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241: The Maddest March Ever

2022-03-08 | 🔗
Scott Flansburg, aka the Human Calculator, makes a repeat appearance to bring breaking news on his quest for truth regarding the real origins of basketball.
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Yeah. I do love the numbers gum. From six year on the way I heard it with a certain number of one hundred and forty one. Is it or two and forty one? No, it's not it's to forty one, oh yeah, it's to forty one, You were so busy worried about the one I forgot, the two young so always good. To have a producer with me. Just keep an eye on things. Go make ensure somebody else, sweat and anything had started at zero. I would have worked it out, but we started with blood and start with zero episode. That overall problem here, we're gonna talk, Layton in this episode about all of the problems that happen. When you don't start with zero, its episode to four one chuck came up with
idle just seconds ago, the maddest March ever March mad. This is just around the corner, or maybe it's happening as we speak right now, who knows, but in real time our next guest, while our only on this, has a lot to say about basketball. A lot to say math, a lot to say about zero, a lot to say about time and space and if any of the sounds familiar it's because you I've heard him on here before? What was that episode? Your members, like one eighty one
why am I asking you? What do you know about? I believe it was two hundred and eighteen, but give me just one second, that could first be right. It was two hundred and eighteen and that's when we introduce to you my old friend, Scott Flansburg, the human calculator who is spent his whole life on a mission Scott's been on a mission to change the way people add subtract, multiply divide. He wants to change our relationship with math, with numbers wants to change. The education system wants to change the way we keep track. time has created a new calendar, he's always pushing the rock up the hill, and I had him on the podcast a few months ago, back in September of last year, because He has taken on another mission, he's trying to get the basketball Hall of Fame moved really from Springfield Massachusetts to his home town of her
from her New York is trying to bring attention to the guy who actually invented basketball, as opposed to the person who we all believe, invented the game of basketball. Yeah. That's what he says about telling us, I'm pretty sure you, moved a hobby, Asea Sarcoma. This is such an interesting topic to me and if you're listening this going. Why should I care? I don't care about basketball. I don't care about those crooks in bed with the Chinese. I don't care about all the woke. Nonce sit level, but it's not about this- is about history, its about correcting a misconception in Scots mind in the minds of many other people too, because a basketball is largely
attributed an accredited to Doktor James, Nay Psmith, nearly a hundred thirty years ago. But there is another narrative. That's gained a lot of attention and other about you check, but when it be funny, if the entire history of this thing is re written because of a podcast that Scott, hear back in September. That would be amazing. I would feel like we ve really changed something in the world or we ve brought truth to the world MIKE. That's my go because up to this
wake up to this boy. We just feel like a couple of guys sipping whisky catching up every week, but in fact we might actually change something with this one, because if the origins of basketball are fundamentally wrong and that misconception can be corrected well, then, who knows maybe we'll be back for another month of the way I heard. What else could we change what other industry could we have a drastic effect on novices its basketball? Where tat were one in done? That's that's it we're wanted out yet anyway, it's a great conversation with my old friend Scott Flensburg. who I think I was right when I set it our conversation, the only return guest we ve ever had, except for my mother. So far I was a little nervous actually cause. The first conversation with him was so good. I didn't know what we could possibly
it will improve well he's at bringing an update and its major uptown. We talked about all this a few months back and now the national press is paying attention. Major sports figures are paying attention, he's poked the bear and he's got some people really upset in Springfield, but in the end the truth will out and we're gonna talk a little bit about a new book, the chalk and I just got an advance copy of and weak. started called Nay Smith and a I ask em why t age? This is the culmination of the last couple of years of work, a partnered with a couple of ukrainian authors, and they ve got a book on the market that spells the whole thing out. It's a heck of a tail and it's a superfund conversation, truculent added thing before I throw to the I believe: they're Canadians a there from my ukrainian ancestry, but actually Canadians you know. Well, you know what
are we all really from anywhere for minority all from everywhere were now walked back far enough, we're all from ITALY? create equal in. I knew crater each being iron, Ukraine, her, I don't think that's proper german, but what was long as we're going to invoke the name of that country? I should hope things and as well as they possibly can over there. It's not subject to this conversation, but you can't just say Ukraine in the preamble and not acknowledge world. If I tried to make a canadian man, but you were with the Ukraine, you know you said Ukrainian got here, WWW deluded you just confused, now it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that and whatever the great american melting pot. This is the way I heard it episode number two hundred and forty one, and it is- in my humble estimation, the maddest March ever we talk a lot on this podcast about opportunity, because I worry that so many people in our country have come to the conclusion that opportunities
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slash, rob it really is a great chance for you to make a positive change in your career. and in your community propane dotcom, slash row thank you rose, job. Do you feel better knowing Ross is back their manipulating things, turning buttons semi? Does it give you renewed hope in the fidelity of what about just honestly gives me somebody to blame when it goes wrong, so either way it's gonna, which brings us to today's guess. If there's any one to blame for either the brevity or the redundancy of the pod cast you're about to hear it would be Scotlands, Burke, sky, think you're, the only person Chuck tell me if I'm wrong, but with the exception of my my either it was bitter, repeat, guest. I am be on honour. While
You, gentlemen. That means the world to me MIKE. I'm telling you the response from the first episode that we did was absolutely increase more, for you have no idea the impact you guys can have an a little village and abstain York near the Adirondacks. That's been silent for seventy years, so thank you guys. Look village you make it sound like they're carrying the water from the well and stuff yeah. You know what I listen to. What we did back in was set at an amber, maybe October it was September, because it was the same data Alice Cooper performed in Utica right next door right. Well, here's a humble brag if you ve never heard one. I listen to that episode really for the first time this morning, we ve got so much stuff going on? I can't even listen to my own thoughts, gas and modesty I thought I was pretty good grudged it
who's, fun, dude and I've known you for a long time and of course it goes without saying you were going to be a fascinating guests. Anybody on a mission to change the way we count and keep track of time is always going to have something. To say, but I was a little nervous because, as I told you offline, this is not really a current events. Podcast, certainly not a political podcast, but we are interested in how do we say chuck futile causes. Quixotic endeavours. Yes, yes, you take big swings and we did that podcast, and I love everything you had to say. I just listen to myself warning you that there was gonna be pushed back. Look, I'm actually surprised how many people listen to this thing and the amount of feedback we got from everything you had to say, but let's start with your village, because most people talk about the place where they
came from as a town or a city or a zip code on a map, but you go with village, which makes me think we're click away from a hamlet. So how are things up there in the ham? of her camera. Well, at this little village has less than ten thousand people in the population is not fluctuated more than ten percent in the past five six decades is just paralyzed and an industrial hub. It's on the we can now the New York state through way everything goes through here and were read between Syracusan all so we have every reason to be a major economic impacts zone in our county in our community
