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255: Just Say Nyet

2022-06-14 | 🔗
After Mike reprises The Man Behind the Microphone, a story about the most influential sportscaster of all time, he chats with that man’s eldest son about his dad’s fondness for frugality and trepidation of taxes – SPOILER ALERT – it’s Michael Reagan. 
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Hey guys, it's the way. I did it episode number two hundred. And fifty five chuck. Is it fair to call this the fathers episode, yet very clever, The official title of episode to fifty five is called just say yet, and I ll explain why we call it that, and I'll talk a little bit about my guest today, who just gave us a terrific interview, but first I a play. You a story from the library that inspired the conversation you're about to hear that korea is called the man behind the microphone. If you ve heard it before, you can fast forwards only six, seven minutes long, but if you haven't Even if you have given another. Listen it's one of my favorite stories from this podcast. It short but its relevant to the conversation that follows given to listen back in a moment.
the tension, hung in the air a palpable thing, with two down and runners on the corners, the batter crowded the plate and your waited for his side. He got it least fastball very high and very inside the batter duct both benches leaped to their feet and the empire issued a warning now with the count three and two and the prospect of a brawl very real. The man. behind the microphone knew exactly how to play it. It all comes down to this. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth, this epoch confrontation, where two men meat on the field of battle, but only one can prevail, kitchens and living rooms across the country, fan leaned into their radios and held their collective breath as the pitcher when it to stretch the runner. on first bolted for second, the pitcher ignored him and served up a wicked slider. The batter swung and said
The ball deep into left field, but just foul the crowd groaned stayed on their feet. The casual to the mound for a quick conference. The batter stepped back into the box and waited for the sign he wanted. He got it this time a chain job at another foul ball high into the cheap seats, the announced describe the chaos, as the two men fought for the souvenir painting a picture that came alive in the minds of all those who listened, but the drama was just getting started. The next three pitches were all foul balls. Each sent to a different part of stadium so over the next three after that and the next three after that. It was an extraordinary opportunity for the tall irish kid with the radio voice in a hollywood smile and he made the most of every second, the batter stepping out of box at the last moment to disrupt the pictures timing, the pigeon
prowling the mouth like a tiger determined to get into the batteries head, each pitch had become a chess match elite test of wills brought to life by the announcers urgent, baritone, a voice that dripped with anticipation and possibility another foul ball and another after that and another after that? Finally, after fourteen foul balls, half a dozen trips to the mound and nearly twelve minutes of unrelenting tension, the man behind the mic- set the scene for the final time here. We are, ladies and gentlemen, another moment of truth in this battle: royale another payoff pitch eternal show down this operatic count. Of wills, both men are exhausted and both understand exactly what they must do here is the wind up and here's the pitch. It's a strike,
fast and hard and right down the middle and the side is retired and so ended, one of the most unusual at bats in the history of baseball. A called third strike on a matter of no great consequence from a pitcher of no partake or a claim in a game of no great importance chronicled for posterity. by an announcer who made the whole thing up. It's true. The batter did strike out but all those foul balls and everything in between was a figment of sportscasters imagination. You see in those days. Baseball games were called by announcers in radio stations. Far from the actual ballpark
they sat in small gray rooms behind large grey microphones waiting for a telegraph operator to send them the play by play, which they would then bring to life as best they could, but when this, particular telegraph signal was interrupted in the middle of this particular game. This particular sports gaster, didn't panic. the man behind the mike, closed his eyes and called the game. exactly the way he imagined it The fans loved him for it, and so decades later It came as no great surprise when america down to watch the biggest game of the year and listen, with rapt attention to the play by play delivered by the now legendary broadcaster, a man who understood the and of choosing
just the right words at just the right time. Once again, the tension hung in the air, a palpable thing and the prospect of a brawl seemed very real and once again, when the moment came for the pay off pitch the words he chose, did not appear on his teleprompter or on the approved transcript on the podium before him No, the words he chose on that particular day were his and his alone, Mr Gorbachev, Tear down this wall, this was no game, but those words were astray, nevertheless thrown fast and hard and write down the middle delivered. Extemporaneous solely by the man behind the MIKE a man who knew exactly how to play at the forty
president of the united states and the most influence you'll sports gaster of all time, ronald reagan. Anyway, that's wired so of the story. I hope you enjoy it, it's a good. What yeah here's a little did. You know, though, that story is among a few dozen that have been brought to life by tb in and it just aired a week or two ago. They did a great job with it and that show not to confuse things horribly, but that jaunty and called the story behind the story, but the story that's behind the story. That's behind the story is really the interview we just did with old reagan, son, Michael, what
a bottomless well of fascinating stories, I could have gone for another hour or two even and it feels like he could have as well and he chest recovered from pneumonia. He was supposed to be on the podcast couple of weeks ago. Double pneumonia double pneumonia he's getting over it and he cancelled the day of the. cord actually when went into the hospital, but he's a feeling a lot better now, and I can't believe this guy's energy, he could go forever and I hope he does because he had a front rosy to one of the most unique families in the world. He was adopted, as I'm sure many you know what a very young age and he has just really, I think, gone on- to become the standard bearer for the reagan legacy is involved in projects in normandy. Today he runs. Ronald reagan foundation he's written a terrific book called lessons from my father.
