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246: Best Preamble Ever!

2022-04-12 | 🔗
Mike and Chuck go guestless to talk Australian DJs, Satan’s pool, killing iguanas, and everything else that fills the squares on Mike’s calendar.  
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I've. Just let me start recording and I thought we were going to talk about what we're going to do. Is this it I can about it now. What would certainly going? talk about it. I figured in the spirit of podcasting. We would also record it put it up there and then see what people think that's the essence of what we've been doing, that it seems to be working. I mean you tell me it's working with your constant update with how many five star reviews we have and what people We are saying and how everybody reacts to every little thing that happens high folks, it's the way. I heard it by the way. What episode is a check to forty six, then I say that with a question mark you did, the local wonder is absolutely tattooed on your face one hour and surprise shock at all curiosity smashed
gather with a measure of hope optimism on we fatality and resignation. That's what makes you sort of producer. And that's what makes you a wordsmith If you are pieced it together. Yet we don't have a guest on this particular episode. We have a terrific guest lined up and just a couple of days and then I'm going to not tell you who that is, but what with the travel schedule and what, with logistics being what they are, and what, with our commitments to the podcast guy it's chuck and I looked at the schedule and determined that something had to happen. So this seemed like a good time to do. A state of the union give folks an update on all things. Micro work in an really whatever else you want to do. Jack, like I said, I gotta say much on this one up, turning it over to you, nothing from me.
This is all you I'm the clay you're, the Are you hop in whenever it seems I just I have at the time believing this that this is going to happen, but it's not anyway. Let me just say that your schedule is just a mastery of I almost cursed. I don't want to curse because you know it's a hopscotch with it's own, hobgoblin, if it's like a bunch of squares, I mean we had an internal meeting just to go over your calendar at Micro works there were visual aids employed. You know they're all these square, everything they're jammed in, and you can't even read half the stuff and it's like what is happening until I looked at that, and I said and we gotta get ahead of this nightmare cause. This guy is all over the place. You're gonna be go to town more than you're in town. I mean, I think, that's probably true of what happened prepay Dammit, wouldn't you say you were on the road, maybe one hundred and fifty two hundred days out of a year
it was two hundred but well towards you. the dirty jobs in two thousand and twelve. looking for an exact number here? Just so you know full part kind of thing to two thousand two hundred and thirty was not unusual, but here's what's really funny man and appreciate this. You remember all those years ago when I stopped by your place. Actually, this was. you're living in a proper house, all married and stuff back in the day. Back in that day, yeah I'd come back from a date with destiny. Remember. Is that the Tony Robbins thing? That's, I do remember. Yes, I went with our friend the human calculator who has been on this podcast he was doing a more warm up routine for the crowd. You know, and this crowd by the way. These are a lot of very ambitious this very intelligent people who want a better their lives and tony Robins would do whatever he died. nobody thing about Tony, and I just when a Scots guess
because hold on a second, so Scott, is the warm up act for Tony Robbins for his just like it's a. Just for those who don't know in the business they have people who come out. Let's say you go to see a taping of friends back in the day There would be a stand up comedian who would come out and keep the energy up, because it oftentimes takes a long time to shoot. One of these shows and you're, telling me that Scott, for was like the warm up act? Yes for tony Robbins event. Yes, and I'm also telling people who don't know that Scott Burg, otherwise known as the human calculator holds many Guinness World records for fastest medical calculations he's also just a freak and a lot of different ways he's wired differently than most people at calendar for instead calendar got his own timeline, he's bringing zero back and so forth, and so on. Yet anyhow, I had known him for a cup
The years we had met in the middle of the night on Cuba, see when I introduced him to stand. Freeburg, the ethics man and up we ve, been friends ever sent so. He invites me to this date with destiny, to get a load of some guy named Tony Robbins, with a giant head in a giant face and huge teeth and massive thumbs, and and just so much so much. enthusiasm, asmund advice for living and I'm very skeptical of all these things. But I not the audience, and I actually retained a lot of what I learned and one of the things we did at this date with destiny. Was we really look forward and we tried to, our best estimation of what our lives would be like when we got to sixty just get a plan in place and get real in items involved and measure yourself every day weigh yourself every day test yourself right, always always always stay true north and see if you can get to the place where you want to be when you're sixty.
This was a reflection that you did with Tony Robbins at a time when I'm guessing you were about thirty one. Maybe that's about right, yeah. I was fired for the final time from QVC. When I was pretty? I was thirty one, maybe thirty, two right on the verge of going on that great walk about with my friends who we, you know right that crazy round the world thing, I'm just thinking of it, because when I think about my gun calendar today. This is so funny. I said, look here's my goal. When I'm forty five I no longer want to work because I have to when I'm fifty, even if I can work, I don't want to. I won at that point in my life to be affirmatively, just complete fully immersed in the business of reading books, travel- Google, the world just man of leisure, as they used to say yes, but not a complete
about, I knew I'd remain curious. I just didn't want to be in the thrall of any one or anything. I wanted blank Slates, no calendars. No, smarts, nothing I'm just sitting here. Listening to you describe the fact that four people had a meeting to try and make sense of my calendar yeah and the fact that my 60th birthday came and went not two weeks ago, and the fact that I was completely off in not just in the practical way that I thought my life would turn out, but spectacularly off and also incorrect the mental state that I thought I would be in at six. I was wrong about everything Chuck, proving once again that Tony Robbins doesn't know what he's talking about We're going to get him on the show to go over this
but let me just say I find that really surprising MIKE, because I'm exactly where I plan to be, I said when I am fifty eight going on fifty nine. I am going to be sitting in the second bedroom of the house that I've purchased talking to my buddy, MIKE on a podcast that did as something completely different. So I don't know why you jacked it all up. I can't blame Tony Robbins for this. Well, look have long since course corrected and we thought everything I thought I knew back when I was thirty to remember. I just been fired for the third time from a job I didn't want to have in the first place- and I was just embarking on my attempt to truly channel Travis Magee and become a freelancer in my chosen field, and so I came back from this date with destiny. All fired up. I mean he really dead. You know me, I'm a skeptic, I don't litter. I can all that to I'm sure, but