for whatever reason, even over the middle of the county, we cannot seem to get momentum here. You sent me a book called Nay Smith and Whitey H, very clever title insinuating, of course, that the legend around Nay, Psmith, deep, largely accredited inventor of basketball is in fact a myth and I'm really enjoying the book. I haven't finished it yet, but it seems like it's a book you could have written. Of course I want to get all the basketball stuff, but I didn't realize just reading through the first couple of chapters, how pivotal that part of New York was to your point, you're right there on the mohawk I mean it's basically the eerie canal, so much stuff happened up there and I think we now call it the rest belt somewhat tragically, but it was the center of everything once by the time- it all happened. Everything went through here, including imagine this in her calmer this little village and abstain, your
in eighteen, eighty, one that Thomas Edison and Tesla were and through here on the eerie canal to go from the city over to Niagara falls to work on electricity, hurt him was right in the middle and in his village. At that time, was a man known as H, M Q, Henry M Quacking Bush, who had over fifty pounds, including stuff just everyday stuff. You know, You think I'm not cracker extension ladder, simple things but all oh, very interesting things like the first cephalopod in America, humor mortars, cephalopod, is it's the original bank bike with, one big wheel in one little we'll so. Mr Clock was a very industrial man and that's what attracted somebody who here, including the Thomas Edison, shows her camera the village to test his art lighting
don't before he went to the world's fair in Chicago. Did you know that the cephalopod and a lot of other early prototypes for what we know is bicycles today, were invented as a result of a volcano on the other side of the world? It was that giant irruption what was a check, not Krakatoa, but Vesuvius out after that. That's big miles ACT in Indonesia, it'll come to me at a second. It plunged the earth into a summer of darkness. The sun never shown it was the same year that Mary Shelly wound up writing Frankenstein. A lot of interesting things happen that year, including snow in July, in parts of New England, the crops died and a lot of horses died because
just were unable to eat, and so people are like. We need a better way to get around cephalopod ten Bora, yet TAT bore up. Temper was the name of the volcano, but I digress here. You are trying to change the way people track time and count numbers reflecting on your little hamlet, your village, at the centre of all things. You ve gone back to your hometown to tilt once again at windmills. What's changed in the five or six, and since I saw you last while the one dynamic in mentioned, you guys is that there were two brothers that were working on a book about the hurt him her basketball story. what happened to them was they were living in Kansas in two thousand and ten and they wrote an article doubting the origin of basketballs and the Nay Psmith narrative,
and a couple months later, another reporter in Kansas City, followed up with an interview of Doktor Smith's grandson, and he mentioned this book and story and doktor, nay, Smith's grandson got very upset and threatened. If anybody else brings up the her commerce story than he will personally character, but and He was her calmer out of his life in unknown. So these two brothers get sorted blackball in Kansas in August. We're Nay Smith, is. Are these frosty brothers? Is it foster brothers ass. Ever I see why and they wrote a book called black eyes which showed how they, history of ice said a lot to do with other than white people playing and so they have sorted out whitewash through the years, and so they they did. This amazing block and changed the history of hockey will be told forever and what happened was as they left Kansas City after this happen, and I contact them
Eighteen months ago, when I started working on this, I found them through searching on Google and such and I reached out said hey I'm here, I'm gonna try to prove this her story that basketball was invented here, far along where you guys on the book in how close could you be, and there were just wrapping up approach- direct and said we would lead to sit down and go through it and sleeping work on this day and night for the past eighteen months. Sixteen months, maybe and when they Call me three weeks ago and said it's done. We're ready they gave us one more week to submit evidence, we found to earth shadow in pieces of evidence, explain why in a minute, but these two brothers are ukrainian. There Canada, canadian ukrainian brothers and to do black, I said now to get a chance to rewrite the history of basketball after what they experience with doktor niece. Miss grandson just seems like it's coming. Full circle, yeah and I've been reading. Something about Ukraine in the headlines here of late must be an amazingly
fascinating time for these two fascinating. Indeed- and you know we gotta be sensitive to these things, obviously, because the situation around the world- and I know this is a sensitive subject to take a hunter thirty year old, myth that has been conceived is truth into just destroy that narrative, but we have the physical evidence to prove that. Well, I want you to walk me, throw it like. You did last time with special emphasis on the new stuff, but I want to say too that the reason you're, that rare rare species of return guest here on the humble podcast, is because what you're trying to do, but, let's just say, you're in good company or company anyway, like right, where we're living in a time when, if people don't really like the story that they're here
from the past the now identified the statute that fast commemorates it been pull at the held down right like on the one hand, no one is hesitating to do whatever they can to change. The present to reflect a better version of the past, they would like to recall. I dont know if that relates directly to what's going on here, but I do think it's a good indicator of just how hard it can be to correct a mistake once it takes root and that's basically, What you're arguing right? It's a fundamental belief and your poking the bare well there's two angles we had to come at it with is one look at New Smith's narrative. Forget everything else, just how did the inverse basketball You just forget about her camera fermented. Just look at me. Smith's patterns originally
invented, basketball and less than an hour and wrote down the rules because he had em for class one day and by the time down the road. The story, the narrative, is changed, half a dozen times on how basketball was Vented was a one hour one day one week, one month can changing, and so just showing that we're not in Albania and we're just laying out the facts of his experience and also it Yet when they family auctioned off the rules. This is most a hundred years later, ok, we found evidence that this was a cover, job back and eighteen. Me too, ninety three when they first introduced basketball and we found a document that asshole he shows it is in the book and I'll blow your mind, but is basically a disclaimer from Smith Boss, explain how they can get away with saying that they invented basketball and how they are used. word invent and so what happened. You guys is basketball,
introduced in January. Ninety tuna just started snowballing, so quick and they start again questioned over and over again who invented basket, well, how did it come about? And finally, by January ninety three. They put out the statement that win and all the way I'm seeing publications that was just like disclaimer, they said hey, you know I was sit around when they talk in a doctor's. Nay Smith is too modest to talk about his invention of basketball and we're talking The word invention and honest cause to explain how they could talk themselves and convincing cells that they had invented Basque, while because they might have made it added or a modification to something that they had received. So that's how ugly this could yet, but on the nation side you can throughout his life, that it doesn't add up, and the rules being changed in eighteen, ninety two and then is a family or someone changed the rules, the original rules before they were auctioned off, four million dollars where today,