I just thought it would be fun on fathers day to talk to a guy who's dad impacted. So many lives, and I mean honestly chuck just as I do I too am I was I couldn't help, do selfishly thinking about the My own life was impacted by so many things that came out of that guy's mouth. Well, the one thing that really stuck out to made when he spoke about his dad. The remind me of your dad is the frugality. You know your dad is a pretty frugal guy and so too was ronald reagan. Yeah we went up to the ranch therein. They mentions it that the bed that nancy and rail reagan slept in was two twin beds tied together and he was so big. They were smaller beds so built an extension for his feet. The leader of the free world needed a place to put his feet so, rather than call in a bed maker or call security or do anyone.
a thousand things like makes it himself. Does it jerry rings here? jerry rings and extension, so he can lie next to his wife on surface that can accommodate his frame. There's nothing new to learn about ronald Reagan. I don't think that hasn't been written before, but when you hear it from a guy who had a front row see to all of it. I think it's real The interesting and like you say it couldn't on four hours he's a busy guy, but he gave us every bit of an hour and, I think you're, enjoy. All of it were calling the apis oh just saying yet because well that word, regardless of what language it occurs in, was probably the most important word ronald reagan ever used. It certainly changed the history. The world you here why materially episode to five five just say yet
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Slash road and you'll be hearing what one point: seven million other businesses here every day, up. If I dont come slash role for the sound of sales shop I got jane, start when but the legal base, our count downs started six. For some reason. No one knows why, as your dad, what said three seem to work for all the great directors it, but for some reason, We gotta go with sex. I just can't explain it good deal. How are you I'm good? I'm better lot better, and I was two weeks ago. What was ale you? We were supposed to talk. I guess who was a week ago right pneumonia. I still am
im just getting over it about ninety five percent right now, but a week ago, well, we could advocate. I was in bed. I was supposed to get you a week ago today, yeah- and I was like you didn't want to talk to me. A week ago. Yeah copyright through all system and I had doubled, ammonia? Isn't it interesting how things change like all of a sudden. For the first time in my life. Listening to you talk pneumonia sounded like this weird foreign thing. Like people still get pneumonia, I guess after the last three years, nobody seems to talk about it. It was eclipsed by that other thing that cash at home for coping with clear what the urgent care clear, what by pulmonary doktor, clear and took pictures of my love, said Now you got pneumonia, you ve got. What are you doing here? Why aren't you at last? But I said because what I've been take care of it? All.
my wife, what have you were good, but I got a hoss like nurtured coming in every three minutes to just check out a job good So I took my antibiotics and did everything I was told to do an mri much better. Glad you're up an atom. Thank you for making the time for their some sure, chuck told you. Thank you. We ve got others day right around the corner, which might really meant that gonna cut up. Lessons. My father taught me: okay. Well, let's plug it right now, when did you write that I wrote in a few years, those like evergreen but because lessen my father taught me- and I wrote it about five six seven years ago- It's on amazon and people are still get bitten. Reading it and went out, you're. So it's been fun. How many pages is it not many dutch, when we look I'll tell you forget how many pages. Yeah with everything it's about two hundred and forty pages, okay. So its two hundred forty pages
worth of lessons from ronald reagan, I mean the tutor for three pages of lessons, Michael, so I wasn't sure where to begin, but let's start their top three top five, whatever one's you want hit me with the biggest lessons that ronald reagan imparted to his son. I'm like everybody else, was my father taught me. I didn't realize will you teach me lessons until I was an adult right, you know, and then, when all I got at the moment, lama family ran to the top with the business industry. He was in hollywood politics. What have you, but I grew up with him in hollywood and ITALY would pick me up given Saturday morning my mom and dad divorced. What I was three, but he picked me up and take me out to the rage at just the right front, seated car, and he would regale me with songs, military army, navy marine corps coast guard, tell me stories about america
whatever that I learned about america setting the right front seat of a stage wagon, with my dad also learned about the tax issues in america, cuddled that my dad was cheap because I was born and raised in beverly hills. I was with the hope, kids and the crosby kids, and all these other brats You know, and I was getting a buck a week- allowance How do you live in beverly hills on a buck a week? What year was this doesn't like me? It's all my years, all nineteen, fifty three, fifty four I said to my dad. I need a larger allowance. Your dad to get along with these people. My dad was one of the people. We asked him what time it was. He told the other watchers you're out of your questions- and so I ask
larger allowance and for fear of getting minutes. I heard about the tax system in america how the government took ninety cents out of every dollar, another ten cents that was left, but he had take care of his ex wife. My mother, Jane wyman, is your wife, Nancy. Their new daughter, patty. Take care of me take care of my sister Maureen, the rate. we are driving too. I felt so sorry for him that when we drove into the ranch, I offered him back half my allowance feed the money that I had no idea you were dealing with. Oh yeah, my dad says: hey, listen when a president elected give me a tax break I'll, give you a larger allowance. So the Kennedy tax break goes to a nineteen sixty four Johnson. He goes from ninety percent to seventy percent and raises me one dollar two five! So there you go. I was now in high school still bit tat the great thing about my debt. If we made a promise to, you gave your word
he lived by it, and so he remember the story told his son when it was eight, and even though I was a junior in high school now or whatever senior, he remember that and raise me up to five bucks a week allowance and who also I had to learn to play poker to take money away from these rich kids. That's how I kind of survived. So that's probably the great lesson about my dad that he never forgot his first family and a lot of dads do that they get divorced for whatever reason they forget about those first kids, my dad never forgot about those first kids.
one of the greatest lessons. I learned really the last lesson is forgiveness and that really plays in today to what's going on with hinckley and so on and so forth. My dad forgave John hinckley and I take your the man who got shot by john hinckley is willing to forgive john hinckley, who am I to suggest say, wait a minute and start saying foul, foul foul, but it's interesting because you look what happened from there. My dad get shot forgives John hinckley, pope John Paul a couple of months later get shot and he forgives the man who tried to kill him both of them go back to their respective jobs, white house and, of course, to the vatican. Two months later, three months later, they meet for the first time. Look now what they have in common, the protestant and the catholic meat yeah. What do you think they said? Did it hurt? I mean they meet for the first time
It'll begin a relationship and a friendship that almost took place every other day. They would talk to each other that ultimately brings freedom to poland or wraps around the world and all the way with the help of others. Maggie thatcher when have you brings down the berlin wall, and so you two people who could recite the lord's prayer, but you had two people actually lived: the lord's prayer, Did you understand at that point in your life, what you were actually witnessing in terms if I mean, on the one hand, is your dad: on the other hand, your negotiating allowances with the present the screen actors guild and then you're just watching a friendship unfold between the leader of the free world and the leader of the catholic church I mean where their days when you woke up and just said good grief man, I have a front row seat to something pretty incredible here.
