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299: BONUS STORY: He Delivered the Message

2023-02-10 | 🔗
Back by popular demand is a brand-new story for the curious mind with a short attention span.  And here’s your only clue – When people needed to be stopped, the agency counted on Dick to stop them.  
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Now look what you ve done. You ve clicked on it, this episode of the way. I heard it. Congratulations its episode numbered Ninety nine and it's called he delivered. The message we easy easy chuck is very excited chuck tell them why you're so excited four excited, because this is us bringing back the original format of you right this story and delivering it in that classic the way I heard it style, and I can't wait for this episode to come out and see what people's real she is to it because their heads, a good explode like mine, is exploding. Now it's been well over a year since I've been able to say a story for the curious mind with a short attention span, but that's what these are. If your new to the podcast, I want to bore you, but to do one of these a week, and it took a lot of time because writing takes time. But the stories themselves
there easy to listen to, in fact, you'll be done with this whole thing in ten minutes and have a little story to ruminate upon and perhaps share. I hope I don't know that your holds, but I'm going to try and do one of these a month chalk. If you can contain ura your excitement, this one is called. He delivered them. Message and before I share with you, have you been caught expo before personally now I've never been. I just remember your experience three years ago When do you, gotta go man if you're in destruction, business. You probably know about the construction expo every three years. They do this bacchanalia in las vegas. Where manufacturers construction equipment come from all over the world and they like take over the strip. So there's bulldozers and there's cranes.
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special gift from my pals at caterpillar and remember, to say hello to me and shake my hand and ask me what my dirtiest job was. I really can't get that question enough. That's cat dot com slash had central its for each och at cat dot com, slash cat central see you all at the construction expo in the meantime say might say it. by popular demand, say it might say it was the way I heard it. Dick was recruited by the agency at the height of the cold war. He didn't look like a spy, or an assassin or a man to be fraid of he looked like an accountant which is probably why dick was so good at his job as a former fighter pile
he had distinguished himself during the second world war, but it was his work on the ground that may dick the most valuable asset. The agency at ever deployed his first assignment came in the fall of nineteen. Sixty four, a man at the agency called John sure vodkas provided dick with an address in flushing new york and instruct him to go there and deliver a message to a woman called mrs Logan dick didn't know, mrs logan was, but he didn't particularly care. He understood the chain
command and was not inclined to ask a lot of questions so dick drove to flushing new york. He found the address the agency, provided he found the woman called mrs logan, and then he delivered the message firmly John travancore was pleased. The agency was pleased and later that month, a cardboard box arrived at dicks home address inside the ox was a bonus for a job well done and so began a career like no other flushing job lead to another and another after that and another after that, dick was on a role, and twenty years later, the former fighter pilot, who looked like an accountant was credited with five hundred confirmed, hits he retired from the agency with honour and state that way for the next
Fourteen years until his phone rang during breakfast in the fall of nineteen. Ninety nine, his wife answered hello, oh john, yes, my goodness and has been quite awhile dick didn't have to wonder who was calling meg's expression set at all. It was John Caracas from the agency he's eating breakfast John. Can he call you back? Oh, I see meg looked at her husband and covered the phone. He says it's urgent, dick frowned and gestured for the phone after fourteen years of retirement. What could the agency possibly want with an old turn like him, hello, John dick. How are you I'm old said dick? How are you still standing said? John look I'll go right to the point
We got a situation, its delicate and, I think you're, the man for the job, dick merely spit his coffee back into his cup. I'm sorry, John, but I'm out of the aim. I play golf these days, I'm eighty two years old for crying out loud. I don't think you understand the sticks, dick meet me for lunch. Let me walk you through it John I'm sorry, but there's just no way dick. Please just a lunch for old time's sake, dick side. Well, I've got it
at the time at ten. I assume you know where I play. I do said John well meet me at the club, then say one pm I'll be there said John dick hung up and handed the phone back to meg. You don't have to do this, dick you don't owe them anything. Dick wasn't so sure. Are we still getting the deliveries every month said meg, but you already earned those boxes and everything inside them. Don't let them suck you back in dick, told his wife not to worry and promised to be home for dinner. Then he dragged his clubs.
from the garage and put them into his trunk and drove to the golf course where he proceeded to shoot the worst round of his life. His mind was simply not on the game. His mind was on that first job in flushing way back in nineteen sixty four. He could still see the woman in his minds. I missus low they called her, he never knew her real name and she had never. known his, but he would never forget her face. Or the faces of all the others, the faces of those who need it to be stopped. After a truly dismal round dick left his golf bodies and walk over to the restaurant to meet the man who had recruited, All those years ago, my god said John look at you, you're not look a day over sixty you're a liar said dick part of the job.
Said John, the two men laughed and shook hands John ordered a couple of drinks and toasted the old days. You remember our first job dick. I was just thinking about it. Flushing nineteen sixty four, maybe it was fate, laugh John flushing. I mean really. How perfect is that tell me something? Are you still getting the packages every month said dick meg doesn't know what to do with it. All well said on that was part of the deal right, a lifetime supply for a job. Well done, the two men laughed some more and caught up like the old friends they were, then they got down to business Here's the situation said John. None of the new stuff is working. It's ninety. Ninety nine people are freaked out about why to kay they want nostalgia. They want a familiar face.
They understood. He recalled how excited the agency had been back and nineteen. Seventy eight, when a national pole revealed that the only thing This is more familiar than his where richard dixons and billy grams. In fact, more people recognised Dicks face in nineteen, seventy eight, then mohammed Ali's evil can evils and mary tyler moors. What about the colonel ass dick? Have you reach out o the colonel we'll be back said, John? No doubt about and charlie ass, dick yeah charlie's back to while said dick. I guess things are pretty bad when you have to rely on a talking fish, John laughed, you have no idea but look colonel sanders and charlie the tuna they don't. Would you have trust me old friend this,
your second act- we need you and america hasn't forgotten your face. As usual, John Travis was right. That's why his agency offer dick a new contract, a talent contract from an advert, I think it should see called benton and bowls the same advertising agency that launched one of the most successful campaigns in the history of television way back in nineteen sixty four, a campaign that featured a former fighter pilot named ricardo D Guglielmo, who changed his name to dick Wilson and went on become a very successful character, actor appearing in nine broadway productions thirty, seven feature films and over fifty tv shows an incredible body of work that would be forever eclipsed by the role he made famous.
Role that required him to deliver a message dreamed up by a copy writer named John Travis, a message he first delivered in an actual grocery store in flushing new york at the height of the cold war, a message he repeated and five hundred and four hit commercials, including the ones he recorded in nineteen. Ninety nine at the tender age of eighty two, the message that earned him decades of risk jewels along with a monthly bonus for a job. Well done a soft and fragrant bonus. That arrived a dick wilson's home in large cardboard boxes every month for forty years, a lifetime supply of toilet paper for a man who really was
a role, millions and millions and millions of roles, thanks to his unforgettable portrayal of Mr Whipple, the per snickey grocer, who delivered the same message over and over and over again a simple message that everyone who heard ignored, including him, please don't squeezed the sharm anyway, that's swear, I heard it The.
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