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Today on The Vergecast, Nilay and Dieter are joined in studio by Lauren Goode to continue their discussion about the iPad Pro, as well as how it stacks up against the Surface Pro 4. In addition, the panel will discuss the end of Rdio, as well as the best set-top box on the market. Nicola Fumo once again occupies the hypeseat.

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The hello and welcome to what, for you is almost certainly november twentieth. It could be the day after that, but it is almost certainly not november nineteenth, which is the day on which I am speaking today is a special day, because we are streaming. The smart fucker live on youtube and I dunno that means for you. But for me it means no one's going to complain to me about the previous streaming, hey Tom, that previous streaming service we're using. But I'm here this is the verge asked patel I'm joined as always, dearborn, hello, I warrant good, is in from San Francisco. They can't to audio show This is like four hundred feet away from the microphone and you're mining, and this is the worst radio and yeah. Let's look at this closer if not it
there's like it there's like a two minute delay, which is not bad, maybe it's over, As well in about two minutes, Lauren's going to suck at being on the radio that- and nicolas here, Nikola the style of rack dot com- I am here up nicola, say there's a few things I wanna to say one. these first time in history that we actually had like the same cast I know yeah, I'm feeling good about that. I feel like this is a core group that I'm into nick lives of two things that I'm wondering about: let's hear them: one we're surrounded by screens or have so many screens and their claws got her air she's got the ipad pro she's got a surface pro. Four and she's got her six plus and the pencil and the pencil and the pencil. How are you feeling overwhelmed or feeling in the mix? I feel more part of the virgin than ever like joke about my transformation like
Now, more than ever is that I'm with you people the more like you, people thinking about these things. Like someone sent me a baby picture and I immediately thought that's an interesting, ass, ratio, I wonder what fun of his thinking what and I was like So does that mean that the reverse is going to have him were suddenly gonna, be more stylish and split better dry It's going to be like a slow like just as it was going to just take a very slowly. How did these two factor into project figurehead? Oh, I think, being surrounded by around advised you in this microfinance, they're gonna, very grand I've. Although this studio due legal layer upon my population that haven't I get it
well god, they also have mystery get it's tom. Has likud orb he's like carrying in order I want him to think of our history, sixty camera and oh yeah they're doing a bunch of three sixty camera stuff? Alright, because the big plan is it cs, do all kinds of your stuff at t square, we'll see we have to like make it work. So I got the other thing. I would ask about and further live listening. You may have noticed that previous Israel twin each other about gift guides. What's going on there, tech. Listen did under more am I turned around of surgeons. Like wooden speakers, I know it's hard. Okay, you never alleged. Just the band have an apa what letters to just give somebody that wasn't my team or the team out from under the bus girl, and I didn't even click. This link
it's what I do, my second, the customize, the sums that stuff you know it's good, but the one. The loan like rose- old sport ban for the appalachian man little withdrawn. Little. Look as I understand that that is, because you can't show people the watch yeah right under those break, you did- I didn't say that those give weight to. This is a thing like that it is often south initiates right. The second thing that ends workers we're get at that centre. Its wild projectors. Oh yeah, yeah. That's really funny how shocking to our team about the verge gift card in the rack. If guide like the product team, there were let people really all who shot years whose values which are not so I was like. Oh, we did it and we asked people who work here to use cameras to take pictures, because we know what we want and stuff hmm alright. Well, I just want to give it some shit. There there is, I just got a brutal. I roll from nickel, like literally.
when are all making sacrifices and working in groups whoa whoa, something just happened. It just appeared something just appeared on the table. There's a rooming stream, pretty sure that was from the rack gift guide. I think it's pretty cool. What is that thing? It's an orb! Alright, it's a dark. Thing why there's this theory about what the art? What what is it? What is aversion to do sixty camera right? What is it I do with vr stuff, and one of the one of the ideas has been to the verge gaston vr. So we'll see if this goes off. Ok, we'll see we'll see alright. So I have a question for pretty much forlorn a boy. we go oh boy. What is she now now? What is it? Products should know about that private and, at our own youtube comments, two hundred a wholesome massive conspiracy to avoid This low selling product. Well,
the nvidia a video shield, the warrior, hey, nvidia, nvidia, namibia, It is up to a stumbling like that new video, its and nvidia, but I the video way you just in using nvidia using think it's nvidia, but in video sounds more like a lotion company also on the right. How many of us are uneasy, wake up and it would be like servants a hundred three down, but it's not even more so the reason that brings us more and more and it is a been publishing monster on the virginal com this week. What was I gotta go to? My job is come down until mediocre, jokes inertia? you can order that she published the best set up box. This is my ex. Yes You did so.
daring, our gift, your argive guide for expensive technology items, including actual smart watches and not just the bands, salary Do you know if you have some actions on me, we do yeah. We do yeah pebble time round. Wow I've been thinking about that. One yesterday on your gift guide, actually reading some competitive research. I looked at the piece of paper. so mean that so that our gift guide, I do thing that the ipad pro, which we should get into that other reasons, because here but the best set up box. I don't think Well know this about er. This is my next. Is you actually review the nvidia shield to give it a score? You got it and set it up and like played with it, and also you just don't write the whole thing. Everything that we consider for that is something that we have used or reviewed or like. If we,
giving a very careful consideration. It's so, even though we had not yet reviewed the nvidia four k shields when it came, it came out earlier this year or sometime in the spring, so we didn't review that new one. We had reviewed the previous version of the box but I did use it. I mean I had it. I have it at home so on and set up at home and have been using it. Everything The thing is like so initially there are a couple of things to think about when you think about the shields and and a law, it's like all of a sudden. This there's this like rabid fan. For the shield. Like agents, are you to come and say? No, if we love the willing, we think this is the best and they like Campbell. eve that we consider apple tv better than it, but it is like two parts, gaming council and one part set top. Initially, the this is my neck set top boxes about streaming, your your video streaming apps and maybe some casual games, maybe some other types of that's right. That's the first part, so it's like primarily a gaming thing and the second part to that at this point in the game: we're not going
ton of weight to for K, so rogue, who also supports brocade sixty frames per second aims on fire. Tv second generation supports for k at thirty frames. Second rate, a lot of these support like different kodaks and are sort of a future proving in different ways, but there but if you right now, don't have four tvs and there is lot key content out there. So for us, like we weren't, giving as much weight to the four k aspect of the shield- and I think that's something like maybe some people would argue like well, it has working in apple tv. Does not it's facial that your standard tv right I mean. space on andrew to be utilised doesn't have any functionality. Aside from the gaming like What are you can stream? I mean you know. Energy be. Does support a lot of the traditional video streaming apps see can get a selection of video streaming apps, but this is primarily for somebody who is looking first for gaming right leg is like I have this like two hundred dollar, it even it, and it's really funny too, because until like last week, when you bought the shield, it only came with a gaming remote. Just just like you know the xbox one or the
So if you four and then you had to, if you want to date and more traditional bluetooth, remote to use you had by that separately- and it was fifty dollars extra and then last week the committee to stay there and is thereby, I that, but it like, if that is not enough of an indication that this thing is more about its little bit more about gaming and video streaming and that's you know, that's it's about. I also considered the traditional gaming consoles. We we look, you know considered microsoft, xbox one and we considered Sony p s four and said if you happen to already have these and have spent three hundred and forty nine dollars or more on these. You mean. I need an extra set up box because, but but that's like not aware, we're looking. There is no part of me that wishes to boot up my xbox one. Instead of using my apple tv, the new xbox one interface, everybody loves it. I don't I haven't. Even I haven't really a transparent; they put it like this. What honest like play? Video games, that's why I would forget
and I think that's why microsoft it right like that's why the p s word hit the ps whereas, like for video games, microsoft was like a pc right. Yeah have you played with it? You haven't played with it a lot. The nvidia shield know the windows ten, the new dashboard on on the xbox I mean I use it. I've played with it I poked around but yeah I just I don't pardon me, I'm I am older. He changed one thing that happens. She was like it doesn't. When you have apps and the tile interface that you're using you've downloaded any of you use, they move yeah. So like what, if you we, you last watch netflix on it, which is the last thing I've watch on the xbox one like it's. It's there our ties which concern my friend prioritized it's like there and you know right in front of but it's not in the place where you thought it would be like you. I don't know it relates to a third avenue. It did still thinks that it does more than what I actually wanted to do, which is like. I want to turn it on out to sea.