Enjoy your shoe. Might because there's only two people in the world wherever born and raised in a family worthy father, would go and become president I'd state mother a month ago and become a downward wendy actress knows his sister Maureen and I writing, and so I could go out and give the greatest speech at the door, because I made a living giving speeches as radio for twenty seven years number. One question: ask me. So how was it be waged? You know, how was it and you start to understand when you re, like only to people ever fit that model, and that was myself marine who we lost back in two thousand, want melanoma here, nope. I realized the beginning. You gunnar stand. Nineteen sixty six, my dad ran for governor. I just heard twenty one mike I was thinkin about dating and I always think this could be really easy to go. Find dates now cause. My father is like the governor of the state, I'm not at the bright side of this twenty one years.
I'm looking at one after the next guy or railway run the governors. I've got to go out to dinner or, whatever go to a movie up, but as time went by You're really started to realize who he was and what he was, but was the interest is that he realized it, long time before, I realized the importance of where he was because for some reason he always shared with me things. They put me impositions. They have the knowledge they sure it when I sure is legacy like when I go to the library I'll go there this next week take us the people. There are two or low going up there and planned dose it and, like the dose and say we know the stories, but you want him because he knows the back story to the stories and for some reason, dad understood that and had mean also worried
me impositions that I could share these stories, whereas mikhail gorbachev at the ranch mean up there with him, was amazing or the pope John Paul, I'm catholic, so that what kind of cool with all of those things and be able to meet these world leaders and the bee in that position, and he understood it. More so than I guess I got it later and he got a real He wanted. I take a family member to be in that position. People say no, no, no! No! This is what happened. Not that What about the story that I shared with us, audience about your dad. I call it the man behind the microphone. I stumbled across it years. and I know I took some liberties, but I asked chuck to send it to you, because I really I really wanted to get your honest critique on it She d was on the mound picture that day by the way, just to let you know, toilet Zuri was it that justice
it. You know, and you would have found all that out if you've ever been invited to a state dinner at the white house and you're lucky enough to get the tickets sitting next to the press, united states and you want to talk. It's about the economy. He won't talk about politics. You want to talk, but this, while talking about that, no, you would hear that story from the press united states about what he called a game of baseball with the ST louis cardinals dizzy dane on the mountain and how he told the story of this pitch being fouled off this. The two kids were lucky enough to get school that they brought their midst. You know they are able tat world how balls or the ball of going going. Go we all my dad was followed by a bullet, and you would hear that story from my dead and that just to watch you never forgot his route. He never forgot w h owed Have you seen being that radio naturalness sports and out to love it, and I used to say to people we'll talk about ready for offices, it would be easier to run as announcer run for protein arrives.
excited? Why didn't these days announcer? I could have gotten a job doing that you can't just become president united states overnight. That doesn't work, but no that's a great story used to tell and he used to tell everybody that story. Does he love the fact? Oh yeah loved? He would tell everybody that I'm so glad you know, because you stumble across artifacts of tales. That's why this podcast is called the way. I heard it because I don't know I wasn't there, but I'll tell you when I the story selfishly. The first thing that resonated with me was the time I audition for cuvier c, and they had me talk about a pencil for eight minutes and I thought well, I'm not really comparing one to the next. But there is a party of your brain that if you access it and if you're lucky, you can fill time, will your dad could fill
time, but he did it with such imagination and such passion. I just wonder what your thoughts are in terms of the skill set. A great president needs to have coming. They called him the great community community here, but they weren't talking about his ability to make up a baseball game unless maybe they were. I want to say one thing about that. mike. Where reagan is telling the story, he doesn't know how long he's gotta make it up right. He has no idea. We don't gotta go for hours. Take your tank, we're dead. Curly was an engineer and curly cryptic contains god dead in pictures on the way to the plate. Rice, oh. What do I do was followed off the still dead cow off another one he found out so many there is actually a person who called the guinness book of world records and thought was the longest at bat in history and most foul balls that have ever been fouled off in a baseball game and of course, then they found out
was it really until it was you? his story, but that wasn't the first time we've done that mike when he didn't get the job that he wanted it one of the companies back in iowa. He was looking for work and he saw an ad for w or c world a chiropractor looking for announcer joy went over there to get a job as it announcer and the head of the world. Chiropractor says to a young man. Go in that state. Oh and the gimme your gimme a football game, so he goes into the studio and he had been at the eureka college game the week before and he recreated the college football game into a microphone for the owner and president of Wmc and owner president w o saying finally says to him: that's good enough. My dad walks out. He said to get done. Would your son of a bitch and the rest is history getting close to the radio and we go on from there. Now, here's a and it
ITALY, a colossal leap, In my mind, I love the idea of a guy who could kill eight ten minutes going off script with the president. Dec later, who would decide to add a few words to the carefully crafted speech delivered faithfully that day, where the words Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall from what I read were not on the prompter. it did not want to say it any just decided to say it and how much of that is true, all of it all the time he had put it back in their eight times. If they take it out every time you put it in there? Remember he wrote it. He wrote his own speeches or in fact had last call on speeches We want to say that neighbours model at it. We do want to make.
