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251: You Wear 40 Pounds of Gear Because, You Know, You're on Fire Quite a Bit

2022-05-17 | 🔗
Three-time NHRA Funny Car Champ and farmer/rancher, Matt Hagan discusses artificial insemination, human waste as fertilizer, and what it’s like to be inside of an 11,000 horsepower funny car when it explodes.
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The episode, two hundred and fifty one of the way I heard it is called, and I'm quoting you where forty pounds a year, because you know you're on fire quite a bit of direct declared, that's exactly what he said and it's not a direct quote from a fire. It's a direct quote from from a race car driver specifically mad hagen, who drives funny cars for a living when he's not running his ranch or his farm or growing strawberries greece or bringing inhuman fertilizer or up and growing cbd, dont wreck everything. This is a super weird, completely unscriptural, but ultimately, I think one of the more valuable conversations we ve ever had mad hagen god, on our radar because he works with chloe. Hudson
and if you are a regular listener, you ve heard of saint chloe's praises for a while now she's work ethic scholarship recipient from like four years ago, who is now just a poster, person welder for Joe gibbs racing, chloe is her own subject. Her own podcast, her own thing, but she and matt no one another I met met in new york when I took chloe on fox and frankness remembers like six seven months ago. He is this big strapping. farmer, who is also a rancher and When I learned that he drove race cars, I was like what else does this guy do and then you seen him in a race, but like a couple months ago, in february, at pomona pomona, fair grounds, and I had never been to a drag race before and it was ridiculous. It was an experience. It's that I am very rare,
really am I completely surprised by new experience that its different than what I expected? This was really different in a very strange way: it's a world unto itself and for anybody in that world. This will sound ridiculously tree, but if you haven't been to a formula one race, then you can understand it till you go and if you haven't seen funny cars race and if you haven't seen, look if you haven't been on a fee farm if you haven't been ranch bright. All of these experiences are weirdly foreign and a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions. all of it. Well, man hagen lives. All of those things- and the conversation we have right now is not really fun. in the end free, ranging and far reaching, I think there's a lot of really great stuff in it, because he is excellent at everything he does and he's just one of these guys who
If you talked to him for a while, you realize he's a bit of a philosopher and he's only forty years old, but he's lived a long time, father of three of farmer or rancher, a driver of race cars and a curious cat who I can't wait to order some meat cause. It sounds pretty delicious what he's doing over there at true harvest farms or is it the cattle? What is it? Chugging, cattle co dot com, but I dunno how hartford to put his mate since we do sell some meat with somebody else, o on the pot, get look hey, you know what it's a big world, our friends butcher box event by the way. I just got a butcher box a couple of weeks ago and I'm still turn through all the goodies in there, but let's not get bogged down between guests and advertisers, though,
What are your head shock about all the conflicts out there? It's a big world with a lot of meat in everybody's hungry. I think there's enough for everyone to starve and right now, yeah I could eat. I can eat right now and I, like my meat in a box, you don't say and I, like my me, I dont know why. I we've been singing so much on the podcast, but that happens from time to time time. It might even happening this whenever no no guarantees the only guarantee unprepared to make. Is this you, where forty pounds gear because you know you're on fire- quite a bit collide, yvette charismatic right after this from shame last year partly interruption but if you like those podcast, I'm guessing, you might enjoy a new tv show that its based upon the show was called The story behind this
in the story and it airs every saturday night at nine pm over on t b n hard to know I described the show it's really unique, the first ten minutes of each jefferson are essentially me onstage presenting one of the stories from the way I heard it library, but the story, sir brought to life with some pretty ambitious cinematic recreations and then at the end of worry. I sit down in a barn with this guy, nay, at crouch who made the whole project happen and he talks to me about why he thinks I wrote it and I I tell him why I think I wrote it and he is determined to find I'm kind of biblical or scriptural underpinning to explain In the morality tales that many of these stories are and I'm simply trying to play what happened in my personal.
personal life once upon a time that attracted me to the subject at hand. What comes out the around is weird mix of performance, art and recreate and a kind of a talk show. I bet you like it. The story behind the story, tb and saturday night, nine o clock, so endive the shameless plug. I love the way it starts at six. Every other broadcast in the history of every other show starts with an three to but but here mad hagen aren't likes to started six, because why wouldn't you want? I can be different Well, are you virginia that all actually how nice yeah super nice barometers. every have hours in the day, though, and you know how that goes cut my grass this morning.
Still were just trying to get it all done. Feed cattle- you know like I got this thing to do today and to get back were breeding heifers and it just you know, trying to get RI up and plant corn as well and yeah, never enough hours, brother never enough hours problems are you do in the way I think down there on the farm we are, at first I got about one hundred and twenty that were holding back from this group of calves that we had come in and ai them up and then throw in to clean up bulls and in all that kind of stuff. So just the The hadn't really done a whole lot eh, but I keep about anywhere from thirty five to forty bulls and we just kind of throw them in with a herd and let them go to work. You know what I mean and just let the London them thing in an we pull everything in three months, in three months and break jack and start, but it's better. If you can, I are, but it is a matter of time the one on a given was shots to get him up and get a mention. People who may not be exactly sure we're talking about this is not the nation on artificial intelligence. This is artificial insemination, hooray madigan, those a thing or two
or two about that runs a far at technical level, It's it's ranch right met people call farm ranch, a minus thirty, four, breakers out here in virginia aids is split up, though a little bit like five hundred acres, ear, three hundred acres there, another eight hundred acres here we see low but a windshield tom before we we actually against that reform. Some days. I'm just repaying your guys to kind of ride around a little bib or whatever it takes. You know nowadays, and you have cattle and crops right, cattle and crops, yeah cattle. all the crops or for the feed for the cattle god? Oh you normally, so we don't really so a lot of our feed ourselves and corn salvage and stuff right up mainly due to feed the cattle that we have didn't. You say you farmer strawberries as well, yet we got some strawberries pick your own strawberries. I gotta have burma foresee beady. As you say, you don't feed this berries to the cows right. No, no, those are for people, they'll come out there and kind of pick your own. We do a couple acres of pick, your own strawberries and stuff like that and do a bunch of flowers and our green