The grid of apps that I complain about apple tv's interface, like it does the job yeah yeah, he's still second running through roku, three or whatever record too. I mean I'm not going to buy a new thing. I have thing right. It's a truly the problem. With these things, do you care about for K? I don't know what that means in this context, and yeah I haven't. We haven't gone deep down the rabbit hole with you, no idea what that'd be forecast. to ask today what is set up box set top set she's a bad name, remit, ITALY. That is a terrible know. What else can we do all they call they went slots emerge ass had not as I do. I don't even know what this, because you can't put it on top. It's actually a miserable name, but o t t box way worse over the tire over the tiger, they're all their old theirs, but over the top has more to do the delivery mechanism of the content
at top ray is like the you set it on top. I don't know you can't put anything on top of a modern. Cable boxes are also set top. Aren't they later not on top of any sets, back to this whole. This whole situation is like a man with a new. this really under you? Don't like it I want to make some bounces on top of my flat. What, if we just call it what if we just called it a tv box and what, if going forward, we just you just wanted to tv we started, we need a union for the physical object. The bar is called the verge box, going forward apple, verge box. If the roku verge box, it's everything's on the verge last year, at zs and the jamaica off the ceo of expedia came endured. We have a trailer and he's like what you've seen. This kind of my man was tedious upswing up. Actually, what we should do Jim is like we should go out into the hall and find a chinese company. That's making set top box and like have them. Oh yam, a voxbox just plays our video box and talks here.
It's like he looked at me with such a withering stare and he was like no yeah. It's the end of the conversation. She was like. No, no we're not doing that and as I quit, choose box box if we had our own o t t set top boxes, the web site was vocs box, lay that very a very different thing. It would be a tremendously different thing: we're the rhymes with media. it would technically be a box of VOX media, lots of having a great great radio. Looking There's not layer of emu is whatever
The is case next resolution standard for television. I hate it. I hate how crisp tvs are yeah yeah, why their growth? So look at you look at them and you see people in better clarity than you see them with their own eyes, and I think it's weird and wrong do when, as I say, I aspect know dude, it's fair question. No, like you know, sports looks and now regular other tv shows look like. Oh, I know german tvs emotions room it's grows you can saw was pours very interesting, aged like that. Iran is like apple, even higher definition than my actual eyes. With its a soap opera, everybody work would have motions moving so bob fact is now seriously soap operas morlock defusing everything looks kind of soft soap The motion smoothing is the one where they they they like.
in forty everything look television, so clear and real. You can see the set and that it is a set, and they see that the thing is cheats were describing the same thing. It's not motion, smoothing it's just because it's an hd. No, no, no, no yeah! Actually! Now! Ok, Actually not. What are you saying? come on guys, so there's hd in traditionally she runs like ten eighty. I thirty thirty frames per second and then the refreshed, rates of modern televisions are crying to weigh higher than that, their one twenty or two forty in the day,
They do the motion smoothing and it interpolates frames to get to two hundred and forty and it looks like a fucking soap opera. That's motion, smoothing access sports has a lot of sports networks, run it at sixty to catch more action, and so sports is crisper and clearer. And then, if you have a tv, that's doing that same effect. You take right, you think a breaking bad and you run it on the tv that does motion smoothing look like the ages. It look like video inside of a twenty four, french or second, which osha, we're all describing the same thing called motion through the and it looks like garbage. Literally turn it off and every single tv that I find because I hate it. Just like lazo, margaret oppressed by every day, and I was that as actually super funny- Joanna Stearns parents house like two years ago and I sought on their tv. I turned it off and, like literally Joanna
dad. It's like a portuguese, never been the same since I put up. Why would someone that's like the legacy you can help were right, That's your understand. No such approaches to be like look you're so doing it seems like but anyway, but so that's the that christmas that you're talking about having due at the resolution, that's like that What are the tvs like just making up information to make it look smoother? Processing things like the forecasts literally really take the image size, hd screen. it's for its four of them in a grid is actually not a multiple exact, multiple for road It's a long winded for an old face like combat, because this is easier to say that they actually stood out like a thirty at twenty, but it's a it's like it's more pixels yeah. So what's the benefit, then things look for fixes. Yeah yeah. We also don't really experience the full, the full benefit of it
you're sitting a certain distance from, but once I get what say you were at home, I was under the given contrast, eyes and say: let's say you at home, just ribbon on your baby. You're right you're. What I really want to watch right now is our entire. No, not empire like like a beautiful forest, In parallel, we saw emotion, shot of a city, skate, fuller barons. Now I don't know, but that's the only thing they shutting off the ground close to these amazon on Iraq, now syria, and written version, affliction and history, but like that especially the content. The content is like a few amazon shows a few netflix shows and then looping pictures of the rainforest. That's and that's why we don't take four k seriously when you do this a tub luxuries, because it's not there yet read and who needs that stuff who needs looping nerds like us,
if people are taking huge rips off their backs? I just wanna watch or go there just wanna watch empire should I start actually yeah? Oh my god yeah. Okay. Actually, I have a problem because no I'm not going to go into it later, we'll get to it in a few weeks, about you. You're just gonna walk back as motionless hear anything on twitter no work. I was trolling him I was drawing. Do whatever chiefs So we did this letter box thing I want to. I just wanna make when the invitation people I want to argue. they alone. Are larger poor went out together, but first they sat in the actual show, there's money, what I know building website can be tough, specially forecast,
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I might my squarespace website is going to be aaron. Rodgers needs help dot com. Do you have a wedding website yet yeah his own squarespace yeah? I don't know anyway, sign up for squarespace today use the offer. Code verge, b e r g e to get ten percent off your first purchase and show your support far show this show the virtuous. Thank you so much where space for your support. where space build a beautiful daughter, guys, someone treated, I dont, like reckless being rude, Nicholas amount will be true. I don't like it you there. And the people have spoken yeah. Some damage is needed, a handy for me, somebody I tweeted at me. Everyone drinking beer at work round face. Why is that from face? That has to be celebrated enjoyed? That's why we have this career. It's a long tradition in the media industry. Yeah drinking beer in the afternoon talk was all part of figure heading,