Anybody mad and show where he got that part by the way that wasn't in the speech that day, he just knew word inserted yeah, so he inserted back into the course and ends up making history that moment in time, but he was careful. He wrote his own speeches, all of his life. He wrote his own speeches. I remember in the bedroom at the house, lower right hand drawer, he pull it open and he had stacks of three by five cards with rubber bands around them for different speeches. He got a call to give a speech. You sound what needed. Reach and you'd go to the three by five cards and pulling out this'll work. Fact: newt gingrich tells a story about one time he pulled the cards out of his pocket. Now fell on the floor I said. Oh, my god, where did you go to do my dad, just shuffled them together and started the street wherever they are yeah? That is so awesome.
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knowledge a gauge. That's why I was able to write those speeches as script, but if you really think about it and listened to his speeches, the matter which meet you listen to remember, who grew up in the midwest typical dixon illinois molly was a teacher in the church near so I grew up on it. I heard she was a sunday school teacher and if you really listen to his speeches, he spoke to you and terribles. That's how he learned going through the bible as parables, and he telling his stories stories about taxes stories about whatever memories of first one to bring heroes to the state of the union. Rats here is the first project to go normandy Andy day and speak on d day. The point the hawk speech, but he spoke to us and parables and thy top politicians. Today it when they country. What do you think I need to do? I see what what did you do with my dad speeches, but You really need. Do I want to hear your speech, I want to feel it a new,
I listen to a ronald reagan speech today and you will cry where you would cry forty years ago. You will laugh where you would have laughed forty years ago, because you felt the speech because it was so earnest the way he gave it to you. We spoke to, and what have you set the amazing the history on that? And it's all because a Bobby Kennedy of what ok I'll go? That is, why is at all because a Bobby Kennedy, you might remember, my data, show called general electric clear back in the late fifties, early sixties. I don't remember- I've- heard tell of a top down every sunday night. You know I'd watch gunsmoke or I want to watch bonanza Nancy turned it dad, cheating and
so we're sitting down one night sunday night to have dinner dad marine myself and Nancy said: I'm not gonna, be on tv tonight. What show's been cancelled, the show's been cancelled. Why Bobby Kennedy picked up the phone and called the head of general electric and said we got a problem. You got your contract becoming ever gonna contract you coming up for renewal. I don't appreciate that guy goin out around the country to g plants speaking if lie about government, which is run by my brother, brother and erie, best to find a way to get rid of him, if you want to get your contracts, seventy two hours later, jean theatre is cancelled. Oh ok, dad doesn't have a job right, but he's a little ticked off the Democrats, because he was a democrat changes from Democrat to Republican, Sister start. Writing a brand new speech right garnered from all the speeches given all the g plants and he gets it for break,
water. You might remember that when a time for choosing the time for Bobby Kennedy doesn't make, that call does not campaigning for anybody to busy doing a television show but because now it is really our job eddies upset. He gives a type of choosing speech which want to do. into the governorship elderly to the presence in the united states, good grief and we think about it. He quite possibly wouldn't have become president but for the cancellation of that show way leads on to way right actually correct. My dad was able than pay apples. sort of apples and what have you? He really didn't want anything bother nothing bottom. When you didn't care, if you attacked him, Nancy would eat bananas night. She just couldn't sleep gap, sleep like a baby began, never got angry, never got mad. He just went about his ways but time for choosing light step political career, but that's what I was telling you is the fact that
for some reason, I'm in the room with my sister marine and nancy and dad and we're the only people privy to that story about general electric and bobby Kennedy making that phone call incredible. Speaking of just a couple of people in the room and speaking of writing, is it also true that your dad wrote love notes to Nancy pretty much all the time? Oh yeah, you can break them. Apart with however, they were just hooked up together. All the time, love notes, great letter writer people do that today they text and try period. email. What everybody he wrote.
He wrote a letter to me when I got married about marriage. How important marriage wasn't you know at the end of it? He says ps, you'll never get in trouble. If you say I love you once a day. Their love affair is what people have talked about for a long time to the detriment, sometimes of the family, because you're going to like whoa we're over here. Excuse us, but we need some time, but I was lucky enough because I had twenty years with my dad before he got into politics. Writing at that ranch with him cutting firewood. I bought him his first chainsaw. We do horseback ride together we swim together. We'd shoot ground squirrels together. What have you- and we did those things same with Maureen patti and ron didn't get. That patty was like just turning thirteen when dad decided become a PA Addition and wrong was just what seven or eight, and so they didn't get that crime. The marine and I had with dad and you'll get your point.
I wanna see where you get all pissed, like you say not. I want some time to yell. You don't need to always go be a disadvantage that Speaking of those people raise money here and raise the money there I'm over here and yet I come to turn to an understanding I was raised in a boarding school. I mean all hollywood. Kids all grew up in boarding. Schools came home on weekends, I basically, and what have you most of his rank, were the ones to coin a phrase. My were only here for the photo, smile and way boys back then in nineteen. Forty to fifty is a hundred percent of my family photos are all the poor fellow taken by the studio. One abolished all the photos, I don't
Any power was taken by the family all taken by warner brothers, and that was one of the reasons they went on strike years ago, led by my father, to get the right back to the actual. After is to have always you know, with the studio. Above all, the pictures I have as a child are from warner brothers, but the plus side of that is because I was adopted my birth mother from ohio In fact, that's how she kept up with me in the family and knew what was going on in my life. You go down on Saturday morning. She, go get a movie magazine that she plumbed through and see if there's a stories or pictures of the ravens and what have you and a pictures of me and when I met my birth brother Barry for the first time he gave me three scrapbooks full of pics Certain photos of me as a child with my mom and dad my sister Marie. The dog. All of these things
it made a shit about can scrapbooks. But after you get tracker me All those years never met her, but my brother Barry and I are great college football. the fancies in ohio, I'm in l a so we taught thirty crimes on Saturday. What a fascinating lake speaking of warner brothers! How incredible is it that my boss, over at the discovery channel, has purchased jack warner's company? What would your dad say about that transaction? good grief. Well, it's what's going on there! No loss judgments. First client was ronald reagan. Now Sonny worldwide Number him yeah, sunny worldly, always first client was jane wine shop. I grew up with new watchmen. This whole group and sunny warbling. If you will sign their houses on charity and sundays and what have you? dinner, whatever might be, but things change what was going on all day, things are changed so much by children.
