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Time for a cup of coffee with mom!  Peggy Rowe, a.k.a. America’s Grandmother, drops by to discuss an upcoming family wedding, the joys of ninety-year-olds with power tools, and her escapades with chair volleyball and competitive ax throwing. 
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Oh god, coffee with my mother, hey my I loved. Tang. Did you do that by yourself? Yes, I said here with my little piano and plucked out. a cup of coffee with my mom and some other parts? Just for you? What do you think now she's frozen up? This is disappointing. Hey mom, you froze up the hell. Why I'm on two blocks of eyes, I honour things are looking up. Your computer must have finally cooled down. You must get right, it's got so if your fan is off, I suppose we can begin jack. What you think, I think we can. I mean, I think we already dead, but how old are you
computer must at this point who knows I can go into it and find out it's maybe three years, four years old, let's not go into computer right now to find out how old is more. Let's anti that cause, I'm not sure I can get back to where I am now No, I'm not great as technology. If you read my current post, you that people who can read your current post, who can keep up with your posts they're coming so fast and furious. Now you know Well only do a couple a week couple of hundred words two times a week or so that they really do stack up. I start to feel dad does you know when I hear the newspaper land outside the door like crap, you know, gotta, read that I'm not going. during your writing, to the newspaper of course, but you're so prolific. Now, it's very difficult to stay up to speed with your musings yourself flattering Speaking to flattering, would you think of my custom made jingle just for you?
really liked it. I love it. Might and barbara shoppers here and they always comment when you do a barber shop kind of jangle. What are the odds that the people over there? we'll blood break in the song one day and start singing little jimmy we have on the podcast. That would be fun that went before We do have a course worthy called the crest course, but a good. Well there are no additions. No auditions. Anybody who loves to sing can Fine and you know we are all older people, so I don't think I will be making any records anytime soon, how ever they sing with joy enthusiasm and they do a good job and they
have a super leader and accompany asked, so is that the wisdom, Keith Keith, derek syn, and Louise karlsson are accompany us no I'd. I met Louise she's like like a hundred and forty or something the one who's a hunt. I know she's only ninety three, we had dinner with there the other day, she's delightful. She. She is so enthusiastic and positive sheets miles all the time and at ninety three, that's that's saying something she such good company speaking may, ninety worse than today, he was just here. Before you got here. He had to go down and play some pool with the guys had to. he's had a busy day, he had a per dietary appointment, a hearing aid appointment. He got his here, cod,
and now he's gone down to shoot simple with the guys, so he's gotta he's got an ear guy, Otto guy and a hair guy or girl who's who His hearing person and his hair person are female, but his podiatrist is a mail, but the hearing person in her person are not the same person right now no they're, not, although he does have hair growing in his ears. Ideas are growing out of his ears, or this is true. Well, it's any fears. Income What do you have her in your ears, chuck or you're you're still growing as hard as you can tell I yeah. I do I have here in my years and I try to I try to pull it out all the time I dunno, if you're supposed to do that, but whenever I feel it, I just yank it out what about the nose and it is it the same thing cause I you know yeah it's like the ardennes forest in my nose for sure
examining the snow. Those little hairs in your nose perform a function of know very necessary, They are necessary. I have heard that, but I d like to clip em a low, but I gotta go. once there not to stick it out. You know one thing: to the outside its, not very attract right as a rule when you're braiding knows her you ve, probably It is too long to take steps. It's gone too far. Yes, so mom a big week is coming up. for you. I know I'm going to see you in a couple days of all goes. Planned. Are you packed? Are you ready? Are you excited? We are partially pact. We are kind of excited, be glad when we get there the getting there is we're not looking forward the getting their part, but, being there oh yeah be great to see family. So my my niece jessica is getting married down in florida
