apple does well. The question is whether it can build enough stuff right, but
they made eighty three billion dollars yet like apples, apples going to be just fine but yeah. No, I think you're right and I think the the question of like the sort of increased upgrade cycles to is the other one that it's been like. Okay, when is this going to come back and actually make a meaningful difference to apple that people don't upgrade their phone every year every two years? Instead, it's like every four or five years and again there there's just no way to know what's what and what accounts for things, but I think, like the last waters in this area and be really interesting for exactly the reason you just described like is there still a gigantic? the un's for any new iphone, even if it's basically the same as the last four iphones it just like. It makes blurry or portraits but only in some spots will see a smudge I was talking with the rest of earnings. It is just earning season all over the place, microsoft in a weird spot david, we think yeah, microsoft is like it's. A win. time because we're sort of at this moment at the end of like the pandemic crests, where we're trying to fix
like who is in actual bad shape or who is in red, other shape and all the members in the last two years have been nuts, so lake makers revenues up the like top line numbers are all pretty good, but like pc shipments have been way down so windows o e m revenue, which is like the money that microsoft gets from hardware. Manufacturers who make windows computers is down, xbox hardware is down, linkedin is up because linkedin is you. Just can't that's what is known as man. There's no stars, I need only mention of twenty six percent. That's gonna tell bomb baby, think florence, and all day they just heard put decoder on linkedin, turn. It up turn up the knob we can but he's got a knob using marked something wasn't michael interim, yet you all, you'd get the emails from him when linkedin first started. There are always billions mark and you're. Like compromise talk to somebody,
It's the connective tissue and talk about business and in giving a thumbs up as xbox hardware down, because you can't shoot enough ex boxes. Bullets sittings, it's that and its also, that demonstrates so I says, are now two years old and there is always going to be a time when they stopped selling and such like absurd volume and that's basically microsoft. Sat there like this is just they're, not do any more, but also there's the supply chain thing, and this is the weird moment that we're in is there's like there's the big macro economic stuff, going on right now, inflation. If he's worried, there's all that there is where we are in the pandemic moment. There's the where we are in the supply chain moment, and so what's what and what is causing? What is like a big, complicated messy questions that all of these companies are trying desperately to figure out like do we have a real problem, or is it just a weird time to be alive. Is a really hard and difficult thing to suss out right now for a lot of these companies, and I think, like the xbox thing, is a perfect example
yeah. I think in general, though, the everyone went to work from home, they bought a bunch of pc stuff. the other earnings as again this week are large attack which were yeah. We don't usually pay a lot attention to logic or earnings, but they were like okay, Mice and keyboards super weird flat, webcam still up corporate video conferencing going back up. and like everyone's like looking out on CNBC, and they like trying to figure out what it meant if it was just like brok its roy screening of levels of rain like what does this mean corporate video conference ribbons? well, no matter the office dray through my computer away. Like I don't know, everybody got as there are like way. Why is the box stinky and its I have to get rid of. Dallas is just trolling me so Alex and I are in the office together today we are in every piece of avy equipment and of every conference. Room is like broken in like sticky just like disaster, We logitech stuff
so, I was planning there there doing fine right, like revenues up, but windows nicer falling in it. It seems like that's partnership but, as you said, even donors, We are talking about matter. Google such alphabet very strange, physician alpha, that's the weirdest company to me in this, like oh, the ad business, very good yeah and all the time. It's all you really need to know about. Alphabet is like this holds mad more than anybody else doing just fine, but then, like Youtube's revenue, growth is slowing down a bit, which is interesting. still just pouring money into all of their other bats. Like Google cloud continues to lose a ton of money, all of the like far out, you know way most of the world are losing money. So it's Google has this like one just like unfathomable gigantic business. That seems absolutely unstoppable and
there's just like the bleeding money at various degrees through every other part of the company. It's not it's. What gets me is Google. We saw snap had better links in their right. This apple suffer. Let us people are not doing it shop. If I had my ass was born, it's much less online and is more anymore meta. Losing ten billion dollars is the apple privacy changes. Goo is like we're good actually turns out, we run every web browser in the world, so people. Account turnout, monopolies, great glorious, they having you, don't have the cookie problem like they have not allowed to own chrome on ios. Was like no you're, not doing that. They pay apple for that search placement. So then you go into google on your iphone, I mean this is where, like apple's stuff, like really falls apart, like apple's privacy stuff, they pay to have google as default, search on your iphone. So then, your ip address, or if you're logged in there,