sure on the mic, when you said that I know alright? Alright, we talking about arya, gather it It's the the news is that they are. They buried the news a little bit, but they are filing for bankruptcy and are selling off the parts and a bunch their employees to pandora, for seventy five million, I think, is the number which is like less than they had actually taken in to fund themselves and- and it's really sad that that's basically the whole story like a bunch of like a bunch of people in my circle me we all loved audio like five years ago. The Chinese. Are you now the best it came to the? U s. Well, before a year bottom line, I reviewed radio in its early stages for the wall street journal when it was on lack, bear it a better job. We actually have a picture of me holding up my blackberry with audio,
Well, the funny thing is I was. I was a slacker bro, not an audio guy and I switched from slacker to audio and itunes forever yeah. Well so did, but it was. It was really good because it had really nice design. It had like at the time- and I think, even still like a better sense of like what your friends were listening to than anything else and like I just found more music on it, enjoyed using it more than any other service, but for many many reasons, all of which casey detailed in his lovely article they just like couldn't hack it. They didn't know how to market themselves yeah they just like all of their thunder, went up in a puff of smoke as soon
spotify, started to hint that they might come to the? U s, even when they were a full streaming service in the? U s or is like avid spotify comments like what the spotify had their ads for the free and spotify had free like listen to some ads, and it was like yup itunes, but free, which is a killer line, is modify, but already it was such a better product. And that's the thing. That's really sad. It's like spot, I mean everybody knows. I feel that is about to find the show like spotify or use it. I think it's better than every other one except for audio or google play music is getting a lot of discussion. Is it that we know the answer the google, my music on the invidious shield worked in for K. I want all youtube music great product like a really cool product, really interesting in my clever and like understand and, like
that the media streamlet, you might wanna download it. You can click it into the audio. Only like clever product google play music, the app less clever, Right, spotify, marginally, clever and an audio is like a brilliant pieces design, but adios a wasteland in my it's obvious. Spotify has like what, if we raise bunch of money and just relentlessly burn it for custom acquisition,
I already have all of the same deals in place with the labels that all the other services do. They don't get. The exclusives like spotify does yeah it was. It was close. When I I mean I I bounced around between both of them for awhile before I finally walked away from audio, because it was so clear that it wasn't going to be able to keep up. It seems like even the eight you know the the cache the cache wasn't there either you never heard taylor swift, saying like I'm pulling my stuff from spotify and audio right, just you know, or adele or whatever it might know. Spotify is like the big bad villain. What what what's funny to me, though, is like the back end, the backing of all the sources, just a bunch of deals and like music streams like shouldn't the products the apps be.
Interchangeable yeah like shouldn't certain spotify, let you build a front end app to spotify, that's way better than like. I that's the thing that I don't get like I. Whenever I use my alexa or my echo and I'm like Alexa plays music, it doesn't matter to me what service the music is coming from. I just like I just wanna, hear the song and it's on a phone. It's like everything about this experience is like layered into like I'm, opening the spotify app and using their interface, and it matters what deal they got and what discover weekly's out- and it's like why, like? Why can a distant immediate, the fact that I'm subscribing to music from the app that I'm using I mean? Would you subscribe? add to the core service that provides it and then you'd also subscribe or pay for the app that you used to use it. I would do that I would subscribe. I would pay for the spotify library, unlike paid ten bucks, to use the audio app like as out by an app or a third party app that acts as a skin to the library that presents it in a way
you find pleasing, I mean name names single other industry that has a similar business model. The internet. Once in a way that they affect what like other lydia thing like they set such vast or not to bring it all back to set top boxes, been vocation you're starting to get. There are a lot of them have the same. They offer the same apps or channels whatever they decide all them rate. They have hbo now hbo, and they have so many. Sometimes they are prioritizing their own services like amazon, does with prime video, but like it once you get to the point where all these companies are saying, we have three thousand apps, then really comes down. how their presenting them and how accessible they make them so users, is it a friend there doing advances but, like I'm, just paint a licence for music in the end right? But what does it matter like? Let me use whatever good up. I want to use. I would have liked us to take a beautiful dream, but I like I do not how do we get there from here? If we watch, aren't you die
I just for export. If I to me is like just on this course to be the winner, but I don't know anybody use apple music teacher, anybody. I answer tat, no license right. I did I find- and it's weird me but yeah a lot of my friends use it like really my friends, I'm trying to think of like how to explain this. Like certain sectors, like my friends who who, like maybe like our graphic designers, are like they're like sort of in touch with these with me, you know I mean we already have only missus it unless wrecking our emotions, chasing handlers like playing a harp I yeah, I'm italian, I have the your shoes, conjuring a graphic designer out of a time trying to tried a few items that I've tried to describe. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but are you saying that, because you know lots of designers and does your leg? You have happened priorities of their friends who are my friends who know to update their phone,
our excited about it, but don't work in like tech proper they all use apple, music, and that's where to me, but like my friends who are just like whatever like existing in the world like a regular totally regular, not like don't care person like they do you spot if I were less interesting, yeah and they're always, and they always like it. Just the atom is so much better to look at my lab clicking on an aura of all is anywhere yeah. That's veil say it's weird super Weird, they have used idea these people already. It was after. Every designer I knew was in the audio because it was like a beautiful. So what happens on it already has assets. Are a pandora like what is planned?
