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Episode 134: Not Your Typical Homemaker

2019-05-07 | 🔗

Julia was flattered by the proposal—but it came with certain… preconditions.

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Hey there's micro. This is the way I heard it's the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span: hey if you already picked up my book the way I heard it. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. I am grateful and if you liked it I'd, be grateful again if you took a second term viewed over at Amazon by publisher, says the reviews are really important and I'm trying to impress my publisher if having picked up a copy, you can find one at micro dot com, slash book. The book itself is a combination of stories, from this podcast interrupted by a series of story.
From my own misspent youth and dubious career in the world of nonfiction television, eight brag, but it is New York Times best seller and my mom says it's. The feel good hit the holiday season had an about that, but we do have a few autographed copies left at micro, dot, com, slash book and I'm told they would make ideal Christmas presents hashtag just say and pick up a copy. It micro, dotcom, slash book stuff me in somebody stocking I'd, be grateful this the wired, Julia, stepped out of her tent after dawn and marvelled at the site. Before her a sloping hill covered with wild flowers, a pristine, beach and unlimited view bill was a catch, no doubt about it, but his proposal had taken her by surprise now
having slept on it. Julia was still undecided. Bill was the guy The guy who believed a man's home was his castle, which begs the question did bill C himself as a king? If so, what does that? Make her bills? Happy little homemaker, coincidentally, and four to ITALY. Julia held in her hand a copy of yesterday's San Francisco examiner, which bill had left on her suit case on the front page just below the fold was an article entitled rules and advice for wives,. Was it really an article? It was more like a public service announcement printed for the edification of America's aspiring homemakers. Did he intend for her to see these rules before he pop the question Juliet didn't know, but she perused the rules. Nevertheless, one dont be
strata, get nothing appeals more strongly to a man and the prospect of his own economic independence to keep your home clean. Nothing is more refreshing to the eyes of the tired nerve, racked husband than the sight of a well tidy home. Three do not permit your person to become unattractive slovenly wife makes for a truant husband, wealthy Julia rule. Number one should pose a problem. Her taste were sophisticated, but so too were bills. Surely the purchase of a few nice things wouldn't threaten his masculinity. Likewise, rule number two: she was all for keeping a clean house but the bill really expect her to be dusting in vacuuming. Surely a man with resources like his would spring for made regarding rule number three
Julia understood the importance of appearances. Hers would be maintained, regardless of their future together. Rule number four: do not receive attention from other men. Husbands are often jealous without cause, do not give them cause actually thought Julia that wasn't whore legal advice bill, was possessive and made no secret of it. She knew all about the phone calls he'd made before popping. The question pointed calls to specific men with whom She had a history. If she said yes to bill, rule number four might be worth heating rule number five do not resent reason. We'll discipline of children by their father? Mothers should not assume that all chastisement is severe or unjustifiable. Not an issue thought Julia Bill already had five kids. Six, if you believe
rumours if you wanted to slap them around, that was not of her business. Rule number six I've spent too much time with your mother, Ferenc doing, you may spend too little time at home. No worries there. If she said yes, bill would become her priority. A simple fact: she and her mother would have to accept rule number seven do not accept advice from neighbours. Have a plan of your own to solve all home related problems. Neighbours thought Julia. What neighbours Juliet doubted there would be any neighbours at all. As for a plan of her own, that was given Julian. Never did anything without a plan. Rule number eight, never disparage your husband. That's funny thought. Julia bill was basically in the disparagement business. What now
The thing could she possibly say that hadn't been said already a thousand times rule number nine smile be attentive in little things and indifferent. Wife is often supplanted by an ardent mistress, Julius. Where did Bill had a mistress and everyone knew it as well as a wife, but Julia understood attention to detail. Did. It was her obsession with the little things that had attracted bill in the first place. Rule number ten be feminine. Men do not mind coaxing, but they resent coercion femininity attracts them. Masculinity in the female repels, Julius snorted, even louder this time She knew that certain men were impervious to feminine wiles, just as certain women were immune to the charms of men, it was a fact to which she could personally a test
And yet here she was a single woman who had been whisked. Way to this most romantic of locations to ponder proposal from a married man with a mistress who had promised to make all of her dreams come true. Bill emerged from his tents holding two cups of coffee Julia Folded, the newspaper and tucked under her arm. They stood together in silence, sipping, coffee, admiring the wild flowers, the beach and the Pacific, Location location location said bill. It is a good one agreed Julia. Have you come to a decision said bill? I have said Julia. She turned to face bill who owned the newspaper tucked under her arm. She considered his reputation. His penchant for yellow journalism for printing
wild rumours and spurious gossip. She also considered his budget. Are you sure you want me Julia asked? You know I'm not your typical homemaker bill grinned, I dont want a typical homemaker. He said I want to build a home with you. She took a deep breath and nodded ok. Julia said: let's do it. And so they did right there on a sloping hill covered with wild flowers as the Wild Pacific crashed on the rocks, often the distance, as always, Julia began with a plan when construction ended three decades later bills, family campground had been transformed into one hundred in twenty three acres of gardens, terraces pools and walkways a zoo filled with exotic creatures? and in the centre of it all a new home with one hundred
sixty five separate rooms designed by the homemaker, who had had the good sense to accept bills proposal now, not a marriage proposal, a business propose a proposal to build a home, unlike any other made to the first female architect licensed by the State of California, a woman who left behind seven hundred unique building and homes all marked by her tireless attention to detail and unwavering commitment to satisfy her. Many clients say what you want about bill, Bag and nineteen nineteen, when America believed its place was in the home. He hired a homemaker to build one, a woman who. Shared his belief that a man's home was
his castle. In this case, a castle by the sea, built by an architect named Julia Morgan and named for the king who live there. A king of media named William Randolph Hearst anyway. That's why I heard. The story you just heard is true least the way I heard it. Thank you chuck Klausmeier for producing this podcast Matthew. Zipkin, thank you for hitting the buttons over here at one union recording studios. Thank you, gentle listener for listening and if you haven't subscribed- and you would prefer not to miss a new episode. Consider yourself officially invited to do that very thing. Talk to you next week,
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