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232: Wanna See Something Really Scary?

2022-01-05 | 🔗
Mike rings in the new year with a case of Covid. Chuck has questions.
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Our friends and happy new year. It's the way, I heard it episode. Number two hundred thirty two listens called you wanna see something really scary Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I tested positive for covered on Christmas Eve Ho Ho Ho. Well. I just got some more news in that vein earlier today. and I want to share it here- my plan, full disclosure, was to kick off the twenty twenty two podcast year with the which call a high profile, celebrity interview which have already courted, but in light of this new information, I thought it might be useful to some of you and cathartic, quite frankly to me To have a conversation with chalk, instead a converse, about what's going on in our crew. is he world right now and what the new year might hold for shock in me and you start
on a conversation I normally have on this podcast. But it is an honest one and I do think that many of you might, late to it. It is not, however, a conversation between two experts. We are not doctors or anything close to it or not. scientist or epidemiologist we're just a couple of old friends trying to make sense of some incredibly confusing information on the advent of a new year. It's episode. Two hundred and thirty two you want to see something really scary And it all starts right now and I right now I mean right off I tell you that I am old enough to remember: pagers, rotary telephones and fax machines not so long ago. All those were state of the art advancements in modern living right and then all of a sudden they weren't gonna, like quick books. if you're still using quick books and spreadsheets to keep track of your business you might as well go back to pagers and rotary telephones and fax machines. Hell you, myself!
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Where are you? You're stood at a guy yeah, Caroline a Beach North Carolina all morning, it was all about tornadoes. We're A tornado watch frosty like five a m to eleven a m. Today I was crazy and it's really super windy out. Their looks like It is unbelievable that if it's not hurt down, there's tornadoes if it's not tornadoes its pandemics, not pandemics, its wildfires, not wildfires, lockdown, not locked downs. Its What is that thing up in Iowa a director out at a rake, Julie, inland hurricane? It's amazing a plague of ants this time last year, I'm glad we're not having them. Now you had the answer, yeah. That was bad. There was a day The house was full of ants. The air was so thick with smoke. Nobody could breathe
can. I just come up the gulf, the direct go levelled cedar rapids, we were walking down again in the midst of all that, I was going out to shoot dirty jobs. Here we are it's a brand new year make things are supposed to get better right. It's a new year. Let's be hopeful what kind of calling an audible folks we had a plan and then things God so incredibly hanky over the holiday. That chuck- and I thought, look lashes a check in with each other. Let's talk about what's just happened and let's talk about here before us. Let's do it with the level of transparency that we normally don't do on this podcast. Are you saying we're not true, parent. Normally I'm so. we're transparent to appoint an. Say. I want to venture too far
outside of our respective lanes, but I kind of feel like I got the covert I got tested I failed my test on Christmas Eve, which is to say I've tested positive, and I posted about that. So that's been kind of a thing and I've been locked down over the holiday. As you know, and I guess people on my facebook page know what they do. Now is that I literally just got a text from my mother saying She is tested positive for covered. My dad is tested positive for covered. Her back in Baltimore in their retirement home right now in the midst of contact tracing and they have so many questions for me and, of course, I don't have any answers chuck because, contrary to popular belief, I am not an expert on this. the vast me I gotta told them that
I want to talk about cove and I want to talk about the coming year. I wanted about whatever you want to talk about, because, as the producer of this fake podcast, I do feel like you bear some responsibility for keeping this thing on the rails. We have it straw ordinary a commitment that we ve made two listeners of the way. I heard it over the course of the next year to put up another fifty of these things, now, advertisers involve dirty. Jobs is back in the sketch, not sure. What's happening with how America works. Looks like that's. Coming back for another season got a book thing. I can't figure out of. can deliver, not got a number one song on the Itunes thing, which now has raised all kinds of possibilities for other things, somebody's gotta. Do it is back in the works. This podcast being turned into a tv show that I mentioned I got covered because I got the coveted mom's got. The cover dad's got the covert. When you talk about you just listed everything that I have on,
list to talk, I won't let me well, let's start with covered, because what was your experience like I tested because I have been invited to a holiday party and I knew at that party. We're gonna, be some friends, who were in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation new. There would be some elderly people there as well and I had a dry cough for the last day and little bit avail like a rough night's sleep like the kind of sleep. you get when you might be fighting a low grade fever hadn't taken my temperature, so I wasn't sure but the bottom line is in any other world. I'd have gone to that party, but not given it. A second thought I would have cost in people's faces. It never would have occurred to me to test for cove it but of course we are in the midst of it now in, and so I did and it was positive and so
I stayed home for the next five or six days. I very much. Symptoms. The next day or two I did feel a little congested, gonna sell like I hang over with runny knows but the day after Chris this there were no symptoms at all you know I laid low for the rest of that week, That was really my covert experience. You know I shared and on Facebook upset some people because it's impossible to talk about this at all, it seems and not upset somebody, and then I heard from my my folks, of course, so its way, for me, because I've got a specific sector leave, surround this thing and I have some opinions about what smarten what's knots. Art and what makes sense and what doesn't make sense, and now I get Consider all of those believes that I've shared here and elsewhere
just through the lens of my own diagnosis, but through my elderly parents. Now it's a lot to think about. Well, it begs the question: does this news of your parents contracting covert, affect your position on it? in anyway so yeah, but not in replacement way. Every time we talk, bout. This online and offline I've always said the two things can be true at the same time, its true that I believe in a very macro way that our country has. Over reached in some areas and dealt in platitudes and cookie cut. advice in many areas that have created all kinds of problems for all kinds of people and lots of areas, I've kind of weight and, I think, the non expert in that space, but when you're like. Look. She literally just sent me this text a second before we started talking