where they were going to launch their finally going to do the thing they swore they never needed to do, because they were too cool because they were radio they weren't music streaming servant had supported rate and they are now going to a year from now launch non demand music streaming service using that stuff they got from audio and that's cool hired. Maybe I figured maybe, if you put apple music on your android phone, yet I have to buy every day. So you wanna you wanna talk about ecosystem lock in, like I'm, the guy that using google play music because it gives me youtube red oh yeah. I suppose the strategy to google play music, but I, but I pay for everything I can it is. I've been trying to stop, given that I feel, like that's an overt part of Google's software offerings. Like that's part of the. You know the the launch of this new Google music and youtube red light pay for one and you get the other, it's not like. There's they're, like sneakily, locking you in in the background and saying well now, you're going to using this service and the service the service too right,
happy birthday, starting earmarked for red dobbin, meaning to switch back spotify. Although I will Say: audio going down apple music, launching the ability to move your libraries and your playlists from one music service to another is an unmitigated like. It is like I straight up, I'm like I'm. I I need to learn javascript and like I need to go into the console on chrome and they're. Like hacking into like the web. Clients for these apps to like, like run through this program that you run in javascript to like manually, create the thing that to get a other, it's insane yeah, that's what I mean like you're, just paying for a license to music, like you should be able to export a csv file of a list of things that you like wicked,
What I don't get I dunno why, when they're, actually very annoying the thing that I I was thinking is there's there should be a data. A pump he meant what was the the the cdb database remember to be, that when I want embedded playlist of music, I should just be able to like have an app that, like red c b, you just give me a list of codes and then Web browser will know that oh yeah you're subscribed to these services and it'll just display that the playlist for those services or if I want to buy those songs or whatever I could just like click- that special link that the whole world understands is like that this code, for that song and, like all the music services, would understand it if only the web. in dying right, I mean that's like that's it right, there's somebody listening as you would otherwise build it, but they're busy like building a native app for windows phone. It is true. Ios. We have started almost certainly for me and my family
Look, I didn't know better I'd. Anybody at microsoft is listening counters. We understand stubborn. gives ruining my islanders. I would I shot for surface yesterday. The surface has before it has even of surface service and surface profit and at that I didn't surface yeah the baby surface and surface can we get into the sea. What are you going to maybe surfaces, surface book? Counter thing? Are you going to serve as both the below the surface office? Three, oh. I thought you said my sister's surfing service personnel, strasbourg. Yet, but there's an ip
ultimately I'm walking away because the thing ruins our calendars. I don't think I'm going to do it well and I my experience at the surface three, not the surface pro is that it was incredibly slow, yeah yeah. Well, I'm waiting for the latest updates that just came out to hit it and we'll see how that goes. Can I say anything about the cdb, a yoga center? Nine hundred this is the yoga I don't want to spend more than like eight hundred dollars just thirteenth right now, I'm back I've always been into that on. A tablet. Thing is when I liked the I liked the folder he liked the bandanas yeah I'm into it, cdb. Oh, so I got say one more. Now we are receiving, I feel very badly for flambeaux right now, because we are so in the weeds. With this nerd talk, it's like I'm just here for decoration. Ah, I got up and cited as I got a whole widening around a firm obeyed cod.
I don't even worry about I'm so happy like google search history today by the way, not pretty oh, I know what you're talking about weird don't worry same used to sit there and say things like an hour? So that's why you're cool No a thing I was gonna say with that. You brought up the c d d b and I realized that is I don't care It is a complex issue. I say you ve got your city in your computer in the ancient times and like itunes would go hit the city to be in download all of the trackless thing in all of our more of the line and notes more came from if the database, but regardless whatever, but I realized what we are such as, but I realized I was at my my buddy's house, and he brought the new apple tv and he's like this thing is the best I threw away my cable box and threw away everything I'm just using apples. He threw a regular moats because it's all species we like, rose, as he only has the one thing, and I was like dude you're crazy and he he's like no come camera and look at it.
and went over and I realized my body is like the world's most insane pirate and so he's got bit torrent and use that these things. Just like running twenty four seven on a mac, many it pulls out everything like widder like every tv, show every munitions, ganging they're, all allowing up your friend spot right now he's fine. They are bad indifferent. His name is Tom and then plex finds that stuff. And goes out all the databases. Downloads. All of the art downloads related content find subtitles, does multiple audio like crazy plastic places available on other boxes sooner but like as like plex, unlike the plex interface. After all, this insane piracy has like content recommendations, but it's like you walk this show you might like. These other shows. Its external him is like this is
the best like I couldn't buy this experience or any amount of money and like were just sitting there watching all like and as a careful to his sick. If you pirate every it's like the killer, app for the apple tv is plex, because you can just pirate a maniac, that's and that's what I think of the city, because my friends, cds for me yeah and then you can put them in itunes. It would just like figure it all out back, throw this away. Do you with just a few lines of brother with a sad, is the best which, when this island, That's what I actually rather tell us that the illegal syria is a new advertiser for us, then, by the way, the fact that the show is now how attractive to new kinds of efforts by its metrology, people- something is happening- the pike s world, where apparently, this is what this is- how we should spend
later tracking customers. Railway did you know that was just a few lines of code. You can send text messages that include alerts, reminders, order, updates estimates, margin, campaigns and instructions, wrapped onwards. Dieter at I did its chow. Communication system inks cod, messaging centre developers and easily integrate text messages into their own level, mobile applications back end or website, as a company tcas handles up to six hundred and seventy billion messages per year. That's average of one point: eight billion messages day odd place when exhibition point. Their c m c rest api way. What the scene at rest. Api robust, I restive here I've got nothing more than restful. Api socio allows Did you send messages, alerts reminders in order updates? You can also use it
I send sms marketing campaigns, drive app downloads or to increase user engagement that rest, a poi once again allows you to perform messaging functions such as sending receiving and scheduling messages, securing delivery seats and creating groups and contacts. Tcs telecommunication systems incorporated offers inter carrier messaging across all us. Wireless carriers and the pricing is flexible and based on quantity of messages needed featuring pay. As you go, monthly plans go to cloud messaging, dot, guru, sign up for the cloud presaging centre rest api and please please integrate this messaging solution today? Hopefully, hopefully dc assortment of the ship, the verge dagger? not good. At an undue mcgann rhymes with colombia, s there's only two words. all right. So what do I want to do?
ten or so on the on nicholas question screens, and then we got a lightning round and then another another poor advertiser it'll be subjected to this and then we'll be ok. Let's library, collection screens, please, which what you say again, Sir Nicholas right now, is typing on a macbook air. That she's located is is far is physically possible from the surface program that dozens of living here, a pencil holding a pencil, but the ipad pro is like also far away from her and she's been tracking affront intermittently.
