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228: Good Question

2021-11-30 | 🔗
Chuck crashes Thanksgiving at Mike’s house, fails to book a proper guest, and relies instead on listeners to pose interesting questions for Mike to answer. The listeners come through, as always.
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Hello friends, this is the way I heard it episode number two hundred and twenty eight. This once called good question good question and my guest today is wait for it. Nobody actually less affair. Fair. My guest chuck, Klaus Meyer, the producer of this so called podcast, who agreed one year ago this week to help me,
expand the format of our little show into whatever it is now, if you're, not hanging onto every word, and every post on my facebook page probably missed my invitation before Thanksgiving to submit your pod cast related questions so that the aforementioned chuck can ask them to me- and I can answer them for you- that's what's about to happen on this the week after Thanksgiving on our little podcast. Is it lazy, possibly is it indulgent? Perhaps is it entertaining you bet? It's entertaining visa, your questions, after all, followed by my answers and together. They are at the sewed two hundred twenty eight of the way I heard it man. I can't believe it's been a year chalk. It's been a year.
Since you were sitting in that very spot in my kitchen, over the thanks, giving break where we took it upon ourselves to blow the pot cast up. We didn't blow it up, we just changing. That's all we blew it We blew up and we did something I swore I would never do. I funding and to leave broke the promise what the ad I would call the single minded proposition. One is the way I heard it right five years ago. It was the number one short form podcast in the world of podcast land area. It was. a collection of stories for the curious mind with a short attention span- and now here we are- the average episode is ninety minutes. And we're just talking. Sometimes three- and I thought you know what I'm never going to do that because I just don't want to be one of those guys.
You just sit here and answers, questions in interviews, people and somehow justifies that as both meaningful an important. I was wrong wrong wrong. There is a way to make this ridiculous format both meaningful and important, and monetizable God bless you. Well, let me ask you this one of the things a lot of people wrote in questions and ask some of the things that were repeated were: are they're gonna, be news stories? Are you gonna write in the style that you wrote before? Will we hear any new five minute mysteries now? Is it repeated or repeated, and I dont ask this as a patent, but you have been correcting me for the last three days of we. Every topic Chuck is visiting as he does most every giving and reestablishing his identity as an unapologetic pedant.
And now here you are hit me with repeat as opposed to repeat what has made a difference between tv in tv tv, like T Hibernia Euro people in like the MID west from Chicago in a lot of people from Chicago College TV. I saw you on the tv. I saw you on the tv. That's right, were I saw you ve. that's the way. I soon that's a way we set a growing up tv, believe me. They were tv. People in the Midwest say Tito assault on the tv repeated or repeated never mind NATO. To my answer is, I will never say never. Some days Miss writing those stories. I just heard something the other day that made me want to go all. I need to write that remember. We were listening to the same podcast as we were walking along. Yes
and it was a story about a con man whose name was John S window and like that's, where we got, the word, I'm not seeing that's where we got the word swindle, but when your name is the thing that you do there's a very specific term for that and I forgotten what it is, but I wanted to do a story about a con man whose name was John S swindle because his name's John Swindle. Really, we jam it altogether, and I thought I should sit down and right of fun. Eight minutes story about that guy. But I didn't same reason. I haven't written any news stories and several months now we're busy there's a lot of sense, what's going on and happily this new format for podcast has allowed us to stay in this world which really chuck you know. This is one of the few worlds that's growing publishing is shrinking. Tv is contravened
radios back is against the wall, and so I just thought five years. Do we need to be in the space? I don't know exactly how or why or what I'm going to do, but I just felt like we needed to be here and so This is where we are five years in you sitting up in my kitchen too. Well me down here in the basement, because for some years We can't be across from each other, because the audio issues continue to vex me, and that is unfortunate, but we ve got a terrific audience and this is fine. to do with you, and I am grateful for the chance to do it and happy to answer whatever questions you have called together from the Facebook post. That's now been up roughly forty eight hours and I soon we have more than a few quick rate. It too There are probably more than will be able to get too, but let's try and place through some. Let's start with Teresa Sherman, who says, I love the longer version. Thank you Teresa. What is the concept used to decide on changing formats
Yeah, so it wasn't a concept, it was a real, simple choice. We either stop the podcast or we evolve and I didn't want to evolve, I just thought: look I wrote a hundred and eighty short stories. I'm proud of. Most of them are proud of all of them, but I am delighted with a lot of them and I didn't want start doing crappy ones, so I just thought: look we ve been doing it for years. That's enough! Let's just stop but and like I said, the space was expanding and I didn't want to not be in this space, but I didn't have the time to write short stories. It's the old Mark TWAIN quote right. I'm sorry! This letter is so long. If I had more time it would have been shorter. The thing is Teresa about writing. Is that the shorter it is the more time it takes the more difficult it is. This longer format, this guest spontaneous
back and forth. This is something I enjoy doing. I just didn't think I wanted to be a part of it because, frankly, I thought it was kind of lazy. It's not. It still takes a ton of effort. It's gratifying it way, and so the logic behind the choice was really very practical. It was either do this are wrapped the whole thing up and I didn't want to rapid, evolve or die pivot or irish obliteration, almost always a noise Charles as we discussed but pivot or parishes exactly, but the lock downswing it would zoom tv. Was I cursed it? I cursed this. I hate being stuck in this box. You're talking to me, but it's so much better than dying we're not doing anything. That was the concept Teresa. We played the cards we got great. This question is a good one to follow that up with from Jenna Clark, she says how many hours a week to you put into creating each podcast, and so I think the way to properly answer this is
then verses, thou kind of yeah. You know well Mary, how many hours would you say before and how many hours now. It's hard to know when the process of writing a story begins, write me. Does it start when you sit down and open your computer and start hitting the keys, or does it start? When you hear a story, of a story. You know you dislike. We were saying some: he tells me a random about a guy named John S window and Thirdly, I want to write a story about swindle, so I need to think about that for a while, times for a couple hours, sometimes for weeks, sometimes four months, sometimes a notion it's in your brain, like a wicked Morpheus, say in the matrix, like a splinter in your mind, and it just fast yours and that a story comes out months later, and so did that take months to write other times
