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235: The Reports of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

2022-01-25 | 🔗
Mike's parents drop by to give him an update on their recent bout with COVID.  Spoiler Alert: They're fine. 
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My friends micro here its purpose, number two hundred and thirty five of the way I heard it does what is called the reports Our demise have been greatly exaggerated, and I say this with the extreme hope and optimism that my dear friend shock is actually recording this time. Shock confirmed, deny it seems as though we are recording I'm seeing a voice Brent for you and a print for me and since were the only ones here. At this moment I would say yes we're good
thank God. The conversation you're about to hear was recorded a little bit earlier between my parents and I and of course Chuck who lurked ever creepy early in the background, injecting from time to time as he does do it's not exactly a secret. I gotta go over them, my mom and Dad God Cove id, and this is but a topic that typically, I really don't want to spend a lot of time talking about, but clearly its headline news and a lot of people were concerned. When I share the fact that my folks had said and to the armor chronic think it was Amr Cron, that's part of the problem right chuck, there's no way to know what exactly is tested for. I don't think so I mean I hear people say I got the delta. I got the alpha like how do you know? I think the only way to really guess about it is when you got it
I mean I'm sure there must be some sort of medical tests, but I'm unaware of it. I don't know anybody whose told me about a specific one yeah. You can fill a book with what we don't know about this thing. When I say we talking about me in shock, but I also think it is fair to say the same thing globally. You know one of the things I felt comfortable sort of doubling down on early on was saying. I dont know how this ends. I don't know when this ends, but I bet big that as it ends, there's going to be extreme confusion and the wailing in gnashing if teeth as people's struggle to get comfortable with whatever those like some kind of re entry. You know my mom and dad are no exception. Like us there,
older than I ve ever been, and they were scared, and I was scared and everybody in their retirement community was nervous and I just thought it would be useful to have a modern and chat a little bit to get a sense of how this impacted them and chuck. You laughed through most of its I'm guessing. It was a good choice. Yeah. I thought it was very good. I mean Well, I don't want to spoil the episode spoil it they're doing well, they're doing just fine yeah! That's the episode is titled what its titled. Oh, yes and you really think I've have among the episode of things- didn't go well: joint snacks for very social episode. Well Y gotTA, Megan Dark! No! No! No! No! You know why! Because if you can't find it
way to somehow laugh through the miasma of the last couple of years, not because it's funny just because if you can't find a way to laugh, then the joke's on you somehow and you know my mom and dad have been incredibly forthcoming. All of this and I've been worried and it just great to hang out with them and look, let's be honest somewhere on right on the verge of exploitation here, and I hope I'm not excuse my parenting but you're an elder abuse there. But I swear to God. It's true. You know. If you read through the comments of the audience that were so lucky to have. its incredibly consistent, I mean honestly, I think if my mom and dad we're on here every week without us, the audience would probably increase. Yes,
That's true, and you know really it's been said that it's kind of a reality show the conversations that are had on this podcast with your parents. I'll tell you what was a reality show last night on my facebook page. If those of you who may have tuned in further, this goat rodeo, we attempted to go live. While I was watching a couple hours of dirty jobs. We had a premiere last night, my tea department, a k, a shock, long story, short for a half hour. I was just out there hung out to dry alone in front of six million people. I blame you for that. That's fair! You can blame me for it. I promise you. I have went through anything that I could trying to figure how to make it work. I followed all the instructions to a and it led me nowhere and I'm still work. Not so maybe next week will get it fixed. Maybe we well, maybe that's why it's really no big deal, because it's just Facebook
and even though it is millions of people watching, it was really funny for me, because I haven't felt that way since Cuvier see honestly like when things off the rails. Cubey see in your just sitting there in a medium shot and some collar calls in and just starts cursing, and your stock you'd have to sit there and wait for somebody to hit the kill switch for five, sometimes six seconds. It takes an eternity, those five or six seconds. I sat here the kitchen table a half hour just talking to myself, essentially way dodo you're talking to me. If you have it, nobody could see you that's right. You're, crazy person, you're a hot and camera by yourself, which is so weird because you do that all the time, but I was too
and sherry, and a meeting earlier about this, that you were pest man? I can tell you're pissed at me: you were like what, but I just dont wisest why my anger towards you is almost always a reflection of my frustration toward me, my own inability to figure this crap out, whether it's this riverside programme, where the Zen castor that we used to use or insulting ram or Facebook or Google or chrome, I'm just always clicker to behind the smart, kids and I'm reliant on somebody else that person right now happens to be you and while you're somewhat smarter you're, not that smarter. Now, I'm the one eyed man in the land of the blind. That's it that's case scenario well in the land of the blind, but one eyed man is king and king. Klaus Meyer continues to produce the way. I heard it
so never to thirty five mom and dad or up I find them delightful. I hope you will agree. We call this when the report's our demise have been greatly exaggerated, with a nod toward the one and only SAM Clemens, our idea, tax report each year and save the day he's tech support. Here I was just joking with you before about us having somebody really competent chuck appreciates the irony, the irony of pudding. And anywhere near my name. so what you did last night. What would you do last night she armed iron The route word of irony, I suppose his iron, but dad I don't know that they have anything to do with each other ironing you regularly for her. There was most song, ebony and ivory.