You remember it. I remember, but the kids raised today have no history of what it was now they take. History started this morning when I got out of bed. Here's what's extraordinary me when I think about your childhood and what it must have been like for you. Had to be the head of the screen actors guild living in beverly hills, contract player me as a major movie star chuck. I think you will agree. We went up to the reagan ranch. I have a small staff, half a dozen people, then we took everybody up their little team the exercise went to the library, and then we went up to the ranch and I'd like you to talk about the austerity of that place. The modesty, the aggressive breathtaking modesty of
we're running nancy slapped. It's almost unbelievable. It's like walking through George Washington's house when you look at just the sparse newness of it. That's the same guy who live in beverly hills, that's the same movie star that people grew up with and he could have lived anywhere. He wanted, and I talk to you on. Barletta too. I'm sure you remember yet and read his terrific book riding with reagan and make on that same day too, but that part of your dad's world I was exposed to it in the eighties and honestly, I just thought it was pr. I just thought it was a thing than people talked about. The cowboy had the chain solves. The work But when we went up there and saw it firsthand it changed. My experience of the man. John Barletta, his ashes were spread at rancho Del Cielo wow what a guide talk about volunteerism when dad wins the presidency. You only know they're going to cover the rare to shoot.
it sure, was called secret service. Anybody here know how to ride a horse. Barletta raises his hands it. I do for a letter been a horse in his life, but he said I go so he ends up heading up the secret service at the writ wait the rich. I grew up in malibu where the rich in the valley of the third ranch, when you went to wretched else, yellow they're all like that and if you've ever visited, tampico or dixon illinois and saw where he was raised, you sort the guy just walked into tampico, dixon illinois. Nothing changed there, so austere in, but it was him. You don't go into the house and see pictures of famous people. You see pictures of famous horses, you're, just a ranch house that he built. Most of it all the railing around it. All done with to telephone palsy had delivered to the ranch and in a building. If you didn't have a rich, there, never will be in a white house, because he really cornered is straight thereafter,
it whether was malibu, where I grew up, rachel dell's yellow. Are you talk about their bedroom? I mean who ties their bent together with due time, You you turn your guard two twin, my daddy does because Nancy she was talked about on our side, the bed and he didn't want maker. and comfortable, so he never went and got another bed, but the problem was, he was six one, six two and he didn't fit on his side of the bed. So at the end of the bed is what a loot table float pillow on it in a cupboard, so he has a place to put his feet because he wanted nancy to be comfortable. His feet are off the bed. on top of the league table just about who we was, we all learned it and it was amazing, just sit there.
The major time I go there I'll be up there in a couple of weeks again or with kids. I go to young america's foundation who bought the ranch habit exactly where it was the last day my dad was there because he didn't know he was not going to go back, but they bring high school kids and college kids up there near all the time I'm going to be up there on saturday, the twenty fifth I think talking about a high school college kids about my dad and about the rich and and it's estimated we just buried that we're still use the boot hill. We just bury my son cameron, his wife's cat up there about three weeks ago, No, I told you, the boreal animal to bury their and got their degen all's and burying cats dogs
we live in a bury me. I'm I'm happy got, but what I tell people you actually got at what you got MIKE was the fact that all the things you thought about ronald reagan when you open the door to that house, you go. Oh, my god. I was right or oh, my god. I was wrong. That's what you do and you got all my god. It wasn't a thought alone. I still remember the photo. I think it was the cover of time magazine he's like standing. There he's got his foot on a stump he's holding an axe. It looks like he just cleared the south forty and You looks so much like an aging cowboy that this is just I own bias in my own inertia, but coming from the industry, I'm like ok, just out of the shot, there's a photo director there's make up yet right, like its shore, there's no way that she has just happened, but it did it did, but it did the day, we're up there with mikhail gorbachev gave to visit, and you probably heard the stuff
nobody would tell my colleague has had on backwards because he was like to top guy that the data given manhattan. He put it on backwards, nobody should say because you've got it backwards, but probably the funniest event that day was that my dad goes over and grabs the blue jeep drives up. The blue jeep says Mikhail gorbachev, hey, MR president, getting a jeep will take you for a ride. Show you the ranch, mikhail gorbachev, jumped to the right front seat and they start driving off and the secret service has gone? Oh, my god he's got. The reservation is off the resignation of the secret service running behind the jeep, the job in the back and gipsy you get dry.