on the bottom of it used to say February, eighteen, ninety two forever: what for I'm reason when I went to auction asylum visa wit number. Eighty, ninety one and you can clearly see there's someone changed the day and I believe it to be ass. Her calmer had a picture of a team holding a basket from their first team and it says ninety one, ninety two and they could Explain that away and less what happened. Just amazing man, you ve, been peeling back the layers of the onion and I've been waiting to see if you either hit oil or if it's just dr hole. You know that's why we wanted to have you on before, because if there was something there, I knew it was gonna blow up. So with this book coming out our people finally starting to pay attention to this thing,
Yes, the response have gone from this few people that have read it are blown away and leave. It's gonna change everything in that's very high profile, people that I can mention, but we send it to some very slight people to make. sure everything was right and that we have notified the proper people ahead of time before this came out and ass. It came out in so yes a very sensitive procedure. We ve had meetings. The hall of Fame. We discuss this there's a couple. Other issues guys we bring up with the S side before we even talk about limber willing to her come restoring. Is that where, Was family had these heirlooms these things these little objects over a hundred years old from their grand heads. First came in her camera and in eighteen? Eighty, two in the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame was gonna. Do the one hundred year celebration of basketball, they solicited that stuff from the labour- will family the labour we'll family was
excited because the labor was never been mentioned in the Hall of fame up to this point, and so they go there. They give them the stuff they. for celebrating ceremony to inducted a few days later. That's all glass in the middle of this room and there's an extra peace, paper and there are the states something about the team being other than ninety one. Ninety two, that it was ninety two ninety three and we have the video of the ceremony and you can see that they have take that out because the wheel, families pretty upset well they have the ceremony, it's a private ceremony place was closed. Thirty people of will family. They leave and when they went back to see the display weeks or months later it was gone they asked for it would have and two, it was gonna, be displayed again, didn't get any clear answers. That was thirty years ago and to this day that exhibit that display has never been seen by the Well family. So, ok,
somebody's listening to this guaranteed and they're a little confused, because I didn't go back and they didn't listen to the first episode, but just to do a little housekeeping. The hall of Fame for the NBA's in Springfield Security is not the NBA. Sorry MIKE the whole famous for basketball of all levels, not the NBA. The NBA does not have all the thing interesting. Okay, so all the basketball is represented in the town of Springfield Massachusetts, we're Doktor James, Nay, Psmith, taught briefly for a couple years right, while he was doing that a young kid named Lambert will sixteen years old, athletic directorate. Why I'm seeing in your little village of her comments? The first time I read about the controversy, it really felt like the way I heard it it felt like he said she said it felt like people of good will on parallel paths. You know they talk about a what they call it like a hive mentality when multiple p
we are working on the same thing at the same time it never really get together, but nevertheless come up with the same thing right like with semi conductors Robert Noise and kill be working. Thousands of miles apart basically came to the same kind of thing. I figured that's what happened with vast ball. People were exchanging ideas and look really no harm, no foul, no pun intended, but the more I read about it and the more I talk to you You understand why his great grandfather so pissed off. I dont, know that you can say this is an honest misunderstanding Just looks more and more like a deliberate attempt to rewrite history and defraud will of his legacy in several generations this happening in thousand ninety one. Ninety two: this happened in nineteen. Fifty two and they decided some who's gonna build the whole thing for basketball, the her calmer guys,
a labourer will and Frank J Baseload who wrote the book. I grew up with basketball to explain this whole story in the first place went to Springfield to fight to get there fame and her camera, because up until nineteen fifty two is undisputed, really wasn't talked about. Nation was like them grand promoter of basketball labour will just sort disappeared. He was a vote. Till the wives yea before you basketball. He helped a friend set up. A trip from Come York to Santa Monica to take possess LE pod across country. He did that Fifteen years old. Sixteen the events, basketball, eighteen, takes a year often travels the country, and then it goes the spanish American WAR and search for a couple years. A comes back here and moves into the village next tore called little falls in IRAN the design print shop for over thirty almost forty years? What's bizarre, guises this whole time might, since the day zero I've been talking about this, I can say to you
eighteen, ninety one, eighteen, ninety one, we have spent the last two years of our forensic research investigation focusing on eighteen, eighty, one certain dates February, one February twenty. First, looking for anything, the latter- Weekly could find evidence. I walk up stairs into the attic of the hurt him historical society on main street, less than three hundred yards from where the first game happened, and I was too the section number of book number and a page number if I could find that they have an article that would help us in so I spent days of there and we couldn't find it. Finally, said: I'm gonna go through every scrap of, and I just grab one randomly. It was grandma's old, favourite number. I it's a sign in falling. She was sitting next to me. She passed a few years ago, but it was a freaky moment and I finish, everything else, I walked over the window, open it up to page. Forty was supposed to be there in its not there I'm all bomb doubt and I just slip through catch, something, a glance, something and I slipped to pay, fourteen and there it is an article that is,
the fifty year reunion of these guys from Herkimer in little falls that played their first game back in February. Eighteen, ninety one! Now They decide the celebrated in nineteen forty because Lambert Well and his crew believe they had invented basketball and the fall of eighteen. Ninety there are plain: ask about the fall of eighteen. Ninety. They just had the first official game in February eighteen, ninety one. So when they had their fifth year reunion they chose to do in nineteen. Forty, that's why we profound anything and when we were calibrated for the nineteen forty day. Instead of the forty one, everything opened up Now you see all that evidence in a book, including local articles that show there's no way the two dozen guys held a conspiracy for fifty. years over a date that still wasn't being. Spirited when they had the Party what's more annoying than paying interest on your credit card balance paying
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a short while. Ok, why should I care? If I'm not a big basketball fan? It's been over a hundred years. Multiple generations have come and gone. Lotta people look at basketball today and there, like God, Gimme a break. It's all so overpaid, nor so woke and also ripe, help me care about why you ve dedicated your life in the last couple of years to getting to the nub of this first and foremost, just to set the record straight MIKE. I love logic. I love order and to me when I started diving into the story, I saw all the chaos that was created by Springfield that created this. This veil it made it harder and harder time went by and as we
finding more evidence in her comments have seen holy cow. This really could be almost at it. spirits sea level, because Nay Smith's boss ruling was a very moated baited may and we need looking at that guy and you see how they work together. They have various activities, the book also covers Nay Smith's other inventions that he claims to have they're, very bizarre, to say the least, and how their presented so goes on none, but the reason I want you to cares because imagine her former being deprived, story. In this credit. For a hundred thirty years we live twenty eight miles from Coopers town, a Europe where the baseball famous them village in village, any Abstained York area, probably with incredible wanna history. We are too miles away on route, twenty eight and we deserve to have a basque Ball Museum, at least here to see a break the history that happen here. The first rim, the first net, the first game, the first backward.
