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Episode 97: A Very Lucky Lady

2018-04-10 | 🔗

No doubt about it - Miriam's timing was impeccable.

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Hey, there's, micro! This is the way I heard it's the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span: hey if you already picked up my book the way I heard it. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. I am grateful and if you liked it I'd, be grateful again. If you took a second to review would over at Amazon by publisher, says the reviews are really important and I'm trying to impress my publisher if having picked up a copy, you can find one at micro dot com, slash book. The book itself is a combination of stories. From this podcast interrupted by a series of story
from my own misspent youth and dubious career in the world of nonfiction television, eight brag, but it is New York Times best seller and my mom says it's. The feel good hit the holiday season had an about that. But we do have a few autographed copies left at micro, dot, slash book and I'm told they would make ideal Christmas presents hashtag just say and pick up a copy micro dotcom, Slash book stuff me in somebody stocking I'd, be grateful if the wired, It occurs to marry him ass. She walks along the busy streets of try Becker that she is indeed a very lucky. Lady. The is ninety. Ninety seven, it's a chilly November, more in New York City and everyone's favorites.
Wish mother is approaching the building that bears her name today, she's armed with Bengals, Hershey's, kisses and two hundred fifty pieces of rubella upstairs the rapporteur for the New York Times is waiting to interviewer because well because she's marry him and her name is on the front of the building. Good morning, Ralph so nice to see you again well, hello, Miss Merriam, you're, looking well the door. Man is correct at seventy years of age. Merriam is the picture of health. Her hair is lovely red and expensive pursuit is black, with a bright silk scarf. Her jewellery is tasteful subdued and, most importantly, real, because Mary
as we have already established, is a very lucky lady, our surely in the girls Ralph did Cadis get into and why you yes Miss marry him. She did thanks to you, don't give it a second thought: Ralph, it was just a phone call now have some cake, Merriam Hands, Ralph a slice of frugal, lock and walks to the elevator. Upstairs the kids are waiting with the rapporteur and the paneled conference room, not her actual kids they're out of town making deals as usual. These are the staff who report directly to her sons, but they might as well be hers Miriam enters with a flurry of questions. How did it work out with that girl? You, like Marvin ass. She come to your senses. Sarah, your father, he's doing better. Yes, Larry! Do you really think that tie was made to go with that shirt? Or is this another fashioned statement, the kids laugh and.
Miriam smiles as she remembers what it was like to work in an office. She tells the reporter when the coffee man came around, I couldn't wait to get away from my desk, and so now I do the same for these kids. We talk we eat, aren't these fabulous Miriam, has no business card and no clear cut responsibilities, nor is she report to anyone, but she never uses her power to dictate terms or make demands her sons are perfectly capable of running the business without her. Her job is that of a more
I'll booster Miriam knows all too well how business can take it all her own husband, God, rest his soul drop dead on the way home from work it just fifty two years of age, Miriam hadn't felt very lucky on that day now far from it, but even then, in her darkest hour, Miriam was lucky her boys, twenty two and twenty four kept her engaged in everything they did and before long there would be grandchildren and great grandchildren. And of course there was always the company, the company named by loving sons in honour of their loving parents. She tells the report
sometimes to this day I'll come into the city slip into a theatre all by myself and look at the logo, as the movie start. Seeing our names joint like that, it's like we're together again Miriam composes herself and walks into the office of the chief financial officer. When she comes out, she smiling broadly well. It has been a very good year. She announces did some one mention: seventy five million dollars and profit. I guess it's time for a trip to Macy's and assistance as Macy's Replies Merriam, please we're going to Bergdorf. Everyone, laughs and Marion turns her attention back to the reporter. She talks about the importance of family of reputation. She talks about the peril
miles between her husband's business and the one her son started MAX was a diamond cut her. She says he spent his entire life. Considering minute details, ideal forms the life giving brilliance of light. This company is really no different. Consider the sacrifices of the people we work with consider their talent, their work ethic society, doesn't respect, actors and actresses the wage Why is that? Why do they ripped them? Apart at every turn, shall I tell you some of the ones I've met Miriam, Xyz, sparkle he considers the many stars who have visited this same conference: room Madonna, just a wonderful person, Sharon Stone, charming hard, Keitel, whose mother was also named Merriam an absolute pleasure. Yes,
Miriam was a lucky lady, no doubt about it, and when she died twenty years after the New York Times published that interview back in eighteen, ninety seven, she got lucky again, not because she died peacefully, surrounded by loving friends and loyal family. No Merriam got lucky because she joined her beloved MAX in the great beyond before the New York Times started, publishing those other articles, the ones about the man who ran the company that bore her name. It was actually Bob her youngest son who suggested they named the company and honour of their parents, but it was the oldest son who made those other less inspired, suggestions, suggestions that required actresses to massage his pale and blubbering body and then watch him shower and then
gone? Is he? How shall we say took matters into his own hands? Oh, yes, Miriam was indeed a very lucky lady because she died before her son turned their once good name into a hashtag, and a me to such is the new legacy of the Winston company, the legendary studio, once known as mere max now remembered, is feeding trough for pig named Harvey S. Laggard.
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