my mom and dad are hopping on a on a southwest flight. Is that right southwest? Oh, my god and you've got arrangements set up you're getting picked up, you're being taken to the airport. We are yes the driver, taking it to the airport and he's very reliable he'll, be here in time and dumb, don't have to worry about being able to find somebody at the last minute. Do you have your sign ticket for southwest? You know how the queue up works there. Now you know this morning. They be a little notice. They really are on top of things, and they told me it was time to get my boarding pass. So at the exact moment I got my boarding pass. I, what on went onto their website and got it we're all I to go. We and we're gonna check two bags at first. I thought we just put them overhead, but you know they're kind of heavy
and so I think, will check them. So we don't have to pay out. Why not impose much smarter idea so gunnar two bags and then we'll have a little carry on with essentials, but to make sure you understand southwest, does it differently when they board have a seat assignment, but you have a boarding group number on your ticket right. We have a letter. What's the letter, case for you in a group and that you have a number after that we do. What's the number you know it's funny I got on right. At the moment the clock said it was time and were fifty five and fifty six. How sad have now yeah: does that mean in six people were faster than I was that's exactly what that means. So this can go to differ ways you can get there
and watch dad as he tries to figure out who fifty four and fifty five are and then fifty, eight and fifty nine to make sure right in the middle, or you can just go up. I think in pre board, You need to even get in the line. Now. That's ninety forgot sex here, ok, well! Well, You're out, don't worry about it. Hey look. Some viewer sent me a cup. And I'm not asking people to send me things, because our apartment is only so big, but they sent me. cup. That says, please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you drink, my coffee from it. While I'm drinking my coffee from my fancy, heated mug, so I can sit down here for hours and hours making drink slowly. Yeah I'd mention their name, but it's not like. We have an endorsement deal yet so
I around the corner. I also I love that mug, I'm drinking water brought to you by god you didn't get it out of the street. Did you I hear your streets are pretty flooded these days there was quite a bit of water in the streets yeah. I actually got out and played a little disc golf right after the flood and a couple of the holes, so they had to move the pins because you know there were two water traps and stuff almost lost a couple of discs. Do you know what he's talking about mum? No! No! No. When I tried on the client
thanks you talking about vertebrae in your back. Yes, there I have, I think, you're talking about the little discs that you throw and you supposed to hit a target with them. Is that correct you nailed it used to be called frisbee gulf, but now frisbee is not the main company that makes the disks anymore, so they call a discovery and you gotta put the disk in a basket and I'm hooked, they do that right here at the home, where we live disco ochreous. I do my you name it. We have axe, throwing honey. Oh that's! What could possibly go wrong give the ninety year old a hatchet, and this is shuffle board season. The link started last monday, not aware of that there was a caesar's season for sure there is
What is impatient or bored when it's either too hot or too cold. Outside to play. Bochy ball, You have to come inside it shuffle board season. When one is throwing season you. That was, I can't remember, but mike I had trouble station, because dad said he wanted to do it. So I went down to the centre, and I talked with Andrew our fitness guru and he said then show show you the axis, not the axe, throwing your hatchet three anyway. like velcro. They stick onto this target I felt my god. I feel better too, because I'll tell you I was down, you know, Matt, who runs the story behind the story favorite show on tv now on tv on saturdays and when
It really is, I mean, I'm sorry, dirty jobs. I still like dirty jobs, but really you do enjoy the story behind the story. The amateur he's he's like a child in a way, and this barn, where we record these episodes in last season. He brought in a piece of wood from a tree that had to be like twenty feet in diameter I mean it was taller than I could reach right. It's about eight and a half feet. Circular any wheels this thing in on this giant contraption and we throw hatchets at it for about a half hour until I actually got ok at it, but I like darts, I mean they're heavy and they like real sharp hatches dozens of them we're just throwing them at this thing in the middle of bar and while thirty people stand around waiting to film, a tv show so tell dad
The ever really wants it or real hatchet. I no place in colorado where he'd be welcome. You tell him that he has enough activities here quite enough activities to keep him is he do do do do do do do do do do do if you haven't noticed my mother talks a lot about the retirement community where she and my dad now live well that community is now a sponsor of this podcast and I could not be more delighted to officially welcome them aboard Eriksson, Senior living has twice communities in eleven different states and all of them are terrific, my folks live at an ericsson community called o crest same place. My grandparents lived of also got an ant. in an ericsson community down in virginia point as I've got. long history with these guys and I've spent a lot of time with my folks over the last couple of years, and I can tell you honestly, there is no peace of mind that
