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Episode 160: A Groundbreaking Structure of Staggering Possibility

2020-06-16 | 🔗

This architect enjoyed a good challenge.  But this one nearly broke him...

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Hey guys, micro. This is the way I heard at the only podcast. For the curious mind, The short attention span, this episode number one sixty it's called a ground breaking structure of staggering possibility. It's a fun story I hope you like it. I wrote it last week in an hour v, partly in an hour we and partly in an air being B. I spent five nights in an air b b and six days cruising around California, with four old friends inside of a giant recreational vehicle. Why? Because the time had come for a dirty jobs, reunion and a road trip, he added, the rumours are true. We want
Shooting new episodes of dirty jobs that may or may not happen will see what kind of cards the universe deals us in the next few months. But for now we thought it might be fun to look back at some of our favorite dirty jobs, adventures and misadventures an reconnect with some of our favorite essential workers see with their up to now a days. So I called the network. They were game. I called bar ski, he was game and so Dave BAR Ski Chris Jones, Doug, Glover and Troy path, the guys who are really at the heart of dirty jobs. In its heyday. We all got together, we all got tested for covered. We all pass the test and then we all got into this are we then we spent the last five or six days together, and it was great a check in with a lot of old friends from the show
we're putting together the episodes right now I'll. Let you know when you can see them it'll happen, pretty quick, I think, but this last week was really just terrific. That's why I've been so scarce on facebook and I'm glad I was able to get this story done because it was inspired in part. By something I saw on this trip, a structure that I'd seen for, in my travels, but not one I'd really taken the time to examine and explore, and after doing a fair amount of examination and exploration regarding the structure I came to, the inescapable can collusion that it was in every way a groundbreaking structure of staggering possibility. Brought you buy, a ground breaking company called zip recruiter. Yes, I know you ve heard me talk about zip recruiter before please indulge me and give me sixty seconds to sing their praises
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to Junior now Peter was laid off during covert nineteen. He was anxious to find another. I t job quickly he's got a mortgage he's got bills like most people, so I posted has reservations, recruiter, zip recruiter, identified him as a great match for the role it mats and resources they interviewed and hired Peter in less than three weeks. That's how fast it happens. Even now, when the world is upside down, zip recruiter helped.
To find the right job and they help mats and find the right person for a hard to fill role there. It is that's the moral of the story see how they can do the same, for you. Try them for free at zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash row, that's zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash, r, o w e honest they work. I've used him. I know it that's the way. I heard it. That's the fact jack, and this is a ground breaking structure of staggering possibility. Back in nineteen. Seventy fear long. Before he became a household name. The legendary architect was struggling to make ends meet. He was a professor in those days teaching arc
sexual design at the college of applied arts in Budapest and wondering what it might be like to be rich He was about to find out to a ground breaking structure that he was about, to design a structure that would too Its form and industry and make him the wealthiest architect who ever lived. Long after his revolutionary designed began to appear in every major city this wealthy of architects sat down with CNN and revealed the secret of his enormous success space. He said as always intrigued me, specifically the altar creation of space by art actual objects repercussions of that alteration on man, space time and the object itself of Gore, CNN didn't exist back in nineteen. Seventy four
and the press wasn't terribly interested with the teaching methods of a non traditional architect who, like to spare meant in his classroom. Thus, no one report on the strange evolution of his initial prototype meticulously. Abrogated model consisting, Twenty six individual units, each perfectly cement go with the other, each capable of moving within the structure itself at a glance The blueprints proposed a design that appeared to be both uninhabitable, beyond the limits of modern construction at base. It was a modular structure that offer endless possibilities, possibilities. The greatest minds and architecture had never even contemplated Frank, Lloyd right. I am pay Frank Gehry, Buckminster, fuller, the ha ha deed, none Them could have undertaken a project of this magnitude.
Even the geniuses who gave us the Colosseum, the TAJ Mahal, the pyramids of Giza. They have all been bewildered by this ground breaking structure that challenged man's relationship with space and time, the fabrication began modestly, the architect took his students to the Woods shop where he had them carve out the individual units he needed to construct the prototype he used would be. It was simpler to work with than the material he proposed for the actual construction to save time here. Bother to hollow out the units he simply and directed his students to carve out twenty six identical blocks of wood bore a whole the centre of each and carry them back the classroom where the real work began.
Prototypes and models are tricky things. In this case, the architect relied upon paint tape glue, he's of elastic bands and all the huge amounts of a vacation Bible school project on steroids. He was, after all, constructing model upon which the efficacy of his entire thesis would be judged. In other words, the prototype is crucial If you want to see your structure built in the real world, working from the blueprint keeping his students engaged in every phase, the architect connected the wooden blocks in a way that allowed them to move around after construction was complete. This was the heart of his great architectural breakthrough. Imagine a structure with individual units of identical size that could be physically rearranged within the confines of the framework. It was