I've literally written a story in an hour, that's wild up on the podcast the next day, and partly because I had a deadline, and I had to and partly sometimes had just come easy this formats very different. You have more responsibility now have to find a gas. Yes, you have to handle the technology. There's uploading, there's downloading, there's audio their sponsors, there's this company were a business now called audio boom who's been terrific and now their handling. Some of that there's expectations. There's downloads, there's ratings, there's rankings this epoch for instance, started as a guph the other day when you said: hey, look where one forty, seven, we're going to celebrate we're number one. Forty seven never mind when place her show where one
forty seven, which sounds terrible until you look at the universe which has grown to two point: four million podcast, so we are actually in the top top top tier. We have a seat at the podcast table. We have a great reliably agency regiment. While untrue. a compliment. You jack s because you kept this thing or on the rails. I would walked away or go right because we were with multiple tv shows going. There were all sorts of women s he, but you said. Look man! It's really really hard to find an audience as if you would know, but I know you are right it hard. find an audience and it's hard to keep an audience and the fact that I have one means I want to stay in podcast land area and if that means that the format continues to evolve. Fine, but the answer to the question: is it
Would we takes about as much time now as it did before? It's just the duties are spread out among more people. It takes less time for me more time for you, yes, more time for our office to coordinate all the other. Staircase got yes, but in actual hours it's over thirty in a week for sure, while I told you that time when I was in North Carolina- and we did the
so it was the one with Michael Orkan yeah, and that was to seventeen our days because we had subject to Galicia and the editing took a very very long time, but that's what it is now now we have an editor whose helping us, which has great mouse, is great Ross put in a lot hours, but it still a thing. Nothing worth doing ever is easy, and the long history of the world short cuts leads a long delays. You can be efficient, you can be effective. You can always find a better way to do it, but if it's worth doing it's not going to be easy. Next question Cassandra Herbert Dixon. If you were able to have any deceased celebrity history maker inventor artist itself
for on the podcast as a guest. Who would it be and why a boy, that's a good one, anybody in the world or anybody that we featured on the podcast were written about. She sang anybody, anybody yet. the small celebrity history maker inventor, anybody I got it well, I'm feeling it's a toss up for me, but Abraham Lincoln is near the top of the list. Decide you too. Yes, yes, exactly money, yeah, with a Lincoln Fisher or Edison Thomas Edison. I'd love to talk to that swindler, yeah, actually for Thomas Edison has made. Of our lives demonstrably better with as many inventions, but that guy he was so of a gun man, and when I say something I know what I mean look it may be an algae rated. He was a bastard, he was litigious. He was a copy right, whore
He borrowed heavily from guys like Hiram Maxim, who was every bit the inventor from Tesla. It be interesting to talk to a guy who was so inventive and at the same time so litigious- and I say this as a compliment- I do it. higher the empire that he built, because how many inventors, if we featured on the podcast, who failed, who gave us something great but who were unknown the Real Mccoy Literally chillingly, forty guy yet diabetes, forty or so many inventors who failed to get the patent right, the guy who invented the screw right phillips- the Philips through well, it wasn't Philip see I was the guy who invented the Philips. That's right. Thompson, Philips was the guy who bought it for a song, the guy who sold it the guy who market at it right. So the point is
it's easy to fall in love with an inventor and we featured a lot of them on the show, but their inventions without pr without marketing, without investment there, just prototypes that never go anywhere. Edison was real good at watching his own backs. I'd love to talk to him and, of course, Lincoln, has been the subject of three or four stories that I've written. And I didn't even realize it until the fourth one I didn't realize it till a story called broad swords in a pit that I was kind of obsessed with the sky and part of the reason, is current events. Part of the reason is our country so divided, and I so wish we had somebody with his or her hands on the levers who had the character of Abraham, Lincoln and the vision of Abraham, Lincoln and the courage and the strength and the common sense. He was just
remarkable guy flawed, obviously a man of his time as we all are, but also so far ahead of its time. God. The questions I would have for him would be endless It also chuck. I would love to have him on just to hear his voice, because wacky notary was kind of appear. Reedy high, pitched thin squeaky. When I think of the Gettysburg address, I hear Edward Everts voice. I hear James Earl Jones Voice Hell here my voice right. I wanna hear force Four and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth to this land and, above all, that this continent, a new nation. But now he was
somebody said the other day. Listening to Lincoln talk back them was not so different, then listening to some one today who had inhaled a mouthful of helium like one of the chip, monks, high reedy, impossibly unpersuaded, and yet even with a voice like that, his words live on so yeah, that's my answer, Lincoln and if he was, if he's unavailable, Edison aright ominous stick with link it all the way: number one: Melissa, Fletcher HAM, no fletcherwood, all right now: F, L e t c h, a l, l, flexible parent. Let's just got ya. Melissa says what are your favorite podcast or types of podcast great question. I make a point to loosen the Joe Rogan part.
Because somebody other people do partly because I can't believe you get away with it. I can't believe four times a week he sits down and talk to people for three three and a half hours. What he's done it say what you want about the guy he said and done plenty. Things too, then plenty different types of people, but I admire him immensely for Ten years ago just deciding he was going to talk to the people who wanted to talk to the way he wanted to talk to them. He was ahead of that curve and a huge way, and today the breadth of things he does on his podcast yeah can be silly he's an eight year old from time to time. He said and done a lot of things that I know a lot of people look at askance, but he's also had on some of them Important leaders and the country is on the cutting edge of conversations around the virus around the lock down around the headlines
of our time is leaders of countries waiting to be on his podcast. I think that's laudable, and for that reason I check his out once sometimes twice a week. My favorite right now is not really a podcast, it's more of a it's a Youtube channel with Rick, be Otto Rick Biotic just right. Maybe we should have him on here, because Rick, I would love to hear if you're not listening to this guy, he's the ultimate music in eider. He can play virtually any instrument. Has an enormous brain. He understands musical theory as well as anybody I've ever seen. His appreciation for Bach is no less interesting and compelling as his appreciation for lead, Zepplin or Jimi Hendrix. It doesn't matter,
and his podcast or the the series I most enjoy is called what makes this song great. You takes about a half hour on each episode and he unpacks a song that you've heard could be from Boston. I just listen to one from Chicago. He takes twenty five or six hundred and twenty four apart plays Univocal the guitar. Please you, the drums just explains why you love the song. He's credible, he's, smart and all of them, we're about the same age. So it's the music. I grew up with its just I'm a music fan, and I love to hear people who really really really truly understand what they are talking about.