Well, your google account is searching for stuff and that day, is not third party data for google; it is Google's data schools. First party data, they're collecting on you when you search on your iphone. because it's the default search, router and then you user, chrome, anita, stop. They can collect all the data and they can match up and they can deliver the ads and then they can track the conversions in the sales just as well as they ever could. But what about, if he's microsoft edge, wished a lot in the gulf why, at the end of the day, like that's the game that Google's yeah like they've gotten you logged into Google, the problem for meta is: like you: have the facebook app on your phone. That's their data. They are not allowed to track you off of facebook onto whatever retailer, you might be shopping on and saying you saw this ad and then you went and bought this and we can match up the cookies, and we know that this ad sent you into the site on your browser or wherever you are, and that's what killed their business cause. Their ad effectiveness went down
Google just like does not have this problem, and so every time google makes noise about like removing cookies or actually, whenever apple does like it's like very backwards, you wouldn't expect it. But The european antitrust regulators, like you, can't do that cause then no one will be able to compete with you a world in which third party data is not allowed is like the best possible case scenario for Google, because it has the most this party data, Google, doesn't care what you do and you leave its platforms, because you never leave its platform. Unicef, your chest, you just basically can't leg and then you like forget about apple. Android. Oh they own android, which ninety percent of the smart phones on planet earth. You sake. It's just their lead, just gets bigger If everytime anybody cracks down on any of this stuff yeah their profit did go down a little bit, though so you know they. Made sixteen billion in profit this past quarter, so we you're, a billion on waymo cars, we gotta higher dieter somehow ran
the theaters bag. That's like a line yeah there or nowhere if there is actually a recession which nobody knows and consumer spending goes down and advertising spend goes down that google is like exposed, but It was just weird: it's not happening to maybe players, but David. You pick this one up. The comcast number is disclosure comcast investor in VOX media option on the verge they're, not even happy. We talked about this just rest assured, but you picked up some interesting stuff in a comcast Yes, so basically, there's been this interesting thing happening to these companies, where they're all desperate to keep sell. You came up, since there are desperate to get industry being and there are desperate to keep selling you internet and the internet continues to be the thing that, like funds, the rest of it right. I don't like these. Those are things I'll have to work as long as people keep paying a lot of money for an internet connection, comcast cases, all three of those things are going on about lay at the moment there still
sitting cable subscribers gazette whose bleeding cable subscribers, but the broadband subscribers that they have was flat from the last quarter, for I think the first time ever and the number of peacock subscribers is also flat, which is a scary thing for, like a brother, If these small upstart trying to spend a lot of money on like the office and friends to get people to subscribe to its relatively new thing- like spend a lot of money on those right like any peacocks. Big problem is that they haven't spent a lot of money on a regional programming like they ve got yellowstone, which for some reason, even though it should be paramount, they ended up buying it in power. On record, saying we shouldn't have given no streaming writes that was stupid. They ve got like yellowstone, they got office, they ve got lake. What really bad britain science fiction shows that I watch are going to be the thing that the the shooting olympics- it's not like sports in friends and the office was going to carry them
perfect friend, I with my interest, I would frame the money thing slightly differently, though, is the even if it's true like that they already on the office right, so they don't have to like pay more money, but the amount of money. You're leaving on the table, not licensing friends and the office and per and wreck, and some of these other shows too, other streamers is massive like that. Those deals are worth a ton of money. So it's like there we're spending less for sure, but there there's a lot of money that they're putting into the the sort of peacock bucket where it anywhere this yes, you're dead, correct. but it's even worse because of the way they are structured. And we see you paid five hundred million dollars to take the office, often enough licks gas, because it's how their overall accounting works, I salute did pay for its own show, so they they re tourism, money at it. Universal television had to hold an auction, and, like
hulu, amazon and potentially apple reportedly, were like in the auction. So then, if you're, the big boss you're like no we're not leaving the money on the table, yeah you've, gotta, you've, gotta pay up even in like the case where it is all one thing then pay them. I am I the ice. They need. And they need to spend a lot more money, they're very forthcoming that to make the service work they need hits so they're just going to like spend money on hits people like a new name, any peacock, generals. I can think of one who the really great british one about the all girl ban. that's the only one I can think of two girls. Five ever knew these children and there's there's another one there's another one which was, I have to look it up, but girls, five of us excellent by the way everyone should watch it. When do you, when do you to find time to do this, like it's like the bitch. Just like I look at these titles