I saw these Jim walk across burning coal. I was just cuz, they didn't you do that yeah, I got gotta ran high. Pitched girly sounds. Has a boogie Why, when I was just full of the kind of certainty that you- and I always talk about on this podcast and in so many different way, Everything that's happened over the last few years. I've said it so many times it just like we're so long in certainty and so short on practicality and facts and reason, You know, and that was me man. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I knew exactly how I was going to do it and flashing thirty there's a head, I'm so glad I was wrong, I'm so glad my calendar is a hot mess of ambiguity, disappointment and confusion. Sorry that you have to deal with it, but I love the fact that we
able to still make sense of it, even if it requires us to sit down like this and do a podcast without a ass. I have absolutely no worry that the next forty minutes, or so we're going to be every bit as captivating. As that time we had that famous person on spoken who shall remain, nameless, insert famous person name here. Well, let's start with some of the things that are occupying the squares on your calendar. I mean here something you never thought. You'd be dead in at age sixty and that is more episodes of dirty jobs. At my right, my god, I didn't think that would be possible at age. Fifty eight affect its. We had pulled the plug on production in two thousand twelve and once again man there. It was that feeling of
certainty and satisfaction. I did it. I got a show on the air. There wasn't really a show. I paid an honest tribute to my pop. The show launched dozens of other programs. What were my goals? I said I wanted to do three hundred of these things before I pulled the pin and, more importantly, I wanted to film in all fifty states, and all of that happened in two thousand and twelve, and so dirty jobs came to it's logical conclusion I began a new chapter of stuff took the foundation a lot more seriously than I ever had and then cove and then essential work becomes headline I news and then everybody saying hey dirty jobs, the crate. you think shock is I mean you ve got it front row seat. You know that show has been out of production since two thousand and twelve. There are millions of people who think it's still in product I mean it is now, but people who thought it never went away right
they air that so many times there's so many episodes and discovery just kept airing at an airing it an arrogant right, yeah and so suddenly there it is again the headlines catch up to you and your best. Attempts at certainty make a fool out of you and there I am. We did six episodes last year and we've just started. Eight new episodes and part of the reason the calendar is a hot mess is because I just spent a week or so down in Florida, pile jacketing, so brief cycling, refurbishing, a swimming pool that, if they have said I pools in Hell. I assure you this. is the one old scratches stretched out beside well, you are doing your best scratch impersonation sitting there sipping the drink on the raft in the algae filled pool you posted that on Facebook last week I guess, and that picture was just great mary- sent me that
and I was on. This is gonna- be a pulse, so it made the rounds, and you know what here's what really happened. This was the third job out of the mix, and this was down in West Palm and we were at the end of the trip. We had a couple of things to do that thing withstand together, which I'll tell you about later. We chartered a quick flight flew to West Palm, where my brother lives, Hu I haven't seen an age is so Scott shows up on the shoot which was so great to see him, but this pool dude it's an built in concrete, based pool with a final lining in it. Behind an old home that has been abandoned for years and the pull itself hadn't been tended to in seventeen years so on. The surface was like a four inch thick level of snot green algae,
I mean snot green. The first thing I thought of when I saw was that great quote: from Joyce the Sea, the sea, the snot green, see the scrotum tightening see right right and I look at as like what are we going to do? Well, one good shows up one guy who has a pool cleaning service, and what he's going to do is make this thing as good as new in six hours. He says: I'm it says Hostile task- and I made it even more possible by saying look- this pool is so hideous. We can't just jump at and start cleaning it. We need to spend some time to shoot some promos for dirty tat. So I got this giant pink raft and somebody made of fake Pina colada with a fancy straw, and I lie on the raft and I get in the pool, and you can see things moving. You know snakes, maybe frogs, maybe maybe an alley.
I don't know I'm so there. I am sixty years old, lying on this giant floaty thing with the fake daiquiri doing promos for the show thinking man. I don't know if it's going to end here today or not, but I'm glad I'm doing it at all. Its, but I'm glad I'm doing it and that post made the rounds and a lot of nice people set allowed a nice thing. So let me just confirm it now, for the record, the show is back in production, don't know we'll be back on the air, probably in the fall, but time will tell and you're, going to do how many episodes, how many more million deal million more noticeable deal multi year, contract for sure we're gonna do a episodes and the plan is to do like. We did last time to jobs per episode and I
I, if you know they don't typically air in the same motor that we shoot them. That will be delivering them pretty quick, probably so this will probably be one of the first ones and it's great the guy who does it Dan? He quickly realizes. You know when you're working with me and I show up to slow you down and cost you money so he's trying to move it. Can you split and I'm stopping them every couple seconds to ask him questions about everything, I'm making them crazy, so he calls a helper Juan Carlos, I think, is a must. This kid shows up work circles around both of us, but still you know it's. Eighty five. Ninety degrees, we're not getting done dehydrated. The pool still looks like a giant sorceress. Not so he calls his dad is dad shows up who had bought the company from this. Guy is awesome, his name is Dave, and so suddenly it's me the Father and the son, and
Carlos Cleaning, this pool, and it's just so miserable and just so much fun and there's my brother standing there shaking his head, like weren't, you, the guy who was going to be retired at sixty I'm shot. I got busy hey. Do me a favor. Will you please stop pay in unnecessary interest on your credit card balance, it's a matter of principle, see what I did there. Actually, I can't help you with your principal That is what it is, but your interest rate is another matter, and today even people with excellent credit could very pop so we have a pr of twenty or thirty percent even higher. I find that offensive and so extreme, because You can roll all your cards, into one low payment at a fixed rate as low as five. Point. Seven: three percent, a pr with ATO pay an excellent credit way lower than most other credit cards loans. Rain