stay in their lane and just make me feel smarter about something I was already interested in. I don't think anybody storing it better than that hard core history is great with Dan Carlin. If you're a history fan like Rogan he'll, take a deep dive three hour, podcast he's not a historian he's just a huge fan of history. He's great love to have him onto Chuck take a note with you, yeah he's on the list. This is not it a terribly exciting podcast, but they're, two guys who I really enjoy. Reading over on the National Review, Kevin Williamson and a guy named Charles Cook, they write great columns, forgot the politics of it there, sometimes on
is it ends of a topic, but they just have a real real casual hang once a week or so called mad dogs and Englishmen. Charles is an english guy over here and Kevin cabin waves. Has a great story has a column called the Tuesday he was fired from the Atlantic a few years ago got on the wrong side of the whole council culture thing he does great work too. It's a mixed bag for me, but those are the four listen to over the brake. Speaking of good genes. Here's another. When the chuck ask me just a few minutes before the podcast began, like he said, is it true that fifty two percent of men between the ages of WEEE and seventy will experience some form of erected dysfunction? Why do you ask I said because I'm fifty eight set Chuck yes shock? Sadly, the answer is yes. Fifty two,
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goes. Your labels on the packages that arrive at your house, you just gotta, get roman dotcom, slash row and complete the online visit. It's fast, it's easy and it's a great way to take care of your edi without leaving your home go to get roman dot com. Slash RO! Today, if your prescribed get fifteen dollars off your first month of eighty treatment, that's get roman dotcom, slash road, don't settle for being ready, be Roman ready, get Roman, dotcom, Slash, Rome! I have a question from Rick Henderson. He says high MIKE and shock. I really for delisting. Your pack has every day to day on my way home from work. I live in the suburbs of Houston and wonder if either of you ever consider fleeing your current states and
coming to live in one of the last freedom, loving states such as taxes. I love the word flee flee to flee, not leave that vacate Andrea lives, everyone. Well, I mean these snatching grab things are a little freaky. Are they not I'm not about to make a case for staying in California, I'm exhausted by this place I was exhausted, but I was living in San Cisco and now I've overrun Moran and I can see San Francisco and it never look better from eight miles across the way. I'm angry really at the footage, I'm angry at the way the city has just given up they let mobs of people run into stores. They have closed over a dozen walgreens they're scared to park their cars.
It's bad. Is it bad enough to move yeah it's better to move out of the city is a bad enough to move out of the state like at this point. There is a pretty good case for Texas there's a pretty good case for Florida. I won't pretend wise. I will say this about. California: people tend to talk about it in terms of northern and southern, as though there are two separate worlds and to some degree They are, but the real divide is not horizontal. Its vertical. The real to California's are eastern, California and western culture. and living in western California is beautiful, living in Her gala forty is also beautiful, but is very, very different. On Fourchan,
We were under the same government and the problems in this state from a fiscal standpoint, in my view, affect every California look when Rogan moved when Tesla moved so many other companies, so many people I stand it personally, I'm on the road so much that coming back to a place where the weather is typically good, where it can have a chance to recharge, is important This place, where I am right now gives me that so not anxious to leave it. But man is there a point where I would flee yeah, it's the same point where I would have quit this podcast had it not evolved, I dont know exactly where it is, but it does feel like its common like if I really looked down the line and the future, it's hard to imagine it things. Don't change staying in this climate because it's bad in San Francisco and you know what it's bad enough:
fish Jack. It's not literally in our office. Those people are delightful, but Santa Monica. Tough. Last time down there, you don't remember: we took at burning couch, oh my gosh gas. I was walking to the office from wherever I was doing a voice. Or something out I was walked from my hotel over the office like second and Santa Monica over the Wilshire and fifth, it's less than three blocks. I saw three things in the course of three blocks about three months ago and you can go to my facebook page and see the first thing I saw, which was a couch in flames in an alley with a bureau chest of drawers. On top of, a full on flame with the sirens in the distance and a couple of people gathered around and the burning
how is leaning up against an electric pole. I mean this whole thing is the seconds away from all of Santa Monica would have been plunged into darkness right, because that transformers going to explode and so forth and so on here. So I just posted a quick picture of me standing next to this random. fire in a street in Santa Monica set for no, you did a video. Did a video, like you, weren't, a correspondent because you did the video with back to you back to your report live from Santa Monica where everything's gonna hell back to you. Yes, Then a guy weirder. I walked around the corner and our two blocks from the office and I'm playing a horrific game of hopscotch, but instead of squares painted on a playground, they're just piles of crap human excrement, piles of crap, some of which had
needles in them which makes it super. You know this is all over them. It's really difficult to pass a needle. Let me just say I don't know this. experience but how legal got for that purpose. It's worse up here. It's so bad up that. Somebody like a couple years ago put out something called the crap app and it would tell you in real time where the freshest piles of human feces were in downtown San Francisco, so your doubts and with them, presumably Ellison Jones. You might want to avoid that for a few hours folks, I would get pit pretty hard like three little steaming piles of excrement on your phone, I'm not making it up in Google, it same things happening in a lot of places, and so, as I was
past the flaming couch and I jump over random piles of human excrement, some with hypodermic needles in them. I then pick up the blood trail and I swear to God to drops of blood going down a sidewalk for about a block and a half, and I follow them getting bigger and closer together and thinking out God. What am I gonna find around the corner and around the corner and there's nothing there, just a smear, a smear of blood, no idea what it was who it was what happened so I have. answers? I dont know whose pooping I donno, whose shooting up I don't know who starting fires and I dont know whose bleeding out, but I know, what's happening a couple blocks from where we work and that's not tenable. Let me just say that, as your friend, you tend to audition these things on me
I got that text of the video of you with the flaming couch. I also got several tax with pictures of people, not just poop in the street, but people pooping in this you're the one I can't forget was the woman she had lingered coat over her head. She went to keep her dignity or something, but she squatting in the street. Yes, I want to keep dignity to just so we're absolutely clear folks. I would never postwar share pictures of people cropping industry, but I would take the pictures, because I dont get Eve and send them to me, and I would say, It is here that I can't unseen these things. I dont want to be the only one to have seen it a and b a laugh. You cry right. I don't think we should stick our head in the sand about this kind of thing, hundreds of thousands of people in many hundreds of cities are currently trapping in the streets. It's happening,
and it's happening and ways. It did not happen two years ago, it's happening now. We ought not ignore it. I don't think we should start shaming people for doing it, but can't ignore it the day you're talking about, I was staying at the Huntley and I was late and I was leaving the lobby and a couple of cops were there This is a sad story about tell you, because it's true and one of the copse rate was weepings, is very upset and I could see that they both recognized me from the show. Yes, cops, watch, dirty jobs, lots of cops. I stopped- and I said, hey man. This does not look like you're in the midst of a good day, and he said now it's a terrible thing. We picked up a kid whose mother had hit him in the face. Hard knocked at couplet teeth out is a young child six, seven year old child with a really bad mother. We,
just saw the mother released, not twenty four hours after we picked her up, and I said she's gonna kill this kid and if she does it'll be a miracle and there's nothing. We can do about it because the district attorney down there had made some very specific rules, and these cops were following these rules and it was right in the wake of that conversation that I stepped out the front of this hotel just in time to see why- now we're a block from the prominent were two blocks from the ocean. We're talking about zip code that is among the most beautiful on the planet. The up in a twinkling, this woman pulled her skirt over her head squatted in the gutter and devastated by five feet from me.