I want to jump in on that. Why a person should care, because I'm a guy who doesn't really follow basketball on more of a hockey guy. Soon, as I discovered hockey, you know the gag, I always say to people when they ask about basketball, say any aim. You can score a hundred points in can't be all that hard. But I know that's not true. Anyway, I am a lover of truth right and too Scott it feels like you are on a mission to find the truth, and I did read the forward in the first couple of after of this book, this more and I jotted this down from Drake Furred leave. which is in the forward or the introduction, and he said a truth lives forever. You can hide the truth, ignore the truth, deny the truth, bury the truth or rewrite the truth, but in the end, after you are gone, the truth will re emerge. It will continue to exist and will one day prevail for true,
never dies, truth lives forever and that just stuck with me- and I was like that- is so true- it feel so true- and that's why I think we are doing- is amazing and unexcited for you thank shocking. Imagine the frosty brothers Georgian Darrell faster. You know it too, in turn. Can I love their ice cream by the way in ITALY there. through so much and when they did black eyes. They went through a lot in what the respecting to go through this this time in the world history, were, you know, what's happening in the Ukraine? Did you read black eyes not all of it, but enough of it were. I was excited meet these guys because you could tell there's no drama. Not add anything. They just tell the truth and may show Ray. I can understand it, that's what it felt like in a little bit that I've read so far of this book and it makes me want to re black eyes. Since I am
he yet you'll be amazed. Everything between the truth and the lie is the way we heard it or the way. Somebody or the way somebody told it and having watched the state of the union recently and paying attention as best, I can too oh just call it the Mai asthma of fake news, counterbalanced with the certainty of the people who make it. It really does start to feel like nowadays. The narrative that gets accepted is the loudest narrative, it's the one that gets repeated and the more you repeated thing, no matter how crazy it is, the more you repeated the deeper the hook, sets and the harder it is to pull that thing out of the flesh. This is a hundred and thirty year old hook, brother, it sunk in deep
Well, you know you host is sure that gets into everywhere to solar when this unravelled or came together. I guess for her calmer. I couldn't believe guys I mean literally. I still remember the moment. I found that article after eighteen months of looking for the wrong day and then to find it in the wrong book in the wrong section. On page, I still feel like it's a miracle and I'm telling you guys I jumped in my car and drove the Utica, which is about twenty minutes away from here and I went down. There's into the micro feast of the newspaper make sure it wasn't fake news or men If access by somebody in her calmer and tell you when I saw that microfiche. It was part of a paper, one thousand nine hundred and forty before anybody ever questioned any of this. After eighteen months of hoping and wishing that there was something to the
that's the moment where I knew I quit thinking about proving and started thinking about holy cow really got here: houses gonna, go, I'm not looking at it like a lie. I'm looking at it like somebody put the truth in the wrong place, It's interesting, you guys I'm innocent, assure couple days here that we cover in the book extensively, but I think you need to know about in our recent we found it. There's the original publication from Springfield called the triangle that change, Nay Smith, was the aperture So when he received any stories and put him in there, it could have included the rules, of all from labour will unhurt merged. He put his name on it, he was editor and next thing. It ourselves maybe someone innocent, but when you see the other letter in January of eighteen, ninety three from his boss colleague trying to defend him, you can see that there is a clear they already know: something's gonna they just want to protect themselves. Have people figured it out. Tell me more about this guy Kullak and his relationship with Nay Psmith and
I I mean they are you saying in this thing that they flat out took Lambert Wills idea or that Lambert improved upon a notion so much so that its rightfully his I still can't figure out which is which so originally we thought it was an ocean based upon a request from Springfield's looking for a winter game that they had basic rules for and that's the way the battle book preface. Is it and so that's the first year and a half a year on three months. That's the way, thought it was? But then we realized that's not the case, and then we found a file from the publishing of Frankie Bachelors book. I grew up with basketball and we got all the records from there medications and inside that we found an affidavit son by labour will in a picture of him. In the judge and Frank bowed, low, steady, exactly the rules that were said, the dates of the gates were played glamour will say,
down a road. This out signed his name to it and they use that is evidence to go to Springfield to fight for the Hall of Fame in nineteen. Fifty two, so Lambert turns out to be just the straight shooter in short, you said something earlier about their scorn hundred points we ve got to spend. I tabled. Labor was family than they a story about one of the grand could sit next to Lambert will at a basketball game of State Europe and his could ask them. What did you think the game would be like disfigures is just get to it the score you'll. Let me that I'm, we re lads, yeah here too the one I could get my love that Scotty. You said something and chuckled Pritchett. This too. I think it the least of your curious about how the skies mine works. You said that, because there was some confusion in the very earliest part of the time line, but we're talking about right now that everything that followed
was logically out of sync. As a result, I remember the day you told me we were walking on a beach somewhere. I guess it was in Marine Adele Ray and the level of agitation that you possessed when you were trying to explain that the reason that nobody can add subtract multiplier divide properly in their head is because they count wrong. They start with one and they should start with zero, and if you start with zero, of course everything will add back up and down to nine, and if you don't, nothing makes any sense at all. It's a very, very different topic, but I am struck by the fact You were agitated in the same exact way for the same exact reason: a well. What happened? You guys there's a local radio show guy here named bill killer. We know each other for forty years and I was just visit her cameras. Maybe three years ago
my grandma was having trouble. He said to me: hey if you go on Wikipedia you'll, see that the most Wikipedia person from her com or New York is you, as my gashes others be general, hurt, Murray, Henriette, quagga voices, almost really cool deeds in girls that have done some cool stuff. Here then, certainly the sense of responsibility, and I ask the question: what can I do to help my village in some sort of connected to it now and sure enough Six months later, my grandma is passing here in ICE Addison more time here and as the beginning of this road and then when covert. Yet as the human culture I couldn't do corporate gigs anymore, they weren't happen in school visits quit happening. I had some time down. and I said you know what I would go spend time in her collar and see if I can prove that this book is true, because if it is, our village deserves to be like
forced out and if its not less dispel it get rid of it and move on. So I just all we're together for good for me, then, and if it does become like Coopers town, what does that mean practically speaking for the peace we'll call it home, yes very exciting, because it's a very depressed you go down main street, it's rough guys. I mean I grew up here, the school. Where I discovered I was the human calculator, when I was nine years old a hundred yards were a basketball was invented. It literally right across his It was originally the high school, where the first high school basketball game happened, because the kids from the wives yea were right across the street and my dad work on main street of Montgomery Words right there, the lab the Basle Libraries right, extorted was half my childhood was they're, the same exact block where labour will work at a bicycle shop and volunteered at the way say all within the same three buildings. Can you described that moment?
