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It’s a policy team takeover!


Join editor Libby Nelson (@libbyanelson) and reporters Rachel Cohen (@rmc031) and Madeleine Ngo (@maddiengo) for a summer policy wrap-up. Inflation, the economy, and gas prices were on everyone’s minds, but we have even more policy news to talk about. Both Congress and the Biden administration made one last late-summer policy push with the Inflation Reduction Act and student loan cancellation. What does this all mean for you? Listen to find out!


School vaccine mandates for Covid-19 are not happening 

Will student loan forgiveness make inflation worse?

Inflation is finally slowing down. Will things get cheaper? 

The inflation numbers are bad — but how bad are they?  

GDP declined again — but that might not mean we're in a recession 

”Standard Oil” octopus cartoon 


Sofi LaLonde, producer and engineer

Libby Nelson, editorial adviser

A.M. Hall, deputy editorial director

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