it isn't stuff, so bunch old, lady stuff, you know what I mean to do it chuck. Is you feed the hemp to the cows first, then they get promoted, not just for the strawberries nigerian berries and then you do the eye I had a and unity right. That's a private! with every girl that I thought of you, the other night, because I knew you were going to be on here and I've got like a thousand questions for you. But I gave a speech in hobbs new mexico. We opened a trade school there and the town came out, they invited me and as part of this distinguished lecture series, which is so weird for me, but I try and talk about the stuff that support them, a trade school skills gap and all and all that fire. I also know what a boar anybody, so I try tell them a good dirty job street and last time I was there. I told him all about the sioux,
drag them through all that and they were horrified, but it was fun. This time I took forty five minutes to describe in as much detail as I could muster the process of collecting seamen from a ball cashing area, styrofoam cup and then europe, those pipettes and then reaching in to the idea that arises and big metal rod, man that people who bring this thing, others like this big metal, shocking rod and thereby going like. What's this casino anyway, and they don't, in the balls by so it's kind of neither does the bull know that so real quick, not to interrupt your story, but I had one of my teammate ron capps he see actually want to champion to oblige. You run it up, and then the year before, that I want the championship and he rendered up. So we go back and forth were definitely cannot one of those guys it We battle it out every year and so on. Every year me but to be clear, you're talking about funny car competition, not artificial insemination,
Car competition do not yet have a I as an have a I. Although an fella can dream this half year, you're funny car competition, he's gonna from california in farm before you know just golfs and hangs out in the sun. You know what I mean when he's not driving a race, car and so ass, a man you gotta come earlier. The fireman We're gonna get dirty. I think he went on a tractor supply. I'm a pair bibbs the night before you know it has never been dirty and his life. You know that yeah great guy, so I got him out here and we were actually do actually doing that we were doing fertility soundness, exams on balls, and so I got like thirty or forty votes to get through, and so, as I capture you know, we every the mammal except for humans and whales, have bones in their penis right and a ball. You have to stick your hand in it's ass and make sure there's no bone spurs or anything like that, and- and he looks over at me and he's like you done as like as a caption. You stick your hand in his ass check, make sure he's good. He looks at me, like you, done this before
oh yeah fischer in euros, so he's obituaries elbow, deepen this bull and chinese like manna and this is different as yeah man. This is different as yeah I've never done before man. He says I fell upon, e s, p n was there, so we had him on camera with e s, p, n and everything else, and it was great man. It was great. I was like yeah I mean I've, always let the vet do it. So he was like man, you got me, you know, but it was funny. He was a good sport about it Where does that was for your buddy? You know I can tell you. It was a thousand times weirder for the executives at the discovery channel back in two thousand three last people they ok to store story on ai and they thought I was going out to do a dirty job with like robots right, artificial intelligence. and good when you say up around
burg is about a foot long and he added scotland's figel handle is gonna handle it has got wires, sang and out of the back of it, and I pulled this thing out of what I called to tackle box from amsterdam because inside who is just tubes of lube and this giant probe, which basically goes into the ball, to the point where the tipp touches its prostate and then you run little current through and that trigger a reaction that can you gonna catch it you gotta catch it. I still remember the ranch per se enemy. My. What would you rather do? Turn labs or hold the cup eternal knobs turnin allowed succeeded The knobs is the right answer, but in dirty jobs, I'm like nah I'll hold it hold because yeah yeah, it's a dirty job there for sure and poor old bull man, it's impossible to know really where to start with you, because
you drive cars, it speeds approaching three hundred thirty miles an hour and eurasian beef and your ship and all over the country, and your voice the laws of god and man with your cows in your hands on your fingers in france in ankara. Let's start with this I believe that I have one other thing is where our food comes from, so as a guy who's providing it. What's your take on all of that and what is it like cause: you're, a first generation farmer, you didn't inherit land and that makes really really really unusual, what's it like, it makes me really rare this because it's almost impossible to go out european. and be a first generation farmer. Nowadays, unfortunately, I mean the cost of equipment. The cost of land is the fertilizer caused. Alek, honest though just doesn't then were allowed me to do. That was my racing
obviously you know it being able to bar some money from the bank bacon on some of my ass I said that I had from raising in different ways. is that in that my dad does a lot of business in you know they ve connell, I go k. I will alone you the money, but no This would not happen. You know, and unfortunately in america, america today is just these. Farms are going away and hung dad It's a big reason for it I mean he's a land developer and he does a thousand homes a year, but he makes a pile of money at it for a start of farming. so you must eat monies on. You know her just one of those things area you go like there, but I loved donor and when you are passionate about them something you find a way to make it work and they say in the cattle industry allowed its arms at you, split pennies, to make dollars is one of those things where you find a way to make it work in one of the first farms. I ever got a funny. I knew what I was gonna get the gathered on the farm before me, for may for christmas. It was all a roll of solid wire, because everything had was tied up a barbed wire and, This is like my lab in the days finally and biota chain and alive,
again something caused by bucks to do you know it, they don't don't do it, but that's how farmers cannot get through that all guy. Let me canna shadowing when I first started Our many was eighty seven years old and did everything one way and me when I took the farm over I allowed him to farm for two more years before I like like a you, gotta get to cattle out. We gotta do all this, but t told me alive and his name was built ill, disan and school. You know and slow pace kind of a farmer, but the things that I learned was you know always out. There the best technology a best tractor this or that are the newest mailer, aren't any that kind of stuff you just gotta, get it done You don't realize that your beef. When you pick it up at the girl, she storage changed hands six town before it ever hit your dinner table, you know, and so will we offer with our cattle company is basically we raise them. We feed on their no antibiotics, no hormones and, and It goes from us to a u kill facility to your dinner plate
the process of changing hands so many times in different ownership of cattle and different chances for people to put antibiotics in them and different things that or hormones to make them growth, grow faster, is rare nowadays, because you're selling weight and people are doing it on a time schedule. I'm schedule. These beef have to grow. They gonna put on average daily gain of three pounds, if not more in my own way to do that is put him in a pan and shall feed down your throat and put hormones in unfortunately ledges what you're getting at a lot of these stores and places and a lot of folks don't you so it's not that trying to do anything different brennan. Emma business is so small because I'm bob I don't know to: u? S d, a kill facility- I can only get so many kill dates a month anyway. So it's not like I'm saying this to try to grow my business, because I'm pretty much maxed out with my businesses facility. My just one of those things where, People need to know that this change and answer mesdames and what to look for- and I wouldn't say in always good it's the best way or anything like that of theirs.