for you, when you were a kid in school that day, when you realized for the first time that your brain was different and other peoples, and you could do a thing like that Nobody around you could do you. I was crazy moment in that school right there on main street, her calmer art nature and ran down for two digit numbers add together where we had to do a thing called the carry. Where would I more than ten he had read one all that and I was not paying attention and she saw there and she picked me. got to the board to show how to do this. One and I as busted and I want up to the board of a little stressed out. You know the girl had a crush on his right there and we need all these things are going through your brain and- and I were the board- and I don't know what to do and for some reason it hit me I learned how to read left to right. So I'm to do this left to right, so I started the tens- and I just added it up
down the cones backwards. I just went ten twenty thirty, forty four thousand five hundred and forty eight five thousand and fifty two it too, and she goes well you're right, but how'd you get that answer! Where's your carry they go. I'm not. Your dog is clear. So let's get started and then everything I would learn in math class. I would sit there and figure out or see an easier way to get the answer. In my fifth grade, Mr Potter, Sammy Down said hey man, if you figure- something out. You come over to me and show me and if I can prove that it works algebraical I'll, let you teach it to the rest of the class and since I've been workin out methods to figure out the easiest way to get the sir when it comes to numbers. If you didn't have pencil and paper or now, all you had was brain. I've discovered the most efficient roused to get her done. That way, not just with numbers, though
and this is why? Your? U that same annoyance, agitation obviously applies to the calendar. We talked about that alot last time, but it also applies to exactly what you're doing now you're. Looking for the simplest best explanation, yours still asking the world carry. What are you talking about? Where's your carry, I'm trying to tell you that basketball happened here, you're just trying to get to the beginning. I guess the next question has to be. Who else is paying attention to book? Is out and that's great, but has the press reached out They taken it what's the next level, yet we ve had good local press Hearin Abstain, Europe between search, he's in Albany? They been very generous with us. It's got the stuff are there, but every hasn't read the book because it's hard covered Amazon just started selling hard covers, and so it takes up to thirty days to get the book. We are releasing the paper bag version immediately because it needs to be in the hands of people to read, but we said the boy
to some serious vips to review because we want to achieve is to sit over, there I again that we already have a few times took over this to see what our options are and I've asked them to Sid are putting together a neutral board of historians to review the five pray period that they demanded of us to prove that the game happened in her former in eighty? Ninety one out ask them to match that and come up with their five to prove they had a game. In eighty two, we found more evidence for our game than they have further game, so where's the national press, where the big newspapers of record where's ESPN. What ok, let's talk about his fear. You guys jack you're, gonna love this ok. Do you guys know that if you wanna submitted to a story is p- and you know what they tell you they do now? Take unsolicited stories. so I do have their sources or news, but obviously I couldn't get you
That way. So I got through to a friend of mine whose rapporteur will Rehab has been, but as of today, nothing ivory, shout all major networks and publications and We have one publication, that's a major news paper that is a team here to her next week right before they from original go to the play off of the american basketball. Sociologists and they're gonna cover this book and the originals and get the story out there in a very high level. You know we had a friend a recent friend of the pod cast terrific writer name, Selina Zito, whose on a couple of weeks ago and Selina Rights shows a column called the middle of somewhere cause. Her basic operating belief is that every, whereas the middle of somewhere, there's no such thing as the middle of nowhere, and it occurs to me that I bet a lot of people who have driven through the mohawk and probably go right past
herkimer go yeah, yeah Herkimer, it's in the middle of nowhere up there. She would love this story. She loves your people. She loves a good David and Goliath Tail and that's kind of what this is. So if you want, I mean that she's probably listening to this right now actually, but I'd be happy to reach out see if there's something there. I've already called her. so did you yes have already called? Are you guys think you guys so much later? It's bizarre you know I have a interesting network of friends in the book is dedicated Dallas Cooper. He Vincent Ferny anguish,. He doesn't know it yet he'll find out. What's yours is podcast, but you know I sent him the book to read because he came up with the term originals. And made the oh look like a remedy that so he really kick. This often was bazaars he's, also the one who got me on the nine thing, on nine nine. Ninety nine, when I discovered the pattern about the number, nine and then
Alison together on nine eleven thousands with me when I got the team and call them the originals, like always bizarre husbands, that Alice is there and I can give him enough credit because he's a mentor is a friend, you know it Tommy depreciate golfing. I just can't believe how its come together guys, it's really surreal. I'm doing my best to keep. My mind together to present this, but at dinner day, geysers, just two things to think about the Smith angle in Springfield, Springfield YMCA and how they covered up the story. Four hundred thirty years and the the with family and Lambert will be in a good old kid just Dennis thing: they care about in favour or anything like that answer we fought for the Hall of Fame and nineteen, fifty six in Springfield and we lost and where the reasons was because money hurt written, have any money just like we still do. So I started to her coordinated foundation in our goals. revitalize this village, not the village all completely, but this block in her calmer, where Mr Kok and bushes factory
where the wives years and where the Basle Liberia's, because that's where this all happened in those buildings are still in existence today from the lady eighteen hundred, and so the harmonised foundation. Our mission is to celebrate these three men and in revitalize the Villa shoe story, do you think that there is going to be village push back from the village of Springfield? How deeply do you think people feel in terms of their identity to basketball their story? The hall of Fame is there is your ultimate goal to get it replaced or sort of duplicated? Were I mean? What do you do? The evident knives verdict right, you're, saying basically that you now have what amounts to who was smoking gun? That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all
this. All of this is a giant error from the jump. So how do I fix it? First thing I would suggest after we me with the Hall of Fame in Springfield colleges. If the evidence, state at the end we believe a well. We would suggest them to take the niece myth name off of the basketball Hall of Fame, All other hall of fame on the planet. Earth do not include a person's name. Only the basketball team in Springfield includes a person's name. The new Smithville Mama real basketball. Whole thing, slovene easy fix their sorry, but why? How did that happen? Why, is that the only Hall of Fame with a person surname on it that was screw. meaning signed to me that there was something nefarious happening. Just like you. The more you say it, the more is real, and so you couldn't talk about the basketball fame without saying Nasmyth's Smith's name. To grind it into your brain and so