Here we are today, our brains have to figure out a way to make sense of that. It's repulsive its tragic you wanna help, but your kind of angry, your report, your gob, smack you're, worried you dont, know you're, just not quite sure what to do. At least I'm not I'm really not good sure what to do. So. If you're me, what you do is you take a quick photo? You send it to chuck. Thank you very much for that That's a long way of saying I'm sure that happens in Dallas, probably happening in parts of Houston, probably happening in parts of Austin is happening as much now I don't think so. Well, while on the subject of crap, this just transitions nicely to marry, Weaver Milton's question, which is whatever happened to selling your crap collectibles rare and precious,
you should find something from your video slash song with John Rich that you both sign an auction off. I just want to say Mary. This is a great idea. It is a great idea and John actually beat me till it in fact. so there's a song. If you haven't heard it's called Santa Claus, got a dirty job, hadn't, it's a fundraiser both for micro works and for John Charity anyway John wrote the song and it's really a catchy little your worm and all the proceeds are split down the middle for each of our respective charities and while we were recording it, we wrote the lyrics out and basically Or the music, and we made copies of those things so yeah. I will make some of those available for purchase, maybe some time before the holiday. Now I dont think we're going to part with the Santa Claus that was made by Grannie Rich, his grip
they made him. The Santa Claus suit and he worthy overalls and the music video I wore the jacket. That's not mine, auction off and I dont think I will for the rest of you were totally baffled as to where this questions coming from. In the early days of micro works. I raised money for our work ethic scholarships by auctioning off the crap and my garage that I had collected over the years from dirty jobs, crap stood for collectibles, rare and precious and it was an omage to my my years in the home shopping game back in the early nineties, when I was selling crap every night in the middle of the night, you'll be safe. Anyway, we raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with these crap auctions, and will they come back? Maybe we'll be auctioned off something
from the recording of the song. Maybe it's good idea, I'm on it yeah. I like that idea, a lot. You know, there's one other thing: there is a fundraiser that supposed to happen this month or next month. I suppose which is, a little thing called noble, yeah, there's, a big we ve tested before but now here look. I can actually prove it. This is it. This is a bottle of noble, Tennessee Whiskey, and it the less for those of you listening just know that MIKE is holding up a bottle that says noble on the front, thank just like whiskey and for those view watching it's because Chuck had the good sense to turn this into a video but noble what the last name of my granddad, Carlo some, No dirty jobs was a tribute to him. Coral noble was a tradesman, an election and by trade, but you do anything fix anything repair. Anything
He died is named kind of died with Emilia two daughters, denomination. Funds, and so I thought it would be great to get his name a bottle of really terrific whisky. This is five year old. Tennessee whisky very, very limited and quantity, but were We raising some money for micro works. Hopefully, in time for Christmas, we ve had some supply chain issues. It's been vexing bottles come from one place. Labels come from someplace else, corks, which I have signed come from another place. The whisky comes from Colombia, Tennessee Low, just outside of Colombia is Tennessee Whiskey and its great and the net proceeds are gonna. Go to micro works more info on that later this week die
bidding as we speak Chuck. In fact, I think, by the time it says the website will be up noble spirits, dotcom that cannot be else. Spirits, dotcom we gonna have at last night. It was delicious, it still is Wendy Brian wants to know if you all are actually having as much fun as you both seem to be. Having while making these episodes, no not even close, I Wendy and thank you for all of your interactions over the years on Facebook. Of course, it's fun, that's actually the job like the real job description on dirty jobs anyway, was not just to hold your nose and get. through it, but to figure out a way to like it too. Figure out a way to have fun doing whatever it is it's for us too. There are a lot of technical problems. Chuck is a terrible producer, but his in the right place and he'll do anything to try
he's an old dog buddies, picking up a lot of new tricks. We go back now over forty years me in the sky, so it's a treat to be able to work on a creative project with somebody that you have that kind of history. and it's important to stay and on the joke, it's important to have fun with it, no matter how vexing it becomes and we're both pretty good. At that We have to remind each other from time to time, because it is easy to get caught the weeds there's a lot going on, and port shock has been sucked into the Mai Asthma, my world and ways. I doubt he ever imagined these an integral part of the foundation he's producing this part ass. He works in the office in LOS Angeles, with Mary, Ann Jade and Laura, and
he's the odd man out is the court gesture. People look to him for amusement and they expect him to do all sorts of things that he's really attracted to do so. It's been fun to watch him quietly melt down these last few years. I dont know what this says. Does it say J L Green, which personality traits? Did you get from each of your parents? That's a great question in terms of virtues, my dad is a very patient. Man and to the degree that I possess any patients at all. I got it from him on the downside, I'm not all that patient, but whatever patience I do have my dad, we will spend a day putting a washer in a false it if it takes a day to do it when he starts a task you'll, never ever ever
four stop until it's done and if he says he's going to do a thing, there is no circumstance under which that thing will not get done. A promise made as a dead unpaid, and I think that's a virtue- and that's that's what my dad's all about my mom my mom has a sense of humour that is dry and observational and sarcastic I think I have a similar sense of humour. It's not as pointed with me, because not as nice as my mom, I'm not a sweet as my mom When my mom says something cutting its assent. Surely should she often does she often does because she's, very politically she's good at it.