A lot of stuff we do! Is we grass feed our cattle, but then we finish among corn, kanzi holes and soil means indifferent things like that to give it that mobilization and flavour and stuff and like air by says, there's a difference. One way to skin a cat. You know what I mean like it just a matter of how what for you. It just takes us a little bit longer to finish our cattle than a wooden. Some of these big feed, but longer and stuff like that, how much harder is it right? Now I mean and stuff about the cost of energy, and I think most thoughtful people understand that you can't talk about energy and not talk about agriculture. Those two things are linked, but I think a lot of people are missing the for those. Two things are linked, but I think a lot of people are missing the impact on things like fertilizer right now, and I ukraine and russia and wheat and all that stuff. That impacts the feed that you need to give your animals, the
the cost of all of it is snowballing in a way that is so essential. So I wonder what you think the cost of a stake is gonna. Look like six months from now. You know Canada, I'll say enough at ten dollar bills, a dollar bill now dollar bill. You look at things were right now I mean I'm doing the math and where our fertilizer and input costs on diesel fuel when we're making hey, we have to run over a field for times before, wherever finish with. So what can I do to be more efficient, we're looking to grow more corn then we are hey, cattle need ravage and they have to have drama. Have dry matter well and different things like so. It's kind of minimal Madame one thing to grow on the other side of things is tribe, look at when, grow on the other side of things it is trying to look at when you put a pencil to it. Does this pencil out? Does it work? The casa diesel fuel nowadays is just out of control all that factors indo everything that you do with you
add on top of the fertilizer cost and it's gotta go somewhere. You can't just keep take. Take, take there's nothing to put back. You can't not fertilize. You can't not run the tractor of the field that many times it just as the fixed in cost of what it is, and people were like well I'll, skip it this year, but you're going to have to put it back on next year. He, like I said you can't keep robin from the ground and expect to have the same amount of every year. It just doesn't work like that. You have to put it back in is a matter of when you do it and how you do it in this really trying to cut costs and overhead, and wherever you cannot mean even trying to plastic to cover these aloes m due plastic. To you know we do a lot of hatred and stuff. Like that's rap, the saying and plastic to let it to let it for a man to make more plausible feed for our cattle, indifferent things some of the plastics even harder to get right now, and we are looking at her some shortages and stuff like that. So is a challenging time for anybody. Theirs and put Carson as a lotta overhead and, like I said, before, you're already split and pennies to make dollars with cattle Everything seems go up except for cattle, but a lot of that has to do with nobody's there's a couple plants out there that really monopoly
as their making millions and millions of dollars a year, I mean a day really to be honest with you and it doesn't trickle back down the callback down to the producer, there's some things. They are on capitol hill that need to be changed somewhere along, do a better job than what they're doing for our cattlemen. That are out here that do work hard every day and do show up and do do the things they need was kind of like he got the big guys up there. These four or five kill plants that are just killing these cattle and they pretty much price out what they're going to be by the daily, and you can look at a few, look at their futures, a cat on different things like that, but they can't I gotcha a pigeon up there were they say what goes in the rest of it? Is china trickles was down. You know, that's interesting! First of all, you don't columns, louder houses, you can't kill facilities. How come on out slaughterhouse sounds for half a minute. What it's like your facilitated I didn't sell your vacation here, most probably slaughter ass. We can kill facilities just because the good job of cleaning up, and I looked at this government grants out here to put one an undue different things
you get so many folks around there. You know your place. Is it worth a headache? Is it worth all the stuff that you know oza with the carcasses in the blood and all that mesh. That's why there's only a few of these fd facilities around we took our cattle for hours down the road to get em killed and process to be able to send him back here. To put him in our freezers, to be able to send amounts of the folks at bottom is not like. We just have one down the road here, the. Why? Wouldn't you build your own? Just overhead, there's a lot of red tape, whether you have to have an inspector I have an inspector there every day and dealing with that just kind of a challenge I think, sometimes as an owner and just a lot of red tape with it is kind of like when you dump human waste out on your land. You know what I mean like no matter what you mean human waste out on your land, honnami like no man. I know what you mean a saturday night so my mother has written another book and its awesome. It's called vat. nude and other ways to get attention and vat. I think it's the best thing she's ever written, in fact, I'm sure of it and that saying something
her first two books were a new york times best sellers, pretty sure this is going to be, the most popular guest here on the way I heard it. Then, This book, it's a very honest men, more it's funny. It's one writers journey and that's right really what my mom is more than anything else, she's a writer, the woman but every day, for sixty years, every single day she was always out in the world with her yellow legal pad writing shorts. day she was always out in the world with her yellow legal pad writing shore. Is of strangers. She just love to write. is by our group is of strangers. Julie, she realized she now never would, but she kept writing and then one day lightning. When she was eighty years old and she became a a seller. Anyhow she's done it again. she's done it again. This book is terrific. You can pre order. A copy
she's done it again. This book is terrific. You can pre order a copy now over at amazon and I'd be grateful if you did vacuuming awesome, so anything other shameless plug. There's these programmes, where you can basically, so in its another. Shameless plug, theirs they put it out in the field of pre fertilizer, but the thought of that people go. Oh my gosh! This is awful, even though it's been obviously gone through all the in sure the heavy metals are out of it and all that kind of stuff is great for us, as a farmer, but no different than are you my neighbours, are like nah man, you're dumping, armor human sewage out here any with a kill facility. You're gonna have some people, Jewish out here beside others were not go without saying, with a kill facility. You're gonna have some people with some blow back and they don't think it's a great idea, and so it can like. Is it worth the headache not in my back yard yeah? I do know that whole way of thinking go to my mind,
instead of not wanting to know where your food comes from. We don't want to think about human waste being uses fertilizer. We don't really want to see the probe go into the answer. and this from come fly out the other end. We don't really want to see. I shot a cow on dirty jobs years ago, the steak and we're going to do it right in front of you and that stake is all going to be dry aged and sent back to the family who own the cow, and we just want to show you that we went to a rendering facility north state
We saw things that made people angry and we didn't do any of it to make anybody angry. We just did it because part yeah. If you pull any of that out of the circle of life, then if you just stick her head in the sand, then it just seems to me that seems to me that that's how the great disconnect begins. That's really what I wanted to ask you first, because as a first generation farmers, farmers somehow or another. You are very connected to your food. You always have been and if you didn't grow up on a farm house and you always have been, and if you didn't grow up on a farm. How did you come by that sensibility for me? I think it first of all a kind of talk about what you talked about. What people think that their food gestures-
animals and deer and cattle and everything I was like. We had like six cats or something like that on his profile. Well, buddy, have you read the main ingredient in your cat? Food gets meat there's no way around it. So, whether you like it or you don't ingredient in your cat food gets me, there's no way around it, so, whether you like it or you, don't like it, even when you animals every time you harvest that field, whether you like it or not, killing hundreds no way around species. You're talking about mice, you harvest that field schools and moles and grabbed eggs. All Now my sin voles moments. I sense gore, every damn eggs, all that stuff. That's living in that field, you're right, it looks like the final seen in carry it's a blunder. I again it's not a thing. We talk a lot about because, for the same reason, we don't want to think about fertilizing or here
