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New York Times bestselling author Peggy Rowe is at it again—this time giving a hilarious inside look at her writing career. She has been writing all her adult life. In fact, she doesn’t know how not to write—even through those years of constant rejection from publishing houses. But between her tenacity and the encouragement of her family, Peggy’s breakthrough finally came at the tender age of 80. Vacuuming in the Nude is most likely her funniest prose to date as she shares her journey of attending myriad writers’ conferences and honing her ability to see humor in everyday situations. 
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Hello, my friends, it's the way I heard it's episode number two hundred and eighty two, this one contains actors, nine and ten of my mom's best selling look vacuuming in the nude and other ways to get attention. Yes, It's another bonus episode just for you and it's funny ever since I started posting my mom's book for free on this platform to chapters at a time people have said to me micro. Why are you giving away your mother's fantastic book for free? It's a very funny book and she reads it so? Well, don't you think people would be happy to pay for it I say well, look! If you want to pay for it, I won't stop you. You can pick up a copy over an amazon and read. It
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one. Two three regime, like you, never see me, swallow top to nine, making a difference. I have the greatest respect for real working writers. I mean the one Two hustled find a story. Pigeon conduct an interview and write it lightly, friend and editor Michel, who also rights articles for professional publications, national, designs and websites. She considers sulphur freelancer but I, on the other hand, have never pitched a story, or had an assignment or even a deadline, I've written stories and articles on topics that have interest
hit me and said and some of them to various publications, I'd love to say at my freelance writing. Salary has put food on the table and paid the mortgage, but it would be a lie If John and I had depended on my income as a writer waited beans and lived in a crate. It was my it's teaching, salary and good sense when it came to finances that provide our family security. When it came to writing the big pay off came in two thousand When I wrote a letter to the baltimore orioles front office about their number one fan: a lead. That resulted in an invitation for my ninety, your own infirm, mother, just throw out an opening pit, jenin orioles game which she would go on to describe as the most exciting experience of her life years later
write another such letter from my one hundred year old friend, Mary, who received the same invitation. She too described it the most exciting experience of her life. No, that my writing. His impact in someone else's life in a positive way is as good as it gets. Such was the case in two thousand and twelve. When I wrote the following story about our neighbour chick Serio. I called it. four gallantry in action the two more son, two thousand twelve memorial day into them, and one my husband and I moved from our home in rural suburbia to retire and condo the moon. was my idea, but John was a good sport about it. Eventually, his main,
Jackson was the proximity of so many strangers, so much for privacy. He complained what, if they're horrible people, have you thought about that shortly after moving in we men, our new neighbours across the hall kick in march, red syria. A friend older couple with grown children and grand kids just two bridge normal people like John and me, or so we thought we were mistaken. I still remember that day, John came barreling through the door, reminiscent of the kids rushing in after an adventure that simply had to be shared. He had no, who's that would elevate chick Syria's status from that of nice old neighbour to superhero Guess what han Marguerite told me the chip was awarded the silvery star for gallantry inaction on evil jima John said we are living across the hall from it
genuine war hero. You would never have guessed that chick Syria was a war hero to look at him. He didn't we. and evil gmo baseball cab or marine corps jacket or have a simple five lange hanging from his balcony. Man, he didn't. Even this lay his silver star metal, in fact when, and ass to see it check, wasn't you're, exactly where it was somewhere in the house marguerite would know he said chick was in order baltimore in many ways with past and for his family, his church and his country. To top it all, he had an appetite for steamed com jobs and a sixty year long love affair with the baltimore orioles? Yet he had answered his kind. Please call more than seventy years ago. This was the beginning
the special relationship for John, not just because my husband was a history bath and had taught the subject or because he had served in her, real, but because John has a fascination with world war two and an entire our generation of heroes who are slipping away, kick had a story and, as a writer I needed to hear it and tell however, we soon learned that our friend was hesitant talk about his life in the military. It was year before I broach the subject and asked if he would be well, to share some of his stories with me. Finally, to my surprise and delight our neighbour and his nineties agreed. So one spring afternoon I walked across the hall with a yellow legal pad, a pencil and a camera for the next couple of hours