can rival the relief that comes from knowing your mom and dad or living their best life, especially when you're. Three thousand miles away like I am my dad is busier than he's ever been He my mom of made dozens of new friends. The activities they now enjoy together its endless I mean such as bingo and chair volleyball and all the traditional stuff. There's yoga and pickle ball, then apparently, discussion which I just learned about, there's bought you ball in shuffle board and billiards. There's a book club there's a wood shop where my dad is learning to make all sorts of cool stuff every day there We regret was not moving there ten years earlier, And I can see why I was just back there in november, to celebrate their wedding anniversary and I was again overwhelmed by social calendar, their roster of new friends and the quality of everything from the food to the staff, the activities all of it
anyway? I don't oversell it, but seriously. If you are your parents, were you Parents are looking for a community that truly feels like a community check out eriksson senior living dotcom? No two communities are identical, but all of them, committed to giving their residents every single thing, they need to thrive, Erickson senior, living dot, com and is the disc golf thing is: are those real discs or is that also velcro see? Now I hear plastic yeah and the target is a pole. and it seems to have chains all around it so that where you hid it, it stays in finding those a basket. He has a basket underneath the night, though it hits disposed to hit the chains and fall into the basket line on its own. It only counterfeit lands in the basket. Sometimes you go right through the chain.
Sometimes you glaze off the chains, some people like to do it. I support your father. And what he does and I go to see his games and their enjoyable. But do you know I'm, so busy with writing. God, with my boy, and I'm doing another book, and I do it and says, and I really stay busy, so I dont participate in we play pool in the evening after dinner. Every time I have called you in the last three weeks you ve had to say hello to bad time, we're we're in the middle of a game of eight balls. The stakes are pretty high and then check what they do. Is they start handing the phone back in worth to each other, while the other when shooting then I get distracted by their calls. So nobody thinks a ball its impact able to get an entire exchange out. You ask mama question and dad comes on and you have to repeat the question and then mom comes back on. That's what happens when you
call during a pool game over. There is true. I love the fact that you're so busy there that you can't even sit down to navigate conversation with your son because you're doing fun things. Well sometimes I just said the young. The phone on the edge of the table and just keep playing, and he hears is clear, though, that class. That's a real treat. is the sound of balls smashing into each other is like at at ten and the sound of them. Talking is like it too, so it just sounds like you've wandered into the end of a fourth of July ceremony, but the disk thing mom. Just so you know chuck is really obsessive compulsive, but he gets hooked on a thing and then I ll go real hard into it, and so he started playing this disc off again, and so now it's at least it's Saturday morning, sometimes twice a day. Now it's on sundays as well that
what he's doing right there? So if he ever gets back to baltimore, will definitely swing by the joint and throw a hundred percent on plain and my first tournament on saturday, actually novice, no, not at all benefits of veterans and one of the guys I play with as a marine, and so you know we're doing the thing on saturday down in la mirada. So it's going to be really fun yeah. How nice it is nice to stay busy chuck a great chuck. Are you busy enough. well you know what just barely just barely this I mean the reason we're limiting this call to a half hour. Mom is because, honestly, we don't have time to talk to you for an hour, there is so much stuff going on right. Now I have to pack as well, because I'm leaving the pursuit early tomorrow morning, and I guess I'll see you tomorrow night. Are you
hacked here, because I know this is a thing for you to two suitcases. Therefore I haven't done the toiletries The medications and he all the wires and chargers and all that stuff, the electronic stop. Those three things I save till at last, because we have to he's unplug din until the last minute bright. I guess we, let me tell you it's so can be in living where we do and travelling. Why will because you just lock your door and go if there's any problem at all. Somebody comes in and here. It is wonderful if there's a leak or anything of which has it happened to us in two years. I can't believe it would happen, but believe me they are right on it. If there's any issue at all