Neither my neighbors right. I got a funny story about that. You know when I was a kid we You know when I was a kid. We had an add on the eastern shore and ways to go and visit. She grew the biggest juciest plumpness tomatoes. Ever my brother and sister would go there and they set. We gotta get some of those tomatoes there. So good, as ever, my brother and sister would go there and they say we gotta get some of those tomatoes there so good. So there even the tomatoes one days. When did you start growing these tomatoes? When did you plant them? So all we didn't plant them, well, stuff that we put out there with the from the waste management barely forty thousand dollars a year, that this money to me this money to me and my neighbors sometimes are like, because we have to put a sign up in. We have to let our neighbours know that we're coming in them. sewage and stuff like that, but at
we have to let our neighbours know there were coming and there were spread and sewage and stuff like that. But at the end of the day, is a monetary gain for me, because it saves me money that I'm not thrown out out there, how much heavy metals and how long they baked it to kill all the bacteria, yadda yadda yadda to walk out through their and found a few tampons every now and then, but that's it. We see that every now and then sir, nothing I'm very rarely send a meal back. you're back when I'm in a rough like you ve, really got it the stake for me to say, but I I figure if I pulled, is agreeing on my plate and suddenly out of tat I need to have a word with the manager staff from the sir has to pardon by staying out, if they all about their failure in my ears
I try to put some gloves on and get everything kind of cleaned up before family goes out their way to her there's attempt on in my wow Matt. You took it to a place. Even surprised me with it will add one. That's a good one shift gears gears and as it were, I know a lot of guys in the farming and ranching business and I know a fair amount of people in the race car game. I dont know anybody in both, and so let me just tell you quickly. Done that I've never been there or done that, but I know Roy hill and now you know right now a grating school and he taught me the keys to some rocket ship. some rocketship years ago and allowed me to approach speeds of two hundred miles an hour,
and that goes twice as fast as you went with in funding twice as fast, but shudder. Ten is not twice as much as five only on paper when you go from five to six and five. Only on paper, when you go for, you're, taking all that momentum behind you. I can't even imagine tell me if I'm wrong method, momentum behind you. I can't an hour and three hundred and ten miles an hour is more than ten miles an hour It feels like it right. We were approaching speeds of three forty when they started slowing us down and they're, like you guys can't go this fast, so what people don't realize is that the vases I've ever been as three hundred and thirty eight miles an hour in three point. Seven nine seconds in one thousand feet is not that is three hundred and thirty eight miles an hour. Is that you're doing it in one thousand feet? That's where your mind goes. What just happened because you're covering that distance and schutz's short amount
and having your mind process that getting acclimated to the g force in the speed and slowing it down for you, which is amazing, because your mind will slow it down for you after my first fifty seventy five one hundred rounds, I was never like yo check out the pretty girl in row. Two, you know what I mean like It is still a blair is still crazy, but it's just one of those things where your mind starts to you can hear the cylinders fire. You can feel what the car is doing. You're driving by the seat of your pants, it's making moves and you're never ahead of the car, but you're trying to be with the car right. A man started a slow things down and you're, starting to feel it smith with, like. I said, the sea to your pants gonna thing, but there there's been plenty of towns have been behind the car and one of my first times I ever got in the car to run that fast enough. You're funny car and basically, if I didn't get those three runs in, I didn't get a computer. I had a bomb or runs, and I didn't have any extra cash to buy
five to seven ran around a lot of times when run these car it cost seven grand if it doesn't hurt anything like images, makes a clean run and not just in the parts and pieces of christians and rods, implore belt and clutched discipline, watch desk and valves and keepers and springs and stuff that we just throw away because you're pushing these parts and pieces to the limit. But I had to make these three runs and I got it down to the end. It looked like a snake bay. then I a like got their further other end and I come back on track, In the end, it look like a snake, basically going down, do there and as a gag out their further end, and I come back anything so just like other I was like. I thought I did a great job, but I was just so far behind the race car, because the car was so far ahead of me. My mind couldn't process it fast enough, I'm afraid People can process that either. What exactly do you mean when you're behind or in front of the car, even as you're in it everybody thinks you get the whole land, but there's no there's a narrow groove out there. They caught the groove and basic
out the groove and basically is darker than the lane, and that's where you have to keep the nose of the car because it keeps it in good, rubber right there. So you get outside of that graven. It's not much wider than the car itself, and you get us out of that group and ozma irish you'll board the rhine, because it's not in the group or a push you to the cinema, and tires in the groove and other ones out. It's real crucial to keep it in the groove is what they call there's a lot of things that happen on IRAN that can push you out of the groove like we drop cylinder, so each cylinders over a thousand horse power. There's a lot of things that happen on a run that can push you out of the groove, like we drop cylinders, so each cylinders over a thousand horse power when you do pick a cylinder back up. Then you have to have to make an adjustment so funny car, your very in the car, you're really working the steer and where all the way down through there to keep it in the grew. So there's a lot going: aggressive in the car you're really work in the steering, we're all way down through there to keep it in the grew so there's in those new no changes in you're trying to make those adjustments to keep it in the grew. Ten thousand horsepower require like that. They say eleven, but if anybody ever puts a tonight you're funny coronado,
thousand horse power recorder, like that they say eleven, but if anybody ever puts a night you're funny, corona donno run other way is not going to be good. It's one they come up with how much worse power it is because of the way to the car and different things laid up. Anybody reports one on Adonis decide to go the other way. I don't care how much cinder blocks in front of you is known as well. Years ago, an old friend of mine died the clark and, on the same day, that his obituary was making the rounds didn't know. You then did not love you, but I remember looking at this video- and I remember thinking what I just watched was in an act of god like a miracle, especially
especially in folks. You should google this Google miracle, especially two thousand you twelve charlotte, staying out there, but man you're sitting in a time bomb, you're sitting a rocket ship with a time bomb, with a time bomb under it and and the footage of this. You're sitting a rocket ship with a time bomb under it, and the footage of this car breaking up in high speed, which is really slow, motion write it. it's nothing, but a fireball Selden right. I just wanna hear what happened. What that felt like, then, I would be remiss to spoil our alert, but, But when you climbed out of what was left of that car, it was just a cage. You grabbed a piece of smouldering metal and throw it on the ground and and I can't even call at our car. It was just a cage. You grabbed a piece
This does not work because there was a third time we done season so dislike this piece of trash. sounds like that. All may this year and I'll just gonna over and through the hand, she'll down and cause a hand, shows both deflect all that stuff from we'll talk about that. But there is another time that blew up in the rear Ariane comes up so so far when you blow, because it such a big concussion, put this subject of those cars, make eight thousand pounds of down force. On IRAN, everybody kind of things that we see the most jeez and stuff here. and then when the clutch goes one one. When I arrive in a fabulous car, it sounds like you break a toolbar foreign have when it worlds, and they are so large, going on swimming who follow this closely, but my guess is, most of them are saying you tom at.