from five grand a hundred grand in the process is so fast. You could get your money and pay off those cards as soon as today find out. how much unnecessary interest you're paying at stream, dot com, slash row and apply now if special interest rate discount and save even more just go to lightstream dot com, slash row that Elijah H, T S, T r e, a m dot com, slash row now, here's chuck with a disclaimer in a Baltimore accent. Subject a creditor rates range from five point: seven: three percent, a pr to nineteen point: nine, nine percent, a pr and include zero point: five percent, auto pay, discount lowest rate- requires excellent credit terms, and could supply and offers are subject to change without notice visit light. dot com, slice role for more information. It was a great day. It was an awful day and it's gonna be a terrific segment. You get Scott into the action. Is Scott Gonna be part of the show? You know what
I mean the cameras are always rolling on this gig, so sure he's in it. But you know he's got his own job down. There he's kind of a big deal and a big engineering company- and he just came by for like a half hour to have lunch, stay the whole day. I don't know how he arranged it, but he's a stay the whole day. He was fascinated by it. I think he loves like most brothers. You know he likes to see me in a certain level of distress, yeah, yes and discomfort, which I'm sure that day was full of he's, a smart guy, Scott. guy. I I mean I realize our president said that about his son, and so you need to be careful The way you sling around those kinds of certainties but yeah, my brother truly is he's, got an enormous brain and such a weird sense of humor. He should have a show honestly, yeah yeah won't, but he sure sure we gotta obviously were desperate for guest knowledge. We are not desperate forget
given? What are you guess lying Dinah? I know plenty a guess, just one we're grab and a little catch up, look out, to do this around your birthday. Remember when we the Dave Ramsay thing you were down here at my place and the plan. Was we're going to do Dave Ramsey in the in the morning and going Hot. In my car and joy, drive to your house and do a podcast in the car. But of course my car's very loud cars just fifteen years old cars loud. I lost the microphones plus it's like Thelma and Louise Man, the two of us having a conversation like this at seventy five miles, an hour drive it along the Pacific you're going straight off the guard rail down the hill into the drink. I mean if we were live podcasting that would have been super exciting, but you know nobody's going to find the final tape or anything it just seemed ill fated so
It's best that we're doing it like this. Well, it clearly was ill fated cuz. It didn't happen. So, hey. I got a question about before we move on from dirty jobs. The other squares on your calendar the way. Sorry, I want to talk about pile jacketing to because this is the reason the swimming pool in the soap recycling and the entirety of last week was so miserable, the very first job we do this year. Yet you've been a Florida yeah a lot of water. A lot of water has a lot of bridges like hundreds of thousands of bridges yeah and not like the big bridges that get all the glamour and all the press, little bridges low roads that over little canals back in the middle of nowhere. Well, most of those bridges are supported by wooden pylons and those lawns. Many of them have been in the water now for fifty years, so they're rotting, so you can't tear the bridge down, there's a road on it.
you've got to somehow reinforce this thing, so we found a team of guys. They go to these old bridges and they have these floating platforms in these crappy little backwater canals and they stand on these platforms, hammering giant nails into the wooden pylons, and then they get these big skeletons of rebar and they hang them from the nails all around the wooden pylon. And then you take the floaty thing back and then you put on deep water, diving gear, and this diving bell that I wore weighed thirty five lb and my neck was already jacked up cuz. You know I'm old and it just was impossible to walk around with this thing, but as well
rather than anyway, and then you dive to the bottom of the pylons and you move the rocks that have been there, because the rebar needs to go down into the mud all day long with this giant thing on my head: the pumping water, not water. What's the other thing, air, the opposite of water arr is, what you need? Yeah you don't water inside the bell, so you're telling that you're walking around on the bottom of the sum canal, some canal, ok, in a bell helmet, yeah. I know they're pumping air in their area in your underwater a euro and that all day, so it's all feel and all to here. Is it it's just I mean it's horrifyingly claustrophobic plus my head as you. now is larger than the average had enormous that they have to like. It takes two guys to put this thing on my head and my ears. They got a butter, your ears on either side of butter, and I just push him down to my ears. Are folded over got this thing
hold the blaster that you jam from the outside into the holes of your nose. What so? If, if you have to clear a depth right, you need to be able to pinch your nose to do that. but you can't do that. A diving bell, cuz! You can't get your thumb on your nose right. So if you have to pray rise. You have to take this booger blaster manipulated from the outside of your mask. Push it into the I mean your nose and then breathe out hard through your nose. That's how you know equal yes, but hold on a second. How do you get it through the mask? I mean the bells. The thing is on the inside and it's attached to a post and you can grab. knob on the post, its on the outside of your belt in front of your face and then push it in and pull it out. Push it in it. Slams into your nose, pull it out. It gets out of your way, but it's pitch black and there's
visibility in all years. It really gets in your head man. Anyhow, I couldn't breathe through. While I couldn't hear anything, I was lot of pain, and I couldn't lift my head up and we were in that posture for about. Or seven oh wow, oh, and by the way after you get the rebar around the wooden pylon. Then you take this fiberglass jacket, which is a thick piece of heavy duty fiber. as the Kurds around right right. You have to hammer that into place just so so now you ve got the fire brigade it's on the outside of the rebar, which is wrapped around the wooden pylon and then the concrete guys come in and for it now you're back on the platform blasting, the concrete down through the hole in the top. So when you leave a pylon that was. Maybe a foot in diameter is now a concrete support which is about three feet in diameter and that's why the bridges last forever and that's the first dirty
job you'll see in the fall and the reason why my calendar is not only busy but why I am in such constant pain. At the moment it was a long week. I believe it So the question that I was going to ask you about dirty jobs: you've done It's episodes already that have aired right and I wondered what was the one that irritated the most. What was the one that you enjoyed the most and what was the one that made? You say, I'm too old for this shit yeah. So. the one that made me hurt was my fault cuz, it's one. I wanted to go back to do. It was rod busting. It was the only construction job that I knew of that I haven't tried and every time I talk to an iron worker, Who was a fan of the show? There would always just chuckle and say: yeah well give
it's a call when you're ready to do a read like what are you talking about a guy yeah rod, busting, there's, rod, busting and there's everything else, and so he did it so just carrying those fourteen gauge rods back and forth all day, long on your shoulder, its miserable cause, you're up on the top of a bridge and you're walking through- grids of rebar. That's already been laid out, so it's like a game right. You ve got your big steel, Tipp shoes and you ve got a step in these foot deep holes that are rimmed with rebar. So a super use you to trip- and they got five guys in your caring about five hundred lb of steel on your shoulder and if one guy trips and falls everybody goes down like some horrible human centipede, it's just so heavy, and it's just so hot and it's just so relentless and it's just so critical