so when you're eighty three year old mom soon to be eighty four tells you she's posit and she's living at retirement community. three, eighty nine year old husband who was also tested positive, then yet you ve gotta, think about your feeling. Through both of those lenses, so as it guy who loves his parents very much and realizes there in an at risk group, then yeah, my speech you're. Just slam shot a little re reading that blood. as a reasonably inform guy, who still believes that we're all going to get it and overwhelming majority of us are going to be just fine, then, while I still feel that way too, I guess I feel both ways, and I dont know that that's dispositive were contradictory honestly, but it's the way I feel well. Is it safe to say that you
can't sure? Yes, it safe to say that I'm scared for my mom and dad to say that I'm scared for my friends on the corner, who are fighting cancer its. I have to say that I'm worried for all of my elderly friends and is, I have to say that I am also concerned for all of my obese friends, and you know, I have a lot of obese friends. I have a lot of obese fans and I am very aware that eighty percent of the people who have succumb to this thing both ultimately end through hospitalizations are obese, I'm aware of all of that and I'm More aware than ever, I think that that cookie cutter advice thing we were talking about real It truly is the greatest threat, we're not all the same people right almost
is not Delta Delta is not alpha morbid LEO beast. People are not thin people old people are not young people. and do not acknowledge all of the differences in these variance as well as the differences in our species is to try. And form an opinion. I think in a real hamstrung way. I'm Dared in the place where I'm scared, I'm not scared in the other places where your parents feelings about covered in general in the beginning of this thing and have they choose and their opinions as well. I don't know who is really listening to this when, but I just posted something on Facebook from my mom. We still mean agape by large intact, and letters and let me see if I can find a dagger thing here, stand by I got six email dresses
as you know, chuck right now that I don't know which one she sent it to. I think she said that the Google here it is Hey MIKE. This. Is your mother, the rule follower, the woman who never speeds or illegally parks or J walks, the woman returns library books and pays bills when their due and never cheated games for two years I've been wearing masks washing my hands until their red avoid crowds and using hand sanitizing I've gone to church ouch on Zoom had tell a health visits and done virtual book events In the past year, your father and I have been vaccinated and boasted avoided trust going to see family and have gasped for behind not one but two masks. In short, we ve everything right and yet, a couple of days ago we were both. Laughing in congested on Saturday morning. We made her way to patient first, at eight thirty, a m. What a delay! full way to spend new year's day. There were thirty years,
people ahead of us in line alignment wrapped around the side of the building, many of them coughing standing in the rain three hours later, your father received a positive covert test. Mine was negative, hey that can't be right doc. I, you're fine, she's, the one with all the symptoms. Your father said: could it be a false positive? I oh sure, said the doktor. It happens all the time. And yours could either maybe a false negative. That's why I'm doing the longer test on you. You'll get the results in a couple of days, so much the point of my letter is to tell you that your father and I might or might not have cove it? Don't worry dead, you'll fine and I just feel like I have a cold. It hasn't got it are chest. So that's good me. While the home is doing something called contact racing. All of the. people we interacted with for the five days before our symptoms began, have to quarantine for a week.
We felt like we were riding on our friends, so we called the Hutu knowledge they took it well and said It could just as easily have given it to us, except for one the guys who really mad. He used some language and said The way he's staying locked up in his damn apartment for a week, I'm tired shit. He said and blameless, it's the system he says so we'll be tested again in ten days. I think we'll be fine I'll. Let you know about my covert results, pretty sure we'll both need a mental health appointment at the end of this happy new year, love mom, that's the letter she sent and she just sent her new update, so its official. They both have covered their bucks, and a figure out what to make of those tests, though that may or may not be accurate. Did it so weird I mean about and being eighty nine in getting a false positive, which test did they take originally, do you know they got the rapid test and were told
that it may or may not be accurate and she's just been the test she just set me may or may not be accurate, the one that she just texted you about well yeah This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. Their doctors are telling them that they could very likely their words very likely have received either a false positive for a false negative. But that was for the rapid test that they took on New year's day right, so that was Saturday. That's right. So and then they took another test, presumably like the pcr test or whatever the blood yester. That takes a couple days and they just got the result. for that correct right, my mom just got the results. My dad didn't do. That therefore test because he got a pause. we test in the rapid. So he just assumes that these positive here, too cannot put yourself from their place right, you're, eighty nine years old, you have no some, and you're told your positive you're eighty three years your wife is. She has
and she's told she's negative. Now they go back to the the home The first thing they have to do, based on my dad's positive test, which may or may not be accurate, their contacted by care first the facility where therein tells them ok, you need to guaranteeing now and then we have to tell everybody else you ve been in contact with in the facility to stay in their apartments. For ten days, based on a test that may or may not be positive, I mean, aren't they like living in a giant dorm room sort of yeah. basically like if you're asking me is- smart or good. I honestly don't know what to say there parents and I don't want them taking chances and obviously I dont want exposing people to whatever they may or may not have. But what is the point
of contact tracing in the wake of a test that isn't declarative. What am I I supposed to do right now. Is a serious question. I've laid low, I quarantine so exposed to this thing, probably on the twenty first of December, and my symptoms are very mild. I test positive on the twenty fourth by the twenty sixth, I have no symptoms now in real time it's what thirteen days gone by there is not are there in the country. That would say I am contagious. Thirteen days after being exposed. if you go to the CDC site right now, you can see that test results from some who has been exposed, but isn't contagious could come back as positive for months.