people listening who talking about what it just goes, clutched has dropped reign in delirium. There's no time the differential you talking about what so it just goes clutched it in on the steering wheel, nah just nothing's direct drive, so is a motor, a clutch sitting there and then a shaft that runs between my legs that runs a through back to the rear, and so when I close worlds They put a little piece of- I guess: carbon fiber over top, I'm like where my assets were the driveshaft is so I guess it's supposed to make me feel a little better that chef, spin and eight thousand european between my legs, but other variety know what could go rallies another friday night there's a file. there's a file on between bravery and stupidity, and you don't know it sat around some sundays right, but you see here. I know this one explosion, so the rearing came weigh up there. Sure. I know this one explosion, so the rearing came, weigh up the only thing they kept the car from going and overran actually the front end Doug.
pull the car back down when the car came back down my head neck restrained did what it's supposed to. Parachutes came out and it pulled the car back down when the car came back down my head, my report of my home on the bottom will, when you cut your head, it bleeds, I greatly so so this cars bouncing around there, where there's blood all over my visor big it down to the other end, and I look at the guy- and I was like- am I a purdy stale man down to the other end, and I look at the gallows. in John forrest, he's a sixteen time world champion. He comes out and he's just a great showman. You know he's done this forever and he's seventy three years old, now or whatever, but opens up the ambulance he's a kid kid yo, when the euro is done this forever and he said ro round ground I'd, like your viruses, you'll get a low tv town. She is. last year, a guy I know in the way
gold, tennessee whiskey, that had suddenly become available, this kind of thing almost never happens, but for whatever reason it did and I had an opportunity to purchase it. put it in bottles and start selling it online to raise money money for micro works, so I did. I called whiskey noble. Coral, noble k and o b e l, I figured we had enough for maybe four or five months we sold out in three days. So I went back to the guys in tennessee and we agreed to do another batch and now I've got another Got another tranche of noble, tennessee whisky, it's delicious at all, I don't wanna oversell it. I just want to tell you it's going to go pretty quick and we have some on hand right
around the corner and with the supply chain drama going on. I thought I'd mention it now. border, and it should get there in time, assuming I can even ship it to your state. Our country has some very interesting ideas on em. Regulate and control liquor sale. So that's been an education to, but one thing, Furthermore, this stuff is delicious. Five year old, noble tennessee whisky cannot be true, but one thing is for sure this stuff is delicious five year old, noble tennessee whisky cannot be l at noble spirits, dot, com, thus concludes another shameless plug, so jack John force, I met twenty years ago a bad sonoma back when I called it sears point I was hosting the show call evening magazine matt and we did a story on whatever was gone on there and I was really coming in that whole sport it felt like was becoming a thing. He was driving real fast
When John was really come. In that whole sport it felt like was becoming a thing he was dr and real fast. There was another driver up their jamie Mc Murray. I think toss me the keys to his car. Let me take a few lapse, which was just agar a blast. worse of nature, he did the equivalent of things like breaking the sound barrier on the ground still is a force of nature. He did the equivalent of things like breaking the sound barrier on the ground when you're ahead of him right now, you're like at the top of the list of do too shoulder, but to look over your shoulder and see John force, I mean you're hobby dude is so gotta hand right now, It honestly is amazing. First time I saw John force was on CNN. I was a young kid and we were just kind of hanging out at the house and honestly, is amazing. First, I'm us. Our John force was on CNN hours He just talking and talking until I was like he got my attention.
on CNN Larry, king lab, or something like that. I forget what it was, but he just talking and talking to us on cnn about her son when an upside down on buyers, something you know you're saying anyway, colleague martin, it later and later to be raising the guy. You know, he's always see the goat goodies, a living legend and what he does Colleagues, my attention and later to be raising the guy. You know he's always see the goat is a living legend and what he does and has done for the sport is phenomenal had so last weekend when we re still, he won the event and everything else and I'm over there. You know I'm thirty, nine years old, you got so much fire your own, like you, where forty pounds a year. where forty pounds a year. Basically, you know, because your arm- and the only thing that you got is a little all hold it cut out wiping your eyebrows all time and over there I'm kind of set us calculus hurry hurry, I'll kill you get this go on and then you look over there to seventy three year old man said no, and you go on
if he's good at dying, quit being upset is hot, but so for people who have never been to a race or funny car race, much less sat in one. I could do a probably a mediocre job of trying to describe the feeling of being behind that wheel, which isn't really a wheel. It's just a thing like a butterfly yeah yeah, it's a butterfly and watching the and watching the christmas tree tick down and is it drove this into? My brain is like are you die, and so just talk about the mental commitment just talk about the mental commitment that you have
good morning being shaped be healthy, but there is very, very few athletes that really know how to work on their mind game and I feel, like I worked with quite a few sports. I causes as a great book out there called mind jumbo. I guess his name's gary mac. I wanted to work with the gas so bad. I read his books two or three times and man. Everything this guy does is great and was one of those things where I called email. I did everything I could to get in touch with his gun,
they're are gifted athletes and stuff, but what separates champions from average folks that are gifted athletes, is their game and working on your mental game daily and be able to rise to the occasion and be able to take a pressure situation and turn it into a positive situation, and no one does well under pressure. I mean they say that they're full of it right, like people, do different things under pressure situations and some people are going. Oh, my gosh, I don't want to mess up and other people are like. This is the time that I get to make really really big on what we do and it's really carried over into my life and my businesses and her family yeah the farming to everything with business and be a mentally tough and figured out relations of like how am I going make
This can be a mentally tough and figuring out how to get through situations when working and productive and just you know, on my racing side of his dealing with pressure situations there, but every day in business you show up and there's some problem and there's some fire. You gotta put productive and just you know, I'm a racing sat up his dilma pressure situations there, but every day and business you show up in there's some problem either. Some far you gotta put out there's something that you have to do to keep your business afloat and keep things moving forward, and this problem is shut down about this. One comes up over here and you make this personnel change here, but these people don't get along there. as I've learned to do on the track and dealing with pressure of that, but it translate with everything with your family with life, with just being able to be positive. I talk to myself a lot in the car. If you walk by my car before a run, you would think I was a crazy man, because I'm telling myself what I want to do and will how I see it rebuild that image and you put it in place- is no different than like when you
so judo basketball, you see yourself make the shot before you shoot the ball right and same with golf different things. Like the same with me on the racetrack. You go up there and you look at the starting line and you look at the groove and you look where other guys have been driving and entered, pulls them out and different things like that, those processes, you know you go up there and you tell yourself leave on time, keeping in the groove turn when light on you shut the car down. You know just different things: I shut the car down. You know just different things that you tell yourself how it needs to happen. You see it. You think it happens out there on the racetrack in the same alive. So I'm a big big believer in mental in working on your mental game every day and that carries over into everything alive Another thing to I dont think you give a damn if somebody king to yourself in the car and conclude data madonna right. I just don't care about right yeah. This is a compliment because there's a great story about will chamberlain