when you think about iron work, and you think about rebar in of the best thing about that. Job is not just that it was arduous and dirty was great for the show it's that after they lay down these incredibly intricate skeletons of iron and they are are tested Chuck like when you're done and you look at a bridge- that's been just roughly with rebar, it's just something out of a giant erector set, and it just looks so primal and beautiful, and it's really the very definition to me of an industrial art and then a concrete guys come in as the hill he still and they cover it within
day. It's all completely covered and buried, so nobody ever sees what these guys do. There would be no bridges and no roads without them, and so that was an important job to do, and one that hurt almost as much as this one, the one I just described pile jacket are, I think it was harder. You think, acting was harder than rod, busting yeah. It was for me, but only because like if I could do pile jacketing without a thirty five pound helmet. nailed into my shoulders with a booger buster smashing my recently fixed nose like all that it then yeah, then maybe be closer, but anyhow I'd say rod. Busting was the most classic one of the last bunch, the one I enjoyed the most, the one you enjoyed the most and when I say enjoyed, I mean two things: two ways: the one you enjoyed doing the most and the one that you enjoyed watching the most
well, happily, sometimes like when the two of those line up the same way. It's pretty interest like it was really I'll get a lot of crap for this, but those iguanas regret it was. I didn't really enjoy it, because I'd rather not kill a thing if I'm not gonna eat it, but their real pests and they ve come. a giant problem down there, and so I love the idea that entire neighborhoods had been deputized like the mayor, I said you know what it's okay to own a high powered gas powered pellet rifle. In fact, we encourage you all to get one and patrol your neighborhood and kill these things, because they're burrowing under houses, they're burrowing under highways and there causing a real, a real problem. So look it's Florida. So, on the one hand anything goes but think about how add. A situation has to get before the Elect officials say alright, folks, here's what we're gonna do we're going
arm ourselves and we're going to go on the hunt Florida man goes on, Hunt yeah, you know the headlines and they're not indigenous to the area. They were introduced from, I don't even know where they come from, mostly exotic pet shops, If the facility, like start in the Caribbean and I have therefore on the island of the Guardia sure. I just feel like you're taken some stuff up here right now, I don't know where they hail from, but I know they were brought here specifically for the exotic pet mark and write. This is the same beat and you know how many other stories share have we done. It's the pie, funds that are now running a moray slithering muck in the ever disorient the scorpion
and trees. Fauna too, not just your flora, fauna, it's the Mallorca trees. I think we did those big controlled burns down there. The cane toads in Australia they've waged a holy war on cane toads. and field mice, I saw a video the other day of a farm in Australia about maybe six acres in the shot flat acres. As far as you could see in the shot, there were mice about a foot deep, hundreds of millions of them seething crawling over each other. There's a plague of mice and parts of all.
Really the cane toads or still running a mock, and it always happens because either somebody wants a pat or somebody takes a short cut right. There was something in Florida Florida in Hawaii. I think they brought the cane toads to Hawaii, because something was eating the sugar cane, and so the cane toads were design. You know to eat the thing that was in the short term. But, of course nothing could eat the came to alright because they were poisonous. Nobody figured out so when the snakes start eating the cane toads, they die right, poison, so just unintended consequences as far as can see and that's what happened with the iguanas and that's why we were crawling on our belly through suburbs, with high powered pellet rifle shooting these things out of the trees and I'll, tell you something man in the old days, we would have probably cut that episode together in a way that actually really reveled, or at least acknowledged, the totality of
the carnage, but you just can't do that anymore, people's heads would explode in much the same way. The aguano heads exploded when that little hell it first of all You have to shoot him in the eye. If you're going to kill him in one shot, which is tough to when you're on your belly, thirty yards away, and so it was rough and I didn't enjoy killing those things. But you know I love to shoot and I'm a decent shot. So it was also weirdly enjoyable, but it was still hard to one especially when we turned them all into chum. I'm sure the last thing to cross each of their minds was that pellet rough. if you've got a business. You've probably got a cfl Andy you ve got to see a foe. There probably using nets sweet. If they're, not you should probably get yourself a new cfl or,
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sweet dog MIKE we're. Squares are occupied with dirty jobs, but the truth of the matter is, you have to other shows that are in production. Right now, listen you interviewing me like I'm actually on somebody else's podcast. This is fun MIKE. Tell us what was your duties job now now that signature? I still we I still have any testy from it. I mean it's such a logical question. That's what everybody would ask you: how would they not? How could you not ask that I've told the story before, but since we're talking about it,
I used to associate Australia and Australians with really the epitome of a mix of charm danger and individuality and exotic hness and then I went for a couple of visits and I still felt that way out. My friends down. There were great and I never had a bad time, and I just love the people, but then I went to shoot dirty jobs, which was also a delight But then I went back to promote it and what I learned was that there were only nineteen million people in Australia at the time as back in two thousand and twelve and to promote a show in Australia. You have to go everywhere, I mean I can't go to New York and allay and reach half the country or most of the country really and Australia, to reach eighty million people
You have to hit every single radio show there is, and every tv show there is and suddenly and your laughed as a veto guy. There is no difference between, like puke, Fm American Radio and Puke FM off, trillion radio. You know it said over here as air of moving up a notch in the countdown and it's the crazy wacky morning. Everybody today is gas. Is micro going to tell us all about Jerry job? Tell us MIKE what was your dirtiest job ever and why right? That's what you hear in Chicago? What you hear in Melbourne is so MIKE you've done a lot of things out. There seen a lot of crazy stuff. You had your hands and some really off putting places, but tell me something, and then I can I can see it in his face at this guy. It's just occurred to him that he has the question of all question.