Ironing is me life workshop. Then I don't know very often. No, she wasn't are usually where wrinkled two well in my face, he's gonna Erika dad. Do I notice a haircut Oh no, sir, yes and others got went through this morning for nice, you should close the door, which amounted to close the door? What is that and from the door not mom. Is that a towel now and it's not underwear either more. That's my spirits, Erica.
I think we're about ready, destroy, sundayfied down, just make a phone call to a friend and he got the wrong number I got for. Instead of getting Bob, he got. Somebody named George two minutes later the cat, like their old friends, anyway. You George lives in Florida and Bob used to live in Florida. Apparently I have bombed all Florida telephone number in my contacts so all night Bob. I ended up talk George and Georgia, He was in Florida course. I told him that Scott was in drew. Her when we had a lifeline conversation. Peaches, never know when you're gonna meet a new trend that things have happened today and the days just getting started,
chuck if there were a video that had been rolling in my parents apartment for the last twenty years and you had the footage of telemarketers who the misfortune of calling my parents and getting my father on the phone. If we had access to that footage and we could edited together. We would have something the Netflix would pay dearly to have Because it's comedy, unlike anything I've seen in a long time, I can tell you that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, because I've actually been at your house when you ve got an unsolicited calls and it's an absolute show stopper. Basically for the next fifteen minutes, you are engaged in a conversation that is just mystifying. The person on the other line again, hang
and they won't not answer your questions here. It's a time stuck, I walk, I can buy it honestly cause. I worked a dial America marketing in college, and I did my time making phone calls that nobody wanted to pick up my dad. He never did that for a living. he's just a guy, who's came to talk to anyone, who's, calling and man evil suck the life people call from India. half hour later, they don't know what happened to their lives. God knows everything about their lives. Like name as he knows where they know knows what the weather's lie. He knows about their edges, should he knows about their family and when they hang up, they haven't sold us anything, but This is in your life. Andrei yesterday, hometown because we don't want Oh yeah, we can't home that, but I told myself Andrei we ve been talking for so long together. You're, like a brother to me
So am I really nice of you? sorry I said next time. I have to call this number. I hope. It connected with you, and he said hey. I can arrange that me so when you called just ask? Andre and Healthcare You tell me I said ok, brother, Zander I mean what was he selling you tell a marketer, no, no, not a financial institution. No! No! No! No! You told me, No, we can't is destroying the story. I need to know who lose you work for. What's the whispering in my ear, Ray work Signa. Ah, ah it Dignan, Israel, insurance Company healthcare is now you ve, given his name and his call. So what Andrei just a minor publicity, there must be thirty thousand Andres. It signals a huge company. It was a positive call right away
so it's not like we're slamming Signa or people named Andrei dead. As a new friend who works for big health care provider who call them the other day, that's just the way way: friendships Ask your father where he was this morning. He did somewhere we this morning that really exciting. While I was going to say I was down in what they call the talks shall I shall never worry, we'll creepy upset when everyone well. I was in a good job and my have a plan to make a coffee table You ve never made anything out of wooden. Your life mother has been wanting coffee table for the past ten months so I decided they have a beautiful would show up here. I would love to learn how to do some would working so I said,
I know for the Woods shop. Today, I spent with a couple of the sharp members Neander Gola guide me as I build. A coffee table. This is extraordinary. Mom. Are you gonna to film any of this to stop by there and take some mum when nobody's looking? It should be great material because, like you said, that's never worked with words. yet when it closes the door opened toper. Remember the Scots I brought home from wood shop in the eighth grade, Michael. I do remember that it was a little lopsided look like apparent museum. Well anyway, it's a great woodshop. It's loaded with all kinds of equipment
I will learn new use around her and I'm gonna learn to use a radio saw. Don't touch me But I was we go wrong. I'm? U, like eighty nine years old, you gonna, learn to use a radio saw actually I u morning, oh really, you did you see. I got a link, our swung out of having great nourisher still five per year that I meet the guy. I who runs the wood sharp last time I visited you even one of them. I think he's vice president. We see the one that make is beautiful pieces of Rafferty known Rafferty is alone, you met, bearing on his former firemen. As I recall firemen, nobody was What's it to see how you got into his life teaching, I didn't have any choice, chalk. So here's what happens. I walk in new and elevator with my dad we're gone down to pick up the meals right, because at that point,