I went and looked at it. It boo, bitch after last time- and I just thought to myself- then I'm not giving you this hour like not getting younger. You know. I got a daughter like we're going to I'm going to talk to her for not talking about boo, bitch I'll, tell you that she's four! I don't think that would go over. What's she watching on peacock right now, she's, not watching peacock she's watching god, we still have some netflix, but she loves watching bluey and disney plus, but because of storehouse she's? Taking the calling all things that seem like? I must respond: lions referring furniture, which is very funny because Creighton, who is the producer of decoder, worked on Gabby's dollhouse. Anything is the funniest thing in the world. That's awesome, yeah, so like most of their big ones, they had vigil, which was the one about the woman who is at a traumatic car accident was, nearly drowned and they said hey. Do you want to go investigate a murder on a submarine and she said yeah I'll be fine,
It depends. I will say that what is coming out? Nothing right, but you've gotta have something coming up and I'm looking we are lady parties was the british band show I will say if they had something coming up, that they were super excited about. You would think would have come up on the earnings call and instead all they talked about was being in a it was like. I think, a content crunch was the phrase that they use and it's like, that's not where you want to be yeah. I think they really thought they were going to do this weird mix of what netflix is where they buy up a lot of international shows, so they specifically buying up a lot of british shows solid as they airing in Britain. They were like brother peacock originals in the united states, and then they they were like well we're going to do kind of what CBS what apple have done and really go in on big budget peacock originals, but they were all bad. So is like bel air, which I think we review charles brunette and is like it's fine, no, no trials head about. Did he hit
Maybe he just said he was excited about it to me now he was, I think everyone was excited about. Bel airs a show, just total change, and it was like a fan project to make a joke or gritty fresh friends bel air. Until they cut a trailer and then will smith was like I'll make this for real and then it came out and it turns out, that's not a great idea know, and then they about rutherford falls, which critically, very like everybody, I said it's really great show. I dont know how many people are act. Have you heard run facing you? Two could cite the names of anything to me and I believe that they have a tiger king. First, you not even just made that up they were that snake did. There was already a vision. They had curious, george, that's real, that's real it! We it's time to readjust the go. Ninety scale of doing the streaming services. Oh so in that,
for the long time was it dear. So the scales from zero to ninety ninety is dead. Yeah quibble hit. Ninety The scale is named after go. Ninety verizon's failed streaming, which it went. Ninety immediately that was the one we're like risings executives. Like what the kids want to do is join gangs on streaming apps, where was, I would We believe that these part with it social features are called gangs. I don't remember: what's what it was. It was on the order of that go. Ninety one. Ninety dead, quimby, ninety dead, I have long said netflix as euro netflix is take up to like twenty, then now. That's too obvious things like five to ten five to ten yeah. That's it
alright. So netflix was default alive and you're, saying it's five to ten height of tenure. Yeah. Alright, I think disney plus is the new zero right now disney plus is an easier yeah. I think so. Alright I mean, I think disney hbr max was living at like thirty to four wafer is when it launched just a real mess. I would say they're solidly in that zero to ten range again yeah, but great, especially cause they're gonna play that game of thrones in four k and we're going to see if that fix is that a want we're all going to watch that show again in four k, hdr and then we're off The last season be like. Why did I spend my time in this house? The dragons
clicks, etc. I'm ready for that peacock feeling like it's at forty five. I think that's right, I would say it's almost higher a little higher like it's not going to fail NBC universal needs it to not fail. Every single broadcaster is trying to own streaming and own their own streaming service instead of getting in bed with hulu, which peacock was it's a part of yeah, so hulu is at like twenty yeah. Well, who knows maybe see cause everybody forgets about hulu for the longest time is the closest done, because the people who owned hulu hated it yeah yeah every single one of them were like. We don't want to own you. We want to destroy you and who is like, but we persist. Wait for the they've they've come around cause they're owned by disney disney and peacock like cb.
and we see universal got out of business with hulu they they started peacock an I think, they're just struggling to figure out how streaming is different than broadcasts like getting paramount, figured it out pretty quickly when it was still CBS axis. I'm sorry, I'm is paramount. Van girl, honestly again again, just it's. It's like plexus paramount, plays a house and special go for guiding pheromone places like over forty five minutes, would say it's way lower than peacock this is really. This is why we have the scale as to how these debates, but I do wrong you're wrong- is our final. Top gun ever comes out. Paramount, plus shoe That is the day they realized they did not build. A tech stack for any demand. Now that they might be doing fine is like a star trek guards are doing star trek there, watching evil maverick is gonna hit in iran's right, I'm sayin, repairman, plus unlike A data center somewhere has to be like we're on fire.