Did anyone ever tell me kyle. His hat was on backwards, no go, no, no! No! No! Nobody had to gut, and nobody wanted to tell the president and russia leader, russia, have your hat on backwards, forgive the pivot, but I'm constantly reminded these days of HANS christian andersen's, the emperor's new clothes. We talk about it on this podcast all the time in some way, shape or form. It seems like what's going on in the country today to some extent anyway, as a result of people being either afraid or unwilling to say, hey you know that border doesn't really look secure or hey. You know, I'm not sure that withdrawal from Afghanistan with super successful based on stuff. I can see right or hey, mikhail your hats on backwards. Right
people are afraid to say the thing and your dad always struck me as a guy who was not only unafraid to point out the screamingly obvious whether it was a ninety percent tax bill whatever it was, but he would find a way to do it that didn't pit people at each other, and so you must be sick of this question. But what in the world with the old man do today if he were still they now sitting on the iron thrown as it were. Yet they would listen. You mean They would listen today to my dad. Why would they listen to him at all Your mother was my dad, who put together largest tax, break in american history. How do you do it? You are particular neil I mean
when the party will go absolutely nuts today could Ronald Reagan working with tip O'Neill but yeah? What's a tree about that is the tip o'neill when he went back to his studio office the next day and told his staff I'm going to take the build put it on the floor. The house staff look at signal nuts, the boll weevils. When our blue dog Democrats went for weevils back, then you know there's enough boats. He has to pass that and you disagree with The EU stands for. Why are you doing? What are the present promise you last night, when you went to the white house for dinner with you, why we never talk about tactical network. He never talk about that. If no, what are you talking about? You talked about the greatness of amerika, the goodness or people now the tool, working together, can make it better for every american. Before I knew what I'm having glass of with the present we're going, I restored
I'm telling you really carry this on the floor of the house represents what he did add one thing as I was leaving. What's that he said any one of the people that vote for it in your committee. I won't campaign against them in the next election and said asked and it got done. They worked together. My believed that eighty percent rule me a percent of time we're going to go. We want a hundred percent of everything all the time and nothing happens. Nothing happens at all. So he'd be saddened by shooting, listen to him and what he would have to say because they talk about him all the time. But talking but my dad and really understanding them and where it came from and what would be willing to do. Somebody asked me the day. Would you daddy we get the nomination, there should be very tough for him to get domination in the republican party. Equally, these stuff for joy We're carrying nomination Democrat party John Kerry, be too conservative,
and like every too liberal, and that would share these two great american to really loved america. Even though you may just agree with them are agreed. It didn't matter There are great leaders and able to get things done or today we're not work in together, together all we're finding ways not to work together, and maybe that's because everybody wants ratings instead of things being actually accomplish? So I think my dad would have a lot of trouble with what's going on today. He would tell her bulging party and listen. Do do do do do do do do do do do it's a fact. that every single cfo in every single company can be put into one Two categories, though, who use net sweet and those who doubt now, those who. Use nets? We there a wash in spreadsheets and
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the cfo who doesn't know gotta nets. We dotcom slash mike that's sweet, MIKE what struck me at the library to I've watched a retrospective of the negative press and just some of the cultural negativity that was directed towards your dad in the mid eighties and again I was a young guy at the time I remember seeing it but boy to see it again. Like example, after example, in way, it made me feel a little bit better about the divisiveness today,
which, in my own bias I've been looking at, is a relatively new thing, but your dad had its detractors and boil them. knives were out. What did it feel like to watch that from the point of view of his kid Marina we get angry, but my dad handled it with humor. I told me when he took his oath of office. There are nineteen anyone raises had become president I'd states and only talks about that data. Hostages, winfrey people take piecemeal it happened. What in a vacuum? Where do you think they happen? But if you remember that campaign you're alluding to how to lives rapport him, he was going to start world war. Three, if you turn ran into a glass factory, could kill everybody. You need to vote for the other guy. You will never Statement for ronald Reagan are not banned from all the reagan. Denying any of that and like you,
what the media, both here in the media and he's in the maybe he got it, he knew when he spoke or when people spoke. There was a bigger audience and the people just in front of you. There is a larger audience. So when the left was coming after him but those knives. He knew there was an audience on the other side of the world who is listening, and yet a man who is going to present who never denied he's not going to do that, never denied it at all, and so we people in the least scared to death. In my god, maybe the left his right. Maybe wilson, world war. Three and lo and behold it takes the oath of office and the hostages. In fact, go free, he undressed,
the media in that way, he understood it. Today we don't seem to understand that the authors, people listening other than the people in front of you and they're getting the message, their own message, but good carry onto that story for a few weeks after my dad goes into the white house. My son gets a note from his grandfather cameron. And it says dear Catherine paraphrase you, dear cameron, somebody just sold my signature for ten thousand some bowers? Can you with only love so always reagan, my goodness gracious were ten thousand, but he's a choice. I write your mom, don't tell you perhaps would free, but there is one hostage. left the female the women negotiate and get her home with the secretary of state about red meat. Will our sector you stay You see where we are in negotiations to bring her home, and I hope were finally able to do that, but I want just
but you know we're working on it and hopefully shall be home sued, love, grandpa, ps. Your grandfather is the fortieth presently states ronald reagan showing signs aside and any put. I hope this helps pay for your college education. Like all my letters are now learns anger grand let it go, Oh my god. It's really interesting when you if he really knew history. He writes as his grandson. Of course now people wanted that the libraries wanted that letter forever sure they don't talk to me. Talk to my son, it's a safety deposit box. He ain't giving it to you I'll. Tell you the letter. I can't find that breaks my heart a little bit and just to your point, if you never know who was watching back in nineteen any one? After talking about that stupid pencil for eight minutes, I'm on the air kubi see I've been there about a year. I got a note from it
