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258: Episode 258: Best Guest Ever

2022-07-05 | 🔗
This week’s special guest is YOU gentle listener as Mike answers your questions about Freddy’s whereabouts, Mike’s desired super-power, and the joy of singing jingles.
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Our friends, it's the way. I heard it episode number two hundred and fifty eight this what is called best guest ever and those of you. my facebook page already know who today's very special guest is, it's you, it's you, my friends, I am answering your questions today with little help from my trusty producer, chuck, Klaus Meyer, who has correlated So far, how many questions that we have? I didn't count. You mean how many comments on that post war, like the twenty five hundred twenty six hundred somethin like that, are that's two minutes I did my best to get through all of them, yet we're not gonna go through all of em, but I picked three pages worth. I probably got thirty or forty questions here, and there were also some questions
were asked multiple times by multiple people. This is so very flattering. It's always flattering when I ask people for questions and actually get them. I don't know why I'm still surprised shock after all these years, but over the weekend right before independence day, I was in south lake tahoe, taking one of the greatest walks of life, life and I was so struck by the mind, bending beauty of fallen leaf. Lake I paused and I made a video inviting people to ask questions because we didn't have a guest. You know everybody's tied up, it's the fort whatever and now we ve got all these questions, here you and I sit ready to create the illusion of content by answering them as best as I can great. How would you like to begin you're the producer do
today. You're not just a producer, though today you'll be impersonating the host of the way I heard it. So I am the clay you are the potter and the questions are the medium in which we will flail about for the next hour or so I'm pretty sure. However, I choose to do it you're going to go. Why did do it that way? I would have gone the other way. That's you're doing this is whatever you think's going to happen, isn't great self. That goes for you, too gentle listener. Before we get to the questions, I know that, had there been a couple of facebook posts that you ve done recently that have caught in a lot of attention. One of course most recent was your post about energy and the We are be in Oklahoma believe it was yes, yes and it is worth commenting on it. You don't know what I'm talking about, then the short version is
Oklahoma energy resource board as a a nonprofit foundation has been around for about thirty years and they reached out to me to talk about opportunities to promote jobs within their industry in their state. And it was right in line with micro works. I dunno most people, probably dont even notice, but their eighty five thousand energy jobs in Oklahoma. Thousands of them are open right now, the average one pays over one hundred and thirty four thousand dollars a year, so it was a great opportunity for micro works to partner with another foundation around workforce, but then as you may have noticed, the price of gasoline has gone through the proverbial roof. Everybody's talking again about climate change, everyone's talking about global warming, it's a hot button as it were. I got a comment from somebody who saw me in one of the So we are be commercials in a theater in Oklahoma, where I was
housing the many opportunities in the fossil fuel industry than this. Person, wasn't happy and reminded me that the world was coming to an end in twelve years, and so I may have had average or two. It was late in the evening and is gently as I could. I addressed her concerns and just hit post nice when I was in tahoe and so on, went to bed in the next morning. I woke up in. There were thirty five thousand shares and millions of people have seen this thing. So the answer to the question, if there was one, is that yes, I've partnered with a fossil fuel foundation. in oak le homer, to try and tell their story, try and help them tell their story, which really is a story of incredible opportunity and prosperity for the third biggest oil producing a natural gas producing state in the country. They got a great
story to tell they ve been very kind with micro works and I'm doing what I can to push back against of the young: dare I say, misinformation, disinformation surrounding the climate. I really liked the I mean your post was ok, but the link you fix the link to the ted talk with Michael shellin burgers at its name. Where he talks about. I mean that's a guy who's, like an environmentalist talking about you know how we can get abundant energy, low costs, energy to a lot of people in the simplest way possible and his solution is nuclear, and I thought was a really really good presentation if you haven't seen them yeah, it's great. I encourage anybody to watch it. It's only eighteen minutes. It's one of these ted talks, kellenberger round for governor here in California, just a couple of months ago, got up whopping three percent of the vote. I believe he's not going to get elected in California.
But the interesting thing about this cat that people should know is he and in wide eyed and full of idealism and convinced that the alternative solutions would do it. Wind, solar and and a lot of years, working very hard to get those things top of mind. They d come to the realisation that they are not ready for prime time not even close and that they we're having huge unintended effects and consequences not the climate but on the environment. And Shallenberg was the first guy who I'd heard really make that distinction in a really cool way. He takes a lot of time to point out that look I'm a fan of solar but Joe any idea how much land you need in order to create just anything approach, sing the necessary fuel that would be required to replace fossil fuels same thing with windmills
god the damage to birds alone, millions of better. I knew that windmills hurt the birds, but I had no idea that the solar panels hurt the birds as well. They call streamers up in this part of the state and what happens if you get a couple of acres like there's a place called Ivan Paul outside of vegas giants, or farm and people started. Seeing this not funny it's awful, but bird. Fly a mile two miles up in the sky way way up there. The heat coming offer those panels. The birds were bursting in the flames in mid air. Basically spontaneous can busting and just falling to the earth like planes shot out of the sky over france and in nineteen forty forbes is unbelievable Many millions of birds have died and not just
links and sparrows and crows, and you know your usual suspects but eagles, bald eagles condors, kites, yeah, protected, big birds and so anyway, not to belabor the point, but he makes a very compelling case for to your point chuck if it's not affordable and if it's not abundant, it's not, pollution and then you go on to look at the three billion people who are still relying on dung and would as their primary source of energy and then you ll get india and China who are investing bill. we, as in billions and billions of dollars in coal, fired plants and not the clean burning coal we got over here, but the stuff that just blocks out the sky. And you start to realize, look man. The solution is, you can't make natural gas and oil the enemy? So that's all I wrote about you know and I might have had a beverage or two
I thought I was very polite and measured and yes, that post reached I dunno six million people. The phones can too need a ring and so will see what comes of it but facebook, never know. What's gonna come back over the net, indeed, all right! Well, when we come back, I'm gonna start asking you all of these questions, my god, we know how to use it. So, what's going to happen, then you're saying is: there's gonna, be a crass commercial message, proceeded hope, lee by some sort of vehicle. Stylized imaginings, something like that. You're not here to do data doo doo doo doo doo. If what you see is what you get It stands to reason that what you don't see is what you dont get. Maybe why net suite is the number one cloud based financial system in america. It lets. You see everything about your business, at a glance in real time
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slash MIKE that sweet MIKE ok. So I want to get out of the way the questions that were asked by multiple people find. This question was asked a lot. Will you go on a date with me? Slash marry me slash, come to my town, slash come to my house for dinner, so There are four different versions of that were people asking for
four of those hours there were dozens of people who wanted to go on a date with you. There were dozens of people who wanted to marry you dozens of people who want you to come to their town and dozens of people who invited you over for a barbecue or dinner, but you see the chronology. It's like. I could go to your how'd, you know what I'm in the town, then we can have a day and then after the date may be invite me over four barbecue. and then one thing leads the next and before you know we're married. So but yours people were going. Look, it could be a barbecue. I had a july. Fourth like that. Didn't I like the answer, is yes I'll? Do it I'll come to every town? I'll, go with you buried in every new kneel down early one and now you're married. I'm going to marry everyone and eat everything will have you need a healthy and stuff. I do like the cell, as opposed to marry everything and eat everyone that just now that That's we all know off the rails right there. That's gotta! A good luck! Next arrested. Did you swim
like tahoe or whatever like that was maybe that wasn't linked. What was the actual lake you are in front of, No, it's fallen leaf lake and if you get a topographical map of california or even just google, it is Some of the most extraordinary real estate in the world, the tongue, of wilderness that abuts lake when that hilarious called desolation? The desolation wilderness stretches, as the title would suggest for a long way and in the, southern part of it. It just filled with lakes, the dozens and dozens of lakes up there, and I have a friend who has a cabin on fallen leaf lake, which is just to the south of tile, so it's fed by waters from the mountains, and then it feeds into lake tahoe itself. But it's much much smaller, it's like a mile across and maybe three miles in length