What's going on in your life right all right, so bang and I love the pencil, and I like put it in my hand- and I was just like: oh this feels nice- it's like weighted, so it just sits. There really well like you've ever used like a nice pen, I'm for the pencil, but it costs like a dumb amount right. It's like eighty dollars something hundred dollars, my god Tom, it's not that nice. But if someone, it up to your desk and puts in your hands to up this, and so then I played with the ipad pro and I made some drawings on the adobe thing. Did you draw the line I wrote my name because that's what you do I'll write, my name. What phrase do you type when you test the keyboard? Do you have a secret go to hi? My name is lauren good. If your multiple, the quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy dog wow, my note to myself was to use this line break
and break what I was trying to testing That was amazing. You want to know how much of a deep nerd I am, if I don't have time to type the whole quick brown fox thing. I type lorem ipsum dolor sit comment: wow, you're, crazy, yeah, wow, okay. What was that again? Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget to use this What do you think a cautious on? No don't for it's on title. What maliciously gear But yes, I immediately pulled it out, and I play they and then I realized theirs and attach keyboard. And then I sat that up and then my coworker turned round was like. Oh it's as big as your computer, and it is by you one tenth of an inch notes. Huge it's a comedy huge and we're, like others, be fun to use like like you could use this instead,
How do you make him feel like you? Do I immediately so learn about lucy, that's the best review ever. I think I could you. my computer. Oh wait! I want to do something anything now I am the best thing that happened was it was like someone opened up the split screen and I was like oh, this is cool and their average was up, of course, and there san sun. Galaxy add on the verge of simple aim with this and putting this surface whatever away and it was, and it was like a female hand, holding phone but it's not a phone. It's a galaxy! I learned in the air- and she has like two little triangle: tattoos on her wrist and like jewelry and, like I like, shiny regional rail, and I was- and it was just like the stifling of the female hand, was the fact that it was cropped in, but you could still see like two tiny little tattoos,
but also gold, jewelry journeyman emphasis like This is so specific anyway. That was a tangent that happened to me on the ipad. You're, saying wow that was shut down by food, because all I want to talk about all I want to talk about is the female hand in the phone ad, but I feel like hand styling has become. Like a thing: yeah insurance mandarin. Every I mean that hand. The communicated saw my wedding about idea. What she's like art so she definitely had like nice enough jewelry on and it was it was stylish and artistic right like this was soul. Like I I mean I dunno. If you got, I guess, because of our conversation really you've never done any sailing work, but like little details like that, they're not accidents, you know what I mean like they didn't accidentally. It wasn't like
the model has a tiny tattoo. I can't believe it forgot her nail like this color, like oh we're going to she's gonna wear this jewelry, like none of that as an accident. It's this whole like she's, creative but she's on the go she's professional but she's edgy like each of those pieces, the little bracelet and the tattoo and the ring and the nail like they all mean something. Did that make you want a galaxy? No, but it just like it look. I mean look thirsty. It was like oh you're trying to ve about this woman, and I see you I see her. I see you like this breakdown yeah. watching those adds. A nickel is like intensely focus on how these secondary earmarking into women. Like I know it's, my dad's gray, because at the verge were more like tunnel. This android skin over this looks just really of noxious and we get really and truly always head. We haven't type Askin I've noise emphasis to you. They, like the t mobile. What t mobile sends me erect editor as an email, verse,
what they would send like you guys about the same programmes like the same events, even the way that they like speak to us. It's just, I think I mentioned before, but it's just like it's insane and ignores like mine, nonlinear from where the same outfit everyday. Can I go now. I may work no. I just mean, like oh no fervent, for her anything like to get emails like this is a deep conversation with the other well. Well, nickel is digging through her email. Why are you tell me about the peace efforts at which I am really interested in, which is the I've had pro? Is here there's so much cop conversation about her fast it is in the screen is paying it's got a keyboard and an app developers early, some out of altruism, like you know,
no, like yeah, there's no money here for us. It's as interesting juxtaposition of apple saying this is a really high power device that can support professional grade software and a bunch of creativity, apps and you've. Seen that I don't, like the you, know, the marketing the present initial presentation of it, but over the past week I've spoken to several app developers who make creative applications heavy creative applications, mostly for desktops who say they're just either not making for ipad pro or they're just they're weighing the economic incentives right now.
Because everything structured by the app store? So it's this computer like device that is really powerful device and we're seeing that more and more of us, convergence of pcs and and tablets at, but for like the way the app store is structured in the policies of the app store, they're they're saying I would normally charge ninety nine dollars or three hundred dollars whatever it might be for this piece of software on the web, and I can't do that in the app store because people won't buy it. That way in the app store and people can't do free trials of my software, and I can't issue paid upgrades when I have a significant other it to the app right, and so you know everyone everyone at this point, the story of like the way the app store is structured is very well told it's a lot of free to play. Its you've got like these whales right there or. What are you when you're Emily just put up on our site? Oh, is that what is it Jimmy thinks? Finding music is too difficult for women.
I that's actually a thing that he said. Yeah anyway, keep doing your thing and then what was this all work transition back in the nicholas? It's all the same thing anyway, keep going by the ipad. Oh, oh yeah! So anyway. So it's not this way for every developer. There are a lot of developers who just say: listen. The power of the ios ecosystem is so great, and I have some. I have access to hundreds of millions if consumers, if I make my aparicio S, it's like it's not even a question for most of them, but there are some we're just like I, their software is not sustainable. Right, the more and more. We reiterate our zappos outwards mobiles because the more more they update their software, the more people they hire the more they like do all this, make a better like it's. The economics don't work out. If you are selling your app for ninety nine cents or free ends to to sell, really powers. I never saw a piece of software. You can't be like hey get a new paint rush for three dollars, yeah,
yeah. Some companies tried to enact tools in purchasing yesterday, modeling the figure it out. If you gave up again and every free and honest they are making hardware and they also by the way my papers, we love fifty three but the you know they have at least forty five million dollars and venture capital funding, some from some pretty fancy bc firms and like not every india developer, that makes cool software and each software can go out and do that you're making hardware can raise money for venture capital is like that. I want to do so, question becomes like eyes as apple is saying like. Why do you need a pc? Here's this amazingly powerful tablet like? Why isn't final cup pro Well, on the ipad pro like you're telling me to use, I movie my friends: nine year old daughter uses, I movie, I want to use final cut pro and it's a pro tablet and and so like, if some of apple's unprofessional software isn't being optimized, at least at this point for this platform, then how can you expect these new developers need to make a buck at the end? To just give it away for free, I mean like it would not even dent they wouldn't even like ding off their bottom line right.