great story about, will chamberlain, who obviously was one of the greatest of all times, but I gotta help its well, I think is that the terrible free throw shooter just terrible like forty percent to the public, worse than shaq to the point where they just fouled him all the time and and then one season, he just thought I'm going to do something about like the grannie shot like highlighting and throwing it from between his legs. He was like ninety four, ninety six, percent. He completely turned his game around. In fact, I think the game where he set the all time at the time anyway scoring record he didn't miss a single free, throw any took like forty of them plus he made all went back to shooting it the normal way, because because you know he didn't like the way people,
No, you didn't like the way people made fun of him for shooting from between his legs. That's a fascinating gory! Yes, oh won the first spore psychologists that I have worked with. he had me out there in front of all my peers playing pretend so when the first sports. I colleges that I have a word with. He had me out there in front of all my peers playing pretend catch with him right How to do this? So of course I was out there playing pretend catch in front of everybody, different things that you are not used to doing in getting in that state of
uncomfortable and stuff like that. That builds mental toughness right. So that's what he was doing was getting me out there going you're gonna, look like a fool. This is part of being uncomfortable and being comfortable with stuff like that. So we have learned a lot, but it also carried over to a lot of different things in life, and it is this guy like how did I really does do. That Do that you know, but those are the things you have to do to be successful. That year, that I worked with him. I won a world championship. I run it up the year before to the championships. I won a runner up the year before and that in itself is mentally challenging because you're, so potion? You do all the work and it always comes down the last day in the last You do all the work and it always comes on the last day in alas, raise in your guys. They do all the work in and to come in. Do you know early on and those feelings that you get when you come in? Second, it's like it's disgusting. You don't want that taste in your mouth anymore and you do whatever it is. Actually not that you're not
a few races, you know early on and those feeling that you get when you come in. Second, it's like it's disgusting. You don't want that. Taste in your mouth anymore needs the up and see those other guys get the bonus, jack and all that other stuff that goes with it. It seems like those are the things that make you drive and work harder because you're so closing every year like that, we've kind of come back and won the championship the next year, so maybe we'll figure it out where we don't have to run it up. You know what I mean, but it would sure be nice, but would you rather be the fifth or second? Would you would you rather be dead last or second well put it this way. I don't run two on my car gets one of those things. We run a number one or we don't run anything on that says. Will we run, You rather be dead last her second well, though, it was one of those deals, even though we were number two it just tap to look at. It is disgusting. This is kind of one of those days were my guys. I've been very, very blessed in this industry have been able to count on hand picked. My guys were macro chief and everything else
This kind of one of those things were my guys. I've been very, very blessed in this industry have been able to count on hand pick my guys. Will my crew chief and everything else and kept them together for ten years, and we have such a phenomenal group, a guy. Maybe it is because the team they put around me and the people that I have been able to help, keep in place and two years ago to go. I gave my bonus to my guys to keep him there and I was like hey guys. If we win the championship, these guys were covered and people are cut budgets and all this other stuff- and need you guys to be. I can't do this without any one else in so money motivate people. So I gave up my bonus for my championship to my god just so they would be there. So I knew that if they stayed we would win and we did it
It is keeping that core group there, because I know how good they are. That's been the philosophy of my dad and his business. He owns forty two companies and has nine hundred employees, but he surrounded himself with people that work hard and super smart, smarter than he is, but he's not afraid of that, and he takes care of its people and there's something that I have learned from them. As you have to take care of your people and they will take care of you and I've seen it on of you and I've seen it on the other side of people that just think people replaceable and they fall? When you don't have people you can depend on and count on and work hard for. You, you're not gonna, be success, one life and if you are going to be
game of imaginary catch or have a chat with yourself, while people are watching. If the answer is no place. You know I never went to a sport. I can't talk either a sports psychologist, but I did have a man, psychologist, but I did have a mentor and chuck did to a high school music teacher, got him fred king and tell me if you agree with this, but he summed up everything you just said with three words: what not how what not, how the minute you think about how you're doing that's typically followed by the moment you blow up or forget your line or hit a bad note or do something wrong. You know it seems like the people who have the most success, really don't care, how they're doing they're just looking at what they're doing
right. There yeah, but not. How should we are on the side of a guard somewhere? It's one of those things were and minimize and what you can control so that something I learned as well as you can't control everything, and I can't control not. How should we see around us right of a guard somewhere? It's one of those about a manner and minimize and what you can control so that something I learned as well as you can't control everything, and I can't control my god how they put a cylinder head honour, who's talking about a manner what they do. You have to trust your people to do with their supposed to do it when I started when in some of these jamming ships in runner and what that eats up their way out to do their job as well, and that it comes back to surrounding yourself with that great group of people in a minimizes. The pressure, if I can only control leaving on tom, keep ruin the grew put in a parachute out in the car showered down little things here when they're around you gotta beat this person in whom I race in next, and that gets overwhelming,
things, areas like man, I'm no another responsible for that. Much of this ought to be breezy, keep it to him when she spoke to do, but when you think big picture and all the stuff that has to happen in this person has to lose this round this gas well, we are overcome with some of the pressure that is involved with it, among others. He told me a long time ago he's like he was a pro mma champion, which is a different class than I looked up to him, because I ran pro mod for six years and his dude always just beat the hell out of me all the time I was just like. I couldn't beat him. He was a champion and he pulled me aside when I was your race and he says, don't chase it away from you. He said. Let it come to. You
Do he said, don't overdo it don't go up there thing, and then you have to do more than what you already have done to get there. You just let it come to you and that really stuck with me, just keep doing what you're doing to get me in the situation you're in and don't overdo it just let it come to you and thus carry my mentality, I'm good at what I do, I'm good at my craft, I'm going to keep doing the same thing. I'm doing that got me in the position to win a championship. So that's what we do. You know you when you were saying about staying focused on what you're doing, thus the epitome of the. What not how because the thing that I take from that the most is that when you are thinking about what you're doing you are inside, your body you are present of the. What not how because the thing that I take from that the most is that when you are thinking about what you're doing you are inside your body you are present to you are focused. You are doing really exactly end
that you're doing and keeps you off center and that's. I agree on the same thing: yeah, it's a good way to lose and more tragically, it's a good way to get hurt. So much of everything you just said applies to a vocation: same thing here, it's a good way to lose and more tragically, it's a good way to get hurt. So much of everything you just said applies to vocational and occupational safety. It applies to just surviving crossing the This is the part where I put my mask on. This is the part where I stay six feet apart. This is the part where I follow all these rules and then they step off the curb, because the little man said walk, but they didn't check both ways and the big blue bus takes them out right, they're really focused on how they were doing and they followed all the rules and splat, and sometimes you blow up. and the big blue bus takes them out right. There really focused on how they were doing and they followed all the rules and splat, and sometimes you blow up man