No one's ever ask this question before, and he so excited by it and he leans in and he gets right on the mic. The way those dj's do- and he says Sir tell us MIKE Moore- was your dirtiest job and I don't know why it started to bother me so badly. It wasn't just the repetition of it. It was that look of our question and uncle in here candles strap in going to hit you with something that Morley safer himself. Would it, MIKE Wallace's hair would curl, and so what I I was happening as they were, destroying the charm of the accent for me and after answering the question in Australia, maybe two or three hundred times I came back going yeah, I don't care. If I ever hear that accent again MIKE M O
I K e your daddy's job, so yeah question. Why didn't get to it really you'd? We we gotta get out of its hates rocker, but you have a three shows in production right now for three networks. Can we talk about all of them. People should know no. We did it's a dirty job. We can. We talk about them. Is anything that's what went off talk about. We don't have a guest is this: are you kidding me? We are going to fill this so fast, I'm no we're not going to get through half the stuff that I want to get through. Alright yeah cause takes you ten minutes to say hello and ever The story is, is a half hour, so MIKE. How many shows are you doing? How long does it take you to tell us about your dirtiest job and don't law cause. I don't know if you are you
that's others. Dirty jobs, which is the most important, is the most important as you know, because it's been on every week for twenty years it sympathetically with our foundation. It's a tribute to my pop and it's just such a kick to be put back out there but how America works is also coming into its own new seas. that on April, twenty fifth and fans of that show which let's face it, is really dirty jobs without a host right, I mean it's just an honest look, Like a fly on the wall of the most important industries in our country and some most controversial oil. Beef, textiles, aluminum law enforcement law enforcement- is the kick off this year. Yeah man I was so excited to do that, show and I'm really this year's a little for this year. I can't believe I can't believe they agreed to this, but I'm doing wraps
on the show I'm presenting each episode of the show the show tops, we call over the business bike, tops and tops and tails tell me why he's dirty his tail No, they were so cool. This is a show on Fox business and it's on Sunday nights just like it was last season, and now each episode be with me sitting right here, where I'm sitting right now introducing the shell and it's great. It reminds me of like the old, Walt Disney shows were Walt, would sit on the side of his desk and just introduce and present the topic. And then at the end of each one. We I kind of reflect back on what we just saw and we tie it into micro works and we're going to build a page on micro works that has all kinds of links to kinds of opportunities that are available in the industries that we feature on each up, a sort of how America works and delighted by that- and I can't
to see it back on the air people love it. They told me the number one show on Fox business, so I think we're going to do even more we'll see I dunno yet totally into it. Marc Pearce was in the office yesterday was he? Yes, he was mark as the witch call. The proprietor of an excellent production company called warm springs. Warm springs MIKE Warm Springs MIKE he's in Montana, and he doesn't fit neatly into the Hollywood machine, which is We get along so well, but he's been great to work with the show, looks very good guy, so yeah there's discovery, there's fox business and then, and then it's. This one so. This is so unusual. It's called the story behind the story and it's going to premiere on T B in n, I say may seventh, that is correct.
Yes and the reason this is so unusual is that the worries that we're going behind or the stories that have aired on this podcast. Basically, what happened is there's a guy named Matt Crouch Matt runs Trinity Broadcasting, and I'm met Matt years ago when he called and said My audience would so enjoy returning the favor is there any way we can license? It from you- and I said no- that not possible. I don't own return. the favor. You can ask Facebook, he asked Facebook and Facebook didn't want to license it, so we said that this is a shame, because my audience, I think, they'd really like you and they like to see you when the world meeting people and doing things- and I said well, you ever see somebody got to do it. You should know I have a nice Well, it was on CNN for awhile. He said oh yeah, I'd
hard time imagining any show on CNN would be a good fit over here at, and I said well, don't be too sure it was a lot like dirty jobs, only a little more focused on avocation instead of vocations, passionate people doing things that do that they just love to do so. He looked at him and he liked it and, as you know, this is where you really began to person ate a producer, you had to turn is thirty hours, thirty, two hours of somebody's gotta, do it into sixty hours or sixty half hours. For fourteen. See two half hour shows yeah Taylor and I didn't shot out to tailor wouldn't oversaw that and turn them into we had over. We at sixty two episodes style of that show it's been running on tv and for the last three years I believe actually did sixty four sixty two sixty four
in one hundred. Well, they didn't take them all, because full disclosure they're more than a few episodes of somebody's gotta, do it that weren't appropriate for Tvn, like when you are. painting the bare breasts of women. Yes, I did do a Russia where we we took a deep dive into body, art and dumb human billboards that did require fair amount of water colouring on there, women Jung so MIKE No question no question what happened was this guy mad? He gets his hands on somebody's gotta. Do it and he loves it and his audience loves it and suddenly I have a show. every Saturday night on the largest christian broadcasting station in the world and the acted. This thing went from CNN to TB and if I ever get the book done, they'll be a chapter in it about that.
up. I mean it is almost impossible to believe, but for over four years somebody's gotta do it has been airing on TB and getting a great it's every Saturday night well,. You can only run the same show for so long in the same place. So Matt came back again about a year ago and said MIKE Because he's got an australian, suddenly know he said: hey man, you know what else I really enjoy. I mean I love the dirty jobs. I love somebody's got to do and I love returning the favor, but this podcast the way I heard it short stories. Was listening to one. The other day said, and I thought I could bring this to life like really bring it to life cinematically and he went on describe this whole notion whereby he would hire actors and directors.