You just give it away and that I've been thinking about the slot actually had this long conversation with walt on his show, both yes yesterday, when he taped it and last week about computers and complexity and like what a computer is and jake cash. Rachis did a great video today, whereas comparing the surface pro four and the ipad pro, and he is like the surface pro four as a laptop that wants to be a tablet and the ipad is a tablet that wants to be a lapse. and they're, just both in the middle of in their shades of grey of each other right. But what strikes me that the ipad in this this conversation we just had about like I got additional work is when computer is like apple, is like gone too far. Making things simple right, like they're, like we're, removing complexity, and it's like at some point. Complexity is an evil like complexity is what enables you to do things right and it's what creates the value? It's? What people saying people in certain professional fields saying I would pay x amount of dollars, hundreds of dollars for the software,
Is it lets me? Do my job run a complex way, which can be a good thing and, and then you know some of the story gets into this too, which is if you're, a facebook or you're an adobe or you're. A microsoft like you can totally do free, because your your business models are different, like in this case of adobe right they have. They offer a variety. These free, lightweight, apps on ipad pro like comp and sketch and mix and fix, and all this other stuff, because at the end of the day, you're going to go pay for your adobe creative cloud service and you're gonna buy photoshop and lightroom right. I paid ten dollars a month for those services, and so that's the way they are yeah. But if you're a small time developer, that economic models not necessarily going to work for you because one people know. Oh, this is a derby thing. Oh yeah, I could sign up for w thing, but if you're a small time developer, like am, I gonna, go sign up for like Joe's app shop subscription. No,
I guess I could sign up or do apple wanted if he wanted to like use apple's subscription. But now Joe has to give a thirty percent cut apple, so he's got to increase it a little bit yes and and like not, every piece of software like can move to a subscription model, and it's like in app purchasing for, like you know, trials or like pro apps is a bad model because, like you're going to want to upgrade at some point, they're going to want it like charged for that upgrade at some point and like piling on like year after year of like in app purchases for upgrades, is insane and subscriptions. I think like it works for some people, but I don't think would work for everybody. So it's it's not just that. They haven't added enough complexity into ios to support the stuff that we want to do, although I do wish that they would open up and do that a little bit
It's that they've they've refused to allow complexity in the actual business model of how they're the people in their ecosystem are supposed to make money. Like that's the real problem, I mean I heard one developer say we we charge ninety nine dollars for our app on the mac app store, but we can't issue a free trial of that software to people through ios, and so we would never dare ask someone to pay. Ninety nine dollars sight unseen on this app and then what if they tried and they don't like it and then what do they do? They go to the app store. They live a one star review when they're angry it's because they haven't been able to trial it. So you know apple's answer to this has traditionally been wilder and app purchases right, which is sort of getting back to this whole idea, but that just doesn't work for everybody, so I think
and it it. The story is really more about like the ipad pro it's it's not like pointing fingers at the ipad pro and being like bad. This is bad. It's more that this new sort of hybrid, like device with the power of a computer but with a tablet, form factor and a mobile operating system, is bringing to light these. These issues with appstore the way the app stores operating, and I think, like, as these devices converge more we're going to have to Apple's going to you know all the appstore is going to have to
Look at how they're how they're structured or they're going to shuffle people, sideload apps and the thing like yeah, totally valid choice like just let adobe salt make photoshop and salad on the side right and I and that to me, that's what I mean by complexity like that will add complexity in the like: maybe it'll, open up to viruses or whatever apple's afraid of, but it works great on the mac or do the mobile version. Gatekeeper then ran yeah, but right now they could yeah, I mean android is doing the us like they are there they're aggressively, checking stuff. Of course, everybody's like andrew, has got a ton of heiresses but they're doing monthly security updates, they're checking all the apps. If you sign up for Google play services to check for stuff and You can get a virus scanners unanswerable. I don't think you should do you think of the surface, wrap it wouldn't. Let me log in reenact, annexed to the surface, for
realize lies password on that. Is I love racked twenty fifteen it is. In this area that in actually do have the password somewhere. You ask this question last week on the verge gas, where you said right now: I've had roerer surface before and the answer is, you know, regardless of foreign factor, the fact that, was sitting like seven feet from the surface. Prefer announced farther away from actually creeping farther away. If you like, I don't know what to do this, the very fact that it can run professional great software is. Is it cannot change conversant on people? It's a development in answering my question is what is a computer, but that things are real computer surface pro for, as is currently spectre somewhere around sixteen seventeen hundred dollars that that ipad pro aspect with the pencil. The thing is like a thousand its headway, itchy, ten, forty nine without the pencil here. If we want to get a windows laptop revenue dialogues, you have undertaken to windows them up. The like feels tablet when you want to do that, is any good for
I would say just by this- is I think by nova yo good, whatever nine hundred they changed their naming convention, it's at the thirteen. Ninety nine. I think this one. You can get it two in one windows pc for a thousand dollars right, but would like? Can you get something like? Why are you staring me like that? Nothing! Alright! Can you get a tablet that costs less than like call it eight hundred bucks. I can like feel laptop. That does all the things that you wanted to and like I don't think the answer is yes, not yet, but soon I feel soon between these two here that I have like I I I would be. I would feel more comfortable using this this surface than the ipad the keyboard but, like you said, deter like it. If you're not, I mean if these are like, if there's eight hundred dollars difference between them. Seventy dollars reviewed, but this like feels this is like scares me, this ratio of screen to keep our scares.
