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237: The Cookie Rojas of Cable

2022-02-08 | 🔗
Brian Kilmeade, the utility player of FOX News, chats with Mike about Lincoln and Douglass, Rogan and Spotify, Johns Hopkins and how we all want our lives back.
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Hello. It's me micro with episode number two hundred and thirty. Seven of the way I heard at this one is called the cookie Rojas of Cable Chuck, tell him who cookie row houses, Cookie Rojas was a utility player who play for like six different major league baseball teams. I believe, but he played every single Fishing didn't started every position, but he played all of the positions, including pitcher and catcher, which is very rare. He was the guy. You could go to no matter.
He was always there. He never said. No. He was always willing to play any position. He just was so grateful for a chance to play the game he loved. He didn't care where he played or for whom or in what position, and for that reason my guest today deserves to be compared to cookie Rojas, its Brian kill, meet who's been over it Fox NEWS now for a long time. I don't know what you think, a Fox news and with respect on a really care I go on Fox NEWS, a lot to promote my various projects. I used to have a show on CNN. I used to go and MSNBC Pbs Npr I'll go anywhere. I'm invited Ever I go over. The Fox news I tried to break and show because we We have such a good time. Bride was
stand up comic once upon a time he was a sports broadcaster and then he got into new. By saying hey. If you need anybody in any position to do any thing any time day or night, I'm your huckleberry. So if somebody filling in for Laura Ingram or Talker Karlsson. If they need somebody on the five or if they need some in the prime time slot or whatever it is Brian standing by to do it he's also aside from a just a crazed, worker bottomless work, a he's a surprisingly good writer and he's written how many books. Now six. I think that a cop too could be more. I think he wrote a couple of sports boats before he wrote the history books, but the history books are good. I've read to them so far in their great well the thing he does that I like is the same thing you when I tried to do with six degrees to some success.
So far not say so myself making history interesting, he ever people who would otherwise just not give it to him he's done that with six different books. The one I want to talk to him about today is called the president's and the freedom fighter, and it's a really great look at a really divided time in our country. Abraham Lincoln is President Frederick Douglass, of course, a former slave and the two of them come at the problem of slavery from very different sides, but why up forming a friendship that is legendary and inspiring a nation to come together at a time when people simply didn't think the nation would ever come together again That sounds remotely familiar at all right now and I am not suggesting we're on the eve of the civil war. I certainly hope not, but we are divided country and there are a lot of things
come up in this conversation that I did not expect to come up, but in height I shall come not shocked at they did. I hope I didn't put my foot in it. You didn't, kill the whole conversation, so I assume we're still on fairly safe ground. I think so. Yet there was a brief moment when I want to just overturn the whole laptop and unplug everything, but I that urge and we ploughed through. I want to say something else about brain kill me to work ethic. Yet because, when he spoke with us, he was zooming it as it were from his office. And he literally just finished taping new, show, which I think comes on saturdays at eight on Fox one way nation he had just That is where it is certain tat I think comes in to talk to. The likes of us and that's, why he's the cookie Rojas cost he's just doing. Everything is like you need somebody on the five year there, oh it. The other thing is during this conversation, you're gonna hear his email
go off about thirty times, yet her defective dont like your network shop, but he's got a lot going on the headlines or easy and normally, as you all know, we try and avoid the headlines. We try and avoid politics, but there's something going on right now regarding misinformation and there's a study that you're gonna hear us talk about just out from Hopkins really encourage all of you to look at it? In my view, its critically important to understanding the hell scape we ve all just lived through. I'm not gonna walk you through the details now, but you'll hear when we get to this study. It's been out now for a few days and as if the recording of his podcast, none of the mainstream is picked it up and its alarming and I've written about it on my facebook page and we get into a little bit here as well, because whatever the way forward is it can't be through suppressing information simply because it makes
bill uncomfortable. We ve got to talk about everything and we ve got to talk about it from every angle, and I don't care if that means sitting down with somebody from Fox or CNN or MSNBC or PBS. Anybody who is willing to talk candidly about a study like this, which comes from Johns Hopkins by the womb, does rightwing wackos yeah. We have to have the conversation. Did you really just say that you really what was right wing wackos at Johns Hopkins? That's what you're going with that were sarcasm? Why did I say it like that? It's almost as if I dont know how to talk, so you try to say sarcastic, but you changed it to the noun at the last moment. Sarcasm yeah you'll, hear a lot of fun with the language in the next hour, so as Brian and I attempt to solve the problems of the world in episode. Number two hundred and thirty seven featuring
kill me and his best selling book the President and the freedom fighter in an episode called the cookie Rojas of cable without guys can hear. Yeah hear you black and white feel if you like, trapped in a frank opera movie or you want to security cameras or something that's sterical he's totally like gonna security, camera yeah. I bet it not room before. Can you guess hearing? Can you hear us? Yes, oh you can look at great well we're good. We have the basis for congresses. Camera looks like lack spawning. It was analysis Yasser yes, nothing without her. How can a hundred I've always wanted to do it better, be counting on it. I just are you like standing in a corner looking at a security camera? What is happening in my office
You want me sit, will allow the cameras it's in black and white. I'm John curious. I got how you're right, I don't know man, you gotta, run in the black and white. You look like a vagrant in a target facing the joint shocked by the way, and this is ROS. You know MIKE of Course Ross as our tech guy. Don't let MIKE's knocker of tech support for you. Why would I be black and white that straight I've never had that it became rebuild dinner, is at a usb. Cable will connect it stuck on time, you know if you want to just go on my Ipad, that's what I usually do. I just thought this was better quality. I mean it great have interesting letter. I don't know looks that way see color, you're, cones and Roger. I see tat its birth for the conversation I wanna have. We should have it in black and white sign of the Times Ross You make me black and white paper Ryan. Is there
way to just get you in the center of the image of no you're off to the other center? I could also say: oh look at this in Asia. Sit out. Gone from we're going out like four hours you're an elevator. What the hell was happening. We gave us all those des those electronic death on. That's great. I've done your show love? I know you like to stand and pace around right. You haven't, got a little during breaks. I know it's pretty funny. I'm only seen half your face. It's like you need to turn the camera which way pulled out in yes, yes, yes, yes, there we go, I'm so glad we started rolling three minutes ago. This is gold right here right anyway? I okay now yeah giants I rose circle back thanks for us serious Brian
