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Episode 210: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

2021-07-27 | 🔗

Mike takes a deep dive into the nature of authenticity, with a little help from Sean McCourt – a former Broadway actor who works today as a producer on After the Catch and contributor to The Way I Heard It, and God only knows what else. Sean also happens to be the father of Charlotte, the eleven-year-old Girl Scout made famous by her blisteringly honest critique of the cookies she was trying to sell to her Daddy’s wealthy friend five years ago. A critique that unleashed a media blitz for which Mike accepts most of the blame. It’s a rumination on the power of action, and inaction, and the squishy middle in between.

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Hey guys micro. This is the way I heard it episode number two ten two hundred and ten of these things we ve done. Can you believe it? This was called. Don't just do something stand. Their days episode was difficult to tie honestly, because there were so many viable options from which to choose. My first choice was: a wash in a weird mix of scripture and disappointment for reasons that will become self evident, followed by with apologies to Dolores, which is also very strong, but then my guest than old friend called shown. The court who I work with on after the catch told me with regard to his career on Broadway and I'm quoting, I was in Mary Poppins, which is simply possible to ignore, if you're, a sucker for juvenile double entendu, but then chalk.
MIKE Tyson impersonation, which made me think I'd better call. This episode. Please don't tell MIKE Tyson about this episode, which I also is very strong, but not as strong as the advice Sean shared halfway through our conversation, advice he received from the captain of the Titanic. Another Broadway show that he appeared and before he was in Mary Poppins advice. They came down to this. Don't just do something and there it is quite possibly the best advice and aspiring actor could ever hope to receive, especially if that actor with striving to do something. Authentic and since authenticity is really the point of this whole episode. That's that I'm going with. We start with the true story of a man whose name has become synonymous with all things authentic and whose many inventions have improved your life. Immeasurably there
so personal reflections on Anthony Bourdain and fill Harris two men. I had the pleasure to know who also for better or worse epitomize authenticity, then the most authentic of them all a girl scout name Charlotte Mc Court who just happens to be the daughter of my guest Charlotte MC court was eleven years old when she wrote a blue strongly honest critique of the girl scout cookies. She was attempting to sell. I found her critique to be hysterics compelling and weirdly instructive, so I recorded it and posted a video on Facebook about five years ago well what followed was a what they call viral moment that lead not only to a new world record of girl scout cookie sales, but to an international media blitz that shot and Charlotte are still trying.
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Eighteen, sixty nine complaining on the Michigan Central Railroad got you nowhere, lifting with his legs and pivoting with his hips, the grease man flipped. His wrist said the anthracite sailing through the air and watched it vanish into the furnaces gaping mouth. The sounds of his work kept time with the two bow of the train that swayed beneath him a steady, Sophia rhythm telling man and machine through America's Heartland as the grease man shovelled. It occurred him that his body worked a lot like the engine, he fed the more fuel he gave it the faster it went but when the train slowed and ground to a sudden halt for the fifth time that day, the grease man stop thinking in metaphors and prepared himself for the job at hand. The job that no one wanted, but somebody had to do armed with an oil can a giant brush.
and the bucket of rendered animal fat he jumped from the engine car and began the business of lubricating the axles, as well as every piece of exposed metal inside the locomotives engine. It was tough work, it was hot but there was no getting around it back then locomotives were constantly down for oiling and loosening so too were ends and wheels, and machines and factories all over the world. Everything that moved needed, lubrication and nothing could be lubricated while it was moving. Thus, the wheels of civilization could only turn as quickly as the grease man could work, and so after ten minutes of contortions underneath, several box cars and inside the engine itself. Our hero emerged, looking very much like a glazed donut, Sweat Street
down his forehead and stung his eyes. Chunks of animal fat clung to his overalls and skin was he resentful? Did he believed that his fancy apprenticeship at a prestigious, Jeanne Shop in Scotland, entitled him to something more than a job shovelling coal, and slithering lubricant into the end trails of this iron horse. The short answer is no, but the grease men didn't think about that. He was too thirsty to think very, very thirsty. Yet as he gulped down cup, your cup of cool water. He was struck once again by the similarities between a hard working engine and hard working railroad man, along with copious amounts of fuel, both required plenty of internal lubrication. The Greece
an refilled, his empty cup, and wondered allowed what if a train could be hydrated as easily as a man? It was a good question and for the next year he tinkered in his workshop, determined to find an answer. Eventually, he perfected a prototype and applied for patent. His device was simple: a reservoir oil that used gravity to deliver just enough of the lubricant to wherever it was needed, while the engine was still running. He called it a lubricating cup if it worked a motive engines would no longer need to stop in order to be oiled. True Radical solution would eliminate his own job, but all things considered, it seemed like a risk worth taking. As it turned out. The lubricating cup did work
and the impact on productivity and mobility was astounding. Word of this breakthrough spread all over the country soon every engineer and conductor from two comments. Tallahassee was demanding one. Obviously, the grease man was in opposition to leap into mass production, so for the next few years, cheap imitations popped up everywhere. They all promised the same result, but none proved as reliable as the original. In fact, most of the knockoffs made the problem even worse. If it wasn't the grease man's original lubricating cup, while just wasn't worth the price over the next. Sixty years the Greece
and would apply for and receive fifty six additional mechanical patents, his work revolutionized the industrial revolution. He invented the ironing board along the way. His wife was tired of steaming shirts, as well as the sprinkler. He was tired of watering is long, but it was the lubricating. up. He came up with the change the pace of modern civilization and helped build the infrastructure we rely upon today. According to Thomas Edison, genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. If he had consulted with Greece whose name was Eliza. He might have aside a few percentage points to lubrication and emancipation as well. because long before Eliza was greasing wheels on the Michigan Central Railroad, hundreds
of anonymous: men and women were quietly greasing different sets of wheels on a different set of tracks, tracks that carried Eliza parents from a plantation in Kentucky to a small town in Canada. There, the grease man had been born on law,
his father a free man thanks to the underground rail road Eliza, was afforded an opportunity thanks to his parents. Eliza was afforded an apprenticeship and thanks to his work ethic and his unquenchable thirst to build a better mousetrap Eliza was afforded so much success that his last name still resonates today. You know it, you ve, probably used it. It's a slave name. That's become synonymous with everything, authentic everything, original name. We invoke today whenever our search for the genuine article leads us to ask. Is that real Mccoy. You can't script. The Bering Sea feel Harris said that at another one of our round table after the catch conversations
We were having a round of dock farts and discussing the strange appeal of deadliest catch when Phil offered that brilliant rejoinder he repeated it under his breath seconds later, as he lit one more cigarette, you can't script Bering Sea Damn I said, why do you always say the best stuff when the cameras aren't rolling Phil shrugged? Why do you ask the best questions during commercials I laughed and repeated the same question a few minutes later, but of course, with the cameras, Rolling Phil gave a different answer, as I knew he would it's the narrator he said he's the secret to our success that sexy devil could make anything sound exciting. While I said
has no accounting for taste the captain's laughed and we moved on to another topic, but I've been struck once again by fills stubborn refusal to repeat himself. He saw second takes as a performance that drove the producers crazy, because Phil said so many great things off camera but feel figured reality. Tv oughta be real and he did his best to keep it that way. What the hell happened. he asked me during the next break, one minute, I'm watching Jacques Cousteau Jane Goodall in David Attenborough. Now all I see her real housewife, great real at all and survival expert stricken their own p, what the hell's next he threw back and other doc fart and let one more cigarette you're right. I said because he was not long after that conversation, the Amish got a mafia, the ducks gotta dynasty, honey, gotta Bubu,