they still worn allowed out of the apartment, and you can go to the dining room, so we're just picking up the food bring it back and I walk in an elevator. You know my dad's got his ask on and he doesn't have a hearing aids in and its other guys in their he's got his mouth s gone right. They start yelling at each other, standing there in the middle of these two men were having a conversation. I'm not kidding you for twenty minutes. These two guys talked in not one an instance did anyone say anything, but the other person heard the first time so I'm wrapped in an elevator with too many screaming at each other, trying to interpret it screaming back. It is so all I from the guy used to be a fiery he's a nice guy named run any runs a wood shop there at the home and now dad is joined up in the wood shop to take a class to make coffee table. Apparently. Is actually one on what I believe. It's not really a class it'll be good instruction, and maybe you really take
Oh, I will I plan on doing more than just coffee table. I want to spend some time down her, make another little make like a Christmas gift and something for his birthday. Legal askance, lopsided Scots one people I would with this morning, is his specialities ball. Making. On a lazy makes balls beautiful, balls apple would walnut time. Whatever he's running the display case, excuse for uniform, So do you need oarsmen? Now I have heard anyone and things can send me a Christmas gift or a birthday gift or data gift really are walls or form a cabinet at our table tops. Therefore we need nothing,
just a lovely card with a nice sentiment would be pretty. You know all about yeah. What are their leisure, another billings man, yes by everyone, No, I dont need Benjamin. Where do we go? model, no yellow be later for interrupting our conversation with its crest commercial message, but it must be done because micro Works- is offering a new round of work ethic scholarships and you are officially in cordially invited to apply on February. Twenty third will, We are offering another million dollars in work ethic. Scholarships applications will be welcome starting February twenty. Third, this is for the next generation of skilled tradespeople, plumber, steam fitters, pipe fitters, mechanics. if you're going to have for your school, I can help you. But if you want to learn a skilled, it's in demand. We would
of love, love to help you out with a work ethic scholarship just go to micro works, dot, Org, that micro works, dot, org click on the obvious place to click, fill out the application and good luck. Now, where were we? I s main me mom. Well, look, that's the thing I want to get too really came on here a month ago, we had an visit before Christmas and then you got covered and then we did a podcast where we talked about that, and now I've been flooded with people who, when I'm gettin up day. They want to know how you doing and how you're feeling and how the last couple of weeks have been for you. That's why you're on I'll call the problem we have ten minutes, because he has to go hand in hand with the guys down in the pool You must be feeling better wondering about you. Come Terry between you and chalk regarding
mom I and covered the way you presented, it sounded as if we had unfortunate gravely other on banana appeal window. Others were actually very, very much alive. Very very far away from covered that you can be and still have it So you're signals were mild, then the very mild mine were obscure and bombs were a little worse. She had more symptoms end up longer lasting than I did. I dont think I ever actually had it.
The funny thing is, we are tested positive and I tested negative. I was the one with the symptoms: dad had a minor coughing for a day or two, and then it just disappeared. He was totally asymptomatic, except for the first two days he tested positive and I just so they did a slow test on me. I think it's called a pc are, and that came back positive, so we both actually did have it and quarantine for ten days At least but anyway were we're very safe, sound healthy to industry. Georgia are ready to continue. Into our and your work. Your nineties, two adultery mothers slight difference
Excellent I've got a full recovery chuck. There are now moving into the adultery phase of their lives in great Britain so they came in and tested us again the fourteenth day and again, dentist, so we to hang around the apartment for another week? Army were pure as pure can be way over concerned. If actually have. And mother. I know had it thank goodness. We had both shots and the booster, because without them the circumstances for us could have been rather dire. Let me ask you something that what do you think I should do? I've been fully vaccine I didn't get the booster. What I did get hold of it, though now am I supposed to get the booster some
People say I should so sure it doesn't make sense Well, do you think you're gonna love any bodies in Europe? body now, maybe it doesn't put on. Inclined to lean old haven't booster in mothers case she had the boost her and though she had some side effect from didn't. I react very strongly the medications and after the second vaccine I had three days in bed where I had every symptom. I had like a mini covered and then after I got my first, I had the same thing three days of many current, like a priority, a full blown curve, but just for three days this time I had a couple of bad days in the beginning when I really had covered-
So I tell you, I'm a little reluctant to get another booster if they decide that's what's needed, because I know I can see the writing on the wall. I'd get really sick. There is the reaction to the booster better or worse than the your symptoms from having covered. You know, I think the booster. What's worse, that message threefold days. I had two days of covert sentence in the beginning and they were fairly minor. So really the booster was worse. I don't know, I think everybody is just kind of feeling their way. I don't think anybody really knows. First, certain I mean I think the tests, although well intentioned, are not very reliable and fortune.