You got the old one, the incorrect through I'm sitting here with an almost copy of Brien's book Chuck as the real thing but I'm sitting here reading it literally in every page, has one of these things that just make it impossible to read as fast as I would like to read a basically like everything how, anyway, why is it on every page? What are they afraid of? They think I'm gonna. Like start, my own printing press start selling copies your book. What's the concern here, but we just sit a background check before we set it out, Norway's out a problem in that role we had a pretty long. I don't want to go show podcast, but your youth did not go well. It's pretty soon, how are we going to talk about? What are we mail you that Eurostat, a long time ago, I don't want you to go to bed Booker you put requirements for the moon came up with somebody set me this before Christmas. I guess how I get to the office. We just didn't know
we're going to have you end up didn't happen until now. Unfortunately, but it's kind of good, because President States coming up so yeah, it's gotta be great. how many times have I done your show Brian and how many shows are you doing right now, while you're doing this podcast, I'm curious, because your check and multiple screens, you're dialed in I know, got a lot going on, but now I just want to make sure you're not getting I'm not getting clicked on while we're on This is my work computer, which they set up for a high quality podcast. Where did you say in black and white, so I got a Saturday show. I take that on Friday Innovating happens like Tom Brady's, never gonna retire. So there will be an issue, so I made happens. I'll go redo, show right by my house. I just got: so I left radio at twenty minutes and we finish right at two o clock Second time time we ve and it nay said bright. It's one, fifty nine run up and we got there. Ike, away podcast there. We have to do on your camera with my growled,
So I went up into a right away. I didn't know you be so condescending I didn't know you upset, you know how condescending. I am when I'm on your shows. How can you say Did you think I was gonna be on my own? Well, I'm just going to fire my entire staff by agents but is by managers. Should I won fired my publicist. Should I need one they're, all donation did you know. What's worse for Micro York, I felt I go on there again and so sold release it our yeah. I doubt that island will you, but disclosure. I have no idea exactly where this conversations gonna go. All I said to Chuck was look. Nobody can feel time like kill me he's not capable of saying. No. If you put him in a corner, He has my personal phone number. I know this because I get text every couple of weeks say what about radio? What about this show? What about that show I fear he owes me a solid, so he's gonna say: yes, we didn't know, it was gonna, be black and white. We didn't know and we still
now how much time you're able to carve out of me. This is the cookie rojas of broadcasters, folks, the guy's busy. You know cookie Ross his bright anywhere glasses in later years. Yes right, he might work so now he was a baseball player he's down there. I in Miami one of the greatest utility players of all time he played literally every single position for nearly twenty years and the pros Why watched his rivalry with the Aggies anyone Eggs- will bear for twenty years and then all of us sort of emerging serve the royalists and they had, the best games ever those before they knew what steroids were soon say so: human beings playing sports. You know who look like you and me. I can relate, can relate to them and then for twenty five. Here's they did all types of obscene drugs and had about about of experiences. But that's when the Yankees Eyed, the biggest goes. Chris shambles gear and fat guys played first right
POW Baltimore boomed. The guy was like two hundred and sixty pounds. He ran at speeds approaching MILES an hour. He could hit the ball as far as you can. Imagine it just didn't matter. There's no team speed right back. Then it was just centurion force. How much time do you have how much time you need? I don't know it depends on how interested let's start there, how interesting or you're gonna be sorry one it and I find myself so long. Will we find you? I don't care fear of wit, how you five does not by myself. Where is our full disclosure? definitely want to talk about this partial book that you sent me because from I've read so far. We could do that, but we could also you know history. I was doing those books because I thought some political people beach History made sense, bill, O'Reilly cutters me we do it by a new idea was gonna, be in the news. I know idea: history, it would be a fighting word: they were actually
fighting for american history with other Americans. So this will. Up anyway, whether I gave you a bad book or not. So what does it feel like? This is Your sixth seventh book, it's, but on the New York I'm list from the weak it came out. You are in the middle of a couple of different shows all going on at the same time quickly and you ve got a front row seat to what feels like one of the most important conversations in the twenty first century. Is there a pressure with that or is it just pure fund at this point, that's great question because I know you could totally appreciate that question because you were in the same situation. I want to you. When you come any or entrepreneurs. again, my group are not work for anyone. A word for myself and of a minute do a show in a series of own it with that country. Similarly I get that w nines in to get overheads. Gotta pay. Rent gotta pay the phone bill. I understand that, but you re supporting your career? Were you not looking for employers? You look at all to me:
can't believe, because I didn't know you then that I got the job that I held job too, the craziness. It's happened over the last twenty five years has been like twenty jobs, and now all of a sudden they said, yeah, you don't have to just be the sports guy who beat the news guy, but when things got serious these to pull us off the amp you're gonna get John Scottish Shepherd Smith in it could be the news guy things blow up. We got a couple of wars, we have some controversial actions, then they say hey. We need you to feed, some shows a go great, then they say lot. Talkers out think she would be a good feeling. I oh excuse me this brain kill me fella Bilbil check out the road tax And then they say: hey Laura a groom can fill in here. I can't believe it in John robbers brain. You have time to do so. I never took a deep regret it boy what you come to this Jim, the any thinking, and you can be playing soccer. You could be playing dodgeball, you could be doing gymnastics
The thing is, and this is how narrow minded and how bore you have to hang out with this my hobby and my job. Like I love this idea escape once in awhile right Bob aside, working out. No one wants me are barely no wants to play. Darts with me, Sweden Bible study. I ask so this is by job by life, and when I come out here, America's so zoned in there think about it. You know I got, can you we would go with this vaccine? Did these mass work? Can I go bore It's gonna be. If you talk to me about the medicine, Yankees and Super balls cover twenty five of them. Now all they do is talk about politics, everyone's involved, so I never escape and now this job. With all the management changes, nor the controversies I was able to hold on to it and when people go, you do a lot of like. Why? Wouldn't I because, when they Stop asking that's when there's no net nor business. This, ok, I'll a fox. Let me go
so the Senegalese you're, you might not work again so stay here as well, I can in the more they asked me to do great. So when I'm further contract. It usually goes well because I'm not looking to get their last dollar, and I was thought they treated me very fairly. Where am I by doing as many as they asked that I can do without getting divorced the way happily married? Three kids masterpiece was, I recall, Farragut massive home of the Baldwin's I felt Russia. Has you remind me of a crab fishermen in two thousand? Three. back up on the Bering Sea and in those days they hadn't passed a thing called the crab rationalization ACT, which men when the seas and started no one.