In reality, tv became profoundly unreal today all about making moonshine flippin houses panning for gold, pawning crap ends orange lockers and getting yelled at by angry chefs who have been paid to get angry. Everyone else is naked and afraid. I've seen the scripts for many of those on scripted shows Believe me, they exist and there no less detailed than the script of a sitcom were movie. But one thinks for short, no matter how hard Hollywood tries to produce reality feel got it right. You can't script. The Bering Sea there was a great moment in every Bourdain. Show parts unknown, Phil Harris didn't live to see it, but he would have loved it. Tony goes scuba diving for Octopi in Sicily, but there are no octopi to be found then out of nowhere. They appear all around him on
notes to board Dane a local producer is dropping them off the side of the boat. Above him. Imagine the scene. Ordain is twenty, feet down with his camera. Man and his spear went store, bought frozen octopi begin to float by his head. That's what any reality. Producer in my business would do the same. salvage the scene, but it makes Bourdain crazy. He saw Paul. He does the only sensible thing he can think to do. He starts drinking in protest and continues to drink. For the rest of the episode to the point, where he's useless on camera later on in voice over he rips into that produce so for attempting to full his viewers and demands that CNN Air, the raw footage which, to its credit CNN, does the one time I got to meet Tony. I compliment him on that episode, like Joan Rivers, Phil Harris and the Bering Sea. Tony
could not be scripted on the very first season of deadliest catch back before anyone understood what the show might become. Someone at the network thought crab. Fishing would make for a terrific gameshow. I'm not get as the host of whatever this thing was. I was instructed to award a cash prize of two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the winning boat on camera. The ingenious producer who came up with the idea was not in dutch harbour when the commander of the coastguard found out about it. I was: are you people out of your minds? It was a general question posed to a small group of producers cameraman and me, gentlemen. this is the most dangerous job on the planet. How much deadlier do you wanted to be? The commander was looking direct
Let me in the ensuing silence it seemed rude, not to reply. While sir, I can speak for the network, but it seems to me what's your name son. The commander was my age, but he called me son how awesome isn't a micro, I said Are you the star the show? No, I said on the host. Do you work for the discovery channel? Yes, sir, Do the wider I'll get you speak for them? I understood the commanders frustration every week. The coastguard answers multiple calls from fishing boats in Stress, boats, captain by mortal men, who sometimes push things a little too far in the race to get as much crab on board as quickly as possible. In the commanders eyes, we. Were morons who'd flown in from Hollywood to throw gas on a fire that was already burning out of control, the commander? an entirely wrong trust me? I said
I am sure that my masters won't want to turn your crab season into a free for all the commander side and shook his head. You don't get it son, it's already a free for all and you guys are making it worse. Once again, he wasn't wrong to worry the active watching a thing always changes the behaviour of the thing you're watching. It's called the observer affect its true in physics and its true and crab fishing, with or without two hundred fifty thousand dollars to dished out a film crew in Dutch was going to change things, but the commander was entirely right either. Two weeks after this conversation, the Big Valley went down, but there was no film crew on board. No one was there to watch as it sank, and injuries and fatalities didn't increase.
after filming began. In fact, after our first season aired, a new law was passed that eliminated the derby approach. That many believed me, crab fishing more dangerous than it had to be. I could argue that our show actually helped make things safer, but I won't because people still die up there, no matter how careful they try to be. You can't script the Bering Sea as for doc, farts those easy kaluza, Baileys and whisky layered in equal parts. Just in that order they were fills favorite but, as I told him so many times, this, no accounting for taste The question: are you worried that your teenager is learning what you'd like them to learn in high school? Well, if you're, not, maybe it should be because the careers of the future requires.
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this one size fits all approach to public education, determine what's best for your kids, learn more at Kate, twelve dotcom slash! they ve been a leader in online education for over twenty years, that's Kate, twelve dotcom, Slash Oro W E. I think you're gonna just handle everything gonna sit here like a criminals, Asia, that's new lives, exciting. You really look forward, That does not do much like do it. I mean I can't stop you man, I mean. Listen. Just you know the way you talk, it's unbent If a boy how you can you can stop one thing and then started another one, a new sentence: they're just never a period. There is never a place to like jump in oh I tell you the most magical moment in might, might my whole educate television was watching MIKE. Do I guess what promos for after the catch in Germany, where they came to us,
and that was the end of the day and you were pissed off tired and they were like wind wind. We need you to sort of tell the people in Bonn that they need to change to channel ox roof or something like that and and- and gave it to him once and the producer comes out. It was some you're one of those discovery guises tried again MIKE than law launched into like nine in a row and they got progressively more blue and more long. We couldn't nobody at any intention we're like let him go again like the people of bond. They hire microbes zombie, but it was that it was the lack of stop. That was an uncanny. That's what I'm talking about he's got that ability Well, it's not about not stopping it's just about not stopping at the end of a sentence. That's the key when you
or a centrally trying to just fill time, which is what most of my country are we going by the way Chuck this might be interesting. Should we be come? I am recording alright Yom require that we're just a thanks. So much of my own careers been spent trying to fill time that when I find myself, Surely talking with somebody who's legitimately interesting. I regret a lot of what I do. I feel like. I talked too much, but that's just so all over from days gone by it we see in your new home and without a huge part of editing after the catch, which was one of my first jobs in tv was taking MIKE out and because everything you said was funny and fun. But the point of the show was to hear from cap to fill up the John Kepler Keith.
So we we have these. You could see them on the timeline like these long sort of might Michael logs and if we had with the sort of take as we used to do when I was studying Shakespeare refute nearly getting. You were like for class you'd like I'm, not in the first line in the last line and defend. I did the whole thing, so my good get going and but what you, but what those served? do was to move the conversation from field to sing to John right in a way that felt seamless. It was seamless in the room, but it was three hours and it needed to be forty two minutes. are you listening to an old friend of mine called shown, Mccord fancy podcast full of, his name invoked from time to time. Because Sean helped me right from really right around beginning with ideas for these stories. He wrote some terrific stories which I took and changed, not because they weren't terrific enough, but because what you know shit that's the kind of what I do. I can't help it absolutely visa he's a too producer and we were just talking about after the cat
which, by the way, Sean I was thinking of this the other day. I think this last year, the at home versions of after the catch were the first zoom productions. in prime time any I've heard you say it and I have not found any information to the contrary. I hope it's true, but who's got org with me. I mean who's ever really whose whose keeping track of Doom shows, I don't think, there's an arbiter really. We were just time to save the day, because when I first called you it was basically begging and I'll never forget them. It was a gift that you gave us is like. I had a team of people who were going to be out of work, and I thought MIKE if you We say yes to this. If you call discovery there say yes, the network in its infinite them had realized that deadliest catch was not just a hit. It was. It was a thing. You know it was a cultural thing and I want to talk to you a little bit about why
think that is, but once that realisation took hold, it was an obvious choice to keep it going in some way, and so after the catch which I used to describe has Sir Charles rose with whiskey and cigarettes? These conversations in these bars begin to unfold, and they too became a thing and shot, and I met because he was working for The company at the time, silent crow and they were responsible, for creating these conversations and producing these shows an Sean was the voice in my ear from the very first one because Charlotte as you no doubt recall we shot those things really. Like they were life right were there was life to tapes and I was- and I was not from the first one. Actually I was, I
came much later when I holler Otto, maybe yeah. My first one was actually the year that you couldn't do it and I worked with Ben Bailey. That's right and I was a production assistant on that and then the next year you come back and they throw me into the booth. I'm so vastly unqualified. For that job. I had no concept of what to do and I just knew that the guy in the bar kept seems to be in control and and my job where I was laughing the weak. When you said you said, or will I like Sean because he was a nice guy like that's, actually not true, uniting binding, as I stayed out of your way through, there's, there's the microphone and there's the button, and As soon as you started? Talking into the booth comes a network executive out of central. ass. You know he's gonna four hundred our sweaty or in the gucci loafers, and he just begins to be raped me, and he said you don't tell me.