I feel like I'm an item. You like it's gonna yeah go away, and this also for thirty, and I buildings Zimbabwe, at I'm, ok with it. But if I were like closed I've had. I have to be like indelicate closed the keyboard. sea, the dragon, Independent airplane airplane regret it are needed had reason to watch this unusual that that here- yeah what dropbox for business people work the way that you want to work all the things you about drop, and presumably you love many things about dropbox, but you also love enterprise grade security and administrative controls, but there you can have your team work together on any file type on any device. Simply and securely is customizable sharing controls, the expiration dates and passwords for shirt links over one hundred thousand businesses already use dropbox for business and your business could be
one of those. So just please africa picture business. I think I've started ending the ads are begging people they use he's got it. nothing is going to baby. Is that begging, arabic in this hour of nonsense, so that you'll only there was a place where my business could share files in a box or dropbox dropbox or business. It's all yours, okay, is letting around ten. I read this email from t mobile, oh yeah, and I remember I read the oh, my god we're going to go over to. I want you to read that and then I want to read this Jimmy Ivan quote, because it's okay phrasing- it is. Rather did you talk about another thing? Just my google search, the amateur dirty google search redeem outweigh the away yeah, we're just we're destiny. Go over today from t mobile news at can't say: dot com
can't say dotcom blow it up right, yeah, sorry, guys, right now, hi Nikola, here's a question for the pinch. The fashionably conscious should be asking. What's my phone wearing everyday, We get up and make accessory choices. What shoes what bag, what coat and then we leave the house with the phone in the same ugly utilitarian case every day that phone that you spend all your time with and carry everywhere that that that forced into a lifelong, bad outfit tragic I got this. I started like my heart started. Racing started sweating. I read it so many times that I don't feel as emotional about it, but I just was like this is so fucking like those bond by not they should have responded to asylum issue is one of the picture phone in no case just be MIKE yo roman new. Both is only utilitarian gave. I love it. Oh my god, I'm not as if the apples as well nigh peace were bad. I'm sorry, it's just crazy person demand
to bring a dog to the office? Okay, so I'm going to read if you're at a you're fired up, yeah, yeah, Jimmy ivy and today on cbs- oh, my god CBS this morning that women find it difficult at times. Some women to find music in this helps make it easy I just thought of a problem you now girls are sitting around you now talking about boys or complaining. I boys, you know when their heart broken or whatever, and they need music for that right. So hard to find the right music. You know not. Everybody has the right lists or knows a dj apple, music do you know a dj? Do you have any heartbreak each is. I know what I'm feeling love. I call my friends. The dj is obviously many of my friends. I know it's not a dj, it's just that. I lots of those in those and we didn't talk about tender either. What is music?
I dont know are hard what lists No, so any public is right to put its fiscal, its sole funding. Every bit should rethink its really really by a young. Girls are sitting complaining boys? That's what you do right. That's all you do is unfair. surely a lot of what we do. I wish it were man, oh boy, so what you know about bunch, a tender dj them Have you ever asked the tender dj for heartbreak song mad to introduce? Actually, I do love making voice. Give me music. They do that a lot then judge you know, and then she felt like an easy, quick addict and I have to write this afternoon but like no. I can't have any words. What should I listen to and then they send you a playlist and then you're like nope swipe left bad taste.
if you want to talk about the tinder, is so the company that owns tinder yes match match up here today made much money but then, like yesterday, sean rad, perfect name great ceo of tinder gave this like disaster interview. Yes, do you wanna talk wait you mean actually just one line while he was like first size like Ivan sub to that matrix, just twenty and then he was like supermodels are always trying to bang me, and then he has one. Geller one and was very, very ass. She history and her It's like in my world of the internet. Yesterday like this was the link I couldn't stop seeing or like this was the reblog I couldn't stop seeing everywhere. I went with the same like couple of things, so I'm a very exhausted from it. Oh, I see
do. I have to call her DJ boyfriend ticketing know I'm quitting tinder, but the more but the more. I say it's really happening. The words could happen and after this is like now again, moral reasons that really just I'm so tired. Anyway, what was his line? He was like I need to find somebody that I intellectually connect with. What's it called cinema I had a hemisphere of personal spearhead, local fire. Now in my google search history, Sodomy, rad, rat Sodomy thanks, I gotta say I mean just tinder just I feel like the only reason we talk about dinner at the shows, because you have this. Like a love hate. I know
when we are about and what I told my friend this morning that I was like leaving tender. She sent me a screen cap because now tinder shows where you work on it and it should end. She sent me a string of someone, who's employed at hinge on tender and just wrote like LOL. Not- Can we in looks like tat works at the other day he still all year and is still playing a guy like that, the one? So if there is a sexual harassment, yeah, I saw a tender and then yes and then she and found another dating imbalance called bhamo idea. It's called bumble is just such a sad glassware. That's so unwilling, even after message, men first and you only get twenty four hours later on. We will receive only the men and women someone's if I was a double vibrator. Another magazine- I don't know if I were the dating scene, I would definitely be the butler I'm just saying you're. You suppose it is you're supposed to message them in yours was to say hi had with music.
there you are you a dj. I was sitting around my friend supplanting my boy. I would be grateful if you could make me a list of sites. Yeah Jimmy was such a jimmy fan and that such a fail. You don't think this is a good taken out of court, Acts like conveniently tyrannically embody the video I mean we can play the video just I've already rattled. Isn't that how it works? conrad, also said that his mom is actually pretty sweet. She texts him like seventeen times day and she calls a lot and can talk to mom a lot like. Are you talking to a report? be quiet, shot an. I would just have that in a macro ads on the lightning round. boy, cats and pickles cucumbers,
I have no more everybody hate them, some cucumbers, not fans of cucumbers. What's that, nobody knows why They cannot state what just feel like two meters per cucumbers. Zucchini is okay, user companies are fine, but not cucumbers Anybody know what the hell's going on David countenanced new. the data I would also hope that the whole thing- ok, I was the wider europe super strange Stop. Looking at me. That way, I know, what's happened, T mobile has sued yet another company for using the color magenta. They claim that they have. They have a trademark on the color. Magenta and people are getting confused. Time is a german smartwatch company called oxy? Do you think collar should be trademarked?
and they actually are, because I mean you only think of t mobile and you think of agenda or do like I'm, okay with a with a brand name like this. Is our pantone like we have this yeah yeah. I really put this in to tell a story that when we ran and gadget and gadget mobiles, color was magenta and t mobile suit. Us really really ridiculous. How did that end up? We put up a post saying timo will just shoot us for trying to use magenta and people freaked out to t mobile, backed all the way down our wouldn't you just say that color is a secondary property, not a primary property and therefore doesn't exist in reality. Thing or Adele's. New album is out. If you listen to it now. You know it's not spotify, though MIKE I can. I didn't write yet I could not find music on tender to find some teach girls labour day, hello from the other side. Eater. hello. I don't get it
It's ok, this huge phenomenon- I just don't get it. I listened intently justin bieber has that allow I have a steel drums, a sad boy, island, bieber, the new beaver and he's just begging for forgiveness, from whom from salina know from all of us cause he's been he's on he's on his la boof tour, always tell durham sad boy: sire. a boy tat is my bans like island. My did it that it had ever been used is like comes in with his emotions and forgiveness. Dieter of either crumble, which turns any monitor or television and into a harmonious computer for eighty five dollars. Isn't it I watched the snapped. Should I buy it, we buy it by it. If you want a spare random ass computer, your juncture bite, if you know you never get to more than five tabs on it,.