New when it was going to end so they didn't have a quota agreed to prior to the seas and like they do today. They simply kept that information to themselves. Fish and game did and then the crime. where's, went out not knowing when the season would end because they had no way of knowing when the fleet wide quota would be had. Consequently, They ran a marathon like it was a sprint and chuck. That's what Brian does. Every time I go to Fox doesn't matter- would show I'm doing it. I went there not long ago to promote how America works, and you should see this guy literally runs down the hallways from this chair to that chair. Poor Alison is in its wake. Somebody's put make up on him, then he's doing this and that so a long way of saying. First of all, I sympathise, and secondly, in my view, you're doing it exactly right, you're playing the cards, you
yet somewhere in the midst of all of that you're writing books. So, let's start with that How much of this are you physically? Really writing yourself? How much of the research are you doing and respectfully? How much do you truly care about the topic? More than ever I mean When I was looking to escape without due in sports, I've lost the love of sports because it was a job. I really felt like a man. Do I really have to cover this game. Besides the fights to fight your big things when wholly feel, despite and ball, when your covering it, you feel- super balls. You feel. But after that I was like, I need a break. I used to read history and I used to who was helping me out so much with news, because it would give me death the stories and I said well, I fast say with the river war, and I was fast with that spy story, because I could actually see something I used to play soccer from the time I was five until I was twenty two three hundred days a year in almost
Every big tournament was in Virginia and I would go and see these places they were in virginia- and I was basically James. Madison was here Jefferson actually worked on this Stairs Washington and burning endlessly fascinated with that. That's the roomy died in a few minutes to laugh like while you like history, the legs history, and I said This can be my hobby, but what I would close, these books, EAST able color books on Truman, John Adams, I would feel like I lost a relative that's great writers. They were and then the one day I picked up Truman's book that he wrote, but not about himself. Here What about historical figures, and it was I twenty five. but he wrote about what they mean to him and what they were like his people. So we rode Thomas Jefferson, six three with freckles here curly hair any use to get up in the world. in horse as fast as he can that once this exercise and then with Washington we was
about him, as he always felt a little inferior to the other. What we called our founding fathers, he never had their great education and he had the teeth. So we self conscious about your lady over twelve years. something to his older brother ago, is a human beings there that statues they're, not Ulysses and Zeus. They're, not great gods. Their real people do did extraordinary things. It allowed me to do what I M doing now when I read the book I would encourage you. Do it you'll get it through within a day the human eye to a point where I go. I have to learn more about them, Bill O'Reilly to write history books, as I myself, while this is probably not going to be great- and I know these there already, but I got interview so he's gonna. Ask me questions. Never liked me so that all we need is, if I ask of a bad question world Things have been around anybody when he's out these ever like anybody, but now he liked me he still. Does euro killings on every inequality, because I got I got new stuff in here- you got new, just we will work
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Saw Jackson raised more sensitively, article nineteen point: ninety nine percent: zero live in conditions of life. wherever the bill awry book. There were fantastic about like killing, linked in everything and I
bill. I've been looking at this story between twenty years. He said what is it he it about ten miles for me also amount I says it's base. Is it George Washington's spies? talking about a Yo Yo national treasure. It's really happen people died without any payment claim. It was top secret till the nineteen thirties. Then comes a depression. The world war, no one ever gave it showed him? The news I got up the New York Times story on microfilm got a copy, little thing in the New York Times, says local historic, makes major find he found the last spy nineteen. There so I got kills over responded. I could walk around and I could see places it? They walked the Fain, never got to the totally accessible these great people, for maybe twenty thousand dollars a year, keeping the story alive. So I told him that Those Brian I live there. I knew open about it. I went to school there. Do it any help me through. It I never would have thought a million years. I could ever right a history book. I did the sports books, the games, you count as high. You play the game
and I was done after that history books and I look at a rabbi biography, die didn't really Those can be anything more than but I thought this would be a great movie when I saw the patriot wasn't that good? This is a better story. I saw a national treasure, which was good. Bye needed could understand a word Nicholas. you're saying I never have maybe it's the Elvis thing This would be a better book and then, when I We did it. They said actually Jerry broke. we said if you do a move, even over cells, one copyright, a book. She could always point to. It said I I wrote a book we didn't do. The movie turn came out at the same time, but sold over a million copies, and I Did it with Don Yaeger, whose sports guy, who I met in sports who urge me to do it and he wanted to break away so because of this. China gauge. We write a chapter right of some recent backward sent it back and forth. They were Great editor, Breathe, Sandford, who understood by voice and how. I want to say it, and now I got
this pretty good system. Here's what I do, I'm it on another concept now, but a research for about six months go back and forth, go to the actual site, I mirror it with Fox nation vaccination. Serious what made Amerika great. So I show up in Texas to do the Alamo and I'm gettin though everybody there tell me the story. I'm say once different about this. That helps my thirty minute peace and then I come back and I say what what to do about it. While I was at the Alamo, but you don't know what happened after battle of San Jacinto lesson, seventeen min. I get to know the biographers. I put him on television, I would for them to get new stuff. They set me up to these libraries get original work, and then unable to write the summaries. Firstly, I do is: I talk the whole thing through then they here's the chapters. I said the charge back. What they knocked six chapters are, then, I the sum rates? They go back and forth and then
expanded and in a working within historian. When I start every chapter is before five quotes and I build out the chapter its choppy is hell. No, they come back in and incomes. My people coming work where they work and work with it, but what they do Is there a record the whole conversation- and I go back to my original points when I was in all the research Oh, I forgot about that. That's what I meant, or they say Brian. What you just said is not true. We ve been unable to verify. So that's my system, and when I love doing, is telling a bunch of small people who don't care about history. I get in the care about history. And I do those presentations I rejoined thought about doing with you is I mixing the sport stuffed inspire people because they all failed in sports and they learn from that failure to be successful. What's next and then I we ve been our history and I show the human side of them that they had frailties tell him that America's history was imperfect, but the beam it's great us is that we try to be and we're all harshest critic,
given the examples and I do it through conversation and not only to have a chance to get on stage again, they used to do stand up. I get the UN's granted this, which I love and I actually like I'm, telling stories that make a difference because one thousand six hundred and nineteen and everything else. Everything about your process is interesting, but there's one component to it. In my opinion, that's actually brilliant, and you know I don't use that word a lot, when you and I are chatting, but you figured something out- maybe Forest Gump your way into it or maybe not, but something very, very similar that happened to me too, and that is you figured out how to get paid. For doing research and how to turn the business doing research into an actual television show right, I get it virtually yes, you are turning the business of like the wet work.
of research and writing into an actual show on Fox nation, and so that's the secret to cookie row hosses success? He doesn't care what position he's playing, he always has his eye on the next one and that's what I feel like your books have done. They ve become like the ground in the wall of kill. Me so I really don't know of any thing. You're doing that actually doesn't come back to one of the books that you ve written. I think that's pretty smart So I want to say too that I dont really, We understand why history is such a hard sell in general, my dad taught it and my old boss at the Discovery Channel Clark Bunting told me ago if you find a way to make history relevant and other work Do show about history, for people who don't like history, then the world is your oyster you're. This close to doing it, man
Yeah I would like to make one of a movie over my other goal and to keep. story alive, and when I hear I did for the hermitage and I've got. only with him. I wanted their board afterwards. They just was so friendly to me the Andrew Jackson home when they told me that traffic picked up after you book came out. And then I did this special and that aired on the channel, and they say they getting more both through the door, which means is more admission, fees, which means they can continue to expand, even though its outside dash willing, you think, would be a great place that to me making an impact, even though I don't make anything financially off that also I find historians closed people then I used to do we do talk I get them out of their show little bit. I create a friendship with them and their so smart and they help me out and they feel as though I appreciate them by putting them on television. So I feel like. just a win win as opposed to what I used to walk into the Yankee locker room. Poland Eel just wants you to die.
You know and David Wells who I'm kind of friendly with, is convinced him a lunatic. An idiot. Every question I ever asked was dumb as opposed to what into a women soccer or a man sacraments lacrosse, where they are happy to see you there like all I got. I can't believe I'm getting publicity even alternatives as long as they do so with history, like when I walk into their house, the Monti Cello hermitage them. Vernon they, like a boy you here and I go great. I can't believe you're happy I'm here. So I just like everybody wins That's what the had about sports superstores, who really they don't need you, I'm just trying to make sure I just gotta call from look at you, you're multitasking, its breaking right now, what's happening well, I just got a text message Megan elbowed out vandals, the five and, if she's texting me at to thirty years, She needs we under five, but she does so alright, let's change topics a little bit. What
going on in Fox right now, it's kind of fascinating that text. You just got his kind of fascinating. You guys are made. This up as you go along you're. Twenty four seven big shows constantly happening if you had to work on the five for the rest of your life, or fill in for Lord Ingram, which would you choose steady whenever steady. I want something I go to sixty nine some friends in the mornings unscrupulous I like it, I just don't sleep enough and I'll die yeah I'll leave. We spent ten years in the locker room, there's no doubt about it. but even go to steady, then you build off that something count on the five is cool bought. My goal to make the show better. It's different. You can appreciate this. It is just on you to make the shell, as opposed to tennis or soccer aside Are we gonna win? You name it applied deepens I'll play depends. You need me to go up the opposite Medfield or on this team. I'll. Do that? But tennis,
I gotta, find a way to beat you. I feel gonna? Do my own show find a way to win, and I I call upon the find out by the way that shows wading through the roof. Is the number one shall beat talker now never shown on television, the impossible, our that they said was impossible to get ratings out, because people are travelling, why? Why is it working Brian? Why is that show doing what it is doing at this point? Why? Because I'll give you my opinion which yours from a viewer perspective, and you know all the people on it. It has something to do with cheers. It has something to do with going into a place where everybody knows your name, but you might not find yourself agreeing with everybody. There is a level of transparency that I would give Gregg Alot of credit, for he is very good at taken. The piss out of the process, he's kind of relentless added, all those different characters. You know Dana is a character.