and the height around the lake is a total of about ten miles goes the trails wind and they take you very high and very loan so forth. But that's where I shot that video there. Let all these questions The answer to that question is yes. Not only did I swim in the lake, I swim in it every day, swum swam swam women? I swim didn't I liked every soon it and reason. I did. Perversely, is because It was so freakin com, I mean scrotum, tightening where'd, my rectum go chromium held down their kill them I've in listening to so many people, write about the positive effects of in order to every day in very, very cold water. In fact, Adam corolla just mentioned it. When we were talking the other day, his showers all now end with him stand
under freezing cold water for about a minute or two that's a long time and It is a long time, but I'm telling you chuck it is invigorating. So I decide to start doing this a couple of weeks ago, but it so much here to walk outside and jump in fifty eight degree water in the altogether and holy cow man. It's the first twenty seconds are tough, but after a couple of minutes you get kind of to it, and then you get out. You start your day in all your capillaries you're fired up in your skin has a healthy glow when it's it's great, so yeah ever hey. I got in the lake at least three times great at the other question that was asked a lot. People were very concerned about your skin michael and they wanted to know. Why are you wearing son screen With these same people, who want to date, may and marry me and have a barbecue, where these are may have been some overlap. Yes, where these people who want to adopt because of
The case already have a mother and I already caught health from her I like artisans, I work, outside. I spend a lot of time outside and was sunny up there and it was nice. And yes, I wear sunscreen, I'm not a complete idiot, but I do have what some have pointed out. To be a I mean I don't want to put words and people's mouths, but aid naturally ruddy gloves. I don't recall reading those three words grouped up like that, but usually what my mother's like Michael, let me tell you about my friend Tom who I met in my cancer support group thirty years ago after He had a melanoma the size of my first removed from his forehead when we go so lucky, It's funny, though, is how the whole, sunscreen thing and how you know we were talking about climate change solar and all of this stuff right as the sun is deal it always has been at the centre of our
Our system is very important, but it's kind of become the enemy in so many ways like just an hour generate and now and I'm not saying sleep melanoma, no job, my dad just got something cut off his face ran mose procedure, my mom. By did I got some moles on my back that I might want to have looked at its no joke, but I think what did we here during the lock downs like for the first time in my adult life, all of a sudden doctors were saints vitamin A vitamin d is a big big, big proponent world. What you call it defence mechanism for covert. Now I got a lot of I am indeed and I did get, but I got over it in what twenty four hours opposed to some other people on this podcast child who have reached.
simply recently endured. Yes, I got the covered its second me literally, I was sick and yet it hung around for a while. I had like a hundred and three temperature for like aware I mean it wasn't a hundred and three the whole week. I think that where fried my brain but yeah was over a hundred for a week- and that was in great, but I feel pretty good. Now, I'm back to my normal walks and everything. So you sounded like I lost my voice. You sell that you yeah you worried. Me then, are you. You were coughing injustice, constant fever in a strange how it affects so many people zone here wildly directly, you have. The good news is that I managed to give it to everybody at the office. So that we really are, people really were happy about that. That's got in a lot of shit about that
But I bet you have your like typhoid, mary, yeah, your patient, zero of the office yeah and nobody suspects uncle chuck of just bringing the arena, but that's what happened yeah so anyway. This isn't about you. Let's get back to me if we could I think that's a good idea, so you were the sun's green. So a lot of people again different people, thousands, hundreds of people, house, Freddy everybody- wants no, how freddy is and who takes care of him when you're gone use. the same woman takes care of him who has been taken care of member, since he arrived same woman, whose Here's my address here same woman, who prefers to keep us somewhat lower profile than people in our industry, a woman whose wishes I try to honour. Lest I incur harass, fridays it is a day and a half years old. Now he also loves the lake, but he would prefer not to be wet. So,
A wash in canine, cognitive dissonance, especially girls, are other dogs up their lots of dogs and south. Like tat, and these animals are part aquatic. I mean they live in the lake. You can throw the ball as far as you can and they dive off the pier like gregg look gayness and they swim to the thing and a they grab the ball now. I would also be rather obviously you have no thumbs book. it's a whole level of fetch. That's just so far superior to throw the ball in your backyard, I mean it says, to see these. There was a his name was Zeus, a buddy of mine. Has this dog named Zeus that probably ways I don't know? Eighty ninety pounds just solid muscle and this thing takes off the dock and he's in the air for a while, and then he lands and it's a spectacular splash and it comes back with the ball and then sometimes this double crawled up the ladder,
by the dark, like a person onto the dark and sometimes crawled down the ladder like a man descending a ladder sometimes he jumped sometimes he doesn't, but freddy just sits there. barks Adam. Until I throw him in and then he looks at me with, you know, disappointment and pounds, but secretly he loves it so anyway, that's how freddy is your friend I get yeah. Sorry, you know what I'm gonna to do. I'm going to make my next answer so delightfully brief. Go. What's your favorite place that you ve ever visited you ve traveled a lot? What's your favorite place I take it for granted that, because you know what this came up in some interview the other day and I did a poor job of answering it. What I meant say was the geography does
I play merely as an important role in my life as it used to like it used to have a bucket list of places to see I used to think it was really important to visit all fifty states. You know I wanted to film in all fifty states, and then I thought it was really important to get to all seven continents and then as many countries as possible, but I kind of bailed out. I got all fifty states and I have been around the world a bunch of times, but when I think about the best time I've had there never in the best places that never be, but there's not enough. What do you call it? Causation writers I've had a lousy time in some really beautiful spots. Accurate and I've had a great time in some real darius.
And occasionally I've had a really great time and a really beautiful spot I just did tahoe was great. I posted that video because truthfully I looked over my shoulder and down at the lake and it looked fake, it was so beautiful. It looked fake. I dont know what to do with that. You kind of marvel at it. I was alone, it was utterly quiet and I made their video really cause. I just wanted to share with people on the page. I dont think most people get a chance to walk through desolation, wilderness and looked down on a site like that. So I'll go with that answer gets recent, but it's not untrue. That's a good one, and let me just say that video. I even said this to you: did you color corrected because it just
I know so vivid and vibrant and just amazing it's just really did. While I made myself look tanner, but that's really it out okay, but you were wearing sunscreen. So that's good news! Okay, you bet, I was slathered, here's a brief one. Are you ever going to run for president? No okay? So what would be your superpower? Multiple people asked us. What would be your superpower if you could have any? I already know what this is, but because I think you answered the last time, do you yeah what you would like the ability to make anybody that you want crap their pants, correct? It's true, it's true! It's a good! What is wrong
mt, I got some feedback last time that came up again, mostly from my mom, Michael of all, the things we know to be true for mankind. You wanna flick your fingers and make strangers poop themselves, and I said yeah. I do because I think that I think that part of what the country is grappling with right now is the lack of justice. We want to see justice. We want to see fair consequences. We want to see punishment, words warranted right and our legal system, is designed to give us that, but all too often its neither swift nor shore. So in my and petty little selfish way when I see people in public behaving badly, when I see bad manners on wanton display. When I see politicians look
deeply into the lens and lie to me. The idea that I could sit home flick. My fingers and watch and elected official soil him or herself, every time that they lied. I may look no, it's like I'm still dealing with minors. You're old, but I can't imagine any other source of greater joy, then to inflict that kind of justice on those kinds of people by the way yeah. This is a pure aisle version of an answer to the question that I think originally launched this in the past, which was what's your dream job and my dream. Job wasn't flicking my fingers and making random people, put themselves? Thank god, my dream job once upon a time was to be paid a really fair salary in exchange.