He's got ass. Jonathan. This tell MIKE it's gonna. Take this tell MIKE he's gotta go to commercial and I was, as you say, completely way over my head, but I could tell it that the Gucci guided and understand what was happening and the ball kept. I did and so on just began to parrot every single thing he said into the microphone, but I didn't press the button. I don't even think one time the day ends and marry your lawyer and your wonderful friends. She came up to me. She goes. I dont know what you did, but I've never seen might get through an entire session without pulling the ear piece out of his ear. I said I just I didn't thats what I read man that was so much fun. You know You were run in it and there was. It was silly to try to interrupt cause. You knew the guys and well. This is part of I assume you listen to the fog cast everybody else's, listen to the stories,
oh yes, yes, yes of their great, but also to much their guests on your from time. To time who are so well fully disobedient light, as I do not think that it has simply listen and he took it on the chin you saw your eyes. I could actually recited, like Robert Frost, born right before you now. I would like something about their be dragon strike. I dont Bell bid you good so again, just like a little stage management here. Some Sean is in a trailer pretending To tell me what to say: I have an ear bud and they call them I've. Bees stands for an interoperable fall back, that's the device, the technology that allows people to tell anchors, for instance, what to do where to look, how to behave that raising the broadcast new. That's exactly what I was gonna set. Not right- The hunter was boy said: Anne and William hurts Ear and Sean was the voice in mind, except he knew
than the threats that, because the other day elbowed out a brick services. I say I say it here and it comes out right. You know, as a guy in front of the camera, and you ve spent plenty to confront the camera to that can be either a life saver. the single worst thing is you're trying to collect your thoughts to keep a conversation on the rails Somebody is in your ear, giving you advice, righted idiots it can. It can be or a lifesaver where the kiss of death, but what Europe hurry to or what Mary was referring to actually was. I still have this on tape, but back in the old days when the technical directory Q BC used to start feeling my head with apps, Luke garbage advice really yelling at me telling me what to do. I would take the I'll be out of my ear. Not simply so I couldn't hear him, I would take it and I would press it against them.
Microphone I was wearing. Certainly not. Three million people are here in this lunatic screaming at me, and one of his own voice filled the room shut him up. Oil. I've ever found a shot people up, but you beat me to it by simply not pushing the button Hallelujah omen that smart producing shine. That's that's! That's producing the producer producing you. It was. I tell you, it was absolute instinct. I was in a show called Titanic one thousand and one years ago, spoiler up an area iceberg. Yeah right now, but but when we were based on the actual ship of the same name yeah, that's a musical! Oh, it's! A wonderful music sounds too. Is it really? Oh, my god, it's it's probably. I will say
hands down the greatest score. I've ever been a part of its ally, not know this saying all. What's the most memorable? What's oh, what a beautiful morning in the titanic? That's probably the problem as no beautiful Gore, know how beautiful size right, yeah it's in the night was alive with the sound music you get this year. These these The guy singing that did did that? Did that did the well it's just its lush and gorgeous. But anyway, the guy who was the sound designer, would would walk around the stage during rehearsals and actors would come up to him left and right. It's not hearing enough out of the modern, ok great and he would speaking to his essentially into his sleeve. You know that the board give us,
more at the at the left, the last speaker and then somebody else wants me and he gave everything to everyone and everybody was happy and I went up to him at the end of the day, and I said there: how often do you actually pressed the button be said? Never her so you ve done your share on the boards. Your train singer, we're stage actor you ve been on Broadway you were, would you do and beating the beast? I saw it. the way in beauty, the beast, never, no! No! No I saw the last saw the closing native beating the beast. I was in Mary Poppins at the time. Oh ok, I can give you a few from from much I went to show. wiki pages! I dont tell me, or else happens we are, you were in Mary Poppins, you refer We should also be asleep see here we go here. We gotta. Do you not me up with that kind of money? You know I have to tell you. I took some abuse the other day at church, Dolores
from the six throw came up to me, Dolores who wears a micro mask condoms me, and she says he went potty mouth last week and I said Patty Mouth, that's not like MIKE. to curse and she must know he's talking about his nose and it was disgusting and then and then she said if he had any listeners left, the end. I don't think he did and then this long pause she touched. My my elbow ever so gently- and she said he said nice things about you does. She know you wrote the Song River allied tone, Dolores know that you contributed immediate acutely. You provided the soundtrack suppose a graphic, a surgical, telling ever on a hard cast. Dolores could use an apology from my grow right now. I'll tell you that I know she's listening, hey Dolores some here with the I'm here with Sean and unites. I feel just terrible. idea of you sitting there in the sixth pew, with my face on your face
during a micro mask, but yet a wash in this weird mix of scripture and disappointment, I'm sorry alleged down, but on the positive side. Listen to this! That's this If a working knows Delors testing Hallelujah amen. He saw Josh in a weird mixture of scripture and disappointment? That's why you're a television star ads and that's that Sadly, there is about gas. That is what an attack tens of people listening itself. Listen! at the risk of impersonating a host. What I want to ask you if you a lot of experience. Onstage, you ve got a lot of experience with the classics. You got experience in tee, de you're, the narrator, I believe a Arnwood builders him the micro under study of some shouts yeah, I want to know what would it felt like, never mind the business of production, but
you know deadliest catch. You ve seen those guys watching them sit around trying to be as real as they can I simply be in a production setting. What was your take on it overall SIG Phil Jonathan, all of it together was it was at anything you thought you might have imagined whose constantly surprising and delightful I as I said, I started as a production assistant the year that you weren't there and what am I first day I walked through HU, the San, Diego aquarium with Fill and John and Andy, and I guess Keith, and I was blown away at the way people approached them, who it was
autographs. This was before Selfies Europe. The people came up to them in mid conversation and they responded in mid conversation. People felt like they knew them and they were kind of right and the guys had a level of grass, To that I haven't seen before in a lot of performers. I don't like to call them performers, but they're dead, celebrity, say and next time than I witnessed, that was actually the following year in Colorado in that review at the risk of blown smoke. But I remember walking from the venue out to the truck we went across the street and it was, I think three people came up. you again in mid conversation and it Oh my god, my ground, we was hey MIKE Exquisite, and you met them there and that's not a thing that youth