Ally. Auto show this week you got a bunch of people there, Tamar Warren got a huge scoop, never found a company. It's a secret company is going for tesla, but talisker this morning put ahead on a site cars. A new gadget. Is that correct? Lord good? Yes, Land rover evoke convertible suv, land rover evoke yeah, convertible, a convertible yeah, yeah, close, hang out her wait. Do I love this, or is this like the war The pressure is a guy, their driving I believe these in the snow, always wearing sunglasses, unlike shorts, leaves the top down just like blasting in his ears, that's a whole life, I'm assuming that wearing shoes, lightning round driving partnership on bad superbowl. Awful superfine. Now, no, no, because, if roger to walk in the concrete, that's got oil slick on it and that's great
all the later I'd be so focused on the texture on my toes and then I would be distracted from driving, but what feet in the garage worst thing ever right. That's disgusting, yeah! emerges order there. Their credit happy happy margie. I'm doing a thing in my hands. I ve got a word. Is an emerging diet? Prescriptive us? It's fine mean I hate. It does happen emotions has to be the work of the year. I'm confused busy ushering selection, examples of a year is like the happy, the drying, it's like laughing cry and laughing crying emerging. What does it say But this year also says that the words started as pictographs and now we're going back in its fine, don't worry about it. I actually have you and with you, have you clicked on the vote convertible picture, yet nowhere is ignorant I'll, send it to you. We only have like two more things in life around okay, I'm just saying fallout four theater haven't played afraid to cause. I want to keep my job and my life, and my girlfriend I don't understand, is that like fall out boy
yes, he just giggling at the car know that fall out boy. There's no other response to fall out. Boy actually have deep feelings about followed by, but that's another thing: alright, alright one more one more we're not doing the show next week. That's right! So we gotta do we gotta do today theater or what are you thankful for getting don't start with me? Why not cuz? I started with ok lauren. What are you thankful for I do have to be serious. No, oh, have you been on the show? You can be thankful for tinder djs. If you will? Oh man, you be serious, get let the audience can act with you, ok! Well So personally, I am very thankful, be working with you guys guys. As you know, just a few months ago I was over we code and now emerging in its. You know because bought us and it's been gone,
really well so far. It started on a real high and it ended with like a dry statement of facts. Exchange of values must work here. Yes, and I was traded like a baseball player, know that various things so excited to be working with you guys. This is really it's been really cool, so I'm very grateful for that and for that opportunity and the experience so far it's gonna get better and I am also grateful that we just work we're very lucky people we're very lucky boy, you're laughing right now and get DR area we get out of here. You great old habits and cucumbers. Wanting will you listen to me, one what, when I called anita earlier- and he refused to answer some kind of nickel- and I am grateful that my cat allergies are going away with age what's your name? although, as I get older, I'm less allergic to cats, it's great
where's, your response ripping scary knows: I mean that signal the serious not yet. My were really lovely life. I have a lot of very good and support of people in my world, and I I love doing this verge thing. It's a totally new, weird world to be in great yeah, just the basics, family, friends, employment and living alone and other dark out. If it really I know my god. The players mentioned that things were going to check for my home decor on instagram. The players mentioned. You can look it up. You have to go next, I'm actually a nice one. Thanks for all of you available to show I like our company and our thing, and I'm thankful for tinder djs cause now I want to meet some, I can send you a bunch of ghosts. This is amazing,
we'll, have a nickel on the show, I'm I'm! I'm writing here runs in thankful for my family, I'm I'm thankful for people that, on the internet find ways to be kind and humane instead of a jerk and mean cause it's it's not easy and it's super easy to not be, and so for people who actually try and even in one hundred and forty characters or a comment, you know express some charity and find ways to be decent and understanding. It's really nice. We have to get more yeah and we have a good audience. I'm thankful the bridge has audience in particular. Is very nice thanks, guys yeah. They showed up nickel in a yeah, oh yeah lay yeah rate and really like you, all because I really do you hang on no more I get through. I can be second, this answer braintree because excellent having his fingers over there. He lay waste
look look Andrew what we don't have shown show in it it's over. Let's talk! bad falstaff payments, payment solutions- our own dream, I gotta say software there is like, and, thirdly, to very tiny dolly. It is because there are certain know what you have said all agree by the way, if you listen to this, please do not explain to softwares. Twitter account just keep what he has done. sign up for their cloud service itself.
that sure gives you a full stack payment solution. Branch area has support for all payment types that your customers might want. You can start accepting. Android pay apple, pay, paypal, bitcoin, venmo cards whatever's. Next, with a single integration across all platforms with superior fraud, protection, customer service and fast payouts were going to be put on the verge to pay the verge with whatever you want check it out for yourself hit branch, repayments, dot, com, slash, verge, cast and just start start. Is that money directly into your life? Can I say something real quick? Yes, you've got to engage yeah. I will engage before I gage. I want to say I think, to broadcast ago I encouraged people, so this has been two weeks ago so now we're on the third week of it maybe three weeks ago, but I encouraged people to troll the live by saying that sakharov and ever since then they just from they ve, been sucking their says at least keep doing it. If charity, I put up that, like joke posts about the packers, sucking in aaron rodgers like throwing a surface on the ground, yeah yeah, I'm getting hate mail from my fellow wisconsinites really were like you. Don't
It support your team, but it's not about air and its, but throwing the surface area. It also violates officially called the tears of joy emerging sorted here's tears of joy, I ever the fugitives man amazing. I said I live at the patriot fan, but fortunately, while I now, if you you should be to tinder teachers. If you want to follow and boys, you can make sense for adverts, snatcher on twitter on snapchat were the real word you should go. itunes and give us a review there on itunes. We prefer the five cars and why are there? You should leave her view and you should tell us what you think before that, as he really kind and nice you set of its rights and snaps. I have mentioned a couple of treatments. Naps, I'm also going to say we ve got other shows we ve gotta. What's tech, we ve got control obsolete and others virgin
p. These are all very good shows you can find all them at itunes. Our com slash the verge. If you'd like to follow us on twitter, I am backlog. Lauren good is learned. Good with any nickel is nickel from low, with an underscore between the first and last name right neil. I is reckless. Am reckless can't find it? I dunno I was trying to weigh in canada. It was like a two. I have always kind of swings. It was kind of a you restless we're taking next week off for thanksgiving going to miss you and we are thankful for you guys. So we did us. Yes, we have. We actually have a surprising amount of hilarious thanksgiving posts. Glamping aside, I'm excited for that to be fun. Alright, let's go vikings, goodbye Rock'N'Roll,
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