I think the rapid test is suspect as far as on efficiency is or effects. Yeah anyway, I think, is to use the fancy word I as far as being effective. I question that because really think. I'm really had a force positive reading, but mom regardless of the kind of shot she gets. A flu shot, she get ashore arm. She has real action to the flu shot, whatever kind of shot you get me the blue sharks and only will know I've had dinner either of you have the shingles shot we had shingle show that years ago we did. We haven't gotten the two part shot shingles. I had a pretty bad Kivu signals, but they are
What about a month? Some people go on for months or even years with their symptoms. Yeah I got the shingles shots and by action to it was really bad girl. I got both of Amelia and both of them were exactly the same. What was like having the flu, I well not really like having flew like having a fever. I d fever for sure, like a hundred and one fever for a day and a half knocked me out felt like I was beat with a bag and Nicholls both times, but that's better than the shingles is what I've heard of working single rent over it's over, but the shingles can have lingering effects dad, I'm sorry to overstate outcomes. learn, but you know for two years: every banana com. He has had a steady diet of people get it and that's it. They're gone their dad. and it just over and over and over and over and over again- and you know, you're older than you ve ever been in
did freaking me out a little bit. You know, because I'm my opinions on pretty vocal on Facebook and I'm, as you know, pro vaccine, but a bit suspicious of mandates. I've tried to articulate that point and people are so. Grew up like well, we'll see how you feel when your parents get it now, my god now I've jinx everything right in and then all of a sudden you guys get it so It was an alarming day that first day when mom called to say, hey well your father and I have it. You know yet is there, you are in a retirement home how many people right now some very fine people out of twenty five hundred in independent living river. I've covered. Sixty people are quarantine. They just brought out the new numbers yesterday, so that is
come and stay a few figures for stay out here. Twenty twenty on the staff. Have there been any hospitalizations one? I don't know that, but I mean I haven't heard of any serious cases or any deaths, and really their record was pristine. When the original came out, they just shut down. People were not allowed to leave their apartments forty year, all of their food was delivered and they really took care of them. All right now were shut down. We have two either pick up her meals or have delivered! There's no eating in the restaurants know what some of the activities are still going. My God take Shuffle board last night and he's getting ready to go play. Pool now, and I see people playing cards around their earlier.
around the community, but also back to what I said before mom and I hadn't had the shots and the booster. We could have been in dire circumstances and then you would have been embarrassed MIKE than I would have really good what I had come in to MR dirty jobs, guy, which apparently early grave, hey off speaking of dirty job son Would you open that more tower? One You get in the towers, not so bad, but it's getting to the tower. I didn't like yeah, so long, climb, long live big old ladder. That was you John. I didn't like looking at that at all. Either it scares there. It gives me a Colin Maya Manner, I have to say this because the reflection on me you
Gary, no younger. I realise that dad, but I'm still out there still hang it on. You know I'll, tell you what I am a little worried. The first episode, the premier. It really well and then the second episode did even better and other things. What episode does water tower thing that Europe moving making and the tugboat making did even better No I'm afraid. I don't know you never know with the network. Ma am afraid they might want more of these things just have one suggestion for you. You know like I liked to take notes why you're performing the great ok we're uncomfortable when you say words like crap. Why are you kidding me? It's been twenty years. I've been saying crap on dirty jobs. For twenty years. I love when you say something like cracked, your pants thats. Really. does he know that is just too I was
we would like, but we would like, if you didn't say that you're very towards coast. I think that I put up where my crew and I are all photographed in diapers and we were Compare that well, yeah, cute there, but I have to keep looking so you hey with me standing there a grown man wearing a diaper, but you rather mean say what the diapers designed to help prevent. I e grabbing pants our number when you did it and why you did it. That was cute at the time, but I won't need to look at it anymore. Really you I think you were hitchhiking in your divers weren't. You know that was after my bath. I was just wrapped in tasteful, towel and covered with mud numbers have understood but yeah. When you took the original picture of your crew and diapers how'd, you just finished any day care centres,
You changed diapers all day. No, that was just a regular Thursday man. That's how you during the lies they have on beer new. We filmed add a diapers service for quality and we wound up at their dedicated laundry where they had half a dozen of these industrial strength, washing machines like twelve feet tall. These things were and the job was it's a diaper service, so you drop off clean diapers and you pick up these nasty crap filled pieces of cloth and you go back to this place and you dump all the baby. Out of them and then you wash all of the diapers again and then they back out into the service so yeah at the end of that, David. Just seem like a natural thing to do, to ask everybody to take their clothes off put on a diaper imposed for a photo.