up to three months? They say: well, they just change their policy to say that you're supposed to quarantine for five days, and then there was ten. It was ten on a cut in half here, that's right, but for the second five of the TED, where mass you should wear masks but what kind of Mask Chuck a cloth mass to Claude Mask and ninety five, the soup, special? Five, supposedly very few people are wearing a ninety five, and how far should you be standing apart from peep six feet, three feet: nine feet: thirteen free. this change of your inside or outside good God. Man, here's the world. I'm in right now I am one hundred percent sure I'm not contagious, but if I Take another test right now, there's an to chance, it could say positive. Am. I allowed to get on a plane with a positive test, even on I'm one hundred percent sure not contagious even
I am following the current guidelines. I don't know, that's a really good question. I mean how do we find tat a hot? This is the hell of it. I don't think we can. I listen. The Romans podcast the other day with what's his name alone, Robert Malone, recommend everybody listen to it. It's a fascinating conversation. Robber billows is an expert an undeniable expert he's got a lot of initials after his name, because controversy As well, for all sorts of reasons, point being anybody you can find an expert to validate whatever their beliefs are experts or a diamond dozen. Their thousands podcast right now with experts on them. This is not one of them. This is MIKE and Chuck each other forty, some years talking about this in the wake of kind of a troubling the text from my mom
yeah. I don't know who to ask Chuck. I guarantee this though I can find experts say ten days is too short. I can find experts that say it's too long. Likewise, five days, we can find experts disagree over social distancing? We can find experts who disagree over masks. This has been added. I am literally thirteen for ten days out of being exposed from the day my first symptom presented, nobody disagrees with the idea that I'm not contagious after ten days, probably not even after five and yet now the tests are headline news. The president's just ordered five hundred million test felt you saying that the results of those tests ought to be the thing that determine is whether you get in the restaurant, whether you get on the plane. Meanwhile,
you can write now in real time, go to the CDC site and see how common it is to test positive weeks or months after exposure I'm looking over my shoulder because I feel like somebody must be recording this. Somebody must be punkin me am I to do. In the emperor's new clothes is. This is crazy. No man of middle lost for this unconcern for your folks. When you told me that you tested positive and allied spoken, you you sounded like add a little cold or whatever, and I thought you were going to be just fine and, and it turns out that you are, but I know there are tons of people out there. I read some of the posts when you told me bullet that you got covered a lot of people reacted and you know everybody's got a story of somebody. They know who has passed away I dont know what to think and and judges,
the idea of the CDC changing their guidelines. Will you surprised, The goalposts have moved. I dont know what to think anymore. I feel like very, very lost in this situation. concerned, as you are for your parents because of the age group therein, however- and I said this to you before- I believe that your folks are strong like bull. I remember seeing footage of a hundred year old boy. and wheeled out of a hospital when writers, Rand Covert. That was the alpha version, I believe, or delta that's a point already made it, and I want to make it again. alpha is not. Delta Delta is not on the ground. There are other variants out there that they haven't even we been named yet her, but their different. These things are different and people are different. I really think one of the,
fundamental things that we did wrong from. The very very very very jump was to treat everybody the same yeah, but this is a path, dammit. Why in the world? Knowing how much more vulnerable. The elderly are the immune. compromised and the obese in the world would we treat everyone the same and knowing the Dell is not honour. Crimes and honour crimes is not alpha. What are we doing? We are treating everything like it's the exact same thing and that Makes as little sense today to me, as it did eighteen months ago at some point, we need some, metrics by which to return and I'm afraid man, I'm afraid that if the new metric is a negative test, And we're living in this world, where we all know that an egg
Test doesn't mean you aren't positive and a positive test doesn't mean you aren't negative them. What and a mischief. Are we infer over the next couple of months fair question? Speaking of the next few, would you like to turn the conversation is something a bit more cheery. no not yet. I want to talk about acceptance again. Stand by that on Christmas, Eve. I wrote a post, I immediate shared my positive results on Facebook, millions of people interacted with that pony s point of view, and I upset some people it mean to an Albanian upset. Anybody in the last fifteen minutes
stand by what I wrote eighteen months ago, with the five stages of grief in this business, of either accepting the fact that you're gonna get it or not, and if you accept the fact that this thing is inevitable and covert, zero is impossible that I think you're going to live your life differently than if believe covered can be eradicated. This is a very general statement that I made then, and I made it and I still stand by it, because if having accepted the inevitability of this thing, then you're somewhere else in the five stages of grief. I dont know where, but it's easier to look around and see people? who were in denial or bargaining or depressed or angry,
All of those emotions I felt back in March and April of twenty twenty. Almost two years ago I mean it's unbelief, hit his believable the low point for me personally, was trying to square all of that with the plague of ants and the director and the hurricane and the wildfire. we lost electricity here for four days right at the height of all, of this right, and that's when- I remember again, as is just me but that's what I was like wholly crap. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding and I I read the stats and really thought about the fact that after home is not an idiot and it seems like the math is pretty clear by, Before this thing is done. I think it's gonna touch all in some way shape or form, and once you accept that well
why we started shooting a crazy man, I probably travelled, thousand miles over the last year, eight and I don't know how many hotels I don't know how many overrides I've been all over the place. I got tested pretty much every other day I took all the precautions, like my mom's letter: I did it you think I could. But I was out in the world and I was working and. It found me and my own zip code right right around the corner, from a well intended neighbour with dry coffin, runny knows it's like that thing: with ATO accidents, you know most of them happen within five miles of your home I guess the point is I'm still where I was. I've accepted the act in a weird way, getting it sort of validated that with me nobody wants covered for Christmas, nobody wants covid at all, but I wasn't stunned
I wasn't even surprised. Really, was calm and I just didn't know: when does it sound glib? All of us, sudden here I am saying that now my mom and dad have it that's the question You are asking me. I still believe what I have said, but I still clench and worry because its them That's a hell of this thing. Man, it doesn't matter how expert you are. It doesn't matter how well You followed the rules or how flow Greatly you ignored them. If you believe its common, it's only a matter of time and then hopefully you can take some hope. in the fact that the vaccine, while it may not have been the preventative we hoped it was It certainly seems to be working as a as some kind of therapeutic, the therapeutic so great there on the market now
the last. I talk to my mom and dad earlier today that they felt fine are taken the day. Will taken the night quelled or taken the benadryl, we ve got some steroids set aside if it settles in their chests. As for the other stuff, I don't know, I can't speak to the motto Cologne start for the or MAC dinner. All of the other stuff right to be clear. You didn't go to the doktor. Was it a rapid test that you did you took Dake? Will I think you told me that was yet that's it really and I took an equal at night, which is felt like a cold, but it's weird man even saying that I can hear the response from people your minimizing. It right don't use this platform to tell people it's just a cold. I lost friends. From this. It wasn't just a cold. You shouldn't say that, but the truth is for me it was. It was just
the cold and for somebody else, it was just a death sentence because people are different. I think this thing Just made fools of so many people chuck, but mostly It's made a mockery of the sweet, generalizations. It's made a farce out of platitudes and bromides and cookie cut her advice. because there's an exception to every rule and there's an expert under every rock with a different opinion. And man: do they sound certain member of the soul podcast this whole new format, we're fumbling our play threw right now started with a conversation early on in one of the chapters in the book that we were talking about the house Do you how amazingly certain rights, many people sounded at the beginning of this. Shit show right so certain whether there right
or wrong. They still sounded certain didn't matter. Biden sounded certain trumps sounded certain Falco sounded certain they all sounded certain. They were certainly right and they were certainly wrong. There's no playbook. You know it reminds me years ago I used to be friends with a guy who was a cop, and he told me that he had. Seen a guy shot nine times once and still advance toward the cops right and left and he also saw a woman- took a ricochet bullet in the butt and died, and I thought how is that possible.