whereas I sat across the room from chick while he talked about his war I could see marguerite around the corner at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in the morning paper from time to time is chick spoke. She rose silently and refilled her cup, The first thing I learned that day was the chick Serio was not a hero about that. He was adamant. The heroes were the men and boys who did not come home or who returned disabled so thousand of them right here in maryland. He said I was expecting. Here, a story about a young man with lofty ideals who was hell bent on saving his country and preserving his family's freedom. Instead, I heard a story about an innocent naive untreated anxious young man who had grown up with his own personal hero and best friend, his well Joe marcegaglia. Just a year or two,
his senior too. Twenty, when Joe received his notice from the draft board in nineteen, forty two and chick was determined not to be left behind with visions of fighting beside his body. He decided to enlist when chicks, far John Serio saw how determined his son was. He relented and made one stipulation join the navy. Son you'll have a clean, bed on a ship instead of sleeping in a filthy hole in the ground, but the two young men arrived at the armory there. It's a long line at the navy recruitment office at this point kicked looked at me with a boyish, grin and shrugged, We figured the marines needed men more than the navy did so Joe I both signed up when I told my father man, never seen him so furious our friendly
elected on boot, camp at paris, island, where he was told that a marine can do anything? And I believed it, he said, he's warmly of schooling and training it completion and in time his promote to sergeant almost as though he went to school reunion, reliving, fond memories of old friends and daring. Escapades then came the final intense training on the beaches of beautiful hawaii, where they practice the salt landings and had time to play some baseball. Kick paused in his story, and I fear that the dreaded next chapter would not be shared. At least that day. but after a short walk, he returned and continued interesting way at this point in this story. Chicks speaks of his for experience in the present as though he's reliving it instead of just telling a story and it feel
Like I'm there beside him on that long unforgettable journey in the crowd in dark hold of a ship. surrounded by an unbearable nor. Creating stench of body odor and vomit. It's on the deck of that very ship. Sergeant. Serio. First tears the words evil cima and learns of its strategic importance in the planned invasion of japan its february nineteenth nineteen. Forty five check recalls and were one came from the safety of our ship in horror as the first way of marines makes their landing on the island. We see a man, We boys, flying through the air and falling onto the sand, enemy Mortars are exploding everywhere, chick shakes his head, and worry that the memory is to real, but he continues. We keep
a king and waiting helpless night comes and we sleep the next morning. We can't believe our breakfast steak things we know sooner finnish and they tell us to pack up our gear its our turn he goes on to describe. Enormous swells and a white sea and the hazardous oh bladders, down the side of the ship and shakes his head in disbelief, Some guys boys, never Make it to the beach they fall into the deep dark water between this had been the landing boat and drown before they can be rescued. Others break their legs and are put back on the ship check, shakes his head sadly, and looks at me, they didn't even have a chance to fight. I glanced into the kitchen and realized that marguerite no longer term
The pages of her paper is staring The window, her coffee, forgotten when the boats reach land, the flaps or low word and the sea sick marines of the fifth pioneer battalion sets marine division going men from other landing craft running onto the black volcanic sand, littered with debris, and marines. Dan and alive. I couldn't help but reacted this point in the story o check. I said, how does a person live with such memories? He told me this sixty seven years later. He still awakens from nightmares and re lives. The tear of life in a succession of foxholes. He spoke of japanese soldiers emerging from Kay running toward him screaming brandishing guns and bayonets being ready to die. Much Buddy standing up beside him and being shot dead, shooting his
gun blindly and knowing he killed men without feeling remorse he's four days of intense fighting with no chance. Even remove his boots or go to the latrine. He you his helmet, to soak his sore feet then, as a toilet, she spoke of laws in the fighting spending quiet moments to reflect on a house in wall brook maryland, taking I'm too remember them- busslin, produce stall at lexington market that had supported three generate Tens of cereals, to remember his first job at the age of eight selling grocery bags to shoppers time to remember mount saint Joe high school and his italians others, advice about enlisting and knowing that he had been right. There was time to eight for family and most of all,. moments to mourn his uncle Joe