we just fill out a little form at the desk, telling them that we are a way for so many days and I gotta leave member, I only this rain up in the bedroom and absolute nightmare. Now it's an absolute I got a door that swings in and for whatever reason we ve tried everything and it just when it blows. I'd ways and real hard like it has been out here. Just a little puddle starts to form and seeps put down the a thousand, you gotta keep putting down the taos and if you don't, let's just a nightmare, in fact, I'm really worried I'm going to be gone for four or five days, and if the rains come back, you know. What can you do complain to your mother? Maybe put some sandbags out on the balcony before you go. That's what we do. We put rocks and garbage bags stretching around and hope it will say we have to do any of that. If you moved into ochreous, you wouldn't have to wear it now. You know, look for islam
moving you're older! Now, really you qualify. What's the age requirement, sixty sixty I'm gettin there. We have quite a few people here in their sixties and early seventies, and it's wonderful because we also have quite a few you forfeit near nineties and we have a whole group of centenarians. I mean these people are amazing, its nice to have the mix because abuse this expression b. were, but have you ever had an elder a dog who has really lost them. lost the will, and has energy or enthusiasm and you bring a puppy in and all of a sudden that older dog acts like you, young? It happened at home with south with shame and
in georgia. Well, that's how it is here. The older people benefit from the presence of these younger people because they start clubs, one of the younger. apples started, shuffle board bowling every monday. They started porn whole. Oh, they started on war I volleyball and chair volleyball, and it all benefits the older people. So it's really nice, it's a symbiotic kind of thing. I think chair volleyball and they use a chair instead of a ball. Now. We are strong and it's very light, the games or other quickly chuck. The following year comes a flying over the net dentures ghosts glittering across the floor w w E there met across the meadow chair
on either side, maybe eight or so, and elderly- People sit in them and some of these people are not capable of being able to while they use a scooter, wheelchair or or role later I mean the object is simple, is just to keep that beach ball in the here well one night, I went there was a woman on the front row who was I dont know she might have been up in upper nineties and She wasn't really aware of what was going on, but she was so sweet and everyone said her. While the ball would hit her in the forehead. Well, it's Then it's light is whether it would go back across the EU. And everybody would say all nice going. your net good once in a while somebody,
mean from the back of her we'd hit the ball. Well, remember it's as light as a feather, so don't feel like this is abuse and they will cater the back of the head and it would come back to them and then they would hit it over the net and people in there. Billy call all nice a says. You re going to net and she would smile. This big smile, it's really fun and really who doesn't have one doing stuff, but for the younger ones there is water volleyball and those people are a little more energetic, combined hard to imagine anyone more energetic than jeanette. change, can remain good yeah. Maybe why stop, by simply comparing them to old dogs? Why not is their real names as that motionless in a game of cherub volleyball waiting for
Must we reckon shake their heads? I don't know if I even have a better time than that and she looks forward to those games, so don't knock it in trash me tell you it's a challenge. It is so I'm a child's right change all rules and make the only points that count ones. Ricochet up jeanette, said chatroom chattering not just up and go get that ball. It's coming so tempting if challenging, to run over and give genetic cpr, but that's a ball, get the ball He has a ball seriously literally on her return. Volleyball The greek dodge,
with the states share targets, but the point is, periods laid down at least you're not played with the accounts, so women digits secession, which you said your very tempted to stand up and go after the balls you do that. That's against the rules! Thousand, that's against young! You can't do that. You gonna stay seated in your chair. competitive and that we don't keep score. We simply count The number of times we headed into the air. So times you might have. Thirty thirty gets to keep, and so that's it's fun. What's the net for them well. Why don't you just have everybody case? They need a stretcher at the last minute capital because sometimes people aided than that the boy to the net, and then that doesn't count because it has the floor