and I think it speaks to the same way that use it for you. It was just a cold and for others, it's just a death sentence in there's no rhyme a reason to it, but ass humans. Don't we want that? Don't we want to have some sort of explanation? Don't we want to understand and its vexing when we can't? Oh, my god dude? Is it vexing its vexing to the tenth power? The need to find a pattern a trend. Yes, the need to predict a thing right. I mean there's a lot of science in this there's a lot of science in the weather, predictive Sciences, data and statistics, it's so wonky and if you apply it to the markets, then you get books like the black swan and you get financial Experts trying to make sense of the future based on
historical patterns and trends, its exact what this is now. but it's also what astrology is, to a certain degree right. It's assigning meaning to things in the past and concluding, hopefully lie quickly some sort of future, and so it can be a parlor trick if you're talking, well fortune telling and all that nonsense, or it can be a highly respected discipline. If you're talking about predicting markets or it can be life and death, talking about the way a virus might mutate or not. We have from the very beginning of this thing at a working assumption, I'm afraid
that some combination of government restriction and personal behaviour can rid us of this scourge. That's the thing I reject. I dont believe it's possible when I think about ten days to flattened curve for fifteen days to slow the spread. I see the logic in that. I was all bound for that. I was completely down for that and I still believe it makes an incredible Of sense to do what we can to protect the frontline health workers and not let the hospitals get overwhelmed. Of course, down with that, but we all now know that fifteen days was a joke. slow. The spread was not flattened. The curve was not, but the idea that we could do it in fifteen days,
No, that was never real and that's why it's become a punch line today, but the conceit of flattening the curve and fifteen days that hasn't chain- millions of people still believe that if we We do something for a fixed period of time we only come together and do something for a fixed period of time could be masks could be social distancing could be both could be accedes could be all three could be mass social, distancing, vaccines and boosters. Ok could be offered, could be another booster after that as well. could be a regiment of testing along the way, it's all on the table right, but the idea that there's some combination of all of these things and then we can only just do them if we can only just I'm a lot,
The magical combination of that then will be free of this, and that, I still believe, is a fiction. People have reacted to you saying that by saying that the idea of zero covert was never what we were promised or anything in Mikey. That's a strong, And that you have set up, and what do you say to those people? I say that their right I say I am not speaking for everyone. I am speaking. generally and I do, but leave the lot of reasonable people who support all of The restrictions that have been put in place, as well as all of the behavioral adjustments and modifications that I just referenced. I do believe that there is a fair a number of those people who do all of those things in the interest of flattening the curve.
And not eradicating the disease entirely stipulated. Ok, ok, ok, but I'm talking about the immense group of p bull that I'm talking about the people. Who believe that all of them Things should be done in the interest of eliminating the disease. Now forgive me, but when the law or of the free world tells us we can shut down the virus period and that's a quote It's not unreasonable for people to go. Ok, Kay we're going to shut down the virus. This is possible. I'm, not imagining it. I didn't hear it in its chat room, I didn't read it. from some by new source. I listened to the
president of the United States tell me that he was going to quote shut the virus down now. What does that mean if it doesn't mean shut the virus now, if you meant something else, Why didn't you say something else he said What he said- and I must say, is a bad guy- I'm not trying to make a political shock, but He said that and millions of people said: ok, let's come together and shut it down. What do we do, and we got an action plan- stand this far apart, where this kind of mask sequester, Quarantine self, isolate avoid this. Don't do that. We got the list of things to do. We got it. And so I'm talking to the millions of people who still believe we can shut the virus down.
And by the way, I'm sorry, but he was pretty clear. last week to wasn't me when he said This is not going to be solved on the federal level. Look man you're, giving me a choice. you're asking me to believe what both of these things now you can ask me to believe both of these things. You can't tell me we're gonna shut the virus down and it's not a federal problem. Why? I think he's changed his tune that I think I understand that he is not able to do that. I think he's conceded this point. I don't remember exactly him saying that I cannot imagine that he hasn't. I can't speak for the President. I can speak for every faculty, I can't speak for any body? Whose scared of this thing or not scared of this thing, I can barely speak for myself, but I
I can tell you that my operating plan when in place late last April, and it was based on my steadfast belief that I was going to get it, that I was going to be okay and that there was nothing I could do about it and if that sounds glib or fatalistic, as a lot of people accused me, being it simply what I believe and by the way. I also believe that, in the context of being as aggressively responsible as you can, you saw me I was out there in the world, but I always had my mask. I always got my tests. always followed protocol. I dont think living in fear of this thing is in anybody's.