really nice lady who said she enjoyed watching my programme because it was different than the others. And to please say hello to a couple of the other house there that woman was Nancy reagan. She wrote a note to me because, curiously, must have been out in the bedroom. I had the midnight shift, you must have been up late and she just Wrote me a little note. I mean who does that but unless you re, naturae ended and rapid, I remember showing it around the other cause narrow, like Nancy reagan, wrote you a note and then it was a guy. use and he was, I guess she sent me want to. Unlike son of a bitch, I thought about that, but the fact that several everybody knows very oh, oh, no, it s their people, people their bit western my mother worse from on the library when I started my radio show- and I was one of those You guys did for twenty six twenty seven years, but
Those guys are driving san diego game. I do I might show down. There are local show. and one day on a monday I come into work. They shake you're fired. Why we just replacing with rush linda, I said what he's. Your way became available is really big I don't have a job anymore, so I have drive home to l a with my tail between my legs telling my I just got fired from radio show san diego. And what are you gonna do? I said I don't know, but what I did was. I said you know. Maybe I should start my own natural show do unto others before they have a chance to do it. To you again, I found a couple of people who said okay,
tried it out, but they would soon be able to drive a two hundred sixty two miles a day round trip the san diego and start a radio show with no listeners. I had no lived nations, I had a phone book outside the building and the producer would go outside the building and call me from that phone booth. One time was the first time- and I talked about from saint louis and about ten minutes later, Mary would well his wife same phone right eye. This is mary from you know: ash gosh, highbury, already locked. That was your birthday card and for the first six months of my show, I had phony callers calling in. Recovery that they are all over the country drawing alive station caviar, seattle went why Roma gotta go live station going, but that's why I started to show I had no money coming in, I call my mom one day on my drive down there and I said mom I got your too great
It kills cameron and Ashley. I've got no money coming in and I'm trying to get this show off the ground. Can you help me? She said? Yes, I care a great. What can you do? She said I can tell you this shut up and keep driving. She hung up on me call me by those are what the hell was that all about. He guys that you have to pay your dues. Like everybody else, I should know well pay your damn do, shut up and keep driving well. She hung up on me again that show lasted nineteen years till I walked away in two thousand and nine that he keeps trying to keep driving around title two hundred and sixty two miles every single day. That's incredible, but in the interest of the will not falling far from the tree two things. First of all, when you were fired to make room for russia, limbaugh did you think of that night? Your dad got the call courtesy of Bobby Kennedy, the god westinghouse to fire him just like that, and secondly, what was this
I think it was a good one, but focus on that for a second o. The second thing is, your show is driven by fate collars in much the same way, the fortieth president made up a baseball game and that your neighbor, when you know I mean I think, You come by all this honestly, Michael. Why good people shifter watch my mom and my dad. It? Also we don't talk radios, you well, the phone sometimes just go out. You gotta, just and fair forty telephones combat Not everybody is gone through that and you better not dance, because you have to know how did they the phones don't work and why start going down and so on, but my mom, when I was ten years old, I asked her for a ten speed swim, and my mom said albert leave. You want I share around. the navy, mana love you forever. You give it to me. I know, don't judge ever told him of that, and my mom said she should do you like it enough to up to sign a note. What
What do you think? I'm gonna give you my reaction, yeah she's. No, So you know you can only the money, and so may recited noted ten years old, oh you're, money for the ten speech. When bicycle she was going to buy from me, and she said you know what you can do with. As I said, what you get a job, I shouldn't can she said you can sell papers. So I saw some papers, a party church on Sunday morning, sunday papers, twenty five cents, a piece, I then, and I would pay her back with some of the proceeds I would make and I paid her back, but I asked her at the time he said Why are you make me do this when all my friends beverly hills again bikes given to them by their parents and they're, not polonaises she's? is because I dont men I dont bill boys might give everything you want. I don't want you be a forty year old child. I want to be a forty year old man and that's the lesson she taught me when I was ten years old and it never change to were shut up a good driver.
I wanna, be respectful your time, but I gotta ask you about the museum, the legacy foundation, d day. I think I understand more or less what you're doing up there, but but it just seems so important. We ve just had another anniversary of d day, so talk if you would about how you wound up running this foundation and what its ultimate goals are. Actually we started the foundation regulations you foundation back in early two thousand you, since Ronald reagan was christian. The commission. We want to do something for the kids on the shore and their family members at home and so on. Wife- and I and I got her family started regularly. evaluation to raise money to give scholarship to the men and women service the us, has ronald reagan and their family members, and that just kind of moved on to where we ve done things linda commemorate my dad speech, tear down the walls, beach, poland, with a statue, my dad object?
hall or what have you and then I was invited to raise the american flag, the american cemetery enormity of two years ago. By the way I was telling a young man twenty five years old, I was playing golf with what I was going to when he said to me, why is there an american cemetery? Normally France had no idea. I say: did you think these days, when you report argument im, not sure so I went over there and visited normandy. My dad, you remember, was the first president to speak at normandy on d day and every president since then has chosen a d day to show up and give a talk on d day. My dad was the first one ad to go out to point the hawk and see all that and and go to ST mary gliese, which the first town freed by america today morning, four o'clock in the morning the longest day was filmed at ST marie Louise. That's where the one hundred and first eighty second airborne. That's there.