You see a lot of on television or otherwise, and oh I love that about that. I did too that's terrific answer because it was an education for all you know that first year in Dutch harbour a lot of people. You know look at the show and they they see six boats and they figure that's the totality of the fleet. Well, the that year, two thousand and three when I was up there, the first time ever, a hundred fifty bucks hundred fifty crab boats and the fact that cameras wound up on half a dozen of them created a very, very interesting dynamic for those captains for not just on board their boat, but as members of a much larger fleet, you saw every imaginable permutation of envy, jealousy resentment fear not among the captains, from the show, but we came into this place with cameras and it in a lot of what he said, kind of felt, like the prime directive on STAR Trek, when you be
down onto an alien world. You don't leave your phaser behind for Gaza X. You know what that's going have some real unintended consequences, will you meant it last week, talking with with Tom as well or last time. I listen about this idea of the observer effect. Yes, where we absolutely did change. We we changed dutch harbour. I've spent a good deal of time and that harbour shooting these peace that would later go into the show and meeting the locals, and we see we as in thank you, referred to us as morons from Hollywood, but added yes we, as a class of moron, had had a measurable effect on this place far out in the Pacific? Do you think we made it better I'd? I dont really to that I think we gave a lot of people and a night. They continue to do it, I'm up above the shown in a number of years, but give a lot of people access to unite,
I learned so much about how much you need to tell and how to tell a story in and you you mentioned, how your fills this idea that you can't script. The Bering Sea and ate what I love about that, as he didn't say, you can't script deadliest you're asking? If I'm going to see you know you, you have to script Debbie's catch because you have to squeeze it in the forty five minutes. You have to decide what to leave out and where to start the story, and it becomes all about structure. Will let's go back to the douche bag, from gucci right. He comes in the trailer I'd, say: douche bag in case good, sir. Sorry Dolores Sore about, but I shall not say douche bag. Ok, the executive, the suit,
comes in and attempts to steer the conversation from afar. That's what I'm talking about. I think we're saying the same things you can do a lot of different things guide a conversation, and you should hear a show you you must yet you must. Otherwise, it's almost as indulgent as what we're doing right now and what he didn't take into account is that my team, which was many people, had spent ten weeks. I think structuring these six conversations and by its bullet points, it's not words. Its bullet points its. Let me it's we're. Gonna go from here to hear, hear Heerd here, and it has a certain sense and then he knew. I would always remind everybody what Dwight Eisenhower said about plant planning is everything. The plan is nothing you can do, must show up with a plan and you must be ready to throw it out the window at contact with the enemy yet, but if you don't have it, you lost every
rate planned goes to hell when somebody punch you in the nose anything that was my Thyssen said that Zira yeah, I'm pretty sure it's more like this every great plague goes out the window it through the tunnel continuing the nose. You better hope he's not listening. Sorry delors, I didn't I didn't. I didn't, I said not douche bag. Nor did I make fun of MIKE Tyson Mature. Lay that thank you. point is. There was no Bering Sea in after the catch there is no Bering Sea in most episodes of every reality show I've ever seen that there is no existential e uncontrollable thing My group will say wise deadliest catch them. On the air I mean shouted Monday. Be narrating two more episodes toward the
If season, seventeen, that's, why that's great it's wonderful! It is an believable and then the producers thereof have also done an excellent job above fostering younger stories and deal with beautiful about the hanging out in the north western is you watched, Mandy grow up? You You know you know these people, but that they also reached out and over the years they brought in. I believe I can remember the name of this has again shown, and they are shown what happens here and there were people that would come in for these are two and go, and then what's his name now that the arch villain, whose actually the nice guy the world oh hardly Harley here, take my name in a nice guy would like sitting Harley Davidson and once again, regarding the parts not sharing information threat, but that is an example of scripting the show, not the sea, you know that's exactly right, it's just that, a lot of other great producers in a lot of other, really fine shows come and go. They run a couple of years.
Apple seasons, five or six, if you're lucky. Part of the reason so many of them and when they do is because there is the possibility that a rogue wave is going to wash you into oblivion, but here the possibility not only exists, it's a certainty, and so people have come along for very long ride and they ve been to funerals and they ve been to celebrations and the fact that nobody in the world can produce the one thing that makes the show so sing, color, that was Phil Harris's point to me way back into thousand eight when we were sitting around. I remember where I of the in Seattle somewhere, maybe something called a lock spot. Something like yeah. I we did. That was the very first one, and then we went back there at a certain point, the earth, but he that guy it's not merely that he was offensive. and that he had so many interesting things to say it was. He was so damn casual about. It
and you just never knew when just some giant truth bomb was gonna come Tom out of his grizzled massage It was always the light when that happened on the tv. I got to have lunch them one time was actually in San. Diego is my first years appear, and I was thinking about getting into television what sort of I could see my Theodor careers or, if I could see this sat in his career so often do tat, and so I took my became and we can. I went to see what it was like to work on a tv show and I wound up, I say, we want them. I'm sitting in a plastic, chaired eating a hamburger and he's sitting in the passenger next to me, and he he asked me something bout? You will surely do next, and I said, oh, I dont really do this, I'm I'm! I'm gonna go back to my other job and I didn't tell him that I was
song and dance man or anything like that. That was needed to know he didn't care, he just sort of her rough and he goes her well whatever your other job is, you must be pretty good at it and they walked away, as I thought was a gift. A huge gift. Yeah yeah, he invited me on the Cornelia Marie once and them we just sat in the wheel house. for about an hour just talking- and I honestly didn't give it much of a thought until he died, just wishes. I mean millions of other people have millions of similar stories. The things you take for granted the people that kind of thing. Into your life like a comment and then leave it, I really do think Chuck have said this to you before, but we ve talked about this had filled died in a boating accident there is from a fire wave or any of the other things that are just constantly baubles.