Interest, but I can also tell you, as my best friend and with a straight face, then I'm scared, I'm not scared. For me. I'm scared for my folks. And that's the most human thing I can tell you and that's the thing that, I believe, unites us all in this? I never meant to come off as glib or dismissive but I can only talk about my own self and my own life when we're gonna talk now about the other people in our lives? Well, that's where you get a big help of humility, and that's where your own beliefs are gonna, be checked. I get that,
doesn't change the way. I feel it doesn't change anything. I've said it just add something to it. I worry about my folks, which is entirely understandable. Of course, I want to ask you, though, about you mentioned Joe Rogan and Doktor Robert Malone, whose a doctor who helped create the vaccine, or at least the what is it the the ordinary yeah, that's inside it and he got banned from twitter, and how do you feel about the discussion like doktor fatty? Is a doctor
there's Doktor ATLAS: there's a doctor got leave their all these doctors that I've seen on tv who all makes sense. But they don't all say the same thing and I no doctor Maloney has said some things that got him banned from twitter right and when I hear that cut banned from twitter. The first thing I want to know is: what did they say? What are they sang? and I listened to that episode and, unlike he didn't sound like an unreasonable guy too? no, he didn't sound unreasonable to be either your fundamental. question, I think, was what do you think of the discussion and my answer is: what kind of disk She can. You have on twitter when you're banned from twitter. What kind of discussion can you have on Facebook if you're banned from Facebook? I think Discussions are important and, I think, in the end, somebody has to determine whose arguments hold water, but I dont think the people who make that too,
emanation oughta be the people in charge of the platform. Where the discussing is happening. I vigour, falls to the listener. I know that that's dangerous, but look, God for Joe Rogan. What do I? The discussion I think of this how in the world could anybody have ever imagined that a guy who got me originally famous for hosting a show where people eight maggots for doing stand up for devoting spare time to the martial arts. How does that? Guy with an audience of that size. and a long list of world leaders waiting to get on who have an unfiltered on scripted discussion. Your word A real discussion in a place where, we're not gonna, be right back.
after this quick, add, let's pace and bills with this quick add which we're going to do in this conversation. By the way we, Rather, we should probably do it right now. Let's just go. Do an ad and I'll come back and make my point, are essential, talking about a new year. Allow me to make a prediction: I don't have a crystal ball obvious, but if I did I'd wager that my crystal ball would be too bring me the twenty. Twenty two is going to be a very big year for a lot of businesses in particular. I'd better proven industry is going to explode, and if the current labour market is any indication- and it is, Hiring is gonna, be more challenging than ever of you, have home improvement, business were renovation, business or a decoration business or a fitness operation, or a pet service or event planning business. There's only one sensible thing to do good as a precursor right now you can try zip recruiter,
were free at Super cruder, dotcom, slash row I dont want to oversell it. They ve been a sponsor this podcast for years. I've used him for a long time, because work. They are the number one raided hiring site in the United States based on key to ratings. Super critters technology is self active. Four out of five employers who post on Super Gruner get equality candidate within the first day. It's just a fact: triumph for free at this exclusive web address zip recruited outcome, slash row again. I've used for years because they work for me, and I bet they work for you to try for free. It's a protruded outcome, Slash Oro, W e supercomputer The smallest when I are, was right? That's what I think of the discussion chuck. I think that I right now are desperate to find a place where the conversation can play out
Is that going to happen on network news no way what twenty four minutes to deal with the issues of the day, interrupted periodically by soap adds getting me. You gotta have a conversation there. You can have the discussion there Are you gonna? Have it on Facebook? Well, that depends. If say the wrong thing. Now, you're not going to have it there. If you say it wrong thing you're not going to have on twitter. Maybe this getter platform will be a thing. I don't know. Would it like a million people signed up in three days after Rogan, had a conversation with Malone. That's pretty amazing. It took twitter twenty four months to get a million users fifteen years ago get her just got a million in three days, so may They'll be a discussion over. There may be
is the world of podcasting. That, ultimately, will be the place where people turn to for a completely unfiltered on edited, uninterrupted, convert station about the most important issue of our time stood, I mean think about it. The most important conversations to have ever and in my life have happy in the last year on a platform that didn't exist when dirty jobs premier it right, I mean really and what's next, I dont know man. When I look at twenty two, but I look for forward? I see so much possibility. So, much uncertainty and such a need for humility that at all most strikes me mute. Almost I was going to say. I find it hard to believe
Well, listen man! I think about the matter verse. I keep hearing a lot of talk about the matter and I think to myself my god. Are our lives so shitty that we need who imagine something else that we need to put some goggles on and look I'm a guy who loves to play video games. I love video games button good Lord! I still want to live my life. I still want to breathe fresh air and sea trees and you know not in a bit Ok, maybe that's part of the appeal to keep answering your last question about the discussion, because you can't take a walk, really and watch the network news not really right, I mean, and if you do your subject to the same interruptions and biases and all of the other things that have made the discussion small, who can listen, assuming that you and I actually had something of importance to say, are by no means suggesting that that's happening right now
but if it were agreed, you could be out there doing you're fast, walk you, could be on your exercise bike. You could be clean, your house, you could be driving. You could be a part the conversation while you're still living your life, but we we'll talk about the metaphor sore the virtual reality. You want to talk about that next level of engagement. Well, that's just requires you go further and further inside of yourself and not outside into the world. That work For me, there was a woman who used to publish this thing called the popcorn report. Faith popcorn, I think, was her actual name. Cournand was faith popcorn, I think so, I'm not sure, but her source, namely definitely faith.