For driving around the city, it appeared in old In my mind, it was like a nineteen sixty nine shell station wagon, because that's what my dad had when I was a kid you know with the fake lumber on the side, share just a real piece of crap. You know. were hanging off of it just total disaster, but my job wishes to cruise around parking lots and malls, and fine cars that had taken up to spaces yup and rammed them into one indeed, but now that I'm older wiser, more measured and prudent. I've decided it would be better to be able to make people poop themselves seems reasonable. Who asked that question by the way? A lot of people ask that question. We're still in the realm of questions that multiple people asked right, let's move along then I have two more of these. If you were eighteen today and just graduating high school, what would you
pursue o a year off. I probably unless I knew with some kind of certainty, exactly what I wanted to do. I certainly wouldn't borrow money and I can't imagine a circumstance where I would go to a four year school right out of high school. I would probably do something similar to what I did back in nineteen eighty, which is go to a community college and continue to experiment and try and get some level of certainty as to. you know, do I have any skill and if I do do they match up with any level of enthusiasm or passion, and if so, what is that? And if I didn't know, I would keep studying things until I found some.
Think that sounded right or made sense to my brain, assuming of course I have the luxury of doing that. If I needed to go to work, if I needed to start making money right away, then I would do my best to do that as well. You know, I don't get my dad enough credit. We talk so much about in micro works in college and and student debt, which I'm everybody knows him so opposed to it. But you know my dad. me go to and state university. Then he helped me go to essex to he pay some of that stuff. He insisted. I pay him back and he also insist that I pay rent cosette was still living at his house at the time. But of course he kept that money. You know he put it in an account for me right and he gave it to me when I finally finished at college side. I realize most people don't have that community. Today, most people don't have a dad today who could squirrel away the kind of money it costs to go to school?
As I have said to you a lot, you were with me and nineteen eighty, you know it twenty six dollars a credit that essex community college you can afford to be wrong. You can afford to be wrong here, love that doo doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo dumb I dont bartender in color. name jack who, so one of the nicest resorts and the world it's a place. I've been fortunate enough to visit a number. Times over the years and the last time I was there, the manager asked me why I kept coming back. He wanted to know if it was location, the food, the amenities when the weather that mattered most to me, thought about it and I said honestly its jack, the bartender. He is the best bartender I've ever same. He knows everybody's name, everybody's drank and it just a pleasure to sit at his boss.
in the sand and watch him work. The manager just smiled and shook his head. He said MIKE. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me the exact same thing: people who could vacation anywhere on the planet come here from all over the world, mostly to citizens bar point is a great employee is an indispensable part of any successful business and if your hiring, you can fly intelligent guys, like jack recruited outcome those who make a massive difference to you. Bottom line and to the customers who you rely on, in other words, posted job for free at ziprecruiter, dot, com, slash row and watch what happens. Spoiler alert, going to tell you four out of five employers who post a job for free at ziprecruiter, dot com, slash row, get a quality candidate within twenty four hours this summer, whether you're headed to kona or kalamazoo. Look for the people who make
trip worth taking and if you're trying to higher one of those people travel to this easy to remember web destination. Super cruder, dotcom, slash row where you can try, sir protruded for free at recruiter. Dot com, slash r, o w e ziprecruiter smartest. When I hire zeal recruiter dot com, slash role for the slasher, the alright one more question that was asked by a lot of people and I'm kind of curious about this. I think I know the answer, but I'm not going to say what it is: girls,
I like girls. Okay, then we should be clear about is what brings you the most joy girls right now, but what's your happy place, what are the things they bring? You joy, alot of people were interested in that You know, I think the honest answer has a lot to do with what happens to you in any two or three week period preceding the question, because for me the the absence of joy or the thing that really kind of rings. The enthusiasm out of me are multiple days, one after the next identical to the one before it. I dont do well with that friends, you know, and I find that dumb, the more variety I have, the less important it becomes to do.
Something that I love, in fact it doesn't matter at all. You know over the course of a day or two days, I don't care. What I'm doing any more. As long as I'm with people I like, and as long as it's in the service of growing something or You know if I see the needle moving in some way. I honestly I just don't much care what I'm doing and that probably sounds kind of silly, but a lot of it is dirty jobs, one or one. It's I just got used to being a dilettante. I got used to being the apprentice and so people's expectations are really managed. Now people don't expect me to be really good at most everything. They see me attempt and that's blood over into my personal life, alive I go pretty easy on myself- I don't have really really
really high standards in terms of in terms of how I do I do have standards in terms of, if I try am I willing to try, that's the thing I still kind of measure myself by That's the thing. That's really important. It's funny we're talking about getting in the lake. Before I mean I just didn't jump straight in first day. I start my toe in and do what I'm telling you it's cold, it's cold and its windy up there yeah, I'm standing there in my bathing suit. Shrinkage is a very real thing. It's early, I haven't even had my coffee, and the last thing I want to do is jump in that lake, and then I just started thinking about how many conversations have we had how many you know, micro works, one. A one b uncomfortable be willing to be
uncomfortable. You know and then find a way to like, like it yeah. That was right in my mind seconds before I jumped in lake and the next day was a little easier to jumpin and really the third day. I look forward to it now that I'm home I miss it. I wish there was a freezing cold like out here to jump into so much so that I might even use. That is the answer to your question. That is a place where I felt really happy very recently and it was a place that was a bit uncomfortable, but I really liked it in part, because I knew I was going to swim to the shore and and sit there in the sun for twenty minutes and dry off and throw the ball for the dog and maybe have a gin and tonic at two in the afternoon. I was on vacation right. It was a good place to be see. I would have guessed. The hike that you took is a thing that gives you great joy, because I know you like to walk, and I know it was a little edgy. It was a little uncomfortable
because there are places filled with bears and I know you are carrying a stick and you had really terrible cell service because we got disconnected a thousand times, but when I think of you and your joyous place and then when I saw that video I'm like oh man, he's like in pig Heaven, that's what you like. I do like that, but to your earlier point like that question, it's a trick question. What's your favorite place on the planet right? What's the thing? you do. That brings you the most joy. Those questions are tricky because the answers are almost always things. You can never do. I love katmandu in this time ok they're, just something so magical about it. Well, I've only ever been there once so. What's the point,
in knowing that there is some place on the planet is going to make you so happy the that you can never get to. How many times can I hike the basque country through desolation wilderness and come upon a site like that? Maybe once a year, if I make it a point to do, right, but by and large those moments the exceptions to me, the trick is, if you can find a way, really enjoy those small thing, even if its jumping in a lake and being uncomfortable, that's something you can do every day, and if you don't have access to allay, get your shower and turn the water on ice cold and suck it up and do it and figure out a way to like that. So I guess maybe the smaller things, the things you can do every day the leather chair that faces just right out the window and the old dog eared copy of one of Travis maggie's mysteries and easy reach. You now and maybe a cup of coffee or maybe a cent,
double snort of noble tennessee whiskey now available at noble spirits, dot com the little things chuck the little things you can grow any old day. That's my answer also. I think whenever you say what is your favorite? What's the best? What's your favorite restaurant, what's your favorite place, but it's like well, it depends on the day. You know it depends on what I'm in the mood for you know. What's your favorite movie mean that's a question that people ask me: all the time and I so. How can you pick just one? But look at the number of questions like if we're to do scientific thing. Look at a number of questions that start with or incorporate some version of an extreme yeah exactly worst right. What would you never do you can live one day again and again, what would it be sick boy? You know what you can't and that probably a good thing
all right, so we're gonna get out this mike. What was your duty is job just kidding. Ok, andrew couch asks maya and actually, I think, a couple people ass. This is well mike. What book are you reading right now and what is your? favorite, podcast other than your own, of course. Well, I'm reading a book called it the way I heard it by such a page turner. While now I'm reading I'm reading this thing right here, everybody lies and it's a book. I found on my hosts bookshop I was going to say: did you steal that from the cabin I did learned the cabin this? Look it's amazing its by a guy called seth, Stevens, deville wits, and that's what the subtitle is really all about right there. It's spells
what is a big data, new data and what the internet can tell us about who we really are. This is not the kind of book I ever read and it certainly not the book I would have taken with me to read on a vacation. I didn't take a book with me. I figured I download something onto kindle, but there was no service, and so I couldn't download anything- and so I just went looking around for this book and Jim is you know, he's a silicon valley, geek and he's got a lot of books that he loves that I'd never read. So I just took this book randomly and started reading it and it is riveting. Basically what it's about is a more honest, solution or a more honest approach to finding out what people actually think than any focus group ever conducted. Any pole ever conducted any elect
in ever held any thing that requires an element of prediction has always been flawed by the fact that people lie people lie in focus groups, they lie when you ask him what you think about any number of so This guy was a. He worked for Google and he is a data scientist and long story short. He discovered that the number of searches conducted on Google were, as of today, any way in the trillions and so the opportunity to look at what people are searching for, you know and then sort of correlating it too, how old they are and where they live, and what color they are and You can learn also says this guy
shocking amount of truth about what americans really believe about virtually any topic from race to abortion, to sex to the thing the things we lie about, I mean it's really remarkable and I don't get the weeds with it, but his basic points It is when you search for something on Google. Your answering a question: you're not taking a survey you're, not interacting with another human being and your incentivize. If you search for something but you couch
You really want to know, then you're not gonna, get the answer. You want it's like digital truth. Sarah people are in a friendly honest about what their seeking when they ask Google, so this guy's taken trillions of searches and use them to explain everything from why the poles were wrong about donald trump to what people really think about global war.