she's. Also musical. This is a funny combination of things. My mom has a great year. She can play the piano she can play the recorder, but she has kind of a weak voice. She can sing should always on pitchy knows where the notes are, but she has a very weak voice. My dad, on the other hand, he can't carry a tune in a bucket, can't hear the difference between a sea sharp and be flat, wouldn't know where to begin, but he's got a big round voice
and he can be really loud when he has to that's, probably the better answer to the degree that I am able to sing at all. I got my dad's voice in my mom sensitive dough, as in dough raymie far right. So so I got pitch your sense of pitch yap, Mama's good sense. A bitch dad's got a great voice. Mom's got no voice. That has no sense of pitch worked out for me. I'm gonna put to this name Peter. She muggy is what I think it is dear s c h M Ujiji Tsar search movie, probably not probably smooth, J, Smoky, Peters move, I what you want. Let's go with Peter he's,
as I would like to know, given that you could retire into anything, you wanted. What would that be? Well, you know I like this question. Don't you you ve been asking me that same stupid thing for us for years? What do you want to do? What do you want to do right? That's exactly how I sound it's actually pretty reductive Peter if you're premises right and if I could retire, and if I could do anything I wanted. Doesn't it stands to reason that I am do precisely what I want. This is a tough thing for me to get my at around, sometimes because when you, when you put it to yourself that way, what you effectively do is rob yourself of any.
Self pity you can feel sorry for yourself if you acknowledge the fact that you don't have to do anything other than the thing you want to do, and so, if you're unhappy or frustrated, then there is simply no one else to blame. But you that's a wonderful place to be. Guy, speak for no one but me, but but if you do get to a place where you You have the option of doing anything you want, then the thing you're going to wind up, trying to figure out his time. It's going to be degrees. It's gonna be balance. If you want to sit on the beach and sit. Kilometers and Marguerite is all day, you can do that. But if you do it all day every day well See that's gonna work. Unless you is truly a lush. I doubt that
ever change. I think I don't think you will. I think you need to do some. You d play time, but you need to be active. That's what I see anyway. I think the thing you need anything Peter needs and the thing most people need is not a job. It's a purpose, it's some kind of mission. I think it's why most people have families I dont have kids. I do want to say this wrong. I know connotes sensitive, but I think a lot of people who have kids have them because they need a purpose. They need to put something in front of them self and a kid is an easy thing to do. A kid depend is on you, and so when people become reliant on you, then you're not gonna get press to answer. Questions like the one Peter GIS asked, because you can't do anything you want your he's gonna, have these kids and you're always gonna have people in your life who depend on you to some degree and so your neck?
we're going to do. That kind of navel gazing. It's a little different for me. Right now cause I'm. than I've ever been, and I dont have kids. I do have a foundation that matters. I do have friends that matter of my parents are still here and they matter a great deal if friends, brothers and what not. So it's not like, I'm just you know out their utterly alone, but there is no excuse to not do whatever the thing is that I tell myself I wanna. Do that's the hard part of the question, because I dont always know what that is. I dont have clarity, and so sometimes I just agree to do things, because I think I should be busy. Like writing a book. Like may be doing this, podcast like taking foundation more seriously and so forth. So the short answer is, I'm doing it Peter I'm doing it.
There's no short answer, there's no swear. You know I didn't like it entered it out you the producer done with you and about fifteen minutes. Ok, I'm gonna get on with my life. I'm gonna walk up to three and I'm gonna, have I'm still on vacation right now. It's a thanks. break. I'm gonna go, have a cocktail within neighbour, ok and you're sit down you gonna edit this, and if you find that I've gone on too long at some point, longer go ahead and fix it up on you, you tell a bigger than his question didn't deserve that had level of introspection. You do it. Ok, here's a question that I think is really interesting and I'm curious myself, because I can think of a lot of things. That could be the answer to this question, but I want to hear what you say: Nick Several,
that's so close close. What is the situation where you were most concerned for your safety on any of your programs and he puts in parentheses besides the shopping network, gig ha actually stalker back in those days. That's Julia was some real concern. Is such a good question. Because there were so many times on dirty apps. So right many times, we know where I could hear the ice. Cracking beneath my feet as arrived. Forward. We can talk about window washing on the main island inability, sincere in Hawaii yeah, it's the boats and cheer
keeps haunting me getting your ass in a boat and chair and being lowered off of gallantry crane about four hundred fifty feet up in the air. Is it's a thing the or factor is real, but sitting in a boat since chair and being lowered into the shaft of an open, mind is in some ways the opposite, but in some ways it just depends. You have a problem with heights, or do you have a problem with tight basis, either way the bones chair. If it is not your friend, I was equally worry being slowly lowered into a shaft
the diameter of a man whole cover in Cooper, Pity Australia and my search for Opel's. That's alley prospect for Opel's. They dig these prospects shops there about sixty feet deep and they lower you into them and about forty feet down. You look for these trace veins of sandstone or sub stone because in between those veins, you typically find the Opel and if you find the Opel than you dig another prospects and then another after that, and if you can confirm the existence of a vein of Opel running through the Austrian out back, then they bring in the heavy machinery and they dig out these giant caverns, and then they go into that
at the Opel, but the business of being lower down into those holes. I've written about it before I've talked about it before, but just in terms of my own mortality is very difficult to trump that when you're standing on the bottom of a shaft that's been dug with these things they column Caldwell Bits. So it's a sixty foot shaft straight down in the outback giant pile of dirt. to the shaft and they set up a rig and they lower you when you're standing on the very bottom of that shaft. Looking up at this tiny blue speck, that is the sky and you feel the dirt. You feel the dirt walls on either side of you touching your shoulders and the dirt in front of you touching the brim of your heart hat and assist you down there. With this little go pro, you can't get a cameraman down their social. You