and sheep published this thing. Every year it was yeah, she's, a fine interest, and so the popcorn report was always way ahead and we talk about predicting trends talk about. seeing patterns before anybody else saw them. This will, it was amazing and she wrote back in the eighties she described the time where most people's meals would be delivered to them and people would, start staying home to watch movies on television instead of going to theatres and people said she was crazy and she actually called it something she called it cocoon. She said people are gonna start took Coon. And the technology that emerges is going to enable this cooling to unfold at varying speeds, and of course she was right about everything, food delivery, big screen
Eve, ease the movie sperience at home became actually superior to going to a theatre in a lot of different. eyes, and then she came out with another report and talked about: oh, not cocoon, but burrowing. So the next level of cooling was burrowing, where you would go even deeper. Well, how Did you go deeper? People said you know you're having your food delivered. They are going to the theatres, go deeper than that some of that issue it for you know get a thing called the internet which allows I urge you to take these deep, deep, dives, never mind the big screen. You go on Youtube searching for story and wind up watching, Ours is ready. Videos- oh my god. I on Youtube: to figure out what happened with that crazy asteroid that into the unpronounceable town in Russia a few years ago, and then,
hours later, the sun's coming up, and I'm still sitting here at my desk, watching Leonard burn time, teacher the per factory theory to his music class at Harvard. That's borrowing we're all of a sudden. Now you ve got this technology that allows you time compressed all around you and you're, taking deep dives into Rick beyond owes. You know what makes this song great. I just lost four hours two nights ago. Why, of course, I was quarantine, so I was happy to borrow Cocoon But will the NASH guy you never singer all my guy that voice just nutty another two where's folksy, inanition NASH. I forgot Camperdown allows young lady. I am s h waste from I now to some I mean thy son- you I don't know either, but I just gotta. exactly of range, and we all you're gonna do
We watch videos know this guy for a day. This is burrowing. So to your point, we could then we and now there's this met a universe and now there's this, what this everything is potentially virtual from our video games to sex. All of it. I mean it's I'm gonna take place to those who predisposed in this interior way and so yeah man, I dont, what kind of discussion you can have in the members, but I do think Joel. Logan's doing it right and a lot of other once we're flirting with Maybe we should maybe I absolutely try and have that kind of conversation on our humble little podcast here or maybe
just shut the hell up and stay in my lane or just ass. The questions here right be Donoghue, while devils advocate go back and forth, but that's it. We mention this before. I think on our episode with just in folk. I think it was with him, but the idea that Donna he was one of those shows that you can still go back and watch, and it's like it's like looking back in time, capsule to a tie. Where, before instant gratification took too damn long yeah do that is so true. Look you could fill a book would stuff. I don't agree with Phil Donoghue on but Relied act. Tipp of the hat I dont know. If there was, back to your point, where's. The discussion happen here: man, it happened on Donoghue here it happened, all the time on Donoghue I can still you wanna, take a deep dive worth taking
Google Donoghue in Milton Friedman, yeah and watch conversations. I believe you said on the adjusted for coop emphasised its yet I google things my grow is repeated. Take a deep dive on that. what then it must be true What oh, my golfing, hey, maybe get that looked at Jeez the he can't joke about these things make here, but if you don't know then what? When did you talk to Mama last this morning? And how did she said I talk to her this morning. She sounds good eight I'm nervous about this, because it at all checks, anything certainly, and I'm not going to exploit my mom and dad, but you know something if I, feeling this way right now, how many other people must be
any other people are scared for their parents. How many other people feel like I feel I feel like free matters and individuality matters and thinking, first of matters and all. things. I ve not been shy about saying how many other people she that basic feeling, but still can hear the sound of their sphincter slamming shot when somebody they love, is suddenly dealing with this. I can't be alone. This reminds me of sick Hansen member, the combination that we had with SIG, where it began it really emotional about his mom. I know you however, neighbor who has a mom whose livin with them and she's in poor health and it's scary, to have a pre existing condition. It's scary, scary time, if you young and healthy, you probably shouldn't be afraid.
Right you have to be respectful of where you draw the line and how you draw the line like, for instance, the thing I wanted to say right now, but I kind of Czech myself ok that now, as going to get what I what to say immediately after what you just said was we all have a pre existing condition, its called mortality yes, none of us are getting out of this life. That is true This is Cs Louis nineteen, forty eight, how to live in atomic Atomic age right, we ve talked about it, and people get so angry. When I refer to these four simple paragraphs, by this great writer. They get so angry when somebody comes along to remind them that in the atomic age and the threat of a bomb is no different than living. At a time when the Viking
we could show up on announced and rape and pillage and burn your village to nothing and it no different than a time when a microbe can morph interred in to whatever this thing is people don't want to hear that because it feels like something large is being minimized, but of course it is, it is being minimum. If you look at your life and your own individual mortality through the lens of the pre existing condition that you're born with the expiration date right. It allows. you to think and move and react and live differently than if
You think somehow your immortal. Well, it's also a question of what's in front of you, you know how badly or the people in Tennessee whose houses were destroyed by tornadoes just two weeks ago you have in their faces, is covered. Is that the worst thing that their dealing with right now, the fear of relevant its Watson none of you. We were on a tornado watch here this morning. It was very strange. You have to decide, you can freak out about anything. You want forget about everything all the time it can always be a five alarm fire. It had all ways be that it can always be something, but I think the incredible exhaustion that, so many people are feeling right. Now is not just due to the fact that they have an accepted their own mortality or the inevitability of this fire
combined with the fact that they will in all likelihood survive at its, not just that. It's everything there is a great book by p jail Rourke, you would love it I'll, give it to you. Next I see it around here somewhere. It's called all the trouble in the world. All this trouble in the world and it's just too right, look at every headline to come out of the eightys and Ninetys. That became of great concern to certain groups and I think that's where we are now. It's almost like faith. Popcorn took PJ's works book burrowed and cocoon into all the trouble in the world and then puke it up in a way, now allows us to burrow. cocoon into all the pain We can find there pain in your news feed there misery on cable tv. You don't have to look far we be can this conversation literally with a parade of Horrible's?