gettysburg? If you will the important place for them? Sure? That's where all the paratroopers were headed and so the airborne museum there, which is dedicated to all that, and I got together to what can we do and we decided to put together a brick project to work a brick in the pathways in the walkways there at the airborne museum with the name, to those who serve the european spirit drinks who were war, so people go to walk, wait, a victory, dotcom order, brackish two hundred fifty dollars, brick, where a final one c, three switch tat, doktor, well and put the name of a loved one or a friend who serve the unit, they served in the years that they serve. If they don't know somebody they can send a check to the regular legacy foundation will find a world war two vet, but will send you all the information so you'll know who you sponsor to have a brick and what happens if any money, that's left over from that brick pace
forward to this generation of sailors are on the? U s: S ronald reagan, for the scholarship programme should almost through from the greatest generation to the newest generation. Fighting for our freedom around the world and that's what we do with regulations you foundation, it has been a great project for it I mean things have been smoke as october newton france. What have you, but we finally got some more bricks there. We have more bricks being made its a great project when you see a living person who waited at normative net I see a brick with their name on. It brings me to tears. These can't believe somebody remembering them a millionaire, never really talked about it during tears. It's not so different than any great memorial, the vietnam memorial to see a name on a wall, another brick in the wall. In this case chuck, your grandpa was over there money, yes, Louis Rosen, bush really and he's going to get a brick for That's great: it's really great programme and its all done early autumn, my dad you might,
I can go receives a fight in the second world war. He was in the cavalry. be in the army, but a bad eyes, so he couldn't and into the army unless you cheated and how he cheated was, You will not memorize the I charge. and so, when he winded for his eye exam to get in the army, they tell him read line three. He had a memorize. She does tell you what it was. He actually got in the army, but he ended up doing three hundred films, training, film, from the military during the sucker war retires captain back in the day. It's amazing Just reminds me of another story in our little library here about Eisenhower who live at west point just little white lie, play ball professionally under another name and that all came out years later and You have to ask yourself knowing That way leads on to way what happens if ronald reagan doesn't lied to the army would have
why the eyes and howard didn't lie at west point, do they become president's and if they don't become president's good grief d day, would be a very different sort of thing, actually a different sort of thing. I think you get the right people the right time and also show up you. I remember we buried my father the next morning. We stayed hotel at night to belarus. Tell and more That was there and what have you and we ended up having reckless together and she said to be Michael, what we could have done, if, indeed your father been elected. Nineteen. Seventy six- and I said to her- I said late, after the cold war would still be going on the berlin wall. still starting up and should why do you say that I should where were you in eighteen? Seventy six worry John Paul was like the ones that war was Michael hobble, I'll be war, was mikhail gorbachev,
we already have you know you were in place except in eighteen. Eighty ronald reagan get to work, You now have a leader in the united states, leader, the free world, but now All of you are in place. And the only one message, mikhail gorbachev. We doesn't come into play like eight five, then, what about our office in eighteen, eighty, five and never want to mexico? Gorbachev, have you been elected? Nineteen, seventy six and the two of them get together and what habits it really change the dynamic and changes the world Nineteen eighty was the right time, god or whatever chose that time for all of you to be together on the same page and want to get the same thing, bring freedom to a part of the world, hadn't been free in years, and you found a way to work together to get those things done, and she said I never thought of that. Never really put it that way. Well, look
done a lot. A remarkable things, Michael, but keeping your dad's memory alive is just laudable and important, and what you just said before about the guess. Ignorance, isn't too strong a word, but the fact that so many people don't understand what happened over there in normandy. And the idea that a simple name on a brick and a brake on a walk way might help more people, take a deeper dive and get a better understanding of all that came before us. I just think it's a tremendous endeavour. You're involved, Is there anything else we can do to help spread the word now you jack you what you're doing, but I would say to people in government today. No matter what level government remember the placard on my dad's there's no telling what megan accomplished, work and go if he doesn't worry who gets? The credit gets that we have too many people today, trying to take credit and getting nothing done instead of sherry
Am I dead, never used the word. I it was always we working together. I talked about the greatness of america, all of amerika. What have you? I tell you one more story about my dad, because I asked him in nineteen seventy six when he lost. I said to him, where, in Kansas city of grew upstairs what present the commander whatever and nice, why in the world, did you want to run for the presidency Is it your michael for so long? I have sat and watched the american president sit down with secretary general, do so and every time we sit down with them, they always ask us to give up something they get along with them. I want to be the first president to sit down with secretary general, the soviet union. I was gonna, let us put the table the chairs and the place, because you know Michael, that's how they do things at that level and as the russian was telling me secretary, general russian, tell me what it was. I was going to give up the get along with them. I was
get up from my side the table, walk round the other side of it leaned over and whispered in his ear. Yet I want to be the first presidency near to a secretary general of the soviet union now, you gotta remember nancy, not told him, yet he was going to run again at night to dating, didn't know that, but unlikely eighty runs becomes part of the united states almost ten years to the date. You know in october of ninety eighty sixes, with mikhail gorbachev and wreck of ic There there to silence all agreements mikhail gorbachev, says: if you want me to sign it, you have to give up ass, the eye star wars, and we have all seen the photograph of my dad turned away with a stern faced up to say yet walks away every thought it was a great failure, because his staff,
but he thought that was gonna be run, ragged legacy. That agreement was going to be his legacy. Ronald Reagan never cared about his legacy. He cared about the american people, and so his staff was upset. He didn't sign onto that. The media took him to pieces of what have you, but a year later, mikhail gorbachev shows up in Washington DC, does what signs the agreement and ST eyes in it, as I told her, I jewish family, that was at the library the day that I was giving tour. I said and that's why you're able to defend yourself in Israel today, because star wars did not come out of that agreement. It stayed in and what came from that agreement is what defends Israel, because your dad just said no Isn't it funny, while your mom was Saint just say no saying just saying manawyddan That's good, LISA, already reduce it I'll. Let you keep it so we got a couple potential
titles for this episode. I'd love your feedback. I like came at kyle your hats on backwards. I like shut up and keep driving I also like the leader of the free world needs a place to put his feet, which made me laugh, but just saying yet they start to feel pretty strong right now to you, partial or just saying that, because it changed the dynamic of the world to say that that's it We ve got to say yet one of my contenders was you done good, you, son of a bitch, that's not bad! Either! That's going to end montgomery word turned about wasn't qualified at montgomery wards, though, and we all know what happened to them: rotten, gooding, right, hey man, I'm glad you're up around again. Thank you for making time and best of luck with your endeavour overseas and with the foundation. It's all just humans, where I give her what You all do I see all time, I would have you and they dragged me on a time. I'm good. I just don't forget our great I'll, see you tomorrow.
We gotta lessons. My father taught me by Michael Reagan, available at amazon and every other place in the world and happy this day to you all, don't hang up, Michael, we gotta make sure your uploaded, but this this will officially conclude the way I heard it with Michael Reagan. When you leave a review, which we hope the towers and before you go would you fine. stop
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