and sat, and just in case you are new to the podcast. These are the stories that were the first hundred and seventy episodes before it became a long form. Interview or chat, These were short stories. Mysteries for the curious mind, with a short attention span, I believe, is how we pitched it sorry to interrupt bulk. I mean all that's true, but, more importantly, they were written by me, solely to channel the late great Paul Harvey and provide a short form podcast for people like me, who are terribly busy and lack the attentions, and to listen to two people like us free associate for ninety minutes right, that's how this thing started and believe me. We hear every day from people who say so MIKE I ever ever to go. Go back! format rather enjoyed it so
That was a fan of this format, but he thought they could be brought to life visually and, I said Matt with respect. That's a stupid idea. I don't want to do that. I want people who listen to this podcast to fill in the blank with their imagination and because these stories all have a reveal or a surprise, I don't see how you're going to be able to as you will be engaged people without spoiling amiss direct yet, and he said air, that's a good point, but I still think it could work, and I said: well, I don't and I on them. So let's talk about something else that we tabled this guy. Does he goes away for about three months and I don't know how much money he spends, but he spends a lot. He hires dozens of actors, he picks three
stories from my library of the way. I heard it hires a director and he goes out into the world and he brings these stories to life. I'm not going to tell you which ones, because I don't want to spoil it, but he shows these to me bout eight months ago and you could have knocked me over with feather. I couldn't believe he did this. I mean in this industry the idea you take somebody's intellectual property and just create these beautiful. Pictures of cinema around it without permission, without clearance, I mean he has no right to air these has no right to do anything with them at all, but he did it anyway, and he's showing it to me? I look at it. I I say I got to admit to these are good You're really entertaining. Would what do you want to do with them? He said, oh, I don't know I just wanted to show you. I could do it.
And he did and you're right. They turned out great because I felt the same way that you did. It was like. Oh, we can't do that the ear you're going to give too much away, there's no way to shoot around at well. He found a way and it really does work. You know the three that he did work, terrific, we're great now we're doing more now we're doing. Or, but just so people understand he didn't just take, The audio of me telling the story on the podcast channel. He took video of me telling the story to an empty theater, and we did this with maybe forty or fifty of these stories, just because we thought it might be fun for people to experience them. You know not with recreations, but with me on camera. That's what Matt saw so what he did was he took that telling of the story and used it as trunk trunk and intercut
back and forth between me on stage talking to an empty theater with these cinematic re, imaginings and Hebron put them together and he showed them to me and yes, I love, and I said what are you going to do and he said I got no plans and then I thought about it. I started to feel bad cuz. I think I spent a lot of money and I just couldn't believe he would do it that precipitously and I said, look why don't you and I sit down and talk about? Why you wanted? to turn these stories into these many bits of cinema. And he said yeah. I guess that could be kind of interesting. You mean just kind of Act, the story behind the story I said yeah. I can tell you why I wrote the story. Why I picked it and maybe you can tell me why you like it, because I believe, as the son of a preacher man which he is you might be able to find some sort of underpinning in
the older, the new testament some sort of biblical precept that might inform some of the overarching themes that make these stories what he called the many morality plays so I said you know what It's just experiment and try it so I went to Colorado and we sat down and he at this amazing barn and this sat it's really. It's one of the best sat up, save ever seen. Best cameras in the world great crew, an amazing setting, and we play these stories back and then we talk about long story short. What we've got here is a format that I don't think existed before. It's part performance, art, part, podcast, part, cinematic recreation, part, talk, show and part psychotherapy. it's really the conversations we have about the business of writing.
His stories and bringing them to life are weirdly good, and so we've done a bunch of 'em and the first thirteen are going to premiere on May Seventh, it's called the story behind the story. It's based on the way I heard it and yeah that's. The third show that's going on and the third reason why the calendar is a hot mess, yeah well, first of all, just to minor correction, I think it's going to be one episode each week beginning on. May seventh, that's right! Rack! That's right! Okay, not all thirteen premiere at the same time, but yeah that's when they hit thirteen one after the next for thirteen weeks and then probably thirteen more. Well, yeah, I mean, I think, there's about thirty. I don't know forty up, and I know it's crazy so anyway. Obviously we'll keep this audience up to speed first and foremost, cuz. This audience is the reason that show is happening and yeah I'll make sure date and time and all that other stuff is
but to review dirty job sometime in the fall, how America were as April twenty fifth, the story, kind of story. May seventh discovery. In and TB and respectively, correct and, of course, this podcast every week, whether we have a guest or not can't get away from that, we had a guest. We do how to get it wishes. We just chose to two. Just do it with you, rather than another person as well and not a bad guest. I mean I'm ok host by think. I'm a better get back you're, pretty good guest. I actually listen to an old podcast that you were on on my walk today, because someone came a sniffing wanted. You again I don't know I had that this guy and I listened, and I'm not going to mention names just mentioned all this out. Well, having the real reason is. I can't remember this, so
the We talk a lot on this podcast about the importance of always learning, for instance, I recently learned how to use garage band to record chuckle self, singing taglines for sponsors and four part harmony which demonstrate in just a moment for now I just want to remind you that zip recruiters, artificial intelligence is also always learning. Every time you post a job at Ziprecruiter, DOT, com row, their ai gets better and faster at finding the right candidates for all of your open roles, which is why four out of five employers today find equality candidate in just one day, that's also eyes. Recruiter is the number one rated hiring site in these United States based on key to ratings learn something new everyday and try it for free. At this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com row, that's Ziprecruiter dot com, slash row, aright Chuck. Take it away
Well, Ziprecruiter, dot com. The other thing I wanted to mention to you is that we are in the middle of the work Ethic scholarship program, yep right yeah. This is another big thing that's happening and the the application process is going to close soon and then we will be reviewing the applications and hopefully giving away a million dollars a year, for the third consecutive year. There's no doubt about it. We're going to give away more than a million dollars this year. a lot of money that song generated What kinds of money some more of those crap auctions raised money. What was the other thing
Noble Tennessee Whiskey My young, Jaime she's, wise, it's so not because the foundation really became. I don't know when it happened, If the calendar is the solar system right ten years, to ago. The sun would have been dirty jobs. Now the sun is micro, works and it takes up time. It takes up more of your time than anything else, with the possible exception of this podcast this. Probably number one and that's number two for sure. Yeah there's a lot of it, and particularly nowadays I don't you seen the goofy stupid videos that I've been doing which a little off putting I know yeah, but we're constantly doing that. and to get the word out all the time and a lot of people are signing up. I can't remember what the numbers are. That would have been a good thing to know at the record. Breaking were way over four thousand at this point oh is that started application process. Galea, look that's
sing guys if you're going to start the application process, you got to finish it. Micro works, dot, Org scholarship, actually don't have to finish it. But if you don't, you won't get the money, that's correct! These are work at the. Scholarships as always reserved exclusively for people who were I to learn a skill. That's in demand, as opposed to going to a four year school, and so we're to our neck in I shot a music video yesterday. Don't want to talk too much about that, but it's for noble, Tennessee whiskey. We have a new tranche of that another I don't know how many exactly but first come first serve three. We have three ba So you better hurry. Yes, three bottles. So, now we got more than that, but the net proceeds go to the foundation and that's over at noble spirits, dot com- oh my god! There's that there's this stand together, thing I mentioned, which is interesting! You know Charles Koch. His foundation has supported my foundation for years now and his