what's on your mind, Tennessee, probably the tornadoes but ask my boy: he's north of here it'll, be wildfires. Ask anybody with an ant plague and it's gonna be ants: ask anybody with an elderly set of parents who have just been diagnosed and it'll be covered. Down the list of goes. Everybody has something to legitimately freak out about. We seem to have spent twenty twenty one focused on that because, if you're not worried about this, then the attention of this. You want to see really scary. Member that line total inside it there's a line in the Twilight Zone, Dan, accurate, that's right, who else is in the car? Somebody famous- I don't. Because I was starting to worry that we weren't gonna come up with a title for this one, but we just did what is it.
this episode is gonna be called? Do you want to see something really really scary, of course here and it is an homage to align. In that I laid zone spoken by Dan Accrued, who, I think, picks up a hitchhiker or maybe it's the other way around yet one of the two there Helen stories and some you tell somebody a ghost story, and somebody tells another. One is scary story and then Dan Accurate says: hey, you want to see of the really scary and the other guy says yeah and he turned his face away, because I cannot wait for it. Reaches under his chin, any closes face off like the mission impossible Bad, yes, any turns around and he's an alien, that's how that movie started and that's what twenty twenty and twenty twenty one were man. It was the mainstream media and my new, whose and twitter feed and my friends and my acquaintances and my fans and
everybody else: body. Tapping me on the shoulder throughout the course of every live long day, all ass, me the same question: you want to see some really scary and What the answer is not now I'm gonna good, how do we stop that MIKE? What's in store for twenty twenty two, it's a beginning, well. Here's the thing here is my recipe for sanity. Moving forward. We don't stop asking that question. We just start asking other questions along with like you want to see some really funny? You want to see something really surprising, We see something really smart. You want to see something really humbling. See something really inspiring. You want to see
something really stupid right. We ask more questions the other day after this whole covert they on Facebook and after breaking a few, more eggs and after reading hundreds of people saying to me well we'll see how you feel when somebody you love, gets it right. That happened because I posted I posted a meme. I saw that made me spit my coffee out man. It was the Babylon, be right back don't be has become the new onion funnier Thea and weigh less political. And they posted a picture of a smiling guy standing in a park wearing a seat belt and the headline CDC reckoning, Drivers wear seat belts even when they are not in there in the car now,
So in my mind questions here? You ll see some really funny. Look at this. so I share that mean thinking. I'm sharing it with my private facebook group, but. Facebook is made all these changes, and I was actually in my public group, so I share I mean with six million people and a lot of em but a lot of them were like that. That's not funny! So funny dude, you can't you about that? Don't you know? Eight hundred thousand people have died like yeah, what in the world does this have to do with that? This was a funny rumination on the fact that a lot of people are dry. Being their cars right now wearing my asks and there alone in their car there's. No doktor anywhere. That says, that's a good idea. This was a parity. This was an attack, two lampoon that level of overreaching, but people couldn't see that A lot of people couldn't see that
because maybe they had lost somebody close to them from this disease and they still feel like laughing about it. I understand that at a posted in any way, I didn't take it down when I realized, I put it in the wrong spot. In fact, I caught a double down and I jumped in the comments and had a son but a conversation to the one that we're having right now because they're just has to be more this year than you want to see something really scary. That was funny and the fact that my parents are now dealing with this doesn't make it less funny. might make me less inclined to laugh at the moment as soon as we brought up this call- I'm gonna call my mom and dad. I went to see. What's what I'm gonna do everything a son would do whose worried that's not all I'm going to do with my day.
and it's not all I'm going to do with twenty twenty two: how about you how the new you're lookin? What do you want? What we require of me, Charles, I'm, not a resolution guy! I dont even do this on my birthday, I dont reflect and golden are what could the next year hold? For me? It's not the kind of thing that I do, I'm like everybody else. I'm focused on what's right in front of me here you gotta podcast, and then there are some. I got a meeting after this gets tough going on. I just keep it right in front of me. That's a cop out! I don't have an answer. I don't know what I'm going to do in this new year. I dont know what I hope for this new year other then I hope we don't lose our sense of humor
I want a laugh my way through the apocalypse is we can end it right there, but I dont do resolutions either, but I will do predictions yes bring it on I'm tripling down in March of twenty twenty, I wrote honestly, and I think pretty forthrightly, but I believe we're all gonna get it and I believe here to stay and that again we can have a go and I still believe it we're going to go through another spasm of craziness and fear based reaction. We have to better understand this testing thing. Somebody has to x going to me why it makes sense to test twelve days after I was positive, knowing that I'm not contagious
but entirely capable of generating another positive test, somebody You tell me why I should take their test. Does I dont understand that? But I believe, closer to the end in the beginning, and while at my have to get a little worse before it gets better. I think it's going to get better soon. I think we're going to have a new level of acceptance around all of this and I think we're going to be able to move forward in ways that we haven't so far. So I'm hopeful With regard to that, regarding all the rest of the stuff that by you and me. I'm super bullish never felt better about micro works ever. We're gonna give away another million bucks at least the next couple of months. We're gonna help another couple hundred people we're gonna, help close country skills gap, we should be proud of that brother. I am I'm
by that I dont know what to make of dirty jobs. I dont know if the net we're gonna order more don't know how I'm going to feel if they do honestly that show really hurt, but it looked like it. May I say I thought it was a very good shell- and I told you this already- but for Everybody else can hear it felt like dirty jobs. To me you will. It felt like the showing you were doing some serious work that rod busting is not for the faint of heart. It was funny the network aired literally thirty those in the twenty four hours that preceded it and I watched a lot of em. Surely did me any favours honestly, the younger skinnier might look at him Do all of these crazy things. You know, I'm very proud of what we did and I'm proud of what we just did as well. It's humbling did talking about a measure of humility looking forward