I believe that would serve quite a purpose just doing that now as far as location of the Hall of Fame Alex that we may build a talk about having something here in her calmer carbon to all Famer Museum for Lambert will at least with an event centre to promote junior basketball, because that's what he was a teenager and maybe keep it in Springfield, I don't know it's out of my hands were opened thing, obviously, because we have nothing and you- and I know make that while Chuckie knows we about last time. We talk before the show, but nothing changes if nothing changes right and so taking Nay Psmith off of the Hall of Fame, creates story that allows the room in world to tell the Lambert will story, including him being so? sure of the first day, fab, seven eighteen, ninety one because it was
his mother's birthday and later on, his mother ends up knitting, the first net in his nose, the Betsy, Rasa basketball. You don't hear that stuff in Springfield. There is now, no, I guess not, and we can talk about the calendar thing. I'd like an update on that too. But the fact that you ve dedicated so much of your life to finding a her way to track time, and here you are in this current fight that basically all comes back to a date right- the dispute s over a date. It really is impossible to talk to you without reflecting on the passing of time and the moments that matter and your car, the attempt to make more sense out of this. How much longer do we have to suffer through that's gregorian calendar about ten months, because one in twenty three is the next time my killed or lines up with your calendar, the gregorian calendar- by that I mean my
calendar works best. my zero day is on a Sunday because in all the one days are on Mondays in the two days or on too days and so on. So it makes a year souls simplistic. So next year I mean you can download it for free. Now my website If you just start right now, you're scheduled for twenty twenty three on this calendar put your bills down barriers, personal, for everyone, you will start to see patterns explode off? These pages of when he day grids where every month is the same for weeks with same name as the day of the week on each number of each day. It will revolutionise our relationship with time and my guess incidents. How bazaars it that my two big projects coming up there, here are obviously basketball and my Cowan and my human calculator thing, but basketball and killed her basketball started with thirteen rules that were changed. Auction offer four million dollars. I have a thirteen
calendar and so the number three Thirteen is my lucky number and it was the first in a bright noticing adds back down denied so to me, thirteen it passionately and real quick for people who just have absolute no idea what you're going on about. How does thirteen at back down the night? Oh we, so the secret to numbers is every number higher than nine has a simple pattern in it. That makes it add down tonight. I say add down, was just use. A number. Eleven is an example eleven is one one. You would write one one. The next step is just adding up all those digits, so one plus one is too now subtracted total. You got from the number. We started that so eleven minus two is nine. Try that the number ten one zero one plus zero, is one tat, my this one is nine, so try, twelve one to one plus two or three. twelve. Minus three
it's nice to know, check pick a random two digit number and I'll do it for you, six thousand two hundred and sixty two is eight hundred and sixty two take away. Eight is fifty four five and forty nine. So everybody listen the podcast right now, just think of your age. Add those two digits together and take their total is, tracked it from your age in the answer you get will be a two digit number that adds up to nine, and this is so pattern that I believe exists to awaken the calculator human mind, because now every number becomes a lesson so I chose people, listen if you kids in the car and around nine years old, if you see speed them sinuses. Fifty five. If your kid can say to you Fifty five five in five is ten and then plug it in and say fifty five minus ten and get full the five and recognise that there is room for five adds up to nine then this is a simple diagnostic tool for teachers and parents to help fill in those.
Gaps, so kids can become numerous and have a basic foundation of number. Since so then color math, because right now, they're just memorizing some stuff. There's no law logic and the law falls our by the time, comes to logic and algebra, because it the number you wind up with doesn't add up tonight, Then you know you made a mistake. Somewhere along the line something's wrong, we're not his own airy right. Exactly perfect, and I think about this using number, eleven is an example that number was designed to teach every human being one plus one we ve memorized? It's too, we have counted objects to see. If it's too, we used calculator recently in punch in one plus one and if its wired right am, I tell it's too, but there no logical check, if one plus one is You gotta memorize it or leave it, but now there's a logical started the number eleven you one in one, is to now. Instead of the other stuff,
was plug in eleven. Take away, too is nine. If you get nine thing is fine! It's a simple checker for the human. brain into prove how powerful it is. Let's make a mistake: was use eleven, but we're tired and such things one plus one is three percent target in eleven minus three. Is it is not a nine, so one in one can't be three two and two is for checking twenty two. minus four is eighteen answer one aid as up to nine, so everything is fine, five in five or ten, because fifty five months, tennis, forty five, it's a simple shackled to scale no different than learning music- guys, if you want to learn math, music and math right. Think of this if you started the number ten it just doing a simple exercise into eleven twelve thirteen fourteen you are entered using yourself, your brain to every basic math fact, using a pattern
in a language instead of just memorizing stuff, the only problem is, if Chuck thinks one in one is three he's never gonna be able to subtract that get down to the wrong answer. Yet this letter to him it's up to his people around in this teachers and parents to realise something's happened. So I got up problem in that with the thirteen months calendar, because I think people will revolt against it, because that's one more rent check every year disagree chuck, I think, is the exact opposite. If you have a mortgage payment, Let's see you got a mortgage. Ok, let's just use around number honoured thousand dollars. paying on that interest right. You pay twelve payments per year. If you make thirteen payments per year. It would decrease the amount of interest you pay over time, and so it is due advantageous to banks to consider using this thirteen twenty eight kalen. Because they don't make more money, they lose money. It goes back into the consumers that the institution I agree with that
that's why I didn't use mortgage as an example. I used rent well with red. Actually it makes it easier because now is more predictable. Somebody or months are thirty days. Thirty, one twenty nine. Now incredible predictability, paychecks our and a fall in the weekend where you may not get in the bank till the money or Tuesday after there's, all these things are eliminated because of the order That is our hey, always be a Monday right, yes and it is always a Friday. The force is always of Friday. I mean that's pretty cool it would you make life so simple, the thirteen month, twenty eight day calendar has been around is like the mayan calendar right, it's a version of it. Yours is the human calendar. How is it different, then? All of the other attempts to simplify this Rubik's cube of ambiguity, yeah, there's a couple: thirteen twenty eight calendars out there, the Mayan calendars one and they had a zero day, but then