Well, don't you know son when you were in divers I'm used to send amounts to a diaper service to me, laundered so What you experienced was something that you had actually live through. Your own divers being sent to it Hungary service. Will you know what before you were born and they gave me a shower and one of the decision? or was a year diaper service, which was wonderful because the apartment we lived in did not have washing machine and dryer and dad had to take the clothes down to the laundromat. Every Saturday we didn't have to
We do so that laundry service really came in handy, but I always clean the diaper first ended the toilet, you know sometimes even rents. Did you apparently some people don't do that, because I would get notices in the bag of clean diapers every once in a while, reminding that that's how you spoke to clean them, but some people just take him off and put him in again you gotta should pull that. I'm gonna try I'm play with four guys you're, really good, Annie as tourism. Very, very patient, and they suggest the shop. You know how I should surely Where are you ones that Cuba and up and for its position is concerned. you're, really very, very nice. To do this,
so I don't want to miss out on that, will give them my regards good luck with the coffee table, the Lave, the router, the band saw, please be careful and I'm glad you're still up an atom good for you guess nail and hardy. Are you still walkin as much as I can succeed here today. Is it in the Teamsters adopted twenty. I don't know it's quite fiscal. all right, son chartered by violence. I love you dear girl, blowing here. Do you keep your eye on the object? Ball? Not the queue ball. That's right! The object! Ball! You a lot more secure lots of time to go visiting money. Don't that money on? No! Don't let that man
he really is kind of an inspiration. Mom I mean I know you get to live with Prince charming our twenty four seven, but both, of you. I wonder of part of the reason, liver Ivory was so easy for dad. Is that here has been active. His whole life you still walking three miles a day pool is exactly a rigorous exercise, but there's been, dinner's moving in there's no he's thinking. You just engaged with everything Yes and it's a ten minute walk to get there it's in the other side of the community. No, he really is active. His idea of a terrible day is one where we have nothing scheduled and they are very rare. But then he reads so that's a good thing to yeah. Your father's, never board and that's a good thing, but really neither are you. By the way, I sent your poems out several it
Strainers responded to our last conversation he's looking over your stuff as we speak, You want to see are so what is it going to do? Is he going to actually do some illustrations and send them back? I dont know what he's gonna do that's what I would do if I were him either that or is just going to think about it for a bit and and tell us what he would do you love was? arms to another public anymore. You sell your poems obligations, publicity himself here. Let me back to the diapers four minute: yeah, you were there, exception if you're dumping. My little baby turns out of those things before you sent it back to the service. I can tell you at least up in Sacramento.
Ninety percent of those things were filled with just a horrible disappointing. Surprise. Ninety percent! That's too bad job. If you lived through that, then you might be more predisposed to use expressions like crap your pants. It doesn't seem like that. Big of a deal this point my life anyway. Well, I guess it's ok for you, but I'm not gonna what bothers you about it. I don't know it just seems kind of crude soiled, your diapers one thing the craft, your pants, I'm not sure which is worse, honestly, oil. So how is it night, soil and expression night? So all I believe there is years ago, the net I had the same problem you had, I would say the word crap during an
pursued, usually when I was either dealing with crap or crawling through crap or any number of other things, and they would bleep it? And of course I got a lot of angry letters from people who thought I was saying shit and there were like? Why would you say a word like that on a family friendly show and I would say well, of course I didn't. I didn't say that I said crap and they said well, that's ridiculous. They wouldn't bleep you for saying crap, you must have said shit. This whole conversation with the network about how now I wasn't saying the S word. I was saying the sea word, but then even now, Conversation. The sea word means something else altogether, which I would never say all right. You know that word, the big bad word mom, the big bad seaward, servitor? Oh that's, not right! that's not pursue a ban.
I guess yanking your chain hunt, but while we're on the topic I saw that picture of your toilet downstairs that would put on your page. That was awful. It was awful, what did you do about it? I called the plumber? I was literally walking into the office where I am right now to do some recording like I'm doing right now, but I didn't get this far. The whole basement, o lower level was flooded with water.
I I didn't know where I was coming from thought. I might have been coming from the shower cause that backed up once before, but then I got closer and I saw there was stuff in the water and then I got closer still eyes unto God that toilet had exploded. It looked like thousands of brown paper. Towels had come back through the pipes somehow and dissolved and then just washed out as the water just kept pumping out now. So the Good NEWS is it wasn't night soil, or crap or dung or scat or feces, or any other words, it might put you off. It was just paper thousand stuff toilet paper We still don't know exactly what happened. Something
happened in some lateral pipe outside of the house, and it sent a lot of pressure the wrong way and all of it exploded out of the toilet that any of the neighbours have now any just me always lady straw, and the funny thing is your kind of on a hill. Your home is elevated yeah, but there's a flat part in the pipes somewhere and in that flat part stuff accumulates were accumulates. The guy said. We six or seven years and has set up like this. You could have this sort of problem. I know what I'm gonna do. Probably we there in the next five years, probably yeah I've got another five years to find a place for the toilets, not explode. toilets, always explode, that's really the moral of the story. I mean I was season, one dirty jobs, MRS Frazier, and I
We had a septic tanks and the old house, and there were problems from time to time with septic tanks. As I recall well, my dear colleague MRS Phrase, his toilet was on ground level or was it in a basement? Spaceman it seemed site basement. Toilets are more prone to react like that. Well, I think of the sludge is coming back toward the house. It's going to hit that area first, rather than go up to the second or third floor, MRS Frazier toilet for those Eu Donald, I'm talking about season one. Dirty jobs. There was a woman thinks she wasn't Staten Island. We were doing a story with a disaster clean up organization and we we're going to go in and clean up after a fire, but the night before the guy who runs a mega. That was the name of the company. He called and said: look we still do the fire thing if you want, but we got a real nightmare,
go and honour rear summit Slogan in a pipe, had sent all the neighbors sewage flying backwards and it all came out of one toilet in the basement of a woman's home, nay, MRS Frazier. It covered the walls It was afoot thick on the floor when you see your neighbors night soil on your wedding photo. That's when you know you ve got a real, clean up on your hands. Anyway, she became kind of famous, I was in the first season of dirty jobs and I remember she was upstairs. While we down there cleaning that mess up and she made Chile for everybody and did you actually eat it? Oh yeah, we were starting bid. Sitting there eating a bullet chile standing up to your knees and night soil. All you want. Doing the job while you were eating at worry. We broke for lunch.
