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Episode 33: You Don't Know Mike

2016-09-11 | 🔗

Sometimes, all you can do is watch.

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honestly, if you like the pot cast, you gonna love the book and if you like, an autograph copy for Christmas, perhaps we still have a few of those left at micro, dot, com, slash book. Having said that, this, the way I heard you dont know MIKE, but maybe you know how he feels the maple would leopards. And the Kenwood crackerjack of battled into extra innings. The score is tied at nine. The bases are loaded and MIKE's daughter, as at the plate. The leopards have a chance to bust things. Wide open wait for when you can hit Lauren and give it a ride. Lauren waits patiently to do that very thing, but alas, the pitcher lobbies, another brick high into the air Lauren. Can We watch as it bounces three feet in front of her and slowly roles across home plate Balfour
coach MIKE size and collapse good. I kiddo wait. A watch. Em Lauren drops her pink bat and skips down to First Caitlin crosses home plate with the go ahead run, and it occurs to MIKE that, Sometimes all you can do is watch fifth grade, the first year the girls are allowed to actually pitch to each other and so far, Neither side has found this right zone with anything approaching regularity, Ok Charlotte, wait for one you can hit and give it a ride. Charlotte's watches the first pitch sale over the catchers head boy. One. It's ok, shells to the pitcher, just relax I'll swing. If anything close, I promise MIKE's mother's a laugh and shakes his head God. He loves these kids and he loves this game he loves it for the way it teaches teamwork and respect. He loves you The way it reminds him of the way his own shadow used to creep toward third base
late afternoon, Sun all the way from left field, mostly though he loves this game because baseball saved his life a Charlotte. Why is another pitch roll over. Her shoe MIKE looks to the dark clouds stacking up on the horizon. He can smell the rain, a faint whiff of ozone on a gathering breeze. It's a smell, takes him back fifteen years to a day that started off just like this one. The alarm went off at six, a m might rolled over kissed alignment and ran for the shower. He liked to cut it. Could us back in those days, but he never miss the seven, oh to train and he always wilder, but his desk right at seven. Fifty five in the office a voice had floated across The cubicles YO who wants Yankees tickets MIKE remembers it like it was yesterday I'll. Take him he says I like, isn't a Yankees fan. Far from it, he bleeds dodger. Blue
But if the red Sox can whip the bombers Yankee Stadium tonight and keep Roger Clemens from his twentieth one of the season. Well, that would be something to see some like scores. The tickets meets his wife after work in their catch. The DE train up to the Bronx, the stadium is passed. In the seats are prime, but the clouds on the horizon, a dark might can smell the reign of faint whiff of ozone on a gathering breeze before Clemens can take the mound. The sky cracks open and fifty thousand fans are soaked to the skin in seconds might get a lotta. I've never seen anything like it. It's not just a rainstorm. It's a waterfall, an old testament torrents of biblical proportions. They laugh and run for cover and watch the day luge and wonder. Sometimes Or you can do is watch, then a voice cuts through the sodden crowd. Hey MIKE, is that you might spend around its bob.
Best friend from the second grade, unbelievable after all these years. What are the odds that two kids from bakers, Field would meet three thousand miles from home in the middle of a monsoon at Yankee Stadium MIKE and Bob celebrate the reunion with a few beers. But the rain doesn't stop. So a few beers turns into a few more and when the game is finally called the celebrated. Continues back at MIKE's apartment and when they arm goes off at six, a m the next morning. It isn't pretty bob. Nor on the couch in the living room and there small man in MIKE's head running around with a big drum you dont know might, but maybe you know how he feels he works is bought off every day. He gives a hundred and ten percent. He never complains, but today Well today seems like a fine opportunity to sleep in so my gun
lugs the alarm clock and decides for the first time ever to take the morning off the hours later Yolanda, shake awaken, pulls him into the living room Bob still on the couch, but No longer snoring he's watching a disaster movie on HBO, except it's not HBO, and it's not a movie. MIKE sits down next to him and tries to make sense of the smouldering hole in the side of the north tower what the hell is going on across the street and the South Tower a thousand feet in the air that same question is being asked in MIKE's office. Loved ones are calling their spouses sick with worry what the hell is going on. Are you guys safe? Are you guys watching this yeah? They say we're we're watching a plane
into the north tower. It's terrible, but we're fine over here. Don't worry! Sixty six of MIKE's CO workers remain on the telephones, putting friend in families sixteen head straight for the elevators. Sixteen make it out of the South Tower before nine o three. I am sixty six. Do not you dont know might, but
Maybe you know how he feels he sits there on a sofa and watches the second plane crash into his office. He watches the flames spread. He watches the people jump, he watches the towers fall because sometimes all you can do is watch so my watches every terrible moment and vows to never ever forget. Fifteen years later, MIKE is still a dodgers fan, but every September he takes his girls up to the Bronx to see a Yankee game, rain or shine, and if you're wondering. The maple? Would leopards lost yesterday's game to the Kenwood Cracker Jack's in the bottom of the twelfth after their relief pitcher walked in the winning run and the rain
came down in buckets, tough way to lose game, but coach minded might. In fact he took the girls out for ice cream afterwards to honour the game. He loves and celebrate the extra innings anyway. That's why I heard.
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