Farming to here is a good one to why you and I could probably name the starting line up for the baltimore orioles in nineteen. Seventy and the reason is because one of the greatest predictors of a real baseball fan is a boy who saw a team play when he was eight to nine years old, most men today who have a team who they care deeply about were eight years old when, Eighteen dramatically influence their life, especially if they won and the orioles went to the world series in nineteen. Sixty nine me up and they lost to the that's, not disguise a mets fan, and so he basically took all of this google information around baseball and by it
there's a lot of other information, there's no sport that has more specific stats than base Bob, so you can run the numbers and a thousand different directions, but what he base quickly. Learns is nineties One percent of all self described baseball fans were eight to nine years old when the team in the town, where they grew up one incredible- and it's totally true for me with the orioles- and it was totally true for him with the mets honestly and it's just a shameless plug, but I recommend it. Everybody lies Seth stephens, I don't agree with it. Theirs, I know where he's coming from and where I come from, are totally different. What are you laughing? You asked me a question I wanted. So what you're reading right now is everybody lies. Is that correct, yeah? Sorry next was marjorie. Tucker would like to now MIKE how much is music a part of your life. It was once going to be your life. Do you miss not having more time for it and
you always singing in the shower the very cold shower. I don't miss it at all. Marjorie. Well, music is a huge part of my life I mean I'm not a professional musician, although I have been paid in the past to sing, I can't think of a day when I haven't sung or to myself for hum to myself fur There is always the soundtrack of something in my head. We talked a lot on the pod gas. I wrote about the music teacher name Fred, king, who had an enormous impact on my life shucks to the opera had a huge impact, singing a barber shop quartet, singing inquires church choirs. All of that you know it was just very empowered I mean for me going all the way back to the boy scouts a scout master. who made us recite, poetry and sing around campfires at these jam berries? You know and you
Tumblr song be prepared, sure yeah? I said that song to a couple of hundred parents- and we scouts at the annual january, I was fifteen years old and london huntington was the first guy, my skull asked her former colonel in the army said you you can't stutter when you sing and that's I think, first first time I really started vocalizing and just having fun with that And then, of course, Fred king came along and then you and I were singing in a quartet and then look it's weird, but all that happened and today it's still with me, I don't think a day goes by chuck when I don't think of something we vocalized decades ago. This is me asking now how much fun are you having with these tags that we're putting on the ads and the localization you know and asking for the five star review at the end, with the song and stuff like that,
Yeah, so a tag is just a word: musicians used to describe the last few bars of a song there very popular in the archipelago world. Especially the barbershop world, because for strangers can get together, who don't don't know you? other at all, but who now the same basic collection of songs and this stand around and sing all song helsing. These tags, it can be. it's so satisfying to do, but probably so annoying to be subjected to like if you're on your own occasion with your family. Your walking through a stairwell in for deeds are screaming in each other's faces. You know it's hard to know how to react to that. Some people love it. Some people hated tat. Your question I, of course I love doing it its system, weird random thing. We ve been doing it with sponsors, not because they ask for it right. then I guess that's your point. There is a lot of stuff you do in life
and there is certainly a lot of things I do in this career of mine that I have to do battle mind most of what I do I enjoy doing, but most of us transactional too something that just amuses yourself, that's called a hobby. If you can jam your hobby, if you can jam your avocation into your vocation. Well, why not? I hadn't thought about it before chuck. Ziprecruiter didn't say: hey: can you write a jingle for now and they probably wouldn't have liked it? If we, if we said hey, we're going to do this, like butcher box, mrs sponsor this podcast and I just laughed one day, I wrote a little tag called I like my meat in a box at probably wouldn't afloat. this group very well over their butcher box. I dunno I use
attack that I learned years ago and just change the words sort of and yeah is the answer to the question. It would mean why not that's a lie. In the end, I'm still trying to amuse myself as best I can help you are you having fun yeah and it really snowballed. If you remember how this started, it was with light stream, and it was with you in particular light stream, where I said to you early on us and you don't have to read the disclaimer I'll read the disclaimer. You know and
we were like okay and then I said, hey, you know what well, let's have a little fun with the sphere say, and now here's chuck reading the disclaimer with a baltimore accent and I'm like you know, interest rates start at four point: nine, eight percent, a pr you know, and so I did that and that was fun. And then you started messing with me where you were just like, and now here's chuck reading it like a pirate and then I've got to go, get a pr and then here's chuck reading it like santa claus, et cetera, and so then I thought what if it were a gregorian chant and so like one day I just remember this was like I woke up and it was the first thing I did that day and I just you know, put the microphone in honestly mike. I sang it. Maybe twice three times
I just had the disclaimer in front of me and I made up interest rates rates. Four point: nine percent percent ip to nineteen point: ninety nine percent area, whatever it was, you know, and I just sang it and I hit send and sent it to you and said: hey. You know, maybe if you put like a lower like a fifth veto below and just if you did on the real me down there and then like within the day, what comes back to me? his heart. You ve taken this thing that I just sort of spit out in like ten minutes and you ve added for more parts are three more parts out how many parts of It- and it was ridiculous, screamed for hey can we just play it right now? You're does play it. This is what we're talk. about this is a disclaimer, and just so you know, if you listen to this, if you're in a voice over business as chocolate, and, as I am, this is the kiss of death right, like you
do the ad and then at the end somebody comes into talks a thousand miles an hour, and then they speeded up any way to make it go even faster. A bunch of legal ease that you have to say, so my thought was well, rather than do it like that I'll just make chocolate. in all these different voices and then, as he said, it was well we're gonna arena. We might as well sing it, and so this is. Now the disclaimer for livestock even though they didn't ask for it, surgeon to credit approval rates. Raise four point: nine percent api to nineteen point. Ninety nine percent. Eighty zero point. Five percent pages owned
three requires excellent grid and conditions and others are subject to change way. Is dot com in a shop, the that was it and it's kind of catchy right and then, of course, when the interest rates changed with just throw in the five point, seven percent witch hunt. But let me tell you, I don't have a crystal ball, but I can tell you: what's happened here. We're gonna go too far right we're gonna go too far. Somebody somewhere is gonna, throw the flag or other spots
You're gonna come along, be like well women. Why don't? I have a jangle like well me Maybe if you spent a little more money on the hot gas, we could figure something out. We have a new jingle coming up on the last ad, but look at your teasing great, so janet riccardi, catheter or cater dammit. Janet says I love a good hike. How far do you usually go? How far is your normal pike, your normal walk. Well, I was just about to say: isn't that an interesting distinction when is walk, I want is a hike, a walk like what really deterred It is an urban verses, suburban verses country, verses, woods versus mounds. Is it footwear if you put on a hiking boots and you just walk through new york? Are you walking hiking, I I guess I don't really know when I'm home and I'm. Sort of a routine of a day
even when I'm not home. If I'm on the road, I try and get up around six and I try and walk briskly for two hours and during that period I try and listen to a podcast, maybe my own. Probably not, though I can't stand it, Oh my voice anymore, or make some phone calls and whatever and so a two hour, brisk walk usually takes well, it's eight miles you walked for miles an hour? That's two hours at eight miles. I thought you were you to say to our walk usually takes about two hours well? Here is funny the other day in time. Oh, my host was I get six miles around the lake now. This is this smart guy. I was telling you came out of silicon valley, this former engineer whose brain is impressive it might be three miles around the island, but I don't think so because it's three miles long, and that would be like three. My on each side-
It's a mile across, so you gotta throw that in and then you figured the winding up the trails and so forth. Just took me three half hours to walk about ten and a half miles to get back to where I started. So there have been days janet like during the locked down, I remember your chuck and I were walking at the same time. He was three for her. miles south we called it a bang, bang nose like to meals back to back. There were a couple days where we two walks eight miles in the morning eight miles and evening and suddenly that's that like sixty miles very close to it. Do do do do do do do do do what do Zamboni is forklifts school buses
and hospital energy backup systems all have in common. If you said they all run on propane, then you'd be correct. The ba has certified propane as an alternative. Clean. in energy, which means propane, is now being used for a whole lot more than grilling on the weekends propane, it is pretty much everywhere and precise Actually, what you want to have on hand when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. I've talked before about the many opportunities If the propane industry- and I'm going to do it again, because those opportunities really are everywhere and you'll find hundreds of them listed state by state at propane, dot, com, slash row, also, if you're an h, vac instructor working in a technical, high, school or college, you can apply today for a free training course in Tampa florida and return to your school with a propane specific program and a certification course for your students. Propane is affordable, reliable.