I'm gonna be sixty years old and a couple of months, and it was hard that third degree on my lay really hurt really nasty looking do man. I saw that did it hole in your chin. It hurt I throw hyper extended my right elbow sprained, my wrists for six episodes. It was a bloodbath but watching it premier. Earlier this week I love that so maybe there's more of that, it looks like this. Gonna, be more of the Fox business, show how a marrow America works, and I think, gonna do some wraps for that show so you'll be on camera this time and not just the narrator how the universe works proud of that show, because I follow the science you see course? And you sound very certain when you talk about that those back. I couldn't be happier Bering Sea gold is back deadliest catches in eighteenth eighteen season, the book
crazy, Santa Claus Song, my God, what great Christmas present that was the booze the booze, my car, the Buddha forgot about the booze. Yes, Bull Tennessee whisky we sold out in a couple of days, so we're gonna get another twelve thousand bottles. That's gonna become in January we A lot of money for micro works and to see Grand Grandad's last name the man who inspired dirty jobs on a bottle of five year old whisky, which is delicious so much to be grateful for and so much to look for, two that's the moral of our little conversation? My friend, we don't need new questions. We need more questions, conversation discussion down a good old fashioned argument. That's fine! you're not the country was built. I saw seventeen seventy six, the musical what was
favorite song from that musical that nasty one. Why think was my favorite, where the the north and the south, the southern guy Noriega, given it to the northern guy, saying: oh, you think your hands are clean. Well, this guy was Edward? Were Edmund Rutledge who was the youngest member of the Sun Canal Congress. It was in his late twenties. He wasn't delegate from ourselves line and the song he sang was called molasses to rum, that's it the slaves! Yes, it was a rumination on the triangle trade cause. all of the the Northerners in the Congress were essentially arguing that slavery was this conceit of the south and that it was the south that was,
really causing this problem and so forth and so on, but never really you're standing there, the impact of the slave economy on New England and so yeah Rutledge jumps up on his chair, and turning to the northern delegates and says. Molasses, to run to soon what a beautiful holds. You dance with sweet dance with you in my last sand. Chile, chilling sailed their ships out of Boston Laden with gold sea of gleam, whose actions are made in the triangle: trade man here, New England, slavery I've got it ends with Mister Adams. I give you a toast, Hail Boston Hail,
Charleston, whose stinkers Right yeah what a song, as a. I saw gear and it's such a it's a brutal message: nasty He among us without sin right right, everybody's got a piece. this everybody in the colonies in some way shape or form impacted and affected by slavery, and everybody in these United States today, in some way, shape or form is impacted and affected by covered we're not in the same boat. I said and the beginning of this thing, and I feel like a schmuck for doing it. One of the celebs who hopped on the Piazza thing and sad and where are the same boat folks we're all in the same boat, no were not wrong
storm. Our boats are different, our persons are different, are neighborhoods are different. The variant is different as a lotta difference going on and a lot of different people. Listening to this and probably expire, in single various levels of disappointment to those of you does too cried, I do apologise. This was not to repeat ourselves a conversation designed to enlighten you visa, the expert opinions my old friend shock and I are not experts in any way shape or form we're just a couple of guys known each other for a long time, I'm a guy who just got diagnosed with covert, who just learned is mom and dad sure that diagnosis trying to make little bit a sense that sharing some of those feelings with you as we embark upon a new year, your homework is to Google. The twilight zone,
see for yourself the inspiration for the title of this episode. You want to see. something really scary. Google twilight Zone Bannock Roy opening you'll find it also, I think you should google the original cast album of one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, and I think you should listen to Rutledge say alas, is Toronto. Slaves because it's incredible. Chuck added mentioned this one, but the best thing I read at the end of the year was by Kevin Williamson I've talked to you about him before sure. Yeah cabin is a writer I've been reading for years. He was fired, it Atlantic shortly after they hired him for a break in some eggs. and got hired incredibly by the National Review and he wrote something two few years ago, any reassured at this year. It's called sinners in the hands of an indifferent god, and it is.
some of the best writing ever I'm tempted to share a chunk of it with you, but we ve been talking for an hour in twenty minutes. Yet so, let's not that, but trust me. We just trust me on this dinner's at the hands of an indifferent god, I'm going to read it we'll be back again next week with maybe a big celebrity. Am I right, well I'll tell you what's going to happen next week. A lot of what happens next week is going to he determined by what happens tomorrow, the day after with my mom and dad, but we'll see we'll see how people reactor whatever this was because people love my mom and dad I'm not the only one no they're gonna be worried. I know my brothers are gonna, be worried, but I know a lot of their friends and we're going to be worried. So, if they're up for it, I'm going to bring them on to let you hear it from the horse's mouth. Otherwise, yes, a very big celebrity is on tap
which, by the way, checking what you get used to that involving used to what used to I'm not really sure that future. The way I heard it should rely on celebrities, same every now, and then we get one donor. We go in Vienna, peggy row is a big time. Celebrity the people lover, biggest eleven, my life, that's for sure, anyway, man You be well keep me posted, we'll talk again soon enough. I think this is probably a good bye. Now it's been swear actually, I wanna talk to you later today, a guy and get this thing postal a sap to any advertisers for it. I hope we did. I threw it out earlier the US we do if we get a good what tell them I said thanks to and I look forward to a separating them from some of their guilt african here in twenty twenty two as well. Why gotta make it weird, I don't know As we don't have a producer really and we have a budget
sir? If we have a directive that will we need? Do we aren't you, the director? I am never airlines as a director. I now proclaim this podcast caput tonight. We have one storm in the castle,
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