and business. You were like you know you wake up every day and he got a lot of fires hymns tells you he has some fires to put up you oughta highly literally right now. I want to say something real quick. I want to say something real, quick with what you guys got going on. You guys do a great job, put out now. I want to say something real, quick with which you guys got going on. You guys do a great job with scholarship and all the stuff that you guys are doing to help these traits vote
all races, and actually I have two people right now, I'm a car from western tat out of taxes. They ve done the schooling they ve done a deal that they need to come out here. They had earned the right by their grades to kind of do an internship with our rais d men and they do that and we actually play several folks out of these colleges on these race teams and people are blown away there like. Oh, my gosh, you get to work on a race car and these guys and girls do that. I do see a lot of the value in what you guys are doing out here and given the scholarships indifferent things like seems in paper blown away there like. Oh, my gosh, you get to work on a race car and these guys and girls do that. I do see a lot of the value and what you guys are doing out here and given the scholarships indifferent things like that, so versions and examples of the people we meet, who no other people- and you know Chloe
program and applied- and I like everything she had to say and we chatted were happy to help pay for her welding thing and then flag forward and there's chloe on our posters. She like really became one of the poster p like really became one of the poster people, a great gal. I clicked on her instagram- and I was just like- must have don't look like this and I kind of hit her I was like. Can you help me absolutely? She does all my instagram and social. Yeah and stuff like that, and what a phenomenal gal with work, ethic and drive and motivation and dedication and just wants to go out here, and I don't even know that she wants to be like a trendsetter but she's just doing her, and this was really cool here. I am in the and we'll put my make a bone and new gas talk about whatever you want to and she's out their welding and killing it. On my grandma mean my followers of increase, because the video skills in the ets and all the time peace because the video skills and adds another kind of stuff that she's doing there when she works again
big on those circle tracks out stuff comes at me out on the weekends with my stuff, on the drags out of things gets the world Well, there's such a small world out here we're racing and used to be a part of little bit of everything. It's almost like to me. She has a dream. Job of ganz with my stuff on the drags out of things, just a well be a part of without an sponsored by linking unarmed sponsored by linking it there's a lot of cool stuff that goes into dream. With the fallen out of things and then just an awesome, the drag welder on top of things just out there doing small world that wherein with the racing out of things and then just an awesome fabricated welder, on top of it just out there, Thirdly, looking you- and I are probably
Why you're on this pod cast way leads our eye. You meet people out of her sat I'll. Tell you what I told her were constantly looking you and I are probably constantly looking for the same people. Work ethic is a hard thing to define, but when you find somebody like chloe, who sharp early and state foundation, don't even hesitate to hook a sovereign and minutes. We are here to help the people you're talking about well. You're talking you I'll get the training they need, so that they can become a doors, that's really at her own amitabha dear. But you know you guys change lives and you change always live and to hear the stories that she does. It talks about your foundation and given the chance to do that and help out with a semesters and the paying a mean from what I understand what I understand. This is a girl that was working two or three jobs to try to make ends meet and still taken it on the chin as far as thereby telling her she can't do that. You know, is not going to be successful and all this kind of stuff- and there is she out here doing it- she's got a great gig, with lincoln great gig, with Joe gibbs and help a meal
megan mean and still taken it on the agenda as far as thereby tell her she can. Ardor with you guys foundation, which is really really cool man. Do you guys radar chain and kids labs out there, and it is one of those things where I think that you have something to be proud of your leave in that later on, whether you like it or not, is pretty special and you're not just handed out when you pass it on later on, whether you realize it or not, is pretty special and you're not just hand out money, your hand and out new change and loves. My look we're that preceded the dedication of a trade school you'll love this four years ago I went there went there and the city on that day was considering a bond measure to start to raise the money necessary to build this fifty one million dollars facility and a relatively small town hobbs is, in the very lower right hand, corner of new mexico. It's really more west texas to new mexico
the money necessary to build this. Fifty one million dollar facility and a relatively some cities and they always fall on there. Small on their face, because it's hard well, I said for come back and help commemorate the school, and I said that knowing that there's no way- said that, knowing that there's no way they're gonna pull this off a hail. Men walked son of a gun. They did it. spectacular facility next to the high school and now all of Lee county is looking at this place and going holy crap. This is like the evidence that demands a verdict. So one minute talking about getting the sperm at one hundred aromatic hun sucker, commandos testicles. By way of stimulating, isn't prostate and the next minute you're cutting a ribbon in front of a school.
the zombie dog, dare a community to build. So right, it's a long way of saying you kind of have to do everything if you want to reach the people you're hoping to find. I agree, one hundred percent, seeing what you guys are doing and have past. What a great show first of all, a second about is touching all different aspects and people and walks alight, and it takes that to be able to go out here in really find the people that you guys are looking for a hell they're everywhere. You know they are everywhere, but I love the idea that you have to do different things. You have to drive at different speeds like right now, I'm lookin out a guy who- the people that you guys are looking for help their everywhere. He now they are everywhere, but I love the idea that you have to do different things. You have to drive at different speeds right, yeah, maybe like six or eight. if we're lucky for weekends
the old one row at a time. Sometimes you play the short game, sometime both all the time all the time. Eight final topic less bring it all the way back from Did you see the kentucky derby caught the last end up at their talk about hold back only gratitude agonizing available? I can't watching the aerial view. This thing I've watched it thirty times and it gets me every time because the announcer never says the word. I can't stop watching the aerial view of this thing. I've watched at thirty hives and it gets me every time because the
I swear to god, I mean as a fan of racing as a driver. What did you think when you saw that race unfold and to when you saw that race unfold to was incredible. force in your animal to be able to holding back when they're all cause. I know a journal and right. I know how pumped up here you are and how over sinner you can be and how over the top back when they're all because I know a journal and right. I know how pumped up you are and how over sinner you can be and how, over do that to hold that horse back and then the letting go right there at the end. I think that is just incredible and be able to call in your horse to do that. They are at the very end. I mean talk about this idea, to do that to hold that horse back and then the let him go right Does it just incredible? Was that link you sent me with an arrow view? I was lack of money. At the very end? I mean talk about this,
edible, though yep you were talking earlier about this weird kind of singularity that with an aerial view. I was like. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. You know, and it's incredible though yep tunnels like arnold here all- is that I think is happening in the starting gate with those jockeys. In the same way, they might go forty five miles an hour. You're gonna go three thirty, but that feeling of sitting there completely completely focused counting on your machine counting on your horse, hoping the crew did everything right, miles an hour. You're gonna go three thirty, but that feeling
in on your machine counting on your horse, hoping the crew did everything right that they need to do, and then it comes down to that moment and then to have the presence of mind to just stay in the back went into that's really impressive, to be patience, delayed, gratification, patience is a virtue right. Where can I my friend, you, some? U god or website there. Hagen cattle kodak arm check it out. We gonna website These are now, would you you do.