versatile and environmentally friendly its energy for everyone, and the opportunities in this sector are real. You can explore them all at propane, dotcom, slash row, that's propane, dotcom Slash way the room, love. sin marie says high mike: what's your best memory of a family vacation, her name is sin see Why- and I am assuming that short first Sophia or cindy severe- I
soon I like, as I am there's a name. You can live up to see. Why and so the I know, but as I am, would really be something see I am to go out into the world. My friends call me syn. The truth is sin. we didn't have many vacations at all remember, going ocean city one year and it was kind of fraud because we have any money
My dad was constantly on edge about the price of gas and about just you know. He was not good at relaxing on a vacation at all, and I think that kind of infected, my brothers and I a little bit so it's where the good ish time, but my parents were very good at creating the illusion of a of a vacation at home, a staycation. We had the woods. We had forty fifty acres of woods behind us right. We had a babbling brook we had wild If we add swamps and cat tails and covered bridge, and now it was the old yeah, get your imagination involve their kiddo. Here's a copy, a tom sawyer. Why
go back in the woods and sit in your tree fort for a couple of days and take some food with you call it an adventure. There's your vacation, here's a stick and a tire just do something fun dance. I dunno how I would pronounce this s c z, w e c k says wec Dan smith, dance dance, as he says, hey mike. Can you go back to writing more short stories? please I'll buy you a beer? Ok, great, no dan! No, damn that now add some boy. Maybe we talked about this before I'm sorry. My letter was so long had I had more time, it would have been shorter. Short stories are tougher to right. Then this drivel right now that's passing for content, which we could probably
who, every day, if we had to, I wrote a hundred and eighty some of those things, and I do hope to go back to do some more. But right now I mean shameless plug heads up there being turned into tv shows overrun on tv. I am saturday night at nine and their working salary. nine the story behind the story, I'm gonna be back there in a couple of weeks, filming some more so those stories keep on giving, and I would like to write some more, but I owe the publisher a book which I can't get around really getting into and this podcast honestly. I love it. It's a very different thing, but it does take time and Dad you just can't do it all. You know you gonna leave room for the hike and the plunge into the icy lake and the long walks and
You just gotta make room for all of its all right now, no short stories, sorry, but I will take the beer great anyway, Linda mccall carter. I think it's linda ally and d e. We thank you could be lindy, maybe they spelled linda wrong, but it's not linda Linda is l, I n DA, so whatever she's doing mp linda, Linda, Linda, Linda, Linda mccall carter, she says thank you for making me your special guest. Do you like to gamble you know, is that an invitation or I did sounds like it. Doesn't it well yes. I know I gamble ever day, limbed every syn the whole day. I work in the entertainment business. I spent many years looking at blank squares coming back at me from the calendar with absolute Lee. No certainty, certainly no expectation that I was gonna fill them. I've done a lot of things on dirty jobs that have me
My friends in my family cringe twinge, I'm not a stunt junkie, I'm not a dare devil been to some very high places into some low places and I've been bit by all creatures, great and small, and I I think I have a pretty healthy relationship with russia I'm willing to assume a fair amount of it in the pursuit of my chosen trade. However, I do not gamble. I do not play cards for money. I do not, I craps. When I go to vegas. I go out of my way to stay in those few hotels that don't have casinos because honestly lind, I don't like them. I don't like the constant ringing of bells and the whirring of machines ringing the ringing. I don't like the smoke. I don't like the sight of my fellow
Citizens sitting there in front of a slot machine just pulling the lever again and again yearning and have to pull the lever anymore. They have a button that chicken push it just it's like pulling. The lever was too much work. Yeah yeah right. I remember the lever but you're right. It's just buttons and colors it's always two a m and even though it smoking at your side, weirdly awake cause, they're pumping all that oxygen in there we ve talked about this too. I I dont need to win when we're playing cards hate to lose and when you throw money on it, it just becomes even more so I don't want to take money from my friends if I'm
and playing cards with them, but I sure, as Hell, don't want to give it to them either. So I don't gamble. No, I don't gamble with games of chance lind, but I gambled in the game of life, so good, so good thanks this one. I really really like terry anton terry fat and writes. When is the last time you teared up? Are you a tear up kind of guy? No, you are not I'll answer that, but I am curious to know when's the last time you tiered up well, believe it or not. Just the other day after that, video I came around the corner and I saw something even I was just surrounded by so much beauty. I wasn't blubbering but I was a little misty, you know, commercials weirdly. We ve talked about this there's some commercials out there like I can sit through gut wrenching plays
and like really sad and super empathetic works and not really be move that way, but I think the surprise of seeing the little old man as the cashier and a mcdonald's commercial suddenly finds meaning interacting with the gens. who commanded gibson their fries and they're, not to him and he's nice to them and he's a widower. I think without a without much purpose now is found something in his life and you just get dear on my cheek in hours. I, what a mcdonald's commercial. Really I'll tell you. What else gummy? I might have mentioned this to you the day, but I was flicking around and I came across. It must have been an amc, but a river runs through it. Ah yeah yeah yeah, maybe one of brad pitt's, greatest performances,
honestly, but there's a scene at the very end where the main character who is norman, Maclean right, spoiler alert? The movie is about these two brothers and not those of river in there to writing- and it runs and the health through it right through the two of them. Yeah no brad pitt is the younger brother and he gets in trouble and he doesn't make it and the older brother is just and the father Tom skerritt is great. Anyhow, In the end, there norman is standing fishing, but now he's an old man and it was fly fishing with he and his dad and his brother. That was the only thing the three of them could really come together on that they really
truly loved, and I tell you what man the last couple of paragraphs of that book and the very end of that movie. I'm not saying it's a great movie, nothing much happens in it really, but it's so beautifully shot and robert redford narrates it and the last lines go now. Nearly All of those I loved and did not understand our dead, but I still reach out to them there in the arctic, half
flight of the canyon. All existence fades to a being with my soul and my memories and the sounds of the big blackfoot river and afore rhythm count and the hope that a fish will rise, and then this is the part that kills me. Eventually, all things merge into one and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time on. Some of those rocks are timeless. Raindrops beneath the rocks are the words, and some of the words or theirs. I am haunted by waters and this sitting there alone watching it. When did you commit all that memory? Well, it's funny. I didn't really
but you know I was talking to mary about this. The other day my business partner, who's, always kind of freaked out. When I recite stuff like that- and I I mean I was a little freaked out as little she's like what what what was that where did it it's like? You know what the stuff I remember is this stuff that I heard when I was in an emotional state and I was in an emotional state when I was watching that. I knew I was remembering it as Redford was saying it, and yet I dont know why Is it doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen with a lot of stuff poetry in particular the good stuff. It sticks, that's good! That's it good one cindy mason brown. This is easy name. I know all three of them cindy mason brown. When was the last time you changed your mind about something.