and there was really know where to go. I mean your literally covered with crap and you can't you oughta stared at her tiny were taken holding. I do it made no sense to clean up, so we all just kind of sat down where we were must have been odor that must have been off pudding unspeakable unspeakable odor Shelly. No, thank you. You believe dirty jobs, but on the twenty years you mean actually active It actually went on the air as dirty jobs in two thousand three, but it started his somebody's gotta. Do it in two thousand one? That's twenty years: that's all they have continued to run this problem
off it yeah and that is still nervous when I climb ladders and you're still put off a little bit when I refer to purpose as crap or crap is poop funny. You came to visit us. once when we were in the Congo and we were sitting on the sofa altogether. The three of us and I turned on dirty jobs and there were. I think you were jumping into a tank of thrashing sharks and you were sitting right, Next to us, and I knew you were ok and I still couldn't watch it. I still dead mother, these covering my eyes And you said mom, I'm sitting right here, I'm ok, you can look and then Oh by the way. Here's where
one of the Schaarschmidt smite beyond leg. You had myself license there on your leg leg right. I have no experience being a mother sitting next to her son. While she is watching him do this whatever is doing on the tv, but when you think about covered- and you put yourself in my play- some three thousand miles away- and I get this phone call my parents who have just moved into a retirement community. I can see right now, you're fine, you know I do. doing. You sounded fine right there's just this disconnect between? What you see on your tv and the fear that you feel and there's a disconnect between the headlines, that you read in the confusion that you feel and
You know you form your opinions and then all of a sudden things become personal and everything changes yeah. I can anyone change in our still react at me. If you're climbing, high one something real, but our story act that way when you get the flu here in Europe, Dotage yeah he might handles those itself when you were home was at last week by week before last. You were here with before. You said today we were playing a game, we were playing cards and you said he ever chaotic Nazis fund, his so
In the second hand, shop yesterday just looking around, and there was I gotta see box, so I bought it, we haven't played it yet it's one die short of five days. It has only has four days, so I have to find another dies somewhere that key mom about like playing greener, go with fifty guards. No clubs five die for bribery staff in the dollar store. This morning after I got my hair cut to see if they had any dies and they don't, we had some great big rubber ones for little kids deflect. I figured that wouldn't work so for regular size, Dyson, one giant rubber one
gotta be fund the bonus die. Could I role one I'm twice now now that's the way it works, as you get five days, you're all at once And then you get another role and you can take as many dice away as you want cause you're looking for different hands, you look for a straight, a small straight, a yacht, see as five of the kind you get thirteen roles per game and each role you have to assign to align. There's some strategy in it, mostly its lock issues, Roland Dice, but you need five dice show me a little bit like guys I'll have to get another one year, you definitely need another dies or die. This one is really can't say, look at it, it's being it's the De Luxe, oh, but only four days now I've never treated you like sedition. I get him.
And what that entails. Ah, when you come back home come back out soon, it's got all kinds of good stuff in near lots in nice, pads score paths which I imagine a really important their critical. You need those who do not want to make your own score pad its involved. All right all right. I wonder where I can buy another dice. Another die, I'd, better, I have a game somewhere in the apartment that has a day a diet it. Why can I get the plural straight? It feels where more and likewise doll should be pleased about now I dont have any gains I used to.
Then we downsized you got rid of so much crap, sorry nights or sorry poop! Not would what am I call it all the stuff? You got rid of the slovene stranger if Libya waste waste, how difficult was it to part with grab. He has honey. When I looked around and thought oh, no, we can't take this. We can't take that. I can't bear to get rid of this. Well guess what. Remember what I got rid of and I love what you said when you walked into our apartment for the first time and looked around- you said, isn't this nice everything you need and nothing you don't and that really said it all. We have everything we need and nothing without the except for one die. You're dies short,
don't die short of a yazzi. We try not to say that were too much here at the home dyestuffs better, no matter what were you know, you could probably get a whole new set of five online next to nothing problem, please say Jack! That's the exact thing that my dad will recoil again, we don't need five. We need one. So your spend a day scouring the internet. Looking for a single die. Does anyone cell die one at a time Probably not you know, I can probably make one probably got some six sided day. I could give you what you know what you can?