main focus. Is this organization called stand together that has dozens and dozens of really terrific charitable pursuits that are involved, and I, when I was in Florida, I spoke to them about a number of things. Possibly another project chuck you'll, be delighted to know which would completely just make a few side of the calendar, but but will sing all that's whirling around me and, of course, pay all look and the questions, the questions that are constantly you know, I feel terrible for not answering more questions from people. The way I used to, but there's just that just by no time yeah. You really are a busy guy. One of the things I wanted to no, you just posted this recently, the video of you talking to actual noble customers. I think we arranged. I thing where I called these people in said: hey, you know we dislike to talk to you and see what you thought of the whisky just random, customers and- and
gotta monism, and then you surprised them pop on. They literally didn't know you were gonna, be there. Some if suspected, I think, but they didn't know, and it was really kind of a cool thing to do now. Look it's great. and I want I want to do a lot more of it. We're still figure out. If this thing is a business or a fundraiser, you know it's been a terrific raise your so far, but the feedback on the whisky itself has been really really good to the point where the people involved are like a dummy. Don't be stupid figure this out. It could be a great long term, funding, or for your foundation, but this could also be on shelves everywhere. People seem to like Joe. Just thinking about ways. You know that aren't grocer Ikey just to keep the name out there and get people talking about it, and I don't know for as long as I've been doing dirty jobs, people have been like it'd, be fun to sit down and have a beer with you or maybe a pop, and so write this
just a fun virtual way to thank people for buying the the whiskey and it was, fun talking to them. It got out of hand as it always does. Some of them went for like a half hour. But yes, you know this is just a sign of the times. Man can you imagine thirty two years ago when I was trying to map out what I'd be doing at sixty the idea, that I'd be sitting in front of something called a laptop which didn't exist at the time. Re, which wasn't a verb at the time yeah with. Fans of the show that didn't exist at a time about a whiskey that hadn't been distilled at the time. To raise money for a foundation that wasn't even an idea at the time just goes to show what the hell do. You know really about anyting. How are you stone their great dad's, eighty nine. He made a coffee table the other day and would shop from my mom. I saw that yeah great,
my mom her book told her book so good. This is another thing. That's going to suck the life out of me as soon as we finish this I've got to go finish. The forward. Of course, I'm writing another forward. She's written three books, I've written three forwards, such a drag, her books get better and better my forwards get worse and worse, it's going to be great, it's called, I guess I can tell them I'll. Tell you guys it's not going to be a secret for long. It's called vacuuming the nude, and it is just a really warm and funny look at my mom's journey. As a writer. You know she wrote every day chuck for sixty years, that's incredible or sixty years, yeah. Four, she got a publishing deal and you know her dream as a young woman, as a thirty
Forty year old woman, her dream was to be a published author and the amount of rejection my mom got when I look back at it. You know it's just incredible. I mean week after week, month after month, year after year, it's just such a hard business to break into and then to see Her become a published, not just a published author, but a best selling author. At eighty I mean yeah, it's pretty amazing. It's incredible man and I'm trying to think of something sensible to say in this forward and I'm coming back to one of the foundation precepts, don't follow your passion but always bring it with you. Because her passion for so long. Her dream was to be a published, her, and what makes you so interesting is not the fact that her dream didn't come true for all those years. It's the fact that she kept working after she stopped
dreaming, like she literally gave up on being a best selling author, but she never gave up on the work. She never stopped writing and to this day, she's. Eighty four and she writes every single day. Her blog is on fire. She's got hundreds that the people who were liking. That and her new book is the best thing she's ever written. So now we had to get out there and and do that justice too bright, save room, the calendar. For that, would you? Yes? Yes, we will do that. Listen! just want to say, give a shout out to everybody who is interested in the trades. This is the time to apply for for a work ethic scholarship, it's real money for real jobs that are really in demand you can go to micro, works, dot, Org, slash scholarship and apply, there's not a lot of time left. So do it soon cause it doesn't you can't do you can't just sit down and do it in ten minutes. It takes a little bit of time, but you landing the plane now. Are we like Donner,
early done. Yeah we've been talking for an hour. I think that's reasonable, but people are still listening. How do you know? I guess I like that? Don't like, Isn't it possible? We are the only ones who can hear our voices hey man. Do you want to talk about the thing we were talking about before that? You don't want me to talk about that. I think we should. What do you think? I don't think you want to, but I think we should Are you ready thanks so much and leave us five STAR review can really or listen to the song. Really vital right after by people of that's on the people of its people, love that song, we're going to play it in a minute. and when you hear it, if it sounds, well familiar it's based loosely on a dirty jobs chorus. I wrote a couple of years ago which,
went along the lines of now. Everyone who's got a job is got its dues to pay workin for that paycheck and get in through the day, but if you're, bored or otherwise inclined to be Islam, grabs and boots and lose that's even get a dirty job, and then it goes. Jobs are everywhere. Just take a look at that me sickly the melody just jumped out for parts Chuck, was enough to hit some of the high notes that are well beyond my manly tessitura and and the rest of people are like. Hey man, you guys should sing more. I mean have loved you I guess, but I never reviewed it until you begged me to do so and song if it's worked anyhow, so we really can't talk about that thing. You don't wanna talk about, no man, I just don't think it's worth it I've. Why would we talk about what that in its one. Human now know its many yours, it's many
many human stood. Many people were concerned. You might not have heard from them, but this happens every time the guest we had last week goes out into the world. I talked him about it when he talks about the importance of fitness and the importance of being healthy? It's amazing how much grief he gets from people who simply don't want to hear it or who feel threatened by it, and we heard from some people who thought. Perhaps there was a a certain amount of uh. What do you call it that fat, shaming, said expression yeah,
yeah we're not talking about this. You don't want to talk about just you really don't know, because I won't talk about. I still don't want to talk about it feels like you really do want to talk about it and I don't think we should. I don't think it's necessary. Of course. Nothing. That's happened to the last hour and ten minutes is necessary. Know that all had to happen. It was important was meaningful and you know we broke some stuff down
mainly just holsters. We don't have to take a deep dive, but I want to say something: I want to say that if anybody was hurt or offended by my conversation last week with Veni toward her rich about the business of eating overriding under eating healthy eating or anything else, I met no offense. I am personally convinced that one of the greatest problems, certainly the greatest health crisis we have in our country right now is obese city and many of my close friends are struggling with this problem. Day after day and if I said something that came off as glib or unsympathetic, I certainly didn't mean that, but I do feel really really really really strongly that
you and I chuck we were on the wrong side of this two years ago, three years ago, it's hard to lose weight and it's threatening sometimes I think and uncomfortable to be on the other end of that kind of a conversation, and so I meant no offense. but I do it again in a heartbeat because he needed somebody to push me to get healthier and I'm glad that happened and I hope last week's conversation is useful for people and for those who found it.