She is also a real person, likewise Gregg, likewise Geraldo. Likewise, you likewise judge Janine, whose selling right in these are all very distinct people with very distinct points of view, but when they come together, I guess the simplest way to say it is. I think the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that's have a winter. I think you're right, I think number one is, I guess the mix and no lack of eager there will cost but there's no egomaniac. They all know their frailties a young out, but they haven't overhung out where they are sick of each of the other thing is, am I This is why you would do so. Well, if you had to show all you do have a show and at the end, but if you are very rightly show here is You yourself that what they about Fox they write rail started. Did he wrote the book? You are the best judge. Whoever you are be that same person on television for or for worse. With the same both Jesse's the same way grey
is the same exact. He was literally now with the new configuration. I see him. Ninety today now is same exact way, very hardworking, funny sarcastic, just like on television, It is exactly the same way. Data is so curious about everything, non judge, mental, but curious about everything. So you got the right. I also would say Harold Ford and around or interesting in the they're, not angry, like they disagree subtly, but they're all in there of America's a pretty cool place You don't have that anger that a Jigsaw MSNBC Cnn of all, my god, can you believe it. You have I would have voted for Biden overdrawn sure, but I see a lot of problems. And I noticed Harold Ford was doing that on MSNBC on Scarborough we're. On the same time that a few times I go out how I would get news bulletin, Terrell Ford on happy with President Obama and also, I think that they makes it up a little they all like each other.
And Geraldo is a contrary into with all his experience. As I think that's a good makes and judge Janine. You got the legal see thing happens with something always happen legally, we owe judge. What is that? What is that legal out aloud? Joe Rogan can be what is the deal can go for me. Age be really start from the canadian truckers judge? What do you think? So? could they have a lawyer on
yes they can. We tell Mass Rogan for it. I wrote something on my facebook page just a couple of days ago. I think all eyes are on Spotify honestly. I think we're in a really remarkable moment. Right now- and I dont know if you ve seen the latest reports that have come out one from Hopkins and then one just last night I was reading about it and the breathtaking lack of effectiveness. That now seems to be defining these locked downs. I feel like we're coming into a really interesting inflection point and the fact that Rogan has an audience that, with respect is far larger than any cable new show and he's being told not to have on credential doctors. I think we're seeing something, certainly, unlike anything I've seen in my life and its happening real time right in front of us and again you ve got a front row see to it
it has been on radio. I did the radio. I was had negative three big stories of the Hopkins study that was not covered, get this job Hopkins that fly by died organization. We believe to them. the bike. Limburg, a billion dollar check to day seriously, so they come up with a study to eat it. This is natural. Immunity is good, if not better goodness knows better than the vaccine, the door ability and how they did it. Doctor Bikari says don't deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for this. He said we did. Is we found people bad the virus over the last two and a half years and we tested there any bodies and their equal lived up, than a vaccine, but we're not supposed to count actually mean Why does a government tells us of any value? Does mandolin we're not supposed to do that? Really, I'm an adult, I'm working, doctor, I'm seeing Hopkins. Why account natural immunity, but fire the teachers fire, the firefighters fire, the cops are the wall or the army, men and women get rid of the Marines, get rid of the Navy seals because there go with actual immunity or they do want to get the vaccine. Then I see this
come up. Did you just referred to that said locked in? you're, totally ineffective, been helped lessen the death rate point two percent fusing skit willow. that is the biggest story in West. Russians invade Ukraine is the big story in the country NBC, CBS Abc Cnn, nobody read it. It would have everybody's life it'll open up that restaurant I'll get the kids back in school, get the mess for my daughter at I would write out bold about mass double backs boosted where they can go to school. So all this stuff, all this stuff is active and yet no one's covering the story and its Hopkins, and yet Denmark, the UK sweet in all said: forget everything, Denver, the city, Denver, we're done with all this stuff begun, of Colorado, same thing, Wisconsin, look at it. Same thing we know is: why did we not Texas feels and Virginia
while these overseas are pushing back, but we don't have the president's saying that they are looking to still. I don't have the answer: wrap their arms around restrictions. They heard the economy, or mental health. Our emotional help. I've killed relationships, stop people from going to a friend of minds, dad just died of covert do the whole process. He could not visited one time, two years after whatever we're whenever you want and ninety five we know in five work could novice, died on his own again, so the also, we missed the wedding that we didn't have the relationships in to the now destroyed the careers that are now on hold for no reason, and they still will not lift these restrictions. Yes, I this time will the thing that worries me. This is not typically a political podcast. You know I have opinions,
try and argue from the middle when I argue, but I've just never lived through anything like this and let's make a prediction. This is a Friday in real time around one thousand one hundred and forty in the morning here on the West Coast, and I'm talking to you this podcast, go up early next week. I really wonder if the studies that we're talking about organ it somehow take hold over the weekend and if the fat part of the bad, the big part of the population is gonna, be up to speed, come Tuesday. I agree with everything he said, but the big topic is this a week ago, if we're having this exact conversation on this podcast. They would be calling for my head because the idea, the idea that a source might say that locked downs were ineffective, would be deemed misinformation.
the delicious thing and the fascinating thing- and the somewhat scary thing about what's happening right now is the source of that report is quite possibly the most respected medical organization on the planet. Now, what are you gonna do? The cognitive dissonance is ripe and heavy. On the vine, can they ignore the story indefinitely? I don't think so. You know. I watch all the Sunday shows taper more because I want to get it, fact of along view I want to get out of the play by play? I want to get into the we can review and doktor. Golly is always has led the way a little bit. You know he's not anti trophies, not pro trompe sad pro by nor antibiotic. He says brought out he's on the board of and he's when we came out and said, cloth mass do not work, they per masterwork that upset a lot of people, but is So we should not be it s, because it's an end, I defy. They told us we're a mask as we care about each other care by jug and.