you're so excited that you found someone's name you can pronounce. I listen. I took a lotta guff, the last when we did the facebook live thing. Remember I just hack have like I was having trouble with everybody's name, and people like that. Guy joke is heat dyslexic. What's going on, I changed my mind a lot. I changed a lot and I do it for sometimes I do it consciously, and sometimes I do it because I led gentlemanly believe I'm going down the wrong road and I do believe as a robert plant famously said, there is still time to change the road you're on and I know I've changed my road a lot a lot professionally anyway and in some personal decisions too, but the other kind of mind. Changing I do that. I know drives you crazy and everybody who cares about me crazy, I have a deep suspicion of which call routine.
And I know you have a deep respect for it, you like the certainty that comes with rapidly action and for whatever reason I am suspicious of it, and so I change my mind a lot sometimes, if I'm being honest just to be contrary and just because I now I know I do this and I am sorry: what's he gonna quack that I'm sure you will, unless you change your mind, which of course you won't now not going to happen not going to happen. Never change my mind about it. It would look bad. It's only like the most important question. You've read so far. I wish I had a better answer, but
what's your name cindy similar nice and morale mason, so makes mason brown here's the thing cindy miss brown. It's like all the talk of persistence. All the talk of dedication. This comes up with my mom all the time now. People like while see what happens when you don't change your mind. My mom I wanted to be a writer and after sixty years of rejection, she finally got published, and so people look at that and say. There. It is another example of how a woman who Didn'T- change your mind finally got what she wanted, but that's the very thing I am suspicious of. I don't think you should do something for sixty years and I and not seriously. Ask yourself at some point, maybe maybe I'm going down the wrong road. Maybe I should change something my mom didn't and it worked out for her, but it doesn't work out for most people,
and so I have always said consider quitting you know, there's no shame in quitting. There's no shame in changing the road your on. If you don't think it's taking you any. were good. The last time I changed my mind was when I was driving home from lake tahoe. I just decided at the last minute to take the alternative route for no good reason. That's I just decided. Let's go this way. Instead,
sunstroke asks the semi related here it. He says I love the dynamic between you and shock. Is there anything you disagree on well? Well, our friendship is beyond reproach, but looking back it was never based on things we agreed on. It was based on stuff. We argued over. We saw you a lot yeah. No, we didn't yes, but did not. We didn't tell you with a side bar, that's an oblique reference to maybe the funniest. monty python sketch ever it's called the argument clinic and if you haven't listened to it go Google it that was our relationship early on. We would if you about anything, necessarily because we disagree just because we like to argue with you like to argue right.
annoying today you'll take a position, and so will I simply because it's the opposite. You know. Sometimes I think that good things come out of that me what's more boring than a room full of people who agree exact with respect that's called church and that's fine. You know once a week, but you want to be pushed you want to be, challenge. Do you want how many times do you start a sentence with? Well, if I could you know, if I were to disagree, I would say they're not to be the devil's advocate, which of course, is the same as saying I'm. The devil's advocate, but
look fundamentally, I think one of the things I admire the most about you. In spite of the backhanded compliment, I paid you about being rigid and loving routine and loving the predictability and the certainty that comes with a format. Remember how you clutched your pearls when this podcast went from short stories to this long format, very uncertain, but think about your spirit we'll life think about your politics. Think about you know some of the most important things that help make you you. You are not the person you were thirty five forty years ago, not even close. That's a hundred per cent true. I have changed my mind, not a lot of things. Yes, you have,
yeah, and I don't know of anyone who I admire, who hasn't the people who make me the most nervous and uncomfortable in general? Are people who just never change their mind? There are people that have that absolute certainty. All of the time certainty about everything drives me nuts drives me nuts. I have recently heard someone say that certainty is the opposite of. Wisdom was at me that I say that. No, that wasn't you. It was a andrew clay that I believe said at all. I said Certainty is the opposite of curiosity. Yes, yes, you did and that's pretty good as well. That's why I'm slightly smarter than andrew cleveland I'm going to tell him that I'm going to sure that I think that's what drew me.
to discovery so early and why I was such a fan of John hendricks who founded the whole thing his whole deal, was I want to build a brand that satisfies curiosity, because really it's impossible. In the same way, it's impossible to feel sorry for yourself when you're fundamentally grateful it's impossible to feel arrogant or certain about anything. If your fundamentally curious, because you were fundamentally curious, you gotta be opened to the possibility that you might be wrong. Yes, and those are the people I like to drink with, I want to say one thing about you that I find very interesting and you are a very curious sky as long as I've known you whenever you walk into the office and you haven't been there,
while whenever you walk into my house, when you haven't been there for a while, you just gravitate toward anything, that's not nailed down. You know what I'm going to say right and you pick it up and you look at it. If it's a book, you like thumb through it, you're going to start reading it at the office, you go through everything, that's lying around you're. Looking at! What's on my desk, you look at just just everything, you're going to pick it up and you're going to, because you are absolutely curious. You will do the same thing with every cabinet you will open up every cabinet and help yourself to some nuts or whatever might be lying around you're. Just a curious guy. You always have been that's dirty jobs, one or one to what's under the rock in the whole, which, in the pit what's up there what's down there. What's behind that thing, what's that thing do what's that button? Do He said with absolute finality. That's what's gonna, be on my tombstone one day was that your lies
ro he wondered what that might not be my favorite one. Sherry tells me this one that she loves. You know and spoke in washington. She says there is actually a grave that has epithet on it. That says, I told you I was sick sherry by the way talk about outlier talk about defying conventional wisdom is sherry was, I think, the first true fan of dirty jobs. She was a moderator in the mud room eighteen years ago and I mean I love the fans, the show I've always said. I kind of work for them, but don't necessarily arrange for meeting greets and you don't go to their towns and have barbie choose and marry them to circle back you certainly don't hire them, you don't
are your fans, but sherry turned out to be completely sane and just a wonderful human being and wonder if she works for me to this day up there and spoke and keeping an eye on the facebook pages and trying to keep everybody in line There you go, I changed my mind. I was very very sure that I would never ever higher anybody who said o mike I'm a fan of your show. Can I work for you I might be nice about it, but I've read that book. I can tell you how it ends. No, not gonna do that. Sherry's worked for me for over a decade yeah. Yes, so I was curious just to see how bad it would turn out. At a great rate, it's been great. Neil Klein wrote in actually and set as a subscriber to the party. Cast. I've listened to enough to create the micro drinking game and every time he sings you drink beer.
time. He says way leads on to way you drink a shot and every time he complains about his leg bird you even attire hard boiled egg enjoy love the show and the stories mail client. I thought I was so good. I just wanted to share it. That's good! There is clearly no question there needs to be done, but I appreciate that aim, I haven't done it so far. While there has been singing, I haven't complain. the bird on my leg, that's largely healed. I've now moved on in my wrist, which driving me crazy is that from the cleaning machine I twisted ups. oh yeah, yeah, the last season, a dirty jobs. I had a grinder one of these hand. Grinders did you use to rough up in a poxy floor and got wait for me and spun me around and now my left wrist is jacked up. My right, one is bothering me believe: I'm still doing this particular
so it is pretty amazing, neo yeah, I didn't it way leads on to way, of course, is robert frost third stanza the road not taken, but I did reference. There is still time to change the road your on by robert plan, so that ought to be worth. I saw miss effingham stairway to have a little ditty, what's better stairway to Heaven or bohemian rhapsody bohemian rhapsody you're. One hundred per cent correct what Jimmy page did on stairway to Heaven. Is this amazing incredible incredible, but would Freddy mercury did on bohemian? Rhapsody is just unparalleled all those parts. All of that I mean Jesus. I just don't know that there was ever a better voice and rock and roll yeah. agreed it just amazing all those different styles. It was so aggressively unique. What made stairway to.