we got a website there. We ship all over the country free shipping, except for when we get out there towards California. I've had a couple: people want to buy a whole cow and you're, like man, know like in shipping years. Do you go to the website there, hagen cattle kodak arm check it out. We gotta website there we ship all over the country. Free shipping accept probably get other towards california of attica. I was a man I got so much beef and dishonest nevertheless, like in shipping as and I ran a crazy right, you know been up and without me, company, but yeah. You do that and then we have a cbd business which is true harvest dot com, and I started my cbd business real quickly. Just because I lost my brother with opioids yeah. Read that I got out me company, but yeah you can do that and then we have a cbd business which is true, harvest, dot, com and For me, it was a way to help people manage or pain without being so how
the all, but it helps we will get the day and help to sleep in a rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain and different things. And for me, it's a woman fuzzy because, as a watch when my brother went through with his pay management, when basically eventually took his life was one of those things where a management will basically eventually took his life was one of those things where if people can manage or pain was something other than oxy cottons or like it ends and stuff that super addictive. We feel like where, when and doing it, it's a hell of a day. I can tell you anything about it, you dont know, but the extent to which americans have been impacted by the opium The thing I can't believe me not a week, goes by just in the course of shooting my shows that somebody doesn't pull me aside and tell me a version of the story. You just told me what about the dialogues? What about me? I am with envy was involved in this would yeah he they gave her three years. She ended up killing two other people, his one of those things where she pled guilty, or they would have probably handed down twenty five years, but just had him on a dose that was
What about who was involved in this would yeah cause. I gave her three years. She ended up killing two other people, his one of those things where she pled guilty, or they would probably hand her down twenty five years, but just had he had school yossi, so they put non pounds attain him and his back and got on these drugs. Man, and just I wash the killing and three years is gonna. Unbelievable. To be honest with you, you know what is a very unfortunate, but these doctors nowadays a thing is those years before he lost his life was because I was like what are you doing with your life. Didn't realize the drug suppresses and won't, allow you to produce dopamine, which is a feel good and a motivator, and go out here and do stuff that receptor bonds in your brain to where he won't produce it, and he just wants the opioid so suboxone, I guess, allows you to producing dopamine and stuff. That's why these people go to the suboxone clinics that are on opioids and oxy, cottons and stuff so learned a lot about. It was really mad there for awhile about the whole situation and it opened up the doors to where we started the cbd coming
it is thus while these people go these subjects and clinics that our own appeals and oxy cons and stuff so learned a lot about. It was really mad, therefore allow about the whole situation and it open up the doors, though, where we started. The cd company which you are visiting where help in a lot of people, this is the name of the farm, the endeavoured or than his acidity disability get tee. Are you yeah and you know, what's really cool about it. Unfortunately, I'm not about a lot of government involvement, but this is an industry that needs more involvement because there's a lot of fame unless he beauty and there's no real regulation. So with us we ve grown outward processing,
you know, what's really cool about it. Unfortunately, I'm not about a lotta government abandonment, but this is an inch so in with my name and racing and everything else, you know I gotta be able to stand behind a product. It really is what you get and probably a little bit more than what we say in there just to make sure that you get enough. So, there's something that no different than the farming side Didn't we send it out to her customer. So in with my name and racing and everything else, you know I gotta be able to stand behind a product. It really is what you get and probably a little bit more than what we say in there just to make sure that you get enough. So there's something that no different than the farming side of things. You grow a plant, a crop and you get to take it full circle to be able to help. Someone is a pretty cool skating. If I were looking to recast, Is the office he built. You built me and another sign of Malta, your contact with tony stewart racing, and he, like, I guess, sooner or later, you're going have to figure out what you're gonna be, but for now that's why this stuff's still laying over here in the corner is like I haven't, put it up on the wall. Yet these ready for me to put my big boy pants on and come home, sell some cars I'm trying to
I guess we're not going to sell cars anytime soon, arya! That's why this stuff's still laying over here in the corner. It's like, I haven't, put it up on the wall. Yet these ready for me to put my big boy pants on and come home, sell some cars, I'm trying to milk. This racing thing for a little. While do me a favor tell chloe hello, The mud dogs show that same place. Right, what was your take? That was your first time at a funny. Car ray like you can't describe it to see it, but I was standing very close. I was with Matt and his car all the way up to the race. Just leading up Therein- and I was told and wearing your plugged was had you know when they do the burn out. You want to look the other way when I turn away as it. Ok, how was it really means I was standing very close. I was with Matt and his car all the way up to the race just leading up to it. Cars get in line race. Another car comes up, gets in line whatever listen. There's no warning on the burn out, maybe like third, I was told, I'm wearing earplugs, but said you know when they do the burnout. You want to look the other way you want to turn away, and I said okay,
Are you running water and is actually stop on? I suggest you blip the throttle and vice attires up and start smoking, and you just gotta keep an throttle, learn to you'd undoing you burn you want and sticky. You would think it there. I doubt were about how do they do it mad you hit the gas and a break at the same time. Now you run the water and there's actually a stop on there. So it's just you blip. The throttle in it lighter tires up and start smoking, and you just kind of keep and throttle there until you're done doing your burn. You want them, sticky, right right right. So the sound when he takes off racing is like super loud louder than anything. I've ever heard, but it's very short because very quickly he further away and the sound dissipates, but the burn out very quickly out just happens right there in front of you. Very a good bit of time. So when this happened- and I was unaware telling you once I put my big boy pants on and stood there and I got my camera it's something that I'm looking forward to go and back again in november when because it was so loud, but I'm telling you once I put my big boy pants on and stood there and like got my camera out to film the
actual race. I could see the sound coming at me. I've never experienced that before really really see it it's so loud. You can see it and it's something that I'm looking forward to go and back again and nowhere when you're here mad again in november, guys are always welcome in our pit. So anytime, you guys want to come out we'll make sure you're taking care. Of that would be amazing. It was amazing, it really was. Thank you. So much will thanks for joining us guys. Yeah appreciate the time. True Best farm farm, where we go about his arms, yet farm support The farm is true without the he spelled it wrong on purpose harvest. Vodka eyes were limited means either. This is what you D, a true heart, go you do get. Your money- I am no, no, no, no you're thinking of hake in cattle co, dotcom! That's what you mean. You think it's what you d a true harvest, right! Ok, but this I warned you tampon.
Their impact em up what a weird conversation, dude you're, all right. Thank you for hanging out with us. Thank you guys appreciate it. When you leave a review, which we hope that you tell us who you are and before you go. Oh well, official summer is almost hear- the sun is getting brighter. its official summer is almost hear. The sun is getting brighter. Is it selfish.
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