Challenging or a bridge too far short there I want so bad were not now wasn't. It was just just great, and I mean look most of the reactions that we got were really positive, really positive, good good while but last week was not very that was two weeks ago. The wears a time go though we are by the time he deserves Well we're not going to get any criticism from Katy pews. She was delightful. How do you not like a woman who's committed to getting girls involved in the skilled trades? Gotta love her there's a question I meant to ask before
like do you have a favorite guest MIKE, lose your favorite guest on the palm cast? No, no on the tonight. You that's on the path Well look man. As I've always said, I have some friends who are famous and I have more friends who aren't and I think the most interesting podcast are ones that stay on or feet with an anonymous guest. Who has something in interesting to say or some sort of connection with us and so with. back to Jay Leno and TIM Allen, the unhappy to talk to celebrities if they want to talk, but it just seems like they're all over the place, celebrities I enjoyed having Paul Kelly on here guy I worked with a QVC all those years ago. I enjoyed my old friend Michael.
Elliot. I like talking to marry Sullivan. I like talking to you like talking to people who I know who I think the country on a now. Those are my favorite guess. I like Doktor Peter Little back, look back was under a little back. It was great guest, I mean I've enjoyed every guessed that we've had the only times. I think maybe I'm not quite sure what I'm doing is when we go back and forth, like obviously my mom, it is my favorite guest and I would have her on every week if I could and people tell me that they wish. I would yes, but I can't because she's really busy she is super busy, It's so is your dad too. That was my favorite part the last time they were on right after Christmas when they recovering from Covid. and he's like yeah. I gotta leave in ten minutes because I gotta go to would shop to do this How old is he ate a nine eighty? Nine? There is
Eighty nine, like yeah, I'd, love to stay and chat on your bodcast, but I gotta go make a coffee table you know what? Let's have a man, let's have my mom on as soon as her book is available. Yet do we know when it's going to be available for preorder, soon, probably yeah, but I dunno them will have her on soon yeah. Anyway. Look everybody. Thank you for your patience and you to check. I know the calendars, a mess and it's only gonna get worse from now through the end of may, but were committed to keeping the spot guest in some way, shape or form up every week, and we ve got some great guests in the harbor and we will find the time to get her done. Come hell or high water final thought, just as a vacant as I can be
at this moment, no final thoughts right. I imagine a thirty two pound bell on my head: underwater yeah, it's just a cold wind over an endless moore, and on that note hey, you got a title for this one now. Do we do a preamble for this one there's the question I mean, I think we do. I don't think we do know now. What would we say we're not going to do because we would talk about what you're going to hear coming up like we always do what you're not going to hear. We could talk about the stuff. You don't want to talk about, that's where we could put in the preamble. Okay, great, it's perfect,
yeah right? Well, okay, well, yeah! Now, if we don't do it cause, I was thinking about you know like where the ads are going to go in here as we were going along. We really hand was yeah, I say yes, says it's silly cause. I wonder where your mind goes when your eyes glaze over and you don't have to say to you that staring off into the emptiness into the void of your second bedroom liquid pudding, then what are you doing? wondering where we're going to yeah. That's problem right here. We gotta, update the five STAR review song, we gotta update that aren't. I went to rewrite the words to the verse and then the spoken word at the end. I think it'll be fun, learnt that can be, I think it'll be well. I want to make a video of it, okay, but that up there, why don't we do that? Let's make that right now Darren
I mean people are still listening. I don't think they want to listen to do that, nobody's less yeah they are not, but this is the only Ross is listening it's going like! When is this going to animate there listening now, I'm telling you not a lot of them. If you are out there, please Tell us your listening somatic. What was the most disappointing part of your most recent poll gas? It's it's! This is really good This is alright. Then we're officially done thanks. Everybody couldn't do without I mean look, let's be honest. We could do it without you, but it wouldn't be. Just did sorry. We just too much. No, we just did. We just did do it without just did it without him, but then, once we put this on the air, then they'll. Oh, I see what you're saying. I guess we should Maybe we should thank the sponsors to cause. You know we really couldn't do it without the up. You know, I guess we just did didn't the way.
I heard it, the only podcast that doesn't need a sponsor or an audience. I micro and I've checked Claus Meyer, and this is good, bye, good date. This episode is over now. I hope it was worthwhile sorry, it went on so long, but if it made you smile Share your satisfaction in the way that people do say something leave. today, I d be but
Were the advertisers really like to judge a young age awry about just I'd or two you gotta do is leave a quick fast. Our review, not all you got to do is leave a quick. I saw a review and not all you gotta do is evil quickly. Emily now got to do is leave a quick class. Reviewing file you gotta do is Leiva Way, even if you hate I've sauce. Actually, thank you. before you began teaching before your first five star with and before you say, the life you decided to make a change with over eighty career academic programs at Delaware, County Community college change starts here,
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