your filming the scene and then some australian sixty feet, upstart sprinkling water on you, you not pretending they're paying on Mercosur Austrians in a very funny this way. I just remember thinking at that moment, I am utterly at the mercy of the next year's quake that might go through the out back, which interesting we happened about two weeks after we left and, of course your mind is full of the stories they tell you before you go in of the tourists who fallen there every year because they don't fill the holes in shock. That I'll fill almost is up with that. Well, there's, no OSHA! So it's just thousands of holes over a hundred square miles of Opel fee and they dig and they dig and they just leave him there and so ever monsieur piles of dirt right next to the holes. Right, yes, and so that's definitely tell but not always
and every year I want you to come along, and you know somebody shared, but they dont not long before got there. There was a story in the paper. A tourist was found who had gone missing for a couple weeks. Found him at the bottom of an open. Shaft He had gone out early one morning alone with his camera. Looking to get the sunrise right, the sun comes up and he's back up taken this picture. She goes in headfirst sixty feet down, but he bounces off the side like a pinball going down. So by the time he hits didn't, kill him breaks. His shoulder shatters is classical, so it's upside down alive. They said they figured. He lived for three days: thou upside down, looking up watching the blue dot, go pink and then dark and then again
Pig in the next morning, and then blue and then just waiting for help that never came. This is horrifying, hey man! This is my answer by product of an honest answer. Having that's, worry in my brain, as was lowered into the aforementioned shaft in Cooper, pity, Australia. That I think is probably when I felt the most helpless. Also being attacked by a shark, that was a good one didn't think I was gonna make it out of that. I remember that, and I thought I can't believe I'm seeing this. I know I've talked to you say you're alive, but how are you alive? Disgracing, bingo, gonna shark, like sixty feet, underwater yeah that was shark week, two thousand six. There were a lot and I can't believe dirty jobs is coming back shameless plug January. I can't Sunday, but it is, and it all still her you know, he's got a dirty job. Santa Claus Statical
got a dirty job. The law has got a dirty job than it. Does it all night long on alone,. Surely the delawares unfolds about Charlotte Nelson asks three quick, rapid fire questions What would be a good theme song for your life? Oh well, my song for your life. There was a tune from poor gain. Bess called I got plenty enough and I got planning enough Nothin's planning for me. I got my guy got mom. You got no misery. time when I really love the fact that I did known much and it made me happy, I got plenty nothin today, though, I'd go with that's life Sinatra. I've been a puppet of pirate.
Upon appointed a king been up and down and overnight, but I'll say one thing, just a great song than anybody. long enough, will look back and we're ups and downs and that's life right. A rich pageant that is life Yes, it is. Do you sing in the shower? I do us into. In fact I was just in a shower in the hard Rocco tell down in Hollywood Florida. I was there for the Patriot awards and a shower for whatever reason there was nothing special. about. It bears out of his eyes, unbelievable. It was
singing in the studio with headphones on, while the reverb and all the stuff they give you unless the stood in that thing for a half hour sing and everything that came to mind, I sailed outbreak as question three. What is the most useless talent you have? I know the answer to this. Do not solves mine now. Here we can. We get snapper fingers under our chickens in a way that makes people thick work cracker knuckles, but you know what it's a trick question. There are no useless talents. There are none talent by definition, is a thing that at least has the potential to be useful to enter
pain at a minimum right if you have a talent and you deem it use less it simply because you haven't applied properly just at dinner, the other night I was out you ve seen this sir. They call it a magicians pass with two corks right you ve seen only I your yes. Yes, yes, yes, so this is a stupid talent right, but not really. What you do is you put a cork in the web of each hand between your thumb and forefinger and you squeeze it with the web of your hand, you have to transfer the cork in your right hand to the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. At the same time, you transfer the other cork from the web, in your left hand to the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, but you can't touch either cork, except on the top and bottom
with your posing fingers and thumbs, it seems impossible. But it's not. There is a way to do it, and so I was showing somebody this little trick at dinner, the other night and that opened up a conversation about magic and that led to a conversation about deception and that led to a conversation about truth and that led to a conversation about the difference between a swindle to go back to our we're guy and reality. What's real and what's not was a really lively debate, a really lively conversation? What would it good Magician today, how would he or she be seen if David blame, for instance, was doing stuff, David blame does, but not as a magician, but rather as somebody who purported to be from another planet or a God, the business of being able to use your talent to make somebody
I think that you are something you're, not something more than a mere mortal well, that's been going on for ever so talents and tricks. Those are two houses on the same street. What you do with your tricks, you could take your talent and become a magician or you could take your talent and become a politician or you could take your talent committee number things. So I'm not so sure Charlotte, there's any such thing as a useless down maybe for answering a short question over the course of tickets. Exacting when I was gonna say, ran guy, that's down blessed, so I got America, I know, but it's like you, exhibit it all. The time I never know when you're done talk at its summit. Where's done talking, you relax. Ultimately, the reason, if you want to think about starting a land. This plain, then that's the reason but we're doing an extended format of a pod cast because I love to right, but
took a lot of time and in the end it was five minutes of stuff and it was great we're trying to figure out a way to live and work in this weird medium. I can't do much there's a long list of things. I can't do, but I can tell you sleep. You can talk back and talk We can somehow get away with talking in this format in a way that the advertisers continue to be pleased by, and people continue to, listen to well. By God. I'm not saying it's the only thing I'm gonna do now, but it's one of the things for sure: Fair,
but ass, she got anything you're, gonna love. This question like this is when you ve never heard before. Katy Griffith asks MIKE what does the dirtiest job? You ve ever done. Good, Katy, sorry on future out your band you're off the Facebook page or banned from doubts in aid that I'm kidding it's a good and fair question. I often joke about the number of times it's been asked, but the truth is how lucky to have a shot that inspired so many people to ask the same question over and over and over again the show is called dirty jobs. We did three hundred of course, people in an illogical question. Very logical. Quite up here is the honest answer gaiety. When I get that question today, whether I'm on the tonight show or doing the spot gas with my body. What happens in my mind, picture like the wheel of fortune