By enough of us back Tom cruise Yeah will see alright, that's comcast delightful spotify which is blessedly been trying to for four hundred years. Yeah we've gone through two different podcast reporters. God was actually garbage of them are now ios appear. Now, writing hop hodson in frostbite, it's great they're, still where they are spotify, is just losing me cause they lose money every time you play a song and everyone still thinks they don't pay artists enough. I was trying to think if I could come up with a company that is like a a good analog for spotify spotify is like a she actively a music service? That knows for sure that it will know. make any money being a music service, and so it's
It's now trying to figure out like okay, we've we've been very successful as a music service, but we can't make a nickel doing it. So how do we find other ways to make money around it so like even just as they closed their deal for an area of a company called find it for which end up costing them magic. One hundred and twenty three million dollars day, hired a new person to do fiction. Podcast they're, all in on pie cast been saying. This three years and that continues to see him both like a gigantic. Like cultural mess internally and not a good business? It's just like they. They started to do the car thing and then stopped making it I'm kind of sad. I never bought one, but the jungle yeah, it's an it's just like what is What is spot if I it's it's gonna end up being this lake also successful super. Cool thing that never makes any money for anyone, but first gonna get like nationalized. sweden, you know we we on you, don't listen to Eden we need one tat company yeah area.
The world needs music, yeah, see we don't you know they did its spotify at the economics. Is the modifier you pay spotify, however much money you pay the month, fifteen bucks a month, ten bucks a month of whatever this year. I don't even know if that's why I dunno apple music till I die because of the. I, which one if I want to be paid spotify, have a money month.
when you play song, spotify, give some of your money to them. It's just a bad. It's a bad deal yeah like they're like well. Our choices are, we can ask the people for more money which they can't do, because apple and amazon will just ruthlessly undercut them at every turn, or we can pay less money to the artists which they can't do because, unlike taylor, swift yells at you in an or jc is like. I'm gonna do title right and then like jack dorsey's like what, if I bought title and then no one knows what the fuck is going on, like legitimately how that went. That's about right so, like they're, just in this hard spot, where their margins are fixed, unless they can find something else and they're like okay, what will do Joe rogan? So then you pay us how much money ten fifteen bucks a month when you listen to Joe rogan, we've already paid him, so we're not giving some of your money Joe rogan, we've already given him the money and if you lots of
Well, listen, Joe rogan will recoup all the costs and we won't have to give all their money. It's like. That's the strategy, it's just not working as far as near as I can tell. I think, that's right and there's really no evidence that any of that is going to work right, like audiobooks, have never been a gigantic business. Podcasts have never been a gigantic business. This. Ass, a gigantic business and normally take stock. Follow us until on the rushed forth, diverge and tiktok following them, became lotta, I'm not automatic, my god forbid. Would I've ever heard of it. they're, just making all these bats that they can squeeze money out of things that no one has ever proven. There's money in and I of admire the effort and like they
What were the numbers? They have four hundred and thirty three million users and one hundred and eighty eight million paid subscribers like those are both giant numbers that is like bigger than netflix of eyes. As far as like rate. Overall, subscribers go right, like they're huge. and they lost one hundred and twenty seven million dollars in the last quarter. It's like me, maybe we're in the wrong. I don't know I just I'm I'm sort of at the point where it is what it is there a move here and they made all these bats. They tried to go into the clubhouse thing about this company lock, room, then they called it green room and now it's spotify live and if you listener to the verge cast, have ever used spotify live. I would love to hear about it and and all your experiences, because that is an app. I forgot existed until just right now, this second and I just dunno. What like do you think the
like maybe just fight the hour, I d belay just be like I don't know, we want to pay less for the Sahel thing. All labels are investors in spite of her. Oh stratified leg is obvious in that way, like the label should be managed by the fire, but ultimately their paying them sounds like in it's important that they have that hedge against amazon and apple, but amazon has a dominant position in country music. Yes, because of garth because a garth works they sounded. Garth works ensues. Every country's examine america is names on these extra. They have the need to feel the thunder incredible guy Why did I open this fall? Texas, like my hat, just came on? Suddenly I'm on a horse and the studio liam is very upset. Sarah Leah full horse never go full horse, but if they they screw around apple and amazon, can