all right down there at the woods job. Maybe before they dive into the table, they can make you set a dice, I'm gonna call back right. You know, I saw him now you shouldn't. Oh that's right. If we were talking, Were I there's another funny thing. I forgot the way dad will become friends with anyone or at least try. There is no overstating it. It doesn't matter if you're in now elevator, if you tell a marketer, if you're in his proximity he's gonna shot you up, even if he can't hear you right. It's hysterical. My favorite moment was years ago. remember the Viva paper towel commercials. I knew you came out here. I think, probably for the first time to allay put you up in a pretty good hotel, pretty good and one morning dad started talking to either
a woman or the dormann and shock. Of course, you know what this guy really is: is a screenwriter every raised, screenwriter yell, so they're waiting for the car to pick him up and dad starts talking to him. He says I, you know, I've got a script on working on and they talk about the script and I don't see any of this happening. I just know we come back after shooting these commercials mom do you remember this. there were so many data So I get out of my car, you guys get out of your car were walking back into, I think was the four seasons and dad looks at the dormant. It goes. how are you egos good, John Good, good how'd, your dago, not so bad, and then If I was stopped and says so, look I've been thinking about your screenplay. You note the third act, you know it's got some pride, problems and it is a guy at the third act is always a problem, and I'm just watching then talk at some point during that time:
They must have had a massive conversation and my dad remembered the title of the movie. the characters in the movie the format, and so fourth and so on, and I just he hasn't always been that way, though, as you know, when I first met your father, he was not a happy person, he was very quiet, very sullen. Seldom smiled, he just was not a happy person, but I think I made him happy through the years. You know what he's a people person deadlines. people he enjoys talking to people? I went down to the gym the other night and dad was playing shuffle board with the guys. Therefore, five of them they get together twice a week and now is in a league. It's gonna be really serious, so the guys had finished playing.
But dad didn't come home, so I went on down. The gym is right next to the Chapel board and their debts pain, but the women I mean he's so friendly with all the women. They just think he's wonderful he's one of the girls, I probably should the safer, but he is only mean that kind. There's Tony there's Marge, there's pack and they all just dinner he's just fits in. It's amazing chuck. Let me my mom's right. He was not. You know an outward Lee Happy guy when he was what twenty five twenty six years old it difficult, childhood and so forth, but today it's not just that he likes people inherently. I don't know if that's true and I think the bigger thing about him is that he's curious. He sets a lot more about everything. Everything and people are a part of
everything, and so, whether it's a coffee table it would shop or learning how to play. Pool at eighty nine were shuffle board were hanging out with the boys or hanging out with the girls. What difference does it make me he's still curious? Isn't he account here as well count thanks God, he counts everything, everything like what he can't not can't. You know he should have been like an actual, where actuarial actuarial, really because everything with content, everything with amounts is fascinating to him when he can't let it go. which drives me kind of crazy, sometimes to the phone people. He was on the phone. The other day, with some woman, in fact I wrote a blog about it. I was looking for, but I can't remember which one it is and he was on the phone.
This woman and untrue. not to listen, because I'm writing and then I hear you say to her. What colors her hair raven, because with the name like Raven, you should have black here and I jump up unless a John. You cannot ask this woman. What color her hair is its two personal. It's like asking her What are you wearing? Well, a minute later, those two were laughing in Turkey so on the phone with her abandon our her name is even she lives in Arizona. She works were blah, blah blah blah blah and she just loved it. Go figure yeah, there's a beer a very fine and within line between curious and creeping back to other similar try, dad's crossed it before, but not, with both feet, he'll get right there to the edge run at story.
Got an elevator one time and there was a big guy with a big bushy white beard and he just gets right in Do it and read suspenders red suspenders? What did he say. Well, it was December, He said something about your visa, is your visa up to date, He was a little early, it was just before Christmas and anyway, the guy tended to be Santa Claus and just fell right into the role and he and dad talk back and forth. it was very entertaining because people and elevators usually don't talk, but I'll tell you I have many an anxious moment before. I know what the reaction of people is going to be. I don't wanna see dad her and some people don't appreciate being carried out by a stranger like the girl.
The young girl who got on the elevator we were in a hotel and dad was practicing his accents for a play he was in and he said some It is a girl like well it's a fine morning. Lassen where were we you headed or starting on. She just looked at him. She was on her phone and she looked up and I thought oh no. This is not going a pretty and then the door opened and she went out and she said I'm off to the fitness centres have a good day. To make them happy man. Elevator etiquette, that's a good one! Well- and I want to keep you all day, but I did just one of the check in mostly on behalf of the people who keep nagging men wanting to make sure that you're, ok, you should know they're like hundreds of thousands of people that are affected
But if we worried about you and dad that's nice, it is nice and I do appreciate it, but we are fine and I've tried to tell them that if they follow me on my page, they would know that we're ok on your pages, the real peggy row on face, I believe it is who remain you believe it well. I don't know I never go to it that way, but people tell me they just Google Peggy row, Facebook posts, yeah I'd, looked it up earlier today, just to be certain that I had a right: the Real Peggy, the Real Peggy Rowan Facebook. Yes, you gotta blue check, mark and everything. I do he sector. It means your verified. What's that word they use in that movie oh brother, where art there, I'm not verified rages. No, I'm somethin fide
countries, like my own in major official, you are not certified by terrified now rectified circumcised. Even close MIKE criminal conservative Watch, your language, oh George, Clooney says it. I can't remember when it is remembers the dapper Dan. From that we need to look us up. You know we can and we were in a tight spot boys. He was funny and Emily was scared.