now picture wheel at like what are you doing the church, basements Jack? It's like the wheel of chance, yeah the wheel of chance area except rather the numbers on it there about thirty jobs, all of which could justifiably be a genuine answer. That question replacing a lift pump in a wastewater treatment plant, mining for Opel, washing went well, that's the one you say you will ever want to do again when people say the rice job, you say that's a one. I would never want to do again. The truth is what your favorite job and what your dirtiest job and, what's the worst job, often wind up being the same kind of thing, because the best jobs are the ones that stick with you for the longest the dirtiest jobs. Yeah. Some of them are just straight up. Filthy, MRS Frazier's exploding toilet was a great dirty job, but the ones are really really stick with. You, of course, are the ones with the people that you can't forget
so pig farmer in Vegas is a very dirty job and preparing The uneven food from the vaguest bar phase for consumption by pigs is filthy and disgusting and you'll never forget it, but more than that you'll never forget the guy who introduced you too, that whole world his name was Bob comes and so on this particular day. That's my answer to you. Katy pig farmer, Vegas, two thousand six bob comes back Emily Watson wants to know what are your thoughts on snicker doodles. Emily Watson, the actress perilous really wants. It is an amazing actress. Australian. I think Some I saw Emily Watson Film,
Have you ever seen. This is called the proposition with Guy Pierce and Emily monopoly. They have one of the single best westerns. I've ever seen takes place in Australia, probably not far from the open minds. I'd be a nice way to wrap this up. One question: what's your feeling earns her doodles. Oh I'm forum, I mean I don't eat much dessert anymore, but I'm not gonna come out against snicker doodles, I've, some pretty harsh things about California and this conversation I don't mean to make any more enemies so anymore it and what is it emits chocolate its base. Leah Snickers BAR in a cookie right now you have no idea what a snicker doodlish to you is it a dog.
where's that eating a harrowby, but no us, I believe, I'm it. You know what maybe she is talking about a snicker doodle dog. I think the most common answer, for what is a snicker doodle is a cookie sticker doodle and is a cinema cookie? There's no charlot! Now I know I'm not gonna come out against the snicker doodle, I'm just not eating allotted sort these days. If, in fact, use referring to the dog, then all our say about that is. They are delicious. Ah come on man, speaking of Delicious Chris, I oh I mean I don't know where these names come from Chris, I always at last name I'll its. I literally an eye, and a no recital says MIKE. Will you and shall come to my house for dinner? We need more info. Chris honestly,
first of all how to pronounce your name. What are you serving? Where do you live and honestly be careful what you wish for, because I am certainly the kind of guy I've popped up at viewers homes on more than one occasion for dinners I popped up. Viewers weddings. I was invited to a wedding years ago. I went I am sure we would do that, but I will warn you my friend shock for as long as I've known him and Chuck correctly, something has changed, but you still have a tapeworm, a large one, the added lives in your lower gee. I tracked it enables you to eat the average person and hope pretty much here what I was growing up. The famous story of your grandmother, the first time that I shared a meal with her thought that something was wrong, that I was malnutrition at home because I was eating so much
they're, my sister's husbands, parents, when I ate with them first referred to me as the brother who eats you, know: India it caught. It goes back to my other point. If you have a trick, if you have a talent and presented in such a way, you could fool people into thinking, you're something other than human, and that's what you ve done with food. You have. The ability to put so much of it into your body to just destroy it turn it into a paste and somehow get it down your well muscled throat to this seemingly bottomless cavity that we call a stomach. But it's more like a reuben, your Ruben you may see the cavity in a cow that allows for just such endless storage. My grandmother probably thought you had come from another planet and possessed especial talent. This a true story
I can imagine waste to listen to this, but the many many years ago we were just at a high school and Chuck stopped over to my grandparents house and demand This was thanksgiving right around this time of year and he loaded up his plate in a way that you'd swear. You were looking at his skin. on Saturday Night live like nobody's gonna eat that your candied all that he ate it, and then he did it again. He filled up that play and my grandmother just sitting there sip and honour rye whisky to shaking her head Corinth, never seen anything like it. They couldn't believe it. It was like a clinic chuck put on in eating clue and then we drove over to see our body Bobby Kaufman. We were seeing it at that I'm at a barber shop court that they had Thanksgiving dinner to, of course, and we went in and sat down and surely says: oh would you like something to eat now. It's all. I can do not to three. In my hands. At this point I have eaten alive and
we may be a third of what shock is eaten so I say nano. No, thank you. Maybe a little glass of wine. You know I d just for something Chuck Chuck in the kitchen pull out of Turkey. I mean they're stuffing, there's craving their sweet potatoes, there's cranberry, there's corn bread. White meat. There's dark me there's another layer of grave in it just again he sat down and creamed it. It was amazing and you can still do it. It's truly american you're, not five. Six hundred pounds you read me out a house and home here. I don't know I just come in our eye. What are we gonna do get over the old days we till the fat and calf merit, and you just go down. Whole foods with a larger than average cart. I laugh because it soldier itself,
It is true. How do you know when you're done? I mean you must have felt full before But how do you know when you throw it? Doesn't that's no reason to stop them from reading? Actually, I was raised by people who went through the depression. Ok, they were, like you eat until there is no more food in front of you. I told you before my grandmother used to say to be: oh Chuckie, don't make me wrap up these last three pork chops. I've already eaten, maybe half a dozen. I don't know. but it's not like she said. Oh Chuck, please do not suck the marrow out of these bones of these pork jobs would be a shame to throw out with marrow still in them. Ok now gone gone, here's a fun question, Brian or so. Let's go Brandon Episode, question mark
man and, of course I bring it out because we just had a conversation about how this sort of what we're, which allowed a meme it's more than a trope, it's more than a me much richer, but it's it's a bit of a troll, but its clever and its. If you don't know I mean, surely everybody knows We can assume with an audience. This vast abounded be somebody in there that does know we're talking about, but let's go brand under has become code for F Joe Biden, an F Joe Biden of Courses Code for fat, Joe by but I dont say I'm not gonna leads. I do, but I'd want people to understand a reporter. I think for yes, piano and b c or somebody was covering array, and a guy named Brandon was the driver. While she was in it,