we are in the same room. So if I'm not selfish, I wear mask well, it turns out protecting anybody or making you guys feel good about yourselves. That's it. I want to feel good about You say you want to feel good. You want to feel secure out, I'm begging you secure, and now they said this- the Five mask is the only way for you to stay safe, so MIKE Chalk, if you I have underlined conditions. You have em ass in, U S diabetes and you use that word energy biomass, that's all on you. That's it It should be over right there. The matter should be done, then actual immunity imbue had it, you won't go to. That should be done. And then you should be able to choose whether we want to be back soon, because if I'm not backs needed and I get is virus and I die. It is on me that it the same way I have a friend of mine that gets dropped out of helicopters onto mountains. They dont have trails, I think TAT is easy, but he's allowed to do it all
do is go to delve brisk goes and get it salad don't ever vaccine card and that to me is living on the edge and being selfish. So I hope I hope the more people there is. What gives me hope Michael is bill. More is speaking up Any sounding like us he's too we outraged and in sensed the Democratic Party because, although many republicans are living the life to living their view, one crime there you on the mass. Would they to bury wise for common answer, I'm done with it. I did it and it didn't help very well was an editor at the New York Times, who I believe this was a liberal enough. What the sub stack that gives me hope when I see Democrats doing it and then I hope the democratic kids. See a third greater who's, not the same kidney more. They see a first grade, that doesn't know their Raby seas, and they say enough
This is the wrong message. These kids are being tortured, their counting on us to get it right and we got off to, bad stored excuse anymore. So my head Why is that More than Hopkins that comes out and Sundays gonna be the gay Margaret Brennan injected sit down. I don't know how they don't have their own families in their own careers and their own friends outside the business. To worry about right, I don't know where it tips, but it has to and its seems like if we wait for the airlines to decide when it's ok to wear a mask or not wear masks. If we for the airlines to let us decide or if we wait for public health officials or if we wait for elected leaders to decide when the masks come off than that. Category one, but what if they dont would if they simply never decided. Now
there we have Ottawa doorway, don't we have Ottawa, we got Ottawa, that's what I mean you can see the cracks happening here here and there, but for the last two years, the question I just host was always esoteric because there was never a Hopkins standing right. They're going wait a second weight, we ve got new information and this is its Hopkins right. So maybe that's the thing. Maybe that the thing that finally, allow me, I think, got felt set at the other night Anna arrest, everybody. What happens if everybody takes their mask off? What happened? What will the thing is my s going to help you there because anyone get if you do take your mask off, please with the mayor of the LOS Angeles. Hold your breath. I ask this whole. bread, America, you all in my grow right now hold your breath into you,
It really does the impasse out and then we're gonna run from you. So if at the soup bull, everybody at one point. Eighty five thousand people who spent sixty thousand per ticket to watch that game. If they all taken mass off. They got away with it he's gonna happen? Right whatsoever watch in Michigan play I'll stay. Another hundred ten thousand people understand and their roles was breathing on each other drunk great time yet were walking in China with no. Body in the stands. No families allowed to attend its or isolated different kind. Recently a different ways. I like annulled the right way. You explained with a razor I'll make way on decision like my call you up and say you know when you come the studio you'd have to wear a mask IRAN to be. Accelerated? You might say to me: you might if you're gonna be the case, I don't feel secure ominous danger, this from my own studio and I would say: ok the judge you you choice and I made a choice. I want to get back
the Bible we're making choices. I've been obsessed lately without old, HANS Christian Andersen Tail the emperor's new clothes? You know it starts with the kid you got there, get emperor going down the street and it takes a kid to say: I don't see any close, I think he's naked and then you get people start the not their heads and pretty soon okay. So that's what the last couple of years have felt like to me in a lot of different ways. We ve been asked to nor would seem self evident. The border doesn't look secure, retorted secure, but that's a lot of people I see coming over We were told that Afghanistan was a success but gosh, it sure, looks like both are falling out of a plane and were told
Do you have a great rye rights? Do all that stuff, that's politics and that spin, but this this feels different to me to be perfectly clear for God's sakes and not trying when site a resurrection or insurrection or civil disobedience. But I do wonder at some point: if our leaders and our public health officials don't say we're done and who does not like to build on that, and it goes back to a huge Oregon point. Always doing is questioning small people about their opinions. got a fundamental knowledge of a lot of things from you. I see two more short in general to guy knows science and physics in he's already has a pretend to be an export ban, he's a lots more and they went on and he wants. You got there. people talk and when they talk they have opinions differ page of the government is ever the gun to crack down, we can ask questions now: different people, Joe Rogue Twenty three hour monologue he's asking questions, have different p.
bull and if you look at his roster, I don't know nine tenths of a note acting alone before by lobby click. On this it's about the pandemic. Maybe it'll help me a little bit and I click on I gotta next thing you know the biggest story, because he's being totally irresponsible any while he does, shots on the year and smoke cigars he's having as time ever, but having said that, we gotta get back to personal decisions, and I want to say this: I'm able work every day. I know you were effected right as success You are how Go and do your show your shows, I mean you, can your voice, overs and stuff, but your shows need you and interact with people. I was able to go to work every single day, but so people. I knew weren't salespeople. I don't know. One was at work, my dry, cleaner. The places empty because no one's going to work in dressing up I'm seeing the ripple effect. and I see budget government workers get paid everyday, regardless of their making all these decisions, doctors and bade the medical doctors, the experts in Washington paid so I know I'm lucky I am, but
looking around go guys. Why are we so calm? The economy is, stop people are working. These are not the same people I mean in particular, my sons of the excess fell he's rising up in the ranks they put five, aims together there making history, they spout the son a brand new deal in all the same, He goes to work, they go. We have no money for one more week without fans. You're fired he's supposed to get a job when no he's playing sports he's just add a college. We need that he was in his all did so no one has to tell me that there's a other price to pay, let alone the people that are ill from this for them to take their time and to grant you'll get back as being responsible. They don't they get emotional. They don't taken is a goal. They don't take in psychological damage,
de level on the people they could work out, don't have own Jim's here's this thing, I'm worried about you mentioned before it's about personal responsibility right, but look at Virginia, there's sort of Stockholm Syndrome thing going on there where the government comes in and the governments is ok, you know what it's over no more masks and everything, but the people are like concerned there. Like know we ve been wearing these masks, we're still concerned about it. We need to continue to wear these mass to work on. It now go against what the government saying it's like this, which places- and you know why chuck it's true, there's a lot of people. There is totally freaked out there's about a good, people that think they're gonna die right away. No some have underlined conditions, I get it parents I a bad pair and I'm not going to send my kid into school where some other ace dramatically, could breathe on him or her in Britain virus back, and maybe you live grandparent ivy, that's differences. You gotta but you know what you do to people like that you don't I south kid that doesn't unaware mask
are you? Don't you Billy, the kid does or the parent you talk to them, but Instead, you make these autocratic rules from our pie. You never have a say in them. That's why people get angry. There's gotta a period of adjustment. Let people work it out, so they emerged may have like what is like in war when people were tight, what degree when people like you now imagine Afghanistan, perpetual in Iraq, perpetual where they live, Second, I walked down the street and I don't need permission from a soldier. I could actually open, stand standing I could sell goods when they are soldiers used to say when they wanted to Iraq? And people say, how do I make money is a really to tell you how to make money, because Sudan would took care everything to the it's gonna, be the same thing. I'll tell you what would be a disaster. Jug is if the government,