under the surface of this unpredictable unscriptural shell at that happened, I dont think it would have been as impact full to so many people He died in such a common way, shot yeah made. The show strangely relate apple, for so many other single men who were trying to raise their kids. So many so many husbands, you know we're trying to navigate the complexities of their own. What is it, what would throw say, lives of quiet desperation? Let that I love that, like I don't know, I don't know, I believe it with my taken quite desperation anyway. It's it was a gift John to work with you and those guys, and to have this weird little after the cat, thing come along and I want to come back to the point:
we're making earlier you called me. Maybe a month after the lockdown and this goes to this just goes to bed survival and entrepreneurship. I was talking to the network at the same time you know. We can't just sit around for a year. We have to do something and the fact that after the catch- really was the first show to poke its head up from this landscape of of Loch downs. I think we're gonna be an increasingly proud of that as the Year go by. Oh I already am I a that team that I worked with asylum crow. We it's funny everybody now everybody's grammar can get onto zoom in and operate zoom, but no none of us ever heard of it before, and we scheduled these emergency meetings where we would all get on, and we would just try to figure out how to use this thing and were terrified were
keeping our groceries down I'm sitting on my own bed at an end, and we barely have the bandwidth to do this and we were hey, look, there's a thing called gown review, but now it recorded our review and I records I recorded MIKE somebody ship my own, and it was just that sense of problem solving one thing: after another, and then, when I thought was fascinating about it is, as you recall, we made it work and it was rough, but two, your demand was it needs to look rough. Otherwise, it's going to look back and the second adoration the network demanded that we say the bunch of money and hire a professional company. Who does this step and it was a disaster. Does that tell you with? It was better when we were all just punting, because we we're a team. We were unit who knew each other and when they came and with all the fancy equipment we ended up it. I should amend the show still happen, but we're going back to John recorded there and somebody else
put it in your bedroom, it somebody s regarding your bedroom, Anita and looked rough, and it felt rough, and it was a winner. Maybe you did with sick is just seared into my mom. Was it s something I mean I honestly would put that moment again just about anything that ever happened in the show, because we were actually playing the cards. We had and won't when the network tried to bring in the extra company? Well, then they were actually stacking, the deck with Marge that weren't lightly hours. Yet you know, and so, It's just another way to say you can't script, Bering Sea, and to see SIG Hansen as scared, as I felt you made me, feel it's ok I'm still a man, I'm just, scared out of my mind as those that guy and so Josie. So is the guy who we ve seen for sixteen years like mastering commander out there
now. The wind whipping through is ridiculous, hair and embarking orders through a cloud of cigarettes manner. Tears in his eyes. I think he had had a couple of pops. His mother, All- is living in the house. They're scared to death. You know that their like sliding food under the door, basically yeah man- that was one of the most jobs, ring yet real moments and to have it happen on a crappy, zoom connection and then and to see it on the air twenty four hours later, it's when he was always so willing to go there to after you left after after the catch ended dogma survival we went back in. Pictures are. We can do a chauffeur. pennies, I'm mad, but let work we did a show called the bait, which was basically after the cat without MIKE and what we did is we have that was all the same team. We used basically the same format, but I played MIKE row
I was standing behind the camera with these stupid little whiteboard signs like, instead of instead of being able to ask a question. I had two like hold up. You ask him about fighters and then pulling at SIG and point to Jonathan, but the guys were so game and it was was really hard It was unnecessarily so, but you were when we in these guests, and sometimes it was great and sent a number one day. I made a bad call and I brought in a coup doktor, because we were doing this theme was leaders since I what did kinds of leader sooner, but in a teacher in it in Vienna, and a conductor is sort of a leader. Working haven't talked about leadership. The guy showed up and he was just way way way. Out of his leg, so nervous and I'd say: oh my god. These guys are going to eat him for Breakfast
and I pulled sig aside and I just sick. I made a bad call. I need help and he heard loud and clear is when you need. I said I I just need you to help this guy and they rolled the cameras and the poor guy fly sweats talk about broadcasts news just or ring off of his hair and SIG grabs his baton. And he just show me how to conduct, and he just he. It was not a great moment, but it was, but it could have been a disaster and that as a personal favor, he was I wear whatever you need one interesting that you're trying to produce a show whose primary is leadership. What are you will end up? Getting is about the best example. Let me that's leadership, one o one. If YO too, somebody out of their own head, you have to ask them not to do the thing you want them to do, but to do a thing that they do intuitively. All of that
and if there was a big lesson in dirty jobs, it was from interview standpoint, don't try and be the host. Let the person who actually knows what they're doing be dominant in the conversation and once you let a bricklayer once you talk to bricklayer while he's laying bricks. That's the key. That's when you actually have a moment, you know so yeah sing sing knows that intuitively, so you gotta laughter but the put the baton in his hand, Couldn't you learn in that time, though, in in like? Did you make mistakes early on? Did you ever talk in dirty job? jobs, the thing I learned most and I think We probably get into this a little bit later I mean like it's. It's a class Again, I Greece's puppeteer. It's it's realising wait a second I'm not it's, not that I'm anything wrong in the course of being a host.
The realisation that I'm not really a host without nag nourishes. I don't remember that with that, Greece's arab Vieira the chilean definition of a tragedy based equally says that all great plots or driven forward by Discovery fact and ignore rhesus is the greek word for discovery, so the various and accuracy is that character experience in the course of a decent narrative are the glue that holds the whole story together and and pushes the narrative forward a puppeteer is a form of an egg Teresa's when our hero realises that something fundamental that he believed was wrong. When Adam realises, for instance, that this beautiful and who we loves and married and had children with? Is his mother down bear? But there
swimming learns earlier in the play that it's it's it's it's a very nice thing to have wonderful sex with her with an older woman, That's an ETA terrorists were defined The older woman is his mother, that's alacrity! So it's a discovery. The changes the course of the narrative, neat ripe and so yeah probably talk too much on dirty jobs early on, but that was nothing compared to the moment. I realise that I wasn't actually the house to the show I was the guest and once Go with that. Then everything around you changes and that's when I started doing a much better job at my job when I started was was there it was there a turning point for you? Oh yeah, it's in the last chapter. The book spoiler alert, but it happens in the sewers of San Francisco when I realized every
then I thought I knew about hosting television. Would it said that it was wrong? It's just it. Dude Europe, better guest than you are host, so stop thinking like an expert and I most interesting people have moments when they realise I'm not what I thought I was, and this brings me to a fundamental micro question. U yours, I'm going to these additions for hosting now is an actor for twenty five years. I never got an audition for a hosting had how did you fall into or land into that file in the casting directors office? I think it was the advent of, Nonfiction Television, when, when Nonfiction really became genre folly by reality. The world more opportunities to host. Prior to that most hosting gigs were game, shows and and torture
and there wasn't much call for people to just go out start up a talk show this is why one of my first jobs, which Jack and I talked about at length last week, was a game- show that what most hosts were. That's hissing. How did you get that? How did you get that addition who who knew that you have their agents for that, for that particular farther really oh yeah there that their whole agencies really at this point you know it's a it's a giant chunk of performing your chuck and I were both both fancied ourselves, actors for a while. He actually is one like you. I never. he was, I I acted like an actor. I did some place. You know I had a fair amount. I was rounded enough, but I don't know I think it actually happened, shone with narration narration proceeded hosting from oh up. Ok, and then once I just thought of might words like well wait a minute. If I can narrated what if I said
was on camera doing that, and Then it was just a weird mix of commercials and infomercials flocks. me I mean the honest answer was kubi safe He always had four. Unless had you done that before you started auditioning for hosting now oh. I have been here for a second here like because I know that when you did the home showing Baltimore Veto, would you new home, where you would go two places you this was a hosting type job. You know where you are king Extemporaneous Lee not memorizing lines as much as you are filling space, which was a precursor to what you, Aren't you b c, which you know so, then, when you start to put together a demo tape- and you take her commercials and you take your stuff- it sort of that way leads on to way kind of thing I had this is this is where this is. This is the box that you ve been put in, cause you kind of you sort of roads. In the direction it ran? It was
actually the other way around Europe. We will not. You wrote a horse into a box. I did. No kidding was before your new home. What Kubi see was my first. Hosting gig ever aside from some local infomercials right. Have we haven't you for a hundred and eighty nine Well, it's just before your new home give started in June of ninety ninety as soon as I realized that people wow watch for three hours, at a time if people were willing watch me talk about a gold bracelet, three minutes, How long would they watch me talk about a brand new home that was the
so one year into Q, VC eyes met a guy named Dave, had a very who was a real estate guy and in Maryland, and all of you know Sean, but he he had an idea. He and he contacted me because he saw me on cue b and I was thinking along the same lines anyway was one of those sort of like hive. Hive town, we reach thinking the same thing, but idea- was what happens if I sit in a model home in a new community. That's impeccably decorated an interview. The sales agent who is responsible for selling thousands of those homes in these giant, communities that are under construction many times for eight nine years. Right, how can we help the builder sellers homes the answer. Was you sit in a beautifully DEC? raided model and saving ever, you want for three minutes. Are. You show the viewer, pretty pictures of the community. That's under development people watch
because they wanted to get decorating ideas and it allows p, to get a better notion of what a community might look like before they drove out and see it Blah blah blah long story short that show was on. For sixteen years. I hosted every episode every week we gang shoot them in advance. I thought it was. The most boring show to ever air, but it was the number one show in its time slot after it came on right after CBS this morning, with Charles corrupt show, just with huge. There was cross replacement, of course, at that and this was a local showing in Baltimore right now. This was a year ago. It was yes Baltimore these Pennsylvania and parts of Virginia. It was paid for exclusively by the builders on the show which made it four but here's the crazy thing shown in the history infomercials none ever a rating. This was, did number. It was wrong.