whom he had not seen since basic training and who lay critically wounded in a hospital. Then came that fateful day on march, twenty six when his unit was under fierce attack and running out of ammunition. Acting on impulse sergeant, Serio commandeered a jeep and drove through Jimmy fire to the ammo dump on the beach being for enemy soldiers along the way at the dumb sergeant and the major in command refused his request for more ammo and desperation kick levelled his rights, let their heads and yelled men dying, while we're talking Adrian sergeant back down and shit some men loaded, the cheap, with ammunition He later learned that, as a result of his actions. That day, are you the salt team was able to successfully counter. The japanese attack. Sorry
Charles a serial received the soil we're star for valor in recognition his resourcefulness and the closing battle for evil jima. As I if the cereal house that day, following my interview, marguerite, followed me into the hall and told me something that was hard to believe. Peggy. chick has never ever talked about his work experience. In said, the years she said shaking her head, I have now for her these stories. Before today, I just figured he moved on and forgotten them. Was busy earning a law degree starting his own insurance agency and supporting a family of six anyway. Thank you, Peggy, forgiven me a chance to finally know what it was like. I can't wait to read your story. when the story was published, my email address,
was included at the end in keeping with the sun's policy as a result, the following day, my inbox was flooded with messages some were for me, but the majority Three of them were free check, filled with praise and gratitude for his service somewhere from strangers. Others where from relatives, friends and colleagues the serious like many Our generation we're not up one compete New technology in two thousand and twelve. Sir John and I invited them to our condo that memorial day afternoon for lunch, or his marine uniform for the occasion. He was surprised that almost all of the buttons confess. After lunch, John brought his laptop to the dining room table and well. Over the next hour chicken marguerite sat transfixed with glistening eyes ass. He read doesn't
of emails from admirers as what was friends, she spoke of his strong faith in the lord that brought him through the turmoil of war and its aftermath. He expressed tell fortunate he felt to live to see the national world war two memorial in Washington DC and to witness the rest Surgeons have interests in all things: world war, two especially movies and best selling books, most of all was grateful that his uncle Joe had survived his serious injuries. Returned home to a full life. Despite being terribly does figured by enemy fire as they left. Their house check hugged me and said. Thank you. This has been the best memorial day of my life. There were actual tears all around like many other ninety three year old men
friend a neighbor, was feeble and bent, and still we looked up to him. I was grateful for two things. That day The greatest generation who fought the good fight so that others can live peacefully and the privilege of making a difference in the law I for one so deserving chapter ten. The shorter and the plainer, the better I'm not known for long complex sentences like charles seconds or william Faulkner road, not that I would presume to compare my work too, there's not by a long shot in general I followed the advice of beatrix potter, the shorter. the plainer the better and Twain who said as to the adjective when in doubt wipe it out
My literary references are more likely to come from winning the pooh than from homer the file true story, was a joy to write, simple and straightforward. It is a reminiscence with my favorite and most beloved characters. I think that mark twain and beatrix potter would find it acceptable. I know that my when will it has lived only on my computer until now, I call it a gentleman of note. It was nineteen. Seventy two when the old man stood in our living room, peeling off layers of clothing. The way one. May peel layers from an onion hat glove. Another glove overcoat, scarf sweater. And all of its smelling of would smoke our three sons stared, as if mister kirk, where a magician hired to entertain a birthday party juggler,
bowling pins in the air or pulling color scars from his pocket. He was probably the oldest man the children had ever met and simply the shortest. As ten year old, Michael was a good three inches taller as they watched mesmerized. They sniffed. The air, which was oddly reminiscent of a small during camp fire. We would learn that Mr Kirk hated his house with a wood stove and we came to associated with that aura. Even the summer, his clothing seem to exhale the odors of smoke, creosote all right, I said breaking their trance as the striptease ended. You boys, It started on your homework now I'll call you in it time for your lesson. Fill your beef First right after me, so don't go far on his way, from the room seven year old, Scott put his head back, inhale deeply and said: we haven't rose.