An amazing and unique is that I could stand there. Holding heather Clee be pretending to dance for eight and a half minutes smelling her hair and like being you know, a desperate, ninth, greater taking liberties, but you I dunno what the hell to do during bohemian rhapsody I'd be scared to make out with anybody. I'd be scared to touch you just listening to this thing. You say way to Heaven reminded me of a whole lot of other songs. things only longer than humane rhapsody didn't remind me of anything at all. It was completely brand new, never heard the like of an end to this
it's one of those songs that I'd typically listened to the end? If I'm playing around and I've gotta mooch scatter mush, will you do the fun dango yeah, I'm just what a great song sandy thomas sylvester? I have a question about your mom. She is so saw spoken. Did she ever raise her voice when disciplining through rowdy sons, how she knows you guys were rowdy, I don't know but well if she implying that my mom was disciplining us beat, just while she was screaming at us or separate. If she wants to know if she ever raised her voice, I mean it's an interesting question. Cuz your mom is quite a soft spoken, the only time not the only time, but I was probably twelve or thirteen, and we were back in the barn. We had a stable that my granddad and my dad built and we were boarding horses at the time. Everybody knows my mom
you're crazy so we're like five or six horses? At the same time, we own too, but we are taking care of an additional three. That is a major thing. You know you ve got multiple barrels filled with some have oats some have molasses. Some have this other mixed feed and it was very much to get the right. You know the right grain and the right barrel and we had come from klein's, feed store and I'd dumped a bag of oats into a container that held a bunch of molasses and my mom I dunno what was gone. She was having a bad day might have been approaching era which called change life and now she's. She was sick, emmy whatever, but she was standing in the tec room when I poured the oats in the wrong thing, and she said Michael
shit, shit, I've never heard my mom yell, and I had never heard her say it word, but she looked me square in the face and scream shit three times and literally stomped her foot and then just walked out in frustration, and I just understand and they're holding a bag. Oats gone, oh god I broke my mom. I pushed to just an unthinkable unsuitable and later she mismatches. Michael raised my voice earlier. I want to apologize for that and I also use the word. I don't ever want to hear. You say that, unlike in which one mom the four
time. You said it or the second time can I use it, may be. The third Michael just go to your room, but and no very, very, very rarely get my mom raise your voice, but she's capable of it. Little did she know that years later, you would use the m f word in her presence on the podcast. It is funny she has become, I mean, she was not a light. Hearted humorous person, at least not in my youth, not that I remember she was very kind and she was you know just so sweet but she's she's funny now and body irreverent, or even I guess, the older you get, the less you give a shit. melissa langer wants to know who inspired you the most throughout the years. She wasn't specific anymore than that whose inspired you the most.
I had a scoutmaster master named Glenda Huntington, who got me out of my shell. I had a music teacher name, fred king, who literally kicked open the stage door of the industry that wherein musical director billion at sea at the baltimore opera, who gave me a chance to do something that I was not trained to do got my union card got me at me. That was amazing. My friend, my geller, who you know, help me get into the opera. They had no business hiring me, you know, but that that changed a lot. My spin, my friend, you know I've known mike almost as long as I've known you and the way he's lived. His life, I think, is really inspirational. Putting his family first, the guys going to work he's going to work till he drops, but he doesn't mind he's got such a work ethic and he cares a lot and, of course, my dad.
and my grandfather, no men. You know- and I say this with great respect to my mom, who is my favorite- I realize I'm much a mama's boy in and all that, but those guys they each bet on me and each treated me like I was older and more grown up than I was and, as a result I think I stepped up. I just can't imagine what would have happened at glutton huntington, not insisted that I sing be prepared around the campfire insisted on it. Christopher mill bower wants to know what was the date you received your eagle. Do you remember his was twelve twenty six? Seventy seven, he says I'm about eight months old the new, but once an eagle, always an eagle, ok! Well, seventy seven for sure it was just as. Starting high school. I don't remember the exact date, but I remain the ceremony, I remember me
blown away by getting a letter from president ford, even though it was a form letter. and I remember using that to my advantage early on an eagle scout mattered, a lot to a lot of people. It mattered to me It really did matter to employers back in those days. I think it still must. And then I remember really setting aside for twenty five years or so until dirty jobs came around and people learn that I'd be an eagle and I started asking me to send letters, and so we sent over fifty thousand letters right and so
anyway. No, I don't remember the date, but I do remember the feeling it was a good one. Todd hummel says I'd love to hear some stories of your barbershop quartet ing days. I listened to the one on fred king periodically, but I guess maybe the question is: what's your favourite barbershop quartet story go ahead. You just talk amongst yourself. I gotta pee. good grief. Well, man, I don't know, there's so many the best thing for me about that whole crazy hobby. We alluded to an earlier. It's the idea that you can. Run into three people, you don't know who all the different parts to the same song, and stand around in a stairway or a street corner, or a restaurant and harmonise it's the idea that you don't need an instrument. He now need to unpack a guitar. You don't need to do any of that stuff
you just show up and if you have some like minded people who have an ear for the old songs you can, you can make music we have talked lot thought about it before, but I think my favorite memories are of singing in any kind of organised quartet or not in competing. You know there are all kinds of competitions back in day, my favorite memories, we're just sitting in the back room of Johnny jones bar in ireland, town in baltimore learning. songs that were written decades before I was born men who fought the second world war and up wanted to pass the songs on. And so sitting there and learning the songs from them. Those are probably the best moments. although my favorite story now that I think of it would be the time that we sang
We sang in a nursing home chuck you ever coming back. Are you still being. for god's sakes, man. What are you doing here in the middle of a pod gasped? The story involves, you is unbelievable: the boy just gets up and walks away he's. Gotta bladder the size of an air bud case the amazing I wait. Chalk and I were singing in this quartet called semi, formal many you we were in high school and we were at that point. Where are we? Just so delighted with ourselves. We imagined everybody else would be equally the lighted so we're We would sing anywhere, I think somebody would they pay a job like ten or twenty two things a nursing home might have been forty. I think we'd pocketed den on that. My good, I think we ve told us- before, but since he asked this is story, where we sang all the songs we knew and in
evans waiting room. All of these people, older than they'd ever been just wanting in such a nice audience, but they couldn't calabria aloud care. We were just sing and singing in the old time that old man sitting in that wheelchair, not three feet in front of us, didn't move a muscle, never moved its unnerving to sing for a man who you can't sure, is really alive. He just there. He was over in his wheelchair there were tubes coming from is and other devices one disappeared into his chest and other disappeared into is into the fly of the pajamas he was wearing. He was just hook, in every way, you could be hooked up and we were out a song. We'd sung every song we knew, but they wanted more. So we sang the only other song. We know that the course always saying which was near my god today. singing near my god to the in front of a man and a nurse
a lot of what we were thinking who couldn't have been nearer to god. At that moment we are half way through this thing and chuck is about to start. He has a solo on the second verse. like all wander the sun gone down and use, I figure, starting with that, and the three of us were all back you up going are just as that began, or maybe it was just as you were taking a breath but the old man, the wheelchair exploded. He just exploded exploded. You know, I mean it happen, Well, it seemed like he blew up what he did was he sneezed and he sneezed with such violence that it snapped him straight up his eyes,
opened and then he immediately sort of collapsed. We entered a posture, he had been legs kutuzov like this, and then he was. He was gone He was just back into whatever comus davy was an except when he sneeze something flew out of his mouth, something alike: the size of a chesapeake bay, oyster and about this same insisted. Residency like it had in vain in looked like some sort of an organ eloped had not imagine a spleen in our own jubilant.