jeanette, not jeanette genetic of flies back like a missile bounces off her forehead high in the air. It goes into the blades of turning fan, which knox it back twice. This speed wow what an imagination mikey should be a writer, don't even joke about it. I all those guys another book and they are so far. My but now I mean time is fortunate images yes, that's the truth. Stow. I want to show you something or I won't do it. we'll show until you're is jeanette there. So damn wrote me a napkin holder, that's a little too big for napkins! That's gets a lot as level to a dead end. he's getting money does hold
Oh boy, your bet, idling books will give a whole three best seller In certainly makes on the coffee table, but they do that's also very negatively smaller ones for napkins and let me show you what elsie did look at this. Isn't this different? That's nice, nice he's gonna drop in finding, yet But it really is a challenge, sir. What what what is it It's an all round and earning almost soon earned. Ok, kind of her no more is really nice, but I'm going to get to that. But this is really a nice ball. Isn't it that's beautiful yeah? It was turned out it's perfect, but before he got pretty good
He wasn't and sometimes don't turn out. So when is what you call crooked, that's an earned with a little rest for your speech but I still I get it was made with love and oh, but you can make boxes for ashes. I dont mean the kind you get out of your fireplace I mean the kind that you know from cremation and so dad was thinking about making a couple of boxes for our ashes some day. Is that too dark? Just a tad: well, I mean: where do you go after knock and poor jeanette's dentures out with a backhand the head, while dead mod happen? Now no more talk about waiting. I dont know how that's one of their top players. My come on. She gets the ball over the net.
I don't know how I feel I mean. I love the fact that dad's in woodshop he sent me some some christmas present some bowls and I like a like a tree ornament, yeah, a little vase and I share those on facebook and people just went crazy for them. I know he's like kind of shy this sort of thing, but tell him I mean if he wants to if he wants to make a custom one but kind bowl we can. action at all for micro works and I guarantee it. It'll are like this one. I don't I don't know about that. that's a great idea, something other than a ball after that post went up, didn't Somebody send you a great piece of work. In the mail. Yes, a big black of wood, a heavy black of what I'm trying to think of the kind of what it was called. I had never heard of it before
it was beautiful. Had really nice grain well done, went down to the wood yesterday and he said he's making three viruses from that block of wood so that every night I have a suggestion. I think this would be a big time seller at auction to benefit micro works, which would be one of those giant napkin holders and All three of your books are running around that's good to rain. That would fetch a pretty penny. You know what see if he's into it, the thing is shocked my dad. He doesn't dumb he's not coming with credit or any kind of accolade, aid or praise. Like my mother, don't let him know just just tell him. You need another one of those giant napkin holders, and you know because he keeps making them and you're going to run out of room. No, but don't understand I go online. I auction off a one of a kind
napkin holder made by my dad full of my mother's books and they are going to get mobbed over at the residence they're right, because everybody follows it. So he's going to be, people will be like commissioning bowls and vases from him and he'll be very and he'll be embarrassed by it or he'll act. Embarrassed, maybe he'll be actually flattered. Mom, it's hard to tell anymore with him, are barest because he doesn't think he deserves credit because he has, I call run a mentor, his name's wrong and he is a manager turner and He has taught dad how to do it, but it's still a work in progress. You don't learn in just a couple of months. It takes a long time to do it. Really
well and the ones that have turned out perfectly well. He had some help with those he had. Some direction from wrong will look when in doubt tell the truth. Most of the. best thing to do is to get a photo of ron and dad and talk about the apprentice ship master relationship. That's what microwaves is that's what dirty jobs is so you know the fact that dad is ninety years old and learning how to operate a lave and making these cool wouldn't objects that people love, I think that's I just think is great and the fact that its being made possible by a guy like run, I mean run, reminds me of your dead pop could have done this stuff. He could have figured out anything but to have a teacher to have somebody who can engage with You at this point in your life. I think that's an awesome somebody who's willing to give their time and their talent.