marshmallows in a long time. Mom. Can we build a fire tonight? This transition come highly recommended by a friend whose children were taking piano lessons. My half hour of instruction was always first so that I could dinner while the others took their turns on the bench. My husband The lesson was last. He promised to get home from in time you have thought I had asked. To sit in on the ladys sewing circle instead of on appeal, no bench for half an hour once a week, you'll be setting a good example. The boys. I told him, you know a guy thing There wasn't some I rolling. But in the end John agreed, especially since Mr Kirk chow, urged a measly dollar fifty per lesson. Anyone else. Would have charge three times as much, but then they wouldn't be in their upper eighties, so very,
the afternoons. I drove the five miles to pick up our teacher and for the next two and a half hours, our family took turns sitting beside him and playing the pieces. We had practised the seven dollars and fifty cents was well within our budget ended took no more effort to prepare dinner for six than it did for five, although I always fixed something special, including a home, a dessert Mr Kirk was a bachelor I wasn't new to piano. Since I've had a love, hate relationship with you streaming for as long as I can remember in my first book about my mother, I described in great detail how my unreasonable mother forced me to take lessons had dreams of her daughters, playing at church functions and in seventh Heaven, the sunday, my older sister filled in for the organist for six years, I trudged to the elm
piano studio every tuesday afternoon and humiliated myself for an interminable half hour, though He seemed an ancient relic at the time. My teacher was probably in her thirty's or forties patient and motherly she sense from the get go than I was hopeless when it came to the piano. I avoided practice same with the same intensity. I avoided the neighbourhood bully and she could tell each time I beg to quit the lessons mom's default response went into overdrive pm. Lessons, forgive you and appreciation for music peggy someday. Your thank me are blocked. blah blah blah she repeated and so on, Then I heard it in my sleep getting on my mother's good side was as simple as learning to play an easy selection from our church. Hymnal, nothing put
in a good mood like a good old fashioned him I might have lacked technique, but I played with feeling resentment mothers are spent years later, her prophecy would be fulfilled when John bought me, the brand new kimball piano that now resided in our dining room by the stairway. Our three sons stabbed the He's from time to time and became proficient chopsticks, while I played christmas, carols and simplified arrangements of classical music nowadays they can probably be found in a book titled the classics for dummies. My performances were peppered with mistakes which made merry squandering the years of lessons, as well as my parents, money which I had argued at the time. would have been better spent on a pony, and now I have
an opportunity to make up for those lost years. My weeks revolved around thursdays. I spend every spare minute practice thing until even the dog shook her head and trotted from the room. I was never far away during the children's lessons stepping around the corner with the mixing bowl in my hands orator, tell over my shoulder to listen to the clipped conversations or a short passage tentatively played by young fingers like my mother before me. I dreamed of mice. and one day playing beethoven. Mr Kirk was patient, pleasant and perceptive Speaking slowly in a deep gravelly voice and without a trace of frustration, He said to seven year old, scott, just ten more minutes young man, and then you get on with your homework, to which Scott replied Oh, I finish my homework. I'm building
damn it, the stream poppy one there. When he was my age, then he went swimming clever. Mr Kirk turned a few pages in the book. And chose a simple tool for scots next assignment he played as scott listened. It was called the babbling brook and I never once had to remind my son to practice it. My favorite part of each list then came at the end. When our teacher moved from his chair to the bench and introduced our new assignments playing them flawlessly. It was like a mini recital. Mr Kirk was nearly entertaining at the dinner table was he was at the piano week after week here gale does, with stories of growing up on a dairy farm milking cows cleaning the barn and pouring pure cream over morning: cereal. Today they say that creep is bad for you, but it didn't seem
Hurt me said this octogenarian still enjoyed excellent hearing and vision. His stories were fascinating. First few times. We heard them, but then only so many stories, and eventually we knew them by heart, and could have finished any one of them. After hearing the first sentence, the gratification I had, for in my children's musical accomplishments was never realized, but their kindness week after week as they listened patiently to our own teachers stories pretending were hearing them for the first time was a source of pride, my husbands, lessons lasted only one month, as he claimed His fingers were not made for the keyboard. Mr Clarke was understanding and not surprised, Fingers are not as flexible as children's, he told John, especially when they haven't