I dont know her name and I seed or first I love that line. I see them. First, where you think I'm crazy, unless you ve seen then oh brother, were art, Thou verified, rectified directed by Nelson Mandela. With this is I don't know how to find him up. I looked up. The brother were, though, quotes damn we're in a tight spot, now says rectify. There's no way. Series gotta understand that. Well, besides, I didn't pushing the microphone.
I said it all for not boy well, what's on the agenda for today. Anything else I should know it see today is Friday. Oh yeah, I think we're playing penal code this evening. Excellent that'll be that's always, and you have a birthday man not for a while. Now it's pretty close saved, none for while you're gonna try stay under the radar this year. With your birthday, you get two hundred thousand people clamouring. wish you a happy one I'll be eighty. Well, that's a nothing birthday next year. They can wish me happy. Eighty set cause that ends in a five Five, zero with the big ones really wants a matter. This is a and chalk. Have you found it. Do we have this obscure George Clooney reference, yet like seven pages of quotes from this thing, certified that's what I thought certified or sanctified, because they did get baptize toe sanctify.
certified rectified the economy and the same thing I just don't know what else could be much not clarified preacher says all my sins is washed away include net Piggly wigley I knocked over in Yazoo may have great news, let you was innocent of those charges. Well, I was lie and then the preacher says since been washed away. Do neither God nor Man's got nothin. I may come on in boys waters by now than the one. I know it when I hear it. Yeah, I'm sure you're listeners are all screaming it, but I seriously doubt their allotted listeners left at this point I have been an hour, has come a time to really flies. I guess it's all up.
Better perspective, we had a nice lunch today I stopped by subway and bought a tuna sub boy. It good haven't had won in well over a year was to turn salad, nor was it like strips of tuna tuna, fish farm on out long, a foot, long, white role with lettuce and tomato. wait a little longer. Oh no owner, we split it, but I did it. A half was not very good. I ain't a half of what it was good with chattering soda very well. If we can't find what George clearly said that maybe we'll just call this one, I ate half a foot long well, what
wrote down. Was it's a thin line between curious and creepy sprang up and I was dead yeah. It's hope we stay on the curious and, let's hope, let's hope, all right, but this has been fine Thank you for inviting me you're welcome any time, especially women.
get any other guests, oh, and by the way I did finish my blog. Oh you really, you buried the lead. Are you happy? I am happy, but you know how writers are every once in a while. I got to thinking. Oh, it's no good, you ve never go back and I read it and I think it really is a nice willingness and my editor like said so she's, giving it a final pass and then there is still a lot of work to do, but hopefully, before summer, gotta be great, maybe by mother's day to River Barbier, Great Britain,
I will get me a draft when again, I had, in the mean time, I'm still writing poetry in my head, get it out of your head and put it on the page. I think there's something there too. Did you know that Billy sister had a blister under his shirt and her tell me more you'll have to read the book Billy fist, her had a blister and it hurt under his shirt under his shirt and her under his shirt and it hurt. I can see where this has gone. Does a blister pop, his little sister popped, his blister why I'm mouth all over her dress and then well, I'm not sure, were gone with it, but there is a doctor Lester in it who gets, coordinate, twisted his mouth filled with dust and he can only whisper.
Why haven't quite resolved it yeah? That's the stuff tat I think can work. I love the poetry for their young kids, because that your background and you all that stops terrific. But if you can come up with more poems that have that dirty jobs component, that kid's will love, but parents will also love. I think this illustrator we'll have a field day bringing that stuff to life. I really do, but I'll tell you about Billy faster, took sway. and his sister. No, he mister I would observe, but on a downside after last that boil she's covered with pass. It's not a good day for a first, her sister, even though Mr
It's a work in progress on the road is now I get to you when I finished the question is: is it a pop up? It's a pop out all right go join, you husband shoot little pool, be a ruling section for him excellent. I You guys have a nice day till we will. We may talk about you after your gun, I mean what could you say but good right? Where will suit route? That, should I stay on to record or something I have to hit, stop or women? Don't stop your job, you know what Why you're still here? Why don't you and your best motherly tone and the sweetest demeanor? You can conjure, invite what's left of our listeners, to give us a five star review.
Over on apple. Well, I'm not sure what it means, but apparently it would be a good thing if you were to go over to apple and give us a five star review. That is, if you like what you ve heard, and even if you didn't that's purposes, Even if you didn t there you go, you ask for the Sailorman. Are thy love you baby? two like buzzy. You always great to see you be well. Thank you do too
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