ed wearing masks is now illegal. You can't do it right. That would be extraordinary and nobody would want that to happen. What we're trying to get too is to say look. This is gonna, be a very, very difficult re entry for a lot of people who have fallen deeply in love with the protocols who really are responsible people, but want to be taken care of because their convince. That the danger is clear and present an existential, I get all that, but nobody wants to say: you're not allowed to wear masks. The next step has to be masks, are optional. and here's what gives me a little bit. I hope I'm not trying to push this in order Thirdly, in one direction or the orange your life back, you want your life back, but you don't want to feel like one of the adults at the parade in the emperor's new clothes. who is afraid to say the dude snake it you don't wanna, be standing forever waiting to get permission
from a child in order to state that which is self evident. So I go into this diner yesterday to meet my buddy there's. Nobody at the hostess stand, so I just walk straight back. I seem sitting right in both and a woman start screaming. Sir Sir Sir, and I stopped and I walked back at you say I need to see your vaccination card and I said, ok and I showed it to her. She said, thank you and then I walked over to sit down. He said, sir, can you please put your mask on as you walked to the booth and for the first time during this, a thing for the last two years I looked at the moment, I said you know, I can't do that and there was like a three second pause and she said I understand and went back to work and I went and sat down with my friend we had lunch. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I've been thinking about
today, because how many needless conflict, how many uncomfortable moments have happened over the last two years between well intended people who mean no harm but are put in this place of watching the naked emperor and being forbidden from saying the obvious thing MIKE I have hockey tickets. As you know, I'm a kings fan. I love hockey. I go there all the time they actually have people at Crypto, dotcom, stadium, formally staple centre that hold up around sign. That says, you must be wearing your mask at all times and if you take it down and you take a sip of beer and you don't put the mask back quick enough. They will hold up the sign in point at you, they're all over the stadium on Bulgarians and our whole job, and, unlike really guys come on, I want my life back. You said exactly Hopkins changes things guys? I hope you're right this,
not robber alone. A doctor we haven't heard of who nevertheless holds nine patents on em or any back scenes. This is not a collar. The most published, cardiologist out there that nobody's ever heard of, but who nevertheless has bone affinities that are pretty impressive, its Hopkins. I beg you if your listening to this podcast Google You might not see it on a b c or CBS or NBC or wherever, but Google it and look at it, and if you're skeptical read it slowly with an open mind, do the math and way the sacrifices for the life me. I don't have a crystal ball, obviously Brian, but we should circle back next week. If you got time are popular our great it's desperately curious. Look. I also want to land the plane somewhat sensibly, so what in the world would Abraham Lincoln do. Well, he lived a crisis. I often wonder what kind of president You would have been without a crisis. I mean
recently right now, if you are in charge, knowing what you do about the guy and you know alive, how would he navigate the incredible complexities and the mind field that we laid for ourselves? for the last two years, how would link and get us sound word comes out fearlessly. He was fearlessly ferociously determined to do its best for the car. And that included putting his own hopes and dreams aside. Now. He won I to be free, but he knew that keep the country together. He was going, to either have to fight a war or cut a deal. He was well to cut a deal with the south to allow them keep their slaves to talk this out in order to keep the country together and that drove Frederick Douglass Insane he's wait? You talked about and debated everyone and told everyone. Did you You believe that everyone should be free and that's what the Constitution review, but you willing to do that. I because what do my keeping together
rules on my passing. If I have no country, so he would out of cared about Porty, obviously to me, even though the first republican present he would say, what's best for the car free and he wouldn't navigators through thou. How difficult it was. That means watching his own son die when he was in the White House through fever. Through some type of this please remember. Another son was biting at war. You know he begged these Ike. Ok go far you don't go. Join Ulysses S grand unit in gaol, fight therein, including seen his wife's to pray, Jim and having to deal with that, but still he was like what is best for the country and to me. Why you're watching politicians do anything, but so often it is so disordering. So, for example, Lincoln do he was smaller than everyone, but didn't act like any was more well read than everyone but didn't show off it always. More questions than he spoke, always had a
humiliating self deprecating story to relay. Never that made him look good, even though he was the straw. This guy in the room always physically youth strong, is intellectually and might have been the most diverse because thinking but he did on a barge down the Mississippi River think about it Did you ever think about some disabled politician? Whenever he did this more people are the more questions they asked. That's one humble thing that I think I realise the least they have to show you. This more people are the least they have to show up. So he will do its best for the country was best of the country. Right now get the economy going, it was best for the car free is trust him. You know they think you would do. He would trust the country. Any would say these are the rules. These are my worries, go live your life, I'm convinced he would say, go live your life because he was the guy who told grey My goal is no revenge, no redemption, I will forgive, which is
back pledge you allegiance to the country, put down your guns and let's get back on the same page again. So here found a way to get the country together. Knowing how far we are applying laughing did he thinks we're far now compared to when he was dealing with would it done was best for the country and just to put an end to your question I'm convinced, in my humble opinion, in everything I've read in all the great people have talked to that. No single person did more damage to our country, including Bin Laden. Then John works both because Once wicked was unable to do we're still dealing with right now. He knew we had the flood, the south with housing? He knew where the flood the south would secure he knew we had to make the transition from slave debris. He knew he had the floor. The south, with teachers to teach aggregate demand to read and write and immediately through force if necessary. Put them into society. He never would have allowed the separate, but equal he's.
We ve got a war for so instead we get a racist wasn't drunk, he was just from TAT Day on integration with easy drunk. I don't think he was drawn by linking indefinite with them. They thought he could get some southern votes for reelection if he named him as is running made. So that's why they, Three suffers today because Viewpoint Grant with Douglas with Lincoln and they had the central focus of brain is country. Back together, I want every talk. I think we would be great I everybody wants to be a reason, but man I'm not they would have been a George Void Incident boy. You have had the convulsions riots and since it, equity in our country that we do now. It just felt like something could have been said. Something grand could have happened in the wake of that tragedy. That would have actually somehow somehow turned it into
a galvanizing moment that was the genius of Lincoln and honestly Brian. That's why I wanted to have you on right now, because these two guys, Lincoln and Douglas for a time were the fiercest of rivals. I mean they had a lot in common in terms of the way they had very can haseman growing up here right. They were rivals for real somehow or another they not only became friends. They became aligned, its seems to me that in relative terms, that's what needs to happen today and the thing. I worry about most in terms of the biggest barrier. That's keeping us apart right! Now, It's not this whole misinformation. Nonsense, in my view, its hypocrisy. I think you and I might have talked about it- here too, a go, but that business out here with Gavin Newsome being photographed at the french laundry. That was
a small thing, Nancy Pelosi, walking into that beauty salon that was not a small thing right, now I dont even know how to process Eric our city and Gavin Newsome standing next to an immune. Compromised man without a mask indoors. Given woodchuck just told us there, people walking around sign Saint, put on your mass, the fact that that could happen and the fact that it is covered it once again, the emperor and his new clothes. What are we gonna do? How are we gonna play says that where do we put it? I'm surprises our outrage on the West Coast of Ireland, daddy over three years, I know you guys are very different. Now you guys were allowed to eat outdoors in California and then we find out later member July of last year. They say it turns out. You can't spread this virus outdoors. Really, people walking of a loyal reaches beaches, telling people to separate on their towels outdoors right