did so highly that waste. Did selling commercials into the infomercial. Now worry content wise. Were you talk? about the product, or were you in the product talking about anything else? First of all, I always wore the same blue shirt and the same khakis. So you never knew if you were watching You never really knew I was legs were lean. Then I was like selling really just walking through these endless homes, but there was weak, we talked about what made the construction interesting. What made the community special it didn't matter what we talked about, because what the viewer Saul was pretty pictures and they sip their coffee at ten thirty on a Sunday morning, and it was absolutely harmless white noise in the background- and they know and there's nothing that there's something nice about his tv can such an assault,
You run and you you spoke recently about them Ross. You know like who would have thought that people watch that yeah and yet you could turn it talk about the have the heavy heard, the expression watching pay. Try, yeah yeah there it s amazing The teenagers know Bob Ross, they. May I think he's been gone for how long and they they love so the lesson John, I mean in terms of television were surrounded by producers and executives who are desperate to hold our interest desk measuring quarter hours measuring it by the minute. That's it that's the that's. The tough part as as well as a writer on me shows is when they start telling you act for needs to do this, because the quarter our bump last week, you know so often I've found even that, neither the there very funny. I have trouble
getting actual numbers oftentimes from my executive producers at the network reasons I don't exactly understand but there, but judging something that way I find is detrimental to making the overall thing something that people want to come back to man. Well, that's that's like looking at US at a beautiful woman, and value waiting her eyes and then her smile and then her figure and of its when you, when you break anything down into its component parts right, you, u cheapen the thing right, I met either isn't network or how we get super models, as opposed to as opposed to like you know, somebody who is stunning because of who they are and rain. What and that that thing that you cannot. You can't defy Lauren Bacall, alright, a beautiful woman with a lot of parts, the seemingly don't fit together
until they do it like her beauties undeniable there. So many beautiful people that art put together with beautiful parts maybe shows can be like that. The good ones anyway. I just I love the fact that Bob Ross and the joy of painting, forest dumped its way into the cultural Zeit, gazed and completely made food. Rules of many many hundreds of of producers and Gucci type executives right. Did it broke every rule, your new home chuck? I I don't talk about them the book and I haven't- talked about it much, but that show sold over a billion dollars in real estate, a billion dollars and infomercial. They had a rating so high. We sold time to laws and hump deeper. It's really! Isn't that what what d it isn't tv
in some ways and infomercial, it's like where were we're, giving you its content? That's what it is. It's just cut. And can come in so many forms. Well, I want to be attached to your with the chalk, and I talk about this a lot you know This difference like where's the line between commercial television gracious and being in a commercial like I get it Buddy Microsoft. right I mean I've been hearing that ever since I got on tv. Certainly after the Ford campaign, as I am What saw what a? U s you bet, I am my first big in this whole stupid business. was in the home shopping industry I sold out before I had anything to barter right. So I've always been interested in this difference between, but now he's making commercials, as opposed to
those prestige days when he was merely starring in a tv show that was paid for by commercials. So as an actor you ve been in commercials, You been onstage, you ve, been on tv. Do draw some sort of line between like, whereas the artistic integrity free you visa v, the filthy lucre and the transnational nature of our business. Oh gosh I mean, I don't know I wouldn't want to do anything that was duplicitous are patently false, but beyond that go with it I tried for years I twenty I tried for user. I did some television, I wasn't terribly good at it. I didn't have a MAC for it. I did. I did a bunch alone orders I try to get in through didn't
I think I'm the only one has never been allowed. I lost seven cases. I tried desperately to get into commercials and I just couldn't do it. would go to additions all the time, and I just I Didn'T- have the that thing. Whatever that thing is, and I had a an old friend David Constable, whose now big tv star that he's terrific by lorry that great honour billions, yeah, sure he'd, know who he is he's, which one wags he's wags on he really made. He did so many commercials when we work together. It was like he was out there, we ve inside the canoes out all the time doing major as it? What is it about you? He would do these huge campaigns any since he said he had shown you, you can't care, I don't care and and and they love it. Then I was going to these additional it on you. If you got, I would try. I in fact my very first audition for
one order. I went in this has many many years ago and I acted than I put that in airports, but- and they didn't call me back again for years and thus I finally got myself back in the door, and I went to John Cunningham, who was the cap an entire atomic as John I got one were shot at this. What do I do any said? Absolutely nothing unless it Ray, I know, but let us not allow not nobody just absolutely nothing. He said I challenge you though in tomorrow just say the words on the page Pierre, and not only that book. It baby Then I got seven more six more, you know, and I was it it was just like. Oh they don't just do something stand there. Wretch hold on and write that down there, like that good value, its actually check on waffling right now, but you don't just do something stand. There- and I was
in Mary Poppins, I just can't decide about Dolores something, Delors, yeah, ok, just to validate your boy last area. That's all I care for Tom Frank literally said when I asked him It came down to me around secrets to her. Then he chose me and I'll study chose me because he felt sorry for me because I was wearing chocks and possibly ugly blue jacket. Look in blazer good, looking blazer shown, but he said no man in the end. I just didn't think it gave a dam and that, for whatever reason it's colleague dating too I mean, It's what's more interesting, chicks, though the sorry delors, but they do, think that's why deliberation? Let's white bad boys do so well in the Dating department Arabic.
