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How a 1996 US immigration policy changed everything


Almost 30 years ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act into law. This policy would have far-reaching implications and ripple effects that are still present today. Here to explain are two beloved Weeds alumni: Dara Lind and Dylan Matthews. 


(2016) The disastrous, forgotten 1996 law that created today's immigration problem 

(2016) "If the goal was to get rid of poverty, we failed": the legacy of the 1996 welfare reform 

(2021) Time Machine: Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

One Mighty and Irresistible Tide: The Epic Struggle Over American Immigration, 1924-1965 by Jia Lynn Yang 


Jonquilyn Hill, host

Sofi LaLonde, producer

Cristian Ayala, engineer

A.M. Hall, editorial director of talk podcasts

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