the piano is youngsters John coped bravely with his disappointment. Eventually, I was the only row who looked forward to the lessons and who practised faithfully. That said eleven benefited immeasurably from Mr Kirk's tutelage. I like to think He gave our youngest a better understanding of history. I came close to dropping my favorite later. In the day I stepped into the dining room. Where fills legs we're swinging freely beneath the piano bench as he asked nonchalantly did you know Jesus Mr Kirk the old teacher smiled and said: oh no has lived a long time before I was born son, but I did hear rachmaninoff play the piano in person many years ago. If our can The gardener was impressed. He kept it to himself during one lesson he said to MIKE, you have an extra
mary ear, young man that statement once you realize the meaning gave our shock. A ten year old, the confidence to participate in school music programmes. Of course, MIKE, would never be as gifted as Mr Kirk, who had perfect pitch the kids loved test. their teacher by having him closed his eyes and identify the note they played. They could never for him once when Mister was in the kitchen. Is Scott played a wrong note? He called out that's it. natural son. I loved our teachers sense humor, almost as much as his musical talent. When the door well chimed, he paused mid sentence to say ye, see major third. and one day during my lesson before the children returned from school, he got up to use the laboratory. He was it ten feet away when I heard him toot without me,
sing a b. He said ass if to himself de flat. I think we did speak of it. but both of his head smiles when he returned, I was making progress with pieces which is moonlight sonata and both sides. P no sonata and c major, but only the easy passages, Andrew aimed of accompanying our choir in the church sanctuary, or at least entertaining old friends at a party with a scott joplin medley. The fact that I nervous playing for Mr Kirk was perplexing, but not surprising. I had a history of being nervous when playing in front of an audience even family. I couldn't blame mighty sure, as he was always positive and encouraging the very same pieces I had played to perfection that morning were ten the term and filled with errors, as he sat beside me some, it was ass, though I had never seen the music before that moment is called for
foremans anxiety. He explained nodding sympathetically. And it's not unusual, especially in adults who haven't per formed before audiences, his children, one third DE I sat at the piano before my lesson. As Mr Kirk use the nearby bathroom While waiting, I played my two assigned pieces perfectly, as I done on the preceding days. That was lovely my teacher said when he rejoined me after making some suggest genes concerning dynamics, he had me play the pieces again I can only say that a stranger coming into the room would have assumed. I had developed sudden onset paralysis of the fingers. It was that bad and discouraging, alas, it didn't improve and had seen my future in performance wasn't to be when the children's interests waned.
I imagine my mother watching from her window with a smile on her face, as I hunted them down like fugitives, listen time screaming piano lessons will give you an appreciation for music he'll. Thank me some day we lessons until Mr Kerr developed health issues, his passion for music and his very presence affected, all of us and I ve never regretted my family's year long keyboard journey together. It did indeed contribute to my children's appreciation for music. I've been reminded of it frequently through the years. Like the day John and I shopped it fills second hand bookstore to the accompaniment of all these four seasons playing in the background, Or the day I climbed into scots pick up, and the speakers blared opens minuet in g, major, o sky
I said I always dreamed you would play beethoven for me one day and who could forget that episode of dirty jobs, where might claimed a massive pipe organ in philadelphia church then proceeded to play a few measures of a favorite, classical peace. The only three measures he knew most likely but fans were impressed. I occasionally play simple him, churches evening events, the friendly group, adjust their expectations and continue singing. When I lose my place, they talk it up to nerves, and rightly so, during the covert nineteen quarantine. Church friends have been impressed I might zoom accompaniments. I dont tell them my secret that I practice endlessly then prairies, were the selections on my keyboard. When the time comes, I sit on the bench with the computer. Camera behind me pushed the play
button and move my hands over the keyboard with confidence, not one. stu I land on the wrong key. Somehow I think Mr Kirkwood approve prove. Cooper university health care, south jerseys, top rated hospital with experts in seventy five specialities, that over one hundred locations cooper is the right since leading academic health system, cardiac services innovate, stroke and neurological care, advance, surgical options, comprehensive cancer treatment at empty anderson, cancer cetera cooper when you want top medical sports and services close to home trust, cooper for award winning care cooper committed, compassionate, complete
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