It benefits somebody else. That's kind of cool, and you know it is this place- is filled with people like that people who give their time to others. They teach courses, they do all kinds of volunteer work and will cool hey. It's already been a half hour. My coffee is getting low We should probably wrap this up, but what about rummy cube? Are you bringing yours or do I have to bring mine I dont know that I have room I in my suitcase. If you have room bring yours. although mine is for six, I have one set for six and one set for for two or four. And you can use that set that's for six. You can use it for fewer people, but have you played this thing? Chuck nope, no idea what it is. Oh it's big here.
It's running came a season at the home. It's really fun because its chair Watching mentally it gives you a chance to use your brain, and I think it's probably good. It's good for your brain use it it's a number game. It's like rummy meets dominoes, so you play with tiles, like with a little margin thrown in, and you have to get rid of your time else and you can make sets or you can make runs, but all the numbers are different colours and they're all kinds of rules that pertain to the colors and, and you can your play on other people's melts and stuff. So it's it's kind of slow in the beginning, but then it gets like the possibilities are just They kind of blow your mind a little bit and then they introduce a timer, because you can t take twenty minutes and still agonize over your turn, but a leg timer
gives you a minute which just ratchet up the stakes and makes my dad flip the table over and say bad words and stop often go my balls. You know it. You never heard threat and the nice thing is, you can be a hundred five and enjoy this game. Children enjoy bring it bring it. I got my. I got my version of it, although my friends from australia came by the other day and tat that its pronounced rummy cub and we had this whole argument about it, because I know it's rummy cuba protocols, rummy cube. And he said you spell it might, and I said well, I got the box Donald added and there's no e at the end of it. It looks like. Me cub, we call it rummy q, but you know You know phonetic, bringing it wouldn't be, rummy, cub
Don't get your involved or so you know could be anything real. Exactly anything goes. This is true, is plunging if you're looking for a fund game people who are listening to this body cast, Rummy q might be the way to go, but there's no one listening to will. We expect a full report button, but, let me add this mic on a timer isn't as good as this you set your time before a minute. I'm on your phone. You mean yes and people only take ten seconds and they know they don't have a move. You don't have to wait for the eighth time reward or turned it over. There's no wasted time or motion with your phone as a timer. Good too. Are you so to review the next time?
I see you will be either tomorrow night or friday down in florida. I know you've got your outfits all picked out. I have not packed anything yet, but I'm going to do that right now and I'll. the rummaging? Well, let me tell you how I got my outfit too. We have enough time shermer, whatever you need, one, I'm not a sharper, I'm not a great chopper, and so in my I do right and post to articles weak, and I mentioned how difficult it is shopping, how frustrating and I can't find what I'm looking for blah blah blah a group of his got together on new year's eve, while the and brought tops- lovely tops they ve had. Haven't worn in ages. For me try on and one of them just fit perfectly, and so I've borrowed a top to where's. That's how I got whose top or we ok with names,
jeanette jeanette Her name is mary, Margaret and she's lending. May her talk it's beautiful, so And dad he's wearing a suit that he's had four thirty, five or forty years he's hundreds of its it still well, you know, there's been some shrink and so we had to have the legs taken up an inch and I'm the arms taken up. Otherwise it fits yeah. No one else has shrunk now. I don't think so. Good. now that I've noticed, but so we are ready. We are ready for this trip, and I can't wait to see you my and our good mom it'll, be great to see you in person thanks for making time, for this say, hey dad and I'm serious about that bowl and that napkin thing we're
start our of hell, we're gonna start. These scholarship programme and probably in february, which means I'll start looking for a new and clever ways to raise money so and by probably February he means probably march yeah. Is it march chuck? Do we know good baker? I don't think it's yep could big very alright mom anything else for, let you I don't think so. I think we ve covered everything but If we do this again I'll, have other topics that will be pertinent a cup of coffee with my mom, but on pump love you I need to this was fun good, see you guys here by I gather coffee with my mom.
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