called the zero day. They called it the day out of time. That's how they referred to it. There were a couple of calendar enthusiasts in the late eighteen hundred early nineteen hundreds that made it all the way to the? U N two inch use, a new calendar and it had thirty days with I believe days is called the world calendar. Is it wasn't that mathematically efficient? This counters while the human calculator calendar and is the first zero based calendar in that there's thirteen months, but their numbered. zero through twelve, so there's a zero month, rats you can sneak into zero day. So when you count zero thing lines up and MIKE, like you were saying all things I'm recalibrate and I get to see things in a different way. It's almost like. I get a different proscription land in my glasses that allow me to zero winner focus on these things and my pet for numbers is run. Since I was a little kid tat, I started
her calmer nine foundation and the first basketball team in her camera was called the her camera. Nine hundred thirty ago and that all comes together. it just happened so much fun. I love that I have a God given ability for numbers, but this basketball story guys. I didn't see it coming I believe that I'm in the middle of this ruckus and I was gonna unravel, but I do know that true. On our side how hard it was for the nice myth in the spring. Feels too disguise the truth or their story for so long is impressive and I got lucky and they threw geyser wrote this book. George and Durham Fustian Brien Carol have spent eighteen months consume with this thing for eighteen hours a day because we knew we run something so big there. We didn't have time next, waited anybody, we just had to keep diving and get all the information and put it to you. Other and timing wise. This is man is sweet, coming up guys biggest basketball tournament in the world. It shows you how big it was so
This is in for her comments to be credited and included with this incredible sport would be a drink. True for me in the village and are counting on you know, abstain, you're, you're, really can't chuck. On the one hand he says, there's no way he could have predicted a imagined himself at the centre of such a quixotic tail. On the other hand, it submitted, we'll see. How could you not hard work, it s a great question. Last bycatch MIKE S very facial explaining the thirteen with county. You two guys will you said are checked my setting us who do you call and try to call the pope, you know residences calendar so awkward there. So I needed talk with the Pope and the chairman Basketball Hall of Fame. You know, I know crazy guideline. We understand here like what am I doing, but I really
I just gonna be the human calculator for us, my life, and I I love that so much in the kids and the reaction in just a dream come true to inspire trouble. the numbers. So this is a whole other level, breeze athletes to create math fleets and bring an altogether dude. I've always been interested, but I didn't really completely understand why, until I went on my own quixotic mission, you know MIKE Rowe works is fourteen years old this year we exist for the purpose of attempting to close America's skills gap, but you may-
twelve ft, attempting in caps and then go ahead and highlighted in yellow and then circle it because I'm going to fail. I am never going to close the skills gap. However, in the attempt to do so, we've hooked up one thousand four hundred kids with scholarships. We've impacted a lot of lives and we've helped change a conversation. The skills gap will never ever close. I know that and it used to depress me somewhat, but really that's not the point at all. I don't think you're going to live to see people starting to count from zero, and I don't think you're going to live to see your calendar completely enacted one day it might be. I dont say any of this to be a downer about it breaks my heart. My kit break his heart, I'm just telling it but the basketball thing you might do it. You might get
being on frickin monument in her calmer. You might get a national apology, you might, at the age, the NBA you might get other acronyms from others. You might get true athletes and real lovers of sport to look at this whole thing and say: dammit, you know what I was wrong and now it's right into to chucks earlier point. Anybody who appreciates that kind of justice that level of yet we got it right, that's gonna, be very satisfying, and so the fact that it that happens. We played some modest role here on this humble podcast. That will please me
No, it more than you know MIKE and to think that we met in the middle of the night on key see and you were sullen dolls and I was stand. Freeburg advocates guy got its act, but I do have two things that you brought up the zero nine thing in the calendar. I have to disagree with you there because the national counting being annual event. Starting this fall is, is gonna change that is going to be bed annual numeracy campaign that's gonna, revolutionized way, kids learn how to count and celebrate the fastest counters in every country. every year around the world? So that's going to happen in my lifetime. I pray calendar I thought the same way you did MIKE when I invented it: one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine I for the first ten years of spinning my wheels. How am I going to change the cam
I'll make it his London guideline calls and two thousand, while those common mind telling her we're going to blow up. I had to get a time before the head and you never saw her sense of urgency, but then I had Fifthly, about this more dad is doing a walk on a beach in Australia and it hit me a fund or build the sky. You don't have to change the calendar Scott right now on the planet earth. There are about forty one calendars and so You can wake up tomorrow morning and choose to use the cowboy calendar. The chinese count, the jewish calendar. There's forty one on the planet so next year two twenty three you'll be able to wake up and choose to use the human calculator calendar that makes sense the brain and the body and allows us to tune in animals. Powerful force on the planet earth other than love, which is time. Well then, what about truth? If we're gonna talk about powerful forces, then not to get to ascertain
Eric here, but I get a little tired of people searching for their truth as if you now like we all get to think I you know what yet Chuck is one plus one is three guy. That's my truth. Write me I've looked at gravity thing, I'm not by an it saw meant to go ahead and fly. That's my through you. I mean it's kind of exhausting the idea that we can have over forty calendars and everybody can feel good about the counter. They choose. Ok, but at some point it's not ok at some point, the zero thing is not ok, it's not cool to ignore that you know, and it's not cool to pretend that fast at ball was invented in her camera. At some point in time, on somebody's calendar attention must be paid back to the quote in the beginning of the book. I'm glad you read that
because it's the truth, sooner or later, sooner or later, the truth is gonna. The truth will out yeah. I just don't think we're gonna be around to see it in most cases, but maybe we will be, and if we are are we'll have a parade. I have you back on the podcast thirty three four I have time, maybe you know shocks out you're in listen, you guys, I don't think you can calculate the rule. You too have played in the last six months in my life, especially since, why can I talked about doing the first pod cast because that was going to start. I knew we were onto something really heavy and I didn't know how to handle it or process it, and I thought might could help me make sense of it and so chuck you guys, let me say, and having to listen to myself. Try to explain it gave me so much clarity on what gas were still missing and how to fill those. So I can't take you guys enough
for plain not only a vital role, but if you really think about it, if you guys were the first one, I mean September. Twenty second for me was a day I know she's my life forever, because everybody in her calmer woke up the next day said: wait Micro, doktor talk to Scott about her former, I'm just telling you that was a paradigm shift, furthermore, New York that next day, so God bless you guys. I can't thank you enough. Thanks Scotty, if you can't calculus right right when we got you out, just God, I just want to say: listen, I've been a fan of yours since day, zero They worry story, though. I really appreciate you, man, you're. You are something that if people want to get in touch with you or want to support this effort, what's the best to do it, hurt him or nine dot org. Yet please