As the Ladys. They matter now they want to take em. They want to do something. I don't know well one day, Sean this is gonna, be you know, rouble for you and when young view for Charlotte you're, beautiful daughter, gets out there in the world But I'd be remiss if I didn't circle back around a task now, she's do and be just to remind people of the extraordinary the strong, ordinary social media time we had I mean I was something in your diaper when I realized, you know what facebook there's a lot wrong: but every now and then said I with a gun every now and then returning to favour every now and then right, Tell us tell us how Charlotte being an and how she got famous she
is certainly young and beautiful, and she is out there and I have no legitimacy. No, my eldest daughter, Clara, isn't cow. That's her eldest sister Charlotte is in high school, but yeah That was, she was eleven years old when she wrote that letter to my rich friend in Colorado we're trying to sell cookies. She wanted to sell foreign boxes, are hunted boxes Francois and about the girl cell by were yet sir, and I suggest you just right this rich friend, Jason in Colorado, he'll, probably by like five or six box, is super refute any. It is like a good idea to enrich, and today Fourthly, and so she disappears with my phone and then comes back like a for an hour, and she did it on my phone if he did it with a thumb sooner and- and I said she's an hour, I wrote it. I sent it she's, not someone who ever once like nobody else can check her were so when people would say
Oh, that couldn't possibly have been written by an eleven year unless it believe me that Charlotte so I read the letter that she had written. Made me laugh so hard that I sent to you and my two brothers Stana Cabin demands it the next thing. I know your view EU back to Mary, she called city mind if my grades, decisive and care I have no idea, we were sitting at Charlotte's basketball game one of the only one of these bats begins words like two to in the fourth quarter, and all of a sudden I looked at my furnaces, that's my wife's Beth said: ten thousand people have responded not to see but responded as ten thousand people, not realizing that it was just getting started, and then it was like this hot wind. We we Four for several days are family was walking into this hotline. It wasn't always pleasant, but it bit went from ten thousand to fifty thousand too and I think it got into the tent
of millions. As I recall, it was many many many. Many millions to up just acacia, don't quite know what we're talking about sorry about that. I'm just the villain enters the lead maybe he'll Charlotte wrote to Sean's. Rich friend was a blistering. We honest critique of all of the different girl scout cookies that she was so from tag along too thin mints, she told this guy, precisely what she thought of each cookie, and I think she put them. some sort of order, because by the time you got the bottom she was lying about. What did she they like. Always it land of disappointment as something like that, and that was that was the line that everybody keyed into and it was gluten free wasteland gluten free wasteland. Right I mean this is eleven year old kid telling them. Truth about the very clear He she wanted Sean's rich friend to buy, and I was always
painfully aware. I shouldn't have painful shoes eyes very aware, and I think this is important is that the world record for girls got cookies was set in that time. She was always very wet very aware that it wasn't something that she did. It was a thing that happened to her because MIKE row you did the thing that might road does. Is you went to ten thousand feet and looked down at any said? What does this tell us about truth in advertise right and you are the one who came up with that- which was funny because then it was right after election, I guess, there's run of the air was January February. Twenty sixteen, I guess so. We just been through the site, bruising weird tax in the country, and That's so end use european on this idea of truth in advertising and then what the swirl that came behind was unlike anything, I'm sure I'll ever see again. It was we were. We finally stay home for a while, because there was for target.
was banging on the windows. I only got a portrait shot, she needs, come out, so I can get it and we were at home and so my eldest daughter, who was like you know at the time I think she was fort. He is funding off photographers getting like people at church are met add and people would she alison- and there is also this incredible blow back of beautiful letters from people in Africa says he was gonna. Send money right. She was tasted of thirst knows no. She said thirteen thousand boxes to troops overseas. That was that that was sort of the thing that may I go crazy and then she ended up on Maria Barter almost show with and I'm gonna comes unembarrassed. I'm gonna forget the name of the the woman she was co host on show it was Michael could be Maria Bart Roma and the woman whose huh Was the movie sniper was made about him? Oh Bradley broke Braddock
What was it it was, I don't believe he was actually the snow. When are you tell me Bradley Cooper? Wasn't the arrogance neighbour it Vanessa Chris Kyle? Yes, yes, and so his wife, his widow, She was so lovely, am Huckelby was so great and Maria barked Roma and then like the next, so she's on a box business and then the next day, she's on NPR, like a game, showed weight, don't tell me unimpeded, and it was just sheet. She went to all quadrants of the poet a spear she was. there was an article about her in Le Monde in Paris. There was no, there was a full page allows. It was several articles pages in the post, but it, but it was all everybody used the term truth in Africa we as absolutely your term or what you found it well was I mean this is really a great place to start the glide path in like when you think about not being able to scrap the Bering Sea when
think about six inherent leadership ability when you think about the twenty sixteen election last five or six years when we are so long in certainty. But so short on fact and nobody knows who to trust in the. Erosion of our institutions and this whole crisis of credibility. Your daughter way it right into the middle of all of that and created teachable moment for the country and part of my reptilian brain looked at what she wrote and I I knew it. Be big. I it resonated with me immediately, partly because out of the mouths of bathed swell for sure for rights, if it had disputed, because she did not well maybe now, but she did not find it funny in anywhere. No short term was not an unknown and she is without guile, without guy right, so she's
The sweet, honest little girl scout who would like to sell a half a dozen boxes of cookies to a rich guy, and in order to do it She takes her dad's phone. Doesn't let of her work, get proved and fires off this whisperingly honest critique you get it to me. I'm lying in bed? I read this thing. I just start laughing out. Laugh. I immediately walk down to the kitchen table. I set up my camera and I read your daughter's words and that's the video. I posted three days later? Tens of millions of views, and then you at you called us at one point in any member. You said you were very quiet, but she has to respond, and I was like dammit. You know I've written so careful about what we are now going to take her through, but you're right like people I hear from her. So we she gets her hair done and she sits down and she's nervous and she's eleven and and- and I tried to make
video and it was the most stilted awful like I'm that guy, I'm that dad know what I want to read through the good you produce fell microwaves. Go through that, so Finally, I said this work and- and- and I said Charlotte just he just talk to my friend mike- and she looked up at me and again that guy is drifts, there's not there's nothing there and she goes. Do you think he'd like to see my Teddy bear, and I said I do I do, and so she goes upstairs to get her Teddy bear as she's coming downstairs. I just hit record and I stepped away, and she created this. It was me you couldn't possibly scripted. It was like sixty one seconds and it was perfect. It was sweet. It was MIKE. Thank you think. To every one is done it. It was, it was honest and it was so without guile, and then that you you, then you did this hit. You aired it, but you you.
Videotaped yourself watching lighter, and you said not a word may be at the end. Said something of hope for civilization thing and you just closed a laptop and that got a million A seven percent was to a million. People was well easy time, but it so, exciting and scary, and incredibly teachable for what ever but he was just so hungry for some great story and that's why it was on every mean she was on the family family. Few like offer. These shows we're just radically dancing it left and right. it's absolutely unbelievable- and your friend called me a couple years ago who wrote a book Yes, that's the read the book. It's you there's a whole chapter about there's a whole chapter of an album Charlotte in me, and he he contacted us she was. I mean, that's not I mean he's as a friend now, but he keep contacted us and said I M writing. I happened to be running this book about honesty in business. Could I interviewed
Charlotte anew. At that point, I'm like well well, I know you are in and she said no could be on the interview in and he was great and good book. I have it feel terrible because he asked me to write the forward and I and I wanted to, but I couldn't because I just signed a contract with Simon Schuster and the complicated, but now on another title. I don't know what to do check it, that you can script. The Bering Sea is the theme of the chapter and another version of true. And advertising so now. I'm thinking you can't script Charlotte Mccord would be great but I do want to make more trouble for your kid in high school. Now is gonna get more your weird backlash, I think she's all right now, I was just there was that with its own thing, that's eleven! So you can't scriptural Mccord. Don't just do something stand there or I was in Mary Poppins, just like a boat
now go and I've been you did you don't want. You know what you can tell me: Sean we'll get going to tell them what we do. Dolores number. I jumped ethical, we're not going anywhere because if you look at me we're no hurry were actually weak ahead now. So, if you're in, if you share at church the Sunday, I'm gonna go sing the five thirty mass in about an hour so getting ice, she comes to the five pretty ass, I'm the cancer, the factory master. She sits in six, throw opposite the about piecemeal fought. So I get. I get to request, run these two. Those by the go ahead and focus group on run amounted to flagpole so use. I know he's not gonna wanna go at the party mouth, one forget it. I don't think she's gonna get.