Brandon the crowd. A rather large crowd started chanting, Joe Biden, and it was crystal clear. Everybody could hear it. This made the reporter nervous. So she said, oh branded. These people love you. You can hear them chanting, let's go Brandon, of course that's not what they were chanting, but that little bit went out. I've and I dont know who first decided that let's just go ed and use that as code for what the people were really saying, and now it's gone everywhere and I think the purpose of our conversation shock when this came up. My point was this is clever: it's not rude! It's not as men you have suggested a giant coarsening of the culture. I dont see it as any those things. Politics aside. This is a reaction to the time that we're living in
The times that we're living in right now are forcing lots of people on both sides of the ILO to look at a thing or hear a thing and be told that what seeing and what their hearing is not real, and you can't do that to people indefinitely and expect them not to push back somehow You can't tell people that the border is secure. and then show them images of tens of thousands of people flooding over. You can't tell people that the Accusation of Afghanistan was a success. And then show them people falling off of a plane. You just can't do that and you can ask people who are watching a NASCAR race at home who clearly here the crowd yelling,
Joe Biden to pretend that what they're really hearing is, let's go. Brandon I think, what's happened. Is people have just become sick and tired of being told that what they're saying and what their hearing is not with their sing and hearing, and this is the perfect trouble- I don't think people who yell it are necessarily enemies of the president. I think their enemies of being told that what they're saying and what their hearing isn't real than it somehow a figment of their imagination. People are sick of that. I think people have a legitimate gripe that they were irritated with and I think it started at NASCAR end at college football games, I'm not exactly sure, but it's a course thing to say he is the president of the United States, whatever displeasure and
the numbers are very low right now. Whatever displeasure you have, this is not a great thing to be saying now. People have found a way to say the same thing without being course or crowd saying, and I think that is what makes it really funny. Yes, it's hysterical, because we're doubling down on the lie we ve gone so far through the lie when you come out of it other end of a lie. You find the truth lies or circular by large, so you get into one and it rattles around for a while, and you come out right where you started like so. Ok. If you're gonna tell me that what I'm really hearing is, let's go Brandon, then I'll live with that, because now you know what I'm really saying,
I think, what's happening with our language is amazing and it's not good, I think fit with higher education. For instance, I ran about this all the time with micro works. You can't talk about higher education without implying that all other forms of education are lower and that's crazy, because apprenticeships are not lower education and community college is not lower education, it's different, etc, higher or lower. We let people take the language and do this. Goofy, crap with it and then were left with a real rhetorical problem we just saw it happened with essential work but celebrate essential work, but guess what, when you do that.
You're telling forty million or so people that their non essential and that's not good site could for the economy. We can see what happens when forty million people set out for a year the wheels come off the bus, so essential is a tricky word. Higher is a tricky word, infrastructures. A tricky word I used to know what it meant and then the infrastructure bill came along and people want to talk about. Maybe, One point: two trillion dollars is too much. Maybe we need more. Maybe we need less, but how can you debated infrastructure bill when, at the same time, people are telling you that none of infrastructure is not limited to bridges, roads and the electric grid so limited to run ways and plumbing and also includes free college? It includes free healthcare reparations for sale. We can talk about any of those things. That's all fine, but if you're now telling me that we have to do it in the context of infrastructure, I'm going to say
go Brandon because crazy, you're. Can we crazy you can't just right define a word myriads, the dictionary people for God's sakes last big, officially changed the definition of anti vaccines to include people who are against mandates That's amazing and that just happened so on pro vaccine. I got my vaccine, I recommend people get vaccinated, but that doesn't mean I'm mandate, but now Miriam says it does mean that thing. That's what let's go branded. Is it's a push back, not just against the current president. It's a push back against this incredible wave of nano that word
does not mean what you think. It means this all comes back to NGO Montoya and a princess bride wireless. on says, inconceivable, and he says you keep using that word. I do not think it means. What do you think it means we'll get What you know what let's go Brandon means now you do. that's how the whole conversation punches straight through to the other side. That's how you get to the other side of the lie. You say: ok, we'll pretend that the audience isn't saying that will protect. And that their saying what you're telling us is what they're saying but deep down. You know, what they're saying you know you now tell that job That's what it is, it's that same job, let's leave this whole thing with a joke, and I know you're gonna have to bleep it because you shall, at that stage in Europe. Producer
but let's leave him with a joke. Okay, so guys walk down the street on his way to work and it comes across a pet store and there's a parrot outside and the parent looks at a Mingoes raw, hey Buddy, you that's so terrible goes off indignant next day, parent walkin by looks Adam goes fuck! You ran this happens every single time I can starting to get a complex. So he goes in to the store on the third day. The parent says this to him and he goes into the story. Goes up to that. Guy who owns the story, says this paradigm
There is really really annoying me. He's telling made a laugh myself all the time and I can't take it anymore. So the pet store owner goes to the parent, says: listen, you better, be nice to the sky when he walks by. If I hear you say that one more time I'm gonna frickin see your little. But you understand me: ok next day the guy walks by and he looks over at the parrot. The parent is where he always is in the Pericles brought her body and the guy looks Adam negroes you now that's it You now have annual. Now that's the answer to let's go Brandon. We just did an episode. On it. Congratulations you got your wish. We just lie really did fifteen minutes on this thing and I'm glad we did because that's what it is
It's a way of saying exactly what you want to say without saying anything close to what you mean, and yet you still understood I body YO. Now, let's go unbelievable Goodwin, while to sum up, it's been a year, the podcast, is now whatever this is. I feel like we ve gone full circle. Here's to another year of more of the same, thank you for impersonating, a producer I'll continue to impersonator host and let's see what twenty twenty two brings. My old friend. alright I'm in? Thank you for all your questions, everybody of course you're. Really the boss. We all work for you, sorry, we couldn't get to all of them, but we had some fun. I appreciate it see you next week,
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