Furthermore, no dot org were finally see three and we ve spent way too much money on this project over the past eighteen months that people in her camera, like what are you spending money on self? That would be great the ten million dollar project a clean up their block, you know it's old buildings and asbestos and all these things so we're learn a lot. But thank you common around us. We ve got a million dollar grants to turn the clock and factory no esteem, blurring centre for kids and adults. Retraining so might well be echoing your mission in that building for eternity. Buddy as I get a lot of conversation pal boat when that gets to the next level. There is a micro works. Conversation have about this. I know I've been talking about it for years, but I'm going to get up there. If you can get this thing over the line or through the hoop as it were, it's a show it's an absolute
when I can get a network to pay attention and I can get this thing up somewhere. I think it's a great story, and I love that you're telling it, and you know what one final thought if I can bring this back to me for a moment, as you know, I've been doing we cast happening Scott counteract I was thinkin. I was at a cocktail party in Hollywood, after a network up front, probably in two thousand seven and dirty jobs had become thing? It wasn't quite at its zenith, but it was going there and I'm wandering around drinking beer. Just listening to random executives talking. I went around the corner just in time to hear a guy. I won't mention his name talkin to two or three other people about the moment. He created dirty jobs which struck me as interesting right. The way I heard it was my idea. I shall of whatever I was curious to see how this version,
the story. Plato is withdrawn. and down the highway, and I took my normal exit and the the traffic slowed a bit cause. There was some construction up in the intersection, and when the flagman waved me through, I was going at a baby two or three miles an hour, and I saw a stick, his head out of the manhole and he was covered in God knows what, but he was smiling, and I said to myself: I wonder what his story is. What's going on down there out of sight, of mind, so I ran up the flagpole than we had. Some auditions and micro came into our lives and the rest is history. I'm just sitting there sipping my beer about eight feet behind him, and I really wasn't sure what to do. You know. Part of me wanted to walk up and set the record straight. Pardon me thought it might be fun to hit em over the head with Thea bottle of bud. I just walked away instead because I didn't know how to even broke
without being a deck, and I didn't really want to be a deck in front of all of these executives and industry types. But I had forgotten all about that. Really. Until I listen to you again, chalk read the intruder that book how quickly the narrative can change I'm not even dead hell, I'm still producing, show, I'm literally still shooting dirty jobs, and I'm telling you in two thousand and seven. I listen to an origin story of that show which I created for my grandpa than I had never heard before. So if it can happen that fast, then what you're trying to do setting a hundred and thirty, your record straight, that my friend is sisyphean and I don't care which the forty one calendars, you look at
it's a puzzle of time and will Lambert will, if you will know rising there as good as good and thinking that you ve never heard of labour. Will you don't talk about black ice in the dirt George Foster proven it black hockey players around playing hockey long before all this organised stuff happened and the way they did it. Just a dream come true to get these guys involved. In you know, Brian Carol is born and raised in her commerce served in the air force, and then he helped these guys finishes spoken him. It I've been here eighteen months digging through all this stuff in I'm tellin you guys, as I'm doing the show the ice today, I'm still blown away that I have the information to come here today and tell you guys what I'm telling you, because it just seems surreal working people get nation, at this point, is it on Amazon? Is it? How do you do it? Amazon? We have an available at her comment. I dot org it'll be available there, we're diamond mind. There are sponsor of the originals
and Amazon obviously no be available on paper back, but we also have a hard cover available in it. we'll be on Kindle after that and a I ass hyphen em. Why t h dad then why'd. You, gentlemen. I met with the difference between life and then a dash us and raise is. What about your life would using here in another? It happens. I'd leave me basic grammar and language ass. The man you basketball, stolen legacy, George and their hopes Hosty can ride Carolyn you guys things were regular common foundation cause. I tell you I started this eighteen months ago. I thought I was crazy myself, so I know you guys did too it's really dream come true, so you guess thanks Lucy S too and shut wherein the oh today. I just want to break through sheer that thanks for giving it to me,
as your had around here somewhere did somebody I get this guy Therefore, we hang up. I heard you say when Alice Cooper, listen to this podcast he's gonna know and all I heard was Alice Cooper. Listen to this pod gasped listen Alice is so excited about this project. You know we ve been friends. For thirty years we ve played over two thousand roads a golf. He came up with the nine theory. For me, you know the matrix at I invented he was there when I invented the calendar, and now What is the name of the basketball team, the original, so I cannot give his high enough credit man. I mean how to get Alice Cooper on the show to tell us how he started dirty jobs, how it goes with her mind you, but it was Alice Cooper that party that without this you guys know when I first called like about this a long time ago said MIKE the stories about a dirty job, about cleaning up the history, a basketball and I sort of setting kidding. We might be
you don't realize the role you took and starting to clean this mess up and so a very grateful and shock. I appreciate your enthusiasm so much and you guys outpost get it out there. I appreciate the connection to get it. It these two brothers, Georgian Darrow fussy should be on good morning. America today shows sixty minutes. They should be everywhere, no less. Just and home wondered why nobody's calling so were cited about getting this out. People are starting to call, but you guys thanks again for being. First, I've got my agenda too. I do think this is the blow up- and I think one day when you are on one of the late shows wherever you go, you're gonna say I started started with a podcast, my old buddy, my way led zone of way over four guys tell Alice when you see him now barely a week ago, I was driving along coming back from the studio on an already station and eighteen came on, and I'm signal long. You know what the windows down to top my lungs got too. I part some snapped in my throat while something born. Don't let go
captured my leg single along with eighteen, which, by the way, one plus eight people's nigh. What else do you need to know? it also calls on the guy Alice's. Seventy four years old, I'm planning celebrity golf tournament next month for Solid Rock Foundation has been twenty five years and towards two hundred shows this year, a mile amazing. While what a story he's got to his biography Credible, you know what, if he's board somewhere in the coming year, television we can hear any time, and so are you my friend thank you, guys, think so much for. Have me back, I feel like because royalty for a moment, I was just so grateful you guys, I'm glad you find the story worthy, that's pretty low, but you're, always welcome like things up we gotta uploaded mess are at sea has got some guys
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