The issue is not a good bit o. You worry Mary Part ass. You see me. I saw tat. He was in Mary Papas Real for a long time. How long were you in Mary pop and Shore Year LA yet see within Marian Average that any without a merry pop I got back and Mary pardons, and so she slides up bad. My second Where is when you sing in the mass yeah? Can you just slip in like a leitmotif from the titanic just from oh sure there. She is towering, it's a good loved broad and grand ship of dreams. Graecia I've got a sober, all right, I'm at a check it out and as long as you're sing? And can you hit me again with the refrain of river of blood? Please, oh good. Lord YO,
We remember that yeah. you're gonna go sir, then nasal cavity sailing on a river of blood. through good. I bet that's what I'm going to say is that does somebody were in one of the five star reviews and please leave one if you think were worthy of it. Rescue frogs. episode to o six, just listen to episode to o six who's, your grandaddy thanks now I am humming river of blood. A lot of people
mention river of bloodshot. How why so big? Now Dolores was convinced that no one was listening by the communists. Who was this thing? Something frog and rescue frog rescue progress, Fraga I've herds, I've heard a lot of feedback shall lotta people yeah, that's on a lot of its very it's got a big hook. It man, that's a big house I was trying to go forward like what would be because original we were gonna chat about sad songs that were yeah. That made you feel good, and so that was that that idea of of really disgusting song sung by a barber shop that was off another the barbershop, letting us greater rate episode. I'm glad you like it Moreover, our dear Charlie, you wanna wrap this up. You got anything yet quite here. Some questions that I can throw in here. What is it? What does the accuracy imperative media? It's called a puppeteer, but it's also referred to as a perimeter.
ok. I just wanna say that we get a lot of comments about people's vocabulary being in. Priest by listening to you on this pod cast a degree and theatre history, and I didn't remember that, for you were good, are the questions that I have for you for you both. What's the greatest bit of generic wisdom, you can offer a stranger measure twice cut once, don't you do something stammer like that I have to say that the reason that this question came to me MIKE D D. Remember my niece Jessica's wedding, oh yeah, there was they had a box there and was like all right something on a card the best bit of merit, advice you can give and drop it in the box. Do you remember what you wrote? I don't do I want to. I think you do lab you wrote wipe until the paper is clean.
after their honeymoon. She called me and told me that she'd, even with MIKE wrote, I'm like probably something good. I mean he's got a lot of really. You know he's a smart guy and then she read it to me and that made me laugh too. I'm so sorry ok, here's a ears alighting round used Euro stranded on a deserted island and you only get one of each. What is it quick answers? A movie blazing south, ah, I was gonna, say, yeah. You are I'm sure of problems in the world. You shall showed much Emption who bright eyes offers the hope of escape boiler alert good Lord be crossed. river of crap, maybe no now that sir you're thinking of lay a Arizona. Nano
now, how did she go out crawling threw down? I was sure you're ready to literally Baptist in a river of grass rise. Rice is clearly the lightning round was not come on my next question. Look look one book one book on the island. Yeah coming and could be a pop up. George Washington's biography I go away. I heard it by Micro, it's a fascinating collection of memoir and mystery audible. if in biography, good good choice, o o James Taylor Jetty. You know that's a good one. I made my first thought was revolver
but I know I'd want some compilation of the classics: tourism, something that really holds up sick of divorce, Jacques, maybe symphony for the new world. You know something like that: Boston, first, albums pray, God one that's pretty good, but men or she said if it already look at me. Imagine judges you're there on the island with no speakers to listen. What I mean by that is that what you have to presume? That said, you ve got some speakers, you got it You know you can listen the wise businesses back. You ever do that. You put up a pen in your teeth and if you spin than album. You can hear it in your cranium spent ass tickets. How I got into the lead Zepplin. Are you kidding me now Oh clementines, kid! You know! Now you put it on this. You put it on the table and you put a pin in Virginia tee and unanimity. Your front teeth. Yeah takes little practice. And, and you spend that thing and the vibrations you can hear it and the fidelity not great in your cranium, but you can hear you bet
appear, pull pulling my leg here. Casino! a lot of people, and it worked for real. You never heard of this book like everyone, my brother's Leds Evelyn for but this makes me want to go out by another turntable honestly. Will I we're gonna hear back from people who? you know what I stuck abandoned. Mighty like a bloody gum, hurt nobody as big a river of blood, hear anything Austria, lightning, round going there Harry undesirable tat light last one. What's what what's neck? What snack do you keep she's, some are still on the island. Yes, you're only either all these. Quite. How did I get on that island? You can't I this is not, though this is not how a lightning around works is. Island, by any chance in the Bering Sea, which we know can't be scripted now. This is a tropical island,
It's like an endless doesn't need to be refrigerated. Twenty two refrigerator well got on a grand. You can get anything that you want to carefully ok. Well then, I would like I would like my snack, which will be a mixed, not a bottomless ball of mixed, not brought to me by the aforementioned learn recall in her. prime go through what about you shot. I answered cheese, it o r, a great honor, but I couldn't get enough Cancun enough. I that's all I got my I understand it. We had such good momentum going into this whole thing until the light around where We only let me is that we must have lodged. Is that my fault. I don't get it on his activities. We agreed with so much wisdom with with Charlotte story and I was kind together in such a great bow. I learned
some things. I did you such a complicated by the way she's just like superstars. His way into model you in and she would for a? U S. Congressmen she's, like super sixteen she's, all in the politics and fascinated with history. Its pretty needs need to watch that mind. She plays a brass instrument to those users replaced you found him. I you know, I didn't know what it was and I hate it yeah, that's one of those whose attitude, but now it was noted for him. Now you you tell your your dad. Authors and your lovely wife that I say hello, please apologize, Charlotte for the unintended consequences of that crazy, crazy time. Oh, I don't mean to overstate that at all. It was the unbalanced it was fantastic, so it was all in an amazing ride. So you just ever know like one minute. You got your dad's, I found it. Firing off blistering. We honest review do a billion Aaron Colorado and the
this thing you know you're on wait, wait, don't tell me what Maria barter I mean. It's just that you jack you can't script, that no, you can't rip Charlotte. You can't script, the Bearings Bering Sea and you know you probably conscript Mary Poppins, either I'm glad you were in her. However, briefly friends, you can listen to this book in the downloaded version over an audible or wherever people do that you can write this pod cast, which at this point I be grateful. If you didn't do and you can hear more genre court where right now is it is barn would still out. There are your it is. I'm no longer work on the show, but I still married to shop, good. It is on the why network and it is its idiot in like season thirteen. I think you're gonna do That's my loan at wherever you now adolescent anything. You want a plug or otherwise shamelessly extol we're on in order that the peer causa joy was the name of the book here.
right right rate of anonymity because honest to greatness, that's honesty, greatness great book about it honesty it's worth checking out. I enjoyed it and if you're bored, Google, Micro Charlotte, girl scout cookies on watch live video, we're talking about. It really was funny and it really did open our eyes to her the crazy power of whatever this is man anyway. Folks. Thank you back next week. Probably more the same, probably by more the same. I mean sharply backer for the foreseeable future, kidding sorry phenomenon Have you back? You know, I didn't think so, because you can't script, Bering Sea don't got it. I get Mary Puppets my regards to how good to see both bankable, Syria
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