I can just apple, can just subsidize the music service yeah. They don't need the money, but spotify does and the labels need spotify to exist as a hedge against apple's negotiating. It's apple. So like it's like a ghost zone, me a mummy. Let you just likes it's a stumbling through a haunted house. The music industry, like bumping into walls and events like just don't fall down. The stairs is holding hands, are three honor that's enough earnings. Are you break new anyway? This is a public service announcement from unexplainable a yawn one, simple action: Connects you across species across millions of years of history, You are a lama in English, bull terrier, a little kitty cat attack me
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our back. We have some gadgets It's been earnings and peacock Feelings are instagram and and he would just right. That's us that's we are we cared about peacock more in this podcast than anybody who actually has ever thought about them. I have spent more time talking about peacock than watching it this one. Let's do a lightning round, so Iowa's. Sixteen beta continues to roll out ahead of presently. I was sixteen in september. Some changes now probably are out there being updated apple roulette, edible I messages and they yeah well that without a message, history, I quickly realized this. They should have a message history. Those are important. Yes, yeah and they also shrunk the amount of time in which you can edit. I think it was fifteen minutes before and now it's two or maybe I was for the sending to be honest
what's an unsound verses. What's an edit is a fun philosophical decision about messages, but a great it gives you the edit history it gives you dislike increasingly sort of transparent. First if your message as this scroll up. I really like it. It's really nice to think that it's the walking city I love it. I use it absolutely the most beautiful jail and all the technology, I'm so excited to find out how trash it looks if you have an android person in your like the thing that shows up. That's like that, the message that's like so and so loved and then shows your message again like this is: can we even worse? I can't wait. Amazing, home app in ios sixteen gentoo. He wrote a review of it, not a real preview. Some things are better or it's not out yet. So it's not really review we're very weird we're not relating to keep me for about these words, but a preview of it cassandra better better. But it is. some confusing decisions apple doesn't know why what do want
it, was around, which I mostly like automate things. If you're in a that's the part where it's, I think it's the weakest. I think you see with like all of these smart home apps that they're very clearly made by software developers, software engineers and not by normal normal random people. You guys aren't you guys are normal too, but you know it's made by people whose brains think a very particular way, and so on. You're thinking, like a software engineer, it's hard to use these things and apple still, struggles yeah. I would say the one note from John's pizza really jumped out to me: they've redesigned the buttons that you tap to turn lights on and off now. The buttons without any delineation have two buttons contained within each tile. No cb click on the left side. That's where you turn the light off and if you accidentally click on the right side, you got them. What,
see I sort of thing. I think that it is this is my long presses exist. This is long nose. This long press now puts unit jiggle modes. You can move on the tiles round its rugged israel, Obviously this is all because of matter so there's some hope that matter will continue. Our fixed, the many bilateral that no virus you'll get more device types in there. Now this is out there. want you to go out and they want you get the homepod mini so that you never use the buttons cuz you're, always shouting at you know who I can't see her name out loud. My watch will activate I'm, not I'm, not speaking her name or speaking of home kit, one hundred came out hard. Was it last week against homekit secure video, oh real hard, they were like do not buy a camera with them. Since your video, it's bad in its crap enough. That's it's hard for the like that
in its fairly accurate. I have one that spends sitting face down for like three months and on a wide still have it put in. It always is like is recording, unlike what is it recording nothing other lightning news, this fight between dish, network, five g in space. Ex continues to my literally the funniest thing that we cover on a site. I mean it is like so esoteric right, it's like too. companies with networks, like tiny networks, and then comcast of the world fighting like filing white We present each other at the fcc DR rather, as is dish wants to use twelve gigahertz for whatever future five g it can dream up. I would just point out everyone. It's What's the building a five g network now and has not done so well, it can't because it's got to use the twelve g that so many phone support. I got
and startling says this is bad. In addition, let's do this quote the ban in common use. What will potentially end strolling service for customers so shouldn't space acts? Have I dont know got out and bought that ban that they were gonna need to use it, but they soon after this he opened up. bands like satellite use this as a satellite band, so they've been using it yeah for satellite uses. They have the access to it, but then the fcc it was like. We should open up this band because most satellite companies are garbage what if we did better stuff with dishes like yeah we're going to use it five g network would definitely exists. I know that starlink did not lie. Ask for a lot of permission from like federer international regulators when they started rolling out starlink? They were just like yeah move fast break things, and I would not be surprised if we just give you this quote:
email to all the customers senior director of satellite policy, which grey title by the way Dave goldman, would love to talk to you dave for listening. Quote. We haven't seen anything from either dish or del tell by the way. As part of this dish thing, we haven't seen anything from either dish or dell, where they've been able to get any customers to file in support of their service likely. That is because they do I really have a server. It's just ice cold is crucial. It's just a bit smithfield. This person is deaf Lee pseudonym. This is this: is elon mosques startling burner account sending you this email anyway dish and a consortium of other companies which are known as the 5g g for twelve gigahertz coalition. Responded to this by equally petty are, they're, saying spacex sentiment, nippy elated filing to the fcc, and quote this
which is commonly used by elon musk is not only disingenuous, but it gates anti five g narrative that is harmful to american consumer fuck, you see her to save us. Do did you talk to anybody with a five g phone? They will primarily gate and anti that this has to go to chancery court. That's the only it's the only solution. It's like we have to go to the lowest stakes, prettiest fight, it cannot get enough of it. God bless you. If anybody from the five g for twelve gigahertz coalition wants to come on the show, we will welcome you with open arms or elon. I feel like goldman is like IRAN and he's just going to wear it. Like a mustache he's gonna shoved chancery hoard in a little mother. That's me like no, no I'm not I'm musk, where's warrior costume from when he was on yes or no.
And also because they have no networking David last one. You fell down, one of the funniest verge rabbit, of all time, with a video conferencing story or Biden as start up zoom gadget, and then you found what all the other presidencies. Yet this ain't my weekend in a way that I'm not really proud of but basically like ban tweets a picture of himself sitting at it. asking: the residents can now haven't covered live in law. She's got a mask in front of him coffee cup next to him, and this like unbelievably looking video seeing board on like a wheelbarrow easel there- and I was just like what is this thing and why is Joe Biden doom set up so sick, so I spent what I would is like an inappropriate amount of time. Looking at youtube, and getty images, an official white house press pools to see. I learned a lot about how presidents video conference,
I'll turn off self view, which I thought was very like responsible of them cause no silicon themselves when our video conference and the president's know that better Joe Biden is using this thing from this. Like tiny two year old company in oslo, norway, it's called the meat board and the one he has cost seven thousand dollars and its awesome- and I apparently like blew up this company's email inbox by reading about them this week. So too, Everyone at me, I'm very sorry for doing this, but yeah, but yeah there at the white house is all it on june has been for bunch years now and he's just He's just turn it up and he's got it. He can spend it on wheels, so it can either focus on his desk in the oval office or he can spin it around and have it on the couch, and it's just like guy knows what's up there kudos to the white house. This is the one thing they have accomplished. I just won't put it. yeah lists. I mean you, don't have to get your agenda done as long Look I can return. I get here adjourned, I'm sorry. It's finance the chips and science bill assigning, which is very funny. Actually, I think, are represented. Tweeted agreed we
an insult zone we didn't get there, they could have called the chips and also bill as if they were so close chips and science to date, Yes, it is true. The Senate passed through the house, pass it. It's going to Biden, big investment in semiconductor manufacturing, and so this is like happening. Ask as we speak. Yeah figured and apparently there's some sort of climate bill, but that hasn't been signed yet so drawn to things other than that. It's like mostly, he has a cool video conferencing setup, but it's very cool. It's true. I want to get one alright we're over. As always, it never ceases to amaze. It's been a good one. I enjoyed my time, but it's fun. I think any officer of any okay. That's it on Wednesday. There was having windsor what is happening when they are going to be on vacation in miami, so we're doing a whole episode. Unlike the work from anywhere life, we talked to thomas rigour, who is our vanlife correspondent, we did a bunch. Space internet, we're going to go even deeper on the five g dish star
link stuff so get excited about that and then There will probably be a long time of just me lying in a pool telling everyone how cool my life. so much for that in treated us. We love hearing from you, I'm at reckless david's at pierce out, says, Alex H, kranz and then decoder next week. Our friend hankering can be a show We really didn't talk about the issue about youtube who were going to get into it this weekend. That's it background. The and thanks for listening to this week's show and hey we'd love to hear from you shoot us an email at birch cast at the burj dot com, and if you liked the show share it with a friend, birch gases, production, the verge and part of the box media podcast network. Today,
so was produced by need, we increase and our senior audio director and renewing our executive producer is eleanor down in it. That's it was seen.
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