about the idiocy that we read now win. the people of California GonNa Saint Kavin Newsome, who didn't get recalled once who wants a run for by the way, He actually live here actually said that the only time I took it off when these pictures of him, how does he getting away with that? I'm an idea? from day to day jockey. I know what to say: we ve got our out. All we have to do is find a way to get MAGIC Johnson to ask us to take a selfie, and then we can go mass pre. That's right! That's! good point broke out change worthy this account. Do we know, does James Worthy allow us to take a mask off to now? No, no, no good gotta be magic. way across at the second given the chimes going off in your world. It sounds like you're being page biogas, Julian people Chuck tell Brian what,
told me earlier about the restaurant just down the street from you, because a lot of people aren't gonna believe this. But this is a true story and it's happened all over the place. Well, there's a place in Burbank, which is not too far from my house had been there many times it's called the tin horns saloon and they have a saloon door like the old wild west. You know in the front of it every thing it's great when their open, it's like that, they also have a patio out back where you can eat, there's food and that's a bar. Well, the city of Burbank said now: you gotta shut it down and they said, will cheese. You know we're gonna just have people outside
everybody walks through they go to the back and they eat out there. They, whether masks, until they get out there. Now you gotta, shut down and the owners, and I'm not gonna, do it. This is counter intuitive, so I'm not going to do it. So the city in its infinite wisdom, came and padlocked his front door, so they padlocked the court so that they couldn't even open. So then, what the guy did was he removed the doors hired. A security guard was open for business hours, kept the place open with no doors hired a security guard to watch it overnight. So then, with this he did, is they came, they brought a crew out and they built a fence around his entire property, which was an eye. You have your own living dead, I sort of the entire community and let me Just tell you again with you know the Stockholm syndrome. I have friends, I get bodies at play, poker with who say well, you know look here. They are they were following the rules they weren't followed. The rules on the label sickening
You know it, they don't even know your friends are probably wonderful people and probably better poker players in you, because you ve not get invited you clearly, The other is I guarantee they don't own business on a business. They know that I can't take a day off. Excuse me again, I people want to come in. I don't know, with pay. My bills, I get a mortgage to do so. I would have to open this up. It becomes beyond these jobs, still I mean the gems that we shut down. You carry me first thing that I would be soon his present guys, vitamin d, environment aid, vitamin c seem to be it. When I need you, do you never worked out before uses as an opportunity, I don't care if you depends overweight. Let's be forty. Nine tomorrow will be forty, eight we can do what we can get better shape as a country, I see some staggering statue with This country in the world outside Austria, which I actually think is true, let uses it actually change it What can we do to be healthier today? Work we under pressure those passport places to put the whole people first, maybe
that will not just talk about how to eat healthy and in spite of the virus little by little everywhere, we again as opposed to putting offence and bore where people are dying out. Down there. They were going through this. That is one of the most disturbing stories at the risk of ending this thing. On an optimistic note, if Lincoln and Douglas could become the friends they became if the country can come together after that, I do think. There's hope for, I think, there's great hope actually in the short term, but we have to push back against this whole misinformation. Nonsense and we have to report the sources that come to us with God, I hate to say it Brian, but we actually do have to follow the science and we have to do it, irrespective of where it leads, and we do have to give added weight to the most credible sources on the planet. If we ignore this thing
Hopkins, then we're making our own bed and we deserve whatever horrible thing comes next I agree and I think that's why the thing in Ottawa was such a major story if they have to bring in the army to stop truck drivers from asking to do their job. It's unbelievable, but I was going to say you mean stop misinformation. stop build a fine people. They want to ask questions about the status quo, so there's gonna be, things. It might turn out to be misinformation, but if I get it will rescue question? Are we all getting tougher rescue question for somebody did Anthony fact she doesn't like that's a problem. When I buy Anthony Bout, he's got emails with facebooks president and the twitter a leader, you know, and then I see bill gates with his life to China and they're all talk and each other, and if we're not in that circle, we are cancelled or we're off the air. But I say an optimistic note. This and here's the most fundamental thing. Do you know people in life that you get the maddest tat? Are the people that you expect the most from
you might have a family member. You know how bright they are. You just expect him to be better when they don't show you loyalty, they don't show you deaf you so mad at them, you matter at them, then you are too enemy. They do your neighbor across the street. They never liked you in court. Town on you when you're over build your shit, because you expect more so Douglas had so much hope for Lincoln? Because you want to the Monkey Douglas debate using the audience a few times read everything that he wrote. So how pretty was speaker saw the potentially cancel these used removed? Eighty, he cares was true, because this guy could win Hopefully it and Lincoln said he would not do it emancipation proclamation. Yes, colonization? Hey black Americans, sorry about slavery. We'd like to send you back, and let me give you some extra spending money for Douglas you kidding me this is your plan colonies now. I got more on that and this opinions on that really hurted people about what he was really up to because linking cold in all the press, and he said I'm going to
black leaders being caught, Frederick Douglass, who made that offer with all the press there. And I believe in so many more people than may believe that he was trying to show. everybody white people. Then I tried everything we have to learn to live with each other. So, having said that, the kind of sporting at each other with you, man, spatial reclamation, why you stop people free the slaves? Why don't you let us fight? Why don't you? Let us carry guns, why you told the south of you just come here. Why condemning John Brown, then when they finally meet face to face- and this is the moment I think- trends first, he says a minute. I saw him sitting on it share. Those way too small, for whom I saw it every year of the war in his face- and it is attire- and we began to talk so how Brady was what a great listen very was he really care, but what I had to say and then you cold. draw and told them about different things. He was working on, some of which link Douglas and agree with, but because this guy's treating me as in
equal he's, so smart he's a good listener. Man I was too tough on him. Frederick Douglass out a newspaper in budget terms where it began in the newspaper, why does he expected so much more, and that's it away how Americans feel about Americans guys? Really, I expected so it's more from you than think that we started sixteen nineteen really you're taking down Andrew Jackson, statue. I expected so much more from you. That's why I believe. So many people are tolerant, which would say, see baby overseas and have the least tolerance for Americans, because we expect so much more from each other. somehow or another. We managed to sit by and watch Teddy Roosevelt get removed. That scares me, it doesn't mean that it's going to keep happening, but it does mean we're going toward a place
where at some point a kid in the crowd is gonna, say: hey that deeds naked and then the crowd is going to turn. I dont know when that is, but I do feel that chucks heard me say this a thousand times. Sometimes things just have to go splat before they get we don't know what splat means. We know what it meant in eighteen, sixty one that was a big one. Obviously we don't want that today, but if we can't talk freely about the different ideas that are swirling around then I do worry. My hope is that we can in part because doing you're out. They are doing it you're a jagged, little pill, your people love you, your employer loves you. I admire your work ethic, I'm a little bit jealous of Europe. What is it your six theirs book. We have you, don't even know, George by sixty percent
Amateur Ajax America growing Samuel, the Alamo Avenger is present. Freedom fighter is five. Fifty seventh overall, what's next Wanna tease anything anything will resign was going by after anything a month off, I'm like a little biking, little antsy and I'm going to bout to approved. Yet you Eddie, I'm fascinate. I read from slavery, poverty, Washington is but a hundred twenty pages at encourage anyone to read it? He brings you right back to nine years old when they were told her or to the main house it, the northern soldiers were there, you guys are all four you're done. What what do you mean? I'm for you're all Frazier slavery. Over and they all celebrate. Then we come back to the main house and they go. Can I stay we have any word ago. So when I hear up slavery, and I see what he did to move North get The salt mines finding with educate himself become the smartest guy. School and then start to the way. Did it and have gold ring of president. I thought I want to do.