whatever this thing? Was man just call it mucus and snot rap together into something truly about the size of an egg right at our feet, right at our feet, and it just lay there and quivered and a very difficult, very difficult to finish the song like nearer my god, to thee when you're looking at what could very well have been some sort of oregon from a man who could quite possibly be dead, not four feet in front of you. It's good times, man. That kind of thing doesn't happen to bands. Okay, that only happens to quartets. Oh that's so true, So true, somewhat is ass. Emmanuel see tee cheese. I was, emmanuel is I'm pretty sure. As the first dame gigi or city see, e c c h. I want,
Actually, if we ever do this again folks we're ass, he had hooked gone far. Statics we wouldn't be. some fanatics forget you- need help jug, it's gonna kill him I hear these mispronounced anybody's name, but would you make an album of songs to sing by you for your foundation? Would you do that mike says emmanuel Sagey, a sure, many other the ball, and I was really fun last year with John rich, that song was amazing. The got dirty job so ridiculous. You know It is absurd. After all these years, if not really singing are doing. Much of is to have a number one song with a bona fide country start that was great. the nobleman thing out there. Now that's fun were mostly he's trying to amuse ourselves but yeah if somebody would produce and
But I would love to do a bunch of I don't know like work. Songs or I don't know build sixteen tonnes that german that's going on. There are two more questions here. One is, and I love this question and I'm curious myself, Angie fire or thier forgot sort to age. I e are I would you say that there is a rare? How long have you been sending your mom flowers on your birthday every year on your birthday, you send your mom flowers. Are you yeah how long you been doing that? Probably twenty five years? I think I had a conversation.
With an old girlfriend. Actually, I think the reason our relationship and it was because she was what I called occasion driven she and she had certain expectations. I'll bet, oh my god. I mean christmas, easter, thanksgiving. Ok, I get that, but they were sacrosanct in her home, but so saturday sunday well, I was get married, I was going to say you know the flag day and ok valentine's day. Groundhogs day I mean it's like MIKE. Can you over the families during our ground, hogs dinner, they wouldn't be the same without when you talk about growled, we're eat a groundhog know no its ground all day. We celebrate every year, who celebrates gonna calendar. Basically, thing? That was on the calendar while marked on the boxer day. It's the day after christmas.
unlike we're not in canada. It does it matter. Okay, we but that was the beginning of the end, and one day her birthday came and went, and I didn't do much except say you know, tell your mom, she did a great job and let's go have dinner and she's like that's it. That's what you're going to do for my for my birth. listen. What did you do to warrant some celebration you showed up? It was your mother lie in their gruntin and sweden and far and with the sweat beating on her forehead, pushing and you know it is my god- it was your mom. It's not you this day is really your day mom's day and that's basically how we woke up, but I thought later about what I had said and I stood by I believe that so that's when I started sending my mom flowers on my birthday just to say thank you for that terror
the terrible, those terrible few hours are the better part of a day or or whatever it took to huck me out of your innards. I appreciate it, and so it's been at least twenty five years. That's right! Okay, great! This five gas is coming out right around independence day July fourth, and so we're going to end with this question from Deborah Hagstrom I, like that name yeah, What if she likes haggis? What is haggis exactly you know, haggis is it's a scottish word meeting, all the crap you wouldn't put in a hot dog or scrap. I was just going to say sounds like grapples grapple, is my daddy's to call it eyeballs and assholes yeah, it's snouts.
Yeah, it's just snouts and who've years of this year and year with a lot of spices, lotta, good yeah, yeah, so Debra Hagstrom wants to know what was your first memory of being taught patriotism, ooh, right, huh well. You know what this is a good place to land the plane, then because the answers are definitely thematic. The first place was the boy scouts of america. Nice You know there was patriotism in my household, but it wasn't on public display. The boy scouts were the first group and london huntington was the first man who made me take an oath to raise my right hand and say you know on my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to god in my country to obey the scout law to help other people at all times to keep my
so physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight whatever that meant hand in the air candles lit flags all over the church basement and two dozen other kids in uniform. Looking at me right. Say what you want about the boy scouts. Your experiences may vary, it's not much different than public school In the sense that it sure is how matters for your teacher is well, I had a scout master who made that real. He made that oath feel real and he made me Consider all the words I was saying, and then I was based
equally sworn into troop sixteen, and then he told us stories of korea and vietnam where he had fought. He talk to us about the flag and he talk to us about sacrifice and I was twelve chuck. I was twelve when that happened, and so the boy scouts, my true if any way was not a safe space. It was a dangerous place for young men who were going to get knocked around. I've told you before there was a boxing ring set up a boxing ring where we could settle our differences with something like honor. There was routine trips to the archery range and the gunge, and yet yet the gun range where I learned how to shoot in the boy scouts, but it was all through this lens of some kind of patriotism, and I felt it is deeply as a twelve year old could feel anything and the next time I felt something like that.
I mean sure there were independence days and there were flag days and there were many many occasions as my old girlfriend would have said important and patriotic occasions, but the next time it hit me to the point where it made my eyes. Water was with fred king and there were times in high school He would tell us stories- and this will sound hokey and weird to people but fred king talk to us about patriotism as a teacher as a music teacher in ways that no one has ever since and when you combine think about the songs heat. Shock and think about the first songs we sang in the course of the chesapeake. They were songs of war and songs of sacrifice, I think, the first things we learned was the whole medley of over hill over dale we'll hit the dusty trail.
Those cases go rolling along, and then it goes into all of the different he taught us all the songs of all the different branches of the military, Then we sang them in four part: harmony with men who actually fought at chosen men who action. in normandy isn't so, while you were paying before in a completely irresponsible way in the middle of his podcast I was talking about those same songs taught to us by those same men at johnny jones after rehearsal, in the back room with a pitcher of beer, we were too young to drink sitting there sipping beer learning the old songs, many of which were very
very patriotic and nature so yeah, that's my adds. Little bit a boy scouts little bit a barber shop, little bit a beer, that's a good one! Man, that's a good place to land the plane. Independence day comes every year. You know what I started doing is having a like a independence day say: do you know where everybody brings something about a founding father and shares it? So we keep the memory alive of the the event itself the reason for the season as it were, I think that's great man. I really think that the thing that's missing from the barbecues and the fireworks and all of the stuff is actual quiet, thoughtful conversations between families and friends. about the reality that every site,
All right. We have every single amendment that matters all of it was just paid for paid for in blood and pay and I still go back to those guys who signed the declaration that wasn't a declaration of independence. That was a death warrant and they knew it. Those filthy one per centres who put it all on alive, pursued one oh for I was just looking it up, as you were saying that you're, the one per centres that was July. Fourth of twenty eight teen generate story, great stuff. That's what I read last year at the fourth of July sayer, that's great well, look got good news. If you're sick of hearing us talk this subsidies over if you to hear more glistened episode, one o four on shucks advice a little rumination on another independence day. If you want to join us next week, confidence,
I will be back with an actual guest, not that your questions, weren't excellent america, but damn we do have appearances to keep up. Do we know who we're talking to next we get or we're just still maria, I'm pretty sure. It's a rick beata, really yeah. Alright, look! Apologies if it doesn't work out for next week, but if you don't know who rick Beato is yeah, I have never met. I've never met rick, but I am such a fan of his youtube channel. Figures. Shells got all things music. but there's a series he does the chuck knows. I've been just absolutely crazy about from the beginning, which is called what makes this song great and rick de constructs, the soundtrack of my life, like mostly classic rock, but all sorts of stuff, really from the sixties up and through today. He takes the song apart and he explains why it's great.
And he does it in a way that even non musical people can really in Why so he's agreed to come on the podcast? I've gotta get julian questions for him and if all goes this plan that will happen next week, in the meantime Charlie? Thank you for mispronouncing all of oliver fans names. Thank you folks for your thoughtful and prescient questions, and I will see you sometime soon. Hopefully, in a lake- that's uncomfortably cold, but not dangerously. So When you leave a review, which we hope that you you towers and before you go and you fine.
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