simply unheard of ingenious and very nearly impossible to replicate. In fact, it took months for the architect to unlock the secret his own blueprint, but when he finally did his students. Saw the many possibilities his design afforded. It was their enthusiasm that convinced him to mass produce his prototype and that is when this soft spoken, professor, who taught architecture old design behind the iron curtain realized tis, true purpose, the purpose he disguise I'm too CNN. Forty years later, as the alteration of space by architectural objects. The repercussions of that alteration on man, space time and the object itself, in other words, the wealthiest architect
The world made his fortune by building a structure. That no one could live in a diabolical contrivance that began as a teaching aid meticulously designed to illustrate the importance of three dimensional thinking and alternative possibilities, possibilities that number no less than forty three Quintilian. A staggering number of alternatives that turned his Teaching aid the best selling toy in the world, a toy invites children of all ages to drive themselves insane by compulsively arranging and rearranging those twenty six brightly coloured three dimensional squares in the feudal, hope of segregating all six colors, thereby solving a frustrating puzzle invented by an architect who needed a month to figure out the damn. Thing for himself, an architect called Erna, now remembered
and blamed for the infernal squares that bear his name The three dimensional squares of ground brow king structure of staggering possibility. The Rubik's cube anyway. That's the way I heard it So there s a little frustrated there at the end. If so, it's only because I was this is the way I talk about them. I heard it the only spontaneous analysis of the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span. Where an I attempt to explain the circumstances that compelled me to write the story. You just heard
in this case those circumstances are fairly straightforward. That's not always the case, sometimes with this little bit of real estate after the story, I take the opportunity to dive deeper into the larger themes that might resonate from the peace may be a splash about a bit in these sociological implications or the headlines currently defining our country, but here now it's really simple. I was lying in bed last Monday, but eleven o clock and I was about to not off and for some reason I opened up the drawer. The bedside table at the European Bee, where I was staying and in the drawer, were several odds and ends a few books. Some lotion of some kind
Andy Rubik's cube, so I removed the Rubik's cube and began a twisting and turning it thinking, perhaps that the twisting and turning would lol me into a slumber. Well, it didn't the twisting and turning compelled me to do more to thing and turning and more fiddling next thing, I knew it was three o clock in the morning and I had thrown the Rubik's cube across the room. Only too see it bounce off of the wall and not shatter into many little plastic shards as I wished, but does get it back across the floor and landed right there. Next to me- and so I took it with me the next morning in the army and twisted and fiddled some more on that nothing back in bed, more twisting more fiddling next day in the army. I kept it with me by Friday. It became obvious. I was
going to figure out the Rubik's Q hoop, which was frustrating, but on the positive side I googled ergo Rubik, to see. If perhaps there was something about this devil. I could learn this man who had tortured me with his device for the last few days. That's right, learned, he'd, been an architect and that's where it occurred to me This might be a fun story, a fun little misdirect. That's also where I learned that there were several quintilian solutions to the Rubik's cube
making me feel all the more foolish for not being able to find even one of them. Anyway. That's how the story came out. I wrote it on the ride back home couple days ago and I shared it with you just now. I suppose, if I wanted to ruminate search for some larger theme I might to, I might juxtaposed the fact that the Rubik's cube provides us with trillions of possible solutions, whereas the greatest matters of the day
to limit us to just to this or that pro orcan, black or white, we're living in this time of incredible cookie cutter advice where everyone is being told essentially to do the same thing and think the same way and behave the same way, we're all being weighed and measured. It feels like by by a lot of people who are demanding answers, maybe I'm just imagining it, but on social media anyway, when you have five or six million people on Facebook page, as I am fortunate to have in times like this people, people want to know where you stand and it's not unreasonable. I suppose my my personal feelings around the issues of the day, the pandemic, the racial issues. All of that you know the. Of course I have a
yes, but I I typically don't share them readily, because I like to stay in my lane now I've opinions about workforce and education. I opened my big mouth on that all the time, but on these other issues, some typically a bit more circumspect, I like to like to wait for a bit like to form an opinion that I can at least defend before I share it, but we seem to have lost our patients with silence. Silence, I'm told now is violence. I know that, because mean says so, so it must be true right. So maybe, when I opened up the drawer of the bedside table and saw the Rubik's cube, maybe on sub subconscious level, it reminded me of the box. We ve put ourselves into this binary box, this prison of of two ideas, or you must either before or against the thing, and maybe on some subliminal level. I was attracted to the myriad of possibilities, the plethora of salute,
Sean's afforded to us by the Rubik's Q. On the other hand, maybe I was just trying to do something to help me sleep which ultimately made me frustrated and led me to throw the cube across the room. Point Leslie, whom else? Sometimes a cube, is just a cube I reckon back next week with the another story and some more free association till then stay safe, be well areas,
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