Again without a war backdrop, I'm little worried, because here the civil wars Background is Texas by four freedoms in the background. Obviously, war of one twelve Jackson, Barbary wars, which have in the resolution with Washington, but with this as thinking about doing teddy and poverty. And the way they work with each other deal. Poverty, Washington for seven and a half years might have been Teddy Roosevelt chief adviser. No, even though We think something he's Teddy Roosevelt would say would go off that so insensitive. He was so ahead of his time on race relations and Booker, or to Washington we have looked around going here. That's races, care you're, not you're, not. but to work with you to and what he did. In a time and a miracle, we were transition out of this period. I find so it's racional. And he was the first black ban to eat in the White House with Teddy Roosevelt Entire family, which was huge controversy, but how they moved America forward and race relations and what they did
I could tell those stories without doing the biography, thereby has been bombed by too many people, including themselves. If I could tell, your story and thus on race relations, I've enjoyed talk and race relations on the stage and in these interviews and the pod gas we Frederick, Douglass and Lincoln, a lot of stuff. Lincoln said you go my God. Sortie bunker know he was a person of his times, and I think I could do now's thinking about thinking Teddy and book or tea out to a man can icons can't continue to move America forward and some type of subtitle? That's it. I'm thinkin about deal and I ve talked Tweed Roosevelt, the great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt he's pleased by it like we would love that, so
guy was taken by the moving of the statue because they had some things or racially insensitive. He was more racially forward than anybody else. I, like I, read a book a day, Teddy Roosevelt. By far, I think he was the first speed reader to ever be a present before speed. Reading was a thing any wrote. I mean Caddy wrote hundreds of thousands of published words. It's unbelievable. Yet do that man that sounds great and you know who else you would enjoy, maybe as a guest on your show. you met Selina Zito before I know of Salinas EDA. She writes for about three different publications. She was on here last week and we had a great rotation. She has a column called the middle of somewhere because she believes there is no such thing is the middle of nowhere and she only takes back roads and she's been driving across the country for a decade, and you can find her stuff in the post and the examiner and here and there. But you would like
Are you sure a lot of shit? I talk to you guys. This is great. Sovereignty arming seriously, because we do the same thing on television and all different values? I find myself King of your mind, set all the time because there is no, It would seem. Micro now, like rule on the couch, infarction friends. Micro in real life at all. Here this is the four of my book? You'll notice, I only on the one shirt there's a guy We want to try and truth is you are too young people describe MIKE, is very authentic. Just having spent the last hour with you right now and having seen you on television and heard you on the radio I'd say you are very authentic, as well. You're the same guy you're doing it mission
accomplished he's too busy he's too busy to maintain its eyes. It's not really a compliment, but when you put yourself in the kinds of positions that we ve put ourselves in it's kind of law If you're gonna lie, you need a great memory. I dont have a good enough. memory? So it's easier to tell the truth, it's easier to be who you are some Times, there's a little bit of a consequence for that, but whatever it's an easy thing to live with that where's by Google, my name Cecil stories in a pop up. Pride kill me I, like ninety nine percent of it as ever on the dating scene. I will probably not get one first data by case you, like a nice guy, I googled ipads. I think you're wondering I gotta pick a white bright, hate modest way is writing of you being so busy. I just want to mention all these things because I live to. Please Alison, you have a new Fox YO. Congratulations called one nation which comes on Saturday night at eight p m. Is that correct
repeated eleven really excited. I last week was a first week so that early and you're, the Brian kill me show nationally syndicated radio show you have. The fox nation show called what made Amerika great, also great and every day you're on Fox and friends. It's ridiculous and, of course, you wrote this book. I the actual copy, the president of the freedom fighter, Where should they buy it, because people can buy stuff anywhere? Where would you prefer people, Niger? Something micro wish would deal. I our did you buy local bookstore the under my website and they want to personalize, especially because it's better than a romance idle, Lincoln Douglas says you know four Valentine's day. It's too perfect thing to keep the person you find special gets one. best pop up books. I've read fantastic get rules. Large print break he'll, be back on click on that you could tell me exactly what you want to write. I show by Bookstore once a week and above all, the books- and I personalizing you know within the one eight hundred flowers box. So it's with
a of words I do there. that's the best place to get it yes, sell on, but you don't know: so here? The other thing is these books. I have a plan to tell people about it so serious what a great books, but people don't have a talk. Show I got these shows and I'm able to talk about him foxes, you do it echelon, I'm under no illusion that without the Brussels it without the Fox platform, they don't This amount that I saw. So that's why my ego is totally the over the myself great afore. I realized boxwood it don't just as well without me. So I want to hold on time. Is a lot of people you're bigger than the shadow and they can go, take their fame elsewhere. never was under that allows you ever. Yeah! That's right! Where life people box, I didn't like it seriously. Next week. slew pandemonium, but if it works out I'd, be happy to hop on your show and which one about the Saturday you're, no one. Yet I tape on Friday grandeur
like. I could do it right now. We have my hours. Twelve, the two, so he did it. Right before coming here, you want I jeweller rapid it before you came here. You just Did I literally walked out of the studio? Has one minute to say you know what let shoot for next Saturday, then. Will he lives on Friday morning? on Friday Chuck, but my still wear my dallas. You know what we'll figure it out. I mean we ve come this far. I really want to understand this Hopkins thing. Better is arcane. It's a lotta reading and I've gotten through most of it and apparently anew and came out yesterday as well. I just really, I don't know what the hell I can do about it, I'm trying not to be political and I'm trying not to be a douche about the whole thing, but I don't want to live in a country where a study by Hopkins is suppressed. I just think that's just bad with a cat.
it'll be so I'd be happy to chat about all that the next week isn't going to work your most likely going to be in Dallas, but I think maybe we can get you on Brian's radio show, Monday or Wednesday You know what studies show American doesn't care about any this house cleaning stuff. So why do we officially and what I think has been another authentic, riveting a girl honest behind the scenes. Real I mean Brian I concerned, I haven't heard your computer dinging in the last two minutes. Is it possible Dave cancelled your contract? I apologize as I had our counter open, which means was getting the email audio. So as soon as I can, our calendar. I was afraid to close it because I thought it would close this so Ray email there was coming in, Polly. I noticed it sounded like I was in pennies when they were having a sail in Hungary thing. Only this one of those things. You talk about me once I will you bet now. This is
those things where the entire conversation goes up. We don't edit at all, because we don't have time and Chuck doesn't know how right So why is somebody else is that why you, I thought, how would you like to work for my brother he's got one sure looking for real go, get it the nose and write books and host that be great cause. I'm looking to get out of it is annoying of his every day with by schedule. hey, you know my head. I want some Frida the sick thing. I've known shock for over forty years, we want a high school together, allows haven't perfectly respectable career in show business on days like I can I help out. Is everything going on over yeah yeah sure you know like? I would always higher chalk approves a commercial whatever you do, he got sucked now. My foundation is swallowed. Him tell everybody else who works for me is female, so he's
down there and allay he's like the court jester trying to keep everything same while I'm up here in the Republic of San Francisco hang on for dear life, it's a hell of a then we had one thing in big picture is very often do outside here beside speeches and get ok with the stage. I can do my own thing at which some get the higher my high school friend. You does stand up. My other one, who is an m c, was very talented guy and of doing pharmaceutical sales. He always others only left in the locker Anna, so I'm able damn onstage and then bring other people out to get them more money and get them side. Gigs to me, that is so rewarding. I can only imagine how rewarding it is for you because got these hardworking, talented people, and now to work with them and provide Opportunity so to me. That's was rewarding thing. I'm on the road with my friends there getting paid doing and they love it. I know Veal is the best thing
the only thing I've ever about boxes like I have a job, but I really can't do that the outsider assets into problem- if I hope on you know, dirty jobs, funny how the older you get. The more important so's. You knew back in the day become to you Isn't it really? Is you know it's like we interviewed other people. We like the original right. I've met other people. I rather singular guys enumerating seventh grade right. We were even I work a razor, so final thought. I can't believe this is a black and white camera. You ve written a black and white book we're living in a black and white time, good boy- what we really need is a little shaded gray and there you are, you are grey. This is the greatest very
we ve never had on the pod. Guess you just can't script, this kind of thing. So thank you for that and by the way there is no script. We have no teleprompter now, but I think I just got the title for these things. They always come at the very end and I think it's Brien kill meat fish shades of great, please can we gotta play they b if it's not about. I don't want to have to deal with that. Thank you. Look great thanks. Man you next week, thanks yeah we'll do it. I areas
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